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    I'm still here. Just been waiting, lol... Send me discord link when it's ready.

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    The magic projectile hadn't been much and Lilith doubted En'a had intended it to be more than a test. Still, however, Lilith was quickly becoming annoyed at the parlor tricks. First, En'a merely tests her with a pathetic attack and then she attempts to suffocate her? Blind her? Mortal bandits had proven to be more entertaining prey. 
    "Are you sure she's a goddess?" Lilith asked, directing her gaze to where Asteria's soul had hovered. Despite En'a black smoke blocking her five senses, Asteria was an entity no longer on this place of existence. She was part of Lilith's crown and the crown was not intertwined with Lilith. So the smoke wasn't stop them from communicating. 
    "A Renovation Goddess, yes," Asteria answered. Lilith just snorted. 
    "If En'a is truly a goddess of divinity, then Zengi must have been the king of gods." Lilith paused, her gaze resting on where Asteria would be. "More than likely, you, En'a, and all of your kin are simply above average beings. False gods relied upon during harsh times. I doubt the lot of you stand at the epitome of power."
    That was the moment that a fist came down upon Lilith out of the darkness, slamming down powerfully into her gut. An instant before the fist hit, her since of touch was returned, just in time to feel the pain explode within her abdomen and for the subsequent sharp jabs down her back as pieces of concrete where she landed attempted to break skin.
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    Jasper's sword bounced uselessly of En'a's physical manifestation. She looked at the young mortal, irritation and cold amusement clear in her eyes. She wanted to laugh for the first time in thousands of years. A mortal thought he'd take her town with a long piece of metal? HA!
    Meanwhile, the other... being, the one who smelt of death, batted En'a attack off with a mere swat of the black gauntlet the woman wore. En'a had initially believed she was fighting two mortals, but the woman of death before her, after a second look, was clearly not. En'a frowned. Had she not been restricted to her physical form, En'a had no doubt she'd vanquish both her opponents in moments. Unfortunately, then she would no longer be able to remain in the mortal plane. And, in her current form, the non-human being before her was potentially dangerous. Even the mortal could prove a surprising worth. 
     Facing her palms to the ground, a black fog burst forth from them. "If you can survive this, mortal, perhaps I won't utterly annihilate you for throwing such trash at me."
    Quick and without a moment in-between the dark smoke covered the entire arena. As if truly walking into a the home of a divine, En'a controlled the environment. All senses were blocked within the smoke. Sight. Hearing. Touch. Smell. Even taste was smothered. 
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    You can request a raw, archival copy of your character sheet by providing the old URL to valucre@gmail.com
    The content will be sent back as a reply and can additionally serve as your backup
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    "Now I'm fucking wet!" the madwoman grumbled as the sea water showered and sprayed at the duo. They might be capable of flight but the tall waves are almost like tsunamis which could almost reach them. They would prefer to have flown higher but that would also alert the sea monster that her prey are gone thus allowing it to harass some other poor folk. In a sense, these might actually be doing something good here.
    "Eh?" the shorter woman replied, "I'm still cute and adorable even when wet. I think the wetness even adds more to it."
    Sera had to roll her eyes at that. "The fucking god is literally trying to kill us and you are more concerned about you fucking appearance?"
    "But you are more concerned about your wetness as well!" chirped the other girl, a bit too strongly this time.
    The two bickering lead to them fighting mid-flight. Their incessant fighting lead them to forgetting that both of them are flying, thus leading to a rather hilarious crash landing straight into the lady pirate's ship.
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    @Casanova On the first post there is a link to a form. It's a question I use to gauge how good a fit someone will be and also what they are interested in (full-time, cameo, both). The new recruit I picked out at the end of the summer disappeared on us, so sometime int he near future I will probably be looking to add another permanent (when it makes sense from a narrative standpoint) from the pool.
    So, out of fairness, I will open this up to any applicants for the next ten days.
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    E'na wasn't wrong, being divine and beyond human limitations. A destructive, chaotic goddess in physical form but, perhaps, beyond her realm of supremacy. If somehow this was the beginning of the end, why not be among the first respondents who inevitably died but died courageously? There were many strange occurrences in this world... maybe, just maybe, this could be one of those times when something crazy was going down and Jasper just so happened to be there. What if he lived? What if he turned out to be the hero? Just imagining his name echoing across the realm - Jasper Shioiji the God-slayer - the recognition alone would open a path to a bright, rich future. Did that only mean wealth? Absolutely not. Without a doubt, it was adventure time.
    Perception of E'na's fluid movements was key, Jasper's eyebrows reflexively twitching up then beginning to stretch down over his eyes as E'na's arms uncrossed and hurled sharp magic projectiles at both Jasper and Lilith without any further hesitation. Just as suddenly, a squally wind burst up from around Jasper's feet, driving his body in a tall, high arch which would land him in E'na's proximity. At his highest point and at the beginning of his decent, Jasper chucked his sword at E'na, making the blade spin rapidly and scream through the air as it progressed closer to impaling the goddess's head.
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    Goof afternoon.
    I'm making an official interest check to see if anyone would like me to enter their thread(s) and be an extra person. The character could be my own (I'll update my character sheet soon), an NPC, or a character you've prepared. I'm taking a step back on to the scene and so I want to test my ability by taking on anyone's interesting idea or collaborating with them. This would likely be temporary but can lead to a permanent case.
    Thank you!
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    @Casanova relevant to your interests + bump for thread 
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    @supernal I’ve joined @Ataraxy in a god slaying thread which could lead to joining her cult of power group and I’ve also asked @Fallen Joy if she’d be interested in joining that thread and we’d figure out where to go from there when it starts to close. Good stuff, I think. Still getting into the groove, for sure, but I got out Another post last night despite it not being a long post but I still think it was good enough. 
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    @supernal I’ve joined @Ataraxy in a god slaying thread which could lead to joining her cult of power group and I’ve also asked @Fallen Joy if she’d be interested in joining that thread and we’d figure out where to go from there when it starts to close. Good stuff, I think. Still getting into the groove, for sure, but I got out Another post last night despite it not being a long post but I still think it was good enough. 
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    E'na wasn't wrong, being divine and beyond human limitations. A destructive, chaotic goddess in physical form but, perhaps, beyond her realm of supremacy. If somehow this was the beginning of the end, why not be among the first respondents who inevitably died but died courageously? There were many strange occurrences in this world... maybe, just maybe, this could be one of those times when something crazy was going down and Jasper just so happened to be there. What if he lived? What if he turned out to be the hero? Just imagining his name echoing across the realm - Jasper Shioiji the God-slayer - the recognition alone would open a path to a bright, rich future. Did that only mean wealth? Absolutely not. Without a doubt, it was adventure time.
    Perception of E'na's fluid movements was key, Jasper's eyebrows reflexively twitching up then beginning to stretch down over his eyes as E'na's arms uncrossed and hurled sharp magic projectiles at both Jasper and Lilith without any further hesitation. Just as suddenly, a squally wind burst up from around Jasper's feet, driving his body in a tall, high arch which would land him in E'na's proximity. At his highest point and at the beginning of his decent, Jasper chucked his sword at E'na, making the blade spin rapidly and scream through the air as it progressed closer to impaling the goddess's head.
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    E'na wasn't wrong, being divine and beyond human limitations. A destructive, chaotic goddess in physical form but, perhaps, beyond her realm of supremacy. If somehow this was the beginning of the end, why not be among the first respondents who inevitably died but died courageously? There were many strange occurrences in this world... maybe, just maybe, this could be one of those times when something crazy was going down and Jasper just so happened to be there. What if he lived? What if he turned out to be the hero? Just imagining his name echoing across the realm - Jasper Shioiji the God-slayer - the recognition alone would open a path to a bright, rich future. Did that only mean wealth? Absolutely not. Without a doubt, it was adventure time.
    Perception of E'na's fluid movements was key, Jasper's eyebrows reflexively twitching up then beginning to stretch down over his eyes as E'na's arms uncrossed and hurled sharp magic projectiles at both Jasper and Lilith without any further hesitation. Just as suddenly, a squally wind burst up from around Jasper's feet, driving his body in a tall, high arch which would land him in E'na's proximity. At his highest point and at the beginning of his decent, Jasper chucked his sword at E'na, making the blade spin rapidly and scream through the air as it progressed closer to impaling the goddess's head.
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    En'a felt her eyelids drop ever so slightly, narrowing her vision to the two combatants. A woman, a man, and a fallen goddess's ghost. She snorted, the derision in her scoff drenched with malicious intent as she willed a pair of silver swords to materialized before her.
    "You believe yourselves powerful? It seems arrogance has eaten away the pathetic amount of intelligence you mortals had in the last hundred years. Perhaps, in the future, I shall appear more often to cleanse your kind of such... Heretical ideas."
    The one named Jasper wieded a rather sizable sword, a claymore, E'na suspected, whereas the woman also carried a particular large sword though shaped differently. On the other hand, her own swords were around the length of her arms and so thin they vanished if one were to look at them from the side. However, both were sharp as divinity would allow, leaving nearly nothing in the mortal world able to withstand it's sharpness. 
    Grabbing both swords from the air, E'na swiftly crossed them and uncrossed them. She moved at a speed beyond mortals, at a speed so incredibly fast it was as if she'd made both actions simultaneously. A thin slice of magic launched itself at Jasper and another at Lilith, both magics bursting with divine energy and able to cut either opponent with ease. 
    To think they believed themselves stronger than a divine being. Killing intent rolled off E'na like an angry storm, pressure those trying to escape with an enormous increase of gravitational pressure. 
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    This caught a fair bit of people off guard despite the announcement. I plan to make an archive temporarily available in 2020 to allow people to grab / repost their sheets
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    Sisters of the Coven
    If a member/character has not been active but can always return, I will mark them with * (Because I love all my witches)
    Luna, Leader of the Coven

