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    Ser Andross Kholin
    “Yes, it can be quite troubling at times,” Andross replied, a sly grin betraying his enjoyment. While nearly identical to his brother, spare for the obvious differences they’d pursued in an effort to separate themselves, he’d nurtured a far larger, more impressive physique over the years. Alexandros had grown into a lord, and Andross, a soldier—the sword upon which the enemies of his family fell, and the shield upon which the darkness broke. “Though, I don’t suspect I would be the recipient of such flattering compliments, were I less than what I am, and so I find it to be a worthy trade.” He smiled his half-smile, the one Vivienne told him looked handsome on him in a boyish, almost coy way, and offered it to Delaney.
    Andross moved about the room for a while longer, mostly for the sake of moving his legs and stretching sore muscles, but also for the benefit of Delaney’s visual enjoyment. He stopped near the end of a shelf, the spine of a book having caught his attention. The Dance of War, penned by a Ser Author Cambrook. It was one of the many tomes he’d been forced to learn, front to back, during his studies of militant games and theory. He was surprised to find it in the collection of a man as docile as Milorian appeared to be, though, reasoned Delaney—or those like her—may have taken an interest.
    “I’ve heard of trouble on the winds,” Andross replied, half-turning to face the seated woman. It seemed impossible, but she had become even more lovely—inviting—after she’d melted into the comforts of the cushions. Despite her casual mannerisms, there was something alluring about seeing the woman, always so prim and proper before this moment, in a more natural atmosphere. “Talks of an approaching war. They say it has yet to reach the borders of Corinth, but if it has already begun on the other islands, then it is already closer than I would look.” Should the rumors prove true, house Mythal’s exodus could not have come at a worse time.
    Lord Alexandros Kholin
    “Lyrei’s other siblings are, by right of our marriage, my brothers and sisters, too. We are trying to build a home for all of us, one that will never be torn asunder by the petulance of politics or the strife of war and existence.” Alexandros paused, studying Milorian as he sat. There was something in the former king’s posture, in his tone, that suggested the man was not truly worried for their family or what might happen should these plans come to pass. Yet, it was not a test, either. Instead, it was speaking for the sake of words being exchanged, of giving them life beyond thought and intention. “I would hope that they see the true value of abdicating their claims to us.”
    The lord of Skyfall took yet another reprieve, this time to retreat to his wife’s company. Behind her, he placed a hand on her shoulder, standing tall behind her as though posing for a portrait to be painted. There were several like it throughout their home, already. “Our marriage has given us the opportunity to better elven and human relations for generations to come, and I see no reason we should not reach for that. Neither Mythal nor the Reach should be governed by one house or the other. They should be united, and true unification can only be obtained when those sitting upon the throne lead by this example.” Alexandros thumbed her cheek gently.
    “But, the beauty of our plan is in its scope. We cannot hope to govern all these lands from Skyfall, and will need trusted lords and ladies, skilled in the dance of politics, to help ensure our will and vision.” There were a number of lesser nobles already present in the Reach, men and women that had long-since proven their salt and sworn allegiance to his house. They would be rewarded handsomely for their loyalty, given vast swaths of land to rule and cultivate. Alexandros saw no reason his elven relatives could not benefit from the same, those that wish to stay in the realm of Ursa Madeum.
    “As for Delaney, well…” Alexandros frowned playfully. “…I will leave persuading the Seeker to my wife. I would not dare intrude upon their relationship with so little knowledge.” Sparing a chuckle, he returned his attention to Milorian. “The point is, we have no intention of excluding any from partaking of this endeavor. In fact, it is my hope that more of house Mythal will instead choose to remain, helping us to build this new world.”
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    If this thing takes off, and depending on the scale you want, we will have the most powerful crossover episode in Reno
    Take a look at the Nu Sicilian Mafia, and maybe make contact?
    I've got a character named Vincent, hes in my sig, who could be called somewhat ambitious. It would bring him immesurable reputation and wealth to make first contact with this (Triad?) (Yakuza?) (Triad Yakuza?) (TRAKUZA???), so that would be where my interest lies.
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    "That makes me extremely satisfied to hear, Ser. I hope my company lives up to whatever wonderment occupies your musings."
    Delaney understood the need for delicate words and the tip-toeing around those with titles and honors upon their name. A woman of wealth would never reveal to a gentleman her thoughts so quickly. Honesty has a difficult time mingling with courtly ways, as people of rank must always skirt the edges of propriety. She understands these things, yet chooses to speak plainly to Andross. The Seeker sees no reason to play the lady at court when she is no lady in title, nor is he the type of gentleman who would preen under such endearments.
    Before offering him her reply, she watched the man take a turn about the room. "You're like a great ship trying to find its destination," she commented on his size and visible magnificence. The Kholin men are handsome, and she sees no shame in stating the obvious - they probably already know. "I enjoy the view."
    Having been moving the entire day, she chose to sit down. Practically melting into the cushions, she fights the urge to kick her boots off and perch her feet on the little table in front of her. She is comfortable, but not that comfortable. Plus, from her position, she can get a more practical view of his sword that looked like it meant to be hanging from his hip. She wasn't a sword-smith, but she could appreciate the intricacy of the beautiful creation. Sadly, they are not here to speak on swords.
    "What has the wind been telling you, Ser Andross?" There were so many voices on the wind nowadays; she is curious to know what has reached his ears and what hasn't. "I have a rather poor delicate touch, but the least I can do is clumsily soothe your concerns with apt enthusiasm."
    Milorian found himself seated once again, his sweet sister having done him the courtesy of guiding him. He assumes that it is nearly impossible for her to ignore a pained animal and do whatever she can to soothe its aches. Usually, he disliked being pulled about like a lost child, but he could not sneer at his sister without fear of hurting her charm. Comfortably looked after, the elf had the finest seat in the house to listen to Alexandros give reason to the visit.
    Lyrei quietly sat, admiring the view of her husband drifting through the room with his usual air of demand. There was little for her to say in conjunction with his appraisal of Ursa Madeum and how it offered them little in terms of growth and activity. Things have gotten stagnant, a comment Milorian often found himself saying to himself and her. Change needs to happen, or else they'll just repeat history or at least a watered-down version of it. Her brother had planted the seed of urgency within her working mind, which brought her to believe in Alexandros and avowals.
    They hope to build a home that forever can't break apart.
    "And what of the siblings before her? What is it you will say to sway their hold on the lands they may or may not abandon?"
