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  1. I can't sell Valucre to you as a utopia. The site is far from perfect, with its own black sheep and flawed personalities, but I will say that from personal experience and from the feedback of multiple parties, that we have a friendlier-than-most community going on here and I hope whatever stumbling blocks you may come across on your tenure here that you get to experience the totality of what Valucre has to offer by way of immersive setting and awesome people to chat and write with. Our "Getting Started" tab at the top of the site has our most useful articles in one place but if you find yourself with any questions feel free to send me a PM directly. I'm happy to help. Welcome to Valucre!
  2. Welcome to Valucre!

  3. I like rain too, and especially asperatus clouds: Welcome to Valucre!
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Valucre
  5. Update to Dougton
  6. "female brains have more folds" circa 2004
  7. I am delighted to hear that! If you find yourself with any questions feel free to send me a PM. With that said, welcome to Valucre!
  8. As someone new to roleplay I think you'll find our RP FAQ useful: Welcome aboard!
  9. You shall have my mercy, Who. Welcome!
  10. And I see you've done just that! I hope you're finding the tavern of legend engaging and find the rest of the site equally as inviting. I like to think that we have an immersive setting and a friendly community, so as your first foray into roleplay as a general hobby, I hope you end up thinking so too. Welcome to Valucre!
  11. Hi Tyrannt. As you can see in turn I've been around the forum for quite a long time. Thank you for taking the time to let us know you aren't a bot. Despite anti-spam measures at least a few of them manage to get through the screen, and some of the legit members come and go in the same day so introducing yourself to the community, I take that as a good sign :) Welcome to Valucre. If you find yourself with any questions feel free to send me a PM.
  12. Our RP FAQ will define roleplay and detail how to go about playing on the site: For getting into some roleplay right now I suggest checking out the water cooler, if you want to recruit or get recruited, or you can check out the tavern of legend which is a sandbox setting for all of our new members to play with other new members meanwhile they get acclimated to the rest of the site. Welcome to Valucre.
  13. I hope so too :) I'd say that you should post your welcome as a thread in New Members to get a proper welcome but there's nothing wrong with posting here either. Whenever you're ready just jump into the tavern's IC thread and start writing! And when you're ready to expand into the rest of the world you can check out the water cooler or springboard from the suggested transition areas pinned in the TOL board
  14. Valucre has had a lot of fortunate years and is in a good place. Even if sounding alarm bells might get us more juice for the squeeze, I like to be transparent and upfront about this sort of thing. Currently the funds that Valucre has collected through donations would keep the site alive for a few years without any additional support. This assumes all costs going to the domain name, the server that hosts the site, and maintenance for the software it runs. This would not include things like sponsorship in TRP to maintain top billing, promotions on social media and other SEO efforts to increase our exposure, SSL certification to provide encryption and security to anyone browsing the site, or extra resources on our server. Because of some scary maintenance that happened a little while ago, we're looking at alternate solutions for both our server host and forum software. We can afford to take our time and do things right, we aren't in a rush, but that's going to cost too. Even though we're looking to get savings in the long term, it'll cost upfront and that cost comes from Valucre's funds. I know that not everyone that uses the site is fortunate enough to give, and that of those that can give not everyone can give the same amount or at the same time. Just know that whether it's 1, 10, or 100 dollars, any amount donated to the site goes towards keeping Valucre alive, making it better, and getting it out to more people so that our community can continue to grow and bring writing for fun and writing with friends to as many people as are interested. So I wanted to highlight some average costs for a few things that many of us are apt to delight in. If Valucre brings you as much fun or value as these things then please consider donating to Valucre once or twice a year instead of getting that item. The average cost of a cup of coffee is about 2-3 dollars. The average cost of a mass market book is about 7 dollars. The average cost of a movie ticket is about 9 dollars. The average cost Bluray movie is about 20 dollars. The average iPhone user spends about 35 dollars on apps in a year. The average cost of a triple-A video game is about 50 dollars. If you can donate, you can follow this link to our costs breakdown. Right now our goal is to zero out and break even for the year of 2016. After that, if we're lucky, every extra dollar will just mean better things for Valucre's future.
  15. Bump. Need some new blood!