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  1. One of my perennial favorite things is seeing members I haven’t seen in a while return to the site

    1. carrionjackal


      I thought I felt eyes on me!

  2. Sure I haven't read the roleplay so this is a totally arbitrary example But let's say a loose structure for this roleplay might be that your assassin is in the cold south and is coming up to union city. Let's say the roleplay so far has taken place in the cold south, in the Hills (made up). Let's say that it has now stalled You do a "cut scene" post that takes you from the Hills to the Valleys, an hour or a day or a week later. Or that takes you directly into Union City. Or Wherever else is appropriate. And then you do a new interest check looking for new players to interact with there, in the new "place" in the same thread Basically exactly like a cut scene you would see in a show or a movie, or a "new chapter" you might see in a book
  3. With Metty tapping out and no word from the other member (I think I’ve seen them post but that doesn’t change the math here), something that’s worked for me is to do a clean break with a time or scene skip and then re-advertise to look for new players to write with
  4. No harm done! I got Spatial Distortion so now we will be /disoriented
  5. "Two hours?!" Emilio muted but did not entirely suppress his shock. He got back into the automatic carriage and shut the door; if the others wanted to cross that distance on foot he left it to the young folk to find the vibrant joy in life, but intended to stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. When the ruins were closer to a half hour's walk removed at a decent pace, Emilio dismounted and configured the carriage for an Evasive Park – it would roam about if approached by strangers so that it couldn't be pilfered, but stay within calling distance for when they were ready to return. The group worked their way through tall grasses and thickets of wildflowers. The air humid but not oppressive, reflecting the robust lushness of Biazo's tropical greenery. On occasion their forward march stirred a swarm of insects or a flock of bird and sent them skyward. "Marking our position if someone's watching." Emilio warned, his mind slipping smoothly into the role of professional adventurer. When the city limits loomed Emilio set about his spellwork. A vial of ashes mixed with a vial of crushed gems; eldritch words and phrasing, lilting into peaks and valleys like a song; gestures performed with one hand which hurt more than it used to, reminding him that he forgot to take an anti-inflammatory for the carpal tunnel. The spells executed successfully nonetheless, as one could see a shimmering plane of force orbit Emilio while translucent webs wove themselves across his skin and clothing. When they crossed the city limits, less than a foot after passing through the threshold, Emilio added. "The city is already working against us. We are walking in a dream it sometimes has."[1] 1: I rolled for chaos, got a 15, gave us Spatial Distortion.
  6. My chaos roll brings upon us spatial distortions
  7. So as not to derail the roll thread @Rembrandt What I mean by chaos is rolling for the chaos table at this magical ruins: https://www.valucre.com/topic/33477-bileah-ruins-of-biazo-city/
  8. Unless you already have someone who will be jumping into your game, I'd suggest advertising your Wasteland RP in the water cooler. Will definitely help get more eyes on it and increase the pool of potential partners

    1. Fox


      Thank you, supernal! Thank you for caring about me! It has been such a long time since I first came to this role-playing platform, that if I ever learned the information you sent to me, I must have forgotten it! I am waiting for sapphicSphinx, my partner, to respond to what I wrote her. But in the future if I want to role-play with others and I am not sure who to turn to, I will be sure to advertise my role-playing ideas in the water cooler! 😊

  9. It's absolutely ok! In terms of bottom line you're definitely not wrong, I just also hold the opinion that as a game played mostly through writing that editing / revision is part of the game, one of the tools we have available to us to enhance the play rather than taking it as a flat negative
  10. Just to make sure we're on the same page, my suggestion above is on what a rework could look like, not on whether a rework is needed Maelstrom - also worth noting is that in the first post I specified that the event is limited to military personnel. If you missed that part it may not be a roleplay you're interested in at all and otherwise just let me know what you want to do
  11. Just a tip for members who have maintained their accounts over long periods of time - make sure that the email associated to your account is a valid email to which you have continued access to. Email is the primary means by which you can recover access to your account
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