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  1. Oh I see! I didn’t realize you edited an ic post in. It was just the ooc when I saw and moved it I can move it back and cleanup our posts to leave it as is if you’d like? My suggestion would be to take the roleplay and start a new thread in alternative. That way this ooc is the interest check people can use to sign up and the thread in alternative is just the roleplay
  2. No no you were! I moved it to the water cooler cause it’ll get way more attention here as a new roleplay people can join is what I meant!
  3. I moved this to the water cooler, as that's where you get the most advertisement bang for your buck. It's going to be on the widget on the front page and it's where we send people to look for roleplays! There are more tag options in the water cooler to help sort and display your so it may interest you to take a look at the list and see what else applies If you're looking for a large group of players I can make a banner announcement for this, you just have to ask for it here: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40587-announcements-for-your-roleplay/ When you're ready to have the actual roleplay you can post the thread in Alternative. If you want to start it right now you can just make the first post a link back to this thread to outline the rules and host the OOC chat while keeping the RP posts to the thread in Alternative. I just want to make sure as many people as possible see your idea! Good luck!
  4. But it’s even more appropriate to wait, yay!
  5. These are absolutely allowed. @OBELUS just finished doing a CYA type adventure in Renovatio actually As to where these can go it depends. If the CYA can fit into the existing Valucre world then it would go in whatever location makes sense. Terrenus, Genesaris and Renovatio are the continents, and each have settings like forests and coasts and mountains, as well as structured cities, and you're free to make up features that aren't explicitly stated - such as a castle in a desert or an underground dungeon, etc and so on If it doesn't fit into Valucre and is in its own world or in the real world earth or so on then you can host it in Alternative Hope that makes sense. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM. Welcome to Valucre!
  6. That is the face of Conceited, a battle rapper who rose to youtube fame in grindtime and later KOTD, and transitioned that into a conventional media role with Wild'n'out
  7. When you get around to it let me know? I may be too busy / already done with what I want to do but just in case, I can smell the magic in the air
  8. On review I’d peg an estimate of the Dead being obscure again at something like 5 years. That’s ~around~ when they would have been focused on screening more behind legitimate fronts
  9. From before amenities took the helm the Dead was / is widely known to exist (that hiatus was definitely not ten years of complete inactivity I don’t think but we can confirm with posts). So that they exist isn’t the issue. Tying the particular activity back to them is the issue as far as I can tell
  10. IF my reading is accurate I have no issue with the posts already made staying as an accepted blooper. It’s only as a standard for the lifespan of the thread that I have an issue
  11. Just to confirm this reading - is this saying that you can post anywhere in a turn that you like, vs that you can reply multiple times in a "round"? Personally I'm fine with the former but not with the latter since it adds overhead to me as a respondent in terms of timing replies and expanding the content I have to track to respond to accurately. I can't mentally draft a post to something someone says if they can daisy chain posts with someone else and change the nature of the content I'm replying to Let me know plz mighty @Csl
  12. Did this get stated somewhere explicitly and I just missed it?
  13. Hey I didn’t sign up for no double posts! Is there an order here or what?
  14. @Csl request to add link to this ooc in the first post of the roleplay for easy navigation back here from there
  15. As Vito reached out to lay his hand on the bar door, Caden reached out and placed his hand on Vito's shoulder. "That mask of yours ain't too friendly like. Why don't you hang back a bit, I'll see what I can fish out." Before entering the establishment Caden took one final look around him. At the bold building. At the filthy, filmy buildings around it, commercial enterprises which were not able to tap into the vice of its citizens as effectively as the building sanctioned to sell mind-bending drink and body-poisoning smoke to its citizens by legal mandate. He knew from reconnaissance that Norkotia allowed the use of morphine for medical reasons . . . and what a short leap it was from totally justifiable to completely illegitimate, when it came to highly addictive painkilling substances. If they struck out here, they would have to crack open some medical records and follow up on patients who received morphine and the like for their treatments. Thoughts for another time – Caden pushed the door open and shouldered his way through the crowds to the bar setup against the distant wall. From there, nursing a drink that he barely sipped, Caden let his eyes wander about, first becoming acclimated to the movements of the crowd and then picking out the anomalies and outliers. It took Caden a little less than an hour to find the information he was looking for – to target the person around which a certain class of people seemed to pivot. Once he targeted the individual Caden posted himself up in a seat nearby, ordering drink after drink after drink . . . whose alcoholic content he neutralized once inside of his body, to keep a clear head, and lower the guard of anyone watching him imbibe spirits as if they were water. Over time Caden insinuated himself closer, and began including 'the man' on his drink orders. At the top of the hour, Caden managed to sneak in a request for something a little harder than drink. The dealer was interested, had a good feeling about this one, nodded down the hall with the single word: 'bathroom'. On arriving in the bathroom the first thing Caden did was open the window and whistle; innocuous on its own, but the pattern was a signal to Vito and, if needed, Floki. Then he set himself up behind the door, so when the dealer entered, Caden had the door closed and locked before anything else could happen. "Oh yeah, I been meaning to ask you." Suddenly his words were crystal clear, and his balance supreme. "I still want to buy you out, but what I want the most is uh, to find out where you get your stuff to begin with. Maybe you can help a fella out?"
  16. So just at the moment we're writing out the scenes we talked about skipping, since we basically already wrote out what would happen Do we want to skip with my post or stay the course?
  17. Welcoming our newest addition to R&D - HERB, Caius! @SweetCyanide
  18. It certainly is traditionally but at this point it’s been a week, and we’re only two days from the weekend which is a no-post zone for yourself. So maybe you can go up by / before Friday?
  19. Murder Mystery - new Netflix OC staring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Having been turned off by Sandler IP for a while, after liking the first few ones initially, I put this on just to see what’s what and was surprised by how funny it was. The plot won’t blow you out of the water but the characters are believable (enough) and the casually delivered extemporaneous (seeming) jokes found their mark on me. I had several laugh out loud moments Personally, 7/10
  20. Potential employers can come by to play some games and enjoy some live music while scoping out potential bloodthirsty mercenaries and surgical assassins to hire?
  21. Dali has botanical expertise and has involvement in Qrill, Misral so are likely to be involved
  22. supernal


