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  1. Yeup, PRIME was replaced by Lamane. Once our sad PRIME in this thread is killed off, he will be replaced and PRIMES will be obsolete.
  2. I am not sure where you got that, but nope! The magic that keeps Renovatio up I the sky is called The Will of Renovatio. It's a power source passed down to each Grand Kommadant. Without the Will, Renovatio would fall.
  3. There are rivers and lakes that circulate about Renovatio. There is NO OCEAN up in the sky surrounding it, just clouds and some spackling of overflowing rivers that are kept in place by MAGIC.
  4. Waves danced across the edges of the docks, licking away at the wood and bottoms of ships rocking against angry waves. Somewhere down the line, there is a ship left cold and silent, its Captain somewhere amongst one of the various taverns freckling the port. The gentleman had been kind enough to bring her along, ignoring the need in her voice and the desperation prompting her to move forth, he allowed her on his ship with no questions asked. Lemoine knows she will have to repay Altair for his kindness and patience; such a dangerous and adventurous soul should not have to carry burdensome baggage. Throwing her hood back, she took in a deep and terrible breath of cold, salty air. The instant shock made her cough but she still felt incredibly refreshed, like all the burdens tapping against her small shoulders were suddenly silenced. For seconds all she heard were the rolling of the water, the distant sounds of chattering, and the timid beating of her heart; a heart that's been broken twice and suffering still. She can't play ignorant and mournful forever; she knows exactly why she wanders this port with the same likeness of a forgotten specter. Just across these busy waters is an island where a silver-haired man with honey eyes gave her a piece of his world. Somewhere in the mountains recklessly coursing through this island are memories precious and sweet and bitter. In the sweet moments hidden between the running and hiding, the memories of a love that had yet to blossom stay, begging to be let out of the darkness cultivated by the hurtful past. It is impossible, she thinks mournfully to herself. There is no way she will ever be able to set foot on the beautiful island without feeling the pains of desperation. Where is he? Somewhere in the mountains still or farther off? Did he make it safely across the waters into Genesaris or was he left to die somewhere alone? These questions were left to echo across her shivering form standing ever so strong against the rising wind. Frozen fingers timidly danced against her stomach, a cavern of coldness and emptiness no manner of drink and food can fill. Once there had been a growth of warmth there, just a sweet spot of sunshine created by herself and the man who is still trapped in the cage of her withering heart. A bouquet of their desperate love that withered for reasons unknown to herself, to the doctors, to anyone willing to listen to her wailing. Losing one precious thing is earth-shattering; losing two is indescribable. When she had thought there would be something of him left behind, the world took it away, almost as if it were punishing her. Wiping the unannounced tears from her ears, she quickly pasted a smile on her quivering lips. "I miss you both very, very much," she said to the night air.
  5. Vanadey looked at the woman shrouded in darkness and pain and near shuddered at the despicable sight - there is a nastiness within that one. A kind of desperate hatefulness that clawed at the woman's figure, disfiguring what little soul was bound to the flesh of the proclaimed mortal. The inky darkness attached to the woman appears to slither towards the man named Cain; another with his distortion surrounding him. Combined they are dangerous individuals with far too much power at their fingertips - a delicious combination. Yellow hues were quickly dragged away to pointedly look at the dancing Reginald filled to the brim with glee. Dark lips were drawn into a smile when he asked for her thoughts, enjoying the irony of the statement when he knew well enough she could not speak nor could she transfer her feelings to his wild mind. The mild disconnect between the two made conversation dangerously construed, her inabilities ruling over her actions the Fae Queen is whittled down to a simple mute speaking through written words. She responded by shaking her head no. "There is no need to thank me," she said with a hand raised. "I had minimal choice in the matter; I doubt she would have stayed in her book if I asked kindly enough." Masked eyes looked over the sinuous fae who was protectively standing close to the magus. The way the woman looked at Riforte made her smile, being seen as a threat was not surprising, and it interested the Architect to know what exactly is going through that mind. A long time ago Riforte had danced through the realms inside her books, searching selfishly for a solution to her problems, but never once did she confront the fae glaring her way. She wants to know why this creature has glued herself to Reginald, and why she acts so possessively over someone ancient in his ways; putting two and two together, Riforte is certain these two know each other. Leaning forward, she took in a deep gulp of air before forcing herself up to her feet. Vanadey continues to watch, her dislike fizzling out as she watched the other woman work herself up to standing. This is dangerous; the fae suddenly thinks to herself. Having someone so poorly in health will put Reginald in more danger than what's necessary and in her biased opinion, this Riforte is not someone she wants dragging her magus down because of her recklessness. If she had the right and the words, she would let Reginald know her feelings, even if they meant nothing for it's very apparent he holds the woman highly. "I will be following your lead, Reginald. You tell me what needs to be done and I'll do my best to follow through." Riforte's reply was quipped, an attempt to override the heaviness in her lungs.
