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  1. My children say it's time to get up, I think otherwise. They demand cereal.. I guess I should give in to those demands.
  2. I have just finished 3-4 days of pure hell with my son running temperatures as low as 101.9 to as high as 104.5. Most of the time even after giving Tylenol he would spike back up to about 103 give or take a few points. Taken him to the ER on Thursday and tested negative for Flu and RSV, giving him Antibiotics for a possible ear infection. Yesterday evening, and today he is almost 100 percent himself again. It's pretty scary trying to keep a child's body temp down, even when they scream, cry and fight you when you give them cool baths, stick cool cloths under their chin. My poor baby, makes me feel so bad when all you can do is what I listed.
  3. With Jo’s comment left in the moment, Raven couldn’t help but catch the twinkle in her eyes giving him a very mischievous grin. Her comment had been well played, and it brought out some of the darkness that he had kept in check, turning his attentions to the waiter that stood like a statue with two different wines in his hands he would motion to have the white wine poured into his glass. Glancing over to Jo, he would motion for her to choose her drink. “Whatever the lady wishes, even if it’s not wine she chooses.” He had a feeling she wasn’t quite a wine kind of girl, but maybe more of a rum or whiskey type. After his glass of wine was poured, he would bring the glass to his lips. It was sweet to the touch of his tongue, the taste of the flowers used would be distinguishable to his taste buds. Placing the glass on the table top, he would fold his hands on the table top. “What do you prefer we have for dinner this evening?” Picking up and glancing over the dinner menu, he would let his red hues rest on the woman who sat across from him. Yes, he was of noble blood, noble demonic blood but he quite the wild dark side to him. Chaos was an addiction to his kind, war and the thrill of battle would always become a pleasure of theirs. Raven hadn’t had a woman companion or lover in years, as he was always traveling never staying in one place for too long. Although he hadn’t had the pleasure to entertain a woman, his touch never left.
  4. Finishing the hooves of her great black stead, she would move around to take the reins that dangled from his neck and lead him towards his empty stall. Removing the reins from Midnight, she would make sure to fill his bucket with oats, and a few carrots. Closing the door to his stall, she would clean up her supplies used in caring for her horse. Smiling to some of the caretakers who would pass her by, she would carefully put each item back where they could be found by the staff that cared for all of the other horses. Constance had become a familiar face in the stables as of late, finding it be a place to find peace from her duties or a place to think. Dusting off her clothing, she would take her sword that was hanging near the stall of her horse sliding into its place on her hip. At times the great wall she had built in her mind’s eye would start to crumble, giving way to a few escaped emotions, or thoughts. Leaving the stables, she would glance up to the massive building that was the castle, all of the stained glass would reflect the light of the sun. Protected by an amulet that was enchanted by a witch, she would be safe walking in daylight. Taking advantage of the ability to walk in daylight, she would wander towards the gardens that were always well kept. Passing the great golden hall that held the coronation not but a week before, she would stare at it for what seemed an eternity. Turning her crimson gaze away from the hall, she would stop near the maze. “Should I take the longer route?” Posing the questions as if someone would answer her.
  5. Watching as the massive bodyguard glared at her for a moment, he would reach down to try and crush the amulet that rested around the Matriarchs neck. Watching as nothing seemed to happen to the amulet itself, he was able to snap the chain and remove it from the other witch’s neck. Watching as she seemed to wake up from a daze, sitting up and soon hugging Namiko. Surprised by the gentle gesture, she would bring her arms around the woman for a brief moment before the hug ended. “You are most welcome. Kana is out in the darkness somewhere, she helped me free all of you.” Turning to look out into the darkness, she would then look down at the amulet. They couldn’t risk leaving it where they stood, it had to be taken with to lower the risk of anyone else getting their hands on such a device. Listening to her speak to the other orc in their language, she was really impressed that she could speak it. From her understanding it was difficult language to learn, and very few knew it. “Just the one day since you’ve contacted me, I took to my horse to come find you after your image disappeared suddenly.” Getting to her feet, she stared down at the amulet. Taking a sash that was tied to her waist off, she would reach down to pick up the amulet hoping that it not having contact to her skin would keep it from sucking the magic from her body. “We need to lock this up..” If she was able to keep in contact with the amulet, she would wrap it tightly in the sash to stash in her saddle bags. Turning to the darkness, she would whistle in such a way to catch the attention of her well trained horse. Waiting for the beast to return to her side, she would wonder who could have forged such a type of amulet such as the one they had among them.
