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  1. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    The fog was thick, and obnoxiously so. The aerosol seemed to leave a weird taste in his mouth as he attempted to stare into it. If he focused a bit he could probably see. the crimson colored eye would change it’s color from a dark crimson to a bright red nearing Orange in it’s shade. It would seem that Umbra was also detecting what he was, probably a bunch of smaller creatures. It would seem that they were also surrounded. There wasn’t much possibility of good movement. Leon’s hands began to twitched as he reached for the axe on his axe. Electricity began to cackle around the instrument as Leon continued to focus onto the void, his ears proceeding to twitch, attempting to hear any sort of footsteps or anything that would give these creatures away. As the axe like guitar was fully unsheathed he proceeded to hold it by his neck with his right hand, his left hand clearly hovering about the body (And bit.) Of the guitar… It’s showtime.
  2. If Leon was anything he was remorseful. It would seem that the lass was still angry about his decision to cause some havoc with her home. So, he decided to talk it down. “Well, seeing that I am the one that caused this mess…How about…Well…giving my cash reward to the bandmates.” He gave a slight chuckle ruffling his hair as he did so. He probably caused his share of frustration with the incident and would rather not make any lasting enemies due to his own actions. Whist the notice of calling them his bandmates might surprise the singer and the fellow guitarist, Leon just played it off. Maybe it was the fleeting moment of it all, but he could already kind of guess that he was going to interact with these individuals again. “In Return, I will pay you back by helping you clean up this mess.” He spoke as he looked around, while he was sure nothing was broken It was a mess and it wouldn’t take him much time to clean things up for the lass in question. He would kick around a pile of trash away from his foot, only to notice a small box that seemed to have been in the pile collection, The smaller size along with the velvet covering of said box seemed to indicate to him one thing, Jewelry. He blinked noting the size and stared at the woman, with a sudden growth to his already widened “One last Question…Would you happen to craft rings here?”
  3. Leon knew the flash was going to be heavy, combined with the closing the items out to the center and the force generated from the magnetic field shattering, there was going to be quite the mess. However, It was pretty much the best way to minimalize item damage. As he opened his lone eye slowly to shake off the blinding light, he lifted himself up from the ground using his guitar as a stand to assist him up. As he stared around to see the items now immobile, but intact (Though scattered around the room due to the force generated inside of the magnetic field.) He gave a sigh of relief. “Thank you and goodnight!” Instead of giving a sign of relief. He gave a bow, it seemed like his performance worked and everything seemed to work out how he wanted. "That was...something." "You got any other 'magic tricks', hair?" Leon stared back and gave a smile. “Ain’t no magic here, I already told you, I am the best guitarist…period.” He repeated his prior point. Confidence didn’t seem to be shaken from the alien so easily. “But being the greatest has it’s quirks, one of them is not revealing my secrets to anyone you know, At least not too early, I have to keep my audience in suspense after all..” He gave a grin, putting his index fingers to his lips to illustrate silence. He took his guitar and with a twirl that would rival a marching band baton girl. Quickly moved it toward his back, back to his strap. Which seemed to have called their contractor back to her humble abode. “Well, Miss. I think you’ll see that everything has…” He was interrupted by the Goblin seemingly reacting of the clear hell hound. It wasn’t Leon’s first time taking a peek at the creature. He had a good storied history with dogs of this kind, mostly from a past experience, one that left him with merely a chuckle. Besides, it was better than The Hellion. Something he was much MORE relived to not have around. That and the goblin attempting to attack the dog in question, and the overreaction that would eventually bring. It was then that Leon decided to show off another tool of the trade. Negotiation. “Hey, Let’s relax here. Miss Artamese, Nothing should have been damaged, Things might have been misplaced being put in a Magnetic pull, but nothing should be outright destroyed…” He spoke staring around the room, Which was clearly a mess. Metal items were flown all over the place, chairs were misplaced and turned over along with the desk, but everything seemed to be only minimally damaged. “Gathering those familiars was actually quite the tricky thing, No wonder an Artificer of your class had so much issue.” He gave a quick smile, he walked toward both her and the goblin and gave a smile. “I think everything should be resolved now though. I do have one request though…”
