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  1. After all the long traveling and a great battle at the forefront of it all, Namiko found herself among a new coven of sisters who happily welcomed her with open arms. An introvert by nature, Namiko spent most of her time alone at her cottage caring for the small group of animals and dancing with the water of the nearby lake. Now she found herself home in this new place, a new waterfall having formed with her arrival after Dougton. The wonders of this new home had gone mostly unnoticed by the new witch, as she spent her time sleeping. Since the big battle against the dark elves, Namiko fell into a deep sleep after expending so much magic energy. Some would say healing mother gaia and her children while fighting could take a lifetime's rest away. Inside Namiko’s chambers were crystal windows that looked through the waterfall, her bed was large enough for three covered in dark and light blue silk. The floor was cool mountain stone, allowing room for a cool small stream to travel through to reunite with the new waterfall. An armoire sat across from her large crystal posted bed, while a small vanity sat near the door to her own private bathroom. Much of her room had laid empty awaiting more of her custom touch, alas Namiko laid in her bedding cradled by the pillows that decorated the now messy bed. Her companions did their best in laying her where she rests, cleaning her body of the dark miasma that threatened to overtake the very world they treasured. Much time has passed from the day the Matriarch and Namiko have returned to the Witches Tower, a mystery she was to the others who yet to meet her in the physical realm. @Fallen Joy
  2. When Paris was finished exploring her muscles and fur, she watched as he moved arms length from her. A wolfly nod came from her as he spoke of the human physical form being weak, shallow, this was something she could agree with. Although with her own human form it wasn’t like natural humans, she still bore the strength of her wolf form, the intense use of the animal instincts and senses. Speaking of her senses, it was true that the work of forming a human pyre was complete as she wrinkled her very sensitive nose to the smell of burning flesh and hair. It was interesting to her to hear such a thank you from the man who seemed to find a way to get what he wanted when he wanted, especially from anyone who made a contract with him. Some would think royalty snobbish, completely unable to say a simple thank you for anything. “It was my pleasure.” Even though she wasn’t exactly accustomed to the type of contract she had made with Paris, she genuinely meant what she said about showing him her true beastial form. It was an odd thing to see a massive wolf eating stew from a bowl, but she made it work with her massive paws using the utensils brought by Solomon. Although she didn’t feel much hunger, she made it a choice to taste the stew her employer’s right hand man made for the party. Balancing the bowl in her palm to carefully set it down near the others as they finished, her amber hues shifted to Paris based on the question asked. Has she ever met a dragon? Setting back on her hind legs once more, she would shift closer to Paris allowing herself to be within reaching distance. Glancing up to the stars above them now, she would let out a long sigh. “I haven’t seen one face to face, but I have met the scent of one once in the lowest of caverns in a mountain. They carry a metallic scent to match all the treasure they horde in their dens.” @King
  3. Tatia was found vulnerable in her lingerie behind the dressing screen, her icy blue eyes followed the frame to find Lein had used it as some sort of leverage. Following his fingers to the length of his arm, she found herself pressed up against the cold wall if she could feel that temperature. Biting her lower lip enough to pull it into her mouth, she felt his hands begin to glide down her sides as his lips searched hers eagerly. He pulled away long enough to speak, but not long enough for her to respond. Wrapping her arms around his neck, her fingers gliding up to grab a handful of his hair. Pressing herself fully into his body, she allowed her body and mind to fall into the desire of needing all of his body against her. Just like that the moment of intense intimacy ended with Leinhart pulling away from her, leaving her still leaning against the wall as if trying to catch a mortal breath. Blinking a few times, her fingers found their way working through the tangles in her long tresses. Flustered was definitely one descriptive word she would use to describe herself in that moment, as she found the energy to finish dressing for the evening ahead of them. Leaving behind the dressing screen for the makeup vanity that appeared to have seen better times, she curled her hair allowing the ringlets to fall down her back gracefully. Staring at herself in the mirror, she worked her face through a line of different facial expressions before getting up to make her way to their guests room. It hadn’t taken Tatia much time to get the woman ready for the evening, a quick bathing and a dress from her own luggage, the woman looked like she could walk down the runway. Fixing the last bit of the woman’s hair up into an elegant bun to help expose her neck to Tatia’s liking, she would lead her out to showcase her masterpiece to her beloved. @Etched In Stone
  4. I will be making my owed posts over time. I am still grieving the loss of my father, but more so dealing with a huge storm of family drama that arose since his passing. 

