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  1. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Well you know what they say about rocks and glass houses. ;D Except Azytzeen will more than likely book it like before, he learned his lesson from last time. Hopefully the kiddos will be cautious. Being the adventurous sort that they are.
  2. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    He may be old, but he will show those whipper snappers! He'll be like Clint Eastwood! But with a sword
  3. Garion

    Western Skyfleet [WIP]

    Western Skyfleet Silvania Class Ship of the Line Battle Cruiser Mage Corps Personal Fleet Magi-tech Length; 541m Height; 219.7m Beam; 142.8m Standard Displacement; 145,800t Full Load Displacement 172,000t Powerplant Mage Corps Advanced MK.II Exalta Unit Maximum Speed; 200kts Triastine Armor Sides - 11.81in (300mm) Upper Surface - 15.75in 400mm) Lower Surface - 7.874 (200mm) Armaments 4 x 20in (510.5mm) 400mm Superheavy Exalta Canons (x4) 12 x 14in (355.6mm).20mm Exalta Autocannon (x20) x82 Prototype Processed Exalta Missiles
  4. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    No ghouls. Ghoul slayer disappoint. Azytzeen so badass he saved the day when lighting beastie was about to open up a can of whoop ass. = ^ = See isn't it good to have an old sword hand around?
  5. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy

    Stairs! It's always more stairs, he was beginning to wonder if the thought of an elevator ever touched the thoughts of the ziggurat's creators. No, probably not it seemed the designer of this massive feat of architecture loved to torture any and all who ventured into the ziggurat with stairs. Not to mention no matter how quiet he tried to be his steps echoed like he was in a grand Cathedral. The building was massive and quite the spectacle, columns rose above towering even. Azytzeen has seen many marvels of architecture but this one had to take the top of the list. After reaching the bottom of the stairs he found his feet sliding across the well polished floor. Regaining his balance he moved first towards the mural. Like the first one it is quite the work of art, aside from the damnable stairs one couldn’t deny the beauty of the place, even with all the fatal critters that they had encountered. Still it seemed that even with the granted memories he still could hardly make sense of it all. What he could recognize were only bits and pieces, not enough to infer any relevant information. “Hmm,” with his free hand he scratched his chin in thought. The first image to stand out was a massive giant chiseling the ziggurat into a mountain, he wondered if he should take the image literally or if it was more nuanced that what he was thinking. Next was the mountain, its ice peak rising high into the sky, he could hardly believe that there was such a thing at any point in time. More of the giant is shown belching fire, along with detailed work of the bridges and water channeled through them. Quite the work of art, sadly he was not able to glean much from it. As he followed the mural, his steps careful to avoid slipping as he made his way to the next image. The stone beast from before was one he certainly recognized, though the significance of it still eluded him. It seemed to be leading a charge, the image did not hold the same feeling he had when facing down the beast. Perhaps time had worn away its mind, or perhaps it was merely a construct that looked like it. He was not certain and perhaps never would be. “Most perturbatory.” Next was an image was the most familiar with. The glass tower, it seemed to be placed at a much later date than the rest of the images. This fact confirmed his suspicions that the entity in the tower was quite young compared to the the lightning beast. Perhaps that is why he only felt the urge to run as far and as fast from the construct previously. Still, it being here was proof of its significance. It was made of glass and gold, it seemed the locals placed almost religious adherence to the two materials. Finally he look at the vault door, made from the same materials as the image of the tower. The feeling was almost palpable as if telling him to not touch or in his terms fiddle with it. “I wonder if treasure is locked inside or something more sinister.” No doubt he would have to keep the others away from it until they can decide if the risk is worth the reward, he certainly did not feel like dying for a few imagined trinkets. Still, the best bet is to wait for the others and that is exactly what he would do.
  6. @Fierach Reinhardt had to admit that the Force had quite the arsenal. The Order had ships, weapons, and of course other fancy gizmos that he was sure Aunoma would have loved to take apart the ship, he would be sure to describe it in great detail at the next officer’s meeting. So far what had greeted him was two armoured soldiers of the Order, and of course the soft humming that thrummed throughout all airships. So far he hadn’t got to see much of the ship, having been escorted by the two Greatswords he had to wonder if he would be allowed to see the engine room, though that perhaps rested on the mood of james. Though the Order had already signed agreements with Aelindra he was certain that they had their share of secrets. He had to admit, that he was quite excited to be on this endeavor. As ordered he came with all the best gear the Mage Corps had to offer. Unlike the armoured Greatswords the Mage Corps wore basic combat uniforms often seen in the newer and advanced units of Genesaris. What set them apart was the Flight Gear designed by both Aunoma and Alfonso the pieces of metal that he wore was reminiscent to some of the lighter forms of armour, save for the fact it was fitted with an Exalta Engine that quite frankly made him more nervous than hanging his arse out of an airship during a firefight. Not that he minded it, he just hoped Aunoma would at least treat him to a date. “Hello sir, Major Reinhardt of the Mage Corps First Battalion reporting in.” If there was a hint of military discipline in his voice it didn’t show, after all he wasn’t like those Kadians always scowling. Not that he could blame them, but it wouldn’t hurt to crack a smile once in a while. Finding himself a seat he pulled out a cigar, not that he was going to smoke it, he just preferred to have one for celebration, and to keep the jitters away. He was sure at least James might understand a soldier’s mind. “You want one sir?” He said pulling out another expensive cigar of course made with Aelindrian tobacco, nothing beat the freest city on the continent’s tobacco.
  7. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Yeah he'll head down the stairs and check out the chamber. What does he see?
  8. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Anything in those memories he was given that might help? And anything about the room that might trigger any information from the memories?
  9. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    @Jotnotes I hurt my right arm today, I'll try to have questions out when the pain subsides. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  10. Garion