    Clementine, Potions and Poisons

    Alexandria Derose, Blood Summoner

    Morwenna, Elemental Pyre

    Namiko Waverunner, Buchaechum Enchantress

    Jadis the Windcaller*

    Appolonia Grace, The Destroyer*

    Sarra Cenia, Performer *

    Emma Morrigan, Archivist *

    Isabella LaCroix, Alchemist*

    Louise Ravencrow, Necromancer *

    Kera Ide Whelan , Artificer*

    Vaeri, Elementalist*

    Una Tal, Sea Witch*

    Stellestria, Waxing Crescent Witch*

    Camelia, Weaponist*

    Andromeda, Seer*

    The Matriarch, Keeper of the Orcs

    Idina, Fire Gypsy*

    ChiChi, Buffs and Curses*

    Tsura, Monster Tamer*

    Isolde, Ice Mage Twin*

    Controlled by players.
    Xander, Coven Familiar(Humanoid Earned)

    Killed the Orc King during Orc War
    Leondrys, Coven Familiar*
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    The Witches' Mountain

    The mountain in which the Sisterhood of Witches reside is located in the southernmost regions of No Man's Land, northerly ridging the passage to Palgard from the Great Pine Barrens. It is one of the surrounding mountain ranges on the outskirts of the northern Black Ridge and is arguably apart of it to some aspect. While this mountain dulls in comparison to the nearby Mount Ormond's 31,000ft elevation (resting at 29,000ft), it still stands as an impressive mountain with impressive views of the western Palgard and the entire northern landscape of No Man's Land from its crown. When viewed from the grounds of No Man's Land, it is the largest in its region. Though north of the passageway between Palgard and the Great Pine Barrens, the mountain is more accessible through No Man's Land itself.
    The mountain is covered in a multitude of caverns and forested by palisades of jutting rocks and cliff sides that obscure most of its openings. Before the witches, this mountain was ruled by vicious orcs that abused and toiled the land. It is volcanic in origin, with a previous noxious atmosphere that resisted all forms of  growth. Now the mountains stands out as covered in a thin patches of greenery and overall radiance of magic that is often mistaken as the after currents of the southern Black Ridge.
    As time drifts by, the mountain continues to demonstrate a resilience against the starved landscape due to the slowly increasing saturation of magic embedded into its soul by the witches and magical entities that have began to inhabit it. The geography is demonstrating more plant-life and flora, though it has not began to sprout trees. 
    Inside the Mountain
    When accessing one of the caverns of the witch's mountain, there is an open tunnel networking that leads into a maze of rocky aphotic corridors. Without guidance, one will wander miles in circles without light nor nourishment. An array of dangerous creatures live within this labyrinth and often pray on lost wandering intruders. Unless a witch of the coven has entered the threshold, the darkness will only thicken as one travels from the entrance. There are torches on the walls, but they are magically induced not to produce light to those not of the coven. When a coven member enters the threshold, the torches immediately light and the pathway to the location of her desire is revealed. If it is aligned with torches. Otherwise, the natural denizens of the mountain see with near perfection in the dark.
    The labyrinth is sporadically adorned with runic inscriptions at locations most of the witches are aware of. When the blood of a witch bonded to the Coven's Soul is provided, a gateway activates and can provide easy passageway through the tunnels. This two key requirement of witch blood and connection to the Coven's Soul prevents the blood of a dead coven witch (whose soul would have passed with her death) from activating the portals.

    Orc Fortress
    At the core, the mountain is revealed to be the vessel for an underground volcanic world. The temperatures raise significantly as one reaches the center, spiking to a blistering 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Under the influence of runic symbols scattered across the cavern, this temperature has been subdued to a fifth of that, but the effects are still fatal to those incapable of handling the heat. Rivulets of magma stream through the chest of the mountain and lead to glorious statue of the Orc fortress.
    The road to the fortress is about a mile long, and is met with gates atop a set of stone stairs. The doors to the fortress are ingrained into a metallic forged wall and constructed of illustrious gems and diamond dust harvested from the mountain. The stairs ascend over a magma molt that crescents the front of the fortress. Great towers guard the surrounding sights of the door and many more can be seen peaking over the thick stone walls. The only light is provided by the magma itself. 

    Witches' Tower and Orc Courtyard
    The entire rear of the fortress is embedded into the interior side  of the open cavern, consisting of specific chambers tailored to both witches and orcs alike. Some of the networking travels deeper into the earth to the dungeons and greater open sanctions of the magma pools. The majority of sleeping quarters for the orcs are hidden within the mountainside. Most of the open area beyond the fortress walls consists of several great towers and a vast courtyard. Most of the architecture within the courtyard is low and consists of laboring supplies, training camps, armories, barracks for active gaurds, and stables for the tamed beasts and steeds. The courtyard is often crowded with orcs and hounds laboring for Luna's constant desire of expansion. The extending towers are the most impressive features of the fortress, extending between 20-30 floors in height.

