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  1. Eternity

    General chat thread

    This is what I've been doing.
  2. Eternity

    The Shell of Great Sins

    Tatia sat sipping the red wine that was served, her eyes shifted to her brother as he mentioned that he wanted to go somewhere quieter. Shifting in her chair to watch him stand and be led away, she combatted the urge to get up and follow him to the back room where he was being taken. Deciding to stay at the table with the rest of the Coven and those who accompanied them, hoping to keep an eye on those who may need her to step in at a moments notice. The performance on the stage would take her attention away from the backside of Leinhart as he disappeared, the music was loud and different from the stuff she loved to listen to in her own private room. She understood that they were in Tia for one reason or another, although she didn’t get so deeply involved with what was happening. Following her brother was all she cared about for the moment, as she still worked on grasping what and who she was to be after being resurrected. Obviously stuck inside her mind, Tatia's fingers would dance over the glass that held what little red liquid she was drinking. Feeling her own hunger rise up, she knew that she would have to feed sometime that evening. With or without her brother, Tatia had to take care of herself and those she would grow close to.
  3. Eternity

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    With her brother quick to send many after the Doctor as if she was his angered love interest, Tatia smiled for a moment before her mind shifted back to what was announced. As she stood near her brother, her eyes scanning out over those who remained in the Grand Hall. “I will be in my room if you need me, Leinhart.” Without another word Tatia turned away from Leinhart’s throne like chair, walking towards the same door that the Doctor had ran through. Keeping her hands folded in front of her, she would casually walk through the halls to disappear into a door in the wing of the manor that her room was kept. Once inside her room the woman who cared for her came out of the shadows to help her mistress undress from the gown she wore, stepping into her night gown the Vampiress would find herself climbing into the massive bed.
  4. Eternity

    General chat thread

    Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kids, and this week I will be adding more to Crystallo and making up posts that are needed.
  5. Eternity

    Un-Foretold Journey

    Okina stood still in place with such a military stance, her eyes never once moving away from the master as he came out to scold the cat woman who seemed too spoiled in Okina’s own opinion. Shifting her eyes to follow Paris as he moved through the room, his expression matching the look he held for Helaine. A moment later she watched him disappear back into the closet to finish dressing, his voice changed to a lighter tone with Okina as he answered her questions. Fifteen to forty marauders to get entangled with in battle, a slow trickle of excitement rose in her veins. Paris retrieved his blade making his way to the door, Okina didn’t hesitate to take up his rear leaving the room. Not worth the glance behind her, Okina cared less how long it would take the cat to leave her pedestal. “Thank you, Master.” Okina greatly showed her gratitude of having her equipment sent to the stables in wait for them to take their leave. Passing through the door without waiting for Helaine, Okina took up her place slightly behind her new master unless otherwise directed. The night before she didn’t have time to wander the castle halls, the activities had worn her out with just enough energy to settle in for a bath and sleep. Her mind combed over the events of the night before, of how her inner wolf wanted to be released to play with the interesting man. The excitement of a possible battle brought her beast a little to the surface, the rest would be up to those who wished to cause harm to the outer villages.
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    General chat thread

    Checking out The Ancient Magus' Bride.
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    General chat thread

    Sailing the seas...
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    General chat thread

    Hate when that happens! I was pretty restless last night myself. Here is to it being Friday!!
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    General chat thread

    Getting my work on! Hardest part is working with Oncology who've been given little to no time to live..
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    General chat thread

    Turns out lady canceled the appointment, a typical move on her part. Positive thoughts!!
  11. Eternity

    I have come for what is mine

    As Anya slept in the protective hands of the beast who whisked her away from the life she knew, her dream world revolve around a pleasant little village where children happily ran free playing with one another. Anya herself could be found in a small house high up on a hill not far from the village, sweeping the wood floors inside. Humming a tune her mother used to sing to her as a child, she held a look of happiness as she proceeded with her daily chores. Outside the house the weather gave way to clear blue skies, warm winds that made the cheeks turn pink with heat. The windows of the house opened to reveal Anya’s arms pushing out the shutters, briefly shaking out a rag she had been dusting with. Feeling the dust tickle the inside of her nose, she did everything to stifle the sneeze that threatened to leave her. Tilting her head back a moment thinking the sneeze passed, she paused to look out the window over the moving grass. Everything was as peaceful as it was when she was one of the children running through the field of wildflowers near her home. Suddenly the sneeze made its way out leaving Anya wiping at the tip of her nose, turning to toss the rag in a basket of laundry needing to be washed. “I hate when that happens.” She spoke to no one in general as she walked to the stove where she had been preparing a stew for her dinner. Smiling as she stirred the hot stew, Anya knew some of the children whose parents had long ago left or died would be at her door for dinner. Anya took pride in helping the children who needed it most, even taking time to teach them how to see or find wild fruit or vegetables to eat. Healing hearts and helping others was a natural attribute she carried, and it often got her into trouble.
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    General chat thread

    Today is Thursday, a stressful meeting with the ex's wife in therapy this afternoon may determine my mood. A day I wish to get over with quickly.
  13. And with that Aurora watched Xartia lip a thank you to her attendee followed by his wicked grin, a grin that for some reason she couldn’t ignore with a smile of her own. Bowing her head to the man who now turned to allow others to come and greet her, she was eagerly approached by a woman. The compliment that came from her lips left Aurora blushing, the heat of her cheeks made her very aware of what the words did to her. It wasn’t often she was told how beautiful she was, but especially in this light she had to somewhat expect it, right? “Oh, well thank you.” Reaching up with her right hand to touch the heat on her cheek, her eyes then shifted to the man who interrupted the two. The comment given of how proud Raveena was of Aurora left her speechless until the man who interrupted with his introduction and a pledge to her. The man's name was foreign to her as many of her guests, Aetherion was made a mental note in her mind as he turned and walked away. Aurora knew she had to make well on the meeting of the gentleman, as she watched him disappear among the crowd. The display before her left Aurora with many questions, but the comment about national security peaked her interest more than ever. Information about entanglements in slavery and a mess to be cleaned up was presented, but with the changing of conversation like the tides in an ocean her attention was brought to the ring Raveena twisted off of her finger. “Thank you, I would like to sit with you and have these discussions.” Was it a mistake for her to so freely open her borders to all of these people? To everyone who claim a title and a house, who may or may not have thoughts of war to take from her people? Smiling, Aurora took the ring from Raveena sliding it upon her left hand. “I will keep this close, and I appreciate the gesture to help protect my home.” Looking around Raveena for the one who would be teaching her to use the ring, she brought her emerald hues to the ruler before her. “Is Artamese with you now? I would like to put a face with her name.” Before much of what she said could be heard, the man who had walked away made a bigger scene among her court. Men and women of her land seem appalled by what was being said about Raveena and the Carmine Empire even though they didn't know much about them, it just didn't seem right. The music had died as the people whispered among themselves, Aurora’s head was spinning with all of the political arguing and the berating. Turning her gaze to guards who were in the process of moving in to detain anyone who may put her life in danger, a wave of her hand sent them to stand still. No longer shocked by the show before her, and the exit that left the taste of magic in the air. Aurora felt stuck and alone as she stood among those who promised to support her, spinning on thoughts of what was going to happen next. Searching the crowd for her mother, it seemed she had long retired to her chambers. Still standing before her throne, she started to walk past those who stood around her. Air, she needed a breath of fresh air. Making a beeline for the massive balcony that overlooked the city, people moved out of her way as her attendee opened the doors for her allowing her to never break her stride.
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    General chat thread

    *cuddles her Britty* Thanks!
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    General chat thread

    Just need to work on the next step after the coronation..