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  1. The light gave it away. A falling beam of sunshine caught a degree of its continuous curve and was scattered, thrown back in every direction, either glinting bright or glimmering with faint iridescence depending on the distance and angle of the observer. It was visible from a great range. Any of the technical, by way of automated sentry, or mundane, by way of posted guard, measures Glasmann estate deployed picked it out easily and well in advance. Remote spectroscopy revealed its composition to be always in flux, at times made up of the same things which make up soap bubbles, at other times steel filament, at other times an amalgam of iridium, rhenium, lead, mercury, and other dense elements. The bubble stopped one kilometer removed from the Glasmann estate, suspended in the space adjacent to an electric light. There, the bubble thought. -ought occurs. The young girl may have further developed her totem (phonetic of TOTM; acronym of theater-of-the-mind). My majestic strength and superlative tactics secures victory in majority of possible encounters. Stepping into traps at my opponent's will changes the framework. Err to caution. From the bubble's main body frothed a smaller replica, a minute, unreal version of itself holographically projected outwards and sent in his place onward to the young girl's estate.
  2. Does the estate have its own article?
  3. OOC thread for: @TheElementHunter - mind linking this in your first post?
  4. That would be great! For now though we decided to focus on just one character. When we're ready to expand again we'll reach out to you and Thot prior to doing an interest check. This may happen during our thread's life or it may be after it gets canonized but either way we'll be in touch
  5. After a little discussion HH is going to be taking @TheElementHunter first. Once we get them settled / onboarded / fully integrated into the org, Thot will be our first contact prior to a public interest check Hunter, the setting I wanted us to set up in is up as well. Let's take a look, see what ideas we may get, and start discussing in PM (or discord) for some high points we may want to hit throughout the arc:
  6. New playable area with new tag in Wilds and updated map placement Removed: temple city
  7. Do you want a banner announcement for your check?

  8. Understanding this is a no rules RP and not even mine: One of the principles I outlined in the mild powers set that I think can apply here is that it's less the origin of the power and more the amplitude / power level / effect. Reality Warping can be fine if what it gets used for is in a similar scope to everything else going on, and is OP when it's doing OP things. Turning someone into a toad can be done with a hex spell or with reality warping; turning the planet into a flying turtle would be outside of the scope of MP for me, but idk how it would apply here
  9. On that note although you want a character to have some pro social traits because otherwise they will fail to engage and be engaged, if a character is deliberately detached or generally stoic and that means, say, for a spicy conversation they wouldn’t engage, I’d opt for to be skipped for a round or two or until I felt the character would do or say enough to justify a full writing effort. Vs forcing myself to essentially say the equivalent of “stands there and nods” Many options and avenues!
  10. Hey we aren’t a first come first serve establishment here just cause they got their foot in the door doesn’t me- ah jk welcome! Sheet not required. A basic skeleton so we can get some general aesthetics and personality down during our first foray is nice and what you’ve got for your sheet is plenty Am going to wait to see if we get one more player or not and otherwise we will be launching to a city near you very soon
  11. Like rabbit said probably not a law and order paladin 😛 someone who can fit into the framework of our criminal enterprise Contribution wise maybe the better way to go about it is tell me what kind of characters you have in mind or like playing and we can pick the one that fits best? That way the first criteria is that it’s a type you like playing, which means a better chance of it sticking
  12. @TheElementHunter since your back and looking for something new see if this gets your water boiling
  13. I’ll be able to lieutenant to your captain and think this will be a solid base. I haven’t updated it in years but there’s still like a dozen links. And then we hit the Google
  14. I have an index of the first thread and the first few years that followed but the rest / most recent may need a little crowd sourcing / the people’s elbow
  15. FWIW I suggest Spectral District, because the inherent danger means likely to be less populous, or the Children's Refuge, mostly because it's the only player made setting and idk wouldn't be the first time a school type setting has been used to support apocalyptic meetings
  16. Meraxa is handling this quite soundly so keep an eye out for the new hotness
  17. I think if you kept the eyes emoji in your quote it adds more joke context
  18. I haven't been keeping pace per say but notice how much care you're giving to Ventrix and hey that's shout out worthy

    Whoo high five!

    1. Vilhardt


      *High five*

      Yea! Thanks, I've been doing what I can with the seasons in full swing. I've got allot of ideas for the future of Ventrix, here's to hoping they come to fruition by summer.

  19. our two most recent canon threads give us a foothold in vanora with a cave network and mining operations, and the other a tourist / transportation side business taking people through casper to amalia for the vineyard and aspyn
  20. Can you add this to the summary? Opportunities and Consequences [C] - Driving away the brumak clears enough space for House Dali to begin mining operations [C] - Collecting brumak shells will make more armor available to the Raiders; Halisera takes enough for a shield [C] - Collecting spilled brumak blood Enid will work with Dali to create a monster repellent [O] - The caves are open to sanctioned exploration deeper in the network (aka Dali occupies it and randoms can't just stroll around)
  21. Reminder just as we head into the weekend @Die Shize
  22. Welcome to the site. I see you already have a character sheet up and hopefully you find something to jump into right off. If you have any questions let me know and otherwise welcome aboard

    This other new player is looking for quest partners too:


    1. Araborn Kirom

      Araborn Kirom

      Thanks for the welcome! I've never seen a RPG forum quite like this so I'm excited to see what it has to offer

    2. supernal


      That's exciting to hear. In addition to questions you may have about the site feel free to share any feedback you may have as well. I'll also recommend checking out our new member guide linked at the top of the index page and in your navigation menu. It's separated into chunks and so far has been one of the best guides we've made for new member onboarding

    3. Araborn Kirom

      Araborn Kirom

      Thanks! I really appreciate the suggestions!

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