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  1. Aleksei

    the Dead Celebrates.

    They are immediately welcomed by the soft glow of luminaries and holiday lights drowning the towering spruce beautifully centered in the lavish square of land. Behind loftily decorated windows are halls and turns decorated with thousands of ornaments on dozens of Christmas trees; the flicker of candlelight, firelight, and twinkling lights bounce off the glassy faces of the delicate bulbs. An immediate feeling of welcome and home can be felt as one steps foot before the large door decorated in a wreath of berries and snow covered pinecones. Excruciating hours went into planning and decorating the home each year. Her mother may no longer wander the halls in physical form, but as a stumbling specter, her love for the holidays shows in each poinsettia, the giant fir in the Banquet Hall, and the miles of garlands throughout the manor. This world is unfamiliar to her in the form of a confused ghost who is bound to exploring the now strange home that had once been a place of reprieve to the aching mind. It's not Riforte's right to ask the unfortunate soul to go on to cross over the threshold of this world into the next. There is a reason the ghost sneaks through the level home and by rights, this was her place first, and it is everyone else who is trespassing; whatever the reason that prompts her to stay, it is worthy enough to gain her passage. She stays out of sight - for now. Feeling that there is something different this time around, the woman lurks behind books and trees, hoping to see what this difference is. For years the manor has been left to entertain emptiness; Riforte visits every year, makes sure everything is properly in its place, but never has she opened her home to strangers - let alone friends. The opening of the winery and the sudden need for food showed that there was entertainment to be had and the entertained were at the door waiting with wide eyes. It is by popular opinion the manor is beautiful, but above that, it carries a trace of ostentation. These outsiders will see just a drop of what their proclaimed Architect is. The door would open for the company, welcoming to the beautiful sight of the reception hall. Once they were all inside, coats and such would be taken by a flurry of well-dressed individuals - maids, butlers, and their kind fill every level of the large home. Everything in order, one particular butler would be quick to exchange pleasantries before leading the group to the Banquet Hall. There the large table was entirely covered in a variety of foods that'd satisfy even the pickiest of individuals; fine wines ranging from red, white, and bubbly occupy a great deal of the table. The trees, the table, the overall joyous aesthetic of the room did little to outshine what is considered the heart of the Banquet Hall. It had no name, unlike most prized possessions, for its owner decided it needed no name to be introduced to the company. Polished, redwood case shimmered beneath the lights of the room; a handful of scribbled notes and sheets were scattered atop the ivory keys and the leathered bench, a sign that the piano had use still. At last the group is instructed to make themselves comfortable and explore the entire first floor at their leisure. Riforte is tending to other matters but will join her little motley crew of ambling skeletons in a few.
  2. Aleksei

    the Dead Celebrates.

    A favorite room among guests; a room that happens to best reflect the intellect and personality of its owner. At a young age, Riforte was forced to keep a record of the books she has read to ensure she was occupying her time with worthy works, none of that romanced garbage. As an adult, she kept recording what she has read; the records now consist of old grimoires, tomes, fictions, and non-fictions. A testament to her passion for reading, the library is lined with walnut shelves housing her personal collection of at least 22,000 volumes. Old and new and unfinished collections, she continues to read and buy works from a slew of writers. If lucky enough, some books can be caught speaking to one another; others even like to take a spin around the room. Books carrying darker arts will be rude enough to move themselves to different shelves, disrupting the orderliness of the library. Only a few times has she caught them doing such things, as if they have a mind of their own, they decide when they wish to be found in the act. The paintings also move, but unlike the books, they're not nearly as chatty. The ones that do like to talk though can be difficult to silence; guests are somewhat of a foreign object in the household, new faces will surely make the entire library abuzz with interest. If any of the paintings are kind enough to let you enter their domain, go ahead and do so, but make sure you don't get lost. It wouldn't be very nice to ruin a dinner party because of silly shenanigans. Her mother loved to garden, so it's only natural that she also loves to garden. Just like her books, Riforte has grown accustomed to taking slips and trimmings of plants and their kind from all across Valucre - and other places too. The indoor garden is a changeable thing depending on the season; sometimes there's nothing but roses and tulips, others you'll find succulents and cacti. Overall, there is always something new within the garden, and a majority of those new are dangers and endangered. Guests are given a word of caution. The holiday season is here, so the winter garden is full of greenery with just a few scattered hues of red, and red means extreme danger. Most of the plants are silent, and like their privacy, others are rude. Make sure hands are in pockets and noses are kept at a reasonable distance away, if not, be prepared to lose one or the other, maybe even both. If by chance one of the plants or flowers gets a hold of you, don't worry, there are people within the garden to ensure the safety of everyone and will come to your rescue. Try not to panic, as stated before, most of the things inside the winter garden are rare, and Riforte would rather lose you to them, than them to you. To celebrate the holidays, a 35-foot-tall fir is the tallest tree inside the manor and sits at one end of the table. Hundreds of lights and ornaments adorn it, and hanging above it is a large chandelier that replaces the traditional star. Like every year the preparations were extensive, and no detail was left unattended. The Banquet Hall is to show mirth and happiness during the yule-tide season; at the foot of the tree, there are gifts to be given out to extended family (who no longer exist) and estate workers who've dedicated their time to tend to the large manor. The table can seat 20 guests, but with extenders, it can seat at least 20 more. In the middle of the table, surrounded by food and drink, is a marble sculpture of a woman so beautiful and lovely. They say the lady haunts the halls, a benevolent spirit who just wants to be entertained and entertain. She doesn't speak often, but when she does, some have said they've heard nothing so pretty and sweet. At the other end of the grand table is the grand piano that is said to of been passed down from one generation to the next. There's no proof to any of that, as far as records show it's just a piano that had been bought randomly one day to occupy space in the hall. Space keeper or whatever, it is a prized and loved possession.
  3. Aleksei

