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Status Updates posted by supernal

  1. You can find a lot of useful information about the site in the Getting Started pages at the top of the site, and near there we also have an overview article on the World, of Valucre that is, which will tell you about the planet and the individual nations. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM. Welcome to Valucre. 

  2. You can hide your own posts now btw!

  3. You found my flower. Thanks for the like!

    1. supernal


      She totally is! Granted she's a peacekeeper which is the highest rank you can achieve in the military and still be fighting so I made her specifically to be a badass, versus some of my other characters, but I'm glad it got "pretty awesome" and not "smelly OP" :P

    2. Golden Hyacinth

      Golden Hyacinth

      Cool! I don't know much about Valucre's lore yet, so I don't know much about anything, let alone the rankings of the military (and the fact that there's a space program). It didn't occur to me that she'd be OP at all, for some reason! She's just really badass, as you said.

      Speaking of which I think I'm going to PM you a question about my character's abilities. Don't want to come off as too OP or anything.

    3. supernal


      Send away. 

      There's definitely a spectrum on the mild powers line where you can both be not OP but also really strong. Being really strong isn't a bad thing but it's good to consider that the more that your character can do or has done then the less they need to grow. And the growing / experienceing is the fun part 

      I wrote this mild powers guide that you may find useful: 

      but I'll be looking out for that PM :)

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  4. You might like that bio as a linkable character sheet instead but that’s just something to think about. Welcome aboard 

  5. You should place a link to that interest check in your signature!

    1. Avvercus


      That sir, is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

  6. You should totally make an Elendaron AMA thread

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      You're right.  I'll get on that. 

    2. supernal


      Moved it to the Help forum with the other AMAs by the way 

    3. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      :bigsmile:  Thanks, since I had no clue where to put it.  I figured if they wanted to know about Elendaron they would be looking at the area.  LOL 

  7. You were extra cool to write with. Let me know if you come back!

  8. You're delightful to read!

    1. Gil


      Aw, thank you!

  9. You're officially a Valucre power user! So many useful links and helpful posts

    1. Prestississimo


      I just hate it when someone has been in the new person section for over two hours and hasn't received a reply yet. I've been on the new person board enough times to know that it kinda feels bad and I want to spare people that as much as possible XD

  10. You're probably the coolest/most consistent of the "my SO brought me here by the skin of my teeth!" crowd. 

    1. LizzieFoxtrot


      I love it! I get the chance for real character development unlike RP chat rooms, where I mostly only got the chance to write my characters doing naughty things I just wished I was doing.

  11. You've been with us for a while kingofgames. And now that I've watched almost the entirety of Yugioh I can appreciate the username. I hope Valucre continues to provide a creative outlet for years to come

    1. Kingofgames12


      Thank you very much for the comment. This place has been great, and I’m happy I found it.

  12. You've fallen in with a wonderfully engaging group of writers so I'm sure you're in grand company. If you find yourself with any questions however, feel free to reach out

    1. Nessuno


      Thank you! I am quite interested in exploring other parts of the site, so I may very well come up with an excuse to bother you before too long. Everyone I've met so far has been wonderful, so I don't expect to have many problems getting along!

    2. supernal


      Music to my ears. Good music at that! 

  13. You’re on a tear!

    1. Grubbistch


      Yes and now that I have nothing else to post, I shall begin Oscar Uldwars journey in his new chapter in life, bathed in blood and violence...

  14. You’ve been running that thread in Alt for like 3 years now! Kudos! 

    1. amenities
    2. zackrobbman


      It' been whittled down to just me and another guy, but thanks!

    3. Metty


      I'll post for you at some point in it. 

  15. You’ve really soaked the lore in! 

    1. omit_needless_words


      Thanks!  We'll see what happens next...

  16. Your avatar and BG image get the creativity flowing! Welcome to Valucre

  17. Your Casper post was just absolutely splendid. 

    1. Failedrevolution


      :D Thank you so much!!! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the read!  I am really looking forward to this!

  18. Your character is immediately engaging and intriguing. Can't wait to see what they get into. 

    1. WholeHog


      Thanks! She's an idea I've had crawling in the back of my head for a while, and only just decided to put into use.

      On the topic of using her, do you know of any threads in need of an extra member? Most of the ones I see in the water cooler appear to have already made it off the ground or are closed.

    2. supernal


      I don't off the top of my head but if you don't mind hobbling along with a grizzled old veteran like myself I'd be interested in a short romp through one of the settings I've been interested in exploring with your character. PM me to discuss if you're interested?

    3. supernal


      I'd also suggest checking the open thread tag listing: http://www.valucre.com/search/?tags=Open

      And if nothing there appeals you'd be surprised how quickly a "looking for a 1x1" type of thread in the water cooler will net you some replies 

  19. Your character shifting avatar is dope 

    1. Tyler


      Haha, thanks. Ataraxy made a comment the other day about static avatars being lame, so I'm like "challenge accepted".

      Nothing static about this avatar! XD

  20. Your interest check looks awesome. Best of luck with it

    1. Caltrixus


      Thanks! I'm always nervous about posting my ideas for an rp, but I always give it a shot.


    2. supernal


      Carpe diem and fortune favors the bold and all that good stuff, I do agree

  21. Your post in nede was removed at request. Try sending it to the poster as a PM

  22. Your professor is immediately intriguing! Welcome to Valucre and if you have any questions do let me know and I can't wait to see Renes in action 

    1. Glacialic Acid

      Glacialic Acid

      Thank you, I did the art yesterday and the profile, I'm excited to join this rp.


  23. Your RP has really taken off!

    1. Slime Mother

      Slime Mother

      Thanks to you and the announcment! If you wanna join,you can my dude. And if other people wanna join,i can make another one so that we dont get too big and confused

  24. Your sheet looks awesome!

    1. L u n a

      L u n a

      Thank you so much!

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