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  1. I like this question! I’m excited for the response, as I feel that this should be approached considering the sensitivity it comes to challenges like this.
  2. To get to the heart of things: problems are unavoidable. Competition can and will bring out the best and worst in people. The best thing that can be done is mitigate the possible upcoming issues. We can't make everyone happy, we can't appeal to everyone's tastes, and we certainly can't be expected to. In this particular case, this would not be the first time Valucre has hosted an event where the prize was cash or where our fellow writers have participated in writing outside the "IC" scope of things. It has been a bit since an event has been held, but they are not unnatural to the forum! This would be an excellent suggestion for an event that is more "IC" driven! Being as this event is not, the thought doesn't hold up in this particular case. Also, for anyone reading my responses, allow me to clarify a bit more: If you take up the challenges in this event, know you can use your already created characters! When I speak about "IC" vs. "OOC" event, I speak on how "IC events" are often specific to the areas that it is being held and provide items found in said area as an incentive to play in that area. This specific event is not being held in any specific area, will not be affecting the lore of any particular place. This is simply a writing challenge for anyone looking to test their writing ability and have a great time doing so.
  3. If you don't mind, could you further expand as to why you think a cash prize is not a good idea? It would be very beneficial! I can be corrected, and I'm speaking for @--Rob here using minimal knowledge. The reason for this is because this is more of a "OOC event" than an "IC event", where "IC events" are often specific to the areas that it is being held and provide items found in said area as an incentive to play in that area. This "OOC event" is more attuned to everyone's like to write and the fun of being challenged, with the prize being a few schmeckles.
  4. Sounds good! I was actually going to ask if it would be okay if I went ahead and posted, so this works well for me ❤️

    Alright, I am coming up in the last week of school and I have about four essays that need my immediate attention. I plan on ignoring Valucre for the next couple days and will reappear around Friday, late afternoon or so.

    If anyone needs to reach me, don’t hesitate to tag me wherever, send me a PM, or contact me via discord. I will get to you as quickly as I can 

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    @Twitterpated 'What's this?' Is what the peering eyes asked their partner in crime who was poking at the floating body with immense interest. Visitors are not unusual around these parts, but this one looked a little under the weather compared to the rest of the humans who visit them. 'A human, you guppy! A kind of dead human, nah?' was the reply, the words silent on the air but not in their minds. The echoing words made the other mermaid shudder - guppy, what a childish insult to resort to! And how do you tell if a human is dead or alive? As far as he's concerned, humans really don't die, they just kind of disappear for a bit and then come back on their terms. This human did look a tad ruined, though. His arm was missing, and the rest of him looked beat up. Whatever attacked him could be near, and that's the thought that kept the mermaids cautious and unsure about what to do next. 'Come on, help me turn him over!' The two stared at each other - turn him over? 'Keone!' They can't just turn away and let the man actually die; it risked the peace between the humans and the mermaids. Relations between the sky-mermaids and the humans have always been peaceful and sweet, but abandoning the injured person could open up a narrative he'd rather not visit. Keone listened to Nakoa, figuring that it's best to follow his direction and ride the waves where they take them. He helped turn the man over, suddenly remembering why humans are useless in water: they don't have water lungs! Turning him over possibly saved his life, if he wasn't already dead from the two trying to figure out what in the waters to do. Luckily, the two saw the man's chest rise and fall, but they were shallow little gulps. 'Do you have any sea-foam left?' Nakoa quickly nodded and fished the sea-foam from his pouch. They can't help this man on the land, but they can save his life at sea. With Keone's help, Nakoa fed the dying man sea-foam, and the two waited impatiently for the magical foam to take control. When it finally did, the two mermaids pulled the man underwater, playing part to the old stories about mermaids being powerful and deadly creatures. They reached Ingemar just in time; the man was close to death. Nakoa and Keone had taken him to the healers, who all worked their magic to pull the man together. The human body is magnificent, but it has various limitations when it comes to the environment. Nakoa had to return to his duties, which left Keone to watch as the healers bathed the man in a special balm that protected him from the pressures of the water. Whenever he woke up, he would be comfortable, or as comfortable as someone who has nearly died and has lost an arm can be. "Will he be alright?" Keone asked the healer, his fin swishing through the water with obvious anticipation. "He looked like he was dying, because ... you know ..." The mermaid pointed to his arm, indicating the grave injury the human has obtained. "He should be okay after a few days. Whatever happened, it's surprising he made it this long." Ingemar was all atwitter with the arrival of a new person inside the castle walls. It has been some time since the Kingdom has allowed anyone to step inside the most sacred halls. The King had made his announcement clear: no rest, no visit, not until the princess is found. Their King was not so cold-hearted to deny an injured person; there's a story here, and he wants to hear it.
