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  3. Aleksei

    The Obsidian Dragon. (Chapter 1)

    She was happy to know that her expression conveyed her emotions perfectly. One does not run away, let alone from beasts who dare to destroy all in their path. The woman is not easily swayed by the sight of such creatures, even though her awareness of the danger keeps her a bit weary, especially since the man was so ready to depart when he could stay and fight. There is little judgment from her though; she can understand that sometimes a person must run if they wish to fight another day. But today he has her, today he doesn't have to worry about life or death, just what's right and their success. Now that there are three against the mighty group of beasts, she began to piece together a brief plan that'll benefit all of them. Slender fingers tightened around the body of her weapon, and the heels of her tall boots dug into the dry dirt; again she protected him, but this time he would feel the force of her power behind the subtle push that might as well throw him across the country. She often forgets the kind of blood coursing through her veins and the fact that she's a woman, something that's supposed to be subtle and sweet. "You!" She points the end of her polearm to the woman cloaked by shadow, shouting at her above all the commotion of grumbling and moaning - the sounds of monsters. "Shoot again! Strike the arms and legs!" In a flurry of red hair and smiles, she turned around and grabbed the gentleman by his arm, hoisting him back to his feet and looping her arm in his. Companionship can be one hell of a motivator, and she is going to show him how well they're going to do against these monsters making their way towards them. "I need an opening, and you two will give it to me. She will shoot the arrows; you will hit them with your sword and continue to incapacitate them the best you can. I will deliver the final blow." Pure, natural course of action that can go either well or wrong. For now, she will work with what she has (the same goes for the other two) and operate under the assumption that they're going to get through this until they don't. She gave his arm a quick, reassuring squeeze before she pushed him forward to do the deed given to him. Unfortunately she wasn't able to bestow any of that same reassurance to the woman, but hopefully, her voice had carried over from earlier and gave the lady a gentle push.
  4. When it's time for @supernal to hang up his hat, his exit speech will be: IT'S VAL-OO-CUR and then just leaves.
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    The Prometheus Initiative

    I vote the second choice cuz ... uh ... that sounds like fun waiting to happen.
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    Pictures of Us

    It rained yesterday 😂
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    Extending a Hand

    His worried gaze hooked her; she felt the rise of something profoundly warm inside her chest. She swallowed hard, forcing down the warmth and doing away with the past that was so desperately trying to make its way into the present. How wounds so old with age and time can hurt as if they're fresh, it's a mystery, one she wasn't keen on dipping her toes into. Too long has she played the games of the past, often haunted by the ghosts of her failures, that she is far too tired now to delve into the darkness that had once inhabited her heart and mind. This is an opportunity to do something, in her name, his, and their's. When he commented on her confused directions, the smile that teased her lips fully bloomed. Color painted her cheeks, and light danced behind her haunted green gaze, for a moment the woman found the person she had shelved some time ago. Laughter spilled from her, light and timid thing, dusty and rough from the lack of use. It overtook her, and she had to look off to the side to wipe away a tear threatening to drench her cheeks. "I apologize, but I've always found myself not exactly headed in the right direction. You hit the nail on the head, summing up my life these last years ... it's silly." Cordelia wiped away a final tear before returning her sparkling gaze towards her companions. The smile hurt her face, but she wore it proudly. Just for today she will keep her smile, proudly wear it in front of a few strangers that may sift out of her life depending on how the day goes. "Are you not looking for bodies for your establishment or did I misconstrue the message written on the flyers?" She tipped her head off to the side, curious as to what impression the man has of her that would make him think she would have no reason (or little reason) to visit his establishment. She thought of his worried gaze, and it too piqued her curiosity. Did she genuinely appear that disheveled and foreign that she would lack a reason to answer the call on the flyer? Briefly, Cordelia tapped her chest, then became satisfied with the feel of her heart beating beneath skin and bone. For a moment she was worried. "What I lack in an arm, I make up with my knowledge. I assure you I'm useful ... unless you worry lies somewhere else." It's been a bit since she's had to be put through a trial, but - curling and uncurling her only hand - there is enough strength and power left in her body to amaze and dazzle. Proudly thinking, she knows possibilities are aching for her to take, and she knows that given a chance, given a moment, she can do wonders outside the collective imagination. She knows she doesn't look like a dream maker, but looks can be deceiving.
  8. Aleksei

