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  1. She looked up when he had looked down. Some would could the two very foolish, having instantly found love within each other and never once questioning it. The elf could admit how silly it sounds and how ridiculous it looks, for love of this kind should only be found in the pages of fairytales. Grant suddenly entered her life, and she had been unable to turn him away when she should have. Remembering back to a time the hands of humans had abused her, she swore revenge against her abusers and their kind. He is "their kind," he is human, yet here she is holding his hand and listening to his woes. She wonders if this is how Austere and Milorian feel towards their wives - both who are human. Just a kind of abandonment that broke past promises of revenge and lifted away from their hatred towards those that had taken so much away from them. "You won't carry that burden alone." Pirates aren't known for their manners, that is for sure. Grant had leaned in for a kiss, maybe just a few more if she were feeling gracious, but they had been rudely interrupted to finding out how kind she could be. He was quick to his feet, leaving the elf to blink her way back to the terrible reality full of pirates and other extreme annoyances. Delphine shuddered at the sight of the pirates taunting the pair; it was not the overall appearance of unwashed individuals that made the bile rise in her throat. Reaching behind her to grab an arrow, the elf let out a small whistle that pierced the air, causing it to ripple around herself and Grant momentarily before a burst of bright green light sparkled beneath his and her feet. Grant would feel the warmth of the light seep into his skin, digging deep and far before settling in the pit of his stomach. Her minor shield would protect him just long enough for him to apply initial damage to the pirates daring to attack them. "I hope all our dates are not this eventful."
  2. "Not at all." Delphine fears humans, that is simple and fair to say. She also fears the abuse of power and heights if you get her far enough in the sky, and she must face these fears with all the courage she can muster. Being the Lord Seeker of Ylia means she will have to guide the Seekers down the appropriate path, and that meant no discrimination against anyone and anything. She can't allow her feelings to blindly tell her how to apply the law. "Everyone will be treated fairly. It will be my job as Lord Seeker to ensure that the people of Ylia will be treated appropriately, and I will not take that responsibility lightly." On the other side of the same coin, the humans will be wary of her as well. The Tyrant King ensured that the relationship between humans and non-humans will always and forever be strained, forcing them into a very uncomfortable relationship that may never be fully rectified. Delphine can be grateful for her contingent of Seekers occupying Ylia, for it is a mix of various races and genders, forcing her to become comfortable around individuals outside her own race. It shouldn't have to be that way, and it's strange and sad that it is. If she could turn back and do things differently, she would in a heartbeat; especially if there is the promise that she would be fearless instead of fearful. Setting aside the map of the city, she shows Grant the explanation of the roads. Milorian and Ronan worked with Renovatio to come up with materials that would last and accommodate those who will be using the roads. For a few moments, the two siblings had actually agreed to work together and acted like adults the entire time they put the Vigilant Roads down on paper. "The roads will be near indestructible and will change depending on the season - if we ever get seasons back. They will be warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot. All along them will be stops for merchants and travelers to rest, and along these roads, we hope to establish villages."
  3. It is because he has a natural aversion towards the man that Milorian sighed when Gerald said he'd inform Oscar. It would be rude to suggest otherwise, especially since all Houses that occupy the waters deserve to know that a ship had been attacked. Excluding the Uldwars from this discussion would make Milorian appear ... rude, if that's even the correct word to use, and Oscar does need to know his child is safe. It's a promise Milorian intends to keep, one that also applies to Gerald as he deserves just as much. "Absolutely. I will make sure the appropriate houses are told of this event and we will go through our own records to see if there is some sort of trail." Mia did not go unnoticed; Milo knew she had been there eavesdropping and did nothing to persuade her away. A feeling of unease continues to slink its way through his veins, telling him something is just not right about this, about Mia, about Gerald. This feeling was bleeding into his better judgment and he was allowing it to taint it every so slightly, feeling that it was necessary. Mia is Oscar's child, a lovely girl who is impressionable and will more than likely do what she can to impress her father or anyone else that gave her reason. It's not unusual thought to have, as that is often the way of children. When she ran off, the elf looked at the Knight. "Fire terrifies Marina," he said, hinting at how Marina may be feeling about the whole situation. Mia's rush to get away would capture the attention of anyone nearby. There isn't a moment the people of the Free Marches are not looking at the young lady and her guardian. Marina hadn't wandered too far, wanting to stay close enough to catch Gerald when he was done but not too close it would annoy Milorian. It put her directly in Mia's path; the two collided as the young girl hadn't been paying much attention to where she was going, and Marina was a bit distracted to pay attention as well. Before Mia could get away, the elf grabbed her by the shoulders and held her at arms length. "Is everything okay Mia?"