    The highest of the towers is the Witches' Tower, which plasters into the mountainside and extends halfway up the cavern wall. It is the jewel of the fortress and where the sister witches reside. Within the tower, their magnificent collective magic flourishes and reveals itself. The scenery transforms into a lush emerald environment of plant life woven through stone and stairway. The witches' chambers exist on different levels of the tower, tailored to the signatures of their own magic. The concentration of the Coven's Soul exists within the tower, its magic breathing the life seen within and manifests as sunlight rushing through the exterior.  The wealth of the tower is a direct representation of the strength of the coven, and will weaken and flourish based on their numbers. The heated temperatures dissipate into cool manageable temperatures and the air becomes clean and fresh. The  tower is a fragment of what Luna hopes to transpire as her sanctuary for witches. With time, she hopes to extend the magic of the tower's interior throughout No Man's Land itself. When within the fortress, the witches spend most of their time within these walls, not interacting with the brutal and unsightly orcs lingering on the outsides. Only selected leaders of orc brigades and invited guests are allowed within the tower.
    Denizens of the Mountain
    Keeper of the Orcs, The Matriarch

    Commander and Ruler of Orc Army
    Race: Seer/Witch Doctor
    [1] Witch Doctor Magic
    [2] Seer Magic—A rare ability that renders the Matriarch susceptible to premonitions when in contact with a possession of targeted person.
    [3]Lightning Elementalist
    [4] Skilled in swordsmanship combat
    [5] Speaks Orc
    [6] Substantial resistance to volcanic associated heat, radiation, and exhaust.
    [7] Third Eye Vision
    [8] Marble/Insulating Skin
    [1] Lighting Blade
    [2] Witch Doctor Staff
    [3] Orc Made Armor and Gauntlet

    --Detached, Misty, Tyrannical

    The Army, Tyrtrol Tribe

    After dominating the fortress, Luna and her coven have taken control of its army.On average, the female orcs are about 6feet tall and the males 6'5feet. Although born with jade skin, most of the orcs' color range from an ashy gray to pure ebony depending on soot, magma, radiation, and ash exposure as they grow. Upon touch, their skin is rough and rigid like volcanic rock and has a fathomless thickness. Underneath the many layers of skin, there are bundles of fortified muscle to exemplify their enhanced strength and animosity. Due to the correlation with their harsh environment, one can estimate both the age and skin resilience/thickness of an orc based on the color. Jade being the most delicate and ebony being the most vigorous. This also hints at their specialty (for example, a scout that spends most of its time outside the volcano will have lighter more jade skin whereas the workers and warriors have typically darker skin tones).

    These orcs are different from their cousins in a magnitude of ways. Having lived in the volcano for many generations, these orcs demonstrate adaptions that allowed their ancestral survival within the  heat, radiation, and toxins.
    All the orcs demonstrate a strange phenomenon of possessing crimson eyes, something that also seems to darken with age and exposure to the volcano, and their retinal vessels are black. It is an assumed adaptation with the only obvious benefit being that they can see excessively well in the dark. The hounds they train also seem to have this crimson color, suggesting it is an adaption that some of the native creatures of the volcano share.

    Their bodies are accustomed to brusque conditions and have a thickness stronger than commonplace metallic armor. Their skin is so tenacious that it can be compared to solid marble against blade. It is suggested that the orcs are unable to superficially feel fine textures or pain from years of their sensory receptors being burned away. They also do not seem to sweat due to their glands suffering the same fate, meaning they must have other ways to regulate their body temperature in the volcano. The thickness also acts as an insulator and heat deterrent, protecting them from extreme conditions of not only heated but cold environments.

    Lastly, the orcs in the army are soulless. Every soul of the current and future generation of this army were/are transferred to and controlled by Luna, making them unconditionally obedient and devoted to her commands. Despite their untamed nature and wild behavior, they obey her and only her orders without question. The Orc Matriarch appears to be their leader, but the orcs follow her on Luna's command.

    Types and Numbers
    Total Number in Army[current]: 2560

    Archers [650]: Specialize in acrobatic and rouge skills.
    [1] Crossbows
    [2] Flammable oils
    [3] Short daggers

    Warriors [1175]: Specialize in melee and weapon wielding combat
    [1] Combat Axes
    [2] Clubs
    [3] Swords
    [4] Shields

    Beast Tamers [150]: Specialize in training Orc Hounds, although a few have been known to train other creatures that lurk in the mountain.
    [1] One tamer usually owns about 1-7 hounds
    [2] Potions and Toxins containing both the counteractive and active substances of the hound's breath and salivate.
    [3] Various styled whips and other weaponry coated in [2] toxins.

    Workers and Scouts [585]: Works on the fortress, roams the land, and reports activity.
    [1] These orcs are jacks of all trades and can potentially qualify as any type.

    Established Orcs

    The Bodyguard
    Name: ???
    Status: The Matriarch's Bodyguard

    Description: He is the largest and physically the strongest orc of the entire army, standing at 8ft and weighing 560lbs of muscle. He is calm as far as the orcs go, generally very placid until provoked. He was the twin brother of the previous Orc King, who was beheaded when Luna and her witches took over. He says very little even to his follow orcs, often only speaking when addressed by The Matriarch. He always by The Matriarch's side. Acting as both her bodyguard and her vision. Because of his lack of words, no one seems to know his name.
    Weaponary: Short Cleaver/Axe

    The Prodigy
    Name: Natasha
    Status: A general of Orc Army (Warriors)

    Demo: 6'3ft 210lbs

    Description: She is one the most skilled female orcs in the entire army. She specializes in scouting, hunting, bladed combat with weapons of various kinds. She had a short temper and a domineering personality, known for stabbing her fellow orcs if they disobey or irritate her. She is also one of the most intelligent of the orcs, once of the few the speaks both common language and orc. Even though she is enslaved, her unnatural intellectual curiosity had made her the most curious of the witches' tendency to work and sacrifice for each other, concepts she had rejected since she was a child.
    Weaponary: Bladed Gauntlets

    The Aged Warrior
    Name: Smung
    Status: Warrior
    Demo: 6'7ft | 440lbs

    Description: Smung is the oldest orc of the fighters. He holds a lot of history and his experience in battle is phenomenally demonstrated through his combat. Despite his age, he is still incredibly strong, fast, and competent.

    The Brothers

    Name (left to right): Bale, Grud, and Curt

    Status: Warrior/Scout Brigade Leader/Warrior

    Demo: Bale is 7ft (340lbs); Grud is 5'5ft (450bs); Curt is 6'2ft (350lbs)

    Description: Bale, Grud, and Curt are brothers. Bale is the youngest, Curt is the oldest, Grud is the middle. Bale is silent for an orc, sticking to his duties and not caring anything else. Grud is a young dumb hot-head that has a short-man complex. Curt isn't as much as a hot-head as he is wild. He is always looking for a fight or a woman.

    The Negotiator
    Name: Welund
    Status: Possible Scout
    Demo: 5'8ft, 160lbs.
    Demo: The first thing that is noticed about Welund is her difference in appearance to her fellow orcs.  Her features are considerably more gracile. She is neither as tall or bulky as her fellow orcs, even amongst the scouts. Her voice is deep but not husk and her skin is thick but consistently smooth. However, she commands a phenomenal amount of respect. It is assumed that Welund is a favorite of the witches and may even be learning from them, as it appears she is capable of using magic. Rumor says she is the result of a raping involving Matriarch by one of the orcs (while she was still enslaved) and was locked in the dungeons before the takeover. Because of her less intimidating appearance and proficient language skills, she is often used as an orc representative for Luna herself.

