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  1. Oh I shall. I have more ebil plans up my sleeve. Well just one involving my slaver, Esben ^_^
  2. Never! It says no such thing. I might be doing another thing in hyperion besides that event thing Bwahahaha, maybe lol
  3. Rin

    Yanaihara, Yukiko

    Name: Ryoko Sebastian Van Suzihura-Gothra Used Name: Yukiko Yanaihara Alisases: Age: 300+ Visible Age: 21 DOB: 7, January Race: Fox Yokai Demon(Ryoko), Human (Yukiko) Lineage: Fourth Son to the Yanaihara Clan Class: Rogue --Sub-Class: Mage Occupation: Alignment: Good (Yukiko), Evil (Ryoko) Martial Status: Birthplace: Height: 5'3 Weight: 130lbs Hair: Long, Braided, Down to Midback Eyes: Gold and Red, (Ryoko), Yellow Green (Yukiko) Hair Color: Black/Yellow (Ryoko), Black/Teal (Yukiko) Handed: Amberdexterous (Ryoko), Left Handed (Yukiko) Skin Tone: Pale (Ryoko), Tan (Yukiko) Physical Condition: Strong, Able to lift up to 300lbs (Ryoko), Fair, Able to lift up to 100lbs (Yukiko) Skin Condition: Voice: Tenor (Ryoko), Soprano (Yukiko) Bloodtype: AB- (Ryoko), O (Yukiko) Primary Residence: Body Art: Crest on the Fallen Half Moon on both arms, Griffin and Fox Entwined on back (Ryoko), None (Yukiko) Scars: Bridge on nose, left third finger (Ryoko), Right cheek (Yukiko) Weaponary: Magic: Attire: Armor: Accessories: Abilities: Immunities: Resistances: Weaknesses: Family: Equipment: History:
  4. Ralph… Esben made a face at that name. Sure it was supposed to be a code name yet he hated the name. And before he could complain, the leader had moved onto the mistress. Fine… But if you stick me with that code name and I die, I'm haunting you forever. Esben--'Ralph' spoke telepathically before moving more towards the targets. His hands into his pockets as he strolled forward, Team B was he? Well it was time to show what he was. Pulling out the small ore shards he flung them at the guards. Well now to see how they react to becoming ore creatures. Will they resist or wither. He smirked to himself as he had gone a bit ahead before team A. He was a bit overexcited.
  5. Esben almost crashed into Cain as he re-emerged into himself. Seems the madness effects were wearing off, which was good. He almost wanted to abandon the whole thing but he wouldn't. He shook his head once more as he walked forward. Well at least you got your form back. As hilarious as it was, I don't think you being a gingerbread man would help in the long run. So, what's the plan now? Esben asked as he stood there. They could go help Shikai as that would be the best plan. He didn't know how to approach the situation to be honest. And he didn't want to rush into things without a plan. Should we attack the beast? I mean we could probably take it but I don't really know to be honest. It's your call after all. Esben then leaned against the alley wall as he looked at the tall building. Why did humans build all their buildings the same height? It was terribly confusing to the elf. But he let that go for now as the two were standing there. He wondered if the lantern was even there to begin with
  6. Easier to find actually since searching on a phone really sucks 😆 Thanks dudes
  7. So even the Red Blood Moon Organization becomes a pawn to designs to crush the heart and destroy the soul. Rheumial thought as he stood there. Lucius thrusted his sword at the artifact's face as it cut his cheek, more of the black blood dripping down from the wound. Rheumial touched the wound softly as he looked at the blood. He still doesn't get it. A fool born from lies. But aren't we all? He shook off the blood as the artifact picked up the fallen sword Lucius had dropped earlier. With one fell swoop, Rheumial stabbed Lucius in the heart. Gasping, he stepped back unsure of what had happened yet--yet confused that he was dying. The artifact turned, blood splattering the ground as he sighed. You were a fool. Now the world can be rid of your incompetence. One less monster in the land to blind and deceive the people. Goodbye Lucius Grandiose Von Mises Valentina, burn in Hell you monster. Rheumial walked out of the mansion. He didn't see the figure standing on the banister of the stairs watching his younger brother fight the artifact. A malicious smile on his face as he watched. Lucius was always an idiot when it came to matters like this and he deserved his fate. The artifact stopped for a moment though as he couldn't leave. Something was telling him not to. The figure didn't move either as he watched his kin bleed to death. Lucius deserved it as he encouraged the fates to abandon him. Rheumial eyed his own blood on the ground as he knew that artifacts were different but how so? Even he didn't know much about himself. He shrugged as the figure jumped down from the top of the stairs and eyed Rheumial. Amazing. Simply amazing you rid me of my idiotic brother. Here I did not think artifacts existed. That they were just stories. Incredible indeed. Though you are harder to kill that most creatures as they say.The man said as Rheumial turned around to see him. Something was off about him so the artifact remained cautious. Rheumial correct? The Griffin Beak artifact-- And just who the hell