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  1. I was listening to some of the stuff you did for the DW (as well as looking at some of the graphics). I don't think I've ever said you, but you've created some really wonderful and amazing stuff.

  2. How's it all coming, traveler?

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    Consider the roots of a tree [quest]

    "--It's hard to imagine a slit throat being in self-defense," Kai interjects and looks to the wound with a grimace, it seems an awfully deep cut -- the kind a butcher would make before hanging to dry. Had this been a quick enough motion, the throat wouldn't have tightened in resistance. Neither of these men are very large or especially foreboding physically; unless you happen to be rather small like a child; and one was even dressed with a slight business flair, so they didn't give him the impression of being knuckle-crack opportunists who were holding someone against their will. The elf seemed far less open to benefiting doubt than his peers and tight-throated at Mae's questioning -- it was understandable to hear from an empath, but life is life and death is death: there is only Life, Spirit, or Nil (the Neither). Look at the mess that's been made here. He steps away to get a better perspective of the neon crimescape, he'll follow them yet keep glancing back to the bodies until this proves to be in vain. Kai is quiet but moreso from being uneasy in places where sunlight won't touch. Since they believe Gaia to be the sun, Demac are naturally skeptical of any under-dwellers, are uncomfortable in caves, are prone to accusing others who hide from mother-light of more than just seeking innocent shelter -- he started to notice that the tunnel they were walking in seemed unnaturally level and that there was a small piece of twine suspended above them before Yates would stop and he nearly collides with that statue. The elder priest was quicker to escape from the novelty of a glimmering underland," . . . I'm afraid the Mother has seen we are capable, and has given us a challenge suited to our strength," and Kai doesn't understand this, though it may be from an overload of newness and sight darting to adjust. In doing this eye contact is made with something and though it was gone by the time he'd realize, the sharpness of sensation doesn't allow a second-guess. He arms himself with roots now extending in a serpentine coil, defensive and on-guard, without threatening the rest of his posture. "There's an altar at the top," and it isn't covered in blood, as far as he can see. It's not hard to notice the central repository, but it may be hard to distinguish it in cause or function -- not for Kai in seeing the balcony though, "there's a statue of a three-faced god," he adds. That's certainly what it looks like from here at least, the ornamentation struck him as more important than there being potential threats but he only realizes after speaking so he draws his attention back to the immediate area. It's clear he doesn't know what to do since his body argues and keeps interrupting itself after any initiative. "What do we do?" He asks them both but looks to Mae.
  4. Hello there! Welcome to the site. Having any trouble finding your way around or need help with anything?

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      Nah Im fine thanks ^^

  5. Welcome! Let me know if you're having any trouble finding your way around the site. Also +1 for mythology! Do you have a favorite of any classical literature? I'm a big fan of Virgil and Goethe (though he might be too late to consider, his Faust 1/2 are among my favorites)

    1. Seal Breaker Gnosis

      Seal Breaker Gnosis

      In terms of mythology itself, Native American, Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythology get me a lot, the nine worlds of Yggdrasil is just an awesome depiction of what a small multiverse could look like. In terms of classical literature, I'm gonna have to go with my guy H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu, Nyalarthotep, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, as well as other Elder Gods/Great Old One mythology. The fact that Lovecraft tied in our "insignificance" to being but a speck compared to the cosmos, is just fascinating and gets you thinking and perhaps even theorizing. Virgil and Goethe I'll add to my to read list as I feel like I've heard of them but they at the same time don't ring a bell.

  6. I agree with what you said about digging too long, it's a problem we're attempting to address behind the site right now.

    Can I prod you for what kind of info (and in what format) you feel would be most helpful? Would you respond best to a list that's in an independent page, or something like colored tags at the top of every lore page that mark things like genre, theme, technology level (and in one/two keywords each)? Anything else, or other ways you've seen it done that you feel would be most helpful for you?

    1. Radioactive


      I like the color-coordinated tags, that could be very helpful.

      The site that I’ve been mainly visiting for the last six years was significantly smaller than Valucre, so I assume their system would not really work here. However, they did have a forum dedicated to simple and brief explainers. There was no single established world there, so anyone could post explanations of their individual RPs.

      It might help to have something like that...


      Valucre- Name of the site, and the world in which the RP is set.

