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    Hold Your Vines

    It was the headaches that reminded him that sometimes he wasn’t exactly made to be on this world. They weren’t constant, but it was clearly something that Ignored Leon to no end. Rubbing his hands in between both temples, it had been a while since he had started his travels. His travel through the Broken Planes wasn’t actually intentional, He just needed to get back to his ship. He had decided that it was a good idea to travel through Yh’mi. Looking down at what seemed to be a watch he was growing a bit worried. It was set to run out of power soon, and he would probably have to find a good means to recharge it. While he could do it himself, he would probably need that power for later. Suddenly he heard a clash. Various weaponry being sliced through body parts, he would recognize that sound everywhere and while many probably wouldn’t have heard it from the distance that he was in, he was no mere human with a normal range of hearing. As his ears twitched at the sound, his blood began to stir. He looked on top of the hill, only to see another person running down it, as he came toward the top however, he saw exactly what was going on. Chitlins, and a lot of them, not something that he was worried about, but it seemed to be swarming a party. A Small nuisance and it would probably do him good to assist. Time to put on a show. He raised his hand into the air, as lightning struck the plains. With another strike reaching to his hand, unveiling his axe. Hopefully the lightning would gather the attention of the Chitlins, they deserved a show after all and nobody was set to ignore this performance.
  2. Apologies I've been gone, work has been an ass. What Is happening?
  3. "You, get familiar with the cockpit. She's nothing fancy but you won't be stealin' her, either." “I’m going to stress it again, I didn’t steal your ship, I CRASHED it, Big Difference.” He stressed holding the bridge of his nose. He swore he’d never hear the end of it, it had taken him a while to remember what even happened, but he’s pretty sure that the temporary confiscation of her ship ended up with him having to crash it into something. The fact she kept going on about it, whilst funny originally, just meant he’d have to hear it forever now from her. Though to be frank, him attempting to make it sound better by claiming he merely CRASHED the ship, wasn’t exactly going to win her over either. However he did take her words into heart, he was already familiarizing himself with the ship, seemed like a heavy Freighter transport, wasn’t going to get much Maneuverability. The Controls represented that, being a lot more straightforward than the common fighter craft that Leon was mostly known for flying. However, it was something he was familiar with and could easily fly himself if prepped. “I think I can fly this thing, don’t need to do that much of a one over, you flew one, ya flew em all.” He slid his hands into his pocket, took his guitar from off of it's back strap and parked himself into the captain’s chair. It was probably hers but what could he say, the lass knew comfort and he needed to park his ass somewhere so…here we are. "I know why I'm in--I'm just the transportation--but what's it to you guys?" “For Me? Just kind of have to get around, a traveler like myself needs to keep himself fed, well…not just myself of course, I guess you could call me a mercenary, but…” He shrugged. He never thought that what he was, he spent most of his time traveling and playing for bands on his spare time, usually he just ran into the adventure until resources became low. “To sum it up, I got bills to pay and a family to feed, and I know only two things, being a soldier and playing badass music…Kind of have to put that weird skill set into something, yeah?” He took the time to grab his guitar, tuning it as he continued to speak. He gave the grew a brief smile, before finishing and given one clean strum. The sound of a standard tuned guitar rang throughout the transport. "I'm a bit too old of a dog to learn new tricks after all."
