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  1. Rin

    Serphus Alumna; The OverGrown Seed

    "You're no fun Atlas. You've been locked away so long in the organization that you've forgotten--forgotten how to be proper. I blame Garnet and that beautiful Vanilla." Xavier replied as he eyed the seed. Yes, he looked annoyed that he would speak his real name. Platinum still didn't know how he knew about that. The elder circled around the fifth seed. "I do hope Madagascar can survive those torturous experiments upon her. I want to see the light sucked from her soul, a hollowed obedient girl. Pity, she'll know you couldn't save her." "You wouldn't dare!" Platinum snarled running at Xavier before a guard grabbed the seed. "Leave her out of this, she doesn't need to suffer. You coward." "Garnet did say you were a stubborn one. But I intend to make her suffer. You won't give me what I want. Lock him in the dungeon." With that, the guard dragged Platinum towards the dungeons. Xavier giggled to himself as he made his way down the hallway towards a room. Oh, how he would get the information he wanted one way or another. Madagascar sat in the chair tied against it. She wondered if Platinum was okay. If he was able to escape. She continued to think about what Xavier said. Could she not be real? Her memories, feelings, thoughts felt real. Xavier entered the room. His glare upon the girl. Closing the door behind him, he approached Madagascar. No, she was not ready for what he was about to do. He had learned much from the slaver. Placing the bucket of red ore in front of her, in her arms reach, he smirked. Without a word, Xavier turned and walked out. He told the guard to release her once she became more complient. Madgascar's eyes looked down at the ore. She had heard stories about it. How it corrupted and corroded the mind. Yet, her eyes couldn't take themselves off the ore. Was it whispering? She thought she heard words for a moment. No, that was silly. Ore couldn't speak, could it? Her hands grasped a piece to lift and inspect it. Somehow, she didn't know how, she began to eat it. Piece by piece left the basket and into her mouth. Her hands stained red, as she ate. Her eyes only upon the ore, her one goal just to eat. The guard untied her then so that she could reach more of the buckets of ore before exiting the room. Madagascar didn't even care as she continued to eat the ore.
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    General chat thread

    Welp, I don't mind when as long as you're taking care of yourself
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    Perhaps a Return is Required

    Welcome back space cowboy
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    General chat thread

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    General chat thread

    Thats enough flooding posts for now. My eyes are starting to hurt and typing on a phone sucks hardcore, hurts the hands after a while
  6. "Capt'n, wait! Yer don't need ta be so melancholy about this. I was just tryin' ta help." Sayndar stopped before looking at Salsa. She was acquired by the resistance from the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. He was still skeptical about her. Sayndar didn't trust the organization since their many ties to the side trying to destroy them all. "Yeah, I know. But I figure Cid might be closer to fixing up our new demon hunter, so I wanted to go see. Besides, I'm melancholy for another reason, so I'll let you tend to the trainees. We'll need strong soldiers." Salsa sighed letting him go. Nothing she could do at the moment to lift his spirits. Nothing more but to tend to her duties as the hero madehis way towards the lab, disappearing into the distance. As Sayndar entered the lab, the young fresh face of their oldest mage greeted him sourly. Cid at been at this for fourteen hours straight with no sleep. And he was trying to rebuild a demon hunter which wasn't an easy task. "Oh good, you fin'lly arrive after taking your sweet ass time. No, don't come help the mage rebuild your demon hunter. I don't mind all the work and loss of sleep." Sayndar shook his head as he took a seat in the chair off to the left. He was no good at rebuilding people. But this was a special case, they needed him to combat the pair of Raven and Rin. And it was being a pain in the ass. "Cid, you know between me and you I cannot help. Vex would become even more messed up than last time." Sayndar replied as he looked at Cid. Cid knew that to be true. He looked at the body as it laid open, trying to connect tissue and nerves. He wiped the sweat from his brow. "This was easier last time. Gonna have to make sure he doesn't easily break this time. If only Vex wasn't so crucial to the plan. It's gonna take longer before we get Vex back. And the knights--" Sayndar shook his head as he drifted off to sleep as both were overworked and barely slept. Cid sighed noticing and went back to work.
  7. Rin