  6. "It is for sure not conventional!" She laughed proudly, feeling more comfortable now that those pieces of her life are out in the open. "I hope that it doesn't come to that." Truthfully, so. While her life wasn't the most ideal, she was grateful that she had an owner who cared for his items and treated her with all the kindness that was legal. She was released out into the wild, he had no right to take away her freedom, not since it was paid and fought for. The law may be on her side, but so is justice and justice seems to act at a swifter pace than the rule. It's comforting to know that she has an unorthodox support system that'll keep her safe and on the right track. Finished sweeping, she goes behind the counter and begins to pilfer through the various drawers and shelves. The little shop had been abandoned for a very long time now, and whoever owned it beforehand was in a bit of a hurry. Some manifests, notes, and scribbles were left strewn about, but nothing of real importance that's worth keeping around - yet. These kinds of little holes in the walls always have some sort of secret or two hiding away, and she has a feeling that this one has something strangely attached to it. "Looks like the previous owner was interested in the Spectral District," she said, throwing a bundle of notes atop the counter. "Is it a trendy place?" She asked her boss, feeling that in general, the district might be the one area most wouldn't visit or deal with. When researching a place to set up shop, she didn't want to be very close to the area considering it may be detrimental to business. Outside of that, Eliza has very little knowledge about the spooky spot across the river. "A real placed haunted; it's not a thing you see every day. It's a little surprising that no one has tried to use it for themselves." You often hear silly little stories how some houses are haunted and through the years said stories get sillier and sillier, eventually losing their scary factor. Eliza believes in spooks and goblins; she has just never come face to face with anything of their kind. Curses and hexes are also a new thing to her; Kalopsia tries to weed such things out to ensure the safety of and sanctity of the island. Can't have people going out trying to raise the dead or curse their neighbor for silly reasons, so such things are closely watched but not entirely regulated, but there are watching eyes.
  7. Ari got the acceptable amount of teeth, cringing ever so often when she touched something too squishy or too wet with blood. Memories often attach themselves to bizarre things, and all she could think about was the one time she had to help sew someone up. The incident included a few hapless hunters and one angry bore; the group collided and one of the hunters ended up with his stomach slashed open. An angry shudder ran down her spine thinking about it when the last tooth was popped out of the landsharks mouth. 'I'll be right there.' As Grugga and Gerald made their way back to camp, Ari stayed behind to gather a few more items from the landshark for herself. A little bit of its flesh and few teeth (unfortunately), also a few drops of its blood; all these items will come into use later on when time permits. Next, she cut the string off her bow and rubbed it between her fingers, covering it in landsharks blood. Not really educated on the lives of bugbears, she assumes a bit of ruggedness to traditional jewelry makes it stands out. And since Grugga is aiming to make an impression she thinks this will make his trophy stand out. She made it back just in time to see the camp buzzing with activity. 'Grugga, here.' The small woman found the bugbear and presented to him the necklace. With a little finagling, she had tied the teeth with the red bowstring, creating a work of art if she says so herself. She made sure that it looked appropriate; some knots were more extensive than others, the length of the necklace was short, so it would be high against his neck for all to see, and the smell to it was pretty questionable. 'I hope this is acceptable.' Proudly handing over the necklace, the small woman turns her attention to the Knight in charge. 'I assume we're ready to head on out? I'm excited about all this adventuring to have some fruition.' Possibly the most exciting and most productive day in her life, Ari is a tad sad to see it come to an end but excited to see where it leads. Not keen on all the details, she can understand that this little adventure is essential to Gerald and the people who follow him.