    He wished to know simply because he doubts his siblings will stop Lyrei from obtaining what belongs to her, but he wants to know the steps Alexandros would take. His attention switched to his sister's presence, which radiated with warmth and determination of its own. "You would step against your siblings and their children, to take their place?"
    "And their children's children, Milorian."
    Her smile was delicate and sweet, placing substantial meaning on her retort. She knows his aim and will gladly drift into the aim. The elf could sense that smack of a smile and did his best not to reply in kind.
    "You will unite your House with that of Ylia, a place beneath Seeker rule. What will you do to persuade her and those who wish to follow her?"
    It was like pulling teeth to make Delaney take over Ylia, forcing her to separate from Lyrei, forcing her to abandon her cause for another. There would have to be some kind of persuasion, he is sure, but nothing too terrible that it would throw the Kholin's plans out place.
    "And what of the Seekers and Delaney's position as their leader?"
    He highly doubts - can barely conceive - that Alexandros and his House would dispose of the items closest to House Mythal. Milorian does not need to worry about the safety of the little things that will stay behind, especially if those items are cared for by his beloved sister. Still, he had to ask. He cares for just about everyone that's gathered beneath his banner, but he cares, and loves Delaney as if she were his true sister. Her story is a sad one, and he doubts that she can take another heartbreak, no matter how fearless of a mask she wears.
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    You guys remind me so much of this video I just ROFL

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    I'm hoping to start my new character's adventures here in Valucre with a bang and I want YOU to join me! Yes, that's right, you. The person sitting right there and reading this right now. I know, it's uncanny. You may even be thinking "What, me? But how does he know I'm even reading this as a stream of consciousness?" Don't worry, that's totally natural. I just ask that you also take a few seconds to ask yourself "Do I want to be at the center of a major event in Lagrimosa's history? An event with plenty of room for crazy magical boom booms, interactions with some of the baddest and brightest characters in Lagrimosa, and the potential for unadulterated chaotic decadence coupled with degenerate shenanigans of any flavor?" Now take a few moments and answer that for yourself. Don't worry, I'll wait...
    Great! Glad to see you're on board! 🙂 Now that I have your attention, I'll give you a slightly less condensed version of what we're actually doing (which is a longer repackaging of the Thread's title).
    High-Level Idea
    Having somehow found yourself in Dead Peaks Prison--Lagrimosa's premier super-max prison for the baddest of the bad--you are now stuck. Dead Peaks is known for being a nearly impenetrable nut to crack for just about anybody, and when you're on the inside this is only compounded by your lack of tools and total inability to use magic. You've really landed yourself in a deep pile of helplessness this time...HOWEVER, as fate would have it, luck is on your side! An unprecedented loci event caused the Shawnee Glacier to consume most of the Wasteland; what used to be a magical dead-zone is suddenly the densest concentration of magical potential on the continent! As you can imagine, this is quite a bummer for the prison staff and management. They've basically concentrated all of the most powerful/dangerous crazies (and edge cases) in one place with the express intention that they'd be unable to use magic...so woopsy? What follows the loci event is exactly what you'd imagine. We have a classic prison revolt situation on our hands, except instead of make-shift shanks made out of soap these prisoners' capacity for making folks bleed is only capped by our imaginations.
    Will you make your escape? Will you join a league of villains? Will you indulge your hedonistic fantasies of guts, glory, and confetti? Will you run around screaming? All of this is up to you. Anything is possible in the eye of a storm hurtling helter skelter without regard.
    With this basic preface in mind. Let's talk if you're interested! I have multiple different ideas of how this might shake out and am also pretty flexible to suggestions. I won't go into every divergent potential story trajectory that my poor little ADHD mind has spun up as interesting possibilities. Ultimately, how we do this is very dependent on the characters in play and, frankly, an exhaustive list of possible routes would be a painful exercise for me, my employer, and you (the reader of this post)...Probably the easiest way to get your imagination kick-started (if you're a fan of One Piece) is to imagine the madness of the Impel Down arc in One Piece, but in Lagrimosa & you can be ANYBODY & we have full control.
    Also, here are some potentially useful links to give you a gist of the setting we're in:
    Dead Peaks Prison lore page (Hasn't been updated to include loci event, but mentions some of security measures that used to be in place) The Wastelands lore page (Describes the area directly surrounding the prison) The Dead at the Dead Peaks canonized thread (Describes a successful break-in. Relevant stuff starts on page 2. Also, made me laugh at multiple points.) Note: Not at all exhaustive. Please suggest any other links you think I should add to this list.
    I'll end by describing my character's "angle" in this story and where he needs to be at the end. I encourage you to do the same if you're interested in joining (this will help us start coordinating the "best" way to maneuver this). Also, I'll mention some personal "hopes", but I'm not married to anything since we can easily fill arbitrary roles with NPCs (or not, depending on the interest).
    How my character got here (the abridged version): Around 30 years ago he was your typical socially conscious magitech scholar who started noticing some really funky business with some pretty influential people in an upstart empire. Afflicted with a severe case of cannot-mind-his-own-business-itis, he decides to use his technical prowess and hackery skills to dig deeper. Let's be honest, this was nothing he hasn't done before, so what could go wrong? Ultimately he gets tangled up in something BIG, and it gets dicey. He somehow gets caught, which ultimately leads to him being framed "as posing a threat to national health". Doing what the authorities do with "threats to the national health", poor Aymeric is sent to Dead Peaks Prison. While being carted off and the people who set him up watch, Aymeric proclaims his "final" bold words: "Everything is at the whims of the Law of Chaos! You'll get what you deserve, and one day I'll have the pleasure of knowing that!" Since then Aymeric has sat in Dead Peaks, thinking, biding his time (he's an elf, he has plenty), and carving small runes into tiny inanimate "toy" golems made of the odds and ends around him...
    My character's goal and where he needs to be at the end: Aymeric hopes to get out of this madness. He isn't really a fighter, he isn't really even a lover (if we're being honest), he just wants to get back to doing the things he likes doing under that big wide Arcanosphere. (Prison has a way of giving a man perspective, you know?)
    Some "hopes" I have:
    Ideally we will have a group of at least 3 characters "willing" to "work together" to find the portal out of Dead Peaks (with some NPCs as needed) . The dynamic between these characters will be a major plot driver. One of these characters is a prison guard who (reasonably) doesn't want to go up against a sea of baddies...or any other motivation. Again, if nobody has a character for this we can always use an NPC. Some sort of tension built on conflict with the Minotaur warden. Some sort of tension built on conflict with another prisoner(s). To explore the prison and gather some gear that might be useful once we get to "the outside". Again, I'm flexible with specifics. There are plenty of seeds we can fertilize in this story and I look forward to coming up with a cool skeleton of how we want to tell the tale 🙂. If the interest for this is more than I anticipated, then we can certainly make this a "big" story. What's also nice about this sort of environment is that we can quite easily "write in" people who want to join and "write out" people who want to leave.
