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  1. Thanks, life should get better soon.
  2. Sprained my ankle last Friday, foot black and blue from toes to both sides of my foot to shin.. Won the custody battle.. Then my husband gets laid off.. I have nothing in me to write anymore.. Adulting can suck my butt.
  3. Gwen found herself standing face to face with Koji, his comment about her finally leaving the Cold Mountains sparked laughter from deep within. "Believe it or not, I do often find myself leaving my establishment in capable hands." Before much else could be said, the atmosphere around them seemed to change considerably. The change was so great that it was causing stress among the crowd of people who seemed to converge around them. It was like a sudden illness came over the people, many were crumpling over themselves clutching their stomachs, others appeared to be choking on the air they breathed in. A look of worry formed over her face as she met Koji's eyes with her own, something was definitely wrong. Chaos broke over the crowd, people running in all directions trying to leave the square. Some of the citizens were trampled by others, an elderly man lost his life not far from where she stood with the emperor. Standing before Koji, Gwen felt the cold feather touch of the spirit that caused such mayhem. The very touch against the hot skin of her neck sent a chill running down her spine, something that didn't happen much to the demoness. Reaching up to touch the back of her neck, she glanced behind her hoping to see what was causing the chill in her spine and the mayhem of the people. "Someone is here.." Before much else could leave her lips, she heard Koji addressing the spirit that was hell bent on making their presence known during this occasion. With the passing of time that felt like a lifetime and words from Koji, it appeared the crowd that were being evacuated by the guards started to return to normal. The feeling of sickness and unrest disappeared, and they were left with a mess to clean up. At least the guards did.
  4. Carefully pushing the large oak door open that led to a staircase that spiralled into what would be presumably the dungeons of the Choisel mansion, Tatia gave one last glance to the beauty of Xartia before descending into the stairwell. Winking her icy blues at the man, she smiled as she turned her backside to the man she was taking to visit her brother Leinhart. The stairwell was made of cool stone walls and steps, giving the perfect noise dampening for the life that lived above what would be the Bloody Mary. Further down the stairs the world seemed to be changing, as Tatia found another door that would open into a whole new world. It appeared that the Bloody Mary was booming with business, leaving a lot to the imagination with what happened between the patrons and the staff. “Right through here, Leinhart has his own quarters where he will be entertaining you..” Tatia didn’t often find herself in a place like this unless she was in need of a good feeding, she didn’t much care for the half nude staff that tried to seduce her all the time. Tatia liked to do the seducing in most situations, unless someone really wanted her attention she would sometimes give in. Leading their guest across the floor of the Bloody Mary paying no mind to those who looked at her, she led Xartia towards the wood staircase leading up into another portion of the Mary. It didn’t take them long to enter Leinharts quarters, Tatia would come through the door stepping aside to allow Xartia to pass her. “Leinhart, I’ve brought your guest as requested..” @Twitterpated
  5. I have gotten lost in WoW once more.
  6. I am posting tomorrow.. on many things.
  7. I am just here stalking.
  8. There is something truly peaceful about not really having any obligations for the day and having the ability to just do nothing. 

  9. https://play.google.com/music/m/Tkz6bfbozlvj444epkblishr2ee?t=Running_To_You_feat_Elle_Vee_-_SLANDER
  10. Something about exploding bananas...
  11. It would seem that not all the servants had retired for the night, and a new presence was in the castle. Raven carefully finished his glass of rum as Rin crawled into his lap, draping her body over his while softly kissing his neck. It wasn’t long till he felt the lingering presence of a maid coming to the very door of their bedchambers. With the knock against the thick wood door, Rin surrendered leaving Raven the ability to stand. Setting his empty glass down on the serving table, he would glide to the door with little to no effort. Pulling the door open to eye the maid, her demeanor gave way to the fear of being punished by the lord of the castle. “Esben Eden, you say?” It was certainly late for a calling to be taken, but Raven couldn’t ignore a guest who had previously announced he would be arriving. “Very well, tell Esben Eden that I will be with him shortly in the discussion chambers..” Raven didn’t hesitate to close the door on the clambering maid, turning his red hues to his bride to be he smirked. Walking towards the bed where Rin had taken up residence, he would sit beside her. “Esben had written a letter that I received a week ago, but I thought he would have some decency to speak with me at least in the morning.” Reaching over to lightly draw his hand down the side of Rin, he would give her a smile. “Sorry love, our nightly ritual will have to be put on hold for tonight.” Stand from where he sat on the bed with Rin, Raven moved to the door of the bedchambers. Rin’s words met his ears spreading a dark smile over his lips, his hand tightening around the handle of the door. Disappearing out of the room, Raven took his time to make his way towards the chambers where he met all of his diplomatic guests. What did Esben want? Raven thought idly to himself, as he passed some lingering servants tending nightly duties. Finally making it into the discussion chambers, Raven moved to pour himself another glass of rum from the cart that held liquors of all kinds. Not once did he bother to make eye contact with the guest, until his hand embraced the cool glass of rum. “Esben Eden, please have a seat.” Gesturing to the table, Raven himself sat down while sipping the dark spiced liquid.
