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  1. @King Let me know if you are still interested in finishing the Aestus thread! I know you and @Alexei are both busy, so I have no issues with it being finished at a comfortable pace, just as long as it gets completed. @Malintzin Let me know if you want to continue the Ynliss thread. The same deal goes for you, I don't mind if you need to complete the thread at a pace that fits your lifestyle the best, just need to get it done. I will keep Nahum open for a few more days ❤️
  2. Agenda for today:


    Lore: sky mermaids & Shrine City lore. 

    PMs: I will be reading over all the messages I’ve gotten and will be responding ❤️

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      Skkkkyyyyy whhhaaaales

  3. Alright! I am opening up Nahum again for anyone who wants him 😊
  4. @ticklefarte Areille would leave Skacharm to do what he must as leader of this wonderful crew of misfits. She listened intently, while Rohini wrestled with himself internally. He should have known better than to let her outside, she can nearly hear him say through each huff of his growing annoyance. With Romilly being preoccupied as ruler of Nehalen, Rohini has taken the helm as doting and overbearing brother. If she had told him what she intended, the guard would have tied her to a post or locked her away. Such reaction she could not allow, not when there was adventure to be had. Rohini knew better than to confront his illustrious leader when surrounded by so many ears. There may be no other chance for him to tell her how he felt about this whole thing, though. Chewing on his bottom lip in thought, he went through the various stages of grief over this whole thing. He can't tell her no, and even if he did grow so bold, she would just ignore him. She'd probably give him some kind of speech about having to become her own person, or whatever people surrounded by luxuries tend to spew. The one and only highlight of this adventure could be Areille will realize how sheltered she is. "You have assumed correctly," came her reply, which interrupted Rohini's growing disdain. Again he did not hover above her, but hung closer this time around as the man asking the question is a stranger. "I've absolutely no need for money." By a large margin, Rohini thought, a rueful smile coming across his face. Skacharm's offerings were mostly for the rest of the group who all appeared to be more inclined to accept the offerings than Areille. "Skacharm and I are friends, and in terms of friendship I believe it's only correct for me to join him." She did not turn her face to look towards the voice, but she did incline her head to show her interest. "If all goes well, perhaps I can be kind enough to offer you a bit of my share. I plan on putting the rest to use, like buying silk or face creams." He withheld his chuckle, instead focused on his surroundings while Areille went about teasing her company. Too much like her mother and not enough of her father, the woman just says what she wants without consideration of the title hovering above her head. She is Sovereign, Second to the Grand Kommadant, her Royal Highness Areille Cartyr, Second to the Throne. All that and she's here talking about face creams, holding hands with old flames, and mingling with people who would otherwise be categorized as "lowly". She lacked etiquette, something Rohini could appreciate. "Here I was expecting a raise for protecting your royal end," Rohini said, his humor finally warming back up. "I suppose that's what you get for having such high expectations."
  5. I would like to post a response to someone real fast if that’s alright 😘 I’ll have it up in the next few hours. I don’t mind pushing the timeline up a bit Now that we are all in one group together, perhaps we could do a structured posting order just to keep everything flowing
  6. I AM ALIVE!

    So the family and I had a very busy weekend that took me away from the computer, making me rather unavailable.

    I just want people who have sent me messages know I got them and I’ve read them 😊 I won’t be able to make any replies today (just got back into town and we are all rather exhausted). I will be getting to things tomorrow night and Tuesday afternoon ❤️

