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  3. MWSfaHSwfPiHM

    Everyone went to their respective group, doing much of the work on their own, which is a very encouraging aspect of it all. For now, it showed that they could all work together, or at least understand one another to a point, and that made her feel more at ease with the decision of allowing outsiders in. She has never been under the impression that they are invincible, so she doesn't operate under such airs. The first group set off, but before they went too far, the woman sent them with a parting gift that would be helpful in case they find themselves pressed into a corner. A tiny sweet bird with plumage brightly colored green, its beak a gentle curve of yellow; silently it floated above the group, the knowledge of its existence established long before this excursion was a thought. Its use had not been revealed to the group though; she figured it would be best to keep it hidden until the right moment. Into the depths of the rotting city, creatures turned by the events lurked with minds dripping from their rotting ears. Long ago this city was a prosperous piece of land that held many dreams and hopes, with an equal amount of dangers and issues as any city would. The people that had once inhabited Kuratel now wander about lost and unaware that their existence is one of disturbance and threat. It has been some time since they've had intruders, meaning they are famished. The smell of fresh blood pumping through sun-warmed skin drew them closer, ignoring that the group also carried with determination with them. Each beating of their hearts pushed the corpses forward; every time they spoke, it was a symphony of angels to their rotting senses. Urged by anticipation, the swarm of dangers awakened, causing the city to surge with noise and unique power - it shook, it screamed. In a matter of minutes, the group was attacked, pressured backward as they try to move forward. MAde clear, the possibility of getting to their destination while fighting through the hoards is impossible. Already the whole city knows the living has landed, and soon enough the entirety of Kuratel's dangers will be on top of the moving group. As they fought, Elson moved, their current path suddenly laid before them but not clear of hazards. The dead still walked the streets, some at a fast pace than others, some having weapons in their strong hands, and some with even an inkling of magic flowing in their melted veins. Feeling the reawakening of the city, she turned to face her small group of people with a hidden smile. Their work is going to be tough, now that Kuratel is aware of the strangers walking its streets. "I want the dragons." The words fell from her lips with a sincere determination that pierced her followers. Sitting on her shoulders are two small birds, each as colorful and sweet as the one that had left with the first group. Together they looked around with dark eyes, eyeing the group, the city, and then the sky they so wished to fly against. Just like their companion, their reasoning for being there is hidden and extremely useful. "I am not against killing them when necessary, but I would prefer to have them obtained in the best manner possible. I will do the binding and most of the wrangling, while you all incapacitate them." The woman moved, beginning the dance on the outskirts of the city. She had no idea where the dragons could be, what they are capable of, and how they will react being intruded upon. These are risks she is willing to take, even if it means risking the lives of all those involved, a risk on their lives they all were willing to take. As they moved, she searched. The land beneath her feet is bright with color, strings of energy flowing from each corpse, connecting them all in a tangled web of possibilities. It has been some time since she was put in a position to use her limited sight, so all the colors, all the vibrations, threaten to confuse her. She gritted her teeth and took in a deep breath of humid air; today is not the day to be overwhelmed so quickly. There are many depending on their success, and she will not be the reason for their failure. When the ground shook, she lifted her head to the sky, searching for what lurked behind smoke and clouds. Surrounding them was another hoard of undead, but they appeared to be less than interested in approaching the small group. "Looks like the dragons are hiding, how about we draw them to us?"
  4. Lost In Translation

    Seyge knew that there was no turning back, with his yells of obvious discomfort and the scratching against her floor, time will only tell when they'll be discovered by a concerned or nosy neighbor. This was something she had wanted to avoid, to remain under the radar as she has some years she has lived in her simple home. Tonight will be the first night any of her neighbors would approach, or hopefully, they'll continue to mind their business and not care about the strangeness flowing from her apartment. Sucking in a deep and shaky breath, she resigned herself to the task at hand, no matter the consequences that it'll bring her. There is a strange creature bleeding and talking some weird language on her floor; it's clear she is in far more in-depth than she readily admits. What is she going to say when someone does see him? How in the world is he going to understand what is happening? The tweezers moved graciously under her guidance, now that she is set on just relieving his pain and not worry so much about keeping quiet. Lavender hues looked at him from time to time, offering a kind smile to soothe his pain and to also collect her nerves. This is such an awkward situation for the both of them, and she not knowing how he feels, it makes her feel out of sorts. Once she gets the bullet out, what's going to happen? There is no way she can let him go out on his own, yet how can she protect something like him? 'Got it!' Her exclamation came out as a massive whisper; the bullet pinched by the tweezers hovered above his open wound. Triumphantly, she dropped the bullet off the side and soon became flustered. Of course, the wound! She looked at it with a frown creasing her soft face, then everything else rushed at her all at once. The wound, him, everything involved with him - how in the world? There was no way she is going just to let him go out like he is, but there is entirely no way she can stop him. Whoever injured him did it with purpose, as one usually does when hurting someone. 'Wait!' Seyge quickly stood up and rushed to her cluttered desk. Digging through all her notes, books, and various trinkets, she was determined to find something she's been working on. Enchantments have always been natural to her, and now she gets to put that skill to use. Seeing what she was looking for, she rushed over to the creature on the floor and enthusiastically showed him an elaborate necklace that seemed to fit his vibe. A pendant is holding an oval shaped stone of emerald attached to a heavy chain of gold; it was her design, something she had set aside, allowing it be buried underneath other projects. Slowly she gestured him to put it on, and once he did, he would transform into a human.
  5. Friday Knight Lights

