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  1. I only read the first book of that series. Let me know if the others are worth the sweat plz
  2. What noteworthy tomes have you ingested this year?
  3. You’ll be missed from the game but as far as life goes congratulations!
  4. Sure! But please report it rather than tagging me. The report gets seen by staff. A tag to me is only seen by me
  5. While Gore was collecting armfuls of primo powder, Adime was changing suits. The clerk struggled valiantly for a few seconds, but his body wasn't not fashioned after a warrior fashion, and Adime was capable of pushing his host beyond quotidian limitations; pain was a figment to the host, whose muscles could exert such tremendous force as to stress fracture his own bones. Imagine what he could do to the clerk. They kissed. His new host didn't want to but Adime didn't care. Adime got what he wanted, and as long as Adime was happy what did it matter what anyone else thought or felt? The clerk's pursed lips were like tissue paper to Adime's prying tentacles, and in an instant he swam from one esophagus to the other, settling into the clerk's core and lancing his interior with neuro-chemical probes which made of his body a puppet. Gore probably heard some glass breaking from their struggle but it wouldn't distract him from his holy mission. By the time Gore returned, Adime was in his new body, dusting off bits of debris from his shoulders and pants legs, and picking up items and weapons from the counter. The only thing he didn't take was the machine pistol and its extra clip. Instead he placed them in the hands of his old host, now a traumatized corpse with liquefied organs which would obscure the traces of Adime's presence. That'd keep the cops guessing. Maybe they'd figure it out in the end, maybe, but any amount of wasted resource and manpower was welcome. Whatever the reprisal from Taen, it was going to cost them. Adime picked through the pharmacy's wares, looking for ingredients to cobble together something like alchemist's fire, or maybe some mustard gas, but they were severely understocked on those items. So he took a bag of building block pharmaceuticals that Adime, the entity inside of the host, could use as a base to synthesize some sort of aerosol. He looked up from the remaining pieces of his work when a sharp snap cracked the air, and saw Gore stuck in the door. Laughing as he vaulted the counter, as he skipped to the door, as he aimed a well-placed kick at the door knob rather than the base, he kicked the shit wide open. "You're a really funny guy. I like that about you." Across the street were a few people. They had seen what Adime would estimate as 'far too much'. The clerk's meat-puppet body waved at them from across the street. They looked at his hand, horrified to see a pistol in it. "Naw it's okay there's no problem. I work here, so you all can just fuck off and go home!" He turned back to Gore and began making his way down the street; behind them the ransacked pharmacy and the body of a dead thug. "There's a bank around here. Loooot of cash, loooooooot of people."
  6. Going to tag people both recent and those we haven't seen in a bit in case they see a window they can jump in through @SteamWarden @Monoxide @Turquoisie @Trexasle @Nebula @Oljhin Akusao
  7. We need to have more international members! It won’t replace the college experience BUT crash course on YouTube is pretty nice for those things
  8. When he fell to the ground as a consequence of being kicked in the chin, the clerk looked more shocked than hurt. The sting of the pain, the suddenness of it, put him into a state of minor shock. He continued wearing the puzzled expression even as Gore hauled him to his feet. "Wait." He got smacked in the mouth. Now the shock was turning into indignation. The clerk found his footing, put his arms between their bodies, made to pull away as he pushed Gore back. Gore held him tight. "Please." And smacked him again, this time with the butt of his gun. Now the clerk had a busted lip and a loose tooth. He loosed a thick wad of spit and blood onto the floor and looked Gore in the eyes, the picture coming into full resolution now. He got it in full – earlier today life was about eating oatmeal to make sure he got enough fiber, and now life was about doing what he had to do and saying what he had to say to stay alive and make it home. He was paid to receive deliveries, take inventory, sell product, and answer customer questions. He was not paid to lose his life for someone else's wares. "All of it's in the back. The key is on a rope around my neck." He paused, then brought his hand up very, very slow to fish the lanyard out, pull it over his hand, and hand it to Gore. "That and the combo, 32 right, 50 left, 28 right." Adime had given up on trying to get the register open through conventional means. He took Timmy's big caliber revolver, aimed it at the box, and shot the lock out. The metal drawer splintered, showering Adime's face with shrapnel and rendering one of his eyes completely useless. Sclera mixed with blood oozed down his face. Adime didn't even bother wiping it. He gathered the cash, walked over to Gore and the clerk, and put it on the table. Then put his guns on the table as well as anything else he had in his pockets. He leapt over the counter and put his hands on the clerk. To Gore, "You raid the cookie jar. Let me have a private conversation with this one."