  7. Isadora giggled at his evaluation of her. It's very true, she looked just how she felt, and that's pretty much the epitome of hell. The brand on the back of her neck was irritated, and her wrapped fingers ache, everything else is sore and yelling at her to rest up. Nunzio's embrace helped her regain some strength though, and with that little nugget, she was led to her brother's office. Possibly her most favorite part of their home was Jacob's office. It smelled like leather and cigars, masculine scents she has grown to love the years. He kept it dark and sleek, something she can appreciate just about now thanks to the terrible effects of the drug that's still coursing through her veins. Sunlight, and the very idea of it, makes her stomach clench - is this how they felt? Being able to relate to the bloodsuckers made her want to throw up a little. "Sit down, Nunzio." Isadora released the gentleman from her hold, offering him an encouraging look that said she would survive to stand. "I will pour you that drink." She can't say that she dislikes the overwhelming mood Jacob carries towards the pain inflicted upon her. Anyone with eyes can see how she encourages him and how he does the same for her; two raging fires meshed together, creating a terrible inferno. Whatever she wanted to say to Jacob, it quickly left her at the sight of him sitting and drinking comfortably. He fit the picture of a Don, and she must respect that, no matter how the two ebb and flow. Pouring Nunzio his drink, she speaks to Jacob in a calm and casual voice - no need for theatrics at this point. "Don Fedele, we need to discuss the recent missive you sent out to the people." After offering Nunzio his drink, she remains standing; this is the only time she can really be above Jacob. Looking at him from her position showed she is serious. "Perhaps we can discuss the situation in full, now that I'm more awake. Then we can rectify any possible misunderstandings and approach this situation with our heads on straight." Walking around the desk, she approached the Don on steady feet. Reaching down, she grabbed his hand and placed a soft kiss across his worn knuckles. "I have Nunzio, and you here, I honestly couldn't be in better hands. It's safe, and I'm ready to talk if you are ready to listen to me." Using the edges of the large desk to get back to her seat, Isadora gets comfortable for the long conversation about to happen. She hadn't been allowed to speak, but under the circumstances, that was an understandable oversight. Maybe the two men can create a better plan that's been presented, hopefully, one that can save any innocent from getting caught up in the battle. It's a problematic hope, one she's going to hang on to like it's a lifeline.
  8. Phew! Okay ! I just wanted to make sure nothing was unclear, I hate leaving people confused about anything, so that is great to know ❤️ And yeah, they got a little bit of history *eyebrow wiggle* A long time ago we had created an arranged marriage between Skacharm and Areille, but things fell through, time passed, and it never came to be. This is like their reintroduction to one another!
  9. Just wanted to make sure! You confused reacted to my post, so I just wanted to make sure nothing was unclear for ya ❤️
  10. @Venus Sprite Did you need help with something?
  11. @Mickey Flash “I doubt it was a something,” he said with a small quirk of amusement on his lips. “If I may be so bold to suggest, maybe it was a someone, Your Majesty.” There is something about a man and his charm, how it can quickly sweep you off your feet, and make you forget what you're doing in a matter of seconds. His kiss made her little heart flutter some, alleviating some of the pressure building inside her chest. She did come here on the words of those lurking in the shadows, and it hadn't precisely occurred to her that her being here would be a problem. Rohini would have pointed it out, but she did not confide in him as she should have. Thankfully Skacharm eased her worries by readily accepting her into the fold of his adventure. She offers him her full attention by moving her blind gaze to the spot where she can only assume is his face. Hopefully, at some point, she will be able to ask to touch his face, particularly his ears comfortably. There is only one elf that has allowed her to trace their features like one does the constellation - with open, apparent wonder. His ears had been long, longer than expected, and his features were beautifully shaped. Would Skacharm's be the same? She sets that thought aside for later. "You must have good spies. I just was told about the sighting of Queen Malia in Kinumo, and rushed over immediately. Either your servant was in this area and heard about Malia, or you've got someone close at my court." "Your Grace!" Areille presses her hand against her chest in mock surprise. "A man of your stature and status should know that a woman never reveals her secrets so easily. The circumstances must be perfect, the mood ripe with opportunity, and maybe a glass of wine or two." Rohini turned his head to distract himself from the unfolding scene. His laugh was snuffed out by his biting the inside of his cheek. Areille inherited her mother's theatrics and