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  1. Blades & Spears

    Slamming the glass down, Rin eyed the patrons of the tavern. Would be fun to burn them all to a crisp right about now. She chuckled to herself at the thought as she filled the glass of rum again. Shaking her head, Casper seemed to be a quiet place to stop and rest before leaving on their way. Rin wasn't making that much of a rush to leave the tavern. In all honesty she was going to see if any one came, if what the paper said, someone placed a bounty on her. Looking at the amber coloured liquid she sighed and leaned back into her chair. As the half breed looked around the tavern, she wondered about these people's lives. She didn't know why and it put a sour taste in her mouth that she cared about people or their lives. She was getting soft. Her ebon crimson hair was a bit longer than before and she decided to braid it today to try and keep the mess out of her face. It was to no avail. She closed her eye then as she sighed once more. The seat she had taken was secluded, so you'd have to look really hard to find her if you were looking for her. The glass slammed down empty once more on the table. Rin wondered if anyone noticed her yet. The patrons, were they afraid of someone who threatened the land, city as the paper said? Were they afraid she eat them too? Stuff them with ore? She shrugged with a yawn. What a bore. I swear Casper is the quietest place. No fighting or anything to keep one awake.. Rin mused to herself. Looking at the pitcher again she tilted her head. Not sure of what was to come but at the same time wondered if anything would come at all.
  2. Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    The barkeep watched the lady come down the stairs with the new arrival. Not many came into town these days due to the rumors and curses. He wiped the bar down as he set up more glasses of ale, wine rum, vodka and anything else the customers wanted. "She say what she wanted besides the room?" Issac asked the lady. "She seemed as if she was seeking someone important, someone being of rulership. Or maybe just a room. The journey here is long after all. Did that woman order anything? I need to know if I'm cooking special orders tonight." Issac sighed as he fixed up the counter for the barkeeps and waitresses. He didn't mind the work but at the same time he loved being in the tavern. ----- Rin tilted her head as Rodham rejected the ore. She shrugged a moment afterwards and returned it to her pocket. The words he spoke though made her ears go up. A resistance remained? She thought they died out when Deryck died. Interesting. Her alabaster fingers lightly touched the vial and recoiled slightly. She hissed as the touch made her hurt. So Lyonesse wanted to continue their fight against her. Try and reclaim the princess to her rightful mind. You want a piece of cursed and beguiled land? Usually tourists come and become a part of the land. Happy to just be enslaved. However, you do not wish to feast on the ore yet. I need to know I can trust you. So, a task I place upon you. The demon hunter... I want him in my hive. He is a powerful man, and won't be a problem to me. You capture him and we have a deal. Rin then walked past Rodham and out of the room. She wanted a drink and headed down to the bar. She smirked to herself. The treasured amulet he wore was infected with a different kind of ore and Sculya played her part well before her death. Infecting it with the black heart mirror ore was in genius and she chuckled. Soon Rodham would have to fight between good and evil. He would be consumed. All would be consumed. There would be no heroes. No survivors to her wrath.
  3. Blades & Spears

