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    Valucre Discord 2.0

    It's all good, shit ain't fb, or anything.
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    Valucre Discord 2.0

    To be fair, I didn't get a response until I messaged them all on discord. Actually, my PM's sent here still haven't been responded to.
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    Valucre Discord 2.0

    I'll write one post a day in exchange for their admittance.
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    A-RIVE: Opening

    PixpoxX: I hear someone has a secret. Fel-City: HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT! PixpoxX:How would I not hear about this, you know how I am. Rumor crazy, and I know for a fact that Inverse needs the two officers of the new top three clan to go and meet with them. So you get a chance to meet Landis. Crush heaven, eh? romantic weekend getaway to Inverse HQ with your new flame? ^_* Fel-City:-_- PixpoxX: Am I Wrong? Fel-City:...I'm meeting him in like 20 minutes. PixpoxX: WHAT? How!?!?!?!?!? Fel-City: We live in the same city...and go to the same school. PixPoxx: WHAT! Fel-City: Yeah, talk about a shocker right? PixPoxx: Jeez, so from what you've told me you live in a dorm, and that's pretty much the only thing I know about Landis since he told LOL that he was holed up in his dorm all weekend once. Fel-City: Yeah, so we're meeting up here in the next...15 minutes now and I'm hyperventilating a little. PixPoxx: Why, you've practically been pining for him ever since you gave him your number and the two of you have been having all those late night text sessions. Fel-City: SECRET! PixPoxx: Oh please, like anyone is here to see this! These are Pm's doofus, remember? Fel-City:..... PixPoxx: Either way, you're about to meet the man of the hour from what all the BBS are saying, have a litle fun with it, and give me all the details when you're able to. Fel-City: .....Why do I tell you anything? PixPoxx: Gay best friends, they're where straight girls release all their repressed sexual frustration towards our...straighter friends. Fel-City: I'm here, ttyl. PixPoxx: ;) Tearing her eyes away from her phone, Felicity roamed the area again to try and see if she could spot who Landis was gonna be before he surprised her. Putting a face to a voice and avatar was nearly impossible though, and from what she could tell of all the guys walking around that she didn't know, they could all be Landis...except for the football players that were walking with their random girls, or the cannabis kids. Landis honestly didn't seem like the type, not that she minded one bit if he was. This was going to be tormenting her until she knew which was him. - Landis: I thought you were supposed to be good about all this kind of stuff and giving advice on girls and what not. LORDOVERLORD: What about me ever gave off that impression?! Landis:You're always talking about all the girls you're talking to! LORDOVERLORD: Dude, I'm 16 and on the net all day, you honestly think I know any girls? Landis: !!!! LORDOVERLORD:What? Landis: Then what are all those stories you're always sharing? LORDOVERLORD: ....fanfiction of my own life? Landis: You are dead to me. LORDOVERLORD: Yo, you're the 20 year old asking the 16 year old for advice on talking to girls O Fearless Conqueror of all you survey. I promise you, my vision of masculinity and the ideal man is now forever broken thanks to this encounter. Landis: .....Tell your mom I said hi. LORDOVERLORD: Says you weren't worth remembering. Get rekt fgt. With the avid desire to throw his phone and break it into a million little pieces on the ground, Alexander walked toward the courtyard and started going into hyperdrive looking for anyone who could possibly be Fel-City. Why they hadn't exchanged pictures or given at least half decent descriptions of themselves he would never know, then again talking about himself outside of his existence as Landis was taboo for him. Landis was the Tier 5 Class S Leader of Destined...Alexander was the--formerly--broke 20 year old flunking out of college and humping dead end jobs to pay for a gaming rig that probably cost more than his college education, rent, and future earnings in his desired field combined. Oh this was so stupid, and he'd been dumb enough to ask LOL for advice on girls, sarcastic little bastard deserved to get kicked in the balls and to have a personal encounter with Pixie someday for this. Breathing in, he took in his appearance in a window as he was walking by. Skinny, light skinned due to lack of life, and probably average coming in at 5'9. He didn't even have the whole tall lanky nerd