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  1. Looks like you already found your way over to the water cooler. Neat :) Welcome to Valucre. I'm happy to hear that the site has made a good first impression and hope that it keeps on impressing. I'd also recommend checking out the tavern of legend and seeing if that's something that appeals to you
  2. By now, the once overwhelming stench of the sewer system had been relegated to backburner consideration. He was engrossed in his thoughts, wading through possibilities thick like fetid water while at the same time marking their path in his mind. This skill was taught to him by the Artifacture Cartographers. A skill which they treated holy, for it had come at the cost of too many lives in the maze of their endless tower. When Michael laid his hand on Donovan's shoulder, he no doubt felt his friend tense to steel from his touch. But Donovan managed himself, was still sharp enough to have second thoughts about naked impulses. A welcome distraction came by way of the Professor's remarks. Donovan didn't bother hiding his surprise when she revealed they'd be without a guide. "Prof, that's the kind of thing you try and tell a guy up front so he knows what he's buying into, yanno?" Despite his complaint, Donovan made no move to leave. The professor rooted him further to the spot when she handed him the map. "Oh. Well yeah that makes things easier." He took careful note of the professor's bag as well. Information like that was likely to come in handy in the very near future. After committing the map's outline to memory at the speed of sight, he brought it up to the nearest ghost light to study it in closer detail. Then she vanished, her bag snapping shut with her departure. "What a pickle. At least she left the lights behind. Pretty considerate all things considered." Before too much time elapse, Donovan realized there were more pressing matters with which to concern himself. The suppressive field was getting stronger. He could feel it tingling against his skin, tamping down a wide array of skills he'd won through a challenging life. Donovan looked up, saw the Grotesquerie, and immediately ran in the opposite direction. To someone unfamiliar with his battle-tested courage, or to those that might have forgotten, Donovan seemed was now working through the dance of the coward. However, when he was several dozens of meters from the horror in question, he stopped dead cold and turned around again. His plan was a simple one. First define the scope of the field, then attempt to determine its amplitude. He coaxed his blade from its sheathe, holding it so that the pommel aimed up. After rummaging around in his pack for a few seconds, he pulled free a cyan blue cylinder and slammed it against the pommel. It inserted without issue, and moments after, electricity arced up and down the length of his blade. Donovan held his sword out with one arm and looked down its keen edge as if he was using a rifle scope. He fired a lightning bolt at the Grotesquerie to find the answer to a single question – would the field suppress mundane electricity if it came from a magical source?
  3. I think that's as fair, concise, and un-pot-shotty an overview as I've seen in a good while so I'll give this my two thumbs up. I'd say you captured the differences well enough. My own personal preference, as is probably no surprise to most, is for the power type vs move list. Each has its merits and has circumstances that call for lateral thinking, which is both fun and useful, but I find the "flavor" of the first to be more along the lines of what I enjoy than the second. (cause I know you asked and/or are all deadly curious)
  4. We have a pretty decent following on Facebook but, in the time spent managing it, I came to a few insights and conclusions. One of the insights is in the evolution of Facebook's focus on how to handle displaying Page posts to those members that follow it. One of the conclusions is that not everyone is comfortable entering into an online community with their full name and personal details on blast. Corollary conclusion: focus on the Twitter, where the scope of reach is a bit easier and more transparent, and people can have little/no details and minimal barrier to entry. So I plan to use the Twitter to post the content I used to post on Facebook, which will be announcements for maintenance, highlights for water cooler interest checks, and news about the Valucre planet IC and OOC in general. Given the character limit it will be less detailed than what used to be on FB and what gets posted to the portal but the updates will likely be more frequent. So yeah, follow us on Twitter!
