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  1. Leon was awakened with a searing pain going across his chest. His eyes widened as he resisted to yell, biting his tongue to resist the need to screech out in pain. It would’ve been what they’ve wanted after all. Leon couldn’t tell you how long he had been here., a week, possibly two? All he knew was that they’ve been keeping alive until this moment, meaning that the person and possibly the Guards were having fun with him at this point. Were they looking for him to break? He would scoff but that would give them the satisfaction of a reaction. The whip came across his chest again, He gnashed down, his tongue nearly drawing blood from how hard he was biting it. His would-be torturer impressed by this sight began to clap. Leon merely staring at him with his one eye. “I have to say I am quite impressed, I was told you tended to be a loudmouth but you’ve been silent all day, it’s kind of a disappointment.” “So how is our prisoner?” That voice. That damn voice was enough for Leon’s rage to instantly spike, he attempted to push himself off of the stone walls that he was shackled to, the ball of his feet attempting to push off of the cold hard floor and meet the bastard face to face. If he could only knock that damn smug smile off of his face, along with those damned glasses he would be a lot happier off. “You’re lucky I’m in these chains or your face would be kissing the floor!” Leon struggled in his chains pushing and thrashing about. Aarin walked toward him and gave a chuckle, one who didn’t know him would find it cute. Leon however, had grown to find that laugh annoying, not helped by the fact that he suddenly decided to grip on the sides of Leon’s face and give a smile. “Oh my, you’re just absolutely adorable thrashing about like that, I wonder how you were when you suffered those burns.” Leon took the close proximity to his advantage and thrust his forehead to connect with Aarin’s nose. Other than breaking his nose, this would do the extra of breaking his glasses. Aarin staggered back and snarled, The headbutt had broken his glasses, revealing the blood red eyes that hid underneath. He reacted in sound, by gripping onto Leon’s hand. He wriggled his hand onto Leon’s wrist, he suddenly recovered his grin and began nodding in disapproval. “Oh Leon, I was just trying to be nice. Oh, you were always such a hothead, I guess I will have to punish you…” He took Leon’s hand, wrist locked onto the shakles, and slammed it into the wall, The force of impact along with the awkward positioning of his hands and wrist, caused said wrist to shatter on impact. That was more than enough to cause Leon to shout in abject pain. The shout itself echoed throughout the halls of the prison cell, and even outside toward the window. It would be clear for anyone to hear in the nearby vicinity. Leon snarled holding back the pain as he locked his eyes on Aarin again. “There we go, I hope you learned your lesson Aarin, Lucky for you I have been given orders by the Intergalactic Police to keep you alive, you have to pay for your crimes after all.” “You mean your crimes De Silva.” Leon interrupted, he would be damned if he was framed for the horrid things Aarin had done on Malmosi. Aarin slid his hands into his pocket, and grabbed a cigarette box, He proceeded to give it a few tabs and gave a nod of his head. “You know as much as I do you don’t have a choice, You have a week before we drop him off, Binto. Make sure he’s stays alive until then.” Aarin said walking off sliding a cigarette from out of the box, and into his mouth. He wiped off the remaining blood from his nose and strolled away. He would need to see Red after this, certainly she would want to know the status of the clearance of the underground.
  2. Colors

