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  1. Of what he said some made perfect sense, some was common sense, and the rest made no sense at all. Nothing was ever truly out of the reach of Avarice Lynch, at least she did not believe this to be true. If he desired to build a new airship he would go to the ends of the world to find the one person who possessed the necessary talents to build him exactly what he wanted...But not this time. He was hellbent on finding this specific ship come hell or high water. Which begs to question: what other reasons did he have for finding this ship. Despite the fact that Avarice dismissed Roht's obvious distaste for the situation, she did not. Often times she had found that he was the voice of reason while Avarice looked at things with the awe of wide eyed wonder. Now, that is not to say that Avarice didn't do his homework, because he never half-assed anything but he often let his excitement and compulsive want to need items of power drive him in directions that presented more danger than need be. "Free is neither here nor there." She finally broke the silence with a dismissive wave and her words. "Dangerous. Treacherous. Life-threatening...these are the ones I'm concerning myself with. I understand the importance of such a rarity, and even what it would mean to own such a thing here in Silver Harbor. A beacon from the past ushering us into the future. I get that, I really do, but Avarice what talents do we possess to go on such a mission to seek it out?" She rested her hand on his thigh, squeezing it gently. "I do not question that you have gone over many outcomes to the point of driving yourself crazy, but I must ask why you would decide we go on this journey instead of hired hands?" Sorano drew in a deep breath and bit down on her bottom lip as she continued to process thoughts. It was an important mission to him, obviously. He didn't trust just any grunt to go looking for his "baby", he wanted her and Roht to accompany him because he was certain they would not fail. And while truth be told she was more than a bit leery on the idea, it was not a desire she would deny him. "Alright.." She paused in her words, nodding her head as if convincing herself she was making the right choice. "Alright, I can be ready whenever need be." She looked up and across the room at their hairy counter-part. "Roht?" She knew that there was less of a chance he would deny Avarice, but none the less she wanted to hear it from him. “Without entering a conversation about destiny and divine favor, had you arrived in Silver Harbor a few weeks from now, we might have missed you entirely.” She smiled at his words and kissed his hand in a mirrored reaction. "Nothing in my life seems to be without destiny or divine favor. I found you when I was suppose to. For one reason or another." Her words were a hushed whisper as she still waited to hear Roht accept his role in their newest endeavor.
  2. “Don't fool me with the cute-and-coffee smile. You're damn scary, you and those-” He pantomimed shooting two guns in wild directions, littering the table with bits of oats. Abruptly he stopped, as if noticing that Sorano was not, in fact, wearing the sentient revolvers. He couldn't recall ever seeing them parted, and his lip curled in sudden distaste. “You didn't do it in front of the guns, did you?” -Roht

  3. Xolomon and Xeshua, the most beautiful things she had ever possessed, and yet not possessed at all. They were not just objects. Nor were they weapons that she toted around with her everywhere she went. Oh, no...they were so much more than that. They were living entities; a part of her and a part of something divine that she still hadn't fully grasped the understanding of. They were strength and conscious, good and bad, and loyal only to her. Before she could fling a retort back to Roht, Avarice beat her to the chance. As he entered the room he was met with a pleased smile and a willing smooch back. "Roht here was just telling me about how scary I am. A badass by every means of the word." She flexed her scrawny arms and gritted her teeth with a quiet growl as she winked at the man-beast across from her. I bet people could see the family resemblence. She pointed between herself and Roht while chuckling playfully. As Avarice took a seat beside her, she leaned into him, keeping her drink cupped between her hands. "You're right, we didn't get much talking done at all." She smirked at Roht, enjoying his discomfort for a change but perked up as Avarice began speaking of the airship he had mentioned. He painted a picture of a glorious ship, unable to be outdone by any. A true legend among its time, the selling point that reeled Avarice in, but apparently not Roht she noted by his lack of interest in the story. “I want to find it, raise it from whatever grave it found, and bring it to Silver Harbor. From here, it will raise us higher, far from the reach of magestorms, criminal clans, or politicians. It will be our kingdom on wings." She raised a brow and thought in silence for only a fleeting moment. "But...why?" She sat up and placed her own cup on the table. "Why raise from the dead what you could build anew which would also be a feat onto itself. A grand herculean wonder with the facade of the old and the inner workings of the new. A construct that would offer no questions of the past but lead you into the future." She tapped her fingertips on the table for a moment, trying to understand where Avarice was coming from. Follow him she would, to the depth if he so desired but never would she do so blindly.
  4. “Thanks for putting your pants back on.” He grunted. “I missed you too. But I'm going to be quieter about it.” "I thought you might appreciate that, but I didn't do it for you. I feared this place might be drafty." She quipped at him and his smart ass comments. My god how she had missed them. He was a massive, hairy, frightening beast for certain, but there was one thing no one could ever take away from him; without a shadow of a doubt, you always knew where you stood with him and current situations because sparing feelings was not his forte. She respected him and cared for him as if he were blood. "He wants to what?" Honestly, they really hadn't talked much and although she was certain Avarice would answer her questions, Rhot's answers were always straight to the point with no pretty bows and glamour. Avarice could sell the devil a furnace in the middle of a heatwave. She could easily get lost in the words spun by his velvet tongue, thus the reason she has come to the more blunt source of information. "Unquestionably..." She murmered to herself as she listened to his words. "But...I'm not scary." Confusion stole her features as she brought her cup to her lips for another sip of caffeinated goodness. "I mean, of course I will help him with whatever he needs, but a badass?" She giggled loudly as she sat her cup down. "It's not like I have pointed teeth and am covered in fur and subsequently oatmeal." She blinked her eyes all innocently and giggled a bit more. "For the record, it is good to see you and I missed you Roht." Her features softened but contorted again into a grin. "Don't expect to hear that again ya big bunny rabbit."
