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  1. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @The Hummingbird She enjoyed his tight grip, it let her know that he was there and had no intentions on letting go. Her feeling of uncertainness towards the group of shadow realmers hadn't been squashed, leaving her to believe that the group wished to only do harm and no good. Her world is nothing but protection, yet when Raphael had spoken about his position and her father's ... she was suspended in a world that hasn't broken the precipice of her childish and whimsical ways. It made her entirely too aware of the group and also her position as princess. His face didn't make her any more happy than her own feelings. So terse and grim and mean looking, almost making look like the dance was painful, even though his steps are smooth and rather pretty. His pride made it easier for her to follow, guided by the strength in his hands and the sureness of his steps, she also glided across the polished dancefloor. Oly would like to see him squeeze some kind of smile out or maybe not look so pained. The blazing emeralds pointidly looking into her own soft hues made her shudder. He's a fierce man when he's trying to make a point. "The way he was looking at me?" How was Raphael looking at her? She searched for the memory and saw nothing of it, but Rys did see something, enough that he did not ask today - he demanded. Was this the works of a vampire or was it the machinations of a protective guard? He's never given her the impression that he doesn't know what he's talking about, and it is his job to catch danger before it's left to sprout. What would get from lying anyways?, her final thought silenced when he drew her into his arms. "It's not romantic, but I can't share feelings on something I have never connected with. What makes it wrong and what makes it right? If I handed you the head of your enemy Rys, would you hold me in contempt for taking a life or would you give me thanks for removing refuse from your feet?" Animals are slaughtered every day for many reasons, and those reasons often were due to cultural circumstances. What Raphael did for her mother was due to her own mother disliking horses, yet she's never slaughtered the creatures nor has she ever voiced her want for their deaths outwardly. She has hateful things to say about them, but all those words are fear induced and Oly doubts her mother means any of them. Unicorns are real?, she doesn't ask Rys that, thinking it'd be rude to be so childish. Dizzy from their conversation and from the dance, the young girl laughed out of confusion and genuine glee. He'd chide her for having such a strange response, but she could care less. "I don't think you needed those lessons, but I liked seeing you grumble like a old man every time we went. That sour expression only makes you eyes more severe and I can see a little dent in your cheek when you frown; if you smiled you'd be more approachable you know."
  2. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Fierach During his examination she had simply smiled and waited for him to find a word for his feelings. Her mother had mastered staying up on her feet when surrounded by her family, only in the privacy of her chambers had the woman wept and near passed out due to the strain. Not everyone has that kind of strength and her mother has certainly suffered long-term affects due to her stubborness. Some have thrown things at them; others have tried to stay away; the rest either deal with it or say nothing. Her father is perhaps the oddest of Untouchables. Married with children, such a thing is uncommon and doesn't happen - until him, perhaps. Most of the strangeness in his life is due to Leoa being stubborn and dragging Corvinus around by the lobe of his ear. She has always been a very determined woman, mean and persuasive in her fiery ways. As far as Darim's concerned, her father didn't stand a chance, and it's clear he's happy to be in his place right alongside his wife. "I am indeed what you say, and no worries, James." She and Nero were fortunate enough to have their father's darkness and his uniqueness which makes him an Untouchable - or Blank, as James said. Her sibling is a Pariah, something that has been unreachable for she and Lyonene (also a Blank), though for Darim she is very thankful that she is a simple creature with no enhancements that would only deter people. "A daemonslayer? Oh, does that mean you've encountered and hunted my kind?" Somewhat strange to say, as if her kind are some randomly wandering beasts ravaging the land and stealing sheep from the herd. The thought of her father pillaging anything made the young woman laugh to herself; a action that was quickly settled so James doesn't feel as if she's laughing at him or anything that he's said.
  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Fierach "Well then! I will share the blame equally with you. Wouldn't want such a handsome man as yourself be soured by my partial clumsiness." His smile may not of reached his eyes, but her own certainly set her blue gaze aflame. There's some kind of legend (fairy-tale?) about those being born on a certain day accompanied by blue eyes, that they are chosen, blessed by the High Lords. Perhaps she was blessed with charm, though that may be a waste on someone already overtly welcoming. If it were the truth, then her brother got the bitter end of that blessing, thus making him just as so. She looked down at herself and frowned, before shrugging her small shoulders, a sigh punctuating how she felt. Thankfully most of the harm was done to her skin, now stained from her drink but nothing permanent. Her dress would survive; little flecks of red could hardly be seen on the bodice and one lazy sleeve. "Ha! Seems my manners have also been spilled all over the floor." The young woman laughed, causing a few to look towards them curiously. By this time the waiter from before has arrived with a washcloth and a few napkins; he bowed deeply while holding the items out to the princess in waiting. She plucked them graciously from the hands of the low man and quickly wiped away the wine from her chest, hand, and shoulder. After patting everything dry, she returned the used items to the waiter, who then quickly backed away into the crowd to be lost amongst the waves of bodies. "They're always so dramatic. Anyways, my name is Darim Melisende and who do I have the pleasure of spilling wine on?"
