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  1. The Shell of Great Sins

    Tatia stood just off to the right of Leinhart, his suggestion of sightseeing, or shopping didn’t really much intrigue her. Although she was a person of history, she had a love for all things old. It might have been an obsession since she was as old as time, a pureblooded vampire birthed from the depths of hell where many different demons were spawned to bend this world to their whims. With her hands folded neatly over the thick material of her skirts, she would just smile while the others walked ahead of her. Tatia was still silent than most, but many of them were aware of the night she had come back from the depths of hell. She had devoured most of the cattle in the dungeon, her eyes had bleed into a dark red hue with gold rings around them. Her true demonic vision had been released on the realm, awaiting for her mind to be found. “I don’t so mind what we do, this will be my way of getting lay of the land here..” Reaching up with her right hand pulling some strands of hair behind her ears, she found her fingers entwining once more on the layers of skirt.
  2. Housecall [Joran City]

    Lydia was quite aware of what it was like to have enemies, she had for a time had to run from the few who wished to hunt her down for something she didn’t have control over. Nodding her head, she would turn to follow Cecil. Keeping pace with him, she would begin to find the silence a tad awkward. Although it wasn’t long until the man who asked for her services begun to speak about the problems with the engine in the ship. The pace they carried picked up as he lead her towards the edge of town, she would shift the tool bag from one hand to the other. Even though she tend to work out from time to time, the weight of her tools were beginning to feel awfully heavy to her as they traveled further out of town. "You should probably know the details of the job before we get there. My ship is in, a rather urgent condition. Our engine has been running hot for a while, and recent... events, put us firmly into overheating territory, and we were forced to make an emergency landing. My crew is trying to keep it from melting down before we get there, but none of us are experts, and we can't figure out the root of the problem. That's where you come in." The ships engine had been running hot for a while, something that could have a number of different reasons for happening Lydia thought. With her mind on the problem described to her, she started to ignore the aches of her muscles in her arms. Being pulled from her thoughts of what the root problem could be, Lydia would glance over to Cecil. “No problem..” Adjusting the bag of tools once more, she began to jog just slightly behind the exhausted looking man. Her eyes would move to the rock formations that were pointed out, it was further than she wished it to be in this heat. Wiping her forehead free of sweat with her free arm, she would feel her heart rate increasing as they moved with urgency to the ship needing help.
  3. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    It wasn’t long till Katya joined Bodice and Gwen up out of the water, her words reaching to Bodice. Willing to give the woman what she desired, while everyone else used what tempting gifts they carried through their experience of temptation and lust. With just that, lust rising in the room, Gwen felt herself fade inside her mind for a moment. Brought back to the reality of what she offered Bodice, she took the deal as well as her clothing. Feeling her dress being town from her, she kept eye contact with the elven woman. With her hands still resting at her sides, she didn’t move at the tugging of the dress from her cool damp flesh. “I will have your coach sent away as asked, and I will make due any other services and wishes as you ask..” Now her body was fully exposed to her guests, Gwen didn’t blush. Her body was a sort of temple, but she had nothing to be embarrassed of. Her body was beautifully curvy and held only the markings of her demonic lineage of the Sithis clan, the fire symbol curled over itself just inside her left inner thigh. Leaving Bodice where she stood, Gwen would move towards the door of the bathroom to peek out for the attention of on of the many attendants she employed. Just sticking her head outside of the room, she would be heard talking to someone out in the massive hall. With her orders being given, she would close the door while securing it from the inside. Turning her back against the door, she would eye the three guests that have taken her full attention. “I have done as you asked Bodice.. “ Stepping away from the door, she would pass the two women towards the bath where Koji stood watching the women. Her eyes would meet his own as she slowly entered the hot steaming bath waters, the feel of it warming her flesh. Although most of the time Gwen ran hot with the demonic blood that coursed through her, the cool damp flesh dropped her body temperature. Skimming her hands over the top of the hot bath waters that were constantly being replenished by the elegant oriental style faucets that surrounded the latter half of the bath, Gwen would dip her body below the water to soak her long red tresses. Rising up not far from Koji her hands pushing the long wet red locks back over her shoulders, she would give the briefest of smiles. “What are your wishes?” She would present this question to the man who wished to seal a business deal with the demoness of the Sakura Onsen Sento.
