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  1. "If I didn't know any better, it sounds like you would have preferred that we stay home," And Now the panic set in. The firecracker that stood with their daughter wouldn’t let many know it, but she was quite the firecracker, while one person heard a innocuous yet accusative question. Leon could damn there feel the fury and concern from Crystal. Then Leon made the heart wrenching mistake of turning around and looking toward her, where the beautiful pool of blue eyes locked onto his dull and shadow shrouded green hues. Her fingers tightened around his, signaling that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His heart fluttered, It was decided at least then he could wait for the moment to shop for the ring, Maybe it was about time he took a break from all of his work. He sighed, decided not to worry about it, and more so not worry her. He chuckled and quickly unlatched his hands from her, only to pull her and their daughter close as he proceeded to walk. “Nonsense, I’ve just been thinking about what to buy and I didn’t want to burden you with making decisions.” Maybe this was a perfect time to take a break, and seeing how the city was today, maybe it was also the best time to kick back and relax. He took a gander around to see the town. Maybe they could take the time out to see the sights of the city, or actually eat out, It would also be fun to have Kyna about with them whist doing so. He looked back at the small copper child and lifted his hand to her hair, running his hand through it before kissing the child on her forehead. “Besides, How could I shop for Kyna without you, we all know how bad I am about shopping for Kyna." It was to be frank a very bad luck he had shopping for her, he tried shopping for food and it turns out she was not a fan of dark chocolate which Kyna was quick to react by pulling his hair (Which apparently she loved doing since she actually obtained a sense of motor functions.
  2. “Well it’s certainly good to meet you are well Friiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!” He yelled as he suddenly found his laces of his boots tied together, he scrambled for a moment, swinging his hands wildly in the air as he attempted to keep his balance. However, this would fail, His body tilted forward, falling face first into the ground, luckily with his hands falling before his face and thus not shattering it. He attempted to lift his head up from the ground, only to get sad on by the goblin. He took a sigh as she seemed to threaten him. He was already used to talk like this, mostly with the wife and a few groupies he had already met, so he was well situated in what to do in the situation. “You know, if you wanted to crawl on top of my head, we could’ve just asked, Ain’t the first time a lass tried to ride my face, you know. “ He gave a chuckle, using the comment to guide the spur of his boot into the string of his boot laces, slicing him as he lifted himself up, the Goblin still sitting on his head. It would seem however, that both the goblin and the singer were part of the same job he was, he blinked for a moment as he took a sigh of relief. He was actually aggravated that it would be another solo mission with little to no direction, but it seemed both the partners were here and the benefactor was around to give instruction. So instead of continuing to play around, he would follow her to the Restaurant. Now he wasn’t surprised that the lass wouldn’t be joining them. That seemed obvious that she wasn’t one to get her hand dirty with something like fighting and clean up. However, Leon was already taking note of a few things. She was biting her thumb, clearly nervous. She was scared of something, possibly ashamed. If he was many things, he was attentive, so as she attempted to explain what she was going to do, he already began to build a profile. She described herself as a Tinkerer of Magical artifacts, which also didn’t surprise Leon. However, if she was so good at tinkering what would be the issue? As he listened more, he leaned in his seat, sipping his cup of tea. “I am assuming this is a spell gone awry?” He spoke Nonchalantly. It seemed that as good as she was with crafting artifacts, she seemed bad at controlling them, or at least it would seem she had a history of backfire. Again, so it seemed. He would be certain not to blame her entirely, he would need more evidence for that. “My Second Question is, I am guessing you want collateral damage to be reduced? Possessed or not, these are sacred items and I am willing to believe you want them as pristine as they were originally?” @Jotnotes@Malintzin@danzilla3
  3. He wasn’t necessarily lying when he said they were here to go shopping. Leon, due to his job playing with many bands in many shady bars, was always in the know for many of rumors both music related and otherwise. He wasn’t always paying attention of course, gossiping hens were not on his short list of trustworthy people and he wasn’t one to take rumors to heart Either. However, in this case he was actually quite interested. Him, not necessarily being from this world, knew VERY little of its natural resources, and his attempts to actually try and find out were more for desperation to repair his intergalactic technology than it was for general curiosity. In Short, up until know he simply wasn’t interested in the resources of valucre and saw Val as simply another world with more cities and countries he had to travel to in an attempt to get home. It would seem however, as the years passed his interest of this world along with his minimum involvement in the workings of what was around him was quickly starting to fade. Every town was slowly starting to grow in interest to his new cause. This new cause of course being his family. He didn’t actually plan on bringing Crystal nor Kyna along; However, Crystal did say they needed to go shopping for the house, which he wasn’t surprised about. They had to do a pretty damn good “Detox” of his old living quarters. When he originally moved into his home, it was with a musical band of sort and all of them messy and using the apartment more as a personal party house than a fairly sophisticated home. While the house was certainly spacey it simply wasn’t suited for a starting family. New Furniture was going to be needed, specifically for the living room and their bedroom. So, with Leon deciding he was going out, Crystal had decided she was set to join him. At least, that’s what she