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    supernal reacted to Csl in Csl's Art Box (2020)   
    Commission of Ashton for @Praetorian

    Actually designed an armor reference for this one, which was fun:

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    supernal reacted to Fierach in Things we give up. [artifact]   
    Eshara tore up the earth with the fervor of a thirsting man in a desert. Had he managed to find the object of her quest? Was he going to be able to get out of this rank pit and continue with his mission? Finally!
    Hauling away great chunks of mud with his hands and makeshift tools, he finally uncovered something hard and white. Intrigued, he redoubled his efforts.
    And revealed a giant rib bone, not unlike that of the skeleton of the fast-decaying carcass of the eel from earlier, but larger.
    "... thats not what you're looking for is it" he deadpanned, not even asking the question. No the inquisitor didn't strike him as a paleontologist. It was all his fault really, Eshara had to jinx himself by saying more eel.
    And so he found more eel. The exasperated man cast an eye over at Capria's efforts.
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    supernal reacted to dogemen1032 in Im New   
    Sup Lads
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    supernal reacted to Agent Knockout in Im New   
    Ah, I see a comrade joining us! Make sure to read that New Member Guide, it has some incredibly useful stuff!
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    supernal reacted to Phoebe in Jack Howard is looking for people to Roleplay with in Genesaris   
    The title says it all! xD
    Recently, I've been super slow in terms of roleplay, and my babies are starting to overwhelm me. As such, I'm helping them to reach out to other Val members via the water cooler.
    Jack Howard, played by @Jack Howard is the Governor of New Acheron, a city in the rising Empire of Eternus which formed during the Reclamation event in Genesaris.

    Dude is also the Prime Minister. Currently quite new to Valucre, but already seizing positions of importance among his own people.
    Jack is looking for other territory holders in Genesaris to make allegiances, contacts, trading deals!
    So if you are in or from Genesaris and would like to make contact with the righteous boatman, than here is your opportunity to do so!
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    supernal reacted to Csl in "Medieval Fantasy Plot" OOC   
    Alright, so samo and shatter have gone on indefinite AFV and withdrawn from this plot, + with Jivundus being inactive for over two months, I'll be looking for new players to fill in the slots of the three gillick children. I may make up a gillick kid character for myself 🤔
    Wade has probably mentioned this to some of you already but as part of the war plot, Corinth (or the main ursa madeum kingdom) is going to begin looking for these kids (due to Lupercarl, one of the UM council people, being close to Damien and knowing about some of them). Essentially, they want to attempt recruiting these kids, and I intend to use a mercenary/tracker character to play that out.
    I'm still not completely free to make new threads at the moment but let me know if you'd be interested in this and we can plot something out OOC
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    supernal got a reaction from Csl in Limited GM   
    How interested (or not!) would you as a player be in a “service” where another player will GM a plot for you but service is limited by time or content. Meaning they will stop GMing after X weeks or months, or after Y posts or pages of roleplay 
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    supernal got a reaction from The Alexandrian in Lagrimosa AMA 2.0   
    I just updated this summary to highlight retribution opportunities more explicitly
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    supernal got a reaction from Ataraxy in What's Your Worst RP Experiance?   
    This is really a trifle but it was so annoying 
    Before I joined forums for role play I was in chat rooms. The way this ancient software was set up, the last person in a room becomes the mod of that room. So one day, after connecting to the ether via the haunting song of the dial up modem, I come to find my castle is owned by RandomAlphaNumeric because they were in the member list when I left for the night 
    Fury and rage. 
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    supernal got a reaction from Ataraxy in What's Your Worst RP Experiance?   
