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  1. There is a relic that had not been found in ages. One laid deep in the bowels of Athentha's history that all searched for. Knights, cults, demons you name it. This relic said to bring such prosperous aspects to the one who owned it at the cost of something of value to the owner. But it was lost to the age of history and time. Buried under a luxurious cave in the city of Rydsa. No one knew that it remained there. Many thought it was gone, destroyed. Not Manah. The knight wanted to find the relic. She wanted to figure out the curse and learn its history behind it. The relic was a small pocket watch. Silver in colour, but it held such unique things. The crest of Athentha upon it as it was made. Manah knew that if she found this watch she could use it to help build up her brigade. Sitting on the bench in the town square of Hydra she sighed. The quaint fishing town held such secrets that no one knew the truth to it. But for now Manah focused on getting the pocket watch. And she was waiting for a carriage. The walk to Rydsa was not for the faint of heart. It was a long walk too, sixteen hundred miles. So the carriage was a good idea. However she had to go and pick the busiest day to try and get one. But the wait would be worth it. Manah knew this. It was time to get a leg up on the ones who tried to make her brigade disappear. Though she was wondering if this was a good idea. The watch would make her give away something of value, something equal to gaining it's power. She wondered if this was a good idea to go looking for a cursed relic.
  2. Vex eyed what Rin did to Ianthe. Changed her from a sweet girl to a monster under her control. All those made from Rin became hers, blindly following the words of a demon. A monster who wanted to destroy her own land. Vex knew what would happen should Ianthe bloom into a full demon, for she was still under the transformation process. And of course the ritual upon the girl would degrade her mind even more into the half breed's hands. It was time to stop this madness. He unsheathed his blade as he ran at Ianthe. He didn't want to harm her, just knock her out so he could get to the root problem. Only she came running at him, hissing with the black ooze dripping from her mouth. Rin... What did she turn Ianthe into? No time to think about that as his blade came clean at her torso, the steel gleaming into her eyes. However it was a fifty fifty shot if it hit her or not. If it made it's mark, her torso and tail would be wounded. If he missed then he needed a new attack. "Wake up Ianthe! She only promises false hopes and dreams. You'll be in her servitude for eternity once you let her in. Break the hold she has on you. Don't let her make you a creature..." You're a liar Vex. I offered what she wanted. A chance of becoming something greater. In time her mortal coil will be no more and she will be a stronger woman. Though she might feel a pinch in her mind. She made the choice to become mine. And she won't be a creature. But a demon of strength and power. Rin then smirked as she watched the fight with Vex and Ianthe. In truth, the girl was hers. And soon she would change for the better. Though with this her mind would fog and she would forget who she was and what her purpose was. Rin's purpose for her was to help her to take care of the elders and stain her soul. Bring her to the brink of an unholy alliance with the demon Hunter before her. Rin wanted Ianthe to corrupt Vex, but by her own hands. And so she went to sit at a table to watch the two. Silent once more.
  3. Clank... Bang. Hit upon her head the knight Sera fell to the ground without a word. Knocked out by the man who she had befriended and allowed to stay here. She tried her best to remain a knight first and uphold her duties. But at the same time she always wanted to help the down and trodden upon. And here it had backfired when she tried to save the man. Cults. It had to be a bloody cult. Athentha had one before. It was called the cult of Legendia. And this cult was dangerous as they tried to bring back the three sisters who created the black magic and the blood red moon organization. Sera hated cults. Because of what the Legendia one did. Taking people from the land and taking away their free will, changing them into doppelgangers of their former selves. Sera was in trouble. She was unconscious and these people could do what they want with her. They had the upper hand. And the knight was alone, as she didn't call for backup either. And now she waited. Waited for what was to come.
