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  1. supernal

    What about movies?

    I haven’t seen it so I can’t say but I do have it on the docket
  2. I can totally see where you’re going with this but that kind of slicing and dicing doesn’t hold for population distributions. Like, a metropolis / mega city is meant to be taken as an outsized outlier. What I gave you was the average for a mega city itself based off of a modern metropolis population, which is still quite a bit above the fold. A “mid mega city” is still larger than a “mid city”. 100k is closer to what a “mid sized city” would be like
  3. supernal

    MOBS lobby v3

    Great! I’ll update stuff accordingly. I’m doing the purse, article, and notable person mention. You’re already notable in UM or will be separately I think so would you like it to be for HG, as the area the tournament took place in? @LastLight available to do another profile for the champion? If not I’ll try and find someone else but you’re my preference @Akiris @Dolor Aeternum instead of a per match 1:1 thing for materials how about every post you did in across however many rounds you participated in count towards material acquisition as a one time use it or lose it thing? Only if you lost due to roll vs getting timed out. Rather than a first, second, etc for prizes it’s more like the closer you get to the championship the more post points you have to go shopping with
  4. supernal

    What about movies?

    Fistful of dollars was a good western but not as good as magnificent seven. I’d give this one a 7 For a few dollars more is the sequel to the above and was better. It has a longer run time and Leone used this to introduce another big character and explore that character’s backstory. The man with no name isn’t the only clever game in town. There was a good betrayal bit too. If I did half ranks I’d give this a 7.5 but I don’t so it’s a 7. Magnificent seven was still better but I liked this one too
  5. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    “The isotope is in the spectrometer. Under the orange cone. You have to take the escape hatch under the central console. Grab hold, turn it around until it slides open. Hurry back!”
  6. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    Oh yeah she’ll be written out of the story for the purposes of your ability to use her skills but the character will remain alive regardless. Makes things cleaner to just have the characters whose players are still around @Tyler agreed?
  7. supernal

    What do you know ooc

    It has a pretty limited function if I recall. Just to get you back to alise as needed. I’d say removing the discs from play but Alise herself will be removed from play shortly. So how about if we remove Alise from play as of now, in exchange for deciphering the message?
  8. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    Go to the Terrenus landing page and do a search for “maximum security”. The three paragraphs around the first hit will answer your question
  9. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    I don’t mind you asking, but as detailed as I’d like to get is that you should probably look at the two examples I gave and try doing stuff like that
  10. I'm not looking for a literal "about three times a week" type of answer, just a general feel of how often you find yourself or others portraying biological necessities for characters in roleplay So not drinking tea and eating crumpets because it makes for a nice scene (which I've done about three or four times) but having to deal with hunger as a function of time in a thread (which I've done once, if that, in the same period of time) Applies to thirst, habits like smoking, so on. So another example would be, not smoking as a stylistic introduction but that character having to get a fix in the middle of something else Poverty or homelessness also count I think. Not sure if it fits the other examples as neatly but it still fits imo
  11. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    I'll say "no" to start because I don't think that should be an explicit goal for anyone coming into Terrenus for roleplay With that as the baseline I think I'd be open to generally large numbers of military if it's done the right way. What that looks like is more along the lines of Ataraxy and Taen, or Tyler and Norkotia, and less like someone doing silo'd "soldier threads" back to back to back x100. The former adds much more overall value to the board than the latter
  12. supernal

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    I think 2k, but we can reference wherever you saw that number to be sure Yeah there’s probably a maximum number of soldiers you can have but I haven’t hard coded one anywhere so let’s say stop after 3 and we’ll review there
  13. supernal

    It's been so long!

    I’m glad that for however long you’ve been away that you’re making your way back to the hobby. Always delighted to make friends with a fellow enthusiast. All the more so because our corner of the internet has managed to appeal and convince you to register. That’s a big first hurdle! And I caught your debut post in the TOL as well. I’m excited to see where the stories take you from here Welcome to Valucre! If you have any questions consider me a resource
  14. supernal

    General chat thread

    One thing that amused me to no end with Baki was the amount of interruptions the fighters handed one another
  15. supernal


    Dearest cousin Evienne, I hope that this letter finds you in good health and the best of company. We've only met a handful of times I believe. Your debut I know of for sure, but a few times before then I believe I can recall catching sight of your striking hair at a few family functions. Nonetheless every one of my recollections concerning you I can say in honest come attached with feelings of familial warmth and general positivity. The underpinning reason for my writing is because I find myself in need of a specific set of skills – while there are those within reach who are able to satisfy the bare minimum of my needs, you know as well as I how absolutely uncouth it is to settle for mediocrity when only excellence will do, and found myself remembering over a glass of port wine that the Goldcourt line is the family proprietor of Dali Designs. As an aside from your technical expertise, I'm to understand that Dali Designs has been experiencing something of a windfall lately, and that a sharp eye could trace the thread of this success back to your skilled hands. Making the dress is fine – seeing the dress that needs to be made is something else again. As such I would like to commission you, in the particular and the specific, to meet me for a project. I am currently in Qrill, a township of Misral, housed in the upper floor of an absolutely darling and quaint little inn: The Plucky Hermit. In very short my intention is to open a museum and art gallery in Qrill, to bring insight and paradigm shifting perspective to the local masses, and elevate the Dali, all in a single stroke. If you would join me in coloring the canvas, please find me in the following days. @LikelyMissFortune