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  1. You underestimate me greatly. It's not stalling at all. Well, mostly not stalling-- Rheumial replied as he shook his head, sidestepping the scythe just barely. You let that foolish choice go to your head. Like your entire life. The artifact looked at his arm then, the scythe had scratched it as black blood streamed down it. He stared at it for a moment but as he looked up, he eyed Salsa holding the sword and shield. Her form leaning against the wall, bruised and wounded from the fight back, the trial was a bit harsh. I think you were stalling. Salsa said as she eyed the two still fighting. But I find it fascinating that you were made, immortal and unbreakable--well, unless you knew how to do such action. But just admit you lost artifact so we can go home. Rheumy muttered low then as he looked at her annoyed that she was helping the enemy. In his anger and frustration he ran at her, oar raised slamming it down hard on her torso…. Just die...

  2. Posts incoming tomorrow.. That is all my dudes and dudettes ❤️

  3. Rheumy muttered low as he eyed the copy of himself get destroyed. He tilted his head before the scythe came for his neck. He clanged the oar against the scythe to make sure it would do little damage. Of course he wasn't using his full strength. He saw no need to. Not yet anyways as it wasn't a dire fight. Pushing the scythe away from him, Rheumial looked at Jack, glaring almost as he planned to turn Salsa into a monster. There were enough of them running around that there didn't need to be any more. He ran at Jack then as the artifact slammed his palm into the man, as fire exploded from his palms. Not an ordinary fire either as it held a magical property of old magic. You're a fool. Rheumial breathed as he then threw a punch at Jack's face, his oar now flying at his torso. Again. You really think you'll have free will to do all that? The artifact slinked back as he did not know if his attacks had hit or not. But he wanted to save Salsa at least. But that would not happen here. For nothing happened in the heroes favor in this land. ---- Salsa entered the tomb that held the sword and shield. It was silent yet guarded by a symbol of the old families. However it was a symbol that belonged to her own. As she pulled out an old ring, she placed it on the altar. As the ground shook it unlocked the area. Walking up to the altar, Salsa pulled out the sword and shield as she smiled to herself. Soon she'd have everything she wanted. Taking the set, she walked back to where the two were as she heard an explosion of magic and swords.
  4. Will be writing posts up tonight offline and posting them up tomorrow  ❤️

  5. Writing Nonsensical rambling RPs, World building to world build side stories. Since I love side stories. Along with the main plot rps too 


