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  2. I am still here, last week of classes for this quarter.. and work.. lots and lots of work.
  3. Edward had finally got the other two guests to the study where everyone was having drinks and small talk, while Raven was out on the balcony speaking in private with Princess Rin. He hoped that he could convince her that he could be trusted, although he knew it wouldn’t be that easy to expect someone who is just now meeting him to trust him. It had to be earned. “I understand that coming into power here isn’t going to be easy, and that there is going to be a lot to deal with alongside the slaver.” Turning his back to the railing around the balcony, leaning against it pulling his elbows up to rest on their tops. His red eyes would watch Rin as she brought her own eyes to the sky, the sun had started to set giving way to the blanket of stars that would gradually show themselves as the dark took over. “What can I do to earn your trust? To allow you to know that I don’t wish to betray you?” Turning his gaze back to Rin, he would wait silently for her to answer. Meanwhile Raven felt the presence of the other two guests who arrived for dinner in the study, Edward bowing and leaving the room. Edward would go back to overlooking the preparations of the dinner which could be smelled through the halls of the castle. The massive dining hall was coming together as the table was set with fine china and crystal glasses. Napkins and silver ware were placed at each place; the chairs were large carved wood with velvet seats. It seemed the last of the guests had arrived, and soon it would be time to place them all at a table filled with food and drink. Calling for a moment of peace, a place for faces to meet or to reacquaint themselves.
  4. A chuckle was let from his lips about her comment, he didn’t think she would be the one to devote her love to him. This was just a mere blind date, a valentine’s risk in his mind. “Oh, dear! I hope you didn’t think I was assuming you’d be willing to commit to such a relationship on this one date.” Reaching for his wine, he would let the cool liquid flow through his lips and touch the taste buds on his tongue. Emptying his glass, he would set it back into its place on the table. Can we get to the fun? On most dates, you are trying to get to know the other person, but Jo seemed like she wanted to do something much more risky and exciting. Sitting forward in his chair, he would pull his hands apart and look her dead in the eyes. His red eyes would flare to life, like the flame of the last dying ember. The restaurant had other candles about the tables unlit, and candelabras that had been ignored. Fire was a think for Raven, it was a specialty to him a gift. Reaching out with his right hand, he would make a slight gesture of his fingers. The movement of his hand would seem odd at first, until all the sleeping candles came to life with their own flames. “I am not sure what fun you wish to have here in this fancy restaurant, but I will do my best.” Sitting back in his chair, he would just give her a sly smile. The energy in the room shifted with the change he made with his pyrokinetic abilities. Raven could tell that Jo was bored with their date, but they didn’t even offer a band or even a juke box to inspire dancing.
  5. Watching as Kazuhiko took the last sip of his whiskey letting the glass find its spot on the bar top, his comment about the room struck Aoi. She watched the room and the few men that were in there react to his comment to her, she knew better of how he was treating her. He desired her attention and presence, he wouldn’t do anything to push her away. “Well put it that way, I’ll take the floor. Save the rest of our money for supplies.” She knew better that money wasn’t an issue with their situation, but she caught on to what he was trying to do. Sliding off the barstool she started to follow Kazuhiko, keeping a few steps behind him. “Don’t be concerned about me, I’ve dealt with much worse than an Enrele.” Leaving the Inn with Kazuhiko, she would shield her eyes for a moment as the darkness of the bar had made her eyes adjust to the low light. With the shock of the bright sun fading from her eyes, she dropped her hand to her side. Thinking about how they could go about taking on this creature that threatened the citizens of dougton, she finally moved up closer to Kazuhiko. “I am not sure about you, but I am a ranged fighter with my bow. I think maybe if we kept out of touching range of the Enrele we should be okay.” She didn’t want to be taken over by this alien parasite. On the other hand, she had magic on her side as well, she could find other ways of blowing up this creature. Letting her mix matched eyes look to Kazuhiko, she felt that this could be much more than just a mission to be carried out. Shaking her head, she would put the foolish thoughts of a soft hearted woman aside to let out the hard warrior within her.
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      Yes! I totes forgot about all sorts of rps. I can post tomorrow.

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  10. “Lord Raven, it is quite fit and commendable that you should inherit the wishes of your father. Such an action bodes responsibility. And naturally,” Shifting in his seat listening to Capri, it seemed he was for Raven being a part of the rule of Lyonesse. Of course, with the help of Rin and the Seed, they could bring the Anarchy to a halt. “It appears that if we all worked together that we could bring a halt to the anarchy, and bring a lasting peace to the people of Lyonesse, who seems to be suffering greatly with Lyon dying.” Was it in the cards for this to work out in the favor of the people? Raven only knew what it was he heard through the grape vine, and what he was learning through those who now sat with him. Watching Rin’s hands shake in her lap, she quickly excused herself after making it known that she had the last word of who would rule Lyonesse. Watching as Rin stood up and left the room to the balcony for air, Raven would stand from his seat at the couch. He didn’t wish to cause any of his guests’ discomfort, and he felt that it was his job to bring the Princess back into the castle. “Please excuse me for a moment Capri.” Glancing towards Maven as she continued to spin her magitek cube, he would head out after Rin. A lot of politics were being spoken about him taking a seat of power in her land, of course it had to be of her blessing. Exiting onto the balcony, his red eyes falling on Rin as she held something in her hands as she leaned over the railing. Moving closer to her noticing the black thorn crown in her hands, he would make a bold move as he came up beside her. Placing his hand over the top of one her own that held the crown, he would let the burn of his own demonic body heat mix with her own. “Excuse me Rin, I don’t wish to continue making you uncomfortable in my home as my guest.” Turning his gaze to meet her own, he would give a brief smile. “You’ve held your own well with all this talk of politics, and in reality, it IS your choice to who will become the next guardian of Lyonesse.” Turning his gaze outwards from the balcony to the nature of the land that surrounded his castle. “I chose this land because it is beautiful, and even though it comes with the rumor of being cursed I don’t believe that it truly is. I think that the people who believe it makes it what it is, even a curse can be a gift.” Letting his hands drop away from Rins, he didn’t wish to make her more uncomfortable or angry with his bold move to touch her. “I don’t know much of the conflict between you and the seeds, but it seems that if we all worked together you could have a secure post over Lyonesse. Maybe I am the key to ending a conflict, to protecting what is yours?” Trying not to seem like he is the white knight to save the day, he really just wants to establish himself in the light of the Princess.
