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  1. Posts coming this week. Mostly by Monday or Tuesday. Weekends are my writing break time ❤️

  2. Feast. You know you want to feast. The Emberheart whispered, pulsating. Azura-Dawn said nothing as she looked around the cave. Fire might do something but she didn't know how well it would be. She closed her eyes trying to drown out the noise but even--even the runes were powerless. Her hand trembled as it reached for the Emberheart, as she thought it wouldn't hurt to eat a bite or two. Her stomach growled, as she suddenly became hungry. I don't think a few pieces will harm us. Why don't we have a few while we think of a way out without causing a cave in. Azura-Dawn said as she opened her eyes, taking a deep breath. I don't think that it can persuade us if we have a bit in us. The emberheart pulsated, hummed throughout the three minds. The illusions, visions grew more in their minds. Azura-Dawn was afraid, that in trying to help, drew them to this fate. Her hunger grew, as it would through the others as she eyed the buckets. Her resolve was faltering. Come, let us eat so that we can think a way out without our stomachs being empty. I mean there can't be any harm right?
  3. Came to help me free Azura-Dusk? Usually people that come seeking me out want to stop me. Esben said as he looked at her. Noticing she didn't touch any of the seeds. Disappointed but maybe he could coax her into it. Delan was it? You want to help me unleash the grand demoness Azura-Dusk, first you must eat the seeds. I need her general Argo. Esben replied as he leaned against the red clover tree staring at her. Those weary eyes of his peering into her own. She definitely not Shishi as Shishi would have fought back, and not as timid. He approached her and took her hands in his, showing Delan she could somewhat trust him. Though that was a lie. No need to be so scared. I'm not going to hurt you. Esben said as he looked at her. Unfortunately unless you eat the seeds, we cannot bring forth Azura-Dusk. As her sister, Azura-Dawn won't give up her secrets either. And as you are now, she'll pull one over you. Esben then let go of her hands, as he shook his head. Delan probably thought he was crazy, that he'd betray her. But the elf wouldn't. Seeing she wasn't Shishi, she could be more pliable to change herself, change from being a timid creature. Haven't you ever desire to be stronger? Braver? Let go of the shy timid creature you are? These seeds will help you, they will give you everything and anything you want. Esben said as he held out a few black azura clover seeds. Go on, if you desire to help me. You see, without the knoweldge of the half-breed's whereabouts from Azura-Dawn--we won't be able to release Azura-Dusk.
  4. Augustus sat in the old wooden chair as he placed his old hands in his lap. The knight stood beside him by the name of Rowan, was there to protect the old shaman. He eyed the child, even held her and looked her over for corruption. Unfortunately he couldn't find it in the young Lucinda. However looking over Iblis, he could see it, feel it. Yes, I came to speak about taking young Lucinda with me because I am afraid--afraid that Claudette infected you both with the corrupted Emberheart. Augustus said as he stood up. You see, the Emberheart can be used for good or evil depending on where they had gotten the emberheart. The old shaman came forth another step. He was worried for them all, and he wanted to help them. Fix the mistakes that the young ice princess had made. However, he knew that he'd need to get more people to fight the Emberheart. Of course, he was old and didn't know the people of The Rising West seeing he was from Athentha. And you look like you've been infected already. But I also fear that you're not just meagerly infected but become the emberheart itself. Augustus replied as he looked down at Lucinda. I think she needs to be in a safer place. Let me take your child back to Athentha with me. Let me make sure she doesn't become like you. Rowan stood there watching the exchange in-case he needed to protect the old shaman. Augustus eyed Iblis, seeing the Emberheart pulse within, knowing the shaman very well. The two were enemies after all. The shaman sighed as he pulled out the old leather bound book. You know what must be done Iblis. I will have to free you both from the Emberheart and take Lucinda with me. It's for the best that you return to normal. The Emberheart won't give you anything, you just become its prisoner Augustus replied. You will lose yourself to it as it takes over you and your mind. Please understand, I don't wish to see you all suffer.
  5. It's starting. I didn't think the cave could do such things. I always thought it was the demons luring us in. Azura-Dawn said as she eyed both Del and the knight. Well, these seeds do look tasty though… Maybe we should--no, what's happening, it's messing with my mind. We need to escape. The opening to the cave had sealed shut once they had entered. The emberheart pulsated, ebbed as it tried again to wither down their resistance and defenses. It showed each one their desires and wants, what they were hiding in their hearts. The mist growing, thickening about the cave. Consume… It whispered. Azura-Dawn looked around for a way out. Afraid of the outcome if the Emberheart had won. She tried her hardest to fight against it, knowing this wasn't right. She hoped Del and the knight were doing better than her.