    Family First - A Valucre Announcement

    Take care of what you need to old boy. Valucre will still be here when you get back buddy!
  11. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

  12. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Haha. Azy is a clever old bastard.
  13. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy

    Get Away! It was instinct, one that every human had when the presence of life threatening danger draws near. GET AWAY! As a psyker he was more sensitive to his instincts that most other humans. Like when a person can tell there is someone watching them, or that there is another person in the room. While everyone began to search the room he too began to move away from where they entered. The feeling of imminent danger was prevalent on his mind, yet he knew that rather than finding a place to hide it would be best to confront the problem. Whilst the Goblin Slayer and Anatase prepare for whatever is coming towards them. When he saw the undead he was certain there was far worse trailing after them. Sword blade no longer resting against his shoulder idly. Like a spark psychic energies flickered along the length of his blade. The helix shape of the the weapons psi matrix shimmered a dull blue against the polished adamantium blade, a faint smell of burnt sugar and curdle milk seemed to mix unpleasantly in the air. Face set in grim lines as he watched the doorway He felt something more than heard it, and it did not come from the doorway. “Watch ou-,” before he could even finish his warning a creature large enough to even make some of Terrenus’ monster's tremble burst through the wall. Already he was moving closer towards the exit and the bathhouse, knowing full well to fight with it would risk far too much. Time certainly didn’t seem to be on their side. As someone who studied the arcane arts the creature itself was impressive, a massive construct of stonework and magic capable of articulated movement and even powerful lighting magic. This may not bode well for the whole party. He wasn’t the only one who’d started to move, the male treasure hunter seemed to still have a few tricks up his sleeve. While the creature had with it an almost intelligent decisiveness and fury, the way it batted the Reaver around was not like how cats play with their food. It was violent and he was certain he did not want to meet his end at its claws. While it batted the walking corpse the hunter had thrown whatever gadgets he had at the creature, what happened next would by them some time, but not enough for all of them to get out of there. First two explosions rippled out from its left hind leg. Unsurprised, the psyker knew the creature wouldn’t take much damage if any at all, but that wasn’t the most important part. What happened next was, whatever trick the hunters had at their disposal they had at least granted them much needed time, well enough time for him act. Azytzeen knew he wouldn’t be able to take the beast one without revealing too much of his power, and he wasn’t quite certain he wasted to face the physical backlash he might cause himself. His gut, honed over the years told him he wouldn't escape unscathed either. So Azytzeen did what every self respecting man would do. Decided to blow the floor beneath its feet. He knew he could do it, the floor though of good construction had not passed the centuries unscathed, and now with the hunter’s explosion the floor was already weak enough for him to try this method. The smell came stronger, burning sugar and curdled milk, the air around the blade seemed to wriggle and squirm like a mirage in a hot desert. The tip of his adamantine blade glows intently, like a pin prick of light, small yet seemed to hold the intensity of a star. There is a crack of stone, and the crackle of lightning in the air, the debris holding the stone creature back are shifting. The pinprick of light pulses like a heartbeat, it is a beautiful blue. The air grows cold, and frost forms along the floor spreading spiderwork around his feet, his breath came calmly shown by the mist from his lips. Its now or never. As the creature raises his fist the small orb above the tip of his sword pulses so intently and so brightly its too bright to look directly. The construct’s fist falls and as it does Azytzeen gives an almost flourish-like flick of his blade, the ball of light is sent screaming across the space between Azytzeen and the creature. There is a loud bang, and a foul wind that accompanies it. The ball of pure psychic energy explodes at the creature’s feet, causing the whole room to shake, the sandstone beneath the creature is now left a gaping hole large enough to have sent the creature through and it is his hope it worked. Not that he planned to stick around and see, already the room is covered in dust and debris and he planned to use that for whatever small advantage it provided. Not to mention he was already running. “Look at the vase while we run let's get out of here while we still can!” Pale faced, already his legs were carrying his armoured weight through the doorway, past the bathhouse and towards the door on the other side. He hoped the others took the hint and got their feet kicking.
  14. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Any weaknesses to the creature in the memories Azy has? Or is it still arse rending terror?
  15. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    I'll throw out a question or two this afternoon.