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  1. Anybody seen this? Itโ€™s an AI that collects and displays โ€œvisually stimulating contentโ€ https://archillect.com/
  2. This particular plot is not open. If zig wants to explicitly opt for that Iโ€™m okay with it but my intention for it isnโ€™t a free for all. Per Alex tho metty can stage her own break in ... or join the shields of valor!
  3. I'll add to the above that any time magic is used in Terrenus / Fracture, you are in effect interacting with a loci per the local laws of magic. They are "setting elements", per desolate, and can't be controlled However this is meant to apply to regional loci as indicated in the symposium. There are much smaller loci, say at the level of a noodle shop or a shrine or a bathroom stall etc etc, that can maybe be interacted with in another fashion but I would leave that up to whoever is coming up with that minor loci. The regional loci are decidedly above MP by design
  4. Also keep in mind that this can be recon. These first few posts are them getting the feel. They could come back a day or a week later with a time skip, and knowledge of the guardโ€™s rotations or try to socially engineer a specific one, etc However appeals most to you ofc just throwing out some less conventional options
  5. Iโ€™m planning on posting next with the fella!
  6. @Zigzag with the above I donโ€™t think youโ€™ll see the defense side posting until you do something that needs defending against. Alexandrian can correct me if wrong. So that means unless you know another member of your group is joining, the next post is probably on you. Or you can edit the first one to include more or what happens until it gets to that defense-needed point. Or you can do a series of posts. Whichever you like really I just didnโ€™t want you waiting long periods of time for a reply, just in case
  7. Itโ€™ll fit my altar just fine ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. If ever there was a game of edits itโ€™s this one! That is indeed the part. Pending your edit Iโ€™ll have more to add here or in my post And correct - from the same direction as the mushroom people
  9. @Die Shize - post is solid, no complaints or nits to pick. Just want to confirm you donโ€™t want to say anything or interact with the apprentice that I could post here or would integrate into my post?
  10. Did your question get cut off?
  11. โ€œNothing in nature is random. A thing appears random only through the incompleteness of our knowledge.โ€

  12. If you push the end of your post a tiny bit more and have Luke start running after getting pummeled, the consequent poster(s) can integrate hearing your running over their posts so that by the time it's your turn again you can be One With the Party again
  13. I'd be very interested in learning this as part of the espionage!
  14. You can say that it washed him in a circle and he ended up where he began / closer to where they are now You can also say he washed up further up in the direction the apprentice came and have to run through bits of the mushroom kingdom yourself but if so Luke has to get bruised up
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