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Status Updates posted by Aleksei

  1. Sorry for the delays my peeps! Been a bit too busy with work (finishing up my 8th day in a row Friday!), but I will have everything out on Friday for you all ❤️ Then it's smooth sailing from there. Thank you for the patience, and as always, feel free to skip me in anything that requires me to be skipped. 

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      I don't think I'm in any threads with you but I approve of this message.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the follow :bigsmile:

  3. SORRY! Got a tad caught up in my finals and let time pass me by. Thanks for the patience ❤️ writing resumes Monday.

    1. CasualCrisis


      Cara mia...

    2. supernal


      The energy levels I’m sensing here suggest that you did well on them too. So I’m making a gamble but feeling good about it when I say congrats! 

  4. Posts be happening tomorrroooowww!

  5. I'm glad to pop into the thread again! Missed writing with you all ❤️

  6. Hello.

    Wave Hello GIF

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    2. -Lilium-



    3. Twitterpated


      I'm just getting back myself. 😁

    4. Aleksei


      @Twitterpated You and I will have to tango then 😏


    I am not around. I won’t be around for an x amount of time - I can honestly say, I don’t know when I’ll be back, just that I will. This is obviously home for me, and I’ll always come back.

    For now, I have to step aside to get some outside things back in order. Once everything is settled and more comfortable, I will have some freedom to get back at you all.

    Lots of love, always ❤️

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    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      You’ll be missed!  Hurry back when you can.  ❤️

    3. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Take care of you and yours. We'll be here when you get back.

    4. Darthgamer101


      Well now I just feel bad for pestering you so much! But, as someone who returned after literally years, I totally get it. Good luck, return soon!

  8. MAS POSTING MONDAY, when I'm 100% sober



  9. Some more nonsense posting tomorrow ❤️

    1. princeben07


      COOL!! I sent you a message my friend. How are things going with you? Hit me back.



  10. A bit behind for the next day or so!

    My nephews wife had their baby via C Section this morning. The little dude was born early this morning, weighing 1 whole pound and 10 ounces ❤️

    Imma be a little preoccupied but no worries! I’ll be back rockin’ and rollin’ in a few!


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    2. Ataraxy


      Is the baby okay? I thought most newborns were like 5-7 lbs

    3. Aleksei


      So far, he is doing well. Preeclampsia played a part and the little guy had to be born earlier than expected. He is only 27 weeks old.

    4. danzilla3


      Hope the little fella is doing well!

  11. I have a rather busy (all of a sudden) weekend ahead of me, so just wanted to touch base with some peeps! Here is my little agenda for the upcoming weekend; I don't want you to feel like I'm ignoring any of ya.


    Friday (7/10) - A few posts will probably be thrown out tonight. A majority of my time is dedicated to the ALL-MIGHTY HOMEWORK.

    Saturday (7/11) - Respond to some PMs; another few posts, but mostly MIA

    Sunday (7/12) - MIA

    Monday 9/13) - More posts, actual board mod work, HOMEWORK.

    1. Ataraxy


      "Actual board mod work" - Aleksei 2020

      do not lie to me domenick lombardozzi GIF by Rosewood

    2. danzilla3


      Do I see POSTS on Monday?

  12. I just finished watching Hamilton and I ... I have many feelings

    lin manuel miranda hamilton GIF by Tony Awards

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    2. Froggychum


      I've heard only good things about it. If I've never been interested in theater, do you think I'd enjoy it?

      It probably doesn't matter, 'cause apparently the tickets cost more than my kidneys... 🤷‍♂️

    3. supernal


      I saw it in Disney plus. Which doesn’t have the same experience as seeing it in person but at 7 USD for a month, it sure worked out for me 

      If you don’t like theater a play is probably a tough sell but if you like rap you’ll probably enjoy the soundtrack 

    4. Noko


      @FroggychumI saw it in person a long while ago and weirdly wasn't a fan.  I like theater, musicals, and rap, but the story didn't grab me.  I think I went into it with my expectations too high - cest la vie!  Everyone else I know says they enjoyed it, so chances are you will too - I'd definitely check it out on Disney+ if you have it.

