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  1. Not to be meant for invitation only, meant to invite everyone. I am a tired 24 hour mother, so sometimes my posts don't come out right.
  2. Link to the open thread has been added to the first post of this thread. 🙂
  3. The idea is that messengers were dispatched all over Valucre through portals leading into this land, each of the invitations get them through. With the queens coronation the paths into the mountain is going to be revealed to the outside to allow political ventures and other adventures for those who wish to visit the land.
  4. The summer solstice is one of the most celebrated times of the year, a time where the people of Crystallo Stella celebrate the fertility of Mother Gaia. With the passing of King Valerio, the people of Crystallo Stella have been anticipating the coronation of his daughter Aurora, and the promises of a new beginning for the hidden nation. With messengers dispatched across the world of Valucre, portals opened temporarily to the massive gate that leads into the Wicker Mountains. With the distortion of the portals popping up in the key lands of every nation in Valucre, the shimmer of them couldn’t be ignored by those who witnessed the messengers appearing through the rip in time and space. Each of those messengers delivered invitations to each of the cities in the lands of Valucre, posted where all could read. Even the noble houses and high ranking merchants were hand delivered invitations, which gave detailed instructions on how to arrive into the newly revealed underground nation. With the promise of a new nation opening their borders to the outside world it gave way to new adventures and diplomacy missions, and of new citizens of the crystal nation. The guests who took the invitations to Crystallo Stella would follow the instructions to find the portal that became erected in their lands, stepping through the rip in time they would step through into a half moon of doors that lead to each of the different places the invitations were taken in Valucre. Turning back to those doorways they could see their worlds being reflected back to them like mirrors with their own reflections. The beauty in the magic that opened these doorways left a sense of awe, a tingle on the skin after emerging into the hall of doors. Waiting just outside the doorways to Valucre men and women dressed in purple and gold stitched uniforms awaited to direct the guests towards the ballroom. Each of the staff would take the invitations presented by those guests, leading them down the open hall towards the crystal ballroom. Other servants take the the lead from there on, each bowing and swooping down with an arm out to reassure the new guests of Crystallo Stella that they’re to continue till they enter the largest crystal ballroom the nation of Crystallo Stella knows of. The mini tour towards the ballroom was breathtaking, a pure show of the dwarvin touch to the architecture of the castle and through the view of the hall over the city itself. The lighting of the hall itself was unique to the land with each orb carved of quartz crystal reflected the energy they absorbed as light, some were pink from the rose quartz and others darker from the smokey affect they often had. Music could be heard throughout the hall as it leaked from the massive carved archway into the crystal ballroom, the sounds of the cello was so deep and entrancing as it was the lead of the song currently being played by the group who was so elegantly dressed in their gowns and tuxedos. It was obvious the nation didn't just house fae, but those who were lucky to grow up or discover this place for themselves. Although word of this mystic place was left to the wind, nothing but whispers were ever carried out as legends or stories told to children like fairy tales. As the guests walk through the doors into the ballroom they find a very open structure carved from the white stone of the mountain, the windows were made of a crystal like glass which made it easy for the lights to be reflected through them with the help of the prism style flooring. At the far end of the room a throne of white marble set on top of a purple and gold runner, vines and calla lilies weaved in and out of each other around the arms of the throne. Beside the chair sat a table that held a crown of gold with red gems adorning each point, specially made for the new queen to take the throne. Standing beside the crown guards in armor stood at attention protecting the right of Aurora Aequliter-nebula, not only stationed at the throne guards took up positions around the room standing as still as the trees of the land.
  5. Posts are a priority today, and reading. Taking the kids to the library
  6. The idea of planting a seed among the knights of the elders was a great idea, although it was easier said then done. Raven knew that it would take someone close to them to be recruited, to make sure they had the ore and any other supplies to get them started. Rin seemed to have everything planned out from the beginning, always taking steps before the opposing team could react to what was being thrown at them. Leaning back in his throne sipping his wine, his eyes diverted to the high ceiling of the temple throne room. Admiring the craftsmanship that went into the building of the temple that turned the tides in the battle in Lyonesse. While Raven was lost in his own mind going over what he knew and what could be, it was getting later outside. It was about mid-day which most of the staff had been preparing the great dining hall for dinner, which for Rin and Raven was almost a feast every time. Sometimes they dined with guests of their army, important players who gave them a hand above the enemy. Tonight, was to be different as the meal was being prepared for just the two of them, their chairs would be seated next to one another. One of the male servants to Raven came through the main doors of the throne room, walking up to them both he would bow with his arms folded behind his back. “M’lord and Lady, dinner has been prepared for you and awaits your touch.” Standing up straight he would drop his arms at his sides, he waited for the acknowledgement give more often by Raven. Snapping out of whatever trance Raven had fallen in while he sat thinking, he would sit up leaning forward. Making eye contact with the man he would give a nod, with that one movement the man knew he could turn and leave the room the same way he had entered. Looking down into his empty goblet a look of disappointment flutter over Raven’s face, as it passed he stood to his feet. Leaving the goblet on his chair Raven moved in front of Rin who sat so lazily on her throne, he would bow before her holding out his right hand. “M’lady, our dinner awaits!” Standing up straight with his hand still out awaiting the fiery warmth of Rin’s in his, he would escort her towards the great dining hall. Upon entering the great dining hall, the large table that was often used to feed 15-20 guests including the royals was covered with a beautiful red and black runner. Candles of all sizes were lit carefully placed all over the table around the platters of meat and cheeses, wine and bread. Fruit was so beautifully arranged in bowls, and ore sat decorating the table for those who would be bold to eat more. Raven lead Rin to their chairs at one end of the massive table letting go of her hand, he would pull her chair out for her. Waiting for her to take a seat he would help move her close to the table before sitting himself, watching as servants appeared out of the shadows to fill their wine glasses and serve them what they desired.
  7. Not a huge fan base for this thread I see, but I hope with my initial post coming to a thread near you changes some minds! I promise you this isn't going to be like other previous stories. Prepare yourselves, it is coming!
  8. Eternity