  4. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Garion When he straightened, she noticed, and did so herself. When they entered, they were instantly assaulted by various sounds and smells. Isolde had to pause their progression, so marveled she was by the amount of people all crammed into one spot. Not that such celebrations (especially when manufactured by her mother) are completely barren or empty of magnificence in general, she just wasn't expecting this many. Made her feel a little small. Perhaps it's his scars or his general height that makes his presence so easily commanding. Isolde's scars are hidden under fine silks; her face naturally soft and curious, not at all stern or mean looking; all in all she did not give off the same kind of air Max did. Even as a princess she hardly gives the impression of a royal, just a pretty woman decorated just as prettily while on the arm of a handsome man. These truths did not make her squeeze back to become a piece of the furniture though. Today she doesn't need to stand out or flex her power. "Looks like we have many powerful beings in this crowd." Like most of her siblings, she has acquired her mother's sensitivity to the clashing of magics and emotions. It made the arch of her slender brow hurt - a burning sensation ran across her forehead to the back of her mind. So many dangers here, yet how many are turly willing to test her father's patience? Today wouldn't be the best of days to confront the couple, especially her mother who has been waiting for this day for a very long time. The tears corned on her bright eyes were briskly wiped away before they could streak her face. There is no ignoring the pain, instead she accepts it tries to not allow it to take precedence over the day. "Think you can part this sea of people and guide us to something to drink?" They would have to wait to approach her parents; the two were deep in conversation with people who probably wish to have some footing in the new land of Kadia. Maybe they should mingle too?, but a quick look around to the energie connected to the bodies, she kept the thought to herself. These people wanted their business to be with Leoa and Corvinus, the very people who rule the new island. Fair, she thought, bemused. While the children of the Kadian Empire have power of their own, they are not as sought after. "Once the wolves are done with my parents, we'll go say hello to the rest of the scraps?"
  5. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @TurtleFrog @Diremast When Elodie slammed her empty glass on the bar, calling out to the barkeeper for another drink afterwards, the Prince laughed aloud and clapped his hands. He liked her demonstration! The girl can drink, that he knows, but he didn't know she was going to be so eager in front of her ... significant other? He's not sure if he should call Dilon Elodie's boyfriend, because that felt way too immature; he's certainly not her husband, but by the glow on Elodie's cheeks and the happiness in her soul, they've for sure made their relationship significant. Dilon wasn't far behind Elodie's slamming display; he paid Desmond a compliment that made the man smile wide. His mother is to thank for the little party trick. She has mastered the skill, tamed fire to the point of casual manipulation to an immense display of greatness. He's not at that point yet, but hopefully he'll be able to skirt at least some of his mother's wonderful skill. Let the drinks flow! as they would say; they being the drinkers who have tasted all the flavors, tempted all the fires, and remember absolutely nothing about it. Dilon's replies made Desmond's curious if the man is already sheets to the wind or if he's allowing the eventual take over of the alcohol while he's still sober. His responses make the Prince look to Elodie with a curious little gleam to his eye - was this a challenge or was Desmond a bit too naive to know what's going on? Or are they supposed to team up on Elodie? The latter made him laugh - that's too dangerous. "I think she'd make a wonderful teacher! Though, she may be too inebriated to do anything. Children and all that, you know." The remark was a half-assed attempt to keep up with them, and the flatness of it showed on his quizzical expression. It was good that Dilon had Elodie by the hip though, she had a fierce look on her face. Between their laughter, something bright moved in the corner of his eye, distracting him from his party. First he looked to his left and saw nothing but a crowd of people, then he looked to his right, and that's where he saw shape to the color. The colorful maid with her face in her hands made the darker man smile, noting her aura of immense distress, and feeling fairly sorry for her. Whatever the cause for her nervousness, it was massive and overbearing to the point he was getting second-hand treatment from it. "Excuse me you two." He put his glass on the counter and began to make his move. All his weight had shifted to one side, so when he turned to face the back of the facepalmed woman, he stumbled some. Thankfully Dilon was a good sport, and allowed the prince to catch himself by grabbing the other man's shoulder. He gave his thanks before rigidly bending down and grabbing a white ribbon - the woman's, maybe? Hopefully so, because once he bent down, he had a hard time getting back up all with his hip locking up and his knee freezing in place. Desmond was not at all concerned about the side-long glances glued on his poor form. Some of the women in the room gave him looks of pity and some of the men smirked, feeling superior than one of Corvin's and Leoa's children. If he were the lady in front of him, he would have died right there and then, or maybe even cried, so heavy and rude the whispers and glances were. Thankfully, none of their actions are new. He waved some helpers away, saying he just needs a moment, which he did. It didn't take long for his body to relax and his leg to cooperate with him. "Excuse me miss, I think this belongs to you?" He'd hobbled over to her and gently tapped her on the shoulder, somewhat unsure if he should be so forward in approaching the emotional gal. Willing to take the beating, his touch was gentle and rather quick, not wanting to linger too long if by chance she came around with flailing arms aimed for him.