    Location: Dead Peaks Prison, The Wastelands, Lagrimosa, Valucre.
    Idea: The loci event has breathed unprecedented magical capability into the super-max prison facility on Dead Peaks. Suddenly some of the worst criminals in Lagrimosan history find themselves empowered and a prison revolt ensues. Some prisoners are trying to take advantage of the bedlam to get out of there. Some want revenge on the guards. Others are just out for blood. Be at the heart of this historic event and ride the wave of chaos to your freedom...or don't and just go wild with your fellow degenerates. 
    Expectations: Summarized in the bullets up above that are under the bold and underlined "Some 'hopes' I have". Make note that those aren't "hard" expectations. 
    FAQs: TBD.
    Current IC thread with a high level description of the setting in the second post: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45048-the-great-escape-breaking-out-of-dead-peaks-prison/
    Again, remember that we can still edit things as needed! I just tried to set up enough basics to help pick up that creative traction.
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    "The other half of our number are noncombatants. They have no combat training or means to defend themselves." Nathan explained. "They do however have artisans, builders and engineers. People who will rebuild this town once the battle is concluded."
    Arthur nodded. "I'm sure it will shine brighter than it has ever before. And it'll be a fortress. Any attacker will find it too tough a nut to crack."
    "Indeed. But before then, I have a plan." Nathan smacked his fist into his palm. "Because the horde doesn't know we're here, and they are after our dragon friend here - we have the advantage of surprise. Gather up everyone who can work, we'll set up some additional defenses."
    Per Nathan's plan, a number of citizens, (most of them stonemasons) gathered outside the walls and began to fortify them wherever possible. Because there was only one major entrance to the city in the front, they buttressed the door and shored up any cracks that might have appeared. It was a task that was made easier by just how sturdy it was built. While the bulk of the enemy force was engaged with the defenders atop the wall, small groups would hit the enemy from the woods along the flank and from behind, most of them woodsman and archers led by Elias - as he had the most skill in forest fighting.
    Because there were so few, it was decided they would be volunteers who knew the risk. Twenty or so did volunteer for this task.
    Next, Gale and Isolde worked together to create pits filled with holy water - a virtual minefield of them outside the walls to act as traps for any advancing units. Each of them would be deep and wide enough to destroy or weaken about half a dozen foes at least. Since his expertise was in fluid movement, he figured that he would do best in open ground. Once the enemy force was driven back or weakened enough, he believed his best spot would be to lead a battalion outside to meet the enemy in open ground and possibly try to kill the enemy's commander. Max would aid him in this endeavor - as he would light the plain outside with his fire powers - giving them breathing room and cover to retreat if necessary.
    Arthur, given his expertise was in commanding troops was to hold the wall. He chose archers, crossbowmen and other missile troops to sustain their defense. Any advancing forces would find the defenders well protected by high walls or by murder holes. 
    Finally, Igni would swoop in and devastate the enemy with her fiery breath, destroying as many of their war machines as possible, along with however many undead she could. Because she was the enemy's greatest priority, she was to be protected at all cost.

    Three days and nights of uneasy peace passed, during which time, Nathan and his men hunted for deer or fished in the river - bringing back large quantities of game and fish for sustenance. Given their host's appetite and the size of the number of their people, they made sure to stock up on their rations whenever possible; a task which was much easier given how little of it had spoiled. Many larders and well stocked basements and cellars were to be found in the town; most of it either frozen or preserved with salt. The river allowed them an abundance in the way of clean, drinkable water. 
    Finally, on the third day, just after midday, the first scouts began to return with news that the horde was inbound. No doubt, Nathan said, the enemy would be assaulting the town in force and try to overwhelm its defenders with numbers, but the defenses they had prepared would beat them back. Above all, he explained to his men, the priority was to kill the enemy necromancer in charge - if he were to die, the horde would crumble.
    With that, they took up positions, everyone following their assigned duty and waited.

    It was not a long wait, but it was difficult all the same: A calm before the storm. Off in the distance, visible even from the top of the wall, there were the telltale signs of an approaching army; the pounding march of withered feet and the stench of carrion carried by the wind. To those in high places, they could make out individual shapes here or there - towering flesh giants and creatures stitched together from multiple body parts. Ghastly war machines were indeed in the vanguard, constructed from wood and bone and loaded with flaming boulders.
    In the town, the people huddled together under the roof of the church. Women, children, the elderly and sick; all of their faces alight with worry. The one or two priests among them were preaching and praying; urging them to have faith.

    All along the wall stood lines of archers; Arthur and Nathan standing above the ramparts of the gate.
    Before the battle could begin, Nathan decided a little spying mission would be in order. 
    "Arthur, open a line of telepathy." He rumbled. "I want to get a closer look at our enemy and let our allies know who we are facing."
    Arthur nodded, then closed his eyes in concentration. A split second later, his mind's eye opened and his brain was flooded with images of possible futures, but he ignored the visions, focusing instead on the enemy's leader. A tall figure appeared in his vision - at least equal to Nathan in height and in build. Long black hair hung over his shoulders and icy blue eyes looked up at him. They narrowed. The sorcerer in charge was clearly aware someone had attempted to scry his mind. A split second later, the vision was blurred and cut out - and Arthur nearly fell from the sudden feedback - but the last thing he glimpsed was... a talisman, emanating great power.
    Nathan put his hand on his comrade's shoulder to steady him. 
    "What did you see?" 
    Arthur shook his head. "I'm not sure, but the enemy knows we're here now. He's a sorcerer alright. More powerful than anyone I've ever seen."
    The thought came, along with a memory to Nathan's mind. Could it be?
    "Did you get a glimpse?" 
    Arthur nodded. "A man wearing red armor with an amulet around his neck."
    There was no doubt.
    "Arthur, let all of our brothers know it's an old enemy, one I thought we destroyed long ago."

    Nathan's eyes turned white as his pupils vanished as he willed a storm into existence. After a moment, a bolt of lightning shot down from the heavens and engulfed him entirely - nearly blinding all who looked with dazzling illumination. Moments later, he emerged - unharmed and transformed: His entire body now wrapped in gilded, steel plate armor - and his sword in hand. Eyes narrowed in resolve, just as a surge of hatred filled every portion of Nathan's being.