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    Wicked Game.

    @King Milorian lazily contemplated the benefits and risks that some would say does not fit his persona. He can feel the waves of complacency wash over him in a steady rhythm. It has been difficult to not float away on the calming waters; tonight, it is no different. Looking out the window of his study, he squinted in an attempt to see the edges of the Free Marches, but failed for a few reasons: it's too far, and he's blind. Sitting on the throne as King was not a regrettable choice, it has led to a few things for the people, and those things are enough to soothe his yearning for home. Soon enough, that home will not exist. The decision may have felt abrupt to those outside his circle, maybe even a little insulting considering how long he has been named King. He should care about such opinions - he should care - because it is the people's opinion that shapes his rule. Absconding his family from this land is almost like a slap in the face. The Mythal House is an old one and has inhabited this place for some time. Why leave now? Some may think. What's the reason? Others will wonder. The elf has all the answers, yet none of them truly matter. There is no going back; he will see that his family is safely removed from Ursa Madeum, a place they will never have to see again. At last, he thinks to himself, there will be some peace to this uneasiness. Primera has provided passage to her lands, where she has blessed his family with an opportunity to live. Their leaving meant his staying. He can't just give the crown back, not that it meant much considering the promises they had all made that day of his crowning—a figure, nothing more. Milorian does not have the pleasure of leaving everything behind, even though he wouldn't mind doing so right now. His siblings are preparing for the departure, and his Seekers will take care of whatever is left once they're all gone. Sighing, he rubs the bridge of his nose - so much work needs to be done in a matter of days. He can't help but feel some way about the situation; change is a hurdle many can't jump over. A knock on the door shook him back to reality. Blinking, he curved his attention towards the door before allowing the guard to enter. A visitor at this hour? It was late, that much he knew, too late for company as far as he is concerned. When told who it was, he nodded in a gesture to allow their company to come forth. Alexandros Kholin, Lyrei's paramour ... no, her husband. Saying paramour would imply something illicit, and he would not insult the couple. It has only been a month or so since Lyrei had made her home in the Kholin Reach; Alexandros coming here must mean business. Whatever that business is, the elf waits for his company to come forth and state his explanations for visiting at such a late hour.
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    A Bloody Crown.

    "I hate this place," he said while gesturing towards the enormous throne room. Whatever memories he may have held for the place, they're long gone, tainted by his mother's last memory. He only wished it had been him who killed her, but the opportunity was taken from him by the woman's will to evade the preordained. The want for revenge was his liquor; every day, he reached for the bottle and took one searing sip from it. It kept him contemptuous. "Then why don't you remodel it to fit your tastes? We can close the curtains, litter the floor with filth, and lock all the doors." Romilly turned on his heel to face the only person who truly understands how he feels, even though her feelings contradicted his own. An accepting creature, Areille could see his side of the story and understand the feelings boiling beneath Romilly's generous facade. He is a towering figure, just like their father, and quickly commanded a room with his overly warm smile and friendly manner. Not many know that he's nothing but a snake. "Aren't you a little too rude?" Areille approached the throne, passing her brother, who looked at her with the same contempt he felt towards their mother. Unfortunately, she carries the same features as their deceased parent - tall, thin, red-haired, and opal eyed. If possible, he would see that his sister suffered the fate he wished to put on their mother. Somewhere in his hateful heart, he knew better; it disgusted him that he was willing to make his sister suffer for the faults of their mother, all because she looked like the damn woman. Why could she not look like their father? At least then, when looking upon her, he would not be reminded of his greatest failure. "Today isn't about you, Lilly," she turned to face him, and was met with a budding storm. Lilly, it was a pet name their mother had given him. It had not occurred to her that he would be so sensitive to it, for she figured her brother would have grown out of this behavior now that he has obtained the throne. "It's about putting our mother to rest and reassuring your people everything will get better." Turning away from the throne, she moves to stand before her sibling. He over-towered her, something he often used to intimidate her. Perhaps she should fear him, he is a man with enough power to squash her with just a thought, and her very livelihood was in his hands. Unfortunately for him, Romilly has shown his cards far too soon. Somewhere underneath his grief is a kind man who would never dare hurt his sibling. Yet. "Now, it's time you start acting like the man people believe you are," she said, adjusting his tie and fixing the wrinkle in his collar. "Outside these doors, you are a dependable royal