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  1. (Ira) When Ira Knelt to the child, the child at first did nothing, the room around them growing silent as the boy simply stood looking at the ground. However, there was another pair of eyes in back of him peeking around the young child’s shoulders. They were very near identical the same light brown skin, almond shaped eyes, that were complimented by the dark pools of their eyes, both wide irises that seemed to give them a sort of innocent. An Innocence completely betrayed by their attire, They smelled of death, but their rags were clean adorned in forest camo jumpsuits. They both gave the same smile, one that was clearly off and fake. Easy to tell when their eyes seemed to be laser focused on the man in front of them. However, then then moved their head away from ira and to their right, toward the back area of the library. Where there was a sudden explosion. Followed by screams. They spoke to each other in a language clearly broken to Ira, as they suddenly pushed them out of the way and toward the source of the explosion. Their rush made clear what exactly they had on their backs. It was an assault rifle. Clearly based off of the M4 but seemed to be horribly put together, the banana clip seemed to be cheap plastic and not even remotely firm, clearly a bootleg model. However, one would not be able to tell very well, as they were already on the run, cheering gleefully as they ran TOWARD the Explosion. (Dreggz) "And you, what's your deal? You trying to smuggle booze into the library in your bra or something? Did you eat your powdered wig on accident?" The crowd of stuffy Europeans gave a hearty gasp as they began to chatter amongst one another. However, the one in the blue dress simply gave a laugh. “Oh Wow, This one has quite the mouth don’t they?” the lady spoke with a grin. Their voice cracking as they spoke clearly hiding frustration and attempting to keep their regal nature. The Taller woman however had a gleam in her eyes. “Oh Poppy cock, she’s just uncomfortable, everyone swarming around her, just give her a little time to get comfortable, Come Little one, Have a drink Be merry!” The Voice was cracking a bit, and the Taller woman definitely seemed to be having fun with the reaction from the goblin. @danzilla3@Jotnotes
  2. As he and his party had already split in their own direction, Leon decided to go into the middle of it all. He strolled through the library, not really in much thought therein. He was always one track as it was. A Few year ago, he was enraptured with getting home and fighting with his platoon-mates. It was something that haunts his mind to this day, but has far become his focus as of late. He stopped for a moment and looked above him, away from the bookcases and sprawling stairs to the clear clock at the end of the hallway. He had heard it moving since he had got into this library, and was curious as to why it stopped, The power was still clearly on, and he doubt it would malfunction for no apparent reason. Time… Something that he cherished dearly now, His fiancé and their daughter, spending time and supporting them as he travelled the land of valucre. He felt…relieved and even with this mission it was the first time he was relaxed in a while. And it was this thought of happiness that kept him forward, it was time for him to get to work…. Time… We always tend to have less than we think. “Hey, Boy!” Leon blinked as he heard a voice, his ear was clear enough to know where it came from the instant he heard it. From the Northeast, But it was oddly close, as he took step forward, going through the books and tables of the Libraries north wing, He was greeted by the sound of a Beautiful Acoustic guitar. The blues tinged sound echoes throughout the area giving a soulful, yet dirty vibe. Contrasting with the more gothic yet peaceful appearance the library actually gave off. Leon would be frank, he was actually digging the sound a lot. The man was clearly playing with conviction and dedication, but there was something else he saw in the man. Time Clearly time that this mad did NOT have yet. HE was young, but his aura was entirely off, the positivity that echoed around his playing was nearly engulfed with the darkness that came from not only the tone of his guitar, but the sheer doomed smile that seemed to be on his face, One that Leon himself had shared many times in his day, some even today if he could say so himself. The main finished his tune, with Leon giving him a heartfelt yet careful clap. The man tilted back his black Fedora, brimmed with a blood red band that complimented the suit he wore, a charcoal black-gray suit with a blood red undershirt. He gave a smile to the man he greeted previously, Which caused Leon to feel the discomfort already. “So…Another brother that walked the crossroad?” Leon said nothing, his mind swimming at those words, It was nothing something he wanted to think about. Leon had spent a lot of times with humans to know, if he didn’t want to speak on