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  1. Primera is still inside the castle the ballroom to be exact.
  2. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Anon When he leaned in to whisper, she met him in the middle, making them look like a couple of conspirators. He saw right through her, and to show that she’s been had, the woman eagerly smiles and giggles as he lays down his rules with sly comments meant for her to catch. Their conversation has flowed with ease and eagerness, to leave it alone would be a crime and she isn’t the sort to just leave fellow conspirator behind to eat her dust. “And expensive too!” She turned around in her chair, waving a hand across the massive crowd. So many faces lost at sea here, yet everyone appears to have paired or grouped off, making the atmosphere continuously jovial and welcoming. Anyone who has never dipped their toes into such a gigantic body of water may find themselves overwhelmed and suddenly drowning from the crashing and rising waves. Not her, she’s earned her gills. “You see all those people? I know they are willing to pay a pretty penny to be shown the more interesting parts of the palace, like the roof.” The last part was obviously fashioned from her imagination, with the rooftops being domed there is no way anyone is going up there for anything. Turning back around in her chair, curls flying around her shoulders and face, her smile splitting her features. He was tempting her and she is allowing herself to be drawn in by his smile, his kindness, and his obvious tricks. A moth to a flame, if you will. Esme knew that tonight there’s magic in the air, manipulating them all to just indulge and love, and as the two talked over the bar with smiles on their faces she knew that it was the atmosphere. And she didn’t care. “Or a proper guide would take you outside to the gardens, where you can see the fireworks and the hanging lights. Of course you’d have to pay them a proper price, because these sorts of things aren’t free.”
  3. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Rin @Chappu “I do!” She can understand the woman's confusion whole heartily. Any other time you'd be able to see the various street signs pointing in the direction you wish to go, and often enough you can grab a person for help, but there's too many decorations and way to many people to be able to use said resources. “It's a pleasure to meet you Rin. If you'd like, just follow me, I'm actually on my way to the castle.” Primera requested she be there to help with the various hopeful conversations to happen this night. Various eyes looked about with curiosity and wonder; this beauty expands all across Renovatio, but it is a beauty that's been fought hard for. Peace is a tangible thing tonight and the inhabitants of her proud home will drink from it, live in it while it lasts. They know from experience that peace can be a fickle thing, and it's best to enjoy her gifts now. This enjoyment swimming through their streets, tainting their air, she is depending on such things to elevate her hope. “What brings you here Rin?” She asked the question while allowing a large group to sweep on by. Not many are going to the castle unless they wish to speak with the Grande Kommandant or tour the beautiful structure. Rin doesn't look entirely familiar, but that is truly no fault of her own. Renovatio had closed itself to the outside world, leaving the inhabitants ignorant and oblivious to anything beyond their reach. Assuming, Lemoine thinks the lady is here for business, or else she wouldn't have asked directions to the castle. As the last of the group flutters by, Lemoine becomes suddenly distracted by a familiar feeling. The familiarity brought tears to her eyes as a flood of emotions stunned and halted her. It has been more than enough time since they've last talked to one another, and not on purpose. He had helped her find her reason, gave her strength and courage; she owes him more than he'll ever accept from her. “Dominic!” Not meaning to be rude to her company, but too thrilled to see a familiar face, the woman turned and threw her arms around his torso. Larger and much more chiseled than herself, her arms barely reached around and she seemed to disappear in the arms of the man. He would feel her try to squeeze him half to death and her smile searing through his clothing while she kept him close. To see him with all his limbs in place made her feel immensely relieved. A man that's constantly hungry for adventure, it's an amazing thing to see him standing so tall - and relieving. “I'm so happy to see you!”