who is mourning his mother. When the night is all over, you can return to being a coward." "You're too rude." Romilly reached up, his lips twisting into a casual smirk that made his opal eyes glitter. He grabbed her hand and turned it away from him, his disgust - towards her, towards himself - clearly painting his handsome features. Areille swallowed hard over the pain he caused her wrist. He won't risk abusing her in front of thousands of people, and later he will regret bruising her. That alone keeps her somewhat compliant. "It's time we speak with the people." She was correct on one thing: outside the doors of this soon-to-be temple, he is a ruler. His crowning was a rather quick affair. Going through all the gestures, he vowed to protect his people, to uphold the values carved from history long-past, and to act responsibly. He had imagined this moment to be different, and for a few seconds, he lost himself in his fantasies. If his mother had not betrayed him, she would be here, and so would his father, the rest of his siblings would also be celebrating. Areille would have been looking upon him like she used to: with love. This would be a celebration. Instead, his mother is dead, his father is somewhere, his other siblings have been banished from the land, and Areille is now crowned as his second-in-command and barely looks at him. It's all Primera's fault. Things would have been different if she had just stayed alive. Once he took his place as Grand Kommadant, the procession for his mother's burial began. It had been decided that she would rest peacefully in the home of Grand Kommadant's past. Primera Capitol is built around the great lake Estrella; within the middle of the lake, resides the castle the Cartyr brood has inhabited for years. Romilly has no intention of staying in his childhood home; he would rather die ten times over than step foot back into the castle. On Areille's suggestion, the castle will be turned into a temple where the people of Nehalen and beyond can visit Primera's final resting place. The Prayer Bridge connecting the temple and the edge of the city allows for people to come and go as they please, keeping the temple active. Romilly wanted to destroy the castle, along with the body of his mother. Even as Grand Kommadant, such a grand request would not be given to him, unless he wished to anger his people. He will allow Nehalen to mourn the loss of Primera. Standing in the middle of the bridge, he watched as throngs of people shuffle towards the temple to pay homage to the dead woman encased in crystal. Areille safely kept herself inside the temple, greeting people as they approached her mother's crystal coffin. Outside Romilly stewed in the various conflictions rolling through his feeble mind and heart. Each person who came forth to shake his hand and give condolences attached to their congratulations made him more resentful towards his mother. If he could leave, he would, but this has just begun. The people of Nehalen will mourn Primera the best to their abilities: with drink, dance, and song. It can't get any worse.
  9. @Veloci-Rapture @Darthgamer101 "What is it about you being surrounded by chiseled men? This one looks like you carved him out of the side of a mountain." Riforte took her present from Vincent without pulling her gaze from Nunzio. Oh, look at you, says her gaze, look at you, you poor sod. Her favorite thing about Isadora is the amount of deception the woman has dressed in. Swathed in lies and swinging hips, the woman had a way of dictating the flow of a room without really trying. She's the kind of person who uses her good looks with enough coyness you can't tell if she's for real or not. Riforte couldn't help but be envious of such femininity, something she personally lacks in her manners, not her appearance. Isadora laughed at the teasing, knowing full well that Riforte is honest with her evaluation of Nunzio. "And just as beautiful as a mountain; an apt description of Nunzio, Riforte. I appreciate the image. Another handsome man is wandering around these parts, but he was taken away from me." Ry was still on Isadora's mind. Layers of smoke peek from parted lips, briefly creating a delicate little wall between herself and the rest of the group. It was getting crowded out here, something she was avoiding this entire time, but fate apparently could care less about what she wants. For a brief second, fate pulled her chain, causing the right side of Riforte's body to go slack suddenly. It was enough to cause her to drop her cigar and her head to bob off to the side. "Vincenzo, how has the door been?" Isadora drew minor attention away from Riforte's sudden clumsiness. "It's been rather eventful inside, I have no doubts the mood is the same out here." Having Nunzio here meant Vincent would have to explain whatever events that have unfurled outside to both of them honestly. This was backing up claims, with Isadora being the purse that held Vincent's money, there's no way he would chance lying to her. "Hey, chiseled man, can you hand me that. Please," Riforte demands in the kindest way possible. Her cigar had rolled over to Nunzio's feet, and she was in no state to reach down and get it. Plus, something tells her that her melting to the ground and crawling around Nunzio's feet would give him the wrong impression. She is trying to make it a habit not to throw herself at men who show her a thimble of kindness and consideration. It's a lesson that always shows how simple-minded she really is. "She isn't bothering you, is she?" Isadora asked the doorman, keeping her voice low. "If she is, you're kind of on your own."
