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  1. supernal


    Nope Well there is at the back end but that’s a site wide setting which affects all embeds Maybe a spoiler?
  2. supernal


    Same thing. Soundcloud is an embed provider and so it should behave the same way
  3. supernal


    The embed options are controlled by the devs. It’ll also accept Vimeo and spotify https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/new-embed-options-r951/
  4. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    Now that I see vielle is active!
  5. supernal

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

    Ah I see I’d be very interested in seeing that system created, especially in how it differs from Tyrant’s rules since they seem (to me) to cover almost everything you ask for. One caveat I’ll suggest to keep in mind as you begin, if you do that is, is to plan for turnover on the mod team
  6. supernal

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

    All of this is covered by the VCL rules Thunder Tyrant fathered though, and there was plenty of positive public sentiment supporting it. You just didn’t do anything beyond posting an interest check. I would suggest actually play testing the system to see if it would actually fail or that no one would care to submit due to preferring simpler systems rather than giving up and taking an end result for granted before even beginning - especially in the face of aforementioned support and favorable sentiment What you described is precisely how existing systems have operated in the past (requiring opt in) and the desire for more complex systems persists even in the face of simpler and more accessible systems as evidenced by amenities creating UFS and getting interest by other players even while things like MOBS exist. You just have to actually do it
  7. supernal

    General chat thread

    GOT EM
  8. supernal

    General chat thread

    No but I do have a timeshare in the unread posts feed Also that said 2 mins when I replied ... slow nose pick. Sharpen up
  9. supernal

    General chat thread

    Gotta clear them cookies / cache
  10. supernal

    Grand Mainframe and OBELUS: what we know so far

    Worth noting that desecrators are part of historical Terrenus lore and not tied to any individual member It’s also worth clarifying that despite the title of the thread the thread won’t result in the return or resurrection of Zengi and that Lilith is dealing with a remnant just like King / Alexander E. did in the past Obelus is the one referencing the zeitgeist and GM is the one mentioning “wake up” or “waking” (along with desecration, etc) and according to CSL’s notes GM confirmed no collaboration with Obelus so whatever is waking up it is very likely not related. If Gen, maybe something to do with whisper night given all that’s come out of that in the last year?
  11. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    Catch a mount in the nearby forest, ride it to Everrun, punch the cult of power in the face
  12. supernal

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    @Aleksei for authoritative response but historically speaking Reno has made ample use of traditional submachine guns and artillery mounted on walking tanks, so your guncotton (wikipedia!) should be just fine
  13. supernal

    Announcements for your roleplay

  14. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    To the Hills of Noddendoddy with you! https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/terrenus/hills-of-noddendoddy-r30/
  15. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    Yes 🙂 Roll 1-39. I went with line items. In those cases where a line item has multiple properties you'll roll again to see which specific property you land in or nearby You'll want to use random.org for this or I can roll for you