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    When the waitress circled back to deliver Ivan's bacon, Caden seized the opportunity to put a delicate hand on the neutral territory of her lower arm.

    "Roast flank of markhor (local goat variant). Mustard seed on the side. I kinda want to try the Pyrolisk too but been told it’s a bit gamey. Just bring me a little taste along with the markhor and I'll let you know if I want some more. I'll take a tank of bitter perry (pear cider)."

    He almost laughed out loud when Vito removed one mask to reveal another. It was a rare moment of levity for Caden, who had always lived a sober life and whose perspective was further soured by the fall of his uncle's criminal dynasty, and by the burden of vengeance he carried around with him, which motivated him even now. But this time, Vito won.

    Caden returned his attention to Ivan as the other offered up a clear glimpse of the inner workings of his mind. It was another unguarded moment, a crucial one, because if they were going to establish a working team, the foundation upon which all other things were built was trust.

    "You're right that we won't get anywhere without something to trade for what we want. I just find myself thinking we're gonna be better off with more carrot than stick on this one. Think of yourself real powerful like, and real steeped in the local culture like, and some nobodies come at you with dirt. Even if the dirt is real good, even if it sticks hard, I think for me, I'd kill myself trying to find a way to turn the tables on them."

    Caden paused here to take the temperature of the room, sweeping his eyes across the small estate of the civilized watering hole, searching the tall grasses for predatory movement, and finding none.

    "Someone comes to you with a carrot, that's a little different. Carrots are tasty. You might stick around for more, if that Hand has more to give out. You might even go out of your way to get more carrots, you might make sure no one even knows about the carrots so you can keep them all to yourself. Let's try it that way first. The stick can come out if it doesn't work."

    Caden leaned back without a further word, suggesting by his body language that he was open to be swayed and that now was the time to do it. The matter remained open even as Vito began explaining their newest product.

    Vito was onto something with this kyuc stuff. He, too, waited for the guard to pause before throwing his lot in.

    "I want to change the cross to something home grown. Maybe something after one of the animals they got carved up in that fucking mountain. How powerful is this stuff? What I mean is, those omens, those visions, how close are they coming to the real thing? You always got the good shit, so I'm assuming pretty damn close. I can't imagine heavy users can expect to live long, fucking around with omens and portents without the gift or the training for it."

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    (Credit to Ms may)
    A precursor of what's to come 
    even I'm not prepared 😭
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    Science fantasy is an applicable way to think of things. A general rule of thumb is think of some technological contrivance and then think what would be different about it if it used some magical principle or item instead of a conventional one. It could be a machine that works totally the same like say a steam engine, except it’s got a fire elemental at its core keeping it hot. Boom, “magitech”. There’s no real right answer so it doesn’t matter if what you cook up doesn’t look like what someone else does 
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    Science fantasy is an applicable way to think of things. A general rule of thumb is think of some technological contrivance and then think what would be different about it if it used some magical principle or item instead of a conventional one. It could be a machine that works totally the same like say a steam engine, except it’s got a fire elemental at its core keeping it hot. Boom, “magitech”. There’s no real right answer so it doesn’t matter if what you cook up doesn’t look like what someone else does 
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    cannot.. resist........ I love apocalypse RPs. It's also time for me to get back into the swing of things on Val. Sign me up! 😄
    A question, are the characters meant to be vanilla humans, or can they bring with them some powers? I'll probably have a new character, or use an existing character as if like they're in an alt universe. (maybe change their name as well...) 
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    Attack on Titan meets Half-Life... oh man this is tempting... If only some of my other RPs would actually someday end so I had more open slots. 
    Keep me in mind as an alternate for now.
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    She was certainly a character. Will followed the pipe-dweller dutifully, trying his best to place her accent or even to understand if she was even saying real words. When the toothpick came at him, he managed to catch it after a bit of fumbling. As he struggled, however, Will accidentally pressed the button on the device. His heart thudded in his chest, skin running cold as realization set in. He paused to listen for...something. Anything, really. 
    Nothing triggered. Oh well, he thought, shrugging. After a second he dropped the device and gripped the toothpick. He placed the crystal in his pocket and looked up. Shit, she was gone. 
    "Wait," he called. "Please wait?" 
    His voice sounded so small. Hoarse from yelling and adrenaline, he doubted she could even hear him. From this little makeshift room he could hear the water further back and, after a heartbeat, decided that maybe hurrying wasn't a bad idea. Still, he had to take a moment to look around. A bed that looked slept in and a few objects that likely held some value to the strange woman. How does someone live like this?  
    Will blinked and began to move, chasing after his new friend. He found her at the end of the tunnel in front of a rope which resembled the thread he'd dragged through the pipes since they'd entered. "Ah, I see," he said. "Guess I'm climbing?"
    He set his new toothpick in his quiver, hoping it stayed secure amongst the far smaller quarrels that called the pouch home. 
    As he clutched the rope in one hand he shook his head and grinned. "My name is Will," he announced with a grunt. "I usually don't meet people in such dire circumstances, but I'm glad to know you." He began to climb, muscles straining from fatigue but still working to get the job done. "When we're settled," Will continued, "I'd like to hear about how someone like you ends up in a place like this. Then I'll tell you my story."
    Curious how paths could converge in the most obscure locations. Curious how allies formed in the most dire situations. Curious how loss could reinforce a cause. With every pull, Will found his resolve growing. He reached the top and clutched the lip of the new pipe, pulling himself into the opening to view a new tunnel. With a sigh, he pulled out his toothpick and adjusted the sash that his crossbow hung from. That damn ring. Where was it? It was unlikely to be found here. The water's path wouldn't have brought it up the pipes. They needed to find a way down but that damn water flooded everything. 
    "I'm stuck," Will realized aloud.
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    I’m aiming for a post today and a peppier pace after 
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    Located on a riverside cliff, emptying into a delta beside the isolated Sidereal Lake, a large structure can be seen peering over the expanse. At night, it might look as though a lighthouse, any official map designates it either as "Sidereal Lake Firewatch Station" or "Erebus Museum and Inn of The Great Langley Expedition". In truth is more exciting however, as any visitor is quick to learn that it is also a Wizard Tower, owned and operated by one J. H. A. Aldoid, the former owner of Artifacture Unlimited and Arcmagus. As all retired mages, the magician has sought seclusion in Hermitage, As all innkeepers, so oft is an adventurer in need, wandering through these lands, that shelter and merchandising is in great need, and so operates a small general store and Inn attached to the central tower.
    Erebus Pub and Inn

