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  1. Sorry about lack of posts. But they will be coming again starting this week, especially to those that need them.

    Let me know if I missed a rp if we're doing one here or on discord ❤️

  2. 14, February 1678AY Val Roux, Athentha ---If you desire to uncover the truth, you might not be able to stomach it. It's a bloodied mess we do not wish to know. Athentha is something we mistakenly made wrong--- Kogal Tachibana, Shaman of Athentha 2, March 1645AY -------------------- Rin sat there in silence reading the map in silence. It seemed that Sayndar had continued to rebuild a dying resistance. And she had gotten behind in her plans. Athentha needed her as much as Talia needed its Crowned Hearth. And the half-breed had neglected it. She sighed, placing down the map on the war table as she rubbed her temples. Rin might had been a good fighter but she was terrible at reading maps. Val Roux had been a step up in a home since she left Ebony-Yahera. And it was a good base as well as it was properly guarded. The half-breed still didn't get why things weren't going as planned. Crossing her right leg over her left and placing her hands in her lap, Rin sat back in the oversized chair. The people hadn't fallen to her yet and her arrival here didn't alarm them either which was good. But then again it had been a long time since she had been in Athentha, it was a bit jarring. In fact, her run in with Ferghas wasn't good. He almost took her eye out. But she smoothed it over as best she could. But news of Sayndar bothered her. Of course she had an idea. A way to infiltrate and place seeds of doubt among the resistance. Standing up, Rin closed her eye and breathed in and out. She channeled the ancient Athenthian magic through her as her hands drew a demon man to rise minutes later. Rin had brought back an enemy that had tried to save her before being murdered, Vex. Her eye opened as she knew that doing this would have him on her side, under the order of the Red Blood Moon Organization. She then fell back into the chair as using magic hurt her more and took a lot out of her. Vex roared as he had life once more. He was glad to be alive once more. And for now, he was on her side. She explained her plan to destroy Sayndar's plans of fixing the land and to return her back to normal. Vex nodded and left. ---------- 14, February 1678AY Val Roux, Athentha 12:00P.M Sayndar muttered as he placed his sword back into its sheath. His practice had gotten better and worse at the same time. And the soldiers he recruited hadn't gotten better either. But they had gotten something great in all this madness, Kogal Tachibana and his mentor, Augustus. Two beings who knew how to combat Rin. "Do not seem so down Sayndar, it's not that big of threat." Augustus replied. "If she hasn't acquired the Malachite-Topaz temple then we still have a chance. That place creates Red Blood Moon Glass Neverend creatures--" "Not a big deal?!" Kogal asked as he looked up from his book. "I don't know if you've realised that she's not the same girl as before Augustus." "For now it's all we can do. We need to plan our next steps. We need to find the Val Cruxis Temple as it's in the heart of Val Roux weirdly enough." "Speaking of the Val Crux Temple, it houses a legendary oar we can use against the half-breed. It's named Inferno Heart. Located deep in the heart of the temple, if I remember correctly." Sayndar nodded and the three headed out to the first step to take back Athentha and fix the decaying land.
  3. 16, April 1678AY Archipelago, Garuda-Scarab Thursday, 12:00P.M The word had not reached the newly found island yet that a force of evil was coming. That the people would not be prepared and though they would not be, they had something on their side, a Valentina. But they would still be outmatched. Salsa stood outside the city of Archipelago, as she wondered how things were doing for Jack. He had lost his form to a shard, had the legendary sword and shield that was corroding him. Yet, she was wary as to not letting him trick her. Inside the town hall, elder Ridley Vira Nebulous-Ashlyn had been forming a plan. His maps laid out as his grey eyes stared at it still. The thing was that the demons of old resided here at one point. They changed the subjects--people into creatures, or even demons. The oldest elf family of October remained untouched but for how long? "Ser?" The young elf knight, Vanilla June Zenith October asked as she looked at the elder with pink-white eyes. "Still can't figure out a plan?" "Unfortunately not. Even if the Valentina attacked, and even with the other Valentina helping us--we're still outnumbered." Ridley spoke as he looked up. "Gallus, any ideas to figure something out?" "Well, we do have those soldiers trained from Athentha, plus the Valentina and October houses. We have a fair shot at this, as long as we don't lose the mages." Gallus replied. Ridley sighed. It was a long shot indeed.
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    General chat thread

