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    supernal reacted to desolate milkshake in Missing Girl! Reward for her safe return!   
    i am a weak fool. rolled a 68.
    save me, obi lilium kenobi 
    you're my only hope 
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    supernal reacted to amenities in Missing Girl! Reward for her safe return!   
    @desolate milkshake the Ulway point to Mt. Ichthys and say they can throw their spears over it. They're probably just joking and agree to let Boron try afterward! It looks like Whits wants to race so him and Boron are running neck and neck, but right when they're about to catch up to @-Lilium- Whits pulls some funny stuff and tries to wrestle Boron off the bridge!
    Roll a d100 @desolate milkshake.
    - if you roll a 1-48, Boron easily overcomes the Captain and Boron can do what you please with him.
    - if you roll a 50-100, Captain Whits almost succeeds but @-Lilium- gets there in time to subdue him!
    - if you roll a 49, it's a close one but Whits wrestles Boron off the bridge and he falls into a tangle of vines a few yards below. You'll have to climb back up on the castle side!
    @Houndy Poochykins as Mayu can see when she absentmindedly runs into Whits from behind, he's off his rocker! Just totally insane, really!! Mayu will get the strong spidey sense that she should warn the others.
    Now you can all carry on with the rotation!
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    I smiled up at you, pleased to see you excepted my gift graciously. "Well, I certainly hope you find what you're looking for." 
    I stop at the question, and the fires in the room seemed to fade a moment. What great cogworks seemed to find them in the distance, the smell of water and metal suddenly falling on, as though this portion of the workshop was somehow deeper and moved more slowly in time. For a moment, it might of only seemed an illusion, a few simple pieces of set, The same falling apart chair, splits in its timbers, worn by sea air.
    "No no no- My town was burned down during the invasion. I was keeping an eye on the place.  After I found myself... fascinated with the worlds beyond. I wandered the Verse an itinerant, abjuring myself from my own magic. Nothing but petty toymaker, looking for a place to sleep across space and time. But one can only leave the workshop for so long. I might not be an Arcmagus any longer, but I still remeber my Craft and my Art. You have found me in my Hermitage, and though I seem ageless, I do feel the years more strongly in recent time. If you've wish for conquest and games of blood- that's a young mage's trade- I am but an Artificer and Mage-wright, and you're welcome to stay so long as you don't make trouble as I work to fix your weapons. What you do then is your business. Should you require them, feel free to stop one of the other me's in costumes. They are phantasmal, but easily summoned. Just ask for Juli.

    Phantom Mage Conjuration Within 1 mile of the structure, one merely needs to call for him, and a phantom of his will appear to offer assistance with extensive library of cantrips.  
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    supernal reacted to desolate milkshake in What makes a character "important"?   
    What do you mean? There are a lot of ways to interpret that. On my end, I feel that roleplayers overemphasize certain dramatic aspects of their characters at the expense of more useful aspects. When I use the term dramatic, I'm talking about it in an Aristotelian sense (i.e., Poetics), and not the soap opera sense (i.e., melodrama). For example, what Aristotle calls "thought" is not employed well and "spectacle" is often belabored.
    From Poetics, "thought" is when a character tries to prove an argument or state a view. Roleplayers tend to "focus too hard", as you put it, on stating a view in every post. It's typically done through introspection. Introspection is overused, and it's excessively passive. Dramatically speaking, "thought" is supposed to be expressed forcefully, through speech. In terms of roleplaying, unless the character expresses that argument or view, then it might as well not exist. What I want to reiterate is that the player should not be stating the view, as a narrator to the audience does. The character does the stating.
    "Spectacle" is basically the stage. In prose fiction, the equivalent is imagery. The takeaway is drama should still work without the stage. A lot of us had to read dramas in school, such as Othello. It still works without the stage, because the dramatic aspects are strong regardless of the spectacle. In fact, you can also change the stage and it still works. How many Disney adaptations are there of Shakespeare again? Roleplayers should ask themselves: does my post work without the imagery? If it were a screenplay, would my character be a blank line in the script?
    To clarify, I'm not telling anyone to entirely omit imagery from prose. However, if a post is dominated by exposition or introspection, then chances are that character is a blank line.
    Now, the meaning of "intended plot". On one hand, it can imply that the plot conforms to someone's intentions, such as the GM. On the other hand, it can imply that intention is arrived at through consensus by way of OOC communication, hence your comment about collaboration. Either way, a player intends for a plot to occur.