  8. "And how difficult it must be for a knight! For a person to wear their heart so openly on their sleeve, I am rather shocked you haven't been snatched up by one of the other ladies. I can assure you; there have been a few interested in our visiting knight." Pulled close, the elf was forced to look up at the smiling knight who continued to speak pleasant words to her. They are dancing to a very dangerous tune that is quick and heady, a breathless combination that may set them aflame. He so eagerly spoke of hearts, not at all considering that perhaps her hands were not meant to harbor such a precious thing or that hers may slice him so broken it is. Marina doesn't put much stock into wishes and dreams, knowing that a clouded mind can often lead to mistakes, but she was a weak woman now that fantasies danced at her fingertips. The moment his lips touched hers, something inside her blossomed. Her arms went around him and nearly crushed him against her, her mouth claiming his full force. It was not a gentle kiss, not like the one they had earlier shared. It was a hot demand and a yearning of two individuals who've just found a drop of sweetness quenching their parched emotions. There was no holding back, no uncertainty, just a hot wild passion that equaled his own, and a wild, fierce joy that they've found one another. In the privacy of the boat, they were allowed a calmness to explore and relent to the tumultuous feelings unbound inside their hearts. Her carved her body with experienced hands, causing her to feel confused and dizzy. She couldn't think clearly; with a tiny sound of surrender, Marina slid her arms around his neck, her soft lips parting to allow his tongue. Instantly they met one another on the precipice of something lovely and heartfelt, something she never thought she would feel again in her life or care to even acknowledge. Gerald has kind of welcomed himself into her life, a happenstance created at the hands of Milorian who had embraced the Knight and his faults. Hearing his words, Marina pulled back to create some inches of space between them. Her eyes ran over his body, magnificent in every detail and beautifully proportioned, from the astonishing width of his shoulder to his deep solid chest hidden beneath his shirt. A frown of frustration painted her kiss-swollen lips, but as quickly as it appeared, it was replaced with a smile that swam in laughter. "Oh, Gerald," nimble fingers curled into fists against his chest, "Gerald you know what that means, right?" An avowal of love is something precious and fragile; they are two people of considerable power locked into positions that are opposite of one another. He would eventually have to go back home and if fate had its way, Marina and her son would go wherever Gerald goes. Would they be accepted with open arms? Would Gerald be forced to leave them behind? Are we forced to choose between duty and love? "I want to be able to love you beyond this boat," she said before grabbing his hand and kissing it. "I don't want you to be in danger."
  9. She was rather proud of her response, having felt the anxiety rise from the headless individual from the very beginning. Riforte was aware of how her friend would feel seeing the past thrown so blatantly in her face. When Cain stepped forward and gave his promises, Nefarious had given him her full attention by turning her body towards him. Right here stands the reason why her livelihood was driven to nothing, why she was forced to struggle, why her ship is a home for the fishes. Riforte flinched against the piercing strand of darkness lodged in her shoulder. There was no real thought to the action (on both ends), it had all happened in a matter of seconds that told them what they needed to know about how Nefarious felt. That's why she was proud of her stumble forward, reacting in a squished window of time. An aimless bit of reaction that probably meant little since the real target was not the sort to fall so quickly. Faux leader, there is still a sense of responsibility to everything she does; Riforte will not allow her teammates to be injured, not when she can help it. "He deserves that, but I can't have you hurting an important piece to this organization." "What're you thinking?!" Nefarious withdrew her attack, hearing Riforte grunt in appreciation as the stiff shadow was pulled out of her shoulder. "That I have to protect the vital aspect to your success. Look," she raised a bloody hand to calm the beheaded woman whose fists were clenched at her sides, "there is nothing he can do or say to rectify what happened that day. He has a mess to clean up, and you have a chance to help while getting a little action on the side." "B-But him?! Why does it have to be him?! Don't you have like ... other assholes to pick from?!" Nefarious whined, sounding like a child locked inside a woman's body. "It's not my call, Nefarious. If I had a choice, I would still pick him, so you can sit down and act like an adult, or we can leave with all offers." Stepping backward, Riforte reaches out and grabs Cain by the arm and shoves him forward. "He is your meal ticket, Nefarious. Don't be an idiot and take our offer." Nefarious was having a hard time swallowing down the bitterness seeing Cain after so long. She had foolishly hoped that he died somewhere or got ate by wild wolves or something like that. Nothing in this world could persuade her to fully trust him nor care about his apology, the hate that's eating away at her soul was festering and building, ready to boil over. Rigidly she sat down, watching the blood drip down Riforte's arm and ruin the worn carpet decorating the floor. The sight calmed her ... somewhat. "What do you have to add to this, then?" The smoke pouring from the neck of the woman pointed at him. "There! See? We can be friends."