    I found it after I posted it. So yeah. Just wanted to make sure since I haven't been on it completely in a few days. My bad. Lol
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    General chat thread

    This might be a dumb question but did the listing on revontio or however you spell it, get moved around so now its two things listed and you have to go into it for the list of boards? Think i missed something
  6. Elizabeth purred as Seldeth lovingly touched her neck. Lost in magic, her shard, she belonged here. Changed into a monster she longed to be, the Neverend approached even closer to her mistress, embracing into her. Her rainbow eyes staring at Seldeth as her loyalty now belonged to her. Leaning into Seldeth, she breathed softly. Wendelin leads us now. But she plans to stop you from taking her down. She has sent us four Valentina's out to find a way to stop you. But Wendelin adores and loathes you. She admires you. Envies you. Wants to be you. And yes, I will make them suffer. The demoness moved towards Seldeth, as she knew what the Crowned Hearth decreed. The Valentina house was a worthy prize indeed, each a strong warrior. Elizabeth leaned in more, her rainbow eyes were blank, hungrily taking in the elf. My mistress. Elizabeth softly spoke. Wendelin will not be easily corrupted. Her secrets lie in the young knight Esmil. But if you want to capture her, you'll have to find the knight. Before she could say another word, Garnet appeared and turned the beast into a piece of glass. He picked it up as he eyed it with a chuckle. Elizabeth was in a slumber as he handed the necklace to Seldeth. Esmil was last seen in Platinum-Neptune. Elizabeth didn't give you anything vital so I turned her to crystal until needed. You can call her forth. His hand scratched under Seldeth's chin. His eerie golden yellow eyes peering at her as his other hand grabbed her forth and wrapped her against him. He eyed her with an unknown darkness that rebuilt him. Garnet leaned in then. My Crowned Hearth. I am going to make you stronger before the Valentinas find you. Seldeth, our union must become corroded and corrupted. You must eat the red blood moon glass. My seed and glass will make you better aided. Garnet then let buckets appear in front of her, unlike the shards she ate before, this glass would build her stamina, upping her attributes and make her formible against anything Wendelin would throw at her. The seed pushed her against him as he did love her. You will do this for me won't you? --- The pain was immense as Nebula sat on her knees. Morwen stood before her, licking her lips as this was exciting to her. The Gilchrist family house was an important kin to gain as their warriors could rival anyone. She looked at her knight once more. Nebula dug her nails into the ground. What was Morwen doing to her? She couldn't remember as she fought against this unknown magic. It invaded even more as before she had given in and became her monster. Her monster. Her thoughts were interrupted as an elven woman approached them. Ferghas's sister, Amaranth eyed the two strange creatures. Her blade held in her hands. Morwen smiled as she eyed Ammy, the woman who once held her attentions before she escaped. Gaining Amaranth would be the best thing for Morwen. You still look as beautiful as ever Amaranth. Though seems you've lacked in training. I blame Ferghas for letting you rot. Morwen spoke in such honeyed words. Amaranth glared. The elf remembered Morwen yet she felt something off. The demon came near Amaranth as her eyes peered lovingly. Unlike Nebula, who was nothing but a pawn, she admired and adored Amaranth. The elf stepped back, knowing the woman's powers. "Morwen." Amaranth spat. "You serpent. Still the same I see, taking people into your web. The Gilchrist house has grown since you slithered off. But--" I care not. The Gilchrist house will be mine soon enough. But today, I come to see you. Spend time with you. I'll even make tea. Before Amaranth could protest, Morwen made her way inside her house. She had a plan to slowly make the elf hers once more, taking back her beloved girl. Morwen would create a terrible being out of Amaranth unlike Nebula. Amaranth would be hers. Finding a small tea pot, she placed a few drops of powered mirror glass into the water. --- The people who had been slain returned as lesser demons under their power. Liù continued her assault, taking out any that got in her way. Ra turned more and more into their subjects, eating those she deemed worthy. She fell to her knees, roaring in power as she lost her will, her mind. She was Sareneth's princess. The people became dark, sitting and eating the shards and glass. Others rose from death, cheering their new leader. Liù finished as she looked to the sunbird. Ra stood slumped over. Atlas-Nebula had one last figure to stand against them. Atlas, the elder stood there with his sword and shield. The knights appeared to aid the last stand. Ra smirked as she ran towards the elder, pushing him to the ground and began to wildly claw his form. Ripping flesh from his body, the knights came at her. Liù blasted them off of her with balls of dark energy corrupting them into knights for Saerenth. Ra tore apart the elder before standing once more half slumped. Her breathing was hard, as her voluptuous form heaved. Liù said nothing as Ra roared in power, the ground shook. The sunbird glass ran through her body, stripping away the old Ra. She hungered for what Saerenth desired, that she belonged to him. It was here she jumped upon Liù and ate her, consuming the knight to gain more power. The sunbird then licked her fingers as she had taken the knight's life. I am yours Sareneth. Your bride, your princess, your weapon. You need no one but me. Liú was weak, she'd betray you in the end unlike me. I have eaten her and gained her power to serve you better. Ra embraced Sareneth, her form against his, her lips upon his.
  7. Posting up posts of nonsensical rambling this week so stay tuned. ❤️

