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  1. Now that Roku's got himself a daughter and family, you do realize how epic it is that there's a vampire warlord what can one day conjure himself right outside his window, right? That's comic status right there.

  2. Hi :) Welcome to Valucre.

  3. Also, basically, if you're gonna scrap it you're gonna scrap it. I put in my two cents but I'm not going to debate you about it. You are now aware of my opinion on the matter of your shizzle, so you do what you want and I just have to either nod or shake my head.

  4. By sheer volume, there''s more roleplay than there ever was. I think you're tripping. The only thing to question, depending both on technical strictness and subjective taste, is the quality. Example. Some might think Auralanth wasn't a great writer cause typos shone through in his posts but in my opinion I think that motherfucker can WRITE.

    New people are excited at at something new.

    As to older clientele fading it all depends on who you know and talk to. Just as many are coming back after legitimate crises, and just as many are having real, non-Valucre reasons for paying more attention to their immediate life. The small remaining percentage who just don't like what Valucre's "become" I can shake their hands and agree that we just have different tastes and good luck.

    Tourney mod. Some combination lameness. The lameness of the configuration and I think the lameness of a core update compatibility error caused us to remove it. There's an announcement of that somewhere.

  5. Except that now its inside of Valucre. Awesome things thrive here, they can't help themselves. Just give it time, pwomise.

  6. I saw you left a comment on Ace's profile, traced it back here, and found Fyrei.

    Kudos! I love the picture too, and it's been a WHILE since I've seen someone play a tiefling. Ima have to give you rep for that, for a nice picture, and for straying away from the powered human trope.

  7. I just checked out the updated Continuum. Pretty slick my good man, pretty slick.

  8. Hey Ken. Welcome to Valucre! I just want to say that, for visitor messages, you should leave the message on the profile of the person you want to respond to. That way they get it as a Notification, and you can view an isolated conversation between Yourself and Other by clicking the "view your conversation" button you'll notice next to Status Changes on the profiles of other members.

  9. You ever feel like it's just been too long since one has played POCKET TANKS?

  10. The Newcomer Q&A is a great idea. Already you're covering some parts that can't be covered by the walkthrough, since it's already big and explaining everything you can do would make it even more unwieldy. And then anything that gets brought up that CAN be put on the walkthrough, or even on forum know-how, I can pull from there and add to the articles to integrate into the resources.

    posrep for you.

  11. ID-08 is effing adorable.

  12. Where have you gone?! Why don't I see you on Valucre anymore?!

  13. Yeah well . . . funny looking breastplate.

  14. I've only seen the first episode, but it's pretty effing nice, especially if you liked The Network.

  15. Love Me If You Dare is such a good movie, and one of my favorite romances! The Network is super ill as well. Have you heard of the British series The Prisoner?

  16. Who is that in your display, if I may ask? S/he looks quite bad-ass.

  17. Two things:

    1. Are you aware that in posting in Visitor Messages on your profile means that you're leaving messages to yourself?

    2. I noticed that you were searching for Open Threads in the Who's Online section, this might be of help to you then: http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/4323-Open-Threads

  18. Thanks for the posrep :)

  19. Thanks for the posrep :)

  20. Not an issue at all :) And it isn't part of the rules. We can't put ever DO and DON'T, otherwise the rules would be as big as an encyclopedia! We just covered the most important stuff, and the little stuff, like this, we handle individually. Like I said, it's not even a big deal, especially for a new member. Besides you'll find that the visitor messages are more handy anyway :)

  21. Hello and welcome to Valucre :). Just to let you know we don't usually allow OOC comments in the profile database. You can leave your comment as a visitor message on the user's profile.

  22. Hey :) Welcome to the forum. I really liked reading your post, and wish more members were like you, raring to go and just jumping in to the roleplay. Can't wait to see more of your writing.

  23. omg ur hurtin my feelins stawpit

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