thing going for him, although he did think that his hazel eyes said something for him at least, and the fact that he was a Hispanic guy with red hair, thank his light skinned ass cinnamon grandfather for that. His shirt looked like it might have been a bit too big for him, and it had a logo for his favorite band (TesseracT) on it. Aside from that the beige cargo shorts that went past his knees and gray chucks completed the ensemble. Jesus, his brother was right, he needed help in this department. Taking in a deep breath, he took a look at the girls in the courtyard while he was walking up. Definitely was the sporty looking blond that was having her face sucked off by the huge bastard who he swore probably took his lunch money back in 10th grade, and he didn't see her being the cannabis type of girl either--bad for your screen to smoke. On top of that, he didn't think Fel-city would be the girl who would see him and not recognize GAMER. Sorta, before today he couldn't afford official gaming gear. Then again, that probably screamed gamer in and of itself. His first glimpse of her though, came when he recognized something she was wearing--an A-RIVE t-shirt. Sure, the game was super popular and any girl could have an A-RIVE t-shirt without a doubt...but not the year anniversary edition, special printing that he knew for a fact Fel-City had skipped lunch for a month to be able afford along with the special Item in game that came with it. Smiling, his glimpse of her was well worth it. She had wavy blonde hair that was tied up in a bit of a messy bun, and aside from the t-shirt she was wearing some jeans and a pair of black chucks--on top of that she kept looking down and her phone and up at the people around her, probably trying to do the same thing he was and guess which one was the person she was looking for. Oh, and she was cute as fuck, classic gamer girl cute. What the hell, those weren't supposed to exist! She and him were practically different genre's! Walking toward her, he tried his best not to be nervous and kept saying to himself, 'don't be an idiot, please don't be an idiot....ah shit what do I say to her?' The light of recognition hit her eyes when he was about 10 feet away from her. She brushed some of the hair that had escaped the bun on her head behind her ear and walked away from the little cement wall she'd been leaning against. Sparing a look around them for a moment, he didn't know if he should wave--no that would look stupid. This was way more complicated than it had to be! Digging in his pocket out of habit, he grabbed his phone and without looking, sent a message. - The vibrating in her hand grabbed her attention away from the red head that was walking toward her. She tore her eyes away from him long enough to see that Landis had sent her a message, 'Hi'. Unable to hide the smile and the approach he took to saying hello in person, she looked up at him and give him a nervous smile and a wave. "Landis?" The first smile he broke in front of her was towards that name. "Uhh, Alexander here actually. Fel-City?" "Felicity--not too different, I wasn't really original with coming up with my name. I just took out one letter." "It's better than Carl?" The smile she broke at that she could tell showered her teeth, and she blushed a little at that. This was awkward as hell, but at the same time, saying Carl's name and having him call her by her gamer tag brought back all those late night conversations over text, and the countless hours spent in game while they exchanged near on monosyllabic responses to one another. This was Landis, taking him in for a second the TesseracT shirt and lack of a tan was actually a dead give away, although she hadn't expected the red hair, she'd always imagined the he would have had like, brown or black hair. Maybe even blonde, but not red. It fit him though, his nervous smile was kinda cute too--great her crush was probably big enough to cover anything she would normally see as a flaw in any guy she potentially could have gone out with. "Maybe, not so original as Landis or LORDOVERLORD." "Maybe not, but still better than TME or Bewareimlucky. Probably on par with NverDBT." "By the way, I've always wanted to ask...it's Never Doubt, right?" "Drive big trucks actually, he has a thing against big trucks and the whole country life." She couldn't help but lose it at the one. She had been positive he'd been going for doubt, however she'd never asked, and NverDBT was the least active member of Destined. "So where did Destined come from then?" At that, he smiled. "Well, we're here, aren't we?" Laughing a little, she smiled at him while everyone walked around them.
  5. Albireo

