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  3. It would seem that not all the servants had retired for the night, and a new presence was in the castle. Raven carefully finished his glass of rum as Rin crawled into his lap, draping her body over his while softly kissing his neck. It wasn’t long till he felt the lingering presence of a maid coming to the very door of their bedchambers. With the knock against the thick wood door, Rin surrendered leaving Raven the ability to stand. Setting his empty glass down on the serving table, he would glide to the door with little to no effort. Pulling the door open to eye the maid, her demeanor gave way to the fear of being punished by the lord of the castle. “Esben Eden, you say?” It was certainly late for a calling to be taken, but Raven couldn’t ignore a guest who had previously announced he would be arriving. “Very well, tell Esben Eden that I will be with him shortly in the discussion chambers..” Raven didn’t hesitate to close the door on the clambering maid, turning his red hues to his bride to be he smirked. Walking towards the bed where Rin had taken up residence, he would sit beside her. “Esben had written a letter that I received a week ago, but I thought he would have some decency to speak with me at least in the morning.” Reaching over to lightly draw his hand down the side of Rin, he would give her a smile. “Sorry love, our nightly ritual will have to be put on hold for tonight.” Stand from where he sat on the bed with Rin, Raven moved to the door of the bedchambers. Rin’s words met his ears spreading a dark smile over his lips, his hand tightening around the handle of the door. Disappearing out of the room, Raven took his time to make his way towards the chambers where he met all of his diplomatic guests. What did Esben want? Raven thought idly to himself, as he passed some lingering servants tending nightly duties. Finally making it into the discussion chambers, Raven moved to pour himself another glass of rum from the cart that held liquors of all kinds. Not once did he bother to make eye contact with the guest, until his hand embraced the cool glass of rum. “Esben Eden, please have a seat.” Gesturing to the table, Raven himself sat down while sipping the dark spiced liquid.
  4. Eternity

    Act, and Witches will act.

    "I'm with you, Sister." Her words pushed the courage in her heart to grow, adding to the light of the magi in her body that powered the purity in the waters that now protected them. Watching with her amber hues as the Matriarch knelt down gathering the herbs that have been purified with the touch of the spring waters that flowed from the fountain, she knew what her intent was before her words were spoken. Taking her pick of the herbs, she would carefully push them past the pale pink of her lips. The taste of the greens were refreshing against her palate, it made her feel like she had slept a week with no interruptions. Energy flowed through her with easy, coaxing her chakras to open to their full potential. With the plan put into motion to travel north towards the thicker darkness, to take on the elves that threatened the very lives of this town. Namiko watched as each one of her companions did their rituals in preparations, happily taking the tonic her coven sister prepared. Lost in her mind, she would find herself pulling open the massive fan that usually rested on her back. Inspecting her totem, she would carefully folded it up and replaced it upon her back. What if I can’t purify the darkness? I can’t let my coven down, I can’t let myself fail?! A battle was raging inside Namiko’s mind as she focused her energy in the core of her chakras. Pulling herself from the depths of her mind, the words of her sister pulled her back to the present. The touch of the icy droplets that fell from the sky was tinged with the darkness of those who threatened all life, looking up to the vortex of dark clouds she would smile. Turning her amber hues upon her sister, she was already reaching out to the rest of the coven drawing in the energy they offered for the fight. “Thank you.” Namiko’s words were softly spoken, as she straightened herself up. Reaching for her coven sisters hands giving them a squeeze before letting them go, she started to lead the path towards only what the fates could know.
  5. Eternity

    Un-Foretold Journey

    “If I were to scratch or bite you in my wolf form, it would mean you would turn the next full moon. Yes, you wouldn’t be nearly as powerful as I am being born into Lycanthrope bloodline.” Okina returned Paris’ smile once, then turned her amber hues to the green land around them. Paris was by far the most interested person in who Okina was not as a person, but as a lycanthrope. It was apparent to her how much knowledge he sought after, some would say there was great power in knowledge. His words about how men too fight for rank in the world resonated with her, as she had worked for many men who fought to have power over others. Many battles ended in bloodshed of more than soldiers, but the people too themselves got swept up into the struggle for power among men with great titles and lands. “You’re welcome, My lord.” The pure interest he had for her was intriguing, a past she didn’t often share with others as many never bothered to ask. Okina brought her horse to ride up alongside Paris instead of behind, she wanted to be able to see his face as they continued whatever conversation sated his curiosity for the time being. Solomon’s grunt towards the comment Paris made was given a glance by Okina, she had to admit there was so little of him she knew about him. It would be a long time till she got to know him so intimately as Solomon, if given the chance based on how many toys he had to play with. Her eyes filled with the lush green forests that began to over take the sides of the path they road, her ears would hear what humans wouldn’t. Every single heightened sense was on high alert now that they’ve been consumed by nature. Paris instructed they ride till sundown, an order she could easily handle although the saddle was rubbing her the wrong way. Transparent, hardly. Turning her amber hues to meet the gaze of Paris as she steadied her horse to stay next to his own. In all honesty she wasn’t sure she was allowed to ask questions, but given the opportunity. “What does your heart truly desire, Paris?” The look in her eyes would show the ultimate seriousness she held in her soul based on that one question, a man with so much had to have one thing left he desired that wasn’t so easily attainable.
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    Act, and Witches will act.

    Encouraging waves flowed over her from the words of her coven sister, watching as she flowed with the water to land on her feet in the one spot cleared by her waters. Bracing herself on the frame of the window, she would glace back towards the room that laid with the bodies of innocent people drawn into this dark battle. Bracing herself to allow her to step up onto ledge, she fell with the water that flowed through the window towards the patch of earth that had been purified. Landing with the slight bend of her knees, she watched as Tana followed suit. Overhearing Tana speak to the Matriarch in Orc, Namiko watched as the waves that came through the window turned to a trickle of water as she cut her magi off from the manipulation of the water. Turning in time to watch the Matriarch get swept up into Tana’s arms and told to follow, Namiko followed as closely as she could. Keeping light on her feet to move as quietly as possible, they ran through the town that was completely tainted by the dark miasma. Her amber hues watched as they passed the twisted bodies of the souls who had no chance against the miasma, it was as though they weren’t even aware of them running past. A deep rage filled her core as she watched those who were infected get past by them, as they approached the clinic where they had been only hours before the fence was nearly destroyed. Namiko could feel the beacon of her magic in the fountain that laid in the garden behind the clinic, it’s light pulled at her very being. While Kana and Tana shared a quip among themselves and the Matriarch assessed the situation, Namiko was already moving towards the fountain that called to her soul. She already knew what she had to do with the magic she and imbued the fountain with, the very purification of the fountain seemed to grow brighter the closer she got to it. Noticing the old man and his grandchildren have survived pushed more courage into her heart. Having given into the whim of the light, Namiko seemed to have lost herself within her soul as she was leaning into the very light of the fountain when she was addressed by her coven sister. Turning from her place at the fountains side, she could feel the waters extending under the ground like roots in a tree. “I must push the waters through the ground like blood in our veins, I can guide them towards the north to chase out the dark miasma.” Giving her sister’s hands a tight squeeze, she would linger in the warmth of them while feeling the rough skin of her hands used for the work they had done. “This would mean we will have to travel towards the cabin that is the source of the miasma, in time the purified waters will touch other sources and purify them adding to the strength. I will have to pull strength from the coven of course..” Deep inside she knew this would be a very taxing process for her, which could end up with her sleeping for days.
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    General chat thread

    Dear snow, thank you for the fun drive to work!
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    Looking for a Cold One

    Feeling the electric touch as they brushed hands a moment, she smiled as he then offered his elbow. Sliding her hand into the crook of his elbow, Eira locked her arm within his own. Watching as the book he so carefully carried was let to fly on its own, the smell of oils and inks coming from its pages pleasantly graced her nose. Those very smells brought a soft sigh of relaxation, as it was a near copy of a memory of her learning from very old texts kept in a learning apothecary. Snapping back to reality, Eira pondered the question just a mere second. “I wish to advance my healing techniques with the herbs, I want to be able to treat illness that is untreatable.” In all honesty she had a drive to heal others, not only could she see their wounds, she felt them as well. Eira was an empath of sorts, very sensitive to the energy given off others. With being an empathic person she had taken years to learn how to translate those energies, but also how to block them when it wasn’t necessary for her to use her gift in the healing of others. The touching of someone also brought her gifts more to the forefront of things, which made it hard to ignore depending on the depths of a person’s pain. Looking up to meet Ydris’s eyes, she knew he held some level of pain in his heart as well. Who didn’t hold pain in their heart, tragic was life to those who have experienced traumatic moments that defined some part of them. Of course Eira wasn’t a stranger to pain, she too held some close to her heart. @Chappu
  10. Eternity

    Act, and Witches will act.

    Namiko didn’t have the time to spare towards the feelings of having touched her new found coven sister in such an intimate way, but fought to spread the light and purification of her manipulation of water towards the group of bloated bodies that fought against Tana. Feeling the rush of her water spread over her feet and clash against the thick black ooze that flowed from the bodies, a change in Namiko’s expression showed strained as she tried to push it further into the room. The sound of the three that stood over Tana crashed over the furniture across the room as she was given a break as the purification of her waters tried to nullify the darkness that threatened them. Namiko felt every muscle in her body stiffen as she tried to walk further into the room, her hands and energy trying to command the waters to engulf the bodies of the darkness ridden humans. The very way the black ooze looked seeping from every orpheus of their body was horrifying, what struck a little fear in Namiko was the fact that they were nearly resisting the light of purification her manipulation of water brought. She pushed and pushed, her body struggling to move against all of the darkness that was turning her water like a virus. Gritting her teeth Namiko looked as if she was pushing against something that couldn’t be seen, the torrent of destruction could be seen in the wear of the bodies, and the splash on the walls. Whispering to herself a prayer to the goddess, she felt the urgency to pull for the gift of the coven even more than ever. With the power just recently given in just a short amount of time ago, she felt the after effects dimming against this dark plague. Nearly forgetting the Matriarch that stood in the bathroom behind her, she felt the sudden grasp of her hands on her shoulders. The very touch of her against her flesh gave way to a rush of relief, her shoulders gave a little in the touch of her coven sister. A vision flashed suddenly before her eyes, an image of not only her present coven sister, but each other one pushing up behind one another lending their strength. The way their gifts merged together against the darkness emitted such blinding light, pushing the electrified waters faster and harder against the infected which threatened their very existence. Their persistence pushed out the disease from the humans, leaving their body empty of life in the middle of their room. Looking around the room, she felt her sister’s grasp disappear as she too moved into the middle of the room. The very darkness they were up against didn’t leave much saving to be done, it used up the very physical body of the people leaving their spirit nothing to live through. The very compliment from the Matriarch didn’t really make Namiko feel so good, as she genuinely felt as if she would lose to the plague that threatened all of Dougton. Looking up to the walls where she had pointed, Namiko would soon follow to look out the window which screamed against the pain of the ooze seeping in. “I don’t understand? How could we have not sensed this while we were in here?” Turning to meet the misty gaze of the Matriarch, she shivered to the thought of the streets running with this black goo. Of course the fountain at the clinic had to be major win for them, it would stem through the city like roots of a tree. Startled by the sound of Tana’s voice, Namiko walked to retrieve her massive fan. Securing the massive weapon and tool to her back, she protectively moved to grab for the Matriarchs hand unsure of how she was feeling after such a taxing ritual. Giving her hand a tight squeeze, Namiko followed Tana out to the big window of the Inn. Watching as she cleared the glass to allow her to exit, urging them to go first Namiko pulled the Matriarch to the window. “You first, I will cushion your drop.” With what little energy she had left from her major push against the darkness, she used her senses to feel for the water she left running in the bathroom of their inn room. Namiko called to the water urging it to flow through the halls of the inn, pulling it like waves in the ocean crashing against the shoreline. Her intentions were being putting forth, to use the water like a large wave to flow them from the window to the ground with an ease one could only hope for.
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    Life changes are pushing a lot of writing time out, but then again that is okay, right?
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    While the two of them lingered in front of her portrait, Tatia caught the distinct clearing of Xartia’s throat. Turning her eyes from the old framed portrait of herself, she smiled. “Well as of late Leinhart seems to be working on something huge for the coven, although I don’t bother myself too much with the details unless it is asked.” Turning her body to face him once more, she smirked at the question based on where she took her guests. “Depending on the type of guests I am entertaining, I may take them to the Solar to speak in the company of great art, or to the dungeon depending on my mood..” Taking a step closer to her guest, she let a slight seductive glow come over the blue hues of her eyes. “Or in other circumstances, I may take them to my own private chambers.” Taking a step back from the portrait, Tatia toyed with the idea of taking Xartia to her private chambers but she knew her brother wouldn’t be too happy with her in the end. Truth be told they hadn’t completely committed one another with marriage yet, and she was sure he wasn’t completely dedicated to her. Her feelings were always on the fence, as her brother had loved another much more deeply before her existence was totally known. With a long pause Tatia turned back to continue towards the thick dark wood door that would lead down to the feeding rooms of the mansion. Tatia made a better decision for the sake of what Lein would prefer, plus there was some sort of business that had to be discussed. @Etched in Stone @Twitterpated
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    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    The voice of the newly crowned empress echoed over the crowd, demanding the silence and full attention of the people. While Gwen walked side by side with the General, she would over hear the praise that was brought upon him. Smiling she would come to a stop along side him, her eyes falling on the young man that now stood before them. Nodding her head in acknowledgement of his slight bow to her, she waited for Kenshinobu to address his follower. The silence of the crowd was amazing to her, she hadn’t spent much time in the empire that Koji ruled over since their meeting at the bath house. With their newly formed business proposal and the portal, Gwen had the luxury of being able to visit at any time. Closer to the royal family than she thought, Gwen caught sight of them all being escorted back towards the pagoda. Turning her dark eyes to the men she was with, she gave a half bow. “Excuse me, I am going to continue forward to meet with the Emperor and Empress.” Walking around the young man that now stood before them, she would mindlessly feel her hands smoothing down the silk of her purple and black kimono. Moving through the crowd of citizens ready to partake in the festivities, Gwen had finally made her way closer to meeting Koji in a more public scene. Reaching into her left sleeve, Gwen produced a small silver box that was neatly tied with a cherry blossom on top. Holding the box in her left hand, she prepared to give the gift to Katiya once they met. @Etched in Stone @Twitterpated @Dreamer
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    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    With her eyes forward, she smirked with his question. What indeed suited a man who obviously wore a known symbol for a Dojo that appeared to hold such a presence just in the crowd itself, it was foolish to believe he accidentally lost the apple he now stashed away. Turning her dark gaze on the blind man once more, she smiled. “You don’t need wolves to tell you whether or not I am a threat.” Continuing to glide with the crowd, she would bring her hands to rest palms flat against the black and purple silks of her kimono. Just a touch gave her enough insight to know the Grandmaster didn’t need eyes to see, nor wolves to alert him of a threat. Shortly after her request, she laughed. ‘So be it.’ Gwen thought, the idea of her being wolf lunch tickled her. She would be one spicy treat, enough to burn one’s esophagus. “Very forward. I like it.” Smiling to herself, she kept herself near the man giving just enough space for the wolves to keep their positions around him as desired. @Etched in Stone
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    General chat thread

    So tired.