  6. Blairville [civil war]

    Yeup! I know. And we'll see what happens. I shall have a post up soon!
  7. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Garion Isolde adjusted his crooked collar with a smile of her own. He may wonder often enough why they were matched and what exactly her parents saw in him, but she did not. Trying to decipher such a puzzle is completely useless, especially since it does not matter. Though, if she did have to wonder and be curious, she's sure that it is completely her fault. She and Max had worked together before they were betrothed, and because of who she is, she went after the man - subtly. Being the ever loving parents that they are, Leoa and Corvinus were more than happy to help her pursue the man, as if he had much of a choice. Small hands patted the lapels of his jacket and then slim fingers readjusted the tiny pin on the right lapel, something she had given him before they left. She can tell he's feeling uncomfortable in his wonderful suit, which is entirely a shame because he looks absolutely handsome in his fluffery. In a way this is just a precursor to what he will look like on their wedding day; the thought made her blush and laugh nervously. "You're very handsome Max." She took his arm and flashed a happy smile herself, pleased and scared and rather nervous that they will be presenting themselves to the crowd as a couple. Not that it's a secret of any kind! Isolde wasn't shy, Max didn't stand a chance, making it a recipe of obvious impressions. But standing together, not working but honestly enjoying their time, made it all feel a bit more real and it kind of scared her. She knows she is going to marry Max no matter what, that she's with him for the rest of his life, but what is going to change after the exchange of their vows? Their ship made a smooth descent from the beautifully painted sky that's now changing from a bright, early blue, to a softer, afternoon fluff. The descent to water was smooth and beautiful, almost like a pretty petal gracefully kissing the tender face of a undisturbed pond. Later, if she could find him, she will give Deiter her opinions on the ship - good and bad. Her older brother will want to know what they think and he probably expects nothing but good and great, a shame that Izzy isn't so kind. "Lead the way." It wouldn't take them long to disembark the ship and immerse themselves into the crowd of the inner ring of Ravenspire. As expected, her mother made sure every inch of the beautiful city was decorated in celebration. Anyone unable to attend the actual wedding would be able to feel as if they were apart of it. Flowers and ribbons and banners of all kinds filled every corner, ever building, and even some had taken the bold chance of wearing the flowers and ribbons on their person. It warmed Isolde.
  8. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @The Hummingbird "Rys!" Olympia had been quick to turn around when he took the rose from her fingertips. At first she wanted to kick him on the shins, the only thing that was readily available and thing she's attacked more than once in their relationship as Princess and Guardian. It was because of these petty attacks she has grown tough and rather quick, sometimes able to avoid his own rebuke. Secondly, she scorned herself for sounding like a whiny bit of a girl when she got her gift taken away. Though she justified this because she doesn't trust Rys and his heavy hands with the precious rose. Why, though? What has Raphael done to warrant Rys to speak out against him? She wanted to ask, to dig into that working brain of her guardian, to find the answer to her various questions. Yet she bit her tongue, knowing that maybe now is not the right time to bombard him with too much curiosity. She was holding her breath, something she didn't know she was doing until she saw he was just looking at the rose. The air whooshed out of her lungs and she relaxed, but she still held her hand up to be given the rose back. Olympia doesn't want Rys to hurt the flower (accident or not) and she doesn't want to have to hurt him because he's a brute. The young girl went rigid when he moved forward, wondering what he has planned for her and the flower. When he got closer, she closed her eyes and waited for something to happen. That something did, and it was him weaving the pretty rose through her hair, a pretty addition to the rest of her finery. She opened her eyes slowly, revealing relief in her gaze as she looked up to Rys with satisfaction causing her to smile. "Really?!" She was incredulous. Dance with him? Sure they have danced the weeks before just to practice for this very day, but dance for pleasure? Now, that is oddly out of character for Rys and she's not going to miss out on this random good mood f his. Oly quickly grabbed his clenched hand and started to drag him to the center of an already full dance floor. Today is going to be a day full of wonderful demonstrations of her amounting skill as a dancer! First her father, and now Rys. Since he's going to be so kind and so gracious to entertain her, she will entertain him.