  9. "Okay okay. David, Morty, Jeffy the Fuck, whatever. I don't need a whole encyclopedia length history lesson. I just want to score some pulverized fairy wings or whatever the hottest new shit is, and start tearing it uuuuupppp! "You know the way . . . or? Like is it in the same place, or?" Gore, who had never stopped talking so that the two men were in a constant competition of sound with one another, nodded his partially decapitated head in one direction, and in that direction the duo went. They were verbally accosted just as Adime tilted the bottle up and gulped a fifth of it down, and the click of a pistol hammer being cocked back rebounded through the narrow alleyway as Adime brought the bottle back down and turned to face the silhouette in the short distance. "Okay fella. Hold on now." Adime handed the bottle off to Gore, waved his hand as if he were dismissing even the possibility of reclaiming it. "There's no reason to get all out of shape, I was just out here with my body, and all I was doing was –" Adime dropped to one knee, lurched to one side. The other guy was tense, paranoid even, and he fired as soon as he saw Adime move. But in those precious moments where Adime was drawing time out with filibuster, the entity inside of him was flooding his body with high-performance chemicals. His night-vision sharpened acutely, the nerves in his muscles fired at optimized rates, his reflexes were pushing against their maximum threshold with nonchalance. Adime dodged where the bullet was going to be before Timmy's eyes tracked his dark, indistinct figure. His own machine pistol came up and fired a hot line of repeating metal in a horizontal line across Timmy's torso, peppering his organs and damn near sawing him in half. While the man was coughing and gasping and groaning, Adime sprinted at him with Olympian speed, closing the distance far too quickly. "Hah! Hahaha!" Each ha punctuated by the sound of bullets firing as he emptied the remainder of the clip into Timmy's face. Adime claimed the man's revolver and the two moon clips he had on his person and was on his way back to Gore, the entity inside of him flooding the body with counters to the adrenaline and dopamine, to bring him back down without a crash. "I'm hungry. Those bullets are going to draw sirens. Let's get some grub on the way to, or at, little dick Davy's place."
  10. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    You're welcome, but the point is that since it isn't a property I consider actively managed, hence it isn't listed on the map or on the article, hence it doesn't matter to me what happens to it or why or when. It used to matter when Patia was official but it isn't official anymore, so involving me at any level is unnecessary. Unless it's to canonize new activity, in which case you'd simply follow process.
  11. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    @Pasion Pasiva questions?
  12. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    It isn't which is why its problematic for you to keep asking me to answer questions about how you want to handle your resource It was removed from the map for lack of use. I did the same for Ashville. In doing so I tied it to an event that Jotnotes was running that saw it turned to ruins, so its ruins, and now that it's off the map it has no active management. That was my personal IC reasoning for the OOC removal of the setting. Patia was removed from the map. How, or why, or what it means, or what comes of it, is up to you. There's no reason for you to keep bringing this back to me At this point I feel I've sufficiently answered the question from multiple angles multiple times, and will leave it at that
  13. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    What I'm saying is that Patia, and other removed territories, are of 0 concern and no longer factor into my management of lore or canon. If you want it to have implications, or not, that's up to you (and to follow process where appropriate)
  14. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    W/r/t to anything related to Patia that is now your decision and your stuff to handle. I'm sure different editions or versions of the map can exist to suit whatever narrative you care to play That is essentially the same answer anyone not on the map currently, or anyone previously on the map (you can look around the thread to see other settings which have been removed), or anyone removed from the map in the future, would get
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