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  1. Tired of not being enough for some in RP. 

    Constantly being asked to RP with others or have been just to be ghosted cause I don't fit IC agenda. 


    Time to move on with my bad self. Lol

    IRL is busier anyways, time to slink away. 

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    2. Michael Bloodfang

      Michael Bloodfang

      Oh, I'm so sorry you feel that way. I can totally relate to that, when you put a lot of tiem and effort into an RP and then you get negated from it. It has happened a bit recently to me...and it is very frustrating.

      I suppose the best way to get over it, is to just simply accept the fact that it happened and move on. Though it is hard, surely there are a lot of people that may want to RP with you, and are interested in doing long terms RPs with you. While also having fun.

      I mean, I'm enjoying our RP so far. The reason why I am so, inactive lol is because of school. I don't have it easy, I'm actually going towards my graduation so I have to learn for my exams. Currently we are doing English exams...well in the near future. Though enough rambeling, sorry to hear that and have a good day.



    3. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      I'm still here. Of course what I've intended for us is indeed, something long term. I havent wrote anything in a month, I owe several people posts that I just can't seem to get out right now. I try to inspire myself to keep writing, but also at the same time I tend to look for some inspiration through other people's work. I do get anxiety from not writing lol, or not knowing what to type up next. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who gets like that.

      Leinhart and the Choisels no matter how slow it may seem to move, we aren't going any where. I do apologize for my small sense of guilt as I feel slightly responsible we've got some major stories that has just now taken off and began to slow. I'm also open to the fact you've been here longer than myself and I'm sure you have several other plots with different people that this was nothing directed at anybody particular, but a general PSA.


    4. Eternity


      Exactly! @Etched In Stone, Just feeling down all around. Not really anyone's fault, just feeling the lack there of a muse to write. On the other hand I have a lot going on in real life. 

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