  4. Pardon a Bit of Confusion, but do you guys need me to roll for my prior action...or...?
  5. Leon took a gander at Meri who seemingly had taken noticed of him and gave a brief smile. Exactly what he wanted, getting the spotlight on him. While it would be riskier to work his stage presence it would have to be the necessary course. Hopefully his partner would actually pick up the slack and see what was going on, giving ample attention to everyone. His hands now sliding on across the fret of the axe, the electricity that cackled around had expanded, covering at least 10 feet ahead of him. His stage was set, the crowd was all in place, it was now time for him to put on a show. And with the introduction of the Steel door being thrown like a Frisbee across the room, it would seem like he would get his chance. The door would enter the electric field, only to come to a near complete halt. It would stay levitated in the air however, floating above the ground. Suddenly, other items began to float as well, remnants of a damaged chair, the steel light fixtures. These metal pieces around Leon had gathered around him, the electric dome that surrounded him seemingly the only reason for the cause. Leon gave a flip to his hair, and chuckled ready to answer her question. “Sorry, but wimps and poseurs leave the hall!” He gave a giant stomp to the ground, and hit a massive power chord, the sound bounced off the walls throughout the cafeteria, a giant reverberated sound, trailing through the room with a discordant and off-putting hiss. Suddenly, the metal items that swarmed him began to glow an electric blue, shaking violently in the air. It should’ve been clear at this point that Leon was controlling them. He gave a calm grin, but would wait for his next move. Whatever this creature was needed more observation. As a Musician, you have to pick your moments. Only fools rush in, after all. He continued to strum at his axe however, his hands ever so lightly placed on the fret-board as he strummed rapidly. Keeping a steady but rapid fire rhythm as he proceeded. The Sound cutting off every moment, as if he was waiting for something to happen, all at the same time, the field around his continued to grow.
  6. “Please. Even as a fluke my performance is going to rock the goddamn house.” While Leon seemed blase and non-committal about the situation at hand, he was actually very concerned. The last thing he was worried about was the music or at least being convincing, he was a musician and playing it wasn’t a problem. What he had a problem with, was the dangers of being caught. He was starting to think that he probably came with a very risky idea on his own front, which was something he wasn’t too happy about. He had too much to risk right now, and he’d be damned he’d risk it all for that. So with that he needed to make this as convincing as he possibly could. “Okay, Whoever joins with me better be good with…something musically, We have to be as convincing as possible, or at least pass as good entertainment.” He finally moved away from the wooden pillar and dusted his pants off. “We will also need a way to communicate, one of which we are positive cannot be tracked or interfered.” "If nobody has a good idea on how to do so, I think I can come up with something..."
  7. And while all of this chaos had been going on, all of the crap that seemed to cause so much collateral damage and panicked citizens…and Leon was in the bathroom. He probably shouldn’t have taken in so many Root Beer Floats before he had decided to venture. He finally stepped out and gave a smile. It would seem that his partners were already clearing out the area, but he could clearly hear the actions around them. He had to move toward the nearest area, and that would probably be the cafeteria. He would cross the giftshop, before hearing the commotion in the cafeteria. It would seem to be a rowdy crowd. He could hear gunshots, so he had to be very careful. It would be best to keep distance and assist through long range. He would have to make a good clearance however. He then unlatched his guitar from his back and began to play. The Door nearby would shake, the sounds of an electric guitar blaring toward the hallway and easily peering through the cafeteria. He gave a giant Grin, And whist still playing his Guitar kicked the door in. “CHAINSAW CHARLIE IS HOME!” Whist Yelling this, His guitar suddenly tore itself apart, The seemingly unnotable Electric Guitar now cackled with electricity, Showing it's true form: it was still very much an electric guitar Certainly, but the elongated Fretboard, The body more in the shape of an axe than any instrument, with the glowing blue bit that easily illuminated the room. It was clearly a call for Attention, and that was exactly what He wanted. As a Musician it was his job to take up the stage and give a show. And he was damn sure ready to do just that. @SteamWarden@amenities
  8. And I don't see much of, most of everyone seem to have split up and I can't find much of a Leeway In... Mind if I shadow someone else? I certainly weant to find another way back into the thread but it seems everyone is just all over the place.
  9. Goddamn. I might not like the Prince Estate that much, but damn it was a good idea to just finally let his stuff on YouTube.
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    Public AFV Thread

    Jeeez....Take whatever time you need away, I don't think we're going anywhere.