  12. "I'm with you, Sister." Her words pushed the courage in her heart to grow, adding to the light of the magi in her body that powered the purity in the waters that now protected them. Watching with her amber hues as the Matriarch knelt down gathering the herbs that have been purified with the touch of the spring waters that flowed from the fountain, she knew what her intent was before her words were spoken. Taking her pick of the herbs, she would carefully push them past the pale pink of her lips. The taste of the greens were refreshing against her palate, it made her feel like she had slept a week with no interruptions. Energy flowed through her with easy, coaxing her chakras to open to their full potential. With the plan put into motion to travel north towards the thicker darkness, to take on the elves that threatened the very lives of this town. Namiko watched as each one of her companions did their rituals in preparations, happily taking the tonic her coven sister prepared. Lost in her mind, she would find herself pulling open the massive fan that usually rested on her back. Inspecting her totem, she would carefully folded it up and replaced it upon her back. What if I can’t purify the darkness? I can’t let my coven down, I can’t let myself fail?! A battle was raging inside Namiko’s mind as she focused her energy in the core of her chakras. Pulling herself from the depths of her mind, the words of her sister pulled her back to the present. The touch of the icy droplets that fell from the sky was tinged with the darkness of those who threatened all life, looking up to the vortex of dark clouds she would smile. Turning her amber hues upon her sister, she was already reaching out to the rest of the coven drawing in the energy they offered for the fight. “Thank you.” Namiko’s words were softly spoken, as she straightened herself up. Reaching for her coven sisters hands giving them a squeeze before letting them go, she started to lead the path towards only what the fates could know.
  13. “If I were to scratch or bite you in my wolf form, it would mean you would turn the next full moon. Yes, you wouldn’t be nearly as powerful as I am being born into Lycanthrope bloodline.” Okina returned Paris’ smile once, then turned her amber hues to the green land around them. Paris was by far the most interested person in who Okina was not as a person, but as a lycanthrope. It was apparent to her how much knowledge he sought after, some would say there was great power in knowledge. His words about how men too fight for rank in the world resonated with her, as she had worked for many men who fought to have power over others. Many battles ended in bloodshed of more than soldiers, but the people too themselves got swept up into the struggle for power among men with great titles and lands. “You’re welcome, My lord.” The pure interest he had for her was intriguing, a past she didn’t often share with others as many never bothered to ask. Okina brought her horse to ride up alongside Paris instead of behind, she wanted to be able to see his face as they continued whatever conversation sated his curiosity for the time being. Solomon’s grunt towards the comment Paris made was given a glance by Okina, she had to admit there was so little of him she knew about him. It would be a long time till she got to know him so intimately as Solomon, if given the chance based on how many toys he had to play with. Her eyes filled with the lush green forests that began to over take the sides of the path they road, her ears would hear what humans wouldn’t. Every single heightened sense was on high alert now that they’ve been consumed by nature. Paris instructed they ride till sundown, an order she could easily handle although the saddle was rubbing her the wrong way. Transparent, hardly. Turning her amber hues to meet the gaze of Paris as she steadied her horse to stay next to his own. In all honesty she wasn’t sure she was allowed to ask questions, but given the opportunity. “What does your heart truly desire, Paris?” The look in her eyes would show the ultimate seriousness she held in her soul based on that one question, a man with so much had to have one thing left he desired that wasn’t so easily attainable.
  14. So much snow!!

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