  4. @King She left with no other reason than she wished to go. Kadia has finally exchanged hands, leaving the throne and all its lovely ornaments to her youngest siblings - Connor. There was no reason for her to be against this, not when they had fought beasts and their ilk together, shed blood together, nearly died together, and have given their youthful years to the warp that had almost destroyed Kadia. Through all those moments of near-deaths and near failures, Connor showed that he was the hateful mix of their mother and father, bearing the pride of their mother and the coldness of their father regally. So naturally, the throne belongs to him. And it should have bothered her. There is a strangeness surrounding her sibling, something she can't exactly put her finger on, but it was enough to make the young lady relinquish her titles to find a life outside the Empire. It bothered her, yet it did not. Failsafes are in place for a reason, mother and father have made it clear they'll be watching from a distance and will step in when necessary. Olympia knows her home will be in good hands, no matter her feelings towards Connor, who has earned his strangeness. Aside from her parents, she understands that Cornelius is also watching with Lyonene right at his side. Kadia is safe - for now. With that for now in mind, she escaped into the night, never to return. Freedom is a strange burden. The event in Kadia did more than just age her a handful of years; it made her a little less wary of strangers and the world they inhabit. Her childishness is still worn in her manner of speech: the abundance of each word, the misuse of her excitement, the tone of curiosity. Sheltered for most her life, she can't help but look at the world with wide-eyed wonder, even though she has told herself to play cautious and coy. Weary, sure. Careless? Absolutely. It's the freedom flowing through her veins that's making her appreciate the world around her a tad more. It has also made her remember. Sitting beneath a withering, cold tree, she stares fondly at a rose. Its stem is being spun between gloves fingers, while dark eyes admire the loveliness of the gift that had been given to her some time ago. Rafael, his name echoes through her mind with immense fondness attached to it. If she were home and the devout knew of her like for the man considered less than human, they'd have her stripped and flogged, maybe even brainwashed. Out in the wilderness, she is free to think of Rafael and enjoy the memories brought on by merely whispering his name to herself. He had created a new world for a young girl hiding behind her father's legs. He had spoken to her sweetly, given her a gift, and promised her a dance under the moonlight. It was in that moment she had broken her religious fanaticism towards her father's belief; there was no way she could be faithful to his cause when Rafael had shown her in a few gestures that the world is painted using many different strokes. Then, just like now, she whispered his name to the stars and spoke to him as if he had always been there. The conversations vary, and the chosen piece for tonight are the fears. Sleep is difficult due to the memories of the warp and what she had gone through; the inability to accept such a weakness that she would struggle with such a trivial matter. He wouldn't judge, she is sure of this, which is why she speaks to the air around her as if it were him with ease and comfort.
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    @Tyler And his hand is taken and then manipulated by bejeweled fingers so that his knuckles face skyward. Slowly, she pressed his knuckles against her forehead where a golden crescent has made its home; lowering his knuckles to her lips, she releases his hand with a parting kiss that was just a whisper against his skin. The greeting is an exaggerated one for sure and would more than likely seem odd and awkward to those unaware of the woman's culture. Milorian had almost slapped her when she went to kiss his hand; the first time, though then she had grabbed a strand of his hair and kissed it first. Nonetheless, the Grand is Grand in all ways. "Delphine." "Of course! I will be just over here if either of you needs anything." The Seeker bowed towards the two and gracefully excused herself, giving the two people of power their space and privacy to speak of things that are not her business. It also gave her a moment to gaze at Grant; his earlier smile and wink were burned into her memory, and she would be rendered melancholic if she were to miss a smile or glance her way from him. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Joseph Tynes. Please, have a seat." Primera stood up to rearrange the piles of silk gathered about her to clear a path for the man to sit and get comfortable. For some, it took a minute or less to get over the overbearing warmth emanating off the woman; for others, it was her scent that was almost overwhelming. It has been described as sulfurous, somewhat like gunpowder - like sweet-smelling welding fumes; her husband had once, so graciously told her. She could not attest to such descriptions. Hopefully, Joseph will not be put off by the warmth and smell of the woman adorned in red silks. Once he sat, she would follow after. The diamond stars decorating her red hair twinkled much like her opal hues that absently stare blindly at Joseph. "Grand Kommadant Primera Cartyr - poor company, I am afraid. I am here simply for the gossip and drama, and I suppose moral support to some." She tapped a diamond encrusted pin on her shoulder: the Mythal Dred Wolf. It wasn't her favorite pin, but she was threatened with death if she wore the more fancy pins of the same thing. "What of you, Ser Joseph, why are you here? Certainly not to sit with a gossiping hen," she said with a great big smile that split her youthful face. "Or if you have, may I intrigue you with what I know?" The last bit was to tease - or was it?