    the Dead Celebrates.

    Name: Riforte Estraysian D'Marcus/the Architect Favorites: Snacks - chocolate dipped potato chips Drinks - sweet wine & fizzy drinks Scents - cardamom, mahogany, sandalwood Colors - purple, red, gold, black, white Hobbies:  In her free time, Riforte occupies her time either transcribing music or gardening. She is an amateur rock hunter - mineralogy is her jam.
  4. Aleksei

    the Dead Celebrates.

    Riforte is celebrating Christmas - and tagging everyone else to join her.
  5. Aleksei

    the Dead Celebrates.

    FOR DEAD MEMBERS ONLY! You are cordially invited to the Architect's estate to celebrate the holidays with a Secret Skeleton Gift Exchange for The Dead members! This is an opportunity for members to get to know one another, mingle, drink, and be merry. A moment to completely unwind and get into the holiday spirit, maybe get a little drunk off the spiked eggnog and get a bit risky with a game of spin the bottle - endless possibilities! Those who are going to for sure join the party, please fill out the survey and submit it in this here thread. The faster this is done, the sooner we can pair you off with someone. Name: Favorites: Snacks - Drinks - Scents - Colors - Hobbies:
  6. Aleksei

    Like.. Haha.. What! Christmas reactions request!

    The sad melting snowman is like my favorite >D LOVE THEM!
  7. Aleksei

    Destruction des morts

    Riforte picked herself up from the ground, slapping at her knees and then arms as she slithers back to her full height. Rambunctious, this little party of theirs. The screaming and wailing of the dead and dying paint the atmosphere well, punctuating the event as a full success they will have to write down in the history books. Tia, it has proven to be a lovely battleground that is just ripe with problems needing to be exposed. It was only a matter of time the Dead make their return and take back what is rightfully their's. After readjusting her mask, the woman reached down to the curve of a layered hip to check and see if her weapon was still attached. She is a marksman of the highest water, her unnatural accuracy and precision honestly give homage to the gentleman who took the time to teach her. Capable of making shots from seemingly impossible distances and equally difficult angles, she makes the skill look impressibly easy. Riforte is a force not to be reckoned with when there is a pistol in her hand. The one hugging her hip is not her's (just like the lighter in her pocket), only loaned to her until its original owner reappears. Same is said for the daggers tucked away in the confines of her thick vest; their use to deflect projectiles, though they are hardly withdrawn from their hiding spot. Weaponry of any kind is not her forte, her cup of tea, but the years in the company of someone uses such has made her more inclined to use the pistole and daggers. At the rate she is going, it will take her longer than necessary to get to the massive steel mill that's holding the infamous Girdy. Sighing, she grabs hold of the .50 caliber handgun, taking note of the buster shells inside its chamber. The gunmetal, purple symbol told her all she needed to know; it looks like she will not be shooting her way through the crowd. "This sucks balls." Pistol back on her waist, she went for the daggers and began her walk through the trenches. The first problem was met with dirty fingers shoved in the side of their throat, the next the same thing, the two are flicked off to the side to die in the dirty pools of their carnage. This continued; a few got a couple of good hits in, smacking her around a little, doing their work against the Dead member, but making little leeway in stopping her from moving forward. Daggers slashed at faces and throats, went a little stabby in the eyes and torsos to push them away from her. It was helping to part the seas, more accessible in certain areas the crowds lessen and in those quiet moments she slips through the shadows. Girdy will more than likely be protected enough it'll require her to be on her toes. The Dolos family will not go down without a proper fight, even though they've already lost.
  8. Austere had been silently listening as the other two houses exposed what they wished to offer, get, and want from the transaction between themselves and Tethys. In comparison, what house Mythal wants or would like is relatively small. It was not their ships attacked, so it makes sense for House Karradeen to want an explanation and (in some sense) retribution. House Singlance showed their rather bright and colorful nature, their request exemplifying their uniqueness amongst the rising houses. He has only heard of their ... ways through sleeves of gossip, this will be an opportunity to see what's a lie and what's the truth. Silent a little bit longer, the elf occupied his sight with a far-off wall while he gathered his thoughts. Mythal House is small in comparison to the other houses that are taking long and gracious steps across Ursa Madeum. While there are attempts to extend a helping hand outside their shell of a home, their actions are simple and relatively small. It has been a complicated process to break away from their formal tradition, more than expected but they're doing it. Knowledge of any kind is a sturdy sort; they're not looking for weapons or ships or anything of that kind, they have a proprietor that offers such things. What they need and want is the knowledge that can be accessible to all. "We have interest towards their history. All we honestly ask is access to whatever is available to learn more about them, about their overall culture. Be it books or songs, having access to copy texts and the spoken word is satisfactory to us." Making copies ensures that the originals stay where they belong, he wouldn't feel good about taking such things away from their home, and he doubts it'll be all that easy to do so anyways. There is enough room for negotiation and appeal to the other side; he isn't coming in to raid their tomes and demand they give him everything about anything.
  9. Aleksei

