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  1. supernal

    General chat thread

    To smell something you have to have some of those particles trigger receptors in your olfactory nerves or something. So you're probably like inhaling his ass a little bit yeah yw Alex
  2. supernal

    Things you've learned from video games

    So true about the cake How about that punch and kick is all in the mind?
  3. supernal

    Things you've learned from video games

    I learned to check / break all the pots. Sometimes they have gold or hearts
  4. supernal

    The concrete breaks [dali]

    DALI ESTATE – The gardens "No, you listen here, Uldwar!" "Shit." Wyatt hissed the curse under his breath. Very delicately, as if to go any faster than a snail's crawl might threaten his life and limb, Wyatt placed down a keen pair of hedge clippers, wiped the sweat from his brow with a rough cloth he kept in the jacket of dirt-soiled trousers, and slowly stood up. Wyatt was the estate gardener. He was already out about his business keeping the hedge wall trim and neat when the lord of House Mythal and the lord and lady of House Uldwar setup shop on the other side of the obscuring partition. Wyatt admitted to the guilty indulgence of his curiosity. These were a people who lived a life far removed from his workaday experiences, and so even the minor intrigues of their lives could be an effulgent moment in his own, by comparison. They spoke a small circle around the tender heart of the matter which beat between them, until lord Mythal invited the Uldwars deeper into the circle, closer to the heart; and then the levees broke with lord Mythal's exclamation, emotion pouring out with the words. That was when Wyatt realized this was not a matter to which a lowborn laborer like himself should be privy. Making his presence known would have created awkwardness and invited their ire unto him, so he chose the left-hand path and made for a subtle egress. He walked deeper into the maze with the intention of coming out on the other side; the last words he heard fading into the middle distance were one lord calling the other selfish and a coward.
  5. supernal

    Pre-registration questions for guests

    Ataraxy already gave a great answer, so I just want to add a little detail to that We have several members who write English as a second (or third!) language and who use writing on the site as a way to get better at it. So not only is it not a problem in theory, it isn't a problem in practice! And also as Ataraxy said I think your sentence read just fine so if that's the level you're writing at I wouldn't have guessed that it's a language you're still working on learning
  6. supernal

    Tabletop games 30 day challenge

    Day 20 - favorite monster; humanoid/natural/fey This is the last of the favorite monster variants . . . finally
  7. supernal

    Things you've learned from video games

    If you just kind of shoot in the general direction of your enemy chances are pretty good that you'll get a headshot
  8. supernal

    Things you've learned from video games

    I came across this "forum game" on an admin forum I glance at for software dev, and thought it was amusing enough to try out here What lesson, accurate or amusing or whatever, have you learned from video games?
  9. supernal

    General chat thread

    Today I've learned that people's personal microbiomes extend beyond that person for several feet. If you're sitting next to someone at work or on the train you're trading skin flakes, fungus, bacteria, etc 🤢
  10. supernal

    Volunteer staff positions [open]

    Outreach This is essentially being like Valucre's customer service, most notably in welcoming new members to the site and answering their questions. Communication and patience are the two most fundamental skills and you'll have to become familiar with some of the basic user guides. If you want to help new members become old ones, and help increase member retention overall, then this might be the role for you
  11. supernal

    Valucre hub threads

    Hubs whose members haven't been on in 30+ days or, failing that, with a post exceeding 30 days have been removed from the list. They all keep their hub tag which means they will come up for someone who clicks on a hub tag to see the threads, but it just isn't on the first post of this thread anymore If you want to be added back in, just let me know! - rebellious rose - broken chant - steelhammer - khovfre - home
  12. supernal

    An unfortunate....arrangement

    I hate to say it but I also know that the only reason I can claim to be reliable is because I know when I've bitten off more than I can chew I was deliberating doing something with Steel and the Metireal military family instead of the U.M. nobles when I remembered, prompted by some PMs regarding the Last Chance raid and some high treason being investigated by FIST, that I'm still actively managing the final phase of the civil war in Terrenus in addition to that. So to make sure I can neatly dovetail a few major arcs I don't think I'll be able to give this the attention I want. If it was something I was more comfortable with and could plot and develop as an instinct that'd be different but it really is a novel field for me and I'd want to do an above average job vs a below average one I can tap you on the shoulder when a few of those things resolve but I think you're going to have to kick me to the curb, apologies I will say that there are a LOT of new noble houses in U.M. and think that there are multiple opportunities for an arranged marriage arc there (again sorry!)
  13. supernal

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    I think the post and let him catch up is the best solution in that it drives story forward immediately but if there are reservations about it then just set a hard limit of x days, then tag Wade and ask him if he's able to post in that time limit, and then either he can or you skip when the time is up Solves all problems!
  14. supernal

    Your examples of Mild Powers

    Any clips you can show? If none are available how about a specific season or ep that showcases what you mean? Or volume / chapter in the manga?
  15. supernal

    Hey guys!

    Fennis already linked the new member guide. So I'll just double that recommendation and say you should definitely check it out, infirm baby legs and baby eyes notwithstanding I think we've got a pretty detailed and mutable fantasy setting for you to explore with your characters, so hope you have fun in doing so. Make sure to check out the water cooler and tavern of legend, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or post something in the Help forum