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    I'm totally a Potter fan, but this cracked me up! Like, a bad lip reading gif. LOL
  2. It was odd, her behavior, to say the least. She paced, listened, watched and appeared to speak to herself randomly when she felt as though no one was watching. The crew possibly thought she was mad, a crazy woman wrestling the voices in her head. But the voices were not just in her head, and she could give a damn what the crew thought, unless of course they knew something she did not... The veiw from the observation deck was indeed breathtaking, but she took little time to take it all in. She had traveled by airship before, and while it was a lovely way to traverse the lands, her mind was in other places and on other things; mostly on making sure that the three of them achieved the goals Avarice set before them and doing so with no loss of life. Thus far, she didn't feel like the odds were in their favor, but she convinced herself to be opened minded all whilst being curious about the region they would be in to find the great ship. Taking a seat next to Avarice, she curled a leg underneath herself and sat slightly cock-eyed to accommodate the twin revolvers near her rear. While they were bulky on her smaller build, she had grown so used to them that it become second nature to take them into consideration while doing everything. She heard Avarice and Roht speak, but it was all muffled by that of Xolomon and the normally quiet Xeshua. Her gaze was far off, but brought to Roht, only to come to rest on Avarice as his fingers eased through her hair. "What?" She looked confused for a moment and didn't even offer a forced smile. Not even for a moment... "Oh, it is beautiful. Yes." A delayed response but better late than never. She glanced around noting that the crew and servers that had been hurrying about were all off doing other things, leaving the three of them alone in the overly elaborate lounge area. She planted both of her feet firmly on the ground and turned to face the both of them. "I think you should hang on tightly to that paranoia for a bit longer." She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, trying to make sense of the madness being mumbled and hummed, they were lucky they couldn't hear it. "Something is amiss." Her voice was hushed despite no one else being around...just in case. "I have felt uneasy since we got onto the ship, and so have they." She knew Avarice and Roht would know exactly what she meant without her needing to go into detail. "I don't care what precautions you have put into place, or how many men and guns you have in your command, something is terribly wrong and I feel it in my core." Her forehead wrinkled as her face contorted a bit while listening to them. "They have made sure to bring it to my attention, and they are not fallible." Below deck, in cots and milling about the bowels of the ship were forty-seven mercenaries. Between them were twenty-six long rifles and fourteen breachers. Three medical specialists, two arcanists. A well-paid captain and a less-paid lieutenant. Among them walked one assassin, with eyes on a target that was not an airship. Also among them walked the elegant, divinely-powered gunfighter from Avarice's past. A woman with a secret: god-kissed weapons that warned her of deception afoot. Weapons that were unknown to all onboard except for herself, her lover, and their trusted counterpart.
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