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  1. Eternity

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    The Winter Solstice has begun!!
  2. Eternity

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    Since the grand coronation that opened the doors to the world around Crystallo Stella, change had been spreading like a great wash of sea air over a coastal town. Those who were completely open to the foreigners entering their long hidden realm welcomed them with open arms, many of the high noble families were extending their businesses to those interested. Dignitaries from outside lands were often seen joining Queen Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila in regards to expanding her invitation to their people, and the assets they had to offer. Now with the winter months that often came with the change of seasons in most lands, Crystallo Stella’s people anticipated one of the most beloved times of the year. The people had begun to decorate their homes inside and out with the crystals known as quartz, although similar to those the lamps were made from that projected light at night these would give the effect much like the sun hitting the magnetic sphere of the world, aurora borealis. With silver and purple tinsel decorating banisters through the city, and other light emitting crystals strung along rooftops the city was really looking quite magical. The winter solstice was celebrated every year for the longest night of the year, giving way to the sparkling lights and cheer shared by the people. This was a time of year where the fae celebrated the death of the flora that would give way to the life of new sprouting plants, and the growth of new leaves. This was the one time the winter pixies visited the jungle like country hidden away so deep in the mountains, blessing them with ice to skate upon, and snow to dance in. What was different about this year was the change brought on by the new queen of Crystallo Stella, as she sent invitations to every corner of Valucre inviting all who received them to join the fae on this special night in celebration. With the invitations sent, the famous portals of mended tree branches sprouted in lands full of flora, in cities they would appear built of stone masoned much like the cities they appeared in. Runes would appear around the frames indicating to where they would go, and on the other side they shown the places in which they stood. December 21st the portals to the land of Crystallo Stella activated, each of the runes indicating the right spell, glowed with the magic that powered them. Stepping through the portals felt cool to the touch, a soft tingling of the magic that ran them coursing through the flesh of the visitors. As each and everyone came through they could see the snow that lightly fell from the sky, and through the corridors that lead to the grand ballroom. Men and women who serve the Royal family awaited the guests, each holding baskets of palm held quartz crystals, each of them would greet the guests handing them a crystal of their own. “Welcome to Crystallo Stella, please enjoy the Winter Solstice Ball!”
  3. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Sweet. I just realized that frosted animal crackers are great dunked in coffee.
  4. Eternity

    It's a Supernoob!

    Welcome to Valucre! Visit Genesaris, Crystallo Stella is an amazing underground nation ran by the Fae, we are about to kick off a Winter Solstice open thread. Definitely check out all the lore in Valucre.
  5. Eternity

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Tatia had known deep inside how greatful her brother was to have her back, that she was a solid base to the Choisel Family. The coven had come to believe in her since the great show of her resurrection, but a fear would be hidden below as some had witnessed the great feast she drowned her body in since coming back. The link between Lein and her wasn’t as strong as before her death, there was to be much work put into play to grow the bond. Giving in completely to him was one way, to indulge his every want and need of her is the gateway. Keeping the playful smirk that danced upon her pale lips, her knees extended her legs out in front of her body. “So be it..” It was hard for her to believe that he would have actual physical time for her, and it was silly of her to think that he would really spend time caressing her flesh. Feeling the pull of his soul, she closed her icy blue orbs allowing her mind to completely open to him. Letting Leinhart suck her further into the illusion she could easily break herself, it twisted and turned into a night of passion and blood letting. With the illusion dropped, Tatia had a deep urge to bleed one of the donors down in the dungeon. Giving Lien a fanged grin, she watched as he sat cross legged. “Time is just an illusion in itself.” Sliding out of her bed still dressed in the sheer nightgown, she wanted to barricade him in the room until she had her hunger sated. Instead Tatia moved to the dressing screen she used when her lady in waiting helped her dress. Pulling a long silk robe from the top of the screen, she slid her arms in the sleeves and tying it around her waist. “I will entertain your guest, brother.” Walking to the door, she would pull it open with wide armed birth leaving with a long glance. Shadows danced down the hall as Tatia moved to greet the visitor who made it through the maze and to the mansion. @Etched in Stone
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  7. Eternity

    The Shell of Great Sins

    While Tatia moved fluidly on the dance floor, her mind was completely whisked away from any thoughts about her brother or the others of her coven. Her body moved to the beat of the music, as her hands played up towards the air above her head with her fingers sliding through her dark curls first. As she continued to move, a voice interrupted the fluidity of her dance. Blue orbs looked over the nobleman who dared to wear a suit of full white, and half of his face covered by a mask leaving some mystery to his looks. Something about the pooling glance into his dark eyes pulled her in, fingers aching to take a handful of his blonde locks into her hands. Smiling, she would give a little curtsy. “Yes, you may!” With her hands having returned to her sides at some point of his arrival, Tatia reached out to take his hand when offered. It wasn’t truly strange for her to catch the eyes of men when in public, she had an alluring look to her as she appeared to quite a young lady in her twenties. Although she seemed to be physically in the moment of the music and the man before her, Tatia still held a link to her brother who was lost somewhere in the depths of the club making a deal with the devil so to speak. Pure pleasure of the moment would be somewhat projected to those who had a direct line to her being in the Choisel coven, while her mind was still alert to the possible dangers that could erupt from just about anywhere. @Etched in Stone @amenities
  8. Eternity

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    I will bring one of my characters to the ball. Need to shuffle through all the info.
  9. Eternity

    A stone, a queen, and a faerie king.

    Souji’s answer made her blush, the heat of her cheeks became known to her. Reaching up with her right hand she lightly touched the heat in her cheeks, her eyes diverted to the hem of her skirts. Letting her hand drop to rest at her side, she would return the giggle he made after his comment. “Oh, dear Souji, I am not sure that with every visit of yours we can go run off to my room.” Closing the space between the two of them, she would reach out for his hand. Taking his hand in hers, she would feel the warmth of his radiating from just the mere touch of their hands. Looking back to the writing desk that held all the papers she was reviewing, a sigh seemed to escape her lips without her knowledge. Looking back to Souji still holding his hand, she would let it go before gently touching her hand against her skirt. Aurora wasn’t trying to rub away the remaining feeling of his heat, but her mind wandered to a feeling that started in her gut like a small knot. “How would you like to walk the forgotten gardens with me?” @Bardic Knowledge
  10. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Pretty good, currently checking out the water cooler. Hoping to finish the entry post of my event, and make up posts I've noticed that I have neglected.
  11. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Hello @supernal!! How is your day?
  12. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Afternoon Valucre!
  13. Successful beginning being made for event thread.

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  14. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Here I type my post for the winter solstice, and my fingers feel like ice cubes.
  15. Eternity

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    Looking to have the thread open soon, working on the beginning! Safe to say this will fall on December 21 in Valucre time, but giving it is really early december it will give it time to be played out and for others to join in!