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    "Tired." Celine spoke out loud as a maid attended to the random knots in the woman's hair, another fussed with the fabric of her dress; both did their best job to ensure the now standing woman was presenting herself appropriately for the masses. By this time another woman was attending to the currently occupied Kaori who was entertaining herself with a doll; fast fingers moved through the child's hair, redecorating it and smoothing it out. The child was so used to be handled by so many hands; she has grown somewhat accustomed to being dressed and brushed. 'I don't doubt that! You sound healthy and my starburst? How is she?' The pet name made her almost laugh if it weren't for the company of strangers she would have. Instead, golden hues sparkled as the figure of her daughter overtook her gaze. A reserved mother who shows care and kindness to the child, Celine has found her balance to be the fearsome Concubine she's known to be and a loving mother to a child that's unaware of her place in the world. Laughing, smiling, bowing, and speaking all carry heavy purpose and she will not waste such gestures idly. A glance in the mirror and she could see she was tired but more lively than she has been in some time. Desmond's voice is like honey on her mind - sweet and delicious. Koji has always been kind when it came to Celine's strange position within the Kadian Empire, even after the ordeal of the Emporer stealing Kaori away from the arms of Desmond he was patient and understanding. It's why she did not feel too guilty speaking with Desmond, as it is, he was the one who gave her her freedom and saved Kaori - friends are hard to come by, especially honest ones. Like Noi, Desmond is a precious person who is irreplaceable. "Growing fast and getting meaner by the minute." 'She's perfect then.' "As it should be." Their connection was scattered when Kaori grabbed her mother's hand, a broad smile painted across the child's face. She was anxious to see her father and brother, something she could tell by merely looking at the impatient little curve of the child's thin brow. Quiet, reserved, and strangely patient, Kaori says very little but easily wears her emotions across her face and through her actions. Respectful towards the new Empress and Celine's sisters, the little girl oddly fits into the strange ways of her surroundings. "I suppose it is time." On that mark, the child tugs her mother along, making her feel like a leaf caught in the wind. Her wish would be occupying herself with Noi during the celebration, only showing face when necessary, making it easier to avoid certain things that are slowly being buried. Helped to have such a strong understanding of her position and absolute dedication to the people around her. She knows what needs to be done and for her world to remain intact, she will do whatever to ensure it stays so. "I doubt the faster you go, the sooner you will see your father." She said the words, but they did nothing to stop the child from rushing forward.
  10. Aleksei

    [Conflict Emerging] OOC Thread

    I am working on posts today and tomorrow ❤️ I'll have a post for this thread up later tonight.

