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  1. What are you watching? [TV edition]

    Mindhunter - 8/10 Netflix OC. Through the lens of fiction it basically covers the very real development of the FBI's behavioral unit department and the concept of the serial killer. It's a bit of a slow cook at first but the conflict and pacing builds beautifully
  2. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    You should also think about completing quests, which are basically just writing prompts and easy canon food, in a way that benefits your group directly. Being mercenaries for yourself, basically For example, a class C quest in Ignatz has a village with an illusion of peace and tranquility over it. Rather than breaking the village of the illusion, like some heroes would, you could find out who or what is making the illusion and then make this village your base - it looks peaceful and tranquil after all! Or how about the class A quest that indicates a roving storm hides a floating citadel. Same deal! You can come in, treat it as a dungeon crawl, and claim the citadel (maybe you take out whatever is making the storm so it settles down on a piece of land or near a city you prefer, for random example; a storm tends to draw attention) I just picked a random city with random quests to highlight the potential, I'm not saying those are the best choices or that you're limited to them or anything
  3. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    No. Those are tracked on profiles automatically and are not the points I mean when I speak of points w/r/t the national market And people have played overpowering villains for other people but there hasn't been anything like that approved by me for nation wide canon (not since the site's early beginnings anyway). Usually that's just for insular storylines
  4. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I suggest that you guys, as a group, go after a few artifacts. Having canon backed powerful items in your hands not only fulfills the acquisition of power complex, but you could use it as a symbol of your growing wealth. You could "sell" them for tangible currency or intangible currency (favors, for example) and getting them, even if you don't keep them, will perforce increase your notoriety It's not the only thing you could do to those ends but would be an easy immediate goal
  5. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    No prob at all appreciate the heads up @desolate the hot potato is coming your way
  6. New and I have a question

    That user title is tied to your post count and will change as you hit different thresholds in post count. It doesn't mean or reflect on anything, just a fun little built-in thing
  7. Royal Resurrection

    I am still interested but haven't gotten any bites so don't take a slot off on my behalf. I'll reach out if that changes and see if there's still a chance to work them in
  8. I like that noteworthy consequences section. Adding it to the official guide!

    1. LordYalet


      Oh, the official guide? :o where specifically?

    2. supernal


      Where is the guide? here: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/general/canonization-guide/

      What section am I adding the info to? The requirements section

  9. Blairville [civil war]

    Aleksei has posted! @LorSanTekka is up
  10. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I don't have very many thoughts to add actually. My concern for the group was less about seeing more villains or anything along those lines, and more about not seeing a group of people that clearly share an interest in a topic and a drive to write it disbanding because of one or two people not signing in. So since that no longer seems to be the case my work here is done! I will say that the shifts in social temperatures due to the civil war present a lot of ripe opportunity:
  11. Blairville [civil war]

    I got word that Aleksei would be posting today and if she doesn't get a chance I'll shift her back and tag Lor to continue
  12. Tavern of Legend Mentor

    Bump for anyone meeting the criteria that's interested in being a dedicated TOL member, helping as NPC staff and collaborating with acies on updates (to the thread itself, to quests, etc)
  13. Tavern of Legend NPC handlers

    Bump for anyone interested in handling requested NPC interactions for new members in the TOL
  14. What are you reading?

    4/5 Name of the Rose is "an intellectual mystery combining semiotics in fiction, biblical analysis, medieval studies and literary theory" in 1327 To give it a bit more context it's a murder mystery at an abbey, meaning that the criminal, the witnesses, and the detective in this case, are all monks. It's a historical fiction in that some of these people aren't real and the event is concocted, but also references real people and events with real information The two most interesting things for me were the semiotics (symbols and the interpretation of those symbols and how they came to be symbolized that way) and the history/evolution of Christianity and the Catholic church, in particular the dynamics between past and "present" factions It's a hefty novel but if any of the above sounds interesting you should check the book out