  10. "I enjoy when big men get all excited about beating heads and making it rain blood in the streets." Riforte had grown board idly waiting for her company to return, so she took this opportunity to be a nuisance. Being a close friend to the underboss of the family allowed her to wander about the large home as if it were a museum. Often she would lurk down the halls, admiring the art, looking and never touching. Some days she would pilfer some goodies from the kitchen, and others she would flirt with the weak men meant to protect this household. Her stroll to the office was no different than what it usually is. Glad to see familiar faces, she steadily approaches the bunch but not before stopping at the small bar. Noting the various decanters, one specifically catches her attention - brandy. "How about we listen to Isadora for a second. I think she has something to say, no?" Riforte was never one to command a room; she spoke too softly and cared very little for the audience. "Ah, but you two already knew that. Great minds think alike - or whatever." She smiled against the rim of her glass before taking a delicate sip. Isadora was thankful for the interruption. Jacob and Nunzio were only doing what they believed was the best course of action. Isadora had been attacked, and at the moment, that's truly what matters, not the details about such a hateful gesture. But if they plan on going about this right, no matter the suggestion, they can't approach this problem without hearing what she has to say. "They want bodies," Isadora finally says. Red eyes watch as Riforte perches herself on the edge of Jacob's desk, drink in hand, a smile perched on her lips. "And who has all the bodies?" "I'm assuming you told them no." Riforte throws back the rest of her drink, slamming the glass on the desk. "And they didn't like that answer very much." A bit of an understatement; Isadora nods, her smile hurting her face. "Exactly. They wanted me to give them a portion of my girls, and I was unwilling to open the houses to them. I guess they wanted to persuade me and did ... this." "What else did they do, Isadora?" Folding her arms across her chest, she takes an interrogating stance. "Attacking you is fair enough because you told them no, and like any good child, they threw a fit. That matters, just not as much as that does." "This, they called it: kiss of death." She touched the brand on the back of her neck, its origins finally coming back to her thanks to Riforte's questioning. "A mark of revenge." "Jacob, what revenge are they talking about? Everyone knows you're a weak man when it comes to your sister. The easiest way to make you fall to your knees is Isadora, and they did a fantastic job of it." Riforte gestured vaguely to the air as if punctuating her words. "And here you are, making a house call, unlike the other two houses. That makes you a little wobbly on your feet; it's not that hard to see you and Jacob are paddling up the same creek using the same boat." She didn't have to point to Nunzio; she just had to look at him briefly to make her rude point. "Does the Fedele family have any vampire skeletons in their closet, hm?" Isadora looked to her brother, wondering if Riforte is talking to hear herself or if there was something he wasn't telling them. Jacob knew more about their family than she does, only because Isadora finds herself more interested in the current than she does the past. Plus, Jacob barely has the luxury to look towards the future when he is busy dealing with past problems. "Before we start taking back bounties and going about all that messy business, maybe having a conversation with the victim will inspire everyone here to calm down and think. Isadora got out of bed to be heard, so how about you two do that first."
