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  1. I am just curious to when this all goes read only, a date would be nice to know. 🙂
  2. Following her coven sister up through the cavern to the place where they had gotten the furs, Namiko slid the thick coat from her arms to hang up with the others. Feeling the air touch her damp arms, she felt the goose prickles rise over her skin. Feeling the relief of removing the coat, she also fought an urge to shiver. Without hesitation Namiko kept a close trail on the Matriarch, through the bustling courtyard to her suggested next stop; the Blacksmith. There was so much about this place she didn’t know and getting used to seeing all the orcs was a new thing to Namiko. “A blacksmith? “ With all the adventures falling at her feet, one could only wonder if she would ever learn her way around the place in which the coven called home. Having lived an isolated life with nature, Namiko hadn’t needed to visit places such as a blacksmith. Finding rune archways decorating the massive courtyard, she watched as the Matriarch pricked her finger to ignite the magic in one particular one. Catching the glimpse in her eyes with the curt nod of reassurance, Namiko watched as she disappeared through the distortion in the archway. Stepping closer to the stone archway, her hand reached out to trace the rune letters before she pushed her way through the veil. On the other side a flash of heat brushed her flesh, her eyes adjusting to the dimmer lighting given off by the lava forge. Looking all over the forge, Namiko saw the expertly crafted weapons and armor on display. Distracted by the saddles and other works of art put out by the large Orc, Namiko felt herself gravitate towards a piece here and there. Finally walking up to take her place next to the Matriarch, she would turn her attention to the Orc. “Hello, I am Namiko” Even though her name was casually spoken by her sister, Namiko felt it dutiful of her to introduce herself. Holding the small world out in her hand, she would carefully place it into the massive well calloused hands of the Orc. Giving a short shake of her head after hearing her sister translate for the Orc, Namiko really couldn’t think of anything else she would need made at the moment. Knowing she would be back once bonding with a dragon, she could ask for other things at that time. Following the Matriarch to yet another rune covered archway, she noticed the dragon armor and saddles. It would become obvious to her where they were to enter next, following through the portal she would greatly notice the temperature change. Her body let a shiver run through her spine, as her eyes adjusted once more to her surroundings. With final words left with her as they entered the internal chambers of the dragon hive, Namkio felt a moment overwhelmed with all the stimulation. The sounds of the dragons, the crunch of egg shells beneath her boots and the brush of air from those who’ve taken flight above her. Looking around she could determine which was taken, and those who awaited their match. Walking further into the hive Namiko found herself being watched by those who were on the ground, some stretched wings nearly twice their body lengths while others lifted heads from where they laid to watch. Finding a carved out stone near in the middle of the hive, Namiko sat her gaze shifting among the different colored dragons. Some of the dragons approached her with caution, darting back or lowering themselves closer to the ground with just the flinch of her body. Other dragons watched from afar, some landing near her cocking their heads as they studied her. They were like cats, cautious of the new object in the room in this case Namiko. Closing her eyes and resting her hands on her knees palms up, she opened her mind to the hive around her. If Crysanthe communicated with her mind the others must have too, this gave Namiko the chance to feel the shock of a dragon who came close to touch her hand lightly with the tip of its snout. The dragon was large and an ice blue color, the touch of its scales against her skin felt like the static of lightning stirring in the clouds before the eruption of a storm. With her eyes still closed, Namiko’s other hand moved to rust on top of the dragon’s snout. Allowing her eyes to open to peer at the massive horned head, she knew then as the dragon connected that she found her match. @Fallen Joy
