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  1. Reinhardt maintained guard in the sensor room on the forward section of the ship. Having, much to his chagrin, waited with relative patience, he found that no enemies had decided to target his post. Every now and then he would rest the gun against his shoulder, and with a thought activate his watch. The genus loci that called it home would answer with the same, irritating voice like leaves scratching against dry ground. Images appeared before his eyes, a map of the airspace surrounding the ship. It seems that the bridge, generators and Engines had small groups of enemies attacking them. He was certain the Order’s soldiers would be able to handle it. Taking his gun in hand he tapped his foot impatiently on the floor as the map vanished from his line of sight. “I hate waiting, it's worse than being in the middle of a battle.” He sighed with exasperation. Just when he was wondering whether or not to check the other sections he felt the ship rock. The vibrations caused the hull to groan. Keeping his balance he looked about, checking the sensors before. Then the feeling of his hair standing on end made him furrow his brows. “Nothing is ever simple.” With that he charged out of the room and down the halls of the ship. Tapping the comms at his ear, “this is Reinhardt status report.” Instinct told him not to wait, with the gods awful clanking he charged toward the hatch leading to the upper deck. Charging topside he saw what he had feared. “That is one big whoreson.” For the most part he wasn’t so much surprised as he was angry. First was the fire elemental, a huge song of a bitch with a temper to match its nature. This one was another foul denizen of this gods forsaken plane. Wishing he could light up a cigarette he pulled back the bolt, and took out the clip. “It's probably time to test these out...hopefully I won’t die in an explosion.” Placing the clip back into its ammo pouch he reached into another, this time he pulled a clip with rounds tipped in a distinct and unnatural hue for Exalta. As red as a dying star he slid it into the gun, and puled the bold back then forward, loading the new rounds. “I'm hesitant to use these...artificial Exalta is already unstable using it as ammo doesn’t sit well with me.” Sighing at the inevitability of it all he activated his flight gear and took to the skies. Having an aerial view of the ship was an advantage, he could keep track of the large creature and, with a curse, the ones making their way to the ship. “Scratch that, no need for an update. “I’ll handle the one already here, have the gunners focus on the new arrivals.” With that he focused, and in a gout of blue mana rocketed off toward the large creature. Raising his rifle, he took aim then fired sending the first round screaming towards the monstrosity as he ejected the spent round and loaded another. When it hit the explosion was relatively more powerful than when he used the standard Exalta. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to augment it, no telling how much they would have to take from his pay if he damaged the ship. Making sure to keep his distance he maintained relative distance from it, circling above the creature. He didn’t want to fire again until he could be certain the round had any effect.
  2. Aelindra City - Council Chambers Today, like any other Alfonso d’al Sancroix sat behind his desk stylus in hand. To the left were documents that had yet to be read and signed, to the right were those that had been reviewed, carefully considered, and then signed. Standing respectfully near his desk was Marion, the man as always dressed in the attire of a butler, along with an impeccably groomed mustache. Silently he waited as his employer and once ward set about his daily tasks of administration. “Marion, when is Dame Wainwright to arrive?” He continued to write, not bothering to look up as he signed a new order to improve infrastructure. Many new changes had taken hold since the Reformists had gained control of both the Council seats and the Senate. Many of which improved the lives of civilians, better medical equipment, public transportation as well as energy to keep their homes warm and well lit. The approval of the citizens is at an all time high, along with the latest changes in education. Marion bowed his head, “Dame Wainwright will be arriving shortly, my Lor-.” A single raised hand cut the man off before the end. “No need for adding Lord at the end, old boy. As I have said before recent changes have made it so lands and titles are made null until, barring reelection, I have absconded from my post. Besides, no matter what I do those first-string nobles will never accept that I have…taken the right to heirship. Until I am no longer a member of the Council we can do away with such decorum.” The butler nodded, trying not to chuckle at Alfonso’s obvious distaste for the rest of the Quality. The scratching of stylus against paper stopped, when the butler looked at the young Councilman he noted a light of interest in his eyes. “Sir, has something caught your attention?” He asked softly wondering what it was that stopped Alfonso’s work. He nodded, “Yes.” He said simply, then turned his gaze up to Marion. “It seems my new proposal