    Twelve Hours. With how frantic his life has been, time seemed to just move so quickly for him, whether it was the touring or the evading of would-be bounty hunters and police captors. Leon had always moved at the place life gave him and thus this mostly meant that time was something he ignored. However, that was clearly not the case now. These twelve hours were excruciating of a wait, as the doctor read off her injuries, Leon felt the metronome of the nearby wall clock slow ever so much. Severe Malnourishment, broken jaw, scarring on her cheeks, He could only imagine what she had been through to damage her so greatly. He had been in that room ever since she had recovered. He couldn’t come up with anything to say, his mind was the only thing that wandered and it was all pointed to either blaming him or making sure whoever did this to her meet the end of his ax. Sleep was something he was used to not having, the first few years of his travels he was haunted by his actions too much to even bother with it. Over time he slowly managed to get some semblance of it, whether it was being near friends or…her, he had managed always to try and find a way to sleep. He stood awoke for the entire twelve hours, watching over her like he had failed to do since that day in Predators Keep. He had plenty of regrets, not staying back to help his fellow soldiers fight off their attackers, him being forced off of his own planet. However, this was clearly his biggest one, he only wished during their Rendezvous that he had stayed with her head buried into his body, her warmth and love giving him all he needed to make it to another day. Leon had been sitting on the chair near her hospital bed. He remained in that position ever since visiting hours had started. He kept his eye on her, noting her movements in her sleep and her current condition. Ever so often he would raise himself out of his seat to take a gander at her. He was always confused about his feelings for her. He was well aware he was in love with her at this point, His research of the concept was enough to settle him on that. However, it was everything else that came with it that never quite registered in his mind. Even past her half-bandaged face, her damaged cheekbones, and her gaunt, frail appearance. Her beauty was not tarnished on him, as he focused on the right side of her jawline and cheek where the scar trailed down he still noted the curvature of her face. The one face he had been truly hoping to see since he had returned to Predators Keep in search of her. Suddenly, Crystal began to move about thrashing at her bed, she was having her nightmares again, Leon shot himself out of his seat, She tried to scream but to no avail, her voice was shattered along with whatever spirit that was within her form. She shot awake, knocking her IV bag off of the rack in the process. It was at this point that Leon really how terrible her condition truly was. There were many times he had seen soldiers injured like this, that was the physical and most healed. The heart and soul was another thing altogether, as Crystal cuddled in a fetal position, her loud audible cries vibrating in his ear. He walked to her, ignoring her begging to kill her. That was simply out of the question, her life had far outweighed his at this point and he cherished it too much to be the cause of it. “Crystal, I-I’m here I…You’re…” What could he say, He already sounded pathetic. His voice was still audible but it was clearly shaken, What was he supposed to say to her it had been a year and now he appeared only when she was at her worst? What could he say to fix that? The only thing he could attempt to do was reach out to her, some attempt at a gesture to comfort her, but even he wasn’t sure that was a good idea. He stopped halfway, his hands shaking violently before he quickly dropped them. For the first time in three years, he was lost.
  3. Colors

    Fate had a very weird sense of humor when it came to Leon. While he saw searching about for a nearby motel or inn, his newly regained depth perception shown it’s worth. He had seen someone attempting to run toward them, a hooded figure, brown rags. Leon himself had always had his fair share of paranoia, being chased by outlaws, bounty hunters, and the random fan would tend to do that to a person. He was set to reach for the skies, and let the thunder call for his blade. However, as he turned around and got a sight of his would-be attacker he noticed that was the least of his problem. They were weak, clearly stumbling and tired, and as their body slammed into the ground with the violent force of a rock through a glass window. The Thud of the body on the cobblestone ground wasn’t what caught his attention, nor was it the sudden yelling for the hospital staff. Red hair. Many people have it, but none quite like her none shone so brightly when the sun hit it in such the right way. However, there was no shine or sheen for it now. The curls and bouncy flow of her hair were gone, replaced with a matted and raggy look. Her face which was used to be full yet beautifully structured now seemed gaunt along with the rest of her body. Scars adorned her body and face bruises in places he was positive someone of her will should not have them. Her right was covered, a scar running straight down it to her jawline, the left jawline was swollen with violet and yellow hue that signified that it was not being properly treated. His eyes widened in shock, hesitation took a day off as he ran toward nurse and EMT units who were now straddling her on the gurney. Very few thoughts ran through his mind, and none of them pleasant. What happened to her, where had she been, and why was he not there with her during this. He knew the answer to all of this, but excuses were far from something he wanted to give right now, what he wanted was to make sure that she was okay and not on the brink of death. As he came face to face with the EMT he was weakly restrained. Leon prided himself on his excellent hearing ability, what one human might struggle to hear he could hear tenfold with little to no damage to his own ear as a result. However, at this moment Even as the EMT worker spoke to him asking him not to interfere, every sound and every calm to stand down was muddled. “I need to see Crystal, I can’t leave her alone again.” The Doctor from earlier, his doctor sighed as he looked at the return of the Alien. “Sir, we’re going to do everything we can; However, for the sake of our other patients we need for you to stop creating a scene.” Leon at this point was shaking, he clenched his fist and stared at Crystal being sent off to ER. He only gave off a weak nod, setting himself down on a nearby seat. Was fate having a laugh now? He had struggled to even grasp everything that had happened. For An entire year, he searched for her and the fates had decided to just have her broken, beaten and scarred form just show up to remind him how much he messed up? The only questions he asked now were all to himself. Why was he not there with her? Why did he run away yet again from the people he cared about (Regardless of how little it was actually his fault.)? His hand which was gripped into a fist for more than a few second had already begun to draw blood, without thinking about it, he lifted the clenched fist up and it collided with the nearby chair, denting it as he attempted to hold back his tears, His hair shrouding his face and the pain that was visible on it.
  4. Colors

