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    Relic Index.

    Brief: A ragged charlatan hires you to counterfeit the undying beast of the wild. Item: Aries Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a charging ram's head. This enchanted necklace gives the user an advantage to their strengths. The user has the strength of a ram. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: An overjoyed criminal asks, and if necessary begs, you to outwit the otherworldly occultist. Item: Sagittarius Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of longbow with an arrow nocked. This enchanted necklace will steady the user's aim, giving all bows and crossbows a boost to their damage. The user has the aim of an archer. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: An overjoyed authority approaches you and asks that you destroy the uncanny blade before the illness spreads. Item: Scorpio Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a scorpion. This enchanted necklace will imbue the user's daggers/swords with poison that will paralyze their opponent for 2 hours. The user has the sting of a scorpion. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: A paranoid folk hero approaches you and asks that you expose the wicked tomb. Item: Cancer Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a large crab. This enchanted necklace will make sure that once per day when the wearer would normally be knocked unconscious, they survive. The user has the survival instincts of a crab. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: A mysterious outlander hires you to pacify the chosen mirror before the spell wears off. Item: Pisces Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of two circling fish. This enchanted necklace allows the wearer to breathe underwater. The user becomes one with the water. Class: B Pages: 2+
  6. Aleksei

    Relic Index.

    Brief: A tiny blacksmith asks, and if necessary begs, you to hide the holy texts before famine strikes. Item: Leo Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a front-facing lion. The enchanted necklace gives you immunity to fear. The user has the pride of a lion. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: An insane urchin approaches you and asks that you counterfeit the prophesied bird before they all die. Item: Libra Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a balanced set of scales. The enchanted necklace keeps balance. Twice per day, the wearer can use the necklace to spend half an attack's damage back to the attacker. The user keeps the balance. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Brief: An imperious charlatan hires you to defeat the otherworldly tree before the coronation is complete. Item: Virgo Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a young woman. This enchanted necklace makes the wearer immune to being charmed. The user has the chastity of a virgin. Class: B Pages: 2+
  9. Aleksei

    Relic Index.

    Brief: The gregarious charlatan demands that you go pacify the otherworldly child before an innocent life is lost. Item: Capricorn Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a small goat. This enchanted necklace ensures that if the user is prone, then getting up takes no movement. The user has the steadiness of a goat. Class: B Pages: 2+
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    Relic Index.

    Things to know: PM board leader (@Aleksei & @Ataraxy) to confirm relic availability Put "relic" somewhere in the title to make for easy visual tracking If a quest goes 2 weeks without a post, the quest will be made available.  You have to post at least ONCE a week. This helps facilitate the capture of the relic in a timely manner that can guarantee its retrieval. Each relic has a writing prompt; the details of the quest are open to modification and interpretation by the players or appointed GM. Players are free to play the quests out however they like, allowing them to express themselves as writers while directly impacting the canon. Relics are limitless; you can have as many as you want but they are not changeable - what you see is what you get. Multiple relics can be hunted at the same time. When complete, go through canonization process and PM board leader (@Aleksei & @Ataraxy) Omit Opportunities and Consequence Classification system Item weighting: Ready made items (pulled out of a magic hat) > Canon backed items (relics) (roleplayed out and submitted to canon) > Artifacts (significantly powerful items as approved by a board leader in their list) Relics are only Class B and can't be adjusted to become more powerful. You can give me 3+ pages but that will not change how powerful the item already is, but you are affecting canon and the more pages there are, the more your actions affect lore. Class B (Medium - minimum for a relic): 1 or more players; 2+pages AVAILABLE Capricorn Necklace Virgo Necklace Aries Necklace Taurus Necklace Leo Necklace Pisces Necklace Cancer Necklace Scorpio Necklace Sagittarius Necklace Aquarius Necklace Gemini Necklace Club of Clubs Bow of Hearts Spear of Diamonds COMPLETED Knives of Spades Thread: jungles of the mind Libra Necklace Thread: piercing through fate
  11. "Gale," she reached out to him before they wandered too far. Gently she tugged at his sleeve, a timid attempt to keep him from getting too far, forcing him to speak to her. "I may be small, but I don't think it'll hurt you any if you look down and speak to me." Olympia is the tenth of thirteen children; she has learned it is best to speak plainly and clearly, else she will get lost in the hoard of siblings. Gale has something against her, and it isn't something she can truly be annoyed about, for she is a stranger. Nathan had plucked her off the side of the road and has placed her in the heart of his budding company. He trusted her, said as much, the very least she can do is put Gale at ease and show that Nathan's trust is not misplaced. "Ask me your questions, and you shall receive an answer. It is up to you to believe me or not; all I can offer is what I know." Looking over at Max, she silently offers him the same explanation - just ask. They do not have to trust her blindly, but to deal with the threat knocking on their door, they need to work together. "I am from Kadia, specifically Ravenspire. At the age of six, I began training as a SoulSeeker, and that was eighteen years ago." Wonderful years, if she were to be honest. At times she finds herself wanting to go back in time to those days when life had been kinder. "I have recently returned to Genesaris to begin life anew, now that my services to the Corvinite Imperium are no longer needed." Much of it was true. She just left out the part of how her youngest brother pushed her out of her home so he could safely take the throne away from her. "Now, let's go find those barrels, and you two may ask me anything you like."
  12. @Zashiii & @The North Wind Alright you two, go do your thing. This is pretty much a free for all, I'm not picky on how you get the item or what you do to get it, just as long as Riforte gets the tome ❤️
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    In the heavens

    "No, you may not read it." Riforte was firm. She is unaware of what is genuinely written down in the tome and was in no mood to risk its possible destruction if it were opened. Shishi may have the skills and the ways to contain any possible trigger on the tome properly, but that's far too much of a reach. "Immediately, at least. Once I'm done with it, you are welcome to read it." She wasn't going to hide away the tome from the rest of the world. Just at the moment, she wanted to be the first (or proclaimed first) to leaf through the pages and soak up all the information inside. Eventually, she will put it on display for anyone wanting to learn a new skill or ease their curiosity. Riforte isn't entirely selfish; just a little impatient is all. Reaching into the depths of her jacket, she withdraws a compass. She had tuned it to the tome, which will help this gathered group to find the tome. It will also lead them back to Riforte, who doesn't plan on sticking around much longer after this conversation. "Use this. It'll help you get to the tome and lessen any chance of you all getting lost up there." She offered the compass over and then looked at the group one final time. "Get in and get out. Whatever you do within the asteroid, I leave that up to you all. I just care you get me the tome." With nothing else to say, she leaves the group to do what they must.
