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  1. Welcome to Valucre! Or well, welcome back :bigsmile:

  2. Next year then! We can be beach bums together!
  3. Nigga whaaaaaaaaaat?! WE COULD BE ON THE BEACH RIGHT NOW!!!
  4. Avalynn is going to a babysitter for the first time in her life today, for 4ish hours
  5. Your rhyming skills, bromato, that's how.

    1. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      Lol. I actually write lyrics and do music. But that wasn't anything to commend me on lol. Thank you. I assume you got some skills yourself huh? 

  6. interest check

    I think I love you. Ah, gotcha! I dunno, I'm just rolling with what I had read, so I could be wrong as well.
  7. interest check

    I am going to say, anyone? Since we are all in our little pockets of conversation; some people are toward the farm, others walking through the forest. Kenshi, Koji, Athena, Celine, and Mr. Liche are all in one group, so I say whoever wants to post next in that group can go for it. Once everyone has posted once in our group, that can be our posting order until we all meet up and go from there. If that sounds like a plan, Stan.
  8. interest check

    Well, by the looks of this here ... There really isn't a posting order as of yet.
  9. OF COURSE!!
  10. Home. Celine kept her thought to herself while her toes curled against the familiarity of the golden shores they've claimed as their own. The tangy waft of air playfully toyed with tousled carmine strands, making them dance across her shoulders and slender waist. She had dressed rather specific as the day needed to be celebrated, and though she is not a woman of many outward emotions, she supplements her excitement with a show of glitter and silk. The woman is familiar with the strengths of the enormous North and the chilly South; coming from the Cold South herself, she knows the powers which haven't found themselves in a complete struggle since the conflicts of the Great North and the Cold South. Everyone in the middle had held their ground during such a hateful time, taking sides, ignoring sides, disagreeing and agreeing through all the hectic activities. It all happened years before she had even been a thought, yet she feels as if she had been there. Coming back sparked a fire in her heart and while she walked next to their Emperor, her steps were light and ready with determination. Not the only one interested in seeing their new home, a few of their "comrades" freckled the area to do their own business. Out of duty she kept close to Koji, while Kenshi whispered in their Emperor's ear and Athena shot moon-eyes at Koji. Celine smiled inwardly at the blatant differences between them and everyone else who've abandoned their own wills to follow in the footsteps of their new rulers. "Athena, it helps to keep your eyes forward and your body ready ... for any possible attack." She let the insinuation of her words hang between them before marking her interest towards Kenshi, a man with some pretty diligent words deserving diligent replies. There had been a reply on the tip of her tongue, but she was cut short by the appearance of another. It had become fairly apparent that they are not the other people here, as there is a strange little tilt to the air. Her own reach (somewhat like that of Kenshi's) provided her with a dab of information that there are shadows within the shadows, and it's best to remain alert. The fiery haired woman gave Athena a rather withering look, as to say: this is why you pay attention. The appearance of the skeleton-thing-person-creature-whateveritis only made Celine sigh, knowing that this is probably the very first of many interruptions to their exploration of the new land. As far as she is concerned just about everyone that is not with them, is absolutely against them and not to be trusted until they prove themselves worthy. "Explain yourself." She stepped forward, hands on hips as she confronted the jewel encrusted skeleton. It is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their leaders and it may appear the woman is taking the bull by the horns by herself, she is not. The Emperor is capable of speaking for himself, protecting himself, but why should he have to worry about such trivial things when he has a handful of puppets ready to have their strings pulled? It's through common duty she steps forward and asks the creature to explain itself to them, offering an opportunity for reason before action is taken.
  11. Because I'm that mother, I took Avalynn's pics for Valentine's Day and they turned out really well Kinda makes me sad because she's grown so much and will be one in 2 months D: My guppy isn't so much of a guppy any more! " darling, youare all I everwanted love to be." "Light up thenight, wildone. Yoursmile isgoing to save someone's life."
  12. I'm here :( So sorry for pulling a disappearing act on ya! Hope all is well on your end and hopefully we can get back to writing fun things <3

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      It's alright! Hope you're doing well and that the squishy is doing well!

  13. @Pasion Pasiva (Lucis) & @-Lilium- (Lyrae) "Gratefully?! You horrible man!" Lemoine muffled her laughter behind soft fingers, showing that she does indeed have some semblance of manners before royalty. The words had been used to tease her and because of said knowledge she refuses to give him any inclination that she is. He didn't have to talk to her or even indulge her whatsoever this night, no matter their ranks in the upper crust of society. Lucis has graced her with his smile and most of all, his ease. His ridged edges had become smooth in her presence, a compliment to her. She had eagerly waited to hear his response to her apology, not sure if her eagerness had anything to do with hearing another compliment or the tone of pleasure which he held so hopelessly when complimenting her beauty. She had nearly melted when he had twirled a strand of her hair between his fingers, not entirely sure how such a action felt so intimate. But she would only left interrupted. Lemoine was in that position again; strange, suspended, sorrowful, and heavy. His lowered shoulders and sorrow rimmed eyes made her frown, clearly disliking the way the atmosphere keeps shifting between them and other people. First it had been with Constance, her beautiful forwardness to snatch the King's attention, her lovely blush to draw his yearning; there had been a tenseness about that meeting which had pricked Lemoine's curiosity. Now this one, with a lady-knight with venom on her exaggerated words, shifting the world beneath Lemoine and the King. Again he set himself between she and danger - well, assumed danger. What he so wishes to protect her from, she wants to know. "Lady Knight." The woman grabbed Lucis by the hand and curtsied to her best ability before the Knight. Even though the Knight appears to have forgotten her ability to be courteous and kind to the King, Lemoine will not repay the woman with the same attitude. That, and a majority of this hostility is clearly none of her business and she'd rather not overstep again in the same night, proving herself to be a bit of a fool in such circumstances.