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  1. Well Iblis wasn't all wrong. Esben did have his own way of messing things up if it aided him. He had picked up Manah, as she would have to be left undisturbed for three days. The poor girl wrapped in a plot that she had no knowledge of. Talians were cunning and devious to gain power when they could. Iblis had been the tragic outcome of tangling with them. As he left, Malachite eyed the new servant Morven as she nodded to Iblis. She pulled the malice demon along to tend to their duties among mischievous other things. Lucinda eyed her father as she embraced the hug. It had been a while the two were in company as Iblis had to battle those against him. And what responsibility do you place upon me father? Lucinda said with a honeyed tone that was sweetly seductive. Allowing me to venture into town and corrupt some of the townspeople into our subjects--puppets even? Or will father finally allow me to corrupt ome to be my beloved? Lucinda broke the hug and stood there. The teen was dressed in the finest of silks Joran held. Her hair was a beautiful raven blue that fell down against the swell of her back and the front of her bosom in unruly curls. Under these curls, were horns the jutted out and curled. Her eyes were slitted eerie honey gold that held such dark intent and unlike her father, wanted to peer into you. Wanted to consume. Crossing her arms against her chest, Lucinda stared at her father for a moment. She had watched the elf take a knight towards the west wing chamber as it puzzled her. Where was her mother? She hadn't seen her in days and now a strange elf was here. Father, where has mother gone? It puzzles me you haven't told me that she disappeared. I know you've taken a few new toys but yet mother--mother does not show herself. Lucinda said. But also, who was that handsome elf carrying that knight? Maybe he might know? ---- Esben placed Manah down on the beautifully designed rug of the west wing chamber. The elf then placed many buckets around the knight. Of course, due to the addictive sweetness of the seeds, the knight didn't even notice she had been placed here. Her mind only focused on the seeds as she continued to eat. The elf snickered to himself, as he had come here to sow some discourse in Joran. Though he was surprised that Claudette could deteriorate as he had no prior knowledge of this. And that she picked a knight commander. It was a good plan though, as she could pretend to help the people yet corrupt them at the same time. He then left the room. He headed down the hall to the third room chamber as he opened it and walked in, shutting the door behind him. Eyeing the devoted servant Malachite he smiled. The day before's conversation loomed about the demon girl. Esben knew that Iblis favored Malachite out of his servants and she would be his second wife, as soon Manah would be Claudette and vise versa. The elf approached Malachite and smirked. The Fahrenheit Varuna crystal seed in his hand was placed into her mouth. Slowly eating it, she would only get one thing back. The royal blood of Absolon, her name, Azura-Dawn. Though the elf turned as he chuckled. The demon fell to her knees in pain as he left the room. Azura-Dawn would cry out in pain as her form ripped apart, rebuilding her into a beautiful creature of the Emberheart itself, Zweifer's beloved twisted, devoted obedient Azura-Dawn. Lost forgotten to time. Horns curled out from raven black curls that fell down against the swell of her volutpous body and in front onto her swelled out bosom. Her eyes an eerie red-orange hue. Her body barely covered in Fahrenheit Varuna silks as it the emberheart and fahrenheit varuna flower seeds consumed her. ---- Esben leaned against the wall of the main chamber room as his red-orange eyes looked at the scene before him. Father and daughter embracing each other and questions forming. He said nothing as he wanted to see Iblis try and answer her questions. Though it caught him off guard she called him handsome. It made him chuckle. Esben never thought that in the slightest. Nor did he care to, as his mind remained on science and research. Yes, do tell us Iblis. Esben said almost smirking. One toy Lucinda, he has one. That little fae who came looking for her friend. Unfortunately all that eat the pure emberheart become enthralled to your father. Except the two first ones. Manah and Azura-Dawn will become true emberheart demons, and his wives. Lucinda looked at Esben a bit dreamily as she listened. She wasn't shocked as a normal person/creature would be. In-fact, Lucinda was used to her father's odd tastes. She shook her head then. "So I see. But that doesn't explain what's happening to my mother." Lucinda replied as she placed a hand to her head.
  2. Ferghas had managed to escape the cave as he sighed, annoyed. The explosion had given them time to get out of there. Manah had also escaped the cave though got a little burnt from the explosion. However, the emberheart still sung quietly to Shin, whispers within his ears of un-godly desires. Argo had injuries but she wasn't dead. In fact, she sat in the golden throne chair, her hands in her lap. Those that came near the emberheart would return, it would creep into the sub-conscious at one point or another. And she would patiently wait. She had all the time in the world as she chuckled to herself.