    A-RIVE: Opening

    'You were too, thanks for all the help.'-Landis Looking away from her phone and up at the screens, Felicity rubbed her eyes for a moment, a yawn escaping. Stretching, she sat up from her desk and walked around the room loosening her legs and letting the blood flow freely. Looking outside, the sun was going to be coming up any minute. That was just perfect, Landis was probably just going to sleep without even thinking about the fact that it was morning for some of them. She'd been surprised when the number he'd given her had a local area code for her, but so far he hadn't seemed to make the same connection the she had. Either way, she'd slept the day before in prep for what they'd done tonight, and she had to say that it was a night well spent. Slipping out of the XL shirt she wore for comfort when gaming, she slipped into some warmers and a tank top. Sliding a hoodie and some flip flops on, adjusting her glasses and grabbing her backpack she walked out of her room door and into the swirling mass of people all getting ready for the morning. The slight headache that was settling in wasn't a big deal, and as she walked past all the perky morning people, she wanted to grunt, but decided that she was already enough of a mess as it was and there was no need to go on about making an even bigger scene than she currently was. "You know, you're night and day sometimes." Claire was the closest thing she had to a sister in the world. Walking over, her ready smile, and completely manicured look was in complete contrast to the way that she looked today. "Blame it on the night job." Claire shrugged. She'd never asked, Felicity never told. It was kinda hard to admit why the hours from 8Pm-morning were always busy to her friends, but there was really no need to ever go beyond saying that she was at work. So what if Claire thought she worked at a busted video rental store that she swore was going to go out of business any day now? She's the one who had come to that conclusion and Felicity had no intention of correcting her on it either way. "Anyways, what the hell? Does the video store have an overnight shift or something?" Yawning once, covering her mouth this time, she looked over at Claire and smiled. "Professor Haynes." Claire shut right up and continued on walking. The Physical Chemistry professor had also given her a perfect reason to always be tired. rumors about the rigors of his internship program and the amount of work he put on students always followed the stressed out and caffeine addict students he employed--she just wasn't one of them, however she had been hanging around the building enough back when they'd been the only place on campus with fiber internet actually up and running, and so Claire had gotten that idea that she had joined that internship. Admitting the real reason...wasn't something she wanted to do. And the fact that Claire never seemed to question the dual screened beauty that was her rig was also a saving grace. Either way, getting away with being a pro level gamer with a full course load wasn't that hard. Settling back into the flow of the day, her first Econ class was up for the day, and while Claire took studious notes, Felicity settled back into her hoodie for a little light sleeping. It had been an amazing night, and Landis had led them right to a colossal victory against Pair-O-Dox, she smiled in her head at that thought. She only heard his voice whenever they were playing the game, and had only started talking to him outside of the game a few months ago...and also had no clue what he looked like, but for some odd reason, she'd developed a light crush on him, much to the dismay of Claire who seemed to always have a friend that she thought would be annoyingly perfect for her. Yeah, fat chance of that happening, unless they had a gaming rig worth a semester of their education stashed away instead of some dumb car or a sports scholarship, she wasn't interested. With a light shove from Claire letting her know that this lecture had ended, Felicity stood up and grabbed her backpack putting it across her shoulders and feeling the light vibrate in her pocket. Grabbing her phone, she read: 1 New Message, Sender: Landis and smiled a full tooth smile. Opening it quickly, 'GM' greeted her. Sending back a smiling face and holding her phone in her hands so she didn't have to pull it out of her warmers again, she looked up at Claire's curious eyes. "Well, someone is showing some teeth, who's the message from?" "A friend." "You're friend is walking right here. Due to course load, job, and lack of interest I know for a fact that you don't do friends, not many more than me either way." Giving Claire the once over, due to the fact that she had gestured to all of her, felicity had to agree that the olive toned skinned woman was right about that. "Alright, a newish friend." "Newish, and does this newish friend happen to be a guy?" Shit, she had to get better at lying. The last thing she needed was Claire getting interested in her life right now, and busting her out of her own little paradise in her room just because she was getting wind of the slight crush she was feeling for a guy she: didn't know in person, had never seen, whose age she didn't know, and aside from the name Landis and the sound of his voice, had no clue about. "Yes and no, I don't know to be honest. Just one of those random app text things really." The look Claire gave her was one of those 'really' types. The black haired woman just shrugged since she new she wasn't going to get more out of her. "Since when do you dating apps?" "It's not a dating app, it's a...make friends app?" "Riiight, make friends app, sure." Whatever, she only had to put up with this for another class before she had a free period and Claire had to go to her next class. Feeling her phone buzz again, she quickly read Landis response: 'When can you be on?' Before she sent him a message about one class and free period next, and looking back up at Claire while they were sitting down for their physics class. "Not a dating app?" "Not a dating app." "Whatever." 