    I appreciate all you wonderful people I write with being so patient with me. You are a type of support I need, and I thank you. 

  5. That evening Gwen returned to her apartment with a slight smirk on her face, and the brief encounter with Jack in his private room had her amused. Having left the man disappointed in her, Gwen had her staff tend to any more of his needs as desired. Retiring for the night, Gwen slept a very restless night as she was plagued with the most vivid of dreams. Reliving the visions that had come to her the previous day, Gwen’s mind kept revolving around this grey eyed halfling. What was the intentions of him coming into her life? Was there a purpose to him being so bold with her, did the fates believe she was to be a partner to him in some way or another? With daybreak pushing through the sheer curtains that dressed the double doors to the balcony, she had woken up with a cool sweat upon her brow. Sitting up to wipe away the sweat and get her bearings, Gwen pulled back the heavy decorated covers. “I am exhausted..” Speaking to no one but herself, Gwen slid to her feet making a quick path to her bathroom to clean up. Meanwhile the Bath House was busy with the staff moving to appease the guests, each serving up elaborate trays of breakfast. The smell of sizzling bacon with eggs touched the air, as sliced tangerines decorated the outside portions of plates. Jack would find himself greeted with a new girl in the halls, on her way to check on the guest who came in the night before. Nearly bumping into the man, she would take a quick step backwards with a slight bow. “Excuse me sir! I was just on my way to check in on you and fulfill any needs..”
  6. Maybe a little ready to come back, hard to tell. 

    Rough first night back at work, with a patient dying and her daughter crying in my arms. 

    Needless to say, I sat balling in the breakroom for some time. 😞

    1. princeben07


      Hey there old friend and my GOOD RP partner!!! I'm sorry that you had to experience that dear. I worked at a MORGUE for ten years, so I can understand what it feels LIKE.

      I hope that you DO return to us and ME for more of Benny's adventures. and a SPECIAL SOMEONE is STILL supposed to TEACH him how to READ. I sincerely hope that you overcome that experience and learn from it. I never said that your job was an easy street. You WILL have bumps and obstacles that may challenge you to even QUIT< but you gotta grab those DAICHON Paws and GRIP the ground, take a long stride and walk TALL and proud like that DAICHON affiliate that you ARE. You have my greatest respect and love for all that you DO!!!

      We have rp'ed together countless times and I love your style. you're funny, quaint and very reserved in your writing. You let cats know what's going on, how it WILL go and what could possible happen, without revealing ANYTHING at the same time, so I sincerely hope that you WILL make a comeback.

      Please stay strong.



      PS. I'm always here; say for a reflect on a moment; a whisper upon the wind or even a lul or two to reflect upon life ITSELF.

  7. Thank you for the follow! 


  8. My father passed away. 

    Not sure when I will return.

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    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Very sorry to hear. Take all the time you need.

    3. King


      Sorry for your loss, friend.

    4. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      I’m sorry as well.

  9. I am going to be taking a partial hiatus from role play, my posts will still happen but probably with long waits. 

    I currently have a lot happening IRL. 

    Trying to sell my house, going through possessions to downsize. 

    More importantly, my father's health is declining even more. Been on hospice since June and now with a hospital bed at home I am busy working while managing some of his cares when his nurse or aide isn't around. 

    Life is getting emotional as I juggle my own family, while preparing for that day I dread with my own father. 

    Please be patient with me 🙏

    1. Twitterpated


      No worries. Take care. 

    2. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      Definitely, understandable.

      Take that family time. Try to relax a little.

