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  1. Have Alexei send you the Docs link to look at the source I am using for the general direction I am going with the Magic through the SoC.

  2. Erebus

    ____x____x : v i t a l s : Height: 8' 2" Weight: 375 lbs Hair Color: Black and Platinum Hair: Long, flows and spikes back with braids at the sides and back. Eye Color: Gold Irises and black sclera. Handed: Ambidextrous Skin Tone: Olive, scaled Skin Condition: Healthy Physical Condition: Peak Voice: Smooth, Baritone ____x____x : s t a t u s : Strength: Close Range Combat Power Classification(s): Titan Blood Type: DPA Primary Residence: Nar Oestean Jungle Primary Discipline(s): WIP, Bleeding, Dual-wielded Weapons -- Sub-discipline(s): Damage Absorption, Guardian, Berserk Innate Abilities: Physical Damage Resistance, Magic Damage Resistance Special Abilities: ____x____x : p e r s o n a : WIP ____x____x : i n c a r n a t e : WIP ____x____x : f e a t u r e s : Due to his birthright as a Nelrosis he looks much like a Fallen Arch. Thus his human skin is inflicted with scaled parts along his entire body including a dragon like tail at the spine. Instead of ears he has horns on the sides of his head in a curved fashion where the ears would be, which grant him enhanced hearing and spatial recognition. Next there is a scaled patch over the bridge of his nose and the scaled region from the ears down the neck is also crested in scaled beauty. A center chest patch of scales and on each arm he has scaled patched upon the bicep flat region and from the elbows down his hands are mostly scaled claws rather than fingers. The same can be said for the thigh region and down to his feet being scaled in the same fashion as his hands are. The scales upon his body act as natural armor being unbreakable by normal means of magic and weapons. A. Body Art: -. B. Scar Tissue: None Currently. ____x____x : b r e a k d o w n : Will be edited when more pieces are added to the body.
  3. Erebus

    ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : Birth Name: Erebus Alias(es): - Fiend of Nar Oeste Age: 32 Visible age: 20 Date of Birth: - Lineage: Nelrosis Class: Striker -- Sub Class: Assassin Occupation: Bandit Alignment: Neutral Evil Marital Status: Single Siblings: Israyll Birthplace: Presumed to be Nu Martyr
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      Good, glad everything is going good.  So far I ak enjoying playing with this character. I want to try my hand with a character steeped in esoterica.

  6. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei “If not we can always lick our wounds over some wine.” Their relationship was much like the God-Emperor and Empress’. What could be gleaned from testimony of those closest to them, was the fact that as a Black Pariah the Emperor had been rather difficult to be around. The fact that they have been together for so long, is and always will be a testament to the strength and endurance of their love. “Let's hope they left said holes with their manners. Still wish you hadn't talked me into leaving my pistol.” Or sword. He often forgot the effect of his ability could be quite overwhelming. As an Untouchable he was not influenced like Isolde and her mother. He did feel much more comfortable in the knowledge of others like him. He downed a shot of whiskey as he contemplated the uniqueness of his kind. He simply hoped Isolde could weather the storm. His eyes gazed at Isolde for several seconds before dropping down to his now empty glass. Shaking his head when the bartender offered more he turned his gaze back to the crowded room. He spotted the young duke with a woman on his arm. He watched as Julius left with a young woman he’d only seen in passing. He spotted a few from foreign lands he did not know nor cared to. He spotted the guards in the room and he tensed Always alert, he noted the shift in the guards’ demeanor. It was not an obvious shift, but it was their in the way they carried themselves. “I doubt we could elope for long. Besides if we did, we might miss what has the guards riled up.” He maintained a stone like expression as he said the last bit no higher than a whisper. Something was happening and none of it good. “Were it only that easy love. I fear that you and I would only get bored if we did not have a ship to run.” Following Izzy’s gaze he too settled his eyes on Celine. He knew Isolde had met many people who worked for her father and mother, he was not so social. “You know the lass?” He dipped his head in Celine’s direction. He could tell the man in her company was certainly not human. “Mutant,” the word was sour on his lips and his distaste was evident. He saw her snap her head up to gaze at the ceiling. He certainly had instinct but ultimately as an Untouchable he lacked the extrasensory abilities of Isolde. “Take it easy lass, if you want we can go somewhere quiet so you can rest.” His brows furrowed, he wondered if she might have an easier time if she was a Soulless as well. “Certainly seems that way. I just hope after this we can enforce our laws and traditions again. Having these...things here in the Empire feels wrong.”
  7. Posted in whispers.

