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    Dancing on Moonbeams!

    My land is a small place. Though we can live by the many comforts we acquire, there are still somethings we need among other lands. I think they would be called exports by your people. Humes, humans I recall. We do not have fruit trees where I live though we have humans among us. Seeds could help us. Also, I am a weaponsmith, I was hoping to acquire some metal to strengthen our weapons. Rin replied before bowing to the Grand Kommadant. She may be a wild creature but she did hold manners when needed. And of course Renovation was guarded by good fighters. And she wasn't here to cause a fight. That would be reckless. She stood then a bit slumped off. It was only because her structure was a bit old so she didn't stand up correctly. I do understand that you are wary of people asking for alliances. But I come sincerely. In return I can offer you soliders trained in the hardest of surroundings of my land. Tough and loyal. Rin leaned against the wall to steady hetself. The heat seemed to do a number on her. And she was not good with heat as she came from an ice covered island. She eyed the Kommadant with her one orb of an eye. With more metal and fruit she could get the humans of her land to be complancent. I do hope we can help each other out. Not sure what we can give you. But I'm sure I can accommodate your needs perfectly.
  2. "Yuma is a key. They wanted her because they can use her as a beacon. Her energies combined with the ore will destroy the good in anyone. Making them demonic beyond the point of redemption. Becoming feral beasts in the long run. That's what they can do now. Did she mention a name by any chance?" Ferghas listened but he couldn't help how he felt. Yuma was supposed to remain pure, good. How, why did they want her? Was it true? She an iblis? He didn't know. Looking at Glee, he sighed defeated. His men could have been turned demon by now, blackened by their hidden secrets yet he still wanted to find them. "I am mostly of this land. Born in Talia, it houses all kinds of creatures. Most humans that come here grom the human world settle down and if not infected by darkness, lead good lives. But it sounds like your crew could be demon by now." He hoped not. ----- Yuma stood then as her black yellow eyes gazed on the creature she created. Licking her lips, her dead withered heart beat softly. Her deep secrets rising to the brink causing her to approach Casten. The witch looking up as the black miasma whispered through her lips, drunk on the new stronger being she had become. Her form covered in the miasma as she roared. The power rippled through her as her eyes showed nothing. You are my puppet. A demonic being of what secrets you hide within. Blood... raining from your blade as you kill.. Your crew awaits thee. Yuma smirked as she caressed his cheek. Her form nestled against his in such an embrace. Yet it meant nothing to her.
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    Mount Ariadne

    Morwenna said nothing as she watched the others. She was a shy one and the actions she witnessed confused her a bit. Sitting in the back she would hum to the music softly. This was definitely different than what she was acustomed to back in her old clan. And so she watched.
  5. Rin

    Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    Ebony cried out in pain as Seldeth cut into her skin. The red blood dripping down as she fought hard against this woman. She was supposed to be her friend but that day died when she was contacted by Lhorr. He had set up a plan to save Talia. Kidnap Seldeth and remove Serphus's grasp upon her by wiping her memory. Though it was cruel, it would give the elven princess a second chance at life. It wasn't what happened. Lhorr was a bigger tyrant than Virga. And the things he did to her would rival even Esben. Battered and bruised by both Sareneth and Lhorr, it wasn't a happy time. But she did manage right? Ebony had hoped. Seldeth's fangs entered her cut and broken body, her mind blanking on everything. Her eyes lost the light as she was drained. Ebony's body began to repair the cuts and bruises with the black ore. She sat there lifeless as her form grew out into a voluptuous vampire servant. She was pale. Esben chuckled then. Approaching his beloved and cupped her chin. Still as beautiful as the day he entranced her in the library of Talia. Though he had both sisters at one time as Virga sold his daughters out to anyone who'd give him power. Seldeth was his favorite. But he would have both under his power soon enough. "Wonderful. You're growing back into your old self. And she did deserve it." He cooed. Letting go of Seldeth, he pulled her close. "My dear, we have matters to attend to. Remember that note I wrote?" Esben asked as he pulled out the piece of paper and held it to her. The servants pulling Seldeth away as they dressed her. He frowned. But it didn't stop him from speaking. "I have lured that little bodyguard and the demon hunter to the bridge. I am going to test you my little puppet. I need to know if the ore is properly working." Esben said as the servants left finishing dressing her in such fine silks that showed off her body. He then picked her up and carried her downstairs. He had a carriage waiting to bring them to their destination. Entering the carriage he placed her across from him. It drove down the road then. As he looked at her, he smirked. She was his best capture yet. "Now, remember even though you might play with others, as the ore brings forth your darkest desires--you are mine. You are nothing more than a puppet and tool. And I am the only one that will keep you safe. We have much to do my dear." He smiled that malicious smile once more as the carriage drove on.
  6. "Ferghas." He replied. Still shaken up about what had concurred. His faliure in the one job he had to do, keeping her safe. As the two walked, he wasn't sure where to begin. The pair could be anywhere. And he sighed. He was more angry at himself than the man. "And just because we are close doesn't mean that. I was just supposed to protect her. Yet it seems the land got the better of her. A crew? Why are you looking here of all places? Nothing like that ever occurrs here, its a land of broken dreams." Ferghas kept moving. ----- Grand. Though Yuma pumped more of the dark inky blackness into him since she sensed him still fighting her. She chuckled. Knowing that she liked this new lifestyle. Slumping to her knees as this took most of her energy out of her. She yawned exhausted.
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  8. The walk was not a pleasant one. Zane had trouble keeping up with Virga. Her footsteps were a bit quicker, angrier than his. She had history with Esben and Talia. She had managed to rise above her faily ties and what Esben did to her. She was trying to escape the burdens of her family tree her father twisted and violated. However Zane had managed to keep up with the Inquistor. But little was still known about Virga herself. Virga was heading to Serphus Alumna to find the man named Abalone Jatropha, who was related to Zane and a grand swordsman able to combat many of powers that corrupted the land. Virga told the young templar, that they were going to see his uncle. He was taken aback that he had an uncle. As his father never spoken about him. "How do you know he's related to me?" Zane asked as they made it to the outskirts. "My father has never spoken a word about him. And I've never seen him at any point of my life. You could be making it up to confuse me." Your uncle is not one that people speak of mostly. Not because of who he is but because of what he can do. Abalone keeps a low profile. Your father was always jealous of his younger brother and that is why you haven't heard of him. And no, I don't wish to confuse you. I'm not that cruel. I plan on finding a cure to reverse the effects of the ore. And we need people. Zane listened as he believed her. Virga didn't come off like her family. Though she had ore within her she didn't let it take over her. She wanted to save the ones under the ore because they didn't deserve it. And she wanted to tear apart Esben who played a large part in this all. How was he able to die and yet come back time and time again? What was he? Virga wanted to know how he was able to do all this. Zane eyed the small village then. Virga told him they would rest here in Serphus Rosemary for the night. Serphus Alumna was still a long walk away and she was tired. The two made it to the inn called Tiny Treasures and the Inquistor booked two separate rooms. Shoving the key at Zane, she departed for her room. Zane remained at the bar deciding to get a drink. The Inquistor entered her room and laid on the bed letting sleep take over her.
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    As the title states, I'm looking for some one to help me train and prepare my character, Virga, for the fight against the threat that looms over Athentha. I also want to learn more about how to fight, since I completely suck at it. her profile: Yes, this is also a learning experience for both me and my charrie. So I'll probably need a lot.
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