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  1. Dropping her hands to rest at her sides, she watched as the male came further into the room. She could read the fear on his face, although his eyes stayed dry for the moment. Knowing that there would be no escape for the pair, Tatia sighed. “Well, You two, enjoy your last moments together.” Her fun was somewhat dampened, as Lein beckoned her leave the couple for the time being. Following Leinhart out into the corridor, she closed the door behind herself. Knowing she could still hear their racing heartbeats, it would be futile for them to try to make any sort of attempts to leave. Leaving them in the room alone would give them more freedom of will to discuss what was happening, or perhaps they would scream or even cry it out on the bed. Tatia knew the girl would have a flare up in anger, as she felt it in the back of her mind directed at her lover. There was no real love between the college students, and emotions were ready to fly between them. The energy of the two boiled off of them as Tatia left the room, leaving a grin of pleasure on her face as she followed Lein to the living room. Standing in the doorway of the living room, she watched with her icy blues as Lein removed restricting clothing and relaxed on the couch. Taking in the room that obviously had seen better days, she walked to stand in front of Leinhart. Seeing how relaxed he sat waiting, waiting for her to join him it appeared to her. Reading his energy as he awaited his beloved to join him, Tatia gave him the softest of smiles. Toning down the wild side of her that pushed to the front so eagerly, she carefully unclasped the belts that carefully hung around her hips over the long coat she wore. Letting the leather and chain belts fall to the floor, she slid her arms from the tight sleeves of the coat and tossed it over the end of the couch. Now with her arms exposed, the green top cut off at the shoulders leaving her pale arms exposed. “You tease me.” Giving Lein a short pouty face, Tatia stood in front of him eyeing how he awaited her. They honestly hadn’t shared many intimate moments since her rebirth, always felt second to the Choisel Coven and any plans Lein had in play. Promised some time alone with him, she didn’t know how to feel, how to indulge in every moment with him. Walking up between his legs that laid at a relaxed position; the heels of her thigh high boots stabbing in the remnants of an accent rug that had faded with time, Tatia lowered herself to sit in his lap. Oddly it felt foreign to her to make such a move against him, but she followed through with draping one arm along his shoulders as the other rested on the dark green leggings she wore. Shaking her head ever so slightly to allow the loose strands of dark hair to fall away from her face, she found herself tracing over every detail of his face to the lines in his neck to the bit of exposed chest through his shirt. @Etched In Stone
  2. Valucre is so quiet this late.
  3. With Roen’s help steadying herself back into her seat, feeling the relief of her hair being untangled from the child’s fingers. The comment about his son already pulling women’s hair with the innuendo brought a laugh to her lips, Octavia knowing well what was being hinted at. And with that ‘Switch,’ the handoff was smooth. With Roen taking her wine glass, her hands moved in under the babe’s underarms lifting him from his father’s lap. Unable to help the grin that appeared on her face, Octavia brought the boy into her lap. With Philippe sitting on her lap facing her, hands bracing him to keep him safely on her lap. “Hi there!” Speaking to the boy who she now cuddled, the tug of her smile keeping it locked on her face. It was an odd feeling for the demoness to have, but much of her old demeanor had begun to wash away with the travels into this new realm. “Aren’t you just so handsome.” Octavia cooed at Philippe, as she lifted him up to rest against her chest bringing their faces closer. Shaking her head slightly to toss some of the loose strands of white hair somewhat over her shoulders and out of her face, Octavia glanced over at Roen as he seemed to be smiling more while indulging in the vegetarian part of the meal. Dessert?! Looking into the green hues of Philippe, she laughed. “You want some sweets?” Turning the boy in her arms to rest his back against her torso, she eyed the now cooled pie. With her left arm tightly wrapped around the boy’s waist, Octavia took her fork plunging it into the pie without worrying about pulling a slice out. Retrieving some of the innards of the pie, making sure it was the softest piece for the babe to gum. Careful that the bite was portioned for a child with no teeth, she carefully brought the tip of her fork to his mouth. Letting out a giggle at the sight of the boy’s mouth already awaiting the sweet apple goo of the pie, his wiggles causing her to tighten her grip. Roen seemed to have fallen into the background as she cared for the boy in her lap, carefully sliding the sweetness into the inside of his bottom lip. Watching carefully to be sure she didn’t give Philippe more than he could handle, she took the fork back to the pie to try a taste herself. As she pulled the fork back to her, the babe reached up wiggling fingers for the fork she touched to her own mouth. Feeling his protests to her not sharing, she couldn't help giggle between chewing. "Yes, yes. I know! Your turn!" With that she scooped up some more of the softest part of the pie for Philippe to gum.
