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  1. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei @Al Sa-her @TurtleFrog @Narcissa The touch was extremely reassuring. The hotness in her blood has cooled, but she still felt oddly out of place for being so protective over something so small, yet so big if you really think about it. The title of first comes with a heavy burden and this child is already being revered and worshiped. Just the very idea of the child pleased many in their growing Empire, and at first she hadn't put much thought into it, with her reaction towards Leoa and Koji's reassuring touch, she realizes now that she is carrying something extremely precious. Hearing the exchange about herself between the two men made her feel like she should proudly puff her chest, just how men do when they're proud or pleased. Of course her ascent had been a difficult task and she had been rightfully rewarded, it's a great feeling to have Corvinus praise her proudly as if she were still one of his rank. Then of course Koji, a man who had accepted her after her winning in the Games to be part of his Harem, and then blessing her with his touch and admiration, there's very little she can do to thank him for his wonders. Celine was about to excuse herself from the party to speak with Deiter, but was stopped by the sudden arrival of Desmond. The unfortunate act of having one's breath stolen from you, happened to her once she trapped the Prince in her golden gaze. He was handsome, sweet, and always a willing listener; she's assaulted his ears on more than one occasion when she felt overwhelmed or (shockingly enough) frightened about her future. He had quickly put her at ease and she had left the Cold South feeling better about her choices. Instinctivly she closed her eyes against his kiss and even held his hands against her cheeks. Home, that's what it feels like. A warm embrace and open welcomes, she has almost forgotten that while she may not be of their kin, they accept her as such. Once she was released, she smiled comfortably and turned her eager gaze to Koji. "My Emperor, allow me to introduce his Imperial Highness Desmond Melisende. He was my mentor for a time and assisted me in my leave for your Harem." Desmond welcomed Koji and then introduced his date. The bit of woman certainly complimented Desmond and all his darkness. It comforted Celine that he was actually trying to mesh back into society, even though he still considered himself a cripple. The introduction to Koji's gift made it apparent that time was slipping by her with ease, and quickly she searched the crowd for Deiter's ever familiar face. Corvinus had said that Deiter wished to speak to her, hinting at the importance of it. While she may no longer be under Corvin's banner, she is still connected to him and fellow SoulSeekers, and thus new teachings are still given to her. Eager, she wishes to know what the boy has to say, especially if it'll be beneficial to her skills. "Excuse my impertinence Emperor, but I need to visit quickly with another before we depart. Something important is to be discussed that may be beneficial to I and you. I'll return in due time - Empress Leoa, Emperor Corvinus, Desmond and Raine." She hadn't mean to sound so sure of her position or even abuse her freedom of the day, but she would hate to miss out on what Deiter has for her. Proudly bowing and then slinking out of the group she had excused herself from, Celine slowly makes her way towards Deiter and his supposed date? The closer to she got, the less her steps became enthusiastic for she hated to disrupt his play time. Throwing a glance over her shoulder, she could still see Koji and everyone else, and addition she caught sight of Raveena and her own date. She needs to be quick. Just a simple handful of steps away from Deiter and Rou, Celine stopped. So close she felt the tension surrounding the two and instantly wondered if maybe she should have waited.
  2. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Al Sa-her @TurtleFrog @Alexei "Thank you for your concern, by the way." Desmond grabbed her small hand and graced the knuckles with an appreciative kiss. He hadn't meant to be so open about his reaction, especially because the news flowing into his ear does not concern her and doesn't need her concern. Like the rest of the oblivious guests surrounding them, he wished to keep Raine out of such silly business that is politics. Bringing attention to something so miniscule would only give the situation the appearance it meant something - it does not. He blinked vividly when she swept away the unruly crumbs from his mouth, caught off guard that he didn't have the opportunity to bend down to assist her. There was something oddly satisfying, seeing a woman rise to her tiptoes with concentration heavy on her brow, when the task at hand is simple and sweet. Her uncertain smile made him chuckle, a warm sound that spilled from his chest. "She's a sweet woman, don't worry." He said nothing about his father - what can he say? He's the older version of Desmond with a more sour-like bend to his hateful smile. There is a kindness to him though, a thing that's often brought out by his children or his wife or the combination of both. Whatever pleasures his father finds in life, they're usually a hidden and coveted kind of thing. He left behind his own drink and sweets, knowing that his mother would not appreciate his lackadaisical appearance as a crumb splattered prince. Just like the witch, the Empress would have wiped away the crumbs from his face and then proceed to sweep her fingers across his chest and arms. Mothers, as we all know, are often fidgeting over their children. Ever since the loss of his leg though, she's been a bit more concerned and worried about his well being, and while some may find it annoying, he loved it. Not that she knows or anything. When they approached, they interrupted a conversation already happening. Most cases he would mind, but this one he didn't seem to care whatsoever. Giving Raine a soft pat on the hand, he released her briefly to approach Celine in all her glowing beauty. "You've been missed, little sister. I swear Deiter had lost the stars in his eyes when we lost you." Desmond enveloped the woman's soft face in his calloused hands, and placed a welcoming kiss on her forehead. He loved her like a brother loves a sister, and her devotion to his father made the love in Desmond's chest blossom with admiration. The fiery haired woman has done more for the Emperor of Kadia than Desmond has ever done for himself, so she is an admirable creature. Releasing the beauty, he grabbed Raine's hand, tucking it on his arm so that she did not feel lost or left out of the conversation. "But it looks like our star is now decorating another sky! Welcome to Kadia, Emperor." He gave Celine's new Emperor a flourished bow, not once releasing his date's hand. Once up, he again grabbed Raine by the hand to swish her front of him so that his parents were provided a better look of the blossom haired lady. "Mother, father, this is Raine. She's been so gracious to keep this cripple entertained." Sadly, his needs and wants were not met, and the events happening between certain guests of the party began to slowly spill into the busier parts of the wedding. The scream (childish, it would be) reached his attention as it would many others if they were truly paying attention. It skipped above the music like a stone skips across a cool pond, disrupting the fortified peace of the party before falling silent and lost. He hoped Raine hadn't heard it, except it's becoming increasingly clear that his brother is going to have his hands full with something that's going to explode in his face - possibly. While some whispered about what they heard, others appeared to be less interested, thinking that amongst the rambunctious crowd someone perhaps drank a bit too much for the likes of others.
