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  1. I just finished watching Hamilton and I ... I have many feelings

    lin manuel miranda hamilton GIF by Tony Awards

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    2. Froggychum


      I've heard only good things about it. If I've never been interested in theater, do you think I'd enjoy it?

      It probably doesn't matter, 'cause apparently the tickets cost more than my kidneys... 🤷‍♂️

    3. supernal


      I saw it in Disney plus. Which doesn’t have the same experience as seeing it in person but at 7 USD for a month, it sure worked out for me 

      If you don’t like theater a play is probably a tough sell but if you like rap you’ll probably enjoy the soundtrack 

    4. Noko


      @FroggychumI saw it in person a long while ago and weirdly wasn't a fan.  I like theater, musicals, and rap, but the story didn't grab me.  I think I went into it with my expectations too high - cest la vie!  Everyone else I know says they enjoyed it, so chances are you will too - I'd definitely check it out on Disney+ if you have it.

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