  6. ||14, January 1678AY ||||Location: Yugalla-Ji, Yuga-Zaba, Talia|| I do not understand it all. Zaga-Ka replied as she shook her head. Rhaspody sent her along to find a long lost legend that betrayed them all in the process, Zweifer. The demon stood near the elf as she tried to figure out the elf's motives. Valentina were never easy to figure out. Zaga-Ka shook her head sighing. Zweifer isn't a good thing to find, he's just not. And this crazy Valentina wants to do such. God, why did I-- Zaga-Ka do you think we're going the right way? I mean we could be lost in Yugalla. Rhaspody asked breaking her companion out of her thoughts. Finding something to stop the Crowned Hearth was frowned upon and a dangerous effort. Of course we are in Yugalla but I meant off course towards the ruined castle town. We are not off course my Lady. We have entered the city outskirts of Yugalla-Ji, Yugalla-Zaba. And I am sure we will find Zweifer's location here. But why are going after a madman? Zaga-Ka asked. Rhaspody didn't speak at the moment as it was a good question to ask. Zweifer was indeed a madman, more than Esben or Miach. But despite this, his skills were exceptional beyond any Talian alive. And his weapons could stop the Crowned Hearth from her ascension. Or so the legends say. Zaga-Ka eyed the elf as she awaited an answer to her question. Because we need to stop the Crowned Hearth. She's a danger to us all and everyone here is too cowardly to go after Zweifer's weapons. Rhaspody said truthfully as Zaga-Ka admired her honesty. And so the two made their way down into the city to find a lost legendary weapon of Zweifer. Also to see if this madman still existed. They could use his help in dealing with the Crowned Hearth. Rhaspody knew without it, the Valentina house would crumble to the Talia house.
  7. Thats good at least 😁 Now time to get writing so I can read more wonderous stuffs
  8. Claudette tilted her head once more. She was more confused than annoyed. That someone didn't want to be a part of the mirror. Usually they did. She sighed, this was more of a headache as it went on and on. Well, you really shown me. Seeing you won't just comply and give in. Kind of annoying actually. Play? I don't play, that wouldn't accomplish a thing. She then eyed the knight both had forgotten. She said nothing still for a moment as the ice princess thought more to herself. The elf knight then ran at the man. If it was Grant then it wouldn't be good either. The woman knight slammed her blade down against Grant's form. She hoped it would do something at least. Claudette chuckled as she leaned against Iblis. She wondered who'd win here.
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  10. The shard grinned, liking--no, loving the deal just made. It would agree to this term, knowing Jack would be his. Salsa said nothing as she nodded, it was as if the sword and shield called her. Inside, her mind was changing. Her thoughts turning from old ones to new ones made her tingle. If she wasn't demon before, she was now. She wondered what Rheumial meant back there, about friendship. Were they? He wasn't there when the fake Ra and Nebula turned into demons. He appeared after everything and she stopped walking. Annabelle slithered and wrapped herself around Salsa. She smiled as her lips rested against her ear as she spoke. You finally realised didn't you? That we were always one. I haven't existed at all, just something to play pretend. But now that you're freed, changed--you can clearly see can't you? Yes. These so called friends only wanted me to do their bidding. Their pawn… Salsa whispered as she made her way down the corridor. It's time to be something they fear. Something to take back the Valentina namesake. She made her way more down the corridor towards the area of the sword and shield. Resigning herself from these people who pretended to be on her side. ------- Really now? Using that tactic against me? Rheumial asked as he combated the scythe with the oar. It was made of diamond metal so it couldn't be broken easily. I don't need to hold her hand. But yes, she was my friend. Besides, your high winded talk doesn't make you any better. Selling your life to a shard. He's going to realise it was the best decision once he becomes a mirror demon. Coated in those nightmarish secrets. Whispered the shard chuckling knowing it was winning. It began to ebb, unleashing power into Jack's form. Rheumy shook his head. Though fighting an artifact is foolish. You cannot harm me that easily. Nor win easily either. The artifact muttered as he eyed Jack. Sliding back as the shard's power was stronger. You're a fool for believing it. The artifact unlocked his oar from the scythe and swung it hard at Jack's torso. However it didn't do much making Rheumial tilt his head, unsure of if the shard had taken over him. And Salsa, what are your plans with her?! You won't make her like you. I won't let you. She's not like you-- Of course not. Whispered the shard. She's special. Hiding a darkness that festers like you, Jack. And she isn't betraying you as finding the sword will come. Trust me. It laughed then as if it already won.
  11. This would have been an easy grasp if not for one more being. Rheumial stretched as he had decided for some unknown reason to appear. The artifact had seen all go down and glad that everything had gone to plan so far. Nebula and Ra were never truly here, as a demon and elf had played their role so well. Almost un-nervingly well. Though Annabelle showing up, he'd deal with later as he had go after--well, something bad. The artifact followed the pair, eyeing the dead demon on the ground, realising Luna had failed. He didn't care too greatly for her but felt bad she met the fate she did. Rheumy was more afraid of what occurred to Salsa as they were friends, and counterparts. But they couldn't aid the mirror nor get that sword and shield. Salsa shrugged as she stopped walking for a moment. I'm not entirely sure. It feels great to have so much power yet at the same time I feel the same as before. The demon said as she sighed softly. I do hope to find a remnant of the mirror here, I've heard fantastic stories about it. How though you become it yourself after time and sometimes even loose your past self. Salsa shook her head as she heard footsteps coming their way. Who would be following them now? Clearly Annabelle cared not for what was happening so who? She looked over her shoulder to see the artifact standing there, as he had finally found them. You know this wasn't very fun to watch. That elf and demon we sent didn't need to die. Rheumial replied as he eyed Jack, the mirror piece still resonating within, taking more of him. And Salsa--you didn't need to corrupt my friend. Look, we can just leave, forget about the tainted sword and regroup to find another-- Rheumial lost his train of thought as he looked Salsa more over. Her form had changed so drastically, that even her knight armor was tainted. He couldn't believe she allowed this to happen--allowing this man to turn her and even let the mirror in. You're still going through with that plan? Rheumial asked Salsa and she nodded. I don't understand why you would. You'll never get what you want from the mirror.
  12. Luna didn't speak at the moment as she wondered why Salsa was betraying her own kin. Why become a demon at all? What were her motives since she was a part of a powerful house? The girl said nothing still as she eyed both knowing she couldn't just give away information. The shard spoke inside him then. You know nothing about a power you desire and have let yourself be consumed by. The shard chuckled as it consumed more of him, though he couldn't tell just by standing there. She won't be able to overthrow, kill or even think of doing anything to you. O' you noticed her change? The shard picked up, interested in luring another soul to the mirror. Salsa caught the sword, sheathing it on her hip with her own blade. Her rainbow eyes peering at this meager demon Ra had sent. You realise that Salsa hid more than her confession. Besides once I completely consume and take over, you'll see how right I am to keep her around. Plus, she won't be doing anything if you put a shard in her, I'll make sure of it. Luna looked down as she was pinned. These demons had come to claim what was hers. That the demoness Ra told her she'd not encounter such danger. However, Salsa tilted her head, clicking her tongue as she knew the answer. I know where Ra is. And her plans. Salsa replied. Luna's eyes widened as she looked at the demon. She sent this lower demon to find the sword and shield for her and return back to Allia with it. Her plans… boy are they a doozy. In fact… Salsa paused as the shard listened. It seemed she wanted to bargin the information for something. It was the knight that knew of the Black Heart Mirror, how it left remnants about to help people become their true selves. That immense power ebbed from them and gave them what their hearts desired. She wanted that to show the Valentina family that she was valuable--that she could go toe to toe with Wendelin herself. "How do you know about Ra and her plans? She told no one of any of it but me and another associate." Luna replied fearfully as Salsa smirked. "You--why do you betray your own kin, house?" She yelled at Salsa. The truth? Because they're all full of themselves. That they didn't care how strong I was, that I could be useful. They only cared about them, their power and how to be used to stop Talia from being destroyed. Salsa spoke as she shrugged. I came to find a remnant of the mirror. The shard opened more as it lingered against the organs and tissues of Jack's inner body. Ah, so she has information we can trade for. Though I'd rather keep her around since we can learn more about her and that former company she kept. On my honor, you make her a mirror demon and I'll make sure she won't betray you. Besides you, and I are going to become the same man soon enough.
  13. Shall be posting to my other rps this week, since I've kinda neglected them to write the main and side rps. Sorry for lacking to keep them updated the same way as my other stuff. Apologies. 


