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  1. Found an image to base my under water character on, I am excited.
  2. Hey! Just curious what happened to you? I hope all is alright with you! Just want to check in and say it's your post in our rp. 

  3. I am creating a character to live here, yes I am!
  4. Looks like I am gonna cruise the water cooler
  5. D&D on was really entertaining. So I want to write, give me your replies!! :D :D :D
  6. Waiting on posts for @Mag @Rin @PandaHat
  7. Welcome welcome!! I've tried to get my husband on here, he would rather play games.
  8. About to play D&D via this will prove interesting.
  9. Once the main thread starts who wants to possibly do something with the Navigator?
  10. So not everyone is gonna be in the thread?
  11. While hanging up the kimono's in the shop, her attention was caught by the laughter of a small group of women. Three women had walked into the shop, one short and plump, another was tall and thin, the other was of medium height, and had a horrible complexion. The three women were talking about the goings on of the town, one dropped the names of the royal family that ran the place. One of the names was of a familiar person, and they all giggled and laughed afterwards. Walking away from the work she had been doing, she put on a smile to greet the women with. "Good Afternoon ladies! May I be of an assistance to you?" The three ladies stopped giggling to look at Aoi up and down, dressed in her blue kimono. The medium girl stepped forward with a grin on her face, she continued to stare at Aoi and her mismatched eyes. "Yes! We are looking for the highest quality, most beautiful kimono's you have in the shop!" Nodding her head to the ladies before her, she turned to direct them towards the rack of kimonos that were just being hung up. Many of them had just been made days before by the lady of the shop, they were made of beautiful silks and lace. The girls "oo'd and aw'd" the women quickly scrambled to the rack of clothing, digging through them like they were lost treasure just found. Stepping back out of the way, Aoi would just watch the women as they looked at each and every piece that was displayed before them.
  12. Working on my list for It Works! Global! Wondering if I get that raise I asked for at work, otherwise I am out! Husband wants me to work on my stuff for my future business. I need to release my imagination through posts.
  13. Adulting against my will again!