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    no matter what

    @Darthgamer101 She can already hear him: Back to yer old ways, ey gurl? His drawl, imagined and real, always made her skin crawl; she shuddered in memory and moved from her sheltered little corner to drown the memories in the pouring rain. It's because of her that the man has been able to live comfortably, surrounded by riches and wonders. Of course, he would say it's because of him she was able to obtain such things, if not for the tenacity and gumption he had endowed upon her. Guess they can agree to disagree. Right now, she is on a mission to obtain something rather precious to her. Word on the street is that some kind of Lord of some random house has obtained a very special item, and through complete speculation, she knows what that item is. Not wanting to use resources that no longer belong to her, she has chosen to take on this mission alone. First, she needs to break into the inn and find this Lord of whatever and steal back what belongs to her by proxy. Due to her current situation, she can't go in and charm the room and get the book. She will have to return to her roots and slither through the shadows and sneak around enemies. Killing won't be an option, not unless she wants to sacrifice her element of surprise and ruin this entire mission. By the time she reaches the inn, the rain has already stopped, and the guards have started their patrol. Wearing the usual garb of a sneaky thief, the woman remained rather invisible to the guards. The first gentleman had been lazily standing beneath a streetlamp, whistling some random tune, and often breaking the song to complain about how bored he was. The second was patrolling, taking his sweet time walking up and down the path in front of the inn. A few dodgy steps and she stayed in the shadows, avoiding the flickering lamp lights and the bored guards. It was silly, but this was possibly the most exhilarating thing she has done in the last handful of months. It was saying a lot considering she's discovered dragons, climbed mountains drowning in drakes and wooed a Maharaja. None of that can be compared to the simplicity of lurking through the darkness right beneath the nose of proclaimed, well-trained individuals. The meeting place is the cellar, a nice shady little spot right beneath the main point of the mission. It hadn't been part of the original plan for her to tag along; it's been more beneficial to her to have someone else do the dirty work, but she can't resist this one. This particular task means she will finally get her hands on something of great importance to her. Riforte can't risk the item falling into the wrong hands; thus, she has decided to tag along and perhaps lead this little expedition. Around Valucre were leaflets calling for the brave and the curious. She had left them rather minor and poor looking, instead of grandiose as most calls for adventurers tend to be. These leaflets give simple instructions: meet this person here at this time and introduce yourself. The payment was mentioned but nothing in-depth, just a small little line of print down at the bottom saying the person would get paid. And that's it. If someone is to take one of these leaflets to the city of Caham, they would be guided by the magical line glued between herself and that of the flyer. That way, the person wouldn't have to worry about finding the person paying them for their time. They would have to do their work to go around the guards and sneak through the cellar delivery hatch to get to her, though. Anyone unable to complete such a simple task wasn't worth her time.
  15. He gently patted the hand settled comfortably in the angle of his arm. The delicate creature extending from the hand was not an invalid, meaning she did not need the extra help being provided by the gentleman at her side. Such gestures were the aftereffect of the companionship she had provided him. Years ago, the woman had grabbed him by the scruff, dragged him from the pits of alcoholism, and made him into someone worthy of the title she had bestowed upon him. It was because of this woman he is alive (unfortunately sober) and doing well for himself. The gig, as he calls it, is protecting her with his life for however long it lasts. At first, the idea repulsed him, living for another was never his kind of ideal. Now, looking down upon her, he would give much to ensure her safety, though he hopes it isn't his life first. This is not love. He does love her, just not the kind of love you read about in those terrible stories about bodyguards falling in love with their charge. If he were that type of man, he may love her in that way, or if she were a man. Rohini could write sonnets about the way her red hair flowed down her shoulders and back like a fiery river. Poetry about her opal eyes that far outshone any gem found in this hateful world, and so on. He won't, though. "It's hot," he says, the complaint strained with his displeasure. "Well, that's what happens when you slither out of the shadows, Rohini." That answer earned her a tsk of annoyance. "But it's beautiful, is it not?" He stopped them so they could look over a glimmering lake. Beyond it was rolling fields being cared for by tender loving hands. He wasn't sure if he would call this beautiful, more peaceful than anything else. Some feet to their left, he saw a gathering about a large tree, and just outside that more people. The sounds of life are really hefty here, making him feel not at all at ease about bringing her to this place. Sure she had demanded he take her here, but she hasn't once explained to him why. Reaching over with his free hand, he pulled the hood of her cloak down. They weren't hiding from anything specific, but he didn't want people to get too curious about the royal on his arm. Gods, that wasn't easy, though. She stood too confidently; her pretty chin often thrust high in the air, her eyes always fixed on things of import. Her red hair still peeked from beneath its covering, and her attire said, 'I'm financially secure, how about you?'. "What's wrong, Rohini?" Her question dripped with concern, but her opal eyes gleamed with some mischief. Glaring at her, he responded in hushed tones. "You know, we're not dressed to blend in. You made me dress up in the Kalopsia attire and in the royal house colors of Nehalen. Are you trying to stick out?" Her wide smile was enough to make him roll his eyes and sigh heavily. She is up to something. "I'm not the type of gentleman to hit a blind woman, but you really bring that urge out of me." Areille's response was a loud laugh.