    The greyish walls of the hospital room were becoming a dull boredom to him, as he waited for his clothes to be delivered to him, Leon took a gander at himself in the bathroom stall in his hospital room. They Mimicked His Black sclera well to his right eye, he could almost tell that the left eye was not fake. It was almost like he never lost it at all…Almost. The eye color was dulled out, giving The red hues an almost reddish copper color. As mismatched as it was to his more livelier forest green eye. It seemed to match just fine, nothing he would’ve complained about. However, it was his Hand and Forearm that seemed strange. The Gun-metal grey arm was far from generic, even on his home planet the prosthetic would’ve been fairly impressive, every digit was independent which meant he wouldn’t be out of the loop when playing guitar. The lining of the fingers. It got almost every detail of every muscle in his hand and forearm, which seemed to use a strange carbon fiber and metallic material to simulate the feeling of muscle. He gave one last twitch of his robotic hand hearing the mechanics squeak and hum as he did so. How did he get into this much trouble in over a year? A Year. It’s been that long hasn’t it? A Year since he had been split from Crystal, His travels and attempts have all been to search for her. Various attempts at finding leads had left him with mere dead ends. One bar, One Night he got into some trouble with Four other musicians and…well. Turns out they were all as fucked up as himself with his own set of problem. Five months they traveled under the guise of a band searching for their own goals. Unbeknownst to him, the guise would become somewhat of a reality. Friends, roommates, compatriots. He was relieved, but still empty. Something was still wrong and he was positive what it was. So he split and continued his search which leads to where he was now. He stepped out of the bathroom and back into his hospital room, his clothes laid strewn on his bed. It was something his bandmates probably left him before they went off. Black jeans, Bullet belt, and a Black Sabbath T-Shirt. Yep, Avveline chose his attire for him today, He had to remind Maeda to keep Avveline from ever shopping for him. He quickly slid on his pants and his belt, before sliding the shirt on. His jacket was on the nearby wood stained coat rack, which he quickly grabbed and was set to head out of the room. Leon never liked hospitals and would seldom stay if he could avoid it. Hospitals were a sign of a soldier’s balance between life and death, and even if death wasn’t certain the course of your life could change with a single visit to this sterile emergency room. The Cold drab wallpaper that only gives off signs of dread. The overly clean floors occasionally stained with the blood of the patients that either was strolled, gurneyed; or somehow on their own two feet, walk through. As he strolled through the hallway and out of the building, he breathed a sigh of relief that he was finally out. His bandmates were probably heading for lunch, knowing Luke and Maeda they were probably out with each other. Their closeness was something he honestly admits jealously for, He almost had that. As he stepped outside. He ignored the lights and technological wonder of the city. All he could think of was her, that cute chuckle and laugh, the pout she tended to make in anger which only made her seem so much more alluring. The memories were still vivid and still implanted in his brain. With that he knew his goal was not to be any different, he needed to continue his search and he needed to do it as soon as possible. He had trailed off in thought staring at the cloudy sky. The grey hues of the cloud signifying that rain was set to come soon. He needed to find shelter first. he proceeded to stare around, searching for an inn or any place to rest up at for the night. @Akako Akari
  5. Colors

