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  1. It wasn’t often a simple soldier like Reinhardt got to travel between planes, in fact he was probably the first in Aelindrian history to ever do so. Still, it was a good thing the Custodians had environmental suits, not to mention his flight gear and other gadgets of the Mage Corps on hand. Aunoma had done quite a thorough job of ensuring the Mage Crops could fight almost any threat. T’was still hot as Pyrozen’s teats, already he was sweating more than an exercise is the Velhatien desert while wearing full combat kit. It was not a fun experience but at least he could say he wasn’t getting soft on this mission. What surprised him most was James, the man seemed to walk through fire as if the Goddess herself had shat him out. He doubted that was the case though. Ever since clambering out of the ship he kept his mouth shut and gun at the ready, the new model of magi-tech rifle was relatively new and of course deviated from the pure magical rounds of the caster-gun. It was built to last long battle, to be easily maintained without the corrosive effects of firing pure bolts of superheated mana, instead held a wide variety of enchanted bullets. Just wished that he could shoot himself with an ice round without it killing him. “Well if there isn’t a better representation of a fiery hell I don’t know what is,” sweat beaded down his face. He didn't put much stock in many religions especially those crazies who worshipped Pyrozen, or whatever gods the far east devoted themselves to. He did make a note however to pray a little more at the temple of Zare. “ Yeah, ‘beautiful’,” sarcasm dripped from his voice as he stared at the odd girl. Seems that in only a few days he’s teamed up with a couple of freaks. Aunoma called him a freak once, due to how high his compatibility with the flight gear and magi-tech as well as being an Augmenter. Still, he figured he didn’t have much on those two. One could walk through the heat like it was spring, the other though a land filled with nothing but rocks and magma was a pretty place. Shit he already needed a drink. “Yep, I’m just a common soldier doing a damn job. I hope the retirement benefits are worth it.” That was if he lived long enough to retire. The heat began to cause the reactive barrier from his flight gear to shimmer in the heat. It was holding and would do so for a few days if it was needed, but he didn’t relish the thought of taking the heat full force even with the environmental suit. “Zare’s bearded balls…” His eyes widened as he looks at the rising elemental. He knew he shouldn’t have thought about retirement every time he does something like this always happens. The fucking thing was huge all superheated stone and flowing magma. Not something you see everyday that was sure glad most of the elementals in the Velhatien desert weren’t like this one. “Shit, here we go.” Gun at the read he slid the bolt back and and loaded a clip of eight rounds, each one exalta tipped and in the manner of black powder used crushed exalta for ignition. Though almost similar to a caster gun this would be the first full field test for the new weapon which will define warfare for Aelindra. Already the flight gear hummed to life, lifting the foul mouthed soldier several inches off the ground, all he needed was the go ahead and he would be off in the ear in as fast as half a blink. It was time to get serious after all the bonus for completing this mission was quite something. Oh and he might even bag a date with Aunoma.
  2. When the masked man came up to his cab he at first thought a festival would be coming up, though he quickly came to understand that it might simply be the man’s quirky fashion. Once there were in the cab, and directions given he started the exalta engine. With a hum the liquidized Exalta brought the airship to life, its salerian steel frame softly vibrated from the magical power coursing from its engine and then as smooth as silk if took off from the ground. What would meet the visitor’s eyes would be a full view of Aelindra’s cityscape. Its skyscrapers of glittering gold and glass seemed to spark the city with life. Every glint, from the building to the towering statue of Zare seemed to impress upon one the feeling of awe. The very ity seemed to shout at the sky, ‘even man can reach these heights’. Often the words over compensating or even excess touched the ips of many foreigners like those in the North and even their own allies the South. Yet for all their words none of their cities could match the divine scene that Aelindra seemed to give. “You must be new to Aelindra, most people in Genesaris have visited at least once or twice before. Often leaving in wonder might I add.” The driver’s words carried with it a distinct national pride that all Aelindra’s citizens had for the city. It was their great Republic and it had been built by their hands from every road to skyscraper, down to even the forested parks and rivers. “If you look out that window you’ll see the statue of Zare, he is our national god and father of mankind in Genesaris.” From the window the emissary would see the statue, it was a giant thing standing even taller than some of the most impressive buildings in the city, but at the same time humble. It wasn’t made from gold or other precious metals, instead of finely wrought marble did the proud cloaked and bearded figure stand. In the right hand of the statue was an orb seemingly made of bronze polished to a high sheen which caused the sun’s rays to glitter across it as if the surface of the orb was like the ocean. It its left hand was a humble staff, curved like a shepherd's crook, so humble was the staff it pales in comparison with the statue itself and even the cityscape surrounding it. Yet so finely detailed it looked as if some ancient tree had been carved to make it. Perhaps it was wood, or perhaps like the statue, so finely sculpted it looked to be alive. “Oh! We’re almost there,” said the humble driver. Below was the grand building, the senate and the seat of power for the citizenry of Aelindra. It was a massive complex of roman, baroque, and gothic architecture. Its dome’s gilded in gold and finely crafted marble of the most pristine white. Below the tiny dots that moved proved that the building did not see simply those in political power but even the citizenry for there were far too many to count. “We’ll be landing, when you get off just follow the road or just follow anyone there as all people must walk through the great entrance as equals.” Slowly the craft descended into the landing plaza, there his was not the only and, many others landed while some took off speeding away their passengers to their next order of business. The landing was as gentle as a breeze another testament to the seriousness which the Aelindrian engineers took in their painstaking efforts to produce only the best. Exciting the cab the driver quickly opened the door for his passenger. “Oh and no need to pay this is my treat!” The jovial man gave the emissary a big smile and a hearty laugh. “Now be warned though, don’t cause any trouble the military has a heavy presence here as the Council is holding meeting with any willing citizen and guest. Though if you do have serious business then once inside head to the reception areas you’ll find signs to guide you there. With that he left the man, his airship quickly taking off into the blue expanse of the sky.
