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  1. The city of Absolon was the capital of Athentha. It houses many important figures. However it also housed a certain princess who turned many into demons. One such was the highly ranked knight commander and inquistor of Athentha herself, Zenith. The elf had been twisted by the dark magi attack during her scuffle with the half breed. And in it's place was created a sultry demon able to enslave creatures. Sitting on the grassy hill that over looked the city, the demon shook her head. So many to twist and bend to the knees of seduction and lust. So many to open flood gates of desires and secrets they hid behind their flesh. Zenny wanted to open them up and play with them. It was why she was created. Standing she looked at the sky with those honey yellow gold eyes, licking her lips at the thought of mingling her body with another and creating a creature of complete corruption and void. Of course she had to find them first. And so Zenith walked down the hill in sight of her very first victim.
  2. Rin looked at Raven with the most timid look on her face. But his words made sense. She was a princess. Wasn't she? As she sat there, the half breed couldn't remember. Couldn't recall a thing. Her memory lost. As she was picked up and placed on the bed, her crimson black eye looked at Raven. He seemed off. She could feel that dark aura. But she was too weak to fight this man. Her face still red because she wasn't clothed. She tried to look down and scream but she had no voice. She was paralyzed with fear. I can't remember.. She said softly. Rin tried to remember what happened after the two came into the room. She couldn't think. Shaking her head she knew this was wrong and tried to push Raven off of her. However, this was her good half and that meant she was weaker than before. Her attempts were futile. Lyonesse... The temple.. Raven... Rin breathed as she fell back on the bed trying to punch and kick him off. Rin laid there then as she was frightened. She felt a memory come to her like a scattered bubble. Had she met Raven before? She didn't know. But his words hypnotized her. Her eye upon him as his words cause the innocence to start to darken. He placed such false memories upon her. She sat up then as her body began to change. Black sleep like horns appeared under her now ebony teal curls, her eye a honey golden hue. Her neck became slender as her skin was alabaster. Her fangs returned as did her claws. Her breasts grew bigger as a volptous form came, her waist and hips widening to support her new form. A tail formed at her butt. She then looked at Raven. I remember... She said though her memories replaced now. I came here to see you. You were going to show me how to become stronger, darker. You want to... I can't remember. Rin shook her head. She wondered if he wanted to corrupt her. Sitting on the bed, she nodded. Rin would let him corrupt her as she picked up the black rose crown. Her honey golden Iris upon it before she gazed on Raven. She spoke then. Corrupt me then into the ultimate weapon. I am willing to become Lyonesse's demise. I will bring them hope before crushing them into debaucherous demons. Come, corrupt me until I can not be saved. I am ready to become Rin, ruler of dark diabolical debauchery.
  3. Zenith eyed the princess as she had fired a massive attack upon the two. She had power that she had never shown outside herself ever. The knight looked at Asbel as he stood, though he wasn't completely unscathed. She sighed. No, they could not just retreat. Zenith knew she was here for a reason; to seal up the beast or kill her. There was no other options. Asbel looked at Zenith. What ever she was planning would have to be the only plan now. There was no time to make up a new plan. "So that was a thing." Asbel said as he tried to play off his injuries. "How the hell did we manage to live through that? And what can we do now? It's just us two against a monster." Zenith said nothing at the moment as she was sizing up Rin. It seemed that she could use the magi of old. And how much energy beat within that blackened heart of hers? Asbel shook Zenith then as it made her come out of her thoughts. She looked at Asbel then as she couldn't remember what she was thinking about. She felt off, like that wave of magi messed with her head. Asbel let go as he looked at her. She fell to her knees as her heart beat slowed. The pain ripped through her as she felt the dark twisting of the half breed's magi hit her core. Asbel backed away slowly as Rin spoke. Those not injured by my magi become something dark and twisted. Zenith is about to show you the beauty of my finest work. About to become more than her mortal coil. You get to see for yourself the first of my creations. And what will become of those worms you are trying to save from me. Watch the horrors unfold Asbel. "What the hell did you do to her you monster?!"Asbel yelled. Rin said nothing as she leaned against the tree. Asbel turned to look at the dragoon knight. Her face twisted in pain as the evil magi entered