    A long time ago a few member joined and started spamming people to get them to join another site. Turns out they were all the same member. I brought it to the attention of the admin of the other site. Turns out, this was the same person too! The admin was the person who joined Valucre to spam members! They called me a bunch of names and banned me from their site. They did this on a bunch of other websites too
    In the scope of things it's a pretty funny-absurd story but not one I'd like to repeat
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    supernal reacted to Rembrandt in 3 Wishes and a Ledger   
    Auran: Hey
    Sharps: Yeah
    Auran: hey
    Sharps: what do you want
    Auran: hEY
    Sharps, thinking to himself: I swear to god if this guy says hey one more time I will literally level a city
    Sharps: ok seriously what do you wa-
    Auran: HEY
    Sharps: oH MY-
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    supernal got a reaction from Sombersong in Member of the Month   
    For the month of June it's @Sombersong!
    PM me your desired user title
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    supernal reacted to Noko in Limited GM   
    I mean, I'd be interested.  Sometimes I'm looking for a more traditional RP system where I'm not playing all the characters - a little surprise, you know?  It's something I've looked for and utilized in the past.. I see no reason why I wouldn't look for something similar in the future.  Previously, I ran a lot of plots to move both Last Chance and the Dead forward, and these sorts of temporary GMs can add some flavor that I wasn't expecting, therefore make it a bit more fun for me, and keep me from burning out as fast 😉
    I mean, if it turns out terrible one could always just follow up with a different plot to fix whatever went so wrong - it's just more rp.
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    supernal reacted to Die Shize in Chesterfield citizens - a tighter focus   
    This sounds ideal for me right now since I have a character who will be working to obtain a bioship. As I want this process to be...organic...it will span some time IC. So living near the bioship makes sense!
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    supernal got a reaction from Die Shize in Chesterfield citizens - a tighter focus   
    Something about how the same wattage that goes into a light bulb, if focused into a tighter beam, makes a laser that can cut into metal. I want some of that! Although there are many awesome stories set against a sprawling backdrop the same is also true for stories which have a much tighter focus in terms of landscape. Some of the best stories take place in the scope of a town or a city
    So that's what I'm going for. I want people that not only call Chesterfield a home but that actually treat it as a home. Who don't just have Chesterfield as a byline of "born here" or "resides here" but actually goes about the business of residing. I want neighborhoods, which means we need neighbors
    As yet there's no specific roleplay tied to this, I'm just looking for people who might be interested in keeping a foot solidly in Chesterfield meanwhile they play all the other games that interest them. If it interests you, let me know! If open ended storylines pop up in the setting I'll circle back to throw them here too
    It’ll probably be a good bit of slice of life so brace yourselves
    Questions and so on, right here works
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    supernal reacted to Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    Yeah, I'd probably do exactly that. While I'll rp with basically anyone of any level because why not, GM levels should be at a higher standard. Now, I'm not saying to be snobby and expect the level of writing that you or King, for example, bring to the table. Some people, like myself imo, are simply better story tellers than writers. But if you're writing is so lacking that people can't tell what you're trying to get across, then it's not fun for everyone. But Val has people who speak English as a second language who write more than adequately enough. 
    I would say that if you have a high school level of proficiency in English writing, that's good enough. Use conjunctions properly, place basic punctuation where they belong, use capitol letters, have a general idea about the difference of present, past, and future tense. If you meet those four elements, I think most people will be satisfied with your story telling.
    I would not. I'd say you'd have to be on Val for at least three months, excluding occasions of special permission from staff/ admins. Three months seems to be the standard line we've drawn over the years for different things are Val and I think it's a good time frame.
    This is a tougher question, but it would be cool if available GMs linked previous works. That would be supremely helpful. I could click on a few of their works to see their writing style, proficiency, dedication, etc. Could even be to their own writing if they GMd their own threads. Interesting is overly vague and I shouldn't have used it. What I meant was more like, the ability to make a plot that would satisfy the expectations of a reasonable person who roleplays.
    Of course, then you have to not only define what kind of plot that would be but also whether a reason person who roleplays actually exists lol this would be more of a trial and error element. Start the service for a while and see which GMs succeed, or which threads succeed, and compare those to the ones that did not. 