  3. Having finished the rabbit given to her, Gwen’s eyes lingered on Jack. His comment about her clothes being important to her made her laugh, as if clothing was the only reasoning for coming back. How was someone to start over if they were not able to dig out what survives whatever tragic catastrophe that happened to them. Slapping her hands together to wipe away whatever remnants of dirt remained on them. “Sorry you think that, but obviously I am going to to pull what I can from this mess to start over with..” Keeping her composure despite feeling some anger towards Jack, his comment having rubbed her the wrong way. “This place was important to me, but when you can see snippets of the future you learn things that will happen, not when..” Shifting herself on the rubble in which she had seated herself, the demoness had half a mind to slap Jack silly. She wasn’t conceded by the least, but she would save what she could of hers. Standing from her seat while grabbing for the bag, she gave him a nod. “Well Jack, I bid you farewell for now.” The heat of her anger could be felt simmering from her skin as her blood grew hot. Turning away from the man to walk back through the debris of her bath house, she would dig around some more where her personal chambers had collapsed. Whatever wasn’t currently burning, Gwen moved in after swinging the bag over her shoulders. Digging through the rubble looking for a few key items to take with her, she had planned on finding a place to stay until she made plans. “Who does he think he is?” Growling aloud as she tossed rubble aside, ignoring any fires that stirred up with her adding oxygen to smoldering debris. Her hands began to blacken with the soot from the rubble, her face smeared with it. Gwen found what she was looking for, stashing it in her bag before other eyes could see. “Maybe the Emperor will grant me a place to stay till I find a new place..” Speaking to herself, as she left Jack at his makeshift fire and the remnants of his large rabbit. @King BT-74
  4. While Efemaer conducted his own investigation behind the scenes, the masses were being brought to the main courtyard to hear the words of the council. News of the Queen missing reached the ears of the many races who now occupied Crystallo Stella since the opening of their borders, many of them could be heard murmuring to each other as the oldest of the council members stood before them at the podium. It pained many of the newcomers to hear of such a thing done to the kingdom, many appreciated her opening arms to those of lesser fae and otherwise other races. Guards posted around the courtyard kept their stances and stern faces as the crowd moved to comment and gossip about what happened to the Queen. “As of today, we work diligently to locate the queen.” A pause fell over the older wrinkled council member who stood before them. Gripping his hands tightly over the sides of the podium, he leaned in before speaking once more. Looking over the crowd before him, “I call upon you, the citizens of our great nation Crystallo Stella to do whatever in your power to aid us in finding our beloved Queen Aurora. Any pertinent information leading to the queen's whereabouts will bring a great reward.” Standing behind the member at the podium, the rest of the council minus a few members stood behind nodding and whispering amongst one another as a reward was spoken about to the public. It had yet to be discussed, but all were in agreement with the offer. The reward itself would be discussed later, the priority was to enlist them all to help find the Queen. “Our ongoing investigation of the castle grounds have grown further, which is why we call upon you, the people to help us in our search. Anyone with information about the Queen is to report to any of the castle guards, they will in turn direct the information to us.” Pulling his hands from the side of the podium, his knuckles white with the stress of his previous grip. Looking back over his comrades, the older man would nod to them before turning back to the murmuring crowd. “Go forth, spread the word and help us in the return of our Queen Aurora!” Taking a step back from the podium, the man led the others away towards the path into the main doors of the castle that were heavily guarded. Meanwhile as Efemaer steak out the queen’s office, the drawer in her desk became the main focus. The other members were aware of the drawer, although many of them didn’t feel it was a part of the reasoning behind her disappearance except perhaps one or two others. One of them didn’t dare make his presence known in the queen's personal office, instead to remain anonymous he would send another in his stead to look over her office once more. The door opened slowly and as quietly as possible, the head of a young man poked in to look into the darkened room. With the disappearance of the Queen, no one was allowed to enter including staff. With the orders to leave her personal quarters left untouched, the drapes were never opened to let in the artificial sunlight given off by the crystals that littered the walls and high ceilings of the underground cavern. Creeping through the darkness of the office towards the desk, the young man crouched down to the locked drawer. Grasping a hold of the handle he jerked and pulled at the drawer with no avail, pulling a small knife out to try and jimmy his way into the drawer a spark flashed before him. The young man fell back with shock, it seemed the queen had placed some sort of ward to keep out those she didn’t want in her drawer. Scared by what just happened, the youngman still unaware of Efemaer’s presence in the room slipped and ran to leave the office. Closing the door almost a bit too harshly to alert others, he disappeared down the halls trying not to look suspicious. What could possibly be hidden in the drawer, what is so important to protect with a common