  4. [-The Broken Chant Tavern-]

    After the failing coronation of the Queen, Justus had lead Charlotte to his quarters in the main living quarters of the Black Heart Knights. Since then they had move towards the Broken Chant Tavern where he would see a familiar face in Frank the barkeep who always slaved away in the tavern over the years. Having left Charlotte asleep in the room they were currently staying in, Justus descended the stairs of the Inn portion of the tavern towards the main space for patrons to take drink and meat, enjoying the company of others or brooding alone in the corner. Reaching the end of the stairwell Justus would stop just through the doorway towards the active part of the tavern, his silver eyes scanning over the few patrons that took part in the art of drink. It was nice to see that not much had changed over the years, and how much it was still the same from the days he truly served his Queen. Stepping from the shadows of the stairwell doorway, Justus would pass the bar towards a table where he spotted a familiar face. Noticing Vivian sat awaiting him and those few knights that still remained in Orisia, Justus would approach from behind her, “It has been far too long..” With those words spoken, Justus took up a chair next to the fellow Knight of the Order. @Pasion Pasiva
  5. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    While Tatia comforted Leinhart with the news that she settled things with Quin, his hand found its way to her slender hips. Holding somewhat close to him, she would let her hands fall from his face to rest upon his chest. Feeling his hand move down her spine his nails easily piercing the fabric of her dress, she felt the punctures that allowed a drop of blood leave her flesh before closing. Sometimes being this close to him made her leave the reality they stood in, with the ability to search each other’s minds if wanted she often found herself daring to scrape just below his surface. Although she didn’t dare dive deeper into his mind, she would feel the tension between them change. Since that night she spent in the dungeons devouring whomever they gave her, she had to fight the true demonic form to regain her mind. Since then she found some sort of deeper comfort being with Leinhart, but she also knew that sooner or later if it was willed she would have to take on a far greater duty than just being his sister. As the moment between the two was rudely interrupted by the raven taking vampire form with in the lord’s bedchambers, Tatia shifted away from Leinhart as she regarded the woman. As Nova made her attempt to come at Tatia to show some sort of intimidation, Leinhart acted with intercepting her. With her arms still folded over her breasts, she felt some sort of satisfaction fall over her as Leinhart nearly crushed the woman’s throat. “Leinhart..” Unsure her words would be moving to him, she didn’t care much about what happened to the woman who threatened her in her own home. Ignorance poured from her pores as she was snarky about the windows not being locked, or what have you. Dropping her arms to her sides, she would step closer to Leinhart reaching up with her right hand to touch his around Nova’s neck. Her blue eyes started to shift in color slightly from the anger that arose with the interruption. Darker now they looked into the red orbs of Leinharts, her fingers gliding over his hand gently. “Release her, we can put her in the dungeons for the night..” Her eyes shifted to the vampire stranger. “She isn’t worth your anger, let her be punished by the keeper down below..” Tatia often referred to the dungeon master as the keeper when it came to prisoners.
  6. With Rin taking in the blood of a full-fledged demon her body became whole, a being level higher than what she was. The vampire aspect of her took hold as she latched onto Raven’s neck taking in the hot blood that ran through his veins. He felt her pull from his neck to drop to the floor taking on her change again, and returning for more of the boiling blood that coursed through him. “Rin, it is time to move past this and pursue the next step in the plan. “ Allowing his bride to be to push him against the wall, he would grin something dark. He could feel the symbol of his merging with hers on the back of his new demonic bride. Reaching out he would touch her cheeks with a very gentle touch, his red eyes piercing her own. “We need to take care of Vex, he is going to prove to be a problem in what we plan to accomplish..” Pushing her away gently, he would step away from the wall. Looking his lady up and down, he would feel the shift in everyone that moved through his castle. IT was like the staff weren’t done with their evolution. Moving towards the door of the bed chambers, Raven would put Rin’s desires aside to accomplish the problem that still was an issue within their own personal castle.