  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei @Fierach "Yes! Cae is a friend of mine and a valuable part of Kadia and the Cold South." James introduced himself, waiting for Cae to accept the offering of his hand. She was glad that he hadn't been as startled as she, but even with Caelius standing before them, she wasn't sure he was real. A busy man that obviously has many, many things to take care of, she wonders what has brought him to the wedding. His brother is here only because he is Isolde's betrothed, and that alone calls for an attendance - Cae, though ... There are times where she wishes she could be a mind reader, as such a skill would have come into play now. Cae is not beneath her notice since he has never once done a thing to think of him less than herself. Honestly, even though she holds the high title as Princess, her work is nothing in comparison to what he does. He's a man that keeps things greased and moving, the ensure the safety of both his homes, all the while finding time to breathe. She could have smacked him for being so cynical, but alas, she is no soothsayer and will keep her hands to herself. Time has stretched between them. He had been so wonderfully kind to guide her through the busier parts of Kadia, even being as busy of a man that he is. She considers his kindness to be a hidden faucet of the usually cold facade he wears. If he smiled more or spoke in a less monotonous way, he would be the talk of many ladies over hot tea. "Apology accepted." When he knelt, she smiled with grace. Common courtesy, that's all his gesture is and she is appreciative that he chose to be so grandiose with his actions. A simple bending at the waist or even a hearty nod would have done well enough. Anyways, none of that mattered, she told him to rise and he did so and the conversation resumed. "Altair is my brother, the second Imperial Prince." She supplied for James. "He has a terrible penchant for being a trickster and a lover to many ladies." Unlike Deiter, who has entertained many ladies and most of them being rumour, Altair has warmed many beds in his days before marriage. His own marriage hasn't slowed him down any when it comes to him being playful and willful, though. Poor Nadia has to keep the poor man on a leash, unless she wants to lose him to the wind. "Please, Cae, if it's not an inconvenience. I'll meet you at a later time and if you need to leave, please don't feel obligated to stay on my behalf." She would have loved to speak with Cae, but she was enthralled with James and his ways for the minute, and rather than subject Cae to any more awkwardness, she excused him for another time. Also, while she has excused some of his stumbles here and there, calling her by name is a bit of a faux pas that won't go unnoticed by her. While she could give him a lecture in front of James, she will save Cae from another embarrassing fumble.
  4. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    @Al Sa-her @Chappu @ChaoticanWriter @LorSanTekka When the time was right and she felt that her Emperor was safe and clear of any more nuisances, she allowed the area of her influence slowly recede back before completely disappearing. In her wake she left most feeling strange, a bit out of their skin as their abilities were no longer drowned beneath her touch. Mina was not lost to Celine. A flame burning hotly against a nights sky, she burned in Celine's sight, causing the woman to feel more than perturbed at the sudden change to Mina's health. Kudos to the woman for speaking her mind though, for wanting to show the dastardly dragon what for, but when she fell unconscious to the ground it became apparent that such wounds were not superficial. Quickly, she was tended to, leaving Celine to continue her work, though this time feeling a bit more agitated with a want to make sure that her fellow companion is actually being cared for. For now she will remain still and calm. Liquid eyes looked at Samael from the top of his head, all the way down to his covered feet, before gliding back up to peer into his own eyes. She did this only because she was unable to recognize him, and while that can say many things about herself it does speak volumes of him. The way he spoke said he was certain and comfortable, as if he had the right to speak before the Emperor and dismissing the situation. Perhaps that was not the goal, perhaps she is looking a bit too much into words. When he stepped closer to Arashi, Celine kept her position close to Koji, again to play her role as shield. Koji had spun out of her care and from there she allowed herself to be guided by his actions. While it is her job to make sure that his health is above all else, he is a man of power and will that won't be set aside. Sure he's a capable man, sure he needs no help, and sure that it's not part of her duties, Celine moves to guide Samael away from the now tortured Arashi going up in flames. The tips of her fingers tapped the sharpness of his shoulder, and if he turned to look at her, he would see her tip her head off to the side as to say: over there. He would get more guidance from her, and as quickly as she came she was gone, back to the place where she had earlier abandoned. Just in time to see Koji assert his will on Arashi, while also speaking to Samael, putting him in his place. The sight itself was remarkable, especially to one who has never seen their Emporer actually show off his skill. When he threw Arashi at her feet, she did not flinch away from the sight nor the blood that splattered on her person. There she stood proudly before her Emperor, watching and waiting the entire time as he devoured Arashi's heart with enthusiasm. Understanding what he's doing, she also wonders if he's doing this in front of her as some sort of sign or if it's just her assuming. A part of her wanted to share in his euphoria, not by the means that has created the child in her womb, but one where she shares his meal. Though such a bold move would more than likely make this scene unnecessarily dramatic, and so she refrained. "Of course." His touch somewhat shook her to her core. Koji has treated her with a kindness that befits a Concubine and as ever she has been gracious and kind. Their private time together was considered part of the job, and while her body enjoyed the pleasures, her mind would often find itself somewhere else. Not as a disrespect, but because she understands that feelings for one another are an unnecessary thing when finding pleasures of the body. Also, because he knew that the Empress was a jealous woman and hadn't appreciated that it was Celine carrying the first child. When he touched her, she smiled prettily and nodded to accentuate her words. A visit with him is obvious - she could feel his needs, needs that will be eagerly met. Time moved then. She had watched the doctor tend to Mina, not at all voicing how she felt about his touch on Mina's wound or his ways of operating, since she is not a medical professional she has no right to tell the man what to do. Celine did watch though, like a hawk waiting for the moment to strike. Only when she was satisfied Mina was comfortable and properly tended to, she made sure that their tent was cleaned, and then next she was washed and changed - again. Before her clothing was disposed of, she did take a piece of bloodstained silk to save as a memento. Hair piled atop her head in thick curls, decorated with a simple hairpin colored blue and white with a small flower charm hanging from it. Feeling as if this outfit is far more exaggerated than the last, she stuck out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the harem, and that alone was too much in her opinion. Mina would probably laugh, which would only be met with a smile from Celine, because she's absolutely sure she looks like a fool poorly playing a part. "How are you feeling Mina?"
