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  1. Gwen had opened the gates so to speak between them, breaking the distance between them by touching Jack. The first barrier broken gave Jack permission to touch her face, his thumb carefully tracing her lips. He still didn’t give her exactly what she was asking for, but he made it clear that he had desires for her. His lips carefully molded to her own, Gwen sunk further into him as they kissed. The moment didn’t last long as the bath house’s uninvited guest made his presence known, busting through the door of her chambers. Everything happened so quick; pushing herself up after being taken to the floor to avoid an attack, Gwen moved away from Jack. Her dark eyes stayed on the guest in her room, as she moved to the outer wall that led to the door of her chambers. “I resent that term” Although she didn’t much care for the name she was called, Gwen’s focus was getting out of her room and getting everyone evacuated. Gwen carefully moved to the door; her hands grasping for the doorway, her eyes falling on Jack as his weapon clashed with Osvifs. There wasn’t much Gwen had to do to get her business evacuated, she peered out of the window to see that the staff had guests moving out towards the portal that led away from the Cold Mountains. In Oo’Xora the establishment's guests would find a safe place to stay, as well as Gwen once she made it down the stairs. Gwen didn’t risk taking another glance over her shoulder, no matter what she believed her business would always persevere. Securing her robe, the demoness disappeared down the stairs to her chambers finding her way out of the bath house. Pausing she would glance up to the flashing of flames in her chambers window, something told her they would meet again. Through the portal Gwen disappeared, finding solace in a familiar place.
  2. Welcome to Valucre.
  3. Welcome to Valucre.
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    Welcome to Valucre. What types of Genres are you into?
  5. Feeling the writing vibe. 

    1. Walk Among The Abyss

      Walk Among The Abyss

      Get that writing!

  6. It was quite surprising how civil the strange man who radiated with such dominance was, the clerk behind the counter watched him with great caution. Once the man sat the book back down on the counter, the girl didn’t move to take the guest book back to its original resting place. A young man came up behind the girl as she turned to whisper in his ear, the boy’s task was to warn the other staff not to get in the way of the man who had an obvious mission before him. Gwen taught her staff to never engage with hostile visitors, to allow them to do what they came to the establishment to do. If anyone were to deal with the hostile presence, usually it was Gwen who tried to approach the situation with a diplomatic demeanor. Many of the staff that were attending to other guests learned to to duck and dodge the man who made for the room Jack was staying in, and to his disappointment he was no longer occupying. While Gwen faced the bar, her eyes stared at the brown liquid as she listened to Jack. The halfing was offering her power, a way to freely visit Hell and to restore the power her family once had. Still standing between Jack’s knees, she turned to face him once more resting her hands palm down on the top of his thighs. “It has been a long time since I’ve returned home, but when your home was destroyed…” His proposition was very intriguing, but he didn’t quite make it clear what he wanted. Gwen knew what he wanted, but she wanted to hear him say it aloud. “And Jack, what is it you want from me?” While he spoke to her, Gwen seemed to fade into another reality. She could feel the energy of the visitor shifting through her business, feeling the caution her staff gave off with the fear they felt for the man who knew what he was looking for. She knew it wouldn’t be long before the visitor made his way into her chambers, a place where she was most vulnerable presently.
  7. Feels good to write again. 

  8. Gwen watched as he moved through her room taking in the stories told upon her walls, speaking about her personal adventures with other men. It was true that she had many in her chambers, but they never left her empty handed in the end. “My personal affairs with other men haven’t left me empty handed, as you may have noticed outside my establishment, a runed archway? A portal assembled to allow a pathway to a kingdom ruled by a great emperor.” What mattered to him really? Listening to the way Jack spoke, he believed that he had earned a place in her bed already. Smirking to the assumption, she let her eyes shift towards her bed a moment unnoticed. Listening intently to his banter, she watched him approach her. Feisty indeed, Gwen was well aware of how she presented herself in this situation. Completely barged in on, a man obviously after whatever she had to offer. A woman of great power, at least to those who knew of what her family once represented. A noble demonic family lost in time, leaving behind the only survivors. “You’re right, I do enjoy a bit of fun from time to time.” Giving a wink, felt the energy he was giving off much stronger now as he leaned forward. Even the glass he had sat down on the bartop had a residual feel of his energy where his fingers clenched the glass. Gwen felt a disturbance in the Bath house below them, an energy that radiated such anger. Feeling this negative energy crawling through the wall like blood in the veins, her attention faded away from Jack as he began to talk about his lineage. Drawing her attention back to Jack who sat close to her at the bar, the name of his father was indeed familiar. Having heard of the demon from her own parents, she was sure that he had once served with her father in one of hell's great wars. “Donorath? I am familiar with who he is..” Slipping her fingers around her glass, she lifted the smooth edge to her mouth allowing the spiced liquid to grace her lips and tongue. Resting her elbow on the bartop while her hand balanced the glass, she swirled it slowly. “My father served alongside him a time or two. My family are demonic nobles, Sithis is my surname. Dhamon Sithis. Although my parents are now deceased, leaving my brother and I behind.” While Gwen continued to entertain her guest, the staff moved in to greet their angry guest. Most times they would refuse to show the guest book to a stranger, but this man’s intense presence warned them that he was very serious about causing some trouble if he didn’t get what he wanted. The woman staffing the front desk without question pulled out the guest book, carefully setting the leather bound book before the man who radiated the possibility of destruction. Pulling open the cover, she would take a step back to allow him to scan through the most recent visitors to the establishment. “I am pureblood Demon, that is what I am. I have been given the gift of sight from my mother..” Sliding down from her stool, she moved in between his knees getting close to him. Leaning forward without touching him, Gwen’s lips stopped inches from his right ear. “I knew you were coming..” Pulling back from him, she smiled. “I saw those grey eyes first..felt your energy in my visions.” Taking a small step back turning towards the bar, she sipped the drink that she still held in her hand before setting the short glass cup down.
  9. Welcome to Valucre!