  11. @Pasion Pasiva Watching as staff moved to water the plants that rest in the planters near the golden hall, the doors would be wide open to let in the fresh warm air of spring. Turning her gaze from them she would continue her path into the gardens that were well cared for by the gardeners, and the creatures that loved the flowers and trees that grew there. It appeared that the King didn’t have the time to meet with her, wishing to keep her waiting in the capital since that night. Constance knew she was just another pawn to be used to gain or hold the power of the land, at least that is how she was beginning to feel. Disappearing into the hedges that were covered in small pink flowers, she would let her hands run over the green that covered the branches that had been trimmed into a perfect shape. The cool feel of the leaves tickled her flesh, the smell was overwhelming to the vampire senses. She could make out roses, lilacs, and many other flowers, even the trees had their own scents. Losing herself in the garden, Constance’s wall between her and the king fell without her noticing. Her feeling of happiness in the garden would reach the King, the sense of the smells and sights would reach out through her thoughts.
  12. Listening to Jo make an order for whiskey neat, Raven couldn’t help but smile. His own prediction of what she may order was spot on, he could read her just a little. With her comment that he ignored, gave a way that she was down for any sort of fun that could come from this date. “Meat? Please bring us the house steak dinner, as rare as possible.” Letting his eyes drop from the waiter, he would bring his red eyes to rest on the woman. “I am going to be blunt with you, I chose to go on this date because I am looking for a companion, someone to be a part of the chaos that is my life..” Leaning forward he would bring his arms up to rest on the table top, his right hand pushing his glass of wine out of the way of his view of the beautiful woman who was most definitely not a human. He could sense the beast that lay beneath her human form, the wild that wanted to be free. Raven would look at her with curiosity “What made you agree to this?” Letting his eyes wonder the romantic setting, he brings them back to rest on her. “Surely you’re not just in it for the fun that could come in the end..” referring to the comment he first ignored. Watching as the waiter refilled his wine glass, it matters not how much he drank it would never affect his body like it did a human. Picking up the glass he would take a few sips before it came back to rest on the table top.
  13. Kazuhiko had disappeared using his shadow manipulation as they quickly reached the gates of Doughton, noticing the shift in the planes with his magic she knew which Inn they would be staying at. Lucky for her they had a stable to put her steed in, and a stable hand that looked as though he needed some work. Walking her beast into the stable, she paid the stable hand a small sum to care for her horse which he graciously accepted. It wasn’t often that the stable hand was given a tip, but Aoi loved her horse he gave her a sense of freedom when she rode him. Finally stepping through the door of the tavern, she would notice the barkeep and the barmaid entertaining a drunkard. Noticing Kazuhiko leaning up against the bar, she paused just through the door to look at him from behind. She couldn’t help a grin that appeared on her lips, as she looked at him up and down. Putting her grin away, Aoi would finish the distance between her and the bar to find herself at his side. Over hearing the small talk, he was starting with the barkeep, she was interested to hear what he had to say a about the beasts that they were there to take care of. Watching as the barmaid would move into the back to fulfill their order of dinner, she would slide her body lightly onto the barstool that stood between her and the bar. Pulling her arms up to rest on the bar top, she would entwine her fingers together as she waited. “We have a room for the time spent here?” Looking Kazuhiko in the eyes for a moment, she couldn’t help to smile.
  14. While wrapping the amulet up in the silk cloth that was tied to her waist, she would watch as it seemed to reach out towards the two of them. It longed for the touch of their magic, with only the touch of flesh to bring it to the stone which sat enchanted for the touch of their arts. “You’re right, it only seems to react to us. Whomever had this made or made it themselves had to have an immense amount of magic. Although how did they transport it without it too taking their own magic?” Watching as Tera kicked the unconscious man on the ground, he quickly awoke and responded to the violence that was being given to him. They needed answers and fast, in the pit of her stomach Namiko knew that the spirits had lead the Matriarch to her for a reason, a dire one. Having chosen to follow her knew found sister, to rescue her, she was now in for the long run of whatever the fates held for her. Taking a step back from them she would bring her hands to her mouth, as she would let out a specific whistle. Dropping her hands to her side, she would wait for her horse to return to her side. Waiting for the beast to return to her, she held the wrapped amulet tightly feeling the presence inside that wished to drain her of all the supernatural powers she was born with. Moving closer to the group once more, she watched as the man looked up at them with hate in his eyes. He had fight in the look he gave them, even though his head was splitting with the headache he was recently given by the bodyguard. “Who gave you this amulet?” Holding out the wrapped amulet out of reach of the man, she would watch as he looked at the silk wrap and back to her and the others. Pulling the amulet back into her body, she heard the loyal horse return to the camp that once was filled with their enemies. Breaking away from them for a moment, she would walk to the horse taking hold if it’s reins. Walking the beast back to the group, she would find the saddle bag that would house the amulet for the next bout of travels.