    Casper. It was a city Rin had been to before. A place that held memories of past adventures that laid into grand schemes and treasures. In truth she had been here twice and in those times still had an adventure or two. However, due to recent events in Terrenus with a certain fae, she had acquired a bounty unbeknownst to her. Rin didn't read into things much and with that fault she assumed that everything was on the clear. Walking up the docks as she disembarked the small ship she had smuggled herself upon, and up into the city of Casper. Rin placed her hands behind her head and looked up at the buildings with her one good eye. The only eye she had left. Though the thought made her chuckle. People assumed she had two eyes. Even though she didn't, seeing a long scar ran down her left eye making it useless. Its been forever since I pillaged and burned a village. Seems this looks like a good place to start. I wonder if the people know a monster is about to step forth into their lives. Well, that's what I am to them. Never gave me a chance. Brighten their world. No, they're all blinded guided by false words. Time to show them the truth. Her hands fell to her sides now as she spoke to herself. The half breed looked to her right then as she eyed a paper splattered to the side of the wall. It looked familiar. She walked over to it and ripped it from the wall. She stared at it for a while now before laughing. She let out a loud chuckled before crumpling up the paper and tossing it aside. That was a terrible drawing of me. They got all the facial features wrong. There isn't two eyes. How can nobody get that right? It's amazing. Simply amazing. Though, this does make me wonder why they would want to come after me? I haven't done anything terrible yet. I just got off a boat. Doesn't make sense. Hm, seems the bar is still here. Good. Rin walked towards the tavern and walked inside. She sat in the back at a usual table and ordered a pitcher of rum. Pouring it into a tall glass, she downed the first glass without tasting it before pouring another.
  4. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    Morwenna stopped walking for a moment at those words. She looked over her shoulder at the orc. Though vision held no anger or meanness. She knew that not every task could be completed and if she was to be reprimanded instead of waiting her breath fighting with a dragon so be it. Morwenna shook her head, it was something she learned when she was little. "She'll find out sooner or later I failed this. But tell her if you must. I wouldn't dream of getting you in trouble. And yes, I helped beat the Hydra. Though what you think of me is no concern. I'll be in my Chambers. I want to be alone for a while." The witch said nothing more as she walked past the orc and up to wherever the rooms had been placed. She still didn't know her way around the coven without a guide. But turns creeping feeling of regret and disappointment made her want to be alone. As she entered her room, she sat on the bed and let her head fall into her hands. Why? It was something she wondered since she got back from the first mission. Why was she the one to talk with the dragon if the damned thing didn't even want to speak to anyone? Defeat looked along her being as if she felt alone. Like back in her Homeland.
  5. Absolon looked at Esben then. Her words fueled the ever growing fire that lined his insides and drove him to fight. The air around them was thick with some kind of dark misasm. It was hard to breathe. The elf hated her family, blamed them for the downfall of Athentha and it's sister islands. Blamed them for what turned the princess from trying to free the land from the elders without violence to... A murderer. She had become what the elders were. Only darker, ruthless. "You ask me why I don't bare my soul to you?" The elf asked as he growled at her. He held his sword in his hand. "Why I hate you both so vehemently? It's because your brother is a parasite. You may not believe it, you may think he doesn't use that charm of his to enslave whomever he could. Rin has fallen to the same path the elders have. Esben did that to her when he was Oisin! Rebirth doesn't free him from his crimes. And you. You're just like him. You're all the same." Esben laughed then. It was ridiculously stupid to think she was the same as her brother. Absolon was destroying his namesake and she wouldn't stop it. Yet, she knew what her brother was capable of. Her father coddled him, gave him all the strength and gifts. She had to earn everything. Esben didn't hate her brother, just disappointed he used his gifts to lure young women to become weapons. She sighed eyeing the weapon in Absolon's hand. No, this battle had to happen. He wouldn't let her just walk aside and look for the shaman. He blamed her, hated her because the torch he held for the princess blinded his vision. Without warning she ran at Absolon as her fingers carved ice like arrows into his skin. Absolon slid back as he gritted his teeth in pain. The magi was different from the half breed. But it still hurt. Esben then ran her other fist into his jaw slamming the elf to the ground. "Esben and I are nothing alike. Father carved his path long ago. Made sure the Demon King used him. We are all.pawns in this game. You, me and even Rin. I knew what he was doing, the first time he told me about the beast. That to gain what was lost in the old, he wanted to perfect it in her. But I will not sit here and have you compare my sins to his. You waste time we do not have because you are blinded. She doesn't love you. She won't. Miach--" The punch to her torso made her pause. Esben growled low as she could hear the faint whispers grow. The fog from before wrapping it's fog around the elf. Absolon screamed as he fell to his knees. Then silence. Esben watched, looked on in fear as she could hear bones rearranging crunching here and there to form something. Whatever Rin did to change the tower that once held the shaman, she would have to face alone. Standing she eyed the elf, he didn't move and she shook her head. At first she didn't move, too afraid to see what had happened. Esben knew that the fear was too great and she was paralyzed. Though wanting to see for herself, her legs wouldn't move as the fear gripped her. The elf then saw his form rise. Something in the back of her mind told her to run. But paralyzed by the growing fear, she couldn't get her legs to move. You're right little elf. We are all pawns. Absolon said. Yet it wasn't his voice anymore. It was one of the demons that was locked away in the now ruined Solstice Temple. The sins you carry are hidden. You really think you can redeem yourself by helping the knights find the long dead shaman? The ore breathes, desire new host bodies to become soldiers for her. The long awaited beast of legend. You, like all the rest shall join us. Esben eyed Absolon's body. The Black Heart Mirror Ore and the Sunburst Justice ore littered his body. She heard the words and regained her courage. So Rin was behind the shaman's capture. She was behind the Temple's destruction. And she was behind the ore. Esben knew that her brother played a big part in this. Turning around, she ran for her life. The only noise behind her was the cackled laugh of Absolon. Esben ran down the halls that led her to that room only to hit the wall. A dead end that once held the beginning of the cave. He stood there now as he picked up the girl. She struggled in his grip as the elf tried to escape. Esben saw what the ore did to people. It made you forget everything once you ate it, that it was all you wanted until you grew as fat as a beached whale. Then they would be taken into a special room by the half breed and depending on what they hid, they became what they hid. Esben didn't want to become like that.
  6. We need to rp again soon :)