  7. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    It was completely obvious she interrupted something very intimate between the two women, the woman who stalked towards them naked introduced herself as Bodice Brochard. Her dark eyes followed the woman who stated she didn’t want to share, her body was very alluring. It had been a very long time since she last met with someone like Bodice, or well a person of elven decent. Gwen had no intent to stop anything that was going on between the two women or share either.. “Bodice, I didn’t intend to have you not attended as desired..” Turning towards the woman who was briefly stopped by Koji, she would approach her before she could leave the room. “Please stay, it appears the two of them wish it, and I still have to hash out some business with Koji..” Turning to see that he had lost his towel and returned to Katiyas side in the hot tub. Tired of being so soft in her approaches, it appeared that they wanted her to be more than a business owner at this point. Moving to step in front of the tall woman, she would reach out to grab her hands gently. Turning away from the door to pull the woman with her, she would give a dark smile. “Could you really give up on the pleasures that is being offered to you?” Stopping feet from the bath, she would bring the woman’s hands to her hips. “I’ll allow you to undress me from this damp dress, and I will join you all..” Resting her hands on the elf’s she would smile, “that is if that is suitable to you.. I will also add a full night of private service from myself..” Letting her hands drop away from Bodice’s own, she would allow the woman to take her clothing from her if desired. Gwendolyn would be left with thin black lace panties that barely covered her ass, closing her eyes for a brief moment to disappear in her head. It wasn’t often Gwen would freely give herself to others, especially to convince another to stay. The moment with the other three held a lot of potential, and a business deal to close.
  8. Paper cut the crap out my finger with a patients chart and eating yogurt and granola with a fork...
  9. Four Years Later...

    Welcome back!!
  10. Act, and Witches will act.

    Namiko’s body was heavy with the fatigue brought on by the heavy use of her magic, something she hadn’t done in quite some time. Every so often she would use her magic to bring the purity of the water near her garden to the soil, or to heal one of the animals she cared for at her cottage. Now she found herself exercising her powers in a way that was far beyond what she did on a normal day, and now she was being asked to heal the people of Dougton. “The herbal fountain should be just fine..” Turning her head as the Matriarch requested to see the herbal garden, she would look down to see her hand finding her arm to slide down into her hand. Following the doctor through the clinic while leading the Matriarch, she was suddenly hit with the fresh smell of the herbs that were being tended to behind the clinic. Although something wasn’t quite right with the herbs closest to the building, they were tainted somehow by the presence of the darkness that was threatening to take over the townspeople. Still holding the hand of her new companion she walked towards the fountain, her free hand moving to touch the cool water that freely flowed from the creeks that fed it. Closing her eyes for a moment, she let the energy of the water wash over her hand. Opening her eyes to look back over at her sister, she would glance over to the doctor. “I have some knowledge of herbology, nothing too advanced.” Before much more could be said her sister interrupted her to the sudden thought of the amulet, all to be distracted by the massive Orc bodyguard that was turned jungle gym by two small children. Looking over to the Orc who loudly grunted while sitting still as a rock, she patted the Matriarchs hand for a moment. “I believe your worries can be put rest, it is safe on your bodyguard.” With the children being shooed away from the Orc and the Doctor getting back to his duties, Namiko let go of the Matriarchs hand to explore the garden of herbs. Wandering the garden Namiko found some passionflowers often used as a sedative, kneeling she would touch the dirt around the herb. “Blessed be.” she whispered as she picked the necessary herb. Standing she would look about her hoping to spot some valerian, finding the plant she hurried to pick it after saying the blessing. Taking the herbs to the woman who was selling remedies to the townsfolk, she would smile. “Grinding these up together should prove to be a potent sedative the Doctor could use for patients that are being unruly..” Watching the woman nod her head while taking the flower, Namiko would return to the Matriarch. “I need rest, and we must find some place to allow the doctor to use our beds for much needed patients..” Before she had forgotten, she walked over to the fountain once more. Touching the water with both of her hands palms down, she would close her eyes to say a blessing. The water seemed to pick up a brighter shine from the sunlight, as its purity properties were cleansed. “I suggest watering the plants with the fountains waters, if they don’t already feed them..” Finding her new friend’s hand with her own after returning to her side, she would begin to lead her away from prying ears and eyes.
