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  1. Pierre has some food and drink and doesn’t mind doing a wait to let him rest up for the plan So with that in mind - the plan works! Plunging yourselves into darkness allows you to pass through the magic mirror
  2. They would and he can. However he’s hesitant to do so for the entire length of pipe, concerned about using too much of his magic in this. Maybe a combination of scraping, his magic and something @LukeRipstine can do would account for a necessary amount to get you guys all going dark? I don’t need details from Luke upfront as long as he can confirm he’d be able to contribute in some manner
  3. Not a favorite but a good one relating to leadership: “Therefore the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses they will not save you if you are hated by the people.” - Machiavelli
  4. That sounds like a worthwhile tactic. What’s the plan to do that? The light is coming from fungi above the flood line, since you’d have to ... <fill in the blanks>?
  5. Then talking about just the swing - it does not break. Repeated swings manage to scuff it but the scuffs wipe off, so they aren't even scratches
  6. Have you seen season 2? I’ve only seen 1 and want to confirm the good times keep rolling Absolutely
  7. Color me intrigued ... whatever hue that is Shall we chat more in PM or discord or right here?
  8. Tentative yes. I want to let the interest check hang out for a few days and see who else might be up for it but if no other bites then I'd much rather loop you in vs not having it get done at all "Have a group for hire?" "Nope." >_> <_< i c But seriously although this particular check wouldn't do to throw out anonymous tips and just hope for the best, vs hiring someone to complete a job, if I think of any worthy tips I'll def. hit you up. For now just keep your eye on Police Radio. I'll keep posting stuff there and hopefully other people join in
  9. Are you committing to trying those things as an attempt? If so I can tell you the result. Just want to confirm it isn’t just a hypothetical and it’s what your character is actually doing as a test
  10. I like the loco motive. The name too!

    1. Wade


      Thanks homie, I always appreciate your compliments 😁

  11. “Don't worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved; worry about the individuals you have helped become better people”

  12. Let me know if I need to edit or add anything
  13. Caden nodded, intrigued by the prospect of leaving his body behind. He got a taste of that with the kyuc, but that was more interesting chemical reaction than real, metaphysical transcendence. Although he wasn't a mage in the academic sense, and although he was far from being classed a gifted practitioner of the arts, he had a voracious appetite for the occult. He knew that magic was knowledge, and knowledge power, and he knew as well that if he could not do a thing himself than it would still behoove him to understand the concepts at play, so he could see the moving parts for what they were. He didn’t need to be an engineer, didn't need to build a transformer from scratch, but even knowing what a transformer was granted one material insight into how to take the damn thing apart. But, alas – "I want to. Take me for a ride after, if the dust ever settles on this thing. Right now one of us should hang back, in case our hand tips and fists need swinging. That, I can do. I'll hang back, you go on and get the damn thing." He scrutinizes every detail of the ritual as it unfolds before him. The size of the circle, the brushstrokes which combine to form the runes; when Ivan utters his words of power, Caden mimics them without breath in an attempt to burn them into his mind. He wouldn't be able to perfectly replicate the ritual, and may never master it throughout the course of his life . . . but he now understood more about magic, and Ivan, than he did a few minutes before. " . . . our place." Caden shivered. He wasn't entirely a stranger to spectral phenomena but it was one thing to mentally grasp something and another thing to come face to face with it. He can't see Ivan but his presence was felt; his words rippled through a medium beyond the ken of Caden's mundane senses but some abstract and incomprehensible part of himself responded to the disturbance. "Get a hold of it and let's g-" He's cut off by the sound of their only escape slamming shut. Caden can feel his face flush. An abyss forms in his stomach, microscopic at first, but soon a whirling vortex which consumes him with anxiety by the second. No trap doors give way beneath them; no vats of acid fall from overhead; no bursts of fire or lightning rampage the room – he swiftly concludes that they are being held in place, and that the best course of action was that which did not see them so. Caden sprang into action. Loping strides carried him to the sealed door in just a few leaps and he used the gathered momentum to swing a haymaker from behind, over his head, and onto the door. Stone sprayed flakes in all directions; dust, settled on Caden's knuckles, puffed into the air as he cocked his fist back and swung it down again, and again, first forging a hole in the stone door and then widening it, his swings machine-like in both their precision and their heft. Through the small, but growing, aperture Caden can see shadows. "They're coming!" He called out to Ivan over his shoulder – and then saw some of those shadows fall back. Those who continued up the stairs towards them were fewer in number - unknown to the bruiser, someone was running rampant in the building's interior, soaking up as much attention as they could. Caden forces his hand into the hole and starts ripping chunks off the door until he makes a gap large enough to fit his body. "Get the thing and let's go!"
  14. I saw an episode of Elementary about a formula used to calculate that kind of number Bar exam, here I come
  15. @amenities you were right by the way you’re up!
  16. If you plan on going into details in your post that’s fine and I can wait. If you’re asking me ooc how light magic interacts with the mirror I’d need more details on what you do and how you do it
  17. It’s a bit of a riddle. I can just tell you the answer if that’s you asking. If that’s you / Will speculating tho tell me more about how he’d test that it at all and I can tell you any results Or just the answer which is fine too!
  18. Not in any rush or chomping at the bit. Trying to be consistent with the reminders but don't mind waiting @amenities
  19. Same but for a drug outpost in Norkotia. That damn rug
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