    Let's consider a scenario. The quest is to steal a mummy from a museum. Basically, it's a heist. My expectation is that the players will typically discuss the heist in the OOC thread and proceed from there. Chances are, the roleplay thread will start "in media res," with the characters at the museum, starting the heist. One of the reasons for this is what @supernal told me is the "flop concern." Flop concern sounds self-explanatory, but to spell it out, it's when the participants—especially the TC or GM—are concerned pacing will cause a flop, or a dead thread. Some methods to quicken pace are scene transitions and jump cuts into the action.
    Back to Aristotle, how much of that flop concern is because of misapplied "thought" and inflated "spectacle"? Why are the players able to discuss the heist in the OOC thread without much ado, but not do it in the IC thread through in-character speech and conversation? It's the same content framed in-universe, but again dramatically speaking, roleplayers feel the need to "focus too hard" on the introspective or imagery elements. Is it because prose fiction, or the idea of "para-RP" or "advanced lit RP," creates this pressure that if you don't focus on those elements then you aren't a "good writer"? Or is it something else? 
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    Work week just ended! Apologies
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    @L E V I A T H A N reminder 
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    Stop the fire, stop the fire...
    It was the only thought that ran through Hela's head in that moment. Experience had taught her that only through very conscious control of moments like these could draw it back in. The cloak wasn't even really to try and extinguish the flames, but to keep them from spreading as she tried to cut off the source, that being her own anxieties. Which, well, was harder to do when the threshold was already crossed, and she was worrying about having to control her worries.
    But then, Commager came up and seemed to... control the flames? Ease them? She stared at him, confused. The fire she wielded wasn't normal, how was he-
    Was... was there something similar about him?
    "Y-You dare-!" Kares held a hand to his cheek, shuddering from the strike that might well have been heard throughout the whole building. Certainly, it seemed to stun the building into silence as much as it did the Ambassador himself, who stared up somewhat impotently at the priest as not only laid into him, but then proceeded to give him an out as well. He seemed as though he might have had something to first say, but almost immediately reconsidered it, settling in and settling to say, "...Fine. Under that premise, I shall approach the mainland. I-In fact, given the pressing nature of the situation..." Briefly, his eyes flicked to the hand that had struck him. "I... should go. Immediately. I imagine it will involve quite some debate as to the particulars, so I shall be gone for many weeks."
    His gaze went to Hela, her hand now free of any flame, who looked back at him. Immediately, Kares was up from his seat, and dusting off his coat.
    "I shall assume that the office is to be left in capable hands."
    Once that was said, he was gathering his cloak, and out through the door.

    "...Sorry about that." Hela said, some hours later, with herself now behind the desk. Not Kares' desk, but her own, which she had had barely had a chance to settle into, before the day's affairs had started. But, she did have a few things, including a bottle of Southport Swill - a whiskey - that she had procured before its market value had gotten too absurd, owing to... events, on the Plateau of Zuhl. Even if the two men weren't willing to partake in the drink itself, she had invited them anyway for the sake of a proper introduction, and catch-up. The PeaceKeeper might have had other affairs to deal with, given his station, but... surely Yates could spare an hour or two?
    Either way, the apology came as Hela was pouring her first glass from the dark brown bottle. "Let's just... say I have a problem. Sometimes, if I lose control, then that thing with the fire happens. Haven't had an incident like that for a few months admittedly, but... well, the last few months I haven't had to deal with the worry of actual work. Or men like that."
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    There we go. Time for a friendly chat
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    You can post now, if you have time?
    Amenities, desolate milkshake, and I posted yesterday. So you have another day or two before the next round begins.
    Zigzag had to step out of the thread for the time being.
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    Just reiterating the order posts will go in:
    1) @desolate milkshake
    2) @-Lilium-
    3) @Houndy Poochykins
    @Houndy Poochykins that means you always post after @-Lilium- posts. 😃 
    You have until Tuesday before I let the rotation move along.
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    Tempted, but worrying whether or not I might spread myself thin. Trying to catch up posting in places now!
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    Sorry for the delay, trying to do a rush of posting now!
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    Basic premise: The solar pistol is a laser gun. It uses an nth inlaid handle with piezoelectric properties and a solabernite core; squeezing the handle activates the core, which in turn produces the necessary amplified light to function as an offensive laser. Proprietary runes throughout the internal chassis and barrel focus the light into a fiber laser. The fiber laser is desired for the flexibility of a movable focusing element, allowing the gun to be used not only for shots but for sustained operations such as cutting (with overheating risks) and because of the high output necessary to pose a threat.
    Variants: Handgun with fixed output (standard) or variable output (special). Rifle (repeat fire and long-distance). Shotgun (larger than average core, wide aperture, two-grips to produce the necessary charge to stimulate the solabernite core).
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    Yes. I don’t mind you guys posting out of order as long as it’s communicated. Otherwise Luke is indeed in the hot seat 
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    'sup dude, welcome to the land of imagination lol
    What's the typical genre you like/ what sort of RPs you looking for?