  4. As the items began to gather and the two other musicians began to close in, Leon stared at the bottle that he had previously gave the singer. The planned ending was going to be more than enough to shut this situation down, he just hoped that he wouldn’t cause TOO much damage with this. He took his guitar pick giving a confident smile as he stared around the room around him. He then locked his eyes onto Iwa. “Once I give the signal, drop that vial and hit the highest note you can.” He spoke, he proceeded to go for another strum of his guitar, before breaking into a solo, What little they knew was that they were in his electrical field. The Eye of the Tornado if you will, So as Leon proceeded to shred. His fingers dancing across the fretboard as he looked back at the goblin. “Same for you, I give the signal, you let out the craziest Power Chord you can, okay?” He spoke again, He was sure they were going to at least pay attention to him. He waited for a few moments, as the items around the room started to close in. He took in deep breaths, one for each second he waited for a total of two and a half. He then let out a Monstrous Power Chord, one that Once the Vial dropped would cause it to instantly explode. Whatever the effect was of the potion would clearly activate once the explosion hit, this would also crash down the clear electromagnetic field that had surrounded him and his comrades. The Combination of both would cause the effects of he vial to spread across the room in the quickest manner that it could. What Leon DIDN'T Tell his comrades was that the shattering of both the vial and the force disintegration of the electromagnetic field, would absolutely shine the room in a blinding light, temporarily disabling everyone's sight who was in that room for a few minutes, even the user himself. Leon Knelt to the ground with an angered groan as he did so, he was used to doing it (He had done something similar to this at least twice.) but he damn sure liked to see. Luckily for everyone in the room the blindness was only temporary. Once the effects wore off, one would see that the items that were meant to attack them had finally stopped remaining stationary as all inanimate objects should
  5. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    "This, in front of us, is the Whitewoods. If you are in any way familiar with the spires that arose in the cities of Terr- Fracture, just a short time ago, the mists in these woods induce similar mind-altering effects. The mists make it one of the more dangerous locales here in Yh'mi, but with us, you'll most likely make it through fine. If you have the capability of warding your mind against the mists, do it before we enter. Otherwise, I should be able to cover you. Anywhere... you'll cover the other three, correct? May be a strain on your power, but..." “Sir I am merely a traveler of these lands, No knowledge just a good sense of adventure and a good tune. The best thing to have after all.” He shrugged as he walked with the party. This is what happens when you decide to travel and take random missions after all. It was usually apart of his plans, Take a few gigs in a city and then accept a job nearby. It paid enough and put food on the table, but It usually left him not knowing of his location of what was going on. He slid his hands into his pocket. As he heard the others speak he put it to the way that they were clearly knowledgeable of each other. He continued to merely listen and not speak much. He wasn’t much sure what to say until he found that there seemed to be a thick mist. His lone red eye seemed to dilate at this moment. The sounds of a mechanical whistle as the dilation started. "So do we tread carefully or charge recklessly?" “As much as I like things Loud, I think It’s best that we stay silent for now, I think if the mist worsens I might be able to work around it.” He pointed to his right eye which seemed to glow an illuminated red. He chose not to say much more than that, He was far from aware from the situation as the others were, he just so happened to take the job on a whim and with such was probably the least knowledgeable of the situation.
  6. I am, I will see if I can get my place back in the music.
  7. As Leon struggled and attempted to tear the creature from swallowing him whole, he was greeted with Two Glorious Sounds, The First was that glorious voice he sung earlier. Oh Yes, the singer that caught his attention earlier. His voice bellowed through the house, causing the animated items to slow down. It was another impressive display that he couldn’t help but feel impressed about. Something had to be done with that talent, he couldn’t just let that thing be unused. Maybe after this creature stopped attemption to chomp at his hair maybe he could come to an…agreement of sorts with the performer. However, what he was more impressed about was the next thing he heard. Another guitar, coming from the small goblin that he had decided to make fun off the past few minutes. Then the sound of a cannoning firing accompanied the giant power chord that the lass had decided to play. Only to see that the chest that had suddenly got a hold of his well-maintained hair had suddenly met his end. Suddenly The Green of Leon’s eye began to slow, his blood began to stir. Everyone seemed to be showing off what they were capable of, and to be frank, he was pretty impressed. As Dreggz decided to sprint toward the chest and raise her axe, slamming the giant weapon down into it. He gave an eerie grin. It was then that he decided. They were recruited. As the goblin rested the axe on her shoulder and offered the alien her hand, He was only able to laugh. He took her hand, complimented on the pretty boy nomenclature that she had decided to suit him with. “Sorry to say, But I am taken, Thanks for protecting the hair though.” He chuckled as he shook off the dust and wood from the now obliterated chest. He lifted his own guitar up and gave a grin. He was going to hold the rest of these still one way or another. “Everyone stay perfectly still, this is going to be loud!” He yelled. It was now time for him to end this show. It was then that he began to play, He gave one Strum of his guitar, and suddenly a shroud of electricity proceeded to surround his area, growing rapidly as he continued to play. Suddenly Metallic objects began to levitate. The Stool that had previously been chased by Dreggz had now begun to levitate in the air, along with other item consisting of at least SOME Ferrous material, as Leon continued to shred on the axe he held in his hand. “Draw in the crowd guys, It’s time to end this show off with a bang!”