  16. Got a bit occupied with my gals bday today! Better posting will resume tomooorrroooowss

  17. Olympia smiled at Gale, admiring his caution and suspicious demeanor. It will not go over well when she does decide (if at all) to reveal her true identity; he will not hold her to a very high standard due to the little white lie she's woven them all into. It is only going to get more challenging to keep her identity hidden away from these fine gentlemen. Eventually, she will have to fold against her better judgment and deal with the wave of consequences. Knowing she looks a bit too delicate, she can't blame them for setting her aside in their plans. Reminds her of the time, Julius tried to keep her out of the fighting to ensure her safety. It had been Olympia leading the waves of men and women against the abominations pouring from the tear in the fabric of reality. Such a charge left her weak and nearly dead, not at all a regrettable decision, but she could have been a tad more delicate in her approach. It's the remembrance of that time that assisted in keeping her silence as the men talked above her. When the conversation came back to her, she gave them her attention. "Gentleman, I greatly appreciate your care towards my well-being, but I do remember asking for assistance in assisting you with the incoming threat." Their skepticism made her feel a bit bold. She won't be added as extra baggage to their problems, not when she knows she can help them. They don't know it, and they certainly can't see it, but Olympia has fought in more wars than she'd like to admit. "I've divine capabilities. If it's blessings you seek, it is a blessing you shall receive. All I need is an opportunity to show my worth if you allow me the pleasure." They're going to ask how she thinks to herself. How do you say to strangers that your mother is a goddess and your father was a man turned god? How can you just come out and state that divinity of the highest kind runs through your veins? While such things are not unusual, she would rather keep all that hidden for as long as possible. They have already made plans to keep her protected, what lengths will they go if they find out about her royal heritage? "I'm not helpless; I can assure you that."
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  21. Keeping her hand steadily on the hilt of her sword, the elf pressed her free hand against the large and unmoving door. She can hear the sound of water beyond its hinges and something else, something like feet shuffling through the debris of the ancient crypt. How anything can be behind the door and still be alive is a curious thing. "Hello?" This time she was given a response, a gentle knocking against the door and a barely discernible mumble. Encouraged, she kneels down and makes a poor attempt to see beneath the stone door, only to be met with nothing. It gave her enough time to pause and think about what may be beyond the door. Could a creature be waiting on the other side to gobble her up? What kind of enemy survives these surroundings? She is risking much by riding the waves of her curiosity. Ready to complete this little journey, she steps away from the door and begins to examine its unique design. The writing mimics those engraved upon the coffins; their meaning is still lost on her but she can only assume that the two are (obviously) connected. "A puzzle - of course!" Her tone was sarcastic enough to be felt. "You do realize where we're at, right?" The voice beyond the door made the elf step back in shock and fear - how? "C-can I help you, person?" How do you approach a strange voice that should not be within ancient tombs? She doubts she can approach this as a lady approaching courtly guests. Lacking the proper cordiality, Lyrei waited for the person outside the door to speak or attack,whichever.
  22. She watched as the sigils softly glow against the darkness. Their struggle is clear as they flicker and dim, their brightness becoming less and less as the flow of magic dissipates. They hadn't been caring for the tombs as they should be, but obligation towards other things have pulled them from tradition. It's shameless, but it is the honest truth. Whatever history the elves may of had was slowly and surely disappearing. Clawing the knowledge from her brain, the woman reads the lost language with vigor. She is a peasant, this knowledge is simply wasted on her. Milorian or Austere would have benefited better from the histories buried deep within the tombs. The most and best she can offer this momentous moment is a poor attempt to absorb everything she sees and feels. Such will be written down where it will also have an opportunity to be lost to history. A soft and stale breeze swept through the tombs, snatching the elf's curiosity away from the dying sigils burned into the stone caskets. Lifting her nose to the air, she smells hints of wildflowers - wildflowers? Looking over the stone encased dead, she notes that there are no flowers. "Hello?" Draw out the enemy, she thinks a bit too smugly to herself. She is neither prepared to be ambushed or in the mood for any of those sorts of shenanigans. A witch needs to be hunted down and she intends on banishing it from her lands. It may be too much to hope for, but she clings to the ideal that this can be taken care of in a formal manner.
