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  1. When you submit that I’ll let you know if it makes sense / if anything needs changing
  2. There’s going to be a full complement / comparable force capable of presenting a legitimate threat since the enemy was tracked across distance and resources organized against that. Basically whatever reason to think moped either think the opposite or make them the mopeds from FLCL. Grab the guitar too! Per the rough script it seems there’s a planned “show how much of a badass Lilith is” moment already around using the artifact(s) to muscle up so I’ll likely be changing the colors of the shirts too but we can see how the script actually takes shape and make decisions closer to the moment
  3. As you’ll see in the later posts - Vetiver will be involved in the capture team via the IPP and Veloci-rapture and I will be chatting about it as needed. If everyone is fine with the system of only being involved in either the capture or containment then one precludes the other
  4. Just out of remote curiosity are you sketching out the city at all or making a landing page / info post about it or anything like that?
  5. Welcome aboard

  6. Hope you enjoy the site

  7. Welcome to Valucre!

  8. I have no issue with that. Let's just stay in touch at a high level maybe in PM about how the thread is going, strategic actions or reactions if there's any questions or concerns about capabilities or goals, things like that (ex. ataraxy demands major injuries so if it goes that route then I'll want the same)
  9. Hey all the canon post got added to this thread so want to make sure everyone has a chance to review and make sure the detail captures whatever it is the various parties are looking to actually canonize
  10. Nesthome: skittering sounds, from the Skaven
  11. An exchange between Vito the Marauder (Rabbit!) and Caden, leader of the Heavy Hand (me!): "Don't fuck up like I did." Caden's first smile in a week. "Never that."
  12. Although an even slower burn than Hill House, Bly Manor has some serious chops
  13. The Dali vineyard as a tourist destination for people to walk around and drink wine. I’ve never done this myself but I thought it would be neat for characters who need to decompress after surviving hexes and stuff
  14. supernal

    RP best practices

    I like using OOC prompts for quick reactions or snippets of dialogue that it would otherwise not justify a “full” post to make and that can be worked in by players as the turn unfolds That happens more when I GM but sometimes applicable to regular play as well
  15. "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late."

    1. Axis


      Remind me to never let you cook me a steak.

    2. supernal


      Agreed. Taking negative hours to cook something that usually takes ten minutes isn’t something you should outsource. Godspeed 

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