  6. MEET THE FULL HORIZON 'Inspiration was found when we looked to the sea and the sky. When you sail with us, you will notice the two aren’t divided but united by this one perfect line — the very same one that inspired the Full Horizon. Full Horizon unites all by getting you together with great fun, comfort, dining and exotic entertainment. And most importantly, with one another.' Owner: Nefarious Cruise To/Depart From: Last Chance (with plans for Casper, pending safe harbor) Tonnage: 90,090 GT Length: 293.2 m (962 ft) Beam: 32.2 m (106 ft) Draft: 8.5 m (28 ft) Decks: 13 (12 guest accessible) Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph) Capacity: 2,501 passengers Crew: 872 Wait Staff and Cooks (300): These individuals are uninformed in button-up collared shirts, vests, aprons, and are regularly donning cleaning materials and/or food trays. The Wait Staff is held to the utmost levels of quality, and in return, they are afforded fantastic benefits and a caring overseer. One hundred of these individuals are highly trained and caring cooks who spend all day and night preparing luxurious entrees and drinks for seafarers. This swashbuckling crew knows the hard knocks of restaurant life better than anyone. Some say the seasoned, tattooed cooks could double as hardened pirates if they ever wanted to, but instead they dedicate their lives to clean living and delicious cooking. Ship Maintenance and Operations (253): Ship Maintenance and Operations is comprised of a sect of highly skilled engineers, navigators, and scientists. On-the-go repairs, adaptations to keep the Full Horizon updated with the times, and the ship’s general route are controlled by this group. Casino Staff (206): A large repertoire of gymnastical card dealers and handlers, entertainers ranging from awe-inspiring to hilarious, and various table managers fill the casino menagerie during all hours night and day to facilitate gambling in its various facets. Security (113): Cameras fill every aperture of the Full Horizon and multi-doored vaults fill its lower decks, near the boiler rooms where engineers and maintenance crew dwell. In secret rooms filled with the filament of surveillance video, one hundred skilled men and women serve the Full Horizon’s owner (Nefarious) and protect the ship from any ne'er do wells. Perpetrators of first offenses will be locked in the brig for a time proportionate to the crime. Second-time offenders will be shuttled off the Horizon back to the deck. Capital offenders whose offenses are judged bad enough by upper staff are thrown overboard. HIGHLIGHTS Casino The heart of Full Horizon is the elaborate casino. The state-of-the-art casino comes with 318 slot machines and 28 gaming tables offering blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat, and roulette. The pool tables (a favorite!) are stabilized by a computer-controlled gyroscope. They adjust with the motion of the ship to keep the table-top level with the horizon. If you are looking for a true red carpet experience, the ship has exclusive VIP rooms with three tables that can be interchanged to meet guest preferences and requirements. Rock-climbing wall Dare to rise above the rest and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Solarium Slip away to this indoor and outdoor retreat. The Solarium is your slice of paradise, with soothing whirlpools, warm sunshine, and a refreshing water mist. Bottomless Sips Gallery Catch a glimpse of the magic that happens in the kitchen on a tour of the galley, then indulge in delicious eats paired with bottomless sparkling wine. DINING Ante Cafe If you're feeling a bit more casual, come enjoy the deli eats that knock it out of the park. You'll find quick bites to please the pickiest palate, from made-to-order salads to fresh-pressed panini and sandwiches. Windjammer Cafe Needing a little pick-me-up? From a nice breakfast blend to get you going to an after-dinner cappuccino, just drop by this cafe for sweets, specialty coffee beverages, and a bit of people watching. The Middle Man Sweeping, multi-level ambiance, world-class cuisine and the most attentive staff at sea — welcome to the Middle Man. Enjoy each morning with breakfast served at your table from the professional wait staff. On sea days, stop in for lunch and enjoy specialties that span Valucre, from simple burgers to a sophisticated dish. The most unforgettable affair, dinner features extraordinary personal service from your dedicated wait staff in a fantastic experience and a new menu each