  11. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The heat of the steam room gave away more of her features through her damp clothing, and she picked up on the fact Koji was seeing what she was feeling. Glancing down over the dress that now somewhat clung to her thighs, she would look up to watch him take a towel to wrap around his waist. It wasn’t odd for her to see clients in the nude, in fact it was naturally accepted of her to be in their presence in such a vulnerable state. The surprise of the invitation to join her guest and his lady counterpart in one of her baths showed on her face for a brief moment, although it wasn’t uncommon for some of the men that frequented her bath house to try and lure her in to their rooms. The attraction to him was there, she felt it as she could smell his pheromones in the air. After all she did offer for him to talk with her privately, but it seemed he wanted to do more than sample the bath house but the owner herself. “Well if you want to sample more than just my services, I can arrange for free time to be spent with you.” Turning towards the door of the steam room, she would glance back at the man who seemed to be trying to lure her to more than his lands. With a smirk forming over her soft pink painted lips, “It seems we will have to find your companion...to make what you wish to happen..unless you don’t mind just myself..” Leaving through the door nearly crashing into Anya, she would scowl at the girl. “Anya! Please do be careful! Be aware of what you’re doing..” Noticing the worried look on the young girls face, she would feel a questioning look form on her face. “What is it?” Anya dropped her eyes to her hands that were playing with each other in a nervous fashion. “Well his companion is in their bath with another customer.. Bodice is her name.. The guest with the request of two attendants…” Having lost sight of the fact she had another high end guest on her list to attend to, she felt a tad silly having to intervene in what was happening. Waving away at Anya, “I will handle it, go tend someone else please..” Watching as the nervous girl ran off towards another hall, Gwen shifted to look back at Koji. “It appears Katya has found someone to play with while we speak business… and pleasure..” Walking towards the intended bath house room they were assigned the night prior, Gwen felt the skirt of her dress finally release its hold from her thighs. Stopping short of the room, she would turn to face the bold emperor. “I find it bold of you to offer more than a place for my business, and I do find you and your lady very enticing..” No longer wishing to be hesitant in what she wanted, she would let her desire to be customer complaint fade away into the background. Stepping very close to him, her hand touching him briefly on the chest. “I do look forward to meeting privately with you and your lady if that is what you wish.. “ Before she said much more, she turned away to reach for the door of the bathroom. Stepping through the doorway her dark vermillion eyes found the Elf woman and Katya sharing the bath.. “I do hope I am interrupting something very private..” Smiles.

    Wow, I am so sorry that you have to endure yet another heart attack. I hope that they can fix you and at least get you home where you are more comfortable.
  13. While Vex’s words fell on deaf ears and Shia dragged him to the servant’s quarters, Raven knew he could count on his staff to take care of the demon hunter. It wouldn’t be long till he too would fall amongst the ranks of those who served Rin and Raven. It didn’t matter how much he fought against them, nor how long it would take they would have all the key players in their grasp sooner or later. After leaving Shia to her business with the pest Raven felt the presence of Rin finding her way back to the bed chambers that were now his own. “Rin, my dear.” He would call out as he moved down the halls finding his way to the massive doors of the bed chamber. The ironic thing of it all her body somehow dispelled the ore she had consumed the day before. That would become an issue if everyone who have consumed the ore also found a way to expel it from their bodies. With no servants to open the doors for him, Raven pushed his way through the massive door to find Rin on her knees in the middle of the room. “Oh, my dearest Rin, you thought you could leave me?” A dark grin appeared on his face as he felt the Sithis sigil weaving its spell over her body once more, digging further into her soul Closing the door behind him to delay anymore interruptions, Raven would come to Rin who sat back on her legs now. Muttering that she now remembered, it seemed that she had reverted to her halfling state. Disappointed with what happened, he on one had was glad that he didn’t have to deal with the taint of the ore in Rin’s body anymore. Now he had to give her the blood of his pure demon self, a way to help coax the real full true form of Rin from hibernation. Kneeling before Rin, Raven would reach out with both hands taking her face into his massive palms. Pulling her eyes to meet the red of his own, he would smile. “Rin, I am not sure how you did it, but you managed to expel the Ore.. “ Looking her over as he held her face in his hands, he would hmm to himself as he thought. “Although, it seems that you are truly meant to stay Sithis… You may really be the bride I am meant to find, a wife to bring a new lineage of Sithis rule to the land..” Holding her face in his left hand, his right would come through her teal curls. Pulling Rin into his arms, he would stand with her. With Rin on her feet in his arms, he would let his red eyes pierce her own. Searching deep with in her soul, he could feel that the fight her body put into play was nearly done with. “It’s time to end this charade, and deal with Vex for good.” Moving his left hand from cradling her face, he would lean his head to the right as he kneeled before her. “Take my blood Rin, become whole. It is time to deal with the farce that is the Elders and their supposed infinite of wisdom.” Giving his neck to her to feed upon, taking in his blood and power would make her pure for once and for all. After they dealt with the minor issue that was the demon hunter, the two of them would move to take on the elders of Athentha and unify to two lands under their rule.
