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  1. "WTF KARINA!"

    I know, I know. I say I'm going to come back and then completely drop off the face of the earth and for that I am mucho sorries. 

    Things kind of got a little hectic for me and my attention was drawn to other things. I applied for about 1000 jobs and out of those I got 999 interviews, where one job forgot about the interview and tried to push it two days later, wasting my time completely. The rest went well, I interviewed and dazzled them with my brilliance. One job hired me on the spot and the rest I was waiting for my background check to clear and see what they have to say. All in all, I was stupid busy with job hunting and I started orientation this week and worked my first shift yesterday.

    On top of that amazingness that's all titties, school started for me. I have two classes this round -sob- that request I write about 4 essays each for the next six weeks. I don't know why, I guess it's because the college supplies the Professors pay with students tears and frustration, I dunno. My hard work has paid off there though, my graduation date changed from February to TADA! DECEMBER of this year. Cue panic/excited/exhausted/omg mode. 

    I have a job now, but that won't change my soon-to-be activity here on Valucre. I only work 15 hours a week and they're morning shifts to boot, plus Avalynn has been in daycare for about three weeks now and that has freed up my Monday thru Friday from 630am-5pm. I get my schoolwork done ASAPRocky and have some hefty free time on my hands. THAT SAID, I won't be reappearing until late next week. I am getting acclimated to my upcoming work schedule and working out how it'll jive with my schooling. 

    I miss you nerds tho, so have this heart <3 to hold you over until I get back.

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