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  1. @LukeRipstine For you to incorporate in your post - through the glowing water Luke can see 2 "man-sized" jellyfish floating around down there
  2. If the post is too disjointed or too dialogue heavy let me know, just wanted to make sure to post before the weekend
  3. "For this matter, here is all the contract I need." Halisera extended her open hand to Enid. # # # Lady Dali ordered two dishes, each now sitting and steaming before her, one to fulfill utility and the other suited to her tastes. The first a plate of sardines. Their nutrient dense little bodies were packed with protein, lusicious oils, blood-fortifying vitamins, and Halisera consumed each of them hole; the day ahead was one which would demand something tremendous of her, and it was not work which would allow itself to be satisfied with anything less than exacting effort. The second was an order of seared scallops, paired with orange segments, glazed in a spicy vinaigrette; meant strictly to satisfy her palate, Halisera popped a scallop for every three sardines, the intermittent bursts of flavor making the entire dining experience vibrant. "You'll find most people have patterned themselves along the same steps taken by the captain. Mainland activity is of little practical interest to most of us. There was a time when the Queen, the proper Queen that is, had a political relationship with the mainland's monarch. It was not uncommon for an eye or ear to wander that way as a consequence. "But for the most part and for most people, all which is of any significance at all lies within Ursa Madeum's triangle. Whether due to lack of interest, lack of opportunity, or lack of economic motility is another matter entirely. I myself have left the isles only three, perhaps four, times in my life. And all that in my youth, before Damien's reckless nuisance. "That will change very shortly, or so I'm led to believe. A young Dali with something of a mind for business is causing a bit of a sensation among the family. He's, oh I wouldn't say 'engineered', but perhaps 'heralded' a transportation mechanism that is very likely to see transportation to the mainland made widely available. The desire for it is something else again." Concluding her meal, Halisera pushed her dishes to one side of the table; when the waitress returned, Halisera ordered a raspberry tart before addressing the remainder of Eli's inquiry. "Of course. I know a little of the art but an arm of the family, our Spidervalleys, has dedicated generations to its study. As it so happens that same Dali I mentioned before is of the Spider family, and though his true talent appears to be in commerce, he has something of a skill for Transmutation."
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    Came to the right place! Welcome to it and hope you enjoy the site. Let me know if you find yourself with any questions
  5. I'm excited for your excitement at what Valucre has to offer. Nothing quite ever beats that golden age experience of cracking the world open for the first time and seeing just how many opportunities for change, internally for your character and externally for the world, are all over the place just ripe for the grabbing. I'll say you should definitely check out the new member guide (thank wade!), and consider ingesting the site in pieces. There's a lot of material there, and while it's there for you to read at your leisure, I don't want you feeling like you have to catch up on a decade's worth of activity and lore just to dip your toe in the water. Poke around the maps and main landing pages then just pick a place that you might like. Alternatively you can proclaim your interests in the water cooler and see what the community surfaces for you, or what they're advertising for Welcome aboard!
  6. Welcome aboard, hope you like it here

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  7. The OP will course correct me as needed but I see two things to mention 1) pirate is more about activity than attire. You can dress like a dapper gentleman and be a pirate 2) the OP is trying to enforce a native tech level of about medieval / Renaissance era. I’ve never played Destiny but what I’ve seen looks pretty futuristic. Gear that falls under that category probably wouldn’t play but depends how the hunter dresses
  8. It's the elephant in the room Created by a collision of the sun and the moon My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb That was soon to be doper than heroin in a spoon
  9. @ticklefarte - instead of hitting the bottom of the U-bend the dagger hits and sticks to a black rock If there’s any rationale behind it the characters who see the rock can recognize it as a lodestone and deduce magnetism. Otherwise it’d just be like hey what’s that rock doing
  10. @AngryCacti Post it here!
  11. That's actually super neat!
  12. Any examples? I didn’t find any good or consistent ones on a quick search
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    You and me both! It hasn’t been the smoothest ride but it’s been smooth enough. On that note shout out to the team and to those sterling community members that 1) make it possible and 2) make it awesome on top of that
  14. @Lady Gilaen - small correction. Halisera is a matriarch / leader of her house but not a monarch. It doesn’t take anything away from the post but I realize not mentioning anything now might lead to speed bump down the line @Wade - could I trouble you to link the ooc in the ic? No problem if you do but it makes navigating to / fro easier imo
  15. You’re right they are split up but Olj’s original overthrow staff and security doesn’t really require that they be grouped together. I (as a regular player) definitely say find the person or people you think you can throw bones with the best and go for it Maybe attack amenities Merideath to help Nikolai out? Mer seems the most serious defense the place has
  16. Also since I do have these things worked out you can take open ended actions. Rather than swimming down and coming up with a source of the magnetism you’d swim down and look for / investigate and I’d let you know what it is (or just part of it or nothing, depending what the action is)
  17. You’ve just started the dungeon crawl. You aren’t going to find the ring in your first round, at the beginning. I’m also GMing the crawl. The ring is in a specific place and you have to find it. There are creatures and things already planned for. You just have to work through it
  18. Nope. Magic detection in Terrenus requires line of sight and is made more difficult when there are things between you and the object, especially so for passive detection You’re going to need more than a spider sense for this one!
  19. This is a distinct possibility but difficult to say with certainty without knowing what kind of material / metal the ring was made of (not all metals are magnetic, could be made of bone or ceramic, etc)
  20. GM NOTES The first descent revealed some water. The second descent into the ankle deep water reveals that the water gets deeper the more you progress. It will get deep enough for the characters to have to swim. When they do they’ll notice that it’s a U-bend which means they have to go underwater and find the opening on the other side Immediate complication: there seems to be some magnetic presence at the bottom of the U-bend which will attract any magnetic metal. Depending on the amount and type of gear this could be just a nuisance or could threaten your character’s life by making swimming more difficult Note of interest - the water is or has something phosphorescent in it. Wading through it causes light to come up from the water. Swimming through it as well and any wet stuff (such as the characters if and when they emerge) will continue glowing outside of the pool
  21. Whatcha thinking about there buddy 

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      These woods would look better burned to the ground, is all.

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