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  1. @SteamWarden and @Rabbit I have your post and details! The storms in Florida have been super terrible and I've lacked internet for the last few days. We are currently heading to Baltimore right now and I will have wifi access tomorrow!
  2. "Do you think he'll be angry?" She sheepishly asked while drawing little lines on the carriage door with a well-manicured finger. "Oh, no, not angry," Delaney said, her smirk drawn high into a smile. Milorian is blinded by the fact that Ly is his sister, crafting him into a very ignorant individual when it came to her. "Furious! Ly, you'll be lucky he won't send you to Misral to dig ditches." The elf looked at her hands, red and sore from outside activities not meant for a woman of her caliber. The calluses on the pads of her fingers were tough and rough, ruining the once soft appendages that had only touched lotions, rose-scented waters, and silk. There were even bruises scattered about her frame, creating constellations that have yet to be traced, and they are the main reason she chose to wear such an elaborate dress just to play guard to a carriage. Her moment of defense was broken by a most amusing scene that caused her to pause and watch. Blinking rapidly, she slowly opened the door, careful not to disrupt the glorious atmosphere created by stumbling and now bleeding figure. From her position, she painted this wonderful man with a limited brush; the lines were clean, the colors profound in their simplicity, and the reasoning behind the painting is intrinsically pure. Handsome is such a simple word to describe a man, your mind instantly goes to a perfectly enhanced figure carved from marble, with a nose perfect and eyes spaced romantically, hair coiffed and a smile that could melt the sun. That is handsome. He is not handsome. The closer she got to the bleeding man, the more her laughter spills from between her red lips. By the time she reached him, she was nearly bent over in laughter, unable to stop herself even though she understood it was rude to laugh at another person's pain. He had fallen with so much grace and glory; the entire situation was ridiculously humorous. Without offering condolences, the elf reached up and began to wipe the man's nose, staining her fingers in the process. Delaney was close by, giving both men an apologetic smile. "Are you okay? You took by far the most dramatic fall I've ever seen in my entire life," the elf said, her laughter slowly subsiding. "Look! You've ruined your glove!" Looking upon him, her earlier evaluation was not changed. He is not handsome - he is utterly indescribable. A man carved from the cosmos, shaped by the very gods themselves, put upon this earth to be a victim to her lingering and curious touch.
  3. Before he had the opportunity to hide them, she carefully poked at a glimmering fang with all the curiosity she could muster. Her depictions of vampires come with terrible caricatures of creatures with skin spread tightly across their frames, and their eyes dead from the lack of life and all its wonders. Rafael is nothing like such monsters in the night; he had the proper airs of a gentleman that is up to absolutely no good. His fangs are possibly the least worrisome thing upon the man. "I would be delighted," she said with a wide smile. Olympia had heard through her siblings about what had happened in the gardens, and she was kept from delving deeper into the matter. Her father is a meticulous man who demands absolute perfection from everyone and in everything. She was a child then, curious to know if Rafael and his beautiful wife were alright, but not at all understanding the motives behind all the silliness. It was another day in the life of her family; if someone isn't injured within five minutes of being in their company, it is considered an odd day. Not at all forgetting all those boring dance lessons, the two mesh together in a soft dance. Their audience the glowing moon and the curious forest creatures lurking about; in her mind is a song, something she shares with him by humming the notes. Once their feet and hands and hips find their place, she picks up the conversation with timid fingers. "I talk to you a lot, you know. When we were in the warp, I spoke to you and my parents more than anyone else." Corvinus offered her words of encouragement, while Leoa gave her words of comfort. There was nothing they could do but wait and hope that Kadia would come out alive, along with their children. It had, obviously, but with immense change due to Connor's underhanded, dirty ways. Olympia was never one for prayer, but when her brother plucked her from her place, she had given the air a heated prayer meant to save all those in Kadia. "Are you able to hear everyone? Do people pray to you and you answer their prayers as well, or am I an outlier?"
