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  1. That was dumb." Maveus said jumping through the trees. "Brave but dumb. You could have been corrupted. Unlike me, you're not resistant--" "Are you really?" Nebula asked. "I'm not trying to be rude, just curious. I had to do it, because the village was in trouble. It was the right thing to do. I'm sorry." Maveus didn't answer as the two continued to the village of Yugalla-Cobalt. The pair had three swords able to cut damage into the mirror shards, the Malestrom, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and Jupiter-Neptune. They were now a target it seemed. The silence bothered Nebula as her questions weren't answered. This didn't make her feel at ease that Maevus deflected or refused to answer her. Entering Yugalla-Colbate, Maveus put the knight down. Nebula dusted herself off as the silence was growing ever more. They were safe for now as Maveus didn't see the enemy trailing them. Though remaining cautious, it seemed the pair had breathing room. The elf looked at the knight as she opened her mouth to speak but closed it for another moment. How could she let Nebula know that she could be tainted? That even she wasn't immune. "Nebula--" Maveus started before biting her lip once more before deciding to speak. "I am not as immune as you'd think. I cannot be easily tainted because of my blood but with the right ritual--even I can be." Nebula said nothing for a moment letting it sink in. She placed her hand on Maveus's shoulder. "I understand. I know it wasn't easy to tell me. And I am glad you did." The two stood in silence once more. It wasn't an easy issue to talk about. Nebula looked down at her hands, hands scarred in the battle with the Neverend beast. Hands scarred from countless battles to save Talia from the most dangerous being and she had failed keeping the mirror sealed away. Failed in her duty. Failed as a knight of the Mercury knights. Maveus placed her hand on Nebula's shoulder. "Are you still worried that the five swords are useless against Seldeth? That we are not ready yet? It's why we are here. Besides the training, stragetries and plans, we came to find the last sword, as the others are off to find the Capricorn LionHeart." "There's a lot on my mind Maveus." Nebula replied honestly. "What if the Jager Scarheart isn't here? It's time we wasted and more time our enemy--" "You worry too much my dear knight. Seldeth hasn't corrupted all the knights yet. Saturn, Draconia and Valentina are still on our side. I am sure the sword is here." Nebula sighed.
  2. I apologise for slow responses to rps I owe and my own. I will be writing this week, so with even limited hotspotting and mobile data I'll try my best to respond to most of them.

    Let me know if I owe you one. Can always pm me here or leave a message to me on discord.


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  4. Manah had been lost in her thoughts as she trained. Though the knight had been through a lot, being tainted by some creature she knew nothing about and survived--meant she could tackle a lot. But she felt she wasn't strong enough yet. Holding her sword, it trembled in her hand. Would her father be proud she was here helping people? The Yellow Leaf brigade proud how far she had gotten? Would she falter again in the end? Manah didn't know as she stared at the dummy frustrated. "I don't understand! I came this far and there's nothing to show that I'm better!" She threw her sword at the dummy. Frustrated by all the events that led up to this point. Manah didn't feel proud. Didn't feel good enough to be here which wasn't the point, because she did. She had done so much to help the Justicar be repaired. Yet she oddly felt defeated. Picking up her sword she looked at it. It was the last thing her father gave her before he died. She felt bad to have it yet proud at the same time. An heirloom that got her through most of her battles. An hour or two passed before she eyed the young man standing there watching her. How long had he been there? Did he see her outburst? Manah didn't know. She walked out of the training area nodding silently. It was time to get the adventure started. Hopefully it wouldn't go wrong this time like so many have before her.
  5. Well that was rude.. Claudette spoke as she grasped Grant's hand as it attempted to smash into the building she was standing on. The ice princess smiling, a malicious one as she pulls the man near her but keeping them an inch apart. Of course you'd greet an old friend like that. Can you call yourself a man after the things you've done Grant? Your people suffer yet here you are, killing them. Aiding in their suffering. Such a weak man. Claudette pulled him close to her as he could breathe in her. The ice princess then threw Grant into the building across from the one she was on. The tendrils coming forth from her as they came flying at him like daggers that if hit him would pierce his skin. Deep down, you desire what all humes desire, power. Strength. I think I can help with that. You should be happy I'm about to give you this gift. My dearest Grant, it's time to create a king that will be a great puppet servant. Claudette closed her eyes as the tendrils oozed the mirror shards into him. As she pulled them out, and they vanished, she fell to her knees. The mirror shard that entered him, should it hit him, would settle into his heart and it would in time slowly take over him. The ice princess stood behind him then as she picked him up by the collar of his shirt. My dear, unlike the others here, I see greatness in you that needs to become better. Not only is a mirror shard in you but a piece of ore as well. And we both know-- She dropped him then as he had pushed her aside. It didn't matter as the shard awoke, beating within as it whispered within him, within Grant. Ah, the princess chose our host well. And you secretly desire her don't you? Don't you want to make her happy? Serve her as her puppet? Let's see what else I can see.. Ah… The mirror shard chuckled, oozing more into him as it began to bloom. Yes, a mighty king. But a corrupted and unmoral one at best. Desiring what you want for once. Selfish… Tyrant… these people your pawns, your servants. And the princess… the ice princess at your mercy. Yes, with our power you can even enslave her. Give in. The shard pumped more and more into Grant as Claudette stood there. Injured a bit as she sighed softly. But she would gain the king even if it would backfire on her. She shook her head. Yes, become my host and everything you desire will be yours Grant. Fulfill the contract...
