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  1. Sorry for the delays my peeps! Been a bit too busy with work (finishing up my 8th day in a row Friday!), but I will have everything out on Friday for you all ❤️ Then it's smooth sailing from there. Thank you for the patience, and as always, feel free to skip me in anything that requires me to be skipped. 

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      I don't think I'm in any threads with you but I approve of this message.

  2. Thats the best - a group full of random characters always calls for some ridiculous shenanigans! If you don't require a Noble or even a person from Crystallo, I've got Marley who is a hedge witch trying to get his life together 🥲 He isn't entirely useless, just ... a handful, maybe angsty? Let me know, I'm comfortable tagging along.
  3. I wonder if there are any current players actively playing noble characters, besides @Eternity I'm sure it can easily be said that nobles are floating about, considering that Noble Houses sustain Crystallo. With there being such a major mix of fae, elves, dwarves, and the like, it could be said that not everyone is a noble or 100% a denizen of Crystallo. Nonetheless! I feel that Crystallo is an area anyone can step foot in and visit the mentioned places of interest. If there needs to be some kind of reassurance or a need for more information, I'm sure the board leader will fill us in!
  4. I could be reading the lore incorrectly or perhaps there is more out there than what is being presented, but having a noble guide your character to the tree may not be necessary, UNLESSSS the character being a noble specifically has an affect on the outcome of your characters success. By what I am reading, the tree isn't something hidden from the public. The snippets below make me assume that it is a very special tree and protected, but not necessarily out of reach to the public: Tagging @Eternity to correct me on my assumptions and perhaps give us some filler to work with. I say all this to say that I have a hedge witch who wouldn't mind making his way to Crystallo Stella This would be a fun opportunity for him. The issues are he isn't a noble nor is he from Crystallo
  5. @The Hummingbird @Mickey Flash You can't run away forever - he knows that, has known that for a very long time now. Ever since that dirty elf opened up his vault and drew him outside, things haven't lined up right. She left him to go out into the world on his own, a world that was no longer familiar but far more welcoming than what he could remember. If they ever met again, he will make sure that he turns that nasty little elf into a frog or maybe a gnat, something indistinguishable and weak. All he wanted to do was sleep undisturbed, then he would not be in this weird predicament. Marley looked down at his hand and wondered how in the world ... his attention was grabbed by the tug of the ropes attached to his restrained wrists. This strange position reminded him of how he ended back in Dashkanchay. When the fight had broken out in the bar, individuals not associated with those who attacked Immie and whatever that other man's name is, snatched him with a bit too much ease for his liking. Just because he's a witch does not mean he's frail; they had done something strange to him. Another tug to the ropes made him look up at his captors. They've only exchanged a few words when necessary; for the most part, it appeared they knew precisely where they needed to go. If that's the case, why did they need him? Surely there are other hedge witches to be found in this world; there's no reason to go after him. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to think over the knot still occupying the back of his head. That combined with the heaviness in his chest, Marley was uncomfortable, weakened, and utterly confused by this whole ordeal. There are about ten of them, all dressed like common mercenaries, yet they give off the impression they are far more intelligent than ruffians. They worked in shifts; five are scouting ahead, and two are exploring behind, leaving the other three to continue forward with him being dragged along. They all have varying accents, which can only mean they're from everywhere, yet nowhere. He recognizes none of them, but the way they looked at him, have dragged him back to Dashkanchay, meant they knew him. 'Tansy, go back.' Tansy was able to stay hidden (or allowed to remain hidden). 'I can't risk you getting caught.' 'They're here.' Marley glanced over his shoulder, catching the two scouts rushing towards the three leaders. 'Who is here, Tansy?' He was desperate for information on the outside world, and it looked like the scouts brought some dangers with them. He can't make out their language; if it's that, maybe it's a code of some sort to keep him out of the loop. Nonetheless, they looked at him before suddenly pushing him forward, their sense of urgency now doubled. Tansy watched them take Marley away before hopping the opposite way. There were others on the island, and he has every intention of investigating these new bodies.
  6. @Mickey Flash "So, are you going to lead the conversation or?" Rohini glanced down, noting how the small woman had tilted her head as if heavy with thought. There had been something between the woman and Skacharm, leaving him curious enough to ask her about it from time to time. He guessed it has to do something with propriety, class, and whatever else you have that has kept her at arm's length away from the handsome elf. It could also have something to do with Areille's brother and his control issues, not that it stopped her from stepping foot outside of her sibling's realm. There are just a few too many variables for him to consider, and she isn't the sort to be forthcoming with her feelings. "We are here to congratulate them both, Rohini." Her response led their walk into a crawl as he hesitated, unsure how to respond or comfort the unusually melancholic individual. "It is the most appropriate response. We must be diplomatic ... this is just a diplomatic response." He was not going to push her to explain further, knowing well enough that it'd turn into some back and forth that'd lead nowhere. His curiosity is at an all-time high, though. Did she like the elf? Oh, did the elf like her? Were they teasing feelings that will never blossom? Rohini is not one to play cupid, and he'd instead just let the two figure it all out for themselves, but he would love to see them have an actual interaction with one another. Their little expedition to find Malia and the prearrangement between Areille and Skacharm were not ideal situations. Maybe a dance would be. "Our Lord, it is a pleasure to meet you once again," he led the introductions. He bowed while Areille curtsied low, both showing their respect for Skacharm and Malia, who had just been guided to the dance floor. It was a lovely sight, enough, so he was half tempted to ask her for the next dance if allowed. "It looks like the Queen is enjoying the festivities." "You two know how to throw a fantastic party; I'm sorry we missed the very beginning." Areille had heard about the hunt and wondered how Rohini would have done; the thought itself was comical enough to draw a smile across her timid face. "I hope all has been well with you both." Opal hues were affixed upon the elf's face, something she has touched and will never be able to see, leaving her fingertips the only witness to such beauty.
  7. Aleksei Aleksei it rhymes with...nothing.