  8. Manah opened an eye as Amelia spoke. A lot had been on her mind of late and though she had been able to push it away, she couldn't now. Comrade. That word made her wonder now. They had barely met, and she had come aboard to help but was she truly a comrade? She didn't know. Reluctantly the knight came and sat next to the campfire. She however was not hungry for her mind swam with a lot of things. Looking from one face to another, Manah wondered if this adventure would turn out right for once. "I suppose." Manah spoke softly. "Though warriors need to be on guard. I am not sure if they should relax so easily. Then again I really don't know." She then stared at the fire. The usual happy go lucky knight was stoic and guarded and she had no idea why. Maybe it was just her nerves, she hoped at least it was.
  9. Rin

    Public AFV Thread

    I'm going to take a small break from Friday, January 3 to Tuesday January 7, 2020. (Putting the year and dates so no one gets confused) Apologies ❤️
  10. The walk through the cave was a long and treacherous one. The ceiling almost caved in on them twice. Holes opened up in places here and there as the pair almost fell into one or two. Not to mention, Salsa had gotten injured a small bit by one of the cave-ins, her left arm was broken, but other than that, she was okay. Outside, the knights eagerly and worriedly awaited the arrival of whomever came from the cave. Whomever desecrated the order of keeping the legendary weapon locked inside. As Zane came towards the small camp right outside the cave's south exit flank. Salsa stood from Sebastian's grasp as she looked at the knights as they finally reached the outside of the cave. Without a word, she ran at Zane, her oar crackling against his sword and shield. She smirked eyeing him. Zane was caught offguard by the Valentina coming towards him. "Salsa! Have you lost your mind?!" Yelled Zane as his sword pushed against her oar. "Why are you here helping the enemy?! Why--" Salsa smiled as her oar smacked into his torso, knocking the wind out of him as well as knocking him to the ground. She stood there leaning on the oar as the other knights surrounded her. Because I wanted to show why my house should have helped me push my gifts farther. My pursuit for power isn't pointless but for a higher purpose. Afraid, you'll not going to like where it goes. She chuckled eyeing the knights around her and shook her head. They had no idea of her prowess. She looked over her shoulder at Sebastian with a sinister idea. Want to see something interesting? Salsa asked before placing her hands together. She closed her eyes, glowing as she pulled an ancient magic spell from the knoweldge she had just acquired. Outstretching her hands, she then shot a beam of dark energy into the knights but not Zane. He should suffer the most before she was done. The knights conversed and twisted as they fell to their knees in pain. Twisted into lesser demons and even crystal like beings now. They didn't move as if frozen in time. Salsa picked up the oar as she shook her head and sighed. They're not going to be happy once they awake from their frozen cocoons. Of course, we still have the little traitor Zane and his knight commander Matthias to deal with. "What have you--what have you done to them you witch?!" Zane yelled. "What did you do to her?! And the legendary weapon, where--where did it go?" Dearest Sebastian has gained his legendary weapon back Zane. And he has returned to go back to our island, to begin again what you stopped so long ago.Salsa said as she held her oar at his face. Of course, you're not going to like the outcome. Zane eyed the demon man standing next to Salsa. He remained silent for the meantime. But inside the shard was overtaking, allowing himself freedom, he would have his fun. He embraced Salsa eyeing the knight trembling then. It's the beginning of something terrible. Let Valentina know I'm back. With that, the demoness made her way down the road towards Garuda-Scarab.
