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  2. Esben rode in the carriage along to the captial of Lyonesse, Yral. It was where the Yao Si Ji temple used to stand. He had been given an address of a castle to meet with the next set of people. He had already met with Sayndar and one of the keys, Odessa. He wanted to see the man who could best Athenthians. It intrigued him as he wondered about Raven. When he met the lad, he was Oisin. Raven was just a boy then. Young and looked like he made a good match for the princess. He had only met him once, handing his father papers of conditions and a marriage proposal. Should young Raven carry out Miach's goal, he would send gold, riches and whatever else House Sithis would desire. Esben placed his head upon his arm as he looked out the window. It had been years--eons since a foreigner entered Athentha and not become cursed. He was the creator of the ore that flourished around the islands. Gone by many names and lives, Esben had enjoyed the years of what became of the islands. Those cursed, their original bodies keeping the islands afloat in the sky. A small sacrifice to remain. The carriage continued on as he stared out the window. He tried to think of what he would say. The meeting was arranged a week ago, as he wanted to know how he played Grant Lyon so well that the people didn't notice it wasn't him. Even the rogue artifact Rheumial didn't know it wasn't him. And Rin, she needed to be perfected. He was going there to help the boy create the girl to his designs and wishes. Raven, you hold so many secrets. I wonder how you manage to remember Miach's promise. Athentha and its sister islands don't move in the same time period as the hume world. It moves so slow here, it takes eons for the year to change. God, we're still in 1702AY. Esben thought to himself as he sat there. He had given Sayndar and Odessa the vague information he was supposed to, not allowing them to learn everything in one sitting. There was no fun in that. And it was not fun either being around that hume. Sayndar almost tried to kill him twice. The carriage made its way into Lyonesse then as he sighed. The elf knew he probably be interrupting something but that was what he was best at. He still wondered how this all occurred seeing Rin was supposed to be guarded by a knight called Ser Magmus. Of course he cared not that it did for it made this all interesting. The carriage stopped in front of the castle as Esben got out. He had wrote ahead to Raven, telling the boy he'd make an appearance in the days to come. Now, he was here. It was a stop on the way back to Athentha to visit his home. He had to collect his belongings there as he was on his way to Talia. Entering the castle, he greeted a maid. Good evening my dear. Is the master at home? I've come to see the mighty Sithis that tamed the wild Athenthian. Please tell your master, Esben Eden has arrived. The maid nodded as she hurried along. The elf looked around, the castle looked so nice. Rejuvenated by a different kind of magic. He liked it. He stood there in silence as he was patient. Esben had much to discuss with Raven. Hopefully he'd remember the elf. Of course he probably wouldn't and he have to tell about his past life. Should be fun nonetheless. He figured that it would be fun to see how things turned out for Athentha and its people once things got underway. As he stood there, he dusted the fine clothes he wore. He could feel her here, and it made him smirk. Such a wild creature tamed with his beautiful ore. O’ how he would have fun twisting the young princess into everything planned for her. Her path decided long ago to be nothing but a tool to gain an upper hand in Lyonesse. Raven had continued to play Lyon as it probably was just to keep up appearances. The maid returned after telling Raven, the elf arrived. She escorted him to the chambers of discussion. Opening the doors, she allowed him to await in here. Thank you m'dear. It was all needed to be said. Esben awaited alone in these chambers 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Rin looked up from her drink as she smiled softly at Raven. She didn't mean to focus so much on the war but with Sayndar still alive, she couldn't help it. Placing her now enpty glass down on the table, she shook her head. A lot was on her mind besides the war. I was thinking about the first time they sealed me in the Yao Si Ji temple. They call it Solstice when they can't pronounce it right. I was thinking that's their plan. The resistance are looking for some kind of new key since I destroyed their old one. She stood and approached Raven before sitting on his lap. Eyeing the drink in his hand, she smiled. He indulged in her favorite drink though it always led to something more than just having a drink. She laid her head on his shoulder, lightly kissing his neck. Rin heard the lingering servants, cleaning up and finishing their night duties. It seemed that the house was quieting down for the night. Also, what kind of dress I'd wear on our wedding night. I have never thought of ever being married, so never prepared for one. Of course I can't wait to see the looks on all their faces. She chuckled as she pushed her body against his, as she laid all over him. Though their nightly activites would begin soon, there