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  2. Watching as Rin sat down, he could tell she was exhausted. She had easily rebuilt Anna into the new demon she was, ready to obey her new master. Moving to sit near Rin, he would look at her with his glowing hues. “How to do plan to bring your plans into play in these lands? There are men and women in other lands that will find some sort of compassion for the people who you destroy here, see you as another monster to conquer. “ Spinning the ring Rin had given him around his finger, he would feel his other hand take a more human form once more. The ore that sat in its place on the ring caught his eye, fascinating him. “Although with what you can do, I am sure you welcome the challenge. “ Dropping his hand back on to his leg, he would move to stand from her bed. He didn’t want to invade her private space any longer, moving to stand near the door. Looking to Anna, wondering how long it would be till she awoke in her new form.
  3. @Mag @ezkiel777 @PandaHat Raven had left Rin alone on the balcony, walking through the private room where everyone once sat he noticed they had all left. Edward had announced that dinner was prepared, and he was more than willing to the let the new comer Legend take over in the kitchen. Legend had put all the of the staff who oversaw cooking to shame, in fact many of them watched from the side lines in awe. The spectacle in the kitchen had come to an end, and soon dinner was being placed upon the table. While the guests were, all getting settled in at the table, Raven had made his way through the halls down into the grand dining hall the held the massive marble table, and high back chairs. Fine china and silverware decorated the table in front of the guests, crystal glasses sat in front of them holding fine wine. Raven came through the double doors of the dining room to see his guests were waiting for his appearance, but it seemed Malik had keep them all very entertained. Malik was the type of person who fit in well among his staff, he wouldn’t be a stranger to the dark that would come and go through the castle. “Smells wonderful!” Entering further into the room, Raven made his way to the seat that awaited him at the head of the table. Edward had moved in to pull the high back chair out for Raven, watching as he stopped just near the chair. Bowing to his guests, Raven would introduce himself to the others. “Good Evening! I am Raven Sithis, and I am happy to welcome you all for dinner.” Taking his seat at the head of the table, he would look around to each of his guests.
  4. Walking around the massive lake that stood outside of Dougton, she would keep her awareness heightened for the Enrele. They were known to be quite aggressive, and were known to turn on those who were in their territory. Powered with her own energy, and that of anger given to her by Kazuhiko, Aoi was ready to rid the town of the threat for the time being. Crouching down near a set of tracks of another beast, she touched them gently with her right hand while her left bared her bow and arrow. Standing she would move on towards the banks of the lake, keeping a cautious distance from the water. “They live in the water, only to leave for breeding.. Which means it’s mating season for them.” Finding more tracks leading up and around the lake, Aoi knew that the Enrele had already taken a beast for its breeding purposes. Pausing, scanning the area not seeing the deer it had taken over anywhere in the open. Taking hold of her bow in both hands prepared to shoot, she got closer to the water.
  5. She almost felt him coming towards the gardens, and he slightly startled her from resting in the sunlight. He moved to sit next to her on the bench, with a quick movement she had rescued the white rose from being sat on by Lucis. “Meetings, loose ends, and much more to be taken care of by yourself, I totally understand that life as a king or queen can never wait.” Pushing her palms off the bench, she would sit up straight. “I am alright, Lucis.” Sucking in a slow breath, burying any thoughts she may have just had. Twirling the rose in her hand, she would stare into the white silky petals. “I was thinking about leaving, maybe find something better to do with my life.” It was too late to take back the statement she had just made, her red eyes would meet his golden hues. “Forgive me, I know my place as a knight. I had no right to express myself to you the way I did at the coronation. “ Closure was what Constance needed, and she was giving it to herself.
  6. Emotions and words that changed everything like a whirlwind, pain imbued words. He left her alone in her room without even helping her, holding her quiver of arrows in her hand she felt anger begin to rise inside. Prove herself? Make herself worthy of a man who was also too eager to ask a woman HE JUST MET to marry him. Pressing her hand up against the door, the spell circles in her eyes lighting up with her inner magi. Focusing her energy into the door of her room, she would put a small spell on her room to keep out Kazuhiko. If he were to try to enter the room, it would push him back using wind. The spell wouldn’t be strong enough to keep him out permanently, but she wasn’t willing to continue to play his games. Moving to the desk she would take out her arrows that were already laced with a powerful poison that had no cure, and imbued them with the scrolls that they had purchased the day before. After returning the arrows to her quiver, she prepped the rest of her gear. Leaving her room, she would pass the Inn keeper on her way out. Pausing long enough to pay for a few more nights on her room, she would move to pass through the tavern where Kazuhiko sat drinking. Making no eye contact with the man who wished to continually test her, she would exit the tavern swiftly. Letting out a sigh, she decided to go on foot to the lake where the Enrele could be found. Taking off on a jog towards the lake that sat outside the small farming town, she would pull her bow from over her head with an arrow. Holding the arrow in place with the bow down at her side, she would be ready to loose the imbued arrow on the beast. “I will not be toyed with anymore!” those words were whispered to herself as she moved in on the lake, crouched down in the tall grasses.
