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  1. Absolutely works. I actually just remembered you intended to use your Rabbit so if you want to that's still totally fair game, no pressure to use the student or anything
  2. Although an unknown entity, you’re someone I haven’t written with before and have an academy student to boot. Still interested, if Currents doesn’t show up? @The Rabbit Emperor
  3. I love the idea of relief and peacekeeping efforts, with the latter being more combat oriented and the former not having any sort of combat as a requirement. That way people can pick and choose which track they want In terms of going to the smaller settlements and helping them in a way that's not relief or peacekeeping and more in line with tech/magic maybe they can hold small clinics and have student-teachers that show these smaller settlements some basic but useful utility magic or smaller but useful tech (like the stuff listed under the Tech section of the landing page), something like that I'll say yes they can offer it but let's go with Ancient Magic and treat it as a 101 - introductory course, which exposes the student to the overall concepts that they can then follow up on with some independent study but nothing which would end with them being fluent in terms of coursework
  4. So actually since we're at the point of a successful capture and we're firmly in diminuendo territory (with the Umbral guard on scene especially) I'll leave the rest of the thread to you all. Dan can still have his anime moment, as can anyone else say if amenities/Mike wants to respond after seeing the series of posts, that all can keep going on but I think we can put a bow on my personal involvement right now Don't want to rush anyone along but am about to start a new thread for the gaian academy and want to make sure I don't have too much going on at once I'll be around for OOC comments/guidance as to how my character may respond to anything IC though, just can't commit to more rounds of RP
  5. My intention was just two students this semester, and with people I haven't written with before That said Currents hasn't replied to any of my tags so assuming they don't show up I'm happy to tap you in if your thread capacity allows?
  6. " . . . those who are willing to be saved." Jericho laughed, clear and without poison. For a moment they spoke over one another. "Yeah well I ain't talking about art thieves and crimes of passion. I ain't talking about people that don't hurt other people or that do, and then figure out a way to make it right. I'm talking about – " " . . . for some time." Jericho cut himself off, seeing no need to beat a dead horse; or a dead slaver, in this case. Velleh's empire, built on the backs of the enslaved and the dead, was a testament unto itself. Jericho knew that he and Matte were more on the same page than off, otherwise he wouldn't have found himself inside of the splinter cell responsible for taking a man's life, but in the aftermath of an irrevocable action taken, by the light of the new day, things could look different than they did the night before. But that didn't appear to be the meat of what Matte wanted to discuss. Maybe he had come for his own kind of vengeance, a two-birds-one-stone kind of deal; Jericho turned his gaze away from the sky and towards Matte, his breathing steady and uninterrupted, his body ready but relaxed. " . . . my fiancé in Casper." Matte bore his heart; a beat-up, scarred little thing missing some of its most important pieces. This was about a different vengeance, but Jericho wasn't the one in the crosshairs. "I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can get a little justice for her one day, whatever that may look like." ". . . find the other one." With a grunt of effort that seemed more like comforting illusion than any real indication of his fitness, Jericho sat up and leapt to his feet. He held a hand out to Matte; a corona from a distant lamp, a spread of a starry sky, and the light of a partial moon served to both color and shadow him. "You're a sneaky fucker. It 'just so happens'," He put quotes around his words without the use of his hands. "That I organized someone to drop off a packet of telemetric information using the gauntlet we have to find the gauntlet we don't, and sent it off to the military. Maybe you can ask them for a hand, or . . . ?"
  7. "Writing is hard work. It is gathering ten times as much material as can ever be used. This information has to be gleaned to get the best possible use from it. The reader has to be convinced that the writer knows what he is writing about."

  8. The above reminds me of another system I’ve gotten into lately. It isn’t so much a system of magic as a system through which magic is done. And by that I mean that the first suggests a certain level of detail where the second doesn’t really go into the detail and we just deal with the consequences And that’s the Pokémon-esque Zatch Bell show / system
  9. Personally speaking I’m a lot less familiar with the black clover system
  10. "Fine." Eldwine rasped at Xavier, bringing himself into a half-squat and flipping the knife in his hand into an icepick grip; thin rivulets of blood flowed down his neck, joined into a single crimson thread at his suprasternal notch, and then stained the collar of his shirt before disappearing from view. "Keep your eyes u–" Eldwine cut himself short, jumping up and tucking his legs into his chest, revolving half a turn mid-air, as beneath him swept the robo-lizard's powerful, mechanical tail. It segmented even as it passed underneath Eldwine and raced towards Xavier, presenting serrated edges to take a bit out of Xavier's flank if he let himself get caught unawares. Eldwine landed on one hand, cart-wheeled to his feet, then exploded from his feet into a forward double somersault with two-and-a-half twists. This gymnastic move, usually reserved for the diving board, lofted Eldwine nearly as high as the ceiling, and deposited him with fox-like grace onto the robo-lizard's chest and shoulders. His hand hammered down his knife down through its upper jaw into its lower jaw, nailing it shut. He had every intention of jumping off before the robo-lizard got a shot at him but sometimes intentions just weren't enough. He had no time to see what Xavier was doing. The draconian automaton twisted its arm in a manner which would have broken the arm of a biological being, but which to a robot was merely a matter of ball bearings. Its arm circled like a fan blade, slamming into Eldwine's back and swatting him into a wall like a pest.
