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  1. Been MIA for awhile, especially working nights. 

    Just applied to Nursing School, interviewing at the end of the month. 

    When I get in, cause I will. I may be out semi-perm till I graduate, but who knows I may pop in here and there. 


    1. Rin


      You can do it. I believe in you ❤️

    2. princeben07


      HEY!!!!!! *Runs and tackles jooo!!!* XD


      I miss you!!!


  2. Gwen knew very well that everyone had a choice, but not many exercises that right. She knew deep into her bones that it didn’t matter if she tried to stop him from entering, Jack would continue to try and meet with her one way or another. Gwen had seen it. Taking another sip of the dark liquid allowing it to roll around on her tongue, she moved around the barside to sit on one of the red wood carved stools. It was apparent to Jack that Gwen liked the oriental style of decor, with many of her walls depicting great battles with oriental style demons and dragons. Listening to her uninvited guest go on about desires and feeling unsatisfied in the end, she just smirked. Gwen couldn’t say that she felt that way with her desires having been met, but then again she just kept silent. Reaching to fill her glass once more, her hand stopped short of the crystal decanter. “Thank you, it has come to great use in entertaining the men I’ve invited to my bed.” The smirk grew on her face, as her fingers slipped around the cool crystal decanter pouring another drink. It wasn’t that Gwen loved to drink alcohol, but it was a necessary go to in situations that gave a little stress. Who was to say that it wasn’t becoming a favorite past time. “Well by all means, pour a drink and have a seat.. I will give you this time to chat.” I mean he had already started, what was stopping him? Not Gwen. “No, you’re not the first to feel at home in my personal chambers..” Her remark held a little fire in it, as she lifted the short glass to her lips for a slow sip of rum. Feeling quite feisty with her guest, she wasn’t going to make things easy for him. Lifting her glass as he said cheers, she took another sip of the spiced rum. Pulling her right leg to rest over her left knee as her foot braced itself on the bottom of the stool, part of her robe slid to reveal the white flesh of her right leg. It didn’t take Jack long to get to the point, a very bold point. “Karma you say?” Laughter spilled from her lips, as her hand sat the glass down on the counter top of the bar. She was quite tickled by what he said to her, all because she wouldn’t indulge his boldness the night before. Catching her breath, her right hand came to rest on the center of her chest as she turned to face him. “Indeed I left you hanging.. I didn’t realize you would be so hurt by me doing so..” Stifling another bout of laughter, Gwen leaned forward on the bartop with both elbows, her left hand balancing her head as the right braced it. “Well dearest Jack, go on and get to know me.. If you can..” Gwen giggled a bit, her dark gaze never leaving her guest. @Michael Bloodfang
  3. “You may come inside.” Awaiting her to step through the door, Namiko fought the urge to look back towards the bed she had called home for three days. With seventy-two hours of rest under her belt, Namiko still felt like she was run over by a herd of elephants. Looking back towards the hound that softly whined with the motion of being told to stay, she closed the door behind the Matriarch as she cleared the threshold. The details of her living quarters were lost to her sister, but not the state of her arcane energy. Namiko was still pretty weak from the fight in Dougton, she had exerted her body in ways she hadn’t done in many years if at all. With mention of how long she had been asleep, she turned, dropping her hand from the soft wood of the door. “Ah yes, well.” Clearing the space between the door and a small vanity made of natural wood, Namiko sat in the small stool of grey wood, the white cushion greeting her rear as she sat. Looking at herself in the oval shaped mirror wrapped in the same natural grey wood, reaching out to adjust it to allow her to see her vision much clearer. “I feel tired, which means I’ve surpassed the exhaustion state I was in..” Looking at her messy hair in her reflection, her fingers moved to work out the long tangles. Moving her fingers from one side to another, she sighed, dropping her hands to rest in her covered lap. Turning from her vision in the mirror, she watched her sister as she continued to speak. “I am grateful for the space for my animals, I know they would greatly appreciate the space. “ The mention of dragons had piqued her interest, although she was kind of aware of their energies when she arrived shortly after the battle. “What can I do to help?” Turning back for the brush that sat untouched on her vanity top, she started to pull it through her long black mess of hair. Each untangled lock fell far below her waist, each brushing against the blue rug that covered the crafted wood floors. Knowing she couldn’t be much help in her nightgown, Namiko moved around her sister to retrieve clothing she would soon dress in behind a screen in the corner of her room. It was a tedious motion for her to dress, her fingers ached with each motion of tying and clasping her robes into place. Even pulling her hair into a thick braid that fell down her back gave away to the raw nerve endings of her body put under the pressure of releasing such raw arcane magic. All the while she moved and dressed, Namiko continued to speak with her sister. “I can’t say I really have much experience with dragons, but I am willing to try where I can to help.” Exiting from behind the dressing screen, she met the hazy gaze of her blind sister. Namiko’s energies grew with the motion of some sort of normalcy, giving a bright aura around the coven sister. @Fallen Joy
  4. Okina had been up before the first rays of daylight peaked over the hills, having carefully tended to her horse in preparations for their journey deeper into the unruly lands. Everything looked as it did on Okina before she had made the transformation the day before, her clothing and weapons were neatly secured to her body as she moved about the campsite. It wasn’t too far off from where they called a home, a spring of cool water traveled along a well wooded area. The trees were very happily growing near the water that moved with grace over moss covered stones, giving space for tadpoles and other water life to dwell. Okina could smell the crisp smell of the water, drawing her into a place where it pooled into a small watering hole. Kneeling down on the banks of the watering hole, she carefully filled a canteen she carried with her. Admiring the way the water moved from the stream to the pool and out to continue traveling, she wondered how far it went from where she stood. As the rays of sunlight began to break over the treeline, it was decidedly a good time to return to the camp which would soon be moving out. Leaving the cool dancing water behind her, Okina secured her canteen at her waist as she walked through the tree line back towards the camp of carnage. Breaking through the treeline Okina’s eyes shifted from the pile of corpses that began to bloat and attract flies, then to the man she pledged her servitude to who stood stretching away the night's stiffness. Combing her fingers through her short white hair, she pulled away a loose leaf allowing it to float away as her hand fell back at her side. As the others finished preparing, Okina had made it to the group just in time to hear the lecture Paris gave them. Nodding her head in agreeance to not sacrificing herself if things got too hairy for the group, she turned away to find her horse as she did some time before. Checking the saddle straps, she pulled her blades from her waist by the belt allowing them to be attached to the saddle in a way that would give her the ease of drawing them. Stepping up in the saddle shoe, Okina flung her leg over the wide beast. Seated as comfortably as one could be in such a hard leather saddle, she pulled the reins turning the massive beast towards the others showing she was ready to follow her employer into battle. @King
  5. I am around today, maybe feeling good on the writing side of things. 