came a knock to the chamber door. The Athenthian princess stood, as Raven would go to answer the knock. An ore elf maid stood there in a small maid outfit, barely fitting her. “My lord, pardon my intrusiveness. A man is here to see you. He said his name is Esben Eden, said he wrote to you weeks ago for a meeting. He's awaiting in the chambers of discussion, my lord.” the maid clamored, afraid to be punished. Rin tilted her head. The name seemed familiar yet she couldn't place it as her form remained on the bed. Seems business came calling. The princess waved off the maid, as she ran down the hall. It made her chuckle that the servants were still afraid of them. It must be important if Esben comes calling. Not many are graced with his prescence. I wonder why he's here. Did you call for him my love? Rin wondered as she stood and embraced Raven. She didn't know what plans he was hatching for her, except the wedding. And with the war looming, everyone was coming out of hiding. Yet Esben’s time here would be short, he had plans to go to Talia. We can continue once you get back from your meeting. We have all night after all my love. All eternity. Though he reminds me of someone familiar, someone from the past. I can't put my finger on it but I feel like I know him. I wonder what he wants though. Rin remained standing there, as she looked at him. She had no idea what was conspiring that involved her, no what was coming either. She was intrigued yet it remained on her mind, remained to make her wonder about everything. But she shook it away as she placed her head on his shoulder. The princess was his after all, he could do what he wanted with her. And she didn't mind, her love still burning for him. Well, you shouldn't keep him waiting dear. I'm sure he's just delivering a wedding present. Rin grinned as she hoped it was just that. She wanted it to be short so she could spend time with Raven, just being alone with him without interference. They did have things to talk about but that could wait. 〰〰〰〰〰 Sayndar read the parchment papers again and again. The words didn't match Atlas in any way. Nor did the handwriting. Atlas wrote in a messy erratic writing, this was written in a neat and straight way. Of course being told to go to Fadar Estate bothered him too. That was in the northwest upper corner of Lyonesse, in the city of Farenheit-Abalone. It was far away from the elder and the resistance group, and he couldn't believe at a time like this he was being called away. There was much to plan, strategize and make sure went right. The way he saw Atlas bothered him, the man was never beside anyone. When he addressed you, it was alone. But there was Opal, standing at his side. Bickering with the hero of Lyonesse. Sayndar knew Atlas well, he tutored the boy when Grant Lyon still breathed. Yet back there it was off, different. Whenever Atlas addressed anyone it was alone. In all his time in Lyonesse, he never saw anyone by his side. It bothered him. What bothered him more was that Atlas could tell him anything, he could speak his mind. Back there the boy was silent, letting Opal take the reigns. He didn't like it. It made him think. Opening the parchment orders he looked at it as he was beginning to question the many things that had occurred. Kogal had been the first to be removed. Locked in a dungeon in Sol-Morwenna, then murdered by the princess. He was a key figure in the plan to victory. Next the Yao Ji Si or Solstice Temple as many called it, crashed to the ground. Broken into pieces, the demons imprisoned within freed. That was a mess to clean up. And now Vex. Murdered and made into ash by the foreigner Raven. Who also murdered Grant Lyon in his death bed. Shaking his head he didn't know how the man planned that so perfectly when his knights and the accursed rogue artifact were supposed to protect him. Sayndar wondered about Raven, that he wanted something. Was it Lyonesse? The princess? He didn't know. Rin looked different the last time he saw her. She had only one eye from when he took it. The battle was a fierce one yet he won it and took her eye. Yet she had two again. Two working eyes that weaved magic without her even speaking. It couldn't be could it? Raven didn't make her a full demon did he? He hoped to god he didn't. Rin couldn't handle being one. She was kept from that because it made her change, darker and tyrranical like her father. Kogal had kept her half, his seals should still be in place even with him dead. Sayndar rushed to open the parchment paper he was given, Atlas's scrawled handwriting upon it. Sayndar, There is a problem as I feared would come with Miach and his plans to keep our islands afloat. Rin has become Raven's and with that taken the Sithis name. Also the temple of Yao Si Ji has become a castle like temple from her blood and the blood of the old Sakimura line. Sayndar, she is a full bred demon now. The Athentha Demon King. However, they plan to wed, bringing forth Athentha and Lyonesse as something unholy. But fear not, a new temple is being built. We named it the Farenheit-Glacier temple. One to seal her away permanently and cripple the one named Raven. You must find the keys that can aid us in battle. Odessa, Vanilla, Joslyn, Yuma. And two more. Fail safes in case the first are compromised. Fadar