    Growth Rate: Initial army [850] : Total [2,565]
    As a representation of the passage of time: For every thread that actively involves a member of the orc army (Including the Matriarch), they grow 100 per 30 posts . Alliances with another Orc tribe (see accomplishments) has changed this to 200 per 30 posts for all threads proceeding it. Listed chronologically below.
    [Terminated] All the Way Up the Mountain: +100  [Completed] Diamonds are A Witches Best Friend: + 210 (-3) [Completed] Developing a Gambit +150 (An alliance with another Orc tribe has doubled the growth rate!) [Completed] Foolin' With a Witch's Brew +320 [On going] The Witching Hour + Witching Hour, The Return [Completed] Act, and Witches will Act +593 (-1) [Completed] In the Depths of the Mountain +113 [Completed] Dragons are Forever + 233
    Orc Hounds [833]
    Hounds under the control of the orcs. There are many packs of them that lurk through the mountains tunnels and outskirts of the fortress. They are about the size of cougars with lupine agility. Their primary job is guarding the tunnels against intruders and 80% of the hounds live throughout them.

    [1] The hounds have an unrivaled sense of smell that allows them to easily navigate and track intruders of the mountain.
    [2] The hounds have three heads, each capable of seeing clearly though the dark and armed with sharp tongues covered in flesh eating bacteria that can whip and extend over six feet.
    [3] The breath of the hounds is saturated with a potent toxin similar to diethyl ether. A full breath of this in the face will cause a victim to lose consciousness, and prolonged saturation can cause cardiac arrest. This toxin is also highly flammable and because of their heated environment, these hounds have been known to spontaneously breathe fire.
    Initial [100] Orc Hounds 100+ per every 200+ orcs.
    -Diamonds are a Witches' best friend: +105 
    -Developing Gambit: +75
    -Fooling With Witch's Brew: +160
    -In the depths of the Mountain: +56
    -Act and Witches Will Act: +296
    -Dragons are Forever: +116
    Beasts of the Coven
    Luna likes to collect dragons

    Venomous 12-Head Hydra: Third descendant of the Legendary Hydra of Sable Knight.
    There was a legend within Lake Poakapong of a Sable Knight that once fought a fierce beast and won using a sword blessed by Gaia. Midst pursuing the sword, the Sisters came across its third descendant. Though the sword was missing, the coven captured the hydra. Now the beast rest within the deep mountainous tunnels of the orc fortress, unnervingly capable of appearing from the darkness with any one of its twelve heads. Alternatively, it can rest within the sword of The Matriarch. 
    The level in which the hydra lives is a mystery to all but the witches and certain orcs. Wandering throughout the endless tunnels of the mountains, one may eventually find the air suddenly harder to breathe. The cavern walls may seem to lighten in the distance, but the relief of the vision and countered by an equally irritating burn. Loose toxins from the hydra's breath make the atmosphere unpleasant, and the though likely magical means, the temperature gradually drops down to a summer night's feel in the bayou. The cavern becomes moist, walls wet and dripping with water, and soon leads to a pool of dark water reaching unknown depth. The light that shines is another hidden entrance/exit to the mountain. It is hard to discover from the outside and monitored by orcs. Even moreso, it is guarded by the hydra who takes advantage of the darkness and yearns to strike all invaders.

    In the forgotten times when dragons were plentiful in Valucre, Chrysanthe was a creature amongst legends and great magic. When world became warm and unsuitable, she was one of the many creatures who vanished. It is speculated that she hid within magic rich regions of Genesaris, feeding on the arcane storms that occur there and dwelling in the coldest regions. When the Cold Snap transpired in Terrenus, she migrated into the high mountains in hopes of finally birthing an egg she nestled in her womb for thousands of years. It was after giving birth to her next generation that the witches intercepted her. The battle was grueling and bloody, taking two witches and many orcs to subdue the beast while other orcs were killed. Chysanthe seemed capable of producing chilling temperatures of surreal levels, with great stamina, and advanced arcane skills. It was by fortune, skill, and manipulation that they managed to capture Chrysanthe alive, though on the brink of death. The dragon is currently imprisoned deep within the mountain, where Luna works to discover the secrets of lost times by gaining the loyalty and friendship of this powerful ancient beast.
    Dragon Stable 

    (Art Credit  goes to this guy)
    Thanks to Alexandria's heroic efforts, the witches now have a stable with Rider Dragons. The dragons nest and breed under the control of a new class of dragon riding orcs, whom branch off the beast tamer orcs. Marquise is the leader is the dragon tamer orcs. The dragons reside in a sanctioned off part of the mountain that merges with a neighboring mountain of No Man's Land border. Underground tunnels have been dug by the hard working orcs to connect the two mountains and create a large scale nest and stables for the dragons and easy access between the mountains. Alexandria's dragon Syvos stands as the acting alpha of the clan, maintaining a certain level of control while the orcs familiarize the wild beasts and train them to be familiar and coexisting with the orcs and witches. Every witch if they so chose, may bond with a dragon. These dragons at the moment are used primarily for transportation, but are also capable of combat in times of need. 
    Count: 30
    Growth rate: (5 dragons per 15 posts in a thread involving a rider dragon or in Mount Ariadne).
    Established Dragons:
    Syvos: Alpha Dragon, Acid type (Owned by Alexandria)
    Durzol, Fire Type (Owned by Natasha)
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    The Sisterhood of Witches

    The Sisterhood of Witches was established long before it came to Valucre. In the beginning, it ruled a magically opulent realm called Luminara and consisted of a large coven of female witches bound together by fragments of their souls. This intense spiritual connection with each other enhanced their abilities and inaugurated them as sisters. Lead by an ancient witch named Luna, the coven prospered wondrously until wars broke out and with time the coven was shattered by external and internal tribulations. Without the influence of the witches to support the realm, Luminara became a desolate wasteland, purloined of its magic and beauty.

    Determined to reestablish a stronger and more beautiful sanctuary for witches and their craft, Luna travels to Valucre to make her mark there.
    What is it be a Witch?
    I was surprised how often I was presented with this inquiry, and how many women are hesitant to join the coven because they don't know anything about witches. Well, I'm here to tell you not to let this intimidate you! You don't have to be a real life Wiccan to be successful in concepts of IC witchcraft. There are no right or wrong takes on what a witch or witchcraft is, but here is my concept for the sake of answering the question. This is what Luna follows. If you create a witch character, you may based it on your own concepts.
    How is SoW unique?
    Aside from the fact that the sisterhood consists primarily of only females, every sister has a unique connection called the Coven’s Soul. CS introduces a new concept of collective magic that emphasizes on the collaboration between every witch. Most organizations fake a group dynamic when truly the concept is every man for himself, SoW emphasizes and bases its success upon teamwork. It is a family dynamic that demonstrates the true meaning of strength in numbers. With Coven’s Soul, every individual witch’s magic is enhanced, and collectively has the potential to cast spells with the T1 potency of multiple preps in a single round. In fact, this method is so powerful, that caps must be placed on preps to ensure power balance.

    You’ll never be forced to fend for yourself, nor will you ever be abandoned. This organization is not about the power of one, but the power of all. You'll never be weak when you're with your sisters.

    Is SoW Good or Evil?
    The Sisterhood is neutral, but ambitious. The leader Luna will do anything and everything to make sure her sanctuary is created. As her witches follow her ambitions, the coven is not opposed to doing evil anymore than it is opposed to doing good. We will do anything so long as it benefits our cause.

