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    General chat thread

    I am said ebil. Also gonna try for more posts tomorrow. 3am here, so off to bed ❤️
  2. Raven made her feel comfortable. It eased her worrying mind a bit. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling. She leaned into Raven as she softly sighed. She wondered about something else, how well the people were coming along in their new forms. Rin had been experimenting lately with the townsfolk, some got the ore, others turned into vampires and a few with both. We can stroll among the beach. I heard the moon will crash into the sun at the exact moment midnight strikes. It creates a catalyst of such burning passion and beautiful colours. Rin replied as she stood there. Wanting to spend as much time with him before they were to begin planning the next phase of the plan. Walking from him now, she made her way inside and down the steps to the main hall. Should he follow, Rin lead him along a dirt path towards the beach. ---- Hours passed as Sayndar paced back and forth. Puzzled how Vex had died. What brute force burned him into dust? The druid eyed him walking back and forth with a raised eyebrow. Seems the lad hadn't slept in days as he awaited the answer to the remains of Vex. "You do know there's 2% this will work Sayndar? Whomever did this, used a magi I haven't seen since Athentha's birth. I don't even know if Vex's remains are all here. But you should go see the knights and if they have word from the elders. Get your mind off this." Sayndar sighed as he left the druid. Unsure if they would get the demon hunter back, Sayndar worried about the keys put in place to keep Athentha alive. The keys to turn the tide from war and battle. Walking towards the cobblestone streets, he eyed the weird citizens. Lyonesse had a huge human population but lately he had been seeing more and more different creatures rise up. This concerned him. Sayndar was the rightful owner of Lyonesse and his blood boiled knowing some imposteer had wiggled and wormed his way into Lyon's position. A man no one knew, from an outside land. Heading onto a secretive dirt path away from the city, Sayndar was off to see the elder. The knights were preparing to go to Yral and begin the first step of the elder's plan. Gaining access to the ore and destroying any creatire that opposed them. Sayndar eyed a young knight then as he stood there outside the gates. The knight looked a bit pale as if nightmares haunted her dreams. However Sayndar cursed knowing exactly who the knight was. Amaranth, the rogue artifact and Manah stood next to her. Well look what the cat dragged in. Ammy chuckled. She shook her head as she came near Sayndar. And hear I thought you got eaten. Shame really. Though we don't stand a chance against the princess. Unfortunately I have more bad news. Since Raven transformed her with that neat little mark, its done something to her psyche. Annnnd, the people are starting to reflect the new born lineage. Change even. From hume to-- Manah sighed as the artifact disappeared. Not sure where Amaranth went but she hoped to get more information by spying on the couple. Amaranth silently followed Rin and Raven towards the beach. Sayndar shrugged then. He looked at the girl noticing how pale she was also. "Are you alright? You look so pale Ser Manah." Sayndar said. "Everyone does these days. I feel an epidemic is on the rise." "I'm just a bit tired. No need to concern yourself. The elder is waiting in his chambers for you. Good day Sayndar." He nodded as he made his way into the building. Sayndar had no idea of the agent Rin sent to infilrate the knights and cause discourse. A young vampire named Lyssa had gotten recruited into the knights, having her ways with them and infecting them slowly so that she wouldn't be noticed. She had bitten a few of the knights including Manah.
  3. Out of everyone that I wirte with on Valucre, you ALWAYS are up for some KIND Of adventure!!!

    I miss fleshing some things out with you so, in the near future, invite to join up with you in some RP sometime soon. It'll be like old times; you never missed a post; ONLY if you weren't feeling well.



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    Redeye Ruckus [Quest B]

    Vanilla eyed the brawlers as she did something unusual. She used Lenoa to lean against. The seed was quite tired from the walk. And she was a thin light being. Though she didn't interfere with the fighting pair only because she didn't care who won or lost. Chuckling to herself, she stood up and tilted her head. So, where are we going? I might have spaced out when you told me. I tend to do such. Bad habit of mine. Also, these spoils... plenty? Vanilla smiled as she shook her head. Sometimes playing with others meant she had to play by the rules. And it was hard at times. But right now she would be good so she watched on.
  6. "I have never done under hand business. I'm a knight. Well, was. I'm sure once the elders find out I screwed up, I won't be. But sounds interesting. I just am not sure what's really here at stake. Who's pulling strings to cause dismay. Your axe, how strong is it?" Ferghas asked curiously as he drank his beer. He wondered about everything that happened so far. Hevtried to figure out things he couldn't wrap his mind about. Couldn't believe any of it. And his brooding was messing with his mind. Shaking his head, Ferghas stood up and knew it was time to start finding Yuma and return her back to normal. "Let's go. The downtown district might have a portal to the true city of Serphus Alumna. We might find your axe and Yuma." He exited the bar then. --- Yuma walked silently into the true underbelly of Serphus Alumna as she shook her head. It seemed that she was unstable more and more. She was fighting the darkness inside her still and she was losing. Whatever Agatha did to her was intense. And it was hurting her. The young witch fell to the ground in pain as the ore coursed through her, the axe slamming to the ground. It crashed with a bang and almost broke.
  7. I just realised it's the first time we are alone together without someone attacking us. And I'm also terrible at small talk. But I do know I am enjoying our time together. Possibly we can take a stroll after dinner? Rin said as she took a bite of the meat. She hadn't had such a treat since the days of being in Athentha's old towers. The princess took a sip of the wine and made a face, it was bitter compared to rum. But she continued eating the meal until it was gone. Standing up, she looked around the room. It seemed that there were new servants, more and more of them each day. And their numbers were growing. Though she couldn't get past the thoughts she had. They bothered her slightly. I was trying to piece together how Sayndar lived. I fear that he may become a thorn in our side. He is the hero of Lyonesse after all. Unless he is aligned with one of the old druids. There were a few left after time passed. It's just bothering me, I'm afraid. Rin sighed as she walked towards the balcony. She wanted to spend time with Raven before the war truly started. Yet, she felt that things would be interesting in time.
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    General chat thread