  4. The door opened as Manah finished distracting the girl. Esben had returned all cleaned up. He shooed the knight away not sure what she was going but it seemed she was infected by something. Didn't matter. He was a scientist after all. Esben looked at Priscilla then as she looked terrible. An unwilling participate of what he wanted. It was a shame really. But he knelt down so their eyes could meet. She needed her freedom it seemed. He could let her go, but she didn't know the land and could get lost. Esben could make her stronger but she would probably reject that offer too. The elf sighed as he stood and looked at her. Priscilla was a fasinating creature but too stubborn for her own good. And he knew this. Esben shook his head as he held a syringe. It had an amber looking colour in it. However he didn't move towards her nor put the syringe in her. For the moment he spoke. "You do know no one knows you're here. That you don't know how to leave the land either. I propose something that could help you. I offer many gifts to weaker creatures. It helps them get stronger. But it's up to you what you want. And I'm sure, that shame mask of yours didn't just fall off without leaving. I saw it on you when the half breed brought you in." Esben purred as he stood an inch from her. He would allow her to decide. He placed the syringe on the small table and crossed his arms against his chest. He was a patient man.
  5. The Inquisitor made her way towards the land of Athentha. It was a wall she needed to take. The letters she had gotten during the years only shown the rising level of fear the citizens had about the demon of Athentha. The Dark Winged Beast that hadn't shown in years--decades now appeared. And she took people in the night to do God's know what with them. Sera knew that as Inquisitor, she had a duty to find the beast and release her prisoners. If that could happen at all. The elf continued as she heard of the half breed's latest exploits. Finding some wayward knight and trying to save the land against the monster. Yes, that was what she was. A monster. Sera knew this in her heart. That Rin needed to be stopped. Taken down into the ruins of Ebony-Yahera and chained, put to sleep. At least until they could figure out how to kill her. At least, Rydsa came into view as the Inquisitor made it into the city. She sat down on the bench outside the city market place. Tired from the walk, Sera decided to take a rest. Catch her breath. Never knowing that Libra was coming. Fulfilling her new master's will. ----- Rin smiled as Libra spoke. She was fully under the corruption of the ritual. No longer Lyra and that pesky mortal coil she longed to live in. The other whispering still to the girl as she stood and left the tower to full fill her new mission. It crept into her mind showing visions and pictures of how cruel Libra was to be, how tyrannical she needed to become. And it spoke of betrayal of the one who brought her forth. Showing false promises and hopes of being the one in charge. Something she would have to do once she returned with the Inquisitor. The ore wanted someone to make the legend come true. Bring the half breed to becoming something truly unholy and diabolical. It was saturate her being even after the ritual. Libra was theirs in truth. For now. And it would drown her into the depths of dabuchery and diabolical hell before she would be freed.
  6. Rin stood to grab Raven's arm as he tried to leave. She was a wild creature that liked to bedazzle others. He was so eager to leave yet she knew that he wanted this, to be himself and release the mortal coil of the human skin he hid in. Rin pulled Raven near her as he looked better as a demon. For it was her land, and she wanted to bring it back to the old ways before the elders soiled it. It was the facade she was selling. What she wanted was something darker and unholy. It was his questions that brought her back to reality. The heroes will come and try to free the people from my grasp. Knights that see me as the monster I am painted by the elders. I accept the challenge because none have come to bring me down. They can not kill me, only put me to sleep for two decades. And the only way to do that, the shaman knows and he's tied up at the moment. Rin said with such a malicious smile. The plans she were making were ones dealing with something that she could never come back from. Selling what was left of her soul to become the darkest of creatures. There was no saving her and she had made peace with that. If she was the Dark Winged Beast, then she would become it. The path was set. However, the land would decide their next ruler on the night of the red blood moon. And when she took this, it would decide it all. She looked up at Raven. Such deals she could make with the man as even though he was a demon, he still had wishes and wants. Letting go of his arm, she returned to the bed as she sat down upon it. Now looking towards Anna. She had neglected her for a moment. Anna didn't move nor speak. She would feel as if an alien was living inside her. The demon vessel she had placed in the girl would take the girl's own place, becoming Anna in her place. A doppelganger of the servant. No, no longer a servant. As Rin picked her victims because they held potential hidden among them. The girl would take a breath, as the demon would come to life. Rin watched as she wanted to see what the girl would become. Rin shook her head, the black teal curls bouncing here and there against her shoulders. She knew much and Raven probably had tons of questions to ask her. Let him ask. She wasn't afraid. Tell me Raven, what do you wish for? What if I told you I could make you better? Greater beyond your mortal coil?
