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  1. There was always at least one who had to touch the weird dead bodies often discovered during an adventure. Did Azytzeen know it was a trap? Of course not. Alas there was naught he could do to fix past mistakes. If he had been more attentive to the strange body he might have been able to keep Natalya from poking it, which seemed to be an odd thing kids these days do. “Back in my day we usually left the corpses be,” he said with a sigh. The stench from the burst corpse was still pungent, and cloying much like what he was used to when he fought on fields of battle the world over. If one thing had to be different, it could almost be said to be an old, ancient smell. He knew better than to assume the body was left here recently, no this strange place was filled with all manners of horrors and oddities that would have to be pondered later. That was of course if they made it out alive. “Alright girl up we go.” Much like before he unceremoniously flung the wounded girl over his shoulder, regardless of the pain she was in, or his rough handling he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he simply left her there. “Next time you shouldn’t go poking corpses.” He had thought of healing her but he doubted she would appreciate his ministrations. After all the warp was not as gentle as what the other might be able to do. His single blue eye peered over the room, so far he had been lucky to go unnoticed though he knew it would not last for long. With his new cargo, and thanking the gods she wasn’t fat he began to pick his way across the room towards the others. Keeping a mind that the creatures filling the room were not the most dire things they would have to face. Whatever was coming filled him with dread, much of it thanks to the being in the glass tower. The memories it shared were useful other times merely an annoyance. “No grit your teeth and bear it, if you hadn’t gone on poking the dumb corpse you wouldn’t be in this mess.” Keeping his free hand and accompanying sword at the ready he quickly, and with surprising grace whilst in full plate made his way over the archaeologist. He made sure to keep the other birds presence in his thoughts. “Oi, we better hurry those heavy footsteps belong to worse than a few undead critters.” he yelled out. Regardless if he caught the creatures’ attention it didn’t matter. They had to leave and do it quickly while they still had the chance to do so.
  2. Azytzeen will make his way over to Natalya and will do what he did before throw her over his shoulder. Trust me you don't want him healing her wounds. Remind me, is she still being attacked?
  3. Apologies had to work I'll have a question or two out here soon.
  4. Azytzeen - Shawnee Alfonso - Aelindra Revencast - Patia
  5. It seemed that the being in the tower of glass new next to nothing about the room, aside from the type of bird that the feather’s belonged to. A cruel yet magnificent looking thing, of blue and red, yet he was far from interested in such mundane information. It seemed to Azytzeen that he would have to find clues the old fashioned way. The room itself has all the hallmarks of a bath house, and quite the expensive looking one as well. He wondered if it was used for more than just bathing. Things in the tower were often more than what they appeared to be. Still, hopefully while he looked around he would at least find something to help them on their way. Not that his hopes were high to begin with. The first thing he did was move towards the altar, his mail-shod boots echoing off the floor with each step. “How strange..” Certainly the whole of the Ziggurat could be considered strange, unless one often explored such places. The altar, was untouched by time which did not give him any sense of relief, for not even the stone eating insects had managed to reach this room. Which meant one of two things, either they had merely missed this room, or something else had prevented them from getting this far. He hoped it was the former rather than the latter. Still it was an odd thing, slightly curved and elongated, longer than an ordinary human was tall. The only thing that came to mind was that it was for an elf or something larger. The most disturbing features were the shallow grooves which grew deeper the closer to the center the reached. That can’t be good. Azytzeen has seen many altars in his time each one served a religious purpose, this one should not be any different. Knowing one thing, the grooves were not there for comfort, and he could only posit a guess that the altar served some nefarious intent. Sacrifice perhaps, this place as a whole did not engender a sense of comfort in him. Standing up with a grunt he looked around, the next thing to catch his eye was the pool. He could only hope he found something at least interesting. As his hands touched the gossamer curtain he couldn’t help but remark at the fine make of it. Certainly the ones who built this place had money to spend. That thought faded away with the stink of the bloated corpse and foul water hit his senses. The corpse was taller than eve he was and could have been feminine you couldn’t tell with elves anyway, and the foul corpse was so bloated and ready to burst that he wasn’t too keen on fishing it out just to find what the cause of death was much less if it was female or male. He would hate to have the corpse burst, it's hard to get the smell of old waterlogged corpse out of his leather lining. Though he didn’t have extensive knowledge of corpses he had a feeling this corpse should have long been turned to bones, unless it was recent. If it was recent then it certainly didn’t bode well for the group. “You all might want to take a look at this.”
  6. Apologies I'll try to have it out today!
  7. D1E Location: The Golden Coast, Brummagen Bay Brief: Mission from Proteus and Hunter’s Association has hired Grenseal to find the missing Highwind as well as search for any clues regarding Gaereth Kain’s disappearance. Item: The Highwind The lance was built for a legendary warrior of the Proteus Merchant Guard, Gaereth Kain. Renowned for hunting dragons and other winged monstrosities, Gaereth disappeared on a mission, never to be seen again. The lance was designed to be ridden by the user whilst airborne to further increase it's devastating descent. Rumors of a schematic that added airborne missiles and bombs have hovered around Proetus Enterprises for years, but nothing has ever been found. Characters: Grenseal, [Open Slot], [Open Slot]
  8. Azy moves on from the pool to check out the cubicles
  9. Leaving the altar for now he goes and check the pool to see what he can find.
  10. Azy runs his hands across it, trying to see if there is any ambient magic in it.
  11. Azy will take a closer look at the altar, mostly out of curiosity.
  12. Is there anything in the memories the many eyed thing gave him that would grant some insight?
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