  14. The shard laughed then. How Jack agreed made it feel victorious. But it would prove something more effective in time. Sure the Crowned Hearth ruled Talia, but other cities could be ruled by lower demons. The shard opened like an eye then. It exploded with such a tremendous force that it would feel like you broke something internally. But it was still painful. Good. Then you'll just enjoy me expanding all of my power into you. Of course you won't be the same arrogant Jack when I'm done with you. The shard replied as it continued consuming Jack. More and more of the shard took over, expanding and condensing. However standing beside him, Salsa had come. She no longer looked like her old self, a demonic beauty that craved power like Jack did, her hands also holding a tainted blade that sliced against Luna's form. She let the blade fall more against the demon's form combining it with Jack's own. Luna had no time to react as she crumbled to the ground. Her form hit by the combined force was too much for her. The shard within eyed Salsa as it grinned. An idea was forming in its twisted mind. Sure Jack had sired her into this new form but now that he would become a black heart mirror demon, he'd need more. O' I think I'll add something to you that will make you inreedemable in the end. You see, Salsa there. Well, you're starting to become a powerful demon, I think you should make her a blackheart mirror demon too. The shard whispered into his thoughts. The deep cave made a good setting as the shard started taking form in his body. The demon grew more and more, becoming a part of Jack. It snickered. I always did have a crush on her. Salsa is still a powerful warrior and Valentina even if demon.
  15. O' ho? The shard spoke wiggling deeper into the recesses of his mind and heart. You don't realise the game Ra has played with you all. Ra never came at all, she sent a woman demon that resembled herself, acted like her. Ra isn't so ignorant to endanger her life. The shard giggled, laughed. Ra had fooled them all. Using the magic she learned, she sent another in her stead knowing the dangers of the artifact. The girl was known as Luna. Paid in two hundred Talian coins, she agreed to go in Ra's stead and report if it was there. So far it hadn't been a success. Yes, deeper down rests the Black Heart Mirror Sagittarius Kaleidoscope. Along with the Jager Scarab Zweifer. The shard replied. You must give into me to ascend. Let your old life diminsh and become a black heart mirror demon. A full demon. Don't you desire to be a full demon? The shard released more and more black ooze into him, trying to dissolve the wall and change him. It also wanted life again, to be one with its host. All the power he could want with giving up something precious. Do you agree? ------ Meanwhile Luna disguised as Ra made her way down the cave. She needed to find it before the others and get back to Ra to get paid. She needed that money. Her family was a bit poor and it could go a long way. It's gotta be here somewhere. Luna thought as she had just witnessed Jack eat a black heart mirror shard, Annabelle try to corrupt her, and Nebula along with Salsa turned into demons. It was frightening. How deep is this cave? She wondered as she continued on. Luna wondered if the money at this point was a mistake. She had been here as 'Ra' looking for a lost legendary sword and shield that could stop the Crowned Hearth. Yet no one knew one of these weapons was already tainted. And no one knew if it was here at all. The demon sighed as she kept going down another hallway trying to get ahead of the others.
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