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  1. Sundown saga.

    The confusion that stole her features mixed beautifully with a hint of sadness and disappointment. Her lips parted in a deep sigh as she wrapped her arms about herself; her left hand rubbing her right arm. “Despite what you think you may know, you are wrong.” Her words were defiant. How dare he? How dare this being take what had fueled her existence for years and speak of it as if it were nothing? He had no idea what she had been through or what she had seen. More tears flowed down her face now, mostly out of frustration but she quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand. “I wield weapons from the gods that speak to me. It was not their desire to fire upon you. It seems some god is watching over you creature.” She moved to his front, her brows furrowed as she looked upon him. “I am Sorano and I do not speak for just anyone. I speak for he that changed my life and offered me the life I have now. The one who bestowed this quest on me the moment my new beginning started. I speak for Rocsephon.”
  2. Nimbös ¬ Lion's Skye.

    please delete this post.
  3. I haven't forgotten I owe posts...I'm just super sick once again x.x I prefer to be 100% before I go throwing posts around.

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      I owe posts too. Don't tell anybody tho. 

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      Your secret is safe with me friend. ~__^

  4. Pictures of Us

    Ima toss you a pm fella!!
  5. Pictures of Us

    You go ahead and rub that in sir. Lol. None the less, always good to see you!
  6. Pictures of Us

    Ryan, you haven't changed...Like at all!
  7. [NW]On the King's Road

    Perhaps much to his surprise she nodded in agreement. She understood the importance of their influence reaching far beyond their own boarders. Even while this “noble” family didn't amount to much where she and Ezra hailed from, here in their own lands they were important. Being the puppeteers that pulled the strings from behind the scene could and would eventually come in handy. Drawing in a deep breath she turned slightly in the seat as to face him more. Her index finger met his chin to direct his face toward her own. “You are not just any Thalon, Ezra. You are mine.” She squeezed his chin lightly and offered him a smile. In no way did her words describe ownership of Ezra, merely were he had came from. “We are all so very diverse, and in part that helps makes us great. I will never compare you to the others, and you should not as well.” She straightened herself back up and considered these other creatures. There was little to no concern about such abominations. The blood that flowed through her body was pure and powerful backed by hundreds of years of learning and living. They had a goal set in motion and they would find their victory one way or another. As the carriage slowed she assumed they had began to descend toward the plantation. She was unwilling to become sour about the situation and promised herself a good bit of fun while here working to help Ezra reach his goals. “I'm going to hold you to that promise my dear.” She chuckled and patted his hand. Let the games begin…
  8. Prom...I haven't done one of those in uhm...20 years.
  9. My cat. Yes. She's a mini-beast. She does. She even sleeps in my bed under my blankets with me...Also, that video is the best @Nox
  10. I'm my cats person. It's harder to get her to not like me.
  11. Got my posts done with my cat in the way the entire time...Haven't smoked in over a month now, and reconnected with an old friend who I missed. It's a pretty damn good day.
  12. [NW]On the King's Road

    Business. It was an important tool for the family, and more so, her responsibility to keep an eye on the mules that ran their legitimate businesses. As of now, Donovan was more qualified to keep track of these things and it was a nice break for her. Ezra was her new focal point. He was already a very capable force and of that she was proud. However she continued to remain at his side and watch as he continued to grow and be a constant for him regardless if he believed he needed it or not. “I grow weary of the traveling.” She flashed him a smile as she curled her legs underneath her indian style. “There is nothing quite like being at the family home, surrounded by those that share our life force and the history that is Thalon.” She waved her hand dismissively. “There is work to do however, and it will come first. Our greatness is reflected by the continuous work we do and so we shall do it.” She winked playfully. While she longed to be home, curious if there was any word on the Mother, she was also grateful to be out and about with Ezra to keep her mind busy. “What is your plan for this group of fools?” She was basically second fiddle in the Ezra show. He would make the plans and decide who, what, when and where. She would be his backup for anything that he needed, whenever he needed it. She was however delighted with the idea of a new play thing. She was a sexual being with an insatiable appetite, and she could have her pick of the litter. As they neared the families plantation she wished to have some idea of what was playing out within his head. It went without saying that she could play the part of the proper lady when need be; or the seductress, and even killer...She would do whatever needed to be done but some idea of a structured nature was her preference. “Look at this place...” The village was miniscule, she wondered if there was even a pub where one might grab a bite to eat. “Who do these people think they are again my love?” She laughed a bit at her words. These humans wouldn't know noble if it smacked them in the face. Perhaps she underestimated the fun to be had here with Ezra.
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