  6. The elf looked disshelved, as the late nights hadn't served him well. Bags appeared under his eyes and the mid-back hair had grown longer, as it unraveled from the braid here and there. Chewing his lip, it was chewed into a mess as he had fruitlessly tried to open the prison core. With another groan, his weary eyes peered out into the scenery. The trees had grown orange and red, as they fell to the ground. It happened then, the rain fell from the clouds, dampening the elf as he didn't care either way. Esben sighed softly, as he knew that no-one wouldn't ignore that bounty upon his head, the sweet promises made by those who hated him. But Azura-Dusk was the blood of Athentha, the blood to regain what was lost. His eyes noticed something moving in the trees, as though he might be tired, he still had good eyesight. Come to laugh at my bruised ego? If you're here, that accursed Crescendo must be around as well. Esben spat, as he eyed the woman in the trees. Did you enjoy getting one over me? Did they give you those false promises they promised you? If you don't mind, I have things to do. I am going to bring Azura-Dusk back. You will not stop me. Esben then waited for the woman to make her move. A bit of the past coming for him. The elf shook his head, annoyed Shishi returned. Did she enjoy the game of destroying his pride and ego? Sighing, he awaited for her to come closer. His appearance was alarming, but he was a researcher. He looked around for Crescendo, since usually since their first encounter, he knew the two helped each other out in trying to capture him. But he approached Delan slowly, his figure still captivating even with it looking so ragged. The elf stopped a foot from her. Or have you come for more of my clover heart seeds? Esben asked curiously. Have you come seeking the truth? Clearly seeing how they used you? Yes, hungry for the things you deserve. I'm surprised you came back in the first place. With that silence, buckets of black azura clover seeds appeared before Delan. Would she eat them? Become lost in their addictive substance? Would she allow the elf, Esben to once again corrupt her core? He needed her help, without Azura-Dusk's right hand woman being reborn in this girl, the prison cube couldn't be broken. I mean it's why you came back here right? Crescendo led you astray. Broke her promise to give you what you wanted. And kept Azura-Dusk in her prison. I want to break her free, don't you? Then consume the seeds and become your hidden truth. Esben leaned against the red clover tree then as he awaited which path Shishi would take. Would she remain herself or would she allow herself to be corrupted into Azura-Dusk's right hand woman, her favorite general? Able to gain the powerful Cloverheart Argo, one that corrupted the owner into the darkest creature of their heart. He waited with excitement. Consume… they whispered. Consume and fall to us again. You know you desire to be more than that hume existence. Consume and gain the Cloverheart Argo, named after you. Don't you remember? You're Argo, sealed by the half-breed. Azura-Dusk granted you such gifts, the Cloverheart Argo, the Cloverheart Scarabheart Abyss, and the most powerful of all for that selfish tyrannical heart, the Cloverheart Scarabheart Tundra. As you are a Cloverheart demon, owner of the Cloverheart items. Come back to your faded memories, your dark vile selfish heart. Consume… Should Delan hear this, her hand would dip into the buckets eating the seeds. The sweet substance telling her she wanted more and more. The rain and Esben forgotten for a moment, as all she would care for was the black azura clover seeds. That gaining the Cloverheart items were more important. The black azura clover seeds were all that mattered, all she cared about, all she wanted. Though she had eaten two buckets, she wanted more never noticing her form was slowly swelling. But the seeds called to her. Whispering false promises to Delan, telling her to not stop eating the seeds. That this was the only important thing to her. Do you desire more? Was all that Esben asked sweetly. Never satisfied are we? I'll give you as much as you want. Esben snapped his fingers as more buckets appeared. That coy smile upon his lips. The beginning stage of his plan was starting. Delan was step one to releasing Azura-Dusk back into the world. Another key factor was the former princess of Athentha, Rin. Her lineage was the catalyst to reawake Azura-Dusk.
  7. The whispers continued, the emberheart pulsating, ebbing with temptation and power. Neither Delonix or Azura-Dawn knew the true thing resting in this cave. The demon before was a guardian, but a guardian of what? The whispers continued, growing louder only to Delonix, as the mist began to grow. Another selfish heart comes to my cave.The whispers spoke. Seeking out the Emberheart to gain what they desire most. You intrigue me hume, that I think you'll do nicely. Come and eat the emberheart. Bask in what your black heart desires. Azura-Dawn stood up as she looked around. She couldn't see or hear what was being said. The emberheart pulsed, playing out false scenes in Del's head. Showing him what he could achieve, becoming the next ruler of Rowan, obtaining the Black Spade weapons. Power, wealth, women. All worshipped him, all obeyed without question. All of it yours. All doing what you want for once. No-one degrading little Delonix, no-one ripping you off with shoddy airships. Rowan needs a new leader, someone to show them the light. Eat the seeds, become the selfish heart you hide. Take it all, you deserve it. Azura-Dawn tilted her head as she rubbed her temples. She had no idea what was going on but she didn't like it. This cave frightened her, and she wanted to leave here even without the weapon. Even make Azura-Dawn bow to your whims. Become corrupted, become beyond your mortal coil and ascend. Corrupt everything to what you desire. That black heart of yours selfish beyond redemption. Don't you desire to be grandiose? Desire to be someone?