    Alliances or Enemies
    SoW has no enemies. Although ambitious, we are also subtle.

    SoW had an alliance with an Unnatural Necromancer named Alexander Endriel (The Witch King) and his legions of unnaturals. This relationship is now neutral.
    SoW has an alliance with No Man's Land Light-Bearers (Giants). See accomplishments.

    Most accomplishments are to establish a safe haven for witchcraft. We are not about world domination.

    [1] SoW has successfully dominated and claimed the neighboring mountain range and valley of Palgard, also known as No Man's Land

    [2] SoW has ended the Orc War ranging in the Palgard mountain range.

    [3] SoW had dominated and claimed an Orc Fortress in the southern mountains of No Man's Land, enslaving its entire orc army and recovering a magical item that disrupts the arcane.

    [4] SoW had established an Alliance with a power necromancer named Alexander Endriel, who plans to dominate the continent of Terrenus and guarantee their sanctuary.
    [5] SoW has established a tentative Alliance with the Barren Forest Orc Tribe doubling the growth rate of their army
    [6] SoW had a tentative Alliance with the Lucifer, the Light-Bearer Giants sharing No Man's Land
    [7]SoW has successfully captured and taken the hydra from the Gaian Folklore of the Sable Knight Legend
    [8] SoW has established ties with the Dwarfs of Tazarek promising trade of orcs for blacksmith skills of request
    [9] SoW has successfully captured an ancient dragon of the Cold Snap (this actually takes place between events 3 and 4)
    [10] SoW has successfully procured Sable Knights Sword (see 7)
    [11] SoW has established a stable of Rider Dragons, 30 in total. 
    [12] SoW has stopped an evil God from being summoned into the city of Dougton, and revitalized 15 miles of uninhabitable land there.  
    See Luna's Thread History for summary on SoW past threads

    Are there other benefits besides power boosts and IC connections?
    Want more huh? Well, we are sisters both IC and OOC. Females who stick together both on the outside and inside. In my opinion, the best IC cooperation requires OOC friendship. I try my best to make sure we all get along and communicate with each other on both levels. You can make a good storyline inside, and join a fun community on the outside!

    What if I am a man? I want to join too...
    Two things, there are tons of organizations that will accept any type of person. Male, female, old, young, good or evil. This organization is an opportunity for females to stand out in the roleplay world, I am positive you can find an another organization to suit your needs.

    HOWEVER, if you’re truly passionate about being a part of the coven, you qualify to be a familiar or a member of the coven's orc army. Familiars are beasts that are obligated and dedicated to serve and protect their witch. You may be a coven familiar, in which you will have no owner, or the familiar of a particular witch, in which case you are only loyal to her. While this is a limited character on a general basis, you will be actively involved in any mission threads that you desire. You are essentially a soldier for us.

    The one restriction on being a familiar is form. Familiars are beasts and beasts alone. While I will give you free range of options on what beast you desire to be, you cannot be a humanoid of any kind. In other words, you may not be a familiar that could inspire romance or intimate relations with any of the sisters of the coven. [At least without it being called bestiality]. This in no way limits your character’s personality or behavior, be whatever kind of beast you want. Just be warned that Luna will not tolerate a familiar trying to bed or romance a witch.
    CHANGE: Luna will grant a familiar a humanoid form if he desires under the premises that he proves himself worthy. A familiar that has ICly accomplished a single great fleet that benefits the coven or successfully completes five mission threads MAY be granted Luna's favor. However, even as a humanoid, they are still a familiar and Luna still will not tolerate romance.
    See details below on the orc army on what it means to be an orc.

    Rules and Regulations
    Allow me to reflect.

    [1] To be a witch, you must be a female both IC and OOC.

    [2] You must be active and willing to collaborate with everyone!

    [3] To be a familiar, you can be male or female, but you must not have a humanoid form.