    The display was somewhat sweet; the man was made more of a genteel giant when placed in the realm of the small girl. While her beauty was breathtaking and her manners wonderfully displayed, it did very little to hide the glow of a girl in the den of wolves. Displayed against their Blue Knight, Amelia looked all the delicate flower she is, and against her feelings, Shahdee smiled prettily at the sight of the two dancing in swirls of colors and conversation. In a way she envied them, she loves to dance and indulge in the delights of others company, is left to stand on the side with the cackling of women holding her still. If she left, she would be laughed at, and while her armor is thick against such low blows, she is only human. Ignoring the women and their accusations, paying little mind to the men who see her as conquest, she finds herself in a precarious position of entitlement. To leave would make them laugh more, the rumors would inevitably flame the rushes. The woman wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her brother to these hyenas, anyways. His smile when dancing was enough to relax her nerves and melt the growing icy barrier around her person. As the final wall dropped, a person made themselves known. For a minute the question stunned her, leaving her to stand and stare at the lovely Lady Ada before she graciously showed her respects with a delicate bow. Being approached so nonchalantly knocked Shahdee off her horse - something a family trait it would seem. There was almost an instant exchange of admiration between the two, allowing her to smile brightly, revealing rows of perfect teeth that hardly see the light of day. Happily saved, the woman plucks the offered glass from the Lady's hand. "I adore dancing, to me it's poetry in motion. You don't need words to communicate, just the fluidity of steps and the understanding of being held by your eager partner. I've just not found the right partner for the night, sadly enough." She spoke with a limited accent, but there was an airy hint of the French lilt draped across her words. She and Monty gained their accent from their mother, though with time and teaching they've learned to tame it. Ada's appropriate compliments of the clucking women made Shahdee smile against the edge of her glass. A massive wave of relief washed over her as her cause is championed, and by another woman for that matter. The ladies naturally horrified for being called out on their deeds took their hushed tones somewhere else, where people of their ilk lurked. The drink, the general splendor, and Ada coming to her rescue, all these things conspired to relax her. For a moment she can forget that she is not some woman sworn to be placed aside due to unreasonable rumors and her unnatural ways. Self-pity gets no one anywhere fast. "Thank you," she stared lovingly at her smiling brother locked in the sway of his partner, "I often think I dote on him too much, but can I honestly be blamed?" Her attention shifted to the Blue Knight and his sweet partner, noting the change of air between the couple. "Excuse me if I'm too much, but what secrets does the man hide beneath all that lovely plumage?" Part of her question is in jest, though the rest carried conspiracy. No one goes to such great strengths to hide their face; there's something else about the giant man that made her curious enough to give him favor and praise. A part of her can say that she gave away a ribbon to congratulate him on his winning, but how honest would that be? Unfortunately, Shahdee is victim to the charms of a mystery. "Oh goodness!" Bright eyes widened at the sudden stumbling and ridding of the Lady Amelia. The girl left a trail of concerned looks and speculation, also a lone Blue Knight. The cacophony of talk was enough to urge Shahdee through the crowd, not without offering Ada opportunity to follow if she so wished. Montgomery was left intrigued, though he knew better than to step foot into the matters of others - so unlike his sister. When he caught sight of his sister moving in the same direction as the Lady, he pasted on a titled smile. Trouble, he thought, there is always trouble. Tonight Shahdee is obviously not the only one who needs saving.
  6. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

