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  1. I might be joining in with Laxus. Gotta talk to @dvsn about some stuff first.
  2. Laxus Cartyr Melisende

    Regalia · · Princely Plate ↳ Primal Magi-Tek ArmorResilience · · Renovatian. Weaponry · · Dual Swords ↳ Primal Blades.Inflict Bleed · · Renovatian Status · · BravadaKnight ↳ Level: 10 · · [0/1000]
  3. Get a discord migo, I know you like gaming more but Discord runs pretty seamless with gaming so why not try.

  4. Thanks for the like! That was unexpected, I didn’t know anyone else was reading the thread, haha.

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  6. A Cold Night

    @Roen @Red the Ambivalent HAPPY NEW YEARS! ___________________________ Patia is a dark city. The narrow streets huddled together, the plain stone and timber buildings leaning on on each other for support. Outleaning upper storeys bowed to each other like tired old men, shutting out the light, but even in the closeness there was little relief from the winter cold. Winter had come early to the dark city of Patia, ushered in by blistering winds full of sleet and snow and bitter cold. Thick blankets of snow lay heavily across the roofs and street, the last of the day’s pedestrian traffic struggled through the muddy slush, slipping and sliding and cursing each other through numb lips. The cold wind cut through the thickest furs, the frostbite gnawed savagely at exposed flesh. Winter had come to Patia, and honed its cutting edge on the slow moving and infirm. It was late in the evening, the sun a bloody reminder of Patia’s warmer days on this starless night. The street lamps glowed bravely against the dark, islands of amber light in the endless gloom. Ruddy lanterns hung from horses and carriages, bobbing like live coals on the near night. And trudging through the cold and dark came Haesten and Isobel, friends and comrades and members of the feared Advocacy. Somewhere up ahead in the narrow streets in the narrow streets and alleyways of the Northside lay a dead man. It wasn't clear why he was dead. Apparently the investigating Constables were still trying to find some of the pieces. Murder was nothing new in the Northside. Every city has a dark and cruel side to its nature, and Patia was no different. Patia was a dark city, ever since Justice had cancerously inserted itself into the civilian life. It was the rotten apple that spoiled the rest of the city. Ever since murder openly flourished in the Northside. Fueled by supporters of the terrorist organization, their hate for those who support Patia's king and their bitter need to usurp the throne. People died there for reasons of passion, desperation, and business. Even so, this latest in line of bloody murders had shocked even the hardened Northsiders. So the King sent in Haesten and Isobel. There wasn't much that could shock them. Haesten is tall, dark, and no longer handsome. He wears a black silk patch over his right eye, and a series of old scars run down the right side of his face, showing pale against his tanned skin. Wearing a long furred jacket and trousers, and a heavy black cloak. He is lean and wiry rather than muscular, and he was beginning to build a stomach. He wore his long dark hair swept back from his forehead and tied with a silver clasp at the nape. He has only just turned thirty, but already there were streaks of grey in his hair. It would have been easy to dismiss Haesten as just another bravo, perhaps a little past his prime and going to seed, but there was something about Haesten; something hard and unyielding and almost sinister. People walked quietly around him, and careful to keeps their voices calm and reasonable. On his right hip Haesten carried a short handled axe instead of a sword. He was very good with an axe. He’d had lots if practice in his years as a member of the Advocacy. Isobel walked at Haesten’s side, echoing his pace with long companionship. She is tall, easily over six feet in height, lithely muscular, and her long blond hair fell to her waist in a single thick plait, weighted at the tip with a polished steel ball. She was in her mid- to late-twenties, and handsome rather than beautiful. There was a rawboned harshness to her face which contrasted strongly with her deep blue eyes and generous mouth. Somewhere in the past, something had scoured all the human weaknesses out of her, and it showed. Like Haesten, she wore the Advocacy’s standard uniform for winter, with a sword at her left hip. Her hand rested comfortably on the pommel. A thin mist hung about the street, though the King’s sorcerers had been trying to clear it for hours. The cold seeped relentlessly into Haesten's bones as he strode along, and he stamped his boots hard into the slush to try and keep some warmth in his feet. His hands were curled into fists inside his gloves, but it didn't seem to be helping much. Haesten hated the cold, hated the way it leached all the warmth and life out of him. And in particular, he hated being out in the cold and dark at such an ungodly hour of the evening. But the Advocacy paid the best, and he and Isobel needed the money, so… Haesten shrugged irritably, trying to get his cloak to fall more comfortably around him. He hated wearing a cloak; it always git in the way during fights. But braving the winter cold without a cloak was about as sensible as skinny-dipping in an alligator pool; you tend to lose important parts of your anatomy. So Haesten wore his cloak, and moaned about it a lot. He shrugged his shoulders again, and tugged surreptitiously at the cloaks hem. “Leave that cloak alone,” said Isobel, without looking at him. “It looks fine.” Haesten sniffed “It doesn't feel right. The days supposed to get warmer, anyway. If the mist clears up, I think I might drop this cloak off somewhere and pick it up at the end of this shift.” Isobel shifted her blue gaze to him. “You'll do no such thing. You know you get colds and flus easily, and I’m not nursing you through another one of those. A couple of degrees of fever and you think you’re dying.” Haesten stared straight ahead, pretending he hadn't heard that. “Where is this body we’re supposed to look at, anyway?” “Silver Street. Just down here, on the left. It sounded fairly gruesome. Do you suppose it’ll look like the others?” Haesten sighed. “I hope so,” he said. “I’d hate to think there is another one of those bastards running around on our patch.” Isobel nodded glumly. “I hate monsters. They don't play by the rules. Trying to figure out their motives is enough to drive you crazy.” Haesten smiled slightly, but the smile didn't last long. If The corpse was as bad as the others he’d seen, it wasn't going to be a pretty sight. A Guard Constable had found the first body down by the Devil’s Hook, drained of blood and hanging from a lamppost on a rope made from its own intestines. The second been found scattered the length of Bandit’s Alley. The killer had got inventive with the third victim, on the Lower Northside. Like the rest, it had been drained of blood. The hands had been nailed to a wall. The head was found floating in a water butt. There was no trace of the bodies genitals. Haesten and Isobel turned into Silver Street, and found a crowd already gathered despite the late hour. Nothing like a good murder to bring out a crowd. Haesten wondered briefly what the hell these people were doing out on the streets at such an unearthly hour, but he knew better than to ask. They’d only lie. The Northside never slept, There was someone ready to make a deal, and someone else ready to cheat him. Haesten and Isobel pushed their way through the crowd. Some of the sightseers reacted angrily at being jostled out of the way, but quickly fell silent as they saw the two. Haesten paused briefly at the thick like of blue chalk dusty the Guard Doctor had laid down to keep the crowd back, and then he took a deep breath and walked quickly over it. The Advocate’s torc at his wrist, his badge if office, protected him from the ward’s magic, but the blue line always made him nervous. He’d once made the mistake of crossing the line on the day he’d absent-mindedly left his torc st home, and the agonising muscle cramps had lasted the better part of an hour. Which was why the crowd had pushed right up to the edge the line but made no move to cross it. Thus ensuring the scene of the crime remained undisturbed and the Guard Doctor had room to work. A Guard Constable was standing by, at a respectful distance from the body. His dark red cloak and tunic looked almost garish against the white snow. He nodded affably to Haesten and Isobel. The Doctor was squatting in the bloodstained snow beside the body, but rose to his feet to nod briefly to the two Advocates. He was a short, delicate man with a pale face and eyes, with large clever hands. His official cloak was too large for him and looked like a hand-me-down, but he had the standard look of clam assurance that all doctors seem to be issued along with their diplomas. “I’m glad you’re here, I’m doctor Blackstone. I haven't much time with the body yet, but I can tell you this much: The killer didn't use a weapon. He used his bare hands.” Haesten looked at the body, and had to fight to keep his face impassive. The arms had been torn out of their sockets. The torso had been ripped open from throat to groin and the internal organs pulled out and strewn across the bloody snow. Some half eaten. The legs broken repeatedly. Jagged splinters of bone pierced the tattered skin. There was no sign of the head. “Hell’s teeth.” Haesten tried to imagine hiw much strength was needed to destroy a body so completely, and a disturbing thought came to him. “Doctor, is there any chance this could have been a nonhuman assailant? Werewolf, vampire, ghoul?” Blackstone nodded his head grimly. “There is evidence of blood drainage; you can see for yourself it wasn't too hungry. There is also some evidence of claw and teeth marks, but unlike the others its as though it wasn't interested in feeding, similar to the last body.” “Great,” said Isobel. “Just great. How long before the forensic sorcerer gets here?” Blackstone shrugged. “ Your guess is as good as mine. He hates to be dragged from his nice warm bed at this hour.” Shit. “All right,” said Haesten. “We can't wait; the trail will get cold. We’d better use your magic to get things started, Doctor how much can you do?”
  7. [ Quest ] Air Command!