    A nest, A tree, and a Willow Branch

    Nights in Nigrum Stella Castle were usually quiet, the only sounds that would be heard were that of the boots of the guards as they rotated throughout the palace. With the arrival of Asherah and Souji in the evening time and the bold decision made to stay in the castle by Souji, the rogue Fae had successfully made his way into the royal chambers of the queen to be. It was so dark in the room that Souji found a lost item in the middle of the floor and so gracefully tripped and rolled into the side of the bed. With the sudden thud of Souji against the bedpost Aurora stirred in her sleep, her body so wrapped in the silks of her bedding. A soft sound of groaning came from under the blankets, only red fiery hair could be seen moving lightly over the pillow her head rested on. Unknown to Souji there was definitely a queen in place of the fallen king, she slept so peacefully until now. Somewhere caught between sleep and awake, Aurora moved under the covers ever so slightly. With her eyes still closed, she felt the fog of sleep hover as she gave in to it once more. Falling back to sleep wasn’t an issue with the exhaustion Aurora faced with the death of her father, a man she thought would live for an eternity. No one in the nation of Crystallo Stella thought they would lose their long reining king, but the fae were not immortal. The sandman didn’t skip anything with Aurora, dreams flooded her subconsciousness as she fell back into REM sleep. Moments of that day kept replaying in her dreams, turning into nightmares as she moved in the bed.
  9. Eternity

    Custom title raffle 5

    Woot woot!! Excited!
  10. Expect to have an opening thread up around June 19-21.
  11. Eternity

    A nest, A tree, and a Willow Branch

    Asherah turned to Souji, a look on her face that showed some irritation. “The King recently died.” A seriousness passed over her face before she started to walk, listening to Souji talk about how her neighbors wouldn’t be able to handle the sounds that would be coming from her home if he stayed. A redness passed over her face as she recognized what he was saying again, her eyes diverting away to the lake. Stopping in her tracks to watch him point to the castle stating that was his intended stay, Asherah moved close to him quickly with worry on her face. “That isn’t a very good idea, what if the guards catch you?” Conflicted on what she should do about Souji and his need to stay in the castle, stepping back from her a flood of emotions could be seen passing over her face. Asherah really didn’t want to find herself in trouble along side Souji, or be responsible for bringing him hear before the coronation and opening of the borders. “I uh.. Well.. “ Turning away from Souji, Asherah lifted her arm to wave goodbye. “Good luck!” Asherah wasn’t really wanting to get caught with the outsider attempting his stay in the castle, but she didn’t tell him one thing. There indeed was a new monarch to take over the seat of power, and she too had already occupied those chambers.
  12. I am working another late 7pm-3am shift at the hospital on very little sleep.. Weeeeeeee I do what I have to for my family.
  13. Eternity

    I have come for what is mine

    While Anya was about doing her duties in the bathhouse as given by her mistress Gwen, the change in the atmosphere was felt by Gwen herself. The woman with dark eyes that give her sight in the dark where no one else can see, with red hair like fire of the depths of her demon heritage. The pounding and the sounds of the monsters that stood just outside the bathhouse were revealed the moment she opened the massive double doors. “What have you come for?” Gwen calmly said to the man who wasn't a man, the promise of chaos standing at her door. Folding her arms over her chest, there was no fear on her face as she stood face to face with the plate covered warrior. The black of her eyes stared deep into the man who stood before her with an army behind him, she knew who it was he came for. Gwen stood before the horde dressed in black and red silk robes, her visage welcoming to the guests that came for the comfort of hot natural springs. Unarmed as she stood, other staff were seen rushing behind the scenes to care for guests, as they tried to keep calm themselves.
  14. @Grubbistch I am currently working and doing posts when I can. I got you! @Deus Ex Aizen I am excited too!! This will be great!
  15. The citizens of Lyonese had learned who he was, learned that they were to be the army that will rise to fight the elders who opposed them. They fought with courage and determination only to fall to the demons who’ve plagued the willing with ore, bringing the dead back only to do what it was they were fighting against. Raven felt Rin return to the temple they had commissioned by those who were so eagerly willing to obey them, to serve them as they desired. Walking in through a door from behind the throne, Raven came up to the left of the tired Rin who had been fighting against those who still held the determination to fight. “My dearest Rin, how is the battles progressing?” It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the fight himself, but he had to attend to other matters in preparation of the battle to be had with the elders themselves. Beside the throne another chair as large as the one that seated the Demon King Rin, Raven took up her side, sitting in his own chair he watched as the servant that stood off to the side appear with a goblet for both of them. Leaning forward he would happily take the wine that was being offered to him, the dark red it bled like that of their enemies. Sipping from the silver goblet, he would turn his deep red eyes to his to be queen. “I hear the Elders are growing an army, how do you suppose we turn them against them?”