are you? And how long were you hiding? You're kidding me--you're actually glad he's dead?! He's your own kin and you're happy?! The man nodded as he clasped his hands together. The artifact tilted his head as he didn't know how to react to this stranger. Quietly, the man took a step forward as the artifact prepared himself. Stopping a moment after he moved forward, the man sighed. Though he was a Valentina, he didn't like how his brother went about. It didn't make gathering information good. Yes. Lucius was a pretenous man who only cared about himself. Preaching on and on about the people yet he went on about it the wrong way. A disgrace to the Valentina name you see. So, yes I am extremely happy he's dead. Spoke the man before he looked around not seeing the woman who had entered with the artifact. Wasn't there a woman with you when you first entered the mansion earlier? Any idea where she went? He had ignored giving his name for a moment as he wanted to ask his own questions. Rheumial shrugged again not allowing him to learn about Liúsaidh in case he too was after her. Yet, in this case she had been in a good far enough distance to disappear. At least Rheumial hoped so. He truly didn't know Liú's fate at the moment. The man also shrugged as he approached the artifact. It seemed that he was a threat, as Rheumy figured one of these brothers knew how to kill artifacts. Which didn't make him feel any better. Would be nice if you'd tell me your name. I mean just because you're trying to be imitating but I'd still like a name. Lucius told me his name in five seconds then again-- Such an arrogant man you've become since last we met. Garnet can't keep you artifacts in line since-- the man paused shaking his head. Rheumial would have hit him but he wasn't angry. He didn't even remember this man but he knew him. No, not fair to drag his name through more mud. But you, you seem a fair target. I am Ezra Ashton Mises Valentina, the man who almost killed you. Rheumial sighed. This man, Ezra had indeed almost killed him. He had managed to dodge the last blow and slip off into the night. Now the two stood face to face. The wind blowing through each other's hair. A reunion was not what Rheumial was planning. End of Chapter Two.
  8. Your thing will not save you [Whispers from tye dark, laughimg evily before thunder roars, kightning crashing-- crashes to the ground before riding off in the rinmobile]
  9. Manah said nothing as she listened to the banter. She felt more out of place than the others since she wasn't from this part of the world. Each had their happy faces and laughter as they talked and joked. Asked questions and even the captain and his crew were attached to each other. Taking a bite of her food, the knight stared down at the bowl. Her thoughts turned to many things yet she remained silent and stoic. But she listened nonetheless, as each sounding jolt of laughter came. Standing up, Manah excused herself and left the mess hall. Surely being a knight didn't give you time to be friends with people. And Manah, being the socially awkward one, felt better by hanging out in the soldier's quarters practicing her skills. And that's where she would be found now. Practicing her swordman skills. Pulling out her sword, Manah began flailing it at the dummy before. Taking out her frustrations on the thing, it flew off into the distance. Manah sheepishly rubbed her head as her sword rested now at her hip in her other hand. "Oops…"
  10. Post for Ebony Yahera, the Battle of Disasterous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope, Chapter Two will be up soon, sometime this week. Concluding this chapter to set off chapter three. 

    New baddies are introduced, Rheumial might get killed and more lore being dumped. Including nonsensical rambling galore. 

    So there's that not exciting news to bother you all with. Also, low hotspot and mobile data until the 3rd, so incoming slow posts. Can skip if needed.

  11. Vanilla was unwrapped from the woman not sure what happened. Though she was just using her as a support as she liked to lean against people. Only because she was a lithe creature with little balance of her own. And though she much enjoyed fighting, she would wait to hear what Angus had to say. Hopefully it'd go the way of fighting, taking the body and bone apart. She loved such as it gave her ingredients for her much higher spells and potions. And to be honest, Vanilla was never a saint. As much as she liked Lenoa and the group, she missed home. The scene reminded her of the land were fighting was a normal happenstance and occurred naturally. Out here she was a figure tossing among the winds with no direction. So what's the plan? I am here to do what needs to be done despite good or bad intentions. Vanilla sighed as she stood slumped over since the woman detached her from her form. Vanilla realised she'd need to get more strength if she was to go ahead in life. And she hated that weakness that presented itself now. She knew that things were how they were and she hated that too. Jealous even that people could stand unlike her. But she didn't show it.
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