  4. Kaori instantly melted into a pile of loose giggles, playfully shaking her legs away from the tickling at her ankle. All these familiar faces and voices made the little girl excited and not at all satisfied being high above the events unfolding between everyone. To avoid the tickles and the remove herself from her lofty perch, the little one shifted and instantly disappeared, leaving her father's shoulder empty. The trick was one she had learned when a group of older children was teasing her, and in a moment of childish emotions, she just disappeared before her assailants and stayed that way for hours before her mother found her. It had taken her mother some time to calm Kaori down, so she returned to being visible; the emotional effect upon her abilities had then been noted. In time, she learned to use her skill to hide from people or play silly tricks on the adults, often landing herself in trouble. Now, she wanted to remove herself from her father's shoulder so she could reappear right in front of Ozu. Impatiently she tugged at Ozu's leg, demanding that he kneel to her height so they could speak. Once he followed her orders, the toddler smashed his face between her small hands and held him close. Not a drop of shyness within her tiny form, the little one stared at him with wide-eyed wonder; his reflection happily embedded into her golden hues. "For you!" And with all the strength of a toddler, she forces his forehead against her's, pressing the floral note on her forehead to stamp itself upon his skin. A small puff of flower petals would erupt from the content, leaving the heavy scent of a blooming garden behind as they disappeared from sight and touch. Pulling his face away, she examines the red mark on his forehead with a critical approach. Assured that he was now blessed, she kisses the mark, forcing it to disappear and once it does a trickling of warmth would flow through Ozu's veins. It was a blessing both from Kaori (unbeknownst to her) and Celine (the motivator behind this moment). "A gift for Ozu!" Releasing him from his hold, she patters back to her father's side and takes his hand. @Twitterpated @Etched In Stone
  5. Primera could see the outline of the gentleman before her; lines of dark green and blues carved him; the magic flowing through his veins made him glow softly against the darkened backdrop. Blind eyes flicker with amusement at the sound of her title flowing from his ink dipped tongue - smooth, regal, correct. As far as minor opinions go, she can tell this gentleman has a need hidden behind his coolness, making him utterly unpredictable in various accounts. "You are great company to have in such dull times, King." The woman gestures for him to take a seat, making the conversation more relaxed and more comfortable. Tonight they will be exchanging their wants and needs and how they will both obtain them; in a way, they will also be losing some very precious aspects of their livelihoods. She has many things within her power, such as money and fame, items that could get her much, but they are nothing in comparison to the better valuables at her disposal. She and her husband have raised four children together, and they've all grown into their own with predetermined determination - a curse, in her opinion. Her sons work to obtain her throne while also going on their adventures that bring forth silly problems. Her daughter has proven to be a better candidate to rule over Renovatio, but her naivety has made the young lady susceptible to the hatefulness of the world. Primera sees too much of herself in her daughter, so perhaps her motivations for this meeting are more self-centered and sinister than they first appear. Once he was comfortable, she withdrew the correspondence between them and placed it before them. "I am sincerely interested in your situation. I understand that stability is the order for the day and I believe I can give you and your people such." The Kingdoms of Renovatio have had their problems, but in comparison to the various other places across Valucre, such problems are nothing. Prosperity has never been a complicated item to obtain for Primera. "I would like to hear in your own words what you wish of me. What exactly can I provide you, and what will I gain in return?"
  6. She lifted her face to the air and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the humid air wet with strange magic. He saw footprints; she smelled change; something was lurking within the shadows, but she could tell that there was nothing malicious to note. This island had once been part of the current world, and now it struggles are being repeated over and over again, making the land unreliable and dangerous. She could feel time ticking by, causing her skin to rise and her blood to pump; the longer they stay, the more she will become sensitive to the unique circumstance of the island. Luck was being gracious with the pair. First their survival against the pirates and now this woman, not just any woman at that - the Head Priestess. Instinctively the Seeker stepped to Grant's side, keeping her right shoulder layered over his left, ensuring a protective spot to set him aside in case of danger. If magic is what's meddling with his current abilities, she can't risk him getting close to things that could make his situation worse. "It's a pleasure to meet you Yun Visal; I am Delphine, a Seeker of House Mythal." Understanding that they are in the presence of someone historically significant, the elf bowed at the waist and gave a soft introduction. Yun is their key to success, and they must treat her as such. "My companion and I are in search of something here on the island. Could you perhaps assist us?" They still need to operate under the assumption that anything on this island is first and foremost a possible danger. Yun can't be excluded, Delphine won't allow it, and she's sure Grant feels the same. They don't want to make an automatic enemy out of the woman, not when she is a lost piece of history standing right in front of them, talking and smiling as if it were a reasonable thing to do in her condition. If she is here, there is a chance there are more and less friendly appearing individuals, and speaking to her could lead to other issues down the road.
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    [GS] Libra