her heart then. As it began to strangle her own before erasing it completely. She became silent. Zenith said nothing as the black ooze began to rebuild a black octangular heart. It began to beat slowly as the black blood became her blood now. It flooded her body as it covered everything from her connective tissues to her organs, nerves and whatever else laid in a body. Zenith stood then as the black ooze began to break out the secrets she kept. How she wanted power. How she wanted to become a better knight. And how she wanted a perfect body. Rin smirked as she walked towards Zenith, Asbel wanting to stop her but he couldn't move. He was paralyzed with fear. Rin leaned in as she lifted Zenith's chin. You are such a lucky girl. You get to become my first victim. Zenith said nothing as she became alabaster in color. The black ooze feeding into her dark desires and wishes. Whispering false promises and hopes. Her body was being transformed. Horns grew out underneath ebony yellow hair. Zenith's eyes became the eerie yellow gold Garnet wore so proudly. The ooze became so loud as it rebuilt the girl she fell to her knees. The Knight’s body grew as her clothes ripped. Unable to hold the new form Zenith was acquiring. Her chest was bigger, sultry even. Her waist grew to hold these new cleavage of hers. Her thighs legs and feet were wider too to hold her new form from falling. A tail grew at her butt and she now had fangs and claws. Asbel was in shock to see Zenith corrupted. Rin wrapped her arms around her new knight. A smirk upon her lips as Zenith licked hers. Her mind totally worked over to worship her new master. Desires, lusts and wanting of power pounded in her ears. Nothing more of good was in the knight. She was a mindless obedient slave. Zenith’s eyes looked upon Asbel as he ran. He needed to regroup. She rubbed her new almost naked form against the half breed as she moaned and allowed the darkness to corrupt her even more. Rin smiled down at the girl as she propped her up. How she could corrupt the girl into a total slave but for the moment she didn't. Zenith would be robbed in time of her good name and character. Rin then sat on the ground in silence as Zenith looked at her. The rain fell harder now as Heaven cried. It knew what was created and what couldn't be stopped. What had to die and why. Rin then stood and came near the knight as she lifted the girl up. It was time to finally craft the girl into something dark. Unholy. Rin drew a circle around Zenith then. She placed three candles upon the circles within the circle. One yellow, one green and one pink. She eyed the knight as she grinned. The girl would be stained and unclean even if she was to become freed from this. The half breed then placed her hands onto the ground as she allowed the energies within to come openly out of her. Rah Syhn Ga Ku Thy Dhu Sa Ka Era Thi Ku Za As Rin became a bright light, it entered the knight and she screamed in pain. Falling to her knees, Zenith felt the power enter her body and tear her apart. She roared fiercely as she felt the ancient old magi invade her, flooding her mind. As she fell to the ground, rune markings appeared as tattoos on her arms and legs, with a crest of old Athentha on her back. Zenith said nothing as she laid there. Her body corrupted by the ritual Rin just did. Her form became twisted and perfected into a sultry demon. As she stood, her eyes opened to show golden yellow irises. Ones that wanted to destroy for her mistress. Zenith felt the power within her, the darkness that coated her. And with that she became a twisted knight. The dragoon armor became dark and Rin’s crest upon it. This was only the beginning.
  4. Asbel said nothing for a moment as he listened to Frankie talk. He tried to think of something but the words didn't come. And then she asked for him to help him find her a bloodstone. Now that was something he could do. However, he looked at her and grabbed her arm. As he pulled her into an embrace he knew what he was getting into. This woman didn't stay with anyone too long. So he could end up getting his heart broken. But at the same time, the rush of being with someone for the first time in his life was amazing. "Sure. I'll be your date." Asbel said as he leaned in and kissed her. It was a long and passionate kiss as his hands wrapped around her body. Feeling every curve of her body as he kissed her. As he let go, he wondered if it was wise to let her do this to him. In a way it was changing and corrupting him yet not as harmful as a demon. Then again it was a woman. And they did say woman were demons in disguise. He looked down as he eyed her form, taking her all in and then wanting to take her. It was like she cast a spell upon him on the rooftop and all he wanted was her. Anything he would do for this woman. "I don't know what you're doing to me..." He breathed heavily as he looked at Frankie. "One minute I want to remain a knight and the next I want to take you right here and now. I don't understand." Asbel shook his head as he tried to think but it wasn't happening at all.
