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    From now until oct. 3rd gonna be really slow. Don't have much hotspot or mobile data to last that long. I'll throw up a few posts inbetween. Apologies in advance
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    I'm still alive. Slowly writing to the horroble book and rp posts. Just slower than before. Apologies ❤️
  3. Ra said nothing as she pushed Salsa out of the way of the scythe. Breaking the rule, she'd worry about the consquences later. Her blade smacking against the scythe caused sparks to fly. Salsa was shocked, a demon helping her out. But Ra still remained stoic as she looked at him with those golden eyes of hers. I never said this was the knight. You, like a moron just assumed. Ra sneered pushing him back as she lowered the blade. I was going to say Nebula was but seems she's corrupted. Grand. Ra sighed heavily. But they could take him right? He didn't know any forbidden magic hopefully. Salsa drew her blade as she reluctantly knew that her and Ra had to work together to vanquish these demons. It was here that they felt hopeless. You really think she'd keep a deal? You're more stupid than I thought. Ra spoke with venom in her voice. But then again I'm an idiot for coming here. Well, here goes nothing… Ra looked at Salsa as they didn't need to speak. The sunbird ran at Jack, the blade rushing toward his torso. It would be the distraction as Salsa pushed her foot forward, channeling her energy, light spheres came from her form and crashed at him. Annabelle laughed, amused. O' how they fought as she slinked against the ground and like an arrow came up at Ra before she could strike Jack. Her form wrapping around the sunbird as Salsa's eyes widened. Ra! Salsa cried as she took a step back. Let her go. You monster. All you do is consume and destroy-- Silly girl, don't you see? The power you crave will corrupt your core? And your house will crumble because of you. I know the truths you deny to see, let him destroy your heart. Salsa shook her head as Annabelle smirked. The knight screamed as light arrows, shadow arrows and earth arrows exploded from her form at all of the demons. As the light faded, she fell to her knees. Annabelle however was unfazed, as she was now sitting in the oversized chair. Salsa stood as she ran at Annabelle now, sword rushing toward her torso. Anger in those eyes of hers. Die. She said through gritted teeth. Annabelle grasped the blade between her fingers as she leaned forth. She was enjoying the show as it could be seen on her face. She grinned. Don't you see Valentina? You've already lost. What will you gain from fighting me? False hope to save a land that wants our new Crowned Hearth? Why do you fight a futile battle? Just forfeit. You--I--I fight for those that don't deserve--that don't deserve what's been done to them! For my own reasons. The demon shrugged as she eyed Ra. She would start to succumb to her magic as she had infected the sunbird. Annabelle then looked up to Jack. She smiled. You want what's yours? Owed? Break the knight to the will of darkness. Do that and I'll give you so much power, your heart will combust.
  4. Welcome back space cowboy
  5. Esben said nothing as he sat there. Listening to Cain speak, he tilted his head. Seems someone finding out the organization's name wouldn't be good. But it was interesting nonetheless. Placing his hands in his lap, the elf pondered about the situation at hand. So, how should I approach things then if I shouldn't bring up the organization? It was a good question. Cain then offered a question of his own. It seemed he wanted to know more about the elf. Esben shook his head as he learned one thing, never to reveal too much about oneself, it could be used against you. It's much more drafty than my own home. Esben replied with a bit of a chuckle. But I guess it will do. Not enough subjects around either. I can however agree, the weather here is much more suitable than home. The elf shrugged as he sat there. He always wondered why the group took in a criminal but he allowed it. A nice new place to hide out in and make a higher bounty. Plus no one knew him here so it'd be easier to gather research subjects. Though still not sure why you let me in your organization. Though probably a better place to hide and do criminal stuff. Esben chuckled. I mean you really don't know me or I know you. Probably better that way. So why can't they know of the organization?
  6. Manah watched the ship crew do its job in amazement. She had forgotten how long she had been around others since her times in her homeland. And she felt a bit sad. It didn't show on her face as she became lost in thought. It almost looked like she was asleep. The knight wondered if this would go smoothly or not. What they would find. She didn't know but was excited.
  7. Claudette said nothing as she watched Grant change. The mirror piece did its job well, and the people around, those not changed looked on in shock and terror. You can swallow this kingdom whole and turn into a city of despair and darkness. These people becoming your puppets and servants. Building a mirror glass here. Claudette replied before turning around. She eyed the onlookers chuckling before eyeing one in armor. She growled low, as someone had followed her from Athentha and now just got here. The elf sighed, seeing she wasn't in time to save anyone. Rhaspody (not her real name, but a code name to keep the mirror from enslaving her) eyed Claudette with those rainbow eyes. Her rainbow hair cascading down her spine. She wore heavy Scarab Zweifer armor. I found you demon! Now to put you in your place. You will not go any farther in your plan. These people will be freed. Another flea coming with false bravado to try and fail. Don't you see? You're too late? Besides, the king here won't let you attack me, will you dear? Rhaspody's eyes widened. No, that couldn't be true could it?
  8. Believe me I suck at the job. I have otjer threads open if you want to join something. Even non canon and side stories ?