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    Hello Ymir Dogblood.    It's good to see another writer in our midst, and you can find plenty to write here.  I hope you enjoy your time here and welcome to Val.  
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    The thrum of a magitech engine buzzed in the background and the powerful Nehalen wind slapped against the mighty airship's windows. But, no matter hard it may try, mere wind could never break into the exterior of Clockwork Grind, one of the most powerful airships of Genesaris. Instead, as if a child's toy, the ocean's blades simply bounced off. 
    Behind Clockwork Grind followed a myriad of other airships, some keeping pace and others struggling to do so against the Nehalen ocean winds. Black clouds rumbled in the distance and bright lines of lightning struck randomly. That was there destination: the isle of Nede. Or so Ankou had reported it was called. After landing in Nede, Ankou, Khaki, and Sera had fought and defeated what they called a Demon Lord. In return, Ankou had gained a throne of near absolute power within a domain. 
    If what he said was true, perhaps Nehalen was what she'd been looking for. What she'd thought Nu Martyr had been. Lilith wasn't entirely sure what "it" was, but somehow that didn't stop her from searching. 
    As they approached the start of the storm clouds, massive creatures broke through the clouds in an obvious rage. Cloaked in all elements under the sun, Dragons began to attack the army of airships approaching Nede. At the beginning, Lilith stayed where she was in the airships control center. Standing and watching through the large windows as her Paragons used the Cult's black fog magic to combat the beasts midair. Probably guardians of the floating island. A moment longer of watching and Lilith was certain the guardian creatures weren't simply dragons. 
    "Elder dragons?" she muttered, unsure. Definitely more powerful than the average dragons- that she was positive of. It wasn't until she saw the occasional pitch black scale on some and the rotting scales on others that her eyes widened. "Ah. Demonic and Undead. No wonder."
    @danzilla3 @Zashiii @AngryCacti @The North Wind @Casanova @TheShadow @J. A. Horton  @Veloci-Rapture (for those who have expressed interest)
    OOC: This thread is completely open. I'd prefer a PM first, but it's not needed. Just jump in!
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    Pick the character that’s most likely to be pro social since that will lead to direct engagement with the other players! 
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    supernal reacted to Csl in Tavern of Legend OOC   
    You can simply start posting in the main Tavern thread. Just read the first post to get an idea of the setting.
    Currently there are six players actively posting in the Tavern - @Waking_Warrior @Lucinda Valentine @PrettyCuteAnna @kriistiinii @TooColeForYou616 + @Phoebe, who isn't a newbie but is helping out since most of these players were invited to Valucre by her.
    You can also tag me if you want to write with any of the Tavern Staff.
    Can I know more about your character?
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    supernal got a reaction from Tyler in Memorable piece of lore   
    What’s a memorable piece of lore (creature, setting, history, etc) that you’ve encountered here? I don’t want to weigh the bias by saying “what’s your favorite!” cause I’m sure that’ll take a lot more sorting than just lore that struck you as cool and you still remember 
    Your own doesn’t count. Go!
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    supernal reacted to Metty in Greetings and some such.   
    Hi welcome! 
    Don't worry I'm still shy at times as well. 
    Nice to meet you.
    To get started, check out:
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    supernal reacted to Ymir Dogblood in Greetings and some such.   
    Hello everyone, I’m Ymir, that writer guy!
    my best friend recommended I share the literary cancer that is my work on a broader scale, so here I am!
    Im terribly shy and of course a trifle new to all this sort of pish posh, but I encourage you to come say hi!
    im usually working on my books, the chronicles of belith, so I’ll reply whenever I am able!
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    supernal reacted to desolate milkshake in What makes a character "important"?   
    That's a letter of the law vs spirit of the law issue. In gaming circles, it's rules as written (RAW) vs rules as intended (RAI). Gaming the system, rules lawyering, or "being creative" is usually a 🚩red flag🚩. There are a number of ways players communicate what they'll prioritize in a thread, and a list of advantages designed to overcome a setting's guiding principles is a total bummer.
    Have you heard of the Threefold Model?  It states roleplay has three goals: game, drama, and simulation (GDS). As players advance toward one goal, they move away from the other goals. I'm not a strong advocate for the Threefold Model or the Big Model (GNS), but they can be constructive and useful in these discussions.
    When Csl identifies a limitation for Ursa Madeum, that's a drama goal. A centaur being a powerful option in the setting is a simulation goal. A game goal would be creating a centaur that presents a fair challenge to the other players. These goals aren't always mutually exclusive, but most of us can think of a situation where the drama of a scene becomes subordinate to simulating the perceived technical aspects of a fictional world, often in a disruptive way. I've seen plenty of Matrix-style bullet-time encounters between characters bring a story to a grinding halt. Probably caused a few myself way back when. 