  4. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @dvsn She hid in the shadows and listened to the tune of people speaking, watched their bodies move against the conversations as they flourished underneath the jovial atmosphere. It intrigued her, to say the least. So many people with smiles pasted on their faces, drinks in their hands for liquid courage … they made her nervous. Every single one of them wandering around her home, dancing and singing and talking in a myriad of colors and languages she's never even heard before. Their beauty dazzled her, which is why she slithered into the shadows behind marbled pillars. Months and months have gone into making the event; every little detail, right down to the napkins on the tables, had been planned for and detailed to fit the celebration. They’ve gone out of their way to welcome these strangers, a necessary thing, or so her mother said. Areille wasn’t sure what opinion she should have about the fun, all she knows is it’s very overwhelming to have her home so full that it’s bursting at the seams from all the activity. From where she stands she can see them, watch them, and be prepared for any shenanigans they want to pull. Spotted by someone - a guard, a protector, someone - she quickly grabbed handfuls of champagne gown and began a quick shuffle away. Not ready to face the crowd, she wants to stay hidden just for a little longer before she’s forced to join her mother and aunt. Of course there will be other familiar people there, like Desmond and his brother Connor, but she’s not ready to dive into the waters of conversations that will have nothing to do with her - so she hopes. In order to disappear, the young lady stepped into the crowds and stumbled over her heavy steps. Not meaning to, she accidently bumped shoulders with a very unsuspecting woman with a now half-full glass of champagne. Giving her condolences, she spun and began to go the opposite way; gently she laid her hand on cold shoulders, parting through already gathered groups, just to get out of the light and back into a corner. There was no more comfort to be found in her home and it made her nervous. “Ah, man!” The words left her lips before her mind could provide her with a better exclaim. Her flee away brought her to a man dressed oddly for the occasion, and even though she had bumped into him, she gave him a very incredulous look. Red brows knit together in confusion as she looked him up and down with opal hues which glittered and gleamed with an interest she wasn’t aware of. “I made you spill your drink.” Areille reached forward to help sweep away the spilled drink from his attire, but instantly knew it was unnecessary. He wore a strange armour that made her draw her hands back as if she’s been burned from merely touching it. The golden crescent moon on her forehead, just between her eyes, it burned with life when she had touched him. Was it warning her or? “I’ll get you another.” She spun, causing long strands of curled red hair to dance across her back and shoulders. Her urgency to find the stranger a drink felt suddenly snuffed now as she came face to face with the enormous crowd. It looked so much bigger and stronger and clearer in the light.
  5. Thanks for the like!

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      Of course! You've shown some awesome improvement and I like Arashi's interactions with Koji so much >D

  6. Caesura

    She had been a silent audience to the event, knowing that Corvinus must fight this battle alone and would not tolerate her interference. For once she had been a very obedient wife and stayed in her place, watched and waited until it was her time to act, if such a time were to come during this sudden confrontation. Leoa has always understood her husband's dislike anything that is unnatural and not human; never once judging him for his choices to be prejudice, she honored him by standing aside and allowing him to attack and fight against something that goes against the nature Corvinus so believes in. Wearing her mantle as Grande Ucissore well, Leoa stepped away through her shadows where she is protected from the forces at hand. The ring on her finger allowed her to become a spectator by being able to manipulating the shadows, the Lion was grateful for her husband's gift. Looking through the window she watched, calculated the steps and missteps, and admired the scene that had unfolded before her into a mess of disproportionate powers where Corvinus is left to be the loser of this match. While Roen disgusted her husband, Leoa found herself smiling with interest, wondering what else the Devil has hidden under his sneaky little sleeve. If only the circumstances had been different then she could ask him questions, press him for answers. Too bad things had to turn out this way. Able to withstand the strains of her abilities, Leoa steps out of her shadowy room into the fray of the battle. Her heart beat quietly underneath her skin, hopefully not giving away how she felt about the sight of her husband bleeding from injuries he should have never gotten to begin with. Nonetheless she appeared before the dark man, materializing from his shadow he fell to meet. Stronger than the man roaring against his injuries, against his loss, against the exaggerated creature before them, she wove a single arm around his torso and scooped him up in one fluid motion. If he wished to fight against her due to his confusion, so be it. He is a human while she is something more than such, making her stronger and far more durable, thus she'd be able to snuff his attempts without interrupting her actions. In her hold, on her third step the two disappears into the shadows beneath them in a matter of seconds. Warping the shadows around she slips through them, transporting she and Corvinus to the safest place she can think of without being interrupted and without being a disruption. Basically being the only person in Kadia who can use her power freely, Leoa is capable of bypassing Corvin's anathematic influence. The ring on her finger is directly linked between her and him; the band is platinum with a red core and the crystal black, which is made from their blood. It is truly a wonder all in itself.