ward like the one placed over it? Efemaer would be familiar with the trick as Aurora had used it a time or two when they were children when she used to carry a diary around. The boys would always tease her, and take her diary with hopes to open and read the private thoughts of a young girl. Each would be given quite a shock, learning the book would only open to who desired its contents to be revealed to. With further inspection of the drawer by Efemaer, he would find that the handle of the drawer itself would shimmer slightly with the lingering magic. Calling for him to touch it, to pull at it with the gentlest of touches it would open to him. Hidden inside the drawer were an ornate carved key from ancient wood strong as steel, the queen’s initials carved in the base of the key. Wondering where the key went to, further inspection of the personal chambers of the queen would have to be done. Although not to be taken lightly the Queens chambers could possibly be the next target of the stranger doing some of the dirty work it seems. @Twitterpated
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  6. Holding the sphere of water between her hands, she watches as the dust of magic leaves Crysanthe as she pushes her memories into the water. Glittering like diamonds, a storm takes place within the sphere to shape it into the protective shell that will hold the map to their destination. Struggling under the pressure to contain the small world in her hands, she feels the tugging of the coven at her in a metaphysical way. Beckoning her to open to them, she closed her eyes tightly, opening her mind’s eye and herself spiritually to the coven once more. Feeling the relief of their gift taking away the massive burden of the mini world, her shoulders lost the tension she didn’t realize they were holding. With the spell finding its end, Namiko opened her eyes to see the pendent that now rested in her hands. Naturally her hands had moved with the changing orb, resting palms up to cradling the cerulean crystal. Staring at the frozen arctic ocean in her hands, she felt the fire in the room settle as Crysanthe’s work in the spell came to settle. Looking to the dragon she couldn’t help but hold a warm smile for the creature, her eyes held the gaze of the dragon as she regarded the two witches before her. Hearing the exhaustion in the dragon's mental voice, Namiko knew that soon they would have to leave her to rest and regain her strength. "You two possess a union I have not witnessed for a long time in this selfish world. My opinions of this coven have been elated for a time." The words of the dragon made Namiko look to the Matriarch with a warm gaze, a union of which grew stronger with each new obstacle put before them by the goddess. Knowing they would have to travel with the unhatched egg would bring danger on its own, as Namiko knew there would be others who would seek out this egg for their own gain. Watching as the ancient moved to the higher plateau to rest, she nodded. Moving forward with her coven sister to stand in front of Crysanthe to receive her last gift before they make preparations for the new journey. The hot breath exhaled from the dragon washed over her body, penetrating every bit of her body. The touch of the breath felt like a long needed hug from a loved one, a relief rushing over her body. Like an ocean wave hitting and washing away her exhaustion from their previous battle, Namiko fell to her knees, her hands clutching each other over her chest. All the pain and exhaustion was swept from her body, her chakras being completely rejuvenated. Able to stand once more before the dragon before her, Namiko bowed with gratitude. “Thank you Crysanthe for this gift.” The appreciation could be heard in her voice as she spoke, Namiko felt deeply indebted to the dragon for the gift given to her. Watching the dragon fall into a slumber and feeling her sister's hand on her shoulder brought warmth to her heart. Clasping the pendant in one hand, the other fell upon the Matriarchs that now touched her shoulder. Giving her hand a delicate squeeze, she glanced down at the pendant in her hand. “Yes, it is beautiful.” Letting her hand fall from her sisters, Namiko turned to follow the Matriarch out of the cavern hidden deep in the mountain. Time to bond with a dragon mount she had said, something Namiko hadn’t thought would be possible until now. “Much to prepare for, and I must find a way to carry this around my neck for safe keeping.” With that said, Namiko followed her sister closely as they left. @Fallen Joy
  7. The Tree of life is essentially open to the public, but may be hard to get directly to it. The priests and priestesses are pretty protective of the sacred tree, and with outsiders wanting to touch it may alarm them, possibly start some conflict. With the Queen currently missing the capital is pretty stirred up internally, and soon borders will be harder to get through. The presence of guards/authority will rise in the city and in important places, tensions with the citizens will begin to rise with some freedoms like leaving and coming to the capital may become much more difficult.
