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  1. " you live but once; P E R S O N A name: isadora nova fedele aliases: the swan; izzy age: twenty-five [25] gender: female marital status: single hair: golden; falls to the small of her back eyes: ruby red height: five-feet & five-inches [5'5"] weight: one-hundred & twenty-five pounds [125lbs] interests: likes: tea (floral, preferably); strawberry cakes; music & dance; flowers (tulips, preferably) dislikes: loud noises; lack of power; rudeness quirks: often chews her nails; will completely zone out & ignore people reputation: relationships: A B I L I T I E S
  2. Some inspiration for our fams.
  3. " like a bird with no song i've been silent too long C O L L E C T I O N current: thread thread thread previous: thread thread thread B I O G R A P H Y
  4. o bby @danzilla3 I shall add you to the Nehalen Discord, then I will tag you and @paradigm in the channel so we can happily discuss our new familia!
  5. I expect horse heads in beds, gentleman.
  6. Once we get all settled in, I suggest the fams get together and have a talk about how House Chanaril are a bunch of lint lickers and cootie queens ❤️
  7. I do wtf I want, yo! Gimme one of dem fams, brotein shake. It'll be @danzilla3 as the big boss.
  8. Tom Petty Waiting GIF

    Posts will be happening tomorrow my peeps!

    1. Ataraxy


      I feel actively assaulted by that overbite

  9. "Spero, it is a pleasure to meet you!" Olympia had taken an interest in horses when she learned her mother was immensely fearful of them. Leoa disliked the creatures and it could possibly due to the fact Nehalen does not have these wonderful beasts. Also, the woman's introduction to horses was Agravain. The memory of such a magnificent create made her stomach clench, a wistful look took over her features as she gave Spero her attention. Agravain was a gigantic warhorse and black, as if someone had carved him from the night sky and painted him with ink. He and Leoa had gotten along well enough, but there was a mischievous streak to the horse. He had once ran off when Leoa was on his back, starting a whole argument on whether they should get rid of the horse or lock him away as punishment. It had been very entertaining, Oly remembers. After that, the young princess took an opportunity to become a hostler over one summer. It was a job that she had truly enjoyed. "Kethlerin?" She rolled the word in her mouth, until the flavor reminded her of the mote found on the map: Kethlerin. "Oh! Here I am keeping you away from your travels. You've got a long ways to go." It was good to know that her wanderings were leading her somewhere! "I believe my feet were just taking me that way."
  10. Call us butter, cuz we’re on a roll!
  11. "Ha! I suppose you could." His evaluation of her wasn't far off the nose. Olympia wouldn't consider herself much of a warrior, though she has had her fair share of nightmarish skirmishes with demons and their kind. Behind her sapphire hues are memories of war, death, destruction, and worst of all - loss. It's the losses that haunt her every time she closes her eyes, leaving behind phantoms to taunt her when her eyes are open. It's a struggle. His evaluation of her person made her happy, though. It's good to know that, no matter what she thought, the blood has finally washed off her person, leaving behind the image of a melancholy lady. "Let us hope I don't have to reveal my secrets to you, stranger. It would certainly change your opinion of me." She teased him, a small laugh punctuating her final words. This was refreshing, speaking with someone who does not know her and someone that is new to her, it certainly creates a happy atmosphere. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Nathan. You may call me Isolde." Hopefully her sister won't be too put off if Olympia borrows her name. Oly's name is a bit ... loud, especially for a person trying to play simple. Isolde was more romantic, softer on the tongue, and easy to forget. Olympia just smacks you in the face and could make Nathan suspicious of her origins. For now, Isolde perfectly fits this random facade she's decided to wear. "Home, you say? And if I'm allowed to be so impertinent, where is home?" At this time, she had lifted her hand to gently introduce herself to his horse. "I'm afraid I did not catch your name, good sir. What am I to call you?"
  12. I shall have some information on my Llewellyn tomorrow!
  13. Have a bone to pick with someone? Need help with hunting someone down, maybe a little espionage, perhaps a tête-à-tête? Whatever the case, if you need someone to make someone“change their mind” or you’re just looking to get a little money and some recognition, then I’ve got the right person for you! But if you want her to scratch your back, you gotta scratch her back. What do you need to do? It’s simple: retrieve certain magical items and return them to my character. She will be taking these magical items and putting them in a museum of some kind - or her private library, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter the means (legal or not) how the items are obtained, just as long as they are returned to her. A list of items paired with a prompt can be found below. I will tell you where you can find the items, the prompt is a little added spice to keep the story flowing (also an extra opportunity to earn some goodies!), and give you four options to pick from for my character to do in return for you getting her the item. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! Instructions Step 1: Pick an item. Step 2: Complete a 1 page (can be more!) thread claiming the item. I will start this thread off so introductions can be made. Step 3: Summarize the thread and tag me in it. Step 4: Return the item to my character and collect your prize. Items Item: Ancient Notebooks — Arcanist's Notebook — Botanist's Notebook — Historian's Notebook — Physician's Notebook — Theologian's Notebook Prompt: A Necromancer seeks Lichdom not for themselves, but for their child. Their child is afflicted with a disease that no healing spell has been able to cure, so they believe their child can be saved if they turn them into a Lich. ↳ Reason with the Necromancer and obtain the item. OR ↳ Kill the Necromancer and obtain the item. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else. Item: Eldritch Tome — Eldritch Archer — Mystic Marauder — Sorcerous Sentinel — Spell Sword Prompt: An asteroid has fallen from the sky and has stopped mere moments before it hits the ground. The asteroid begins to segment itself into layers, exposing floating fortresses and cities. Investigate one of the cities and get the item. ↳ Destroy the asteroid once item is obtained. OR ↳ Save the asteroid so it can be studied. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else. Item: Treasured Spell-books. — Poisoned Book — Book of the Fey — Cursed Book Prompt: A magical cult is pretending to be educators. In reality, they've been eradicating magic users with the goal of becoming the only magical users in the land. ↳ Eradicate the group. OR ↳ Keep the group alive. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else.
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