  11. Once Leon heard the canon, his eyes snapped toward the direction, and would stay locked once the voice of a woman could be heard. It seemed that whatever it was she was not happy. There was one way to relax a mood. As He heard the screeching of what seemed to be a dragon was heard and the continued yelling of the female followed. He Had to try and not laugh at the scene, one Person was calling the dragon her “Son.” The other seemed to just be angry about everything. It was like one of those earthling sitcoms that Crystal had him watch with her during the weekends. To be frank he found the woman silly, and her constant rage and focus on money made her even more silly in his eyes… Until Her eyes locked onto him. “You again…?! YOU’RE the reason I lost my ship!” “Ya Wha? Leon scratched his head to the side as Jade locked eyes with him. Only for his eyes to widen when she attempted to step to him. He was never good with memory, even at one point forgetting that he had fallen in love with a rather fiery but beautiful redhead. To many that would seem like a mere crush lost. However, when one considers that this person would end up being the mother of Leon’s child…Well It was a good showcase on how terrible Leon’s Memory was. When she spoke about Lost ships Leon suddenly stifled a laugh. “Lost ship?” He slid his hands into his pocket and gave a nod. “Nah, don’t know whut yer talkin’ about.” He wasn’t lying but his tone of voice made him seem almost disingenuous. There were many ships that Leon had, but He hadn’t crashed one in almost two years, Last time he remembered was during a Tournament when he ended up ramming one into the chest of a rather huge man, and certainly that wasn’t who he was talking to. “Canna at least get a name, so I can remember? It’s the least you can do, since yous clearly don’t want to curb yer temper.” "Wai'ta minute, I know you, Leon. Ain't y'in a band? Wha' if we arrange to -" Well shit. It seems like word travelled fast, just…seemingly not fast enough. It had been more than a while since he had seen his band, ever since the split he had been ho hum about it attempted to keep a low profile, but instead. It seemed that Bishop Identified him. Leon sighed and tilted his aviators. “I WAS in a band, I prefer to play alone now…go solo…Besides. I wouldn’t be able to have this much fun if I was still touring.” He gave a grin, mostly to mask something…it was clear that the conversation about the band shook him more than he let on. As Jinsoku spoke to him about his musician ship he gave a shrug. “I mean, ya mate Bishop already said I was in a band before yeah.” He turned around and gave a bow. “Leontias Mettalline, The Neon Knight if ya will.”
  12. @BlackguardNot Drunk enough.
  13. “Geez, could’nt the band at least wait for us, I want to put on a show but I don’t want to rush it, It takes time to be this amazing.” He said, stood alongside Nikolai, noting that the front door was locked, but unlike Nicolai he was positive he could get the Automatic door working again. Unless this was specific the lock was probably metallic in structure, possibly moveable without having to break the actual door down. However, it would seem the person he palled around with had a different idea of opening the door. He chuckled at the sight of the front door flying off of his hinges and being sent down the wall. He whistled right after and lifted his wrapped guitar. “Well friend, I didn’t know you were THAT Explosive.” He walked in with him and chuckled at his next thought. He took a deep breath, whoever decided it would be best to run alongside him were about to be blown away by his performance. @SteamWarden (Just trying to get back into the swing of things with a shorter post.
  14. It was at that moment that he noticed Jun. This was actually quite the surprise, usually when he went off “For a Walk.” As he called it, he tried to not let anyone else know. Jun being here was not something he was prepared for. His eyes went wide for only a second, it wasn’t going to help anyone if things were awkward now, so instead he relaxed and leaned on a nearby pillar. “Are we sure of the racial and species profile of these slaves, I don’t think we can get away with someone sticking out like a sore thumb.” He spoke pointing at himself. He sighed and turned toward who seemed to be a leader of the group Jinsoku talking to someone else. “Wait…is it possible ay can pass?” He asked. It was a weird question to ask one you looked at Leon, His Iris Shrouded in dark black pools illuminated the Red and Green iris that surrounded him, he was tattered in scars both tribal and otherwise. “Like I said, I am pretty sure I can get it off and even if I can’t it prolly can’t do anything to shut me down, I aint a magical bein', at least last time I checked…” He paused however, as he thought about it. Was it really worth the risk, he promised Crystal more than anything he would find a way back to her, And while this seemed worth the risk for the greater good… Well…. Crystal and Kyna is the greatest good he has, there was no choice in that regard. With Jun’s insistence he took a more relaxed approach though he still worried. “Are you sure that would be best, lass, especially if your abilities are shut off by the collar, you will be defenseless until we can find a way to get you out.”