    The whirling sounds of fluorescent lights and the beeping of the EKG machine brought him out of what seemed to be a forced slumber. He hesitated to open his eyes though, he was still quite tired and would love to have gotten a bit more sleep, However, along with the noises, the blinding light now made it impossible. He opened both eyes and… Wait, Both eyes? He wasn’t aware he had both eyes, as he slowly opened his eyelids to grant himself with the gift of the afternoon sun. The alien was shocked to learn that he had recently regained depth perception. The left corner of his sight was now fully visible and in color, no errors or anything. In his sights a sprawling city with large buildings, flora and technology, The Building structure giving off a beautiful asian inspired feel the fauna that shrouded the smaller buildings giving them a unique air that for some odd reason only looked even more vivid than before, the greens and yellow hues actually made him feel tranquil, something after all that happened to him the past few days, was needed. However, the shock of it was quickly affronted by the sudden throbbing pain in his left eye. He reached for it, and groaned with his left hand. “Ack, Why does my left eye hurt?” “Because you’ve never used them before.” Leon’s eyes shot to the direction of the voice, an aging seemingly oriental man, peppered color hair and a stern face. His glasses which seemed a bit too large for his head shape dangled down from his nose ever so slightly, but to the point you wondered why he wore them. He held a clipboard in his hand, which only had Leon even more curious than he already way. “Glad to see you’re awake, your bandmates brought you here about two days ago.” The doctor spoke. Leon remembered exactly what had happened to him, the jailbreak, his damaged hands and fingers. It was at that point that Leon looked down at his right hand. Only to see cold steel. He could move it, and it was quite accurate but other than that he felt nothing. Just cold, unforgiving steel seemingly melded into his bronzed burned skin. He stared at the doctor with a confused look who seem to only give him a nod. “We could not save most of the hand and forearm, too much nerve damage and it was starting to gain a nasty infection, luckily a good prosthetic went well, same with your eye, took up a while to get past the burnt flesh and extract the remains of the Schlera. Though it seems whoever did this number on you got to most of that before us, I believe we have replaced it with a somewhat approximate recreation of the original eye.” The doctor did not smile even though Leon let off a chuckle. Something about it just seemed funny, one of the most harrowing events of his life and he came back even less human going in. He reflexively moved the now metallic right hand, rotating the wrist to make sure it was working as intended. He quickly shot himself out of the bed only for the doctor to attempt to push him back down. Leon blinked but it seemed the doctor had more to say. “You should’ve died, that amount of blood loss was tremendous but it seems your bandmates were determined to keep you alive after what happened to you. You have a lot to thank them for…” Leon chuckled, Luke, and Mae did manage to get him out of that harrowing situation, It was becoming a habit it seems. Him getting in trouble and his bandmates came and save his ass. He actually felt relieved at this. “Doctor, I think I’ll be fine as a soldier I’ve suffered through much more than this. You worked on my body, I would assume you at least knew that.” His voice was a bit rough, but not terrible probably tired from him belting the guards away during the breakout. The doctor merely nodded, “Well I cannot honestly encourage it, but everything seems to check out. However, I must warn you. I do not recommend you leave the hospital just yet we need to find you a donor. However, with your odd physiology that might be tougher than…” Leon had lifted himself up again off the bed and stared around. The breeze between his knees made him quickly look down to see only a blue hospital gown. He stared for a quick second at it and back at the doctor. There would be no donor, if blood loss was an issue he would simply recover his way. “I’ll be fine…Now…Where are my clothes?”
  6. There Goes the Neighborhood

    "Okay then, so you aren't here to kill us, can you help us find the other ship we came in with. " “Now that’s something I can and will do.” Aarin shrugged and slid his hands into his pocket, and gave a quick smile. His smile seemed strange and seemingly overexcited. In fact The person himself seemed overexcited about a situation that seemed actually rather bleak. However, Eris did not share his master sentiments. He just managed to stay perfectly still, even when the others was seemingly inspecting the damage. Aarin however, moved toward the small female as he attempted to play about with he damaged radio. As she pointed toward the Mountain Aarin nodded and pointed toward his vehicle. “I could drive you up there, I still have my truck here. I do have some supplies in the car as well, so we can spend the time patching up the rest of the soldiers.”
  7. Down the Lonely Road

