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  1. We are a day behind my peeps and I’m sorry about that. We are just now getting our internet put in, so i should be back tonight!

  2. I am 100% still alive! We are currently in the middle of our move (yaaay!) and I will have posts out for you peeps on Wednesday. 

  3. @Wade "Delaney? Oh my! First name basis on the first date - you move fast." When she had first arrived at the Free Marches, all dirty and thin, bearing the weight of her beatings upon her skin, they celebrated her arrival. For the first time in all her years, the woman was washed thoroughly and given a title - reasoning - to be! Slavery had not taken away her withering spirit, she took to her duties quickly, ensuring the house she would never forget their kindness in giving her a life she has and always will cherish. It wasn't strange that her mind wandered to that day, for her current situation appears to reflect that moment - dressed in black amongst the sea of colors. "It may wound your pride to tell you this, but," she leans in close to share a whisper, "I don't have my eye on you." Not anymore, she thinks quietly to herself. There had been a time he was a blip on her radar; an obvious danger out in the seas of other terrible wonders. Maybe now would be a good time to slip a dagger into his flesh, or perhaps there is a chance to poison his drinks, but as the music picks up and their steps become a bit more complicated the chance to make either slip away. Not that she would, the time for revenge has grown cold and dull, no longer enthralling the Grand Seeker. "As for the rest of you curious question," taking the lead, she turns the gentleman away with reason, "it's rather boring. Milorian isn't the scandalous sort, and his enemies have yet to show face, so I've little to do." Delaney had caught a hint of one of her Seekers with her paramour, Grant. The elf may not notice Crowley due to the general atmosphere, but Delaney wanted to make sure that the young lady enjoys her night without running into an individual who will scare her half to death. The Seeker has just begun to get comfortable around humans, she doesn't need to be shocked back into timidness and palpable fear. "Tell me, now that you've been pardoned, what will you do with your time?" A genuine smile passes her lips, "Get married and buy a farm? Have a brood of children, I imagine?"
  4. @danzilla3 Rohini was but a simple leaf caught in the winds of the lady's interests; he was stuck in the throes of excitement and delight. She pulled him through the crowds of gathered individuals all masked and encrusted in finery; there were moments he tripped over exquisite dresses and coattails. His little slips did little to encourage her to slow down, if anything, it appeared to exasperate her need to find something exciting within the halls of the beautiful castle. "Hurry up, Rohini!" For such a small creature, the woman has one hell of a grip. He can barely feel his fingers that are being squeezed together in her vice-like grip. He had made an offhanded comment on how inappropriate it is for a princess to be holding his hand - a lowly assassin that barely has the rights to hold such a title. A part of him had hoped she would consider propriety and let him go so he could continue to lurk within the shadows. Unfortunately, Teagan cared little about titles, and their weight, what mattered right now was finding satisfaction to her curiosity. The object of her fascination was the dwarves making a ruckus off somewhere in the lounge. Why the heir of Renovatio's throne feels the need to mingle with such creatures is beyond the ucissore's reasoning. Aren't ladies of her ilk supposed to be smiling coyly behind fans and entertaining the single men of this party? Or, filling their dance cards, getting a bit buzzed on the fine wine? "The night is still young, Teagan. What's your rush?" She turned to him in a rush of finery, causing the delicate crown atop her redhead to shift a bit, and her curls to bounce atop her decorated shoulders. Such an overwhelming creature, this one is. Spitting image of her mother with red curls in abundance, opal hues that gleam and shine, and a haughty attitude you can barely ignore. Thankfully, Teagan is a tad softer than her mother when it comes to attitude. "I don't want to miss all the fun," she said with an accent that's sweet and warm. "Do you plan on entering the games?" Gods above, what if she does? What's he supposed to do, tell her no? The very idea makes him want to cry a little. "Not at all! I just want to see all the excitement going on." That made ... sense. Teagan is an adventurous sort, but at the end of the day, she has been groomed to be a proper lady that will take her mother's seat once it's time. Much unlike her siblings, the princess has actually shown a bit of responsibility that's made her the preferable choice to rule. Rohini is a tad on the fence about that decision, but he doesn't have a horse in the race and can't say much about it all. Whatever happens, he knows he will be stuck with her until one of them says otherwise. "Well how about we take a minute before rushing in? My feet hurt, and I could go for a drink." He didn't want to wear the suit, but she had insisted they match - I can find you better! She said. All gussied up, the ucissore felt naked without his plain robes of white tied with an elaborate red sash. "Is that all you ever do, is drink?" "No, I also juggle, but I'm better at it when I'm drunk."
  5. I’m alive!

    Sorry for the random bit of slowness on my part. I had interviews all afternoon yesterday and today I had to fill out paperwork as I was offered a job position this morning - yay!!