    Tuesday: Lore

    Wednesday-Thursday: POOOOSTS


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    A.N.T. Phase 2: The Treaty of 597

    Ha! Also missed my chance due to holiday and school. It was fun partying with you guys, have fun!
  13. Aleksei

    Destruction des morts

    Riforte casually swiped at the tufts of hair hanging from the lapels of her jacket like decorations found on a military man's chest. The stench of blood made her stomach tighten with disdain; it's an impossible scent to get out of your clothes, and this particular jacket is a favorite of her's so it's a damn shame she would have to burn it. But, for the thrill, you do what you have to do, you know? The men who attacked her met their end swiftly and dirtily; their matter stained her clothing and hands, their voices had been meshed into the walls right along with their bodies. She hadn't meant to be so rude, but they were worthy officers who should be commemorated for their failures. If there are funerals or shrines, she will make a note to visit and donate where possible. Coming back down to earth, Riforte goes about what she is there to do - planting the bomb and getting the hell out of Dodge. With the commotion going on above her head, there have been nearly no interruptions on her end. With this kind of luck, she decides to ride this wave as long as she can before it decides to run out. Once she planted her bomb and went back up to the land of the living, the woman takes her small group outside to witness the commotion - oh boy. It was a wild scene, wild enough it made her feel a little uncomfortable. They're here to kick ass and take names, so this isn't really out of the scope of ordinary, just something she hasn't been part of in a very, very long time. She likes order. This made her fingers itch and her stomach twist with nervousness, it was just a bit too wild for her own damn neat lined thinking. Cain has a way of just kicking up the dust, and all you can do is just stand there and take a mouthful of dirt. This whole event has proven that there are more bottom feeders than she had initially thought - more than just dirt has been kicked up. Just outside the city, a dragon is dead; the Titans are marching their way towards the final boss. From where she stands she can hear the people yelling, the tale just a poor retelling of what's happening due to the fear coursing through the veins of the storytellers. She looked towards the plume of smoke seeping above the edges of the city; over there, they say standing upon Ozy's shoulder is an old man, that he kind of appeared out of nowhere. Could be true enough. As the two monsters of might battle against one another, like a flower sprouting the earth, an old man with nondescript features manifest atop Ozy's shoulder. There was no real rhyme or reason for him to be there (yet), but he commanded his position upon the Titan's shoulder like a king does his country. So much power and grace folded into such a frail form, it's a wonder that no one fell to their knees at the sight of him. All the talk about him stuck to Riforte's ears as she begins to swim against the current and not with it. A few shoves here and there made it easy for her to get through the roughest of it, but she had to swing through a few alleyways to avoid the bigger nuisances in her way. With one part of her mission completed, she is free to begin the last end of it. Each stumbling step took her closer and closer to the steel mill where something rather important is being kept hidden. They won't let that vital thing go without a fight, the very last thing she wants but will promptly prepare for by taking refuge inside an abandoned building. With quick fingers, she pats herself down, rearranges her mask, and takes a deep gulp of air. One particularly blood-curdling scream made her peek out the window - ah, yeah, the Titans. Ram was inching his way closer to the Black Tower that was jutting up from beneath all the wreckage; Ozy and his partner in crime were finishing up their work with the giant boiler. Put back together; the woman slinks back into the streets. 'Heading towards the steel mill.'
  14. Cerebri will have to come visit Eliza in Dougton!

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    All on Deck.

    Nefarious snatched the contract out of the hands of the skeleton and quickly flipped through it. Like finding an oasis in the desert, the woman looked over the papers with a deeply seeded hunger that nearly surprises herself. Too damned long it's been since she has gotten her hands on this kind of stuff, it felt too good to be true. This same ol' song and dance; she looked over to Riforte who was now playing with the cuffs of her jacket - the same. That meant legit promises that would see fruition at the end of them, it also meant money for both ends and protection - not that she personally needs it. She wonders if the people in the organization understand how the world really spins, that it's not by their doing alone. They sunk a ship and now they're breathing life back into it, just like that and without any concern for funds. She wants another taste, another chance to be ruined again. Still prickly over Rif's random arrival, the woman took her time to really read over everything even though she has already agreed. Weak and eager, faults most women have and most people can appreciate. Something nags at her though; dropping the contract to her lap she looks around the room once again. "Who do I answer to this time? The Architect, you, the person above you?" Years have gone by them in a snap, she doesn't know who is in charge or if there's really anyone in charge of anything at this point. Riforte could be doing this on her own as some kind of saving face or whatever, and needs a familiar face to help her out. If that was the case, it made Nefarious a bit squeamish. The Dead is full of bastards like Riforte who has done some terrible, dastardly things - the person above her is obviously capable of worse things. Nefarious doesn't like being that far in the dark about things. "What's my cut? Who am I managing over? You said the Full Deck will be new, how? Where do you come in?" The headless gal relaxed in her seat, the cold feeling of someone watching them now just becoming natural. Riforte would never go against protocol and go anywhere without a second. Austere is obviously lurking behind the scenes, making sure that his woman is being taken care. "I don't like secrets I'm not involved in. I want to know everything before I sign myself over - again." @amenities