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    supernal got a reaction from Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    That sounds pretty good to me. It isn’t a high bar so much as how you determine the criteria. For 3) does that mean you will always check out a user’s post history to make sure their writing is up to your individual snuff? For 4) does that mean you won’t consider new members who write well because you don’t have enough handle on how they interact OOC? How do you validate someone’s ability to make something interesting? 
    The answers may not be something that can be systematic aka it will always be a “here are the options, decide who you want or not based off your personal idea of what’s neat or isn’t” which is totally fine. But if there’s a more convenient or concrete metric, I figure it’s worth thinking about 
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    supernal reacted to Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    I feel ya. Tried to keep the tangent as short as I could, but was curious haha
    That's a very good question and I don't think that there's necessarily one answer which will satisfy everyone. But, if the question is directed at what I would consider to be someone who is qualified, it would basically be someone who (1) has the ability to commit the effort and time into making it interesting; (2) has some level of actual experience GMing, whether that be tabletop, forum, or otherwise; (3) writes with adequate grammatical knowledge and clarity; (4) is friendly and/ or accepting toward players and their suggestions/ intended story purpose (i.e. not a dictator). 
    It might sound like a high bar at first read, but it's actually really not imo. If any of the four aren't met, I can't imagine it going very well. 
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    supernal reacted to Veloci-Rapture in Limited GM   
    I think this is great for things like board canon quests, board events, or other such things related to a region created by someone else.
    For example, if someone just wanted to take a character and explore the jungles of Va Madar, but didn't feel like poring over the lore to create a detailed list of everything that happens in this exploration, a third-party GM would be super helpful. Any time a person wants to do a thing, but doesn't necessarily want to know all the bumps and details of the adventure they could encounter, in a place that's got a lot of lore describing it, this would be handy. 
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    supernal got a reaction from Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    I’m not offering a site wide service. I’m just asking a question to the existing member base so that doesn’t really have a bearing and I don’t want to distract from the purpose of the thread by talking about old site initiatives. Just a member having an rp discussion!
    What criteria factor into considering someone qualified?
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    supernal reacted to Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    As a note rather than a direct response, isn't this something we have already tried to do via the Storyteller Request thread?
    As a player, I would be very cautious about using the service. My plots tend to be all interconnected and there are facets which I've only debated to myself about without fully committing to. Bringing in a third party to control the events as GM would require me to share a good chunk of the plans; enough so that the GM can efficiently and properly put together a plot which fits with the overarching storyline. It takes a certain amount of trust to rely on someone else to take control of your plans, both in that they do it properly and that they remain active (since you might not know the details of their plot besides how it figures into your overarching story). 
    For one-shots, I'd be totally fine because the emotional connection is almost zilch. 
    I'd probably try this service out with more combat or dungeon orientated threads. Though I'd probably set some ground rule expectations, I wouldn't mind leaving quest-type threads up to a qualified 3rd party Val GM. 
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    supernal got a reaction from Ataraxy in Limited GM   
    How interested (or not!) would you as a player be in a “service” where another player will GM a plot for you but service is limited by time or content. Meaning they will stop GMing after X weeks or months, or after Y posts or pages of roleplay 
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    supernal got a reaction from Michael Bloodfang in Want some cyberpunk? Come to The City of New Everrun!   
    The titan industries one seems up your alley in the hire a thief to catch a thief kind of way 
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    supernal got a reaction from L E V I A T H A N in Lagrimosa AMA 2.0   
    I just updated this summary to highlight retribution opportunities more explicitly
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    supernal reacted to Slime Mother in An Academy for Magic and Murder   
    Want to go to a academy devoted to magic and many other lost arts? The headmistress is interested in filling the roster,both of her students and some aisstant teachers! Come on in with whoever you want,just tell me the fandom its from ,if any, and a lil about them! I'll see you in class!
    Pst,down here. Wanna infiltrate or attack that magic academy and take it down? Step right over here. But keep it hush hush,the headmistress has the eyes of a hawk. 
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