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  1. Beach days are the best days! Florida weather has been kind to us for the minute, so we are beachbums over the weekends.

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    If anyone needs me for anything, Discord is the fastest way to get a hold of me as I check it very often. If you don't have Discord, a PM works as well too, but it won't be as immediate. 

    I am just getting a few things in order as I get closer to finishing up my Associates Degree (;;-;;), so I am taking two days out of the week (where applicable) Mondays and Wednesdays will forever henceforth be my posting days. Expect late posting those days and on the days I am available I may be able to throw out a post or two depending on my school workload around those days. Weekends I am completely MIA because those are family days and we're pretty much busy partying it up!


  3. Killian had known Delaney spoke with Milorian about allowing an outsider in. She believed it was an inappropriate move considering the call for help was a rather delicate one, but because there were no limitations on assistance Aolis was tolerated. He held no grudges against the elf, and neither did Delaney, she was simply looking out for the Mythal name, and it's delicate reputation - as is her job. Thankfully, Del is not the sort to be sour towards someone who has done nothing towards her and has been very courteous and curious about the other elf. A master at discussion, she picked his brain, forced him to entertain her though he didn't look too annoyed by it so maybe force isn't the correct word. Nonetheless, Aolis has meshed into their party with subtle ease, and it's with high hopes that he will stay that way for the entirety of this investigation. Killian doesn't want to do Del's dirty work, and the last thing she'd like to do is send a notable partner of the Mythal House home. When they were handed the letter, he peeked over Del's head and looked it over. He noted her gloved finger tap the initials; then he watched her straighten her shoulders and look forward - there it is. She and her Lord are connected to the mind; the moment she saw the initials, she asked Austere if it rang a bell who would then ask his wife. It was easy to tell when the Seeker is having a mindful conversation, she goes silent and still, almost uninterested in the events. Hopefully, Austere's wife can say something about all this. "Do you think she'll know?" He finally spoke up, interested in the silent conversation. "We will know soon enough. I had passed the initials over to Lord Austere; he believes his wife may know the initials." Suddenly the room erupted with activity, peppering this entire event with the right amount of gravitas fit for a dramatic play. They followed Illyana to the courtyard, but Killian and Delaney did not get manipulated by the rushed maneuvers and the high of hope. "We'll be too late," Delaney said. "Ask about ships that have left with any precarious cargo. The person may have been smart enough not to use their initials again, but maybe they let something else slip." Killian spoke after Delaney, filling the space before they all rode off.
  4. Mm. I will take it in case you would like it back, you can have it.
  5. Could easily do that! Primera wouldn't have an issue handing out a few extra pennies to keep her spot there and if she must, UM and Renovatio can always form some kind of alliance.
  6. Alright! I want to make sure there is no confusion and all that, I am going to ask more questions and get more opinions from you all before I give my own say. Here we have a good outline on what we expect from Hildebrand to do when it wishes to expand: Now when we are saying land expansion does that just apply to their Kingdom and nothing else? Like, if they want to expand their land by swallowing up more our land, they gotta follow the above. OR! does this apply to all their stuff, like the cities they have freckling the islands? Which leads me into this: An outside entity wants to establish towns/cities/villages in areas outside their own little spot, what are the thoughts and feels on this? We alright with this since that would keep the islands nice and fluffy with new stuffs to do? We make em pay for the land? When it comes to them freckling the islands with their cities and such how do we acknowledge or not acknowledge these places? We okay with them being there, doing their thing? We tax them for their spot on our land (not their land, as they can do what they want with their things)? We make laws/rules/generalizations about these areas? How much care and time we want to put into a situation like this? Also, once they make their city or whatever, do we say: okay now it can't get any bigger? Do we care about that? Or do we start caring if they have a neighbor and we want to make sure the outside entity isn't encroaching on another?
  7. I don't think it's too late. Pithy is a fun word to say. Rebuilding is what should be a focus considering that a whole lot of UM is still empty and not at all inhabited. The land is still healing and we should be doing our best to help it grow and flourish with spots where people can interact and do their own thing. There is still opportunity for Houses to butt heads and do sneaky things, just now there are legit all seeing eyeballs on ya ?
  8. Well, 1. Repetitive sure, but now that there is a government, it will do its job to ensure that things are allocated appropriately. This is what happens when you want to go off on your own and do your own thing on land that "technically" does not belong to you or the people under your banner. 2. Council. Also, there would probably be an already established outline to follow to give the ya or nah on stuff. It wouldn't have to be a big thing though! Could always shoot someone a pm and be like: Hey I want this piece for this reason and this reason, what do you say? Then go from there. It would just be a good idea to have something established so that it makes sense in the long run. Yes. It's not to be nit picky or breathing down anyone's neck, it's just keeping in the loop and doing things right. Agreements can be made to ensure that all parties are operating under the same assumptions that this will be a smooth ride. I really like the idea of perhaps meshing the two? The UM rep can be some NPC that show they are there keeping an eyeball on things and to keep relations warm and double the thread requirement, or if not both then keep the 1 page requirement but have the UM Rep be involved in at least one post. Having the Rep there, imo, holds more weight than the extra page because we all know how easily 2 pages can be pumped out by certain individuals. This may look like I'm picking on you who want to be independent but we have to consider how we want the government to run and how they would look at these things. I am all for this! Before you get too excited about your land, don't forget that you will be giving some of said Uldwar land to Mythal due to how Redtank was killed off because of the big ol 'splosion that happened. But to answer your question: No they wouldn't have to ask permission to become a vassal of Uldwar, since Uldwar is now part of the independent portion of UM. That is something they would have to run between yourself and the Kingdom you are part of. Now, if the dwarves set up shop on land that does not already belong to the Uldwar Clan they are welcome to do so and do their own thing. If they want to align with an outside entity, then there will have to be a discussion since they had set up shop acknowledging the governmental body that rules said land and then defecting to another ruling body. If it is already Uldwar land, then you can do whatever you want in your sandbox. At least that's what I think considering all things, others may have a better opinion on it.
  9. Okay, another question to chew on: Say we let these outside entities buy land, what should the steps entail IC (outside the usual business)? Would it be more difficult since this request needs to go through the new government? I'm thinking that since they would have to ask to purchase this land, land that belongs to the established government they do not acknowledge, it won't be SUPER DUPER EASY as it has been before all this. Would we say "Give me a 2 page thread to buying this land" or keep it 1 page? Do we go to the council and then up to the King? Or do we go directly to the King and cut out the middle man? Say this entity wants to build and all that within the borders it has already established, I see no issues with that. Build your towers, make your walls, grow you fields! There I don't think permission needs to be given because that makes sense, to me, that you do what you want with the things you have. When you want to play with someone else's toys, you need to ask though.
  10. If you don't recognize my power you ain't buying my stuff! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. SAYS SO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIPT. Anyways, more information and feelings are welcomed so we can start getting our stuff established better here. I will also have a better response towards what to do with expansion and stuff once I get all my ducks in a row.
  11. Not over thinking at all! It's something to think about and expand on because UM is now in a different state than when it began. Now that there is going to be a Kingdom that doesnt recognize the overall government, we gotta decide what the consequences will be for that and how we can appropriately adjust to make things fair for all parties. I've got some thoughts and I'll get to them here in a bit!
  12. Mas questions!! Imma keep this ball rolling here until there are things set in stone. So when it comes to the independent people, do you guys feel it necessary that they take an extra step (contacting the Council and such) when they wish to expand? Keeping if player fair, we could keep the 1page = this much land for everyone. Just say IC this and this and this had to be done to claim it? Thoughts and feelings (maybe prayers).
  13. Aleksei