  15. "And you... I hope you have been making yourself useful and giving your wife time to rest." AND THERE IT IS! Leon attempted to force a smile at the comment. Clearly, he was both angered and confused, what has he’s done to even have her think he wouldn’t give Crystal time to rest? Maybe he was getting to angry for no reason, maybe she was just being overly concerned for the lass she has raised since childhood. So Maybe it was just her being protective. He sighed and gave a grin. Luckily it seems Crystal defended him and he would rather not speak over her in order to defend himself. Akako went back into business however, and began to introduce them to three men that stood before them. Leon gave a smile but felt something was off when Akako had mention Xartia, but as far as he knew Akako was always angry so thought nothing of it. However, something did seem off and he wasn’t quite sure what it was. As Akako Introduced him, Crystal, and their child, he stood erect and gave a salute. It was mostly habit at that point, along with his stern silence during his introduction, it was almost the same when he met Akako and probably wouldn’t change that. "You are all welcome to stay here as long as you need," That was something that Leon was actually relieved to hear. He gave a quick grin, but wanted to talk with Akako about something else. It would seem however they were already being led to their rooms To which Leon, with Crystal’s hand still in his own followed.
  16. “We’ve never met, Leontias—but I have sat in on many adventures you’ve had with my Ladyship. It will warm her heart to know an old friend has come in this time of need.” “Old Friend?” Leon looked on with a scratch of his head tilting his head slightly to the side, which coincidentally revealed the red eye that was formerly obscured by his messy hair. “I was just passing through when I heard about this gig, Thought I’d come and give a performance.” He leaned back on a nearby pillar his guitar being balanced by the neck, with the body pointing to the floor. He wasn’t sure who gave the job and usually he didn’t care. He wanted that adventure and it was best to go on a whim anyway. Besides, A Performance is at it’s best when you don’t know about the venue. Mister Leontias. You seem vaguely familiar to myself as well, though I'm not sure where your talents best suit you for this operation. I will say though, regardless, I can fit in either equation of this plan. Know that one team will have one more person than the other." “Aye friend, quit with the formalities, you make me sound old, Leon is fine for me.” He chuckled at the thought. “Well we WERE Talking about Slaver collars correct, and a power grid. If it simply there to generate electricity I think I have a way to deal with that.” He tapped his guitar to the ground again and gave a uplifting grin. “Maybe I can do something about that, Nothing like an impromptu performance to…light things up.”
  17. "Seems like the show started. We should probably head towards Akako's place soon." “Yeah, I guess we do, hopefully she doesn’t try ter suffocate me with de pillow again.” He said with a nervous chuckle. It was a joke mostly in jest to their…acrimonious relationship. He wasn’t sure what it was but he was pretty sure Akako didn’t like him that much. At the very least she always gave mixed signals, at one point she’d chew his head off easily, at others they’d be just as close to family as anything else. It was strange, but not something Leon tended to worry about. Besides, she gave them the information on this beautiful flower festival and it was a great place for he, the wife and child to travel. He gave a relaxed sigh as he took sight of Crystal and Kyna. It was something that made him feel…complete at the sight, for years he spent trying to find something to fill the void of missing camaraderie, affection, and just a pure sense of belonging. Fighting both physical and mental obstacles on the way through, taking a sight of Crystal as she stood feeding their child just gave him validation that at the end of it all it was worth it. He gave a smile, not for any particular reason, just for Crystal to know that everything was right, and he was happy. As she asked about Raven however. “I don’t know, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Raven, I just kind of hope she isn’t mad at me for just going on my own way…” @Akako Akari
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