Estate holds something important. Something you'll need. Beware and be safe. We need you Sayndar, hero of Lyonesse. Atlas Lyon, first son of Grant Lyon, first son of Lyonesse. Sayndar read the note as he sighed. Barely legible yet he knew this was his handwriting. Even when he tutored the boy, Atlas never had good handwriting. Closing the paper, he found the situation did not ease him at all. Opal was helping Raven somehow. If Atlas wrote such dire words, then she was. He did worry about Rin. She was not one to just follow along. Sayndar wondered if Raven was in control of her, how did he get her so complient? It bothered him. So many people were involved with the turn of events to allow Raven to be where he was. And his heart sank when he realised he was at fault as well. Sayndar was to guard Grant Lyon as much as the others. And though he thought if he didn't breathe down his neck, he could recover. What he didn’t see coming was Raven and his job of playing Lyon so well. It had fooled a lot of people in the land. He eyed the parchment again as Atlas had written more to him. Secret writings kept from Opal. Sayndar, There is something you must know. Esben is up to something. Late nights I hear him talking with a woman named Roslyn. He’s headed to Lyonesse to see Raven. I hope to God its just about his bounty but I also fear its something worse. Something about a new experiment he has perfected in Platinum-Neptune. He talks in codes and riddles so I don't know the details. But don't trust whatever he tells you, for he is a cunning man. Atlas. Closing the paper, he shoved it into his pocket. Why would Esben go to see a man he didn't know? Surely even if they met in one of the elf's past lives, why would Raven remember him? Atlas was suspicious of Esben since their many meetings and he had every right to be. Those still on the righteous path of good were being slaughtered and used to keep the islands afloat. There would be survivors but casaulties as well. Sayndar knew this. He hated it but knew that was the reality. It happened every Umbral Year. But this year a Demon King couldn't be made without a black heart mirror artifact. Kogal made sure of this so that they had time to change the princess's mind. He also had placed seals on her to keep her from losing her freedom, her will. You'd need really powerful magic to break them. The words in the letter bothered Sayndar as he walked. It seemed that this Raven fellow had involved himself with a lot of important people in Athentha and its sister islands. And for being a foreigner it meant it was weird. Usually the foreigners that came to Athentha became cursed puppets working for the princess and anyone who cursed them. But he did not. He was running the show. And Rin. She never allowed anyone to make her obedient. She was a wild beast that did what she wanted, not caring for others. Yet in the days that followed he read that she was staying at Lyon's estate. And Lyon was allowing her. Those reports were always odd to him too. The servants had reported he was in good health all of a sudden. Jovious and moving about without wheezing. Last he saw Grant Lyon, he was on his death bed unable to even move. They had to feed and bathe him. What he read, the man was up and about hosting parties and trying to captivate an Athenthian princess. Which was odd as well seeing they were mortal enemies since time began. No, this didn't feel right to him at all. Sayndar hurried along. Time was short and things were changing to fit the enemy. The keys were scattered among the islands, as it would take time to find them all and then--then the shaman Augustus. And no one knew where he even was.
  3. The man sighed softly before turning to go inside one of the many spacious rooms of the airship. There were many dining rooms full of buffets, offerimg almost anything to the passengers. Shaking his head, he watched the elf girl go by before eyeing another woman standing there. A foreigner coming to the land was always a big deal to the land. It brought in the possibility to feed the land a new and willing sacrifice. The eerie yellow golden eyes peered behind rimmed glasses as he pushed them up onto the bridge of his nose. Garnet stood out due to the long tied up blue hair and his eyes. The first seed approached the young woman named Kaia. He bowed before her, before smiling a smile that would make anyone not of the land suspicious. “First time here my dear?” Garnet asked then as his eerie golden yellow eyes peered at her. “We don't get many newcomers these days. It seems all the legends and happenings scare away the tourists.” Garnet chuckled. While he was a ruthless businessman, he did have the stature of a nobleman at times. Pushing up those glasses he wore again, he took a glass of punch from one of the many sprawling tables. “Seems they laid out the good stuff this time. I'm surprised they don't charge the passengers for any of this. Always giving foreigners a free ride. Which they say helps business. But I am not sure. Lately they been advertising treasure hunts in the newly discovered cities.” He paused to take a sip of the punch. It was his first time drinking something humans did all the time. It wasn't bad but he preferred the exotic wines and alcohols more. His eyes peering at Kaia again. “What brings you to our beloved cursed island my dear? Did you hear about the exploration teams or wanting to sight see a new island? Or did you get one of those flyers talking about treasure? I swear, how they tease people like that is such a disgrace. Oh, pardon me, my name is Garnet.” The seed then went back to drinking the punch as he let the silence grow among the two standing in the dining area as the airship flew onward to the floating islands.