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    This promise

    There was much to say about their family; it was a shame that they would have to spend their morning with her going through the details. A moment filled with kisses was not enough to distract her from the stories she must share with her sibling, but she did try to drown herself in his unwavering hold. Alas, there was no avoiding the topic. Making the torturous decision to begin the day, she encouraged Cornelius from their bed so they may start this day on a strained note. While he began to rise and go about their small abode, Lyonene takes those silent moments as an opportunity to prepare her thoughts accordingly. There was much to say, and most of it was second-hand, for she was not as close to her family as she would have liked. Darim had been her lifeline to the adventures within the Melisende family, and her sister was every bit astute in her writings and tellings. "Desmond was given land of his own to rule over. I believe it'll benefit him to get away." They've known that something dark has been hanging above their elder brother's head. What it is, they may never know, but she is happy and satisfied he has finally pulled himself together. "Kalopsia, the island beneath the floating Renovatio. He is now what they call the Maharaja." The princess tapped her chin while sifting through her thoughts. "Olympia is now officially a SoulSeeker, and Connor is growing like a weed. I hear he's intelligent, even at such a young age, and we all know that means he's going to be a handful." She went on to speak about Ezio and his lovely wife Primera in Renovatio; Altair and his need to be at sea, forcing him to ignore the happenings within his family; Nero and his apparent neglect of the Cold South. So many siblings meant a variety of differences! They've all wandered and begun to take control of their lives in different ways that may be surprising to some. "Isolde, Cosima, and Novalie have wandered away with Desmond; I think both were unable to deal with the loss of our mother and the depression of our father." There was no delicate way to mention their mother and father. If they could operate through life without having to think of the two, she'd ensure that they do. But that meant ignoring a significant part of who they are, what they are, and there is no avoiding such.
  24. @Veloci-Rapture "You're a gentleman! I don't care what anyone else says," she says with a hint of teasing. "If I'd known you would be tossing me around, I would have worn something a bit more respectable." A soft pinkish hue spread itself across her face down to her exposed shoulders and neck. Strands of golden hair clung to the curve of her throat, her cheeks, and the place between her shoulder blades. She was a scene! Having already started the night mussed, their little dance certainly did a job on her appearance. Usually, she would take great care of how her dress fell, how coifed her hair is, and how perfectly placed her makeup is. In this day and age, appearance makes up for a large portion of people's opinions, and she dislikes to disappoint. Knowing that it was no use in trying to salvage her appearance, she settled with the bare minimum. Reaching forward, she began the awkward process of removing Nunzio's tie. She didn't give him a reason, just worked with deft fingers to get it loose around his throat before tugging it free. Reaching back, she began the process of braiding her hair, using his tie to keep all strands close together as she wove it through her locks. "I'll make sure you are compensated, Nunzio." Knotting the tie, she threw the heavy braid over her shoulder; the gold of her hair contrasted the darkness of his tie in a most becoming way. "I gotta get ready for our next dance, you know." Next, she orders them a few refreshing drinks, and while waiting for them, she leans in close so her company can hear her over the hustle and bustle of the crowing crowd. "Now I think you owe me an explanation, Nunzio. Who taught you how to dance? What other secrets are you hiding from me?" It had been a joy to just dance and not having to worry about the underlying ploy beneath the steps. She was safe in Nunzio's company, and in his hold, it was somewhat difficult to know that this camaraderie would eventually have to end. Outside the grotto is a different world where the four families attend to the needs of the people within their little circles. Such left it nearly impossible to mingle on terms most appropriate that did not involve stepping into the grotto. For now, she has his attention, and she will be taking full advantage of it. "Next, you're going to tell me you know how to play the violin and serenade the pretty ladies late at night." The very idea of it made the woman smile; it did fit him rather well, the image of him singing and playing a pretty instrument, all the catch the heart of a lovely gal. "Don't tell me if that's untrue, I'd rather you allow me that image." Briefly, their conversation is interrupted by the doorman. His excuse for the intrusion was a card with a single dot in the middle of it, and nothing else. Isadora knew instantly who it belonged to and grabbed the white card before shooing the doorman back to his post. It would appear that her friend has finally arrived to the festivities, now she'll wait and see if Riforte will step into the grotto.