      Technology- Varies from primitive to steampunk, to magic/tech hybrid, to high tech depending on locale.

      Culture- Varies greatly from place to place.

      Species/bestiary- While there are many known species in Valucre...

      You get the idea. It’s simple enough that it could be done in a day, and the newcomers that don’t/can’t spend hours getting to know the world will have a simple resource to get them aquatinted in mere minutes. 

      Personally, I enjoy the detailed information and extensive history, and I will spend a lot of time reading it all if I can, but not everyone is able or willing to do so. A very brief explainer like that might help them avoid confusion. 

      Thats just my suggestion. You seem like a pretty capable staff, so I’m sure you’ll come up with something that works. 

      I’m happy to offer any help I can. 

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    Consider the roots of a tree [quest]

    He's already crushed the mycelium in an anxious grip when Mae points this out (which was startling -- how did she notice? Not even he realized and that was embarrassing) so that he opens palm but sees a crumpled and withered husk and immediately shuts the hand then turns around. He feels guilty for having done this, kneels down and buries it next to its homeland. Kai gives a proper burial by patting a mound of soil atop then drawing what looks to be a sigil or rune with a pointed finger, this ends up being wishful thinking for anything non-sentient. The smile Mae gives in comfort wouldn't be returned, he can only barely glance at her afterward until the nosebleed occurs -- he gauges her reaction here with an intent and somber look, it seemed normal enough for her not to be too alarmed so Kai doesn't insist upon healing. Instead, he follows. There was an anxious, deep inhale as the light went out, because of this he could smell the bodies without needing to see them. Ironically this calmed his nerves -- he's not squeamish and approaches them, listening to Yates as he kneels down to inspect with no measure of personal space. "--Extremely," he adds to Yates' mention of being fresh while lightly and carefully prodding them for items or identification. In doing so he notices the damage that each sustained and Mae's former insight of fear and concern (neither of which these two would have right now) comes to mind, "This seems heat of passion," sloppy, he thinks, "not pre-meditated." This wasn't the work of anything twice his size or an adept magi leaving behind mysterium marks. Whoever did this didn't go to much length to avoid being caught, they weren't far inside the caves at all and these bodies were too fresh -- the stench could travel to the surface in a day or two, if the bodies were dumped here then it was more likely to be after the excavation broke into the caverns than before. Everything about this seemed opportunistic; like a normal alleyway in Last Chance; the throat slit was probably the first victim, second was likely killed in the following struggle (with an improvised weapon). Were there blood trails or other signs? He's yet to look. "We can't do both," he answers this very resolutely, "without splitting up, and we shouldn't." Kai would rather pursue, he's a hunter and this seems like the work of frightened prey -- or a very careless predator, neither of which he feels to be a threat. People generally run from the scene and not the consequences, which is why so many mistakes are overlooked at the location of the crime. He doesn't voice this but instead looks further into the darkness, confronting his own imagination and reassuring himself that there aren't any beasts on par with those in the darkest Moonwoods here.
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    Valucre needs a Moon [Petition- VOTE!]

    If you do an Article search for "moon" it shows 25 results from canon in what looks to be every board, there's also an expedition to the moon and back in Hidden Valley's lore: ...Two moons!
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    AFV periods in April