  7. Rin eyed Kazuhiko as he stood there. Did he follow her? She didn't know as she held her attack. Muttering low that someone would come and stop her from doing what she loved most, corrupting mortals. She sighed, clicking her tongue in annoyance as she looked at the dragon girl. She might be happy someone came to stop this, make her not attack Weland and it's people. Their lucky day. The crystals disappeared as she turned and walked out of the tavern. Soured by the fight being stopped. She really wanted that dragon blood. But it was a loss she could take. Shaking her head she stood there as she decided her next course of action. The half breed wondered though why it would be so wrong to taint these people. They could use an upgrade. But Rin didn't do a thing. She walked down the path slowly. Not sure where she was going, headed. This place was odd to her. It was a feel like home but at the same time modernized. She muttered low to herself as she stopped a few feet from the inn and waited to see what would happen. Would Shinkan come out and finish the fight? Would Kazuhiko chase her down and try to make her give up her ways? Rin didn't know. But the ancipation was killing her.
  8. Rin was the quietest out of the group. She merely had said a word nor did she shed a single drop of blood. Though the goddess thought she was mocking her, the half breed did not. It was in the nature of the girl to question things and be blunt about her surroundings. The half breed had never been taught not to do this but it didn't matter as the angels fell. It reminded her of the rain that constantly plagued Athentha. They said it was Heaven was crying for the sins never fixed or paid for. It felt like it here. And it made Rin shiver. She didnt like the feelings that decided to stir in her old mind, thoughts of old she thought she had killed and buried. She leaned on her oar as she watched the group. What did they really want out of this to do such an act of betrayal to Gaia and it's land? Did Dougton really deserve such a cruel act? Rin was not one to judge. She had done this so many times she was disconnected from feeling the sting of regret. But it seemed like something out of an old history book and it spooked her like never before. However she had played her part, murder Innocents here who didn't want it. She had no regrets of taking their life, no regrets for what she did. But was it right? Rin didn't know as she picked up her oar, looking up with such a peering view that could haunt you forever, and marched forward. The ghosts of her past would have to wait until she was done here. Done taking even more life as her oar swung into the bodies of those who tried to stop her. The sickening smack of the oar hitting limbs and faces as they fell to the ground bleeding and crying in agony. Does your Gaia come now seeing you dying? Does it care that you're broken and bruised? Where is your God now when you have been a good little sheep following blindly to it's word? Nowhere to be seen. Heaven will cry now, the sins forever donned upon it's skin as it is torn asunder. You have no one to blame but yourself. Don't cry, it's almost over. It was the first words she had spoken in a while. Haunting words that left it's mark. Chilling to the bone and leaving the cool of touch. Rin could care less about Gods and deities. But it seemed to always play out the same way, always the same thoughts brought forward. Gaia, God, Heaven. Destroyed by mere hands and beings. Rin brought the oar down against their heads. Destroying all as she marched forward. The path ahead almost lead to finishing this. And then she could go home.
  9. I know you're sick of seeing these but I've been in a slump lately due to personal reasons. I have been trying my best to write, but it's been hard. 

    I apologise for my slacking and if you don't want to write with me anymore, totally understand.

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      I understand.  I've been slacking too for personal reasons.  Too bad we're not in a thread together.  We could cut each other some slack.  :smile:

  10. Rin watched as Raven ate the girl she had just turned. She frowned as she wanted to see what the new demon Anna would do. Oh well. Rin approached the pile of mess and kneeled down against it. He wouldn't need to clean it for she would do it herself. The half breed placed her hands into the mess as she closed her eyes. The energies within her unlocked and untapped as she allowed them to flow into the pile. As the flesh and Bone reemerged and put back together as the woman Anna was no more human. Rin had placed an artifact into the remade girl. An artifact of a clock as her heart. No need my dear Raven, I have cleaned her up and rebuilt her into one of my servants. An artifact of unholy debauchery and darkness. She will wake soon programmed to serve the beast of legend. And began to bring followers to the my side. Rin then stood half slumped over exhausted from her work. If Raven was to rule Lyonesse as she wanted, he would have to be the demon she had just seen. He would have to be on her side. She sat on the bed and shook her head. She wanted the land to return to the age before the humans and the children. However she knew that people would come to stop her. Heroes, knights. You name it. And she knew one knight that would come. She sighed. The half breed was still hungry. She after all was a vampric succubus along with being a half breed. For now she sat there in silence. She was tired. But she knew they needed to talk about the politics of the land.