  9. I'm still onboard, just behind due to living on hotspot and mobile data, so not sure if its my turn
  10. Ra looked over at the voice as she shrugged. She didn't care either way as she was here to do her job. However, the sunbird demoness crossed her arms against her chest in annoyance. So everyone's coming out of the woodwork once the floating islands fall into chaos. Ra replied with a slight sneer. How many more idiots are going to appear while I wait for the knight you all seem to be afraid of? I mean you're here for a reason no? Annabelle grinned to see the demon man. Seemed he knew them both quite well as if he was always apart of the land. She sat in the oversized armchair as she didn't want to get ahead of herself. Time was slow here in the cave, slower than in the islands itself. She looked up and parted those pinkish lips to speak. It's wonderful to see you again, my dear demon. It's been so long since we spoke. How was the land outside Athentha and the floating islands? Have you come back to seek the power you crave; desire? Your heart-- Annabelle paused as she leaned forward as she eyed Ra. The sunbird forgotten for a moment to speak with a dear friend. An another knight stood there dressed in the Salamander Zweifer armor. A woman knight of the order eyed the three demons and held her hand on the hilt of her blade as she leaned against the door frame to hear them talk--as she awaited the moment to strike. Oh the hunger you must feel. That lacking purpose and direction.Annabelle spoke sitting back in the chair as she looked at him with that malicious smile. She after all was a desire demon who used everything to gain what she wanted. How about a deal? You help me out of this drafty cave and I'll give you what you want. A part of the mirror I'm suppose to guard. A powerful relic to feast your hunger upon. Ra raised an eyebrow at this. Completely forgotten yet still there she hoped Nebula was doing okay. That she wouldn't be corrupted and gain the sword she needed. But this alliance brewing didn't make her feel any better either. You're not going anywhere demon! Salsa yelled as she held her blade out at Annabelle. She had heard enough and summoned her courage. A beautiful young elf she was, the daughter of the Jasper Scarab Zweifer Moon leader, Ser Damascus Jasper Scarab Zweifer. You and your companions will remain here. And suffer your fate. You-- Don't falter now Salsa.. Ra thought as she watched the knight remember her bravado. Annabelle pointed her bony left index finger at her as she knew that power corrupted those who didn't have it. Come on Salsa take them down so we can escape. Salsa shook her head as she still held her blade out at Annabelle, it shook a little. Ah, just whom we were expecting. Salsa, someone with such power to gain an in with such a force. And since our dear demon here desires the power of the mirror, his task will to corrupt you. Should he succeed, he'll get the item I promised.Annabelle teased. We have a prestiged guest among us Jack. A woman of high regard, one of the powerhouses of Talia. A Valentina. Salsa grumbled. How did Annabelle know this? Ra also wondered how the demon figured out Salsa's bloodline was connected to the Valentina house. Salsa had told no one her lineage so how'd it get out? The elf glared her honeyed golden eyes at Annabelle then Jack. So, she'd have to fight a demon to help the heroes reclaim her family's sword? Salsa muttered as she shook her head, the black teal curls hitting her shoulders and face. She knew tracking the sunbird and her companions was a mistake but it was her duty to protect Talia. Here though, the cave messed with her thoughts, she knew it wanted to dig into her and pull out her secrets. I will not falter so easily. Salsa spoke through gritted teeth. En garde! Salsa ran at Jack, her blade aiming for his left shoulder. She would not let these demons escape here. ---- The shield cracked and rolled to the ground, landing near a tree. The sword flying out of her hand and landing beside it. Nebula landed on her left knee, blood fallimg from the cut on her forehead. Her breathing was heavy, hard to grasp a breath. Vanity had gained a few good injuries from the knight but the beast had done more damage to the girl. It roared, staring down Nebula as it came running at her. Swinging her claw hand at the knight, she ripped open the knight's chest, as it grinned. Nebula didn't scream, didn't give the monster the satisfaction that it was winning. The knight grabbed a bit of dirt and threw it in Vanity's eyes. The beast staggered back as Nebula pushed herself up, past the pain. She would address the wounds later as she had to keep her wits. Her sword and shield too far away, she had to think of something. Forgive me for using this magic… Nebula prayed as she placed her hands together, closing her eyes. Ja Rugha Sa, Zaugh Zeku Sah Kuta Ga. As she finished, light arrows came from her body and slammed into the beast. Nebula opened her eyes, yet this magic--forbidden as it was--didn't do a thing. Did she do it wrong? Nebula panicked as Vanity chuckled, that superior laugh mocking the knight. Silly girl. Your forbidden magic failed because you're an unworthy knight. The sword you desire so much won't aid you either. Vanity grinned. She walked towards Nebula standing a foot from her. You desire the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope blade and shield no? Well, aren't you in for a treat. What are you talking about? It's corrupted. The blade isn't wanted because it was made out of my glass. Zweifer wanted to aid the mirror, feast upon those too weak to see the light. Your secrets… I know them well. Embrace me, and you'll become the Yellow Neverend Glass. Celebrated. Strong enough to save Talia. Nebula fell to her knees. She felt defeated and this was only the second trial. But Vanity closed the space between and before the knight could speak, the beast swallowed her whole. But not like her companion. The wound on the knight healed, though her skin was pale. The knight appeared from the void, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope sword sitting on her right hip sheathed as she eyed the new arrivals. The shield latched onto her left hip. Salsa eyed Nebula sensing something off about the knight. The knight of Salamander Zweifer comes to bring us to justice. How cute. I think Salsa needs to see the light. That the mirror is our savior, the power to be our gifts. Nebula what are you -- Salsa thought as she noticed the knight's change. Salsa saw it then. Each before her was a demon. Nebula, Ra even Annabelle. She was alone to fight these deluded creatures. Nebula's form was now that akin to Annabelle's. She smirked, the fangs hitting her lower lip. She felt so much better as the Yellow Neverend Glass beast. Salsa would have to save them. Fight these demons. It wouldn't be easy.
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