  7. I never miss a post, especially in such a large event like this, so don't ever worry about that. You'll get a response from me eventually, just at this moment with Valucre being down as long as it was () I wasn't able to read your response and write my own while waiting for the site to return. I am finishing up my last two overnight shifts for work and going to school full time, so this week is a little bit of a crunch, buuuuut I'll be responding to you and a few others this week after attending to some school needs. Also don't ever worry about a character being "stuck". You are allowed to be in multiple places, it's all on you to determine the timing of it all. So, you are never stuck anywhere!
  8. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Diremast Poor Dilon was abandoned the very second the two stepped foot inside the castle. It has been a very long time since she's been home and had been beyond excited to be able to participate in the events as a civilian, and not as a Zodiac Knight or a member of Kadia’s elite. She'd been looking forward to wearing something ridiculously pretty and dancing the night away without having to talk politics or perform her basic duties. The night was reserved for drinking, dancing, and casual conversation with Dilon hanging off her arm like the handsome accessory that he is. All had been according to plan; a gray dress to play homage to Dilon’s name, and to amuse her personal needs there's tulle for days making up the skirt of her dress, so when she walked, twirled, and danced she would have to be creative or else drown underneath the stuffs. The sweetheart neckline exposed her lack of arm and accentuated the other. There had been some hesitancy, but Dilon reassured her that she'd look marvelous - and she did. While her attire was on point and some of her expectations met, Elodie was met at the castle entrance by countless faces painted with exuberance and excitement to see the young woman. Chatting just wasn't enough though, so she was taken away from her date to mingle, drink, and be merry with friends and acquaintances. Thankfully Dilon has acclimated to big parties such as these, making her feel comfortable enough to leave him alone for just a bit while she satisfied the group with her presence. They all talked and laughed and went on and on about their lives; the smiles on their faces and the color to their cheeks paint a picture of happiness. Yet, through all the fun and attention, she found herself looking over the heads of the crowd for Dilon. Call it a feeling, if you will. They don't share some magical connection that goes off like a light when the other is stressed or in danger; it's a little more natural than that. She felt something shift, and excusing herself while evading questions towards her behavior, Elodie departed her group to search for her other half. It hadn't taken long with the red string of fate guiding her. Her tunnel vision made him stick out like a bright light splashed against dark and rocky shores. Guided, she floated his way and took his hand upon arrival, giving it a squeeze to calm the shaking. She didn't ask for the cause of his stress, her only want was to calm him by giving some of her strength to him. “Dilon?” She followed his gaze to the perpetrators, and new instantly why he struggled. There he stood, in all his glory and all his hate - Elion. A strangeness passes between them, leaving her awkwardly dispositioned. What can she say to him? Hello isn’t sufficient and her apologies won’t be accepted. She had no words for the woman with him, which made the exchange a bit more awkward and cold as they all stood there in a disproportionate group of nerves and feelings.