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      Celina de la feytte

      Thank you for the welcome, I look forward to seeing you in my shop sometime. 

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      Celina de la feytte

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  10. The pace set by Paris was relaxed by far anything else she had experienced when it came to a foreseen battle, there was no hurry to eradicate the countryside of the barbaric people who defied the crown prince and his kingdom. Okina kept a watchful eye over the man she pledged her services to, it hadn’t been long before he decided to start slowing his pace and moving out from in front of the party that he carefully led to the river where Okina quickly picked up on a familiar scent. Indeed this was where she would really begin to earn the coin that he had promised to pay her. Pulling her horse up besides his for a brief moment, she nodded her head to him. “Ready to hunt.” Pushing her horse forward towards the head point of the party, she felt herself begin to hoan in on the scent of the people the boy she tore to shreds came from. Every part of her animal senses were so heightened, that the scent of the tribe that boy hailed from were painted all over the foliage around them. If scent had a color it would be red, each leaf of a bush, every stick crushed under foot. For a while she led them alongside the river, turning off the trail her horse moved under the intentions of his rider. Directing the massive beast through some brush, she began to push them further away from the water towards some hills hidden well under the thick grove of trees. Stopping her horse near a white bark covered tree, Okina slid from the saddle in one fluid motion after holding her hand close fisted to stop the party behind her. Letting go of the reins of the beast, its head bowed to devour the grass at its feet. While the horse grazed, Okina pulled her katana from the scabbard that protected it. She knew exactly where one said barbarian stood behind some brush yards away, the scent grew stronger with the fear and excitement this lone warrior felt. “Stay.” With one motion she held her long thin bladed sword by the handle blade pointed down, and she disappeared in the thickness of the trees and brush.
  11. Tatia sat silently at the table as her whiskey made an appearance, looking up at the bartender she noticed the spark in his eye had changed. The intent of Leinhart was felt in the air, as he locked eyes and started the hypnosis. Sliding her hands out towards the cold glass of dark liquid, she brought the smooth glass to her painted lips. Allowing the cool liquid to touch her tongue, her blue eyes darted between the men who were now becoming a part of the trio. It was obvious that the men were very interested in them, she watched them carefully as she moved the oak spiced drink around in her mouth. Swallowing the liquid, her tongue carefully slid around the edges of her lips. The way they moved with one another was interesting, more so was the rising in energy Leinhart was using to cast the bartender under his control. With his command being worked out shortly after the bartender left, she took another sip of the liquid. It wouldn’t take much time for the patrons of this fine establishment to be under some sort of persuasion by the Choisel coven. It seemed that Tatia was physically with the group, but otherwise she was caught up in her mind. With the couple now seated at the table, she slid her body closer to Lein as his normal unenthused demeanor returned. Facing him a moment, her eyes trying to lock with his own, her hand would travel from her side to the top of his thigh. Giving him a brief squeeze, her eyes turned to the flamboyant couple. “Good Evening, what brings you to our trio of trouble?” Giving them a brief grin, she would feel her face rest in a pleasant and inviting smile. @Etched In Stone
  12. Been MIA for awhile, especially working nights. 

    Just applied to Nursing School, interviewing at the end of the month. 

    When I get in, cause I will. I may be out semi-perm till I graduate, but who knows I may pop in here and there. 


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  13. Gwen knew very well that everyone had a choice, but not many exercises that right. She knew deep into her bones that it didn’t matter if she tried to stop him from entering, Jack would continue to try and meet with her one way or another. Gwen had seen it. Taking another sip of the dark liquid allowing it to roll around on her tongue, she moved around the barside to sit on one of the red wood carved stools. It was apparent to Jack that Gwen liked the oriental style of decor, with many of her walls depicting great battles with oriental style demons and dragons. Listening to her uninvited guest go on about desires and feeling unsatisfied in the end, she just smirked. Gwen couldn’t say that she felt that way with her desires having been met, but then again she just kept silent. Reaching to fill her glass once more, her hand stopped short of the crystal decanter. “Thank you, it has come to great use in entertaining the men I’ve invited to my bed.” The smirk grew on her face, as her fingers slipped around the cool crystal decanter pouring another drink. It wasn’t that Gwen loved to drink alcohol, but it was a necessary go to in situations that gave a little stress. Who was to say that it wasn’t becoming a favorite past time. “Well by all means, pour a drink and have a seat.. I will give you this time to chat.” I mean he had already started, what was stopping him? Not Gwen. “No, you’re not the first to feel at home in my personal chambers..” Her remark held a little fire in it, as she lifted the short glass to her lips for a slow sip of rum. Feeling quite feisty with her guest, she wasn’t going to make things easy for him. Lifting her glass as he said cheers, she took another sip of the spiced rum. Pulling her right leg to rest over her left knee as her foot braced itself on the bottom of the stool, part of her robe slid to reveal the white flesh of her right leg. It didn’t take Jack long to get to the point, a very bold point. “Karma you say?” Laughter spilled from her lips, as her hand sat the glass down on the counter top of the bar. She was quite tickled by what he said to her, all because she wouldn’t indulge his boldness the night before. Catching her breath, her right hand came to rest on the center of her chest as she turned to face him. “Indeed I left you hanging.. I didn’t realize you would be so hurt by me doing so..” Stifling another bout of laughter, Gwen leaned forward on the bartop with both elbows, her left hand balancing her head as the right braced it. “Well dearest Jack, go on and get to know me.. If you can..” Gwen giggled a bit, her dark gaze never leaving her guest. @Michael Bloodfang
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