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    no matter what

    Riforte entertained the notion. This is how they must feel, those people with power pouring from their fingertips - absolutely in control. It had been a fleeting thought, but a thought nonetheless. She was envious of Cain, something she will always be no matter what amount of power she accumulates because he has a life filled with power, pride, and followers. The dying woman craved such a thing, but her shortcomings have kept her from chasing the dream. It is just easier to stare the world through a melancholy lens. Sharps gave her a brief taste of a dream. They can call her a hopeless romantic who hopes to find an end to her suffering, as she has done before but with an ending less than favorable. Death isn't a terrible thing, not when you've done it more than once. It's staying dead. Her partner has forced air through her lungs and thoughts in her head, leaving her slightly overwhelmed. There was control with his touch, and it flowed to her withering soul like a cool stream. A long time ago, the woman had dipped herself into the darkness of shape shifting. For the good of the Organization, she shifted and flowed with reckless abandon, and it had cost her much. She had forgotten many things due to the collected souls and faces she accumulated through the years. She was a tangled mess, but eventually, she had untangled herself from the mess and found the person she is now. It wasn't much of a curse or a burden, really. But his invasion tickled that part of her. For a second, she saw flashes of memories trickling from his curious bit of a mind. Using this time to acclimate to her heightened senses, Riforte looks around the room and the things beyond it while savoring the flashes of thoughts. None of what touched her mind made sense, something that's not shocking. Having only known the man for less than thirty minutes, Riforte can understand he's a unique creature. But through the haze, there was one thing that stuck out, only because it stuck out to him. "Moira." The name escapes her lips when she takes a step forward, beginning their journey to get the item she seeks. It meant nothing to her, names are changeable things, as are the people attached to them. "Moira, that's a pretty name." And old, she could taste its age on her tongue. She spoke to him as she slithers through the belly of the tavern. These areas are usually large and full of random items, such as crates and chairs, there are a few tables here and there. In this case, she finds herself climbing over boxes. "Who is Moira?" Beating around the bush isn't much her style. The name is on his mind, and she wants to know why because really, Sharps doesn't appear to be the sort of man who has a long list of broken hearts strung behind him. "Was she pretty?" Her final question was asked while she went about picking a locked door.
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  13. "You can't yearn for something you believe you've never had," was Rohini's immediate response. The guardian had been a silent figure this entire time, for he took his duties to heart, which meant for little to no interruption. He had traveled with the group wearing a minor smile on his lips and keeping his eyes affixed to the figure he is bound to protect. Areille is not a delicate little creature that needs to have her hand held, but she is a woman of wealth and title. With that in mind, she had joined him on his turn to keep watch. Knowing that it's only fair to join in on the shifts, Ro was an eager volunteer to get that all out of the way. He was reminded of when he and his merry band of misfits hopped here and there about Valucre, nothing but terrible thoughts on their minds. Not the best creatures to ever bless the world; they had become a collection of dependent individuals. They cared about one another in their little way. Oh, those easy days. Now he's here, answering weird philosophical questions in the form of a black cat. Shape-shifting is fun, lets you see through a different lens, and slither around slightly unnoticed. A black cat has been his favorite shape to take because people are weird about their feelings towards the superstitious. Some saw black cats as omens of terrible things to come, some saw them as magical creatures lingering on the tip of a witch's broom. It was all the reactions that made him savor the form. "I'd rather not think on my losses, makes me a bit sad," he said, returning to his original form. "And no one wants to stay sad forever." Knowing that Skacharm is going to notice the lack of Areille, the guard looks down at the man on his left-hand side. "She is finishing the last of my watch. I was properly shooed away, and I'm in too weak of a state to argue with her." That was that! He wasn't going to explain how a blind woman could keep watch, and it involves far too many magical words and a very winded speech. Something about gods, bloodlines, capability, ability, and whatever else royals have at their immediate disposal. "Hm, makes you wonder: do we really forget what means the most to us? Or do we finally find peace in the acknowledgment of our pain? Thoughtful, I guess." He shrugged his shoulders before turning away from the fire to tend to his and Areille's resting spots.
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    So I'm in my fourth run with work today, tomorrow being my fifth (WOOOO!), and that's why I've basically been MIA. I am slowly catching up! I will touch on some posts tonight (6/2), and I will get to the pm's I've received over the last few days. Thanks for your patience with me, I greatly appreciate it ❤️

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  17. "I've no issue with this proposal." Choosing a King is only the beginning, time will tell if they've chosen the correct one. Dauner has shown how dependable he is, along with the rest of the people at the table carrying this discussion to greater depths. With the ever changing world, the whole collection will have to put their best foot forward and prepare for the worst, no matter how often the best shows its face. "I'm sure the people will see Dauner as the appropriate choice as well, and if not - there we have an opportunity to prepare." That's just how rule often goes. Some people like who is sitting in the throne, other's not so much. The decisions being made today will immediately affect the people of Jiyū, one way or another they will feel the changes and will have to adjust to such. Some minds don't mind the idea of a monarchy, but the possibility of some not liking the idea of one is still there in the air. It could mean some push-back here and there, or it could mean quiet indecision, and often enough it is the quiet who are loudest when they speak. Dalia had shrugged her shoulders at the name suggestion, "The name feels appropriate enough." In her mind a name change is an item that could have just been done, instead of minorly discussed among the group. Looking around the table, she supposes it is necessary to discuss every little detail to ensure they all feel included. Plus, a new name is like a new beginning, and they are all assisting building said new beginning. Jiyū is now part of a Kingdom, the Kingdom of Hasturia. "The Kingdom of Hasturia now has a King, a name, and a capital, what else does it need?"
