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    Outreach Team AMA

    There's a simple Language section in the World landing page that covers this
  2. supernal

    Outreach Team AMA

    That's entirely a stylistic choice which you the player should make. If you want to struggle with a language barrier in your game it isn't to me to tell you how this should be done. Have fun with it If you don't want to struggle with a language barrier then Unii is the lingua franca / trade language of Valucre and can be used as a stand in for a common tongue
  3. The interest check as a whole, the organic bump in particular, and if Levi ends up engaged, then the tag It's a triple combo
  4. supernal

    Outreach Team AMA

    Likely Terric, the national standard, but you can confirm that in the yhmi AMA
  5. Beak has tapped out of this quest so I'll be taking it over and re-releasing to the public. I'll tag Pygmalion with the ability for first dibs, if they're interested
  6. Thanks to @AngryCacti I found out that violinist has some modern dancing chops too Also thanks to everyone but especially the cactus and the velocity guy, looks like the mood I was looking for originally was something around flutes and strings and maybe drinking song, but where I ended up was somewhere in the swing and zoot suit area with trumpets
  7. supernal

    Faejarhe AMA

    What’s the single most important contribution an individual could make in terms of raising their status in the public eye? Like which of X number of quests will give one the most “celebrity”? If that doesn’t exist that’s fair enough!
  8. supernal

    Outreach Team AMA

    You may be referring to this: From the glossary section here: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/general/roleplay-faq
  9. supernal

    Renovatio Map

    I can send it to you both. Send me a PM with us three and I’ll send you a link?
  10. supernal

    Renovatio Map

    It was made in Illustrator but it can be opened in Inkscape which is free and open source
  11. supernal

    Renovatio Map

    I have the AI file that Off Topic made. It only has a small handful of locations and these can be easily edited or removed with that file
  12. Welcome to the site!

  13. Hi all. I have to drop out of this thread for now so please skip me indefinitely. It looks like we've already passed the minimum requirement so hope that counts for something! This is due to taking on an unexpected event that I have to make room for and isn't a reflection of the plot or players Wiz will still help Sam take her luggage aboard (after awkwardly not getting that's what she meant at first) and can be tapped as a limited NPC resource going forward if that helps. Am happy to provide OOC answers for capabilities or temperament if so and also depending on the pacing of the thread it may not even make a difference before I'm able to return
  14. Basically that a thread go 24 hours without a post before you can make a post that goes “bump” also @L E V I A T H A N this would be a good inroad for your clergy character, in terms of opposing the cult and helping yh’mi
  15. supernal

    Amelia Badiou

    This was sent to me in a PM and am posting the relevant portion here to stake my claim as I may end up doing something with the character For tracking purposes, a goal for the character stated by the original player:
  16. In terms of the shows you see the casino hosting - do 1) stand up comedy and 2) stage acting fit the motif?
  17. This is the sort of behavior you can expect from amenities when entering his combat thread and electing the framework you two have settled on. If it helps, though restricted just to people who were proactive enough to actually respond to the survey, nearly 70% of the site's polled member base prefers "collaborative combat". Turn based combat like what you and amenities are engaged in represent a minority interest - of T1 in particular, a minority of a minority. This is as an aside from whether amenities's style of combat is compatible with your desired ends You can read more about that here if interested: https://www.valucre.com/topic/44838-further-summarized-results-from-2019-survey/ Anyway good luck on your search!
  18. The lagrimosa landing page has a section for technology which I think will level set for the continent as a whole and then you will only have to get more specific if you end up somewhere that has its own section. So if you're in Blairville the article should tell you what to expect in Blairville. Consider the difference in infrastructure in, say, New York city and, say, Alaska. Just saying "the united states has internet" doesn't do a good job of telling you what the experience is like in both cities. Your Maps app may be really awesome in the city but have no signal, and hence be useless, in a mountain range. Stuff like that
  19. supernal

    Genesaris AMA.

    Is there any kind of magic that has a weighted favor over other kinds of magic? For random example, given the blood-based religion to be found in the carmine empire (I think!) would blood magic be more popular, more readily available, etc?
  20. Predictability plummets when facing nonlinear systems 

    1. Ataraxy


      Predictability of what? Cause technically the predictability of a system's unpredictability would skyrocket the more nonlinear it is.

      code geass evil laugh GIF

    2. King


      @Ataraxy That's exactly how I laugh after I tell someone, "I told you so."

  21. What is a major goal for just one of your characters right now, and how far along are they to achieving that goal?
  22. Welcome to the site 

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