    This is more word play than pun (I think . . .) but I have a Metireal ("material") family and the first names of the members are all some kind of metal or alloy. I so far have Steel, Cadmium and Rhenium
  23. supernal

    Time will tell

    It wasn't just a practical decision, or else she'd have gotten rid of the stage and moved everyone within speaking distance. In keeping the stage and placing the speakers atop it, Rozharon proves herself a fan of the dramatic. As that awesome fool who magicians worship might say, it appears comedy transcends the human; tis divine. The thoughts amused him, as they must. To a vulgar audience the extended metaphor and cultural references were vague shadows, but to a sophisticated mind his wit could be described as nothing short of effulgent. And was his not such a mind? So then, he was helpless but to be amused. When he sat, after bowing to Hildebrand and Mythal (accompanied by verbal recognition to account for the Lord's blindness), nodding to Karradeen and Uldwar, and smiling politely at Singlance, it was with a smile curling the ends of his lips. Ampelos undoes the clasp of his cloak. Removes his gloves, folding them and laying them flat on the table beside him. He leaves the supplied writing utensils alone and rests an envelope with a slim stack of papers squarely before him, not quite as thin as Milorian's but a mere adolescent compared to Singlance's fully matured ream. He spares a passing glance about him, taking individual note of the gathered audience, nodding to the various Dali members claiming their seat among the others, representatives for each of the various branches, including his own. Expertise promised depth but not breadth, so Dali baked the latter into the former by diversifying their panel; what a Moontraveler might glean from a sentence could differ wildly from a Titansinger, and each remain as valuable as the other. He is delighted to see that others are armed, as he was. A promise of security was no less and no more than just that, and while Rozharon was impressive and her children must equally be so, Merida was quietly spirited away right under their noses. These beings, he knew, had limits, and Ampelos refused to be one of Veluriyam's rounding errors. The papers were mostly legal documents. Sanitized memorandums and transactional documents, both repudiation and nonrepudiation disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements, things of that nature. The agenda for what Ampelos wished to convey on behalf of Dali was in a bulleted list and kept entirely in his head. Item one towered over the others and read simply: no more kings. "Music and no drink? What a somber affair this must be."
  24. I'm perennially interested in the movies that my fellow roleplayers end up checking out and liking The premise of the thread is that the movie you'll drop here is one you've recently seen, not that it's a new movie or one of your favorites. If you saw Casablance years ago and it was your favorite, that doesn't go here. If you saw it last week, it does So what's on your screens?
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