  13. More posts to be pumped out tonight! (At least 3)

  14. ALRIGHT! 

    So I’ve gone through all my PMs here and on Discord. Expect posts starting tomorrow morning (or sooner, depending on the mood). ❤️

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    2. Darthgamer101
    3. supernal


      I know I'm not one of those people you had to sort through but just signaling my appreciation for the organizational sweat you put into it all!

    4. Ataraxy


      *Looks at clock. Laugh in tomorrow morning.*

    fail celebrity big brother GIF by Big Brother After Dark

    That’s the bad news! The good news is, starting Friday I will BE FREE FROM ALL SCHOOLING FOR A WEEEEEEEK 😭 

    mel gibson braveheart GIF

    But I am still in a state of turmoil till Friday 😂 I am not going to lie, this last round of classes have pretty much killed me. On top of that I’ve been working 4-5 days straight, so that’s been SO FUN.

    Anyways, all obligations will be looked at Friday ❤️

  16. Hello there!

    Welcome to the forum ❤️ I hope you are finding everything to your liking thus far :bigsmile: I am Aleksei, the main moderator for Renovatio; I see you have shown some interest in the area and that makes me super excited! Please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

    Welcome aboard!



    Alright, I am coming up in the last week of school and I have about four essays that need my immediate attention. I plan on ignoring Valucre for the next couple days and will reappear around Friday, late afternoon or so.

    If anyone needs to reach me, don’t hesitate to tag me wherever, send me a PM, or contact me via discord. I will get to you as quickly as I can 

    I Love Hearts GIF

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    2. Aleksei


      I’ll have you know, sir, that the thread is up. Look for ‘Bloody Crown’. So you can suck deez nuts. 

    3. Ataraxy


      Where's the interest check tho?

    4. danzilla3



  18. OKAY, I'M HERE.

    So I'm in my fourth run with work today, tomorrow being my fifth (WOOOO!), and that's why I've basically been MIA. I am slowly catching up! I will touch on some posts tonight (6/2), and I will get to the pm's I've received over the last few days. Thanks for your patience with me, I greatly appreciate it ❤️

    1. danzilla3


      They make you run at work?


  19. Posts and more lore coming tomorrow night and Friday ❤️

  20. Agenda for today:


    Lore: sky mermaids & Shrine City lore. 

    PMs: I will be reading over all the messages I’ve gotten and will be responding ❤️

    1. Ataraxy


      Skkkkyyyyy whhhaaaales

  21. I AM ALIVE!

    So the family and I had a very busy weekend that took me away from the computer, making me rather unavailable.

    I just want people who have sent me messages know I got them and I’ve read them 😊 I won’t be able to make any replies today (just got back into town and we are all rather exhausted). I will be getting to things tomorrow night and Tuesday afternoon ❤️

  22. I know I promised some people posts tonight. That isn’t going to happen :sweat: I’m on fire tonight writing a few essays for my classes, and I don’t wanna lose my steam.

    That said! Good news is all this weeks homework will be done tonight and I’ll have free time to post tomorrow and the day after ♥️

  23. For the last 3-4 days I’ve been slowly dying 😂 I am slacking but expect all kinds of posts to slip out Saturday - Monday. Dying has kinda left me ... dying 

    1. Velindrel


      Dealing with any sort of really bad pain/illness can be really not good.

      I have to deal with stomach cramps and really bad pain in that region from kidney damage because of a bad medication dose i was put on.  Yesterday was gods awful for me and I didn't even eat dinner because of how much pain my stomach was in....really not cool.

      But yeah I hope you feel a lot better really soon.  Kick that whatever is bothering you thing's ass!

    2. Heroshima


      Ye! Get well soon! 😃

  24. Got a bit occupied with my gals bday today! Better posting will resume tomooorrroooowss

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