evening. Chip Grille Explore Valucre dish by dish. Start your day with a sampling of delicious breakfast offerings, including all your breakfast favorites, indulgent fresh pastries, juices and much more. Lunchtime, choose from a wide variety of signature specialties - like fresh-pressed paninis, pastas, salads, soups, sandwiches, hearty dishes, and various carving stations. Don't forget dessert! Cap your day off with something sweet from the dessert station. Diamond Club Lounge Loyalty has its privileges. Full Horizon has an exclusive Diamond Club lounge to thank our most valued Diamond Club members for their continued loyalty. From concierge access to complimentary continental breakfast, and even complimentary cocktails at happy hour, our most loyal guests enjoy special perks in a space reserved just for them. Serenity Lounge Serenity with a twist of sunshine and lime. Reserved exclusively for guests of Diamond+ level accommodations and above, the Serenity Lounge presents complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks. So from croissants to Cosmos, we've got your cravings covered. Bubbly Bar Whether you prefer onboard thrills or seaside chill, raise a glass of bubbly at our Bubbly Bar and toast to a day well-spent. Discover your perfect pairing for adventure at sea. Point Sky Bar Quench your thirst here at the Point Sky Bar. While you're soaking up the vibe of the Solarium, grab a refreshment from the bar, where friendly bartenders serve wine, beer, cocktails and chilled umbrella drinks perfect for sipping beneath your poolside umbrella. 
  7. Marina had begun to think that there was no need for her to be on the mountain as more and more started to pour in to destroy the elemental. It hurt her down to her very soul to watch such a magnificent creature be attacked, it's hurt and anger all caused by someone so small. Then Mia was slapped, the force making the elf flinch in response; she doubted that such an action would sit well with Mia's more-than-likely fragile emotional state. The time she had stayed in the Free Marches showed the girl's desperation to win over her father's praise and maintain the Uldwar's withering pride. "Come on!" As the group of heroes began their attack on the Elemental, it became apparent there was no need for her to intervene and for Mia to be there anymore. Mia will have to answer to this event, and her dying during it will do no one any good. There has to be retribution; there has to be some rectification for her terrible choices. Finding her reason being there, the elf had grabbed Mia by the arm and began to drag her away from the transpiring action. With her free hand, she shifted the earth here and there to clear out a path for their escape. Down below, Milorian was joined by a handful of Seekers who have volunteered to assist him in the forest while the rest were transported to the beach. "Help me with the fire lines." He had to yell above the cacophony of the elemental roaring above them, the raging of the fires, trees breaking, and creatures fleeing. The airship he had arrived in is being used to transport who and what they can to safety, while the Seekers on the beach prepped themselves to manipulate the sea to begin a modified rainfall. Those within the forest continued the work Milorian started earlier, the need for fire lines becoming more and more apparent as the fires continue to spread. Though, somewhere in all the action, others are moving the earth and shifting the waters to stifle out the dangers while the elemental is being dealt with. Until the creature is dealt with, everyone else must work to save what they can - people and animals and land. The Seekers spread out and began to whisper, their words a mix of prayer and amplification for their abilities. With Milorian at the head of the group, he led them with a wave of his burned hands. Soon, the Seekers followed him, and the land began to lift in front of them, creating ridges and spikes that would overpower the fires. On the beach, the Seekers watched the trees lift and took that as a sign to begin their end of the saving. Joining in on the echoed whispers, the Seekers pulled a portion of the sea over the beach and then higher above the treeline. They did not want to create a flood through the trees and possibly drown or hurt any innocents still trying to escape; lifting the water above the trees ensured the safety of so many. Their actions create rainfall that begins to move through the smoke to snuff out or slow down the growing fires.
