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  1. Jericho finished his light meal of Anessa’s fruit. Undeniably, the fruit struck his palate with an acerbic quality. An undertone layered beneath the fruit notes which did not overwhelm, but which persisted between juicy bites, and long after he swallowed the last piece. Jericho spat the seeds out, conscious to do so near the water but not into it, so that the seeds could take root, sprout, grow, and one day bear fruit of their own. In the caesura which started the moment Anessa stared into her own reflection, and which ended when she struck the water, Jericho was lost in a world of his own. Delicate ideas frothed at the edges of his mind. Jericho mused, wondering if the seeds would grow as regular trees or if they’d birth creatures like Anessa. Or, even more staggering to consider, the possibility that the creatures weren’t just like her, but that they were her. He wondered if they would be identical to her only in form, with a blank slate mind to be populated by experiences, or if all of them would be tapped into a single consciousness. Jericho didn’t venture any of these thoughts aloud. Anessa already teetered on a precarious edge, hovering over a chasm whose depths Jericho could not fathom. He just made a mental note to hire a freelancer from the village he was steering them towards, to come back to this spot in a few weeks and report what he saw. As the water stilled and resolved itself into an imperfect mirror once again, Anessa would find next to her own reflection a blurry image of Jericho standing behind her and to one side. He wasn’t smiling anymore. His posture was rigid, his eyes downcast, and his mien somber. "Honestly I have no clue who you are. Just as honest, I don’t think anyone else knew that either. Not even you yourself, so experience would tell me. What your friends and your family saw was the mask you put on for them. When you took a breath to suppress a surge of annoyance. Or when you smiled through the tears. When you told someone it would be okay, when you knew it wasn’t. "That was you trying then, just like you’re trying now, to be someone you think you oughta be when no one has the authority to define what that really means. Except you. You are what you do Anessa. A murderer is a murderer even if he has good intentions. Even if other people call him a hero." Jericho’s lips pressed themselves into a thin, grim line. "If trying isn’t good enough then we’re in for a world of hurt." The shadows fled from Jericho’s face as another of his characteristic smiles broke across his features. "But that’s a problem for the Jericho and Anessa of tomorrow I think. The versions of us that don’t get their throats slit or their limbs charred to a crisp in the middle of the night by Arnix or one of his cronies. Say, what’s in that fruit anyway? I think I’ve got extra pep in my step."
  2. Added this for clarification under Basic Also added links to the three parts of the system in the first post.
  3. I can definitely say that we're expansive and immersive as a setting so if that's something you're looking for. We got it :) Welcome aboard!
  4. Hi!

    Hi there :) I won't say that Valucre is a perfect site because I don't think any place is a utopia but I do think we offer some of the best in community and setting and even staff that can be found online. If you have any questions, let me know, but I think you'll find that our Getting Started articles are easy to read and really informative, and you can hit the Lore tab to find out about the world itself. Let me know if you have any questions. Welcome to Valucre!
  5. Most of the roleplays you're interested in fit outside of the world of Valucre as a canon setting so you would want to place them in Alternative, but otherwise things like adventure and fantasy and horror all fit seamlessly in the canon world. If you're interested in finding a 1x1 or a group then make sure to post something to that effect in the water cooler. Welcome to Valucre!
  6. You can only link to them. I suggest using IMGUR. I like it
  7. We have a section explaining roleplay and how to do it here. Let me know if you have further questions:
  8. Dope visual references for the Aria!

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    Sure! You rolled a 1 <_<
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    Basic just has Rolls. Intermediate has Preps, and adds permanent buffs to higher tiers. You don't have to use preps and am not sure I plan to but it's there if you'd like. Details can be found at the link I provided. For the Discord server, you can join Valucre's Discord via the link contained in this thread: Make sure to PM the mod team so they can permission you then in the dice rolling channel you can roll by typing: /roll 1d10 and then you'll get a result. If that's too much hassle I can do the rolls for you
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    Our overview Lore article will give you the broad strokes of the major locations and provide information on the areas:
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    What seems to be the problem?
  13. updated blog post - tavern of legend for everyone @Mickey Flash updated featured lore - avylon @Jesus Negro
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    If you're using the discord you can roll for him yourself, otherwise I'll do it
  15. I added this verbiage to the Basic mode.