  4. Teasing the boy with the white tresses, she smiled. With the faux displeasure Roen showed to her making it his turn to be tickled with the hair, she couldn’t help a laugh that pushed past her lips. Turning her attention to the babe that reached little hands out towards her hair, she allowed the boy to take the thick silky hair into his chubby hands. Giving to the tugs of his hands in her hair, she just laughed with the boy. Roen’s apology was taken with giggles and laughter, as she played with the boy who pushed his strength against his father’s resistance. “No need to be sorry Roen, I knew what trouble I would get myself into” Her smile reaching her eyes, she would break the eye contact with the babe to look up at the man who seemed to relax a little more around her. While Philippe tugged at the strands of hair given to him, she would pull a lock from the other side of her head to tickle the boy with once more. Showing him how to brush it against her arm, or even push it up into his father’s face. Octavia felt herself falling into the game with the babe, the room filling with each of their laughs. Dropping her own lock of hair to reach for the glass of wine, she felt the tug coming as she moved more to lean further into Roen. The hand that grabbed for the glass extended out steadying the glass that the liquid lapped the inside of the glass, a nervous bout of laughter left her as she nearly spilled her drink. “Mighty Philippe, strongest baby warrior.” With her left hand catching the side of Roen’s thigh, her arm keeping herself from spilling from the seat. Settling herself against the strength of Philippe, Octavia used her own strength to be the resistance to the boy. Keeping her hair from being pulled from her head, she moved her hand to the boy’s little grasp to give her some slack in the tresses. With the other hand occupied by the wine glass, she took a quick sip to allow for the abandonment of the glass on the table. The taste of the wine was brief, as she kept her attention on the infant and his father.
  5. Getting my butt kicked at the hospital today

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  7. “Oh the renaissance style of Renovatio, I love the way they perceive themselves.” Leaning forward to reach for some of the lamb that was now cooling down to room temperature, hesitating to grab for the proper utensil to stab it with. Finally with a fork in hand, she stabbed the tender meat carefully. Watching the cooled juices flow from the meat on the platter, she would lift it up towards her mouth. Glancing at Phillipe, she smiled a moment before nibbling on the piece that threatened to fall apart in her lap. With the piece of meat finished, she savored the taste of honey and lemon it was roasted in. “I’ve honestly haven’t had a portrait made of myself in each place, instead I’ve watched the painters work.. Studied them.” With empty for still in hand, Octavia stood to move a seat closer to Roen and the babe. Violet orbs smiled on the child who quietly studied her, keeping a protected position in his father’s arms. “I’ve done my share of self portraits in those styles though, although I don’t think my work compares to the great painters of those realms.” Taking her fork to stab into an olive that failed to roll away, wedging itself between slices of the roasted lamb. Wiggling the olive on the top of her fork, she carefully bit into the bitter green ball. With half of the olive still on her fork, she reached for a glass of wine that awaited someone’s tongue to taste. Looking at the red liquid, she swirled it carefully around the inside of the tulip shaped cup. Touching the cool glass to her bottom lip, the liquid tipped to lap at her lips as she sipped it. With her now sitting with her left side closer to Roen; waist length hair still pouring over that shoulder, Octavia sat her glass down. Grabbing some of her long white hair into her right hand, she left enough sticking out to tickle Phillipe’s nose with. Although she didn’t want to press her luck, she let the silky hair tickle over his nose once before letting it fall back. “He sure is a hard one to crack..” Her eyes shifted between Roen, and Phillipe. Giving a wink to the boy, she picked up her hair once more to tickle Roen’s nose before offering some of her hair to the babe. Prepared to feel a tug or two, she smiled.
  8. Through one of my many RP threads going on, it has come to my attention that none of the lore (that I can find), addresses the type of art found in those lands. What styles do they paint in, do they even have artists? What era's does the different lands base they paintings from? I need references!!
