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  1. A Most Sovereign Lady

    A Most Sovereign Lady's Character Dossiers

    [Akiyama Katsurou] statistics Epithet: The Fox Moniker: Title: Lord of Soukita, Samurai Visual Age: 20 - 25 Physical Age: 432 Birth Place: Koko, Empire of the White Sun Race: Fox Spirit Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Masculine Class: Kansai physiology Hair: Brown and worn in an informal topknot the majority of the time, draws it up (and shaves appropriately) when he feels the need to be more formal. He is quite the illusionist so who knows what it really looks like. Eyes: A shade of brown likened to burnished gold when the light catches it just right, they twinkle knowingly. Height: 5"6 ft (167cm) Weight: 161 lbs (73kg) Voice: A mediocre baritone that does not struggle to be heard but is easily forgettable. Build: Tall and strong among his own people, Akiyama possesses well defined musculature built upon by years of physically exhausting training. He has above average strength of arm without considering his preternatural nature, which only adds to it, in addition to above average speed and agility, he does not tire easily and is especially fond of walking for miles on end with no goal other than the walk itself to further define his legs. He lacks physical bulk but is by no means weak nor fragile. Condition: Healthy. Strengths: By his nature, Akiyama is incredibly resistant to magics and is able to see through illusions, it also takes incredibly powerful magic to affect him. He is an incredibly long lived creature, immortal in the sense of agelessness, neither sickness nor antiquity will ever claim him, though the blow of a sword, or the piercing of an arrow or bullet could certainly get the job done. Despite his nature, long term exposure has made him resistant to fleeing from or fearing dogs. Weaknesses: Intense scents can disable him temporarily, while sufficiently strong ones can render him unconscious. While it does take him time to tire, when he tires he does so for days at a time in a state of listlessness. He doesn't shut up when talking, even to the detriment of himself and others. clothing He wears a variety of both elaborate and informal kimono, usually in full dress. skills Akiyama is a superbly skilled swordsman with few equals, centuries of refinement in the martial art have made him a true master, nor is it a stagnant skill, constantly improving. He is an incredibly skilled archer, though less skilled than some others while his preternatural abilities are more varied; he can call down lightning in clear or rainy skies, summon fire from thin air and possess people. In addition, he can fly and can willfully manifest a personification of himself in the dreams of others, and when he so desires can render himself truly invisible. inventory Akiyama carries two swords, both are curved, one is longer the other short, one is a type of sword called a tachi, the predecessor to modern katana, it is an ancient and thoroughly magical artifact he calls Nishi meaning West, his other sword has no name, and is a wakizashi this short-sword serves as his badge of office, and was a gift from his wife's clan many years ago, he treasures it and does not use it very often. Further more he carries with him a bow that is over seven feet tall called a daikyu in addition to arrows for it themselves nearly three feet in length. Finally, he carries his armor with him wherever he goes, as to how he manages all of this incredibly immense weight the answer is simple, he is a magician, he shrinks it down and carries it in his pocket when it's not in use. Quotes: "I got married once. It didn't rain. That should've been a hint... None the less, those were happy years indeed!" Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  2. A Most Sovereign Lady

    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End [Everrun]

    Cornelius did not fall, he suspended for a second in the air as though held up by invisible strings. He stepped down lightly instead, nor did he regard their words with anything more than passive disinterest. He restrained laughter when he was duly informed of being 'way beneath them' and shrugged to himself. He had no interest in entertaining lessers, nor any obligation to do so, rather instead the old looking man snapped his fingers, a sound that was far louder than it should have been; which in turn tore a hole in the fabric of reality which he stepped into and promptly vanished, the hole sealing behind him and leaving no trace of him having ever been there. He wasn't going to wave his metaphorical or physical dick around to prove anything to anyone; and as such made his exit before this cabal could grate any further on him, or the ones so inconvenienced by his presence.
  3. A Most Sovereign Lady

    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End [Everrun]

    At no point did Cornelius move, nor do more than levy a completely flat stare at the newest of the interlopers. When they gripped at the fabric of his clothing, he allowed it, when the fabric yielded it was because he allowed the fabric to yield. The thrum of weaving mana open and apparent to them if they were not blind to such things. His face held no visage of amusement, indeed, his gaze held little more than irritation of the highest accord. "Threaten me again and it is the end of you." His words were flat, sharp and without humor. Cornelius regarded them with the same malevolence that he gave striking a fly with a paper fan, they rated no higher than that. "You would do well to release me, before I stop restraining myself." No hint of licentiousness was embedded in what he said, every word was an open threat. Mana continued to weave in the air around his form, ancient wards flaring out violently as far less benevolent cantrips began their dance as ancient walls to other darker places began to slip at his will. Unnatural ethereal screeching becoming openly audible to those with the ability to hear or see spirits; their hunger apparent. The old looking man was neither afraid nor amused at their daring to speak down to him as though they had some right. Their touching him was but another crime of their arrogance. Do not touch my paperdolls without permission. :3
  4. A Most Sovereign Lady