    Power caps and murderhobos are separate but related. No explosions is a power cap, but explosions are predominantly used by murderhobos to, well, murderhobo. The rule had its intended effect, so I don't think the two issues are entirely unrelated.
    That said, if we wanted to wholesale stop murderhoboing, I agree there are other approaches that are more effective.
    Since I've mentioned some social science, here's Max Weber: "One can say that three pre-eminent qualities are decisive for the politician: passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion."
    Applied to roleplayers: be passionate about the other players and their characters, own some responsibility for the story, and act proportionally to the thread's goals.
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    supernal reacted to Darth Lager in What makes a character "important"?   
    The importance of a character is within identity, contribution, and causality within a story.
    That's definitely a generalization, but it layers with more complexity as you add in social, and consequential fundamentals into the aspect of the character. Where a character first becomes important in roleplay, is when they are first written about. This should make the character more important to the story than NPC's, with exceptions to that. They have identity. Personality, super strength, laser farts, whatev. They're a PC.
     You have them contribute, by serving a purpose that you determine, to aid the outcome of the thread. Contribution.
     They contributed x/y to achieve an outcome, for these reasons, serving this purpose, and with this as a result. Causality.
     I was expressing my idea of a knight earlier in that comparison, as a conveyance of how identity, contribution, and causality are crucial parts of actual importance to a story, and the characters. Tom the Normie knight has every right to be important in the story, in his own ways, as does Laser fart Leeroy.
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    supernal reacted to The Alexandrian in What makes a character "important"?   
    Might be sidetracking the conversation, but...
    If you're creative enough, you can break any limitations set forth in almost any set of rules governing FFRP.
    Tech doesn't work in a setting.  For argument's sake, let's say magic works but I can't have it like in UM.  I still have incredibly powerful options available to me.
    My go to is a centaur.  Give the centaur barding.  Give the centaur plate armor for its human parts.  Give the centaur a lance, a sword, javelins, and a shield.  Give the centaur flasks of acid.  Bam!  Very powerful character for close/medium-range engagements.  Sure, you outmaneuver the character if you walk on the ceiling, but stereotypical Medieval combat occurs outside and centaurs are really fast.  This is why, when CSL pitched Medieval Fantasy to me, my first thought was centaur character.
    My second thought was tacking faults onto the character.  Add glutton.  Add disreputable.  Add bastard/the feminine equivalent of bastard.  Take away most of the weapons.  Add a typical peasant background.  Now, the character starts to sound interesting to me because the character is naturally powerful but I've robbed it of a good measure of this power.  Combat-wise, the character is still strong and there's plenty of room to grow the character.  If I didn't add faults, however, the character would be more than a match for pretty much anyone in combat.  Let's see a namby-pamby wizard stop 1200 lbs of muscle and steel!
    Let's say I want to break the faultless version of this character even more and have him/her sack a village.  All I have to do is make the character related to a bunch of militant centaurs.  Now, I have elite cavalry at my disposal.  Thus, I can sack a village or rob a noble's spice shipment with little difficulty.
    So I push past the intended power cap really, really fast.  I could do this even quicker if I went with a PC who is a living weapon.  Equip the PC with acid weapons and bone guns.  Heck, just an intelligent slime that can shapeshift into bipedal organisms is really, really powerful because they have resistances to basically everything and natural acid-based attacks!
    Power level doesn't make a character important, but power level is important.  I don't think establishing power caps stops people from rping murderhobos.  I think fostering a collaborative culture that provides positive feedback for desired behaviors is how you stop murderhobos.
    One of my characters was a member of the group that set off the last explosion in Terrenus.  That character was constantly pointing out that the plan was dumb and wouldn't accomplish anything.  If memory serves, the group wanted to blow up a temple in Ignatz for no good reason.  My character actually refused to participate despite being evil because the plan was what I commonly refer to as "stupid evil."
    The Abbadon Triumvirate started in a similar way.  The guy who created the interest check wanted to sack a village because evil.  When he disappeared, Tyler, Dolor, and I switched to a recruitment scene in Patia with more refined characters and clearer objectives.
    It seems, then, that some people view pointless murder as a quick and dirty way to create a villain.  When established evil organizations exist, there's less of a tendency to cackle while razing the neighbor's shed because the easiest way to create a villain becomes "create a character and have the character join an evil organization."
    IMO, nobles are Valucre's meta.  If you have a noble, it's that much easier to sell other players on the idea that your character is important and has the resources necessary to do things.
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