something, the first step should be to obfuscate “Ah, yes quite the place that is…Crossroad Bar in…” The Man was not having it, and just tipped his hat, revealing his dark brown pools of eyes that stared directly into the soul of the alien, Reading him like a map, He knew the instant he walked in… “Don’t play dumb, Kid.” Leon stopped. It was clear what he meant now, and was even more clear that Leon would NOT avoid talking about it. He ran his hand through his hair, his aura now shrouded in the darkness that mirrored the man he was currently sharing space with. His lone red eye glowing wildly behind his obscuration of his hair. “Yeah…” His smile fell, still plastered on his face, but without any hint of happiness left. The Dark Aura and nearly evil presence that engulfed him? the playing in front of no audience until he arrived? The Bottle of Jack Daniels that seem to be joined by…well…more bottles of Jack Daniels and amphetimines on the table. Leon clearly knew what was happening here. “Paying for the good times, I see…” “Don’t have much Time to pay for, I think that’s obvious….” “Yeah…” Leon turned a chair around and sat down, the front of his body sitting with the chest on the backrest of the seat. As uncomfortable as the conversation clearly was, he kept at it. It was easy to do when the man in front of you was clearly in the mood for a bit of conversation. It stood silent for a while, as the silence of the library without the clock proceeded to shroud the room. Making the atmosphere almost claustrophobic and sonically barren. He stared at the mans desk and his Paraphernalia, all of that drugs and alcohol, the man should’ve already seen the end of his life, but here he stood. Which was actually something that Leon himself wasn’t shocked about.
  3. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    "Boy, are you daft? Did they drop you on your head as a child? Did you have any idea what your were getting into when you vol-" Stella looked over and cupped her hands over her mouth. "Oi, Hillbrooke! Lighten up on the boy, he's green to the nature of these lands." “She’s a bit right, we all got out unscatched and I think the boyo had a marvelous performance.” At least Leon felt he did a fairly good job, everyone was alive to see another day, at least that was what He thought. It would seem that this land had an entirely different makeup. Leon was not of these lands, or any land involving val for that matter, so hearing a hinkering of how the lay of the land were and the…superstition, for lack of a better word, was something that Kept Leon in curio. His travel with the group back to the broken plains were mostly silent. A bit more silence than what he was used too frankly. He was a Rockstar and lord knows without the inkling of something to do he’d go stir crazy, someone like him can only have so much pent up energy and not do something with it after all. However, it would seem that they were given their walking orders. The first he heard of the stealth group, he knew he was immediately out. He lived and battled to make noise so he most certainly would work there. However, Then he heard about the vines and the Saevion and he instantly gave a smile. “I’ll be taking that job for the second group, after all who else should rile than up than the Best Damn Guitarist, Period.” A Bit of braggard of course, but he was certain that would probably be the best scenario for the group. “If possible I think I should be leading that cause, unless there is any other objections." @ticklefarte@EpicRome23@Zashiii
  4. It would seem that Iwa had worked his OWN magic into the equation, settling with already starting the tune for the day, It was a weird one "Alright, hair. You have lightning and outworldly magic and knowledge..." Leon merely chuckled at that comment. He didn’t seem much fazed by it but it did seem it was at least somewhat amusing to him she didn’t catch his abilities. He was no Magician, and any time he attempted to USE magic it would end up terribly for him. It was these memories of various explosions, terrible miscasts, and horrific enunciation of various incantation and spells that make the Alien almost guffaw. “Well, lass you got two out of three of those right, Lightning and Knowledge are my strong suit, and I think we’d cover more grounds if we all split.” He spoke and was set to turn around, already to see that the gobbo had already began to walk off, he barely even paid attention to her walking away. It would seem that his band mates had already at least read his mind, or at the very least thought the exact same as he did. Which meant that they would be splitting on their own adventures. Leon merely shrugged; he wouldn’t mind getting a gander around away. He slid his hands into his pocket and moseyed himself toward the mid wing. As the song being sung being played on the keyboard by Samedi played throughout the library, It would seem that they would all have a dance to play. (Dreggz) As Dreggz would fall away from her ground, and toward the west wing. Her