    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End [Everrun]

    The village struggling to turn into a city was much like a thousand others Cornelius had been to over the long march of years. The languages had been for a time, different, but the peoples anywhere were all the same, they differed in superficial natures but in the end they were all valuable beyond their years, their skills, their stations or their imagined sense of self-importance... They all boiled down to quintessence, breeding and pedigree scarcely mattered. Personally, he bore them no ill will; they were, like all others, a means to an end and nothing else. He would perhaps see, if the life forces of this world were any stronger than his own, they were very vibrant at least. Though he had not come to this place to harvest them, like he had elsewhere in other places on other planar alignments. No, the whispers of religion, his anathema, had piqued his curiosity only in the sense that someone useful and utilizing the strength of higher beings was apparently about in the locality, peddling hope like countless millions before them. He detested religion, gods and goddesses, malevolent spirits who played demented games with all those beneath them, all who said otherwise were either naive, or fools. Still, their mortal agents were often useful, at least in theory. He always did put a good deal of value into conversation with the wise. Not a single hair of the man's bushy eyebrows went northward at the happening in the road, ancient wards and cantrips flared as they caught debris and a poor sap who had the misfortune to be flung far, he would land cushioned by luck alone. The eruption of mana outwards revealed very little about him, visually little more than an old man advanced in his years. His hairs white and riven from age, though not lacking in luster entirely. In defiance of this appearance sharp violet eyes of incredible, disturbing depth stared out at the commotion; the arrival with a thorough lack of amusement. He'd come to this place with simple intentions, always folk had to complicate matters. Why couldn't people just walk down a street, like normal folk and be inconspicuous? He sighed mentally, young folk always had to do something flashy. "I reckon it's easier to ask peoples inquiries when you don't assault them in the streets of their homes." Cornelius levied words to the duo in perfectly pronounced Terran plainly, his tone neutral without hint of an accent; an impressive feat considering he'd been here for less than decade. The old man belayed nothing in his features or motions, a practiced and utter neutrality about his airs.
  5. No, apparently I did not. I apologize for that. Nor will I try it either, I do not like dice systems, communication and talking to one another is plain and simple, superior in every way to 'probability'. I respectfully bow out, and wish you all good luck in the endeavor.
  6. I'll just say it, and it'll annoy people or whatnot and I apologize for that I detest dice systems of any form.
  7. A Most Sovereign Lady

    A Most Sovereign Lady's Lore Articles

    This never-ending work in progress will delve a very small amount into my personal fantasy setting, Erenoth, the world from which my characters hail; within I'll detail some of its lands, tribes and nations as well as cultural aspects and religions. None of this naturally, is canon to Valucre; I simply desire to share it so as to answer any questions about my muses' homes that people may or may not theoretically have. Erenoth - An Overview From the old Nardic tongue the word Erenoth means Beauty of the Dawn and is the name of the world entire. The world, which is one and a half times the circumference of the Earth is comprised of three continents, Eleb, which has the land dimensions of Afro-Eurasia (Africa, Europe and Asia combined), the continent of Edera, which has the land dimensions of North America and the continent of Fusang; which has the land dimensions of the Americas combined; though none of these have the precise shape of their allegories. The principle and largest nation-state in the world is the Empire of Narcidia, commonly referred to as the Nardic Empire or simply Narcidia; this massive collection of fiefdoms was unified in the Dawn Era and is ruled nominally by the God-Emperor Saero, though in reality it is ruled by the Imperial Chancellor with the assistance of many dukes and counts. The capital of Narcidia is Faenore, while its largest city is Sipli. The population of Narcidia is 48,000,000s and is the largest in the world. The national religion is dedicated to Saero as God of the Earth and his bride-queen Nerwen, Goddess of the Sky. The dualistic faith has caused contention among the population's citizenry, and many wars have been fought over both it, and Narcidia's imperial ambitions across not only its own continent, but to the others as well.
  8. Thank you for the Like.

