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  1. We are a day behind my peeps and I’m sorry about that. We are just now getting our internet put in, so i should be back tonight!

  2. I am 100% still alive! We are currently in the middle of our move (yaaay!) and I will have posts out for you peeps on Wednesday. 

  3. I’m alive!

    Sorry for the random bit of slowness on my part. I had interviews all afternoon yesterday and today I had to fill out paperwork as I was offered a job position this morning - yay!!

    Posts will flow out tomorrow afternoon/night. 

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    2. supernal


      Just as I was about to say good luck, it turned into congratulations!

    3. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl


    4. Aleksei
  4. Posts will be flowing out on Monday! I have job interviews this weekend that will be keeping me ridiculously busy and hopelessly preoccupied.

    Monday and Tuesday, I will be returning to flood the forum ❤️

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    2. princeben07


      good luck!!! see ya around!!!





    3. Malintzin


      Good luck!

    4. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Good luck with your job interviews.  :smile:

  5. Passed my recently round of classes and have been allowed to have 2 weeks off! Expect some posting to happen starting tomorrow 💕

    1. Michael Bloodfang

      Michael Bloodfang

      Glad to have you back! I have been waiting for our RP. Take care! 😄

  6. "WTF KARINA!"

    I know, I know. I say I'm going to come back and then completely drop off the face of the earth and for that I am mucho sorries. 

    Things kind of got a little hectic for me and my attention was drawn to other things. I applied for about 1000 jobs and out of those I got 999 interviews, where one job forgot about the interview and tried to push it two days later, wasting my time completely. The rest went well, I interviewed and dazzled them with my brilliance. One job hired me on the spot and the rest I was waiting for my background check to clear and see what they have to say. All in all, I was stupid busy with job hunting and I started orientation this week and worked my first shift yesterday.

    On top of that amazingness that's all titties, school started for me. I have two classes this round -sob- that request I write about 4 essays each for the next six weeks. I don't know why, I guess it's because the college supplies the Professors pay with students tears and frustration, I dunno. My hard work has paid off there though, my graduation date changed from February to TADA! DECEMBER of this year. Cue panic/excited/exhausted/omg mode. 

    I have a job now, but that won't change my soon-to-be activity here on Valucre. I only work 15 hours a week and they're morning shifts to boot, plus Avalynn has been in daycare for about three weeks now and that has freed up my Monday thru Friday from 630am-5pm. I get my schoolwork done ASAPRocky and have some hefty free time on my hands. THAT SAID, I won't be reappearing until late next week. I am getting acclimated to my upcoming work schedule and working out how it'll jive with my schooling. 

    I miss you nerds tho, so have this heart <3 to hold you over until I get back.

  7. AY YOU!

    Thank you for the likes ❤️

    1. Blackguard


      Of course! I'm doing some reading up on the current civil war for my upcoming character and some of the lore links brought me to some actual role play and it's always more fun to learn from that than some article. I'm really enjoying the thread so far and will probably be paying a visit to a similar thread in Hell's Gate.

    2. supernal
  8. And I am back! 

    These last two weeks have been kinda crazy for me so I have a few things I need to catch up on. That said, expect my activity to get back to the usual around Thursday and Friday.

    1. princeben07


      Well hello there my concentrated pill of absolute distortion to reality!! You relieve my RP itch and coalesce on putting deep thoughts so that I can write better. and for that, I am in your DEBT!!! Thank you once again!!WELCOME BACK!!! May the Universe send you and family wisdom and good VIBES!!! I'll see ya around!!!



    2. danzilla3



    3. Fierach


      How was the con?!

  9. Terrible storm hit us a bit hard and knocked the internet out. I'll have more posts up tomorrow night. 

    1. Alexei


       What can I say? :smirk:


    15: Posts Late (9EST)
    17: Posts Late (9EST)
    22: Posts Late (9EST)
    23: Posts Late (9EST)
    25: UNAVAILABLE (Baltimore)
    26: UNAVAILABLE (Baltimore) 
    27: UNAVAILABLE (Baltimore) 
    28: UNAVAILABLE (Baltimore)
    29: UNAVILABLE (Baltimore) 
    30: AVAILABLE (Kiddo starts school ; ~ ?
    31: Posts Late (9EST)

    If anyone needs me for anything, Discord is the fastest way to get a hold of me as I check it very often. If you don't have Discord, a PM works as well too, but it won't be as immediate. 

    I am just getting a few things in order as I get closer to finishing up my Associates Degree (;;-;;), so I am taking two days out of the week (where applicable) Mondays and Wednesdays will forever henceforth be my posting days. Expect late posting those days and on the days I am available I may be able to throw out a post or two depending on my school workload around those days. Weekends I am completely MIA because those are family days and we're pretty much busy partying it up!



    Had to play a little catch-up with school but that is all nice and done, so I will be up and rolling on Friday ❤️

  12. Welcome to Valucre!! 

    1. Blackguard



  13. 100000 years later, I POSTED.

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    2. Dolor Aeternum
    3. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      You coming to the wedding, Jose? ?