  5. Khufat'yd | Birds of a feather flock together ~

    This morning they would not entertain the camp with their behaviors, instead she walked out on her own. Standing with legs apart and hands on hips, the woman was ready to take on the day once her stomach is filled with roasted boar and maybe some wine - or water, if she really, really has to be hydrated. Izzy had said something about fish, and while that is an entertaining meal considering what she is, she had waved such a suggestion away with a decorated wave of her small hand. Nah, the scent of boar is heady on the air and that is her destination. Her ears twitched back and forth, taking in all the sounds of people moving, creatures lurking, and voices shaped in conversation. A few men from last night waved at her and a few others whistled, both of which received a happy little wave and a twitch of her tail. By appearances alone it's obvious the cat-like woman was comfortable with such an amazing response to her arrival. Many a lap enjoyed her dances and many an ear swooned from her singing; it'd be wrong of her to ignore her audience! A strange little pair the two be, especially when they're put side-by-side. A cat woman next to a dragon man isn't a thing you see often, and when you do you're not exactly sure how to take such a picture in. While they're an oddity, they are an equally amazing team that's overcome certain differences to work together for their own cause. Bandits, thieves, whatever you want to call them, they're just simple creatures wanting to live in the moment and be comfortable while doing so. They don't need palaces or even a roof above their heads, just as long as they're fed and comfortable, they are content. "Good morning Lykos!" Oryn joyfully greeted the King with an enthusiastic wave that caused all her bracelets to bounce against one another. As bright as a ray of sunshine itself, she frolicked towards Lykos with a smile just eating her entire face. Her ears were still, a sign of comfort and her tail was wrapped comfortably around her waist, like a very fashionable belt. "Sorry if we're late, Izzy wouldn't wake up."
  6. Safeguard, Or: How I learned to love the calm

    She wasn't all that shocked that in order to get to point B from A, that they'd have to do a little detouring here and there. When it comes to anything remotely beneficial to the well being of people, you try to play it safe and protect those benefits to the best of your abilities. You covet that little bit of wonder and vow to keep it honorable; no surprise to any, they got to their destination underground, hidden and protected. All the blood, sweat, and tears shed just for this moment now have meaning. Ethen watched him manipulate his way around the place like he knew what he was doing. To her, his skills are a marvel that should be acknowledged with grace. She's never been one for technology of any kind; too much to learn when time's always slipping through your careless fingers. The hours committed to learning what he's done ... she dies a little on the inside just thinking about it. While she could probably draw the information out of him, they have no connection and she's not sure if she can produce one without him noticing. Damn. What to do, what to do. She touches that thing and all hell could break lose; she lets him keep going on and it won't even matter. His plan, something she hadn't considered and is now slightly overwhelmed by its reveal, will have such heavy consequences that it may take some time to fix. She understands what he says about corrupting the data, and in her limited experience with such things, this ain't good for anyone - anyone. What peace will come out of this? Does he not understand this does more harm to his plans? They'll shut it off, sure, but they're going to turn it back on. They're devout in their need to protect the people, and this one problem will only light a fire under their asses to make it better, make it less vulnerable to attacks such as this. That will be their revisit to the whole thing, and all this work he and his followers have done will be for naught. "Sure." He would feel the length of her right forearm deeply root itself against his throat. Naturally he would struggle against her, and because he is a man of strength, Ethen is forced to protect herself against his hectic maneuvers. Right arm holding in place and her left arm bent at the elbow, she pressed the back of his head with her left hand; a rear naked choke really punctuates the fact you mean business and won't be letting go until negotiations are met. She hugged him close to her chest, using the chair he sat in to bend him backwards into her tight hold. Like a noose, her hold got tighter and tighter the more he struggled against her. Then he'd feel the warmth of her touch cripple his nerves and sweep the world underneath his flailing feet. A full charge of electricity is forced into Gygax's body, completely debilitating him. For a few minutes she held him in her arms, looking over the screen and wondering how far he got into his games. Satisfied that he wasn't breathing and she was safe from any random attack from him, she placed his body on the floor and took a deep breath of stale air. Gygax is only one obstacle, there are so many like him, this won't be the last of many attacks to come. Ethen looked again at the screen, this time a frown seeding itself in the sour expression - what to do. Stepping over his person, she began to rummage through a drawer, hoping that the years of technological advancement hasn't left behind the uses of paper and pen. She released the air in her lungs, a thankful appreciation for the nearly empty pen tangled in the mess of paperclips and rubberbands. Afterwards she found a piece of paper that had been used for notes; tearing away the unnecessary parts, she used the free room to write down the happenings of the day. Afterwards, she grabbed the man and began the odious trek back to the world above - halfway at least. She made it safely to the office they had snuck out of, where the wall just did a little slide to the left, revealing the hidden tunnel. There is where she bound up his body using whatever she could find in the office, and pinned the note to his chest. Stepping back she admired her handy work; shoulders and lower back aching from heaving his body around like a sack of potatoes.
