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  1. supernal


    At a suggestion from @amenities, moved the status update block from the right hand column to the central column at bottom of the page
  2. The lawyer is cunning prey. Indeed he reads the TOS. He might be the most dangerous game
  3. Not explicitly. I think there might be an implicit rule, something about how answering the question about memorable pieces of lore with your own lore will 100% make me lol at and around you, but is that going to stop me from following suit? You better believe it won't
  4. Sadly minor illusion can’t create light. It can make an object image though
  5. It isn't structured lore in the sense that there's a page with paragraphs of info in it, but the sentient squirrel @Wade snuck into his post as a major in FIST was . . . I mean I liked it, so here we are
  6. You're not wrong and maybe it will be and it just needs a little more time to float out there. It's worth keeping in mind that essentially that opportunity, the thrill of rping and making connections, is the same opportunity every other interest check presents so you want to answer the question of "why this one instead of that one", especially since it isn't first come first serve and requires more than just showing up. This is a hook, and you want to bait it to catch yourself some tasty partners So maybe the connection can be "what's in it for me", and you make it a little more concrete like: whoever helps the black blade settle is not only part of the group, but an officer?
  7. I understand the location is in fracture but it may help people to know more specifically which part? I know you settle near Sidereal but is that also where most of the events happen or does it span? The north and south and east and west can vary a lot and people’s characters may be naturally closer to one spot than the other I understand as a player what you’re looking to get out of it but what’s in it for me?
  8. Welcome aboard 

  9. It looks good to me! You got a paragon mention in too, without it being a shoehorn I’ll add, and I like the gumshoe tone your post hit! Good stuff One minor things I’ll add is that in the second to last paragraph where the allegation of interstate activity brought Hawk in you can add something along the lines of, and if every bit of her testimony held water then local law enforcement might even have some of its own problems / be a part of the problem (the first overtones of a criminal conspiracy at play)
  10. Welcome

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      Demandred Anaraxis

      Thanks. It's been a long time since I've written.

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      Glad to have you here!

      Check out the New Member Guide - it's the need-to-read for starting out at Valucre

      What kind of rps do you usually like?

    4. Demandred Anaraxis

      Demandred Anaraxis

      I can go for just about any kind really. I'm trying to shake the 'rust' off. I prefer magic, or quantum physics type rp. Sci fi, Fantasy are prefferable

  11. supernal


    Carina grinned. "I bet. I bet." She was alone in her room, hands flat on the span of desk in front of her vanity. What a funny name – vanity. Funny to Carina, who used it to dress, not to flaunt. Carina was not a vain woman, but she was organized, and professionals maintained a certain veneer of professionalism that could not be accomplished by touch alone. "I figured we'd skip protocol and talk to her directly." Carina looked sheepish. "Didn't expect it . . . didn't expect it to work." Carina's face was almost in contact with the mirror. Her eyes were wide open so that they almost touched the glass, but didn't, and Carina took precise measurements of her pupillary response as she worked through the meter of Carina's dialogue heuristics. "Ugh I know -did… did you two bet on this?" Practice made perfect. # # # "I know. I know. Ugh. I thought I was sure but you have to understand, Arcturon . . . is really important to me. I mean like the world isn't bad enough, and all of that violence, and all of that death, for what? "Anyway I want to be done with this. I can't leave something I started, unfinished, and that's what Arcturon is, and this is what it needs. I put it in under the revised terms, I took it to the director herself. As part of the partnership with Khartes we're rolling out IDsign but we're in charge. It'll be using our thoughtform transceiver, nothing happens without our say so, and it doesn't go anywhere we don't want. It'll just be the government employees and the Lorstrom twins have this cool idea about making it a tattoo, something that people can personalize."
  12. Pierre didn't realize it right away, but it didn't take him long to arrive at the conclusion that the king was calling the shots. So long as he took careful pains to avoid contact with any of the milling mushroom peasants, the king had no chance in the Lower Dimensions of targeting him. He considered, briefly, casting a spell to fricassee the bastard from here, but carrying that consideration further to the notion the king might release some kind of death-rattle chemical that would send all and sundry into a tizzy, Pierre threw the idea away nearly the moment it came to mind. He focused instead on his retreat – specifically the Will-shaped portion of it that had the return crystal, so where Will went, Pierre followed. If Luke expired on their way out then that was just one more body, one more tally to account for when taking his pound of flesh from Mone. "The mirror!" Luke had the ring, and he was on the move, but he was no longer translucent. The outline of his humanoid body was stark, as he was dusted by a thick coating of the mushroom king's spores, and would be an eternal target for the mushroom people who, called to attention by the king's edict, turned their attention in full to Luke. As they retreated Pierre cast two spells in quick conjunction, the one with his left hand granting Luke a boost to his speed equivalent to a Haste, and the one with his right issuing a volley of force-missiles to beat back the first wave of mushroom people before turning about-face and committing to the escape. Out of the cavern. Down the snake's spine, stumbling, breaking off a few of the tines, hitting the wet floor with a thud and a gasp and stumbling to his feet. The mirror ahead – closing his eyes, and leaping through it, crashing bodily into a William he didn't see but surely felt. "Let's go! Let's go!"
  13. I think so! I don’t remember where I put it now but yes
  14. If you want to just bring it to the military's attention for potential follow up, here is fine If you want to process it for canon, the area (nesthome) is yours so you can just add it to your respective lore page in a canon section like the other articles If you want to have it announced for overall canon in the canon updates thread, if you do the above, send me a PM and then I'll make the announcement and link to your lore page and inc. the canon update and I'll do that If none of the above and its for something else in the Wilds, then send as a PM and I'll process and update it for its respective page
  15. Reads fantastic to me! Reminder on Pierre's ability, minus the invisibility spell. What do you guys want him to do? Absent any special requests he'll just be very efficient about getting to the mirror and joining Will
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