    Posts will flow out tomorrow afternoon/night. 

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  6. @Sanonymous The world of Valucre has certainly changed through the years; shifting and churning as the years, and the abundance of people occupy its beautiful expanse. With such changes come opinions that hash out what should be allowed, why it should be allowed, how it should be allowed - so forth and on. Though these mass-like opinions are based on years of truth and evidence; hardly items that should be avoided in any academic conversation. No matter how hard we wish to set aside nature for items that are deemed grander with splendors beyond any magician's imagination, nature does find a way to show its strength and power. As is the way of change. Ursa Madeum is a place where nature has slowly begun to eat away the technological wonders of the world; magi-tech is also a victim to the loci growing in power and strength upon the islands. Planes, watches, guns, and their kind are all rendered useless once they are dipped in the wells of Ursa Madeum. Things have been ... exasperated, in a sense, due to the loci. Port Moon was relocated due to the technology it had supplied no longer worked or did not work correctly, rending the port useless - in a sense. Some individuals have left because their bodies functioned poorly, as the technology attached to them could no longer associate with Ursa Madeum. That is the current state of the islands. Technology is no longer sustainable. A bit of a loss, if Milo is allowed an opinion. Alas, he has little power over how the world operates, the best he can do is help his people acclimate to the changes affecting their land. His gestures are not very grand, or at least that's what Primera has told him - constantly. Bigger, louder, better! She says in that excitable voice, one can barely understand for her accent is terrible thick and just as exaggerated as her gestures. Unfortunately, the elf doesn't have her ... manner of expression. "Milorian," Primera says, grabbing his sleeve to turn him around. He turned in time for a new figure to make their introductions. In his blind eyes, the elf could see the outline of the stranger, his colors were muted and bland, which could say many things about a person. Knowing that this night was bound to bring out the notorious and opportunists, Milo deems this gentleman as dangerous until he can prove otherwise. Unable to see what the badge holder held, he turned to Primera who had simply shrugged with uncertainty. "Of course, ser," Milorian says, giving the man a gentle bow with his response. Primera bowed towards the two before excusing herself from their conversation. She would ensure that the King's whereabouts would be known though, so she watched as Milorian led the stranger into the lounge that is connected to a conference room. The woman assumes that is where the two will be conducting their meeting. Once the two were in the conference room, Milorian offered the stranger a seat before sitting down himself. Private conversations can't be utterly private, not when you wear a crown have a title, but he will entertain this gentleman for a bit the best he can. Just outside the doors to the conference room are Seekers, individuals who've dedicated their time and lives to protecting the newly crowned King. Their ears will not be pressed against the doors, they allow the King to have a private audience - for now. "How can I help you?"
  7. @Wade Lyrei had been kidnapped by an all too eager gentleman who is up to his ears in wine and sweets; the amount of liquid courage flowing through his veins was admirable enough to keep Delaney bemused and minorly alert. The elf wasn't some delicate creature who needed constant protection, she had become a reasonably worthy person fitting into society and such. For tonight, she can have her freedom without Delaney or Milo breathing down her neck. "Mm, what you say is debatable, to say the least, Ser Crowley." She grasped the offered drink between gloved fingers and saluted him graciously. "Standing next to you will do nothing for my reputation." If she were the dramatic sort, she could say how much he smelled like blood, how a majority of such came from the very House she has sworn her life to protect. The failures of such an avowal are burned into her flesh and memory, becoming constant reminders that she was no innocent creature herself. Things could have gone better, but there was no use in trying to overthink on the past while they have a future and present to enjoy. In her case, company and wine to enjoy. "I had hopes of finding a husband tonight, and yet here I am next to possibly the most hated individual in Ursa Madeum. You've scandalized me." Delaney smirked against the rim of her glass, hinting that she was being rude and teasing him in the driest fashion possible. Everyone at this party has thus far moved away from him as if he was diseased, others were bold enough to throw him dirty looks and sneers. A tad rude when you could barely move without bumping into someone who had spilled blood for what they believed was for the greater good. Crowley had just become the unfortunate depository for everyone's hate. Taking one final sip of her wine, she relocated the glass to a passing tray. She never was a fan of wine. "Would you like to dance or would you rather sulk in some dark corner?" The Seeker turned and held out her hand for him to take. Whether she'd lead them to the dance floor or the dark corner previously mentioned is all up to him.