  11. When your players have tears - that’s a good game. Maximum investment. More cries
  12. I’m less concerned about the existence of one over the other than the balance of where they go. If all the cool goes to Dan and all the silly to Terrenus = KIBOSH
  13. Just don’t make it too anime silly on the Terrenus end or I’ll have to put the KIBOSH on it
  14. One of my threads is going to be resolving sooner than I thought. Are you two interested in starting this week instead? @ElvenSeeker @Currents
  15. On that note once this thread is wrapped up we should discuss what future imprisonments and escape look like for Dan, especially since you won't be using the RNG method you used for it last time. It's not like they're going to put him in the same room of the same prison every time or let a cake with a file baked into it pass inspection. I'm thinking something tiered so that each time he escapes it gets harder
  16. Only you and the madam like to fiddle one another’s diddles - what a riddle Imogen and the priests will take him to Terrenus sure. But! If preferred we can leave him to get diddled a tittle in Umbra instead
  17. Actually I thought about this more last night and think that probably 1/2" makes more sense for the amount of earth that I imagine coming away with Dan after he pickpocketed the priests That said I did make the shell high density with the specific thought in mind of taking a gas of variable volume (aka highly dispersed) and "crunching" it down to something that fits in the palm of Imogen's hand. Because of the pressure required to do this it isn't something designed to "break" apart easily. It can probably still be done but likewise Imogen could pile more earth onto it and keep expanding/reinforcing it until its maxed out However! If you cede the "tactical victory" (aka I got the point) we can come to a more dramatic resolution, have Dan break out just as the Umbra forces descend. Imogen and Dan and Mike and Madam look at each other like "ooo boy you're lucky" and then Dan gets carted off, cracking jokes along the way, or something like that
  18. "I see. What about enemies of this company we're to meet with? Is there any chance they may have any that know they're expecting arrivals?" "An excellent question, to be sure, cousin." Ampelos sniffed. He had no edge to his words, but they were distinctly lacking the overly familiar tone which had saturated his phrasing until that moment; his next statement shed some light on why that might be. "Had you, perhaps, thought to ask these prior to our arrival in Casper, we could have sent out an inquiry to the company or put the Wyrmwalkers to task on the same. We would have arrived fully armed with knowledge rather than with questions." Ampelos cleared his throat and cast a wide gaze over each of his shoulders, taking a quick survey of the people, the alleyways, the shopfronts, then turning his gaze back to the fore to plot their course down the cobbled path to the front door of the Casper Shipping Company. "Better late than never at all however. When we arrive, we'll make that inquiry in person and see what comes of it. We'll be mindful of any conflicts of interest when reviewing the terms. Your question has given me direction, and for this I thank you dearest cousin." The familial warmth eked back into Ampelos's voice, and what had been an almost imperceptible stiffness in his stance relaxed and allowed for a smoother, nonchalant gait. " . . . hot for business owners?" "Oh yes, I should think so. With its status as the largest port of entry into Terrenus, Casper enjoys and outsized share of maritime trade. There are dozens of entrepreneurs carving out slices of profit for themselves and their shareholders, and as you no doubt know a cornerstone to success is an industrious nature and a cornerstone to an industrious nature is an obsessive compulsion to your work. Any demographic which spends two-thirds of its day in a given location makes itself ripe for commercial interest." They were not yet at the Casper Shipping Company, but through the muddling sight of the constant flow of people and the dozens of shopfronts and signs, their stylized fish logo could be spied from a distance. Ampelos turned about-face to Icarus. "Why do you ask, an interest in the trade?" And in that moment a small crowd of people jostled past them. Leveraging this ancient pickpocket's trick, someone tried to take something from Icarus and Ampelos (and Victra), like a billfold; more importantly someone tried to leave something behind, like a listening device.
  19. I’m talking about Leo. The whole premise of the thread is to take Dan back to Terrenus Please take your time to read what is being said. I’m not going to keep rehashing
  20. Although it wouldn't be enough to actually imprison Leo for the same kind of stint as Dan, the fact that he's interfacing with a known criminal and ferrying messages and knows the location of his hideout and etc etc etc, would be sufficient grounds to hold him where he is at the very least. After that I would leave it to the Umbra courts but yeah, it doesn't have to be literally "help him escape" edited my post btw
  21. Read the post ... and you’ll see that’s what I did. But it assumes that he has weapons out and visible which, if Dan is captured, isn’t the case. He’s just present atm. But since I’ll be instructing him away if he hangs around anyway that’d be suspicious
  22. Arming usually doesn’t have to do with whether a weapon is visible or not, just if it’s loaded / charged and ready to fire. I don’t mind assuming as such just pointing out those two notions don’t really connect that way I’ll edit my post later to reflect that he’s waved off and instructed to give them distance. Likely by the Umbra local authorities Also idk. I’ll go with 1” high-density shell with a hollow (pun) center
  23. Some details around what the system actually IS would clue more people in
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