told Leon. Leon thought that maybe she feared he was getting too distant, he had been going about on his own a lot, mostly for work, since he WAS a traveling musician along as an admitted mercenary, he simply had to travel a lot on his own to pay for the expenses of the home. Though there was another reason he was going out, and another reason he was here. Something that he simply couldn’t tell her at this moment. It had been on his mind for a while, but it was something that he just couldn’t let her know from yet. Mostly because he was still scared he’d fuck it up, However…for the last few weeks he had been looking for…the perfect wedding band. Human marriage was nothing something he was familiar with, But many of Val had told him what it entailed, and while he knew so little about it…It just seemed that this HAD to be done. So much he had went through with the redhead beauty that now walked right beside him, holding his hand whist they had decided to stroll through the town. “You sure you wanted to come along, I was perfectly able to do some shopping on me own.” He was trying to weasel her out, mostly because his ability to plan would be horrifically skewed if she was around watching over his shoulders. @Akako Akari
  4. Leon had only been around Port Kyros for a few days, but it seemed the port was easily fairly easy to travel through, So following the address that eventually led to his job what something that wasn’t difficult to comprehend. What Was difficult to comprehend however, was WHATEVER Voice he heard singing. His ears twitched, eyes widened as his head turned to the direction of the voice. It was, damn there magical. As Leon turned toward the man he gave a chuckle, It was certainly magical allright, he could damn there see the presence as the citizens of the town were already sure to gather around him. Leon However, decided not to crowd around, he knew not to interfere with someone who was already set into the spotlight. Using Magic to alter and enhance his vocal chords, nothing new…In Fact it was very familiar, in ways that he would rather not remember. However, unlike where he remembered it from, It was raw…still unfocused, but ready to grow. All of a sudden, Leon’s blood proceeded to stir, as an idea shaped into his head. However, there was someone apparently here to piss on the fertilizer. “If you don’t stop that awful, dreadful excuse for singing I will have my dog chase you out of the city! If this is the best the city has to offer in terms of talent, I had a fairer chance staying in Alethea! If you’re here to answer my ad, get in here before you get locked out!” “Awful? Dreadful? Do you have corn in your ear, lass? I believe he comported himself admirably” Leon’s comment was followed with a simple nod, He had only just walked through after hearing the source of the voice, whoever that was certainly had talent. It was clearly untapped and not used much, but He knew a good singer when he heard one. Leon unlatched his hand from his pocket and held it out, in order to introduce himself. Unknowingly he had slightly leaned in as he did so, his elbow now resting on the goblin’s head below him. “Leontias Metalliene, The best Damn Guitarist…Period. Pleasure to meet ya.” @Malintzin@danzilla3@Jotnotes
  5. The beautiful Coastline of Port Kyros was fairly active today, specifically near the port square. The Stone building seemingly bustling with life and commerce, one could very easily hear the chatter and bickering of many merchants and barters communicating with customers and suckers alike. This is where we find Leontias Metalliene, The Spotlight Kid that the few that knew him had pertained to call him, and he was having quite the hard time, as emphasized by him letting out a giant scream that seemed to garner the attention of everyone in the merchant’s square. “Goddamnit, not a single one of them is right.” He ruffled his hand through his long black tufts of unruly hair. Leon had already assigned himself to a job nearby, which with a bit of protest Crystal actually allowed for him to do feeling that he could actually handle it accordingly. It was a partial relief as it did let him out of the house as he wanted. So here he was searching through Port Kyros attempting to go shopping for the perfect engagement ring whist on his way to meet with the client. He was partially relieved she wasn’t here for it. He wanted this to be somewhat of a surprise, especially coming from him the thought never quite crossed his mind until just recently that he…actually wanted to do this. It was why he was working so many jobs and was out of the house so much. He was actually worried that maybe he was too far away from her especially giving their past trauma with being apart so much. However, he truly wanted to make sure what he decided for the engagement and wedding rings was absolutely perfect. Which is why he was frustrated, instead of continuing on with the frustration of shopping, he decided to take his mind off to work. Walking away from the merchant, he gave a sigh and a wave and moved through the town. The bard reached into his pocket, careful not to interfere with the crowded town square by bumping into a random pedestrian, as he reached for a small piece of paper, which seemed to have an address to the location in question. He was supposed to be meeting a crew to assist with someone moving into her new shop. He took the job simply due to ease of use and monetary gain, for the last few posting he had a rather stretch of near death situations that worried the missus and was something he would rather not continue on with, at least for a while. He already got enough for his actual job of being a travelling musician, something that he knew he needed to slow down on, especially with their child’s recent birth. So a small job like this seemed like a nice change of pace for him, and certainly should be something he should be able to just get in and get out of. @Malintzin@danzilla3@Jotnotes@The Hound
  6. This is the OOC For the It's Alive! Quest taking place in Genesaris Artamese Prewitt is finally getting her own shop, but she needs help moving all of her precious cargo into her new abode. Unfortunately, not all of her things like to play nice--in fact. Some of them are very much alive! Help Arty wrangle her unusually wild collection of odds and ends into her new shop and she may gift you some odds and ends of your own. Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Loot @danzilla3 @The Hound @Malintzin @Jotnotes