  8. “Eh, you just haven’t tried hard enough, I’ve been doing it since I was 14. It ain’t nothing to it.” He wasn’t lying. He had known of his abilities with electricity ever since he was a child and have been training to use it like everyone on his planet since he was 14. However, he wouldn’t clarify that, he just was playing about with Dreggz as she did with him. His way of making sure that he kept up with her snark. It was how he was taught to speak with others, meet reaction with reaction. Besides he needed to get back at her for actually having such dirty thoughts about bedside toys during work. Lord knows he already dealt with non-serious band mates before. Band mates? …Nah, why the fuck was that idea coming to his head again. As the singer vanished into the wind he blinked. “Eh, and I thought I was a showoff…” He gave a grin as he tilted his head to the side, he dug his guitar out of the ground, but not before hearing her comments about an invisible force copping a feel. He nearly facepalmed, but instead decided to give a sigh, a smile, and a pat the goblin on the head, keeping with his gimmick of infantilizing the clearly adult and raunchy goblin. “Just…Stay Hydrated, kid.” Maybe she’d get the message maybe not, but Leon decided to already move away, going to the other side of the room. Looking directly at the chest, hoping to inspect whatever was going on with it. Inanimate objects moving as if it was of the living itself. It was possible via technology at home, but here it was done apparently by another form of science: Magic. He waited patiently for it to move wondering if he could find anything out. Only to find that the goblin opened her mouth again, this time in a state of shock. This caused Leon to Turn around, thinking something had happened. A Mistake. The chest, deciding that it was suddenly wanted to be a little shit. Decided to open up, closing right into Leon’s long and perfectly puffed hair and biting into it. Leon’s Eyes widened as he lifted his guitar up, and screamed. “MOTHER FUCKER!” He began to whip his hair back and forth, he needed to get this damn thing out of his hair and soon. His hand moved to his guitar as he slid his hands across the pickups quickly and violently creating one giant strum resulting in a loud power chord. Discordant was the best way to describe the sound. The inability to actually focus made Leon play a very dirty and rather unclean note. Hard to be ready for anything when a mystical living chest decided that it wanted your hair for breakfast. The Chord however, just didn’t sound dirty, the entire room suddenly began to shake under the reverb of the note in question. A shaking which he was able to ignore as the creature was still chomping on his hair, something he was MUCH More worried about. What is a rocker without his beautiful and perfectly aqua-net infused hair, after all?
  9. Leons noticed her specific movements as she began to describe the situation,,, As he listened to her request and saw their means of capturing the magical essence, and how she seemed absolutely nervous about it. It was then that Leon had already determined she was clearly comfortable, was it because of her skill level or the fact that she wasn’t used to this level of interaction. He kept most of it in mind as she continued her briefing of the current objective. He merely leaned back toward his seat as she seemed to finally finish her briefing and leading herself out. She was fairly quick, Which left Leon somewhat confused, blinking his eyes rapidly. It was starting to make a bit of sense and he could at least finally find out what happened. While not necessary it did fuel Leon’s abject curiosity. He moved his eyes toward his team and gave a shrug. “Is it just me or was she very relieved to depart?” It was offhanded and mostly done to make sure that the silent didn’t fill the room. Leon lifted himself from his seat and held his hand out in front of him, He took a deep breath and gave a smile, suddenly from the window a lightning strike proceeded to hit the man, but instead of being anywhere near harmed his hand was suddenly greeted with his weapon of choice. It wasn’t a guitar, or at least not by it’s original look. It was clearly a guitar it’s body replaced with a clear axe bit, which seemed to glow a violent electric blue as he held onto the neck, he slammed the bit of his axe into the ground and leaned on it. “So…How do you guys want to proceed, I am guessing with how she decided to just leave us with one bottle of this magic containing thingy, we will need to group up these…familiars?” He spoke seemingly confused on what he described as Familiars.