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    Mapping the Depths

    Dorian resolves to not see the forest for the trees once they leave, it's too easy to notice hands and faces and demons in shadows because darkness makes for the best ink. It wasn't night-time yet but the canopy overhead could convince you otherwise, he'll keep his eyes low and pass time by studying footprints, most of which were pretty distinct: we have Barefoot, Bearfoot, Tiger Paw (there's no way he was going to have his back on those things so he follows behind), Dragon Armor, Big-Toe'd Knight and Little-Heel. It was compelling to differentiate between the impressions in soil. He couldn't see the treads of Jon's shoes but from this distance they look to resemble his own, he tries to make them out for quite a while and in the process becomes indignant because the waddling of the bear Jon rides is intolerable -- it was obnoxiously overweight and this pace was meandering -- he becomes anxious and feels that he could work instead of following, then Tortoise-and-Hare his way back with plenty of time. This is the part where he looks at the trees but not the forest, and not up and not too far. He was juggling options until a spark of curiosity makes the decision, he then shuffles off path and begins studying one of the trees. Dorian mutters something about 'not natural' and 'odd' but doesn't break out the remaining inner dialogue; he sees a puzzle with truth held prisoner here, wonders of the door and begins speculative key turning. The sample of bark that he scrapes is promptly collected into vial and he hurries back before any noises or sudden movements may cause him to linger and fall further behind, or at least beyond the eyes and ears of others. Upon returning he'd instantly chastise another for stopping, "Hey now Mr. Atwater, don't go disappearin' on me," and though this reference probably wasn't understood he doesn't seem concerned and walks past while tapping their shoulder in a tease. This happens multiple times too, where he'd break moments of silence right as they peak (probably as a coping mechanism) to blurt out things like, 'Isn't it odd that the Order wouldn't send any one to oversee this?', 'Hey Barefoot, know what makes holy magic holy?', 'Why do people even live in places like this, you know?', 'I hear the Spires were a false-flag to push for heavier government oversight,' and 'They say there's a Class 5 Unnatural down here,' among too many others. It's very poetic that it needs not be said but this one's obviously not comfortable with silence, it was impressive how much he squeezes in given the relatively short trek. He wonders how extreme the scary stories of Yh'mian children must need be, or if giving nightmares would be taboo given that they live in one. He was grateful for not seeing one yet because their presence alone might constitute a form of abuse. "I should mention that my main assignment is only to compare strains of mycelium to samples from the Sud'dha Ksetrom," he pauses to drink from a vial that's clearly marked 'Southern Sea Saltwater' though he hadn't cared to check, "There's reason to believe that -- (cough) -- the caves would be connected and -- (holding back a gag reflex) -- if, so, then, I (voice is noticeably getting weaker) I pack my bags and head to Casper." He's not here for glory. There's a 5-star resort he'd stayed at last summer with a beachside view and cute elven receptionists and just so you know he could do his job much more efficiently with a small team of interns approaching the caves from the other direction is what he'd report to superiors.
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    Pixel Art Valucre

    I'm going to start making icon sets for all boards and locations on Valucre. Right now they're 50px but can be any color or size, feel free to request changes because this is only the first draft: @supernal @desolate @The Hummingbird @Acies ab Vesania @Mickey Flash @paradigm @Aleksei @Rin @Alexei @Aleksei @Cordeliane @Pasion Pasiva
  12. Hello there!

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      sup, you goddamn madman. how have you been? :U

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      Better than ever, making pixel art right now:

      D47czoD.png aTCnzGt.png 56ttnuS.png 5EYUIeY.png PKV3N0F.png uzTScpv.png  y6239WY.png sWkhRzG.png xSwUInb.png

      I'm also even more radical IC than I used to be, lol.

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    Yhmi: Mapping the Depths OOC (Interest Check)

    I won't be posting until tomorrow or Thursday, feel free to jump ahead of me if you like!
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    Powers and balance

    That's an interesting extension I hadn't considered, but I'd imagine that a mage who could have some control over sensory perception wouldn't need to actually conceal their physical body in multiple ways if they can simply confuse the source. If you can metaphysically 'plug' someone's ears shut then there'd be no reason to turn down the radio because they wouldn't hear it regardless? I try to go by a two-thirds rule personally so that for any one advantage I get, I allow for two disadvantages to compensate. So if I were playing a mage like that, I would try to give some kind of breaking point (if not only able to have a single target) or caveat.
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    Powers and balance

    What does "geared" mean here? If I had a ninja character then they'd likely be skilled at (or wearing something to) lighten their footsteps -- and if that is a cultivated, physical skill or some kind of special material that masks the sound of me sneaking up on you then I'm not considering that here. I feel the term "powers" is referring more to magically-based, inherent abilities, so the difference between being very good at sneaking or wearing rubber heels and having a necklace with Featherfoot +5 / Lightstep +15 that would guarantee you could run silently then consequently be stacked with other things to potentially unfair results. Real people can hold their breath convincingly and can have some degree of control over their physiology in order to pass lie-detector tests and "conceal" their intentions or be camouflaged and so on, so I'm not including factors like that -- I'm basically saying "If you cast a spell, then it shouldn't cover everything, it should only be able to cover one part" (unless you're accounting for the others through legitimate means and sacrificing time/posts to accomplish them in which case I'd consider that much more balanced than doing everything instantly or always having it at all times).