    Time to post some rambling posts
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    Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    "It's true." Vex replied. "Virga called her his biological child. She was his first born child. Esben; well he's worn many faces. His true name, Serphus Alumna. That worm is more elusive than anyone else." The demon hunter stood eyeing Rodham. Noticing his skin, he said nothing for a moment. The ore hearing it's masters name, boiled with in the young man. It darkenly glowed, opening vials of black ooze and whispering dark evil thoughts into the man. Vex sat up on the bed now as he allowed his suspicions to remain. "Seldeth was kidnapped by Lhorr. Esben planned the whole thing. Virga allowed him to have her. Lhorr did despicable things to your elven princess. Nothing compared to Esben or even Rin. All those contaminated with the ore hunger for it. It's all they desire, forgetting everything they once knew. But Esben crafted four special ores to turn Seldeth into a monster." Consume... Eat us. The ore cried out in Rodham's mind and heart. Vex eyed the young man standing near him. Esben had made many creations to place his ore into unsuspecting people. And the incident in Lyonesse bothered the demon hunter even more. That woman placed something upon Rodham. He sighed. Vex knew that Esben could have infected Rodham but he had no proof. And wild accusations wouldn't help the situation. "Rodham, you need to tell me if you have eaten any ore. Its time you let me in on the secrets you hide. Esben knows that you and her were close, he's going to use it against you. Especially if you ate the Black Heart Mirror Ore, the black sun ore, the Sunburst Justice ore or his newest one, the Rosé ore. I need to know that you aren't tainted." Vex crossed his arms against his chest. Time wasn't on their side. And he knew. Knew that if Rodham was tainted, Esben would have an easier time tearing them apart. Vex sat down on the bed again, head in his hands. He was frustrated, angry and sad that he couldn't stop this plague. "I just--I just want that bastard to face justice. Esben cannot continue onward in plaguing the land with his ore. Seldeth was our key. She was the other half to Virga, able to stop, even reverse the ore. That slaver is elusive, crafty. I want him dead. I just want peace." ---- Esben sat up then as he finished. Amazed he had survived death twice now. Pulling his doll up, he caressed Seldeth's chin. He had perfected her, her memory false with all his lies. Her heart blackened by his ore and deathly corruption. She had no mind, it was eaten away but blissful obedience, eaten by darkness. She no longer had free will, her will given to the creature before her. Her shackles teethered among her as necklaces and bracelets. A beautiful but deadly slave. Esben lifted her chin as he barely dressed her in the fine silks. Her body so outstretched and voluptuous that her clothing would barely fit. His hand caressing down her body, he eyed his seal upon her neck and his markings upon her marble flesh. He chuckled wondering how far he could truly go. Of course they hadn't reached their destination yet. Esben smirked then as he sat there. He did still have her dead heart in a jar. And he always loved experimenting. He held the jar then as he opened it and held it in his hands. She was a beautiful vampire, as he placed the heart back into the jar and let it disappear. Seldeth had allowed him to change her. But she had no idea his schemes and plans. Esben would turn Talia upside down just for fun. "We're almost there my dear slave. Are you ready to show me how good my experiment is? You do know they will try to harm me. I captured their princess, a key battling the evils of the land. But you are an obedient tool, nothing more." Esben lifted her chin. Seldeth was the embodiment of the world's sin and darkness. In time she would be the ultimate weapon. A mindless woman who learned his enslaving rituals. Esben wrapped his forn around hers, kissing down her neck. Kissing his brand upon her right side of her neck. It was almost time to extract his next plan. Esben then heard the carriage stop. Yet, nothing happened for a moment. The carriage exploding as his full power came forth. Standing before Seldeth was no longer Esben, his full glory showing his true name. Serphus Alumna. His dark yello eyes drinking her in, as he stood there. Muscular with some abs, he chuckled. Esben hadn't used this form in ages. Though a vampric elf now, he towered over the vampire princess. That's better. he cooed. It's been so long since I've used this vampire form. Last time was the night I stole you from Virga. Now slave on your knees, I have one last gift to bestow upon you. One more dark vile thing to destroy you. Serphus shoved Seldeth down to the ground. His hand upon her forehead, as he chanted. It started out as an unaudible whisper, only growing in time. It was a spell from old. As he continued, her heart would burst open, withered yet rebuilt, reborn with something other than his mark. The seed beat, pulsating as it grew large inside her. That burst open too, creating the darkest treachery of all. Amoura, child of Masthius, reborn once more. Tyrannical daughter of Virga, Princess of Talia. Vampire queen of the black mirror ore. And my bethrothed, this child becomes your vessel. Your home. Destroy it into the darkest star. Serphus then fell to his knees. Bringing forth the true daughter of Virga tired him out. And yet his arms fell to his sides as the sky rumbled and cracked with the incoming storm. He laughed then. The bridge isn't far, in fact we are almost there. Tonight, you will learn the beautiful darkness. Amoura, you will falter to my vile wickness.
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    I'm sorry this came up, but I've been dealing with this shit for 5 years and it's time to get this shit FIXED. I need ONE week. ALL that I have is a basic endoscopapy to LOOK at that BAD flap and they want to see how to FIX it. Nothing more, nothing LESS. I'm sorry that I could not post up earlier bro; this shit is SERIOUS and if I do NOT get it taken care of SOON, it might fucking KILL me. REAL TALK bro. No bullshit...no sugar-coating shit....no fun and games. Please understand my friend...alright?


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    General chat thread

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