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  1. I'm flagging the weekend of 4/9 as the day that Valucre goes read only. I'm actually going to use that time to try and migrate the site to its new host

    If all goes well then I'll point the domain to the new server and may even leave it writable into May before making it read only

    If it doesn't go well I'll probably point it back to the existing host and low-priority troubleshoot until the new one works or until the first host runs out of lease, at which point I'll troubleshoot it on the new host over time and it'll just be read only when it becomes accessible again

  2. "Kiki!" Ruiser bubbled his enthusiasm. When her open hand made its way around to his side of the table he extended his own, but rather than grasping it he slapped it in what he had come to appreciate as a near-universal suggestion of enthusiasm and accord.

    "You are well met with me. I am Ruiser. Sword and bow, hunt and fish." He reiterated for any who needed it, this time leaving out any mention of his culinary skill. It was a fact increasingly evident to the soldier of fortune, and several real wars, that he had found himself in the thrall of another of life's curious caprices.

    Ruiser found himself leaning in when Elgar iterated the troubles that lay ahead. The old man wasn't whispering a thing, and Ruiser felt that, their crew settled, and the value of their target immense as it was, now was the time to get a little more paranoid about what they talk about, and when, and with whom.

    As he was about to make a suggestion on how to best address their largest obstacle, someone came with a solution in hand. Ruiser let his hands busy themselves with whatever was in reach, a wooden utensil, a paper napkin, while Tyra presented her ship.

    "I'll be running aboard as equal partner, and your share is your share to split between whoever else it is you be bringing with you Miss. That is, I ain't splitting my loot a dozen more ways. If the rest of you are fine with that," Ruiser extended his half of the high-five to Tyra. "Then let's slap on it."

  3. Just now, Die Shize said:


    You can go! I don’t think we’re waiting on anyone/anything at this point. Unless you mean the above discussions but those can continue/discontinue regardless of posting in the IC thread.

    Just that it’s stuv’s turn in post order and I wasn’t sure if we want to wait more time or do a skip essentially 

  4. Although Ruiser is keeping information about himself understandably close to the vest I'll give a bit of usefl tidbits to my fellow players following in Die's example, since you may think up a better thing with me than I would alone!

    Ruiser is a dragon rider and has a bonded dragon companion. His thought was that we could use the balloon and at the so-called midnight hour of struggling against the wind, it could add extra hot air or even put a rig on it and she could help pull us through to the other side. That said Ruiser would only suggest this after exhausting all other options because his companion is a companion, not a beast of labor, and it's one of his few "aces" / exit strategies which he prefers to keep hidden unless essential

    Playing off of some of Die's ideas here are my thought-spices to add to the stew

    - raided by sky pirates: this AND ALSO we clear them off their own ship and use it to get to our final destination

    - attacked by flying creatures: sort of like my dragon idea but if we can tame / domesticate a few we come across they can haul us through the worst of it

    - derelict vessel: i like this if it is purposeful instead of accidental. like if one of has knows about a sort of airship graveyard we can salvage a whole thing or parts of it and make a whole thing. we can probably make something like this up as i think it matches the setting flavor just fine

    I like sky pirate raid + reversal the most personally, not that any exclude the other necessarily (edit: I just now read the ic post! which provides a fine and organic venue for a bunch of other stuff so I’m not dead set on anything)

  5. 11 minutes ago, Rembrandtt said:

    I'm toying with the idea of creating a newer character but not entirely sure of whom it would be yet

    Use the rp as the process by which you discover or change the kind of character you want to play! Just a half baked idea that gets fully baked over time lol 

  6. What would be the imperative for a noble to help your outsider (I’m assuming) get access to their prefer tree (which I assume is important)? The opportunity here is written as, you get to come help my achieve my goal. Which may be enough for some! But given the rather narrow pool of potential (a noble type in or familiar with Crystallo) you may want to add more to the table in terms of plot bait 

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