  5. So that links to a thread that links to the lore, my bad. Here's the actual lore:
  6. Just doing a fly-by to drop a link to a potentially interesting setting for you:
  7. Update to Blairville
  8. Hey! Welcome back! It definitely sucks when something you put effort and time into ends up sinking, and that goes for any activity or engagement and not just what happens in Valucre's creative outlet. That said, and I haven't read through the threads yet to see if it could even be salvaged the way I'm about to propose, but having experienced this more than once myself one thing I always try and do is push to the end. For example, I was in an artifact hunt with another player. A sword I wanted a character of mine to get. That player stopped not just posting but visiting the site, likely something happened in their RL. So I made a post that kind of skipped to the "next chapter" and a second player joined in and I was able to push my quest along a fair bit. Then the same thing happened! This one was able to send me a message and inform me about it but still it left me a bit stuck. So I got a third player, and with them, was able to finish the quest and get the artifact for my character :) It had a few more stutters along its path than is ideal but it was fun, I got to write with new people every time, the story still made sense since I dealt with the drop outs IC, and I still got to finish it. Something to keep in mind :) I think as someone that is more interested in creating and shaping stories for others than engaging in the stories through a character yourself, you're of a rarer breed than most but you'll find plenty of opportunity to do that too! You can make a thread in the water cooler, saying something like "Want a storyteller for your thread/plot?" and once you're around for a bit and posting you can think about becoming part of Valucre's storyteller initiative. I can send a link for that if you want. Welcome back :)
  9. Hi there. I like roleplaying too. I absolutely delight in procrastinating, except when it comes to roleplay, because I really like roleplaying. From one rper to another I think you'll find on Valucre an awesome community of other ready and willing writers and a rich, expansive lore-filled setting to explore at your leisure. Welcome aboard! If you find yourself with questions feel free to send me a message. I remember having this question and looking it up. It stands for "post script"!
  10. No problem. Sheet not necessary but if you want to make one that's fine
  11. Got some solid interest here but if you're interested let me know! I haven't settled on players yet
  12. For many years know, Ruiser's primary delight had been the feel of the wind rushing against his body, howling against his ear as he and his dragon threaded through and around clouds. He liked to close his eyes sometimes and lose himself in the mind-blanking thrill of the moment, embracing the vertigo that came from not being able to anchor himself in reality through his eyes, swimming the eternal depths of his mind to wade the ocean of soul inside of him. War had only ever been a vocation for Ruiser. A means to livelihood, a field of practice to which his skills were especially suited. Something that he was good at, a few might even say talented, but not something which made his spirit sing. Poetry did that, more than any pale phantasm of love or its kin had ever inspired in him. He thought of clever demons as the shadow and light danced against Teivel's face; of vast seas as the priest put on naked display the scintillating nature of his inner being; of puppets, then of music as Teivel hung crucified on an invisible stand and sound clapped and flowed against them. He saw the grove. More than that he could smell it. He could feel a clean wind passing through the cluster of trees and playing against the skin of his arms with playful nonchalance. Then – Druilun. Love and fear. The playful breeze was a rushing wind against his face, a sensation like vertigo which gripped him and knocked the ground out from under him. He felt flower buds of poems blossoming in his souls, sense-impressions that he would spend a lifetime trying to capture on the page to share it with the world. "Mhmmmm." Music, so sonorous that it made the ocean inside of him ripple. Ruiser did not realize he was crying, tears flowing into his beard and down his neck. Druilun was young and still growing, Ruiser could feel that much in the depths of his being. But what was a half-formed star to a humble hunk of frozen rock hurtling through endless space? It was still an irrevocable pull, and still a nuclear warmth. This was the first god that Ruiser had ever seen with his own eyes, and it overturned every concept of them he'd had. This one, this one was true. "You watched . . . me?" Ruiser found his footing and came to stand. He wiped the tears away, realizing they were there only when they welled enough to cloud his vision of Druilun, and when he wiped them away he did so one eye at a time. "How can I . . . " Ruiser's voice faltered, the words falling leaden to the ground the moment they took flight from his lips. He shook his head, a feeble attempt to clear his mind, and still failed to grasp the full weight of the circumstances in which he found himself entangled. Then Ruiser found his question. His chest filled with air, his shoulders squared, and he brought the full brunt of his focus to search the blank expanse of Druilun looming in the looking glass. "God of the Lost, tell me. How can I, what must I do to best serve you and bring glory to your name?"
  13. I think you should move on to the next but not wrap this one up, unless you mean just leave it alone for now. Give it a week or two and see what happens meanwhile focusing on the next Reno coolness