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  1. For me there’s a big difference between what a thing “can be” and what it “usually is” in practice. There are definitely ways in which an anti-magic ability can be conducive to story - and not all abjuration is negating magic; shields confront an attack where a lot of the problematic sort is as desolate said usually cancelling or suppressing rather than mitigating. But the way I see most people use anti-magic most of the time tends to be optimized for combat victory rather than optimized for dramatized conflict. When the latter it’s almost always chill, if not downright tasty. The same thing happens with detect magic or a like ability. It can be used in a balanced / costly way that’s easy for all parties to digest or it can be used in a way that’s just an excuse to metagame at a sour level
  2. This is excellent!

    1. vielle


      Methinks so too! I am back, All-Father Senpai. ❤️ What's this I hear about some continent named Fracture? 👀😂

    2. supernal


      What you hear is a string of emoji translated into phonetics! 

    3. vielle



  3. What do you want it to say for the title?
  4. 1) there is indeed a reason for heero being the way he is 2) there’s as much or more emphasis on the political theater as the combat which I wasn’t expecting and greatly appreciate
  5. @Sanonymous gotta check the links! I said “most wanted”, not “yeah he’s pretty good with puppies”!!!!! Hahah exclamation marks!!!
  6. I think there’s something about a burning village or temple BUT at the moment there’s no real communication out of the site so you’d need a real solid reason to be like hi If you don’t scrub how do you get the blood off your hands ... HAW
  7. A friendly reminder as we head into the weekend @TheElementHunter
  8. If we head into the weekend absent a post from our gracious host (and no shade because I know we *just* got out of the previous holiday stretch), I motion that the guests mingle among themselves for a round or two to keep the thread moving and to give appropriate breathing room
  9. Even your trash is a little treasure. All of those were neat! I really liked the lizard lady. And that pretty dress. And from the first gallery that first image of the glowing moose / elk
  10. Have you considered spinning up a quick city map to mark off the murder site and other hotspots?
  11. I sow discord at you 

    1. The Fire Heart

      The Fire Heart

      And I have accepted the grand request

    2. Metty


      Did you mean yote discord, Carlos?

  12. You should consider having some item or task that people can do to become official members, like if you want to be infantry you do x and if a special agent then y, or if you want to join at all you have to do Z - like complete a quest on behalf of the VCF. That way as you gain members it’s tied hand in hand with growth Just a suggestion
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