  11. Rin stood and stretched as her old bones creaked and croaked. She was older than any citizen that lived in Athentha. However she never looked it nor could you tell unless she told you. After finishing off her meal, she heard Kazuhiko speak. He didn't run from her eating the elf. Amazing. And now he wanted to see what her favorite places were. Well, that was a few. Usually the hubs of the cities, watching the people from day to day. Seeing how they lived before she changed them. As she walked down the cobblestone streets, Rin eyed the people whispering and talking among themselves as she passed. She didn't really care what rumors they spread about her, all probably brainwashed by the elders to demean her in some way. She had a plan for them too. Everything was planned by her in the end. Well, one of my favorite places is the hub in Val Roux. They make the best breads and pastries. Though we will need a coach. It's a long walk. You still should tell me about you. Rin smiled as she walked with him. It seemed they would go to the hub of Val Roux. She made her way to where the coaches were. She smiled once more at Kazuhiko. If he didn't believe she was a monster, than she would show him in the city. And so onward they would go. Of course she was not one to be trusted. She was a beast after all, wild and untamed.
  12. I apologise to anyone waiting for me to write, for I won't be writing tonight, chores have wore out. A probably bad excuse but I'm just exhausted. 

    I will respond to anyone wanting to still write with me. Again I apologise. ❤

  13. Sera's eyes widened as she saw what was going on through the window. They tied a boy to a chair and planned to do some kind of ritual to him. Sera had seen this and even lived through it with the half breed and her encounters. She stood and ran to the entrance as she kicked down the door. Her duty was to keep the citizens of the land saved. No evil should be allowed to exist. She ran towards the group with her weapon drawn. "Put your hands in the air. Do not move. You're all under arrest." Sera called forth as she looked at the group she had helped earlier. Why were they doing this? What exactly were they? And why bring harm to the land of Athentha. Wasn't there enough darkness here to begin with? She didn't know but Sera wouldn't allow more to destroy the land. She held her weapon on them still as she came forth. It was her that had to wrangle them up and make sure the man didn't get hurt. Sera sighed. She hated the work like this. "Now come quietly so that no one gets harmed. I don't want to have anyone get hurt so please don't resist me and come along." She hoped they wouldn't resist her.
  14. A gift for her. How sweet. Rin stood then as she passed on the wine. Only for now as she approached young Anna. Rin smiled as she closed in on the girl. Her alabaster hand clasping her chin to lift the face up for their eyes to meet. Rin then leaned down and grinned. A late night meal. It was generous. So that meant he knew about what she was, what she did and how she worked. Rin frowned for a moment as she hated being found out. It ruined the game. Reaching into her bag, the half breed pulled out a small crystal shard. A piece of the Gemini mirror. I wonder what an innocent girl like you hides in that heart of yours. What desires and dreams you wish to have. I think I'm going to find out right now. Even give Raven a show. Rin then grasped the shard and shoved it into Anna's body. However she pulled the girl up and against the wall. Her lips slowly caressing the maid's neck until the white fangs pierced the flesh. She drank heavily of Anna's blood as it would activate the shard inside her. She feasted until she was full. As she let go, she would lick the wound. Rin then appeared near Raven and took the glass of wine, drinking the sweet liquid. It was time to begin the show. The shard within Anna would bloom forth and change her heart from a red beating vessel into a blackened slow beating vessel. The liquid came forth, black and full of dark magi. As it coated her tissues, connective tissue, veins organs and everything else, it would whisper. The mirror shard began to twist her, pulling out her darker twin. Rin smiled as she watched Anna become a demonic creature. Her mind, reworked by the evil of the half breed. The shard would pull out every dark desire she hid, every dark thought she never brought to life. All the secrets she hid. Poor girl. You're now a product of the mirror. I'm afraid that you no longer will be the same. Raven you can do what you want with her now. I'm full. Full of a poor innocent shell. You now will be greater without that mortal coil getting in the way.