    ・・・】 God: Libra・・・】 God Slayer: @vielle・・・】 OOC: Thread Hooves wildly stomp the jungle, causing wild life to scatter and the Zodiac Knights to falter. The small tribe that had called the area home moved to assist the Knights who are recovering from the massive explosive sphere that had been thrown at them. Libra is ready for war, prompted more as the life is slowly drained from him.
  8. Aleksei

    [GS] Taurus

    ・・・】 God: Taurus・・・】 God Slayer: @ticklefarte・・・】 OOC: Thread Balls of fire are thrown about, catching the village on fire and all within it. He yells during his rampage, cracking the earth and shaking the air; all the while the flames rage forth, causing the surrounding forests to catch on fire.
  9. Aleksei

    [GS] Sagittarius

    ・・・】 God: Sagittarius・・・】 God Slayer: @Thotification・・・】 OOC: Thread Lightening rains down upon the scattering people who attempt to hide in the nearest shelter. Paired with the flashes of light touching down, Sagittarius screams, causing ears to bleed and senses to dull. The city is being laid in rubble due to the God screaming and thrashing about, leaving little room for escape.
  10. You got it! I'll have a prompt up for you tomorrow. It is yours if you want it!
  11. Name: Ylia City Moniker: The Blossom Population: ~6,000 Protection: Seekers - ~500 The Seekers are the military body of House Mythal. They are highly trained and highly religious individuals who use their devout abilities to protect their House and the people within. Fleet - ~100 Eagleships are the most common vessels of the Sylvus fleet. Armed with broadside Hawk Talon batteries, these craft are huge, sleek and streamlined, making them both fast and deadly. They are able to out-race even Bretonnian Corsairs and are far more maneuverable than any ship on Valucre. Their hulls are made from a single curved mighty starwood tree, grown specially for this purpose by Master Shipwrights of Sylvania Those shipwrights lovingly tend groves of starwood for a time equal to many men's lives. They sculpt the shape of the trunk as it grows, working with the wood to maintain its strength and integrity. They then carefully select the strongest, most flawless of these magical trees before they are uprooted. Mighty spells are then used to keep the plant alive and the masts are actually branches grown out of the trunk that will become the hull. Its sails are works of art in themselves, woven from the hair of several shriven priestesses and spiderwicked in a tapestry of enchanting beauty and finally ensorcelled. Trunks are bled just before the ship is launched and the sap of the living tree is tapped and allowed to flow out and over the hull. The resin is hardened until it is a strong as steel and remains watertight. The ship is then blessed by the Phoenix King himself and allowed to go to sea. Government: Governance of the city is shared by an order of Arcanists and wealthy merchants. Arcanists: Merchants: Shaped from the dunes around the marshes of the Turquoise River, Ylia City is a beautiful seaside hotspot that has adopted a channel system due to the past desecration of the land. The charming city has homes designed to be individually different, painted in soft pastel colors of ochre, pink, and turquoise and features shutters with wrought iron balconies with roofs of terracotta tiles. Arranged into four small islands, Ylia boats colorful homes are linked by bridges over the waterways and surrounded by gardens facing the canals. Ylia serves as a port for boat owners, who park their boats in front of their houses; an abundance of trading happens in the active markets scattered about the city. Just outside the city is one major road that leads travelers from and to Senaria and Ylia, with small trails and other minor roads branching from it. The canals are used most often by people to get to and from their homes, shops, and markets that speckle the city. Travel by foot, boat, or water taxi are the primary forms of transportation within Ylia due to the "lagoon city's" overall structure. Ylia is called The Blossom, for it has bloomed beneath the tender love and care given to it by the Mythal House and its followers. The city is shaped by the backdrop of green, fertile fields which have assisted in developing the city to what it is today. The economy has grown with the exchange of rice, wine, fish, also a variety of wools and clothes made by the people of the Mythal House. Wooly bugs and halla inhabit the surrounding fields, keeping the city an active delight of wonders. Culture is rising in Ylia, attracting the attention of many who have no place to call their own to settle down. What historically was a city of little contrast has grown into a vast melting pot, allowing the inhabitants of the city to be free with their beliefs and teachings. There is no true religion within Ylia, though the banners of the Dred Wolf do decorate most homes and businesses. In truth, with the city continuously active with the comings and goings of many merchants, there is just no room or need to settle on only one culture. Overall, the multicultural identity of the city truly leaves a mark. Ylia is made up of four small islands: MAP Egron: MAP Notable Places: Red Eye: An obelisk of hewn red crystal