her father's charm, a dangerous combination. He would be a damn liar to say he has never fallen victim to her charms; thinking on it now, he's sure Areille has played him like a fiddle more than a handful of times. "I'm thinking this might be the last one I take on." "No. Even if this journey turns up nothing, it won't be your last one. I may have known you a handful of months Skacharm, but I'm certain in my evaluation of you." Reaching forward, she grabs his hands and holds them. Areille can relate to the turmoil brewing inside the gentleman's heart and mind. With her mother dead, her soul long gone to the rivers of rest, the young lady has never felt so bereft of guidance. Romilly sits upon the throne of Nehalen; his impressive figure envious while swathed in the grandness of the Cartyr name. Still, she knows he is struggling to keep himself together while ensuring Nehalen stays peaceful. Areille may be many things, but she is not a leader, nor is she a provider, and it's worrisome. She is drowning, and her brother is drowning, they are struggling to find a place in this world without their mother. There's an emptiness to their lives now that they must either fill or grieve and let go. "You won't give up. That's just who you are, Skacharm." The woman used his name, hoping that he can feel her sincerity, "I will join you, along with my guard, Rohini. For however long it takes, we will help you."
  12. @danzilla3 @Malintzin @The Hound Curious eyes casually examined their surroundings, their gaze traversing the general splendor brought upon the event they've entered. For a moment, she felt strangely out of place hanging on Grant's arm, a position she has become comfortable with over the last year or so. In times before this one, at events such as these, she and others would be the ones skirting the shadows and eyeing the company all in search of danger. No Seeker should leave their post, no matter how warm the company claims to be or however sweet the drink is described. Those days as a protector are long behind her, but moments such as this draw her gaze over her shoulder to look towards the past. It could be her growing want to be closer to the familiarity of the Free Marshes, far away from the hustle and bustle of the new life Grant has given her. Or it could be the uncertainty that slowly creeps up on her in the most unexpected ways. Whatever it may be, she can't help but miss her home from time to time. More so now, with her pregnancy progressing into the final months. If she were home, they would be celebrating the upcoming birth of her child, an event that was always held for anyone in the Mythal Household. Unable to have such a celebration, she was given an item she will cherish for days to come instead. Thrown over her right arm was a long cape dyed black using the various flowers found in the Free Marches. It was trimmed with fur matching those Grant wore (uncomfortably), and the embroidery was breathtaking. Every woman in the Mythal Household worked together to create the cape; every stitch was lovingly placed, the color explicitly chosen. She was wearing her home's history proudly and happily. It complemented the gown she wore, an item given to her by Grant. The red dress was effortless; it had a plain square neck and long, tight sleeves. It hung past her feet, so it made a small pool of fabric when she stood. She had to throw a part of it over her arm to walk, and it was comfortable enough she didn't feel too overwhelmed wearing it. Grant draws her from her thoughts, forcing her to return to the now. "And you haven't?" Her teasing reply was followed by a simple smile that caressed her face. He had, of course, mentioned his father's aptitude, "My husband-to-be, are you telling me you did not study the layout yourself?" She patted his arm in a comforting, almost mocking way. The action furthered her teasing, knowing well enough that Grant is more than capable of guiding them through the thick of anything. "How unfortunate that your poor father must carry such a burden when you should be lifting such burdens from his shoulders, as any good son would." Even though she was homesick for one place, she has found her place in another: alongside Grant. He is the home she does not have to pine for, as it is right here, close and never far from her touch. How easily the gentleman swathes her in his love, how could she not drown from such unbridled love and joy? It's a suffocating thing, this kind of love shared between them and soon their child, who is determined to kick its mother to her death. Pressing her free hand against the swell of her belly, she laughs, "It would appear our child does not share my harsh opinions of its father."
  13. WHAT A GREEDY MAN. If this happens, I hope everyone rolls up on her like this:
