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  1. Thinking of taking a break but not entirely sure yet
  2. The Prince Returns

    Rin looked up to see Chizuru since she could feel her eyes upon her. It made her smirk to herself. The half breed was not an innocent girl appearing in Weland since she had come a few times before. And though it wasn't heard through out the kingdom but those involved the incident at the tavern, but she could have known. Kazuhiko could have told on her and that made her laugh. It was a stifled one but she did it nonetheless. Shaking the ebony teal curls from her face, the one eyed half breed composed herself. Soon the prince would come and decide what he wanted. She was here to give him the deeds of the islands along with trade routes within her own. The mongrel was also here because she wanted to see the outcome of the decisions made. Rin didn't mind the choices, things were never easy to decide on, she knew that well. But as she looked towards Ruka, Yue and Gwendolyn, it could be any of the three. Crossing her arms against her chest she sighed softly. It would be nice to have a chair. Maybe a wall to lean against. Would that be rude if she leaned against one of the magnificent poles that held the ceiling together? Only because her bones were old, Rin after all was five thousand years old. And they did like to creak. She also didn't bring her oar which made her a bit out of sorts. But as she stood there, she wished she brought it. "May I have a chair? The trip here has worn me out. Unless that would be rude to ask. Of course my bones aren't what they use to be." She chuckled to deflect the embarrassment of asking. Rin then looked at the women next to her. Such beautiful creatures Kazuhiko had drawn here. She wondered if they came here for him or their own reasons. What pride they could hide. She of course was just assuming. Nothing more.
  3. Or I just send out the dance on your face robots to destroy them. Wait... Scratch that. Everyone lol
  4. The Knights of Athentha

    Talia: Talia is the third biggest island behind Athentha and Lyonesse. The island has many knights and military though not as hard trained as the other two. However, they still try to make do with what they have and fight for the people and not the elders. They want peace more than war. However, they refrain mostly from the wars of Athentha and Lyonesse for they know that the two islands are rivals. And it's best not to take sides. The Yellow Leaf Brigade: Former Leader: Umbra, Current Leader: Ser Manah Bastian II Umbra was once the leader of the Yellow Leaf Brigade. He taught many lessons within the Brigade of loyalty, bravery and manners. He had a sister named Magenta which he wasn't close to. Umbra came from Athentha originally but wanted to form his own military that didn't have to follow the laws of the princess. However, the events involving his sister forced Umbra to retire from the Brigade. He hasn't told anyone of those events yet. Manah took over once it was disbanded. She decided to rebuild it and continue to grow it into something worth fighting for. [WIP]
  5. "You must have me confused with my brother. I know we are twins and both have the same name, but my brother hates to fight. He likes to use honey drenched words to win his scraffles." Esben replied as she walked down the hallway of the old dungeon. She was surprised that the princess kept up with such a place. Something didn't seem well to her, and the elf wondered why the princess changed so drastically. And besides the changing of the Moon and year. Absolon listened to her as they walked. He didn't know Esben was the sister to the slaver Esben Eden. And to think that the elf would be working with the sister of the man with the biggest bounty on his head astounded Absolon. He could use her to gain the slaver. Use her to negotiate with the half breed. Shaking his head, Absolon cleared the horrible thoughts from his head. If he started thinking like that he would go down the same path Rin did. And he didn't want that to stain the namesake of his name. But he knew it could happen since they were dealing with the sinister half breed. "Why did your parents name you both Esben?" Absolon asked as they walked down the hallway. "He has that kind of power? I thought people were just going to him to learn the ancient magi of old. Tell me Esben, why are you here meddling in the affairs of the people? Why do you care what happens to the islands?" "Father wanted a strong name for us. As if we were to carry out his legacy. Our father was the great scientist to Absolon, the man who you were named after. My brother however has squandered our namesake. He was once known as Oisin. And was a scientist, it's how he knows how to craft such tortourous devices. Did you know he died that day? Esben is dead. He was brought back to life by the members of Legendia. And no, not that stupid cult. Relatives of the actual sisters." Absolon sighed. So things were complicated beyond the normal point. The two had made it half way inside the dungeon with no problems. It was deathly silent. And that made the two cautious. Esben shook her head, the elf didn't take her words well as sure could tell seeing he didn't speak about the matter. But what she said was true. Her brother was more of a problem than they realised. And the princess, she was something altogether different. They didn't have a plan except to find the shaman and get any information out of him if they could. "And Garnet?" Absolon asked. "You think the first seed is behind this just to get her back in his arms again? Could be possible. He always and will always carry a flame for the half breed. I wouldn't put it past him, seeing he is a ruthless business man. But then again, I'm not sure either the first seed wants to start a war with the islands. He wouldn't get much from it." "I don't trust him. He had to be involved. He even--" Absolon paused as Esben looked at him, raising a brow. "Nevermind. Anyways, if we find Kogal we can ask him. He will know." Esben shrugged as she passed many of the dead bodies on the ground. She was puzzled to see what occurred here. It would make sense to why the dungeon was quiet. Standing there the elf looked about as she placed her right hand to her chin. The matter was hard here, riddled with clues and puzzles. The signs showed a number of people who could have come here. Even her brother. And Esben didn't know where he stood in the grand scheme of things. And the first seed, could he have done this to please Rin? Sure he still had feelings for her; yet he didn't show it. Especially since Vanilla held a torch for the first seed. What a headache. And so the two stood there. In silence. In a puzzled manner.
  6. Ugh, well I think my eye sight is getting worse than what they told me. Said my left eye is weaker now. Welp, right now just woke up and trying to see lol On another note gonna write to some posts today :)
  7. Welp. I am half awake and yet still asleep. Hmm. I'mma call it awsleep Lol
  8. So I made $5 yesterday. Sold a game. :) Gonna try to get some writing in today
  9. Chores and these neighbors can suck it. On another note gonna try to write and game to relax. If you got my discord hit me up for some rambling if you like <3
  10. I know those feels of no sleep. All because of these stupid neighbors we have to uproot our routine. I am not a hateful person but I really hate them at this moment. Sorry, we now return you to your regular schedule program
  11. I woke up at 11am because I couldn't sleep the past two nights and then getting up super early because of the stupid neighbors moving in/probably not situation. Ugh lol
  12. Awesome. Can't wait. Since I haven't ever rped with him so should be fun. Unless we have and can't remember
  13. Posting to rps is helping with the stress at the moment, so big thanks to all Also, I have build the cardboard couch cushion fortress in here so, it begins xD