  3. The blow of her arm caught her off guard as she was more focused on her oar being knocked out of her hands. Azura-Dusk lifted the girl's chin, eyeing Delan listening to her words. Was dead. This elf before her, before the princess of lust and grandoise ideals, was alive. Azura-Dusk eyed the girl. Her hand caressing her cheek. Delan has fallen to me. You my little elf will be called Øzamar. A beautiful creation of deadly procision. As for your reward, here is one weapon. The blade and shield of Cloverheart, Øzama. Azura-Dusk replied as she watched the half-breed fall down from the hit. She chuckled low, knowing her dark age to Athentha was beginning. Her hand on the girl's shoulder as her eyes peered at Øzamar. I can see you're a little confused. In time you'll understand my little elf. Azura-Dusk said as she then leaned against the Fahrenheit Varuna tree. Staring at the woman who freed her. Rin took a moment to recover, standing up half slumped. The half-breed eyed both, knowing that this fight wouldn't be easy. I also know that in time you'll see I was right. That you crave everything your dark heart desires. I know that your selfish heart desires it all. And you'll get it. Rin muttered low as she ran at Delan, trying to stop the corruption in the girl. If she could save one person here, then maybe they could reseal Azura-Dusk. Her sword, the Otherworld Hell, in her hand, mostly used in dire situations. She swung the blade at Øzamar's torso, hoping to cut into the skin and drain out the disease. "I won't let you fall like we did. As long as I breathe, I won't let Azura-Dusk take another into hell." Crystalized arrows formed from her fingers as the half-breed fired the holy crystal arrow shards at Øzamar. She wanted to save her yet at the same time she was failing. Though using magic made her grit her teeth in pain.
  4. Rin looked up as her crimson black orb of an eye eyed the man shoutingat the top of his lungs. Well, to her, it was like shouting. Standing up, it was good to see someone else finally. The half-breed sighed softly, not understanding how anyone could tolerate the heat. "Yes. I am." Rin said as she crossed her arms against her chest. The cloak not doing much to reduce the heat. "Though it might not be up to what is capable to be done. And," Rin paused for a moment before shaking her head, "you might get corrupted by whatever guards the Øzamar and Øjema set." The half-breed then sat back down opening the flask as she took another sip of the water. However, in the next minute, the half-breed stood and began walking down the cobblestone street. Hoping he was behind her, she spoke as if he was. "The set has been lost for a long time since Argo decided to hide it here in this accursed desert." Rin replied as she sighed then. "Of course, that blasted desire elf guards the pair in the caves east of here. Øzamar would be a sword and shield that glimmers like the golden sun. Øjema is a beautifully crafted spear." Rin then stopped and looked over her shoulder at the man. "I'm Rin by the way. Also, can you counter corruption and spells? Or elves that use un-natural desires and curses? It's just something to think about a long the way."
  5. You can skip me this time. I don't think i'll be posting til the weekend. A bit sluggish
  6. Joran A few weeks later…. After the events in the Beginning of the Endless, Chapter II Chapter I: The castle sat foreboding as the people within had their lives uprooted by Claudette, the Emberheart and even citizens of the floating islands of Athentha. Iblis had changed for the worst, allowing the dark intent of his hidden truths and secrets to twist him into the demon that befell Joran. The ice princess had been decaying for a few weeks and finding a new host was on her mind. Lucinda had been turned into a malestrom emberheart demon, though her father had turned her into a puppet demon. One able to create more lesser demons for her father. The townspeople had no idea she had infected them. But Claudette came to Iblis then with a smile on her face. Beloved, I found a solution to the matter of my decaying form. Claudette replied as she looked at him. I sent a letter to the knight commander Ser Manah and her companion Morven to lure them here. I lied and said we need help fighting an unknown evil and would give more details when she arrived. A perfect plan if you ask me. Esben said as he appeared out from the shadows leaning against the wall frame. Your decaying princess can take the form of the knight commander and spread it faster among the unwitting people. It will take three days to eat the emberheart, and your host body will get as fat as a cow. But it won't-- Oh Esben you're here. Do go on. Like I was saying, it won't remain that way. You need to feed the knight commander three items, the Zweifer star seed, the pure emberheart of Iblis, as he's manufacturing it within him and the black azura clover seeds. Once that, Manah will become the Ice Emberheart. Claudette nodded as they began their plan to keep the ice princess alive while deceiving the townspeople. ----- Silence befell the carriage as it rode into Joran. Ser Manah Bastian II sat across from the fae Morven. Her gloved hands stayed in her lap as her eyes fell on the fae. They had come to Joran to find their missing comrade, Azura-Dawn. She had been called here to help the shaman Augustus with an outlying problem. When she didn't return it bothered the pair. The carriage stopped in front of a large twisted and black gothic architecture of a castle. Manah stepped out of the carriage as did Morven as they looked at it. Tales of Claudette's imfluence over the young djinn bothered Manah as well. The Talians needed a host after a long while as their forms decayed. Morven sighed softly then as she looked at her