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  1. Its not the sword but the one who's swinging it that is important.
  2. Garion

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Azytzeen will of course share everything he knows. He's such a swell guy. ;D
  3. Apologies for missing the round, got sick and had to work. I hate winter sometimes.
  4. Can Azytzeen attack the Chitten, and will he need one or two actions to do so?
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Thread: Claiming the Furthest Point Character Azytzeen
  6. I think I can take a guess at the pernicious entity they are hive-minded to. 👀
  7. I know the feels man. DND was fun but my luck with any dice is uh....almost nonexistent.
  8. Hah. My first roll was pretty lucky, most dice roll no higher than a two for me. xD
  9. Garion

    the strength of mankind [semi-closed]

    Alfonso waited a few minutes as Sheryl seemed to collect herself, figuring it would be the most polite thing to do. When she began to speak he listened intently. “There is no need to ask for forgiveness,’ he said in reply whilst his left hand tilted as if spilling sand. “I had a feeling your order would state as much,” Alfonso gave the woman as well as Connor an honest smile before once more settling down and paying close attention. His master Jul Noret had taught him as much, the devil is always in the details. “I very much agree, your order would not be in its current position if it allowed itself to be embroiled in political wars against men.” How could he not understand? The Order to his knowledge, faced eldritch horrors and daemons, and are particularly skilled in this aspect. Not that he doubted they would kill a man equally well. Sheryl’s Order had its principles and he would never dare ask them to make an exception. “Warfare against my fellow humans is...regrettable,’ there was a sadness as he said this. The wars prosecuted by the those of the North had cost a heavy toll on all the lands all those decades ago. He had to admit, if not for Corvinus then the south would probably been swallowed by the east. “Regardless, if we fight any wars against the East and Midlands we will not involve you.” Tensions certainly were rising in Genesaris, many were fearful what the Carmine Empire might do, or if they will be dragged into another war between the North, East, Midlands and the Imperial South. “ Alfonso could only shrug helplessly at the facts. “We will gladly accept any help you can provide should the necessary time come.” Alfonso himself couldn’t ask for any more than what the Order was offering. He could try, but he was a shrewd and intelligent man and knew that Sheryl and the Order itself would not back up on these points. Not that he blamed them. Connor was a clever statesman, one that knew how to say just enough and well enough to seem moderate. He already liked the man just as he was beginning to like Sheryl. “Aelindra accepts the alliance.” Connor was astute and knew the current political climate as well as anyone might. “The Council has already been making plans for a meeting to take place on just this sort of issue.” It was certainly a good coincidence. “It would seem you made good time, it would have taken a week for use to go through all the channels of negotiations.” Giving rueful smile at the thought to the Council’s surprise. “Of course we will need to fill out all the necessary documentation, laws are laws and it would do no good to flout them.” He certainly didn’t want to sour any friendships he made due to lack of communication and of course doing things the right way. He was certainly well aware of the rising tensions and movements of other countries. “Seeing as you all have offered something to this alliance, then so too will I.” Letting only a few seconds of silence pass the Councilman once more give each a nod. “Aelindra will also commit to whatever need the Order and the Imperial South has, be it airships or even exalta and weaponry.” With the last of his word he left the floor open to the two as he was certain there was much more to discuss