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  1. Ah well then if it’s just a “oh hey hah” type of thing then never mind me! I don’t want to take the fun out of commenting on the crazy stuff that happens in a roleplay thread. I thought it was directed specifically at me to address, my bad
  2. If you’d like to switch them around just ask for that. Me justifying the NPCs choices to you as a player won’t make a difference other than for you to probably go “oh ok” and things staying the same anyway Incidentally you might be overestimating the potency of the acid. It’s more “cause damage and-or pain” than “instantly liquify”
  3. I'm not married to this but the spell I usually reference halves the physical dimensions (height, length, width) and divides the weight by 8. Doing some rough numbers on the average American female would bring her to under 3ft and about 20 lbs. So more kid sized than doll sized It affects equipment as well and also is not permanent Partial effects are fine too
  4. I’m glad you think so. That said and especially as actual players are getting mixed into it I don’t mind pulling back the setting response some, having them focus on just Sarah and giving Philip more latitude for a narrative response other than dodge and counterattack
  5. These merchants are adventurers themselves and are accustomed to life in Lagrimosa, which means combat experience. In fact a demon attack just happened a little while ago in Treedell and announced in the news, they probably heard about it and are even more worry than they normally would be since this happens not uncommonly They aren’t helpless is “how”, if that’s what you were thinking
  6. They’re on the scene and reacting, not arriving after the fact - part of the people out of the lethal range ear shot but whose infrastructure got destroyed. They saw the attack happen + those characters are the only ones alive and moving surrounded in, as you worded it, the immediate vicinity by the bodies of those they insta-killed. One is as amenities pointed out sort of smearing blood all over their face. These characters are wearing protective gear so they aren’t harmed by being in range of the scream so I know they aren’t super far off either
  7. Try a tag! Who are you directing your question to? Amenities mentions it in his post but my post establishes it. There’s one potion at Sarah and another at Philip, the acid is only for Philip
  8. Jericho blew a plume of purple smoke out of the corner of his mouth, lips settling into the comfortable assignments of an easy smile. "I think I'd rather see how you do without a handicap, at least for your first day." Jericho stubbed the half-length of cigarette out on the nearby wall and placed the remainder back into its tin. The judicious blend of enchanted herbals brought put him in a righteous mood and gave him enough fuel to give the day some of his level best; the chopping of the tree would come later as it inevitably must, for now it was best to sharpen the axe. Without any motions this time, no hand gestures, no bob of the head, Jericho took off to the south and expected Severin to keep pace. "We'll take advantage of the fact there's medical facilities close at hand and no one is actively trying to separate our heads from our bodies. At the moment. Elder Company has some decent combat medics. I can't let you get picky on me with quality but it'll get the job done." It was a fifteen minute walk south to the squat, grey block of Elder Company's commercial office. Jericho did not go to the front door but to another alley, where muted conversation and a subtle exchange of hands saw Jericho return, offering a vial of grimy green mottled with greasy gray. While Severin dealt with the blind pain of bone growing in spontaneous and unexpected fashion, poking small holes in the soft flesh of his arm (and anywhere else he might have broken bones), and then the hollow pain of the cancerous growths dying off to leave only the necessary bedrock, Jericho was looking further south from their vantage. "Here's your first mission. Take us to the Glass Road."