  9. While Solomon and Helene pushed the remainder of the marauders towards Paris and Okina, the she-wolf danced her way through the ones Paris hadn’t gotten to. Pausing long enough to catch a throwing axe heading towards her face, she turned it in a split second to send it back home. While the blade sunk itself deep into the bridge of the nose of its keeper, Okina turned to greet a man who got in close with her. Too close to use the blade to slice through him, her left hand instantly grabbed the man by his esophagus. Pulling him up off his feet as he clawed at her hand, her fingertips easily sinking into the warm flesh that burned with the blood that streamed out. His fight was still strong as she let him dangle as high as she could lift his body, his weight was nothing to her. With the supernatural ability to bench steel, Okina watched as he started to choke on his blood while scratching at the flesh of her hands. Human amber hues shifted in the shadows the fire light danced over her face, the wolf purred just under her flesh. Holding her blade down and out away from her body, Okina turned with man in her grasp. Looking to meet Paris’ eyes, she winked before squeezing the man’s throat. The blood burst from his neck, as if she had just squeezed a tomato in her fist. Tossing the now gurgling man who fell limply upon a pile of carnage left behind by the Prince, Okina licked the splattered blood from her upper lip. The cooling touch of the blood on her tongue sent goosebumps over her flesh, the beast in her satisfied by the sacrifice given to the earth. Everything was heightened to her, even the smell of what remained of the stew that cooked over the fire caught her attention. Looking over the bodies, spotting her sheathe slightly buried under a few bodies. Stepping over the masses, she pulled the casing of her blade from under a pooling hot mess of death. Just by looking at the sheathe, she knew everything would have to be very delicately cleaned to her liking. Hoping by days light she would have the opportunity to find a stream to clean up, the thought came with the flexing of her fingers that now grew sticky with drying blood. “Well, I’m starving..”
  10. Lost in them, that was the perfect statement about the boys eyes. Staring deep into the eyes of the boy who began to curl into his father out of shyness, Octavia just smiled. Listening to the short history lesson Roen started to share with her, she nodded. The boy was very hard to ignore, her eyes stayed lit up as he clearly didn’t know how to react around her. Straightening herself as the boy just stared, Octavia just shook her head. “Oh no worries, Roen you have done more than I have expected.” Finding a seat across from Roen and Phillipe, allowing her the ability to make silly faces whenever Roen wasn’t paying attention. Looking over the assortment laid before them for dinner, she couldn’t help but close her eyes to the smell of the roasted lamb. She could easily pick out the scent of lemon, and the grape leaves wrapping the onion, raisins with mushrooms and red peppers. By passing those items at first, Octavia plucked a dark green olive from the tray. Popping the olive into her mouth, the exotic taste caressing her tongue as she chewed it carefully. She was determined to earn the right to hold the babe, there wasn’t any way she would leave them for the night until she got to cuddle the infant at least once. “Honestly, I’ve traveled all over. Observing the different technologies, the magic in other nations..” Smoothing the tight skirt of the dress over her legs, she carefully crossed one knee delicately over the other. Looking down at the foot that dangled the heeled shoe to match her gown, she just smiled losing herself a moment in her own thoughts. Out of habit she reached up to pull all the white locks of hair over her left shoulder, revealing the red jewel earring that hung delicately from her ear. Reaching for some of the feta cheese, she would carefully roll it between her thumb and forefinger. Popping the soft cheese into her mouth, she made a silly face at Phillipe. “I’ve actually have become fascinated with painting.” Turning her eyes away from the boy a moment, focusing more on her host before her. He tried to be social with her, but she knew that he was tired. Not just in the sense of it have been a long busy day of hard work, but emotionally, mentally. Intuitively she could feel the difference in him, all that seemed to make him light up was the baby he held close to his body. “I like to explore the art of different cultures I’ve visited, to examine each of their different techniques..” Lightly shrugging her shoulders, she just let out a soft sigh. It all brought her back to the thoughts of finding a place to belong, a purpose. Of course she could just become a wanderer, painting strange new lands and their people. @Roen
  11. With the rage of Leinhart extinguished with her soothing touch, the energy he gave off fading into the background. Taking a step back to allow the man to stand at the order of her brother, she smiled. With that they lead the way towards the run down apartment building they were calling home for the time being, a building that looked like something out of a horror movie. It was clear that no one would ever step foot into this building, the grounds were overgrown and the gate screamed when opened. Following Lein through the gates after their treats, she couldn’t help but take in the full view of the place, although she was used to much different lodgings, this had to do for now. It was obvious to everyone that she was inside her own thoughts, but that didn’t keep her from holding the hand of the girl who remained under her control. Turning her bright smiling blue eyes to the girl, she swung their hands like they were best friends. Feeling the tingling of fear radiating through the girls body as she couldn’t stop herself from following them inside, Tatia gave the hand a squeeze of anticipation as they entered. “I think couples deserve the room they desire..” Tatia didn’t leave Lein any time to respond, as she had already begun to drag the girl behind her towards one of the apartments that held the most bedrooms. This would give her a place to bathe in the blood of her prey, while still being able to find other somewhat clean rooms to take up as her own when her inner demon cooled down. Surprisingly the apartments still had electricity, but it was clear that the