  8. Garden "Is it odd to you, the ways of humans?" Primera asked, taking a seat next to the elf who had chosen to enjoy the gardens in all their splendor, instead of mingling with the rest of the mourners. It made sense; he was sure to feel somewhat awkward in offering condolences of any kind considering that death is not seen as a pang of sadness to the elves. "Just as odd as our ways to them, I suppose," came his quiet response. The scars of Misral made the elf uneasy being around so many people with different emotions; he felt as if their tears and heartfelt words were strangling him, while the disdain of some and uncertainty and coldness of others were remarkably... uncomfortable. He would rather be away from all this, preferably home with Birdy who is still in the throes of mourning the loss of House Tankred. So much has happened within a handful of days, the elf was concerned about how many will take advantage of the turmoil to better their position in Ursa Madeum. The very idea of it all made him weary and annoyed, adding another layer to his reasoning to stay away until he felt it appropriate to approach the Empress. Sensing his unease, Primera leans close, causing their shoulders to nuzzle together. There are many things the gentleman must be struggling with, and she has not the words or gestures to show understanding. So unlike him, she has the power to claim what she wants and forever remain comfortably above her people. "Your eyesight?" she asks, showing how one fumbles with immense grace. "Gone - somewhat. The right eye is useless, and the left is slowly deteriorating, but I could be dead, so I suppose I can't complain." "And I am most thankful you are still here with us. I have only a few friends in life, and if you were to perish, I would have none." He chuckled, the markings on his skin shimmering with his movements. "I'd hate to leave you lonely." "I'm sure you'd find a way to haunt me," she says with a laugh. "Or you, me. You've shown me that I am not allowed a moments respite without you yelling in my ear." "If your ears weren't so large Milorian, you could stifle me out. You don't have that long, luxurious hair of yours to hide them anymore." Her comment made the elf push her off the bench they had gotten comfortable on. In a cloud of finery, the Grand Kommadant was forced to be a laughing pile of silks and jewelry.
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  10. "Outside them being land for those searching for a home, no. Once people get comfortable, I'm sure the islands will each develop a personality." House Mythal will ensure that all those inhabiting the islands will find themselves in comfort. The islands are already made; it is up to the mancers to shape them to accommodate the people more appropriately. Perhaps later down the road, they will have some reasoning behind them other than the norm, but for now, their purpose is simple. She grabbed another outline to answer his next question. "We will be stationed on each island, just a small contingent to ensure the safety of the people. When it comes to laws, it is safe to assume that killing, stealing, general disruption of everyone's livelihood will be punished appropriately." Delphine spread the outline of the ships that had been given to House Mythal by the Sylvan elves of Kadia. They are a wonderous sort of creatures who have earned their extreme pride, according to their history that is long as it is old. Kadia has some relationship with Renovatio, and through such a connection the elves had learned about the Mythals and visited the House. Milorian and Aolis struck an accord, allowing both to revel in the gifts both have to offer to one another. One of these gracious gifts were Eagleships; large vessels that are sleek and streamlined, making them both fast and deadly. Along with this outline, a few notes are accommodating it to explain the elves and the Prince better. "The Prince of Sylvania has given us a small fleet of ships to assist in protecting Ylia. There is a relationship forming between House Mythal and the elves of Sylvania, one that has proven fortuitous."
  11. Delphine understood how difficult it is to find yourself after being lost for so long. Sleep will possibly be the most challenging thing to obtain as her own when faces and memories were tainting her thoughts. Much had been lost to her during the King's purge, such as her parents and siblings she has yet to get the courage to speak of. The handling of her escape from the Free Marches to Kalopsia, where she was sold to a wealthy family is another subject that keeps her bristled. Humans are dangerous creatures that have historically set themselves above all the rest; her fear of them will never be undone, not even through Grant's kindness and love. But now is not the time to think simply of herself. Her struggles are moot in comparison to the gentleman whose hand she is holding. Through title alone, she can only imagine the immense responsibilities and regrets he must have. Everyone does what they must to survive, and often enough such choices of survival will come back to haunt them. "I hope for a day where you can put these ghosts to rest. Such souls should never be left to wander." She said, fiddling some with his fingers. There is a way to remove such horrors from his mind and if she were in the position to offer him such respite, she would have. The removal of memories is nothing small and the process to consider it is a long one, especially for those that are not part of the House. Milorian had offered the reprieve to Delphine when she had struggled to acclimate to her return to the Free Marches, and in a moment of clarity, she had declined. It is those terrible memories that make her who she is. "You dream of me? I hope in those dreams I am ever gracious and sweet." The Seeker teasingly bumped his shoulder before giving his hand a bit of a squeeze. "You know, meleth (love), you are but one man. You can't save everyone."