  8. It had been far too long since Constance returned to the DuGrace palace in Orisia, how long exactly? Only time could tell that secret, as one would learn like herself. At first Constance left at the side of Lucis, a love grown in her heart for the man who would never see her with the same light. Later Constance left to pursue her own goals, to reclaim the name Guvardian in the line of Nobles with the other pure blood vampires. Having spent a great amount of time away from the one place she thought would be the start of a new chapter for her in her very long life, Constance decided to return to Orisia to see what awaited her there. True she could face punishment with her taking leave at the Prince’s side during such tumultuous times, but she was willing to endure whatever punishment the Queen felt necessary. A former knight of the Black Heart Order, Constance wanted to make Orisia her home like originally intended. Tired of living a life in solitude, she yearned for companionship even love if the goddess so allowed it. Before she would make a permanent residence in Orisia, Constance needed to meet with the woman she claimed as her queen. Riding on to castle grounds some of the guards recognized her for who she was, for the role she once played in the beginnings of Orisia and the reign of the Black Queen. Some were too shocked to say anything or stop her from proceeding to the stables. Leaving her black friesian with the stable hand, Constance made her way into the castle towards the queen’s herald. “Tell the Queen that I, Constance Guvardian is here to see her.” Waiting for the return of the queen’s messenger to bring news either granting or denying her to see the queen, Constance found herself looking over the pieces of art that so carefully decorated the hall in which she stood. One could say nerves were playing hard, as she felt the anticipation of whether or not she would be facing down her punishment this day or the next. @CasualCrisis
  9. Birth Name: Constance Guvardian Used Name: Constance Alias: Title: Knight of Faithfulness, Order of the Black Heart. Race: Vampir Sex: Female Date of Birth: June 09 Actual Age: 455 Visual Age: 25 Marital Status: Single Alignment: Neutral Class: Noblewoman/Swordsman Occupation: Formerly Knight x-x-x-x-VITALS-x-x-x-x Height: 5'6" Weight: 130 lbs Hair Color: White with Silver Hair: Waist Length Eye Color: Handed: Right dominant Skin Tone: Porcelain Skin Condition: Flawless except for the scar over left eye/cheekbone Physical Condition: Femine, Athletic x-x-x-x-STATUS-x-x-x-x Strength: Super human, Not comparable to vampires older than herself. Hearing: Super human, Can hear up to a mile or so away, pick up on the littlest of noises. Speed: Super human, Can move between places at a blinding x-x-x-x-PERSONALITY-x-x-x-x Reserved, Calm, Bold when it counts. x-x-x-x-ARMORY-x-x-x-x Weapon: Formal Armor: Battle Armor:
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  11. Okina stood before Paris with a blank look upon her face while he spoke to the chieftain of the village, the very large man showing not an ounce of intimidation to the threats that were being made if he didn’t agree to partner with the Prince. Moving her thumb just under the hilt of her blade, Okina felt it move upwards unhindered by the sheath that offered the folded steel protection. Turning her amber hues to the five men who were armed to the teeth approaching with mocking grins on their faces, she couldn’t help but find the irony in the words of the chieftain. Wolfs den, they had no idea. The word was given by the Prince, Okina shifted her feet pushing off the ground with unnatural speed for a human, her sword drawn like a flash of lightning hitting the earth. To give an extra show of her power for the benefit of Paris, Okina allowed parts of her wolf form to take over her body. The transition is usually a messy ordeal for lower level lycanthropes, Okina had ways to transition without as much of the pain or mess involved. During the unsheathing of her blade her fingernails turned into claws, her grin changed to allow the peaking of her fangs. Amber human eyes took on the primal look of a wolves eyes, the way they pierced through her opponents as her blade danced through the armored men. Okina’s feet couldn’t be heard on the ground as she spun and danced through the five men, only the occasional sound of her blade hitting their own steel to parry their moves could be heard. Grunts and gasps as her blade cut through them like butter, the spray of blood adding to the darkened dried crimson to the canvas that was Okina. Her dance was graceful, almost hypnotizing, Okina stopped in the middle of the men who seemed to linger upright a moment too long. Time seemed to have slowed for them allowing them to comprehend what just happened to them. To their dismay each had been cut down, their bodies finally giving up with their realizations of their demise. Swiping her sword outwards to swing the blood from the tip of her blade, Okina held her finishing stance as her eyes moved to follow as each one of the men collapsed. Turning to face Bojack, Okina bowed before him with a wolfish grin. “Welcome to the wolves den.” @King