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    It had to be rats. As she followed along, Esben knew that anything could follow them. But it had to be rats. She sighed as she looked up, seeing another there. Were they multiplying now? The elf didn't know. She wanted to ask but just held her tongue. Closing her eyes, the elf ran towards the rats with no plan. The magic that betwixt her fingers ran off in spear like projectiles of fire and ice towards the rats. Should they hit, their bodies would be covered in ice and fire. “We should figure out a way to rid of the rats before carrying on. It seems these aren't normal rats either, be careful.” She continued her assault on the rats as she moved forward towards their destination. The elf not caring how many rats she had to take down, in the end it got them closer to where they needed to go. “Come on!” said Esben not looking behind her. “We need to go forward and reach our destination.” Esben then carried on, walking more as she tried to rid the sewer of these abnormal rats. Though it was harder than it looked.
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  7. Ligg was soon swallowing the ore from Agatha. Falling into darkness and being reborn under the witch's will. She was weak willed, seeking something she hadn't had since the captain was marooned. Ligg lost it all to her own cries for selfish carnal desires. Ligg would find her way back to the island as if she knew it well, as if she lived here all her life. The Sunburst Justice ore wrapped its etheral arms around her, cradling the hume as if she belonged to it. And Ligg did. Each bite, each intake of the ore claimed her piece by piece. Ligg's mind began to fog, began to forget pieces of the past as Agatha stood there among the docks of Serphus Alumna. O’ how she smiled a malicious smile, as Glee would have to wait a bit for her return. But she wouldn't be long. Well, you've come back for more haven't you little hume? Agatha cooed as she pulled Ligg against her, her body tight against the girl. You desire to be great, you want to cast aside the weakness. O’ ho! I see it. The witch smirked as she pulled Ligg closer to her, the black heart mirror ore oozing and wafting into Ligg's nostrils. It would weaken her more to Agatha's game. The witch then pushed Ligg against the building. She held a special piece of black heart mirror ore, Catastrophe’s Horizon. Now, let's make you a selfish little princess. Agatha cooed forcing the ore down her throat. As she let go of the girl, she grinned once more. O’ how you will suffer to become something grand. Ligg would choke on the ore, falling to all fours. The ore, Catastrophe’s Horizon burrowed into her heart, dissolving everything in her body. Vines would shoot out of the black heart mirror ore cross and remake her insides. As it oozed, it unlocked such dark secrets, finding out she was selfish to the core, wanting to own a kingdom. Wanting to enslave others and be worshipped by everyone, everything. Her mind eat this up, agreeing with the secrets as it reformed her memories. She was a princess, ruler of Serphus Alumna. That her black heart swallowed many to her side. She would never know her form was changing. Ligg had horns curling under the mane of black blue curls that ran down her spine. Her eyes were blank golden irises that held malice, seduction and despair. She held fangs upon her teeth now as they almost jutted out of her lips. Her fingernails and toenails were clawed. Her body grew bigger, voluptuous. Her bosom grew three sizes, ripping the clothes she wore now. Her waist filled out to hold her new form, along with her hips, thighs and legs. She also had a tail. Rise, Madagascar, Black Heart Mirror Ore Princess, demoness of despair, seduction and vile desires. In time you will lose your innocence to become the most vile creature of all. Of course I am afraid there's a price for this. You won't remain thin for long. You're going to become chubby with all that power you ebb. Your selfish carnal desires will never be satisfied. Now, Madagascar, there's a knight to capture before Abalone arrives. Ferghas. You may do what you wish with him but do not let him remain as he is or he'll take away these beautiful gifts. With that Agatha let go of Madagascar and walked back to the battlefield. Her body sauntering up to Glee and wrapped her form around him. Eyeing the bloodstained axe, it seemed Castern was dead. Well, for now anyways. Miss me? She purred. I had to take care of a few loose ends. Seems you got your axe, what do you plan to do now? 