    "Let's kill him properly this time."
    At the head of the horde of living death, the sorcerer in charge was surprised at the sudden interference. More, he was annoyed. There were not supposed to be people here; much less an entire force of the living. The psychic that attempted to probe his mind was a mere amateur, but he was only half of a pair - together they might pose a threat to him, especially with what else was waiting. They had company - and a major irritant he thought had died with Iselyr, five years ago.
    "So, Nathan, still alive are you? And once again, you try to spoil my plans." He muttered to himself. "Very well."
    With that, he mentally signaled his troops to advance.
    Almost immediately, just before they could reach the treeline, dozens of them were ensnared in traps - spike pits and bear traps and falling rocks from the trees assailed his force. More emerged from the forest, only to be destroyed by gas deposits in the plain. Within minutes, dozens - almost a half a hundred of his warriors had fallen in explosions; their frail bodies ripped apart or pulverized by shrapnel.
    "A surprise welcome is it?" Antares murmured with a smirk. "I love surprises."
    Further along, his army advanced - approaching the town - only the left wing had failed to appear. Mentally, he reached out - only to find that several dozen more had already fallen. Probably an unwelcome hunting party in the woods - cutting down his troops in the flank. Sure enough, moments later there came a living party of humans emerging from the foliage and into the open plain and heading for the town.
    With a scowl, he followed their destination and looked at the city walls - sure enough, there was a familiar bolt of lightning appearing in the sky, which then shot down onto a single spot. 
    "There you are."
    Telepathically, he commanded his warriors to move forward - the entire force as one. Like ants from a hill, they emerged from the forest - thousands of them, all approaching the city in unison.
    "Kill them all, my warriors!" Antares Draugur roared, drawing his sword and urging his skeletal horse forward. "Leave none alive! To WAR!!"
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    Kaori gon’ be like

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    Location: Renovatio > Nehalen > Oo'Xora > Takaramachi (Treasure Town)
    It has been said countless times that one must learn to adapt and evolve with the times, or parish in their failure to do so. The slaying of the Gods has lead to a time of Imperial silence, in which the Emperor Koji has been missing since such tragic events began. As the age of man kicks off, those that had been here before the Emperor and that would no doubt be here long after him see this as their opportunity to rise! To reclaim their streets, their land, their home...Their honor!
    The times changed, and with it technology. While the gifted minority could still weild blades in the most preternatural applications, and a vast majority remained arcana inclined, the need for things like Saburai and Shinobi alike was greatly diminishing. The already shattered clans of that endured the history of these lands have a new plan to restore their former greatness by way of new prowess. Borrowing from their Northeastern neighbors, the clans of old work diligently to establish a strong family. 
    A young ambitious man by the name of Hu Bai Ying has been rallying his brothers and sisters from the Oniwabanshu and the Shinku no Hasu alike in order to storm the Gokudo Gang base at their docks. Removing their potential opposition not only secured their dominance, but also let the smaller cliques around town know that they could either fall in with the movement, or become a victim of it.
    Nothing in life cam be gained without sacrifice. Hu Bai Ying deemed himself worthy of carrying the torch that would lead him, nigh all of Takaramachi into times of great prosperity! No big seat of political power was necessary, besides, both his associates and himself had already mastered the arts of working from the shadows. Together they will form what he has chosen to call The Heaven and Earth Society.
    tl;dr - Inspired by the Nu Martyr Mafias, the Oo'Xoran province is experiencing a fresh birth of Yakuza families (with some external, similar influences). I will be starting a thread today to establish the beginning of this plot. All are welcome to join, but I'm applying a once per week post minimum in order to attempt ensuring we don't stall out waiting for someone.
    Feel free to Express interest, drop comments, questions or concerns here. My DMs are always open if you'd rather keep your thoughts or ideas hush hush. I plan on establishing one other Yakuza in Jigoku (Genesaris), and one of my buddies is working on one for Oo'Xora Capitol. This interest check is however, specifically angled for this particular family. 
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    I'm going to be taking a week off, officially; I know I've been actually super quiet for longer than that already, but the anxiety of having people waiting on me is feeding a vicious cycle of obligation/avoidance. So instead of silently fighting that and not getting anything done, I'm just going to say outright that I'm not going to get anything done. Until about next friday. I will then be posting in all the threads in which I owe posts, and finishing up my lore articles, so @danzilla3, @Ataraxy, @Aleksei, @Mickey Flash (because with my luck the Cambion thread will start right in the middle of all this), @Praetorian (because with my luck you'll decide that later tonight is the best possible time to post in Scrolling Parchment). Thanks for humoring me!
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    Skacharm feels Areille's fingers touching the tips of his ears and his cheeks flush with embarrassment. She sounded as if she were disappointed in the smallness of his ears, and he had to choke down an embarrassed laugh. He'd always took teasing over the smallness of his pointed ears as he was growing up. Now here he was a full grown elf, and this little miss was disappointed in them too.
    Her hands slid down to his chest and he was very aware of the fact that they were alone in the woods. The feel of her tiny palm on his heart made it beat quicker, and on reflex his hands came up to encircle her tiny wrists. He didn't know what he was going to do, keep her hands closer or pull them away. He didn't have the chance to find out. The howls of the wolves set a feeling of alarm in his body. He stiffened.  
    "Can you follow?" he asked, as he turned quickly to the camp.  If she were in agreement, he would quickly make his way to camp.  Fearing she was going to have troubles making her way, he would stop to check on her from time to time.  She was surprisingly adept at finding her way through the tricky foliage of the woods.  Still, he felt that they were running through thick mud, because he could hear the screams and growls coming from the campsite.
    By the time Malia made it to the camp the chaos was already underway.  She took in the scene for a second or two, and could see that the campers were holding their own.  There were some trained warriors in this bunch and they knew how to kill.  The wolves were skilled too, and natural born killers.  It was a good thing they were more focused on the other wolf pack then they were on the campers.  
    One of the wolves had been attacked by a camper that used the only weapon they had at their disposal, it was a long piece of wood with the end burning on fire from the camp fire.  The wolf's fur had caught aflame for a minute, and the wolf was maddened by the pain of the burns.  He wildly screeched and growled, swirling around as if chasing after his tail.  In the corner of the clearing stood a young male demon.  He barely had his horns growing in.  He was the youngest person that Malia saw in the camp, the most vulnerable.  The wolf locked his crazy eyes on the young male, and roared as he charged.  