place had sat for many years by the look of cobwebs and old fixtures. Some of the lights didn’t work, many flashed and flickered. The place was like a haunted landmark, the very place people decided to walk on the other side of the street just by appearances. Still clinging to the girls clammy hand, Tatia pulled her through several doors, and up some stairs. Soon they found themselves in a large bedroom with an old four poster bed, the mattress obviously had seen better days. Cobwebs hung from the bedpost closest to the head of the bed, while the bed was dressed in old bedding that looked as if the moths had the time of their lives with. Dropping the hand of the girl after leading her to the center of the room, just short of the bed. Spinning around with her arms up in the air, a dark excitement radiated from her. “Lein, don’t you think this is the perfect place for lovers?” The girl stood in fear, her body shaking uncontrollably as her mind awaited the next command her mistress gave her. @Etched In Stone
  12. The very flower that held her in place released its hold upon her, each vine slowly sliding from the clothing that clung to her. The large flower head devoured every inch of her, bringing her body to rest in the very bud itself. The whole event of it all was magical, leaving her body to feel as if it was being swaddled in magic. A comforting the whole process seemed to her, enhancing her own emotional healing gifts. Cradled in the flower bud, Eira slept while her body began to accept all of the changes Ydris was giving her. The gem in the center of her forehead began to shift through different colors, as her body changed. Writing in a foreign language etched itself over her back, swirling around her arms and legs. The force of life magic took her whole, amplifying her need to heal and keep life protected. The ability to create life was given to her, allowing her to give life to the lifeless, create new life, preserve life. Other abilities became innate to her, following the dreams of which she professed to Ydris. During the changes Eira took on Ydris awaited her patiently, something she felt now through their telepathy link now given to her. Safe, that is how she felt, as she fell into a deep slumber allowing her body to mend itself into its new form. After some hours of Eira curled in a slumbering state, the flower began to bloom while lowering itself enough to allow Eira to be placed on her feet. With the changes taking root in her soul and body, the touch of her physical form made the empty patch of dirt flourish with a rainbow of wildflowers. @Chappu
  13. Specter was a well rounded soldier, even though she specialized in long range sniping. With her M4 assault rifle at the ready, she just nodded her head to the orders that were given to move out. ISAC was given a command and a course was plotted from where they stood to the police station that they were going into help. Looking up over her head noticing the orange line that traced the best course to take, she felt the smirk appear over her lips. With Davis taking point and Merrick following in as his second, Morgan took her place behind Merrick. Checking over the assault rifle in her hand, her thumb tracing over the safety to reassure herself it was off. Holding the gun in place with her left hand while the strap supported it over her shoulder, her free hand slide over the Pulse she carried attached to the strap of her backpack. At any time she can activate her pulse to allow a mass scan of the area around them, pinpointing any enemies in the vicinity. While the others took their places in the tactical line, Morgan activated her pulse as a test run. Starting from the origin of the device, an orange grid flashed outward from her body to an area of about sixty meters flashing a message of no nearby enemies. Continuing to go over her equipment, Specter was satisfied with the results as they began their dangerous journey through a falling city to stop a riot.
  14. Aurora was caught off guard by the smile accompanied with a playful giggle, his following statement still so serious. Efemaer had a point though, one she couldn’t really ignore. Aware of the changes she was making in Crystallo was shifting views the council had on her. Although they really didn’t have much power over what came of the Nation, their opinions and advice was always heeded greatly by the ruling King or Queen. Green hues watched Efemaer as he leaned closer over the desk, his eyes darting around to make sure the room was truly secure for their private conversation. Unable to help herself, Aurora leaned over nearly meeting him face to face as he continued on with the notions of how far she was willing to go to keep herself seated on the throne. It had been thousands of years since a royal was dethroned, but it was recorded in their history that king went completely mad. “The funds from the mines could go towards funding new things in Crystallo, and with the impending rise in citizens with our borders open to the outside world.” Pausing a moment, she pulled herself back just a bit as she felt the close proximity between them a bit too intimate. “We could appoint someone to be in charge of records of new citizens, maybe put some laws into play for them to gain citizenship?” Reaching up to brush away a stray strand of red hair from her face, the look on her face going distant as she started to think more on the subject. The council indeed would be a huge problem eventually, but Efemaer started to hint towards more barbaric notions of how to eliminate the problems to be. Smiling, Aurora thought back on a memory shared with her father, a day when she wandered into this very study where he was working tirelessly on issues that the council had brought to his attention. Her father’s deep baritone voice echoed through her mind ‘There will be days by little flower, where you will have to make some very harsh decisions, many that will not all be for the greater good of one person or many..’ She knew what he meant, sometimes violence had to come out into play occasionally, to make some things work in the betterment of the nation. “Or..” Aurora started with her voice soft, as if someone would be listening in. “I could just eliminate the need of a council, maybe marry with the excuse that the King will be my advisor?” @Twitterpated
  15. Finally applying for Nursing school. Got a plan!

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