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  1. Palpatine spent his life conquering the galaxy, and exploring various aspects of the dark side of the force. He even believed that beyond the outer regions of the Galaxy was the wellspring that fed his connection to the dark side. Darth Sidious studied, and continued his late master Darth Plagueis's dabblings in cheating death. His ultimate goal was to have all the power and live forever. The force washed through him collapsing the bridge between life and death as he fell down the shaft and suspended his body in an undying incorporeal hybernation. In this state the dark lord was unthinking, and hardly aware of himself, but his force-influenced state became a beacon, saturing the dark side of the force with his energy. Somewhere far beyond the outer regions of the Galaxy, an entity very powerfully bonded to the dark side of the force heard the call. Snoke allowed his body to pass through the force and came face to face with Darth Sidious's incorporeal form. It was drenched with the dark side energy, and Snoke reached out to it. Palpatine instantly began to stir, remained incorporeal, and was very weak. Snoke thought Palpatine was a God and pledged himelf to his service. Palpatine sent Snoke to collect the remnants of the Empire, find Luke Skywalker, and finish the Jedi. However, learning of Ben Solo, the young naive grandson of Anakin Skywalker who was abandoned by his parents, Palpatine ordered Snoke to gain his affection and influence him toward the dark side. Snoke's plot went unhindered at first, but when Luke put two and two together he confronted Snoke and ejected the student from his academy. Snoke, using the private ordeal to his advantage, attacked Luke. Luke defeated him in a gruesome duel and allowed him to leave and forbidding him from returning. The old jedi never offered Ben a reason for doing so, and resentment grew within the boy. Luke sensed this and the force offered him a glimpse of a possible future. He ignited his lightsaber in a moment of uncertainty and weakness before coming to his senses, but it was too late and Ben ignited his saber. The confused and angry boy collapsed the rooftop over his uncle with pure rage. Another student, that belonged to a cult called the Knights of Ren, took the opportunity to pledge himself to Ben Solo, the grandson of Darth Vader. Together, the two destroyed the temple and killed the other students. He took Ben to the Knights of Ren and when they learned of his identity they endowed him with the title Kylo Ren, their master. Snoke found Kylo Ren and claimed Luke had attacked him and wrangled his body with the force. He had Kylo return him to the First Order to recover from his grievous wounds. Palpatine was still weak, but with Snoke's devout loyalty, he commanded The First Order and the Knights of Ren led by his late apprentice's descendant. He would not reveal himself until fully recovered, and in the meantime had Snoke take on Kylo, the Knights' Chosen One, as an apprentice. Palpatine knew the boy's true potential and had Snoke train him in the dark side of the force while he recovered, stranded amidst the wreckage of the Death Star, pulling the strings from afar.
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