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Yuma's eyes widened at the deceit pouring forth from the two. She honestly didn't see it coming nor thought it would. O’ how she squirmed trying to get out of Josef's grip yet it didn't work. His grip was tighter as he was a blackened golem. He would lean down and ooze more of the black heart mirror ore into the witch's system. She gasped trying to breathe but choked on the ore as it drowned her. Yuma couldn't move as she felt her body collaspe. In that instance, she died. But it was long before she jolted and jerked in Josef's grip. Her body grew alabaster, as her eyes opened slowly. They were dull, empty eyes. Eerie black golden irises looking up at Morrigan. Her hair was now a mane of black blue curls that ran down her spine. Her body broken beyond repair, as it ebb black inky markings of the black heart mirror ore. Josef let go of her as her body became voluptuous and beautiful than before. Her heart remade from a witch's to a puppet. Strings weaved all over her skin before she stood. Yes… she whispered. A gift to Morrigan I am for crafting you. She stared longingly at her, as the ore oozed into her mind. Her dull eyes waiting for her instruction, her command. Josef stood by Morrigan, both tools to the child. Yuma looked down then as she knew soon the elf would come for her toys. Your command mistress?Yuma purred, her voice almost soprano like yet audible. Her eyes looking at Josef then. Comfortable little golem?
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  12. The vale of Serphus Alumna was haunting, draining on those not use to it. It could confuse and chill you to the bone should you not be careful. The cabin that held Kalith sat in the middle of the vale with the dim lights leading those to it. Aston's voice made the witch look up. Someone decided to cross the vale, enter the heart of Serphus Alumna itself. Such a foolishly brave motive. But stupidly foolish nonetheless. Wait, Yuma had to capture him? But that was Morrigan's job. But then she was being pushed ahead, unable to back out of the job. Yuma blinked. What was the demoness hoping to achieve? The witch wasn't sure how to approach young Aston. But nothing more could be done about it as Yuma circled the heavily armored man. You came all the way to save Kalith? That was stupid to come alone. Yuma hissed. Are you even sure she wants to be rescued to show her how weak she is? Silly rabbit, you only show that she's a servant to you, nothing more. Yuma smirked. Her lithe alabaster fingers lightly touching his face, drawing him in. How she breathed more of the black heart mirror ore smoke into his face. It lingered like a drug, for a moment or two. She moved in closer, destroying any personal space Aston would have cried for. O’ how you let your guard down by carrying such a torch for her. O’ how you desire her, long for her touch. However, she belongs to another. But you, yes I think I can take away that sorrow. Let's see how shall we? Yuma walked right into Aston without a second thought. Her form became like the Black Heart Mirror Ore as it burrowed now into his mind. Visions of grandieur played throughout. Aston growing fat with power, his eyes eating only the victims of those in battle. Hunger stained his hands in blood. His armor blackened upon his body, the crest now a black heart cross. His heart withered, replacing every human necessarity to live. Replaced by the ore, his form became a demon like Morrigan. Yuma exited Aston's form as the ore in the demoness rang out, Yuma's back to her. Horns would appear under the mane of black blue hair that ran down his spine. His eyes slitted to be yellow black. Fangs jutted out over his bottom lip. His body grew muscular, leaner and he had abs. His form grew handsomer than before along with a tail. He would roar fiercely. His mind was taken, fogged. He was made into a glutton war demon. His ears pointed, as he looked like a fox almost. It was here, he would always hunger for war, death, bloodshed. He'd never be satisfied. His form in time would grow fat from the power he wanted, craved. Now! Cried the ore. Do it now. She won't see it coming. And then we can take our new knight with us as well when Abalone arrives. Yuma looked over Aston, seeing the changes upon the boy. She didn't pay attention to Morrigan at the moment as she watched Aston cry out in pain as the ore swallowed him whole. The ore oozed within him, as it created the Black Heart Mirror Ore Knight Commander, Josef Roland Von Madeline. Both Aston and Kalith's old forms used as sacrifices to feed the land. Beautiful. A demon, who will become fat on power, fueled by tyranny and bloodshed. Josef, you and Morrigan my-- Yuma was silent then, pausing. She felt something was wrong as the two surrounded her. Both smiling uncanny smiles, both marked with the albatross, Abalone's crest. Both knowing their true orders, that the witch couldn't capture them. The witch must become a slave, a servant. She backed into the corner of her house. Josef would hold her down, Morrigan approaching as the ore rang through their ears, the ore creating two lost souls to the black heart mirror. Their minds became twisted, corrupted. Corroded. Let me go, I am your master. Yuma cried. Let me go and obey me. I made you. The ore laughed. Silly girl. Those who became a part of the mirror were not owned by the witches of Legendia. In the heart of Serphus Alumna, those were owned by a child of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. And Abalone would show herself soon enough to claim these