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  1. supernal

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    You can’t nab the entire green section but you can drop a pin in that location which you can claim as your own. I’d suggest drafting a landing page for your area and then manage a canon list / canonized threads for it. As canon activity for your area grows it naturally develops the area you’re managing
  2. supernal

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    No named spells but you can check the common character reference for some of Herbie’s previous work I don’t make the TTRPG distinction between arcane magic, divine magic, and psionics. Anything supernatural in nature is affected by things which dampen or increase “magic” The dead peaks is not currently a dead zone
  3. supernal

    Yh'mi AMA

    In terms of type of activity absolutely! In terms of degree it’ll depend how much roleplay is done around this particular event but it’s definitely viable to count towards his clergy rank
  4. Definitely both. Any existing examples will help me see how people have done it (good one btw) but also getting people thinking about it in general I hope yields interesting times
  5. supernal

    Yh'mi AMA

    If the soil allows it, I suggest going food garden (wait isn't that a farm). There is a practical example called a Victory Garden but Lagri already has a Victory being used elsewhere through the military and that could get confusing
  6. I can't think of a better way to word it and am not sure what I mean, which is probably why, but I think it'd be neat to experiment more with things that take X to develop, or which trigger on Y, or which are only available during Z Okay have fun with that. I'll pop back in myself now and again with working examples as this concept consumes me from within
  7. While waiting for Pygmalion's input my personal suggestion is to go with #3. It's the most flexible. You can decide based off of what assets I provide whether it sounds interesting enough to carry for a little while, or for a long while, or to just cut it off right here "Quest" in this context is basically "prepackaged writing prompt". To give a random example you could find the Treasure (the tampered deer carcass) in the very next post and get out of the ant colony right away and be done with that whole quest-y adventure-y piece of it. And then you and company can spend posts / rounds / pages just exploring Chesterfield, getting some food at the noodle shop or going to the beach. The "canon post" might include whatever solves the quest + whatever happens organically in the rest of the thread But you can also just finish this thread off here as is, and then do the above Chesterfield exploration in a totally separate thread that is dedicated just for that slice of life thing and not connected to this quest thing. It's common to separate threads into "events" like that, or "chapters" if you will, just because it makes for a neater logical grouping but it's also common to have a thread that spans many, many pages and many, many months and has multiple events that happen in it (checkpoints along the way are what updates the site as to what's happening if it's relevant enough to go through the process) I hope that helps clarify the nature of quests and canon posts and things like that. If it doesn't I'll try again!
  8. Sweet! I’ll tag all three of you in the check or whatever other threads I spin up. I think we’ll do it at base 34 which is sounding more and more like a club name
  9. While waiting on the above: On the level, I don't think we have enough here as-is to fully justify a promotion. By the same token I don't think the labor here was trivial, the impediment isn't due to players or lack of interest (for the most part), so it should still be recognized. I think we're about 2-3 rounds away from crossing that line but I'm also not trying to beat dead horses What I have in mind is throwing a promotion celebration and everyone who participated in this thread would get promoted in that one for basically showing up and eating some canapes. Promotion cinched with a few rounds of casual slice of life roleplay. For everyone else that participates it's just that If that isn't someone's cup of tea then alternatively you can do a flashback to the scene Zashii was gearing up to finish before and finish the thread off with a shot of adrenaline. Or you can do character interactions directly after the debrief maybe sampling Last Chance or preparing for the next deployment etc etc., or anything like that for a few rounds and we can call it done in one thread Thoughts anyone?
  10. @squid peanut Just to make sure I'm clear on this 1) The first bit of dialogue isn't actually dialogue but a message for Thomas's employer, right? Emilio wouldn't be privy to that information basically 2) His employers aren't elder company right? I'm guessing based off of not recognizing those names and assuming those are real characters / assets of yours that he's referencing. Or is it EC and they were just shake-n-bake flavor?
  11. See highlighted text - actually we made it to the fourth page! We have a couple of options now. Pretty much whatever we can think of but here's what comes to mind: 1) We can wrap up the thread in the next few rounds, like a speed run, canonize it and call it done 2) We can do a "checkpoint", where I can canonize what has happened and broad strokes of how the thread might end. And this can change, depending on where the story actually ends up taking you, so we can edit this or add another checkpoint down the line. This lets me fulfill my GM duties but leaves the thread open for people to continue playing and interacting to their heart's content 3) I can hand off my existing general thoughts and any GM notes / the map to a specific person in the thread or to the group as a whole, so that that person can GM or so that the group can GM as a whole 4) I can just throw that stuff away and you all continue the thread, GMing whatever story you'd like, and canonizing at whatever time is appropriate I'm personally landing somewhere on 2 or 3 as it gives you all flexibility but a little bit of structure to fall back onto, or deviate from, in the way of the stuff I already have "planned" (I use quotes because it's very light detail). 4 gives you the most flexibility and is the usual way of things but to be transparent I have a vested interest in seeing this thread fully concluded instead of just sort of fading into the background so even though I'm stepping back I'd like to make sure it reaches a satisfying ending And whichever option you choose I'll be available for any questions, concerns, and even brainstorming on options or promptings to keep the story moving forward, I'd just ask that I be tagged explicitly since I wouldn't be following the thread as closely as I do when actively GMing What's everyone feeling? Speak from the heart and we can figure it out from there!
  12. In her intangible form Eth can travel unimpeded. She passes through the impromptu entrance their group had fashioned into the throne room and then further east into the next room. Eth is able to resolve details in the room as if she were there herself, but able only to do so by the dim emergency lighting that the overhead orbs provided; even the light that she can emit in her astral form does not provide her light to see by (though the story may be different for her Material partners). Eth can see vague shapes. One of them is somewhat shaped like a human torso and motionless on the ground. Moving around this shape are two others, unmistakably alien (or rather ant-like) even in their silhouette. Eth will wake the moment she is removed from the throne; anyone who falls into the throne will find themselves astral projected.
  13. Sounds good. As long as you’re doing so out of your own whim and not thinking it’s a thread mechanic, no prob!
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