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  1. Resting at the bar made of well polished wood, her chin resting on her delicate fingers. Sune rested her bare feet upon the feet of the stool, her slippers resting near. She seemed strange to those around her, definitely not a native to the cities near and far. Her long black hair held braids hidden in mass of black, feathers of red and orange dangling from beads. Her clothing was made of a red and gold silk, but short and cut in places to allow her to move freely. Laughing with the bartender, she would slam back another glass of ale. Joy and happiness rolled off of her skin, affecting the very patrons around her. Waiting for the right crowd to enter the very bar she called home for the moment, she was ready to share stories of great fantasy, to pull together a group of adventurers with the courage to travel to far off lands hidden away for centuries. Sune was a messenger of sorts, a spirit of prophecy. Sune wasn’t human in the purest form, but only appeared so to bring together a band of brave people who were willing to bring forth a land long hidden to the light of the world of Valucre. Turning so slightly to watch the very door into the tavern, she waited to start the spread of her stories once again. She had spent several nights at the bar sharing her daring tales of men and women swinging from living vines, growing more forest with just the touch of their hands. She wanted to bring a group to find the very entrance to the city hidden away.
  2. Discovery! Rumors to be investigated (Quest)

    Not sure what this is about... BUT.. I should have an post up soon to start IC for those of you who are interested
  3. I am happy that my husband is home.
  4. Meeting an Old Friend

    His body was lifted off of the floor, much like a bag of bones. The pressure from being tossed over the man’s shoulders caused him to spit out blood, ending with a soft moan. The energy he had kept up was now fading, much like his consciousness. The words being spoken between Charlotte and the man became a muffled sound in his ears, as he dangled over the shoulders of the young man. Every so often he would wake to the bouncing of his body over the shoulders of the man, as they closed in towards the hotel his angel was staying. Although he wasn’t completely sure of who it was that bought him from the man at the Inn, he didn’t have the strength to fight his new owner. It was terrible feeling the way he did, helpless and ill. Justus went days without properly feeding, constantly teased and promised a full meal only to receive a vial of animal blood here and there. Feeling the last touch of the man’s body holding his, he realized that if he had the energy he could feed, alas he was beyond weak. The young man was lead into Charlotte’s room, directed to drop the vampire off onto the floor. Paid his one gold piece, the young man left the way he came, quick to return to his flock of ladies. Laying on the floor, Justus would feel the wood under his hands. Moving slowly onto his back, he would let his eyes stay closed. A quick knock would come to the door of Charlotte’s room, a man’s voice would follow. “Miss, a gentleman dropped off a large sword at the main desk.. I .. um.. Just leaving it here outside your door.” Justus’s sword would be left in the hall near the door, the blade taking in the dim lighting and shadows of the hall. Opening his silver eyes, he would stare up at the ceiling. Everything in view was blurry and foggy, pain burned all over his body from the bruising endured from the constant beatings and whipping, unable to heal he only knew suffering. @Charlotte
  5. [Lorean] Wandering Lone Wolf

    Of course Okina walked with purpose, a destination in mind. Leading the way to the cemetery, it would appear to those in the background that she was luring the Prince away to get him alone. Yes, but with the blades on her back, one would suspect foul play in mind. Not for Okina, she didn't wish to be an enemy of the land and king, simple peace from peeping toms. Feeling the long gaze of eyes upon her, she paid no mind. Listening to the pronunciation of her name by the prince, she would just smile. O-ki-na- a name forever etched into the character she is, the person of her sort. Looking further down the path, the cemetery came into view and beyond the woods that masked the land behind it. Okina would run her hand over one of the wood grave markers, her fingers tracing over the roughly cut piece. Turning to face Paris, she would smile. Rolling over the question he posed to her, she would take a soft breath. “I came here looking for work. “ Turning to look over each grave marker, moving between each one. Her hands feeling the distressed wood, and the craftsmanship of their carpenter. Amber hues falling back to Paris. “I’ve served under men and women, some thought themselves gods, others kings and queens, some not human.” Turning to face Paris, she would grace him with her smile once more. Not that it would be any of her business, but she was curious about why he was so far from the capital. “What brings you out this far?” Glancing over the graves, she would motion towards them. “Don’t tell me it was just to honor this small village during one of the worst times in their lives..” @King
  6. Discovery! Rumors to be investigated (Quest)

    Sorry everyone, started a new job. I will have the initial thread up soon!
  7. Word had quickly spread through the palace of the woman who was captured alongside her entourage. Orion had been keeping to his duties as one of the inner circle of guards around the beast king, who was more than happy to have a new guest as it were in his dungeons. With the change in guards, Orion was off for the time being. Most of the time spent off duty he was caring for his armor and spear in the armory, or in the chow hall with all the other guards who were not on duty. Today, Orion sat in the barracks with some of the other guards who were not so human like himself, but were some of which were taking turns in the dungeons. They were so eager to share the information on the woman, like her description along with how they were torturing this day or the other. Conflicted with the fact a woman of a noble standard was being kept in the dank, wet underworld of the palace, Orion felt deep inside that she must have had some deeper quest to fulfill. Shaking his head away from the thoughts of the woman, his curiosity would get him close to danger in the traitorous sort, he would stand from the end of his rack. Glancing towards the group of beast men laughing and spitting about what was being done below, he would turn away to leave the barracks. Needing to clear his mind of the horrors he was overhearing, he would disappear out into the outdoors. Orion was a man of honor, as so he believed, and he knew what was being done was wrong. He wanted nothing more than to free his people, and rid them of the breast men. How could he accomplish such a feat with the numbers in human warriors so low, after the beast king took over only few such as himself became somewhat loyal to the king, a desire of survival.
  8. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    I'll post today (Thursday after work). I just started a new job full time, I apologize for the delay.
  9. Homework time. Then... Post time.
  10. Hope all is well!

  11. Come on people! Be interested in my quest!!
  12. Discovery! Rumors to be investigated (Quest)

    Fantastic question! I intially haven't thought about there being any sort of rewards, although this is a quest that will lead into a list of other quests that could definitely have rewards. With that being said, the travelers would be the first outsiders in Crystallo Stella, and would be the first ambassadors of the outside who would be treated with respect and looked to for help with future problems to be solved.