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  1. Update to Ashville
  2. You rolled once and got a 3, which is a hit for .5 Then you rolled again and got a 5 which is a hit for 1. Added together and divided by 2, that's .75 to each party. That said and in working this out, although I think the math is simple I question why have it at all and want to keep the system lean. I'll allow multiple targets and one attack per target with individual rolls. Going in order of the post that means Joanne takes a .5 damage and Ersatz takes 1 damage Edit: I'll also only allow multiple attacks for the first 5 rounds (we're in the 2nd now as I've posted twice), since that'll give me a chance to test the system when people are forced to choose more carefully who they want their target to be.
  3. Yeah that's why either way I would make it a roll for target instead of per object. Thirty fireballs at one person is one roll Also no need to reroll the first just do a second roll. So that would be a .5 and a -1 to average as a .-5 against Allous
  4. I like this idea so asen, since you're the one doing multiple attacks. Would you rather roll twice and divide by two or would you rather roll twice and keep the roll straight? In terms of what appeals more keep in mind that whatever you can use can also be used against you
  5. It'd be more like a roll per target than a roll per object
  6. So the system isn't designed to have one roll to attack multiple parties. That said it isn't explicitly ruled out. How would you as players feel if I did that as my swordsman? Or would it be better to allow multiple attacks but require individual rolls?
  7. In sending out probes to survey the land, one might wonder if Allous realized he was being scrutinized in turn. Ersatz's senses did not border the eldritch, but were finely honed through years of deliberate practice. With eyes still closed, he defined the approximate distance and direction of his first challenger. Why did the entity stay so far back? Perhaps taking aim with a ranged weapon. Perhaps waiting to see what other matter of combatant might make their way to the ruins to claim the swordsman's life as their trophy. Perhaps cowardice, which in combat was merely called strategy. His thoughts were interrupted by the telltale crunch of rubble underfoot; the tale was one of another person joining his mortal game. The stride was not so long, suggesting a height over five feet but under six, and a weight on the sparser side. The sound shifted suddenly, from slow and meandering to quick and focused. Joanna was close enough to see the whites of his eyes by the time they finally opened. With timing so precisely synchronized as to suggest a dance between the two of them, as Joanna followed through on her swing, Ersatz leaned back and pressed his body flat against the boulder – the man was quick despite his age. He pushed himself left, opposing Joanna's swing so she'd have to struggle against momentum for a reprisal, and pulled his sword free from the earth. This gesture was an attack in and of itself, the upward motion meant to slash across her chest. Ersatz committed to his sideways shunt and put distance between the two of them. His sword was at the ready and a lopsided smile screwed his face. He saw that his attack had cut fabric but no flesh. "Yes. That's the way. Let us dance again and see who remains." (OOC: Rolled a 2, which is a miss)
  8. Nah it's okay. Just for next time and consequent posts. The fact that the post came so quickly makes up for it!
  9. @Ataraxy for the intro post we can let it slide but keep in mind there's a 350 word max for posts in this thread
  10. You don't need to prep to roll. What you said prior to that is accurate.
  11. 1. Feel free to initiate in your first post 2. You only have to roll for an attack/effect that you want to do HP damage. Anything that does not contain a roll will not do damage and should be treated as flavor text by both parties. You can prep to gain an additional roll but you can't prep and attack in the same turn
  12. @AsenRM and @Ataraxy Congrats! I've selected you two. One of you has to post within the next 2 days and the other within 2 days from that post, after which we'll be locked in a post order. If you can't commit to this let me know and I'll swap you out with someone else that's expressed interest in the thread.