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  8. 12, September 1679AY Yugalla-Cobalt, Talia 4 Days after the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Sun Crash. Thud… The sword went flying to the ground, the mask crackling and breaking as the pieces fell to the ground as well. Landing next to the broken shield, the sword stood there. Ferghas grumbled as he slumped to one knee, blood running down his face as Nebula came running at him again, her sword raised in the air above her head. "You son of a bitch!" Nebula yelled running at him. "You could have saved the Talian princesses and you let yourself be betrayed and used! You crumbled cause daddy didn't love you enough! You f-ing coward!" Ferghas heard her words but it didn't make him flinch as the Malestrom came at his torso and slashed it hard. Yet, the wound was small and healing as almost instant. Nebula spit at him. The Gilchrist name seemed to be more important than the citizens of the land. She hated Ferghas. Hated his cowardice. She raised the blade again as his own, the Jagged Malice clashed with it. "What about you Nebula? How many did you let die to save Maveus? You weren't there to save them either and you have the gall to charge me with what happened? You have no rights to do such a thing." Nebula said nothing as he pushed against her sword. The darkness trying to consume Nebula as she now had the sword, a key to stopping Seldeth. She held it against his, pushing back as both slid back and the swords broke free from each other. However he wasn't alone. The knight eyed the arrow pointed at her, her eyes widening in fear. It couldn't be… how could it be? "You're outnumbered knight," the female voice said. "Drop the sword and let us bring you to our beloved princess. Your fighting is futile." Nebula shook her head as she knew that surrending here was the end to save the land. And she wouldn't do that. Closing her eyes, electricity flowed through her as her hand outstretched towards both. The electric shards flew at both hitting them as she ran at Ferghas and slammed him to the ground swinging her blade again and again at his body. The female jumped down and fired the arrows into Nebula one by one making her fall back. As she readied another arrow, an arrow pierced her hand as she dropped the bow. "What?!" "You're not taking the knight, Lucinda." Maveus replied jumping down herself readying another arrow. "Over my dead body will you get either. And as for Seldeth, you can tell her that we are gathering, we will destroy her." Maveus picked up Nebula and threw a smoke bomb allowing them to get away. Lucinda growled low. Ferghas stood as his wounds slowly healed. Annoyed that Maveus hadn't faltered to the mirror shard nor the arch mage herself. "You idiot. You didn't infect Maveus?" Lucy barked at Ferghas. "It didn't take it seems." Ferghas replied. "Probably resistant. We'll have to regroup and restragterize." --- "That was dumb." Maveus said jumping through the trees. "Brave but dumb. You could have been corrupted. Unlike me, you're not resistant--" "Are you really?" Nebula asked. "I'm not trying to be rude, just curious. I had to do it, because the village was in trouble. It was the right thing to do. I'm sorry." Maveus didn't answer as the two continued to the village of Yugalla-Cobalt. The pair had three swords able to cut damage into the mirror shards, the Malestrom, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and Jupiter-Neptune. They were now a target it seemed. The silence bothered Nebula as her questions weren't answered.
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  11. So Ezra, since we're all telling past stories, how about you? The Valentina house. Why is it a big deal to Talia? Ra asked as she looked at him. It was something that bothered her for a while now. And is there any other hidden members left that you're keeping from us? Well, besides holding up a small territory in Lyonesse that Grant Lyon will never claim, it's the second biggest house. It commands a lot of business deals and whatnot. Ezra explained as Ra raised an eyebrow. Of course, just in case the others died or were compromised. One though. The elf called Jupiter. Amaranth listened in as she was interested in what these three were talking about. So, the events of Talia had proceeded as predicted. That no matter how she tried Seldeth had allowed herself to falter. And allowed herself to fail because she wasn't strong enough. And Amaranth knew the rewards by Libra were sweet enough to captivate anyone. And she knew the Black Heart Mirror Sun wanted to return again, angry by Virga's deception and locked away in the Farenheit-Abalone temple. But not as long as they thought it. Nebula's fist hit the seat as the three looked at her. She was frustrated and upset about all of this. That she wasn't strong enough to keep the mirror from taking Seldeth. Ra tilted her head as she looked at Nebula. "I feel to blame in all this. It was mine and Zachriel's job to imprison Libra." Nebula replied. She looked down at her hands in her lap as she sighed softly. "And she knew how to get inside Zachriel's head. She can see inside, everything you don't show. Your secrets, your desires, even your sins." So it seems that Libra used her ways to gain the young princess. It works like the Neverend beast as in mind games. And that means we're gonna need the four swords. Ra said as she sat up in her seat as she shook her head. Malachite's Heart, Sagittarius Kaleidoscope, Capricorn LionHeart and Neptune-Mercury. These can return the princess back to normal and reverse the effects of the black heart mirror. Amaranth tilted her head as she knew that two of their agents, Maveus and Malachite were already hunting for the two swords Malachite Heart and Neptune-Mercury. So their task was to acquire the other two. Ra was right though as these swords were legendary and able to reverse any effect of the mirror. However in the wrong hands, the effects could be amplified to help the mirror in her agendas. "It's not going to be easy to acquire the four legendary swords." Amaranth replied. "And we don't even know if your companion can't be corrupted or used. The mirror could give her something she truly desires." "I know but I'm not giving up." Nebula said. The carriage arrived in Abysmal-Abyss then. The area housed such dark creatures since the arrival of the mirror. And the group would have to find Wendelin, and traverse the city carefully.