    I am interested in joining!
    Wonderful! Just send me a PM! Work on your witch, familiar, or orc profile and read up on the Coven's Soul concept [which I will provide] to understand more about the coven dynamic. I will likely have an immediate mission for you so be ready to roleplay! Welcome to the Sisterhood!
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    Thread History:
    1. Luna first arrives in Valucre. Clearly stated as originally from Earth's realm, she seeks to make her first endeavor in Valucre as the hunter of a terrorizing wyvern. However, she is distracted when she discovers her old coven sister, Chichi, has arrived from the same realm. Thus one witch becomes two. (This quest thread is incomplete due to another thread having already partaken in the quest, so it is assumed Luna learns the wyvern has been dealt with and abandon's the quest). 
    2. The next time Luna is seen, she is accompanied by a third and fourth witch. Having already established the beginnings of a coven, she moves to find a home for them. Luna, Feira, and Jessica discover an ongoing war between two great Orc clans in the mountains of Palgard, (Bordering No Man's Land) and infiltrate one of the fortresses. The adventure leads to Luna destroying the entire fortress and discovering an old friend named Rama-Khan. Luna and her coven end the War.
    3. Determined to claim the valley for her own, Luna sets her sights on the second orc fortress. Replacing her witches for this new task, Luna is now accompanied by Chichi and her familiar Xander, Rama-Khan, and a fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth witch of the coven (Idina, Camellia, Tsura, and Kera). Along the way, the coven discovers an indwelling witch named Clementine. The fortress being protected by miles of maze like tunnels, Clementine leads the witches to the heart of the mountain where the fortress stands. Luna discovers that this orc clan has enslaved another witch. Angered, Luna decides death is not enough for them and instead enslaves the entire fortress. Thus, Luna and her coven gain two new witches (The Matriarch and Clementine) along with an orc army.   
    4. Having established a home, word of her coven's feat reaching even the articles, Luna is contacted by a necromancer named Alexander. She travels with this man and his underling the Limper for a short time, but establishes a connection with both of them (She even kisses the Limper).  However, against her better judgement, she assists in helping Alexander obtain an unthinkable power in hopes of trusting him to help her. The mission is successful, but Luna and the newly empowered Alexander become disagreeable, for he sought to rule her coven. The conflict ends with no one getting hurt, but the two part with bitter hearts.  
    5. After her disappointment with Alexander, Luna attempts to seethe her anger by cleaning the remaining orc corpses and fortress debris from her newly acquired valley in No Man's Land. Alexander reappears, claiming himself a greater man wishing to reestablish their ties. He gives Luna a tome, which appeals to her greatly, and she requests Alexander to help force her enslaved orcs to be forever loyal to her. Alexander accomplishes this by giving Luna their souls. The two have a moment of intimacy, and seemly their bond is reestablished. (Later Luna expands this to the future generations of orcs, making her entire army and future army completely soulless and unconditionally obedient.)
    6. Luna visits a rural farming area that is being plagued with wyverns. Her interest is not in the wyverns but from sensing of a follow witch amongst the town. This witch is named Statia.  Through their journey of handling the town's plague, she establishes a connection that ultimately leads to Statia joining the coven. (Incomplete, the wyvern problem is handled but the thread ends as the two face the owner of them.) 
    7. Luna follows the trail of another witch, discovering her living the life of thievery. Her name is Zandra. Luna finds lifestyle incredibly offensive to her kind and go through some lengths to try and convince the rogue witch with to join her family and become something more. Zandra proves to be quite stubborn one and is resilient to her efforts, and in the end refuses to join the coven much to Luna's disappointment.
    8. Luna and her coven members Alexandria and Andromeda go on a high risk mission to capture an ancient titan ruling five planes of existence. It exists in five pieces, Luna already possessing one. They travel into the plane of Life for their second piece. (Incomplete thread, no pieces of ICly obtained so until I decide to continue this, it is unsuccessful)
    9. Tension rises high between Luna and Alexander once again when she learns he is meeting with Camellia in secret. This convinces Luna that he not only is trying to convince Camellia to betray her coven, but that he is unworthy  of their partnership. Their separation is not played out, but it can be assumed that Luna detaches herself from Alexander and his cause. Before she leaves, she gives the Limper one last visit. 
    10. Luna sends The Matriarch to the Black Ridge with a pack of orcs to seek information on something of interest to her. The Matriarch crosses with The Dead and finds herself enamored by its fleet leader, Artist. It appears these feeling might very well be returned. The Matriarch joins The Dead on their mission in the mountains, offering her help with apparently no request in anything in return. The Matriarch spends an undesignated amount time within the mountains, learning the landscape, signature of magic, and creatures alike.
    11. Luna sends a brigade of orcs with Idina, Kera, and Clementine into Herbie's Bed during the Cold Snap, with the mission of seeking and capturing an powerful and ancient ice dragon. The mission results in a compromising avalanche that incapacitates  Idina and Kera, who are sent back to safety by Clementine. Now Clementine continued the quest alone until she is joined by Alexandria. Together the two face the challenges of the mountain and bested the dragon, who revealed itself to have an egg. Both came into the witches' grasps.
    12. With the hopes of expanding her orc army, Luna has disguised herself as an orc and entered a foreign orc fortress in the forests of Terrenus. After making an impression on the chieftain, she inserts herself into the culture for several days, making herself popular amongst the tribe. Even moreso, she finds herself in the company of a prophet and Frost Giant named Yahweh, who claims to also be from the No Man's Land, seeking an alliances with the orcs. The two make a connection in the short time they spend together, which ultimately leads to Yahweh requesting to meet Luna. Welund (Luna's alias) agrees to arrange the meeting. During this meeting Luna agrees on a peace between SoW and the Frost Giants, along with a tentative partnership. Setting the ties of cross breeding the tribes, Luna expands the growth rate of her army.
    13. During her time with the orcs, Luna disappears for four days in order to prepare for Yahweh's visit to her fortress. At this time, she comes across a werewolf who has been cursed by a follow witch and takes it upon herself to rectify it. This witch is possessed a demon, but escapes before Luna can help her. Fascinated by this werewolf (Jo), Luna not only reverses the curse, but risks her life to bless Jo with the unique ability of witchcraft. The price is a young child.
    14. Luna sends the Matriarch in search of the ancient sword of the Sable Knight, implanted with the chest of 12-headed hydra along Ponkapoag River. The Matriarch, accompanied by witch Morwenna and Vaeri, discover the sword has already been removed from the beast and the hydra left alive. The witches engage the hydra and capture the beast, making its new home within the mountain of the coven.
    15. Using scales and blood of the Hydra as ingredient for a tracking location, Luna resumes the  search for Sable Sword, last seen flying off on her trusted summon to follow any possible leads of the spell. When Luna is seen again, several days to weeks later, she is hurrying into an old Noodle Shop carrying written letters of an unknown reciptant. This turns it to be an Ex-Dragon rider named Ruiser. The meeting is brief and mysterious but important, for in exchange of a magical bracelet and bow of her own design, Luna receives the Sable Knight Sword, polished and full of potential.
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    ~Basic information~
    Name: Luna
    Age: 566 years
    Birthday: May 30th, 1453
    Occupation: Head of Sisterhood of Witches Coven
    Appearance: (See picture)
    Race: Human Witch and Draconian (The latter not genetic)
    Attire: Luna is often seen in old fashioned dresses from 1600s and wears an showy, feathered pointed hat.
    Accent: Luna has an light Old English accent that can been modernized over the years from the 17th century. (Think Lilly Allen or Kate Middleton)
    ~Equipment and descriptions~ 

    A sentient, silver staff used to manipulate spells and store spiritual/physical energy. About 6 feet long and made out of a magical alloy similar to mithril. Embedded in the head of the staff is a rune with an intricate inscription that interchanges between an aquamarine and ruby color. The rune consistently feeds off the ambient energy, making it capable of absorbing potent attacks and sensing intentions from psionic residues of people's thoughts. In lieu of overloading, which can happen if too much energy is absorbed, the staff will regurgitate its storage in a pestilent storm of tainted energy. This threatens even Luna.

    Grimoire: Four volumes of an ancient spell book containing Luna's lineage of witchcraft, dating back to the Early Middle Ages. Though containing fathomless spells, potions, rune inscribing, and curses/enchantment techniques, she rarely actively uses them in battle because of her photographic memory. However, when desired, any of the tomes can be effortlessly summoned.

    Enchanted Rider Gloves: Because of the demanding twists and turns her staff will spontaneously make, Luna lack of physical strength is compensated by enchanted gloves. These gloves have a slight arcane affinity to the staff's metal and allows her to tightly grip the staff without overexerting her muscles. It also makes releasing and knocking the staff away from her hands slightly more difficult. Energy can also be streamed into the gloves to increase their affinity to the staff. Sometimes it is worn on one hand, other times worn on both. Without assistance, the affinity strength is similar to Velcro or refrigerator magnets.

    The Witch King's Gift: As a peace offering during their spat and perhaps as a reward for assisting him, The Witch King Alexander gifted Luna with an ancient necromancer's tome. This tome, as evil and dilapidated as it looks, contains demented but powerful spells of necromancy and the dark arts. The spells are inevitably taxing and can taint the untrained mind into madness. Luna has only used the tome three times, the most infamous being to expand and modify Alexander's affliction upon her army into a curse that spread throughout the generations, enslaving their souls and their children's souls to her and her alone for all eternity. All the spells had a backfire that either nearly killed her or drove her insane. One of those times, the book's face seemed to come alive and whispers unspeakable things in the night.

    Teardrop Pendant:  The theory is that this is the vessel that holds souls of the orcs, and if it does, that the magical gems grow as the number of souls do, becoming larger and larger. Where this pendant is (be it on her person, in her body, in the fortress, or in another world) is as unknown as the theory that it actually exists. But it is representative that Luna must have some way of holding all those souls.

    - Munificent and sympathetic.

    - Very calm and mellow. Hardly temperamental

    - High spirited and stubborn

    - Protective and ambitious


    ~Basic Abilities and Backgrounds on them~
    Pure Witch Magic- Genetically, Luna is the third generation of family witches dating back to Early Middle Ages [Or Dark Ages]. Her witch lineage is very pure, giving her one of the greatest natural affinities to magic. Though she has learned a heap of spells throughout her years from the most simple to complex and can do a variety of things with a chants and/or waves of her staff, magic is both linked to her emotions and desires. She can even create nonexistent spells spontaneously.

    Curses and Enchantments- Casting of curses or charms upon herself or others to limit/ enhance their abilities. Unlike normal magic, Luna's curses/enchantments are only required to make contact through the senses for effect [i.e touching, tasting, seeing, smelling or hearing.] This makes them able to penetrate some barriers and defenses.

    Rune weaving- Luna’s specialty is runes and inscriptions. Runes are arcane inscriptions written upon a variety of things including people. Each one is different in the effects they manifest. While some are learned from written tomes, many of the inscriptions are original and complicated, created by Luna and her ancestors . All of her runes, whilst dormant, will absorb ambient energy and become stronger as time elapses.