quickness to try and discern the specter that had been roaming the bookshelves. It would not take long for the cart she commandeered to actually connect with the table of a nearby desk. This table, much like the area that seemed to surround it had apparently been transformed. Regal Dark blue Covering seemed to adorn the tables of the sections, candelabras sitting atop each unit, with what seemed to be a group of people. White wigs adorning their heads, their faces caked up with powder and heavy makeup, adorned in wear clearly lost to the time. The Women, dressed in fairly tight bodices, long silk skirts that blended perfectly with the above bodices to creates an almost seemless dress. The men Well that’s a strange one to explain. Outside of the men that were CLEARLY wearing the exact same thing. The (few) Remaining men were wearing near Soot black Bloused shirt, which seemingly blended with the Similarly colored Petticoats, the color only seemingly broke at the stocking which was a stark white to clash with the clearly black shoes they wore underneath. It was clear that this was all some sort of party at this point. The comically far aged wine, the smell of elitism and especially the white wigs adorned to all party goers, seem to reflect this. But what stood out was how plain everything was by this clear standard. Fashionable, at least for what they were trying to go for, but clearly not meant to stand out. That was for the star of this little soiree It wasn’t just a table that Dreggz collided with, but also the people sitting at that table. There at the table were two people of clear repute, both who did NOT wear the white wigs that seemed to be adorned by all of the remaining party goers. One was a rather filled out woman, a gold dress and bodice paired effortlessly with a rather tight royal blue corset that drew clear attention to her chest and breast line. Her black hair tied into a seemingly tidy and well put together undo. It clearly gave her a sense of class that seemed to overtake the entire event. It just so happened that she would be the FIRST to speak with Dreggz, or rather speak around her. “Oi, tis would seem we have a guest Right Honorable.” It was whom she was speaking to that was the EASY eye grabber. “Oh My, what a bizzaire creature that is.” What stood over the small Goblin seem to be a woman. Key part of that statement being “seem to be.” As while at a Long way’s glance the person standing in front of Dreggz was seemingly a rather taller woman. It was clear from the strong jawline, and even the voice that this was clearly a man. This was complimented by the Royal blue Dress that he clearly wore and the gold Corset underneath that was clearly supporting a whole bit of absolutely nothing. He reached for the goblin, white gloves touching her face as he tilted his head to the side. “Oh dear, it would seem that this child has horrific case of the gangrene....” (I will be posting for @danzilla3later today) (Iwa) Iwa would be left alone in the front, with only the trail of the now on the run Hitler and Dinosaur soldiers. With Dreggz going to the West Wing and Leon making his way toward the Middle, It would seem obvious for Iwa to take the East Wing. However, it would seem that THIS decision would be made for him, for on his right side seemed to be a child, Or at least a running child adorned with what seemed to be rags and nothing else. The bag that adorned the childs body seemed to be the only clothing that they had. HE seemed to have been there the entire time listening to the music that Iwas was playing and that echoed throughout the library.
  5. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    As the remaining knights charged for Leon, Leon reached for a tied back that was seemingly attached to his coat as it opened The bag stayed Levitated in the air. Until Leon gave another strum of his drum, At this point what was in the bag hgastily ripped out of it. Metal spheres ejecting from the side of the bag at a rapid pace toward the knights. The rapid pace alongside the electrical trail that follow them clearly creating a dangerous force that collided with their armor denting and more than likely penetrating the armor which instantly caused the knights to call down, whether these metallic spheres went through the armors and pierced or merely stunned the knights would probably not be known until the bodies were checked, but the knights were more or less incapacitated for now. Leon took a sigh of Relief, strapping his guitar back to his back and breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, That was quite exciting, seems I won't have any time for an encore though, a shame really." He slid his hands into his pockets and looked about. "Are we sure we should take these? Why would the Fallen be defending them so viscously?" "I want to assume they stole this themselves, but I know very little about the factions in this area. I have to agree though something is REALLY up if they went through all of the trouble to defending it."