  5. Sleep hadn't come so easy in the last year as it had that passed evening. The morning sun streaked through a crack between the curtains and shined brightly on her face. It was the simple hint of warmness on her cheek that caused her to stir. First her eyes peeked open only slightly. Enough to remind her that the bed she slept in, she did not do so alone. Then a smile spread over her face as her arms stretched upward, causing her aching body to twinge in a way that caused her heart to pound excitedly beneath her cheast as she remembered the events that occured only hours ago. Sorano turned to her side now facing Avarice's back. The massive rune tattooed in his skin stared back. Softly she traced the outline recalling the exact moment she had learned of it oh so long ago. Her touch caused Avarice to stir for only a moment, but as he turned half-way on his side she noticed a new rune, just over where his heart rested. She hadn't noticed it the night before, but also recalled his search for someone to properly tattoo the arcane work of art on his body. Apparently he had found such person. Silently she slid from the bed and rummaged through her bag for some clothes to toss on for the day. She wasn't a fancy woman by any means, not particularly needing the "finer things". She didn't spend time styling her hair or painting her lips, nor did she wear fancy gowns or jewlery. She was likely not the kind of woman one would envision on the arm of a man such as Avarice, yet there she was. She threw on a pair of plain slacks and a colorless tee-shirt and headed in the direction of the kitchen. It was coffee she was after, the most important meal of the day. Finding the kitchen was an easy task, as the smell of food and coffee beckoned her in the right direction. She wasn't sure who she would run in to once she got there, but she was pleasantly surprised to clear the door and find Roht finishing his breakfast. Silently Sorano made her way to the kettle, with empty cups waiting beside it. Still in silence, she filled her cup and turned toward the gnoll. Her hands cupped the mug and cautiously she sipped the muddy liquid, careful not to burn her mouth. Slowly, deliberatly so, she pulled a chair out across from Roht and took a seat, her eyes seering into his. "So...the original?" She could beat around the bush, play coy, or make small talk but she was unsure of how much time alone the two would have and she wanted answers. Now.
  6. Sorano's lids fluttered as she barely leaned forward enough for her jacket to be eased down her arms. The sibling revolvers sat on either side of her back, a bit lower than most holsters; a perfect fit to her lithe form. Truth be told they were like a second skin to her these days. Of course she never forgot they were back there, always ready to answer her beck and call, but she was so used to their presence that they no longer offered an hindrance to her. She loved them, and they her and Avarice understood that. One of many reasons why she loved him. Every inch of her flesh his touch reached left a tingle in its wake. She instinctively leaned into his left arm as he scooped her right hand up with his, however her attention rested solely on him and not the contents of the desk for the moment. She turned her face towards his, watching his lips as he spoke and allowing her gaze to linger on his jawline and the side profile of his features. She was unequivocally in love with this man. The good, the bad and everything in between and she supported him; his wants, his needs and his dreams. Her breath caught as his whispered words taunted the soft exposed flesh of her ear. Whether he intended on teasing her senses or if it were simply a pleasant byproduct of his secretive nature was hard to tell. Either way she enjoyed it all. The sharing of his visons, the trust he put in her and the way his body spoke to hers. It pleased Sorano that Avarice knew her where her loyalty rested. She would take his secrets to her grave, or send others to theirs to protect Avarice and she was pretty certain that he knew that. "Allegiances can be broken Avarice as can the bonds of birth, as I well know. Making people happy in the moment is an easy task. Keeping them appeased is much harder. Continued charity and acts of kindness can help, but you must keep your well oiled machine well oiled. People can be finicky and greedy. Some folks simply cannot be... satisfied." She leaned her head back and enough to the side that she could trace his jawline ever so gently with the tip of her nose.
  7. "She's the original." What odd words. The original...what? She tossed a very confused look over her shoulder at Roht, a look that said that they would be having a conversation in the near future about those words and the meaning behind them. A look that she made damn good and sure he caught as their eyes met so there would be absolutly no confusion about the subject topic when she brought it up again. But for now... The warmth of Avarice's hand felt dreamy wrapped around her own hand. Words could never express the amount of times she wished for this very moment and his excitement made it all the better. As he pulled her through the manner she looked back and forth trying to recall the route they were taking as to know her way around when he wasn't there to usher her about. Some relaxed exploring would be in order once things settle. As they hurried passed the table, she quickly reached out and snagged a cup of tea. After what she had been through it sounded perfect for the occasion. Avarice's den. His study, office; his art studio. The place where all the magic happened, at least...outside the bedroom. She smiled coyly at her own thought and cleared her throat as if she had spoken it aloud. It was a mess: the room, but a controlled chaos she was sure. Slowly she made her way to the desk setting the cup of tea down as she allowed her eyes to glide carefully over the numerous pages of notes and letters, books marked many times over and finally a large map of Genesaris. "Mm" She mumbled pleasantly as his lips touched the sensitive flesh of her neck. "You have indeed been very busy it seems." Leaning forward she softly touched the elegant model of the airship with the tip of her finger, careful not to break it. Curious fingertips trailed down the map as she stood back up straight, leaning back into Avarice. "No one can ever say you don't plan things out properly." She leaned her head to the side and kissed his cheek. "Care to elaborate on what I see before me?"
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