    Malia swept in from the side, her dagger pulled from its sheath.  She quickly swiped the side of the neck of the wolf, cutting through the carotid artery.  The wolf did not feel it, and he was still charging.  She ran beside him and stabbed her knife into the side of his stomach.  It caught on his hip so he was kept from running for a moment.  He turned to look at her, pain and crazed rage in his eyes.  His muzzle curled up in a snarl.  His steps slowed though as his life's blood spilled out into the ground.  Another second and they faltered as he fell.  His labored breathing soon stopped.  Malia looked up to see the young male demon, still frozen in place.  Shock was on his face as he stared at the wolf.  It was the look you get when you realize how close you were to death.  Malia had no time to comfort him, nor did she want to. The fight was on, and she was needed.  
    She made her way into the fray, screeching her own banshee song.  Her dagger slashed all the right areas to kill, and she moved with skill to keep herself from getting bit or tackled to the ground.  She had been taught well.  It wasn't often she got to use her skills in the other dimension.  If she were caught she would be killed there.  Things were wilder here, but with its own feel of innocence.  She felt justified in killing the wolves, wanting to protect ......... she'd almost forgotten she was here to protect Skacharm.  The bloodlust of the moment had taken most things from her mind but survival.  
    There were other warriors fighting the wolves around her.  There was a dragon with some demons on her back about to fly away and blowing up dust and making the campfire bigger.  Action was taking place everywhere, and no one asked her who she was and where she came from.  Why would they?  To them she was another member of this large party, fighting off the terror that had entered the camp.  
    Skacharm came to the edge of the camp, and standing there were two figures he recognized.  It was Mads and Merindas.  He nodded to them, and made his way into camp, seeing the destruction, blood, and battle.  He closed his eyes for a moment, and used his energies to pull power from the surrounding forest.  Once he felt he had enough, he spoke an ancient language and his words were so loud they could be heard from miles away.  The power his words unleased blew the wolves back.  It knocked a couple of people back too, but not with nearly the same violence.  The wolves let out a high pitched yip as if they had been badly hurt.  They began to run from the camp, and when the majority started to leave the rest followed suit.  
    He looked over the camp, trying to see the damage that was done and all that were hurt.  There were a few bodies on the ground.  Those that had been overwhelmed by the wolves.  A funeral service would have to be held to respect those that sacrificed their lives.  The camp was tore to shreds, blankets and tents destroyed.  There were also many wounded, already doing what they could to stop the bleeding.  And then he saw something that shocked him to his very core.
    Standing in the middle of the camp, blood covering her from head to toe, strange clothes and tangled dirty hair, stood Malia.  Her face looked as wild as the beasts that had just ran away.  She was panting heavily, a dagger held tightly in one hand.  She looked toward Skacharm, and he didn't know what was going on in her mind.  That had never happened to him before with her in the past.  Her face used to be so easy to read it was scary.  Now he read nothing, and the demon had been right.  She had a maturity about her that the young queen never had before.  How could she have changed so much in the last two years?  Was this really her?
    "Malia?" he asked hesitantly.  
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    Marley has always been an awkward kind of man, having spent most of his time locked away in libraries and kept away in high towers, human interaction had been limited. He can't really blame those he had surrounded himself with, but they are not without their faults. Taken from his parents at a young age, the gentleman had been raised in a cluster of others touched by magic. Raised by complete strangers, it leaves you little strained when it comes to socializing.
    When they entered the bar, he did not take the lead nor did he slink into the shadows. Fighting against his mind and body, Marley stood next to Immie while Tansy sat atop Marley's shoulder. He disliked these kinds of places, they easily reminded him of the things he has missed in life and how difficult it is for him to acclimate to these kinds of surroundings.
    "It would appear to be the case," came his reply. He was ready to kick rocks at that point, but the young lady was fast to suggest otherwise. Elbowed, he turned his attention towards the gentleman who appeared to be comfortable in his loneliness. The witch had his opinion about approaching random strangers while they're deep in their meal, not that it would matter any. Immie appeared to be the sort to act before thinking, and like a ship lost at sea, he was being tugged along by her tide.
    He wasn't disappointed by this man, though. Rough around the edges, ready to speak his mind, and not at all falling for Immie's golden smile. Marley did not want to embarrass the lovely lady by snickering at her boldness; Tansy felt otherwise and had openly croaked and then flopped on his side, becoming nestled in the dip of Marley's neck.
    "I suppose we can save that visit to the door when we are done with our meal!"
    Excitedly, he pulled a chair out and helped Immie sit. When seated, Tansy plopped on the table in all his warty glory, and hopped over to Immie. He would lift his webbed hand up in a demanding manner telling her to pick him up.
    "As a new resident here, allow me to treat you Immie. Any place serving shit and is still operating deserves our coin, and I'm more than happy to share this experience with you."
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    IN PROGRESS Brief: 'Oh child of  the stars, how you've fallen.'
    The Titan Goddess Asteria was a gentle creature born from the heart of a falling star and molded by the All-Father's hands, giving her the gentleness and likeness of a woman. Man came to her to guide them as they strongly believed in her prophetic dreams and saw her a blessing to their lands; her dreams decided leaders, battles, wars, and so forth. Unfortunately, the heart of man was corrupted with greed, their beliefs that it was not dreaming that gave the titan her powers, but the grown that sat atop her golden head. 
    They tore her down and killed her, taking the crown for themselves. An item that had been given to the titan from the All-Father himself as a sign of his absolute love, changed into a terrible thing that could never be destroyed. Out of pain, Asteria poured herself into the crown and the All-Father kept her locked inside as a lesson that his children should never be so foolish to believe in man.  

    Item: Crown of Asteria
    A crystalline crown with multiple points, the more important being four slots in the front for four different kinds of stones. Each stone is infused with the corrupted powers of the titan (Seraphim/Archon) goddess Asteria, a woman known for her prophetic dreams and being a Titan of the stars.
