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  1. If you push the end of your post a tiny bit more and have Luke start running after getting pummeled, the consequent poster(s) can integrate hearing your running over their posts so that by the time it's your turn again you can be One With the Party again
  2. I'd be very interested in learning this as part of the espionage!
  3. You can say that it washed him in a circle and he ended up where he began / closer to where they are now You can also say he washed up further up in the direction the apprentice came and have to run through bits of the mushroom kingdom yourself but if so Luke has to get bruised up
  4. Just a suggestion warrior but you might find it most fulfilling to use a character of your own and just have them be part of zig's group, so he can grow both with them and independent from them
  5. @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian I've hired a mercenary group to infiltrate Club T. for a little of the ol' corporate espionage (see above for details). Non-lethal so no murders or explosions (that aren't distractions anyway) but still hope to glean something valuable Is there a post or information detailing the club or its defenses that the group can incorporate and / or do you want to be involved in the defense or will my hirelings be plucking fruit with relative ease? /sheepish grin
  6. I'll take any Important Papers, which be any or all of the following: schematics for the club layout, ledger for the club's finances, contracts for business partnerships, meeting minutes Anything valuable looking to help make it seem like a more regular robbery and also so they just have less value lol. Gadgets included!
  7. So the place of focus is Club Tablillas. It's in Hell's Gate: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/terrenus/hells-gate/ Is that enough to get a thread started? When you do I'll tag the people who manage the property to see how they want to handle defenses Also is it safe to assume no character death risk? I figure since murder isn't involved this can firmly stay in the nonlethal take-downs area for both sides but it's up to you
  8. So the target is family Glasmann. This can be either their business, for corporate espionage, their home, to steal something valuable of theirs or to plant bugs and trackers so these interests can be aware of their movements, or to the Glassman ship Silvermind, to sabotage it or steal some blueprints / schematics Does anyone sound more interesting to you than the other?
  9. A quick ooc thread to chat with @Zigzag about his mercenary group doing a thing on behalf of some ... interests Figure this would be the most sensible public way so people can be easily added and it can halfway act as advertisement
  10. Name The Metireal Royal Family. Family The Metireals are a military family who can trace their service record throughout the continent's recorded history, and always to the regime in vogue at the time. What keeps them being labeled cowards, traitors and opportunists is that they are loyal to their liege to a fault. When that person or family is ended, the Metireals receive this as an opportunity to choose their allegiances anew, a ritual which was last observed to receive Odin Haze and his Empire as the new wards of the people. The unfortunate consequence of this un-blind loyalty the Metireals practice is that at times the heads of the family have not chosen as wisely as they would have liked; as much of their history drips with shame as shines with glory. Not all who belong to the family adopt their agenda completely to heart, but those who deviate do so against a tremendous amount of familial pressure that can manifest in many ways. Neary all of those born Metireal bear a name of some element, compound or mixture. Steel – Major in the Empire's military. Chasing damaged threads March to the land bridge Cadmium – Major in the Empire's military. Talk the talk Military promotion ceremony Praise the bridge Bold and unwritten [dropped] The term is caching [complete] Palgard's club med [complete] Rhenium – Reconnaissance officer (really a special ops agent but this isn't communicated) Grave robbing in the dead of night Goals Empire is threatened on all sides and have been dealt severe blows not only from specific enemies (mad cults, terrorist cells, foreign government agents), but from unavoidable and cataclysmic phenomena (cold snap, maddening mists, clever body-snatching aliens). Fight them at all costs and bring glory to the nation. History 1000 BG – 800 BG Served the diarchy even as the queens spun into madness. The family's great shame at losing the queens was tempered only by the fact they no longer had to serve the mad. The Metireals swear their loyalty to a small territory which would later become Casper. 800 BG - 700 BG Served Levas the Cruel. The family's great shame at losing their king was tempered only by the fact they no longer had to serve the cruel. The Metireals swear their loyalty to a small province which would later become Ashville. 600 BG – 400 BG Served the merchants. The Dark Age comes and commodities as the world has known them tank; the merchants are poor and wither off; for the first time in centuries the family is without helm or rudder, and splinters east to Last Chance and west to Blairville. 400 BG – 300 BG | 300 BG – 200 BG | 200 BG – 100 BG Lost to the sands of time. Present Serves the Terran Empire.
  11. Basic premise An iron sword with a piezoelectric power source housed in its body. A Victory module loaded into the sword's handle comes loaded with basic training, and will learn advanced offensive and defensive techniques suited to the owner's style as the owner finds themselves continually engaged in physical combat. This is powered by the user's grip and so needs to be held. Autosword represents a revolution in providing basic defensive capabilities to the untrained, and the technology can be adapted into different forms of weaponry. Variants Shape-shifter: Very expensive variant is made of Novonium so that the sword can change shape and direction independent of its pommel. Levitator: Very expensive variant comes with an nth power source in the sword's pommel will generate current on its own and provide lift to the weapon so that it can attack and defense autonomously.
  12. Nah son I ain’t finished with him Succumb to cynicism β€˜fore I end up in this with him I don’t want no business with him, I’ma get all senseless with him Why should I invest my time? I ain’t got no interest in him So hands up if you came for the real. Stand up if you make what you feel
  13. The door for this thread, the most recent interest check, is wide open. Where’s the squeeze?
  14. This is a "rough draft" of how the fella will respond. More details and content will come when it's my turn but I wanted to give the next person something to work with by way of response "Oh you mean Mone the Magnificent? More like Mone the Malicious Moronic Motherfucker." "Yeah I was one of his apprentices. Emphasis on was. When I get out of here I’m going to," casts his eyes sidelong at them realizing that they’re from the civilized world, and at least Will showed the least wear; he might not get how extended time down here changes a man. "Report him to the authorities . . . I’ve been down here looking for that bastard’s ring for months."
  15. A lot of games are β€œI win you lose”. A lot of roleplay is β€œwe all win”. The collaborative nature of it is one of my fave things about it
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