lost souls. O'ho! Such a silly girl. It's time to show her who's the master. Josef, Morrigan break her beyond recognition, beyond redemption. Make her into a servant, a slave of the darkest heart. Josef smirked as he nodded to Morrigan to begin. Both now twisted beyond salvation. --- Agatha watched the battle grinning. Those killed here would be a part of the land, keeping it afloat. She eyed Ligg and Davious as she smirked. Glee was busy with Castern so she thought she have fun with the crew members Yuma hadn't turned yet. She sauntered over, showing the two all the goods upon her body, the scent of jasmine wafting through their noses, it was mixed with the sunburst justice ore. She wagged her finger at them to follow her. Should they follow, their fates were sealed. Agatha wrapped her beautiful form around the corner from prying eyes. If Ligg and Davious followed her, she would bat her eyelashes at them. Her form wrapped around one and then the other. Her lips forming a smirk as she knew they couldn't resist a woman. Of course, Agatha wouldn't give them her body, as she kept that for Glee. Agatha then pushed them against the wall of the old brick building as she would shove tje Sunburst Justice ore into their mouths. It would cause them to want more as she laid tons of buckets around before returning to the fight. If they didn't follow her, they would be safe. Should they eat the ore, they would forget everything except the ore as their bodies became fat. Slowly but surely they would sit there eating the ore, lost to the island. Agatha then hoped Castern was almost taken care of. She had not acquired Glee yet, and she wanted to corrupt him with the ore. But she was patient. He'd come around soon enough, faltering to her touch and seduction in time.
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  14. O’ how things were looking up for Yuma that she hadn't remembered about the axe. In fact she had left it with Castern. And she had pretended she fused with the long lost axe. Castern was stupid enough to believe it and become a beast. But she cared not for the battle or the boy. She had a beautiful new playtoy. And she wasn't done with the demoness yet. Aston would feel the betrayal run up his spine, how he hungered for her touch, her skin upon his as the dance the forbidden dance. Yet Yuma said nothing as he would look at the woman being carried away in the arms of the witch. If he wanted Yvonne, he'd have to come into the heart of Serphus Alumna himself. All were welcomed to come and be cursed. And with that, Yuma and Yvonne were gone. --- In the Heart of Serphus Alumna Yuma appeared out of the cloud of dust carrying the demoness. She figured those that survived the battle would come and meet her, desiring gifts of false hope and promises. Of course, Kalith was Yuma's main goal. She loved to twist humes into creatures of the black heart mirror. Ever since Agatha gave her this new found power, she had been doing such. But Kalith, she was so weakened by her faults, she was able to be taken over. Entering the small cabin, Yuma placed Yvonne down. O’ how she was going to destroy every hope she clung to. Every ray of sunshine turned into darkness. The witch lifted her chin before saying nothing. The next thing would make Yvonne shudder. The witch entered the demoness’s form. Her etheral tendrils latched and weaved into Yvonne's heart and mind. She then pumped the black heart mirror ore into her system. The ooze covered her as it clung to the insides, changing thoughts of hope into despair. All desires flooding open as she no longer cared about space and personal preference. Her eyes would dull, the black yellow irises holding a bit of black. Her body growing even more curves as she became a dark version of the demoness out in the field. Her body bursted out of the tattered clothing her first transformation took. And she was even more voluptuous and beautiful than before. The symbol of a black heart mirror cross burned in black inkiness upon her left inner thigh. Yuma appeared outside Yvonne then as she dusted herself off. It was here, the true corruption and corroding of the demoness began. Her mind filled with such forgotten and forbidden magic. Her hands were weave back and forth upon her new form. And Yvonne, was turned--etched into the Black Heart Mirror Ore Tempress Knight, Morrigan. The crest on her back was now of the black heart mirror cross, with the ore etched in, along with Yuma's seal. That of a raven. My beautiful doll. Whispered Yuma as she pulled the demoness up. Not many get chosen to be a tool--a great tool to the mirror artifact. You, are a part of me now, crafted into the greatest corruption. Morrigan, the Tempress Knight of the black heart mirror ore. Your role-- Yuma paused as she eyed the bare alabaster skin woman, she chuckled. Her hands touched Morrigan's skin, weaving barely fitting skins to show off her new assets and curves. She then sat in a chair as she shook her head. Morrigan, you are going to be in pain as the corruption and change occur. Your mind will remember nothing but me, how I saved you from the battlefield. I trained you to fight, taught you taboo magic. Gave myself to you in those lonely knights. But you belong to a child, the sixth child of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. Yuma