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  1. Because I'm trying to get back into the groove! I do have a character who has legit background as being a housekeeper Her name is Ari Graysen, she comes from Aelindra City of Genesaris; is very well traveled, she's been to just about every continent of Valucre; has wonderful credentials, and is currently trying to part with a piece of her past. She used to be the housekeeper for a Mr. Grey, but has found herself needing employment once again. Ari has a speech impediment and will communicate through telepathy, sign language, a mix of whistles and clicks, or will very slowly speak. The only thread I've used her in so i for sure wanna build on her: And her past employer:
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ do you feel the same when I'm away from you? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. What exactly is tickling your fancy?
  4. There are, it's all a matter of activity at this point.
  5. "You will be readily escorted once you agree to the terms." It doesn't matter their relation or how safe Lyonene will always be under the protection of Cornelius, what matters is propriety. This a contract the two will be entering for the rest of their lives and the seriousness of their next steps is heavily taken into consideration. Neither will get special treatment in this situation, and even if Leoa wished to play favoritism, Corvinus would be against it. "You will have your escort and she will have her own, meaning you will not be alone together for the entirety of your courtship." She pointed her finger at him to punctuate that this is important business and none of his shenanigans will be ignored. To show his sister and his family the right respect he will do what he must to make himself not only appear, but be the perfect match for Lyonene. Corvinus will not show kindness if his son decides to air his dirty laundry when courting Lyonene. As Cornelius shares a special place in her heart, Lyonene does the same for Corvinus. "Everything will be completely arranged between you two. All meeting spots, times, events, and eventually your wedding - if that happens. I don't want to give you the impression that just because you are our son you are excluded from all consequences to your actions." Leoa can't reiterate it enough. He understands, she knows he does, but it comforts her that she has repeated herself more than enough to cram the words into his head. "You are completely open to ask for a meeting with Lyonene, but not all will be accepted. The entirely of your courtship you will not be asked to make any public appearances, but it may do you some good to actually use your gift of gab, and not so much your title, to escalate in the ranks of this world."
  6. Camille tapped her knees in thought. They run a rather extensive operation and it's hardly difficult to properly explain, it is a tad hard to find a beginning to their little web of success. To some it would come as a surprise that something so dingy and dirty could be so organized. She had found herself in disbelief when she was first recruited, and a part of her had been thankful that there's at least some head to this well-oiled machine. "Yes and no." There's a handful of men and women who operate that particular spot of town. None of them argue what belongs to who, all that matters is at the end of the day everyone gets their cut and the girls keep to the business. The women who fill the corners and clubs are all considered to be prime servings, with their fancy dresses, cleanliness, and eagerness to serve. She knows most of them are only putting on a facade so they don't end up another sliced up corpse dumped in some trashcan to be found days later. "Everyone is put into groups. You got God up above and below are his angels and below those angels are the rest of us, like the runners, the bodyguards, the people who crunch the numbers, run the businesses, and we're controlled by them." She had hoped she would be able to work underneath one of the women pushing narcotics down everyone's throats so she wouldn't have to deal with the prostitutes, but it appeared there are no biases. The women and men both did the same things, just some prefer the streets as opposed to the clubs, and a others had no problems getting their hands dirty while some would rather have someone else take the trash out. "You're wanting the Angels. There's five each, three men and two women. They all dip their toes on that side of town, and the girls are equally shared between them so I dunno who is with who and who is doing what." There are countless ways to found out though. Because it's frowned upon to mark the merchandise, all the girls have a hidden dot inside their right thigh. Camille has only seen one girl have this marking when she was putting on her stockings. If you didn't know any better you'd think it was a birthmark or something, and the only distinguishing separation between dots was the color. But again, none of that really means anything when on Tuesday the girl can belong to this person and on Wednesday she belongs to another.