  9. I am still fucking awake.

    Something is wrong with me.

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      I got that post out. Now I am gonna work on another for Umbra.

  10. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Droppin out as Wolfbane~ someone else can have that spot! Just too busy >:
  11. The Great Escape

    Lemoine saw the myriad of emotions play across his handsome face. They left her feeling confused as well and more worried than she had been earlier. She looked down to her bare feet, while her small hand rested sweetly in his mighty one. This person, this woman who so easily removed herself from the lofty titles to run beside a man that she's only known for a handful of days, this is who she is. Not entirly selfish or even selfless for that matter, but for those she cares for and for those that deserve a champion, she will reliquish her soul if she must to ensure that their happiness is secured. Lucis deserves her trust and her care; wherever he plans on going, be it to the edge of the world or the pits fof hell, she will not let him go. Firmly set and ready to face the challenges ahead of them, she raised timid eyes to Lucis, not sure what she expected but fearing the worst. Now isn't the time to feel shy of a sudden, but she certainly did. She only wishes to please the man with the sun in his eyes, not insult him by appearing too flippant. What sort of person just throws themselves in the arms of danger without really thinking? What she saw (or what she belived she saw) was an expression of wariness, pain and near-dead hope. His lips pecked her knuckles, and a touch could not have affected her more if he'd put fire against her skin. Gone was any knowledge of anyone or anything surrounding them. She just became a disembodied hand, all feelings and thoughts trasnffered to the tips of her sweet fingers. He spoke and she seemed to feel his voice through the tips of her fingers. The words shook her to her very core. His confession sculpted a world of beauty for her, leaving her breathless and amazed and more thankful than she has ever been in her entire life. She has been wanting to hear those words, but had forced herself to be so selfish, so starry-eyed for a King with golden eyes. As the world is turning and churning trials and tribulations, a confession of love could not come at a better time, nor could it be more reassuring. There was no time for her to respond, they were off again, back into the castle - a place once filled with happy memories. When they approached Colton, she gave him a sad smile; will this be the last time they'll see each other? If not, when will they meet again and will it be under good circumstances? She hoped so. Whatever has happened, it has left the old man feeling at odds with himself, almost as if he's being torn in half. Lemoine wished to reach out to him, but kept herself next to Lucis. Stables, supplies, orders, not letting anyone get away with anything - what was happening? She felt so awkward standing there just listening and holding on, praying silently to herself that everything will turn out okay even if it's not okay right now. Lemoine just could not speak, the terror climbing along her spine, crawling, creeping, a slimy, many-legged thing. Who is this Desmond? What did he do so wrong that the very mention of him made the air so much colder? Time snatched them once again and they were off through hallways and doorways, down to the stables where hidden plans will finally come to fruition. Lemoine kept close and aware of her now changed surroundings. Her vision not clouded by the love she held for this land, she's able to see the many dangers that now suddenly lurk in every corner and every shadow. The familiarity made her shudder, causing her bones to click against one another and her nerves to be drawn tight like a bowstring. Once again she will be challenged, forced to run away, forced to fight to live, and forced to hold her faith close to the beating of her heavy heart. This time she won't be alone. She squeezed her King's hand to help steal her nerves and to reassure him that nothing will separate the pair.
