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  1. I am still fucking awake.

    Something is wrong with me.

  2. I'll be making a thread in Umbra with Valère hopefully later todsy after my post in Ravenspire.


    Have Raph come on by and talk to one of the sons he never mentions.

    1. King


      How am I going to mention one of my James Bond clones when y'all never play them?

    2. Garion


      Well soon you won't have an excuse.



  3. :sunglasses:  Huehuehue.

  4. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei “Well, I figured the occasion warranted a gift.” Feeling heat rushing to his cheeks he fought down his embarrassment. He was not a man whom openly displayed his affections. Tugging at his collar fitfully as he came to stand beside her. He gazed at her from the corner of his eye. There was no doubt that she was a true beauty. Her slender neck elegant, matching well with his gift. He knew it was the Empress that brought them together. His rulers were both wise and clever, and he found it quite interesting how he had been chose to take her hand in marriage. Sometimes he felt ill suited to her. Though, he knew better than to doubt the Empress’ judgement. “No need to thank me.” He watched she fiddle with the gift, and wondered if it was more comfortable than this damnable collar. He gave it another tug. He was far more used to his uniform, suits were not very comfortable for him, nor convenient in a fight. He forced away the thought, hoping that the celebration would not involve any untoward guests. He shifted uncomfortably beside his wife-to-be. He was not at all comfortable with being a mere passanger on the ship. He did not like having no control over a ship in any situation. Izzy assured him the ship was in capable hands. Still, he did not like it. Especially with a ship so grand. He could feel the power of the ship vibrating through the deck and hull. The ship thrummed with power. It made his hands itch to be at the helm. He once more tugged on his collar. Deiter has made a modern marvel. An airship designed to not only sail the skies of Valucre, but the sea of stars as well. Perhaps when all this is done he and Isolde could truly test the ship's capabilities. He gazed at her fully , appreciating the soft lines of her face, and wondering how he caught the Empress’ eye. So entranced by her he nearly missed her speaking to him. Shifting his gaze swiftly away, trying to keep some of his dignity in the process. “I don't think we will be in too much trouble. I dare say we are quite fashionably late.” He stepped with her to gaze at Ravenspire, marveling at its grandeur. As the soul of Kadia it was truly a sight to behold. The Empress had fine taste in architecture. Corvinus would rule it well. The airship moved at a stately pace, as elegant as those creatures of the deep oceans. Though one of the largest ships of the Imperial Fleet it could not be denied its sleek beauty. “Shall we head on down, it won't be long until we’ve docked. Might as well see how much trouble we are in. The sooner we do the quicker it will be over." Holding out his arm for her to take he flashed her one of his rare mischievous smiles.
  5. The Scarlet Submarine Co. (Three new cities!)

    I like submarines.
  6. [Parime] Battles Lost

    He gave a small smile. Maximillian was not a man who was used to displaying affection. Placing his hand over her own, the feel of her soft hand had eased his heart much. The coming of the Emperor had done many things for his people. Most of all brought Isolde into his life. “It seems for us some scars heal slower than others.” Clearing his throat he moved back a small step, keeping he hand in his whilst he fought the rising heat touching his cheeks. “The Empress sent us a missive not long ago.” He let go of her hand to move towards the window. The rising sun stretched fingers of soft light over Parime. “We are to head towards Ravenspire with all do haste. Apparently they wish to show us off at their wedding,” he flashed her a rare smile. Turning his gaze back across the dawn touched city his intense blue eyes grew thoughtful. “We are also use Dieter’s latest Airship.” He cocked his head to the side listening to the incoming Vox communication. “It seems they are starting the shake down of the reactor. I dare say we have an hour or two before we have to start running the final tests. Shall we have some breakfast?” He gave her a graceful bow. “By your leave Princess I shall escort you to the dining hall. Ah, should I send a reply back, or do wish to send a reply yourself?” He gave a slight chuckle as a he rose. “I’ll wait for you to dress into the proper attire,”Turning on his heel he strode to the doors of her room. “Is there anything specific you would like to break your fast?”
  7. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    Tomorrow I'll have a have the oost I already owe out and then one for this event. Been busy for me the last few days.
  8. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    Just give me a ship with cannons, a war to fight and I'm a happy boy.
  9. The Valucre Combat League

    People say the Halberd is unwieldy. I beg to differ.
  10. One day we will be able to throw gang-bangers out of helicopters. Lets MAGA!
  11. [Parime] Battles Lost

    Maximilian was no stranger to nightmares, there wasn't a soldier alive in Kadia that didn't suffer from those horrid dreams. He knew at once what dream she suffered from. Both had survived that fateful battle, and it left scars on both their minds and body. She has told him on many occasion that recurring dream. He remembered the flames from the wrecked ship, the smell of burnt flesh so common on battlefields the world over. The screams of dying men. He did not need to sleep to relive the past, he had been there fighting with his men, armour sheeted in blood of his enemy. They had to protect the princess whatever the cost. Some men stumbled from the line, trying to hold their guts inside their slit bellies, a futile gesture. Some men cried for their mothers as they were left behind by the advancing line. There was no going back only forward. To go back was to meet death's grim embrace. Some men broke, crawling pitifully on bleeding stumps. Other simply dropped their weapons in the vain hoped that death would visit quickly. They would live long enough to know that these cultists and their pests thrived on the suffering of others. Their deaths would not be quick. Opening his eyes he pushed the memory to the back of his mind, where it to would resurface once more in his own dreams. That he had nearly failed her haunts him even in his waking hours. He tried to shake her awake but to no avail. She only thrashed at his touch. The mind is a great prison, one of man’s own making. He felt a pang of guilt, knowing his own flaws forced the young woman to relieve those painful moments. Some say your failures make you stronger, he wonders if that is true in his case. “Isolde, it's alright.” When she awoke she would find him standing at her beside. The hard planes of his face softened by concern.
  12. The Valucre Combat League

    On the mention of the halberd. That's actually my favorite weapon to train with.
  13. The Valucre Combat League

    I just like poking the weebs.