  8. Silence fell on the house. Something wasn't right as it had come to pass. The night had created monsters of flesh and Emberheart. Ones that embraced their own agendas and ambitions. Augustus knew this would happen, as Talians were always trying to gain the upper hand. But he didn't know the young Iblis would give everything up for Claudette. That was the flaw in all his planning, well that and the Emberheart. But he was planning a way to return them. His research would be long and possibly take years to complete. But he wouldn't give up, as he didn't think they didn't deserve it at all. Among the house, the servants and maids began to change, deformed into mindless obedient ones, their forms were of the Emberheart as well. Demonic creatures tending to the small Lucinda. The maid took care of her, feeding her the Emberheart in her milk. The house grew into a castle like building, covered in emberheart everywhere. Claudette sat upon Iblis, as her black golden eyes peered at him. The Emberheart pulsed within her, as it knew what she desired most. Power and strength. The demoness was looking like the ice princess more and more, her form blooming into beauty beyond that of mortals. Even Iblis was entranced with her, wanting and needing her. Never wanting to leave her and their child. Those eyes were haunting. Enticing. But Claudette was changing, growing into a beast. Unlike her father and sister, she was the weaker of them. She didn't want to be that anymore. The ice demoness would crave it, unable to breathe without it. She wanted the power and strength, to never be weak again. She would do anything to achieve it. She pushed Iblis down against the bed. His lover, the demon was becoming a selfish being. She wanted it all for them, no longer caring for the people. Not caring of freedom. Everything belonged to her, everything wanted to serve her for once. She breathed the Emberheart mist out of her mouth and into Iblis's own form. We will take it all my love. It will belong to us. Claudette said as she knew that he was changing too. That what he desired was not to hide behind the scenes anymore, to be directly involved. She leaned down as she kissed his temple. Standing up, she felt him grab her arm. In truth, she had seduced him, changed him. In truth she had manipulated his mind to want her, to become involved with her. We are forever intwined. Forever bounded. You are mine as I am yours. Together we'll become a terror to tear asunder the Rising West. He pulled her back into bed as they entangled themselves into each other and the sheets. Claudette chuckled, knowing even their child was becoming like them. And that she played a role into that, but she didn't care as long as she and Iblis remained.
  9. Failure. The last encounter had failed, making Esben toil away in the basement of his mansion. Val Cruxia was a safe place to house himself from his last escapade. And he could work in peace from the ever annoying Valentinas meddling in the elf's affairs. As he toiled, exhausted from the late nights of trying to break open Azura-Dusk's prison core. Esben muttered, groaned and slammed the tool down in frustration. The elf hated that he couldn't open a single cube like core unlike everything else he could. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Esben walked out of his lab and out of the house. The fresh air would do him well. Esben had locked himself away in the lab once Crescendo and Shishi had left. He rubbed his temples as Azura-Dawn wouldn't give up any secrets to open it either. Azura-Dusk's twin, she kept her mouth shut when it came to her sister. If only I can get her to tell me her secrets. Esben said to himself as he crossed his arms against his chest. Even that prison cell I keep her in, she doesn't speak. That will can be broken somehow… Esben shook his head as he looked up. It was mid-day, so the white clouds were heavy with rain almost about to burst. The elf sighed, knowing this being his first failure didn't sit well--he was not taking it well.
  10. Getting back into writing this Monday/Tuesday. More nonsensical rambling posts coming to annoy the masses ^_^

  11. New RP posts coming this week, to add to the nonsensical rambling one-off posts 

    Should be a good fun time ❤️

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      I haven't forgotten about OUR RP time Rinny!!!


      I GOTCHA COVERED!! Let me know when you want to start. if you're playing a dude, who is EVIL...let me know!!!



  12. end of thread. summary: Ravenbush comes to Athentha to help Crescendo and Malachite capture the elusive elf, Esben. As she tries, ahe gets memorized and captived by him. She also even allows Azura-Dusk to awaken. In the end she regains herself, keeping the vile woman in her prison. Esben walks away with Azura-Dusk's core, escaping and the three fail the mission. Thread complete.