  12. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @roboblu @StarlingBird "I hope she's enjoying herself. I was thinking of maybe giving her a sweet ricecake, if she's been good that is." They did not matter. They should, but they don't, and so they are slightly ignored. They will titter and soak in the moment with hopes they'll find something scandelous, and they will. His hand on her waist - goodness, my! She looks just lovely - just lovely ey? tsktsk. Work for his paycheck - what exactly are they doing? Doesn't matter. Cosima hears none of the whispers between sips of wine and she certainly doesn't see the longing gazes of the men just waiting to swarm her. She doesn't hear or see any of it because none of it has any affect on her life, and even if it had, why should it matter? The words of her lessers should not dictate what she does. If they have nothing better to do than gossip about her interactions with Wren, then they can sit on their thumbs for all she cares. She was in the middle of unwrapping said sweet cake (something she's been hoarding while preoccupied with the Duke? or whatever his name and title is with the unique nose and clear eyes) when he said a few words that made her stop and look at him with a frown. Perhaps she did forget more often than not that Wren is not a toy she can play with when wanted, then later discard when done. His job is to protect her, to be the ever overbearing shadow attached to her person. Maybe it is disrespectful for her to treat him with her open kindness, something that she's never really thought about or even cared for. It's just a natural thing to be happy when you see someone you like and welcome into the fold of friendship, but maybe that's too much. It made her feel suddenly awkward and shameful. The last thing she ever wants to do is make Wren feel meaningless and useless to her, especially when he's neither of those things. It had been so easy to just be friendly with him, pay him compliments and make sure that he's taken care of; Cosima doesn't see him like she sees the paid help. It had made her incredibly happy to have their outfits match, but maybe that was too much on her part. It didn't seem to really phase her that maybe she shouldn't wave her hands wildly to garner his attention and yell his name casually to the wind; then, none of these things appeared to be inappropriate. Her curls seemed to turn flat and the sparkle to her eyes dulled. He's not wrong, and maybe that's what hurts the most. Just because she hadn't thought about it at the time, there is a line between them that shouldn't be edged. What he has to say is true and she should be a bit more respectful, especially if it makes him feel a little more comfortable being paired with her. Maybe she should ask Oly and Rys how they do it, but ... when you really think about those two, they're more like a bickering married people. "I make my own decisions Wren. You and especially this crowd will not be the determining factors in how I conduct myself, but I do respect what you have to say and I should be more understanding ... more royal." She thrust the cake towards him, making sure not to wrinkle the pretty paper it had come in. Cricket likes to play with pretty and bright things, so Cosima knows the lovely dragon would appreciate something to play with. Those are the kinds of small details you think about when you're friends with someone. Her smile is still apparent but not as whimsical, because that's not appropriate right now - she doesn't want him to wither under her exuberant ways, you know.
  13. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Alexei @Spooky Mittens @MelonHead Her eyes almost got stuck in the back of her head when Julius wiggled his way up next to them. "Explaining such things to something that has genuinely no idea of what's going on is useless." Now if it was anyone else or anything else, the young girl would have explained the paramount disrespct paid to their God-Emperor and his beautiful bride. There would be no lashings, no hangings, and no reading from scriptures to properly punish this strange creature. Up close she could see that he is some sort of insect, and if she were a lady sensitive to such creatures, she may of fainted at the very sight. Strong willed, she was extremely interested, curious, and perhaps a bit mesmerized by the sight of such a thing that would have never been allowed to step foot on their land. She would never say it out loud, would never admit such a thing to Julius or her sisters, but it's almost a shame that their land will never inhabit such a sight. When it spoke, she gave Julius a surprised look. She didn't expect that! And she certainly didn't expect him to hand her a piece of cake, which she did take because she wasn't going to be rude to a guest. Earlier she had commented on his intelligence, which now made her feel like a ass. Maybe he doesn't understand everything, but he does understand enough, and she should be respectful of that. "Skitt, I'm Rosalind and thank you for the cake." She took a bite before putting the rough piece down on a napkin for later. Then Skitt took the remainder of the cake and started to move away from the table with great ease, almost like he's just allowed to go on with his keepings and not suffer any consequences for his actions. Maybe this is what Julius worried about, since he appears to be so worried about a cake, a thing that's going to get shared and ate anyways. "Wait, hold on!" She grabbed a handful of cookies and a couple of sweet cakes, then threw them atop Skitt's cake. "You have to let someone take you outside or else you're going to get in trouble." A few of her sisters approached to help Skitt make it around the colliding bodies on the dancefloor, around tables, and then through the doors that'll lead out to the garden where he's more than welcome to further indulge. Rosalind watched from afar, smiling with satisfaction. "I doubt that our Empress and God-Emperor care about someone or something eating their cake. I would assume their interests are more geared towards something more profound, like maybe someone stepping on their guests toes." Her tone was teasing and a bit accusing. Julius would see the dare in her eyes and the smirk on her lips - she handled this situation just fine. She didn't have to flex her power, she didn't have to dominate her enemy, nor did she have to rebuke him for his silliness. Confrontation of any kind would have made this whole situation a mess, the one thing they both wished to avoid. Plus, she was able to size her enemy up and understand that there was no need to be harsh.
