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  1. 17, August 1678AY It was raining that day the knight Maira came to Athentha. Though the way to get her to come in the first place was a ruse. However it had worked. The one coming to meet her had sent the flyer in the first place. And that was Inquistor Lucius Grandiose Von Mises Valentina. He was dressed in his finest clothes, a well pressed black dress shirt and pants. The black robes ontop with the insignia of the crest of Athentha upon it. The airship landed outside the small mining city of Ebony-Abyssal. He stood there, standing out like a sore thumb. But he waited for the knight anyways. As the airship landed and docked, allowing passengers off. Lucius approached Maira as he held an umbrella over her. The rain was falling heavier then. Welcome to Athentha my dear. I'm glad you could come and assist me in our time of need. I have a carriage awaiting to bring us into the city. Lucius then lead her to the carriage as he held the umbrella over Maira so she didn't get wet. As he helped her into the carriage, he sat across from her and it drove off to Absolon, the capital of Athentha. The heart of the island. He placed his hands into his lap as Lucius looked at her. You see, I have heard much about you. Your exploits and ways of making things happen. And we need that here to spread our greatness and prosperity to the people. There are, however, a few people who think I'm doing something evil. I only care for the people you see. Lucius replied as he didn't go into the truths of the events. He, after all, never did use the truth when it was needed. The Inquistor then leaned in to look at Maira. He was bringing her to his home, kidnapping her to help him fight back against the few that wanted him put of power. Maira didn't know this yet. And he was not going to tell her until the very last moment. He leaned back into his seat as the carriage carried on to his manor. Maira, you are a knight of goodness no? I may have a proposition you might like better. How about you become my right hand woman. Helping me restore the land...
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    Public AFV Thread