    May need to wear my noise cancelling headphones as the hubs is gaming so loudly. 

  6. Tatia sat eagerly at the bar next to her lover waiting for whatever or whomever would become their next victims. The music that resonated through the acoustics of the establishment found their way into the movement of Lady Choisel. Her hips moved very subtle, her shoulders finding the same rhythm her hips had found within the music. Turning her gaze from Lienhart to Yulie, she met the gaze of her lover with a grand smile. “Why, yes! I do think she has a lot of potential, let's see what she can do for us. “ Turning her gaze back to the couple that was carefully pointed out by the entranced bartender, she knew this would be quite the task for the blonde who stood filing through her cell phone. In the meantime, Tatia carefully locked eyes with the bartender, her tongue glided over her painted lips. “I would like a whiskey over ice, please..” Although her thirst was for something more crimson, Tatia found the liqueur of humans to be quite tasteful. With the now crystalline glass being slid towards the delicate hand of Tatia, her fingers eagerly tangled themselves around the brown drink. Lifting the glass to her soft painted lips, she closed her eyes to the touch of the whiskey to her tongue. @Etched In Stone
  7. Hello Valucre RP Friends, 

    I know I have been absent with the promise of making posts once a week. I am going to be taking a weeks staycation starting March 5, I plan on making any due posts and catching up with you all. 


    Thank you, 

    Eternally yours, Eternity

  8. I am addicted to MTG Arena!

  9. Tired of not being enough for some in RP. 

    Constantly being asked to RP with others or have been just to be ghosted cause I don't fit IC agenda. 


    Time to move on with my bad self. Lol

    IRL is busier anyways, time to slink away. 