companion. I have a bad feeling about this Manah, as if we--we'll be swallowed whole." Morven said as she looked at the castle again. And with Azura-Dawn missing who knows-- Relax Morven. It was all Manah said to ease the young fae before they entered. Walking past the servants, the pair noticed how more demonic they had become. Their outfits barely able to cover the busty females as they tended to their duties. It un-nerved them as they walked up the winding stairs to the main bed chamber. Morven took a deep breath as she opened the large oak door. What she saw next wasn't good. In bed with Iblis was the woman once known as Azura-Dawn. She was now Malachite. Her mind had been brainwashed, to devotion of the man before her. Silks barely covered the demon's volutpous body as she danced among him, singing her praises of him. His brand upon her neck, under a collar of Fahrenheit Varuna flowers. Her eyes empty, soulless. Her new role, was his toy which she enjoyed as she continued. Morven flew at Iblis in a fury as she clawed at the demon. It was in vain. He grabbed her quickly with a sinister smile, as he wanted more to his side, more to indulge in his beliefs. Pawns, servants. Without a word, he placed a malice emberheart piece into her mouth and let go of her. Morven fell to her knees as it entered her heart, blossoming forth. It was here that her nails dug into the floor as she screamed in pain. Slumping forward, the fae changed. Horns curled from under her now black purple hair that curled down her bosom. Her eyes an empty black purple as fangs grew into her teeth. Black purple wings ripped out of her back and connected to her spine. A tail grew at her butt and slammed down. Her tiny frame grew in size until it barely held the silks upon them. Iblis's mark upon her chest as he claimed her. Morven purred as her form sat there. Her devotion and obedience was to Iblis. However, the cruelest of fates was held for Manah. Iblis approached her slowly, eyeing his prey. In his hand, he held something special, Claudette's soul crystal. He pushed the knight against the wall as she struggled to fight him. It was here he slammed it into her form. Manah gasped as she fell to her knees. But he wasn't done, she would be the new Claudette. Though she would still be called Manah. He snapped his fingers as buckets of emberheart formed around the knight. Her hand shook as she tried to resist eating it. It sang to her. Manah didn't notice the first piece entered her body. But she continued to eat it as her form slowly swelled. Piece after piece, her hands stained in emberheart. As the buckets emptied, the more they filled, the more she ate. Esben leaned against the wall then. She needs to eat for three days. In order for Claudette to fully awake and become Manah. Esben said as he eyed Iblis. On that third day, to make her a true beast like you, have her eat the Zweifer star seed. With this, the knight will become a monstrous desire demon. Esben disappear again. Manah sat there eating the emberheart. Her mind engrossed in it, she forgot everything around her. Her form still swelling as she slowly was getting fat. It wouldn't remain like that as she would explode in three days to her new form. Morven fell silent as her form grew in size still, a busty beauty with dark intent. Iblis smirked as he placed a malice emberheart necklace onto her, making her another toy. Lucinda was also changing. She had been fed the emberheart for days, slowly being turned into a puppet demon. Her form much like Morven's, carried a dark intent. Her mind however, had been corrupted, to believe every word Iblis crafted. He made her a desire demon, able to twist desires to lure the townspeople in to corrupt them. Iblis had sent her out to do such. His attention now on Manah as he would corrupt and twist her into the new Claudette, only it would be his version. Three days would be a long wait.
  7. The demoness sat there as Iblis was losing himself more, his heart giving into the raw darkness he hid so long ago. He was once a selfish man who desired to have two wives, two obedient to his every wish and desire; twisting them into monsters. Azura-Dawn said nothing as he looked at her, silent as her eyes dulled. As Iblis pulled her up and kissed her, the demoness kissed back. The royal blood within her hungered for the man before her. She kissed him passionately, her form ripped off the silks, her heart beat fast. Was this what she wanted? Yes my dear, bring her to the brink of her true madness, her true self. Claudette replied as she eyed Azura-Dawn, well the woman known as Azura-Dawn. The demon looked down now as she couldn't think, couldn't remember. Before Claudette could speak, Iblis made her kneel at his feet too. He would deal with both in due time. First Malachite would have to be changed, twisted. His hand landed on Malachite's shoulder then, the blackness of his heart screaming in his ears. Iblis would feel a bursting in his heart, the black ooze blooming into him. It would coat within as it claimed him into a monster. He would roar, as the power overwhelmed him. His mind twisted into depravity, into darkness. Awakening into a raw selfish heart, awakening into Iblis, the demon of Zweifer. The emberheart's master. He would roar again, losing any goodness that remained before. Claudette smirked as it had happened. She had corrupted him into the end goal, destroying a good hearted man into her beloved monster. But could he still be called Iblis now? Iblis? Have you ascended? Awoken finally into the beast that houses the emberheart itself? Let Malachite be awoken into her new role my dear. It was time. Time to make these women into monsters, his monsters devoted and obedient to him. Following without question to make this kingdom what he wanted.
