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  1. Update to Gaian Academy Information This update is due to some feedback I fished out of someone using the life out of the academy now and think it's a good one. The idea is to incentivize using the academy by giving characters accredited knowledge.
  2. So how would I go about hiring Willow to go after a particular bounty? @MrDoubleSunday
  3. Ruiser's eyes locked onto the rolling bottle cap, resolving the image of a charcoal saber even as it turned around and around. He knew this symbol well, had to consciously keep his hand from clutching at the symbol made real as it rested against his hip even now. Ruiser had seen a man killed for this blade, overrun by a mob and beat to death for the information he carried. Ruiser had killed a few men himself in pursuit of it. He closed his eyes to collect himself but was instead assaulted by specters of none-too-distant memories. They reminded him of his hard-earned habits and how they would not fade quietly into the past; they reminded him that to a hammer, all obstacles looked like nails. And now he was being told, by this man who had erased all doubt in Ruiser's mind when it came to claims of authenticity and prowess, that this blade whose power he had killed to obtain would be useless to him in the coming battle for his life. Ruiser opened his eyes again, trading the ghosts of the past for the phantoms of the present, piercing through the dim haze of night to observe Caps as the other continued to work his magic. His exposure to the arcane was, admittedly, limited. But since coming to Terrenus, Ruiser had been privy to more witchcraft and mysticism in the past few months than the full course of his life up to that point. He lacked the grace to apply the skill himself, but because he could not sing did not mean he could not understand pitch and read music. The more that Caps took him down a path through the esoteric, the more that the concepts became legible to the errant dragon-rider. When he was told that his sword would be no good, this didn't mean that getting another was the answer. That trading a sword for a spear or a sling would yield desirable results. He understood that Caps's premonition was warning him against his usual methods entirely, prompting him to think outside of his usual skillset or suffer the consequences. "So I'll be alone with him. Is better that way. No one to judge us for what we do. No one to watch one man walk away, and plot vengeance. It will allow us honesty. "And this man knows where she is, my heart." Ruiser reached out to the bottle cap with the dragon stamped on it but stopped, fingers trembling and then withdrawing entirely. "I took the cup because I thought it would lead me to a new life. But I see now it has led to the same life as always, with different clothes, in a different place. I keep it because . . . I still believe it can do for me." Ruiser shook his head, unsure whether to admire his own tenacity, or to applaud the depths of his foolishness. He rose when Caps suggested fatigue. "You gave me all I asked for and more. For that I thank you." Ruiser reached into a pocket, prying from its depths one of an increasingly smaller number of coins. He appraised it by the waning candlelight and then shuffled closer to Caps, slipping it into the other's hand as a third set of eyes ducked into the shadows and tole away. Caps held a one-ounce coin in his hand. "If I live I will take you for as many drinks as you like. Or as many as I can afford, haw haw." And the drifter drifted away.
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    @Ataraxy @J. A. Horton either of you can feel free to post this weekend
  5. Welcome aboard Lia. I'm absolutely delighted that Valucre managed to make such a positive first impression and hope/expect that it will continue to do so. The more time and the more you immerse yourself in the site to explore its various nooks and crannies, the more there is to tickle the imagination. I manage the site and still find new stuff to enjoy as members continuously add to our shared setting.
  6. I'm glad that you've settled on Valucre out of all the options and different forms out there. If you find yourself with any questions feel free to send me a PM, I like helping new members discover what they can do in Valucre. Welcome aboard!
  7. Hey there and welcome aboard! As a fellow writer outside of the collaborative / RP sphere, one thing to keep in mind is that although writing for a roleplay and writingfor a longform fiction aren't the same, that nonetheless one can influence the other. Roleplay provides a great platform for iteratively sampling different techniques and method, exposing yourself to different writing styles, exploring characters and experimenting with concepts. Needless to say, I like it Let me know if you find yourself with any questions! Once again, welcome to Valucre.
  8. No worries about the short notice. We have in forum roleplay a hobby/experience that can span years and years - in that time, things are bound to happen and come up and change and all that. All I can say is that I plan to keep Valucre alive for as long as possible, and hope that as circumstances change for people and they have to leave, that they end up coming back. Welcome back :)
  9. Welcome back!
  10. Hi Grayson. I'm glad to be one among the people welcoming you to our slice of the internet. So to that end, welcome aboard! In that search I'm sure you saw there's no shortage of places that someone can roleplay on but I really do think we have a better-than-average site, community, staff, and overall experience. Hope after some time on the site that you can say the same :) Once again, welcome!
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  12. Welcome aboard!

  13. 7 votes to get to #5
  14. I also recommend imgur
  15. Valucre has a Discord server: