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  1. No. It didn't feel right to Sera as she looked up, clutching her head as the pain intensified. She felt the pain throughout her entire body as she stood there. She couldn't remember the last time she felt like this. But Sera definitely knew it had to deal with her meeting with the princess. And the bracelet, did that help magnify the effects? It was too much to think about with all the noise in her head. The elf needed to find the druid Vera. She would be able to stop the painful effects. But before she could move her foot forward, an alabaster hand grasped her shoulder. The same hand that gave her the bracelet, a foe hidden behind a title. Grand. Sera shivered as she felt that she was trapped. Rin didn't move her or turn her around, as she sighed. It seems the experiment was just beginning. And Sera was frightened. Her sister Vera was out of reach. I was hoping to see how you were doing. You seemed to collapse in the middle of the street. Not good for an elf. Come let me get you somewhere to rest. Relax. Begin the next step. Next step? What do you mean?! Rin said nothing as she smirked. This deafening silence made Sera even more frightened. Vera stood there as she watched the half breed interact with her sister. But the elf didn't interfere. That would be stupid. Rin may look easy to fight, not threatening at all, but she hid that. And being the feared beast of legend didn't help Vera rushing into battle just to save Sera. If she lost her sister, then it was due to fate. But the half breed was interesting to watch. Especially when she was testing many a product. Rin eyed the elf then as she tilted her head. It seemed she looked green. Ill. Sera eyed her sister not moving, not coming to her rescue. Why? Why was she letting her suffer like this? Sera didn't know as she felt her body go numb. She scratched at her arms to try and take off the bracelet. Rin stopped her at every turn. Why? Vera approached then. Silent. Watching. Knowing this next thing would be a fight. The fight with the beast of legend. What a story it would be as she knew the war was coming. No one could stop It. No one was safe.
  2. Isn't that the elusive slaver Esben? When did they allow him to walk so freely? They didn't punish him after what he did in Platinum-Neptune? I cannot believe he's able to walk the streets without people trying to kill him. Such words filled the elf's ears as he walked down the cobblestone streets. People whispering more and more about what he did and what he helped. He waved it off not caring for the words. The elders had sent him personally to the city. As if they had a plan all their own. He was here for his own purpose. Sure he said he'd help the elders, but he was lying through his teeth. If only the elders knew this, they wouldn't have told him where to begin. Where to take the most life from. The elders were not all evil. Greedy yes, but only from trying to keep their world from being destroyed. Leading the faithful blindly into battle to fight for them. Esben found this boring. He wanted to stir the people into a frenzy, take their life and make it miserable. Make them suffer for the cause they did to him. Oh yes he was hunting. Esben sat down on a bench in front of a fountain as more people walked past him. Busy from doing their errands. Whispering so about him that it started to bother them. And he noticed as an elf came stomping towards him. He knew this woman well, she was Abelone. A woman he knew and had such ties with. She was here once more to interrupt his fun. A shame. She sat beside him then as she sighed. Knowing that was she was about to say wouldn't get through the elf's ears. Esben was one to not care about things unless they dealt with him. He wanted to come here to make more slaves, gather more weapons and waged the war on Athentha as Rin was doing. Abelone wanted the elves to come together to show they could overpower her and gain back the peace. This was too boring for Esben. "You're wasting your time elf, I don't care what you have to say about Rin or the elves. I am here for me, to regain my life and begin again at what I'm best at. Enslavement of the species." "Why Esben? We need to come together and find a way to stop her. If we do we can rebuild our race and bring forth a new time. Where we aren't slaves to the demons. You really don't care?" Esben smiled and shrugged. He really didn't care. Abelone sighed. She wasn't giving up. The war would be a different outcome than what that old hag Agatha saw. She had to make this come out right. And she needed to convince Esben to help her.
  3. Sera sat there for a moment as she took it all in. Still a bit confused, the elf stood as she saw the storm was letting up now. She sighed. She was still in a precidment. These houses were for the people being moved into the twin but she couldn't just push them out to be homeless. Sera looked down at the clipboard she pulled out now. She would scribble something before looking up. "Well, seeing my shift is almost over and the storm is letting up, I'll see what I can do. I wrote down here that you are one of the townspeople moving into this house. It should allow you to stay and practice whatever this is. I am sure its all I can do." Sera sighed once more before she stood and looked around once more. Reaching into her pockets she pulled out four hundred gold coins. She placed them on the table for them. Knowing that it would help them, she looked back once more at the strangers. Sera still not sure why anyone would come to a cursed land with a monster lurking about. Oh, she had almost forgot to warn then of the beast. It was her duty after all. "I must be getting back to the barracks, but do be careful. There is a monster lurking out there. A beast that will swallow you whole and change you. Be wary travelers." With that Sera gathered her things and exited outside the house. She looked towards the sky as she watched the clouds part. She had a weird feeling they would meet more.
  4. Rin stood there with her arms crossed against her shoulders. How many times had she heard that talk before? How many times she was told this and then betrayed? Harmed because they believed the elder's blind words. No, it could not end without bloodshed. Not this time. What she was doing, was the only course of action she could take. The only way to move forward. Another to follow blindly to the words of an elder. Another to think bloodshed cannot be shed. If men were so good at heart then... Then they wouldn't have done what they did. No, men have no good hearts. Everything is decayed here. Destroyed. Nothing can be saved. Why do you fight? What are you trying to save that you cannot? Rin pointed her finger at Elias now. She was now addressing him for the first time. No one else. She stared at him with such a glaring stare. Almost peering into him. Her arms then fell to her sides as she approached Elias. She looked like something not to be afraid of. And that was the problem. She stopped an inch from the boy and shook her head. Why did everyone believe her to be the monster? What did the elders say to make it so bad? Rin didn't know but she wanted to know more about Elias and his group. Tell me Elias is it? What do you hope to accomplish? Don't you realize every time you kill the demons here, you're killing the townspeople? Doesn't that stain your soul knowing the murder you are creating? How long before you become just like me? Bloodshed? You're the ones creating the bloodshed, not I. My life... Is something you'll never understand. The pain I have is something to never be felt again. Rin shook her head then as she didn't share much more of that thought. As she stood there she wondered if he understood what she was saying. They were two different creatures. And yet sometimes it happened that it could be understood. Rin waited for an answer for she didn't attack yet. She was having fun toying with the boy. And even if he ran back to his group, it would lead the wolf to more food. She then awaited with bated breath.
  5. Okay. Just wanted to know. Since after I uninstalled and reinstalled it thinking it was me. Lol.
  6. Did discord break? Or is it just me?
  7. She was stoic. Silent. Raven had earned the trust already yet he still asked. She shook her head as if she was going to address him but didn't speak. You could see by now the tiredness in her face, the hunger pains of old staring back into the youth of the man before her. Here it seemed they were young compared to the half breed. Her old bones creaked and groaned as she turned to face Raven once more. Of course she could betray them all right here and eat everyone, turning them one by one into servants. It could be that easy. But Rin didn't move. She didn't strike. Maybe she was too old for the game. She didn't know. Her right hand hand outstretched and landed on Raven's shoulder. You have already done that little bird. You are trusted here for if you weren't I wouldn't have told you as much as I did. You do know that though we come to have dinner, those here like me have different intentions. But... Rin then let go of his shoulder before she turned back to the sky. Her hands placed on the balcony ledge. She had paused in her words. For Raven was a foreigner. He didn't know what the land spoke of. You could read it all in books but unless you lived it, it didn't mean anything. The half breed had lived every waking moment alive in the nightmare, knowing one day things would come to this. Come to change. Lyon's dying was planned by the heroes, wanting to create panic and a resistance to combat the princess. And with out Kogal or the Solstice Temple they were scrambling to find such a savior to salvage the land and pierce the darkness. In the end, Rin needed allies. She was outnumbered by those that came. Those that decreed her the monster. Decreed for her to pay for her crimes. You should tend to your guests. I do not want them to think you're enameled with me. And it would be rude to keep them waiting. We can talk more about the subject later. I wish to stay out here a little longer and take in the air. It won't be long before the war comes to full circle. And peace will be shattered once more. Rin looked at Raven once more with that eerie crimson black orb of an eye. The land was getting ready for the year of the Umbral moon. Lyonesse would lose Lyon in time and then it would begin. For now, they could indulge in a nice dinner and talk about something other than this terrible subject. Yet. Rin wanted to make Raven stronger. He seemed a bit lacking. Turning to stare at him still, she figured he would make a good part in her service. Unfortunately she couldn't just take what she wanted. Everyone deserved their free will. However she lowered her left hand out to the boy. In it was a ring. The ring was made of emerald and old amber. A token treasure from old. Of course she had added a bit of the ore into the mix of gems. A gift for the next ruler of Lyonesse. Take it as a token of my gratitude. Though, I do rather like you. And that is why I've been honest with you. Of course in time I too, will become your enemy. And we will have to do the dance of battle. When that comes, I do hope you can forgive me. You should run along now. I've taken too much of your time. And the guests will be upset. If he took the ring, Rin would place her hands back onto the ledge. She wanted to be outside the room for a bit more for she knew why Capri was here. A plan that the children always did when the leaders of a land died. Or were dying. The half breed smiled at him. If you wish to talk more about this we can later in my chambers. I do not wish to talk with the others about these things when it is time for cheer. Thank you for the dinner. But I do not eat food. I eat humans, demons the like. If you'll excuse me. Rin gave a flirty smile and walked past Raven then towards her room. Perhaps she would see him later, perhaps not. However she would know by the night. She closed the door to her room and laid upon the bed. Closing her eye, she let sleep take over her.