    By all the Gods Erebus was ruefully thankful. Never again would he ride in such an ancient mode of transport again. Nope, it would be an airship or nothing, well almost nothing. He did find horseback far more comfortable than being cooped up in a wooden box on wheels. He gave the the foul contraption the stink-eye as it rolled away. Stretching as he took in the open sky and road, he admittedly found this continent had quite a bit of its own beauty to it. Though, nothing compared to Renovatio, it was his homeland after all. Nodding back to their fearless leader he followed after them, making sure his sword was strapped securely to his belt. “Should be mountains of fun, can't wait to pull of this job. It will add some well needed infamy to our names,” he responded with his ever confident exuberance. Tilting his head in acknowledgement of the city sounds. He ruthlessly fought down his rising excitement. “You walk any faster you might start flying Dazkar,” chuckling he quickened his pace just so he wouldn't get left behind. Certainly city life held its advantages, but it didn't hold the freedom and anonymity the open road and nomadic life offered. The city guard were well equipped, for a continent that hadn't reached passed the sky. He let Dazkar do all the talking, he would do what he did best when needed, swing a sword, or pick a few locks. He knew that he and his companions were tall, he just never thought they would be giants compared to these folks. He listened as patiently as possible, well as possible as it is for him. Foot tapping an impatient rhythm he barely listened to Dazkar and the guards. “About time, I hate all this waiting.” @Chappu @Aleksei @Twitterpated
  8. Let me know if you need my Psyker for anything. Just send Alexei a message through Discord and he'll hit you up with my reply.

