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  1. I noticed and laughed. All of the features of the new site could have been implemented without nuking the entire forum index, but whatever.
  2. I was waiting for anyone else because I had just recently posted.
  3. I kept my introduction and such concise. I'll save the 4 paragraph essays for segments with more action or instances where Avalon isn't just chilling out in a chair.
  4. Avalon returned a quick nod to Unity in acknowledgement before appraising his would-be comrades. If the golden mask was capable of raising an eyebrow, it would have. "Truth be told, I wasn't expecting a team full of joytoys." At least one was a damned borg; despite their ridiculous attire, they looked like they could hold their own in a fight. The netrunner would have much preferred not to draw overt attention to the entire group, but he wasn't one to complain when eddies were on the line. Avalon placed his arms behind his head, using his hands as a rest as he unceremoniously used the corner of Kang's desk as a foot rest, his military boots striking the surface of the desk with an audible thud. "So what's the job?"
  5. Ha. I posted second. Scalar can't accuse me of ducking yet.
  6. No sooner had Unity taken her seat did the next rogue enter the room. Unlike the woman, the newcomer took the seat furthest from the door, claiming a lone chair for himself and allowing anyone who came after to sit down without wasting time. Leaning back into his chair, the man spoke as he crossed his arms. "...my handle is Avalon." The voice sounded mostly natural, though it was clearly modulated, amplified, and slightly distorted behind his painted metallic gold mask. The rest of Avalon's attire was less conspicuous, mostly consisting of a black hooded jacket worn over black military fatigues... part of a militech uniform? The way Avalon carried himself did would immediately disqualify him as a former corpo soldier. No, most of this gear was second hand. His belt featured holders for grenades and other quick-use gadgets-- notably empty at the moment, and a holster for a solitary side arm that was likely checked in at the door.
  7. Interesting. I'll be sending Fierach my proposed concept(s) shortly for when I enter.
  8. Fuck you too buddy. I didn't ask you to bring these horrible truths up. That said, Scalar can go first and I can join after the first mission if he'd prefer. My schedule opens up more after the first week in February.
  9. A little late on this, but there is actually a whole pen and paper series for Cyberpunk. I don't play it, but it's fairly expansive. If you don't want to dive into the books, the wiki might prove helpful if you want to look something specific up without getting rules text: https://cyberpunk.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page
  10. I'll either go Savant or Warlock or, if all of those niches are filled, I'll roll a class randomly for shits and giggles.
  11. Look who I found.


  12. It's beginning again. I got the credentials to the whole set!

    Here we go Magnus.

    2017, 2018 -- let's try 2021!


  13. Comrade. They ... did Nazi that one coming, did they. Hoh! Hohoh!

    But now I got all the credentials. 

    Operations begin Sunday.

  14. Heh heh.

    That COVID bout was terrible. But I didn't waste the time I had off, let's put it that way.

    Took some fiddling but I got in. Changed a couple things. They didn't notice.

    Good times are coming! Feeling ice 🥶 with what I did. Hell, think that flu's fading away already.

    Anyway, let our mutual acquaintance on the inside know I'm sorry it took a few months longer than anticipated but the show's about to get rolling!

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