    Stone of Life: wearer is capable of life tap, siphoning the life out of others (alive or dead) within a four-foot radius to bolster their own life. (With Crown)
    Stone of Following: wearer creates a following of undead by the use of song sung by a witch bound to the crown. Three posts create a following of five undead that is permanent until disposed of. (With Crown)
    Stone of Harvest: wearer harvests a fraction of the souls from the dead within a five-foot radius to regenerate their wounds and fortify their body. Five posts to use the Stone of Harvest. (Lost)
    Stone of Rising: wearer is capable of animating the dead at a higher level than most. The undead is not followers and is simply used as fodder. Two posts reanimate six undead. (Lost)
    Class: S (2 or more players; 5+ pages)
              Challenging: 4+ people
    Slots: 1
    Thread: TBD
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    Myrlande was intrigued, to say the least. She watched his transformation with her hands restlessly fiddling with the coins in her pocket. There was a need for her to be active, one way or another. Fiddling with the coins gave her something to focus on, reminding her that this was the live realm and not the sleep realm. A humble human has natural fears; understanding her powers is drawn from darkness and dreams, she is clearly dependent on the creatures that control such things. His transformation exasperated her need to fiddle because she wasn't entirely sure if he was real or just weird.
    Thankfully it was the latter.
    Giving the coins a break, she folds her arms across her chest as she kneels down before the boy and his kitty-cat. She evaluated him, her soft eyes bright with flames of wonder - something she hasn't felt in many a year. He is a problem, much like his mother; he is a child, much like his mother. The one thing she always enjoyed about his mother was her ability to remain a reliable individual with childlike ways. The woman was real, regal, and a person Myrlande had grown to respect. There is hope she can feel the same way for her child, or at the very least, she can grow to tolerate his company.
    "I am not a babysitter, but I am a pretty okay cookie."
    Exhaling, she stands up and goes about thinking this entire thing out. She will have to be his face in this whole thing, which means she will have to relearn everything about this place. That takes time, something she isn't fond of, but she is already one foot in the door. They will have to start from the very foundations of this place and work their way up. Already knowing that, it's just going to be more of a pain for her because ... looking at him, she sighs again. Because of him.
    Following her memory, she goes to the kitchen, fully expecting Kairos to follow her. The tower hadn't been wholly abandoned by the looks of things, so it's safe to assume that there are some foodstuffs they can devour while having a heart-to-heart.
    "How do you plan on bringing in people for the council? Do the original five cities of the kingdom still exist?" She asked him while going around the kitchen and gathering things to make them something to munch on. "Does the kingdom still exist?"
    If the five cities within the kingdom still exist, then they could begin pulling people from there. If they do not, then he would have to explain to her what had happened to those cities - if anything. This is a beginning for her, something she can build on in hopes this entire thing won't be a pain.
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    "Well, you should care."
    Riforte understood how he was feeling, and in all honesty, she is a tad jealous that he was so ready to show those emotions. There were times in her life she would have liked to explode and convey her feelings through action. Always one to hang back and watch the world set itself on fire, never being the fire starter. Looking at Nunzio, she can say she is a bit jealous of him too. These two men were ready to go to war and did not care about the repercussions, deciding only to deal with the problems once they come their way. A dangerous kind of operating, but she respects it nonetheless.
    Isadora nodded when Riforte spoke. They need to care because these individuals clearly do not, and that puts them all at an awkward junction. Overall this a giant mess they now got to untangle.
    "Whatever the case may be, we need to get down to the root of it all." Isadora gave her brother's scarred hands a quick kiss, offering him a bit of her tremendous strength. "I suggest we follow Nunzio's suggestion."
    She did not want him to feel left out of the discussion. Shaking one of her hands free, she reaches and pats Nunzio on the knee before allowing her hand to rest there. "Take back the bounty, brother. We've ruffled more than a few feathers, and as far as they are concerned, they got what they wanted out of you. There is nothing wrong with playing the flippant part in this entire thing."
    "How about we split this little party up?" Riforte interjected for a moment. Parting from the desk, she goes around it, takes a seat, and digs through the many drawers. Her search was for a pen and a piece of paper, items that will come in handy. "Isadora, I know you don't remember much, but how about a recap on what you do remember?" Finding what she was hunting for, the woman slaps the paper on the desk and prepares the pen to write everything down. Golden hues lock with red as Isadora fixes her attention on her friend.
    "One of the rooms was getting rowdy, and I went to break the events up. When I went in, there was a group of men, but no one looked like they had been fighting, let alone arguing." Isadora started her story simply, not wanting to work herself up before getting to the meatier details. Her hand on Nunzio's knee curled some, "I don't exactly know what happened after that. I can briefly recall feeling something sharp in my arm ... then I woke up blindfolded. I remember the distinct smell of still water."
    "How about noises? Was it quiet?"
    "No. I could hear people outside; it was busy, really busy. So early morning, right before the bars closed ... maybe?"
    Nodding, she finishes writing her notes before leaning back into the chair. She was comfortable. "That's good enough to go off of. I assume you boys can get some ideas on where to look. Next! I want to know if you guys have had any trouble with drugs around your parts." Riforte leans forward and points at Isadora, "She has something nasty flowing through her right now, and if left alone, could turn her into a vampire."
    Isadora watched the other woman, sizing up every word to ensure that Riforte was not pulling their chains. "How do you know that?"
    "Well, I've been around enough drugs to know the signs, but I'll indulge you. You start smoking whenever you step into the sunlight, and you've been uncomfortable this entire time - pain, right? Your general appearance and all that stuff." Shrugging, thinking that her explanation is enough, she dominates the two men with a look of interest. "I want to be part of this. I say me and meathead here go snooping around, and you can start doing a little digging through your family history. To go this far for revenge, you're not even aware of means there are some skeletons in the closet."
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    She took her seat and casually grabbed one of the offered refreshments with her only hand. It had become natural for her to be so casual with one arm; one leg balanced atop her knee gently, while the bottom of her glass sat atop the raised knee. She looked casual, comfortable, and overall welcoming to the company surrounding her. Knowing that she is a stranger between them, she has to do her best to be as kind and sweet as possible.
    It was her opportunity to be that kind sort when the conversation switched over to her. A delicate smile graced her features, her intrigue openly plucked towards Gustaf and his revelation. "My, now that is hard to imagine."
    They have been welcomed to stay, to get comfortable, but in order to really do the latter they need to attempt to rid themselves of Gustaf's company. Not exactly sure how they will do that, Elodie takes a moment to grab her company's attention with stories of her own.
    "Elodie Yves Corentin, at your service, ser."
    Her time spent in the Cold South had nearly rid her of her accent. The French accents laden with Latin influence accentuate her name, pulling her back to the roots she had long abandoned. Her name, like any crucial name, is a story of her lineage. Elodie would be considered her second name, while Yves is her birth-name, and of course Corentin is the name of her father's noble house. She comes from a long line of royals who can afford to give her a middle name, baptized her to give her a birth-name, and proud enough to grant her a house name.