  11. Of course dear Jack. Sebastian said before the demon chanted a powerful spell. Jack would feel himself shrink into the shard as they switched places. He then laughed. In this body, Jack's own, he had freedom. Of course in time the demon would forget everything in that shard. Everything Jack ever knew would disappear and he wouldn't want to leave the shard. For now, he'd put phase two into action. Salsa Valentina. Sebastian placed her down as he looked her over. A beautiful demon erupted from an elf. Yet, he knew he could corrupt her even more. As a demon of old, he could chant a spell to turn warriors into feral monsters. His right index finger tapped in the middle of her forehead as her eyes went blank. Sebastian grinned. Salsa, my lovely princess, I did say no harm would come to you. But I'm afraid we need to make you into a very powerful demon by eating a ebony gold fruit. Out of his left hand, held a special fruit. As a demon of old, he could create new demons of the powerful bloodline. And Salsa, being a Valentina and her prowess showed she stood out, was ripe for his picking. He would create the first demon artifact out of Salsa. A demon unbreakable by the oar she used on Rheumial. He stood behind her then as he had placed it in front of her. Leaning down, the demon whispered into her ear. Consume. It was all he said. He knew deep in her blackened heart, she desire power. Strength and magical prowess. She had shown it time and time again in sparring with her sisters. But Sebastian knew her secrets, knew she wanted to be the evilest being in the new island. And so she consumed the fruit. Salsa shouldn't have. Her eyes went dull then as she felt a rush of pain and euphoria pass through her. Those rainbow eyes held sinister view points, almost maliciously smiling. She didn't move as every forbidden spell and technique entered her mind as she looked at Sebastian. He leaned down and embraced her. Welcome home, Salsa. My mage artifact. A perfect concoction of demon and artifact. Unbreakable. And now, we should go home to Garuda-Scarab to begin my plans of rejuvenating the demons of old. Salsa stood but he picked her up. The knighrs were outside awaiting the pair to exit. A bloodbath and storm was approaching. Sebastian chuckled. He had what he wanted, a demoness to experiment and create a new hybrid of shard and glass monster in Salsa. Oh, he'd take care of her alright, he'd make her into a nightmare.
  12. Reading true crime, mystery or fantady types of books, the video games on the xbox 360 and switch (though mostly dragon age inquisition) Writing lore, along with my books. Making up relics and cool weapons for characters. Music helps and sleeping lol
  13. I give you this, if I go against my word you will be free to go. I, the shard will leave your body should I grevious you. You care a lot for this girl, I wonder… Sebastian chuckled before shaking its ethereal head. My words hold all of those. I am a high demon after all, not some vagabond making silly deals. All I desire is one month. Can't you do that? One month with the Valentina girl to make her into a powerful ally to you. Don't you desire to protect her? If you did, you'd allow this. Salsa had fallen a little asleep as she heard Sebastian speak for the first time. Ah, so he did remain after all. But how to release him into Jack's form? She looked down as her hands grasped at his chest. Dearest… Salsa whispered. Don't you want to make sure I'm protected? Able to be everything to make sure your kingdom stays a float? Let him help us. If I'm wrong, then I'll give up the name of Valentina. O ho? Even better. Salsa is putting her namesake at stake. You should do this. I am a man of my word. I promise not to harm Salsa. And you'll get your body back. Trust me. [/i Sebastian spoke as he waited. Of course the demon hadn't fully lied. But he wanted freedom for a while. And he had a plan for Salsa too. He just had to be allowed to take over Jack's body. Then he'd have his vengeance among the Valentinas. So, deal? Ultimate power for a month in your place. Sounds good doesn't it? And if I fail to give your body back, you can walk away.
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