  9. We're coming up on Levi's final day so @Venus Sprite can skip him this round and post at their leisure. Levi can post at will or add OOC character notes we can incorporate
  10. Frozen, animated movie Lesson: power is a double edged sword
  11. Because I like reusing and repurposing content: a post I made in response to an attack on a Gaian church shows a decent example of how a diocese would respond while making use of the clergy skill set (aka without accounting for special player character extras) https://www.valucre.com/topic/45483-canvas-of-blood-and-nightmares-valdrin/?do=findComment&comment=820806
  12. I think that about does it for my series of posts / involvement in the thread. My intention is to level set expectations on setting response and then just loosely monitor how that goes. I may have some OOC prompts if I feel they're needed but likely won't be doing another run of posts like that I think the intention is for Michael to show up at the church which I kept in mind as I wrote the post and the intention is to have Tilt disengage when Michael shows up. If anybody has any questions let me know
  13. ### Dauner and the church It had begun. Screams, pain, rippled from the market, flooded the streets, flowed through the town, crashed against the stout walls of the church. The apprentices and priests were concerned, as they should be, but they didn't know; the oracles were concerned, as they should be, because they knew. They did not have to wonder what was coming - parsing the signs and symbols of Her infinite complexity told them darkness fell, and would test their light. Dauner's induced panic was potent. It, for a moment, made these men and women of the cloth forget that their deity was not some remote force, to which prayers were sent only to be given silence in return. Their god was not an incarnate god, such as those they had in Renovatio, who could be felled by way of sword or cleansed by fire, who could be halved by mortal means and then consumed by those mortals . . . there was talk that some of the Renovatio's pantheon was being used to make drugs, an idea which boggled the mind. What good was a god who could do nothing? Why pray? Why worship? But theirs could, and once the moment of panic lapsed, they began to remember. Or, rather, the presence of Sister Tilt reminded them. As a ranked diocese her presence alone contributed greatly to their calm, to their mounting courage[1]. The members of her clock parted for her like the ocean, and she moved to the side of Brother Cyne and laid a hand on his shoulder[2] while addressing Dauner. "If you hide your darkness, hide from your darkness, however can you shine your light on what it obscures?" The question was not really a question, it was a statement, and though directed towards Dauner it was meant for the people around her; in the studied rhetoric of their practice the Sister, in effect, called the cryptic entity willfully ignorant. The Sister was standing now. To her side a portal (like a door, not like the magical kind) opened in the wall[3]. The church was made of the very stuff which connected their mortal coils, as animals, to the Mother's eternal presence. They didn't need to struggle against windows and the doorways made for the unlearned, they could simply make their own. An open suggestion that those who felt could not fight for their lives do the other good work of checking on the town. Some left, others remained. It also served as a clue to Dauner, a commentary on his choice of prop and victim as well as on his ability to dictate terms. Well before the sand ran to its final grain it punched through its housing in a spike aimed for his heart[4]. 1: Crown of courage: Aura bolsters strength and courage in nearby allies. 2: Heal [major]: Capable of healing organ failure and massive trauma. 3-4: Geomancy: The basic ability to manipulate earth
  14. ### Daemon and the tavern "Good Gaia." One of the soldiers responded, watching Daemon exude his influence to cause the dogs to bite the hand that fed them. And the leg. And the stomach and face too. The soldier brought a hand up to his mouth to keep his gorge from rising, while with his other hand he gestured to those with him to prepare their arms and utilities. "I'm not sure who has the right of way here. The young fellow came in and threatened everyone's life. I suppose the guy with the dogs was just defending himself but he made a threat. Was the kid just defending himself by making his dogs bite his whole face off? Hmmm. I'll let the courts figure it out, the kid seems a little unhinged and really only one person here is responsible for murder. Okay." Convinced of his ineffable grasp on jurisprudence, the soldier mobilized. Daemon, to his credit, made good use of this time and easily decapitated a soldier and took off someone else's arm; it was just as he went to take off another person's head that instead of easily parted flesh, the young man's sword found intractable metal. And at the end of the sword, a hand attached to a body with sharp teeth, horns, and a prehensile tail. Echer looked mostly human but never made a point to hide his tiefling roots. "Listen, let me ask you something." By now the people were evacuating or, if blocked in their attempt, concocting means by which to escape depending on the nature of the obstacle. Echer spoke with his blade, stepping to one side to relieve the pressure of their contesting swords and draw his own across Daemon's dominant shoulder. If cut, while it would hardly finish the fight, the bisected sinew would make it more difficult to wield his sword on that side.
  15. ### The market and the banshee's wail A handful of people died, immediately, expired the moment that the banshee's wail touched them and stole them away from earthly delights. The victims here numbered towards a dozen, given the fact that the murderers sauntered into a busy square in broad daylight to do so. Someone watching from a distance could see the rippling effect of the wail, as people near the point of origin dropped without a word, the people beyond them brought their hands to their ears and blood ran from their eyes like tears as they stumbled to the ground and back to their feet to escape, and others beyond them were both the most pained and the most mobile, dispersing immediately. This left those wearing protective helmets, and around them a ring of dead bodies. With the market mostly cleared now, the way ahead was paved for more of their bedlam. Paved roads, of course, could communicate their payloads in two directions. In the immediate aftermath of the attack there was no where for the murderers to hide, no crowd through which they could be lost, and the infrastructure which might have given them cover had been deliberately destroyed by the same attack which had taken lives. This made them conspicuous targets. A glass vial rolled to a stop in front of Sarah, and one in front of the spying Philip. They broke apart just as they entered the field of vision and consciousness, almost as if the observer's paradox was the trigger (it wasn't), and unleashed their respective spells; the first a potion of reduction, to shrink the woman down to a manageable size, and the second a cloud of acid gas that will warp metal and flesh alike on Philip. It takes minimal effort to spot across the center of the market a growing contingency of what, judging by their attire, must have been a few of the merchants whose commerce had been so unceremoniously interrupted. Among them a weaponsmith and an alchemist stood out as sporting some of their best wares. A scroll had been broken here too, and a Whisper sent out.