  14. Sorry about the late reply my brotein shakes! I just needed to do a little digging so I can appropriately respond with legitimate information. This is a bit long (swhat she said) so bear with me 01/30/202: @amenities The day I had responded to our Doc about Riforte giving Cain a piece of the Will. 01/31/2020: You asking to get the down low on the Will and my responses: amenities 01/31/2020 so what powas will it give Cain? Like can I get an official description of it Cause I hear Lilith has been killing gods in Nu Martyr and this sounds like something that might cause Cain to roll up Aleksei 01/31/2020 So the Will itself is the magical source of Nehalen. It is what gave the island itself life and is an item passed from Grand Kommadant to Grand Kommadant. It gives the leaders god-like powers to ensure the safety of the island and within it. A good example is Primera used it primarily to do feats of healing. So she could perform hella miracles by healing the earth itself. amenities 01/31/2020 Boom so it's perfect that Cain would come to Nu Martyr's defense now Here is a snippet of the next conversation that involves the current thread: amenities 03/12/2020 JW whose piece of Will did Cain get? Where did it come from? https://www.valucre.com/topic/43998-kill-me-if-you-can/ Here he's playing 2 primes and inviting people to kill them Who from what I understand hold some Will So like Where did Cain's come from? amenities 03/12/2020 I I decided I'm gonna have Cain go and kill one of the PRIMEs so I can get even more Will Aleksei 03/12/2020 His came from Riforte! She was able to get her hands on a piece from one of Primera’s children. amenities 03/12/2020 Dope dope What territory? Aleksei 03/12/2020 The entire place lolol. So what is happening is Primera is stepping down as Grand Kommadant and the title is passing down to her child, Romilly. He is Grand Kommadant and that is who gave it to Riforte. amenities 03/12/2020 Ah so do other PRIMEs have Will? By killing them or making deals could I get more? Aleksei 03/12/2020 They could! Hold on real fast and lemme fill you in real quick. amenities 03/12/2020 How much would I need to be comparable to julling all those nu maryyr gids lol I wanna have Cain have a case if I do anything Killing not julling I want info on how to jump in at or attain an equal level as him And clearance ofc I'm getting to work but I'll read up! Hit me! This is my screw up! I had assumed (never do this okay kids!) @Ataraxy had stated the PRIMES involved in the thread had pieces of the Will, and that's where my response "They could!" came from as I assumed (nuuuuu) Ataraxy had some other plans that I was not privy to. In reality that isn't true (from what I am being told), and none of the PRIMES that are being killed off in this thread have pieces of the Will amenities 03/13/2020 Also who's left that has Will? Grand Kommadant, and PRIMES? Aleksei 03/13/2020 Pieces of the Will are actually all over Nehalen. So they can be found anywhere there. amenities 03/13/2020 Ahh, so there's just a million pieces? Are the Grand Kommadant and PRIMES the ones with the most on them, though? Aleksei 03/13/2020 And yes, there’s a million pieces but the Grand Kommadant will have most of them. amenities 03/13/2020 Where he @ GK This is another part of a conversation that needs to be touched on so I can be more exact as to what needs to be said and done about the pieces of the Will. This will ensure all parties are on the same track here and everyone can have a better understanding of what is happening This is especially significant because I know you (@amenities) and Ataraxy had conversations as well, but because Ataraxy is no longer on Discord, the conversations are lost. That's okay! I will get to the nitty-gritty here. OKAY HERE WE GO BROTATOS! None of the PRIMES have pieces of the Will. So far the only people who do have pieces of the Will are Cain and Romilly. I haven't opened the opportunity to everyone on Valucre in an event (I may or may not do this, to be honest) to gather pieces of the Will. @amenities and Ataraxy have inside knowledge on it being spread across Renovatio and all that nonsense, which is not an issue due to me trusting both of you to use that information appropriately. Ataraxy claims he never mentioned the PRIMES having pieces of the Will and the only place mentioning it is in @danzilla3 post, but nowhere else in the thread do we see anyone mentioning the pieces of the Will being on the PRIMES. I also did not go further in depth on the PRIMES having or not having pieces (again, wrongly assumed Ataraxy had mentioned the pieces of the Will himself and had a plan - oops), and that's a huge problem on my part. Romilly would have a majority of the pieces as the Will is basically bound to him; all the rest of the pieces are scattered about, so just about anyone could have them but for lore purposes Cain is the only other person. NOW! Noooow, if @amenities and @Ataraxy want to discuss one of the PRIMES in this thread having a piece of the Will, I am open to that. It could maybe kick-start something down the road, you know? The Will is a powerful item, so that's why I gave Cain a piece of it, since I trust his writer to use it however he wishes. I also gave it to Cain because I don't want pieces of the Will to go to just anyone and everyone (I believe we briefly touched on that @Ataraxy like forever and eons ago), and he is one of a few characters I know could use it and me not worrying that it's going to be abused..
  15. I know I promised some people posts tonight. That isn’t going to happen :sweat: I’m on fire tonight writing a few essays for my classes, and I don’t wanna lose my steam.

