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  1. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Witnessing the birth of rock and roll
  2. Praise the bridge that carried you over [ Quest ]

    Cad watched Nur and Barrett leap and climb, respectively, to an upper branch of a sturdy tree. He closed his eyes as Nur started barking down information, letting the morsels of intel form as pieces in his mind and then fitting them together into a general whole. A dozen of them, and maybe more waiting in the wings . . . both melee weapons and distance weapons at hand. "Bow arrows." Cad called up, eyes still closed. "How many?" When he got the answer back, he adjusted the diagram in his mind accordingly. The lion's share of the standing force were primarily brawlers; if that was their area of expertise, then it would be an amateur mistake on Cadmium's part to try and engage them at that level. Do not attempt to overthrow your foe with the tools at his disposal – use the tools available to you, but not to them. When the two of them came down Cadmium made his way up the tree with Barrett's rangefinder in hand. He let his gaze sweep across the open fields, focusing less on the bridge and the humanoids peopling it, and more on the tracts of land which led up to the bridge and which moved past it. He tossed the rangefinder back to its owner and scrambled down the tree. He addressed Nur. "'Bug' used mean 'scary thing', long ago. Before called bugbear, was called 'bugaboo'. Is dumb but is how language change over time." And then addressed Barrett. "I think we'd be better off moving the ruckus towards us. I have an idea." ~~~~~~~~~~ Circumstances were a little more dire than the soldiers could tell from a distance. Now that he was within archery range, Cadmium could see that a number of the larger, more scared bugbears had human hands nailed to the front of their shields; had decaying heads depending from loops in their rough belts. Cadmium was almost relieved to see such a horrific sight, because it placed his interactions with this tribe of humanoids firmly out of any potential gray area – these people, maybe not all bugbears everywhere but these one right in front of him, were savages, and would have to be dealt with in like form. A rotten apple struck one of the larger bugbears across the face with an admirable amount of force; Cadmium had filled its core with a few ball bearings so he could impulse the object further than he could throw it on his own. The bugbear wiped the fruit off his face, spotted Cadmium, found itself confronted with Cadmium's mockery in the form of gyrating hips suggesting rude intercourse, and immediately charged towards him. The distance between them was appreciable, so Cadmium was not in a rush to turn tail and run, but he made it a point to telescope his shield across his back. And none too soon – had he waited two seconds longer, the arrows plinking against his shield might have been taking bites out of his unarmored head and neck. Without turning around he knew that the bugbear leading the charge would be followed by one or two other warriors, but that the main force would remain on the bridge or else risk losing their controlling interest. The archers stopped wasting their arrows when Cadmium moved out of range, and then out of sight as he ducked into a thicket of trees. The three bugbears that rushed into his artificial clearing were surprised to find Nur and Barrett alongside Cadmium, but were visibly unconcerned by the half-breed, the miniscule devil, and the puny human. "Okay." Cadmium said, sword in one hand, shield in the other. "Now's the time for the ruckus. Keep them alive. We need the intel."
  3. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    I removed it for you. In the future you can just Report content like that to have staff remove it
  4. Additional reactions

    If you're willing to make them then I am def. willing to enable them for the holiday seasons Edit: Interesting, just tested this. When i disable it (like I would when it isn't the holiday), it makes that particular reaction disappear entirely but it remains stored in the table cause when I enable it again, it re-adds the reaction to the respective post Shouldn't make a difference other than seasonal reactions will only be around during that event
  5. Additional reactions

    This is fun I feel so much more engaged already the system works
  6. Additional reactions

    I'm only adding Positive and Neutral metrics to reactions but I did add this one as "what?" cause we already have a "confused" reaction and I like this face more. I may just replace Confused with it At any rate while the new ones I add may not be these exact ones in type and number, I do think adding 1-3 will round out Reactions a bit more so if you're willing to Asset-ize them, then NEAT
  7. Additional reactions

    To kick things off I think a shy/blush/embarrassed reaction would be a good addition
  8. Welcome aboard!

    1. Kallielaios


      Thank you! :) I'm excited to start.

  9. Additional reactions

    This isn't a promise that I'll actually do anything, but I found that we can easily add additional Reactions to the site and am wondering what kind of reactions people would like to see if I did add any
  10. If you check the first post any region that doesn't have 3 players is available So one in Blue and one in Orange

    How's about having a hub with relaxed expectations because of that anticipation of multiple party interaction and offering individual threads where you see fit?
  12. Rise of Angels

    @danzilla3 Do you need help getting this off the ground?
  13. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    Don't let the fires of passion die Chouette!
  14. Where Light Loses Form (OOC)

    Don't stop now! Such a good rally!