    The Obsidian Dragon. (Chapter 1)

    "Not bad." To his left, a woman appeared from the seemingly thin air. A smile graced her delicate features while her opal hues admire the unfolding scene before her. The five creatures of fire and stone marched forth; streams of melted substance drip from their screaming maws. A few of them held makeshift weaponry forged from their bodies - an ax and a hammer. The rest looked ready just to use their hands and feet to destroy their apparent enemies. Primitive, clearly, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. With well-practiced grace, the woman positioned herself in front of the gentleman, giving him a moment to collect himself and to also save his random life. One of the molten creatures had grasped a large handful of earth and hurled it towards the two. In both of her small hands, she held her curved blades; they glowed with a warmth that penetrated your skin all the way to your bones. When she had stepped in front of the gentleman, she raised her right arm and deflected the thrown debris with a strength not first assumed she has. The blade had been turned downwards and pressed against her forearm, using it to split the attack in half and shift it safely off to the side. It was comfortable, a reaction she's done countless times over the course of her small life. Not a drop of fear or even an inkling of curiosity for these creatures showed on her face or her actions. In a flourish, the woman pressed the ends of her blades together, creating a pole weapon. Proudly, she tapped the ground with the end of her weapon; her other hand rested casually on the curve of her hip. "So, what's the plan boss?" Her voice spilled over her deep smile; the accent escaping the woman is exotic and enticing, something between French with a warm Latin tinge to it. As strange as her accent, the warrior-woman is relatively tall, perhaps five-feet and an inch or two above five inches. Her red hair is piled atop her head, creating a bunch of unruly curls that fall to shape her kind face. Opalescent eyes twinkled.
  9. Aleksei

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Scapechild The woman turned her ironed face towards the door, expecting it to be kicked down. Though it would tickle her if they knocked, seeing that they are men on a mission, manners are hardly considered. She could sense them, not because she's a person of grand magical tricks, but because she's learned through the years that you feel the air and you listen to the stones. There are so many stories your surroundings call tell you, all you have to do is teach yourself to look outside the normal mummering of peoples and humming of background distractions. The group of men that's now wandering up the steps were hard to ignore though, they had a smell about them that said determination and no-nonsense business. "Than I suggest you start in Nu Martyr of Renovatio." She reached inside the fold her shirt and withdrew a piece of paper and slapped it atop the table; the door is given another quick glance, her mind calculating the minutes before their interruption. "Their Cosmic Library may have what you're looking for." Quickly she wrote on the paper with her finger, making instructions for him to follow just in case he got lost along the way. "There's a woman there that can help you since the library is no small thing." She slid the paper across the table to him, a single finger tapping it, causing the lettering to glow and then disappear. Can't be having anyone be nosey in their business. "I suppose you have to go now."
  10. Aleksei

    Building Bridges [closed]

