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  1. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    I need to reintroduce Aarin...So.... Sure!
  2. “How long has it been since our lords return?” “I’ve lost count, It seems like it has been forever. Trexasle kept his silence, while his fellow soldiers made their way into the quarters, the kept the conversation about the now returning leader. That wasn’t what he was focused on, as far as he was concerned. The job itself was something that he couldn’t wait for, surely, they weren’t just going to be standing around and fucking about like these men were already doing. This was his chance to prove himself to everyone and make sure his family name was respected all throughout these waters. So, as he and a select few other soldiers made their way to the throne room to present themselves to their King, Trexasle did not feel nervous. At least no more than he usually did when it came to high profile events, he felt more excited. The fame of his family name was certainly something he needed to protect especially as a one of his own family history, he was a warrior and it was about damn time he got deployed and into the royal guard no less? Screw nervous? The boy was damn there excited. Which was cause for his fellow soldiers attempt to speak with him. “Hey Trexasle, your family has worked with the royal family before? How was it?” Trexasle turned around and gave them a shrug. “Can’t say, A few like it, but most of my family end up dead on the battlefield.” That was normally how it was for a soldier right? Die for the land that you live, regardless of the choice therein. His fellow soldier only blinked, but continued to follow him, not that they had a choice, they have, like Trexasle resigned themselves to the fate of the soldier and they must ride it out. Besides… It was about damn time to meet the king.
  3. What's going on with Red..

    I am...sorry to hear all that Red. I truly do hope things get better.
  4. Valucre Discord downsize

    Well then. I cannot feign any sort of surprise from this announcement. On top of the tighter fist you tend to run this site with as of late, alongside the already act first, investigate later method I felt you chose to handle moderation (No offense to the moderation team, who always at least acted on both reports and disputes in a timely manner.). It was very clear you were never about that "Moderation." life. Whether it's host pressure or simply you wanting to have a specific makeup, your moderation was...Tightfisted to put it politely. Taking reports from what I felt were the smallest complaints whether they felt to the justification of the chat or not. (Choosing the chat to have the same rules as the forum, even though it was offsite, kinda didn't help there.) That isn't to say I didn't appreciate the chat, oh no. The fact that this is one of many attempts to try it shows you at least wanted to give it a shot. However, In my eyes, your deadset approach to control offsite chatter similar to the forum is going to cause you the stress that you had attempting to run this. You simply cannot moderate a chatroom like a Forum, especially with how things move about in them. So no. I'm not surprised at all you closed it, as it was pretty clear you felt moderating it (In the way you chose to.) was stressful, and you are not wrong.
  5. Chapter 1: Convergence.

    “Why waste the money? It’s all water to me anyway.” The man’s voice was laced with depressed snark and disappointment. A match with his scouser drawl and irritated facial expression, the ridges on his forehead folded into a crease as he stared at the bartender stroll off, only paying seldom attention to the man that had decided to order him. “I thank you anyway, but I expect you to pay the difference.” If the Alien was one thing he was Frugal, there was no reason for him to order something that simply did NOT garner anything unique for him. As intoxication was simply an impossibility for him. While he was never short on money, this was due to his massive incentive on actually not paying more than what he needed to. And Alcohol wasn’t on that budget. It didn’t seem he would get an answer to his request however, as the man had already moved on to another person, this one of the female variety, and he…essentially did the same thing, offering her a drink and making conversation. For some reason this caused Leon to chuckle, to let out a soft but hearty laugh. With his Preoccupied, Leon had to do something at least to past the time. He sighed, closed his eyes and let his mind wander, for just a moment…. “So who wants to play cards?” Bingo. His eyes shot open, and a grin began to grow upon his face. “Deal me in.”
  6. The World of Bel'shir