  7. My son is awful fussy
  8. I think Malick would be a good fit.
  9. Kazuhiko didn’t let her get far, taking hold of her after the moves she made on him. Pulled on top of him, his hands caressing every curve of her body. His words that spilled out with a shock of his own left Aoi staring into his eyes for what seemed forever. She couldn’t believe what he had just said to her, to marry him, give him the answer by the end of tonight. With his desires, out in the open, he moved away from her. Rolling to the side of the bed, she would stand up in one fluid movement. Watching Kazuhiko move to pick up her bow and arrows, handing them to her. Reaching out to take them from him, she would slide her bow over her shoulder. “Here” Handing over her quiver of arrows, she was ready to get the mission over. Her mind was locked on the thought of marrying the man she just met, the man she spent one intimate night with. He was so blunt and a matter of fact, and he wouldn’t wait long for an answer from her. Aoi couldn’t deny the connection she had with the Prince, and she didn’t want to leave him any time soon. She couldn’t go into a fight with this thought looming over her head, turning back to Kazuhiko she would close the space between them. “I will marry you.” What did she have to lose? She didn’t have much, just herself and a connection to a man of high status.
  10. Watching Rin by pass him without taking the glass of wine, she was quick to take Anna into her grasps. The girl trembled in fear as the woman let her hands touch just under her chin, her teeth sliding over her pale skin sinking in for the taste of her innocent blood. Bringing the glass of wine to his lips he would let the chilled liquid tease his tongue as he swallowed it. Watching as Rin drank the blood of the girl getting her fill, she would then take a mirror shard shoving it deep down into the girl’s heart, everything that was dark, or evil hidden in her heart would absorb her body. Poor girl. You're now a product of the mirror. I'm afraid that you no longer will be the same. Raven you can do what you want with her now. I'm full. Full of a poor innocent shell. You now will be greater without that mortal coil getting in the way. After Rin took her glass of wine from his hands, Raven sat his down on the night stand. He wasn’t about to let this girl go free, the evil inside her was tempting him in ways that made him want to fulfill his hunger. While Anna in her new state of darkness, everything good and pure about her wiped away took on a look that was different then the fear that once held her eyes. Raven didn’t spare a second as he was at the girl with a speed that hadn’t been seen by those who he just met, his hand took the girl by her throat lifting her feet up off the ground. His hand had changed, taking on scales and claws that were very long. Anna had pulled and clawed at the hand that held her tightly by the throat, while the flesh started to burn and boil with the touch of Raven. The red of his eyes grew darker as he begun to absorb the newly found chaos that Anna now held, her flesh quickly burning away. Screams start to tear from her mouth, as she kicked her legs before passing out from the pain. Anna’s life had been absorbed into Raven, her body was left to be tattered threads and bones. Dropping the remaining of her body to the floor, he would feel the chaos in him stir more. It wanted more, he needed more. “Do forgive the mess, I will take care of it soon.” The sound of his voice was deeper, drunk almost off the magic of the girl’s life force and the evil that had taken seed in her. Moving to the nightstand once more to scoop up the glass of wine, he finished it with one full swallow.
  11. Could work for Raven?
  12. Hours had passed while she wandered the castle gardens, all the flowers imprinting themselves in her with their sweet scents and beautiful images. Constance could be found sitting on a bench made of marble with a white rose in her hand, twirling the flower by its stem. Lifting the white petal beauty to her nose, closing her eyes while bringing in the sweet scent into her nose. The silk of the petals brushed her nose, while the feel of the stem stimulated the skin of her finger tips. The sun sat at its highest point in the sky, the warmth of its rays touching her face. Bringing the rose to rest in her hand on her lap, looking up at the trees that created shaded areas here and there. It appeared that she was just a second thought if not the last to the King, just a knight to be ordered around. Setting the rose down on the edge of the bench, she would lean back with her hands palm down behind her. Letting the sun beat down on her, the thought of removing her ring that protected her cross her mind. Constance wasn’t a weak minded person, but she felt that she was of no use to the DuGrace family any more.
  13. Every time I whip out the laptop my cat moves in to lay next to me on the arm of the couch.. every.time.