'Cool, we need to talk about the direction we're going, plus I just read something in this email that you should probably know about. ttyl.' Curiosity was getting the better of her, but she sat through he long class as astutely as she could, all the while watching the clock tick down the hour, no sooner than class let out than did she give Claire a quick hug and run back to her room, plop down and begin booting up the game. Once she was in, she send a quick PM to Landis letting him know that she was in and put on her headset. Taking a quick look into a mirror, she made a face as she remembered that Landis couldn't see her, that he could only see Fel-city, much in the same way that he could only see Landis. Going up to LOL and Lucky, she let them know that they were good to go for now. Being second in command of Destined, they nodded real quick and yawned that she would see them later. Long after they logged put of their staging area Landis appeared with his mic on. That was new, normally he only ever had that on when they were in a raid or CVC. Turning on her mic, she had her avatar wave to his. "Hey Landis, what's up?" "Hi, uhh something interesting that I missed last night about this e-mail." "And that is?" He had a habit of trying to explain every detail and then needed to be asked to continue what he was saying. "Well...inverse needs the two clan officers to meet with their corporation in person. If it was someone underage they would need to meet with their parents, but since I assume we're both over 18, they want to meet with us...how old are you anyways?" They had never shared any kind of information like that with one another, and she don't know why but she was nervous about admitting her age to him. "Err, I'm 19, so old enough to meet their requirements. What about you?" She hoped that had sounded casual enough, and she was also praying that he didn't say something like 45. "I'm 20, so no problems on my end. Anyways, according to this, the whole money thing needs to be explained to us, and we also get to go collect the first check and what not of this for winning this spot. From what this is saying it'll take a full weekend to go over everything and get everything sorted out for all 8 of us, however they only want the two of us, both captain and 2nd to go and handle all of that." "Alright, when would we need to do all this stuff?" Meet Landis, go to Inverse HQ!?! She was hoping that she wasn't coming off like wanting to hyperventilate or anything. "Asap if we want to start getting paid, they've left a number to arrange travel for the two of us for me....the only thing is I kinda need to know stuff about you and what not in order to get these plane tickets ordered. Like, location wise, name and what not..." The shy tone in his voice was actually kinda cute, and she could tell he almost stuttered getting that little speech out. Taking a mock deep breath, she spoke up, "That shouldn't be a problem...seeing as I think we live in the same city. You have the same area code as me." The scramble as she could tell he was checking his phone was funny to hear from this side of the mic, and she smiled at the prospect that he'd actually missed this. "O'shit, would you look at that. You do have the same area code." "Yeah, I stay in the dorms at Kell University." The sound of something breaking in the background was peeked the mic on his headset, and she had to pull the mic away from her ears to save them. "D-did you say Kell University? Uhhh--What hall?" No. No no no no no. "...Do you go to Kell University?" "uhh...go is a strong word." Of course, with the amount of time he spent in A-RIVE he would have to be skipping classes to squeeze in time for the game. "Wait, so do you live on campus too? I can't imagine your parents would be cool with you skipping as much class as you probably do." The laugh on the other end of the line topped his next sentence: "Yeeeeah, lets just say when my grades come out this semester I'm probably going to be both disowned, and kicked out of this place." "That bad huh." "They're not good." Smiling, it was odd knowing how close he was. "So...landis?" "Ah, right, real names are probably gonna be a must for us huh?" "Probably. How about we make this less awkward and meet in person? Same university and all, right?" Silence stayed on the other end of the set until he spoke up. "True enough. Where?" "Library?" "I'm kinda not allowed in there." "You got banned from the library?" What could get him banned from the library? "To be fair, I swear the librarian either wants to kill me, or that I offended her in a past life, because all I did was get locked in one night when I fell asleep using their net to check on how Pix and Carl were doing that day. Didn't think I was gonna spend the entire night there." "Huh, alright then. Court Yard, or are you banned from that too?" "No, courtyard is fine." "Alright then, when?" She could hear what sounded like a pen clicking as it rapped against a desk. "Better to treat it like a bandaid and rip it off fast, right? How about in an hour, or do you have class?" "I could be convinced to skip, I'm pretty safe in all my classes so one day won't kill me." "Sounds good, I'll see you in an hour then." "Cool." "Cool." The awkward silence that dragged on now that they had made what plans they had to stayed until TME and DBT showed up and they quickly handed over their staging spot to the two of them. Logging out and looking at herself in the mirror, she gave a quick 'Shit' to herself before she started bustling around the room looking for anything to make herself look presentable.
  6. Albireo