for the changes and expansion of our military has passed through the Senate.” Marion raised a brow at that, it was often difficult to even increase the military’s budget, but it seems that Alfonso had gained the Senate’s trust in the matter. “This is good, since the last census we’ve found an incredibly high number of Augmentors and Sensors among the youth of the population….in fact it is almost half. Since the flight gear has been completed we’ve been having a sore lack of those with such gifts in the military. This could change warfare as a whole, and give us an edge against our enemies.” He looked back down, then signed the paper. “Sir, the lady in question should have arrived by now. No doubt she is making her way here as we speak. Shall I make some tea?” Marion asked with a slight bow. Alfonso nodded, “I could do with some tea right now.” With a nod Marion went to set about the task. @Fierach
  3. Reinhardt, having fallen asleep while leaning against the wall was startled into consciousness. A soldier’s instinct was a fearsome thing. Picking up his gun he began to load it as he ran. Flight gear still on, the metal boot on his left made the most god awful clanking as he charged down the hall. Turning the corner he saw the room to the ship's sensors. Throwing the door open unceremoniously, wiping the sweat off his brow as he cursed to himself. He looked out the viewing ports. “Well I’ll be damned. I was having a good dream too.” Brows furrowed in displeasure. Hopefully he could pick up where he left off in the dream. Aunoma looked quite pretty too.
  4. Reinhardt nodded at James’ reply. Taking another deep breath he opened his eyes. The runes running along the barrel, as well as the inside burned bright. Thick mana coalesced compacting into the exalta tip of the bullet. Peeking from behind his cover, he noticed that the Daemonslayer was not fighting alone. Now, what looked like a crazed woman was lending a hand. Hazel eyes turned towards the behemoth that was the elemental. It had taken damage, but it seemed that the entity was able to heal from most trivial wounds. Taking back to his cover, he breathed in, then out in a rhythmic fashion. Then, sent a warning over the comms. “All those not in cover, get to any in your immediate vicinity. Then, brace and hope to god you didn’t regret your last meal.” A flare of blue light sent him rocketing out of cover. The butt of his rifle resting on his shoulder, the barrel trained on target he whipped around the chamber quick as you like. With a thought he willed his mana into a wrist watch on his left hand, and a H.U.D only he could see sprang up before him. ”Genius Loci; Logica, running calculation. Allies added to H.U.D, enemy added to H.U.D. Target marked, finding best location for maximum effect, reticle added to weak point. Fire when ready.” He hated how the thing sounded in his head. The artificial loci had a dry rasping voice, like autumn leaves scraping across stone. Though he had to admit, the thing came in handy. In his vision the enemy was marked in a deep red, while his allies showed up in light green. The weapon point, where much of the damage had been dealt, was marked in a bright yellow. He was going to have to kiss Aunoma when he sees her next, yeah he was going to land a nice fat wet one. With a grimace he stopped himself short. The creature, having turned to face his compatriots now had its back to him once more. The barrel of his rifle glowed with a pinprick of light. Then he pulled the trigger. The sound of the bullet leaving the barrel was nothing compared to what happened next when it hit. BOOOOM Like the thunderous roar of the main canons of a Dreadnought class warship the sound of it shook the chamber. Only to be out done by the primary explosion of the round. The air rippled outward, shaking rock loose, causing the lava to ripple in waves. The thrusters of his flight gear strained, just as much as the reactive barrier did. His own attack threatened to knock him into the rock wall behind him. A thick veil of debris and smoke covered the area, blocking the view of his target. The H.U.D kept track of the allies, but the target was lost, the ambient mana from the round disrupting the Loci’s senses. “James, you good?” Came his only reply over the comms. His eyes not moving from where he last saw the Elemental standing. Sliding the bolt back, he ejected the spent round. Then, sliding the bolt forward chambered another. @Fierach
  5. Reinhardt wasn’t an idiot by any measure, and certainly was skilled in retreating when it needed to be done. The soldier was moving just before Jame’s shout to take cover even left his lips. Flight gear humming, the runes glowing bright as the small scale reactor hummed into overdrive. Blue mana exuded in a burst of flame like miasma as he shot forward. Eyes moving left to right as he searched for a place to hide. Eyes lighting up as he saw a stalactite he whipped around, the force of the maneuver causing his insides to feel as though they twisted into a knot. Shit, still need to get used to this. The thought came as he stealthily hid behind the formation of stone. Then came the heat. Reactive barrier flickering as it tried to compensate against the blast of heat. He was worried he would be roasted, after