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  1. My Uncle Died today Valucrianss

    My condolences
  2. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Rin listened on as Lemoine spoke and waded herself through the crowd with Robin and Dominic on her arms. It was weird to the half breed to see this but she said nothing and smiled. You sure you want to know about my land? You might get nightmares. It's not a place for children, though it is a beautiful place flying--floating almost in the sky. War is claiming the land, so I came here to get away from it for a bit. Rin said as they walked. What she had to offer was meager blacksmithing and apothecary skills. But the land did offer much if you looked in the right places. What do you mean by offer? Sometimes human words confuse me. She said as she then looked at Dominic and Robin. They were quiet. Yet knew Lemoine with such experiences and jovious recollection. It made her think of old times she really didn't want to.

  4. Vex hit the ground from the second attack as he rolled along it. The tainted black blood looked more as tendrils as they repaired her injury but only a little. Vex eyed the open wound the tendrils couldn't fully fix. He pushed himself up. The dirt coverinf his clothes and body as he eyed Ianthe. Was she truly gone? Surrending her being to Rin and her darkness? The tendrils wrapped around its host as it whispered more sweet nothings into her ears. Pounding loudly as if magical words vibrated for her only. Poor little rabbit. You realise you're near death aren't you? the darkness whispered. His blade cut you deep. But your ascension to your new form will end in death. We always hide the desires we cannot have. Unlock this to gather your strength. "You call this awake?!" Vex yelled as he held his sword once more. "She's killing you. You really want to die for someone you don't know?" Rin stood then as she decided to make the fight unfair. She latched herself upon the demon girl as she smiled like a snake. Dead you say? You really want to test that? Maybe I'll let you see the truth you blindly deny. Rin smirked as she wrapped her arms around the girl. She then whispered the last spell. One that would change this fight completely. She spoke the ancient words of old. Of course Vex would try to stop this as he ran at both swinging his sword right at her torso. He was hoping to impale them both. "Just die. Be saved."
  5. OOC: Feast or Famine

    You guys can post before me as I wont be posting barely until monday. I take weekends off. Sooo.. if you really need me I'll post.
  6. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    I can help if you want. Though notas good as everyone else 😂

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  11. "Hally's a cute name." Came the voice of Esben. He had indeed followed them. And he had because he was still trying to get slaves. Yet this whole endeavor was tiresome. His victims tried to run and escape him. "Though would be easier if you two wouldn't run and accept what I have to offer. Of course I am tired from the running." Esben smiled and shook his head. He really didn't like to run or fight. Esben stood there. He would continue until he got something. "You children are something I tell you. Thinking you could just run off with me trailing you. I placed a tracking device on the girl before you stole her. Now be good and come with me."
  12. 1678AY, 6 June Yral, Lyonesse Thursday, 10:00A.M Rain fell as it happened. The downfall of Grant Lyon. The townsfolk started to look more and more demon than human. And Lyonesse was a land of humans mixed with demons and elves. But since the arrival of the foreign demon Raven the people began to change. Rin had a hand in this. The carriage rode to Yao Kuth with the two in silence. They were going after Vex. The man who had escaped her grasp twice now. And he was a key to stopping her. The blood moon hung in the sky even though it was morning. It was because it was the year of the Umbral moon. Meaning the moon took over the sun's place. It would glow like a sun but more reddish. As the carriage rode on it seemed that Rin was deciding her fate. Though she had already given over to the Sithis mark but there was another decision she had to make. And that dealt with the Umbral Year itself. She would have to decide if she would become the next demon King. So as the carriage made its way after the demon hunter, she sat there in thought. It was the decision only she could make. That she would either walk the path she wanted to so long ago to make peace or become what her father made her to be. Rin placed an alabaster hand to her head as she sat there. The carriage riding on in hurry to reach Yao Kuth. Time was no longer on her side. ------- Vex rode on as he tried to find the location of the elder. Elder Alvin was his name. An elder who was a loud and stoutly man. He is 6'0 and had red short hair with green eyes. He was dressed in blue and gold robes. Yet he had housed the council building in a smaller city than Yral. It was probably to hide the base from Rin and anyone who wanted to kill him. Yet as he rode, the demon hunter eyed the building in the distance. It was half built and rising. Could it be the new temple? Vex would ask as he arrived. Jumping off the horse, he made his way into Yao Kuth towards the elder's castle. He would have to hurry and find the man. He needed to tell him what happened.. That Lyonesse was changing. They needed to gather the knights. War was coming. Rushing through the castle, Vex pushed forth among the crowds of people here to question the elder. Elder Alvin didn't address any of them as he holed up in his office. The carrier pigeon had come and he had read the letter sent by Elder Yazu. Vex slammed opened the office door as he eyed the elder cowaring in the hole under his desk. Closing them behind him, the demon hunter sighed. "You're supposed to be addressing your people. Supposed to be their guide in this dark time. And you hide in here allowing Grant Lyon to die. Sayndar lost, that artifact you held so dearly to watch over the old man where did he go?!" "Vex--" "You let us down this path. Brought me down it. Now where do you go when the monster is at our doorstep? Eating the people, changing them into god knows what. You do know she has an ally now. That he killed Lyon?" Alvin looked down at the note clutched in his hand. Yazu's note. Vex shook his head. Was he truly alone in this matter?
  13. Vex slid back as he was pushed by this now demon girl. He had no idea what this had happened. Nor what Rin was possible of anymore. But he would not allow it to be. That he would allow this to over take the land. "No. You aren't awake. You are blindly following someone who won't allow you freedom. You're just another slave." Vex shook his head as he was afraid. Yet he didn't show it as he knew that showing it was a mistake. The demon hunter looked at Ianthe. She no longer was Ianthe to him. If only he didn't allow these two to meet. If only Rin was dead. Vex gathered his strength as he ready his weapon. His sword Vultuk, a sword given to him and crafted by Rin herself. It was crafted before her sealing. "I will save you and then tend to the monster before you." He then rushed at her with the blade outwards, swiping down at her torso. He knew that if he had to kill her he would. If that was the only way to save Ianthe. Rin tilted her head as she mouthed something. This little spell would only be heard by Ianthe. It would be painful as it opened up the wells of sadness and twisted memories. Vex swung the blade again at her shoulder. "You need to let go and open your eyes. She is your false hope.!"
  14. Feast or Famine

    Manah rode to the city of Dougton on a brown clysdale. She didn't remember the best route to the city as Terenus was different from Athentha. But she managed to find it quite well. As she jumped off her horse, she walked with it, as it carried all her belongings, meager as they were. She eyed the townsfolk with small glances here and there. She after all was a demon and didn't want to give too much attention to herself. Manah steadied the horse as she found a woman being grabbed with another one approaching the scene. Might as well join the crowd. Excuse me... came the soprano like voice of Manah. But I heard you're in need of help and I have this strange letter. Also, you should probably let go of the lady there. Manah sighed. She leaned against the clysdale as she hoped she wouldn't have to fight yet. She was still sore from the other day. Training took it out of her. She didn't let it show as she smiled.