    A-RIVE: Opening

    "Bring it down." The only words that he needed to hear had been spoken. Moving his mouse to the proper command, one almighty clicked caused complete chaos in that other world. The smile that lit up his face honestly reflected the joy he felt in his soul at that moment. The light from the effects on the screen was the only thing that shone on his face, the half eaten hot pocket, and newly opened can of Mountain Dew spoke volumes to the kind of social life he had. The last time he'd left his room...? Probably three days ago--computer class or something, he couldn't remember. Either way, he didn't care, he'd spent the entire class planning for this exact weekend, and it had paid off in full. Full on annihilation had been brought down on the third largest clan in A-RIVE Online, and his own had just taken control of 1/4th of the available conquerable land in the game. To normal people it wouldn't be seen as a big accomplishment, but with this, turning to look at his e-mail it would only take a second longer....pushing F5 the page refreshed and there it was! "Conquerors Reward" He'd heard about the name they would give the e-mail, he'd even read a facsimile of it once that someone had leaked online that showed the benefits of being a leading officer in one of the big three clans. And all he could do was sit there and stare. He'd turned off his mic for a moment to soak in the greatness of this achievement, but with a flip of his switch the voices from his team mates flooded his ears. "FUCK YES!" "We did it!" "Ca-Hing my homies!" "MOM I'LL HANDLE IT LATER! WE JUST MADE HISTORY!" "I got the e-mail." Silence flooded his channel, and then was broken again by the cheering, screaming and hooting of his clan mates. Clicking open the e-mail, the first thing he noticed was the header, the smile was even larger this time that it had been before. |I N T E R P R I Z E| -everstorm- Destined The name of the three largest clans always took the seats of glory in the game, having elevated to the highest spot in the game. The empty fourth side of the masthead was reserved for A-RIVE's unreleased 4th land clan lead. For now though, the masthead contained the images of the three conquered area's, and the banners of the clans that now held them. The support for the game worked quick in changing the masthead for this email, and he was feeling a surge of adrenaline at seeing his clans name at the top with |I N T ER P R I Z E| And -everstorm-. "We're on the masthead!" They could hear the excitement in his voice, he knew that. He was rarely one to get excited, but this was almost too much for him. Scrolling down, taking in every word, he came to the perks, and already he was wide eyed. [Professional Compensation] The benefit of being one of the top clans in A-RIVE and the reason most gamers fought for the right to it: The company behind the game, Inverse INC had a special prize for anyone who reached the top of the game: a share in the profits. The company managed to run the game on 3/4ths of the profits it made, so the other part of the profits went to the clans who managed to make it to the top of the game. Gamers spent as much time in this world as they did in their real one attempting to summit the heights of the game for a shot at one of the top three spots. Not only to be proclaimed the best in the world, but to also fight their way to the grand prize of a share of the profits the game made. Aside from |I N T ER P R I Z E| and -everstorm-, no other clan had managed to hold this distinction for long, but Destined had just dominated Pair-O-Dox solidly--the fight hadn't even been a contest for them. And behind Destined, the next clans hadn't been close to the right to challenge them. "Great job Destined, we did it." "Hell yeah Landis!" They only knew him by his gamer tag, and he only knew them by theirs. His clan was comprised of 8 members. Landis, TME, Pixpox,NverDBT,BewareimLucky, Felcity, LORDOVERLORD, & Carl. No shit, the last member of his clan was named Carl both on the game and apparently in real life. "Life is about to change for us, be ready to be defending our territory and all of our holdings as well. Pair-O-Dox will have fallen pretty far down in the rankings due to their complete defeat, but that doesn't mean these other clans will just be waiting for them to climb back from the top. We've got access to the games Horde Box now, so lets use it, start checking specs and seeing if we can't increase our current build out with access to all those specialty items." Taking a deep breath, he pulled his headset off, and leaned his head back, staring at his roof, and for once, away from his screen. "I'm logging off for tonight. LOL you've got first watch tonight with Lucky, anything happens you blow up that alert button." "We're on it boss, just let me go take out the trash real quick, mom will murder me if I don't." The laughter all around was real. Teenager now had one of the highest paying jobs in gaming, and he still had to throw out the trash, well, soon enough his mom would finally understand. "Alright guys, I'm gone." Tuning out the goodbyes, he pushed himself back from his computer and switched from his chair to his bed. Laying back in it, the vibrating wasn't long in coming. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he looked at the alert: 1 New Message. Swiping his screen open and clicking on it, he felt the small nudge on his insides at the message sitting there. 'You were great, good job on getting us here!-Fel' She was the only one if the clan who had his phone number, who really knew anything about him that was related to Landis, or to A-RIVE at all. Blushing at the prospects of that, he quickly sent back his acknowledgments to her and set his phone down on his bed again. He was going crazy. Completely crazy, but she'd had his phone number now for two months and hadn't let it out to the rest of the clan, and had followed his one rule of never calling him, which was awesome of her. Looking back at his computer he smiled. He'd finally done it. Sleep came quickly.
  7. Albireo