  8. @DarkHorse Austere tucked Odelia's hand in the curve of his arm and gently guided her out to the covered terrace. The night air was relatively fresh, but it was also swarmed with the celebratory noises that now poured from the grand ballrooms and beyond. Grateful to be away from the busy crowd, he can enjoy a moment with his wife. Life has undoubtedly kept them preoccupied, and he hopes to rectify these terrible instances with some well-deserved attention to her person. The elf guided his imp to take a seat on a stone bench swathed in the moonlight. When she took her place, he joined her; lacing a long arm around her waist, he pulls her close so they can enjoy this moment of silence together. "Better?" Killian is a mother-hen. He made sure Austere knew that Odelia had been feeling a little under the weather, and in his own way expressed his worry that she may be feeling ill. Austere, being oblivious to most things, assumed it has to do with the sudden weight of responsibility placed upon his imp's shoulders. Milorian now sat on the throne as King, making Austere and Odelia Lord and Lady of the house. The decision came with some minor backlash from their older siblings who were still feeling the wounds of the past and refused to accept the current. But neither Odelia or Austere had time to even worry about the opinions of the siblings, they were too busy trying to acclimate to their new titles. He held her left hand in his ever so casually, thoroughly enjoying the closeness and uninterrupted moment. Sure, they had found seconds in their busy days to see one another, but he felt like it just wasn't enough and he regretted leaving her mostly alone. "My mother has told me you've gotten accustomed as Lady of the house," he said, raising her fingers to his lips briefly. "You're not feeling overwhelmed, are you? If it's too much, you can always have Marina help you." Marina, he thought sadly. The young lady has been met with some terrible luck, and the wounds she has acquired are not the sort time, and medicine can genuinely cure. He made the suggestion to Milorian that perhaps it would do her best to live with him in the castle, give her a reputable position that could possibly brighten her spirits. The Free Marches just held too many terrible memories for Marina and Austere hates that she can't seem to escape her current situation. Gerald had left, marring the brightness that had once cloaked the young woman with immense eagerness. "I thought that maybe we could run away, yes? You, myself, and Easton - go somewhere we can't be found for a few days." Easton had eagerly set aside both his parents to take control of the grand castle, keeping Milorian and Birdy preoccupied with his childish curiosity. The sweet boy had attached himself to Odelia the first week she had arrived in the Free Marches, but somehow still showed how much he favors Milorian above all the rest. "Or perhaps just you and I? I have a feeling Easton has completely abandoned his parents for greener pastures," he says, gesturing to the grandness that is the castle and its beautiful surroundings. "I think we're perpetually stuck in the number two spot, forever overshadowed by the magnificence that is Milorian."
  9. Ew, exams. I send you my blessing! >D Milorian is currently not interacting with anyone; his company simply include Primera, but no one else IC. And because this entire party is a bit laissez-faire, you are welcome to simply approach Milorian and introduce yourself. Conversation can be moved to a more private area of course to get the deets down and all that jazz.
  10. Posts will be flowing out on Monday! I have job interviews this weekend that will be keeping me ridiculously busy and hopelessly preoccupied.

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  11. @Wade Lyrei Mythal came accompanied by the figment of the gentleman who has caught her attention over the last few months. The drifting memories of his love-dipped letters made the elf float on air; his admiration and sweetness kept the corners of her lips perked in a delicate smile. He was there in the flickering of candlelight ever so romantic and coy. He was in the sway of the bodies flowing steadily on the dance floor, and he was there in the thrumming of her blood. Her dress was a specific blue with a particular design. The golden appliques were elaborate, and upon a closer look, one could see how the filagree twists and turns to create the likeness of lions. Freckling her golden hair is golden framed jewels so sweet and precious they are, they twinkle and shine with secret promises, and avowals only meant for her. Tonight she chose to release the Mythal Wolf from her attire and manner to instead done the Kholin Lion. The youngest Mythal came accompanied by Alexandros Kholin. Sauntering through the foyer towards the grand room, the elf took her time to admire her brother's newly acquired home. Canary yellow hues sparkled with delight at the sight of everyone drinking, singing, and mingling as if it were normal - as if they've always done that. Even if it's just for tonight, Milorian can be happy knowing that the people of Ursa Madeum can interact with one another without spilling blood. Apparently, the only thing they need to do is open up the cellar, and all becomes right in the world after a few cups of fine wine and good company. "It's lovely," Delaney said, breaking Lyrei's focus. She turned to look at the Grand Seeker in all her darkness and simplicity. In comparison to the elf, Delaney was a black mote that stood out more than any woman dressed in the best and grandest finery. "I don't understand why you chose to wear ... that, and not a dress." "It wouldn't be appropriate, my lady." The Seeker adjusted her collar some with a gloved finger, suddenly feeling a bit too restricted in the rising crowd of people. "I must stand out, as you know." "You're not wearing a mask, either. What use is it to come to a masquerade when you're going to ignore the dress code?" The guard laughed while gesturing for her lady to keep moving forward towards the ballroom. They had this conversation during the journey to the castle, and each time Lyrei became more incredulous towards Delaney's explanations. It just was not proper for the Grand Seeker to be part of this happy, dancing crowd when her job requires her to be set aside from the rest. Wearing a dress and other such finery would be a ridiculous display she wasn't comfortable with, to say the least. Besides all that, she did have some bit of color to her person. Ly plucked some yellow roses from the Mythal estate and braided them into Delaney's white hair. Her lady said it matched the other woman's eyes perfectly, an evaluation Del is unsure about, but she had been in no position to fight it. They entered the ballroom that was nearly exploding with people in all their magnificent splendor. Lyrei quickly slipped into the crowd, her dress and general demeanor spreading the crowd like a hot knife to butter; Delaney was left to linger on the outskirts right next to a gentleman who apparently took a page from Del's book. A simple glance to her left, she noticed he too wore black - perhaps it was the color for tonight? Even the King Milorian wore black, though she assumes it was not his choice and had been a victim to the ladies of the house. "Well, one of us is going to have to go home and change," she said aloud, instead of to herself. "Looks like we may have to wait to approach my brother," Lyrei says, reappearing before her guard. "Of course, my lady. He is King now, not just a Lord." Reaching forward, she readjusted Lyrei's golden mask before flicking the young lady on the nose. "I guess you're stuck with me until then - you should feel ever so honored."
