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  1. Pretty sure someone's hacked your Skype, unless you're really trying to send me to spam sites about winning free vacations (which is nice of you and all, I just don't take vacations).

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      They did. I changed the pass. Hoped that would have sorted it. Still getting spammed?

  2. Your opinion definitely does matter. I like this. Also want to mention that you guys have been spending years building up stories with what might be thousands of characters and hundreds of other people writing with you, and a lot of locations in the real world are eponymous--they're named after someone. I don't expect any one to be able to pull random, never before heard words out of a hat like magic or anything and especially on such short notice, but I know that both of you have a ton of characters and a ton of significant events, stories, and the like under your belts. It's a good chance to really make some of that shine. Pretty sure I read a while back that the Atlantic Ocean is either a reference to the city of Atlantis or to Atlas (maybe both?). Otherwise normal names or ones you were particularly fond of (whether for the sound or story behind it) would be a great starting off point. The text will be editable and can change afterwards, but oceans and things outside these nations are just as important as the nations themselves in making this into an actual world instead of just being boards on a forum. I'll put whatever is wanted on the map, I'd just rather have my like to dislike ratio known, as small as possible, and out in the open.
  3. Rally your forces. Contact these board leaders you've been involved with for years, pull some strings and get opinions, bring together all these imaginations you've herded. That's the point of this place, right? Why are me and Song Sprite waiting two days (and probably longer had I not answered for you) when you have a godbook in your pocket and other one on your desk? Send an army.
  4. It doesn't work that way because I'm much faster than you, I don't have time to wait and I typically get tunnel vision towards the end--I get eager to finish and that's inescapable, so when maps are done, my attention goes to something else. It's just natural. Now's the only chance to get real changes instead of "sure I can do that real quick" edits because I do things, then I throw them away and rarely look back, so if you want pinnacle involvement, I need pinnacle response time because if you don't catch me while on fire, there'll be no flame. Plus Song Sprite's contributed a lot and you've just proven how fast you type. Go sharpen your sword then, show me what you've got. Write something, "writer," just make it something I can put on a map. That's a lot of words you just gave me that I can't put on a map.
  5. @supernal @The Hummingbird I'm at 73 hours and counting on 2.0 maps alone. Please take two minutes out of your day to answer her question, it affects my work too. There's no need to have universally accepted names for bodies of water and each board can obviously have their own subjective preferences for names of oceans, but if no one answers at all, it's the opposite of encouraging. @Song Sprite With the way the nations are positioned currently, the largest body of water is the ocean north of Genesaris and Tellus Mater: (This is the older map, obviously.) If we were to intersect the world at the equator, these two oceans would be roughly similar in size once we subtract the Southern Sea from Noerest and the Great Northern Sea; which is above Genesaris but not labeled on this; from the Ariatic. When we parallax this map, there's definitely a large chunk between Terrenus and Genesaris, but it still wouldn't come close to accounting for half the globe like the Pacific does, due to all the negative vertical space (above Genesaris and Tellus Mater, then below Terrenus) because Valucre's landmasses aren't at the moment set up much like earth's landmasses (having a lot of vertical positive space and horizontal negative space). I was the one who suggested the Ariatic and Carlos suggested the Noerest, but it was more of a chicken-or-the-egg scenario and, at least from my point of view, meant to open the dialogue rather than solidify anything into canon. It's just extremely awkward to have a world map with such large stretches of water but no oceans to be had--which is why a world map is such a useful visualization, because it forces us to notice things like that which would otherwise get lost in translation when every one imagines the world through reading piles of text. As long as we're flexible and willing to compromise, say someone doesn't like Transival but would settle for a Mad Gab variation like Transvitae or Transivelle or even go for a nice homage like Off Tropic then I don't see any problems. But from here on I'm going to assume that silence equals unwavering acceptance, and I'm more than willing to hear more recommendations from any one else before I publish everything--Valucre's been around for many years yet despite that, it seems obvious to me (after meticulous site wide searches) that naming oceans hasn't occurred to any one or been taken very seriously and likely won't happen until something like this does. If board leaders would rather decide all this in private, then make that known and do so, as long as it gets done. I have other projects and groups lined up to work with and I'm not going to be actively working on this much longer, though I will be providing source files so that any of you will easily be able to rename or add them in afterwards.
  6. Definitely. I'm awfully dense though, if life has no meaning and death has no meaning, then how could one have any preference over the other? Wouldn't the series of events that leads someone to that conclusion, by definition, become that meaning, in a 'the adventure is the journey, not the destination' way? I still don't get it, I still don't get what people mean, lol. I do think (and agree), though, that life isn't always easy, and we each embody and inhabit our own narrative models of reality; pattern upon pattern of narrative upon narrative stretching from the time of our birth and earliest memories to present day and even our perceived future or ambitions. Sometimes it doesn't feel worth it to play this game, but sometimes we don't realize what we're doing to ourselves. I spent something like 5 years being the architect of my own underworld and personal hell, tormenting myself every day and utterly convinced that everything was meaningless--until I suddenly saw what I was doing in a way that I could no longer ignore (or not take seriously enough to change) and I realized that, maybe, I should stop hurting myself--maybe that even the world and all the people in it could never hurt me as much as I could hurt myself. That realization was the most meaningful moment of my life, but it wouldn't have been so high had I not come from such a low place, and now, looking back, I'm grateful for all of that suffering I put myself through. But the meaning of it was invisible and I had no way of knowing anything of it at the time. In short, sorry for all the exposition but I think "meaningless" is pretty meaningless, if you know what I mean.
  7. That's quite a bit of meaning though, isn't it? That's an existential claim about the validity of existence. That's the kind of stuff that philosophers talk about. If life is meaningless to the extent someone wouldn't have reason to continue, then what meaning could ending it possibly have? And isn't suggesting that still putting us all in imminent danger of implosion?
  8. I think I'm too dumb to understand nihilism or phrases like "life is meaningless," or "life means nothing to me," because we're using words. Language is the way in which we parse information, ideas, and data, and on principle, every word *must* have meaning--even the word "meaningless" itself does have meaning or it wouldn't have any utility in speech. I don't get it. When any one says "Life is meaningless," what do they even mean? And if that can be answered, then... How does everything not spontaneously implode?
  9. A few of the links provided sparked some alternate options for potential use, so I appreciate the reply! 