  10. Octavia knew it was all a front that Roen was putting on for her, from the moment she saw him lounging on the beach; she just knew something was different about him. With a child to care for all by himself, with the help of the attendants he employed. He didn’t have to show her that he didn’t want to return the small gesture, but forcing himself to keep up with the faltering facade, a smile lingered on her face as her hand was squeezed by his own. Letting her hand fall from his shoulder as he pulled Philippe from her arms, his little hand reluctantly releasing the lock of hair he was busy playing with. “Have a child as soon as possible?” Smiling at the thought, it quickly faded away. “That would mean having a partner of sorts to have one, that I am lacking.” With her adventures in Valucre becoming quite stale, and her goals changing to finding a place to call her home. Octavia’s thoughts trailed away from the thought of children, as she didn’t even have a home to call her own to even think of raising a little devil or demon in. Pulled from her own mind, she gave a nod with a smile. “Dinner was fantastic, thank you.” Turning away from Roen, Octavia found her seat once more and the glass of wine left sitting near the apple pie that had been dished out for her before the table was wiped clean. Picking up the plate with the pie upon it, she stabbed the fork into the cooling slice to take the first bite. Allowing the apple goo to sit on her tongue for a moment, she smiled briefly before taking another bite. “Yes, I suppose I am tired.” Taking yet another bite of the pie, she sat the plate on the table top. “I will allow you to do what you need with little Philippe.” Standing, Octavia smoothed her hands down the length of her skirt. Walking to Roen who cradled his son, she gingerly reached out to touch the boy. Pushing some soft baby hair from his face, she gave him a grin. “Good night little prince.” @Roen
  11. It's my Friday at work! Weee
  12. I am cool with a halt at the moment, as I am busy irl with work and housing projects.
  13. It seemed to please Paris that she stayed in her current form, her beast form. Watching as the man she fought side by side with moved closer to her than before, picking up her paw in his hands, allowing him to move her fingers about. Her deep amber eyes watched his hands move over her large paws, finding their way up her muscular arm. “It’s not everyday a human witnesses such a transformation and lives to talk about it..” Meeting his gaze, she gave the briefest of wolfy grins. It was hard to believe she was kind of warming up to the man she pledged her service to, a man who seemed to be a beast without a transformation of his own. While he continued to touch her wolf body, she glanced over at the other two who happily did as they were ordered to do. The question Paris left with Okina made her eyes move back to him, flexing her fingers carefully. She was pure raw power, a beast that could pop his head like a melon if she so chose. “I believe my human side to be my true side, as we are all born in that form..” It was true her kind didn’t turn until they were in their adolescent years, a trying time for parents who must educate their young of their traditions.
  14. So very bold indeed. Watching Jack move to the bath after giving her more information on his profession, and his many names, she couldn’t help but laugh softly. Still seated on the couch, she had relinquished the glass that held the liquor to the table that laid before her. Gwen wasn’t shy when it came to seeing others in the nude, nor did she make a big deal of it. After Jack lowered himself in the hot waters of the bath, she stood from her seat. “Well Jack, tonight isn’t going to be the night I soak in a bath with you.” Gwen was many things, but she wasn’t about to give a man she just met what he wanted right away. He had to earn her respect, her trust. “As for my life story, I just don’t give that away for free.. “ Walking away from the couch, Gwen made her way to the door. Turning as she met the handle of the door with her right hand, she smiled back at Jack. “Maybe another time. Please enjoy your bath.” Giving just the slightest of head bows, she pulled the door open with a twist of the knob. Disappearing through the door, Gwen made her way back through the busy bath house to the hall of stairs that lead up to her personal apartment.
  15. Still clenching the book she pulled from the shelf to her chest, she watched as Efemaer rose from his seat, his words of reassurance made her smile. Setting the book down on the shelf, slightly sticking out from the rest. “I really do appreciate that.” Walking up behind him, she lightly placed her hand over his shoulder for the briefest of moments. Pulling her hand back after a slight squeeze, she turned to the door of the study. “I do look forward to watching you grow into your new seat of power.. For the meantime.” Giving the softest of laughs, her mind falling to the discussion of removing the council from the way of things.
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