  10. Eliza was delighted to speak with her companion in secret; there is just something mischievously fun about talking in lowered voices. Plus, she got to hold a minor conversation with Cerebri, something she has wanted to do since they had their interview. You quickly get the feeling that he is a unique man with secrets and quirks that's not everyone's cup of tea, making him more interesting than what's necessary. The elf was tickled to the point it was difficult to pay attention to his proposed plan. "I am up to playing the part!" That left Jack to do the poisoning if everything goes right, and her to ensure that things remain distracting enough to get the overall job done. Not her first time doing something this shady, Eliza felt comfortably confident to put up with this charade. On the flipside, this is the first time she's genuinely mingled with the other associates, and that made her a bit nervous the closer they got to their destination. When Cerebri helped her out of the carriage, she bundled up her nervousness and grabbed his hand to be led into the bar. To play the part, she wove her arm around his and pulled him close. She would be playing the enthusiastic woman that laughs a bit too loud and speaks a little too low. Playing coy isn't her forte, so she will rely on entertaining her company with stories of home and her life there while leaving out a few pieces. Their employer is the only one who knows about her time in slavery, and it is only because he is not the person she should be lying to. Jack and Cerebri are soon-to-be friends, but first and foremost they are just workers like herself. There are just some secrets meant to stay as such. As he guided them to their seats, she turned and laughed into his arm - a soft sound that echoed about the establishment. Taking some charge, the elf grabbed him by the hand and dragged him over to the bartop, all the while saying encouraging words that further imply the two are relationship status. She's never been in a relationship, let alone date, but she has been surrounded by women who've done more than just date and laugh at men's jokes. "Let's sit here! You can order the drinks."
  11. "Yes!" Her response was a mixture of surprise (she hadn't expected him to be listening) and excitement (money is often exciting). "My services have been requested by a well paying benefactor who has a taste for ... ah, relics." Setting her newly fashioned helm atop the bar, she retrieved a scrap of paper from a nondescript pocket and spread it before the brooding man with a name. She waved Avaerus over to also take a look in case he got curious about the paper and what is written on it, or just felt like he wanted to be part of the group in general. Nonetheless, the note is there for everyone to see with all sorts of information exposed to their wandering eyes. Free to wander and leaving them to read about how the chosen relic is a weapon used by someone from history. Unwilling to risk their own life, the person who hired Farren wants her to wander to the Shawnee Glacier, climb a mountain or two, and obtain the weapon from ice eagles or some such. Farren has been hired for worse, and immediately took the job, knowing well that the price tag attached to this little expedition will be just enough to carry her comfortably through the rest of the year. She and Lentil have been extremely busy the last few months, taking what they can when they can to 1. Save for Farren's travels back home and 2. Lentil is having to take jobs on his own while she is gone. "I've got money for the travel to and from, which is nice," she said while bending down and picking up her weapons. "And just enough information to get me there." She stood up, slamming her compound bow on the bar top; she apologizes quickly after, not meaning to be so rude. "It'll take me a bit to get there, but being prepared for this field trip makes the time ... meh," Farren shrugged into the straps that keep her quiver in place against her back. "The only issue is I've never been to the Shawnee and considering its current atmosphere; I worry these will be more of a problem than usual." Farren lifted her hands to signify 'these' before grabbing her bow and throwing it over her shoulder. This weapon is the only one she can currently use and feel comfortable with. Swords and daggers and anything else as sharp are dangers more to herself than an enemy; her inability to have steady hands makes it difficult to stab someone and make it count. There are some daggers and knives on her person, all extraordinarily sharp and all used outside of killing people and protecting herself. A hunter needs to have a handy-dandy sharp just in case. There have been times she's had to bring out a dagger or two to escape some sticky situations, and each time she has ended up hurt but thankfully not dead. "Oh! I'm sorry," she laughed, just realizing something, "I didn't introduce myself. Call me Farren! Farren Rhea Noam, Fa for short." She moved out from behind the counter and reached forward, offering the two gentlemen a quick shake.
  12. FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER!! And my kidney infection is no longer killing me =D

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  13. Never ever ever ever feel that way at all due to the fact I know you and Dre had conversations here, then Dre and I had conversations here, Discord, and text and Instagram >D Due to certain circumstances, I would rather rely on what you know between him and yourself since I would treat that more as "in stone" conversation, than I would our conversations. The height is important, and again, if you two had decided on something I need to know because it's not a subject that is close to my heart that it can't be changed. If you two had decided on that distance you mentioned before, then that's the distance. I honestly do not mind/care enough to change it, since it would be unnecessary.
