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    Oh, dear. My beloved city, I certainly won't stop you, but I do ask you don't unceremoniously murder the PCs I retired there when it was established. Sack away.
  2. Another return from a chronic leave-er

    Hiiiii folks, I'm back again, gods know I certainly flit off at random for considerably lengths of time. This time however, for good.
  3. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

  4. A Wild Writer Appears (Again!)

    Gods know I disappeared there for a while, I apologise to anyone who I happened to stiff without notice, I had some issues with billing among other things but I'm back now, sorry folks!
  5. Because universal irony exists just as I'm about to make (yet another) return, my internet bill fails to get paid so I'm here as long as I can be... I have drafts for posts ready though so it'll be quick when I'm back (again, this is grating).

    1. supernal


      DANG!!! Best of luck but DANG

  6. Okay then, my neglectfulness isn't to be forgiven but I am back again. So sorry about just disappearing.

  7. Sorry for the utter lack of activity, life's been lifey.

    1. Ubersane


      You don't have to worry, life is more important after all ^^

  8. The Great And Noble House of Andius (And Your Possible Contributions To It)

    Okay, I fell off the face of the Earth and I apologise for that. I'll get everything I promised up shortly in the next day or two. Sorry guys and gals and cacti!
  9. Awesome, I'm a rejecte! Whatever the hell a rejecte is.

    1. Ubersane


      Rejecte? What is that? Should I be happy or should I comfort you?

    2. A Most Sovereign Lady

      A Most Sovereign Lady

      I guess comfort, if I were affected by the juvenile attempts of my sister to insult me. No worries here. ;3

  10. Got Steam working again, woot. (Also posts soon, sorry!)

  11. God in Heaven will not be able to help those who did this to us. I have one rule, one, simple rule. Do. Not. Fuck. With. My. Family. NOT in a good mood right now.

    1. CloudControl


      No idea what happened, but I can definitely agree with that sentiment.

    2. A Most Sovereign Lady

      A Most Sovereign Lady

      Stuff & things of the bad variety. -__- Apologies for venting on here.

  12. So you know that feeling where you jump up and you're totally gonna get stuff done!? And then never do it??? Yeah, having one of those, not amused. :|

  13. There will be posts today, once there is sunlight and I have slept.


    1. Oroloo
    2. A Most Sovereign Lady

      A Most Sovereign Lady

      T'was, until someone who knows nothing about me took time out of their day to tell me that they 'dislike me'. That's interesting information I have to admit considering that yeah, they know nothing of me nor my persons. -_- Persona non grata was legitimately better.

    3. Oroloo


      I guess it comes down to perspective. I'll admit I haven't been in a similar situation, so take my words with all the salt you want. I'd like to still be considered a person, even if hated, but being hated for just being a person is... Well, I can understand the perspective of Persona Non Grata being better. ._.

      Shame that either way the situation still kind of sucks, again, I offer my condolences and hopes that it will improve over time.