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  13. 14. September 1679AY Jupiter-Malachite, Talia 31 Days After the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Organization Tuesday, 1:00P.M Rain fell heavily these days as it seemed unevitable that the heroes would fail. Fail in stopping the Black Heart Mirror Sun in overtaking the young elven princess. And it was here that Virga's plan had succeeded. Should the princess become the next Crowned Hearth, the next Black Heart Mirror Sun, then the old Talia would return. But hiding in the wings were three plans should their first plan failed. Nebula and whomever went with her were going to unearth the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope. Reginald and his team were heading to Malachite-Topaz to retreive the Capricorn LionHeart. And well, the woman here was mission C. Should the enemy gain either the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope or Capricorn LionHeart, this would be something to aid them. The Malachite Heart. The very name of the code name the elf used herself. It wasn't wise to use real names with the Black Heart Mirror Organization reforming and able to control you if they learned your true name. Malachite shook the long rainbow locks from her face. She usually would have braided it but today she didn't. Her rainbow eyes scanned the area to make sure she wasn't followed. What she wore was a scout uniform. And she kept that hood of her coat over her face, along with the dragon mask. Her boots made her way down the path. She wondered how Seldeth fell. Who were the key players that infected the kind princess to become such a terror? Could it be full circle that Athentha corrupted Seldeth's heart? I heard that she once came in contact with Rin… Malachite thought as she entered the city of Jupiter-Malachite. Her thoughts seemed erratic, confused. She rubbed her temples in frustration. No, that couldn't be the case. Why would Athentha care about Talia? Malachite thought as she sat down in a bench in the market square of the city. Still not sure how it turned out the Crowned Hearth changed. But at the moment, the elf waved off the mountains of looming questions as her rainbow eyes noticed the square. The people hadn't been affected yet and they looked so happy. So unaware of the darkness that was coming, that would taint them. Malachite shook her head, soaked from the falling rain. I believed in Seldeth. She was going to fix Talia and remove it from Virga's destructive manner. She thought as she eyed her hands. The reason she took this mission was to make sure she didn't come face to face with Seldeth herself. Her past experience wasn't good as Malachite was almost seduced by the mirror. Maveus watched the elf from her perch in the tree. The only elf so far who couldn't be corrupted by the mirror. Well, no one knew if that was true. Jumping down Malachite eyed Maveus standing there. She was glad to have an ally near her right now even though it didn't ease her mind. "We're at a disadvantage Malachite." Maveus spoke. "The Red Blood Moon Organization has been captured by both the Mirror Sun and a new player, Sareneth. So we need these swords more than ever. But--" "But?" Malachite asked. "You looked troubled. As if you don't understand how it happened. Well, it happened in Malachite-Topaz with the half-breed monster. She started the downfall of Seldeth by handing a black heart mirror shard to study." "How the--you can't be serious!" Malachite muttered as Maveus nodded. "But why?! Talia and Athentha have never even cared about one another." "Talia needs the Crowned Hearth. Rin knew this and decided to create one because Virga wouldn't. But in doing so, the Black Heart Mirror knew it could corrupt Seldeth and make the old forgotten Talia to return." Maveus replied sitting beside the elf. "Meaning the Black Sun is Seldeth. And that means we are in trouble." Malachite sighed. She couldn't believe that this was happening in her beloved Talia. And now they were here to stop it at all cost. But if both organizations were now one--Malachite's eyes widened then. The making of entwining shard and seed would be catastrophic to the people. And now it could be achieved. "Then we need to go. We have no time to dawdle to find the Malachite Heart. Seldeth--" Malachite said as Maveus shook her head once more. "What now?" "No, not Seldeth anymore. Libra." Maveus breathed. Malachite placed her head in her hands. How could this get any worse?
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