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  1. P e r s o n a l Name: Talenar 'Phyllo' Build: Lean Height: 5'11 Weight: 185 Skin: Sunkissed Eyes: Cerulean Hair: Sandy Brown, kept in a knot Attire: Leather based armor B a t t l e Innate: Enhanced Dexterity, Flexibility, and Agility. Class: Wave Manipulation Primary: Earth Wave Secondary: Light Wave Tertiary: A r m o r y Name: Halberd Description: Pole Arm Function: attack/defense Name: Twin Blades Description: Two blades held within devices on both of his arms. They appear and retract whenever Talenar needs them. Function: Close quarters combat. D e f i n e Wave Manipulation is the manipulation of a certain element of fixture by means of accepting a certain wave inprint on your body. Talenar, for instance, has an Earth Wave tattooed on his body, along with a light wave as well, so he's able to manipulate both of these. Innate – Class – see fancy term. Primary – Specialization in Earth manipulation, with a secondary in light manipulation. Earth allots him the ability to control the earth and manipulate it in various ways, light allows in to draw in light or push it away, and on a mild level create after images or secondary images to what a person is seeing. Cannot create entire scene illusions.
  2. This was one of my favorite aspects of chat based fighting back in the day.
  3. Do you know me? That is the most boogie ass thing you could have asked. 

    1. Guardian


      yeah yeah i didnt check your profile lol

    2. Albireo


      Do you know about the discord yet?

    3. Guardian


      No I have been gone a good while man. 


  4. son of a bitch -smacks you with the death of a thousand rubber chickens-

  5. That doesn't surprise me at all. You've always had a soft spot for Suroth over Belgorion.
  6. It's been forever Hannah.
  7. Thank you for the Like. What did you like about the post, specifically?

  8. Hey guys, So I know a lot of you have questions about taking steps farther with your writing, and have wanted to know more about writing, and the industry in general. Ryan (Ran Iji), Roger (Corban) and Darth V have all joined me this year at Superstars to learn more about the industry and how it works and where it's going. For the first time ever Superstars is going live on facebook with a presentation done by NYT Bestseller James A Owen called, "Drawing Out The Dragons". If you've ever had a want to know what the journey of creativity and the route of an author can be like, tune in. James is one of the most inspiration people that I know, and you don't want to miss this talk. The hashtags we're using to make this easy to find are #SWS17 and # SSWS2017. I'm going to be posting the link down below, if you guys want to attend it's going to be at 6:00 PM Central time TODAY, so if you want, join us for an awesome experience, talk with the host of professional and new authors that are going to be in the chatroom, and enjoy James being awesome. Hopefully you can be apart of this with us. Stone
  9. Man, I try to help a guy with actual writing advice, and this is the thanks I get.
  10. Dude, note that you're the joke here. At least be honest with yourself: You can barely string together a coherent prose, your word usage is choppy, you have no idea how to tell a story, you're walking your character and all events to it like a fucking play by play, and you have a pacing issue. On top of the: You imagery sucks, your learning curve is both too steep and nonexistent, and you have no sense of style either. Nice try, but no.
  11. Hey, I think you're starting to get the idea!
  12. What's so great is the irony of all this. I only invaded your thread after you invaded someone else. Sucks, doesn't it?
  13. Lol, these little meetings always bring me so much joy.