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  7. Pictures of Us

    LOL She has a pretty cheesy smile SORCERY!!
  8. Pictures of Us

    Avalynn got new pretties Now pics of her doing what she loves: eating on the couch, which she's not supposed to do.
  10. Friday Knight Lights

    Rumor always follows the curious. When Monty had been born, there was rejoice - a boy, an heir to their father's heritage! Unbeknownst to the young babe, he had been prayed for and now all things tremendous and acceptable lay atop his shoulders. Not long after the boy was born, a girl followed, and while the rejoice was equal, there had been an air of uncertainty. Women born into this strange world are often restricted to her station and the judgments of others. The Moray family was already long established before the parents were even a thought, so having a girl in the lineage was nothing strange or frowned upon. It was, and is, a careful consideration though. Which is why the rumor is always lurking in the strange and unique. All families of importance knew that Judith Moray had given birth to a babe, nothing else was said about the child, other than it was a girl. Almost as if she were a pox on the family name, people talked, they whispered about the mysterious child that had been kept close to the bosom of her mother. The most famous of all rumors were she had been born a disabled person, a disfigured being that shouldn't be graced by the light of day. Others say she had been sickly and kept safe inside the household of sailors and merchants. None of these things were true, though that did little to quell the fires of assumptions. The truth is, Shahdee had been born into the warmth of a household who waited so long for her arrival. Surrounded by a loving family, Ranulf Moray knew that his sweet child would never feel the taint of high society as long as he lives. Judith was in accord, so they raised Shahdee in a very unnatural manner. The girl grew up learning the ledgers, the happenings on the ships and markets her family is known for, and she also learned to ride a horse like a man, learned to read like a man. Her education was not standard, a fitting description for the girl now a woman. Her mother hoped that her daughter would enter a nunnery of some kind, become a prioress where she'd have control and leadership. Oh how quickly preordained plans fail. Ranulf and Judith were lost at sea some time ago, along with their precious ship and its equally precious cargo. Dark times then. Montgomery was thrust into position as Baron far sooner than expected; he wasn't allowed the pleasures of mourning the loss of his parents. Shahdee knew her life in silent seclusion was at an end. The Games have been her first time out in high society. On the arm of her brother, the woman was targeted, something she had expected but was not prepared for. Women found her to be obscene, commenting on her attire, the freckles dancing across the bridge of her nose and how they should be powdered, next they made sure to tug at her hair when they could, spreading the rumor that it was fake even though the color matched Monty's. She learned quickly to use her words to detach herself from unnecessary patrons, knowing that her only advantage over the other women was to use her quick tongue to fight against their venomous words. It was tiring though. How many of these people can keep up with the gossip is astounding and probably something to admire. Because it is essential for her brother to mingle with the men and dance with the women, he left Shahdee to her thoughts. Skirted to the outside of the dancing line, she mingled with the drinkers and the conversationalists. Unfortunately, she could not blend in with the rest, dressed to her station the delicate woman stuck out as much as she had at the lists. Her hair was unbound, brushed till it shone like liquid gold; fat curls tickled her waist and bare shoulders. The selected dress for the night was lovely in both feel and appearance; the large sleeves bubbling at elbow to wrist showed the delicateness of shoulders and arms, and the halter and belt accentuated untraveled dips and curves of her figure. Shahdee looked the part of Lady Moray, but she wasn't sure how to represent the title with actions and words. For a moment she had been lost in her thoughts, not at all paying attention to the courtly figures and dancers circling around her. What broke her from her revery was the appearance fo The Blue Knight and Lady Ada - it's clear who everyone was clapping and cheering for. She did not join in the jovial procession. Instead, she took her time examining the man and his towering figure, the smile on her face growing more extensive and broader upon his approach. Appropriately she stepped back to allow the two to pass, bowing deeply at the waist for respect. All the right actions, except when she rose she released a soft giggle. What a scene this man is! From the neck down he was all gentleman and man, but the mystery lays inside the highly decorated helm. What was he hiding behind all that shimmer and shine? So bold enough to think, there has to be a handsome face underneath all that metal, which makes her wonder how many other women have considered the same thing. Bless the man; he is going to be the attempt of many womanly conquests this night.
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    AYYYYY! I remember making that thing forever ago! I'm glad you kept it Mine, I actually stole it from @sunbreaker_ . He made some pretty sweet lookin stuff, so when he had this pair I went ahead and just took it. I've had the avatar and signature for some years now and have no plan on changing it.
  12. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

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  13. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

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