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  1. Chicken with snow peas.. very flavorless.
  2. Pruning a music list while trying to write a post.. not easy. 


  3. Happy Father's Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day!! ~Eternity
  4. Trying a new Chinese dish, and it's bland. Welp, guess I get what I get.
  5. After the brief welcoming of her long-time friend, Aurora moved to stand more freely at his side. She didn’t feel it necessary to sit back on to the throne, with it being the two of them it felt more casual than business. “I am sure you can fill his shoes and much more.” Smiling once more Aurora turned to gesture towards the doors that stood hidden behind the throne, an escape to a more private chamber. Smoothing her hands down her skirts, her fingers tangling in the sheer material of the built-in shawl. “Shall we move to my official chambers; we can discuss more about your new position on the council. “ Walking towards the doors a retainer quickly met them pushing the curtains back from the doors. Nodding an approval to the man who was sharply dressed in the variety of purples tied to the royal family, he pushed the beautifully carved doors open. Meeting the downward gaze of the retainer. “Thank you.” Aurora made it a priority to thank the Seelie who worked for her family, as they made their own sacrifices for service. With a brief smile to the man who stood to the side allowing Aurora and her guest to walk through the doors, the queen made her way into the study that held beautifully carved bookshelves decorated with vines of honeysuckle. Some of the battle ornaments from her fathers’ rein stayed on the intricate walls that depicted the history of royalty in the Fae world, giving the reminder of what was once before. @Twitterpated
  6. Future mines to be explored coming to Crystallo Stella!

  7. Great. I will think up some ideas for this we could look at, and possibly put into the works.
  8. This is what I've put together as a nonofficial list. So far. Mines Location: Kill Azul (1) Obsidian Isle (1) Number of Mines: 3 -Kol Minee, Kol Azul. -Black Isle Mines, Obsidian Isle. - Managers of Mines: (NPCs) Mine fees: Based of rarity of gems/minerals. Crystals in Mines: Quartz: -Common mineral -Used for the luminaries, storing energy. -Location: All three mines. -Medicinal Properties: Amethyst: -Common -Able to heal minor injuries; cuts, scrapes, nothing life threatening. Can be recharged by the light of the moon. -Location: Black Isle Mines, Obsidian Isle. -Medicinal Properties: Garnet: -Uncommon -Used for lighting or decor in the home to boast relationships, love and passion. Often used in love potions or as amulets to fight negativity. -Location: Kol Mines, Kol Azul. -Medicinal Properties: Used in potions to repel negativity, love potions. Fire Citrine: -Uncommon -Hold a fire spark enabling a way to start a fire, emits a steady warm heat. -Location: Kol Mines, Kol Azul. -Medicinal Properties: Obsidian: -Common mineral -Used to make shields, and used to build the city of Obsidian Isle. -Location: Black Isle Mines, Obsidian Isle. -Medicinal Properties:
  9. @Infernal This is where we could discuss a possible cult faction living in the ancient Dwarven kingdom. Say a dark mutated dwarf is running the faction of unhappy seelie/humans, in the attempt to use them to ressurect more of these mutated seelie through the harvesting of other seelie parts.
  10. I'll be posting a list, not the OFFICAL template of the minerals that can be mined. Ideas on medicinal properties is welcomed.
  11. My kids didn't get worn out enough at the pool thanks to rain.. UGH
  12. The meeting had been set up weeks prior to the death of Lord Tourmalia SR, his illness had brought many priorities to light with his seat on the council. The council had an important part in the life of the Queen, helping her manager her lands while giving advice and opinions on the matters of the people. Since the passing of her own father, Aurora had leaned hard on the council and their ties to her lost father. Rising from the throne, her green skirts falling openly around her legs. The shear green shawl sewn to her dress fell lightly over her pale shoulders mingling with the curls of her long red hair allowed to rest down her back to her waist. “Lord Tourmalin! What a pleasure to see you!” A soft laugh left her light pink painted lips. “It has been a very long time!” Stepping down away from the throne, she walked to greet her long-time family friend and new council member. Reaching out with her hands, Aurora moved in to embrace Efemaer. Her hands gently touching his shoulders, she would lean in to briefly embrace him leaving a kiss on his cheek. “Sorry about your father, he was a very honorable man.” It was true they used to run the halls of the castle while their fathers worked together on the issues of the nation, or when they had large gatherings such as celebrations. With time and growth taking them away to full fill their duties of what their parents had aligned for them, they were now meeting each other as adults. @Twitterpated
  13. His words didn’t fall on deaf ears, she smirked as she made her way towards the bedroom of her choice. Knowing she piqued his interest in whatever she brought to wear, each item was surprise to the next. Tatia had chosen her wardrobe with many situations in mind, but this was a given as it seemed Lein liked the club scene. With Lein seating himself on the torn loveseat on one side of the room, Tatia stood in front of the bed where her suitcase laid. Reaching out tracing her hands over the material of the case, her thumbs catching the clasps that held it closed. Popping open the suitcase, her hands catching the lid opening it wide. Looking down with her icy blues, Tatia sifted through the gowns, dresses and the occasional nighty to pull out a dress. The dress she pulled out was black in color, its skirt made of silky black feathers. The top of the dress was shear black beaded with silver sparkling designs. Holding the short-skirted dress out, she turned to show the dress of her choice to Lein. “Too glamourous for the Purple Penguin?” @Etched In Stone
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