  6. I'll be posting tomorrow. Apologies for the slowdown.
  7. "Honestly, why isn't this a feature in more libraries?" “Because Babylon knows what would happen if they get in the hand of modern tech and knowledge.” He spoke as if he was familiar with what could happen. It was no mere hypothesis for the alien after all. Many that he saw did similar, travelling far and wide even past the point of death, only to let their knowledge and lust for ambition take over and take control. It wasn’t a Memory he wanted to remember, and in fact seemed to get him at a sense of unease, one that he would attempt to hide, but due to his twitchy right hand would at least make it somewhat clear. His eyes focused however, back to the cat creature who seemed to be the curator of the library in question. As he followed the cat and the rest inside, his eyes focused about. Something just felt off about this place that gave him a sense of unease. When he heard of the actual library name, he took in a huge breath before speaking. “Ah, Bravot…Not a name I’ve heard in a while…been much too long…Five Years Mayhaps?” He slid his hands into the pocket as his teammates took a quick gander around at the collections of books. He decided not to say much more, instead giving a listen as Dreggz spoke with the Cat that guided them on their current objectives. “So…We get back the Giant Hitler and the Dinosaurs, and bring them back here…That’s cool and all, but how are we going to put them back into their books?” He took a gander at the books, his curiosity piqued on how the Library ended up being able to summon creatures from their mere books themselves. Was the place cursed? Possible Magical remnants of Thomas Bravot? It left him with more questions than answers, Answers he wasn’t completely sure he was EVER going to get them.
  8. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    "Take COVER!" …And there was Leon’s Queue. Instead of taking cover, Leon unlatched his guitar from his back and let out one giant strum on his guitar, a massive power chord echoing throughout the forest as electricity surrounded his guitar. As one of the knights approached him, He continued to strum his guitar, but Leon would not let him get that far in range. Suddenly he strummed the guitar again, The electricity that suddenly shot from the head stock of the guitar toward the would be Knight, The Resulting bolt to the knight would give Leon just enough space to make his next move. It would seem that his audience was getting a bit too touchy feely for what he would like anyway. It was rude for the audience to rush the stage, after all. Leon had noted the bolts that Will had used previously and suddenly came with an idea. If there was one thing a good performance needed was some fireworks. While one could argue that this was FAR from the time and the place, Leon had his ideas anyway. “Think you can make a good Distraction, Will?” He asked @EpicRome23@ticklefarte
  9. “Living Architecture?” He blocked as he looked at the building. “I mean…I certainly wouldn’t call these building ugly, It has character and is clearly has seen more than you guys have combined.” He chuckled at the thought. His age was something he played with when it came to his bandmates. Lord knows his actual age wouldn’t make sense otherwise, so why bother. HE was about to say something else when he saw someone pop out of the building. It was like a history book came to life… And was then immediately put into a blender. The pale, porn mustache veneer of Adolf Hitler caught his gaze as the former Nazi Führer decided to blast forward on his Triceratops. Well, nothing good could come of that, even in space the alien knew good and well about Terranean history to know that the man who they just saw stroll off wasn’t someone they could just outright ignore. The Alien was just about set to attempt to go after him, His guitar suddenly appearing in his hand. Before he was suddenly distracted by a hiss. He turned around to see what seemed to be a cat. He stopped for a moment as the cat and the others seemed to be the source of this. Probably another spell gone awry. He was starting to wonder if there was any regulations on what magicians can do. Because these amount of mishaps in such a short time inbetween each other, was starting to become comical. He was then called by the cat to come in. But He didn’t recall their being four people here, He blinked for a moment and stared about. Looking to the left of him where Dreggz stood, and toward the right where Sammy stood. He took a sigh as Sammy seemed to guide them through. “Yeah, sure…I mean we just saw Hitler riding a prehistoric Terran lifeform, My curiosity is piqued.”