    Serphus Alumna; The OverGrown Seed

    Madagascar smiled softly as she felt that she was the real one. Yet could she not be? Standing there, the elf felt Xavier circle her, his glaring eyes homing in on the girl. Those teeth shining in a macabre way spelling her doom. Platinum seemed annoyed he did this, what was it leading to? What brought the fifth seed here? What did Xavier want from him? "I'm not afraid of you Xavier. If I was, I'd not be here helping the fifth seed. You may be nefarious but you don't scare me. Now, stop stalling and tell us why we are here." Though the last words shook a bit uneasy from Madgascar's lips. She was trying to act tough yet she wasn't at this moment. In truth, the elf shook inside. He was the elder, ruler of the land. He could end her here and now. Xavier calmly smiled as he looked upon the pair. "What I want my dear Madgascar? The secrets of how to make seeds. I want to create my own and little Garnet won't dilverge that. It's annoying if you ask me. Hiding such glorious secrets from the land's ruler." Xavier replied nonchalantly towards them. He then lifted Madgascar's chin to examine her with that smile again. It made Platinum uptight. His fingers snapped as a guard grabbed the elf and a snarl came from the fifth seed. "Now, now my dear boy. I'm not going to harm your only friend. But I find her to be excellent leverage to get what I want. And seeming you care oh so much about her--" Xavier laughed as the knight took Madagascar to the dungeon down below. The man stopped Platinum from interfering. He wanted much from the seed. "No." Replied Platinum. "You cannot have our organization's secrets to use upon the people. That's our deal. And she won't be leverage. You mistake me for Garnet. I am not gonna roll over for you." Platinum shook his head. As he was even more annoyed now. How Xavier waved that in his face that he only managed to get one friend. He wanted to destroy the elder but he also didn't want a bounty on his head like Esben. "But I can help you out with finding the little slaver. He and the Red Blood Moon Children Organization can make such powerful seeds. All I want is the knoweldge to make my own." "I don't need your help. I don't need soe lowlife elder begging on his knees for secrets. I'm going to go get Maddie and leave." Platinum turned to leave before more guards blocked his way making the seed scowl.
  8. Yuma chuckled as she eyed them fighting, leaving her an opening. Yuma made her way towards Kalith as her black void consumed her. It was only her and the girl now as Yuma stared her down like a vulture. Such a weak little girl almost dying to a weapon. My, my. You deserve better. Deserve the ascension of the ore. Not a seed nor what I did to Castern. My gift to you is my left hand. A beautiful corrupted knight worshipped by all.. Stronger... Yuma whispered as she now began to try and wear down Kalith as she circled around her. Seeing she was the weakest of the group. And with the power she gave Castern, it would be a grand while before they picked him off. Kalith... I can see much in your heart. How weak you feel. How alone. I can make you better. Come and eat the ore. Eat until you burst forth a new better self. Yuma then placed around Kalith buckets of ebony ore. It called forth, whispering twisted visions of grandeur to the girl. Wanting to be eaten, the whispers got louder, unbearable. You know it to be true. You want my love, my companionship. You desire to be twisted. Become mine and eat. Consume. Fall and crumble. ----- Agatha dug more into him as she drunk him in. Yes, these creatures before him needed to learn respect. The witch's etheral form leaned against him as Glee could only see her for the moment. Ferghas and Zenith confused on what he was doing. The druid tilted her head. "Uh, you okay there capt'n? You look a bit green." "He's been like that since I've met the lad. A bit funny in the head. Kept going on about a mythical axe." Ferghas whispered. How they mock such a beautiful man like you. Denouncing your glory like it's nothing. Once you make the pact with me, giving me your everything--mind body, soul and will, you'll see. See the truth you hide my beloved Glee. Agatha whispered. These two would pay tenfold once Glee became what he ruly was, enslaved under the power. She chuckled as she knew the torture they would receive. The witch looked on with anticipation. She wrapped her being around Glee as she eyed him. Agatha whispered such words into him, breaking him down and down until he was hers. Ferghas tilted his head. "I'm sure he'll stop dreaming about that axe and find a better use for himself." "Don't be so rude Ferghas. I don't think he's feeling fine, that's all. Probably a bit sick." Zenith called. Such sad creatures. They must be taught a lesson. Turned into twisted servants to your rebuilt glory. Just make the pact and I'll make you into a powerful being.
  9. Time to flood you all with nonsensical rambling posts. I do hope you enjoy them even if just reading as that is my one mission. 

    Even if they're rambling posts that make no sense. Have a great day, rise to uh... something something. 

    ||The Dark Sentencer, Unheavenly Creatures, The Audience|| Coheed and Cambria 

    ||Nova, The Great Unknown|| The Fallen State

    ||The Kinslayer, Dead to the World|| Nightwish


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    General chat thread

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    General chat thread

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    AFP [Away From Phone] Short Time

    Update: Sorry to be a nusiance, but not going after all. ❤️
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    AFP [Away From Phone] Short Time

    AFP Sunday, September 16, 2018 4am-1 or 2pm Flea Market with the moms so will catch up with you dudes when I get back, if we make it this time. Plans always change an hour before we leave ❤️
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    Discussion - closing Elendaron

    Well, the board move happened, I don't know how to feel about but hope the new board accepts me and all my crazy nonsensical rambling posts I'm still sad Elendaron closed. Was my favourite place to ramble in. So that won't go away for a while. Play us out Piano Man. See you later space cowboy. ❤️
  15. Rin

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    Esben listened to the others speak as she remained silent. Though Zinnie had the right idea with the way she was going, so she decided to follow her through the sewers. The sewers did smell a bit, but it woukd be better than rushing head first into the fray. The elf picked up the sense of two voices slightly. Her ears were more sensitive than others. The sewers are fine to me. I rather not die fighting off whatever lies in there now. I believe this would be our safe bet. What is it you sense dear Zinnie? Esben asked softly. The elf looked at the others not sure their plans or ideals. But things were starting to get interesting among the group. And she was enjoying herself as much as she wanted to deny it. But the girl seemed to make her be cautious. She didn't know the people here, and she didn't know if they were friend or foe.