  8. Slowly catching up on posts. So don't worry if I didn't get to you yet, I shall get to everyone soon. Been a tiring and busy week 

    But soon..  

    Storytime, Nightwish ❤

    1. jaistlyn


      I'll catch up to ours soon!! Sorry for the long wait!!

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      You're fine. I hope to be writing again with you soon. Real life before rp as I always say

  9. Asbel stood there for a moment as he heard a man yelling. Turning around he saw someone screaming about stolen goods. It could be possible as he turned back around to glare at Frankie. So she had convorting into something not chivorous. He sighed. So it would be up to him to try and solve this amicably. So reaching into his pocket he tried to dig out the little pocket change he had. Though having a lot in Athentha when he came here and transferred the money into Genesaris coins, it was less than he hoped. "Sir I am sure we can solve this peacefully? Here's the--" Frankie set the man rolling into motion. He slammed his hand into his face with a look of dismay. Didn't people do things with reason and use their heads here? What a world outside his own. It frightened him. And so without another word he followed the girl. As she pulled him up onto the roof top he sat there catching his breath. The glare once more shot at her. "Are you insane? He could have killed us. I mean I could have paid him. I don't get why you did that. I don't get this place at all. Such a headache." Asbel shook his head as he sat next to her. Already was here for an hour or two and Frankie was turning him into a criminal. This was not what he signed up for. Shaking his head, he looked at Frankie again. She was as wild as Rin and he hated that. He didn't like wild. But he might as well continue with the ride. At least his comrades hoped this would change the stoic knight in his ways. Asbel didn't want to change. "Frankie, do you do this all the time? Steal from people instead of honestly getting it? Or this a one time thing? It's just I don't understand why you stole from him. This place is confusing and giving me a headache. Know some place we can rest a bit. Some place you won't upset someone?" It wasn't that he was angry with her. Nor blaming her. Asbel was just frustrated. A blind date turning into a wild ride. Was it his commander who told the girl to do this? He didn't know but he was certainly going to ask once he got back. And he vowed never to go on a blind date again.
  10. Sera tilted her head as they talked more and more about the book. She truly had no idea what they were talking about but it was better than going out in this storm. The thunder and lightning crashing more and more in the sky along with the pounding rain still falling, it would be foolish to go out in it. Athentha's weather was never good. And only the hardened souls of the land were brave enough to face the horrible weather. The elf knight sat down in one of the old faded brown leather chair. She placed her head on the outer palm of her left hand. Well they might as well get started. If they wanted to persuade her, let the show begin. "The storm is getting worse. I would think only the brave and crazed would go out in this. Athentha loves to make situations dire when the storms break out. Well, you might as well get on with it, I mean we're not going anywhere fast. Though, I don't have the last say on anything as that is my commander's job." Sera then looked back at the book. Her thoughts weighed heavy now. Something seemed off about this group. And she would know. She had run into a monster herself. The princess of Athentha. However it took a long time to get over what the half breed had done to her. Sera sighed as she sat there. She hated Athentha and the island itself. The weather was another thing she despised. The elf knew how to hold this in but she felt the darkness of the land was starting to work into her mind. Like it seeped slowly into the back of her mind. But for now she would just see what these people were talking about and go from there. She after all was exhausted.