  8. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei It seemed the Emperor's name expanded throughout the known world. Though Maximilian was of the Aristocracy he was far from being a politician. Brow furrowing he tried to recognize any names he heard murmured. Some names he knew, others were completely foreign to him. Where Isolde felt small he felt simply out of place. His gaze landed on several Non-humans in the crowd. He managed to keep the instinct to draw his Polybolos firmly controlled,though his free hand twitched reflexively. Too many years as a Witch-hunter have ingrained the reaction in him. At her words he gave a quick grimace. "Xenos.” Though his tone was as neutral as his expression the remark betrayed his thoughts on the matter. The Purge and Progression, a war all participants would never forget. The day mankind learned the difference between Human and Non-human. As a Black Pariah, the High Kadian lacks Isolde’s ability. He certainly knew enough to thoroughly regret being without his sword. Though not averse to fighting barehanded, a blade made the whole killing business quicker. Isolde has told him of her inherited senses, he did not envy the Princess one bit. It seemed magic could be a lot more trouble than it's worth. “Brace yourself.” Drawing Isolde close, his area of influence began shrouding them in its embrace. Using his birthright, he and Isolde could move more easily through the Guests. With its edges brushing only lightly brushing against any in their path, the unnerving effect of being a Pariah caused many to move further away from his presence. At least he would be able to partake in a little liquid courage before going to greet his rulers. Thankful of his Emperor and Empress’ popularity, they have thus far managed to avoid being pulled into dull conversation. Nodding to a few of his fellow Aristocrats he led Isolde towards the bar. The wait might even give them time to get comfortable. Might even manage to find Isolde's siblings. If Isolde wished to converse with any if the guests he would oblige her. Perhaps this is the best time to learn first hand about the various powers presented here today. This event represented a rare opportunity for them, the Imperial Law is bent for this event. Primarily due to the Nature of Rulers in places like the Arcane East. "We might even avoid a scolding, at least for tonight."
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  10. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    @Aleksei I'll have a post out sometime this afternoon/evening. If not it will def be tomorrow.
  11. August 21st marks the feast of Pope Saint Pius X: anti-modernist, promulgator of the Pio-Benedictine Code & patron of pilgrims & catechists. My favorite pope after Urban II.
  12. That unborn baby is gonna end up with a weird shaped head.

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  13. Skeptics in Europe have spent so much time bashing Christianity that they broke the one religion keeping the Heathen horde out of their lands.
  14. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei @Alexei He furiously fought down a blush as Isolde fixed his collar. Some snickers from his cre caused him to stare furiously at the spot between his fiancée’s brows. Their time together before their betrothal had cemented not only an enduring camaraderie but also a passionate and ironclad love for eachother. Many knew he did not desire a throne, nor a crown. He was quite comfortable with his noble status as a High Kadian. As a soldier he fought and bled with every man under his command. As Admiral he charted the Sea of Stars with the rest of the intrepid travelers. Now as the Fiancé to a Princess he would walk hand in hand with Isolde to further bring prosperity to the Empire. Even for all his accomplishments he was still filled with doubt. So used to his military garb he could not, for the life of him feel comfortable. He had seen merchants dress in such a way and move with confidence. Her small hands were gentle and dexterous as they straightened the mess he caused. He made a mental note to adjust himself to such outfits, and he would review it when time permitted. He saw her blush and heard her crystal like laugh, and it eased his tension somewhat. His gaze shifted from her to the widow of their ship. His reflection showed a face hardened by scars aged to white lines crisscrossing his features. “I still look like a dull bumpkin next to you Izzy.” If she thought herself nervous she might have to rethink her standards. As a battlefield commander he could not afford to feel anything other than optimism, faith, and fervor before an engagement. He had plenty of time in his career to learn to cope with the Battlefield jitters. This was something entirely different. Battlefields seemed easier than political and social matters. He hoped to learn from his soon to be in-laws. The ship was certainly graceful for its massive size. Though the ship itself was an object lesson in the greatness of Kadian engineering he would, after the event, recommend a rise in rank for the pilot. After all it's not just the tool but the hand that wields it. Still, he would have to give the Duke his compliments. He did admire how the ship did not lurch or jolt inside. Almost as if they were still flying in the air. “Of course.” Seeing Ravenspire from the air was certainly an experience, from the ground however, was a completely sobering and enlightening experience. The city pulsed with life. People roamed the petaled streets in jubilee. The celebrations were not confined in the palace itself but encompassing the entire city. Even as they made their way to the gilded steps of the palace proper, citizens of all classes celebrated their joy. Guards bowed deeply to the two as he led them towards the large doors, some even gave zealous salutes, recognizing the two soldiers as they made their way in. The murmur of voices and their laughter reached them, as well as the smell of well cooked food. “Let's hope we make a good impression Izzy.” Straightening his shoulders, his powerful form giving off a commanding sense of belonging. He hoped he was doing his noble heritage proud.
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