    4. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Send the invitation and I'll be there ?

  14. POSTS! Will pour in tomorrow all day ❤️ 

    1. Fierach


      Its raining posts!

  15. I AM ALIVE!

    Posts will be delayed till Monday though. Ms. Avalynn had developed a cough that's making her a tad extra ❤️ And tomorrow we plan on spending some time with Robert for Father's Day.

    Sorry for this delay! I wanted to get things out tonight, but it's not possible with a coughing, sniffling child who (according to her) needs snuggles.

    Stay cool, I will see you guys Monday.

    1. DarkHorse


      Is there a “like button” for mommy solidarity? 

  16. I have the FLU!! 

    Give me a few days of dying and then I'll return with posts and threads ❤️

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    2. Twitterpated



    3. Syncopy


      What does Summer time have to do with the Flu? You can't be that naive... lol.

    4. Twitterpated


      I'm not. Virus is a virus. In this case the flu is a severe "cold" virus. 

  17. Tomorrow is the day! :bigsmile: Mr. Roberto has his fight tomorrow night. We are currently getting ready to leave later tonight.

    I will be posting to a few things throughout the day and then I'll be gone until Monday ❤️ 

    If anyone needs me, reach me on discord. 

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    2. princeben07


      alright!!! Have fun!!!



    3. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Good luck! Beat them good!

    4. amenities


      I'd still kick his ass at a T1

  18. I have not forgotten our arranged engagement! :kiss: I shall have that profile up for you tomorrow.


    So, I need to apologize reallllll quick like. I got food poisoning over the weekend, so I died a little and fell behind hella on some homework. On top of some lovely stressors, my brain has been mush and will be mush for a little longer.

    I am here though and I will be answering some PMs I've gotten over the weekend. My posting will appear next week and this week I am taking some time to do some reading over and catching up (ya'll move fast! and I'm stupid slow >D). Per the usual, anyone can reach me on Discord if you super super need me to reply to something extra fast. Others can text me ( @King DON'T BEAT ME I'VE SEEN YOUR TEXTS). 

    Some changes that will be seen this week is to some lore and all that jazzzzzzzzz. 

    Mucho hugs and mucho kisses.

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    2. Alexei


      Glad you're feeling better. Take your time, I'm just putting up new lore for our elves and the important bits will be done last.

    3. Ataraxy


      How dare you suddenly stop posting because of life


    4. King


      You lucky you dropped this update, because bitch I was coming for you.

  20. 1. I'm alive.
    2. I'm busy.
    3. I love you.

    So I started school a week earlier, I have also tested out of 3 classes, and I am currently just taking one class now. I was taking three classes last week but that's done and over with now.

    That said, I'm alive! Mentally exhausted as all hell but things are finally slowing down. I've said it over and over again, but I will be graduating early to get my associates so I tend to go through highs and lows with my schedule ? I'm a little impatient.

    I am still busy! I only have one class starting Monday, so I am getting acclimated to that. We have also started homeschooling Avalynn at the Pre-K level, so my free time goes to that and is stretched with school too. With one class though I'll be able to finish homework earlier! I can't make BIG promises right now because I want to see what my time will be like once I settle into this new schedule.

    BUSY STILL. Robert may have a fight in May/June, so his training starts like ... now. That means him being home less after work and less time to be away from the kiddo on my part. He may also have a competition in August/September in Boston. We are prepping for both these things as I have a school and child schedule to juggle.

    I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS. I have been ignoring Valucre for the last 3 weeks because I just could not allow myself to get hella distracted. Getting these classes done as soon as possible meant I'd have more time to not stress, so that all came above everything else.

    ALL THAT SAID: 2 weeks. Give me at least that (could be sooner!) to get comfortable and I'll be back to the usual shenanigans.


    1. dvsn


      ? you got fourteen days! ?

    2. Fierach


      Queen's not here.

      quick! post ponies!

    3. Grand Mainframe

      Grand Mainframe

      ????? ????? ?


  21. FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER!! And my kidney infection is no longer killing me =D

    I have MANY posts to get to and a whole lotta lore on lore on top of that. My Monday has turned a little busy, so I will officially be back on Tuesday with posts going out around that time. 

    1. Alexei
    2. Fierach



      How was kayaking?!

  22. I am currently fighting a kidney infection, so sorry for being ridiculously slow and unreliable right now ?

  23. Welcome to Valucre!

    Super excited to have you here and I hope you find yourself fitting right in! Let us know if you need help with anything :bigsmile:

    1. Token


      Thank you! ?

  24. My little gal is really, really sick with a cold right now, and her needing to be glued to me has slowed my posting down a significant amount. I owe a ton of posts and I will be able to get to them on Monday, but for now I gotta step back for a day to take care of my little ❤️

    I'll have a good chunk of things up and going on Monday.

  25. And back to reality. 

    This week is finals!!! And a new term, but I'll be throwing some posts out starting tomorrow ❤️

    1. Fierach



    2. Alexei



    3. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      yay! and finally finals

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