jutting from the center of the Ylia. If close enough you can hear a tranquil song emanating from the obelisk; merchants and seafaring people leave offerings to the obelisk, believing it will bring them safety and wealth. Could be true. Cweyna's Pottery: The workshop of a female human potter named Cweyna, who was once a great wizard, but retired to marry and raise a family. Her pottery is lovely and well priced, but for a few extra coins she will make you something under the table. The Cursed Sword: A grand adventurer's inn, kept by a sphinx named Ningal. Certain quests and jobs can be found here at the inn, along with a few scrupulous people and their bearings. Ithon: MAP Notable Places: Kyne's Blades: A modest weaponsmith's workshop, built within the walls of an embattled stone tower. It’s said the smith to this workshop is a young elven man who guarantees he can make anything within a single day time. The Honest Merchant: The shop of a female human weapon merchant named Anor, within which a magical spell prevents lies and falsehoods from being spoken. The Crossed Blades: A fanciful adventurer's tavern, built within what was once an aristocrat's manor. While the structure is fancy and high maintenance, the individuals inside are by far the most jovial and down-to-earth in Ylia. Falione: MAP Topaz Borough: Overgrown temple ruins, said to be haunted by the spirits of those slain upon its altar. All who come near are said to disappear or are left insane, but the idea of treasure hidden within the ruins keeps them active. Ardulf's Masonry: A large stonemason's workshop, said to be guarded by living gargoyles. These gargoyles will speak to people and if they like a person, they will point them to certain treasures scattered around Ylia. Inyand: MAP The Stacks: A single storey half-timbered building, the home and personal library of a male human sage named Ered. He specializes in the study of legendary heroes and battles. The Singing Thief: An elegant dwarven inn, which serves magical potions in addition to beers and ales. Ylia Notable NPCs: Heva: Female Human Peasant (Evil). Heva is common in appearance, with thin auburn hair and light gray eyes. She wears modest garments and a wide-brimmed hat. Heva is cursed with a maimed hand. Gralphye Ginte: Male Human Peasant (Evil). Gralphye has a square face, with silver hair and brown eyes. He wears plain clothing and several small tools hang from his belt. Gralphye lost his reflection to a nymph. Jorga Kumidotr: Female Dwarf Assassin (Neutral). Jorga is fey in appearance, with thick white hair and brown eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a short sword. Jorga dislikes anyone smarter than her. Elys: Female Human Artist (Good). Elys has black hair and bright amber eyes, and small ears. She wears fine clothing and a silver holy symbol. Elys is thrifty and sensitive.
  12. The elf folded her covered arms across her lightly protected chest; her stance is thoughtful as her audience awaits her demands. The trolls have been reliable with their information, keeping their promise to answer questions when asked, and being honest - as honest as a troll can be. With a pinch of salt, she rolls this trolls honest words around, wondering how far she is willing to risk her safety and those that had followed her. Somewhere within the depths of the Emerald Graves, a witch has made her home. Not bound by the law of any kind, the treacherous creature has begun stealing items from nearby towns and abused anyone that comes near her. It's a bit unusual considering that witches aren't known for being so forward, though times have changed and what she knows means very little. What matters is the issue is taken care of and fast; in a few days her brother will be leaving to attend a meeting that will decide how Ursa Madeum turns. Ly will not be set aside, not anymore. Milorian can't keep her from the world, not when he can't depend on the rest of his siblings. Wyne and Ronan have already ruined their relationship with Milo, too much hate and pain and revenge have kept the brothers at arm's length with the Lord of their House. Lyrei has yelled at the men, treating them like the children they are, trying to get them to see the reason of some kind. It's been futile, which is why she is here, speaking with a troll about a witch, and trying to decide if she's going to risk her timid freedom or go back home. 'So, what are you going to do?' Lyrei smiled at the voice in her head; Austere has been her accomplice in the night. Without him, she would not have been able to sneak in and out of her home. "Sounds like the Tombs are being infiltrated. It looks like I'm going to have to go underground." 'Be safe and quick.' "Of course!" The woman waves her small gathering over and begins to outline her plan to them. These men and women were not part of the Seeker order, but their abilities are none to frown upon, and their loyalty thus far has been unshakable. Time isn't on their side, they will have to be quick to either dispose of this witch or begin moving her out of the Free Marches, and it needs to be done before the sun hits the horizon.
  13. Terrible storm hit us a bit hard and knocked the internet out. I'll have more posts up tomorrow night. 