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      I don't recall what I liked. o.O' But you're welcome never the less~

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      The Imperial Edict of the Carmine Dominion. : )

      It was more of a "What?", but all the same.

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      Ah yeah, another of my "Wait a damn minute" from my overly long hiatuses.

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    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    On the 'must know one another' thing, that's a physical impossibility for my dolls; they know one another, they all come from the same world and have met/associated before, they don't know anyone on Valucre yet. Hope this isn't a problem. ^^;
  10. A Most Sovereign Lady

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Got it boss, sorry if I was unhelpful af.
  11. A Most Sovereign Lady

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    As I said, I respectfully disagree with this declaration of fiat. Game Master or not you don't have the right to arbitrarily declare what does or does not affect a character.
  12. A Most Sovereign Lady

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    I respectfully disagree with this declaration of fiat.
  13. A Most Sovereign Lady

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    How do master alchemist/herbalists with a penchant for eating people sound for this at the risk of putting my hands in too many pies?
  14. A Most Sovereign Lady

    A Most Sovereign Lady's Character Dossiers

    [Lady Cornelia Aurelia] statistics Epithet: Valerian Rose Moniker: the Cruel Title: Lady of Ellon Visual Age: Anywhere from twenty to thirty, her outward appearance is entirely based upon her personal desires for that day, or century. Actual Age: Four hundred twenty-seven Birth Place: Toraeum, Empire of Valeria Race: Human [Vampire] Alignment: The only side Cornelia is on is her own side, she does not fit on a traditional alignment chart, one day she could be lawful good, the next chaotic evil. Gender: Feminine Class: Mage (Necromancer) physiology Hair: Warm black in color she wears her hair down to her shoulders, owing to her 'condition' it does not grow naturally, however she manipulates it via magic to assume various cuts, shapes etc when it pleases her to change her looks. Most of the time she wears it loose and hanging to just below her shoulders. Eyes: Blue Height: 5'8" ft (176cm) Weight: 186 lbs (84kg) Voice: Melodic Build: Cornelia's build is rather full figured, she is tall, shapely, soft and pliable, her muscles are ill defined from a long life of relatively easy living, she is physically weak. While physically weak Cornelia is preternaturally stronger than grown, trained men at arms thanks in no small part due to her vampiric nature. Condition: Healthy - Starving (Cornelia refuses to feed regularly, as such she goes long periods of time between 'meals' until when her willpower is ground down, she snaps, enters a blood rage and slaughters dozens in search of proper sustenance, it horrifies her each time). Strengths: As a preternatural creature she is several times faster, stronger and more agile than a living man. She does not feel physical pain (though she is susceptible to spiritual pain) and is extremely resistant to ice-based magics, cold temperature has no effect on her. Magic has little effect on her due to her nature and mastery of some schools of the arts. Weaknesses: Cornelia is petrified of fire, the element is capable of doing horrendous damage to her, she actively avoids and flees from the presence of it. Physical weapons made of iron and especially silver are severely debilitating while simple steel weapons can do her harm as easily as they can any mortal man if not defended against, nor can she naturally heal from any incurred wound. True Faith in one's god(s) to defend them against evil things can repulse her but not harm her; however holy water and religious symbols are hollow without that belief. Sunlight can outright kill her unless she takes proper steps to assure her safety during the daylight. clothing • Her outfits vary considerably but never leave the social strata of the upper classes, as a born and bred noblewoman (albeit of another world) her taste in clothing is incredibly refined to the point of being annoying. She is partial to gowns made of fine silks and does not wear anything made of cotton nor linen, she legitimately believes it to be beneath her. She avoids wool, as in mortal life she was allergic to it. skills • Cornelia has no skill whatsoever to speak of in swordsmanship, however from her childhood she is a fair archer, though she is out of practice and is likely in need of retraining. She is a master alchemist and herbalist, able to brew a tonic, potion or poison for nearly any aliment or need and has an extensive wealth in knowledge of herbs and what plants are capable of what effects on a person. She is aware of what firearms (the firearms of her world are arqebus level) are, but has no training in their use. She is quite a good seamstress, cook and lyre-player as well. spellbook: Some of these are innate abilities, rather than spells, which directly correlate to her status as a vampire. inventory Carries a dagger in a belt on her hip, the belt itself carries a variety of crystal chalices and bottles for the containment of alchemical mixes, poultices etc. the knife is primarily a tool, her weapons are far more... primal. Quotes: "Get away from me, it is for your own good." "Were I better person, perhaps the goddess would not have left me as this abomination." Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.