    Hearing the Man’s apology for being late Aarin sighed. “Nothing to apologize for, we are here now. Whether anyone is here or not, let’s get a move on, I don’t want to stay in the same place for so long.” He had a good reason for this unfortunately. Staying in one place would certainly cause attention. Eris obviously thought the same as he had immediately jumped inside of the vehicle that currently held The prisoner in question. Aarin was actually growing tired of explaining things however, it would seem there was at least one more question. “Does this include metals?” So before Eris proceeded to move. Aarin got out of the vehicle, and grabbed a nearby knife from his pocket, A knife that was suddenly attracted to the Vehicle in question. It floated toward the Prisoner door of the vehicle puncturing the door. Aarin sighed and walked toward the door carefully, as to not give Leon a clear opening to grab him, and reobtained his knife. “Does that answer your question, Friend? Now Let’s move.” Aarin proceeded to return to the vehicle and nodded. “We Move out now, no more questions.” He spoke as he proceeds to start the engine. With the others moving forward it was now the vehicle’s chance to as well. Aarin sighed in relief, only to hear the prisoner’s continued thrashing in the back. Which was what he sadly expected to happen, Leon was not going to take his imprisonment lying down, and Eris seemed to know this as well, as he was already looking around for what would be Individuals who would attempt to stop the transport. “Any sighs of his band, Eris?” “Negative, though I expect that they will not be the only people we have to worry about; We should be worrying about the random stragglers he managed to get support from, Fans if you will. It’s not common we lock up a criminal with fans. “Yeah….”
  8. There Goes the Neighborhood

    Aarin stared at the crash site with a slightly inspective eye. But It was Eris who did most of the investigation, taking his stride forward he scanned the damage. “This shit was split in two, judging from the damage to the hull, I want to assume that this ship was attacked and forced out of the sky, this couldn’t have been an intentional crash…” Eris Rarely spoke but in this situation for him at least it seemed pertinent to get information across. Aarin nodded and came across the bodies of the creature and raised his eye. A strange breed between a hyena and humanoid. Reminded him of creatures from his own planet, but these seemed to actually be feral, far from the domesticated animal-humanoid breed from his planet. He inspected what seemed to be the cause of their death, the metal spikes that was riddled into one of their bodies. It seemed to be ammunition from a weapon, and the wounds were fresh as well which meant… “We should watch our…” "Hold it!" “Six….” Aarin never got a chance to finish, as he was now clearly being held up. Being a courteous man that he was Aarin obliged holding his hands in the air, his face stern. “Hey Miss, no harm meant here, I’m just here because I heard an explosion. I’m not even armed. My partner, however…” Eris was already at the ready the headstock of her guitar pointed toward the female who had decided to hold him up. While it seemed like a normal guitar, a normal guitar wouldn’t be bouncing what seemed to be fire from the body to the headstock, or trailing oil. It was clearly a custom-made weapon and one that the guard of Aarin, probably built themselves. Aarin sighed, this certainly wasn’t the way he was going to have them go. “Stand Down Eris…” Eris listened slowly moving his weapon away and down to the ground at Aarin’s request. Though not without a bit of resistance followed by a huff. Aarin chuckled, good old Eris always was hungry for battle, even when it wasn’t appropriate. “Pardon my partner’s manners, he’s…quick to judge, I do believe introductions are in order. My Name is Aarin De Silva, I have come to discuss a possible partnership with a neighboring tribe, though I don’t think these furfaces were it.” He kicked one of the bodies over and took a gander at the work. “Am I to assume correctly that this is your doing? If so?” “Nice.” @Warlock
  9. There Goes the Neighborhood OOC

    I will be posting tonight. Sorry for the Delay. Wanted to post Yesterday but...New Years eve.
  10. Down the Lonely Road

    It seemed that they had at least one straggler, While Aarin did not mind this, Eris snarled at the prospect, but Aarin expected this. the silent soldier simply did not do tardiness especially with what happened the last time Eris and Leon interacted. "I do not mind the tardiness, but I cannot say the same for your allies." He removed the stogy from his mouth and left it to dangle in between his index and middle finger. He tilted his head to the side once he took notice of the comment from the newcomer. “I didn’t say Tech manipulation, Tech Manipulation is wholly apart of his ability as an Electromagnetic Manipulator, Again Heed caution with anything electronic not because he can control it, he’ll just more or less absorb any electrical source around him, which would certainly power him up. We have him drained, and we did keep measures from him to NOT use his powers. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Eris reached for the trunk of a nearby car, unsheathing what seemed to be an axe like weapon. Almost ignoring the conversation that Aarin was having with the others. Aarin expected this Eris was a soldier, and usually did not concern himself with small details. It helps that this wasn’t their first time dealing with the man who was currently in the truck staring outside of the bars in anger. Aarin sighed in relief it would seem at least that part of his strategy had worked, by starving him of electricity, Leontias had lost the will to actually do anything, being drained of your energy seemed to work in that regard. “We Depart now, anyone who will catch up later will be of help, but we must continue evaluations and focus before then.” Aarin spoke pointing toward the cart, which had begun to love.
  11. Criminal Transport (Predators Keep)