  25. @Darthgamer101 It was like watching something move in slow-motion. Riforte wouldn't say that she is the most educated when it came to fighting, but she has been involved in more than a few tussles here and there. Ido was sloppy, making it easier for her to read his movements and prepare for whatever he was throwing at her. A bit of a sidestep would have saved her or a subtle deflection of his incoming fist would have worked as well. Living in the moment, she was willing to wait for the moment his fist got just close enough to make contact before making a decision. But all that was interrupted when Vincent came to her rescue, placing himself in the direct path of Ido's haymaker. The corner of her painted lips twitched into a thankful smile; she will make sure that her saviors spilled blood won't go to waste. Pulling a handkerchief from her pocket, she hands it to Vincent in passing as she approaches the confused Ido. He looked at her and then at his fist, then back to Vincent's dripping injury, his confusion palpable while he struggled to understand what in the world had just happened. "I think you need a bit of a break," she said with just a freckle of concern for the man's general safety. With a firm grasp on his upper arm, she gently guides him into the waiting arms of what can only belong to his companions. Any rebuke from the shocked man would be met with a squeeze to his arm. Powerful in many ways, the woman took this moment to show Ido that she wasn't someone you just attack and get with it. In reality, Vincent saved the other man from death or something like it. Stupid is as stupid does, he tugged his arm out of her grasp and spat at her polished heels. That kind of hurt her feelings; high-standards for high-fashion, the shoes were not ruined but they were certainly disregarded in a most disgusting manner. For a few seconds they stood still, staring down at one another, daring each other to make a move - she begging him to make a move against her once again. Thankfully he knew better than to further embarrass himself in front of strangers and his fellow companions, as a parting shot he threw Riforte an obscene gesture on his way out. Noting that this could be an issue, later on, Riforte will pass this brief encounter to Isadora. "Ah, yes. Riforte D'Marcus is my name; I've been hired to help at the door." She finally says upon her return to Vincent. A complete lie, but she said it with such a convincing air, the gathered crowd wrestled with her previous statement of meeting Isadora and this one. None of them were going to question her, not when she talked down to Ido and barely flinched when he made Vincent bleed. She has seen much, much worse in her rather short lifetime; this was like a walk in the park. "Can you be a sweetheart and take this to Isadora," she spoke softly to the other doorman while handing him a card she had apparently plucked from the air. "I would greatly appreciate it, thank you." The gentleman was quick to do as he was told, leaving his podium empty for her to take. Taking a seat on the stool behind the abandoned podium, she throws her left leg over her right in an attempt to get comfortable with her new position. Getting into her part, she waves over a couple who have been waiting ever so patiently to be let in. The two shuffle closer, waiting to be told what to do; having watched Ido be put in his place, they were unsure how to approach the woman and Vincent. "Tell this gentleman your names please and ... yes, remove any weapons and leave them here with us." Turning her attention to Vincent, she looked up at him expectantly. Is she doing it right?
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