    Swear to god I'll have to get discord one of these days.

  9. I'll have a post out later tomorrow, had a killer party last night and didn't get much done.

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  10. [D1E 2.1] Grenseal

    act x. Location Tracking Thread A ??? Posts: ## Status: ??? Participants: ??? | ??? & ??? Gold: — Reward: — Synopsis: —
  11. [D1E 2.1] Grenseal

    act ix. Skills & Abilities verse a. Innate — verse b. Learned — verse c. Gifted / Temporary — Add ??? [???| ??? | ??? | ???]—bypasses Evasion [Status Ailment] Attack Modifications do not apply to ???. R1 | Self-??? | -10 for one cycle R2 | Self-??? | -5 for one cycle R3 | Neutral R4 | ??? Target | -5 dmg for one cycle R5 | ??? Target | -10 dmg for one cycle R6n | ??? Target | -15 dmg for two cycles
  12. [D1E 2.1] Grenseal

    act viii. D1E System verse a. Level: 10 Experience: 0/10 Gold: 0 verse b. HP: 205 Base: 150 Headgear: 10 Armor: 10 STA: [20] 10 PHYS: 25 verse c. Damage Indicators WPN DMG: 75 MAG DMG: Roll 3 — 30, Roll 4 —35, Roll 5— 40, Roll 6 —50 MEN DMG: 0 DMG EVA PHYS EVA: 45—gear | 30 —[35]spd | 75 MAG EVA: 15—gear | 30 —[35]spd | 45 verse d. Alpha Statistics—Body—115/100 Strength [str] | III | 60 [Base 55 +5 Equipment] Speed [spd] | V | 35 [Base 30 +5 Equipment] Stamina [sta] | V | 20 [Base 15 +5 Equipment] Omega Statistics—Ability—55/50 Physical [phys] | V | 25 Magical [mag] | V | 30 [Base 25+5 Equipment] Mental [men] | 0 | 0 verse e. Equipment Headgear: Battle Visor — 10 HP [free] Ribbon: — Armor: Heavy School Robes — 10 HP / 10 MP [free] Shield: — Primary Weapon: Lance — 10 WPN DMG, 10 PHYS EVA [500G] Secondary Weapon: Practice Wand — 5 WPN DMG, 20 PHYS EVA, MAG +5 [free] Survival Knife: Pocket Knife — 5 WPN DMG [free] Book: — Bag: — Right Hand Ring/Armlet: Beginner's Ring — 5 STA [free] Glove: — Left Hand Ring/Armlet: — Glove: — Mantle: Leather Duster — 15 PHYS EVA, 15 MAG EVA [800G] Necklace: — Footwear: Steel Shank Boots — 5 SPD, 5 STR [1200G] Bonus: —
  13. [D1E 2.1] Grenseal

    act i. OOC Primary Written Location: Tellus Mater, Alterion Character Status: Active D.O.C.B.: 12252017 Build: D1E 2.1 act ii. At a Glance Gender: Male Apparent Age: Eighteen Height: Taller; close to six-three Condition: Slender, athletic Look: Arrogant, willful Step: Stalk, deadly balanced Notable: Flaxen-blond hair, sapphire eyes Presumption: Of money, nobility act iii. Records Birth Name: Grenseal Highwind Kain Taken Name: Grenseal H. Kain Family Name: Highwind//Kain Nickname: Gren, Grenseal, Highwind Title: [none earned] Occupation: Student Study: Martial Combat & Tactics Age: Seventeen Race: Human+ Class: DragoonClass V act iv. Diagnostics Height: Six foot, three inches Weight: One hundred and seventy-five pounds Hair: Blond Eyes: Sapphire Voice: Baritone, arrogant Skin: Pale apricot act v. Dossier Likes: Talking about his success, monster hunts, finding artifacts Dislikes: Incompetence and general stupidity, failure, waiting Attitude: Often comes off as brash, headstrong, and arrogant. It only masks his worry for his father and the questions surrounding his disappearance. Habit/Twitch: Taps his foot when vexed, also prone to pacing when made to wait. Relationships: [none] Known Associates: [none] act vi. Family Father: Gaereth Kain Mother: Cidney Highwind Siblings: [none] Prestige: High ranking nobility, upper class Power: Vast military connections, high court access act vii. History [ per cadet records ] Counselor's Notes: Interesting --- Dean's Notes: An excellent---.