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  1. To everyone I'm writing with ❤️

    Robert has a possible fight on Nov. 3rd, so that means a few things: There is a 90% chance no posting will happen next week and very limited posting this week due to me getting all my homework for this week and next week done/prepped. The fights are about 2 hours away from where we live; we will be leaving Friday 2nd for the weigh-ins and then fights happen on the 3rd, so we won't be leaving till Sunday the 4th. 

    I know there are a few important threads I need to get to, which I will later this week (probably Friday). If anyone needs to reach out to me, hit me up on Discord =D I'll be hanging around!

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    2. Aleksei


      MMA! He currently has a amateur record of 1-0 ❤️

      Thank you! Best wishes are awesome wishes, greatly appreciated.

    3. Grubbistch


      Good luck to him. If his fighting skills on paper are as good as real life, then he's a winner for certain. Just as long as he remembers not to jump.

    4. Garion


      Tell him I said good luck!


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