    I have a semi afv due to limited hotspot getting low, so my posts will be slowing down for a bit. I'll continue to try to make posts via the library (if I go here and there) and the mobile data. Hotspot usually returns on the 2nd or 3rd of the month. So apologise in advance
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    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I am cool with whatever happens
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    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    No worries, but we can continue if you want to.
  5. Esben eyed the two as he jumped down beside them. Glad the horned creature didn't see him but also upset his arrows missed their target. Any chance that antler thing is the cause of what's going on? Esben asked as he finally got a hold of his senses. Whatever had cursed him had subsided and he was back to normal. He then eyed a giant falling into a hole and an explosion. But the elf didn't know exactly what had caused that too as he looked at the hole. Esben then decided to go forward into the group of unnatural creatures, trying to lower their numbers. A bunch of arrows flew here and there and even so magic clashed with some of the beasts. He slammed his bow into the mouth of an unnatural walking towards him.
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    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    It kinda died lol
  7. Catalyst staggered back when Claudette buried her sword into her shoulder. For a moment, she looked stunned, but then a smile spread across her face. She was protected by Fahrenheit-Abalone, and her sister would be no match for her. She laughed when the sword pieces flew back at Claudette, the sound no doubt familiar to the ice princess. It was the laugh Catalyst had whenever she knew she was winning their spar, eons ago. “Join me, Claudette.” Catalyst held up a hand, and crushed the ice spikes rushing at her with her bare hands, one by one. She was at the height of her newfound power when she was in the temple, and that allowed her to trump Claudette easily. Her sister had become more powerful, her magic more refined, and she would be a good addition to them. But she had to be convinced. At Catalyst’s command, vines shot up from the temple’s floor and through the walls to ensnare Claudette. She would force-feed the remaining ore to her sister if she had to. - Saerenth gave a lazy smile. Yes, he did mean something else as well, but it didn’t mean that what he said didn’t contain the truth. Liúsaidh was a good partner, even if they had a… unique working relationship. He both loved her, and hated her for abandoning him. So he found her, and sealed her away as punishment. Perhaps she would do better this time. Saerenth rested a hand on her shoulder. “Of course I’ll give you the power that you crave, Liú. That’s why I brought you back.” He drew back his other arm, and with tremendous speed and strength, he slammed his hand into Liú’s chest, tearing through flesh and bone to reach her heart. He enjoyed how she screamed and convulsed in agony, and how her warm blood spurted down his arm. That was the last part of her punishment. He took his time to deposit the mirror piece he held into her heart, making sure to make the process as slow and painful as he could. Then he withdrew his hand, watching the fatal wound stitch itself together and close. “Welcome back, Liúsaidh.” Claudette eyed the woman who wore her sister's skin so well. She had wore it that night in the temple, the night she failed to save Seldeth. Her heart beat hard as the ice princess tried to speak, the lump growing in her throat. Farenheit-Abalone was a cruel man, twisting the elf princess into a seductive vampiress, vile and twisted to her core. Seldeth had traded--sacrificed herself to save Talia. But she didn't at all. Farenheit-Abalone took her for himself. My failure…. The vines that came whipping at her now snapped her out of her thoughts as she threw up a barrier to block them. Claudette had sparred with Seldeth since they were children and she knew her sister's tactics well. It was why she was able to block the vines. The ice princess muttered low, her fists clenched at her sides. She loathed this temple, named after the terrible man himself. Loathed Farenheit-Abalone for taking away Seldeth. Loathed herself for her failures. “I will not join you. Farenheit-Abalone will not gain the true form of Catalyst to return to Talia. I am its leader, I must protect it.” Claudette mustered to say as she drew her courage forth. “I know you're in there Seldeth, fight her. Fight Farenheit-Abalone and come back to me.” O’ ho? Seldeth return to you? How selfish can you be Claudette? She gave up herself; sacrificed everything she was to bring Talia to prosperity. Brought it back from its dying core. Now you want her to become the weak girl she was so you can go on playing pretend? Catalyst smirked. She placed her hands against her sides. In truth, she had taken Seldeth as her host. Betrayed her morals and desecrated her purity. But it wasn't enough as the demon wanted what was denied, the crown. She wanted to be Talia's princess, Talia's leader. And she needed Claudette for that. The ice princess said nothing for a moment as she glared at Farenheit-Abalone. His words twisted what she was here to do, save Talia, save Seldeth. She had been twisted since her kudnapping by Esben, by Rin, and now Farenheit-Abalone. She was a victim in all this chaos. It wasn't fair. “Your honeyed words don't affect me. You defiled Seldeth so you could get Talia. Destroy it like Athentha is being done now. I'm afraid you'll--” Claudette was cut off as the temple, the Farenheit-Abalone temple rumbled. It had its temple goddess back and it was becoming stronger, rebuilt like new. And it was amping Catalyst's magic and battle strength as well. Claudette shook her head as she drew another blade before catching Catalyst's mouth moving. It wasn't a spell. But she spoke so soft like Seldeth did. Come little princess, we know what you desire. You cannot hide behind that facade any longer. Come, become my host. Become Talia's perfect leader once more. Your black heart beckons to remake Talia. Consume in our knowledge. The sword against her side broke into pieces as if magic. Claudette’s eyes widened in fear as she heard Seldeth call her forth. Knowing her deepest secrets and using them now. Before she could detest these words, Catalyst wrapped herself around the ice princess. Her mouth near her ears. I know you wanted to save her. But you cannot in that weak form. You were once the Black Heart Mirror Princess, its perfect vessel. You were once its leader, its protector, its knight. You've forgotten. Let me make you perfect again my dearest ice princess. Catalyst then entered her form. Claudette fell to her knees, coughing in pain. Catalyst wrapped her hand around her heart, squeezing until it stopped. Sitting on her knees, her eyes were blank, dead. Thump. Thump. Thump. Her heart beat slowly then as Catalyst combined herself with Claudette’s form. At last the three were together once more. And Catalyst had what she wanted. She proudly made Claudette stand, showing that she had given in to the demoness. As she wore the ice princess’s skin, she grinned. And you thought you could run from me again. Don't you know I always win. Now I just need to take something from you as you play Claudette Catalyst. Farenheit-Abalone reached into the demoness with Claudette’s form and pulled out Seldeth. She was still important. And back to her original state before the seeds and corruption. Well except her seal of the black heart mirror upon the crest of her chest. He then laid her on the altar. Catalyst was still powerful with one sister within her. And the demoness really wanted the leader of Talia. Don't worry Claudette, you still have a part of Seldeth in you. And you are still three. But I have a plan for her too. I want her to suffer for her transgressions she did to me. And I want her to be a puppet like you. So, now to bring forth mh newest creation. Farenheit-Abalone placed the big piece of black heart mirror into Seldeth's body. It jolted conversed and then went still. Her beautiful skin became pale as her eyes opened, eerie golden yellow irises greeted Farenheit-Abalone as she awoke. As he chanted she fell off the altar and to her knees. Both princess, children of Talia belong to me. Subserivent to their master. Claudette, Seldeth you are my puppets to bring forth a new era of Talia. Spreading the black heart mirror into the unexpecting public. Slaves and beasts to me. Claudette, princess and leader of Talia you will be the tyrant you crave. And my beautiful Seldeth-- He paused grinning. He lifted Seldeth's chin as he spoke as it was almost hypnotic. My beautiful Seldeth, you are going to be the perfect vessel. You will become your sister's sword and shield. But also, you will become the Black Heart Mirror itself. Its new vessel. Farenheit-Abalone looked back at Claudette as he sauntered over to her and lifted her chin as well as he did moments ago with Seldeth. He smiled that malicious smile of his as he looked up. Of course I still have use for you. I need a willing test subject. And now that Catalyst has you, Seldeth can began to relearn her abilities as the Black Heart Mirror. Farenheit-Abalone wrapped his form around the elcen princess as quickly as he could. His vicious eyes hungrily looking over the elf. She was his prize. The only one he truly desired. He lowered his mouth to her ear then. Consume. The mirror needs to rid the world of this pretender to your throne. She abandoned you, left you to rot in your prison. Stole your rightful kingdom. You are the re-creation of the Black Heart Mirror. And Talia belongs to only us. And then he let go of her. Seldeth looked so broken, so pale. But in the moonlight of the temple, she was finally home. The temple and the city of Platinum-Neptune would be rebuilt to a darker version of the past. ---- Liú cried out in pain as his hand went into her chest. He was punishing her because she abandoned him in Platinum-Neptune the day the witch came. Punishing her because she left to fight a cult. That she left the cult in the first place. The piece entered her heart as she laid slumped against the Farenheit Varuna tree. Sareneth sat beside her once more. Her armor that rested beside the tree showed the change within the knight commander. It was of the purest black color, the yellow leaf emblem crumpled and entwined with a mirror heart cross. Both an eerie gold color. Her heart stopped for a moment. As the mirror piece consumed the girl, Liú felt the enormous power flowing through her. As if she was being reborn. The demoness could feel something churning within as the wound closed slowly. Those eyes of hers peering up at him. Yet it wasn't complete. Her form grew out, a beautiful height of voluptuous that almost ripped the expensive silks off her. The darkness of her blackened heart thumped in her ears as she stared ahead. She was now like him, in her rebirth, she had become the black heart knight commander and templar knight of the Black Heart Yellow Leaf brigade. “Its good to be back my beloved Sareneth. Drink me in and learn the darkness of my soul. My secrets yours to learn my love.” Liú leaned herself against him as she smiled. Yes, she remembered, her hand bethrothed to his before any of the royal houses could claim her. Valentina had raised war against Platinum-Neptune for taking Liúsaidh as theirs. But now, she could recall being enthralled to the demonic prince.
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    Yral; Recovering the Scattered Petals