    It would be a shame to not speak of the castles grand appearance. The large, full bridge they had walked across is surrounded by a large body of water, giving the castle the impression it's floating on water. People freckled the bridge, whispering prayers and thanksgiving to their gods; others admired the scene in silence, reflective and pleased. The castle itself loomed over the two, glowing brightly against the warm sun; a delicate breeze wiggled its way through massive marble columns and open windows, carrying the soft hint of spices and florals. The domed roofs golden trim sparkled, just as much as the people and their surroundings. Their last step atop the stairs would introduce them to double doors carved with stories of old, and upon their approach, they would open. They are welcomed by the sight of a large fountain, its sweet sound of flowing water echoing through the large home. Sunlight trickled in from the glass ceiling; large plants of all kinds decorated every corner and edge, and the heady scent of flowers in bloom wafted about. The marble floors reflected the various colors and shapes, creating a kaleidoscope of wonder. Just behind the fountain is a significant case of stairs that open wide and decorated with a carpet threaded with golds and reds. Standing at the very end of the staircase is a small woman dressed in robes of white, with a broad red sash sinched about her tiny waist. Hanging from the red sash is a large buckle shaped like an A and decorated in a manner of filigree. Her face is hidden in the shadows of her hood, and her weapons are concealed in various pockets and folds of her attire. "Welcome!" While the small woman is an interesting thing to look at, it is not her the two will find their eyes drawn on. Primera spoke her welcome clean and bright, a smile gracing her soft features while she stood next to her protective companion. Giving opportunity a chance, the tall woman departed from her stand and approached the group of newcomers. Her crystal staff floated next to her, keeping close but enough out of the way it wasn't intrusive. It's power forced it to glow, causing the crescent moon shaped crystal to shimmer with every move the staff made. The very same crescent moon would be seen on the Grand Kommadant's forehead, but it glowed a soft golden hue. "I am so pleased you're here!" She reached out to shake their hands, which the action would cause rivers of red curls to flow and dance about her bare shoulders. The smile she wore is genuine; it wrinkled the corners of her opal eyes, making them warm and welcoming, just as warm as her touch. If they are astute, the two will notice the immense rise of warmth with the nearness of Primera. "How can I be of service?" Primera never knows the assumptions of others have of her when they first enter her realm. Some rumors paint her as a sort of person, and she can only assume most listen to those rumors, but how much do they believe to be true? Here she stands before the two with a smile that could warm the sun, with attire that could be considered simple concerning royalty. The only piece of jewelry she wore is the overly-extravagant wedding ring - she wouldn't say it's gaudy, but it indeed is. There was no show of might or force from the woman, creating an air that made the two feel welcome. And they are.
  11. Aleksei

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Scapechild She watched him eye here and with her one eye, she did the same to him. The optic is a struggle of blue and green; both colors trying to claim the very small space they both occupy. It's a curious thing, exposed through a hole in the iron mask; it wandered from the tips of his booted feet, all the way to the hair atop his head. She watched him take his seat and through the silence, she heard the beating of his heart and the natural expansion of his lungs - alive, that's good. The woman sat her cup down and returned to lounging in her chair. She let his question hang in the air for a moment or two as she flipped through her memory. Such a loaded question, she thought silently to herself. "Enough to know that they vary in size, brands, styles and that they're not just a birdbrained beast breathing fire and stealing princesses." She dropped her feet from the table and leaned forward, her right elbow digging into the worn top of the table while her chin balanced itself atop her knuckles. Again she looked at him, but this time she attached herself to the edge of his high-cheek. With such a wandering mind, she needed a place to look and that felt like the best place. This conversation may take minutes or it may go on for hours, depends on how long this man wants to dance around the subject. "They are not foreign creatures to Valucre."
  12. Aleksei

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hello! I just recently got a private message about something and I feel like I should give a heads up to the people who've recently wandered into the Tavern. Firstly, hello I hope you're getting the hang of things in the ToL and that your welcome has been warm ❤️ Secondly (and the reason for this message)! I'm Aleksei, I will be interacting with you all using various characters in the ToL. I am the Board Leader for Renovatio ; board leaders of Valucre will be flowing in and out of the ToL, interacting with everyone, promoting our areas, introducing quests, and all that fun stuff. We will be playing a few roles, like the bartender if a character is wanting to interact with him, or a waitress/waiter as filler, even characters of our own making. You'll notice in my most recent posts I am playing two of my own characters and then the bartender since he was approached. I will be doing this for all of next week and afterward, someone else will be replacing me, just like how I replaced @supernal Hopefully that helps clear a few things up if anyone was confused!
  13. Aleksei