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    Primera was happy to watch this entire thing unfold, knowing her allowance to be there was due to her relationship with House Mythal and the Port that is a very close neighbor to said House. Her mind should be affixed to the proceedings as the outcome will affect her relationship with Ursa Madeum and the Mythals. She found herself more interested in the drama and glamour that surrounds these decision makers. What she knows of them is little, and she likes it that way for she is allowed to form her own opinions freely. "He is a rather mean man, don't you think?" Once Milorian took his seat, the Grand turned her attention to the Seeker who has kept her back to the proceedings. The woman is a slender creature who Primera towered over, but did not match in the fairness of the lovely elf. The markings of the woman's face were beautiful in their severity and color; strands of pale hair were elaborately braided and pinned back with only a few wisps left to frame her slender face. The tall and exaggerative ears were what set the Mythal elf aside from the rest of the elves of this world. "I've heard rumors that he can be," was Delphine's reply, her smile reaching the honey depths of her almond eyes. "I've not seen such a wonder, though." "Ah! It seems I have a flatterer as company." "Nonsense! I would never claim to be you." "You are far too gracious." Milorian had insisted that Primera has protection and had gone so far to ensure the safety of the Grand that he picked one of the best Seekers - so he says. She wasn't sure if he thought perhaps the meeting would get out of hand and blows would be thrown, or he did not trust the Grand Kommadant to be on her best behavior. The latter was a reasonable thought to have, not that she's done anything to warrant it but Milo wishes to ensure the lack of silliness for the day. No matter the reasoning, she had been gracious with his decision and found herself quickly enjoying Delphine's presence. At least she will have someone who will have more understanding of what's going on and can explain the grittier parts of the whole meeting.
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    Milorian entered with a laugh that echoed with the tinkling tune dancing across the stage and beyond. The words sweeping his mind were full of chastisements, though the annoyance that peppered them was strained with laughter and playfulness. Primera has taken every opportunity to tease him about his right eye and the tune for the day was her disappointment in not seeing him wear a patch. It had been suggested by various parties, and each suggestion had been shrugged off; he has no need for such unnecessary adornments. He wore his robes of grays, reds, and whites. Behind his left ear is a small bunch of flowers picked by his wife, and the only jewelry he wore is the ring on his left hand to show his marriage. The Mythal thought it best to not arrive in his usual opulence. 'Do you have some strange fascination with pirates?' was his mental reply. Not wanting to appear rude, he did nod towards the earlier arrivals to acknowledge them between his conversation with Primera. His steps forward were rather slow, his lack of sight in his right eye made him a little less graceful and delicate in his ways. The would that sliced his eyebrow in half and trails down to the swell of his cheek is still red with annoyance; the three pale dots on his forehead glowed, signifying the pain he still felt from the attack on Misral. 'No, I have a fascination with the ridiculous.' 'My wife claims me handsome, thank you very much.' 'Well, I would never judge Birdy for her choice in men. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes?' Her remark was bubbly. 'And you're blind, so I suppose your opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.' The elf could hear the rustling of finery - bracelets clinking against one another, silk and lace shuffling, painted lips parting and colored lashes batting. Primera had gasped and placed her hand against her chest in mock offense, causing her protector (Delphine) to laugh behind a gloved hand. Milorian had insisted that Primera have some form of protection and offered up a single Seeker who would also benefit from this little get-together. The two have gotten along rather well, something the elf will have to watch for as that's another individual getting comfortable beneath the Grand's extensive reach. "Here you are, ser." Milorian came back to the world of the living just to hear Godric ask for the removal of his chair. Milo reached and pulled it aside where it would not obstruct anyone else. Afterward, he took his seat, gently laying down papers of his own that (so unlike the rest) are minor suggestions and points. House Mythal has done little in comparison to the rest of the Houses, and Milorian is entirely comfortable with their slow and steady progress. Perhaps, in the beginning, he had seen the growth of each house as a rivalry; now he hasn't the time to compare and contrast. He does not come here with the hopes of forcing anyone to do anything, all he truly wants is to ensure that all Houses and their peers have the time to argue, fight and disagree for those are freedoms many do not have.
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