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  21. Most unusual is what some would say. The canal itself is a dominant feature of the Bardhyl Kingdom as it leads out to the bay that slithers into the outstretched sea. A majority of the imports that come into the vast kingdom happen through the canal, making it a unique hotspot, even on a slow day such as this one. It would be unusual to see no one upon the waters, more unusual not to know such a canal existed for it leads to a city that is anything but small. Unusual and extremely eventful. Bardhyl has kept to itself for the last half-year, quietly working its way back from the dust of battle and tainted history. There was a time the place was loud about its existence, letting everyone know that it is here through power and regality. Now, it would not be a surprise if anyone knows that it still exists - a hopeful wish. The hands that have crafted the mighty kingdom have changed. No longer are warmongers and their ilk sitting upon the tainted throne. No longer is the silent, silent. Their lifeboats would be allowed access to the flowing canal; the waters and the accumulating business would guide them to the gates to the first ring encircling the kingdom. Sectioned into rings, Bardhyl is a magnificent sight to behold. The walls keeping the rings together extend 30 feet into the air, and 30 feet beneath the soil; their color is magnificent, pure white like the snowfall Bardhyl is often known for. During the Southern Schism, the walls had been penetrated and brought down, but not completely. Through specific negotiations, the Queen was able to rebuild the mighty walls in a handful of months. Bardhyl was slowly reclaiming its outward glory. Once the lifeboats reached the large gates leading into the first ring, they would be stopped (as is protocol allowing any vehicle to come through) by Legionnaires. "State your business within this kingdom, please." The gentleman was a young faced man who is not so wet behind the years but hasn't seen the labors of battle. He was tall, handsome, and eager to get this line going, so it doesn't cause congestion on the canal. "If you are doing business, what business is it. If you are meeting with someone, state their name." Queen Olympia is not so cruel or power-hungry to turn anyone away, especially when her kingdom has begun to bud. Many sneer at that kind of soft heart, but most are extremely welcome towards it. "If you are newcomers, I suggest you take a right where the rest of that collection is," he says, pointing to a small gathering of ships in varying sizes, "and await directions." He feels that with such a large caravan, it is best that they unload their business on someone else and not him. Going to the right meant they would have to leave their lifeboats behind, docked in an area specifically for those entering the city to muck about and then leave. Everyone else with a purpose, they were guided to the other half of the first ring where they'd be left to do their business in peace. Once all matters are settled, the group of new arrivals is free to wander and ask questions, even meet the Queen if she is available.
