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  1. Ankh wears an ankh!

  2. Find your way onto YIM?

  3. /scribbles the john hancock

    This better not be filled with heart-shaped anthrax.

  4. NO giving up. I want to read more of your posts, but how can I if you won't write more of them!? I don't like paradoxes.

  5. There is. Just send me a link to the image you want and I'll include it.

  6. Your entry to the bestiary has been approved and added.

  7. LOL 3 headed panda vomiting rainbows.

  8. Excellent! And hey, welcome to Valucre :)

  9. The decision is completely yours, I just wanted you to know that it is an option. You can submit it through the Bestiary form: http://www.valucre.com/misc.php?do=form&fid=16

  10. Have you considered submitting your Malakhim to the world bestiary?

  11. Welcome to Valucre!

  12. LOL

    Looks like he could be Seth Rogen's oddball cousin

  13. Did that D&D thing ever star?

    Nice avatar. Is that Russel Brandt.

  14. Hey man, your group is getting that roleplay in!

  15. ~430 miles, around there. Definitely less than 500 and more than 400. The creator described it as being a little bit beneath Langley Keep (8) on the map.

  16. I'll ask around and get back to you.

  17. I can definitely tell you, if you just let me know where the Watchtower is. Like tell me what number it's closest to, and I can tell you how far away that is in approximate miles.

  18. If you can tell me where the Watchtower is. That's a user addition, so I don't know it by heart.

  19. This is so exciting.

  20. Never doing what? Because if you're saying that you won't rep any longer, we shall see about that!

  21. I got a corvus for you RIGHT HERE

  22. I'm very glad to hear that! That's what we strive for here on Valucre.

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