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  1. supernal

    GIF association

  2. supernal

    General chat thread

    @Die Shize your legacy continues
  3. supernal

    Hello >:D

    I’m firmly in the first camp, and agree with the general sentiment too 🙂
  4. supernal

    General chat thread

    Post in Cities of Terrenus and apply the “martial town” tag
  5. supernal

    General chat thread

    Missing Mobile It’s coming around with a serrated machete and chopping off everyone’s legs Assuming that’s sales vs specs
  6. supernal

    Chatbox or Status Update

    Both will definitely remain as options But one truth (aka widget) prevails (aka goes on the front)
  7. supernal

    Gwuff? BORK!BORK!BORK!

    That I like privacy too! >_> <_< Speaking of here are some recommendations most of which you (Ghorroj) probably know and some of which you may not: Also Valucre supports 2FA
  8. supernal

    Chatbox or Status Update

  9. supernal

    GIF association

  10. supernal

    Fairly tale ending ooc

    The whole thread was engineered to lead up to this one gourmand moment
  11. supernal

    Chatbox or Status Update

    You're right about that for sure, but it just so happens that also applies to status updates. Knowing which one gets put on the front is bound to get the most attention the question is really about which of these two gives you more value or engagement as a member Also I know your sadness is returning to the dust of tree roots and all but that's okay your vote still counts! Edit - for instance people have been using the status block to update their AFV status. That isn't something you could do with the same kind of stickyness with the chatbox on the front But on the flipside the chatbox provides more near-real-time engagement than the status box does Pros, meet cons
  12. supernal

    Fairly tale ending ooc

  13. supernal

    Gwuff? BORK!BORK!BORK!

    Hi there buddy Do you mind if I call you buddy? Howdy pal. Leave my trousers alone or I will heat death your universe with an introductory story which whispers of four shadows. How'd you like them gala apples? As Fierach said we have all of that. We even have a perma-portal-void type thing smacked somewhere in the "middle" of the planet which allows people to flow into and out of the Valucre universe. If you find yourself wanting to Alt it up, that's what the Alternative forum is for, and there you can escape the bounds of the persistent rules we have setup in Valucre and do whatever. I even made a Western themed setting there, to give you an idea of the kind of range we're talking about If you have any questions I think you can already see the community is pretty responsive and helpful but also feel free to send me a PM direct. I don't promise instantaneous responses but I've been known to, on occasion, make people wonder if I'm an AI whose only programmed purpose in life is to post and help members Welcome to Valucre 🙂
  14. supernal

    Hello >:D

    Thank your friend for us please. Whatever gets people roleplaying, I'm for Also whether your friend, a search engine, or a topsite, led you to us, I'm delighted you managed to find us. Welcome to Valucre! If you find yourself at a loss or with questions or concerns feel free to send me a PM 🙂
  15. supernal

    Late indroduction

    Better Nate than lever (cue: the world's longest joke) Welcome to Valucre!