  7. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    While she had taken in the sight of her fellow Concubine, Celine remained silent as to not scare the woman or else be on the other end of her poisonous throw. The entire show had woken the woman up from a brief nap, something that startled her some as sleep is not elusive to her and she had more than enough during the past night. Perhaps it was the mixture of the brief bouts of nausea and exhaustion that just happen to come with being pregnant. Either way, her nap had been disrupted; awaking to a scene of foolishness was enough to make her stay still in wonder and annoyance. Because Mina is a woman of great skill and ability, she disposed of the trash outside with a word of warning to keep it there. If the attacker had been a mighty warrior boasting with pride and wonders, they would have seen him as someone worthy to step within the shadows of the Harem tent, but because it was not a warrior, Arashi was punished accordingly. Who in their right mind would think it a great idea to attack a Concubine? The women of the Harem are not delicate creatures meant to solely decorate Koji's arm and eventual Empire. Perhaps it would teach Arashi not to bite off more than she can chew. When Mina was done dressing and giving the gnomes their orders, Celine would make herself known by standing up from her comfortable nest. Her smile would be fairly apologetic, since she was there the entire time and Mina more than likely thought she had been alone. Privacy is a rather delicate thing between the harem since they don't get it often and they're fairly territorial when they do have it. "Don't neglect your well being." She nodded towards Mina's wounded leg, noting that she hadn't given it much thought before returning to her work. While the woman is obviously not new to wounds of any kind, she would do the Harem and it's Emperor harm if they're not well taken care of. "While superficial at best, I doubt our Emperor would approve of your dismissal." And, while it may not openly be admited, Celine rather enjoys having Mina part of the Harem. Capability is a hard thing to find in many, and the woman has proven on countless occasions that she's a gem worth keeping and polishing. She would hate to see a fellow companion be crippled because of the faults of others, and by not caring for themsselves as they should. Quickly, she was captured by the events happening outside the tent. 1Triggered by Arashi's need to attack Koji, Celine's senses were heightened, forcing her from inside the tent to catch the wannabe warrior forcing an electrical charge through the shadows. The very sight annoyed the Concubine, more so because while the electricity will be nothing but a small prick to Koji's will, it is an attack against his person. Why? For what reason does she believe this will get her off the hook? When you are surrounded by dozens who would give their life for their Emperor, why? 2A heaviness cloaked the air the second the Concubine stepped out of the tent. During that second Arashi shot electricity through the shadows, leaving just enough room for Celine to react accordingly. An important piece of information, as the heaviness in the air is Celine's influence that affects those within 30 feet of her. With the passiveness to her senses, she allowed the flow of constant energy to instigate her ability to exude an air of energy that destroys the ability to cast spells and manifest powers. "You must be confused." She spoke gently. The annoyance in her soul did not touch her gentle face or her golden eyes; she appeared calm, collected, and ready to chat, not maim. The tall woman moved in front of Koji, putting her body between he and Arashi. Arashi's mistake was to monologue while surrounded, and just like before, she will pay for those mistakes. 'Killing me won't solve a damn thing,' she said before attempting to throw a punch directly towards Koji, who was shielded by Celine. Arashi would throw and then quickly be deflected, Celine shoving the lazy fist off to the side with her left hand, while her right gently guided her Emporer away from the altercation. She would pivot with the motion, her right foot arching in the dirt while her left would simply turn. Not much power would have to go through to do this, as she would just use Arashi's momentum to guide the whole situation with ease. The other woman would find herself flailing forward or whatever she did to catch herself from falling. "Here, we are the government. We are the ruling bodies to this land and our rules are absolute, which is something I suggest you learn about." Celine kept herself close to Koji while following Arashi's movements. "You see, in order to be arrested for killing someone, that person must be of importance - which you're not. It is your carelessness that's brought us here." 1sense of danger ◥ with this technique, the user is passively attuned to their surroundings, enough to feel when something isn't right; an effect that can be triggered by anything from killer intent, to the aiming of a magic spell in their direction. While unable to pinpoint exact locations and situations, the user does have a vague idea of direction. As befits an assassin, this makes it incredibly difficult to sneak up on or catch the user off guard. 2stay away ◥ The Soulseeker exudes a powerful air of energy that destroys the ability to cast spells, or manifest powers within 30 feet of him.