  7. Posted, in a Desperate attempt to play catch up (And Probably failing.)
  8. Leon stared around the sudden scene around him, the now Dilapidated town was strewn with bodies and blood. It was…not something that he thought he would seen so soon. He stayed silented and still, seemingly too late to do anything about it. But now he had questions. What of this power could cause what he just saw? What was powerful enough to leave so many men, women and children dead on the field, to actually destroy so much and so quickly? Leon question would have to be answered when he had time to think more on it, instead what would happen. He needed to investigate what was going on. He attempted to gather himself, looking around for anyone that could tell him anything in the immediate, maybe someone who was already assisting with the citizen. However what else he saw was shocking, It would seem that what happened today was not going to be the only seemingly demonic presence Leon would be faced with. "EVIL SPIRIT! I AM GARLUNG, FLAME OF VENGEANCE, YOU ARE NOT THE THING I WAS CREATED TO DESTROY, BUT YOUR DEATH WITH SATISFY ME ALL THE SAME" Leon eyes turn toward the voice that bellowed throughout the Valley. And stared at what seemed to be a giant winged creature. He had already introduced himself, so Leon being the smart arse. Decided that he would introduce himself as well. “Leontias Metalliene, The best Damn Guitarist…period!” He spoke with confidence and bravado, as if he was cocksure of his own ability to be a musician, and seemingly ignoring that this wasn’t a concert. This didn’t seem to concern him however. However, at that moment something seemed off. The sound of a ethereal click seemed to shroud what seemed to be a very tense situation. It would seemed that he was in the way of another battle, but that was no matter to him, besides he had to find out about what was going on somehow, and there was no better way than to bring himself out there. However, there was one thing Leon was sure about, His guitar was singing to him. He could feel it rapidly vibrating on his back, the sound of many echoing into his ear as he sat himself at the ready. @Rabbit@squid peanut@Djinn&Juice
  9. Fuuuuck. My Dumbass Forgot to follow the thread. No Wonder I got NO Notifications. I'll make a post ASAP
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    Hold Your Vines

    It would seem that Leon was too late. A part of relieved, he didn’t have to do much battling, but now he seemed silly with his over the top entrance. He clasped the guitar back into his back and gave a nervous laugh. Hey, even a good performer fucks up every now and then and this was certainly a fuck up, if not a very small one. “Apologies, I just thought you guys needed help, turns out you guys already cleared everything up…Splended.” He clapped his hands together as if to sweep this all under the rug. When he was told about the expedition to the Whitewoods however, Leon was stepped and confused. “Whitewoods? Not sure what you’re on about there, I’m just trying to find my…” He stopped for a moment and blinked, maybe he should just ride with this after all, who knows what he could discover. It was at that time when Leon’s blood began to stir. The adventurer gave a nod, recant his previous statement. “Actually, Yes. I mean, I wasn’t planning on it, but if you need assistance, I believe I can be of it.” He stood straight, back like a board as he gave a salute. “Leontias Metalliene, Pleasure to meet ya” It would seem however, that introductions would be limited. Leon already felt something…off. "Run! To the Whitewoods!" “I stress again, what the fuck is the Whitewoods?!” Another sign that Leon simply wasn’t from here. Yh’mi for the most part was uncharted Territory for the guitarist, he came for a job, to play backup for some wannabe guitarist who decided to quit a show at the last minute. He pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. He already felt that this was going to be quite the conversation, and with it an adventure, he just hoped that the pay was good.
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