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  1. Hi there Rin! 

    I'm thinking of making my final post in "An evening to remember" this weekend any I'm planning on having Arnau giving Esben an open invitation to the Dermont estate if we want to continue having them getting to know each other at a later date or to at least provide provide some plot grounds for the to interact further. 

    I really enjoyed writing with you in the thread and hope we can continue doing so in the future!

    1. Rin


      Great. I'll have her come along since I want to continue writing with her and you. 

      So let me know when it starts, I can write posts offline and post them when I get the hotspot time 

      I enjoyed writing with you too. Plus I'd like to expand on her in writings.


    2. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      I made my final post in the thread, do you wish to make a final post yourself? Otherwise I will lock the thread and then we can perhaps pick it up later at the Dermont estate. 

    3. Rin


      You can lock it and we can pick it up later at the estate.

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