a few moments the heat abated. Sneakily looking around the corner he caught sight of the massive creature, obviously it was mad, not that he was certain if elementals has human like emotions to begin with. Then he turned his gaze to the stalactite he cursed. The massive stone formation was almost melted completely through. Perhaps being in the environment gave it some resistance to the heat. After all, it was not uncommon for even stone to absorb certain properties of mana in the right conditions. “Shit, any longer and I would have died.” Placing a hand to the communication device at his ear, he spoke to James. “I got an idea, but it will take a minute or two to set it up. My rifle can use certain elements in the exalta rounds. Give me time and I’ll give the damn thing a lesson it won’t soon forget.” He breathed out, taking a fresh clip placed it into the top of the gun. The round were different, similar in appearance save for the unique set of runes that laced the exalta tips of the rounds. Taking a breath he focused. As all augmenters do he focused the ambient energy of his soul, channeling it into the rounds of his gun. ”Careful, don’t want to burn out my soul, focus on the ambient aura, draw it into the runes.” The beautiful thing about Augmenters, was they they didn’t need to be mages to make full use of their Abilities. [Prep-Augmentation: 1]
  6. Reinhardt didn’t need to be told twice, with a burst of blue mana coming from the boot like greave he shot through the air and to the side juxtapose to Jame’s position. Unlike the others he didn’t have to traverse the small islands, nor worry too much about the lack of mobility the area gave them. While it certainly was a large area, it was an arena of lava and held its own dangers if one misstepped. He did have to praise Aunoma’s work, the flight gear was a high mobility type of magitech gear. One he took pride in having a seemingly unnatural affinity for. Damn this place isn’t too advantageous, and the elemental might pose more of a problem than we thought[/i. He had to admit that James was certainly holding his own, though he left only shallow wounds on the creature, he was doing a damn fine job avoiding its attacks. The soldier still wondered if that was all the creature could do. He didn’t think so not if what the Academy said about elementals. He suspected the creature’s superficial wounds might not be enough to slow it down. James was certainly a vetran in combat and even Reinhardt could tell he was testing the being. “Well shall we test the new weapon out?” He seemed to have a bad habit of talking to himself. Gaining, what he deemed to be sufficient distance he hovered in the air. The Demonslayer having gained the elemental’s attention sufficiently enough for it to show him its back he took aim. The butt of the gun resting securely against his shoulder, staring down the sights he took a breath and then released it. As all of the air left his lungs he pulled the trigger. BANG. The exalta tipped round shot out the barrel, creating a tracer like streak of bluish light in its wake. Within seconds of the round leaving the barrel it blasted into the back of the beast. BOOM Highly volatile and incredibly deadly could aptly describe the effect of a single round from the new Aelindrian weapon. Tipped in exalta, along with an exalta core in the shell of the round added quite the impact. Hitting the beast it exploded, the heated air rippling outward and the cavern shook sending molten stone splashing out from around the fire elemental. Knowing full well the mass of the being he was certain that with James directly in front of the elemental he would not be hit by the full brunt of the explosion. Smoked roiled around the creature, but even then Reinhardt did not wait to see how severe the damage might be. His countenance like stone, he pulled the bolt back releasing the spent casing into the air. As the casing fell, twirling and spinning in the air he pushed the bolt forwards loading another round. Practiced and with ease he fired three more shots, the speed in which he did so showed how well trained he was with the new weapon. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. In quick succession the exalta tipped rounds exploded into the back of elemental. From his first to his last shot they were only a few seconds apart. Keeping count he knew as of now he only had four rounds left before he would need to reload. His flight gear glowing and letting out its signature soft hum he shot away from his position. Training that had been beaten into him made this a reflexive habit whether the beast would turn to try and find him, or was already flinging another attack his way he would already have vanished from his previous location. Knowing how many rounds were left, he merely observed the roiling smoke caused by his shots, he needed to know how much damage he had caused. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  7. I think its fair to say that there are two things that should be said concerning anti-magic. One, it doesn't affect magic or woo in general that has already been cast, or if you want for fairness sake dampens its effect some. Second, if one's not cast magic it stops one from doing so. At least that's what I've seen done.