  5. It's not bad, if you could PM me what you plan to do with this and your goals in mind I can try to help you. Don't let my big numbers scare you, I'm still a new at writing
  6. Send me your work and I'll look it over. Puts on paper hat of reading
  7. I need more rps to distract me from writing my book
  8. I have many things in mind my dear. Things that would frighten you in your sleep. Dark nightmares of legends and tales. But yes, that is a fork. When Absolon settled here he had brought the finest of things along with him. Another fortress to contain such lovely people. Might be something. Yes, though the biggest libraries remain in Talia. Many more books and legends to take in. Rin said without hiding the sweet tone she used to trick others. But here it seemed she could act herself and if they put up a fight then they all yet a taste of her oar. She leaned back in her chair as she remained silent. Her arms crossed against her chest as she looked at her guests. All wanting to help a land turn against it's own people and make them reborn into the creatures they deserved to be in the end. She shook the ebony teal curls out of her face as she continued to discuss things to the guests. As you know I have appointed the next in line after Lyon dies. But like I said you'll have to deal with his right hand man Sayndar. And of course the rogue artifact Rheumial. The elders are also eyeing the spot for ruler but I have plans for them. They are no concern at the moment. What I am about to say next will either frighten you or not. If you choose to leave I will not hold it against you. Athentha is a cursed land. And all that come become cursed. The year of the Umbral moon is upon us. It will come soon. Though time here is much slower than the human world. But what I plan to do is bring Athentha back to the old age. The age before the humans came and ruined everything. The people of the lands here will become what they hide inside. Cursed by my will when I take the crown. Do know if you wish to remain here and become a part of Athentha you must be willing to change. You must become cursed. Rin then stood as she eyed them all. From Raven to Seiji and his companion to the others. A small smirk placed on her lips. They needed to become a part of her darkness to remain here. Something she didn't tell any of them. Of course they could leave. She wouldn't mind. Though the one that did remain would be different. Rin then went silent. It was time to listen to them speak. Though Kiku was being cute. Trying to charm a monster was not something you did every day. Without warning her arms fell to the side as she walked right up to the Empress and placed both hands on her cheeks. Seiji would be very not taking this well but she didn't care. Rin leaned down so her one crimson black eye looked into the girl's own. Peering into her soul even. It was here she let go again and chuckled. Standing there as she shook her head. You should be careful to want to know such knowledge little empress. You might get want you wish for and not like it. But you can decide for yourselves what you wish to have. I just hope it's the right choice.
  9. Oh Kazuhiko you shouldn't lie. It's not good for the skin. I see you're doing fine. Rin chuckled as she looked at him. They had been romantically involved for a small time and yet she still felt feelings. But she wasn't going to be one to tie someone down. That wouldn't be fair. And she was fine on her own. Rin eyed Eternity and smiled a small smile at her. It would be a fun ride for her if she would spend the night with him. As she left her crimson black eye looked over towards the other woman. Someone she didn't know but yet wasn't backing down. The wild ones were always fun. Of course she didn't move from her drink. She was more of a watcher at times. And her main goal at the moment was to enjoy the night since it was her first time being free from the shackles of prison. Her eye then glanced back over to Kazuhiko and chuckled again. Seems tonight everyone wants a piece of you. The spotlight upon the prince of Weland. Rin then drank the glass of rum as she shook the black teal curls out of her face. She had already destroyed one tavern so she didn't need to destroy this one. But she liked the entertainment.
  10. Time to go add tons more so that victory is gone Bwahahahaahahahahaha
  11. Welp, this week totally blows... Slow posting more than usual. Sorry. Things aren't going so well so trying to feel better. Stupid depression. Oh well, I'll try to post as I can. But right now it may be slow. Just a heads-up
  12. Rin watched the woman place herself upon Kazuhiko and said nothing. She wasn't the jealous type and clearly it didn't bother her. She placed the pitcher of rum into her hand as she poured the amber coloured liquid into her glass and placed the pitcher down once more. The half breed was here for a peaceful time and no one was going to ruffle her feathers. The tug of her curls didn't hurt either. Though she rubbed them as she shrugged. She chuckled at the other woman's words towards a masked man. She felt at home here for some odd reason. And she liked it. Drinking her rum, she would look among the patrons of the tea house. Some weird looking and some not. It was the case everywhere. Rin shrugged as she stood and shook her head. The music playing was a nice beat. And of course she was already humming. But it wasn't that she got up for, it was the bowl of peanuts sitting on the bar tavern table. With a grasp of her alabaster hand, she reached for the peanuts and returned to her seat. She began to crack them open and munch happily upon them.