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    I'm easier to get ahold of on Steam. If you do up steam and wanna contact me that way, toss me a pm on this site and we'll work out adding each other.

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  1. Sorano

    General chat thread

    I've had a pretty great day! Except it's cold. But I made a mocha and that makes things better. How was your day?
  2. Sorano

    GIF association

    The original wing man.
  3. Sorano

    General chat thread

    The bean bag shot guns!
  4. Sorano

    General chat thread

    My son is on fall break from college. My daughter (The oldest) still lives here in town and comes by often, but I was fortunate enough for them both to be here. I fed them, they couldn't pass it up. LOL
  5. Sorano

    General chat thread

    It's been pretty amazing having my kids at the house the last couple days. 😄
  6. Sorano

    General chat thread

    Hey buddy! I'm doing pretty good. How're you??
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