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    [GS] Aquarius.

    The freezing rain came with a companion: wind. The heavy flow of wind caused the trees to slap against one another and make the cold air extremely bitter and painful against the skin. The workings of a storm are just now beginning as Aquarius shifts beneath the depths of the freezing body of water. Minor waves lick at the intruder, hoping to make travel less than comfortable.
  15. I believe everyone has a thread now! ❤️ Let me know if there is anything else I can do. @SteamWarden I will have a post up for you late tonight; I haven't forgotten about you!
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    [GS] E'na

    ・・・】 God: E'na・・・】 God Slayer: @Ataraxy・・・】 OOC: Thread E'na crashes through the city of Avylon searching for her enemy. The people flee while the Zodiac Knights make attempts to slow the God down. Her zealous vigor keeps her afloat; she flies through the streets, the holy light emanating off her form boiling hot and blinding.
  17. Aleksei

    [GS] Rifornire.

    ・・・】 God: Rifornire・・・】 God Slayer: @Metty・・・】 OOC: Thread Hot boulders were thrown against the tall buildings, knocking them down with ease and killing anything and anyone inside. The city has burst into flames, and the lingering fighters are trying their best to evacuate who they can and save what they can. Rifornire growls in agony, throwing himself around in a frenzy and prompting wildfire and stone to rain down.
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    [GS] Baal.

    ・・・】 God: Baal・・・】 God Slayer: @Fierach・・・】 OOC: Thread Lava bursts and flows over the cracked ground; terrible heat covers Baal as he stomps forth towards the encampments freckling the area. He swings his mighty sword in confusion, flicking lava and debris against rock and sand. Surrounding him is a growing wall of flames.
  19. Aleksei

    [GS] Ophiuchus.

    ・・・】 God: Ophiuchus・・・】 God Slayer: @Csl・・・】 OOC: Thread From the skies fall meteors, tearing through the surrounding jungle and dispersing any civilians near by. Lighting strikes in various areas, causing small fires and thunder rolls, shaking the ground and cracking it here and there. Ophiuchus has hidden himself somewhere within the jungle, mourning his strength and dying in rage.
  20. Aleksei

    [GS] Aestus.

    ・・・】 God: Aestus・・・】 God Slayer: @Alexei・・・】 OOC: Thread People run as the fires chase them. The small city is nothing but ruins, leaving behind memories and a group of Zodiac Knights working against the destructive God. Aestus flies above the fighters, throwing shots of fire at them before having to regain her strength.
  21. Aleksei

    [GS] Nahum.

    ・・・】 God: Nahum・・・】 God Slayer: @Etched In Stone・・・】 OOC: Thread Nahum sits quietly in the middle of the large body of water; he watches as people gather on the beach, their backs facing them, their bodies controlled by his will. His pain causes the rocky shore to shift and the waves to rise; the warriors at his demand are armed and ready to protect the weakened and dying God.
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    [GS] Ventus.

    ・・・】 God: Ventus・・・】 God Slayer: @Twitterpated・・・】 OOC: Thread Prompted by the ferocious pain flowing through its body, Ventus thrashes about the mountains. Random bursts of cold wind are thrown about, slicing mountain and man who dare come near the failing God. High above clouds begin to collect, threatening the cold mountains with freezing rain.
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    General chat thread

    Yesterday I got a email Amazon telling me I now have a credit because of a purchase. Sneaky bastards.
  24. Actually! Nahum was taken this morning, just havent edited it yet.
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