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  1. Ye who seek justice will find none here

  2. Okay so imagine a universe set up by this concept. We discover what dark matter is and eventually how to analyze it. We launch a probe to do so and trigger an unexpected reaction. The universe stops expanding and begins contracting with Earth at the center. The dark matter fills all of empty space, and rather than light years separating stars, all star systems are touching like marbles in a jar. Humanity sends signals in all directions and receive hundreds of replies from every direction. In an attempt to leave the solar system to the nearest inhabited one we discover our technology is enhanced by the presence of dark matter and makes space travel immensely faster and more efficient. Earth sends greeting crews out to as many systems as possible and eventually becomes so spread out that we commission scattered uninhabited systems as hubs for many species to reside and acts as governing stations for the participating systems. The story would revolve around an Outreach Crew, a group that responds to less advanced species trying to reach out for the first time. It would be illegal to reach out to civilizations that have yet to reach out, or to invade or disturb them. Something would go terribly wrong and the crew would crash land on one of these places. Anyone interested?
  3. *poke* o_o

  4. Magnetic Anomaly

    Legend of Korra team's new project!!!

    So shortly after the final season of Legend of Korra there was a small announcement hiding in one of the darkest corners of the Internet that basically said the team that worked on Legend of Korra was teaming up again to work on another project that would be collaborated between them, DreamWorks and Studio Mir. After that all information went silent and nothing new about that came to light until recently. Here is their new project: http://fansided.com/2016/03/11/legend-of-korra-producers-will-be-showrunners-for-new-voltron-series/
  5. Hey you!

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    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Aw, what a blessing! Two little girls. <3


      This is actually my second pregnancy, but the first one ended in a miscarriage. So here we are, trying again and praying for the best. I am going to take a look at your post soon. I am also about to post a small event. Vivian and Alazar are going to get married so that should be a fun thread to get the old gang back together. 

    3. Magnetic Anomaly

      Magnetic Anomaly

      Ooooh, well after you read my post you'll understand if a certain character cannot attend...but I know a certain ex antagonist who just might be able to lol 

    4. Magnetic Anomaly

      Magnetic Anomaly

      And you and your unborn child will be in my prayers!

  6. Magnetic Anomaly

    A Stirring of Rage

    For so long there was nothing, just the absence of existence for what seemed an eternity. There was no way of knowing how much time had passed. Thoughts began circulating through the blackness and it had been silent for so long they were deafening. Light, a foreign concept in the darkness of eternity, crept its way into the dark, and blinding, agonizing pain consumed everything. The muddled thoughts were replaced with stabbing needles and screams. There was still no sense of surrounding, just the pain of a thousand stabbing needles made of little points of light. First came the cold sensation inside as I took my first breath. A fog temporarily subdued the painful light with every gasp of air, which was beginning to feel incredibly overdue. The lights were so bright that closing my eyes did nothing for the pain, but rather filled my vision with red, the color of the rage…rage was all I could remember…it was all I knew. The word red reverberated throughout my entire being as I clenched my eyelids shut in fear of opening them once more. The color stirred something within me that seemed familiar somehow, yet frightening at the same time. The soothing cold air that filled my lungs became hot and my breaths became short as adrenaline pumped through me. I screamed and opened my eyes to be met with another familiar sight: Blackness, with the exception of thousands of twinkling points dotted throughout. The red was gone but my breaths were still short and when I tried to move my hands to my face I could not. Something was pulling me down, holding me in place. My eyes throbbed as I moved them from side to side trying to get some sort of bearing and when the pain became too much the red was waiting for me rather than relief. I tried lifting my head only for something to yank it back down with a sucking sound. The substance that had hold of me was very strong and when I finally forced my eyes down just enough to see my body it spawned something within me that I cannot explain, another foreign concept. All I knew was that I had to break free. A blue hue lit up near where my hands were and I felt a release. I threw my arms into the air before me and observed the strange light emanating from a material that somehow had attached itself to me. I wasn’t going to question my luck or even what was happening…or who I was for that matter. I brought the blue light within my hands to free my head and the rest of my body and when I was free I jumped to my feet. To my surprise they did not work, my legs buckled beneath my weight and I fell back into what I could now see was a pond made of a black gooey substance. As hungry as it seemed as it began pulling me back down, I was not afraid because the blue had come to save me. I felt the black retreat under the touch of the blue’s light as I slowly crawled back to my feet. In an instant tendrils of the black goo sprung to life and swallowed my hands and the blue light was extinguished. Before I had time to register what just happened I felt the tendrils reach my face and force my head up to be greeted once more by the twinkling dots above. The longer I stared the brighter they became until they were once again agonizing with pain. I tried to close my eyes but they were stuck open and my screams replaced every sense I possessed; it was all I could hear; it was all I could feel. Finally I was able to shut my eyes once more. Rage began to consume me as I felt the tendrils take hold of my entire body and I heard my screams of pain transform into an earth shattering screech that threatened to tear open my throat. Then I felt myself fading once more…. Black leathery wings erected from a black monstrous figure that stood over ten feet tall in the center of a small crater, its glaring eyes the color of its rage. Skeletal trees sprouted outward around the crater’s lip and they shattered under the beat of the beast’s great wings as they lifted it into the night sky. Its deafening shrieks, a sickening sound from nightmares, would be heard for miles into the night as it vanished to the winds.