  10. Sorry Sorry...I'll be posting today, if Not tommorow. I've been in a bad way lately...sorry about that.
  11. Being a non-native of the city, Leon and his mates have taken quite the while to travel through the Kastoria district. Which Leon in it of itself found quite the experience, walking around with a small scantily clad goblin and a face painted voodoo singer tend to get eyes on you. It was attention grabbing to him in all of the right ways, which was perfect for him. After the time with his first band in which he was…frankly a bit more of a totalitarian, he decided to relax a bit. While Musical perfection will always remain his goal, he found that later that the band needed camaraderie before anything else, which was why they were on their way to the next stop. It was a Friendship building exercise, an extra posted mission before he left Port Kyros for a while. He had stayed far enough and it was time for him to head back out onto the road, he merely wanted to see if the two were prepared for such. As they finally met with the marble stairs of the Bravot Library, Leon took a deep breath. He ruffled his right hand through his hair, turned around and gave a nob. “Well, this should be the place, Quite the Looker isn’t it?” He looked at the two story, marble tower and tilted his head. It wasn’t an ugly form of architecture, but he felt it was odd where it was placed. The near Gothic inspired stained glass window made it seem more like a Monastery or a Church than an actual Library. This wasn’t helped by the fact that there seemed to be priest walking into and out of the building at a rapid place. This was clearly not just a mere library of the recreational reading kind. “Gotta thank you two again for heading with me, you could’ve just stayed at the inn you know, and actually spend that earning from the last one, yeah?” He spoke with a grin. It was his way of giving them the option to turn back. He was sure the mission wasn’t COMPLETELY dangerous, but just in case they didn’t feel up for it, he wasn’t going to force them. Leon took the quick second waiting for their response to look up at the skies, and give somewhat of a laugh. He had seen more air travel here than he thought he would and was relived, maybe fuel wouldn’t be so hard to come by for his tour vehicle.
  12. This is the OOC for The Magic in the Books quest for Port Kyros. @Jotnotes@danzilla3@The Hound
  13. It wasn’t that Leon didn’t believe in them being soulmates. The problem was that the concept of soulmates was lost to him in general. He was an alien and his home didn’t quite share the concepts of love and infatuation similarly to human, it most certainly did exist and there was a such thing as mutual attraction where he came from but it was quite hard to compare to the world that he now travelled with Crystal and Kyna. He resisted a chuckle but nearly smiled when Crystal proceeded to pout. When she thought about keeping the trip short, he blinked, that wasn’t going to do, not yet. He needed her here for what he planned and he couldn’t possibly rush it. He looked down at Kyna once Crystal held her hand. His heart warmed as he stared at their daughter. He was told by friends that he would be softened up by having a daughter, something he felt quizzical about at first, only to find it was absolutely true. The concern for his daughter tended to throw away logic. He thought it would probably be best to stay with Kyna as he hadn’t been around her or Crystal for a while, but something seemed off. "I am thinking of calling Akako." That was it. She wanted them to be alone, the lightbulb in his head illuminated brightly to the point you could almost see it in his eyes. She was giving both of them a chance to relax and be alone for the day. He couldn’t always read her as well as he did now, for a while the redheaded lass was a mystery to him. Her fiery and tough nature was betrayed by both her petite frame and her moments of calm and quiet. Her stubbornness was something that both annoyed him originally and intrigued him. It was certainly what had attracted him to the demon to begin with. He gave a look back at Crystal and then at Kyna. “You think A-Ko would watch Kyna?” He spoke as he knelt down to carrier and smiled at the child. “It’s been forever since we’ve had time by ourselves yeah, Lord knows I’ve been out and about so much…” A Bit of guilt. He was saddened with how much he did have to step away from home. Yes, he knew Crystal was okay with it, but it still worried him. So much happened when they were apart before, many times he felt it to be his fault. However, he knew his job he was a musician and his job necessitated the travel and touring, And while he was glad Crystal understood it didn’t make him feel any less homesick.
  14. Trexasle

    Hold Your Vines

    The fog was thick, and obnoxiously so. The aerosol seemed to leave a weird taste in his mouth as he attempted to stare into it. If he focused a bit he could probably see. the crimson colored eye would change it’s color from a dark crimson to a bright red nearing Orange in it’s shade. It would seem that Umbra was also detecting what he was, probably a bunch of smaller creatures. It would seem that they were also surrounded. There wasn’t much possibility of good movement. Leon’s hands began to twitched as he reached for the axe on his axe. Electricity began to cackle around the instrument as Leon continued to focus onto the void, his ears proceeding to twitch, attempting to hear any sort of footsteps or anything that would give these creatures away. As the axe like guitar was fully unsheathed he proceeded to hold it by his neck with his right hand, his left hand clearly hovering about the body (And bit.) Of the guitar… It’s showtime.
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