    Draconian Infused DNA- Luna inherited her dragon genetics due to a backfired spell. In her youth, the witch was obsessed with dragons, but her rarity and untamed nature made them difficult to own. In an naive act, she attempted to create a spell meant to turn pure elements into dragons. The spell worked, but not in the way that she planned. Instead of enchanting outside elements, the elemental components of her body were affected. Combining with the magic already imprinted in her genes, under the influence of the spell the elements evolved and mutated into draconian DNA intertwined with her own. Phenotypically, she appears normal, but her draconian attributes are witnessed/triggered during combat. These attributes include…

    [1] Magical Reflection—When energy foreign to Luna’s signature attempts to penetrate her skin, the draconian layer of magic above it will act as a mirror and reflect it back at the user. The energy excreted from the witch/dragon hybrid cells not only causes the energy to be reflected, but converts into a tainted and harmful substance that will do sufficient spiritual and physical damage if reabsorbed. While this makes foreign enchantments and blessings futile, it also prevents anti-magic from being cast upon her.

    This can be overwhelmed though. If powerful enough, the attack with break the mirror. However, no matter the potency of the attack, some of the energy will be reflected. This is an innate ability that Luna cannot control, thus it always works [Just not at 100% efficiency].

    [2] Magical Resistance and Sensitivity—Like a dragon, Luna is very tenacious against magical attacks and also very sensitive to arcane magic. This is further enhanced by being a witch. Most magical attacks are reduced in strength when they hit Luna [If the attack is powerful enough to overwhelm her reflection abilities]. Working in co-existence with her reflecting innate, Luna never receives the full impact of a magical attack.

    [3] True Elemental Control and Absorption—Due to the accident, Luna’s DNA was mutated to possess the draconian attributes of every dragon there is. The term ‘true’ element means that Luna has powers over the 94 elements that occur in nature. However, due to the massive amount of elements, she couldn’t master them all. While she has a minor resistance [5%] to all elements, she is only strongly resistant [30-90%] to and has completely mastered nine. When within an environment that harnesses a sufficient amount of one of these elements [i.e water/ocean], the corresponding dragon DNA activates and her body slowly imbibes the ambient arcane flowing from the elements. Consequently, her draconian defenses
    [listed above] gain power. These elements are…

    - Carbon— This allows her to control organic substances, such as earth and minerals.

    - The components of water—Hydrogen and Oxygen

    - Gold, silver and mercury – Usually used for defensive purposes.

    -Chlorine, Nitrogen, and sulfur –toxins

    **Note: By combining these elements, Luna has mastered their molecules as well. [i.e Since she has mastered hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, she has also mastered at fire, water, earth, and wind.]**

    Psionics- Because most of her natural defenses are trained on the arcane, Luna actively worked on her mind. Her advanced brain capacity and photographic memory is a direct consequence of her magically increasing her psionic potential. She uses psionics for a multitude of things. She lacks the ability to invade a trained mind, but is very good at preventing people from imposing their abilities on her. In fact, her greatest psionic abilities are associated with defensive techniques. In a more offensive manner, she can mentally cast spells and use minor telekinesis.

    Draining Life Essence: Luna has not lived for five centuries because of an innate attribute or spell. Inheriting both her family's vanity and hunger for youth, she maintains her beauty and longevity by sucking the life-force out of people—particularly children.

    **Another note: Luna is surreal at many aspects of arcane because of her extreme weakness in physical skill. Luna has below to average melee skill with no innate abilities that increase her speed, strength, or defense—nor is she capable of wielding a sword or shield effectively [her staff is sentient and guides her]. Realistically, a single punch from an average man can knock her out. Her only inhuman ability is her advanced thinking/processing reflexes and memory. Due to her reliability, Luna's magical abilities exceed most.**

    ~Coven's Soul Abilities [Buffs from the Sisterhood of Witches]~
    All unprepped magical attacks have a 5% advantage over normal unprepped attacks.

    Per witch present, all unprep magical attacks have a 10% advantage over normal unprepped attacks if drawn from CS.

    All witches have an increased 20% magic resistance outside of their own due to the CS storm’s protective effects leaking into their corresponding souls.

    By accessing the CS, witches gain the ability “Soul Communication,” meaning they can talk to each other via soul fragments.

    By accessing the CS, witches gain the ability “Skill Possession” meaning witches can borrow mana/spiritual associated abilities of their sister witches.

    ~Witch Familiar~

    -Chubbo the Spirit Dragon

    Appearance: When visible, a little green chubby plushie-sized dragon with no wings and a witch hat to match Luna’s. In battle, Chubbo is never seen in his spirit form.

    Race: Familiar/Dragon Spirit

    Abilities: Spiritual possessor of elements.
    Note: Chubbo's elements are different than Luna's. Chubbo specializes 'magical elements' while Luna  specializes in 'natural elements'. (For example, Luna's elements do not include light/dark, thus she cannot enhance her draconic attributes through sunlight, lightning strikes, or shadows.)

    ~ A quick look into Luna’s past~

    Luna was born 1447 on Earth, in Great Britain. Though only the third known generation of her witch lineage, her mother and grandmother were powerful women tracing back to the Dark Ages, longevity sustained by draining the life essence of children. She was born of dark witchcraft, her preceding blood notorious for their condescending nature to those lacking magical descent. Consequently though, this kept her witch genes pure and powerful. Magic was apart of Luna the moment she was born; the mother that nourished her through her infant and childhood years. She never knew her real mother; she was born in a pentagon under an old oak tree in the forest. Whether her mother abandoned her or was killed was unknown at the time. The newborn was sustained through magic, which protected and provide her with warmth and nourishment whenever she cried for it. Magic was her mother, best friend, and guardian until she was old enough to control it.

    Thus for the first twenty years of her life, Luna was a lone witch. Born during the Early Modern Ages of Europe, she had the misfortune of being incorporated into the beginning ages of the witch-hunt and trials. As one of few true witches amongst the accused, she was forced to hide her craft, run from inquisitors, and witness hundreds of innocent women burn alive for gifts most of them did not possess. Inspired from the anger of such injustice and prejudice, she soon she became obsessed with not only discovering who she was, but protecting women from the ridicule and tyranny of men.
    She dove deep into the craft she so loved, striven to train herself to become powerful enough to create and protect a family of her own. However, with no ancestry to guide her or grimoires to learn from, she was raw, new, and often defenseless. She lost countless friends during these unmerciful years, and had yet to discover a true witch. She often was only spared from the hunt herself due to a phenomenal and unexplained link of the arcane to her desires in such desperate and cruel times. Yet this did nothing for her growing hatred, misery, and most of all passion for justice.

    At the age of 28 and desperate, Luna desired to create guardians. Dragons. Which once reign supreme and cast fear into men and women throughout all history. Though still naive and inexperienced in the details of witchcraft, she wrote a powerful spell to transform inorganic elements into living dragons. Knowing her magic was linked to her desires, she was arrogantly confident of its success. The night she attempted the spell, something went terribly wrong. The natural balance of the universe would not allow life to be created from nothing, and unable to control the focus and direction of such a powerful and new spell, the magic couldn't expand beyond the boundaries of her own body. The price of creating life was infusing her own body into the spell. She underwent a transformation, genetics revolutionizing into draconian DNA. Though an accident, the transformation provided Luna with the guardians she desired, all within her own body. Since then, Luna was able to cast impressive draconian spells combined with her advanced techniques of a witch.