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  8. Hey! Thanks for the follow :bigsmile:

  9. @Noko @DarkHorse They watched her lift her face to the sky like some werewolf getting ready to serenade the stars above. She could claim that she had the remarkable ability to sniff the air and know when it's going to rain or any such nonsense. She could claim pretty much anything she wanted at that point, yet she chose to keep herself affixed on the reality of her surroundings. Riforte had turned her face to the heavens because it was a habit, and whatever the wind brought her, she took graciously. The woman wore the cloak of darkness comfortably, while the random bunch scattered around her nervously played with their weapons. How could anyone not enjoy the secrets of the night? How could anyone not feel freedom when doused in mystery? Sure, this area isn't ideal for the weak and is uncomfortable for the strong, surely these men have felt danger and have danced with death - surely. Why she can count on one hand how many times she has died, and every time was more exhilarating than the last. Could say they left her breathless. A scowl mars her features when the echo of a branch breaking underfoot reached her already distracted ears. The nighttime sounds of the forest and mountains had become a delicious symphony to her senses, and to have it randomly ruined put her in a sour mood. Her followers were not a delicate bunch, reminding her how spoiled she had been with real people who all had decorum flowing through their veins. On the one hand, she missed each and every one of them, and on the other, she was happy to be far away from the life she is so uncertain of; memories and thoughts of yesteryear haunt her mind like an inky Spector fluttering through empty halls. Turning into figurative vultures, the group hovered around the camp, their bellies hungry for action. Riforte rubbed her fingertips together, calming the itch to move while she listened to them struggle with what they're looking at. Shoving away the nauseating feeling of extreme familiarity, the untamed woman stepped behind the men and tapped her chin in mock thought. "Run at it," she said confidently. "We have to break through the barrier, right?" They all nodded in a far too eager manner, making her pretty lips stretch into a broad, happy smile. How did they know it was a barrier? They sipped eagerly at her honey words. "So run at it, weapons raised. What are they going to do? There's like a handful of them to the army of us, and they're going to be too busy protecting the woman. Yeah? Yeah." She wasn't convincing enough to make them immediately move, making her feel a little proud. This entire journey, they've kept her suspicious self at arm's length, so she did not expect them to immediately jump ship. They still jumped, though. It was a mess after that. The first man to run forward was immediately regretful of his decision, his friend who followed him didn't stop soon enough to not be repelled as well, and everyone else was stuck in the sands of disbelief. Now the enemy knew they were there and the mercenaries had to make a decision: go after their goal or go after the woman they hadn't trusted since the beginning. She was happy either way, maybe next time they'll think twice about interrupting her silence with their heavy feet.
  10. SORRY! Got a tad caught up in my finals and let time pass me by. Thanks for the patience ❤️ writing resumes Monday.

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  11. Awesome! I just finished my 7 day stretch at work 🥲 I'll be posting in places tonight and Friday night ❤️
  12. @Noko @DarkHorse Riforte withheld her opinions to herself, feeling that it was unnecessary to make friends so quickly on the first date. The individuals who have collected together for the bounty were ... rambunctious, to say the least. Mercenaries have always been out of the realm of - oh, what's the word? 'Excuse me.' The woman stuffed her thoughts away in a pocket already overflowing with 'things to do later' and turned her attention to the intrusive voice. These days, so many intrusive voices leave her to ponder who is exactly relaying her thoughts and who is genuinely thinking them. Had a wisp tapped her mind when she had fallen asleep? Was the structural integrity of her insanity finally crumbling - after so long? Whatever the case, the 'excuse me' came from an actual person, one who glares down at her with accusatory eyes. Such hatefulness, she can almost taste it in the air. "There is no excuse for you," was her reply. The words just slipped out, leaving herself and her company bewildered by the simplicity of the accusation. Accusation? No, she thinks, lifting her face to the sky, accusation isn't the right word for the sticky reply. Nothing came of it, though. She stepped aside, allowing the man and his crew to begrudgingly move by her; they only left behind pitiful insults in their wake. Thankful for the cold response, the woman took her sweet time following after them. She has shown her intellect, making her something of a coveted piece to this wild goose chase. Not all mercenaries are known for their intelligence and delicate touch, and the bunch of coconuts she's been put with certainly amplify the best parts of the said description. It's only by her past discretions has she put them on the right path to their bounty, properly securing her place above them, yet not one of them. In truth, she knows their endgame; it's all a bit too cliché and a bit too familiar for her to just shake off. If they're on the same wavelength here, they will betray her as soon as they get their prey, leaving her empty-handed and all that nonsense. Exhaling, she trudges forth. Golden eyes flash with some minor determination, the delicate glow illuminating the scattered freckles across her cheeks. It is exhilarating doing what one was born to be: chaotic.
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