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  1. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    I had made a post, still waiting on the others before I continue forward.
  2. Did you know that we've been doing it wrong the whole time? Monkeys actually peel them the way we consider backwards.
  3. Meeting an Old Friend

    Silver eyes stared at Charlotte as she sat like royalty on the couch, her tone held little fear like it once did. Anger didn't radiate from her like the last time they met, something inside her seemed to have evolved. Listening to her talk holding the towel in place, she spoke of the queen being dead and then not dead. It appeared something wrong was happening in the DuGrace family, and he wasn't there doing his duty to the queen. The topic shifted to the pile of flesh and bones in the carpet, the blood on the edges slowly beginning to dry. Justus looked to the mess on the floor, then to the blonde beauty before him telling him to take care of it. It didn't occur to him that she was nearly commanding him, but what more was to be expected? Just recovering from weeks of being starved and beaten, he would do what he must. “I will take care of the mess..” looking down to the towel he clutched around his waist, he had to solve this issue first. Pulling his gaze back up to Charlotte, Justus gave a bow turning towards the door of the above room she rented. Opening the door with his right hand while his left held the towel in place, he would glance back at her before vanishing with speed vampires like him were known for. Justus owed his life to the angel which he wouldn't betray, nor would he leave her for long. Justus had found mans clothing out drying on the line near a cottage, the pants were black and the shirt its polar opposite. Leaving nothing behind he would return to the room with two housekeepers at his side. Turning towards them as they stood side by side, he would lock their gazes to his. A shimmer would slide through his silver blue eyes, as his words seemed to caress them. “You both will clean up the mess in the room, scrubbing away all traces of that bag of bones..” keeping their gazes locked in his, he would open the door with his right hand. “When finished you will forget that you were here and what you did..” Waiting he held the door open long enough for the two women to come in and start their work. Catching the gaze of Charlotte for a moment he would step through, closing the door. Justus stood wearing black pants and a white shirt, the long sleeves falling down to his wrist. A moment was taken to take boots left near the door of another home, worn but would serve their purpose.
  4. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Meanwhile in the bath house Gwen walked down one of the long halls leading to each of the bath rooms, each attendant standing in an attention type stance. Looking up each male and female attendant, she judged their uniform and appearance. It was important to be appealing to the customer, to in part bring total satisfaction to their experience. Clapping her hands once, she would turn her dark eyes upon them as a whole. “Keep aware of the needs of our guests, we are here to please them.” Nodding her head once they all turned to finish their duties, while others continued to prep for guests waiting for their baths to be drawn. Guests who awaited their baths drawn with oils and salts; sat in the parlors drinking teas and munching on cakes and other specialty snacks, all the while conversing with each other. Eternity aka Gwendolyn was demon of old royal blood, she worked hard towards treating others like herself with respect. Striving to bring pleasure to those willing to pay for it. While the others moved around her, she walked to her office near the main double door entrance of the establishment. New guests walked in of all sorts, many of the vampiric sort, few human hybrids. One thing was for sure, the Cold Mountains hid this diamond well.
  5. Act, and Witches will act.

    Looking towards the Matriarch, she would smile. Her emotion lightening with the mention of comradery being more suited for her. Shrugging her shoulders. “I suppose being with others like myself is much better. Staying alone was a choice I made a long time ago.” Watching the Orcs pull their steeds into a line, she would look around to the new changing surroundings. “I left my home after I lost my mother.” Looking down to her hands, she would pull them apart as they were folded in one another. Pulling in a deep breath, she would reflect on the thought of her mother. Although it had been years since she last been to her home village by the water, she still prayed and paid tribute to the woman who taught her all she knew about the gift she carried. Feeling the moisture building in the air, she would look up to the clouds above. It was beginning to get dark and soon it would be pouring. Turning her eyes to the Matriarch once more “It’s about to rain, feels like a real heavy storm is coming, might last most of the night.” She could almost touch the moisture in the air, in fact she could manipulate it if she truly felt like it. “Shelter in the gorge may be enough..” Feeling herself change the topic, she would give another thought “I like hearing about yourself.. I have spent most of my time alone with animals..”
  6. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    I made my post, although we may be waiting on another two to join the group? @Holden @Anarchy's Finest @Bkfootball @Last Magician @The Blex @ODSTDRAGON
  7. Her ears twitches to the sound of flapping wings, her eyes turned up to meet Icarus as he landed in front of Sune. Her face lite up like the sun with a smile, her eyes following others who too joined them. Concern for the way she was dressed and lack of shoes grew among those who've already joined her that morning for the big journey. Looking down to her bare feet she let out a laugh, watched as her toes wiggles under her command. “Oh! Have no worries friends!” Looking over her own garb, she would reach up and fold her arms behind her head. “I travel bare foot all the time, and I'll never catch my clothing on a stick or branch of any sort!” Rolling back on the balls of her heels, her hands falling back to grab the walking stick that seemed to stand on its own. She would let out another giggle as she felt a slip of her stifled magic possess the stick. Looking about over the others, Sune’s smile faded for a moment. “I think we're waiting on one more?” Leaving the question out there for anyone to answer, she would become cheery once more.
  8. [Lorean] Wandering Lone Wolf

    Attaching her swords to the leather of the saddle bags on the Prince’s mare, she would orient herself to easily mount the horses back. Sticking her left foot in the stirrup, Okina lifted and threw her leg over the saddle. With her body in place, she felt him mount the horse behind her. With his hand on her, she would feel him put the horse into motion with a swift kick. Listening to him talk about how beautiful the country side was, she would look about taking in the surroundings he spoke of. Soon with his attention fully on her again, she would feel his tickling. Moving her ears slightly, she would turn her gaze to the side over her right shoulder. “Okina..” Saying her name to the constant calling of she wolf. “I did have a pack, my mother was a leader. I left in my teenage years to break free of them..” Her thoughts would trail off to her past, something she quickly smashed away. Adjusting her butt a little, she would take in a deep breath. Unsure of whether or not she should ask questions. “I am not sure what has become of the pack quite honestly, I like being a loner.”
  9. This is exciting to me, as I am currently working my way through One Piece.
  10. The sun rising over the horizon was cascading oranges and pinks throughout the dark blue sky, roosters announced the new day. As promised Sune stood outside the tavern with a worn out canvas bag on her back, waiting for the brave adventurers to begin gathering. Sune was still oddly garbed in the red and gold silks, her feet bare. One look and any long time adventurer would think her insane to travel that way. Sune not sure of the confinement of shoes, preferred feeling the earth under her feet. She believed that she had better control of her footing, but gave her an advantage over the others in natural occurrences. Leaning her body against a beautifully carved walking stick, she would let out a soft yawn. Loose strands of black hair would fall over her face, each swaying with the gentle morning breeze. Both of her hands held tightly at the top of the stick, her body bent inwards setting her butt out a little. Humming a soft tune she waited, eager to see the first to arrive. The sun rising gave off some warmth proving the day may be a hot one, but that wouldn't stop them. Sune would straighten herself up, one hand falling from the walking stick. Watching the shadows dance away with the sun rays, she would perk her fox ears as people came and gone. Although they were not the travelers, she knew they would find her sooner or later.
  11. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    Currently working on post. Gonna be good.
  12. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    I want to apologize for not posting yet, I will get it up soon! Classes just started up again for the quarter. Thanks for your patience.