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  1. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    Sew up that military thread you're in and we can get going!
  2. The Hunters and the Hunted

    At first blush, Levi thought he might be being led into a trap. The smears of already curdled blood that the woman left on tree trunks and branches were so obvious he couldn't escape the thought, but then he decided that the distance between her footprints were too wide apart. This indicated long, loping strides which carried her forward too quickly to suggest anything in her movement other than panic. Levi stopped when he noticed two furrows cut into the earth. He crouched before them, placing over his eyes the green tinted spectacles which enhanced his night vision. He studied the tracks in detail, allowing his gaze to sidle and shift in a radically new direction, towards he west. This was a telling detail – the woman had been running, stopped, skid, then took off in a new direction. Levi took the time to mark a few cryptic symbols onto the base of three nearby trees. When the rain and the stampeding of various animals washed away the tracks, his own markings would remain. Should he die before the others found him, they'd have this much to go on at least. With that task accomplished, he changed his course and continued west, intent on finding the woman before she could raise the alarm. He was brought up short again when her tracks simply disappeared. He wondered, for a moment, if the myth about vampire flight was true, and also entertained the idea that she was a shapeshifter of some kind and not a traditional undead. These notions were dismissed out of hand when he realized that if this were the case, she wouldn't have left so obvious a spoor. From there it took Levi only a moment to mark a branch bent at an odd angle from having supported the weight of a person. From that point on the tracks were so subtle as to have vanished completely. His only hope now was to continue west. He didn't know it but, spotting caves not too far ahead and veering towards them, Levi had come directly under Lina's perch in the trees.
  3. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    7 votes will move us up
  4. Greetings my fellow humans! =)

    /gasp A new member that actually reads the rules?! /faint Just joking :) On behalf of the site, thanks for the compliment!
  5. Shifts in social temperature

    Got a fair bit of likes so it's good to know the idea is well received. On that note if anyone ends up taking advantage of these shifts post your threads here! I like seeing what cool stuff people come up with to interact with certain events and don't want to miss out
  6. Natesh as Arrived!

    As long as your character abilities observe mild powers, which is about keeping a character balanced and not overpowered or anything like that, then absolutely custom races are allowed! Here are the MP rules: Let me know if you have any further questions, you can post here, PM me, or post in the Help forum. Welcome aboard!
  7. The Order

    Kudos on the idea, and that goes double for the positive response so far. I have a character that started his own like-minded group so while I don't think he could reasonably help found another group, I do think that he would see a group like this, see an opportunity to bring more justice to the world, and want to help make sure they get strong to help with the good fight so to speak How do you feel about someone that's a "contributing partner" vs a founding member or recruit? He's a capable swordsman and magician and could teach combat applications of both to the Order's recruits, wouldn't need a seat on the small council so as not to implicate him in internal politics, and would likely help with funding / arms in whatever small way he and his group are capable Let me know here or in PM if you like the notion and we can work out what a partnership or alliance would look like for your roleplay. Of course would not at all be offended if you simply aren't interested and want to go about bringing your vision to life your way, I'm not trying to get in the way of that!
  8. OOC: Grey Gateway

    That's so huge in fact that it makes me think that I don't grasp the platform that we're fighting on. I don't believe that Ezekiel is carrying enough rope to get us from the bottom of the mountain to the top so figured that we made it to some sort of ledge? I imagine that thing would take up most of a ledge by itself Maybe we're facing an immature/juvenile version of it or something? The group can decide whatever but that's my vote
  9. Videos worth watching!

    Creatively important in my opinions
  10. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    Wow. Not just a fast post but a good one from the cat! @desolate think you're up to post in the next few days? If not I have enough for another to reply to Chouette
  11. Greetings my fellow humans! =)

    Hi there Blex. I know that there are just dozens and dozens of RP sites, and I know that after a while a lot of them start to look alike, but I firmly believe we have something unique to offer here in Valucre. If not the global setting built up and influenced by its members, then the community itself, or maybe the clarity and utility of the guides? There's gotta be something! DOn't be too daunted by the depth of the site. You learn it piecemeal, as you go. Don't feel that you have to catch up on over a decade of contributions before you can so much as dip your toe in the water. The lore is there to enhance your play, not get in the way of it. If you find yourself with any questions feel free to PM me or post in the Help forum. Welcome to Valucre!
  12. Some Variation on Hello

    Never put the bad jokes aside. They belong at the front of the parade. I'm glad that the site managed to make a strong enough first impression to get you to register. Welcome! I hope that the more you explore Valucre the more you find that we have a really cool freaking site with an awesome community and great staff (tooting my own horn here but hey someone has to) If you find yourself with any questions feel free to throw them my way via PM, or post in the Help forum. Once again, welcome!
  13. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    Thunder Tyrant indicated to me that if he wasn't able to post last night to go ahead and skip him @Chouette I know you just went, but would you be interested in starting off this round? Should give desolate enough time given his posted circumstances. But if not and this means that none of the players can post I'll wait another four or five days and try again
  14. The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    Ruiser looked around at the other members of the party, to see if anyone could make sense of the skeleton's obscure proclamation. When no answers came he took hold of the rope and pulled against it. Softly at first, but then he tested his full weight against it – Rusier remained keenly aware of the fact that he had to concern himself with both the integrity of the rope and the security of Credulus's anchor. It held. Pulling himself over the edge, Ruiser took immediate note of the bear-like spider-thing and brought himself down about a foot on the rope, grasping a handhold on the cliff face in case the rope cut or frayed. He called down to the others. "There's something up here! I'll do what I can! But come up quick, quick and safe!" He pulled himself up again. His shouting lured the creature his way, and it was a nimble roll which saved Ruiser from being impaled by one of the creature's spindly legs. As he came to his feet he had his sword in hand and used it to broker distance between himself and the beast. "All we have to do is stay alive until the others get here, then we can take it as a team."
  15. The Hunters and the Hunted

    The flames of uncertainty flickered as they licked against the walls of his heart. Thoughts unspooled their treachery in his mind, considering mercy, considering the pain the woman must have undergone to be what she is now, her past life turned to ash and shadows. Was it right for a mouse show compassion to a lion? If not for the drugs churning in his bloodstream Levi would have seen nothing of substance. Just a flicker as the bolt was stopped by a wall of sinew, then a blur as the woman turned about face and ran. But because of his augmented reflexes and perception, his question answered itself. His vision of a kinder world fled him the moment he saw her move, glimpsing the incandescent truth of what she was in those few precious fragments of time. She's going back to her nest. She's going to tell her kin about you, and they will descend on you and the others like locusts on wheat, like the plague that they are. Do you see what your hesitation has earned? Levi took off after her, taking twice as long to reload the small crossbow because he had to constantly look up to duck a branch or leap over some obstruction. He gave up on the attempt when the woman started slipping from view, instead committing himself wholly to the chase. The drugs weren't meant for this kind of encounter. In a confined space he could match any younger vampire but at a flat run, their unholy bodies simply performed better than his mortal coil. Ultimately, he lost sight of her. He stopped running and crouched low. The hunter started cursing to himself and damning his own stupidity but choked the words off when he realized how loud he was being. He ducked behind one tree, then another, and another, before peering around. When no attack came Levi cursed himself again, this time with abandon. After exhausting his ready store of obscenity he set about the task of tracking, rather than chasing, the woman. With any luck he'd find her before daybreak, and she'd be alone.