  11. Yes yes join. Join all the things Rubs hands together ebily
  12. Esben Eden. That was the elf's name. Though he had watched Elenwen get captured. He, after all, was a slaver. And he had cocorced the girl to accompany her to the slaver's enclave. In truth, he wanted to see how they worked. Athentha and it's ways were different from the rest of the world. Though military was the only rough place, Esben wanted to learn the craft to strengthen it in his home land. And his lips parted into a frown as his heterchroma red and orange eyes looking about as he sighed. "It's a shame really..." It was all the elf could get out before the white soft pale handkerchief was placed on his face as a blind fold. The brown rough rope tying his hands together as he was roughly pushed ahead following the same steps as Elenwen went. In all honesty it was a shock that someone managed to capture him as no one was able to in all his time alive. He would have to commend his captors later. "Do you have to be so rough? I just bought these silks and finest yarns. I mean you don't have to be so brutish. I am a slave trader myself. Came to learn the trade more myself. Improve on the craft. Oh dear, don't step on my toes. Was the blind fold really necessary? I cannot see." Esben groaned. He was still a bit in shock. But he knew that if this was to go ahead as planned, he would have to play along. Make sure that they didn't know what he was up to. Maybe meet some new slaves to play with and torture with his magi. And he knew the captors were just ascorting him to the place to have them help. Well that wasn't the real assurance but he liked to think it was. It was to keep his mind off of the invading thoughts of despair.
  13. Rin was left alone with the knight. She didn't stir at the moment as Manah felt alone. Felt that she was about to be eaten alive and tortured. Yet she watched the half breed not stir. The knight hated being toyed with. If the mongrel was going to attack her, she needed to do it now. Manah stood then as she shook her head. Picking up her spear that had been tossed aside, the knight ran at Rin with all her might, all her fury and anger. All her passion. It was for naught. For as Manah looked then with frustration and fear in her eyes and on her face. Rin was holding the holy spear with her right hand. Cute plan Manah. I commend you for thinking this far in the game. I didn't think once you gained the Yellow Leaf Brigade you would falter. And now look at you, contending with a monster. Your father would be proud if he wasn't condeming you to hell. Of course, you could never please the old man could you? You're weak. Your mortal coil is running thin and soon, it will turn to dust like all the leaders who deny my gift. "You really think that? You're sadder than me. After all the pain and suffering Miach put you through and you have the gall--" At the mere mention of her father, Rin stood and yanked the spear hard making the knight slam herself into the floor. Manah didn't know what fury she just had unleashed but it wouldn't be good. As the knight looked up, dark matter crystal shards slammed into her torso throwing her backwards. She continued her assault on the knight as more and more shards came flying at the knight. Whatever ones hit were different elemental attacks. Manah's skin seared and burned as she staggered to stand. Rin was something else when she was mad. However the knight wouldn't give up here. The shards pierced the Knight's skin hanging out of it here and there. You really don't know when to learn not to dig up the past. I'm going to make you suffer for mentioning it.
  14. Sera tilted her head as the robed figures made their appearances. She really had no authority to make the new comers leave the land. And she really was just trying to do her job. The elf was a new recruit. And she was following orders. As she looked down, the elf eyed the Bible. It was a thick leather, rough in texture. Her green eyes not knowing what she was reading on the cover. The words were strange and foreign to her. Sera looked up as she eyed the figures, each scared and shaking as she shook her head. The storm over their heads was getting worse. It would be wrong to throw them out into the storm. "I'm not going to hurt you or make you go back. I'm afraid we are all stuck here until the storm passes. No carriage or coach will run in this horrible weather. I am Ser Sera Celeste Cecilia Rydsa. A new knight of the Pluto knights. My commander told me to come and inspect the houses for the new people coming from a run down village the princess destroyed in the process." Sera said as she lifted the book at them. "What is this book? I cannot read the writing." Sera sighed. As the thunder crackled again much louder, the lightning flashed so bright then as it made the lights of the house flicker. The lighting of the house was old and it would go in and out. For now it remained on. However these people looked different from normal people. Their foreign robes reminded her of another cult in the heart of Athentha at one time. Legendia they were called. Sera wondered what happened to them. But for now she shook that thought away as she had these people to deal with.
  15. Genesaris is fine. I wasn't sure yet cause I'm not sure about all this yet. That's why I'm asking. My characters, most of them are in the link in my signature