  14. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Al Sa-her @Akako Akari @Alexei "I am absolutely wonderful, thank you for asking. For now, I simply require the company of my brethren." It was said once things progressed, she would be relieved of her duties to ensure the safety of the growing heir. Her initial reaction was to fight against it, to say that she is more than capable of carrying out her calling with ease, but she didn't risk poking the ire of her Emperor. So, until that time came where she'd be pampered til she was ripe with affection, Celine will conduct herself in a soft manner. "I'm very grateful to you both for allowing me to accompany you. It's been too long." Her slight smile was an example of her gratitude. His compliment set her reasoning further in stone, making her feel more comfortable in her current position. Unlike her Empress, who was a jumbled bit of emotional distress. The Concubine is just that - a concubine. She is no Empress or Queen or anything ele that is lofty; she is a woman who was chosen to protect her leaders, to concieve their children, and to be a constant step behind. Why the Empress appears to be so uncomfortable in her position in power is beyond Celine's knowledge. The scathing look would only be met with the same smile from earlier, she'd even bow her head to pay respects to the woman unable to conceive the first heir to a budding empire. They entered all with their impenitrable darkness and looming prescense. She took measure of the note, her small smile turning wider as she noticed the whispy writing of Leoa. Curiosity sated, dark hues searched the sea of faces in hopes that maybe she'll find the one person she has really any plans on talking with. She saw various peoples of royality and high society, but none of them caught her by the ear. "He should be respected." The woman spoke unusually out of turn; a tinge of brevity on her words. "Not because of what he is, but because of who he is. Empress, Emperor, you both would do well to mingle with that man: Raphael. He is of the East, while Corvinus is of the South, and so to pay respects to our neighbors may present us with bountiful favors on the behalf of your own Empire." Celine had no opinion when it comes to the undead and their like. To her, all that matters is Raphael holds power (immense power) and it would be foolish to lose out on an opportunity to at least be in his presence. Though she can't speak on his behalf and would rather not try, she can only think that perhaps the Bloody Emperor would not like to lose out on an opportunity to also know his neighbors. Corvinus is not a unknown to her, though. She was part of his own army of men and women before she was provided the opportunity to expand her skills. He would recognize her easily enough, along with his wife who had been the original person to train the concubine. It's thanks to the Empress that Celine has such a large resume of skill and tact; thanks to Corvinus she's had chance after chance to showcase said learned abilities.
  15. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Fierach Darim had tried to enjoy the company of her cold sibling, but like he usually is (a stick in the mud), she found herself wanting a little more spice to her cold tea. She can't fault him though, no matter how cold, collected, and emotionless her brother appears to be, she understands there is reason behind him being so. Unlike Desmond who has the freedom to smile and Altair the freedom to joke, Nero has tangible power that demands to be respected and he can't be seen mingling casually among normal beings. Thankfully that is not Darim. She is Nero's twin, matching his handsome features with her own beautiful ones; blue eyes framed by dark hair, making the pair look rather stark, but she has a smile that softens her simple features. Nero was so severe, so mean looking, she wonders often how he's able to make acquaintances without them wanting to stab him in the back. Before parting from his ever welcoming side, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, the usual lecture about him smiling more often and not being so severe, and a hug that would in some way hopefully encourage him to mingle. No matter how loose of a hope that is, she still tries her best to push him out of his usual comforts. A person can't be stagnant, they must move with the world or be left behind, and knowing Nero he isn't the type of man to be snubbed by anything. Drink in hand and satisfied with her parting words, the young lady dipped herself in the crowded mess of a floor. The petals of her dress swept across various feet; the jingle of her fine jewels caught the ear of a few; her very presence made some scoot away, fearful and unsure. A stranger so baffled by her tripped over his feet while trying to avoid her, and by doing so they danced weirdly as they both tried to divert tragedy. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. She knocked into someone, causing her drink to spill a bit across her chest and down her hand. That wasn't what made her move, fabric and skin can be cleaned with ease, but bumping into someone so rudly doesnt make for a good first impression. "Please excuse my clumsiness!" She reached down to grab the man's jacket and furs that have landed atop her skirts, saving the pretty things from being ruined by the dirty floor. With some grace, she placed her glass on a nearby tray, so that she may examine the furs and jacket critically before handing them over to their owner. "I think they're okay ... I'm really sorry."