    As he reached for his comms and attempted to dial, he was shocked to see that there was absolutely no signal that could be obtained on the Island. Terrance Reaction was a pained sigh, he should’ve expected this, This was a completely different dimension, and he should’ve well doubted that his technology no matter how advanced would not allow him to contact family. It seemed that he had only his companions to speak to. This was…not something he prepared for, He turned his head toward them and sighed. “Welp, not getting any contact, Shouldn’t be surprised, even if this place wasn’t in a difference dimension, I would find it hard press any signal will be about.” Ruffling his dreads and bowed. “My apologies, I was just trying to call…Well...you see…” He was trying to get the word out, he wasn’t sure what he’d call Julia? They certainly weren’t married, and while it hadn’t crossed his mind, He had…sadly done nothing but spent his time playing heroics. It was…beginning to hurt him, as much of a hero as he wanted to be, it seemed to get in his way of his family lifestyle. Julia and his Daughter certainly did not need that. He took a deep breath, finally finding the words to say. “I just…needed to call back home.” He needed to do more than that, but…his brain was still raking himself on what to do. He stared blankly into the sky, distracting himself with his own thoughts for just a second before clapping his hands a few minutes later, signaling that he had delayed his thought process, at least…for now. “So…what…did I hear about shopping?"
  7. ARRRRRRGH! His battle cry would bellow throughout the training facility followed by a giant boom, the crashing of another man’s body into the ground. The traning facility had been strewn with fellow soldiers, those of the younger, spritelier variety. A lot of them still privates, not really gaining their sea legs, as some would graciously put it. Though he himself was merely a Private alongside them, he was held in…a bit more esteem, His namesake damn there required it, and while he might’ve not called attention to it as the others in his clan might it was still something he held in pride. He flexed by cracking his neck, taking solace in the takedown of his fellow soldier They have all been going through hand to hand exercises, in this case takedowns. With his opponent already lying in a heap on the ground. “Pathetic attempt, next time don’t use your double leg so much, unless you like eating knee.” While he was merely just a private he was also held in high regard by the others, especially when it came to training situations such as this. His opponent had let himself up, and grunted, showing clear sighs of frustration. A lot of the others did as well. He was…unbearable when he got like this, confident, but stern, and while it was clear that he KNEW he was good (And he had the family name to prove as such.) One could see the frustration of the men as he showed this off. Some believed that he might actually take his small position too seriously. “Goddamn boy, that was fast, You keep that up, you might have your ass a recommendation for Corpsman.” More High praise, not a surprise. Just one more inch to a goal He thought nothing of it, and merely gave a nod. While his fellow soldiers found him more than a bit annoying, it was the higher ups who saw him as a stud. Which was all he was focused on, take orders, and make sure to excel in that, It was how he was raised after all. He placed himself back in line, waiting for the orders of his commanding officer with the others, only for the door to the training facility to be opened by the general. “ATTENTION!” Stand in place, their focus on the generals sudden command as they all enacted a salute. The general took note and nodded. “We have been assigned to a special objective, our King has returned, and our platoon has been sent to protect his hide as he make his way back home. The land Invasion unit has already been held in high praise, you guys will be randomly assigned on a month to month basis based on your performance to keep tabs of our king, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!” “SIR YES SIR!” “Goddamn right, back to your business.” His first deployment, a small one, but a Deployment no less. This was what Trexasle had been wanting since he had assigned himself to this platoon. For the first time that his fellow soldiers noted, he gave off an odd smile. They were quick to take note of this. “Have you ever seen him smile like that before?” “Nah, it’s…actually kinda creepy, Hey Trexasle you allright over the…” It wasn’t full blown action, but it was well enough for Trexasle to finally take notice. He turned toward his fellow soldiers and gave a dismissive nod. “Everything’s gonna be JUST peachy keen.”
  8. Chapter 1: Convergence.

    Another Day, another attempt at false leads and lack of information. It seemed that simply asking for a means to his ends were getting him nowhere, the technology on this planet was much too primitive. His inquiries around town had lead him to a dead end, which meant he was back to square one, inside of the tavern of which he originally started. Luckily for him the constant chatter of the tavern’s patrons, were perfectly clouding his thoughts and killing whatever angry mood he had. Not that it made him happy to hear the conversation, but during his time on this plane, he had found himself familiarized and even intrigued with the tavern environment. He walked to the bar, leaning himself of the back of the table and gave a sigh of relief before staring at the bartender. “Can I have a glass of water?” A seemingly lightweight request. Leon’s dull and seemingly uninterested british drawl seemed to make it more of a bored demand than a request. He could tell by looking at the odd look that the bartender was giving him. Whether it was because of his scarred face which was only partially visible through his unkempt long black hair, the lone green eye that stared into him with the other covered with an eyepatch, or simply the simple and somewhat mundane request for a glass of water was one Leon did not entertain. As he saw the bartender stroll away, took a lean onto the bar table.
  9. Off The Road