    That said! Good news is all this weeks homework will be done tonight and I’ll have free time to post tomorrow and the day after ♥️

  16. "It's a bit ... ambiguous?" He looked at the writing with sore eyes, his interest in the literature waned. They've combed through his entire library, and they've been met with mystery after mystery. So much of what makes Kalopsia has been removed, and it's Riforte's goal to uncover what's been lost. He would be a liar if he said he wasn't interested in any of what she's presenting to him. Before she came along to pilfer through his studies, he and Juni had done their hardest to find a cure to the affliction that's been coveting his people. Kalopsia has seen its fair share of problems since he has taken the throne. Fate has a strange way of telling someone they're where they're meant to be. Honestly, he would have preferred a strike to the head or maybe a sword to the chest. Anything would have been better than the dullness that's slowly resonating in his chest. "So, let's break this down a little," he finally says, taking the book out of her hands. "The Great Beast was once a woman who wanted power, and because of it she was killed off." Desmond went about writing his thoughts down, not wanting to lose them to the drinks still floating through his body. Riforte would remember, but he would feel rather guilty, putting it all on her. "But how did she become a dragon? Is there some spell to do that?" He shrugged, "There could be, but I don't think that's what happened." When she scooted closer to hear the story, he laughed some. Riforte always showed her true colors when locked away in a library or surrounded by antiquities. "What do you think about the idea of dragonkin?" She savored that bit of information before speaking. "That could be plausible, considering what we've found and what the Cult has shown us." The Cult in question is a group of worshiping individuals who have devoted their life to The Great Beast, saying that their kind had been ostracized for too long. Slavery has been a long and strained history within Kalopsia, it is essentially what it had been built around, but elves were used as slaves, not humans. Could it be that maybe the two were connected - slavery and the dragonkin? Juni had brought the idea of delving into the origins of slavery before, though he's unsure what sparked the comment. Looking around, he wondered if maybe she had read it somewhere?
  17. This was the wonders of creating. The chance to pick and choose, to shape and form the things most important to you; not many get this opportunity, and often enough, those given the power squander it out of greed. "A monarchy is what you make of it, thus the various names behind it and why they can often be confusing." She disliked the main focus being that the head of state would be a simple figure when there are so many other avenues they can pick and choose from. They have the power to create their representation of a monarchy, and a constitutional one is just the tip of the iceberg. Philip was great in intervening, opening the possibilities of adding onto the monarchy they are now creating. It certainly made Dalia excited to introduce her thoughts once more, possibly ideas that would be written in stone. Waiting for her turn, the woman writes down what is being suggested by the other council members. There is just too much being thrown about for them all the properly remember; it is best to keep minutes. "This is the joy of us having a voice. A constitutional monarchy has some obvious aspects that would be beneficial to us all." Gathering her thoughts, she continues. "The monarch is still the nominal chief executive who is bound by the conviction to act on the advice of his peers, those peers being the current assembly we have. The monarch would not be a simple puppet strung by the popularity he has accumulated from the people. He will be given meaning, as it is his right." They would need to come to agreeance to what needs to be outlined in terms of power. That will be a fun conversation, but for now, they need to agree on what comes first. "The idea of people having a say in how their country is run is something that would provide certain stability. The avaricious impulses of the mob - the uncertain people - must be checked. However, the rights of the individual must be protected - such as the monarch's role, as their right is the ultimate individual right." Nothing lasts forever; people change, time changes people, and there is never a real peace. "But arraying the mob against one person, however glorious, is a recipe for failure. A monarchy needs support; democracy and monarchy limit the worst in each other, as long as the balance of power are maintained. This is where we come in, to decide upon the powers given to us as individuals and those handed to our glorious leader."
  18. Properly propped on his throne of pillows, he watches the woman run around his library as if she owns the place. There wasn't much he could say to her, and she needs this distraction as much as he does. So he watches her, silently counting her tiny steps and listening to her mumbling about his lack of orderliness. The library was always the first place Juni would run and hide in, delving into a world she had been deprived of. He hadn't the heart to pick up her mess, leaving scattered books out and spread maps left open, and it felt as if she'll return any minute now. Feeling the sting of tears, he swallows over the lump in his throat and pushes his focus on his company. "Do they know that once you're fixed, you'll, you know -," he gestures vaguely. He isn't sober enough to care too much about her feelings, and he is just drunk enough to test the limits of their relationship. The woman turns to look at him, her golden eyes liquid and tired. "No, I've purposely left that piece of information out." Desmond nodded, her answer placating him for a minute while he stews. He was growing more anxious by the minute, the more he thinks about his friend's demise. They've talked about it, and they've discussed what needs to be done, why it has to be completed, and how she intends on easing them all into their coffins of sorrow. Asking her to rethink her decision is a bit too much; they've nearly gone to blows about the whole thing, and he's in the right condition for her to make it an even fight. "Here it is!" Her exclamation makes his head hurt. Closing his eyes against her excitement, Desmond tries his best to curl into his fort of pillows and blankets. He doesn't want to talk about any of this stuff; he just wants to fade away into nothingness and forget the day.
  19. Aleksei