  3. What would greet the intrepid Emissary would be tall walls, strong and faultless in its ingenuity, large gates showing the workmanship and great detail that Aelindrian architecture is known for. The guards, in their military uniforms and bearing the latest magi-tech weaponry would stop, check him and then allow him on through. Of course not without some guidance with directions. A job they often found themselves doing. “If you are looking for were the council is located follow the main road, it will be the largest one in the city, or you can take one of the cabs there.” One guard said, pointing towards one of many civilian airships parked. “It’ll be the largest building in the center of the city.” The guard motioned for the man to continue on, though a little suspicious of the masked man they had no need to be worried. Aelindra itself did not boast a civilian police force, rather it’s military personnel patrolled the streets, keeping citizens safe from any ne'er-do-wells. “Also the market is along the main street, there will also be signs that will guide you if you decide to go on foot, though you could take the tram or as before a cab.” Once past the main gates the masked Emissary would see the trams, along with the parking area for the cabs, on the main road the more terrestrial vehicles were going back and forth primarily spellcycles. Pedestrians were in droves, a sea of people moving to do their business. Whatever the new arrival decided he would have plenty to see and do. Aside from the civilians military personnel could be seen patrolling the streets, they had the look of professional soldiers further proven by the hardened looks in their eyes. The city itself was quite something to behold, skyscrapers of glittering gold and polished glass, rising up into the skies as if to defy even deities. It is an example of both wealth and deserved pride, should he take to the cabs he would even get to see the cities splendor with an eagle eyed view. @Twitterpated
  4. @Jotnotes If I don't manage to get a post out today then feel free to skip me, sorry for the inconvenience mah doods.
  5. Alfonso’s gaze turned towards the voice that called out to him, a man used to combat as any soldier could tell. Giving his wife-to-be’s hand a pat he gave Ydris a polite nod of the head. ‘Quite the concise fellow you are, pleasure to meet you Ydris I am Alfonso head of the Aelindra Council.” Deciding it would be rude of him to not introduce himself before he got to the meat of the matter he made sure at least his name and position were known. “Well I might not be the most knowledgeable of all Genesaris but I can perhaps point you to a few places of interest on this fine continent.” He said giving a rueful smile. So far he had managed to at least meet one interesting fellow at this party. “ The Velhatien Desert though a wasteland of sand and scorching heat has many ancient ruins which one might wish to investigate, along with the myriad tribes that inhabit the place.” In fact recently the desert has become a place of interest to both Aelindra and the council as a whole, might as well share some minor information with this adventurous man. “You might also wish to check the Bloodmage Mountains I hear there are some strange happenings that are often spoken by many travelers.” His free hand began to rub his chin in thought. “You might try the Cold Mountains, or if you like a little bit of Nature the Bloodstone Marsh.” Tapping his chin once more in thought he tried to recall anything else he might remember. “ Well for now you might find those places to your liking and if you ever need anymore information I am certain the guilds in Aelindra would be happy to lend you their knowledge so do stop by the most glorious city in the West.” He winced as he failed to catch himself this time. He was often trying to sell visiting his city, after all tourism is a good source of income. He knew there were perhaps more places to list but as of yet he couldn’t recall already his mind was preoccupied with the East as this would be the first time he had ever stepped foot on this side of the continent. “Well old boy I hope I was at least helpful is getting your adventurous spirit ignited, sadly my forte requires me to be with the army or politicking.” He gave a self deprecating smile as he reached out his free hand to give Ydris a chance to shake his hand. “Perhaps you might answer a few questions of my own? It wasn’t often he might get a chance to learn about the changes in the Midlands and for that matter any changes in the world at large. “I quite curious on how Koji came to power so quickly, more importantly however is what lands you hail from, I think I sense Renovatian in your accent?” He’d met those who hailed from the floating continent once before and so he had a feeling that this many might be from there, or perhaps Tellus Mater in general. I am quite curious about the nations outside of Genesaris and am always looking to learn more in the hopes of understanding our neighbors better. There was a childlike curiosity to Alfonso that had perhaps come from his mentor in his more informative years, there was always an insatiable desire to learn that had always stayed with Alfonso @Chappu @Aleksei