  8. Khufat'yd | Birds of a feather flock together ~

    She could sleep through a raid, but he has never given her the chance to try. Every morning was either met with nibbling on her ears (a dirty, nasty trick!) or little tugs to her bushy tail, which has now reliqueshed its possessive hold on him. As if it already knew, it twitched in annoyance that was just a bud within the chest of the small cat-like woman. Awake first, it swished and flicked against Izzy's abdomen, thudding a tune of warning that he'd just ignore and continue to torture the sleeping creature. Why was it such a horrible thing, to sleep in and waste the day away with dreaming? This morning would be different, though. The rattling purr deep in her chest would pause to a low buzzing beneath her ribcage, shaking the bones and fibers encasing it. They had celebrated something or another the night before, and per the usual she had enjoyed her fair share of gaming and drinking with her fellow bandits. While she came out as a loser on most of her dealt hands, she was a winner when it came to the dancing and singing. They all had enjoyed her little jig across tables and camp fires, and to show their like they had given her trinkets and coins, which will of course be hoarded somewhere hidden. Drowsy, cranky, and hungry, Oryn slowly came to with a frown painting her lips. Bright eyes took in her familiar surroundings, drinking in the disarray of fabrics and pillows that make up their comfortable nest. Slowly, she flicked her head away from Izzy and sat up, allowing the covers to melt off her person in a unabashed manner. Sleep rubbed away, she turned to glare at her companion, her mismatched eyes glowing with her annoyance - moreso towards the ache in her head than his early morning teasing. "What're we eating?" She asked between a long yawn; her arms stretched in front of her, fingers spread wide. Peeling herself off his person, she began to rummage about to find her clothing - items that had been done away with at some point. First she found her shirt that was black, long sleeved, and horribly tight, showing off what Izzy has often had the pleasure of enjoying. Secondly she found her shorts that was nothing but a thin piece of leather decorated with a fading pattern. Last, she pulled on her thigh-high heeled boots, clearly worn and used often. Slow to dress, only operating on reflex, she looked over at Izzy with a wane smile that said: I'm still kinda drunk and tired, but also hungry, so feed me. Once dressed, she ran her fingers lazily through the long strands of her white hair that tickled her tiny waist and slender shoulders. Somewhere, underneath all the pillows and blankets was her flower hairpin, but right now she doesn't have the opportunity to be distraught with that loss, she's barely alive at the moment. She did find a few bracelets, rings, and other miscellaneous jewelry items, all of which she pulls onto her wrists, fingers, and ears. Crawling on her knees, she flops herself in Izzy's lap like a pile of mixed fabrics and furs. Turning onto her back, she reached up to paw lightly at a braided strand of his hair. "Huuungrrryyyy." She's now withering! Fragile like a flower she's fading to the wind!
  9. [Ravenspire] A Blessing of Purity

    Her attire would speak for her position as Koji's Concubine; one of many wives he has acquired during his journey towards his throne as Emperor. Feet bare, no longer encased by the finery of heels and properly shaped leather; ankles covered in various gold circlets that jingle and jangle with every light step she takes. The beautiful silks hanging from her shaped hips swung back and forth, tickling the polished floor, and revealing a reasonable amount of leg from ankle to just inches above her knee. He would see her differently now. A woman that's one of various protectors of her Emperor; a soon-to-be mother that's blessed to be the First Mother among the harem. The coins hemming her billowing skirt were gifts and decorations from her Sisters, a show of their excitement and respect for Celine. The crop-top was tight against her breasts, accentuating the skin that had once been hidden underneath robes and belts with buckles that weigh ten pounds and sashes showing her rank as SoulSeeker. Standing here, almost bare before her first Emperor, she felt absolutely no shame. "Nothing could deny me your company." Her escorts were quick to exit, leaving the two to their conversation before Celine takes her leave for Genesaris. The Concubine had asked to stay one extra day to not only rest, but to pay her respects to Corvinus and his wife Leoa in a proper manner. Deiter had also asked for her presence, something she would have denied just to keep the boy on his toes. Their age spanned a handful of years between one another, and while he is and always will be her teacher, she will never be able to see him as a man, just a willful boy. While many saw Corvinus as something, Celine only knew him as he is: a leader. Leaders kill, leaders built cities and destroy them, they do what their name implies and leads; he's just a man with ambition, and with that ambition he has created a devout following. Celine wasn't some motherless, fatherless child who looked to others for those comforts. Like any other human being she wanted reason and she found that reason in becoming a SoulSeeker. "Are we preparing for war?," she looked around the throne room briefly, "I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion." He and Leoa were often very similar when it comes to their dress. The Grand Ucissore is either in grand gowns or exaggerated robes dipped white with a sash of red encasing her torso; Corvinus is constantly dark, suits of black or armour in the same color, but almost crisp and handsome. Reaching up, she removed the veil covering her hair and gathered the various golden chains and brooches in the white fabric. While he may not be her Emperor today, he was at once the beat to the heart inside her chest and is still the light that covets her abilities as a SoulSeeker. His teachings and his reasonings are things she keeps close to the chest, allowing them to help her be what she is today: Koji's Concubine.