  12. @DarkHorse He listened to his company speak, intrigued by what they had to say about the night and the newly crowned King. Some shared a somewhat sour opinion about his sour-faced brother, but most of such were harmless and sat aside for later. Everything else was compliments about the gentleman's attire, his demeanor, and the mysterious lack of Birdy at his side. Milorian was a protective sort and would move the heavens to ensure Birdy was protected from the tiniest drop of hate and gossip. She would never have to beg; if she spoke about her dislike or discomfort, Milorian would never force her to make an appearance. Austere did worry, though. There was so much talk that the marriage was nonexistent, that Milo and Birdy were simple acquaintances, and he was playing the doting husband protecting his fragile wife. He had no comment on such, as the woman was a slight mystery to him as well, yet he knew she existed. The current group of individuals that had him cornered was bold, something he admired immensely as they voiced their concern about his brother's loneliness. True, the man was melancholy, but he was hardly lonely. Between quips, he would raise Odelia's hand to his lips, freckling her knuckles with reassuring and gentle kisses. He is an oblivious man when it comes to open affections showered upon his wife. There was no reason to hide his appreciation for the woman, nor the love that steadily courses through his veins for the woman that is his imp. Now, as Lord and Lady of House Mythal, he ought to have more restraint, a bit more control - he has none. Whenever she squeezed his hand, he would rub her hand between his fingers; when he felt her scoot closer, he would kiss the palm of her hand. The elf made sure that his company and wife had his full attention, while obviously playing favorites towards Odelia. "Your sister is enjoying herself," the Seeker said. Killian had swum through the throngs of people to get to Odelia's side. "It's good to see her healthy, no?" He offered Odelia a sweet he was able to pilfer from a passing waiter's tray. It was sweet bread covered in powdered sugar with a dollop of whipped cream on top; he ate one already and figured the lady would like a bit of something to eat. There had been a moment of fretting some days ago when the lady was a bit pale, but she cured the situation when she ate something. Killian, a Seeker, charged with ensuring Odelia and Riha are kept safe, takes his job seriously and will make sure his lady doesn't fall victim to sickness. "Are you enjoying yourself, Lady Mythal? You're not bored in this dry toast of a man's company?" His evaluation of Austere was ... well. "You should be out there mingling with the rest of the fine ladies! Talking about silks, brocades, and ... whatever else you all talk about - face creams?" The last was obviously invented, but he rolled with it. "Killian, why don't you go ask Riha for a dance? And stop bothering my wife." Austere was finally left alone to tend to his wife and her company. "I could, but I'm not armed to the teeth to fight through that crowd," he said, pointing towards the gathering of interested men and curious woman surrounding Riha. "I wouldn't do your sister justice, Lady Mythal. Your husband should be ashamed for making such a suggestion." Austere rolled his yellow eyes, but would do no more to entertain Killian and his jokes. "How are you feeling, imp? It's not too warm in here for you?" A general question that showed Austere's affections for Odelia.