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    But there is a woman ready to spread the knowledge, like butter on warm bread, like dust to the wind - you know. The man the bartender spoke of was long gone, off on another strange adventure to sate his need for knowledge. In his wake he left behind the woman ready to give away the wealth in his stead, though she can hardly do the method any justice, especially considering she has been on this earth for an insufficient amount of time. The man though ... he's been around since the beginning of time - or so he's told her. The woman lounged in a worn chair with a cup of steaming water held between scarred finger. Her feet were thrown on top of the table, the heels of her riding boots dirty and just as worn as the seat she sat in. While it's evident that the woman is a woman, by the natural curve of her lounging body and the braided hair thrown over her shoulder, her features are not so apparent. She held the steaming cup, making her appearance curious since she wore a mask of iron that covered all but one singular eye. If Scape (@Scapechild) knocked on the door, he'd be called in; if he walked in, he would notice her instantly. No matter the choice, he wouldn't be attacked or chastised or acknowledged. Once inside he'd noticed the smallness of the room, occupied by a table and chair, a bed, and other amenities that are useless other than to describe their surroundings. Across from the woman is another cup, almost as if she were expecting company. He wanted her; now he has her, now it's time to say what he needs. There's no room for introductions, but if he felt compelled to dance that old dance and sing that old song, he is welcome to do so. This is his moment; he may as well take it.
  14. Aleksei

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    “A friendly suggestion Miss (@Vanderbrie), we take gestures like that as unkind.” The bartender nodded towards her hand lazily but intentionally on the hilt of her weapon. People of all walks come through that door and the last thing anyone of them want is trouble. Already the night has been eventful due to Wren playing hero with a young man who looked close to death. It is a harmless event, but such things can certainly escalate between complete strangers. He took the pouch, paused to give the woman a brief nod, then went about to get her drink. Weapons keep us safe and they can do a whole lot of harm. Whatever her reasons, he can sympathize and forgive her brief hostility, but what he won't do is argue the reasoning. If she chills, he's cool; no chill and he will have to ask her to scoot on out - no matter her payment. “Here you are.” He slid over her drink while glancing over to the fire. There looks to be some progress between Wren and the stranger, which means no dead bodies on the tavern floor tonight. Relief washes over him. “If you need anything else, give me a holler.”
  15. Aleksei

    Fury of the Gods

    "More than ten." Her comment wasn't meant to be flippant, but there indeed is no right number to give the hand slinger. The more they killed or incapacitated the wyverns, more came out of the woodwork to see what was happening. Between she and Howard, the group had dwindled down to a respectable amount, but that ended up not mattering at all. Isaac showed that behind his silliness, there's a respectable madness. Relaxing, she searched their surroundings for one brief moment before waving the two to follow after, and be quick about it. "There's too many to make much of a difference in their numbers." Her single eye continued to bounce around, slinging back and forth, doing small and large circles as if it were suddenly confused. The other was fixed forward, utilizing the knowledge its companion is feeding it, helping guide the group to a cluster of fallen buildings that's seen better days. She heard the shrill cries of the beasts wreaking havoc above their heads; for now, they had a moment to themselves, and she was thankful for it, no matter how brief. The smell of the undead was getting more pungent, it made her wrinkle her nose and spit to the side, hoping to get the disgusting flavor our of her mouth. "We can keep running in circles to get the undead off our heels long enough to take care of the flying rats." She turned to face the two men, looking at them with her single eye. "There's a sewer to our right, but ... I can't tell how far, something weird is distorting my reading. We get there; we're closer to finding our tunnels." Her finger pointed the way through a string of fallen buildings, wandering winged beasts, and freckling of undead that were slowly making their way towards them. There is no way to avoid any of this pains, but she hopes to do her best to limit their dealings with them the best she can. Closer and closer the undead scoot closer, bringing with them a symphony of mangled moans and garbled words.