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  1. I got something in the works, I haven't forgotten about ya.

    1. Sorano


      I didn't think you had! =D

  2. semi-closed

    There was nothing left to say, he had said it himself: they all needed to die. She proudly took his arm, his demeanor causing a smile to curl her lips ever so slightly. The circumstances being what they were, she understood that he may not grasp her ideals as quickly as some might. She well understood that Ezra was a strong willed smart man and it was important for her to support him in any way should could while gently guiding him toward their ways. Entering the main lobby of the club was exhilarating. Frightened hearts raced and blood pumped feverishly through each and every person here. The sound itself could easily break a lesser creature, but they; Ezra and Ashlyn stood there strong and in control. As Ezra inhaled deeply, she was certain he was preparing to finish the job he had started. However, with his exhale the strangest anomaly occurred. His prowess was like nothing she had ever seen, and while he learned of its power so did she. Curiously she watched as his touch caused a ripple. As the disturbance grew and twisted into a weapon her wonderment bubbled deep with her. As quickly as it had begun, it was finished. Blood and gore painted the floors and walls while dismembered bodies were strewn about the room. Her curiosity resided upon the blade used for said destruction and the pile of black ash that it now was. She was certain that somewhere within the library in the family home the answers she sought hid. Until that time, she would continue to collect all the tidbits she could about this particular gift Ezra possesses. His voice brought her attention back to him. “Yes, it certainly is.” She wasn't too concerned about hurrying off into the night or fear of being caught. They would leave when everything was in order. As she passed the bar, she grabbed a damp towel and followed Ezra to his office, minding the discarded clothing along the way. “Was that alright?” She repeated his words as she moved to him, cleansing the blood from his body with the towel she had grabbed moments ago. She chuckled quietly. “I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it Ezra.” A statement with an unclear intent until more words followed. “Your gifts are something I have never seen in all my years, and if I am being honest with you, which I will always be, I'll need to do some research to further understand it.” Gently she wiped the blood from his face, brushing the hair from his brow. “You are just another reason that Thalon is flawless my love.” Satisfied with his cleanliness she tossed the towel on the floor and waited for him to change and ready himself. “If there is nothing more here for you then let us leave this place in ashes and be on our way.”
  3. Be gone evil sickness! I command you!
  4. Surprisingly I still feel really good. I think it has a lot to do with my mentality going into it. I've struggled with it for about a month now. I used to be a 2 pack a day smoker. I decided I wanted to stop and would wean myself off. I was down to 8 cigarettes a day and was I really need those 8 smokes? So I didn't buy any more and threw all the ashtrays away and said "I'm all done with this!"
  5. Officially 24 hours without a cigarette. Small feat maybe. But I'm proud!
  6. Hah! No worries. Anytime I hear or see "pourquoi" that song cues in my head!
  7. It's French actually. Part of a song...from a musical... I'm that kind of geek.
  8. Dites-moi Pourquoi La vie est belle
  9. semi-closed

    As the door closed, her lips pursed together as she began to hum a hushed tune. Carefully she maneuvered through the blood and over the body to the window looking over the club. Beneath her bosom she crossed her arms, watching the crowd take on a panic like a hive mind. A few humans locked in a room would likely have the willpower to not lose their shit, but this many in one room; pure chaos once they realized there was no way out. Like goldfish in a bowl she tapped on the window and chuckled quietly to herself as she listened to the sounds from beyond the door. Between the screams of his victims and the ghastly music being played, Ezra created his own score of death and destruction, and oh was it beautiful to hear. She made her way towards the closed door, hearing Ezra coming back to her. As the door swung open there he stood in all his glory, bodies littered at his feet. She clicked her tongue against her teeth and shook her head. “Seems you've made a mess of yourself.” She laughed a bit and reached up to wipe the corner of his mouth, not that it did much good. “Loose yourself for a moment did you?” It wasn't a question she waited to have answered. “You must be careful, it's easy to let your guard down if you allow yourself to be overcome in the moment. And we can't have that.” She extended her hand out to him, accepting his offer to move on from the office. “We shall. How do you wish to handle the remainder of the patrons in this fine establishment?” She cackled at her own words. This establishment, while decent enough, wasn't nearly as elaborate as the ones owned by her family. Fine woodwork, beautiful marble...Donovan's workmanship was unlike any she had ever seen in her many years. She still doubted Ezra fully grasped the things that had fallen right into his hands now that he was Thalon, but one thing was for certain; he would make a fine addition to her already perfect family.
  10. This made my heart smile! <3
  11. I love the way you think.
  12. Today sucked goat balls as badly as I thought it would this morning. My shoulder is killing me, I have a knot in my neck and my head is screaming. Fuck. This. Day.
  13. I hate mornings when I'm blah and don't want to go to work.