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  1. Welcome to the site 

  2. Tidy little swag bag, that
  3. He’s never been the same since eating those green eggs and ham
  4. Isn’t that the guy who eventually became the phantom of the opera? Or am I thinking about someone else?!
  5. The geopolitics are definitely interesting. There’s multi-party opposition and that blonde guy with the mask, I like his tactics. I can see how this might have inspired something like Code Geass. I even get The Expanse vibes from it with the earth vs colonies
  6. It isn’t so much because of certain abilities. It’s that he always (up to that point which was only a few episodes in) had an answer to the problem before him. He could hack, do combat triage, reprogram missiles, and repair his Gundam on the fly. At 14! In one scene a doctor described him as having several hundred injuries but only visibly showing recent gunshot wounds, and he came to from an unconscious state without altering his vitals so as to do so undetected. That’s guru levels of body control. With constant commentary about how amazing he is for being able to do this stuff. He’s not the most egregious example of it but he definitely exhibited some action hero syndrome which hadn’t really been explained it up to that point However in a later episode the doctor guy that’s got a claw and other robo parts explains that Heero was trained from youth to be a top notch spy-assassin. I don’t know if they go into further detail later on but this at least tells me that it’s something the creator planned for and explained instead of it just being de facto that way He’s definitely not as bad as all that since despite all this advantage he does lose control of the gundam in episode one, and gets shot through the arm and leg in episode 3 I think, which leads to his capture. As yet no tables are being flipped and I am still very early in. It’s a super well received anime and I’m sure as I go through the whole series it’ll only continual to prove itself
  7. I didn't think that a long summary is strictly necessary but can do a more detailed one if desired by the board leader Let me know if anyone desires any edits
  8. Summary A series of seemingly unconnected crimes take place over the span of a few hours; arson, petty theft, bank robbery, and a string of indiscriminate murders of opportunity. Reports from the crimes describe behavior which is odd even by local standards and foments civil unrest. One of the bank robbers is stopped and detained. Consequences A bar is burned down in the Banyan district An apothecary is robbed The Silverbrush Bank is robbed Several dozen citizens are killed by hydrogen cyanide gas Civil unrest grows incrementally with concerns that the chaos is related to the Argentspire (the mountain transported from Yh'mi over 2 years ago) Local law enforcement gathers a slug from Gore for further research Opportunities Join the local police force Exploit the chaos and commit your own crimes Join Taen's R&D to learn from the slug sample taken at the scene of the crime with one of the bank robbers
  9. supernal


    You definitely posted in the right place! Welcome to the site
  10. Highly recommend checking out our new member guide. And with that said - welcome to Valucre! Feel free to message if you have any questions
  11. 1) I'm fine with knowledge of all the skills enumerated. For specific knowledge about the named characters, I'm fine with general physical traits but not enough fidelity to, say, sketch their faces out. Thoughts? 2) Sounds good 3) I like the idea of the centaurs being hostile towards both parties as a baseline. If I can wiggle in a little nuance here I'd like to propose they be hostile-neutral towards Justice and hostile-hostile towards Abaddon. I think it both makes sense and is more intriguing to have any interactions with the centaurs require RP effort but also think that Justice has a bit better of a foot to put forward in any attempts to establish a dynamic. I think it fits nicely against "abaddon = villains but justice =! heroes". Thoughts? 4) I'd like it it to be through the fight please. For physical traits on Rodan (?) I'm fine with it being as generic as my own request in the above. I think the "raise status" tidbit of information is something we should fix as the result of RP effort since it seems like it would more naturally rise from interrogation and that'll be hard while they're on the hostile axis 5) This sounds absolutely delicious 6) Understood and it does make for a good plot device and, I think, a natural jumping point for Justice to "roll for charisma" to sway the centaurs towards a more positive direction from hostile-neutral (if you all agree to this)
  12. Do an interest check and see how many people would sign up for it, not as its own thread, but to incorporate into existing or new threads as random effect!
  13. We’re seeing a class based civil war play out before our eyes between #rngprivilege vs #rngpoverty
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