  10. The Great Escape

    She had been grateful for his assistance, even letting out a sigh of relief, feeling the soft and cold earth beneath her curled toes. So enamored with the sensation of the world beneath her, she hadn't noticed the concern shaping his beautiful brow at first. Instead she had watched him flip her hands over, revealing the center of her current pain. While the appearance of her mangled hands did not shock or annoy her, she could acknowledge that the sight of redness was a deep mar against skin so usually perfect. "Lucis?" His lips traveled the expanse of her palms, a land none have traversed until now. The intimacy of soft lips pressed against tender skin made her shudder and blush - a pretty splash of color against swelled cheeks. He touched her and she leaned forward into that touch, a newfound sensation ran down the length of her delicate spine as he explored her face, looked into her eyes. There, in the golden depths of his gaze she saw that wall of pain, that dip of desperation for understanding. His wounds are not the kind that bleed blood, but that of emotion. Lemoine closed her eyes against the pressure of his forehead perched against her own. The warmth of his words painted her lips and colored her feelings for the man that's apparently lost more than just a polished throne. When she left him to attend to her hands, she was able to think clearer. Dipping her sore digits into the running water, she hissed as her bones ached and her skin curled. This is the first of many wounds to come, she thinks to herself while flexing her fingers. This situation is heavy, and it's certainly not going to free of its problems. Whatever they're running away from will probably catch up to them, as that is how these sorts of things work. With chest heavy with worry, she stood up and wiped her hands against the front of her ruined dress. Maybe they'll be able to procure her some proper clothing; she sticks out more than Lucis and Constance do, with ripped finery hanging off her person. A brief smile passes her features as she looks at her rippled reflection in the water - such a wild woman. Returning back to their makeshift camp, Lemoine notices the crude lunch. It's bold to think that Lucis was the one who had prepared the meal, but it would be extremely out of the norm to think Constance would be so considerate. While the two women haven't shared much between them, the Princess assumes there is a bit of a gray area in their sudden dependency. Hopefully there'll be no hard feelings between them or at least nothing that'll be a detriment to this journey. "Has he always been such a considerate man?" She asked, while plucking a dried piece of fruit. While not exactly hungry, she isn't foolish enough to not appeal to her human needs.
  11. @The Hound @TheWilySpookster @Al Sa-her @Maveranne The kiss had been a welcome seal to his coming home. To some it would appear that their intimacy was more than what they usually let on; the rumours were always hot when it came to the two, and often enough they were never fought against. Juni could deny all the hubbub, but what use would that do? It would appear that she's only being vehement to keep the false secret a secret - that's not it at all. She knows there is a heaviness on Rxychra's heart that none can lift, and it is not a game to her, this lifting of his grievances. Juni respects him and he in turn does the same to her. Connected at the heart and the very soul, the rumours do not matter. When he had touched her arm, she assaulted him with a smile that reached the very shores high above their heads. The happiness she felt could melt the sun itself; seeing him here, before her like he has never left, it made her breathless. He was the same in appearance, all with his fantastic hair kissed by the oceans themselves; the silver eyes that have seen so much, some things they wish to have never seen ever; his body, his voice, and his heart still all together in their glory. With his appearance, his haughtiness hadn't changed whatsoever. When he saw Shcxay in his condition and wear, he reacted as she would expect him to. The boy he once knew was no longer there, replaced by a man that's also been brought to his knees. The look in Shcxay's eyes could be described as a wounded animal stuck in a trap; a visage full of pain and desperation for help, but could he trust the hand coming towards him? While she may not be as close to most of the men and women in Nymeria as she is with Rxy, she does try to offer seeds of wisdom and care to the suffering. Shcxay often heard her babble on and on about his condition, which would earn her a hard look, though often unperturbed she did not mind. Her tent had become smaller and smaller by the minute. First it was Rxy, sneaking through and resting as he often did; then Shcxay who was more than likely paying her visit for his pain, something she wished to ease; and lastly, Uri! Her voice had been silent, but her eyes yelled his name. If it hadn't been for the prescense of Rxy, she would have smothered the red-head with a hug and an entourage of names he often hates: Uri, Puri, UriUri, so forth. Captured again in the King's hold, she was left to give Uri a look of apology, knowing that she wouldn't be able to greet him appropriatly. "You're a boy! Silly games and mischief!" She exclaimed, clearly pleased that her King is not only home, but in a fair mood. Juni was thrown upon his shoulder as if she were nothing but a feather. Comfortable, she looked over at Uri and Shcxay from atop her pedastal, this time apologizing to them both with a brief smile before she was torn away from them. "I agree! You wouldn't be saying these words if you'd only come home once in a few millenniums, you know. I've missed you too much; you're lucky I was able to recognize you, but your sour brow is nearly impossible to forget." The gate was in view and she felt herself become heavy with uncertainty. Beyond those beautiful fixtures she will lose a bit of Rxy, as he must play this game of faces or fear losing. "I see myself nowhere else but at your side, dearest Soul. I am an unfortunate fixture to your person." Her words wouold reach him, to his blood and to his soul, he would feel lher meaning. Never would she abandon him and never would she work against him - he is her King. Too much has happened between them for her to tarnish their friendship and she is not the sort to work in the shadows - unlike some. Everyone has their enemies, and she's positive that both Kings have their fair share. Then the world stopped. The culmination of surprise and happiness brought everyone into a fervor of emotion. High on her perch she saw what Rxy saw - beautiful faces, beautiful welcomings, and beautiful everything. Her heart ached with pride as she watched men and women fall to their knees before their King. He spoke, and they listened eagerly, as she did. Still on his shoulder, she felt a brief moment of awkwardness, knowing that they bow for him but with her so intimately pressed against the King, she felt that they also bowed to her. Juni has done very little in her exaggerated life to deserve such formalities. "You're going to work everyone up into a drunk" So many voices mixed in with the whole commotion of having their King home, Juni was unable to hear much of any conversation. Someone unimportant yelled their King's name, which left her feeling interested for not many were so bold to use his name leisurely (unless they were given permission or welcomed into the fold of friendship). One less friend she's not met? The idea baffled her, while also making her smile mischievously. Oh Rxy, how you like to play. A man of his magnitude, it shouldn't be surprising at all that there will be many, many women calling his name. In her search for the yelling woman, Juni was snatched away! Gasping, she felt strong arms encase in her in their hold and pull her away from her King. At first she was ready to strike, but once turned around she caught the intoxicating gaze of her Uri. "And what have you done for me lately to keep my attention piqued?" Her arms snaked around his neck, their familiarity blooming before all to see as she did not hit him, but embraced him with welcome. Ah, but it is ever so easy to become distracted by the sight of Uri. His hair painted the deepest of reds and his eyes shockingly bright against the canvas of his youthful expressions. There was a dimple on his face, only shown when he smiled, and often enough he smiled around Juni. Selfishly she hoped he wasn't showing off that part of himself to just anyone, but he is eager to his smiles and laughs, so she knows it's an impossible hope.