  12. Tatia’s arm moved to brace the back of the woman whose life force was being drained quickly, feeling her body lose its warmth. Feeling the woman’s body fall limb against her arm, she pulled her face from her neck. The ashen color of death painted the woman’s flesh, as Tatia stood balancing her body on her arm with ease. Noticing the red of her hair had seemed to lose its shine, Tatia dropped her body where she stood. The thump of the red head would go unnoticed by those who now took part in the blood shed, all the while she watched Lein dance around the room draining the patrons of their blood. Screams echoed from those who fought to get out of the club, each only trying to save themselves. Selfish were the humans who scratched at the locked doors, trying to climb to the windows barred from the outside. Tatia had found herself feeding again and again, leaving each mangled body where she had taken them. The excitement of the killing had her feeling flushed, color had taken to her cheeks allowing her to appear so human to the victims she took before her. Blood had painted the walls and floors around her, bodies turned ashen and no one knew what took place inside the club. The fledgling did his work killing, eagerly taking more than his fill of the very life source that sustained them. Some time had passed as they commenced their massacre dance, Tatia sat in the biggest booth reserved for the high rollers. Legs crossed over at the knees, her fingers played over the material of her dress. Grinning from the rush she felt from taking so many victims, Tatia watched as those who have remained were finished off one by one. @Etched In Stone
  13. The moment she had stood to look for Jack, he had showed up next to her. His words made her laugh suddenly, missing a man she just met? Looking over the debris that was left of her business and home, she couldn’t help but wonder what other damage would come from knowing Jack. “I came to see what was left of my home and to see what I could salvage.” Gesturing to the remains of the bath house, wood singed and some completely burned to nothing. “Lucky one of my wardrobes barely survived with some of my clothing..” Making it seem like she wasn’t really there to see if he survived, Gwen adjusted the bag over her shoulders. His suggestion to talk about it over rabbit left her standing there watching as he walked back to the spit he had assembled over a fire. “ You comin’ or what?” Sighing Gwen stepped over a mound of stone and burnt wood to follow Jack back to the makeshift spit, a few steps behind him her nose caught the scent of the cooking rabbit. Dropping her bag near some stone, she picked up some arranging them into a bench of sorts to sit near the fire. “Lucky of you to find one that size around here, usually the wolves make quick meals of the large ones up here in the Cold Mountain.” Settling down on the seat she made out of stone, Gwen folded her arms over her chest as she stared at the rabbit that had been roasting over the fire. It seemed like pure serenity came out of Jack as he apologized for the damage to her home and business, she shrugged. “Thanks Jack, but I feel it is time to put the bath house to rest for the time being, when it is the right time I will have it resurrected.” Leaning forward to rest her hands over the fire to absorb its heat, she stared across the flames at Jack. Although Gwen is a pure demon and not needing the heat of a fire, she could be found doing very human-like acts. “I will take a piece of that rabbit.” Waiting for Jack to pass her a piece of the rabbit, she would nibble lightly on the meat savoring the taste. Not one for eating rabbit much, Gwen took her time eating. Sitting up to toss the bone into the debris, her dark eyes pierced through Jack. “Now that you’ve destroyed my home, what are you going to do now?” @King BT-74