    "Dilon is a sweet man with an awkwardness that is bound to catch any woman's eye. Mine was certainly snatched, if I'm to be bold."
    Elodie gave Dilon a sweet smile, paired with sultry eyes. "Tell me more! As much as I try, I'm unable to draw much out of Dilon."
    When people take a trip down memory lane, they often give snippets of the current reality. Perhaps if the gentleman is forced to recount certain things about Dilon, it will lead him down a path that'll lead to Elion. They will probably be here for an extended amount of time, the two will need any information they can get. She is very determined to give her lover peace - once and for all.
    "Have there been other women, perhaps? Is Dilon some kind of scoundrel?"
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    Rise of Avylon
    Xiu is a very, very old dragon interested in reforming some of the patrimony (inheritable territory) that the House of Song ruled over during an age of dragons he remembers and was young in. He serves an an ancestral protector of his House, and though he doesn't control it officially he effectively does through proxies as he... is an educator. If you can educate people to believe and do what you want from a young age over multiple generations, eventually you gain control.

    Establishing a dragon-dominated government of the dragon actions on the sites to work together, form a mutual defense and perhaps offense pact, help each other achieve goals, form a single, more potent economy by using a unified currency, and working to build road systems and such would likely increase the potential for the rise of a notable dragon-led power.

    If Avylon becomes a agricultural heartland while having a standing army, and makes other areas increasingly reliant on them, then sweeping the rest of Reno will eventually be a plausible part of the plan to reform the patrimony of the Imperial House of Song.

    Eastern dragons are incorporated into something similar to ancestral worship. They can pray for good crops, and Xiu can choose to grant it.

    a magically repressed society of people that can pray to someone to do cool stuff for them? 😛 What's not to love.
    I need to build a fleet, establish an agricultural heartland, establish a military with a standing, professional army, as well as found the Heavenly Order of the Drakensang (samurai), get someone to RP the leader of the domestic mercenary corps I will loan out and take a portion of their income every tax/tributary season (and so I can call upon them to conquer another one of the Duchies, form the Grand Duchy, and get closer to unifying the Kingdom under me), create a universal tax ledger that covers everything and everyone in Avylon to establish a more thorough taxing mechanism to help fund everything better, establish a central bank and trade agreements, as well as some other stuff 😄
    Nede would be a great place to start a kingdom as well, but I'l have to eventually go there, upset the local dragons, tell them of their Mandate of Heaven, and unseat the Avarice to expand the Kingdom. gonna pull a more eastern House de Normandie there 😄

    Xiu essentially has a vision of multiple, independent dragon nations working together in several important areas, and ambitions of being a King or even Emperor himself.

    Dragon Worship
    I was also hoping to get a dragon worship religion lore page started (tell me if you would like to write it with me? IDK where to start just, yet, so I'm operating exclusively off of a modified version of the RL East Asian concept of dragon worship) and my plotting would be linked to various interactions on board, and one of those things is a plot element of the Mysterious Heir of Avylon, if I get the territory. It is to be heavily based on eastern dragon worship, as I said, though, so... yeah. That's the starting point, IG. I thought that would be interesting in Avylon as Xiulan will likely establish a magic academy of some kind and enable what the church on Revo doesn't.

    also idea: petroleum is from dragons/dragon ancestors, and can be used to fuel magick and ritual or something  even tech, or magitech  and there is a TON of it in this area.
    So, I know this is a bit of a thunderstorm for my introduction to Valucre, but hello! I AM BLUE! 😄 You can also call me Melinoe.
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    Riforte's presence was one that Jacob reluctantly tolerated for practical as well as personal reasons. Isadora considered her a true friend, and the other woman seemed to reciprocate that affection. In a world of people who would smile to your face while they sharpened the knife they intended to stick in your back, real friendship was hard to come by. On the practical side, Riforte was a very dangerous woman to people who would make an enemy of her. With her around, his sister would be at least a little bit safer. Or at least that was the theory. Then again, he could hardly blame Riforte for Isadora going out on her own.
    "I always intended to listen to her," he muttered, "But as for vampires..."
    Jacob shrugged, "All I know is that our family, at one point, did have dealings with vampires. I don't know what revenge they are talking about... and frankly I don't much care. If they had a grievance they should have come to me; I would have listened. But now they've assaulted a member of my family; the Underboss no less. I am now compelled to respond in kind; not doing so would make us look weak... though I admit that the thought of hurting them is one that I enjoy."
    He made his way over to his sister and grasped her hands gently, "I do agree with your assessment Nunzio. But before we do anything else, I want to hear from Izzy."
    @Veloci-Rapture @Aleksei
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    Nunzio shrugged and sat down, allowing Isadora to pour him a drink. "I wasn't gonna say that, exactly. I mean, maybe it was a little, but I get it."
    He sipped his bourbon, briefly glad that the Fedeles were more free with the top-shelf stuff than Don Centanni tended to be. "The way I figure it, the best way to get to the perps here is to put pressure on the community. This kind of op ain't a one- or two-man operation; they gotta have support, logistics, gear, a safehouse, and those all probably come from the people they trust. Other teeth. Start leaning on the teeth, and somebody is gonna crack; if only to keep their kids or their husbands from ending up in a silver coffin at the bottom of the harbor."
    The ice in Nunzio's drink clinked against the edge of the glass as he lightly swirled it. "Only problem with your way was, a blanket bounty like that makes 'em think they ain't got a chance to negotiate with you. The head honchos might go to another family for protection; I don't know if Don Salvatore or Don Gualtiero would cross us like that, but I don't like those kinda gambles."
    He held up a hand. "I ain't sayin' I'm against you, so we're clear. I've got a list of troublemakers; I've put my boys to figuring out which of those lowlifes are also teeth, and then we're gonna start balancing the books with them. Make it all look like legitimate family business, when everyone knows what we're really looking for. If that don't work, we'll start shaking down their businesses and upping protection fees, calling it 'kidnapping insurance'. And when we come up with something, I'll bring it straight to you and let you make the calls."
    Nunzio glanced around the room, wondering how far his newfound authority went in terms of talking to the other Dons.
    "So look, ain't nobody here asked me for my advice, and I don't wanna sound like I'm tellin' you how to run your business," he began, his confidence wavering slightly, "But if yous did ask my advice, I'd say maybe take the bounty back; the fact you put it out there and were serious, all by its lonesome, might scare up a few defectors. Leave the rumor that you could, at any point, say 'Fuck it, I'm done playin' detective, take 'em all down.'"