  7. She knew that, she just couldn't help herself when such things are so second nature to who she is. When the world had been less scared of anything magical and unknown, she would often roam the fields without fear and bestowing gifts and thanks to the locals through charms and spells. Those days none of her kin lived in fear and all had been acclimated to one another. Now you rarely find shops like the one she currently owns; you have to have various licenses and make ridiculous promises to the kingdom in case something happens. Their skills had once been whimsical, are now being used as weapons of war. His playfulness describing what could happen to her did draw a smile form her though. There is very little forgiveness now and death is pretty much the only punishment the law sees fit for people such as herself. What happened years and years ago ... they had that right to still be fearful, but now when the world has changed through those years she believes that perhaps they've been stuck in time. There are other ways to deal with magic users and not every one of them are bad or evil. Huxley hoped that the festival will occupy any prying eyes from the waterside, a place that's close enough to be home without having to be home. Everyone will be too busy celebrating and drinking and eating and just all in all being too busy to pay attention to what is happening outside their happy bubble. It will give her opportunity to live free for a few hours before returning to this drab reality. Maybe the raven can be a lookout for her, but he doesn't know all her secrets and she'd rather not reveal too much in case he gets in trouble. Involving too many people in her life can be tricky and dangerous. "You have a deal! I'll make as many as you'd like." Even though she is fairly weary of him, she sees no use in going to the parade alone. Huxley has a handful of friends here and there in the town, but most of the people found themselves awkwardly shuffling away from her as if what she is is some sort of contagious disease. She's learned to not mind such a thing; everyone has their reasons so she's not going to judge so blindly. He's going to comfortable enough company anyways, so she'd rather go with someone who she somewhat trusts and can enjoy the day with. "You have to dress up though."
  8. Celine had found herself in a strange predicament. The world around her appeared to have slipped from her conscious thought, leaving her suspended in a realm of imagination. Some things have happened between her dozing off into another world and snapping back into reality. What had been said and done before her sudden case of boredom was almost forgotten; wisps of memories still clouded her clearing sight. The woman could still hear the Emperor say her company was most enjoyable, hopefully nothing had changed. Their company had a strange way of attracting attention and then quickly losing it. The attack hadn't gone unnoticed (as far as she is concerned) but she had no time to genuinely react to something that hardly touched her to begin with. The presence of sunlight and fury swirling inside her veins did something to the attacking branches. When her mind closed, her abilities blossomed, ensuring her walk forward was a pleasant one. She had mild concern for the Emperor and his Empress, as it's clear the two are capable of caring for themselves. Pulled mostly by code, she pushed forward through the forest to reach the other side. Shadows pooled beneath her naked feet, dousing them in silence; she became a specter as she slipped between shadows with effortless grace. Only a minor wound dances on the edge of her curved cheek due to her slow reaction to care, but beyond such she remains completely together. She walked between no material planes, just simply kept herself shielded by manipulating the shadows surrounding her, and being as quiet as a mouse. Celine looked around for a second before revealing herself to the Empress and Emperor (who is walking forward with determination). It would appear no one else has made their way out of the forest; hopefully because they got lost or withheld, and not being they fell to the wrath of the bloody trees. The last thing they need at this moment is to lose anyone to anything, especially something so trivial. "I apologize for my tardiness Emperor." She had closed the space between them with eager steps, and made sure she kept herself behind him to remain appropriate. As far as she is concerned the only one to walk diligently beside the man is his Empress, which Celine is not. It can be called a strange manner of respect that doesn't necessarily matter, but to her she sees it as a way to show that she honors what is between all of them. (Kind of did a bit of fastforwarding in my post - sorry. Let me know if you'd like me to change anything)