  9. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Anon She watched him like one does a magician: focused, intrigued, wondered. He moved with practiced flicks and whisks of his wrists, not once taking his attention away from his task but all the while knowing his surroundings well. Watching him made her excited to know more about this stranger, like how he was able to shake and rumble and concote with wizard skills. Being ignorant as she is when it comes to drinks beyond water and the fruity kind, she is completely enamored and her need to know more exasperated when he slid her a pretty drink properly decorated. The correction to his name had at first gone over her pretty head, leaving her to look at him with wide eyes filled with thanks. She realized what he meant when the glass was balanced on the edge of her lips; coated in the delicious drink, they spread into a wide and happy smile that’s paired with laughter. Setting the glass down she continues to laugh, a bright and silly thing that almost gave the band a run for its money. It must be a common thing for him, having to explain his name. Warmed with laughter, she takes a considerable sip of her drink and savors it, letting it sit on her tongue and swish between her teeth. A thoughtfulness paints her flushed face, causing her eyes to shift and shimmer as the tastes assaulted her sensitive senses. The word delicious hardly gives it justice, though if she were to go on and sing him bravado it may be a little embarrassing and possibly make her look presumptuous. Either way she clapped for the man without a name tag, showing her appreciation through gestures she wears well with her honesty. “No, this fish has had enough of those tumultuous waters.” Bare shoulders rose in a subtle shrug while coy fingers stuffed a loose curl behind a small ear. The dancing, the laughing, and now the drinking, her night has exceeded her earlier expectations and will probably continue to do so while in the company of Syr. Feeling caught, the small woman began to better organize her mess - she has manners, she swears! “What about yourself? Are you going to dip your toes into the fray or are you stuck behind here?” She asked while her decorative pins were bunched together and her necklace folded neatly before her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude; all the dancing has me scattered brained.” His early compliment did not go over her head, so unlike his previous explanation to his name. The hairtuck, the change in conversation, showed she is a shy soul when it comes to compliments when they’re from earnest and happy men who mean what they say. Knowing without knowing, Esme is sure in her confident evaluation of Syr, he is a honest person who has no reason to feed her half-hearted compliments. And if proven wrong, she is sure that there are reasons for his silver-tongued ways and would take the hit to her pride fully with a open-armed welcome. “Esme by the way, and thank you for the drink! You’ve proven yourself to be kind and rather skilled. What else are you able to do? Bake cakes? Churn butter? Or are you more a magician where you make dreams feel tangible and magic curious?”
  10. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @dvsn Remmington knows, she doesn't need anyone to tell her, to remind her how pitiful her inability to withstand the harshness of her memories. It's something you try to bury deep underneath your fingernails or behind the rib cage just behind your heart. Countless times she's buried it, unburied it, only to repeat the process over and over again until she's nothing but a pitted husk of a person who has fallen weak to her frailty. You try to find reason, to give it some sort of substance to better understand why such things happen and then you can decide what to do with it, what route to take to dissolve it from your life. "No, not at all." And like that, the weight of her problems are kicked back into the dusty corners of her feelings. Justis asked only because he has to, not because he has interest in her emotions, unless they pertain to Eva and whatever else is attached to the Sun. It's understood on her part that she is just an accessory to an already beautiful and wealthy man who needed nothing from Remmington. She is the rocky shore to his homebound ship, and she knows that no matter how well guided a Captain is, even the best can't avoid danger and she is most certainly a danger to Evaristus. It gave her a feeling of awkwardness, something she's not felt for a long time. While her skills are merely a cultivation of needing something to do and finding herself a place to fit in, she is good and she is damn proud of the strengths that have helped mold her into this quivering woman hiding behind red fabrics. In her desperation for something she found it, took it without question, and has never once asked for forgiveness. Wiping the tears from her cheeks she felt revitalized with meaning and determination. She can't just be a thing at her Sun's side, she has to prove that she is meant to be there, and she will bleed, die if she must, to make them all see she's worthy. “I’m just a pitiful sod.” Pitiful and terrified, she thought shamefully to herself. Before rising she took her time to rearrange the curls of her hair and its decorations, thinking that if she must play the part of puppet tonight she will, if only to ensure the safety of Eva. She’s always had low levels of social provision, if it hadn’t been for her moment of fear and self-loathing she would have already stuck her head in a hole somewhere or become part of the tapestries just to be ignored by all the people around her. Too much, she has often said about home, yet a small smile has always punctuated the saying. Finally standing, she took in a deep gulp of fresh air full of chalk and conversation flowing from everywhere - makes her feel sick. She shook the large skirt of her red dress, doing away with any dirt and flower petals that might have attached themselves to it; it had been picked out by herself and no one else, keeping Eva in mind as he’s never seen her in anything so extravagant. “Take me to my Sun, please.” Put back together she stepped over the remainder of the flowers and the cobblestones of her little private spot, leaving behind a piece of herself to be planted into the ground.
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