  13. Claudette awoke slowly as she sat up, looking over at Iblis, she didn't speak for a moment. Her eyes took in his form, a demonic creature of the Emberheart itself, it was breath-taking. She eyed the object in his hand hestiant at first. Her hand reached out for it, slowly. Stopping herself for a moment as his words haunted her. Was this right to eat something foreign to her? But Iblis wanted her to and he wasn't wanting to hurt her right? He wanted them safe didn't he? Claudette shook her head at these silly notions as she took the ore and consumed it. Claudette fell against him then. Silent, as it overtook her. Her hands gripped the sheets as it ravaged her, devoured her. The Emberheart opened in her like an eye changing every memory like it did Iblis. Her eyes fluttered open, they were black yellow but an orange ring held in them. The ice princess then laid there against him. Claudette looked up at him then, she was completely devoid of her mind. She cried out in pain as the Emberheart consumed her, changed her, as she became it. Falling against him once more, the ice princess knew one thing, she was his forever. Devoted, obedient, his shield. Her eyes fluttered open a minute later, as she looked at him, kissing his lips lightly. Forever yours… she whispered.
  14. Are you alright dear? Morgan's honeyed speech came forth. Platinum-Neptune hasn't been damaged in the slightest. In fact, we just finished building the outer city of Serphus Alumna to encase and fortify Platinum-Neptune. Well, come along, there's much to do. Seldeth watched the woman walk past her, as the air wafted vanilla and honey. She placed her hand to her head, as the aroma was affecting her state. And this felt off. The Platinum-Neptune she knew was destroyed. It was why it was rebuilt. But here, it was in its birth, perfectly fine. The elf followed Morgan down the hall to a chamber. She couldn't shake the feeling this wasn't real. You needed an apothecary? Seldeth's voice came, as it was finally recovered. That's why you sent for a Talia? I mean, I don't mind helping the neighboring islands. I just don't understand me of all people. Aren't we warring nations? Dear girl, you are a curious one aren't you? You wrote me a week ago offering your services to aid my people against the fey demon Argo. Morgan lied but it was a convincing one at that to ease the questioning elf. That's why I sought out an apothecary. Their skills can be useful against Argo and his tricks. Seldeth nodded as she followed the fey demon into the main hall. The walls bright with colour, a nice blue combining with a rustic red. The pictures hung of many flowers and past leaders of Platinum-Neptune. It made the elf stop to look at them. It seemed so familiar, as if this had already happened once before. The names weren't the same but she could feel it, feel this wasn't right. Stopping among a smaller chamber, Morgan looked over her shoulder at Seldeth. The young elf was doubting this whole thing. That the dream she fell into was trying to claim her. She didn't know that, but it was. The elf eyed Morgan, skeptical now of what the fey demon wanted of her. But she rubbed her temples, her mind seemed to start to fog, as if she was beginning to forget things. This Argo, why are we fighting against him? Seldeth asked as she approached the smaller room, it held an apothecary, where potions and poisons could be made. Morgan eyed her. I don't remember Argo ever in my time of living in Platinum-Neptune. Is he a new ruler since I left to Talia? No dear child, Argo has been around for ages. He has warred with Talia and Athentha since the dawn of their existence. Morgan replied as they entered the room now. He has eyed claiming Platinum-Neptune for a while now, to add to his ownage of land. He wants to draw out Talia and it's Crowned Hearth, Rheumial. Of course, she won't fall for his tricks. Seldeth went silent again. She was in shock. Wasn't she Talia's Crowned Hearth? Why did someone else take her place? The elf tried to recall--remember these events, but she couldn't for some reason. This trial, wasn't as easy as she thought it was going to be.
  15. The Emberheart laughed. Laughed hard as Iblis fell to its whims, its desires. As he swallowed the seed, it would make him fall to his knees in pain. The old false memories flooded him of the falsified past the Emberheart created. Tales of his father showing the young Iblis he was nothing to him. Showing him, his father making devious plans with Virga. The shady deals that profited the Rising West while making enemies. It also showed Iblis, the true power he gained. By giving up his humanity to become the demon, a powerful demon, he showed his father what he could do. Taking over the land, the family house, he even took over his father's trade deals with Virga. On that day he met the ice princess, Claudette, sold to his own father. Iblis was now something different. He was the embodiment of the emberheart itself. Able to use the ore and its magic to gain what he wanted. However, he would notice a big change in his personality. Before he cared not about black and white, the difference between good and bad. Now, he did. Now he would feel the pain of losing something dear. The Emberheart beat as his heart, taking over its host, living once more. As it connected to his nerves, tissues, it sent a vision of a narrative it fed him. Now as the Emberheart itself, his intentions, agendas and ideals changed. Now that I have corrupted you into a powerful demon, the Emberheart itself, in days the hunger will grow. In days, you will be just like your father. A tyrannical man with lusts of power and grandiose ideas. But, there is a prize to claim. The ice princess. She'll betray you if we don't turn her mind to complete obedience. Iblis, if you feed her the Emberheart sumset ore, she'll be yours forever. Yes, a worthy prize as she's a capable fighter to protect your child. With that, the emberheart grew silent as the night grew long. Claudette slept now as the day's events and chores wore her out. She worried about Iblis, what he was doing.
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