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    2. Michael Bloodfang

      Michael Bloodfang

      Oh, I'm so sorry you feel that way. I can totally relate to that, when you put a lot of tiem and effort into an RP and then you get negated from it. It has happened a bit recently to me...and it is very frustrating.

      I suppose the best way to get over it, is to just simply accept the fact that it happened and move on. Though it is hard, surely there are a lot of people that may want to RP with you, and are interested in doing long terms RPs with you. While also having fun.

      I mean, I'm enjoying our RP so far. The reason why I am so, inactive lol is because of school. I don't have it easy, I'm actually going towards my graduation so I have to learn for my exams. Currently we are doing English exams...well in the near future. Though enough rambeling, sorry to hear that and have a good day.



    3. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      I'm still here. Of course what I've intended for us is indeed, something long term. I havent wrote anything in a month, I owe several people posts that I just can't seem to get out right now. I try to inspire myself to keep writing, but also at the same time I tend to look for some inspiration through other people's work. I do get anxiety from not writing lol, or not knowing what to type up next. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who gets like that.

      Leinhart and the Choisels no matter how slow it may seem to move, we aren't going any where. I do apologize for my small sense of guilt as I feel slightly responsible we've got some major stories that has just now taken off and began to slow. I'm also open to the fact you've been here longer than myself and I'm sure you have several other plots with different people that this was nothing directed at anybody particular, but a general PSA.


    4. Eternity


      Exactly! @Etched In Stone, Just feeling down all around. Not really anyone's fault, just feeling the lack there of a muse to write. On the other hand I have a lot going on in real life. 

  10. Recently felt lost in my writing endeavors, well with much of my life. It comes and goes.
  11. -Demoness freed from lower levels of hell, becomes a guest of the devil. -Queen ready to turn her nation's old ways upside down.
  12. Drinking my coffee, and starting my work night. 

    Possible Crystallo posts to come. 

    1. princeben07


      Is ben EVER going to see Okina EVER again? Maybe? Maybe-even? Maybe-MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE?



    2. Eternity


      Probably not, she is currently employed by Paris in the Carmine Dominion. 

      Taking out bandits at the moment. 

  13. Gwen had to admit that it was quite bold of the girl who was helping Jack in her bath house, bold and very stupid of her to think she could just escort a stranger up into the penthouse apartment of the owner of such a lavish establishment. The movement of those in her establishment didn’t go unknown to the demoness in charge, she felt their energies moving from here to there. With her insight to the intruders of her sacred sanctum, Gwen had time to leave the quartz bathtub to wrap her delicate feminine features in a robe of silk. No anger would leak into her voice, but the pure energy that rolled through the room to greet her guests was dark, the type of feeling that would put a heavy pit in a person's stomach. Stepping through the open door of her bathroom, she stared at the girl long enough for the girl to get the unspoken order. The girl’s face paled as she gulped and turned to quickly leave and descend the stairs that lead up to her mistresses quarters. Turning her dark eyes to the young man who so daringly walked into her sanctum, she pulled her arm across her body holding the already tied robe tightly to her damp body. “Rather, do I have much choice?” Walking away from the steaming threshold, Gwen moved across the room passing by the four poster bed and the armour that held her clothing of choice. “What do you want Jack?” Crossing his path to the door that was left open by the frightened worker, Gwen pushed with the tips of her fingers sending the heavy door to slam shut behind him. It was hard for her to believe just how irritating this halfling truly was to her, and yet they didn’t know anything much about one another. Just the few tidbits shared here and there, and the eagerness he had to be alone with her in such intimate times. With the force of the door closing, Gwen was satisfied enough that what was about to be said would be left to the privacy of the two who stood in her place of rest. Having finished crossing the room to a wet bar set up with liquors and wines, her attentions were quickly drawn to the deep colored rum that sat on the corner of the bar. It was obvious this drink was quite favored by the demoness, as there was already a glass partially filled from the last time she poured a drink for herself. Tipping the open end of the glass to her nose, she relaxed to the spiced scented liquid. Taking to large gulps to finish what had last been poured, she slammed down the glass on the bar top turning to face the grey eyed man who had last haunted one of her visions.
  14. Feeling a slight irritation. 

    1. supernal


      Que paso?

    2. Rin


      Hope it goes away 😔

      Feel better soon 

    3. Eternity


      @supernal Now I need mexican food. 


      @Rin It never sticks around long. 

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