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  1. Thought you were gone! I'm pretty busy and in the middle of a few projects but expect some kind of PM in the next few days. Great to see you!
  2. You can copy the contents of any thread or post on Valucre by using your browser's Inspect feature: All Valucre posts are contained within HTML elements like divs. So I would find the div containing all the content you want, right click it to Edit as HTML, select all and copy, then go to whatever thread or sandbox you like, and do the reverse into the WYSIWYG editor. Find the HTML element there (typically a <p> tag per line), Edit as HTML, and paste the string from before. Now you'll be free to edit it as needed for you own content, though there's likely CSS styling within the HTML you'll need to adjust. If you have trouble finding the element while in Inspect, you can use Shift + Control + C to allow you to click it with your mouse instead of rummaging through code, or you could press Control + F and search for .ipsContained which will show you the root element of any reply. You'd want to copy the child of this though, and only use it to locate.
  3. Brecht and Undercroft was actually @Witch, just something I happened to be involved in. That said, my last few characters I wanted to try and explore the occupational side of living in a fantasy world more and on the topic of ecology/STEM, I had what I called an "agripothecary" who was a nerd studying the magical properties of soil and the implications of arcane activity in ecosystems (explaining the evolution or flora and fauna). I wanted to mix runology and herbalism together so this character would weaponize vials of dirt, sand, coral, crystals, dried herbs and more to produce magical effects if needed -- but only as a last resort since I didn't really want to be involved in combat as that character. Overall it'd be an excuse to familiarize with lore and locations (by using sand from the Wastelands or Yh'mian soil or such), do IC speculation on world-building with dialogue about how certain creatures evolved in certain environments as an actual IC academic would, try to find or create logic in the landscape, etc. Something I'm interested in is technomancy, but specifically not the "I point at this and electricity shoots out and I now control this mech" kind. I imagined technomancy as a mixture of runology and computer programming, where, in a world that has magic intrinsic to language and arbitrary computer languages, programming becomes a mixture of human-readable text and sacred symbols which can invoke action through certain grammar and arrangement -- not unlike real-world coding. But with a methodology! That gives the character a nice touch beyond typical story-writing while giving the author a chance to explore the topic of programming and to a lesser extent practice it by mixing fiction writing and coding together.
  4. a45eb4d1680b0a2f.gif  You're getting good  a45eb4d1680b0a2f.gif 

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    2. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      Keep it up and you could easily be creative for a living ?

      Around-ish, I've been getting hired for really cool projects and keeping myself pretty occupied trying to make it happen for myself, but I'd always be around for you in particular if any help is needed -- your media is coming along very nicely without any help though! Incorporating it with RPing is tricking your brain into practicing, the hardest part about practicing tends to be a lack of content to practice with but fiction is a never-ending wellspring for that. You'd be unstoppable if your coding were just as sharp, there are plenty of artists and programmers but hardly any who have both.

      I haven't forgotten we're supposed to do stuff together either ? Just thought I'd drop a compliment to how much you're improving (and do so out of character)

    3. Csl


      I wish. Still have a few years of school to push through but I've already gotten a few commissions from Val :D

      Your work is amazing as always.


      Incorporating it with RPing is tricking your brain into practicing, the hardest part about practicing tends to be a lack of content to practice with but fiction is a never-ending wellspring for that

      Absolutely this! For now I'm sticking to digital art and figuring out what I can do with Val-enabled HTML. That ARG phase a while back gave me lots of ideas on what the editor could support.

      I have two sub-boards in Terrenus now so my focus is making those places sustainable activity-wise before school starts next month but absolutely hit me up when you're free(er)

    4. jaistlyn


      @Csl if you’re ever wanting to get into doing art in the tech field or the tech field in general, let me know if you have any questions! I’m in the industry and think I know a bit. 

      I’m thinking of building the Yh’mi bestiary on a website with better search filters etc (it doesn’t really work well on the forum), but I didn’t manage to find the time yet. Perhaps July would bring more time (I hope)!

      I’m also learning digital painting! Decided that I’ve done enough envying of people who can draw and I wanna be decent at it one day? So we’re all along similar paths hahaha 

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