then stood as she placed her eyes to the left before the right and back at Morrigan. Her name is Abalone Ashlyn Van Matthias. You bear her mark on your left side of the neck, the albatross. I have arranged for her to meet us here in the next couple days. And to prepare you to ensnare her back to your side. Yuma then stood up and came near Morrigan. Should Aston come, he too would be turned into a beautiful Black Heart Mirror Ore creature. --- O'ho? Agatha asked as she coiled right up against his body, their faces right next to one another. You may think I'm trying to seduce you but I'm not. Humes bore me, as they let their talents go to waste. Agatha replied as he walked. If Yuma had done her job, Castern would have become a beast and have the axe. And the crew--should they come give her someone to pick off. The witch smirked, as Glee spoke. He wanted to prove himself to her. Yes, show her what strength he had while tearing apart his old crew. Agatha cared not for the crew, but she wanted to see how well he fought. As they got to the battlefield, she got a glimpse of Yuma leaving with a captive. She played her part well. Karlith would soon become a servant to whatever ore she ate. Agatha jumped off Glee as she wanted to see the battle but not be a part of it. Her attraction remained, as she felt it get stronger. Only because she loved corrupting demons. --- Servant… hissed the black heart mirror ore as it oozed in the girl's mind. Servant… awake. It oozed into her withered heart. Awake, to us the demoness of tempation, lust and sin. Awake to us, the black heart mirror temptress. Kalith who had become Yvonne now Morrigan as her final transformation--could feel the corruption running rampant throughout her. Yet she welcomed it, as it erased the weak girl she once was. In that place, she became beautiful, desired by men and women. Loved, as the child named Abalone was coming to collect her. And she felt her mind fog. Vile wicked thoughts clamored throughout as the ore called to her, her eyes dull, coloured different from before. They were now a black yellow with red in them. She cared not if she was moral or not. Her innocence erased and replaced to destroy her redemption. Servant of the black heart mirror ore, Morrigan, awake to us and come into the role of a demoness. The role of unholy alliances between the Black Heart Mirror and Abalone. Obedient, loyal, dangerous. A puppet, who desires to corrupt others. Morrigan, the witch--the witch Yuma-- It paused before speaking once more. Yes, Abalone was coming and the ore longed to be with the child, as did Morrigan. However it felt threatened Yuma wouldn't let it go back to the organization. Morrigan, you know what you must do to return to Abalone, our beloved Abalone. Yuma won't let us, she wants to keep you from her. You must turn Yuma into a puppet, enslave her to show her she cannot keep us from Abalone. Break her beyond redemption. The ore then oozed into her brain as it whispered memories of Abalone, of the true path Morrigan was to walk.
  15. Silence filled the carriage, it grew steadily as they read. Eons of trangressions, each molding the elf into something horrendous. Though Odessa could feel the sadness and hate wafting off the handwriting, the very neat penmanship held by Esben. Sayndar shook his head as he closed the book. “This cannot be true. These words do not make me have sympathy for that man. The many reasons for the actions he took do not give him redemption.” Sayndar sneered as he tossed the book at Odessa. “No, my mind's made up. He will acquire everything he deserves in the end.” “How can you be so cruel?” Odessa asked as she took the book. “You tell me you wouldn't do the same if that happened to you? Esben did what he did because it was the only option left. You tell me you wouldn't?” Odessa had read the words, how Esben came to be. As Serphus he was just an elf trying to create a land differ from Absolon. A land that didn't feed upon greed as humes always did. Serphus knew that Absolon would lead them down a path of ruin. And in his anger and frustration he birthed the creation of the ore. He made the Black Heart Mirror Ore in an attempt to get Absolon to see his side. When that didn't work, he created the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. By then, Serphus knew he couldn't change Absolon's mind. And so he came up with a new plan, he had the children corrupt the Demon King. With this, he could show the land how dangerous the hume was. He told the children to feed him the ore--the ore of the Black Heart Mirror Ore, the Sunburst Justice ore and the Azura Heart Ore. These three would change Absolon forever. And it did. Absolon became mad with power. He raged war with his sister, Rowan Athentha-Yazu, who had married Samuel Zachriel Yazu in 1670AY. It was a bloodied war, with most of Rowan's people wiped out. He imprisoned many of Athentha's own citizens to feed to the islands. Even innocents were taken. And the children--the children were ushered off to the organization. Riots happened to save the land, it did nothing. Absolon grew fat with wealth and greed, as he became a monster. Serphus rose up to fight Absolon one night. Never telling anyone he created the whole thing. The battle was fierce and both parties were