    General chat thread

    Went back to the Keto life to get my perf body for my cosplay in August. I kinda miss fruit the most since starting.
  14. I would assume for ease and sense Corinth, Thraece, and Misral will be under the rule of the new government. And that said, with Andelusia being the capital of UM, it would be under the new government. Whoever went independent, their land and such belongs to them even though that land "technically" belongs to the new government. When things are more set in stone there will probably be some kind of standardization for those independent vs. those pro-new government when it comes to land. That's just speculation, so don't quote me on that! The government hasn't truly been established yet.

    Had to play a little catch-up with school but that is all nice and done, so I will be up and rolling on Friday ❤️

  16. Do it. I dare you. I think that would be great! It would really help everyone out so they know what's going on without having to go through threads and chats to see what's happening around UM.
  17. This is a great thing as well! I know we have the club, but there could be some kind of main thread or something (if there is, lemme know because I'm ridiculously blind some times) within the club that says: MAIN THINGS HAPPENING BETWEEN HOUSES AND ALL THAT NONSENSE. And it could include everyone, not just @Malintzin. It would be a great reference and opportunity for people to reach out to one another and possibly get involved in their shenanigans ? Also none of you will have to worry about being bombarded with notifications from a thread that moves at a ridiculous pace where there's 10% important things happening that need attention, and everything else is just fluff.
  18. Okay, so nothing too strenuous in the long run! Very fair all around. So, if Milo were voted King this is what I see happening right off: PAAARTAAAAY! A get-together to let everyone know 'Hey this is what's happened, come meet these new faces.' Could also be a great opportunity for people to talk about what needs to be changed and such for UM. Council Meeting! Everyone gets together and we start politicking. Those are the immediate things that come to my brain but with all that said: August is going to be a rather ridiculous month for me. My little is going to start daycare/preschool (;-;) on the 30th of this month. She will be going full-time so that is 630am - 5/6pm. On top of that I am going to start a job at some point in August working only part-time (fingers crossed) and also going to school on top of that. I have balanced school and work before on top of posting and watching my kiddo. With Avalynn being MIA pretty much Monday-Friday I will have more free, uninterrupted hours on top of work and school and that equals better flexability. Saying that, I will be super-extremely-duper-omg slower than I already am, for August but once I'm in a routine things will be smoother. If voted King, I will be wanting people to keep me in the loop, suggest ideas for things I can pop in for a bit, and so forth. As most of you know I'm super inclusive and I love working with all of you ❤️
  19. Awesome, that's pretty much the same brainwave I'm currently having. There have been a few twists and turns here that require a bit more maneuvering - I speak as if I'm in any kind of power here, but since Tyler and I are kinda in the same corner (I'm assuming!) I'm making suggestions and such to get this ball rolling. Okay! So before we get to really knocking some things off the list, the best thing would be deciding this: who will be monarch? As the head honcho @Csl what do expect from the monarch IC and OOC - if anything? I know you'll be operating behind the scenes and such, it's good to know what you would like the monarch to be doing.
  20. I just said it due to the moment of what's currently happening right now. Anyways, So I (IC & OOC) still want a monarch and with that I have some questions and all that stuff. 1. If a Monarch is decided with a partnering council - who would be on said council? 2. For those that want to be independent, under this Monarch, do we acknowledge these independent bodies - allowing them to have a Council seat, make decisions for UM overall? 3. If yes, should they have limited powers in comparison to those that are not independent? Or make them equals? 4. If no, then should we make a plan on how to "deal" with these independent bodies or leave them be? Just some things to think about.
  21. The colonial experiment about to happen.
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