  10. "If I didn't know any better, it sounds like you would have preferred that we stay home," And Now the panic set in. The firecracker that stood with their daughter wouldn’t let many know it, but she was quite the firecracker, while one person heard a innocuous yet accusative question. Leon could damn there feel the fury and concern from Crystal. Then Leon made the heart wrenching mistake of turning around and looking toward her, where the beautiful pool of blue eyes locked onto his dull and shadow shrouded green hues. Her fingers tightened around his, signaling that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His heart fluttered, It was decided at least then he could wait for the moment to shop for the ring, Maybe it was about time he took a break from all of his work. He sighed, decided not to worry about it, and more so not worry her. He chuckled and quickly unlatched his hands from her, only to pull her and their daughter close as he proceeded to walk. “Nonsense, I’ve just been thinking about what to buy and I didn’t want to burden you with making decisions.” Maybe this was a perfect time to take a break, and seeing how the city was today, maybe it was also the best time to kick back and relax. He took a gander around to see the town. Maybe they could take the time out to see the sights of the city, or actually eat out, It would also be fun to have Kyna about with them whist doing so. He looked back at the small copper child and lifted his hand to her hair, running his hand through it before kissing the child on her forehead. “Besides, How could I shop for Kyna without you, we all know how bad I am about shopping for Kyna." It was to be frank a very bad luck he had shopping for her, he tried shopping for food and it turns out she was not a fan of dark chocolate which Kyna was quick to react by pulling his hair (Which apparently she loved doing since she actually obtained a sense of motor functions.
  11. “Well it’s certainly good to meet you are well Friiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!” He yelled as he suddenly found his laces of his boots tied together, he scrambled for a moment, swinging his hands wildly in the air as he attempted to keep his balance. However, this would fail, His body tilted forward, falling face first into the ground, luckily with his hands falling before his face and thus not shattering it. He attempted to lift his head up from the ground, only to get sad on by the goblin. He took a sigh as she seemed to threaten him. He was already used to talk like this, mostly with the wife and a few groupies he had already met, so he was well situated in what to do in the situation. “You know, if you wanted to crawl on top of my head, we could’ve just asked, Ain’t the first time a lass tried to ride my face, you know. “ He gave a chuckle, using the comment to guide the spur of his boot into the string of his boot laces, slicing him as he lifted himself up, the Goblin still sitting on his head. It would seem however, that both the goblin and the singer were part of the same job he was, he blinked for a moment as he took a sigh of relief. He was actually aggravated that it would be another solo mission with little to no direction, but it seemed both the partners were here and the benefactor was around to give instruction. So instead of continuing to play around, he would follow her to the Restaurant. Now he wasn’t surprised that the lass wouldn’t be joining them. That seemed obvious that she wasn’t one to get her hand dirty with something like fighting and clean up. However, Leon was already taking note of a few things. She was biting her thumb, clearly nervous. She was scared of something, possibly ashamed. If he was many things, he was attentive, so as she attempted to explain what she was going to do, he already began to build a profile. She described herself as a Tinkerer of Magical artifacts, which also didn’t surprise Leon. However, if she was so good at tinkering what would be the issue? As he listened more, he leaned in his seat, sipping his cup of tea. “I am assuming this is a spell gone awry?” He spoke Nonchalantly. It seemed that as good as she was with crafting artifacts, she seemed bad at controlling them, or at least it would seem she had a history of backfire. Again, so it seemed. He would be certain not to blame her entirely, he would need more evidence for that. “My Second Question is, I am guessing you want collateral damage to be reduced? Possessed or not, these are sacred items and I am willing to believe you want them as pristine as they were originally?” @Jotnotes@Malintzin@danzilla3
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