  8. 2, August 1678AY Argo-Atlas, Sol-Morwenna Tuesday 2:00P.M The market place was large and swarming with all types of people, people selling their wares at the stalls--adventuers looking for parties to join them across the grand blue seas in their grand stories. Sitting under a Farenheit Varuna tree, cladded in a black robe trying her best not to overheat was the half-breed. She was never good with heat as being a northern Athenthian ice half-breed. But she had come to Sol-Morwenna to find the lost Black Azura Tides Sword and Shield, Øjema. She figured it could help out in her quest to fight back against the impeding wars. Of course, lost among Øjema was it sister spear, Øzamar. She placed the flask of water to her lips as the crimson black orb of an eye watched the people go by. Though she had acquired notices to go outside Athentha, as foreigners had a great amount of strength, she doubted anyone coming. "Maybe this was a dumb idea." Rin muttered looking at how low the flask had gotten. "And the pub doesn't look like it carries rum though--though, it won't help in this situation. Shoulda brought more water. Damn heat." The half-breed muttered, as she stared at the flask again.
  9. Argo said nothing as she let the knives hit her. Or so they would think this would happen. The image faded for a moment as Ferghas muttered. He looked at Manah without a word, she nodded as she knew what he was planning. He'd need her magic. Ferghas heard the knives go off as the elf woman stood there being hit by the attack Shin gave. The knight commander closed her eyes as she breathed a deep breath. Channeling the energies within, she glowed as her hands outstretched into fiery spears that aimed at Argo, hitting the target. With the two attacks, Ferghas ran at Argo swinging his sword at her torso. The elf exploded as the three attacks hit. The knight commander fell to her knees as she was a bit rusty in the field of magi. Ferghas looked around as the desire elf laughed again reappearing once more as she shook her head. "How did that not work?" Ferghas replied low. "You even exploded…" Well, that was fun little knights. But you fail to realize the emberheart has been feeding off you, weaking your attacks. And I let you have that last attack. Argo then pulled the knives out of her arm as she looked at Shin again before Manah and Ferghas. But you can try again if you like fighting the futile fight.
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  13. The knife hit Argo's left arm but the look on her face showed it didn't faze her. After all, she had been through this a bunch of times. It kind of intrigued her to those that fought such a futile fight. Without a word, she snapped her fingers as the ground shook. Pillars of ice and magma rose, before flying at the trio. But she wasn't finished as she then snapped her finger again, crystalized arrows of holy and dark arrows flew at the group. Manah managed to dodge a pillar but got hit in the arm by an arrow. Ferghas managed to dodge the barrage of attacks completely. Seems the knight was a bit rusty in her fighting. Argo shook her head as she continued her assault upon the three. Ferghas looked at Shin then. If you could distract the elf I can get close enough to at least get an attack in. Think you can do that? He asked concerned not condesending towards Shin. They needed to work together to get out of her uncorrupted and alive.
  14. The half-breed had one last trick up her sleeve. One last attempt to save them both from something terrible. Rin stood up, half slumped as she didn't speak. She then ran at Delan, one last spark of not knowing what she was actually doing. Which was often. Rin slammed the girl against the red oak tree, holding the accursed prison core. "You want the woman to be born? Then you can have her. Have her worm inside you and have her do what she's done to so many. You truly desire her rebirth thinking you'll become something better? Alive? Reborn?" Rin asked as she slammed the cube into Delan. She didn't know if this would work or not. But this half assed plan had to do something no? The core broke against her torso, crumbling as a bright light occurred. Azura-Dusk crawling forth from it, her form slowly standing. A beautiful volutpous elf barely covered in the finest silks stood behind Delan. It won't hurt. Trust me, the pain lasts a second. And then you'll be reborn. The tendrils came from her fingers, rushing into Delan, emptying the black ooze, the emberheart drowing in her as it awoke her into the darkest of desires. A new beautiful elven maiden. The tendrils left the girl as she eyed Rin with a smirk. It is done. She belongs to me now half-breed as does Athentha. Rin muttered low as she ran at Azura-Dusk with her oar, slamming it down against her torso. "Rot in hell Azura-Dusk!" Yelled Rin as she swung the oar at her again.
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