    Now capable of overthrowing the inquisitors of her time, Luna researched and explored her ancestry without limitation. Without a name, and only her origin of birth providing any clue, and it took her many decades to discover evidence of her lineage. With the combination of spells, interrogations of scholars, and raiding of tombs, Luna finally discovered the unmarked grave of her mother. 80 years old and withered, the witch dug up the grave and discovered four volumes of grimoires buried within. When she touched the cover, the volumes burst to life and the image of her deceased mother and grandmother appeared before her. They told her the tale of her family.

    Her mother had fallen in love. After centuries of life without companionship, the ancient witch decided to give up her longevity for a normal life with a human man. And she died with him. However, her pregnancy was not influenced by his seed. There were no explanations of Luna's father, only that she was conceived in a purity of magic as both her mother and grandmother were. And like them, Luna was left to the woods to develop the bond with magic needed to guide her there. If she made it, she was worthy of the power inscribed within the grimoires. Her grandmother had failed this test, and thus their ancestry was lost.

    With two long generations of witchcraft inscribed within those volumes, Luna learned both the secret to longevity and power, accessing the knowledge of her lineage. Confident that she would never be weak again, she began her quest for a coven. She promised herself that she would never be alone again, nor would she allow her fellow witches to be ridiculed and prosecuted. With all her power, she would create a new world, a sanctuary for women and witchcraft.

    Accompanied by a familiar named Chubbo, Luna decided to search for strong women and witches to create a Sisterhood. In the 1600s, she moved to a small village named Salem and started her search there. In 1692, she experienced the tragedy of the witch trials, but through it also discovered her first fellow witch. This is witch took Luna into the true world of witchcraft. Over the next couple centuries, Luna found herself astounded by the magnitude of actual witches in existence. She expanded her knowledge through them, exploring magic and defending women and witches through the ages of the Witch-Hunt and beyond. She learned and defended witchcraft in different regions of the world until 20th century. In her fourth century of age, she felt herself powerful enough to create and make her own coven prevail beyond measure. Thus, the first generation of the Sisterhood of Witches was born.
     Luna took the coven beyond blood and mental bonds, developing the concept of the Coven's Soul. Her sister witches would not only devote themselves by word, but by soul. It expanded their abilities and made possibilities endless. With their combined powers, the witches created the realm of Luminara.

    As time went by, problems and success all came and went. Luminara was lush and beautiful. However, Luna soon developed problems of the heart. Her witches, not sharing Luna's feelings towards men and the outside world, desired life and love beyond witchcraft. Many interactions with the outside world occurred. Before she knew what was happening, the leader of one of her allied clans, named Koth, had fallen in love with her. Luna, being so caught up in the well-being of her sisterhood and in fear of following her mother's footsteps, rejected it. However, there was something about Koth that she could not abandon, and thus she accepted his devotion though she could not return his love.

    Complicated became tragic when two of her members got into trouble with the wrong people. The ultimate consequence of this was the death of her second military command, Hazel. The lost of the witch hit Luna hard; she was set into a rare rage that compromised both herself and her coven. So to rid herself of all the evil thoughts, she cast a banishing spell upon her anger. This created something Luna did not expect.

    Another entity exited her body and Luna found herself staring into her own hatred in the form of a man. This man was an untamed beast that aimed to destroy everything in his path. To prevent furthering the damage she already caused, Luna cast a binding spell on her and this man, sealing their life forces together. Not one could live without the other. Upon realizing this, the man knew he had no choice but to be at her service.

    However, Luna treated him with kindness, neither cruel or tyrannical despite her power over him. This man, who she named Malic, started to develop feelings and eventually fell in love with Luna. The witch was going through changes as well. With things in the clan peaceful, Luna had nothing to stop her feelings for Malic from manifesting. However, upon loving this man she created, thoughts of her devoted Koth and how much he had done for her in the past stabbed at her heart. She realized not only that she couldn't leave him, but she that she had fallen in love with Koth. Caught within a love triangle between Koth and Malic not knowing who to choose, Luna tried to deal with the problems of her personal life and simultaneously be a successful leader of the Sisterhood of Witches.

    Eventually it was all too much. Under the strain and emotional heartbreak of Luna’s indecision, Koth disappeared and she never saw him again. Malic thought this meant he had won Luna, but found himself extremely wrong. The bonds of the coven's soul were weakening, fragments untying themselves and witches disbanding. Luminara began to lose its magic and suffer. Luna blamed herself, feeling her weakness was associated with the love tearing her mind and heart. Without explaining herself, Luna dispelled her life bond with Malic. She vanished without a farewell and Luminara became dead and barren.

    What ultimately happened between Luna and her sisters is unknown, but the witch now makes her advent in Valucre. She claims she is willing to sacrifice it all once more to get her sanctuary...this time without mistakes. Time will tell if this comes to be.
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    Hi. My name is Justin. I'm 20 years old and I work at a call center doing tech support. I play saxophone and like to talk to people. Can't wait to rp with all of you
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    "FWEET!" The air curled in to a near ear-piercing whistle. Stage right, from between an alley, Jasper pushed a bare hand off the corner of the building as he emerged from the shadows. Sneak attacks just weren't his style. Besides, by the way the goddess reacted to the bounding Zodiac Knight, it wouldn't have had a good chance to work.
    This attack on the city, to Jasper, came as a surprise and so he wore no armor. Instead he was dressed in the attire of a man who was casually running errands. Slacks, unbuttoned overcoat, vest, and tie---all black. His white button-up dress shirt contrasted beneath the dark uniformed color, as his body's feature did. His skin was a diluted, light peach, His hair was the same as the peak of winter's season in the high mountains, a snow white. Between some of the loose floating strands of that hair, ruby red eyes nearly glowed, shining bright against the light of the levitating goddess E'na and gained the illusion of bellowing fires in them as his attention darted around, reflecting the light at different angles.
    People fled for their lives while others lingered as they considered their chances against an ultimate being. Some people ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. Others considered bravery, like the obliterated Zodiac Knight, but ultimately remained hiding as the fear left them in a frozen state. Jasper did not judge any of these people as this goddess was a living embodiment of a natural disaster, a tidal wave crashing through the streets causing destruction and death. Jasper, however, would not be discouraged. With bravery and courage, he chose to pick up his sword, the claymore he carried in one hand, low at his side, and quickly intruded in to the proximity of battle.
    "You have me on your side, woman. Let's dispose of this trash." Upon taking his last step to make his stand beside Lilith, Jasper stomped his weight and strength of his leg into the ground, kicking up dust and making a thud. "I am Jasper! Goddess, you don't belong here. Away with you or you will be slayed!" Jasper grinned as he raised the hilt of his large sword up to his shoulder and took a firm grip with both hands now, the tip of the blade pointing up to the sky. There was no way, he thought, this goddess would leave. She would be too proud, insulted, and undoubtedly lash out.
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    I NEED like TWO ADD-ON Characters to play very, very VILE and SADISTIC bad guys/gals. Please h it my inbox and I will give you FULL details on what I need for you to do. The Role would be CRUCIAL to the storyline as it has already gotten very MUCH deep into itself. It will not be hard to keep up, as I will PROVIDE foot notes that will catch you up in as little as two days, MAX!!
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    It's not dead, Kleksei is just afv for a bit. The opportunity is still up and she should be coming back in a little bit. 
    @Casanova go ahead and post in our thread! Don't worry about the other stuff lol adventure awaits!
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    ? Lilith can’t continue the thread without Aleksai?
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