  13. "What if she can't marry?" Celine laughed before taking a small sip of her warm tea. The idea of Kaori marrying made the woman feel a bit melancholy, as that is a significant step in someone's life that is hardly taken lightly. Thinking of her child as an adult felt awkward and unkind to a mother's gentle heart. "I doubt she will have any problems finding a proper suitor." Desmond chewed thoughtfully, nodding at Celine's response. "Certainly, though I hope she never marries. The last thing her father needs to do is protect his little from opportunists." That is a common struggle among those born and given immense power. Kaori has lived a comfortable and safe life, but it will not be so the older she becomes and more the world changes. She will not have to worry about the burdens of running an Empire or fighting for her right to sit upon the throne. Her rights as a child to the Emperor has afforded her a certain kind of freedom, yet there will be certain expectations demanded of her as she comes into her own. The Concubine places her hand against the small rise of her stomach, finding the action comforting. This child will also have struggles of their own, but also triumphs, and that gives her a small drop of ease. "How are you feeling? Four months in and you barely look pregnant - the envy of many women!" "Mm, tired? I could sleep for days and still feel sluggish, but that's not the terrible part. It's the smell of certain things and noises, like now all these people make me dizzy and weak." Desmond could tell she was uncomfortable and frowned deeply, "What in the world are you doing out here then?" "I like being outside," she said with a soft laugh. As was the case with her child. Kaori laughed at Ozu as they enjoyed their snacks and drinks, enjoying each other's company and conversation. A curious creature that refused to stay inside the tall walls of her fortified home, Kaori is an opportunist. Any chance to go outside, to meet new people, to understand the world outside her castle, she will take it. Ozu had been the key to her adventures recently, a comfort she has come to enjoy and depend upon. "Mère sneaks candy," the little one said, outing her mother with ease. Kaori finishes her last little snack, feeling full and happy but sad that there was no longer any more room in her belly for other treats. Dinner isn't ruined by her snacking, enough running around and starting shenanigans will burn off all the sugar she has indulged. Most recently her mother has been playing more with her outside where they'd play chase and tackle each other. It's possibly the child's most favorite game at this point, next to playing swords and hide-and-seek. "Ozu, do you play swords?" The question was an innocent one. She knew he did something with a sword and was kind of an outstanding individual, but she had never paid much attention to everything that he does. This celebration was to exemplify his skills and the clan he represents, though that meant little to the child who was staring at her friend intensely. "Can you teach?" @Etched In Stone @Twitterpated
  14. His reply drew a smile across her soft face. She was beginning to understand Cerebri more as they spent time together; his quiet manners, his rough demeanor, and also the gentle undertones he tries to keep hidden. Reading people is not her strong suit, and she would never claim to be a 'people person,' but it's hard to not see who a person is or maybe when they are relaxed around you. She felt instead honored that he would allow his guard to be so low around her. Especially since there was little to the elf that would make anyone interested in her. He held her hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do, and it caused her to giggle against the rip of her mug. Such interactions were always looked down upon; if a person even so much looked at a slave, they would be targeted as traitors. Yet here, it's reasonable to hold someone's hand, speak to them in a friendly manner, and interact as if they were equals. Cerebri was, unknowingly, teaching her that it was okay to be this way - okay to have companions. The two made their exit, gathered up the 'goods' and were quickly back to the base. During the small ride, the elf would glance at her hand from time to time, feeling suddenly comfortable in the situation that is her current life. Most would not think it ideal, but she was enthralled with this sudden sense of freedom and sharing it with potential friends and acquaintances. Inside, Jack laid out the entire plan, leaving the elf with nothing to do. She looked up to Cerebri, curious to see him play the part of the 'good cop' - it wasn't a part really meant for him. Covering up her small laugh, she exited the room while the men took care of their business. Eliza is not intimidating and would look foolish if she even tried; thus, there is no reason for her to really back the men up unless she had to play the bleeding the heart. The best thing she can do is ensure that they both have a quiet place to work, and with that sat next to the closed door and erected a small shield around the room. For now, she will wait.
  15. Killian and Delaney discussed the matter between themselves, taking their time before revealing any more information to the rest of the group. Del disliked making speculative talk, and Killian was often too impatient to just wait when there was so much action that could be done. There was very little they could do now, though. Thankfully, there was an entire fleet of individuals far closer than them, and with many more resources at their fingertips. For now, Killian and Delaney will have to rush to the Carthage estate. Austere and Milorian had made preparations to descend upon the estate quietly and simplistically. Neither brother wished to war against the house, nor did they want to spill blood, they simply wanted recompense for the hurt and danger against a member of their household. Milorian was guilty of turning away the individuals that had first approached the house some time ago. If he hadn't done such, then Odelia may have a part of her history restored. Now the Mythals must move quickly to tie up these sudden loose ends daring to rip the seam of comfort apart. "You can't leave her here, Austere." The elf sighed against the hands slapping buckles closed; he exchanged his robes for something more protective and domineering. The Seeker armor was sleek, simple, and durable enough to withstand the most hateful of swords and most potent of spells. He had heard on the winds that the Carthage patriarch is failing in health and in mind, but such a snake has kept himself surrounded by creatures just as lowly as he. Rolfe clearly cares not for the consequences of his actions, making him far more dangerous than he ought to be. "I know - I know!" Austere stepped down and sheathed the sword to his side, suddenly feeling both uncomfortable and uneasy. An elf descending upon the house full of humans ... "Take her with you." Milorian followed Austere to the docks were the Eagleships sway against the gentle lapping of the sea. The ships are fast creations that will take them to the Carthage house, hopefully in time to intercept the dastardly ploy set in place by Rolfe. "Call for Odelia, let her know we sail to see her father," Austere said with some hesitance to his voice. He disliked bringing her back to a place he promised she would never have to see again, but Milorian was right in having her come along. Odelia would follow after Austere, and the confrontation would be less than ideal for both of them. "I'll try to make this quick, Milorian. I'm sorry tha-" Milo raised his hand to silence his brother. "Don't apologize to me, Austere. Just do your best to rectify this situation, and I say that as your King."