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Oi! That's the sphirit! sonny!" Slamming his hand on the table, Dougan laughed full hearted at the comment. "And Shpeaking of shpirits! we're sorely lacking some here!" Motioning to whoever it was that manned the place, Dougan slammed the table one more time to accentuate the need for more revelry this night. "So fhar the night haasss beeen Ghret! You see me and mine have just made it into port here, and now it's time to celebrate the end of a long trip!" The door opened for the tavern again and what looked to be a miniature version of the dwarf walked in, smaller, dirtier, and certainly much simpler looking as well. The eyes of this dwarf looked slightly lost, but also hungrily eyed the scraps that were left about in the place. Hurriedly racing up to the bigger dwarf, he walked up to his chair and kicked it. "Wha?!, Who let you out!" A quick and incoherent response escaped the little dwarfs mouth, almost gibberish. "Bah, you bhastards don't sound right when I'm shober, s'pecially na gonna understhand you now!" Giving a disgruntled look at the drunken taller Dwarf, the shorter ones face fumed with anger and it grabbed at his right leg, and pulled hard on it until, with a tell tale pop, the leg came off. "HEY YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" The smaller dwarfs response was to whack him with his own leg and then run off with it. "OI swear they're gonna be the death of me!" At some point in the exchange fresh spirits had appeared at the table, a full bottle with two glasses. "So, as you can see I'll be stuck at this table for a wee bit till that hurt feelings idiot gets back with mah leg," pouring a drink for the bearded man in front of him Dougan smiled, "Seems we're both new to these parts. What's brought you to this neck of the woods?"
  8. Albireo

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Every dog ish our friend!" The step leading to the doorway of the tavern was completely missed as Dougan Redhammer fell into the tavern, an empty flask freshly drained as he threw it down and demanded that another be given just before his face had a very abrupt meeting with the floor. Laughing as he struggled to stand up, and only managing to figure out how to do so when he realized that he didn't have to worry about his other two legs, just the ones he was standing on, Dougan stood up to his full 4'6 inches and smiled at everyone who was currently in the pub. "Mine frie--" the loud burp that interrupted any chance of speech coming out of his mouth echoed, and he almost lost his balance again before straightening out and latching onto the nearest table he could find. "Oi! who mahde tha room shpin!" Not caring for an answer he looked around for his flask in his clothes before figuring that it was lost to the wilds, all the while the empty canister lay on the floor, all but forgotten by this point. The fellow with the nervy jitters and axe caught his eye though, and the dwarf gave one hard tug on his beard to steady himself before walking over. "Ya remind me of mah uncle, cept he's a wee bit shorter than you and happens to be shuffering from a chronic case of dead, so tell me: where'd you steal his face from?"
  9. Albireo

    NAT - Old is the Victor.

    Nope, don't plan on changing my mind. I've got next to no interest in fighting someone who self admittedly joins tournaments and T1's just to lol at it as a participant.
  10. I'm kinda curious if any of the participants have any of the equipment to do this to any extent due to the fact that recording equipment with the proper thresholds to do something like this properly with, without catching background noise would be a little on the $ side for everyone involved. What DAW are you going to be using to splice together the audio, are you planning on filtering in each session over a multitrack system while all of the actors are together, or are you going to using a timing queue system to implement several voices into a multi-timed recorded track?
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    P e r s o n a l Name: Talenar 'Phyllo' Build: Lean Height: 5'11 Weight: 185 Skin: Sunkissed Eyes: Cerulean Hair: Sandy Brown, kept in a knot Attire: Leather based armor B a t t l e Innate: Enhanced Dexterity, Flexibility, and Agility. Class: Wave Manipulation Primary: Earth Wave Secondary: Light Wave Tertiary: A r m o r y Name: Halberd Description: Pole Arm Function: attack/defense Name: Twin Blades Description: Two blades held within devices on both of his arms. They appear and retract whenever Talenar needs them. Function: Close quarters combat. D e f i n e Wave Manipulation is the manipulation of a certain element of fixture by means of accepting a certain wave inprint on your body. Talenar, for instance, has an Earth Wave tattooed on his body, along with a light wave as well, so he's able to manipulate both of these. Innate – Class – see fancy term. Primary – Specialization in Earth manipulation, with a secondary in light manipulation. Earth allots him the ability to control the earth and manipulate it in various ways, light allows in to draw in light or push it away, and on a mild level create after images or secondary images to what a person is seeing. Cannot create entire scene illusions.
  12. This was one of my favorite aspects of chat based fighting back in the day.
  13. Do you know me? That is the most boogie ass thing you could have asked. 

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