killed in 1676AY. Two years before Miach's steps into king. Ra found Serphus’s body laying a pile of rubble. Broken and bruised. She brought back to the Fadar Estate and revived him. That night he became Oisin, the scientist. “I wouldn't go about it that way. Making the land's leader turn against its people. That couldn't have been the only option. It's just wrong. I just wouldn't do it that way. He still deserves--” “How heartless. You must really hate Athentha and its people. What cruel thing did it do to you to make you hate them?” Odessa asked as she held the journal, sealing it back up with the ribbon. “I mean, I'm Lyonessian and I don't hate Athentha like that.” Odessa brought up a good point as the two sat there. The carriage pulling into the Azura Star Inn. Sayndar said nothing as he exited the carriage, Odessa following behind. He needed a drink. The night's conversation didn't sit right with him and he hated that feeling. The elf shaking her head as she felt that he was hiding something from her. Though she wasn't trying to pry into his life. But she knew it had to be tragic for someone to hate an entire island. Sayndar entered the inn and found the tavern, taking a seat in the back. Odessa sat across from him. He would book a room for the night, one room to bunk in. Sayndar ordered a pitcher of beer and she ordered some blackberry rosé tea. “You could say that.” Sayndar replied finally breaking the silence after a while. “After all, Athentha and Lyonesse are enemies. But that's not my issue with Esben or Athentha. It's more to do with Rinoa, herself. A reason for my hatred for the land.” It was here that both remained silent. That Odessa didn't know the man before her as she thought she did. Even with all her reading, the elf had not seen or could possibly know all of Sayndar. He took a long sip of his beer as the silence grew. She wanted to ask but she also didn't want to pry. “Maybe we can patch up the animosity between them and work towards the lands being peaceful? I know it’s a long shot but it could possibly work. Athentha can't be that resistant to wanting peace.” Odessa replied breaking the silence. “You can't think all they want is war and death.” “It's possible.” Sayndar said putting down his glass. “It's Athentha after all. They weren't built like us, they were built for battle prowess. Built to hunger for death and war. I don't think Rin wants peace anymore. Maybe one time long ago, but doubt it now. I don't think it's possible for peace unless we seal the princess.” Seal Rin? Was that a possible option now? Could it still be done in the new Yao Si Ji temple? Neither knew. But that was something they could ask Augustus once they found him. He was a shaman after all and Kogal's mentor. Sayndar shook his head drinking his beer as he eyed Odessa. She barely had touched her tea. It could have been talking about Athentha made her uncomfortable but he didn't know. Talking about Athentha made him uncomfortable himself. Odessa looked at Sayndar with such a look that made him feel a little guilty. He would blame himself in the end it was his fault. Yet, it wasn't his fault at all. The elf tilted her head at the hume, as they were called. His faults showed more than his accomplishments at the moment and she wondered if all humes went through this. Odessa wanted to ask that too but she refrained from doing so. It wasn't her place to ask. Not at the moment anyways. Sayndar shook his head as he finished the first glass of beer and was already pouring a second one. Odessa softly smiled hoping he wasn't blaming himself still for what happened in the past. That he thought it was his fault. “I wanted to ask you something but I waan't sure if it was right to. I don't want to pry into your life but about Rinoa--you said you fought her. Why did you fight? You said she wanted peace once, why did it change?” Sayndar paused then as he held his glass. It was something he never told anyone after it happened. He had witnessed the era of Miach, of Oisin and the Athentha-Lyonesse war. Odessa shook her head, as she knew there wasn't time to waste yet they were sluggishly moving forward. “Odessa, it's a bit complicated.” Sayndar said as he nursed his drink. “But I'll give you the short version. Miach sold Rinoa to Oisin, to experiment on her as he sought fit. He created the demoness--the Black Heart Mirror demoness of ruin and despair. And he made it out of Rinoa.” Sayndar replied grimly as he looked at her. “And so, she was made to bring forth sacrifices to keep the islands afloat. And its why we fought, to keep the land of Lyonesse safe. As for peace--” Sayndar paused again as he looked at her. Odessa had been following along, hoping that he would speak his mind. So far, he did. Yet, it explained why everyone called her the Dark Winged Beast. And why she was sealed so long ago. But now Raven had her--had her to create whatever he desired of her. It was not a good situation. “Go on.” Odessa said. “Yes, she did want peace at one time. Until the years passed. The corruption in her heart grew and she regained her memories. Simple as that.” Sayndar said nothing more, paid for the drinks and carried himself up to his room. Odessa followed as she didn't want to be left alone. Entering the room, she saw the man passed out in the bed.