  14. You could have just said your last statement; my statement was a mistake (the miles; I don't spell check with my phone ? I am that person) but also a conversation that had been discussed EOOOONNNNNNNSSS ago between I and Dre! I understand with that wishy-washy kind of situation, things get a little (hella!) fuddled in the end due to the exchange between a thousand hands. So, if you two had already decided EMPHATICALLY on a distance, then I need to know for reals.
  15. @Hurttoto Renovatio is floating in the air! And since it is an island, it is surrounded by water as well. Right directly beneath it is another landmass known as Kalopsia, it too is an island but is in the water and not in the air like Renovatio. @Ataraxy I know you asked this forever ago and I wasn't able to get to you in time; Renovatio is ~4,000 miles in the air.
  16. I am currently fighting a kidney infection, so sorry for being ridiculously slow and unreliable right now ?

  17. Welcome to Valucre!

    Super excited to have you here and I hope you find yourself fitting right in! Let us know if you need help with anything :bigsmile:

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  18. "I'm not sure; my adoptive mother is from Genesaris. So maybe it's a general statement." He went on to explain the differences in magic and how something like red hair holds different significance to those educated in the arts. This little snippet of information made her more curious and if she had the education, she would skip over to a library to read more about this suddenly elongated history. There was so much out in this full world she does not know about, and she's hungry for more - much, much more. This stranger all dark and brooding has cracked open a door she's struggled to open - brilliant. Avaerus slipped into the conversation with flaming poetry spilling from his fiery mouth. So focused on the brooding man melting shadow to notice that the rest of her company was exemplary. "Oh! My hands, I apologize," she said to the half-dragon for she's sloppily moved into his and the other man's conversation. "I do not know. They've been like this since I was a child and they've gotten progressively worse and worse as I get older." She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Whatever is wrong with her hands is getting worse, and she's done very little to find a cure, too focused on everything else than the minor determinant she's learned to live with. "Ah, for your time." A burly looking man squeezed his way through the door, snagging the young woman's attention ever so suddenly that she swiftly put her gift back on the counter. Once again she goes on a small expedition to find a pocket knife hidden behind the trinkets in her pockets. "See if there's something you can do with this, maybe there's something special about my hair outside its color." Shaking hands crookedly sliced a chunk of hair at the nape of her neck; thankfully the poor cut will be hidden. "Here you go." Farren slipped the strands over before turning to her other friend, whose gift was easier to obtain as it was hanging quietly at her hip. "I appreciate conversation and gifts! You've been kind, but I'm sorry I have very little else to give other than these candies. They're mints ... they melt in your mouth." She had to hide her laugh at the irony (?) of the candies and her offering them to him. Nonetheless, she dropped the pouch by his hand, then took her gift and shuffled over to the man impatiently holding some items for her. Bubbling laughter was spilling out of her by the time she reached her friend, who unceremoniously plopped her helmet on her head with a gentle thud. Farren fiddled with the plating, lifting it and down a few times before turning around and looking at the people in the tavern. "What's wrong?" His exasperation for her showing with his arms crossed and his lips lopsided in an annoyed frown. "Mn," was her response, the tiny sound squeezing through the delicate openings of the mask. "It's impeccable, just absolutely perfect." She lifted off the helmet and paid the man a big smile, rows of perfectly white teeth all lined up in a pretty way. His pride is poured into every piece of armor he makes and knowing this she plays a game against his impatience. It worked, his face had turned thirty shades of red, and he looked ready to hit her. He was deflated when she laughed loudly and slapped him jovially on the arm, completely removing the rising tensions dancing between them. "And your gloves?" He swept her hand off his arm, his annoyance still there but dampened. "They're amazing too! I'm grateful you were able to fix them in such a short period." "Good paying customers often get my attention before anyone else. So, uh ... Are you going to go then? Without your knife earned friend? Heard the Shawnee is tricky, ya know, the whole magic thing." "Without my elf-friend," she corrected him pointedly, "and yeah! Lentil has other business, and I'm not setting this opportunity aside. I've done worse things than this so," she shrugged her shoulders That flippant response made the conversation move along at a faster pace. He gave her the details on what was fixed and what was different with her items, making sure she got every opportunity out of them. The eager woman nodded, said okay, gave a large amount of praise here and there that pushed him out the door with a begrudging smile smoothing his weathered face.
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