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  8. The City of Ebony-Yahera, Athentha It was a Wednesday, mid afternoon in the small city of Ebony-Yahera. The city bustled with life, business going on as usual as the citizens carried on their lives despite the fact of war breaking out among the islands. But that's another problem for another day. This tale is about gathering back a dangerous artifact made by the house of Sakimura itself. The Otherworld Sword and Shield. Though there were about six or seven, this one had bern abandoned in the underdepths of Ebony-Yahera. The demoness, Liú had wanted this set to help her battle the cult that seemed to rise above the lands of Athentha and Talia. She wanted to destroy the cult. Not allowing it to flourish. Walking down the cobblestone street, she watched the townsfolk run here and there. Some carrying the day's grocery runs, others carrying the errands of the day. Children playing child games of tag and hide and seek. It made her sadly smile. These people would never get to be at peace. Not if the islands lost their heroes. Her, Sayndar, Atlas... even Rheumial and Garnet. Yes, the stubborn first seed. His organization was less dangerous than the black heart mirror organization. She sighed as the rain lightly fell. Liú knew the dangers of getting a weapon tied to the family of the monster known as the Dark Winged Beast. Yet, she grabbed ahold of her courage, and ventured to the end of the street. A sign sat there written with Ebony-Yahera underdepths 12mi, east. Absolon 40mi west. It was the beginning of things, that she would brave the Underdepths to try and bring a better tomorrow for Athentha's citizens. With a lift of her right foot, she walked down the right side of the sign, to the east, to the underdepths. Liú knew it wouldn't be easy, it was Athentha. And it housed temptations to keep you from your goal. I hope I'm strong enough... Liú thought as she walked.
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  10. I had my reasons Liúsaidh. I don't get in people's personal affairs. But this knight, she's not real. She moves too much like a doll. Rheumial whispered to Liú as they walked towards the loomimg castle square. Lucius is up to something. But what I do not know and it puzzles me greatly. Liú listened in between the bouts of thunder and rain. The walk was something that wasn't comforting as well as the rain storm. The artifact's words didn't comfort her either. Rheumial had no alliances to anyone, he could go and come as he pleased. Help who he wanted and abandon anyone he wanted. Liú sighed. "Well your reasons are terrible. You know Alastair almost killed me. I had to use old magic that now has me tromping up to the spooky old castle. And now--" She paused at those words. Her eyebrow raised at them. She was following something not real. "What do you mean she's not real?" Rheumial said nothing as they reached the castle. It loomed overhead as a scary looking piece of building. Made to imititade and frighten. The artifact shook his head leaning into Liú so the knight couldn't hear. She's not Manah. Lucius created her image after the real knight commander went missing. She's an illusion, a puppet made to fool people. Well this got even more weird and interesting at the same time. And Liú didn't like it. Another clap of thunder rumbled forth.
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  14. "Well," Ferghas replied as he crossed his arms against his chest. "I get the feeling Legoniare is around here as he probably is behind this. Wouldn't put it past him." Ferghas sighed softly before moving to his right as the ice princess had come running at him, at his torso. He had barely had time to catch her coming but he managed. Her sword sticking out of the wall, Claudette attached. "A brash reaction to my words but proof enough. Claudette here, isn't the only one that was drawn here. The Black Heart Mirror Organization or cult as we call it, stems from the fault of one legendary man." "Ser Angus Legoniare, the knight commander of the Alumnus knights." Liú whispered as she shook her head. It seemed more and more light on the cult was coming forth. And it wasn't a pretty light. And it seemed Legoniare was a part of the misery. Liú sighed once more, grasping up her weapon as Ferghas eyed the sword coming out of the wall. "I'm going to beat the clues out of Talia's leader one way or another. I'm tired of being eaten by this cult." Liú said as she ran at Claudette. Her curved sword landed in the ice princess's left shoulder. Spores and black ooze like bloid dripped down from the wound. All Claudette did was smile at Liú.
  15. So, even here the people are tainted. Interesting that the cult would come this far out to Athentha. What are they planning? They are so vague with information. Rheumial spoke as he jumped off Liú's belt. The artifact stopping the doomed march and the pause of battle among the two women. The thunder boomed overhead once more. Lightning now dancing accompanying the incoming storm. Behind this, the townspeople continued their bustling. Liú eyed Rheumial tilting her head as she'd no idea he appear so randomly like that. He eyed her, somberly, softly. No saracastic quips, no hidden meanings in his words. Rheumial was marked as a rogue artifact. Marked as the enemy. But the artifact said nothing as the two stood there another moment. "Of all times, now you appear you coward? How about back there when I was about to be killed and--" Liú stopped as she shook her head. Not the time to bring up grudges and arguments. That could wait. "Well, we could beat it out of Manah here." Rheumial sighed. It seems Liúsaidh didn't see the problem here. The artifact would not speak as he could see what was going on. He wanted to speak but he waited the moment looking over Manah. It was not as it seemed. Liú looked at Rheum as they watched the spear come stabbing at the demoness. She saw it in the corner of her eye and barely missed the assault. Rheumial chuckled. Seems Manah wouldn't wait for them to decide. And then the rain fell again, blackening the battlefield from the light.