  16. "... and Gaia ..." Yun said, and that made the elf feel slightly uneasy. She has always been an accepting individual, understanding that there are religions that come in varying degrees scattered across Valucre. It is the wonder of this world that there is a sense of grand freedom for everyone to be what they wish, and not be entirely judged for it. Certainly not a Utopia, but a place of opportunity for anything and anyone. Her own beliefs do not contradict the idea of Gaia, but she is not a believer of such a thing. Grant interrupted her thoughts by grabbing her hand and giving it a comforting squeeze. The sweetness of the action made the elf look up at him and smile; whatever is thrown at them, they will be triumphant. He said as much as he vowed to give Yun her freedom, something Delphine thought to be an impossible task even though they've dealt with many impossible things so far. "Well, it looks like something you'd see out of a picture book." The temple loomed above them in all its wondrous glory. The structure was something she has never seen before, showing the two that it was a piece of lost history wrapped inside a warp to keep it hidden. It is unfortunate that they will be unable to truly enjoy this spot of history, for the mystery and urgency of their mission keeps time away from them. Perhaps they can take something back to show that this is not some myth or legend conjured by fanatics - it's real. She takes the first step on the bridge and looks over her shoulder at Grant. "Don't forget - no heroics." He appears to be handling the weight of magic with stride, but that does not mean he isn't hurting. She can't have him be reckless, nor can she be mindless when it comes to protecting him and herself. They are in a very dangerous area that can make them relics to the outside world; careless, they can't be.
  17. "That's pretty fantastic! It's always great to hear that we're all getting along, whether we want to or not." The two wander closer and closer to the Spectral District; the air got a bit heavier and a tad more stale. Some individuals were walking about the outskirts, but one glance and you could tell they come from the rougher patches of Dougton. Eliza almost felt like she was back at home, the same atmosphere, the same vibe - the same. The dark familiarity comforted her almost immediately. This is a place where she can be at peace, strangely enough, but it's entirely true. Taking the lead, she guided her boss through the District without really knowing where she was going. What she describes as 'something' is guiding her through the cursed area with a sense of absurdness. The markings on her face softly glow green, indicating the differences of magic flowing through the area. "And how is Cerebri?" The question slipped from her lips, making her concentration somewhat falter. It is difficult to ignore such a person, Cerebri filled a room and was domineering in almost everything he does - you can't ignore him. When they had first met, it was a tad awkward and uncertain, but they spoke for a minute, and that had been enough. "I hope he is getting along with everyone." They turned a corner and were confronted by a building falling to pieces. The roof was bowed in, the windows broken and partially boarded up; the sign inside the window had been turned to close years ago as it was barely eligible. Something from the notes found in her shop mentioned a cobbler and a few other things; her feet and the 'something' led her to this little area that had been long abandoned. There was something here, something a little irritated and dangerous, and very talkative. She couldn't understand the words, but she could feel the distress. Something putrid made her nose wrinkle, and she turns to Jack to see if he could feel and smell the same things she was. "I don't think we're alone here. Let's take a look inside."
