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  1. I kind of agree from an intelligent design perspective but also disagree because what he likes may have no bearing at all as to where he ends up! Edit - but it really does matter the most that it be engaging to the player I'd say if the player wants a more futuristic styled setting in Valucre then Reno is a good place, or Hell's Gate in Terrenus Something more regressive as a foil against a futuristic background? Coth, also in Terrenus, or Antigone Isles in Genesaris I don't want to flood him with research though so I'll say the tavern of legend is always a great place to get started playing with other new members, since its specifically for new members! And attended to by some community mentor types
  2. We've already been speaking around the site but just wanted to drop in on your intro thread Welcome 🙂
  3. Hi there new buddy. Welcome to the site. I think we've been RPing for a lot of the same amount of time though I think you have a bit of an edge on me there, and you've definitely done more mediums than I have - for me its been mostly IM and forums, with forums taking the spotlight for years on end now We've got plenty of fantasy for you to explore. Valucre is actually a bit of a mixed bag. If the genres are families then I suppose we'd be one of those multi-family houses you're familiar with (I made it personal!). We basically have bubbles of various genres and levels of magic and technology all over, and all co-existing on the same planet, so that one area may be Middle Ages in terms of tech and high on the magical scale, or have no magic, or it may be more retro or more futuristic and so on There isn't a lot of Star Trek type play because the focus is on a single planet and the Trek canon is about exploring different planetary settings but anything that Valucre can't host proper, you can find in Alternative. There's an endless worlds thing there that may be of interest to you. It hasn't seen much use yet, but you might be the one who changes all that! As far as in-planet, we have a pretty handy cyberpunk setting called Martial Town It was expanded upon by another member who joined us from a scifi place (die shize), star wars though. And in the same vein another member from the same has made a low magic, dieselpunk type setting that may be of interest: If none of those are no harm, you can poke around until you find something you like or you can make something you feel may be missing on the site and let people flock to it. At any rate am happy to answer any questions you may have Welcome to Valucre!
  4. Welcome aboard 

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      Yes! I learned about this community through word of mouth and thought I'd check it out to see if it would be a good fit. 🙂

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      That's even better. Please send a warm thanks to whoever recommended us! 

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      I absolutely will!! 😄

  5. Welcome to the site. I don’t have anything to add to the stellar recommendations the community has submitted so I’ll leave that alone and just say hope you enjoy what we’ve got going on here and hope to see you around
  6. Updated this thread to include the two major arcs which have completed under this
  7. Welcome to the site 

  8. Update to the creature codex: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/terrenus/terrenus-creature-codex/ Pyrolisk - created by @The Rabbit Emperor
  9. I'm thinking it makes timing sense for @The Rabbit Emperor to go again but if you'd rather not just let me know in brief what Leo does and I can incorporate it in my post
  10. I think at the end of that one, may be another though, it indicates the tech is commercially available and FDA approved
  11. Welcome to Valucre 

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