  10. Do you know about/use software like World Machine, Terragen or VUE Pioneer? They're 3D, but procedural generation, and nowhere near as complicated or frustrating as meshing. It's actually much closer to circuitry, very basic and simple kinds, but you can pretty effortlessly work in 3D with them and make genuinely realistic things, it's really impressive. They're each free: WM is open source, Terragen is free for non-commercial use, and VUE Pioneer is free as a base program but has somewhat of a micropayment setup for population assets.

    1. Pandorite


      I'll look them when I get a new computer lol 

  11. Check this out.

    There are also free websites that do similar things, though you sacrifice a lot of control, like this one.

  12. What do you mean by interactive? IPS does have the capability to embed Google Maps, which is primarily GIS and SVG driven, but I don't know of any way to customize terrain itself inside Google Maps. I don't see why you couldn't use Editor to create an alternative version of any particular real-world city though, with your own markers hotlinking to lore articles and simply ignoring the fact that you're using real world Istanbul or any other given location if you convincingly set it up as a fictional setting. I think I remember seeing the Fallout: Union group doing something similar for their stories, which is a really cool idea. You could also download the GIS data yourself and import it into Adobe Illustrator, then web optimize it for a few basic HTML functions to create hotlinks. The easiest route I know of wouldn't be to do this on IPS and embed it natively, but to redirect to an off-site geochart and use programs like Adobe Edge Animate with interactive SVGs to replicate a geochart or Adobe Muse for clickable hotspots on given images like maps, if those are options for you.