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  1. But the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue you're talking about is in Tempe, right? That's all I'm asking. It's just extremely weird to have Google'd that and it be right next to MCACC, especially because I haven't seen or heard of it and we do play groups and training with a lot of local rescues.
  2. Woah, is this seriously in Tempe or is this just showing up in Google because I live here? That's only 2 minutes away from MCACC lol. Apparently we're neighbors, you should come volunteer at MCACC on Rio Salado off the 101! It's right down the street from you.
  3. As long as you're trying then everything's in "do" time, you just need to keep doing.
  4. Have you considered a local animal shelter or rescue?

    1. Vintage


      Yes. I've donated to several local no-kill shelters here in San Antonio. I also donate to a local shelter for victims of sex trafficking. Thank you, sincerely, for the suggestion, though. <3 

  5. Infinite Joysticks (AE)

    For use in Adobe After Effects with Joysticks and Sliders
  6. Clubs on Valucre

    It's not reasonable at all considering there's no actual incentive to have a Club in the first place. This is not how you launch a test feature. This is for site navigation, it has no guarantee or implication of IC (or canon) authority or dominion so it's completely unreasonable to set strict canon requirements of it. They're unrelated.
  7. Clubs on Valucre

    That's absurd. If the standard posting rate is 2 to 3 days per reply, then we're looking at 200 to 300 days (standard). Divide this by four simultaneous posts and that's still two months before qualification. Not every one has the pull or reputation that you or I do.
  8. Clubs on Valucre

    @supernal I think that canonized post requirement is too steep for a new feature in it's infancy. I wouldn't even qualify to have one despite running my own organizations like Babylon for 2+ years or in all my posts dealing with the Dead because I hadn't canonized any of them. Now that could be an oversight on my part but I was new at the time and I hadn't been interested enough in the canon world yet. Even in the example of your Handymen, that's been going for quite a while and with reliable people yet you've only just recently crossed the threshold you've required of this. What's the harm in letting any one start a Club, especially new members, with softer requirements (let alone separate from canonization)? As it stands it appears to be demanding that organizations either be pre-existing or that they be fully fleshed out, operational and already in canon before qualification for something that's literally in beta and testing. If the Club feature can't aid in the initial development of orgs and can't be freely accessed by new members, then I'm not a fan.
  9. Clubs on Valucre

    We had a similar feature but called "Groups" (I think?) a couple years back, and I don't think it necessarily bred exclusion or cliques. I don't remember if we lost it in migrating to a new service or if it was a problem. In the ones I was a part of, it was more like a mode of organization for IC plans or accomplishments between the members and an added incentive to join others without the need to have everything out in the open. I think having site-endorsed and IC-specific alternatives like this doesn't always lend itself to exclusion because the communication isn't fast enough to foster it in comparison to chatrooms or IMs.
  10. Memorable Quotes

  11. This is very cool @Witch. I might've overlooked it, but how do you plan on representing where each character is (battlemaps?) so that movement needed and positions aren't ambiguous? @Chouette how did your last forum do this? --Or is there something about K1 that I'm misunderstanding so visual aids wouldn't be needed? I've tried searching for online RP battlemap generators and there seem to be a few options. When I was younger, I loved playing a turn-based original Xbox game called Gladius, where battlemaps were on a grid, different classes had specific movement counts/limitations, and there were environmental factors like obstacles or terrain (having high ground gives a positive damage modifier and conversely having low ground is negative).
  12. Well that makes me look like the bad guy :think: Did it really come off as that confrontational?

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    2. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      All right. Just feels as though I've robbed others of a popular thread, and it doesn't sit well with me that new members or good members are going to effectively be punished because I unwittingly triggered something with a quick remark, despite the thread's questionable merit. Had there been any degree of forewarning as a courtesy to those who went there regularly and *are* contributing members, as simple as "Hey guys, we notice a lot of conflict in this thread and we want to keep that to a minimum otherwise we'll feel the need to lock it," then I wouldn't have done that. 

    3. Praetorian


      Generally speaking, enough members have used the thread to make indirect jabs at one another that the thread should of been locked awhile ago.

      With that in mind, the final disposition of the thread is still undecided. 

    4. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.

  13. Confession Thread

    Also Fae, this is a tall order considering posting in this thread, for every one to see, is basically all you do lol. If you're going to attack any one who comments about it and isn't stroking your ego, I'd say you're the disingenuous one.
  14. Confession Thread

    I'd never heard of ArtRage but it looks really cool. What's it comparable to in terms of other programs? Is it anything like ClipStudio, Z-Brush or 3D Coat?
  15. Most of that Babette was done by @Suta. Ring any bells? lol

    1. Witch


      Oh yes. You guys can't help but be partners :)

      Looks really good!