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  1. Well if you would like a member of the noble family to be apart of the council, I would love to have you!
  2. You will have to give me more information, as I am not up to date on this. Have they been established in Crystallo Stella?
  3. Hello! Recently I've had some of you contacting me through Discord about wanting to start a noble family, more specifically being apart of Crystallo Stella. I've been wanting to put this up for a while, but honestly I've been caught up in a lot of life stuff. I am looking for eager and active people who are wanting to contribute to my beautiful land, and want to play a part in the Nobles and even be apart of the Council that will be advisers to Queen Aurora. I would love more activity and great thinkers to join me on this journey. You may DM me on Discord if you like, which can be found in my profile. Or. Let me know here, and we can discuss more details outside this! Thank you!
  4. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Brainstorming more for Crystallo Stella, trying to land on a name for the healing academy.. So tough! How is everyone else?
  5. Eternity

    General chat thread

    It's Friday!!
  6. Waiting on those replies..

    1. Rin


      Even though I don't owe one, I'll write something up anyways ❤️

  7. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Here comes that winter weather mix. And I am stuck at work.
  8. Eternity

    Books on the mind

    I am currently on the second book to a series by Melissa Caruso. Her first Tethered Mage was such a good read, it wasn't hard to move through the story, now I am on the second book Defiant Heir. Great series in a land of magic and fear of mages.
  9. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Time to get ready for this wedding thing I have to go to.
  10. Uh, You should be following me. >.> 

  11. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Husbands family are in town from Colorado for his brothers wedding, and we got new gifts.. Squee..
  12. Eternity

    General chat thread

    I feel like I don't have enough time. Not enough time to prepare for a wedding tomorrow. Not enough time to do the From home work I just got. Not enough time to drink my coffee. Not enough time to listen to my kids scream at each other. Not enough time to work on lore for Crystallo Stella. Not enough time to deal with baby daddy drama. Not enough time to be making this post.
  13. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Hello Thursday!
  14. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Well, Hello Valucre!
  15. Eternity

    New to Valucre but not RP

    Welcome to Valucre!