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  1. open

    "Oi! That's the sphirit! sonny!" Slamming his hand on the table, Dougan laughed full hearted at the comment. "And Shpeaking of shpirits! we're sorely lacking some here!" Motioning to whoever it was that manned the place, Dougan slammed the table one more time to accentuate the need for more revelry this night. "So fhar the night haasss beeen Ghret! You see me and mine have just made it into port here, and now it's time to celebrate the end of a long trip!" The door opened for the tavern again and what looked to be a miniature version of the dwarf walked in, smaller, dirtier, and certainly much simpler looking as well. The eyes of this dwarf looked slightly lost, but also hungrily eyed the scraps that were left about in the place. Hurriedly racing up to the bigger dwarf, he walked up to his chair and kicked it. "Wha?!, Who let you out!" A quick and incoherent response escaped the little dwarfs mouth, almost gibberish. "Bah, you bhastards don't sound right when I'm shober, s'pecially na gonna understhand you now!" Giving a disgruntled look at the drunken taller Dwarf, the shorter ones face fumed with anger and it grabbed at his right leg, and pulled hard on it until, with a tell tale pop, the leg came off. "HEY YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" The smaller dwarfs response was to whack him with his own leg and then run off with it. "OI swear they're gonna be the death of me!" At some point in the exchange fresh spirits had appeared at the table, a full bottle with two glasses. "So, as you can see I'll be stuck at this table for a wee bit till that hurt feelings idiot gets back with mah leg," pouring a drink for the bearded man in front of him Dougan smiled, "Seems we're both new to these parts. What's brought you to this neck of the woods?"
  2. open

    "Every dog ish our friend!" The step leading to the doorway of the tavern was completely missed as Dougan Redhammer fell into the tavern, an empty flask freshly drained as he threw it down and demanded that another be given just before his face had a very abrupt meeting with the floor. Laughing as he struggled to stand up, and only managing to figure out how to do so when he realized that he didn't have to worry about his other two legs, just the ones he was standing on, Dougan stood up to his full 4'6 inches and smiled at everyone who was currently in the pub. "Mine frie--" the loud burp that interrupted any chance of speech coming out of his mouth echoed, and he almost lost his balance again before straightening out and latching onto the nearest table he could find. "Oi! who mahde tha room shpin!" Not caring for an answer he looked around for his flask in his clothes before figuring that it was lost to the wilds, all the while the empty canister lay on the floor, all but forgotten by this point. The fellow with the nervy jitters and axe caught his eye though, and the dwarf gave one hard tug on his beard to steady himself before walking over. "Ya remind me of mah uncle, cept he's a wee bit shorter than you and happens to be shuffering from a chronic case of dead, so tell me: where'd you steal his face from?"
  3. interest check

    Nope, don't plan on changing my mind. I've got next to no interest in fighting someone who self admittedly joins tournaments and T1's just to lol at it as a participant.
  4. I'm kinda curious if any of the participants have any of the equipment to do this to any extent due to the fact that recording equipment with the proper thresholds to do something like this properly with, without catching background noise would be a little on the $ side for everyone involved. What DAW are you going to be using to splice together the audio, are you planning on filtering in each session over a multitrack system while all of the actors are together, or are you going to using a timing queue system to implement several voices into a multi-timed recorded track?
  5. P e r s o n a l Name: Talenar 'Phyllo' Build: Lean Height: 5'11 Weight: 185 Skin: Sunkissed Eyes: Cerulean Hair: Sandy Brown, kept in a knot Attire: Leather based armor B a t t l e Innate: Enhanced Dexterity, Flexibility, and Agility. Class: Wave Manipulation Primary: Earth Wave Secondary: Light Wave Tertiary: A r m o r y Name: Halberd Description: Pole Arm Function: attack/defense Name: Twin Blades Description: Two blades held within devices on both of his arms. They appear and retract whenever Talenar needs them. Function: Close quarters combat. D e f i n e Wave Manipulation is the manipulation of a certain element of fixture by means of accepting a certain wave inprint on your body. Talenar, for instance, has an Earth Wave tattooed on his body, along with a light wave as well, so he's able to manipulate both of these. Innate – Class – see fancy term. Primary – Specialization in Earth manipulation, with a secondary in light manipulation. Earth allots him the ability to control the earth and manipulate it in various ways, light allows in to draw in light or push it away, and on a mild level create after images or secondary images to what a person is seeing. Cannot create entire scene illusions.
  6. This was one of my favorite aspects of chat based fighting back in the day.
  7. Do you know me? That is the most boogie ass thing you could have asked. 

    1. Guardian


      yeah yeah i didnt check your profile lol

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      Do you know about the discord yet?

    3. Guardian


      No I have been gone a good while man. 


  8. son of a bitch -smacks you with the death of a thousand rubber chickens-

  9. That doesn't surprise me at all. You've always had a soft spot for Suroth over Belgorion.
  10. It's been forever Hannah.
  11. Thank you for the Like. What did you like about the post, specifically?

  12. Hey guys, So I know a lot of you have questions about taking steps farther with your writing, and have wanted to know more about writing, and the industry in general. Ryan (Ran Iji), Roger (Corban) and Darth V have all joined me this year at Superstars to learn more about the industry and how it works and where it's going. For the first time ever Superstars is going live on facebook with a presentation done by NYT Bestseller James A Owen called, "Drawing Out The Dragons". If you've ever had a want to know what the journey of creativity and the route of an author can be like, tune in. James is one of the most inspiration people that I know, and you don't want to miss this talk. The hashtags we're using to make this easy to find are #SWS17 and # SSWS2017. I'm going to be posting the link down below, if you guys want to attend it's going to be at 6:00 PM Central time TODAY, so if you want, join us for an awesome experience, talk with the host of professional and new authors that are going to be in the chatroom, and enjoy James being awesome. Hopefully you can be apart of this with us. Stone
  13. Man, I try to help a guy with actual writing advice, and this is the thanks I get.