  7. Hello, above is the newest rp in the land of Athentha, my small subboard. In the second largest island of Lyonesse, war is brewing against it's eternal rival Athentha. However Rin has destroyed the Solstice Temple, it's one major defense and advantage against the large island. But a stranger by the name of Serphus has arrived to build them a new temple. No one knows who it is or why they came. But Sayndar, the hero of Lyonesse is suspicious. What I like would be a couple people of any race and gender to help the land build the new temple. However unbeknownst to your character of choice, its not going to be the same temple built before. It's going to be called the Black Heart Mirror Temple, and to be honest going to start twisting and darkening the citizens. This is a side story that maybe canon. I suggest due to the nature your character may be changed to bring someone you're not fully attached to. I don't mind a group as long as its not too large. I will be playing the characters needed involved. Since they are apart of the rp and my characters. I'll also play some npcs. Depending on how I feel, it might be a long rp as well. hope to see you soon. --Rin ❤
  8. 1678AY, 6 May Yral, Lyonesse The Ruins of the Solstice Temple Sunday, 10:00A.M God, Elders we're not kind to Lyonesse. Rin had destroyed the one thing that gave them safety, an advantage. The Solstice Temple. She had in one single swoop come and destroy their only line of defense against Athentha and it's demons. And the imprisoned souls of the ones locked in the Solstice Temple, well they were dead. Rin didn't want these demons to compete with her. Yral, in her defense, knew it was time to bring forth it's people to rebuild a new temple, with a new name. However, Rin was not the only danger in the lands. You see, things were not always good in the land. The hero of Lyonesse, Sayndar Lammecoil, knew he couldn't keep all forms of evil out of the land even though he tried his damn hardest. But something about a mysterious being coming to the land in the days before only named Serphus didn't make him feel any better. He knew the legends well, the names involved with the tales. Serphus offered to build them a new temple. One better than before. Yet no one knew who this being was. It could appear as whatever it wanted. What ever you wanted it to be. And it held something dangerous within it's own hidden secrets. Grant Lyon, who was still on his death bed, had agreed strangely to this man's request. He allowed at all and any cost for a new temple to go up. They needed something to defend themselves from Athentha. They were eternal rivals after all. Two Days Later... The days after the agreement of a new temple was allowed, building had gone up. Serphus with it's charm and wit, was able to sweet talk a crew into starting immediately. Probably promised it something beyond being offered. And so construction was beginning. However, the building of the temple would be different from the last. Oh, they would use brick and mortar, but Serphus added two components that would change the land as we knew it. The Sunburst Justice ore and the Black Heart Mirror ore. Serphus smiled to itself as it watched the crew build the temple slowly. People in the city began to talk about the stranger. Starting rumors of unimaginable belief. Whispers and gossip spread among the people and Sayndar was wary. He had to make sure the land was safe, even from the strangers. He wondered how Serphus was able to sweet talk his way into building the new temple. And he wondered what it would be named. Sayndar walked to Lyon's Chambers as he would have a talk with the ailing leader. He eyed the line of people wanting to speak with the leader. He sighed. So many complaints he overheard. Lyonesse would not go down the same road Athentha went if he could help it. But who was this Serphus and what did it want in the land of Lyonesse. Sayndar would find out.
  9. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    "We leave and this so called dragon can find someone suitable for it itself. If it doesn't want to talk with us then we don't need to be here. Dragons are so childish." Morwenna wasn't trying to start trouble. She was just frustrated. Things here were different from her Homeland and she couldn't get use to it at the moment. Standing the girl placed her hand on the orc's left shoulder as she thanked the orc for throwing her into the wall. It was here with nothing more the witch could do, left the dragon to stew in her own anger. "I don't think I can get through to the dragon anyways. She rather talk to someone else who will bow and over every word. I guess we can go back now." Morwenna shrugged as she walked down the icy corridor back to the witches living grounds. The name of it had escaped the young girl's mind for the moment and she didn't care at the moment. But she probably had failed with the dragon. Something she would probably be reprimanded for. Morwenna sighed and stood there for a moment looking back at the dragon. She too wondered where the egg had gone. Did the witches have it? Did it get dropped? Smashed? Eaten? "Coming?" Morwenna called as she looked at the orc. The witch was so out of place here.
  10. Hmmm. Tinkers with robots off screen
  11. Welp, still don't have the writing bug I once had. But if anyone wants to rp with this old newbie, feel free to PM me. Other than that, I'll probably throw posts into things that need it Sunday or Monday.

    ||The Willing Well; Fear in the Eye of Madness|| Coheed and Cambria 

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