    He cleared his throat and took another sip, then continued. "Right now, they've got two areas of the city that are about to be no-go zones. Maybe more, depending on what the other Dons do. I don't think we're gonna have to work that hard, or spend that much cash, to ferret out the guys who did this. And then they're literally gonna be walking dead men."
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    While their moment of solitude was fleeting and interrupted all too soon, its sensation of passion remained imprinted and lingered within his mind. With a subtle sense of motion, his attention parted from the woman that he would follow into the very depths of hell. He considered himself a man of reason in many regards, however when it came to her there was no compromise. He would not let her slip away through his fingers again, no matter the circumstances or consequences. 
    He would see the world burn before that happens. 
    Focus shifted and turned back into premonition that had hovered over him ever since arriving at the manor. He could not shake the feeling that something was not as it would appear. Had Gustaf seen through their intentions so easily and if so, what was the consequence of it? Even though there was no apparent danger, he could not help to feel that they were not entirely safe in the current situation. He decided to leave such concerns locked up deep inside, for there was no evidence to support them at the moment. 
    “I’ve brought you some refreshments, please help yourselves.” Gustaf spoke while placing a slightly unpolished silver plate upon the table between himself and them, then taking a seat and gesturing to them to do the same. 
    “Unfortunately I cannot say for certain when Master Elion will be back, but you are of course very welcome to stay here until then.” The butler offered them accommodation as was to be expected. After all, him and Elion went back a long time. There was a time when they were close friends, although it felt like memories from another life long lost. He was not the same as back then, and neither was Elion. 
    “You have our gratitude for the hospitality, Gustaf.” Dilon spoke while accepting his invitation to take a seat on the couch opposite the table from him. 
    “I have to say I am surprised to not find him here, what keeps him away, if I may ask?” Dilon inquired, even though he very well knew the answer. He wanted to know what Gustaf would reply, hoping that it would reveal where he stood on the matter. 
    “Well, as you might have noticed. There is some… ehm, turmoil currently with the old gods falling from grace and everything.” The man explained. 
    “Nasty business, that.” He added.
    “It’s just not safe for Elion to be exposed in such a public setting as this place.” Gustaf gestured to his surroundings and then began to prepare a cup of green tea. Dilon followed his attention towards the tray that he had brought to them. There were several kinds of tea in small labelled containers. On a porcelain plate there were a few types of cookies, chocolate, vanilla and what looked like some kind brownies. On the far left stood a pitcher of lemon water with some glasses next to it. 
    “But don’t worry about all that, this whole thing will soon be over and things will return to normal. Just you wait.” Gustaf concluded, seemingly hinting to foreboding events on the horizon. 
    “Now I am curious who you have brought with you, Dilon.” He turned towards Elodie with a friendly smile. 
    “You know, I think you are the first woman I have ever seen him with. Can you imagine that?” He spoke lightly, shifting the topic of discussion. 
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    Getting to these posts tonight ❤️❤️
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    Getting to these posts tonight ❤️❤️
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    He would get no criticism from Myrlande, though one did sit on the tip of her tongue. She liked unique people; they always have something weird to hide about their person that ends up not at all being that strange. Valucre is diluted with individuals who believe they are unique in one way or another when, in reality, they are just another shade of the same thing. She is aware she is no exception.
    Following him, Copelan fluttered around them with evident eagerness. This would be the first time in years that he and his master have done anything worthwhile, and he's just dripping with excitement. Whatever they're about to get themselves into is going to be messy, terrible, and absolutely disastrous. Myrlande is a dependable creature, has proven that a few times in her long lifetime, but she has a penchant of siding with the weaker lot. This boy is proving to be a suitable candidate for wondrous things, but that can change.
    The witch shared Copelan's feelings. She is very willing to help this young boy become a young man, to the point of failure - fail they may. Pocketing her wand, she followed after the young boy with various thoughts polluting her fuddled mind. She will follow after him, guide him, and probably lead him down a path of destruction; all these things, and she will be there every step of the way. The only way they'll succeed or fail is to go about doing something that will lead them down either of those paths.
    When they reach the tower, she takes a moment to look it over. It has changed, there have been apparent things done to it to make it better and more willful against time. The memories imbued in every stone still told the story of the original master and the things afterward - history and all that nonsense. Unsure how she should feel, Myrlande followed after the young master in silence as she drank her surroundings. They would benefit from her learning the land once more, especially if they plan on reforming the council.
    "I'm assumin' you're gonna cook for us."
    She looked over to him, her violet eyes flashing mischievously. If he wanted she could go back out into the market and gather a few things for them to munch on, except she has a feeling that he isn't the kind of creature who will benefit from anything that market is selling.
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    Marley has always been an awkward kind of man, having spent most of his time locked away in libraries and kept away in high towers, human interaction had been limited. He can't really blame those he had surrounded himself with, but they are not without their faults. Taken from his parents at a young age, the gentleman had been raised in a cluster of others touched by magic. Raised by complete strangers, it leaves you little strained when it comes to socializing.
    When they entered the bar, he did not take the lead nor did he slink into the shadows. Fighting against his mind and body, Marley stood next to Immie while Tansy sat atop Marley's shoulder. He disliked these kinds of places, they easily reminded him of the things he has missed in life and how difficult it is for him to acclimate to these kinds of surroundings.
    "It would appear to be the case," came his reply. He was ready to kick rocks at that point, but the young lady was fast to suggest otherwise. Elbowed, he turned his attention towards the gentleman who appeared to be comfortable in his loneliness. The witch had his opinion about approaching random strangers while they're deep in their meal, not that it would matter any. Immie appeared to be the sort to act before thinking, and like a ship lost at sea, he was being tugged along by her tide.
    He wasn't disappointed by this man, though. Rough around the edges, ready to speak his mind, and not at all falling for Immie's golden smile. Marley did not want to embarrass the lovely lady by snickering at her boldness; Tansy felt otherwise and had openly croaked and then flopped on his side, becoming nestled in the dip of Marley's neck.
    "I suppose we can save that visit to the door when we are done with our meal!"
    Excitedly, he pulled a chair out and helped Immie sit. When seated, Tansy plopped on the table in all his warty glory, and hopped over to Immie. He would lift his webbed hand up in a demanding manner telling her to pick him up.
    "As a new resident here, allow me to treat you Immie. Any place serving shit and is still operating deserves our coin, and I'm more than happy to share this experience with you."
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