    Darn, that's sad to hear boss. Good luck with the rest of your commitments.
  12. There Goes the Neighborhood

    Aarin had merely been travelling with Eris on a business trip. Eris and himself had been travelling on the sake of Predators Keep to familiarize themselves with the other landmarks of Genesaris and to craft alliances with neighboring locales. His destination was supposed to be a dwarven village, He didn’t expect much to happen, he talk with a few people, negotiate trade and partnerships and everything goes according to his scenario. What he didn’t expect was to get an emergency call. "This is General Firebrew of the Tazarek military. We are requesting rescue in the Great Mountain Range of Genesaris...." This of course called Aarin into action, or more so Aarin and Eris. Eris was his partner after all he went everything that he went. Aarin blinked at stared at the Silent Eris, only offering him a grin. “You heard that Fine chap, let’s go help em out. Can’t have our possible partners be thrashed before we even get a chance to meet em, Step on that gas.” Eris gave a simple nod, stepping on the gas, which caused the SUV to suddenly blast toward their destination, which wasn’t that far from their location at all. In a Rush Aarin stepped out of the vehicle, his wide brimmed Aviators covering his eyes from the conversation but giving him an air of confidence. “Eris, scan the area and see what you can find. Check for Casualties and clues on whatever the holy hell is going on.” The Redhead partner only nodded and proceeded to walk off searching around the area for any possible hints, clues, survivors, or even assistance.
  13. Down the Lonely Road

    “Reporting for duty sir!” “Ah Good to see you turn turn up…” Aarin spoke with a cigar in his mouth, he removed it however, the lingering smoke remained from the stogy as it danced in the air, giving a sense of discomfort in the air, even though Aarin certainly didn’t look worried. His face just seemed neutral, stern, but he clearly had a smile on his face, no sweat or nervous tics to be seen. “Has everyone showed up?” “No, not yet at least. luckily this gives us some more prep time, I’m glad you two decided to make it out early. The prisoner has been quite the hassle.” Aarin had snuck up in back of Alexander. For a General of a military, he dressed fairly loud. His look consisted of a white leisure suit with a burgundy shirt underneath. The jacket was not buttoned and even the shirt was loosely buttoned. Along with the aviators, and the blond-dyed pompadour it made him seem more like an 80’s pop singer than anything else in particular. However, the man on his left was completely different, his hair was neatly cut only reaching to his neck length and nothing else, his green eyes cold and distant, he seemed like a normal soldier, his attire fit the same as the other soldiers, dark fatigues of blue and grays. “However, in order to make sure we aren’t short staffed, I decided to have my best man come to assist you guys." He paused and stared about, it seemed so far he had gathered a fair share of warriors. He was actually relieved, jobs like this were usually taken by people out of their element who thought too lightly of the situation, these individuals at least knew what the situation entailed and seemed to clearly take it seriously. “Though I doubt you guys need the assistance it’s nice to have that extra security, yeah?” The soldier then stood in front of the two men giving a quick salute standing fully straight and giving a stern nod. "Eris, reporting for duty, I must request that both of you remove any electronic, musical devices or anything that generates sound from your persons, magnets are also prohibited." Though Aarin was sure that they recently got the message with his posting, he still had to make sure they kept to their word. As much as one would enjoy having their MP3 players attached to their person, that luxury would be pretty pointless if the device suddenly exploded in your pocket or was used to give the man a charge of electricity he would've otherwise not have. "Even if you are an electrical manipulator yourself, I would agree with Mr. Eris, it wouldn't be wise to have those devices with this man around. He is a very dangerous ferrokinetic, down to controlling every electron in the electromagnetic spectrum." He gave a short cough, tilting his glasses as they had slid from his face just a little bit. "I pray that you do not take these precautions lightly."
  14. Criminal Transport (Predators Keep)

    Here's the thread, I will be inviting you guys to a private DM, so I can have contact with those participating.