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  1. Sharpmate Noodle Shop | Chesterfield | Lagrimosa Please note that this is not an interest check for an event I'm running, just promotional material to prompt user engagement with the lore. Feel free to use this as a jumping point for an event however!
  2. https://www.valucre.com/topic/44504-chesterfield-information/ Added De Viento lore, bioship forest Added Social section to the landing page
  3. Ah! then “up to you” x2 lol. I tend to make a new OOC for each new ic but that’s a preference thing. Whatever works!
  4. Whether you keep it in one thread or break it up into separate threads it entirely up to you however I would recommend at least doing a "checkpoint canon" in the existing thread if you plan to continue in it, so that all of the events up to that point can be processed and put up in lore articles and all that. Then you can continue on and canonize again at the end whatever happened between the two points
  5. @Praetorian helped me find a neat (and properly licensed) picture for my bioship forest ❤️
  6. You post, I make a numbered list off the people that post and at the deadline (or near enough, feel free to remind me if I miss it) I'll roll a random number to pick who wins the title Post below if interested. This raffle ends June 3rd Note - if you want some user titles without having to go through the raffle think about donating to the site Previous winners: CarrionJackal, Lacernella Rubra, Vansin, Phaedara, Better than Gore, Dolor Aeternum, Tyler, Aleksei, Diremast, Spagelo, Veloci-rapture, Laughingmad, ethela penna, alexei, zemira ywain, eternity, chaoslord, likelymissfortune, danzilla3, hurttoto, elixir, ghorroj, praetorian, twitterpated zashiii rabbit pn.see zachgreedy dabi priestess daipie hawk prettycuteanna kyoku jack howard hellstennacht heroshima xoco ticklefarte
  7. supernal

    Chesterfield AMA

    I’ve clarified that it’s tied to thread completion and canonization and that B class is the minimum to qualify for rank (I indicated that that meant in parenthesis)
  8. Attribution: Allwhitebackground Translation: of wind Basic Premise Note that this is a setting thread, not a hub thread. Roleplay in this setting should take place in its own thread with a Chesterfield tag. A forest where the trees are living bioships. When they reach budding age, they can be bonded with, boarded, and used as functional transport. As these ships are alive and intelligent, bonding usually requires some sort of psychic exchange or ritual which establishes a social contract (or "agenda") between ship and captain (and crew, as applicable). They can’t simply be taken at will and you may find that the ship with the build you desire does not share your temperament. Bioships are resilient, able to generate their own power, and are highly maneuverable. However they do not come with systems beyond self-defense and life support. Bioships are capable of healing their damaged parts - it takes them longer to heal than to repair mechanical ships in some scenarios as well as the opposite in others, and this also means there's no need to carry spare parts or have an on board mechanic (an onboard druid however . . . ). Different species of trees present different levels of complexity to their intelligence and different personality traits, which affect their shape and function, but across all species a badly treated ship will either fly away or wither and die. Juveniles All ships which can be acquired by player characters are at the Juvenile class as almost all matured bioships are perfectly happy where they are right now thank you very much. This accounts for the following traits: 5 person capacity - compartments will vary depending on the species of tree bonded with but common layouts include: a bridge and deck, crew cabins, medical bay, cargo are, recreation room, and mess hall. International flight capacity Expansion Requires an Armor class amount of any available Metamaterial and adds an Attribute that is related to the material. Examples include: Any material to add capacity for 2 extra team members Auranite for directed energy weapon OR shield (not both) Aquatanium to make it submersible LRI for Stealth
  9. Wasn't listed before because of how extra covert the mission was (also cause I wasn't sure the player would be interested in military stuff beyond the one arc) but here's an official welcome to sergeant Vetiver, an operations officer! @Veloci-Rapture
  10. Check this out. A combination of AI generated people and AI portrait filter makes for quick and easy and hassle free pictures https://www.valucre.com/topic/21063-useful-writing-resources/?do=findComment&comment=806896
  11. supernal

    Chesterfield AMA

    The system in question for public reference: https://www.valucre.com/topic/44646-chesterfield-renown-system/ 1) They do. I made it the "Chesterfield" renown system by design so that I could play test the system at a lower level. If it ends up holding water then I can scale it up to start coverage at the national level but for now the idea is to localize, and have the renown grow from a single location into wide repute. I'm very cognizant of the fact there are many members with many characters who have years of accomplishments already under their belt and didn't want to worry about lots of retroactive application yet 2) It's all three axes but only once per thread. So when you canonize a thread and you submit your information for renown you indicate that their activity in that thread was Order and Destruction (or whatever) and the third axes, their actual title, is what will be "ranked" So say for the next 3 threads you are ranking your "Agent of Chaos" title from Folk to Major. The first thread might be like Chaos, Construction, Agent of Chaos (here is Folk level). The second might be Chaos, Destruction, Agent of Chaos (here Minor level). Once you get to Major you can keep "break out" of Chesterfield in terms of fame and start getting national, international, and global renown for your title. OR you can work on a different title for the same character OR a different title for a different character My questions for you!: 1) Does that make sense now? 2) If so is there wording that comes to mind I could modify or add to get that across more clearly?
  12. supernal

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    Will be answering these in the newly made Chesterfield AMA
  13. supernal

    Chesterfield AMA

    The Chesterfield landing page should be your main source of information but if you have questions the landing page doesn't answer, you can ask me below. Try answering these questions even as you ask for information so that I'm better informed as to the kind and depth of detail I reply with: Why are you asking? What do you want to do with this information? What story does this help tell or inform? Question Index On the Chesterfield renown system
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