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    [Silver Harbor] Reunion

    “You will like the new place, I hope. It's a step up from our house in Celin, but you might have competition for making tea.” “I have no doubt that I’ll love it. The new place, and the tea making competition.” She laughed a bit at her own joke but in all seriousness it was true. It didn’t matter if he took her to a three walled shack, so long as he was there with her, she would enjoy it and make it her home. After all, home is about the people you surround yourself with that you care about, not the things you have in a structure. The antiqued building was lovely, with its own character shining through stone by stone. It was charming, albeit larger than what she was used to. Avarice had a keen eye for the finer things but could also adapt to less then preferable situations if need to as well. But this place, it screamed Avarice Lynch. It embodied everything that was him. The home stood strong, commanded power but also seemed elegant with a mysterious beauty that drew you in further and further. Her fingers remained intertwined with his as she paid no mind to the direction they were walking, certain that he would not misguide her as she tried to drink in as much of the grounds as she could in the sparse light of the night. Gingerly she reached up and tucked stray hairs behind her ears as they approached an already opened door. The elder gentleman seemed unenthused and not surprised of her arrival, albeit maybe a bit curious. “A pleasure to meet you Threlfall.” She reached out and scooped his hand into her own and shook it slightly with a bit of pressure. In regard to his question she leaned toward Threlfall as they moved past him. “I’ll be a bit of a permanent fixture from now on.” She winked and turned back towards the door as they entered. “We’ll have to discuss tea sometime!”
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    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Wishing I could see the machinations Understand the toil of expectations in your mind Hold me like you never lost your patience Tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time And you're still mine
  10. When you get older, plainer, saner
    When you remember all the danger we came from
    Burning like embers, falling, tender
    Long before the days of no surrender
    Years ago and well you know

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    Time to stop slacking and get to postin'!
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    How did you get into roleplay?

    Ditto, then to forums! Where I actually met a lot of people I still know here.
  15. In the biblical sense and sensibility
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