    Oh yeah, scream your head off to alert the other things in here. Good idea you dumbass. Ra said as she turned the corner to grab the mistress's shirt collar. She dragged the mistress back so that even though Libra had more distance between them. Just shut up and listen. Libra thinks we'll chase after her. And lead us into a trap. So here's what we do, don't argue with me. You're going to surrender. Not for real. it will draw her out. Keep her occupied, until I can hit her with a powerful spell. It will defeat her, you can get the damn rods and I can get out of here. Got it? Ra said as she let go of the mistress. She rubbed her head in annoyance. She wanted this to be an easy mission and it gone into a long winded annoyance for the demoness. And she wasn't in the mood for any more screwups. She looked around the corner to see nothing, that it was clear. Libra wasn't around either. Which was good, so they could do this. Please just do as I say. I really hate caves. Now go and bring her out.
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    [Dead] Is it because of the name?

    Well that's no fun if we all go after the same person. Then we'd all try to kill each other just to kill one person. Esben replied as he finally spoke up. The coach ride had been a good ride, he enjoyed the countryside. Though he enjoyed his study more. Possibly this could work in both ways for all parties involved. And though our goal is to assassinate Sebastian, I might tag along with the two to see if my scientistic knoweldge could be provided useful before they take his life. I am after all, a scientist. I like to experiment before the victim dies. If that is alright with everyone here of course. The elf then placed his hands in his lap. Of course if things come to worse, he could use weapons to help. But he also wanted to use more scientific research and knoweldge in this. He sighed softly again, missing his lab even more.
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    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    Of course, its your thing after all. Lol, just thought I'd state it anyways. Just like seeimg both, in case I miss something lol
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    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    I like both tbh
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    General chat thread

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    General chat thread

    Eh, I can use any controller. I haven't really had a chance to be spoiled. Cause I just play what I can play and get my hands on. Which is usually just the xbox360. Unless my sis is nice and lets me play her systems. I also don't have a preference. I'm the whatever dude. Whatever i feel like playing, I do lol
  14. Besides Valucre lagging on my phone, shall begin posting to threads this week. 

    I apologise for my slowness, since I feel lacking in writing these days

  15. I will be posting tomorrow. I always lag one day after the weekend