  18. They had done the deed, going about getting their standard supplies to properly prep for their wild journey through the Shawnee. Along the way, they had lost their dragon-kin friend, but Farren believes they will eventually meet up along the way, so she did not fret. She and Lucas were left to fend for themselves for a time, a situation she isn't entirely sure she should be so comfortable with. So comfortable, she had fallen asleep the instant she laid herself down in the back of the trudging caravan. The last few days her hands have been temperamental, making walking a less than enjoyable process, especially through forests and mountains. She attributed the sudden events to the change in weather that's slowly slipping from spring into summer; the fresh air is gradually changing to humid and heavy, and the sun is becoming merciless with its ever welcoming warmth. They were lucky to have run into the travel band of merry men and women searching for work and a home somewhere in the wilds of Terrenus. Turning on her side, she reached over with the expectation she'd find Lucas relaxing nearby. What her eager fingers found was emptiness. "Ouch!" Her panic made her hands freeze up, straining the tendons and nerves that are already frazzled near to death. Having Lucas around has made her painfully aware that she has missed company; Lentil being on his own made her sad, but she understood he had his journies to finish. Nonetheless, Lucas has wiggled his way into her consciousness, leaving the woman somewhat bereft at the idea he too would disappear. Not immediately feeling him next to her made her mind wonder if he had been some specter haunting her dreams, or if he was indeed a real ghost living in the daylight. Slowly the arms of sleep begin to release her. You're a bit foolish, ain't ya?, she chided herself. Who panics when a stranger isn't near? Lucas is his own person, the last thing he needs is her to worry about his health - as terrible as it is. Awake now, she notices that they had stopped moving and that there is a faint whiff of smoke trailing in between the torn curtains of the mock entrance. The sound of people moving around about told her the time and why Lucas was outside smoking - break time. To stay along with the caravan, the two had agreed to help with the hunting and such to pay for their way. The afternoon has already crept by, and in another bout of panic, she hurriedly grabs her bow and arrows; dinner needs to be acquired, and she's undoubtedly slept away most of the active hours for catching anything reputable. "Lucas! Why didn't you wake me up?!" She whined while tripping out the wagon.
  19. This is just a heads up! I had edited the very first post of the IC Thread to include a few items for everyone to enjoy. This is an open event, so you all post at your leisure and deffff enjoy yourselves on Milo's dime. If any of you need help sliding on into the festivities, please don't hesitate to ask for help! Just have general questions/concerns/hopes/dreams? Reach out to me and I'll get to you. To anyone who wants to find an elemental stone, do some arm wrestling, or speak to the dryads, tag me in your IC post and I'll play a few parts, or you can take control of the NPC - I'm comfortable with either choice. HAVE FUN! BREAK THE FINE CHINA! DON'T BLOW THINGS UP! I'll be dropping a few posts in the thread throughout the day ❤️ @Pasion Pasiva @Wade @MichaelTheLightBringer @Dauner Light @SweetCyanide @danzilla3 @Fierach @Alexei @The Hummingbird @Thotification
  20. @danzilla3 "Shouldn't you be getting dressed, Prince?" Delphine rose from her seat and approached the lounging gentleman who looked far too comfortable considering the time and day. He looked perfectly mussed, but as much as she enjoys seeing him in a state, they have an appointment to keep, and Delphine will not be caught slacking. Milorian has been kind with his understanding, allowing Delphine and Grant to have their times together; they should show their respect to their new King for his kindness by arriving in ridiculous costumes and honey-dipped praises. "I can't very well arrive in all my glory with a perfectly satisfied, partially dressed man on my arm. It would not look appealing, and we are going to cause enough scandal as is." She graced the gentleman with a quick kiss before pulling away from his eager grasp. They've not the time to return to their previous conversation that was equally important and selfish. Grant has a specific well of freedom he has been allowed to drink from, but they are getting closer and closer to the end of their cups. Ideally, it would be better if the two were closer, and that is where their conversation had been left on. They obviously wish to be together until the very end, but neither of them comes from a simple background. Setting aside her minor worries, the Seeker got ready for the night. Normally she would wear the colors of the Mythal House, but tonight she chose to represent Hyperion. Her dress was an elaborate affair, all red and glittering gold; the golden foliage accentuated the elf's figure in a most becoming way that hopefully pleases her dear Prince. Her choice of attire - the colors, the jewelry, and even the pin - was to show him that he is who she chose. This display would also show Milorian, as well, her choice. Once they were ready, the two were taken to the castle that was already vibrant with singing, dancing, and loud conversation flowing through its entirety. She stood there at the doors holding onto Grant's arm; the lights of the general splendor reflecting off her red and gold mask. It suddenly occurred to her that this would be the first event she and Grant are going to together, and it made her a bit nervous. Their relationship isn't a hidden thing, they've been very open about their feelings towards one another, but not in front of so many people. "Are you ready my Prince?" She would allow the gentleman to lead the way.
  21. Let me know who you're bringing so I can go through the catalogue of characters and pick the right one. I guess Milo's first act as King shoulda been: TEAR DOWN THE CASTLE AND BUILD ME A NEW ONE RI NAO!
