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  1. Updates: Canon & General

    Update to Hell's Gate Notable Residents section @Generic Perfection
  2. MOBS tournament lobby

    It occurs to me that all of this is actually happening in Hell's Gate, so Moved all threads to Cities board Tagged all threads with Hell's Gate Locked all threads since the fights and the tournament has been concluded I sent over the final match to Lastlight to see about getting a feature article written up for that and will play out in the lounge the aftermath of the tournament before thinking about the next one
  3. Updates: Canon & General

    Amalia board replaced by Amalia tag in Wilds of Terrenus First page of threads have all been tagged Amalia and moved
  4. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

    Do you guys mind making a new OOC thread for this? I don't want to move this one, because it will move the thread away from the interest check widget and make the water cooler seem less active. We can leave this open for more interest or lock it if you're done, I just want the bulk of the OOC in the "ooc rp" board
  5. Brevity exercise OOC

    For anyone curious about this, it's been fun
  6. What do you hate to see in a post?

    This is an interesting attitude/perspective. One I agree with because I think collaboration leads to storylines that are more engaging for more people, and that organization makes it for a better read for an outsider and for yourself in the future coming back to old threads, but I know a number of people who bemoan the lack of random spontaneity also
  7. My CMS articles need approving. :laugh::kiss:

    1. supernal


      It looks like they were already approved. The winding wyrm and timeline articles? I can access them from guest. You don't have approval ability in the Orisia section? 

    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      It seems I don't...I just posted them and it said they needed to be approved.

    3. supernal


      Ah, checking the log it looks like Acies did it

      So basically when an article gets submitted for approval the content gets published but it's Hidden. You have the ability to hide/unhide in that Orisia section. So after posting it, and getting the message that it needs to be approved, you should be able to go in and then Unhide it and it will be viewable. Give that a whirl next time and let me know if that's not the case

  8. Well, hi. Again.

    Welcome back! You're far from a new member but you've been away long enough that plenty has changed and you may benefit from our new member guide anyway:
  9. Welcome aboard!

  10. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I pinky promise I'm not offended! Just saying that studies and statistics show that being bald is not equivalent to lacking a huge advantage is all! I like the cake with no frosting example
  11. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Studies in the past year (probably more but that's all I've read) show that cleanly bald people (the study focused on men actually), vs bald people with scruff, are taken as more intelligent and dominant than people with hairy hair I reject your faulty example and demand, demand I say, a more accurate one to support your position /speaks bald to power
  12. Custom user title raffle

    One more day! I have no specific time tomorrow when I plan to close the raffle, it'll just be randomly when I feel like it, so make sure to get your tickets before they sell out
  13. What are you playing?

    I haven't played it but have heard a lot about Forenite, most recently that the mobile app is making 1M USD a day. Which is epic
  14. What are you watching? [animated]

    Ouran Highschool Host Club No rating as yet since I'm not even halfway through it but what I have seen gives me hope. It's pretty funny, both in a comedic and somewhat insightful way (it may not be insightful for you ATM but keep in mind it came out 12 years ago), and has been (I think accurately) described as Revolutionary Girl Utena's spiritual successor which is a plus for me
  15. What are you watching? [Movie edition]

    Annihilation - 7/10 An enjoyable watch but nothing spectacular. Would be of particular interest for those that like media that deals with "alien zones", such as Stalker, Solaris, Darker than Black, and the grandfather of all of these, the novel Roadside Picnic