  8. “I do believe your aim has improved Elson, you might even be a cleaner shot than some of our best snipers.” Flashing a quick smile as he watched the eldritch beast fall from the air afame. Turning his gaze from the smoldering carcass he looked out at the city. Ruined building, and the movement of monsters both in the sky and on the streets. It truly looked like one of the paintings of hell had come to life. “A shame this city has fallen into such horror, perhaps I should set about reclaiming what was once lost.” The comment was more to himself than for the others yes he still spoke his mind. Too much had already been lost, it would perhaps do some good to reclaim it from the Whispernight. “Don’t take it too hard Hunter after all you’re used to looking at things on horseback not on a building. Not to mention, the city is in complete ruin much of what we’ve seen on the maps has been changed due to the damage.” Following the man’s gaze to the east he nodded. Certainly the direction was quite close to the area the Airships were stored, and taking out his own binoculars he took a better look at the area. “Indeed old boy, the machinery parts look more akin to our own Airship manufactorums. Putting the binoculars away he turned towards the half ruined stairs they took. “Lets not dally, we may as well check it out. The area is quite close to where our prizes should be.” With that he began to make his way back down, carefully he lead them past the rubble of the ruined building trying not to cause too much of a disturbance. What would seem like hours he picked his and the group’s way through the city. They had so far managed to avoid the undead and other for more insidious creatures. “Let's stop here for a bit.” His instincts told him that they were near, but he dared not directly approach the area without first getting the lay of the land, as well as ensure they did not walk into danger unwittingly. “Hunter, Elson, what do you two think? It seems oddly quiet.” Indeed it was, throughout most of the city they had traversed was filled with groans of the dead, and the screeching and snarls of other more dangerous horrors that lurked in the haze. “Remember when we went hunting as lads? That time were were chasing a large moose when all of a sudden it got silent, not a single bird sang in that clearing. Usually the sign of an apex predator. Though these might be eldritch horrors I suspect this follows the same logic. We must tread carefully from here on out. I would appreciate any and all thoughts on how we should proceed. He could certainly formulate a plan, but as any good leader knows seeking advice from your comrades can be an elucidating experience. “I suspect whatever lurks here it not something we can face on our own, and I doubt once inside the manufactorum we will be in any less danger.” His lips turned downwards as he began to think. “We must conserve our ammunition as best we can, I would rather meet whatever lurks inside with my gun than with my blade.” Caution was the better part of valor after all. @EpicRome23 @Maverick
  9. Alfonso would give the man a polite nod as he bowed, one could say that the man displayed proper etiquette if not slightly archaic in nature. He did find the dress of the man odd, if not slightly out of style in the Midlands former mode of clothing. Still, he would not begrudge a burgining culture from his small understanding of it. What his Councilmen apprised him in the changes of Union City were vague at best, he knew some of the policies but still it was not enough for him to make any real judgements on the matter. As the man introduced himself he would find that al the eyes were on him, the senate all had curious expressions that were plain to see. “Greetings mister Owari. On behalf of the Aelindra Council, senate and citizenry of our fair city I welcome you.” As he listened, his affable smile never faded from the corner of his lips. Alfonso listened intently and with great interest. The man’s speech was certainly interesting, through it he gleaned more about their new ruler’s disposition. He nodded when the man mentioned his brief meeting with his Emperor during the festival but maintained his silence so as to fully absorb what the man was saying. The emissary spoke of his lords vision yet his face and body language still seemed to show nothing, instead the gears began to turn as he listened. Truly the Western members of Union City’s council had told him of the surprising events, as well as the speed in which the man took claim over the city. It was quite fast, and the events leading up to it were suspicious, ones that he felt strongly that the Heika had manipulated the events from the background. Though he could not blame the man. Union City had grown soft, much to the chagrin of the Western members and if anything