  12. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei So much can happen in a years time. Whatever feelings he may have for her may wane or they may become more feverish and determined. Rosalind's not entirely sure which one she would prefer, being that whatever he has woken up inside her heart and soul demanded ... something. A foolish heart would perceive such demands as the waking of love, but she will not allow her heart to guide her judgement when it comes to Julius. She agrees that a year will do them best. By then they will have graduated and their lives sorted out for the new few years afterwards, though if Julius is involved in her life, plans don't matter. Whatever she had wanted to do after graduation means nothing now, now that he will be coveting her attentions and needs. He's a disruption to the tidiness of her life and it makes her anger boil in the pit of her stomach, stewing in the acids of her confusion. Keep it a secret? Is that what she is, some secret that he can revisit every time he has a moment? She is not a thing to be hidden, to be spoken down to, and certainly not a thing to be played with. They will be judged either way, will they not? If the Sisters found out, there is no saving Rosalind - she knows this. If their mentors found out, there is no saying what they will do. Obviously there will be steps to maybe separate them or perhaps they will be forced together, a hope that whatever is bteen the two will not be disruptive. There's no dodging this blow. There is no feeling like she's being hidden because he's ashamed, all the while knowing that it's not true. He's trying to appeal to her fears and trying to be communicative with her, for which she is fairly gracious for. Rosalind has been putting down the bricks for the path they should follow, while ignoring the easier route out of fear. Uncertainty has a way of making one blind. Going back and forth, confusing herself and probably Julius as well, does neither one of them any good. Now is the time to make up their minds, especially her. "Don't hide anything. Excuse me for earlier, I was only speaking on emotion and not thinking." This is an open door for him, and for her, for them. "Lets just start fresh. We are both allowed to do as we wish, while considering reason, and I won't deny either of us opportunities that'll be beneficial to us." Rosalind looked across the garden to the front door of the University. Time has oviously slipped by them with ease, and it's time they make a reappearance. "I'm not asking you to pursue me, but I won't stop you either. It's clear that you struggle with restraint and putting a timeline on your wants is unreasonable. I can handle the Sisters and the Mentors and anyone else that tries us." Firm with her reasoning, she gave Julius a final lookover before turning to return to the party.
  13. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei @Al Sa-her @Deus Ex Aizen @The Hound Celine had prepared herself. When she saw the Empress, she took a small step forward and gently touched Koji's shoulder. She didn't want him to feel as if the Grand Ucissore was attacking him and his things, that she was simply exuding her excitement the only way she's ever known how. This is not the first time Leoa has ever hugged Celine and it apparently wasn't the last either. When Leoa lifted her off the ground, the Concubine couldn't help but give a small, airy laugh that barely hit the air. Bending her arms beneath Leoa's, she patted the decoated woman with thanks in her gesture. Not cold to affection, it is a difficult thing to give when courtesy was the order of the day, and the Empress was breaking all the respectable rules. If she could, she would apologize to Koji for not preparing him for this, because she had expected it but had been too comfortable with it. Grateful to be back on the ground, she was ready to return to her position behind Koji, but was quickly snatched by the hands of the Lion. Forced to look into the emerald hues of the eager woman, Celine nearly melted on the spot. Being so close to the woman and suddenly scrutinized underneath such a gaze made her feel awkward. What exactly was she looking for? And does she really have to be this damn close? When the warmth of Leoa's hovering hand expanded across Celine's stomach, something hot and raging hit the Concubine's blood. A heavy mix of anger, anticipation, and insult swept itself through her entire body, and it took a great deal of strength to keep her mask of calm attached firmly on her pretty face. While she may have not touched Celine, Leoa dared to abuse her power and attempt to touch her hardening stomach. As quick as the emotions came, they left her. Bewildered, she fixed her attention on Corvinus while Leoa switched her attention to Koji. Thankful for the reprieve and ashamed of her silent threats against his wife, Celine offered the dark man a bow of admiration. She has always liked Corvinus and his family, especially Deiter who was apparently somewhere in the crowd of many faces. Time may not currently permit it, but she would like to greet him, even if for a few seconds. Still raw from her reaction, she hadn't the time to acknowledge the reality of her pregnancy. Somewhere in her mind she hadn't really thought of being pregnant; it wasn't even real until Leoa exclaimed her excitement. Cautiously, she looked over into the sea of dancers to note Raveena and her date. Not that it's possible to keep the knowledge of her pregnancy secret from any and all, she still would have liked to not air out the fact in front of threats. "I'm glad to hear that the boy still exists. I'm surprised he hasn't populated half the Cold South and Kadia." Deiter was a charmer. A very sweet man with boyish charm, and no matter what they all say about his flirtatious manner, he is a very dedicated person who takes care of those closest to his heart. Celine respects him beyond measure. "And thank you for your congratulations, they are most appreciated."