  22. Welcome to King Milorian’s coronation masquerade ball! OOC: Things to Note: A Council of Dryads from the Free Marches are holding a meeting in the garden to discuss the current state of nature of Ursa Madeum. They are open to inquiries and are partial to acorns. The Lounge has been occupied by a group of dwarves who are far into their cups for the night. They are holding an arm-wrestling competition; the winner gets a prize. Participants: Open How-to: Dice Rolling Thread - Look at the result for the D2. If a 1 is rolled, you won! If a 2 is rolled, then you lose that round. There will be 3 rounds per-participant. You need a 2/3 win to get the prize. A mourning fairy has taken advantage of the famous festivities. Its victims experience sudden feelings of grief, and if the fairy is not caught, the grief can turn one mad. Catch the fairy and receive a reward. A witch is dropping elemental rune stones around the castle! These stones can be used to enchant weapons, armor, or yourself; only two stones per participant, please. Stones: wind, water, fire, earth Layout: Red is off limits; Green is open Milorian felt extremely uncomfortable; Milorian looked extremely uncomfortable. He wasn't exactly sure what his attitude should be towards the gathered individuals, and it left him feeling adrift among the large crowd. To his right was Primera all dazzling in her glamour and dress; to his left was an emptiness he felt right down to his very core. Birdy was not there to accompany him during this rather momentous - strange - moment in their lives. When he was made King, she was made his Queen; he hates to think what her absence will cause. On the other hand, he was pleased that she was hidden somewhere, safe and comfortable. He was not going to burden her with superficial gestures that could risk her comfort and health. Comfortably married for a short time, the two had maintained a sense of privacy from the moment they took vows in silence. It worried him that there may be a demand they marry in front of the entirety of Ursa Madeum, just to ensure that neither were manipulating their position and power by lying to their fellow citizens. The elf prayed they'd leave Birdy alone. At least he can speak of his wife; there had been a few compliments towards his attire. Birdy, Primera, and Odelia had ambushed him with options of different suits that would fit his newly acquired position, though he doesn't know why. Whatever opinion he had about the attire was quickly swept aside by one of the women. It took them four days to decide on a simple black suit void of any embellishments - four. days. When it was time for the masquerade, they threw a cape over his right shoulder that carried the Mythal wolf and pinned the fabric with a variety of golden chains that now hung from his shoulder. He hated it, but he had no opinion. Primera was rude enough to point out he was blind, so it didn't matter what he thought since he can't see. "You're a rather quiet host, my King." Primera dragged the sour-faced elf to the dance floor that was overly crowded with excitable company. He had to right himself when she manipulated him to hold her irresponsibly close, but the lack of space on the dance floor made it impossible to be appropriate. Without much choice, he was forced into a quickstep that shook a few laughs from his dry lungs and drew a smile across his usually tight features. "There you are! Such a handsome King should smile, it'll make the ladies weak." Milo rolled his sapphire eyes, not sure if he should feel complimented or not. He didn't care if the people should find him handsome or not, what mattered was what they thought of his behavior and his actions. Though he understood the small spread of truth behind her evaluation; a kind and thoughtful individual on the throne could sway the uneasiest of hearts, as first impressions do matter. Being an elf sitting on a somewhat changeable throne, a smile and some kindness could do him some good. "I suppose I can smile every now and then," he said begrudgingly. The two made it out alive and took refuge on the outskirts of the dancing crowd. Unable to hide it, there were flecks of pride in his blind gaze as he "watched" the elves of his land mingle with the rest of the crowd. The normality of the sight was endearing, he never really expected such a thing to happen yet always yearned for it. Such an amazing view was exemplified by the laughter, the teasing, and the general conversation coming from differing individuals. Even if it's just for now, even if it's just for show, he can take these small triumphs and covet them when needed. Primera looked up at the elf who was clearly lost in the moment. Teasingly, she elbowed the gentleman, knocking him down back to earth. "You are a regal sort, you know. Seeing you as you are, in all your kingly glory, it's a marvel." "You keep feeding me these compliments, and I'll become fat on pride." "Oh? Is that why your belt is cinched extra tight?" The Grand Kommadant reached down and pulled at his elaborate belt all shiny in gold and jewels. Aghast, the elf slapped her hand away - a handsy woman! "I beg your pardon, my lady, but it's not very ... lady-like to just grab at a man's belt." "I beg your pardon my King, but that all depends on the gentleman." They were in a public place with eyes already drawn to their playfulness, the last thing he needs is this pompous woman speaking far too candidly for her own good. Damn her! He could see a few individuals hiding their smiles behind sips of wine and the flush of fans; they were going to talk, and it's all her fault. He certainly did not help the situation by laughing behind his gloved hand, the terrible attempt only exasperated the crude comment. The masquerade was to introduce him to the rest of society and open the doors for conversation. He did not want to talk politics, he barely wanted to acknowledge his newly acquired title, but he understood that parties as these are opportunities to get your foot in the door. With the party currently gliding towards its peak, Milorian has spoken to many people who have all welcomed him and nothing more. He was grateful that, at least for a moment, his people can enjoy a single night of celebration without any underhandedness. "I hate you," he finally said. He couldn't see it, but he certainly could tell that she was beaming. Which she was, from ear to ear, her smile reached; opal hues glittered and glowed with amusement behind the elaborate mask she wore.
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