    no matter what

    The compliments did not go ignored. Most of them were able to draw a bit of a smile from Riforte's lips, which changed the overall architecture of her face. Riforte was prone to offering the bare minimum, making her appear cold or perhaps lazy. Such descriptions would not be far from the mark if she is to be honest about herself. For this gentleman, she allowed herself to relax the tightness surrounding her lips, and uplift the annoyance from her perked brows. Pocketing the words for later use, she returns to the task at hand. Maybe later, when they do have dinner, and they're not burdened with great purpose, she will thank him for his honesty. She knows how attractive she is, she has cultivated her looks over the years to be as such, but his praise of her went beyond that. He had the unfortunate joy of peeking at her soul, peeling back the layers of years of self-abnegation. "Besides the wonders of your company, Sharps, what I need from you are your skills." Withdrawing a worn map from the folds of whatever pocket is on her person, she goes about explaining to him the prevalence of this mission. Saying that this meant a great deal to her would do nothing. She did not want to persuade this man with words of praise, nor did she want to draw him into her personal life anymore than what's necessary. The item they will be acquiring is something bearing a kind of prevalence she can't rightly describe. Donning the hat of leadership crookedly, she spreads the map before them. "There is a Lord here carrying a velvet bag, about the size of a man's fist, and so far it hasn't left his sight. If it's the item I seek, it is precious. If it's something that will lead me to the item, it's still as valuable." "Apparently, he got into a bit of a tiff with someone and has made his home here. He's probably drunk and won't immediately notice if he's a pound or so lighter." Pointing at the front desk, "We can find out which room he is staying in from the registry. Find him, take the bag, and then sneak on out." It was simple enough - is anything ever that simple? Experience tells her that they will probably be met with some obstacle or another, making it a pain overall. "I'd like to leave the place clean; we knock people out and hide their bodies. If we need to get dirty, I'm okay with that too, but only in the worst circumstances." Golden hues were glowing at this point. She has been searching for this item for years, and now she's close to getting her hands on it. Her excitement was enough to bring her to tears, but she wasn't going to give Sharps the pleasure of such a sight. Instead, she offered him a smile, the same one he had drawn out of her earlier. They're in this together, and that is saying much, especially if one is to consider Riforte's track record of letting anyone close. "Questions or concerns?"
  20. I am MOST excited for this 😂😂 I cant wait for him to walk back in.
  21. 😂 She’s a mess; I love her.
  22. @DarkHorse "I can't make the rare promise and say that I will never be mad at you, Odelia." She was not a child that needs to be sheltered from the hatefulness of the world. Austere would never treat her as such; thus, he will not offer her fantastical things that do not exist in any society. There will be times where his wife will do something or somethings that will cause him to react, but one thing is for very sure. "I can promise you that I will never raise my hand at you or strike you. We were married due to contract, but that does not mean you are my property to do what I wish." He takes a seat next to her and gently wraps his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "Just the other day, you forgot to water the little plant on my desk. I was peeved, but not enough to say anything about it." He joked (kind of). It had been a minor conversation, mostly due to his stress, something he tried not to push on her. Odelia listens to him with more kindness than a saint, and at times he may be taking advantage of that. It took him a bit to answer her question because it mostly came as a shock. "I'm a terrible romantic, aren't I?" Austere sighed before laughing a bit. It had never occurred to him that he's not spoken the words allowed. Saying 'I love you' is not used often within the household; love is mostly shown through action, and he had assumed that was enough. Clearly, it was not. Feeling a bit ashamed for not saying the words earlier, he leans down and places a soft kiss atop her head. "It is very remiss of me not saying it so earlier, imp. I just assumed poorly that all I did was enough to show my love for you. That's wrong, and I know that now." Giving her another kiss, he relaxes against her. "I love you very much, and I mean it. I'll make sure to say it more often, but not too much; I don't want to wear it thin." Knowing that now was the best time to tell her that, aside from having a child, a massive change is about to happen. Their lives are about to be uprooted; the worry has been eating at him for months now. "Odelia, tonight ... Milorian will be announcing House Mythal's removal from Ursa Madeum." He spoke against her hair, using the spicy scent of the warm strands to keep him grounded. "Our house has been offered land in Renovatio by the Grand Kommadant Primera."
  23. WELCOME! Let me know if you need help with anything ❤️ I believe you all will be playing in my parts of the world. Super excited to see you all there!
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