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  1. For those of you that have known me through all these years of rping, it might blow your mind to know that my baby, my youngest...my son is graduating high school Friday, and heading off to college in the fall.
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    If you ever get bored and need some lawlz, youtube panda cheese commercials.
  3. As if the dull headache already cursing her wasn't enough, the drunken voice of the captain echoed through the deck and she winced. "Ugh, that's all we need. A drunken fool flying this beast." She flashed an playful smile to Avarice. "You may want to think twice before asking that fella for anything sugar." Her chuckle was stifled swiftly by the next words Avarice spoke. "Port City" Her breath caught in her throat, and it was certainly unmistakable what was going through her mind. But...maybe the stories she had heard were stretched. Or...perhaps it wasn't as bad as she imagined as her mind played out said stories. Some people have to embelish their stories, right? Or maybe Roht was right, maybe Lynch was an asshole...She loved him none the less. "Are you kidding me?!" Her hushed words were obviously half hysterical. "You do know what they say about that place, right?" She looked at Roht. A look that said "please help me!" She released the breath she had been holding through half pursed lips. Again she shifted her gaze around the area making sure that no one was lollygagging around. "Hags and uhm...liches... Dragons Avarice! And if that isn't enough I'm sure there are shady sorts hunting other treasures there like magical artifacts; weapons and such, willing to kill others there just to take their things too." She took a seat and ran her hands through her hair, contemplating the situation. "I almost want to be angry that you didn't tell us before hand. But the fact is, we would have both still agreed to come, even if it pissed us off." She fidgeted with some loose skin around her fingernail. "I don't know that I'm ready for something like this." There was a hint of shame in her voice. Worry that she could let down the only family she had known. It was a very real possibility that the three of them would not all walk away from a quest of this caliber, in a location this lethal. She knew that dwelling on all this didn't do anything positive for her or them. "Maybe we should get something to eat?" Food had a way of bringing people together. Some of her faviorte stories she had heard happened during meals and feasts and for the time being she wanted to bring her people together, keep them safe. Close.
  4. Perhaps there wasn't enough seriousness behind her eyes, or her voice didn't stress the importance of her words, but the actions between Avarice and Roht was enough to cause her cheeks to flood with crimson. She wanted to slam her fists down on the table, flip it over and scream at the top of her lungs that they take her words to heart, but she had more control than that, losing her cool was something as rare as the ship they sought, even if the twins pushed her to lash out. She inhaled deeply through her nose and slowly exhaled the breath out her mouth. "The two of you can laugh and joke to cover up the anxiousness I know you both have about this mission, even if for different reasons, but the fact of the matter is that outside of this triangle" she motioned from herself, to Avarice, from Avarice to Roht and back to herself again, "you can trust no one." She locked her gaze with his, her face covered in stone cold serousness like he had never seen from her before. "Up here we are vulnerable. The effects of my weapons on this ship could be devistating beyond words, and we have no way to run if it came down to it." She glanced around the room, fairly certain no one was paying any attention to them or their conversation. "Just use discretion when asking for anything extra...Please." Sorano scooped his hand up and gave it a gentle squeeze while closing her eyes and rolling her head from side to side. She was tense, and rightfully so. "Be thankful you can't hear them." She spoke of the twins in regards to his question. "It's like a hum they emit, but not aloud I think." She smiled while shaking her head, letting out a bit of a chuckle. She knew she sounded crazy, but she also knew Avarice was aware she would never spew lies to him. "If it's an actual sound, only I can hear it. But it's more like I feel it." Her hand came to her chest to rest over her heart. "And then their words are just there. Their thoughts; clear as my own and if I'm not conscientious about them, I can easily confuse the two." She sat up a bit more straight and stretched, being very mindful about who was around and how close they were, are, and could be. "I have to stand my ground with them. Assert to them that I am the dominate one, I make the choices and they advise. I know it all must sound crazy." She shrugged her shoulders, having already accepted the standards set and this aspect of her life. "What they are telling me now is that there is someone here that is not to be trusted. Someone aboard this ship with ill will towards one or all three of us. They know what the two of you mean to me and I can't discern if their warnings are individually for me, or all of us. None the less, I'm not willing to risk it." Her hands raised palm up as if to say "there it is." That was all the information she had for him, all that they had told her thus far and how they communicated to her. While she knew that her answer could come across absurd and possibly even crazy, she didn't hesitate to tell him. She trusted him with her everything. Even her crazy.
  5. Despite not being in this thread, I've been following it closely. Great posting ya'll!
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