  14. Turning her gaze to her coven sister, she watched her a moment before responding. “I do trust her.” With her words spoken, Namiko had walked to the lever that would disenchant the opening of the dragon’s holding cell. Grasping tightly on to the lever pulling it towards her, the arcana that electrified the opening of the cave dissipated instantly. “Come sister.. “ Noticing the shock that laid on the Matriarchs face, Namiko just smiled. Although she couldn’t have predicted the connection with the dragon, Namiko knew that being open and honest with the ancient being was far more important. Following her coven sister through the opening of the cave the visage of Crysanthe was much more than what she could have imagined standing on the other side of the electrified gate. Her woven silvery main was beautiful, shimmering like the stars seen in the clear nights sky. The dragon's tail which was much longer than her neck curled up behind her, the very being was nothing Namiko had seen. Namiko felt awe struck as she took in the dragon whole, the stories of dragons never came close to the truth of how massive they were. Walking towards the blue flames, Namiko watched the dragon reach inside to pull a lone flame to rest in the palm of her claw. Doing as her coven sister did, Namiko focused her soul into the flame that the dragon used to imprint her memories. Closing her eyes tightly, she felt her body completely relax and fade into the breathing she did to release herself to the Dragon’s arcana. Images flashed before her mind's eye, visions of lands to be traversed by her and her companion. Unable to truly harness fire, Namiko brought her hands together, bending her fingers to form a sphere. With her eyes closed tight and controlling her breathing, water started to form from the ice spiraling up her legs to form a sphere in the middle of her formed hands. Pulling her right hand down to hold palm up, the sphere of water would swirl just above her flesh. Opening her eyes, she would hold the sphere of water and arcana out towards Crysanthe. “I am ready for your memories.” Prepared to pass her sphere over to the dragon, Namiko couldn’t help but feel a greater tie to the dragon than previously felt. @Fallen Joy
  15. With the end of the council meeting, each of the members stood from their seats preparing to exit the great hall. The man in charge of arranging public announcements or anything in regards to the queen addressing her subjects, stood moving to complete the duties given to him based on this last meeting. Efemaer would be right to the regards of the queen leaving, she wouldn’t have left without at least himself being notified. Since he had taken the seat that once belonged to her his father, Aurora had rekindled their friendship from old. Growing up together as children had created a bond that the other council members only dreamed of, at least in regards to manipulating the queen towards their own personal goals. After the many times the guards had combed through the private chambers of the queen, very little difference was made in how it laid before Efemaer when he came to conduct his investigation. The bed laid with just the slightest indentation that someone had sat on the top coverings, for the most part her room was left completely untouched. It didn’t look like someone lived in the room with how well made up it was, the only minor difference that could possibly be found by the naked eye was the small crack that had formed over the glass lined family portrait that hung near her bedroom door. The guards missed that piece of evidence, as overall it didn’t appear that there was any sort of a fight put on in the room. Aurora’s office looked as it always did, a chaotic organized mess of parchment and quills on her desk top. Books sat in a jagged pile on the corner of her desk, many of the titles ranged from the old ways to possible theories of new government. Most of her drawers in her desk remained unlocked, except for one. What lay in the drawer was left to be discovered by any who were truly wanting to know, as the queen kept some secrets from those around her or so many believed. Meanwhile the front courtyard was prepared for large numbers of citizens, as a podium made of marbled opal white and black stood upon the upper level of a balcony. A stairway on both sides curled up to this landing, each surrounded by beautiful plants and low growing bushes of white flowers. Soon they would call upon the citizens of the capital city to gather for a devastating announcement, and hopefully a true beginning in finding where Queen Aurora has disappeared to. @Twitterpated
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