    Making up the more homely portion of the structure, a simple beer hall and inn is in operation. With several long tables where the more itinerant can find their food and try some of the owner's peculiar brand of Purl (Wormwood Ale) or even some Stone Soup, although in truth, the Host is more than capable of cooking up whatever one might be inclined to taste.

    Sachet of Candied Lemon, Lime, and Hibiscus Hermetic Jar of Pickles Top Hat Hard Candy Purl, Aged Wormwood Ale, sourced from coconino marsh. (Hallucinogenic effects rare) Stone Soup and Sourdough- made from organically sourced soupstones (Kitchen may be able to provide custom order on request and inclination)

    Stabling and Fodder for Mounts Garage space for coaches and other vehicles Rooms are traditionally nothing more than a water snake (a large pot that fills with water after being emptied, traditionally just bailed out the window), a chamberpot and a bed. Additional accommodation again to owner's discretion.
    The Great Langley Expedition Museum

    Compiling the history of the first great cartographic expedition of Fracture, lead by the great and divisive Erebus Langley, many original texts, resources and historical artifacts of the Langley Expedition reside here, though nothing or any actual magical or technological value. Mostly preserved flora and fauna, some of there cartographic and expedition equipment, as well as journals and now outdated maps created in the early days of Fracture's history.
    Atelier And Shop

    (Pictured, Kitchen)

    Outside of occult study, there are a great many workshops inside the stonework and lower holds of the structure, owing to the trades as a master artificer and artisan. There is a buisness counter and a shop as needed in the upper portion where Adventurers can purchase needed sundries and equipment, as well as commission artifacts and spells, as well as sell off and fence rewards and materials obtained from exploration and adventure. As the constant nature of such work, there is commonly smoke pouring up from the outer chimney at all hours of the day, keeping the various furnaces and boilers heated as well as providing a fume hood for any one of the various alchemy labs.

    (Shop reference)
    Mage's Tower and Residence

    Forbidden to anyone save the owner through active spell and ritual work, the large central tower, standing an impressive 8 stories at its highest point, this tower is their personal library and research station for Magical, Occult, and whatever studies might capture the interest of the former Arcmagus. At the very top sits the residence proper, the modest lodgings befitting a hermit. Likewise, giving the increased air traffic, there is a rookery on premises, where all manner of birds are able to come and go and seek lodging as well.
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    supernal reacted to squid peanut in Valucre humor (and memes) thread   
    NPCs that are probably evil:  *don't show any clear interest in starting a combat*
    The Good aligned party:  We have no idea how to deal with this situation
    Me: here's this simple, charming, good aligned character
    also me: but what if they were secretly a super villain?
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    Let's try that.  The bleakness of winter tends to sap my motivation a good deal, and I should be able to wrap up some of the other stuff I'm posting for by then.
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    supernal reacted to vielle in Valucre humor (and memes) thread   
    Returning to Val from a hiatus, but I feel like I'm forgetting some things. . .

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    From a PM

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    If necessary we can put a pin in this and circle back after the new year or something. You know thyself and thy process better than I ever will but I usually find when things start to feel a bit like a slog it’s better to take a breather 
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    Ahhh I lied. Tonight is the night. Sorry again lol
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    Feel free to take things at your own pace.  If you have a character and don’t know what to do with them, you can always hang out at the tavern of legends for a bit (don’t worry, you don’t have to read the whole thread)
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    Hello yes is this going to be noob friendly
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    Hi. I'm not great at talking. Honestly I figured it might be best to just sort of lurk maybe, but I figure it would be best to do this now instead of later. 
    So yes, I am here to role play perhaps, but I have some difficulty in thinking up ideas. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon, but until then.
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    Gotchya. Wasn't sure if it was a admin thing or not since kleksei hadn't been on for a few months. Will try to reach her 👍
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    It may vary depending on the board leader and you can get clarity from them but will say historically speaking it has been people, and that’s the case for Fracture / Terrenus 
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    I think this one you want to take here 
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