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  1. I'm still here. Just been waiting, lol... Send me discord link when it's ready.
  2. Words have consequences. 

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      You’re darn tooting. The entire legal profession is built around that principle 

    2. Ataraxy


      Technically everything has a consequence lol

    3. supernal


      That’s fine 

  3. ? I’d be interested in doing a cameo some time. Also, I’ve never played before.
  4. @supernal I’ve joined @Ataraxy in a god slaying thread which could lead to joining her cult of power group and I’ve also asked @Fallen Joy if she’d be interested in joining that thread and we’d figure out where to go from there when it starts to close. Good stuff, I think. Still getting into the groove, for sure, but I got out Another post last night despite it not being a long post but I still think it was good enough.
  5. Casanova

    [GS] E'na

    Jasper E'na wasn't wrong, being divine and beyond human limitations. A destructive, chaotic goddess in physical form but, perhaps, beyond her realm of supremacy. If somehow this was the beginning of the end, why not be among the first respondents who inevitably died but died courageously? There were many strange occurrences in this world... maybe, just maybe, this could be one of those times when something crazy was going down and Jasper just so happened to be there. What if he lived? What if he turned out to be the hero? Just imagining his name echoing across the realm - Jasper Shioiji the God-slayer - the recognition alone would open a path to a bright, rich future. Did that only mean wealth? Absolutely not. Without a doubt, it was adventure time. Perception of E'na's fluid movements was key, Jasper's eyebrows reflexively twitching up then beginning to stretch down over his eyes as E'na's arms uncrossed and hurled sharp magic projectiles at both Jasper and Lilith without any further hesitation. Just as suddenly, a squally wind burst up from around Jasper's feet, driving his body in a tall, high arch which would land him in E'na's proximity. At his highest point and at the beginning of his decent, Jasper chucked his sword at E'na, making the blade spin rapidly and scream through the air as it progressed closer to impaling the goddess's head.
  6. Get on it girl! Don’t let your dreams be memes. /whiplashsound 

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      Dammit, time flew by haha

      Happy New Years tho!

      Will get that post out tomorrow asap!

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      Happy New Years

  7. Hey! Just wanted to say hello. ? Let's catch up some time.

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    2. Fallen Joy

      Fallen Joy

      Activity can be low during the holiday. I owe a couple posts right now myself. Nice to see you throw yourself out into the mix. I recall really enjoying writing with you, so I'm certain you'll get things rolling very soon ? 

    3. Casanova


      Flattered to hear that from you. I've always been jealous by how much you can write in one post. And don't give me that quality>quantity excuse because I know you're talented. ?. Have you finished school yet?

    4. Fallen Joy

      Fallen Joy

      You're very sweet. We had fun with the syndicate of mercenaries. And if you're sticking around this time, we should definitely write together. I actually graduated med school at the beginning of the year. Now I'm applying to residencies. I'll send you a PM, so we can talk more =D 

  8. Casanova

    [GS] E'na

    Jasper "FWEET!" The air curled in to a near ear-piercing whistle. Stage right, from between an alley, Jasper pushed a bare hand off the corner of the building as he emerged from the shadows. Sneak attacks just weren't his style. Besides, by the way the goddess reacted to the bounding Zodiac Knight, it wouldn't have had a good chance to work. This attack on the city, to Jasper, came as a surprise and so he wore no armor. Instead he was dressed in the attire of a man who was casually running errands. Slacks, unbuttoned overcoat, vest, and tie---all black. His white button-up dress shirt contrasted beneath the dark uniformed color, as his body's feature did. His skin was a diluted, light peach, His hair was the same as the peak of winter's season in the high mountains, a snow white. Between some of the loose floating strands of that hair, ruby red eyes nearly glowed, shining bright against the light of the levitating goddess E'na and gained the illusion of bellowing fires in them as his attention darted around, reflecting the light at different angles. People fled for their lives while others lingered as they considered their chances against an ultimate being. Some people ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. Others considered bravery, like the obliterated Zodiac Knight, but ultimately remained hiding as the fear left them in a frozen state. Jasper did not judge any of these people as this goddess was a living embodiment of a natural disaster, a tidal wave crashing through the streets causing destruction and death. Jasper, however, would not be discouraged. With bravery and courage, he chose to pick up his sword, the claymore he carried in one hand, low at his side, and quickly intruded in to the proximity of battle. "You have me on your side, woman. Let's dispose of this trash." Upon taking his last step to make his stand beside Lilith, Jasper stomped his weight and strength of his leg into the ground, kicking up dust and making a thud. "I am Jasper! Goddess, you don't belong here. Away with you or you will be slayed!" Jasper grinned as he raised the hilt of his large sword up to his shoulder and took a firm grip with both hands now, the tip of the blade pointing up to the sky. There was no way, he thought, this goddess would leave. She would be too proud, insulted, and undoubtedly lash out.
  9. You can count me in. I'll temporarily be away after this post to go to the store but I'll be checking in when I return. I'll read both of those links as soon I'm back and if you want to send me a private message about anything/collaboration, please do. Thank you! ?
  10. Goof afternoon. I'm making an official interest check to see if anyone would like me to enter their thread(s) and be an extra person. The character could be my own (I'll update my character sheet soon), an NPC, or a character you've prepared. I'm taking a step back on to the scene and so I want to test my ability by taking on anyone's interesting idea or collaborating with them. This would likely be temporary but can lead to a permanent case. Thank you!
  11. https://ibb.co/9VMPqWT https://ibb.co/D5F7zzQ https://ibb.co/6Jy1bww https://ibb.co/g946Nmg https://ibb.co/s2G4FLZ P e r s o n a l Name: Jasper Shioiji (Formerly Adamu Shioiji) Build: Athletic/Muscular Height: 5'11" Weight: 165 lbs. Skin: Peach Eyes: Red Hair: White Attire: White button-up dress shirt, black vest, black tie, black overcoat B a t t l e Innate: Attack Prediction Class: Fighter/Mage Primary: Air Secondary: Dark Tertiary: Plague A r m o r y Name: Venom, Spellblade of the Plague Description: Claymore Function: [Catalyst] Functions well with Plague and its rooted magics. [Usually summoned, not carried] D e f i n e Attack Prediction – Jasper can interpret and predict enemy attacks and react to the incoming attack much faster than the average person. Fighter/Mage – While it is easy to rely on magic, Jasper is one who can swing a weapon properly when spells cannot or should not be cast. Air – Air is the primal element of inspiration, light-heartedness, and creativity. Unpredictable and ever-changing, Air appeals to mages with temperamental personalities and creative minds. One second a soft summer breeze and the next a raging storm, Air is not to be underestimated. Dark – Dark is the last element and the most dangerous, the reverse of Light and the final branch of magic. It is the manipulation of chaos and deception, fueled by the darker base emotions of humanity. Dark Mages are those who accept the shard of darkness in them and use it to fuel their incredible power, fighting for the right side, but for all the wrong reasons. Plague – Combined with Air, Dark becomes plague, the ability to create and manipulate deadly diseases and toxins through the air.
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