  13. OOC Thread: Setting: System: (OOC Note: 2 day skip limit. First skip you miss a turn. Second skip you take -1HP. 120 word minimum, 350 word maximum. I will keep track of HP at the bottom of this post. I will be rolling for random setting effects as well.) At the end of a storied life full excitement and adventure, Ersatz Kleen was finally an old man. His hair was gray, gone from the pate of his head and thinning everywhere else. It used to be much longer even in his old age because he hadn't paid personal aesthetic much mind in years; he was a husband, and a father, and this meant putting his energy into others over himself. But now had cut it because he didn't want to give his opponents anything to hold onto. It was the same reason he trimmed his long beard to a salt stubble spread over his cheeks and chin. Ersatz Kleen was in Bi'le'ah, the grand, twisted ruins of Biazo City. He did not dare trespass in its heart and so posted himself somewhere in the pit of its stomach. He wore a fur lined mantle draped across his shoulders, which was clasped feebly to the leather armor he wore underneath so that if someone grabbed it, it would tear from his person with ease. On his left arm was a buckler which telescoped and expanded. In his right hand was the long arming sword which had seen the end of many lives and would see the end of no less than two more. Ersatz leaned on his sword now, catching his breath. He had issued a challenge in the populated cities to any that would pit their mettle against his metal, and see which was the stronger. This challenge was not so much about honor, there was very little honor in the taking of another's life, but in dying as he had lived – by the sword. Ersatz sat down on a boulder, eyes closed, resting and waiting. Ersatz - 10HP - 9 Allous - 6HP Joanne - 6HP - 5.5
  14. Quick question for you, and we can discuss in PM or Discord if that's easier. But essentially I have someone that is in charge of a frost giant clan and think, whether he succeeds or not, it would be interesting to have him attempt to court Kiki. Is Kiki a standalone giantess or is she a part of a tribe/clan, no matter how small? Does she have any standing in that clan, if so, like chieftain's daughter or anything? P.S: I found this real life human example of someone that is about Kiki's height: And suggest her weight be raised about 100 or so lbs to bring her more in line with that. Just my opinion, you can throw away my 2cents if you'd like!
  15. When Teivel bid himself rise on unsteady feet and turn to Ruiser, he'd find Ruiser already in the midst of crossing the distance between them. He'd find Ruiser at his side, one arm around Teivel's nearly nonexistent waist while the other placed a thin arm across his own back. In this fashion Ruiser provided support for the skeletal man as they made their way the short distance back to Teivel's original seat by the sputtering fire. The fire seemed so small and cold when compared to Druilun, but it would suffice to warm Ruiser's mortal flesh even if it failed to nourish his spirit. He first watched the whimsical shadows billowing over Teivel's face, the shade darkening the priest's empty eye sockets and giving them a certain depthless quality. Then he turned his eyes to the dancing flames themselves, trying to find in the heart of the fire answers to half-formed questions. Ruiser did not move to sit across from Teivel, placing the fire between them, but stayed at the priest's side as he let his vision bore into the glowing embers. This meant that though reverence quieted his voice, it could still be heard. "Druilun is perfect, but he has much to learn." Ruiser showed no hesitation in navigating the paradox that this statement created, paying it little mind as he continued in his train of thoughts. It was an utterance that he could never have said aloud of the Uncanny gods, not meanwhile he tread the land of his birth at least. With Druilun, however, Ruiser felt deep in his being that obscuring his mind and heart from Druilun was counterproductive. "When a ship is lost on a stormy sea, a captain does not put his ear to the wind and listen for the sound of men. A captain looks through the night for a beacon of light which cuts through the darkness. The beacon is what shows the lost the way. That is what Druilun must become, what we must all become. Not trumpets. Not grand temples. But beacons in the night to guide the lost." Terric was the common tongue exchanged between Ruiser and this new god, likely because Teivel was the avatar through which this god spoke, and it was a common enough occurrence to lose the full weight of a phrase's meaning, or to have semiotic detail change slightly, but significantly. He would have to show his new god the old ways, of glory and of other things, not to follow blindly in the established patterns but to understand the pattern so as to break and improve it. "Rest demands its toll. We will find the graveyard, I will cut enough skin to make my armor, and together we will find the lost and show them the way, and the grove." Ruiser looked away from the fire, locking his sight onto Teivel's empty sockets, and extending his hand. "Will you take me as a brother, friend?"