  14. That night Sune’s party made camp under the stars, around a hot burning fire. The messenger watched as the camp laughed and shared stories, each carrying a large amount of courage to take on this sort of journey. The night was quiet and soothing, a well-deserved evening of rest before the journey continued the next morning. Sune rested up by the trunk of the tree, and she kept her eyes on those she led towards the great underground city of Crystallo Stella. Every now and then Sune would wake to see the creatures of the forest move around them, some daring enough to sniff over the boots or bedding of those that dared to brave the thick ancient forests of the mountain. The deeper they would go the harder it would become to move through the vegetation. The morning sun rose with the sound of the birds, each of the party woke and stretched. Some moved about finding their morning boosts, some lit a pipe, others made coffee over the fire. Sune on the other hand stood up with a stretch, her arms reaching high up towards the canopy of the forest. Letting out a long yawn she would drop her hands down to come through her long black locks after smoothing back her fox ears. Stretching her calves and her toes, Sune found one or two of the party staring at her. They still disapproved of her not wearing shoes, which made her wiggle her toes at them for a moment. Even though she was a very light-hearted being, she had the discipline and power when it really meant something. In all seriousness Sune stepped out from under the tree to address the party. “Lets continue this quest, we’ve got a new place to share with the world of Valucre..” Giving them a brief smile, she would turn to grab for the long walking stick she had brought from the town where she gathered the party so brave to take on this journey. Everything around them was so green and smelled so fresh. The trees were tall and thick, each covering the ground with a canopy of thick leaves and branches. Bushes and other ground level flora would be come thicker the further into the forest they traveled, the air cooler than out on the side of the mountain. Some of the creatures seen by the party would be different than what they would see in other places, the curiosity of the group could prove to be a good and a bad thing. Sune the Messenger pushed forward down the fading path into the thick of it all, bouncing lightly on the heels of her bare feet.
  15. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    It seemed that Leinhart had felt her coming, with Tatia moving inside she noticed he had changed both clothing and mood. He held a cool air about him, as if what happened didn’t actually happen. Standing near the massive bed, she would reach out to lean against the corner of the bed. When her eyes met his own, she would give a brief smile. “Quin is fine, I made sure of that. Scared her good Lein.” Moving away from the bed to take up the space in front of Leinhart, she would reach out to touch his cheek with the tips of her fingers. Pulling her hand away from his face, she would tilt her head to the side a bit. “I sent some of the staff to help her fix the clinic back up..” Before much more could be said, her blue-grey eyes shot towards the window to the sound of a raven. The power used to speak to them was interesting, it tingled as it faded away with the vampire stepping their way into the room through the bed chambers window. The words of the women irritated Tatia although it couldn’t be seen on her face, stepping away from Leinhart a bit she would feel her cheeks flush a little. A moment ruined, a moment she finally took to be alone with her brother. “Unfortunately this isn’t a show, nor a privilege for your eyes.” The tone Tatia held changed, like the shift in a snake ready to strike. Folding her arms over her breasts, she would stare at Nova who now made herself at home in the Lord’s chambers. The way she addressed him also irritated Tatia, the lack of respect resonated from the stranger.