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  1. supernal

    The Raid

    Hell yes
  2. supernal

    You want a ghost ship or what?

    @Elenion Aura I see you already reacted to the post but I said I'd tag you so here I am, tagging away
  3. Does the old lady have a name or does just old lady work?

  4. supernal

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    The die have spoken True will be advancing!
  5. supernal

    Dice Rolling Thread

    J = 1 T = 2 For victor of a MOBS match
  6. supernal

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    If you guys are fine adding that sort of outro post after the roll then I'm on board
  7. supernal

    Blairville - THE TOWER - Forest and Library zones

    Okay no one else has nibbled so @Frostbinder and @princeben07 Have at it!
  8. supernal

    You want a ghost ship or what?

    I'm running a series of "claim" threads for a few of these galleon ghost ships. I'll lightly GM, with lightweight posts, the NPCs that lead you to the ship and/or the defense of the ship Here is some info on the ship: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40119-ghost-ship-galleon/ I also want to make use of the MOBS system to determine who will claim the ship: https://www.valucre.com/topic/38844-mostly-orchestrated-battle-system/ We won't be using the "magnitude option", just the basic victory roll Since I want to keep this relatively light, I want to limit this to 2 players in addition to myself, and since I want MOBS to determine victor, I want the two people to be opponents / not on the same team Anyone interested?
  9. CarrionJackal already mentioned the new member guide, and you already mentioned checking it out. So I'll try to keep the words from bursting out of my chest. If you have any feedback on the guide we have a public feedback thread for it but you can also send me a PM. Same deal if you find yourself with any questions that aren't answered in the guide If you end up being able to recover your old account with the "forgot password" method or just remember the login info let us know and we can merge your two accounts if you like. If not you're more than welcome to just keep to the new one I'm glad to be among the people to step in and say, welcome back! In terms of looking for some new roleplay I'm going to be releasing a claim type thread this week to see if someone wants to gain possession of a ghost ship. I can tag you when I post it if you'd like
  10. supernal

    Betting - an extremity for some loot

    @Akiris That's some good thinking. I had to chew on it throughout the day I think that it works in theory but that it will break down along the lines of, for lack of a better term, I'll borrow "productivity cost" If I ask for people to, say, give me 5 posts in order to bet, I put up a barrier to entry between them and betting. I automatically winnow the amount of people interested. Of those remaining still interested, I think a further drop off will happena round the point where people ask themselves if I'm putting 5 posts in just to be able to bet to get something I can get for 15 posts, why don't I just finish the effort and get the material at zero risk? So that's why I think people need to be able to come in and bet relatively freely. The enforcement has to happen after the fact What I've done for bounties is that people who prove unreliable for that opt-in program can't use those characters in the Terrenus board. I think since I'm in the unique position of BL to be able to enforce this I'll use the same here. If a player doesn't make good on their character losing a bet they can't use that character in Terrenus until they do. If they do this even once more, on the way to establishing a pattern, then I'll prevent the player from gambling and/or take back anything they may have won It isn't a perfect system but I think most people will be alright and I'll deal with any delinquents as they come, adjusting the system as necessary As of this post, there is a 50% difference between the two votes in favor of people willing to bet an extremity. That's enough for me to work with and trial at least! Thanks everyone
  11. supernal

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Ecks bristled. He was ready to respond to Rex glossing over his word choice with a slight umbrage, when the cognitive dissonance between his understanding of events and the reality of them struck home. For some time now he had considered the communications intercepted – that whoever was on the other end of Rex's relay had been infected and, so, compromised in their turn. Now that he knew Rex to have been the subjected of delusion, the man's self-awareness of his compromised state did not rid Ecks of his unease. The soldier at his side was the only other person in the lab who Ecks thought to be clean. Now his certainty was taken and thrust back into the shadows of doubt. The almost living light dancing behind Ecks's eyes was the light of overbearing suspicion, the focus being Rex as the other retrieved his launcher, this followed by a suppressed sigh of relief as he caught sight of the anti-compulsion bracelet still banded to Rex's wrist. That reminded him. "You're going to need this." Ecks undid the clasp of one of the two bracelets on his person and held it out to Sacks. "It'll stop you from being hijacked." Was it fortune or fate that he had managed to make precisely one extra bracelet, and there was now before them precisely one additional ally, even though the alliance was tentative? "The carriage will move us along some more but it's on a programmed route. It won't take us all the way. We can maybe," He looked to Rex. "Short the board, make it into a dumb wagon on wheels her horse can pull?"
  12. supernal

    The factions are coming OOC

    EpicRome has done the thing! That faction is now complete End of the month is looking real good to wrap up this phase
  13. supernal

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    I'm sensing some opportunity for some villain on villain violence Don't let it die folks, take hold the mace and swing it about
  14. supernal

    Pursuing madness

    Silver lacked Iani's keen sense of hearing; the panther-kin's mutterings were soaked up by the floorboards at his feet and lost to a perceptual vacuum, the same kind where a tree falls and no one is around to hear its sound. "It's just the nature of the job." Silver respond to Godric's meandering statement of concern, but only after the ten minutes had elapsed, only after there came from the locked chest the satisfying click of a successfully picked lock. "If you want a safe job, study accounting or something. If you want a lucrative job, put something on the line." Silver flipped the chest open. Inside were a number of papers turned to pulp, a few small ingots of gold and silver which Silver was quick to pocket, but not so quick as to make his partners-in-semi-crime think that he was cutting them out of the take. When it was empty Silver ran his fingers along the inside seams of the chest, found a weakness, and pried free a false floor. In the center of it were a pair of metallic knuckles. He took up the knuckles and inspected them in the sunlight; they were transitioning from morning to early afternoon and were so positioned that Silver could catch a bar of sunlight beaming through a broken window. "Hah! See what I mean?" Silver held the knuckles out to the sulking Iani. "Whaddayamake of that?"
  15. supernal

    Pursuing madness OOC

    Just in terms of plot advancement you guys didn't have to wait a full round to come back to me to open the box. I set up in my post that he was picking the lock so that either of you could have the thing actually open on one of your turns, and discover the loot