  14. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei @Al Sa-her @Deus Ex Aizen @The Hound 'You've never been with a woman ...' While her memory of that particular night may be a bit fuzzy, thanks to the various drinks she consumed, she remembers the more important things. Leoa had stolen kisses from Corvinus the day she met him, and the day he arrived to Renovatio, where she had been nearly burned to death and impossibly injured. Then he had long hair, a thing she missed but is pleased with whatever style he wears; she had grabbed a long strand and forced him to kiss her in front of her own contingent and his. Their first, genuine kiss had revealed to her that the man she's been pursuing has never been with a woman. Shocked, she wondered why, not at all once considering that him being an Untouchable made it nearly impossible for most to get close to him. Though that says little for his appearance - who doesn't like a good looking man? What woman wouldn't want to persue him? To her, he would be considered a prize to any woman's bed, and it's a shame that none got to experience the once Knight, now Emperor. She loved him. If any asked her why, she'd shrug and smile. There is no true answer as to why anyone loves the people they love, they just simply do. Their love is not perfect, which makes her appreciate it more because Corvinus has had to put up with her all these years. She's not an easy woman, but he has made their lifetime together bearable and beautiful. While the flowers and ring are fantastic gifts that show his love for his wife, there will never be a greater gift than the one he has given her countless times: his trust. Coming back to the present, Leoa was welcomed by the beautiful sight of Celine and her own Emperor. The man was handsome, almost breathtaking so, and decorated with the presence of his Concubine he looked nearly perfect. Amused, she wonders if that is intentional or if the universe just worked that way. Nonetheless, she removed herself from her flowers to help her husband greet the new arrivals. At first, she stood next to Corvinus and prepared herself to give the proper courtesies, but she stopped herself. Stepping forward, she pulled Celine into her warm arms and hugged the woman, lifting her feet just a few inches off the ground. Celine was a tall woman, but Leoa was taller and by far stronger. Her quick movement would be astonishing; one second she was next to her husband, the next she was assaulting another woman in her embrace. Satisfied with squeezing the other woman to death, she released Celine and grabbed her face between nimble fingers. The woman was a friend, and while she was never a part of Leoa's own group of ucisorre, she had been someone important to Deiter. There was a reason why they had allowed Celine to become important to Koji, and it would appear that their gift to him was greatly appreciated. "Congratulations, to the both of you." The Lion's hand hovered briefly above Celine's stomach, not wanting to invade too much of the mother-to-be's space. She always found it to be rude to just touch a woman's pregnant belly without asking. Also, she wasn't sure what type of mother Celine is and would rather not be put on her bad side. Empress she is, but she is also just a person, and she would rather not insult Koji and his Concubine blessed with his child. Fully releasing Celine, Leoa moved to Koji and offered him a bow as well. Once risen she would offer him her hand with a smile so broad is nearly took over her entire face. "I would be honored if you allowed me to bless your child."
  15. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @TurtleFrog He has distinct memories of his mother trying to push him out into the spotlight, and him clawing at her arms, begging to be left alone. He hated training, he hated having to wake up early, and he had a deep hatred for being placed in situations he has no right to be in. It didn't take long for many people to consider him a strange thing, especially since he had the world in the palm of his small, kid hands and he refused to embrace it. Adulthood he was different; not at all cunning, easily amused, and far less caring about his station in life. The loss of his leg only punctuated his manner. Her shyness made him feel more relaxed. Most women like to flutter their lashes and play the part of a coy soul, but Raine didn't have to do that. She was genuine (whether she wanted to be or not) and he could appreciate her company. "Being sociable is a difficult thing, that if it does not come naturally to you, can be a struggle to mesh in." Must be how his father feels or felt. While he is a perfect example of a man that prefers the comforts of his library and pragmatic ways, one can't ignore his offhandedness when surrounded by a large group of people. Being an Untouchable makes it fairly difficult to socialize, not that it mattered to his wife and Desmond's mother. "I appreciate the compliment." The Prince was quick to bow his head, showing respect to Raine's companion. "I'm not a man of many colorful words; I wouldn't have done your discovery justice. I've known your whereabouts the minute I handed your mistress her ribbon." When Merlin excused himself, Desmond was left with a pleasing smile. "It would be safe to say it's appropriate that he remains hidden. There are guests here," he waved a free hand across the visage of many, "that don't appreciate such a species." A small ping rang through his right ear, making him flinch and press his shoulder against the bit of flesh. He had forgotten about the piece in his ear, and the sudden flash of sound caught him off guard. Words were exchanged and filed away amongst the men and women connected to the channel. The Prince paid attention for a second or two, before returning to his company. He didn't want to bring any more attention to the retinue of armed and disguised men and women. There was something going on, and while it did require him to pay attention, it did not require him to be fully involved. Caelius and Altair had the situation subdued; his mother and father were left to entertain their guests; the guests are left to continue their conversations, dances, and all that. If push comes to shove (probably will happen as that's how these things go) he will be left to join in the fun, something he'd rather avoid. "Raine, would you like to meet my mother and father? Knowing her, the Empress would love to entertain you." Leoa would probably be enchanted by the little witch, with her colorful hair and captivating eyes. While he doesn't want to overwhelm the young lady, he would feel more comfortable having her surrounded by the more capable than he. Waiting for her answer, he offered her his arm, still balancing a bottle of his fizzy drink between his fingers.