  6. Nodding towards Capri, “You’re most welcome.” Watching as he moved to get a glass of gin, soon turning it into tea Capri made himself comfortable across from Rin and Raven. The girl who traveled with him quickly moved to sit with him, playing with the magitek cube she carried. Watching as the bigger man disappeared through the doorway into the hall, Raven would focus his red eyes on the boy across from him. Glancing to Rin as she stood to refresh her drink, he carefully watched as the two interacted with one another. The tension between them was thick and electric, it could be felt hanging in the air. Certain choices of words seemed to spark a fire in Rin, and he knew that things could easily get ugly if it were to get out of hand. “Yes, I was just discussing with Rin about how I have come here to establish my family lineage once more, and to possibly serve her from here. That is if I am found worthy enough, although she tells me it comes at such a large cost..” Picking up his drink, he would finish the alcoholic beverage before continuing. “You see I am from an ancient line of nobles, Demon. And after years of avoiding my duties to the Sithis line, I’ve decided it was time to do what it was my father wished I do.” Pulling his arm from the back of the couch to rest beside him, he would look between the three of them. Acknowledging that Capri had sent Legend off to help in the kitchens, he would smile. “I am sure all the help that is offered will be appreciated in this large event.” Meanwhile Legend would have found his way through the maze of halls towards the large kitchen where servants and chefs were in the process of creating and preparing dinner. Vegetables would be cut on boards on the main table, next to dishes of fresh fruit that had been prepared. The smell of meat being seasoned and prepared to be cooked would find itself coming through the door into the main hall. Edward could be seen coming and going, giving orders to the servants who were responsible for different tasks in preparation of the dinner.
  7. Another day of work, and my son is sick. Thank goodness my hubby is a software engineer who can work from home.
  8. Losing his humanity? She could try to force it from him if she could manage that type of a lull over him. “Why not you? You are the ruler of these lands, pretty much declared anyone who gets in your way will be obliterated.” “I will accept what you bring as it comes, and if I don’t like it I suppose we would deal with it as it happens. I can’t say I would agree with everything you did, but if I did then I truly would be your pawn.” A soft chuckle would leave his lips, while his eyes shot to the door of the room they currently sat in. Raven could feel the energy of the three guests that arrived through a portal coming through the hall with Edward. “If a fight happens, then I will meet the challenge head on as you do.” Truly Raven wanted to rule the lands with her, even if it meant being one of her pawns. The half breed was very fascinating, beautiful even, the darkness that radiated from her body was quite intoxicating. The doors opened to reveal three standing before them, turning in his seat on the couch to face the door with a smile. Rin’s reaction to the three spoke volumes to him, it appeared an enemy of hers had come to the dinner as well. Rin seemed to shift closer to Raven as the eighth seed made his presence known, the girl and the taller man seemed to surround him like the proper entourage they were. Standing from his seat on the couch for a moment, he would bow his head towards Capri. “Lord Capri, Welcome! Please help yourself to a drink at the cart near the door, and have a seat if you wish.” Sitting back down into the spot on the couch that become hot from the body heat he put off as a demon. “Rin and I have just been talking about my intentions here, but I can see that there is tension between you both.” Pulling his arm to rest up on the back of the couch that stretched behind the princess, and the other arm on the arm of the couch. “I would like to make it known I will not tolerate conflict, and combat here in my home.” Smiling, he would relax into the couch. “I would hope you all would leave it for when the dinner has ended and you take your leave.” His words were stern with a sense of calm, he was being polite with his warnings. Raven would enact a spell that would encase his home with a barrier that would null out any magic that could be used against other guests in the vicinity. Combat wouldn’t be permitted while they mingled and learned from each other.
  9. Welcome to Valucre!!
  10. Welcome to Valucre!
  11. Morning! Blueberry oatmeal and coffee, then I am off to work.. gotta make that sushi.
  12. Welcome to Valucre!!
  13. Welcome to Valucre! You have a great start to a character, you can develop her more as you use her in the world of Valucre.
  14. Still open for those who want to join, soon the dinner will commence.