  22. Name: Kingdom Bardhyl Moniker: The White Star Population: ~1,000,000 Protection: Contact: @Aleksei Ruler: Queen Olympia Melisende Government: Governance of the city is shared by a selected order chosen by Olympia. Decision-makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in their given area of responsibility and their aptitude towards bettering the City. Those selected either have strong political backgrounds or limited backgrounds towards the political field, yet they still have an immense effect on the City. Members operate under the same title. The Keepers: An order of expert observers and seers who are dedicated to preserving the balance within the city. Combining their common knowledge of the city and their understanding of the general needs of the people, they have come together to form a group of individuals who strive to obtain balance that has been lost to Shrine City for years. The identity of each Keeper is hidden to ensure the balance is not disrupted by people's known association with a Keeper. Keepers have preached against corruption such as selfishness, arrogance, and pride as they are considered acts of imbalances in one's life. A part of this balance, the Keepers accept technology while living in harmony with the natural world. Understanding that in order for their City to grow and its people to live in prosperity, change is an acceptable form of shift. Keeper Council: Comprised of individuals who decide on all courses of action whether it be criminal sentences, discussing issues among the Council, economic problems, etc. Bardhyl still stands after the Southern Schism and has been relatively prosperous since. The people of Bardhyl are hardy, strong, and incredibly pragmatic people who have lived through the bitter end of imperial rule. Having taken the throne after her brother, Neronius, Olympia has changed the Kingdom for the better. She is a kind ruler, perhaps a bit too naive, but is a woman built to rule and thus far has done a stable job doing so. The Kingdom of Bardhyl is built with the great cluster of mountains at its South, and access to the bay to the west through a grand canal that connects the Kingdom to the bay. This has allowed the Kingdom both access to vast stores of precious metals and minerals and great fertile valleys during the planing season. These factors have made the Kingdom self-sufficient, an aspect that has assisted in its rebuilding after the Southern Schism. Bardhyl itself has natural protection. To its rear, a vast cluster of mountains protects it from most enemies, as many will surely die attempting to cross the magnificent mountains. When the Kingdom is approached, you are faced with the high white wall of the outer ring. To its front is the fertile river valley; the soil is tilled deep during the spring and summer months, and due to the rain can often become deep mud traps for an advancing army or curious traveler. In the winter, it is far more treacherous. The cold is biting and with the lack of trees, as they have been cleared for farmland, the wind can kill an unwary man in a moment. Blizzards can come without warning, and fog can shroud the view. This makes the footing treacherous, and those unwary crossing the frozen rivers can find themselves drowning beneath the ice. While these factors might not destroy an army on their own, they will affect morale. Bardhyl soldiers are well versed in surviving these times, often using them to hit the foe with unconventional war tactics. Attacking in the whiteout of a blizzard, striking from the dense fog, and then disappearing just as quickly as they came. It was once said the Kingdom is a nightmare to siege and a jewel to defend. Both are true. When Bardhyl, formerly Shrine City, had been the capital of the Cold South and attacked during the reclamation, it was no small feat. Several insurgent-led attacks were launched on Shrine City proper, and it took months for there to be any success - but there was. Some say it had been a culmination of many things that led to Shrine City's downfall: Nero's lack of rule, people growing uneasy with the Corvinite influence, and the general distrust towards the royals, Shrine City was meant to fall. The Bardhyl Kingdom is a swell of curves and high walls and enormous, tapered spires. Technology still runs within the veins of Bardhyl, but the schism had caused the kingdom to step back to its once basic roots. Shops and homes are rustic in nature, their rooftops colorful, their forms shaped from brick and concrete; everything decorated plainly with foliage and flowers of choice. Bardhyl does not give off the imposing aura it once had, all who travel here are swathed in the feeling of home and comfort. The kingdom is split into five rings with an island smack in the middle. Three of the rings are waterways filled using the water coming from the bay; a large canal connects the kingdom to the bay, allowing ships to travel to and from the kingdom with ease. The other two rings are land and they both serve different purposes to the people. Map of Bardhyl: Click here! Outer water ring (3 stades wide - 0.555 km): Used for immediate travel, where people enter and leave by waterway. This place is usually congested, but all water fairing vehicles are guided through the waterway to ensure no problems arise from people entering and leaving. Outer land ring (3 stades wide - 0.555 km): The largest ring out of them all here you will find the market place and famous greenhouses. Enjoy the cozy hangouts and the family-run restaurants that serve a variety of tasty dishes. Delve into the various markets that litter the ring! It’s here where a majority of Bardhyl’s people reside. Middle land ring (2 stades wide - 0.37 km): A very active ring, the middle water ring is home to the various educational institutions that are free to attend for anyone -inside and outside of the kingdom. The Queen is known to often visit this area often, sharing her knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Middle water ring (2 stades wide - 0.37 km): The least active water ring of them all, there are a few ships that populate its waters, but the ring is mostly left as a scenic piece than anything else. Various exotic underwater plants can be found and harvested here. Aside from their beauty, some of the plans are used as medicine, while others play a functional role in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem, some are even harmful and fairly dangerous. Inner water ring (1 stade wide - 0.185 km): This ring is privately used by the royal family and is very similar to the middle water ring. Island (5 stades in diameter): Home to the royal family, this island is a private spot where entrance into is often regulated. Queen Olympia enjoys her privacy and prefers to meet her people outside the walls of Ravenscar, her family’s home. For certain events the island is open to anyone and everyone, outside of that it is a quiet island. Original: @Alexei Edits: @Aleksei
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