  9. Gonna write some posts, yeah yeah!
  10. The giant found itself far more interested in the raging man before it, than the woman dead within its grasp. The jab to his groin made him roar in anger and pain, causing him to give the body in his hand one final squeeze before swiping at the man dancing around his legs. It made no difference for the Emperor was sculpted from determination and remained evasive to the giant's swipes and roars. Too angry to notice death has already taken away its strength, the giant opens his mighty palm and releases Leoa so that it could capture Corvinus, yet it was far too late for any of that. Leoa fell to the ground lifelessly, right along with the giant. Lyonene had been close enough to witness some of the action between the giant and her parents, but she hadn't been aware of her mother's capture. She had stopped when she felt a sudden shift in the air, and to look up to the sky now bright with daylight. Their enemies swiftly shed their suits of black, shifting back into their (presumably) human forms. Their appearances and strengths matter now, because they are only half the monsters they claim to be in the daylight. The ucissore felt her blood grow cold in her veins at the sight of her mother unmoving on the ground. Leoa looked impressively small next to the giant and the looming Corvinus. She parted from her group of men and women, who now split themselves in half where some followed after her and the others pushed forward. Now that daylight has graced them with its help, their enemies are less enthralled to keep pushing forward. It's unfortunate for them that the Empire has ever intention on defeating them, rain or shine. The hope to escape is completely futile. Lyonene stopped next to her father, feeling her nerves turn numb and her sight blur. When you are so used to seeing someone so alive and well, it's difficult to imagine them any other way. She took a step forward, the weight of her actions pushing her down as she struggled to approach the body on the ground. "Don't go near her!" A woman pushed the Princess away and forced a hand towards their Emperor to stop them from even taking another step towards the Empress. The last thing they need is a couple of Untouchables mugging up the process of saving the Empress, and besides that, too many cooks in the kitchen doesn't make a good meal. They were specifically handpicked by the Emperor himself and the least he can do is let them do the job he assigned them. Since the war began she and her people have been cleaning the battleground of the wounded and the dead; healing who was worth saving and putting to rest who were not worth the test of time. A flock of hands moved Leoa further away from Corvin and Lyonene, not wanting to take chances of them tainting their medically influenced shield with their abilities. When satisfied with their position they put her down and began to pull at her robes; throwing aside bent armour and torn fabrics like they mean very little. They were extremely impersonal as they revealed a body torn from past and current battles. "She's dead, but! that does not mean we'll do nothing." Her words were meant to be forced down Lyonene's throat. It took great strength and possibly courage to not run over to the group, but part of Lyonene's mind understood that she would only be a hinderance to the hopefulness surrounding the healers. They all talked so calmly and quickly the Princess had to strain her ears to listen, but all they had to say came as gibberish to her. She had forgotten that Collette's healers spoke tongues as a safety measure, like keeping prying ears and eyes out of their business. Collette could give no words of wisdom or hope for the two, because at this point there's too much room for failure. She didn't want to tell them she could save Leoa nor did she want to say she couldn't, so right now the best they can do is at least try. She stepped backwards to take her leave, but not without saying a few words to them. "This war isn't won yet ..." A hint saying go away.
  11. Damn, thought I'd be skipped, sorry! I'm perfectly good, just been working You guys skip me this round, I'll catch you next round for sure.
  12. I won't be able to post tonight! You guys are more than welcome to skip me
  13. INTEREST. Wayward travelers who will find themselves coming upon the docks often times spend their first few hours in Parime here, as the markets and bartering stations find themselves here, as there are always fisherman who find themselves ready to sell the day's catch. Bustling with life, the docks are a good place for anyone new to Kadia to start looking for a good time or cause general trouble. Stands filled with fruits, fish, wares of all sorts from around Valucre fill the edges of the city, making it vibrant and alive with action. Bandar: The Bandar is the glorious tavern and inn of Parime, sitting atop an outcropping of rocks that overlooks the sea, with enormous windows scattered about, allowing patrons the comfort of the sea as they eat, drink and eventually crash in one of the many rooms that the Bandar has to offer. A place of both sophisticated design and comfort. There are rules that keep things in check, so it's best you abide by them or see yourself thrown out; thankfully it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to follow the simple suggested rules. No Killing! If you have a score to settle, you settle it outside. You break it, you bought it. Weapons do not have to be checked at the door, but keep them sheathed, hidden, etc. Pay! Thievery is heavily frowned upon and it will get you banned from Bandar. An almost secluded section of the city, it rests an a minor uphill next to the city, yet still within the limits of the city. It is often referred to as the 'circle haven', as the buildings are marked with odd arcane sigils. There are few who know of the purpose of the area, even those who live within the city often times are without answer when the questions of such arise. This area was left untouched during the Progression and Purging, for reasons unknown - reasons best left alone.
  14. Well honestly, if you're interested and want to work on something together, now or later depending what we do together.