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  1. Its ok with me, whole part of my plan [evil laugh here]
  2. Posts may slow down for a bit since hotspot and mobile data is winding down. Still will try my hardest to post for most of the posts needed. 

    If necessary, can skip me and I'll catch up by April 3-4th at the latest. Apologies in advance ❤️

    Just wanted to keep you all updated in-case I abruptly poof. 

  3. Crescendo eyed the woman as she lowered herself down from the ladder of the building. She also was working incognito so that no one knew she was of the prestigious house Valentina. So finally someone managed to come and help her track down Esben. Looking the woman over, she tilted her head. This mission wouldn't be for the faint of heart as Esben enjoyed taking people for his research. And she feared that anyone companying her could suffer the same fate. Even she could fall to him. Come to assist in helping me find Esben? He's not that easy to find. We're hunting the male counterpart to the twins. And I was hoping his sister-- Would help you track him down? Esben replied crossing her arm against her chest. Her left arm still missing. Don't know what gave you that impression. I'm finally away from him and now you desire me to go hunting for him? Esben please. You of all people have at least encountered him and know his patterns. You can finally lead us to stopping this once and for all. See he gets what he deserves. Crescendo spoke as Esben raised an eyebrow at her. She then shook her head. Stop being so stubborn. Esben sighed. She knew that Crescendo was right in the matter. She shrugged her shoulder as she eyed the other woman standing there watching them bicker. Something told her this could go either way with Esben's charm. You, your name? Are you sure that you'll be able to handle such a job? We're infiltrating his spaces meaning you might fall--not return in the state you are now. Wait, what do you mean Esben? Crescendo asked as she heard her speak. Exactly as it sounds. My brother sometimes likes to take captives to help him research upon the mirror glass or the red blood moon seeds. Esben said as she shook her head. And if he uses that charm of his--nevermind, you don't want to know. Crescendo knew the risks but stayed here. As a member of the Valentina house, she needed to catch Esben's brother. It was crucial. Esben looked at the woman again, familiar yet totally Esben's (her brother) type. So, the plan is our friend here comes with me to the market place, as this hub is huge and can give us some ground in-between us and my brother. Esben continued. I am sure that is the last known location. The elf then gathered her spear and shield as she walked down the cobblestone street toward the market place. Crescendo made her way to the back alleys of the market place to get additional information. So for now, the mysterious Ravenbush was taking on the next phase of the plan with the one armed Esben.
  4. Taen, it was a land--city, that Esben had never been to and he was enjoying his stroll. Sure, he was here on a mission for the dead, but no one needed to know. He could still take a leisurely stroll to gather what he desired, research. As he made his way down the street, the elf pondered about this particular mission. Esben knew that he would have to help in this but then again he didn't have to dirty his fingers too much in the matter. The elf stopped for a moment as he looked around the street. He did look a bit suspicious, out of the city even. However, even though he was here for a mission, he did like to arouse suspicion and make a ton of noise. Well, it's a bit quiet around here. No body around to play with. Shame. Esben said as he placed his hands in the pockets of his coat as he remained in the middle of the street. How can I be a distraction if no one comes out. Ahem, hello! Hello? Esben sighed. It seemed that no one answered him and the elf shook his head. He came to be the distraction so the others could move in and succeed in the mission. He didn't move as he looked around still. Quietly, he knew that it could still happen.
  5. Morning came but the ice princess hadn't slept a wink. It looked like she was, but in truth the nightmares had kept her awake. Of course it wasn't because of Iblis, it was more to the books she had read. And though, she missed her homeland a little, she was glad to be away from it and her duties. Besides it was in good hands after all. Claudette didn't stir yet as she didn't want to awake the djinn. As she laid there she thought about the situation more. They hardly knew each other, met in a shop she opened to destroy mere citizens. And they didn't speak much of their histories, families, past. I wonder…Claudette thought as she turned on her left side to stare at Iblis. I may just be overthinking things. I mean father wouldn't just make monsters out of his own children. Right? She sighed. She had no idea what was in store but at the moment she didn't care. In this moment, she was happy.
