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  1. O' ho? Yet we all know you love that taste. You love the corruption flowing through you. Wanting to bestow it upon everyone and thing. And you cannot hide it anymore. Libra replied as she slithered off of the woman and slithered towards Ra. She grinned as she looked back at the madame. Or maybe I should destroy Ra instead. You care so much for this stranger who lured you here to die. Hm?
  2. Isabella sighed. “The Neverend sword takes it's name after the creature that protects it. No hume, as people here call humans, have ever gone after it. And those that do, don't return.” She paused as she looked at Tal then. “The creature is a demon of power, one able to twist any thought--” The woman sighed. She remembered her parents last words. Mind the farm Izzie, we'll be back soon. We all need to pitch in and help the land against the beast. Isabella looked down as she bit her lower lip. Ra knew that this wasn't some easy task. That they were riskimg their lives. But at the same time Isabella knew that it was something she didn't want to recall. They're being corrupted… Those words from Ra also didn't make her feel any better. The knights were supposed to be the good guys, saving the land. Now that being--that creature, the Neverend was awake. Awake and consuming those wanting what it guarded. “Tal, you should just give up on finding that sword. I'm sure the blacksmith can make you something simliar to it. Why endanger your life?! That creature wants to consume a host and escape that prison! It will get into your very mind and twist you to its whims. You cannot win.” Isabella replied as she didn't want to see another destroyed by this creature. Yet everyday more reports came in that more knights were becoming twisted into Neverend knights. They sent unsuspecting victims into the cave to have the creature feast on their souls. Ra leaned against the wall as she eyed Tal and Isabella. The horses are ready to go. Ra replied stoicily. It's time to decide what you're going to do Tal. She is right though, there's a good chance you'll end up the new Neverend beast. But then again, you might not. But that sword isn't coming out its self. Ra then stood and exited the house and jumped upon the black and white horse as she waited for Tal. It was a decision only he could make. “It's not too late to go home. The beast knows everything inside you. It will use it against you. Please.” Isabella said, pleading one last time.
  3. Rin

    Public AFV Thread

    Welp, like last month, hotspot is getting low so probably be slow again in posting until the 3rd. I'll try to post withe mobile data or at the library But this is a heads up. So just letting you all know
  4. Claudette's feet touched the ground in the middle of the Arcadia district eyeing the victims that took in her seeds. She closed her eyes as she breathed softly. Her body lit up as it glowed brightly. Suddenly tendrils rushed out of her form and into the crowds of bodies that were infected. Each now attached to her, as she placed her hands together. Filling each one with tons and tons of mirror piece and seed, these hybrids exploded into twisted black mirror selves. Each having their morals twisted, they became demonic creatures, all burned with the mirror symbol on their forms. Their eyes empty, devoted, perfected. As the tendrils unattached from these creatures, they sat on the ground and began to eat the ore. Forgetting everything but it, they became more and more enslaved. Claudette fell to her knees as she finished. The magic used to perform this drained her greatly. But she grinned, as they were now devoted followers to the black heart mirror. New members to help rebuild a dying decaying land. As she looked, the crowd dispersed and she shook her head. It was what was willed. Claudette looked at Iblis then as she pushed herself to stand. Wobbily she staggered, standing lopsided. She was still exhausted from her performance but it was time to begin. Time to gain what she wanted, show these creatures they desired to be what they hid inside. That was exhausting. But the deed is done. In time, those exposed to the mirror piece will become their mirror self. Secrets hid will be exposed. And in turn, they will serve the mirror spreading the plague. She smiled softly. Daring those brave or foolishly stupid to come and stop her. Shaking her head, she stood there.
  5. Maira wasn't far from the truth. Lucius said nothing as he sat there. It seemed the land the knight came to was more barren than her own. The Inquistor placed his hands in his lap as he watched a maid go up the stairs. In the kitchen, dinner was being prepared. Well--prepared with a touch of mirror seed and food. The maid knocked on the door as she found it unable to be opened. “Miss, you alright in there? Dinner will be ready soon, are you eating with us?” She placed some clean sheets, clothes and other things at the foot of the door and waited for an answer. Once she got it, she walked downstairs and continued her duties. Lucius sighed as he stood. Surely dinner would produce more successful results. He needed the extra strength to combat his enemies. And the organizations needed to become one. He muttered low entering the dinner hall. Maira had been taking in but would she realize her kidnapping yet? Would she know that he intended to change her to his reasonings soon?
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    General chat thread

    I can make you a cardboard box fortress for that lol Your very own. Since I'm not divorced lol
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    General chat thread

    I already miss the pig superlike reaction... 😔
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    General chat thread

    Lol, might just keep the old ones on my phone 😆
  9. But no one came. Ra stood there as she couldn't move. Muttering low, she knew that the wanting of the rods overrode any sense of sense. And though she wanted to attack Ra couldn't as her magic wouldn't work. And you could tell she was panicking. Libra grinned as she wrapped her form around the madame as the rod inside her whispered such dreams she wanted. Things she clinged to twisted and the want of both rods stronger each moment. The demoness's lips hung at her ear as the sensual words flowed through them. You know deep in your heart you crave this. Ra wants to rip it from you, descreate your name and take your prize. Wouldn't it feel so good with her flesh upon yours, sitting at your feet? Controlling her like the puppet she should be? Twisting her core to what she truly wants to be. Yours. Give into the rod my pet. Become the true being you hide from the world. Indulge the void. Fear entered Ra's core as she watched the demoness. This trial was going wrong, terrible. And as she stood there trying to get her magi to work but she couldn't remember the words. She is going to seal you. Imprison you in Rowan and keep you from what you desire. Love. And take your rods, destroying them. You will lose. Libra grinned as she moved from the madame giggling with such malice. Her game enjoyed as she pitted each against the other.
  10. Dude, no worries. Hope all is well tho
  11. Wait. Where is the main tower? Esben called out as his voice trailed off and Cain ran off. He had never been to Terrenus nor its cities and now the man who did ran off. With vague information. The elf sighed. Though he needed to get more involved with the organization, he was missing home even more. Only because he knew the cities and places. Where to go, where everything was located. So as he fought against the un-naturals and beasts, each getting hurt by his magic or arrow, he tried to find the main tower. It's what I get isn't it? He spoke to himself outloud. If only I knew the cities here. Oh well, I'm sure its around somewhere. Esben continued on, still a bit lost. Almost of arrows as well. And he didn't like that, as it was his main form of attack. The poor elf getting more and more lost as the hours went on.
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