  16. ### Dauner and the coerced murders "Shay?" What had been an unhealthy, but not dangerous, expression of sibling rivalry, the hoodlum angry at his younger brother for being smarter and having better prospects than he ever could, had not been a fatal exchange until that stranger arrived. That was how Shay remembered it. Names and spitballs and shoving, not chipped teeth and broken skin. Underneath that jealousy was a core of pride as well - at least one of them was making it out. Then the stranger came and all of that changed. Actions were taken which could not be taken back and all of that because . . . because . . . ? "H-help . . ." It was a weak probing of the air by sound. As weak as Reon himself felt as he rose and stumbled away from the bodies. "Help." Stronger now as his familiarity with magic began to make sense of his past. He had been reading about city living because he was on his way to one for a scholarship. He remembered reading about the Safeguard Act, and how they classified unnatural compulsion as a violent crime; just that, just the act of taking over someone else's will, let alone using them to commit further criminal acts. Was all of this coming to mind because that's what? He had to get, "Help!" Someone nearby, for villages were not the sprawling and anonymous infrastructures which were cities, had seen events transpire. They broke the seal on a Whisper scroll and used it to let the recipients know on the other side in the multicast transmission: "There's been a murder." Note: The local militia is informed; they will relay the information abroad
  17. Communications devices are part of the standard equipment a soldier would get. Think of it less like “I need Michael C. here stat” and more like “This is Corporal Ecks reporting at the corner of Why and Zee. Send backup.” Like amenities said it’s fine if she doesn’t, it isn’t a cornerstone of any plans, just giving the info
  18. Okay so the fact you were afv is part of it, the fact that the afv was indefinite was another part since the indefinite nature means I can't really plan around it or have any insight into it. I also don't have a hard metric in terms of audit like I do for items with a limited count, like artifacts or quests, because the roles are "unlimited" so I just do a general sweep when it feels like it's been a while and go with what I think makes sense. For example Meraxa hasn't announced an afv that I'm aware of but he also just hasn't really used the character beyond that one thread to my knowledge so he didn't make the sweep I treat these discharges as "honorable", vs the "dishonorable" that would come about from doing ill or making egregious mistakes, so people can take their career legacy with them over to the private sector and if interested enough in getting back into the military there's an avenue to do so
  19. I’ll still come back when I have a full keyboard for the process et al but perhaps worth clarifying is there’s a provision for (honorably) discharged characters to re-enroll in the military
  20. That’s one part of it, but there’s a few more parts and I think it’ll be useful for me to elaborate on how those parts fit together because that’ll clarify on my management style and process for this org. I’ll circle back to this when I’m at a full keyboard I just didn’t want to leave it at “...”
  21. I’ll happily answer this but I want you to try and take a guess why this could possibly be and I’ll course correct where necessary. This way my decisions will be less confusing in the general scope rather than on a case by case basis
  22. The foothold doesn't have to be a base or a depot. Right now I'm thinking it would be interesting to do something with warpstone[1] or do something with placing a fast travel relay[2] there 1 - this could be mining the material itself so that we can analyze it and understand its properties or it could be protecting a group of miners/analysts as they do that. the dangers could be natural like a random encounter or deliberate like a bandit attack 2 - this could be in trade town or just nearby enough but similar to the above, responsible for building the thing or protecting the thing while it is being built or even from a specific attack after it is built 3 - ??? anything anyone else might come up with from the lore If you pull one way or the other, or towards some other direction, in addition to whoever else might respond here I think I'll put up a general interest check as well to see if there are parties with adjacent interests that might want to do something with the plot
  23. You can also post your own interest checks in the water cooler as well. Although the tavern of legend is for new members, new members aren’t limited just to the tavern. You can start getting into any of it from day 1 I’d also recommend the tavern, if not the main thread then the lounge as that seems to have more of the activity right now
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