  6. Ra sat in the oversized armchair as Crescendo entered the chamber. She was still nervous as hell that the sunbird wanted to see her at all. Sure, she was becoming the demoness's new favorite but at the same time she tried to remain cautious. Ra's golden yellow irises greeted the girl with such coldness, peering into her as she usually did. Crescendo was a bit wary standing before the sunbird. Worried that she found out that she was a Valentina and not Capricorn--that, it was an alias she was using. She looked to Ashlyn then Ra before wondering what would happen next. Ashlyn crossed her arms against her chest as she glared at the elf. Annoyed that this girl earned the favor of Ra so fast that she was suspicious of Capricorn [Crescendo] very early on. I hope I haven't upset you by being called upon in such a late hour. Crescendo spoke as she stared at Ra. But Ashlyn told me that you wanted to see me and-- Do not be so nervous Capricorn. You are not in trouble with me. And yes. I did call for you. Ra said as she also eyed Ashlyn before dismissing her from the room. She left willingly, as the order was absolute. She placed her view on Capricorn again. You seem to be grasping things fast here which none of my other disciples--followers, have taken weeks to learn. It displeases many you have become a favorite among the higher ups. I do hope this doesn't cause you any problems. Capricorn [Crescendo] shook her head. She had learned not to let these people get to her and affect her from doing her job. Ra was pleased that it didn't and sat up from her position in the oversized armchair. Capricorn tilted her head at Ra. But let's get to the point of the matter. And address why I called you. I was hopimg since you've learned the scriptures so fast, you'd help me in a little experiment. Ra said as she paused to choose her words carefully. That if she didn't, Crescendo could catch on to her plan. She shook her head. And help me test out the red blood moon glass. I mean if we are to aid Absolon in protecting Athentha from Lyon's assault-- This caught the elf's attention. She had heard Absolon and Grant Lyon were going to war. That they called it the Athentha-Yral war. She knew that the Valentina house was trying to stop this from occurring. Ra's words intrigued her now as if this could aid in stopping Athentha from the war, she'd be for it. Capricorn [Crescendo] wanted to keep the Athentha-Yral war from happening if she could. Of course, I want to help. I don't want the war to break out. Capricorn replied. I would be grateful to aid in your experiment. And to aid in Athentha's protection. Ra smirked. So willing to help yet the elf didn't realize that she would be betrayed. Turned against her own house. The sunbird stood and came up to Capricorn, placing her right hand on her shoulder. In a week, we will begin the experiments. You'll have that time to prepare. Ra said.
  7. Cool. Let me know when up. Simce i'm always behind. Stupid not good,hotspot/mobile data lol Hope you don't mind my slow posting due to that
  8. I'm a bit slow but i'll go if needed Esben loves causing probs lol

  9. Posts incoming by the end of the week unless I run out of hotspot or mobile data 

    But I shall post by the end of the week. Apologies in advance for my slacking ❤️

  10. Sure. Hoping to get more people as well, so yeah lol Go ahead
  11. Posts for the Athentha board coming this week. Apologies for my slacking  ❤️

    Also, if you don't hear from me, the hotspot/mobile data ran out and I'll be back when it returns. Which is usually the 3rd of the month. Just a heads up. 

  12. Claudette blushed. This was the first time that someone wanted to be with her. She did not know how to tackle this as she didn't speak. Of course the foreboding feeling didn't go away either. She pushed this down for now as she didn't want to think about it. Sure Iblis said that, that he probably seen the world different than her. The ice princess shook her head as she placed her hands into her lap. Claudette thought it over for a few minutes before she looked up and smiled to hide the worries she held. Of course, if she was to go through with this, she'd change. Was it really worth the risk for power and possibly love? Shaking her head and consquences be damned, Claudette pushed Iblis down against the bed as she passionately kissed him, and then a few minutes later, she gave herself to him. Her body dancing against his for hours and hours. Later, she laid asleep in the bed. Knowing that things were about to get harder for the ice princess.
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