the greedy members of the council would carry much of the blame. When the emissary spoke of the attachment his master had for the land Alfonso did not chuckle nor show any disbelief or unnatural expression he merely kept that ever present smile as he nodded, listening intently. Whether he believed it or not remained to be seen yet the politeness he displayed was perhaps the most telling of his prowess in politics. Eery was how easily he hid his thoughts, his smile was natural and seemed to come easily. When he heard the Emperor’s desire for unity he mused about such a fallacy, the people of Genesaris were separated not by simple borders but by culture. The west valued self determination and governance, the rest are subservient to governmental powers, thus the rise of the multitude of empires. The west remained the only place in which a free people ruled themselves, a place where the city states held the ideals of a republic to its core. Unifying Genesaris into one group even through the use of force would only set the smoldering flames of rebellion. The man spoke of paradise, a utopia but the Councilman knew that such a thing could never exist. Conflict was human nature and any utopia would ultimately fall. People who choose safety and happiness over liberty deserve neither. A utopia would only flounder in corruption and stagnate, there would be no innovation as conflict ultimately spurs the creative mind. What ran through his mind never touched his countenance, he still remained as ever attentive to the man’s words. The smissary spoke honeyed words full of a promised paradise, but peace and happiness can never be obtained through the ideals of global unity. The man’s next words sparked a few murmurs from the seated senators, holding up a hand they quieted down as he allowed the man to continue. Alfonso had already predicted the direction the man was going. The Midland’s Emperor wanted to unify the whole world. Such a thing was not possible, not even a god or devil could do it. Terrenus and Genesaris had vastly different cultures, not to mention the people remember the invasion of the Saint King’s. Renovation too was vastly different, though the relationship was not sour like with Terrenus they were in effect wholly incompatible. Alliances could be formed, even friendly relations but never true union. Still he did not dismiss the man he simply listened and waited. As the man spoke of Oracles and Seers, these were things Alfonso did not put much stock in. Seers and Oracles could be wrong as the future is always changing only the past was set in stone. As the man paused Alfonso simply digested the speech. Then he continued. The relations between the Midlands and the Carmine empire were certainly neutral, but who knew how long that would last. The South was already an ally of the West, along with Renovatio, Kadia and the Force Majeure. He already had a great understanding of his continent geopolitical issues both positive and negative. Still he listened quietly as the man gave more detail to the relations between them and the other nations. Most was what he already knew, especially the sour relationship between the Cold South and the Midlands. The relationship between Hyperion and the Midlands was new information, one he would keep a keen eye on. He already knew of the self styled Queen Raveena and he lustful desire over the West. One he was keen on thwarting if the need arises. Once the man finished it was now Alfonso’s turn. “That is quite a lot of information my friend, one I and my compatriots will have to digest in the coming days, as well as deliberate. We will certainly accept the alliance between the Midlands and the West. Since the days of the Civil War we fought alongside the Cold South before the Southern Empire arose. Tensions between us, the East and North have persisted since all those decades ago. We know well the all consuming desire of the Carmine Empire’s need to rule. Our eyes have been ever watchful over Hyperion, they are new and though they hold the monarchical system we do not interfere with their internal politics, nor have any desire to. As to your explanation of your Emperor’s intentions I will personally visit Union City to speak with your master. In fact I shall be ready to head there within the hour, there is much you explained but I feel it best to meet him and speak to him in more detail as our encounter was brief. If you would like, you may take the journey with me, my Airship could have us there within a few hours.” He was brief but he made the offer, within the hour he could speak to the council and be ready to leave immediately. “Of course you are welcome to stay for as long as you like, and even send word of my intention to journey there post haste.” @Twitterpated
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