  6. Post and questions around 6-7am had to cover an extra shift because someone quit. xD
  7. If I don't have a few questions or a post out by today it will either be around 5:00pm tomorrow, or the day after.
  8. Had surgery for teticular torsion monday and I've been recovering, due to the fact that they had to remove my right testicle so if I seem to disappear every now and then its mostly due to the pain medicine, or if my posts don't make sense.
  9. Alfonso did his best to look as well dressed as possible, though Western fashion was quite different from the newly reformed Midlands and the East. Much of their formal wear was based around military dress, and had been since before he was even born. It seemed to him that Aelindra tended to take much pride in the fact, and he wasn’t one to begrudge them of it. Amber eyes peered out at the festivities then back to his cuffs. Holding the cane under one arm he went about making sure everything was in proper order. His attire was as stated before untaliterian, reminiscent of an officer’s full dress. His boots, knee high and made of well polished leather shined in the lamp lights, at least he looked the part of an Aelindrian official. “Well dear, I do hope this goes well, never been to the Carmine Dominion so hopefully I can remember whatever etiquette is required for polite conversation.” He gave a wry smile to his beautiful companion before offering his right arm to her whilst his left leaned lackadaisical against the ornate cane. “You look ravishing love.” He meant it too, though he and his companion had known each other since they were children he had to admit, there were none who could match her flaxen haired beauty. The journey had been a relatively smooth one, though there were none in the whole of Genesaris that could deny the West’s achievements in magitech especially when it came to airships. Granted the ship's captain had tried to make the journey as enjoyable as possible which was no mean feat. Ever since the Whispernight many eldritch horrors have taken to the skies, some of which massive and as deadly as even the largest airships, it seemed that luck and of course powerful weaponry had been on their side. “I do hope you enjoyed the airship, it's one of the newer models based off of one of the ships we procured from Telerian.” He almost had a child like smugness to his smile, after all it was one of his better ideas. “Usually is it customary for the man to take the lead, but alas I’m more content with you doing so,” leaning in he gave her a kiss on the cheek. He wanted his fiance to have as much fun as she desired, and who know with her taking the lead she may very well lead them to meeting some interesting individuals. “Now my dear let's do as everyone else and mingle.”
  10. There was always at least one who had to touch the weird dead bodies often discovered during an adventure. Did Azytzeen know it was a trap? Of course not. Alas there was naught he could do to fix past mistakes. If he had been more attentive to the strange body he might have been able to keep Natalya from poking it, which seemed to be an odd thing kids these days do. “Back in my day we usually left the corpses be,” he said with a sigh. The stench from the burst corpse was still pungent, and cloying much like what he was used to when he fought on fields of battle the world over. If one thing had to be different, it could almost be said to be an old, ancient smell. He knew better than to assume the body was left here recently, no this strange place was filled with all manners of horrors and oddities that would have to be pondered later. That was of course if they made it out alive. “Alright girl up we go.” Much like before he unceremoniously flung the wounded girl over his shoulder, regardless of the pain she was in, or his rough handling he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he simply left her there. “Next time you shouldn’t go poking corpses.” He had thought of healing her but he doubted she would appreciate his ministrations. After all the warp was not as gentle as what the other might be able to do. His single blue eye peered over the room, so far he had been lucky to go unnoticed though he knew it would not last for long. With his new cargo, and thanking the gods she wasn’t fat he began to pick his way across the room towards the others. Keeping a mind that the creatures filling the room were not the most dire things they would have to face. Whatever was coming filled him with dread, much of it thanks to the being in the glass tower. The memories it shared were useful other times merely an annoyance. “No grit your teeth and bear it, if you hadn’t gone on poking the dumb corpse you wouldn’t be in this mess.” Keeping his free hand and accompanying sword at the ready he quickly, and with surprising grace whilst in full plate made his way over the archaeologist. He made sure to keep the other birds presence in his thoughts. “Oi, we better hurry those heavy footsteps belong to worse than a few undead critters.” he yelled out. Regardless if he caught the creatures’ attention it didn’t matter. They had to leave and do it quickly while they still had the chance to do so.
  11. Azytzeen will make his way over to Natalya and will do what he did before throw her over his shoulder. Trust me you don't want him healing her wounds. Remind me, is she still being attacked?
  12. Apologies had to work I'll have a question or two out here soon.
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