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  1. Adulting against my will again!
  2. Waking up to my children screaming in my sons room. Not cool.
  3. I am so zoned out today, stuck in my head. I want to write too. 

    1. princeben07


      Oh REALLY? you know I'm always DOWN to write WITH you, no matter how Zany the storyline is.



  4. Camping needs to happen soon. Buy all the marshmallows.
  5. Yes, all sorts of charms that are Anime based.
  6. Yes! I know that this has great potential where I am at!
  7. I am taking classes for my Business Entrepreneur degree to help get me started in what I need to do to get this shop up and running. Just finished a class that helped me write my business plan for the banks, still needs some touch up. The city I live in doesn't have an Anime shop, only places around you could possibly pick up Anime is Best Buy which has a tiny spot, that is so picked through or don't carry much of anything and the little Walmart or Target carries. I want a place where people can walk into to browse the Anime, Top Anime out there, to see clothing, collectibles, Manga and much more for the fans. The only places that are semi nerdy here is a table top game shop called Gauntlet Games, and a few comic book shops. I want to be a sponsor of Anime Nebraskon, and travel to other local and nearby Cons.
  8. Nice! Thanks! Trying to get this business degree done, I want to run my own Anime shop.
  9. I am now half adulting! Homework before I go out to dinner with my mother and my big sister.
  10. The sun is finally shining today!
  11. Yes! This is what I should do! -posted from work parking lot-
  12. Why? Why do I have to go adult? Work?! I don't want to!! -grumbles-
  13. Working up to taking over Lyonesse, and helping Rin bring back the old world.
  14. Love being able to change the colors on here to my preference. :D