    Well, regardless of how Immature Avveline can be, she could certainly pick out a safehouse. LaPlace Square was an area relatively unknown to Leon once he had made his way into this odd world, but it seemed she pulled through and found themselves an apartment. It wasn’t huge at least for their space. The space wasn’t lavish, the water and steam pipes were clearly visible signaling that this used to be a warehouse, the brick walls that surrounded him in his room was perfectly representative of that, along with the view of the outside that seemed give him a fair view of the town’s end, The hardwood floor was the only indicator that he was on the upper floor, and also clear proof of the conversion, While the walls themselves seemed to be dated and old, the floors were clearly new, and almost spotless. Whether this was from Leon just being meticulous, or him not having alot of items to begin with in his room was difficult to put down. He had been staring at for a while, sitting in his seat with his guitar in hand. Working as he normally did. However, The problem was simple, he has had trouble writing as of late, something had been on his mind for a while; specifically, someone. Ever since that rendezvous with Crystal and his escape, he had been worried about her, wondering exactly where she had been. Even after he decided to form a band with the people who helped him escape, it was still something that racked his brain. He groaned and simply dropped his guitar, his mind clearly being swarmed with many thoughts that weren’t music. He made his way out of his room, and downstairs, maybe a good cup of tea will focus his thoughts. Luckily his band mates were still out on the town and not attempting to bother him. As much as he appreciate his band mates, they had a tendency to be annoying more than a little bit. While Luke was especially loyal, even scarily so, he had a tendency to walk into everything has drunk as a skunk, as someone who did not feel the effects of alcohol intoxication, Leon found this ridiculous, but tolerable as he tended to stick to work when it came to the time being. Luckily, he wouldn’t get something ridiculous like that today. Settling down a teakettle on the stove, he reached into the cupboard, set to gather his infusor and loose leaf tea. Hoping to clear his mind before going back to writing.
  10. Delightful Misfortune.

    Let's Give this a Go.
  11. *Grumbles* JUUUUUUUST Keep bringing that up.
  12. [Altissium Bay] Bones

    Leon would’ve volunteered, but a few things kept him from doing so. One. He was on Vacation. Why they fuck would you work on your break? Not that was nessesarily relaxing, as he was still attempting to gather Intel on a way home. So while he stood up, he had questions to ask, not planning to answer a question himself. Two, He was looking for information himself, specifically on artifacts and rumors he had gathered. He was looking for a specific item, not one that seemingly mattered to the normal person, it could be either mechanical or magical at the end of the day. his one question was... “Is there anything here that can assist with high speed movement and travel” What was asked might certainly be considered foreign, even non-sensical, Valucre did not in it of itself seem like the greatest place to ask about this, information has been scarce since he had attempted to gather. It was worth a shot and the man was running out of options in this dimension. One had to wonder if he actually even bothered to comment on anything Lysandra actually asked of him, and instead was just here for himself (Which he clearly was, after all.)
  13. Castlemania

    "I do not think you should be getting in the way of the Holy Order, monk." The Zombie was confused, it came from his mouth again, but it was again not his words. He didn’t mind the spiritual interrogation of the man, especially since it wasn’t his problem. But it didn’t seem that whoever was guiding him thought the same way, The zombie blinked and stared at the monk. “That was not me who spoke.” “Correct, it was me.” From the shadows another person approached, the face covered with a dark wide brimmed hat, the clothing seemed just as old as the zombie of which he spoke to, dated attire of a seemingly western minister. The baggy black slacks with matching jacket and a white shirt, the neck adorned with a silver cross. All of which looked much too big on the minister. A Book laid in his hand one that he had recently decided to close. The Bigger vocal point however was on the minister's back, a giant sword that seemed to be in the shape of a crucifix, also silver that seemed to emminate a bright green glow “While I am glad to see another man on the path of righteousness, it’s best he does not cross mine.” The southern drawl was obvious, another throwback to the frontier era. The Zombie could not make out the features, all of them including the arms were covered with the minister’s attire. “Oh, Silly me, I forgot to give my introduction, I am Minister Thomley, of the 1st Order Catholic Church, And this.” The Minister suddenly began wagging his finger, motioning the zombie to come toward him. The Zombie stared in confusion before suddenly without his control his body began to move toward him, his legs literally dragging through the dirty, leaving a lined imprint on the ground as his feet dragged instead of focusing on normal movement. The Zombie wanted to speak, but found he could not. “This is Bonez, or at least that’s what I like to call him.” Thomley grinned. “And that man you interrorgated belongs to the lord, he shall be released for his judgement by the almighty for the sins he had committed.” Bonez stared at Thomley, if he could blink in surprised, he would’ve by now, but on top of not having direct control of his body, he was pretty sure due to the lack of moveable muscles on his face, he didn’t have the ability to move his eyelids either. "What in tarnation have you brought me back for?" It seemed this was news to Bonez as it was to anyone else. The Minister let off a chuckle, the oddly high voice called for the pastor to be quite young, probably early 20's to mid 20's. It was quite hard to say, The minister moved toward Bonez and stared right at him with a grin. "Well isn't it simple, You've been hired for a crusade." Thomley gave another chuckle as he spoke. "Like any crusade, they're no days off, you're always on call, and the pay is paltry, but I think with your unique...situation, that wouldn't be a problem now will it?" The Minister then began to walk away a few meters before turning back. "But Hey, nothing like good old cheap help, think of it like...Slavery, Yeah, that perfect, working you to near death for my service, and the best thing about it." "You're already dead."
  14. Say what again, I dare you. I double dare you motherfucker.

    Nice reference in your post, love that movie!