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  1. O' ho? Yet we all know you love that taste. You love the corruption flowing through you. Wanting to bestow it upon everyone and thing. And you cannot hide it anymore. Libra replied as she slithered off of the woman and slithered towards Ra. She grinned as she looked back at the madame. Or maybe I should destroy Ra instead. You care so much for this stranger who lured you here to die. Hm?
  2. Isabella sighed. “The Neverend sword takes it's name after the creature that protects it. No hume, as people here call humans, have ever gone after it. And those that do, don't return.” She paused as she looked at Tal then. “The creature is a demon of power, one able to twist any thought--” The woman sighed. She remembered her parents last words. Mind the farm Izzie, we'll be back soon. We all need to pitch in and help the land against the beast. Isabella looked down as she bit her lower lip. Ra knew that this wasn't some easy task. That they were riskimg their lives. But at the same time Isabella knew that it was something she didn't want to recall. They're being corrupted… Those words from Ra also didn't make her feel any better. The knights were supposed to be the good guys, saving the land. Now that being--that creature, the Neverend was awake. Awake and consuming those wanting what it guarded. “Tal, you should just give up on finding that sword. I'm sure the blacksmith can make you something simliar to it. Why endanger your life?! That creature wants to consume a host and escape that prison! It will get into your very mind and twist you to its whims. You cannot win.” Isabella replied as she didn't want to see another destroyed by this creature. Yet everyday more reports came in that more knights were becoming twisted into Neverend knights. They sent unsuspecting victims into the cave to have the creature feast on their souls. Ra leaned against the wall as she eyed Tal and Isabella. The horses are ready to go. Ra replied stoicily. It's time to decide what you're going to do Tal. She is right though, there's a good chance you'll end up the new Neverend beast. But then again, you might not. But that sword isn't coming out its self. Ra then stood and exited the house and jumped upon the black and white horse as she waited for Tal. It was a decision only he could make. “It's not too late to go home. The beast knows everything inside you. It will use it against you. Please.” Isabella said, pleading one last time.
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    Welp, like last month, hotspot is getting low so probably be slow again in posting until the 3rd. I'll try to post withe mobile data or at the library But this is a heads up. So just letting you all know
  4. Claudette's feet touched the ground in the middle of the Arcadia district eyeing the victims that took in her seeds. She closed her eyes as she breathed softly. Her body lit up as it glowed brightly. Suddenly tendrils rushed out of her form and into the crowds of bodies that were infected. Each now attached to her, as she placed her hands together. Filling each one with tons and tons of mirror piece and seed, these hybrids exploded into twisted black mirror selves. Each having their morals twisted, they became demonic creatures, all burned with the mirror symbol on their forms. Their eyes empty, devoted, perfected. As the tendrils unattached from these creatures, they sat on the ground and began to eat the ore. Forgetting everything but it, they became more and more enslaved. Claudette fell to her knees as she finished. The magic used to perform this drained her greatly. But she grinned, as they were now devoted followers to the black heart mirror. New members to help rebuild a dying decaying land. As she looked, the crowd dispersed and she shook her head. It was what was willed. Claudette looked at Iblis then as she pushed herself to stand. Wobbily she staggered, standing lopsided. She was still exhausted from her performance but it was time to begin. Time to gain what she wanted, show these creatures they desired to be what they hid inside. That was exhausting. But the deed is done. In time, those exposed to the mirror piece will become their mirror self. Secrets hid will be exposed. And in turn, they will serve the mirror spreading the plague. She smiled softly. Daring those brave or foolishly stupid to come and stop her. Shaking her head, she stood there.
  5. Maira wasn't far from the truth. Lucius said nothing as he sat there. It seemed the land the knight came to was more barren than her own. The Inquistor placed his hands in his lap as he watched a maid go up the stairs. In the kitchen, dinner was being prepared. Well--prepared with a touch of mirror seed and food. The maid knocked on the door as she found it unable to be opened. “Miss, you alright in there? Dinner will be ready soon, are you eating with us?” She placed some clean sheets, clothes and other things at the foot of the door and waited for an answer. Once she got it, she walked downstairs and continued her duties. Lucius sighed as he stood. Surely dinner would produce more successful results. He needed the extra strength to combat his enemies. And the organizations needed to become one. He muttered low entering the dinner hall. Maira had been taking in but would she realize her kidnapping yet? Would she know that he intended to change her to his reasonings soon?
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    I can make you a cardboard box fortress for that lol Your very own. Since I'm not divorced lol
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    I already miss the pig superlike reaction... 😔
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    Lol, might just keep the old ones on my phone 😆
  9. But no one came. Ra stood there as she couldn't move. Muttering low, she knew that the wanting of the rods overrode any sense of sense. And though she wanted to attack Ra couldn't as her magic wouldn't work. And you could tell she was panicking. Libra grinned as she wrapped her form around the madame as the rod inside her whispered such dreams she wanted. Things she clinged to twisted and the want of both rods stronger each moment. The demoness's lips hung at her ear as the sensual words flowed through them. You know deep in your heart you crave this. Ra wants to rip it from you, descreate your name and take your prize. Wouldn't it feel so good with her flesh upon yours, sitting at your feet? Controlling her like the puppet she should be? Twisting her core to what she truly wants to be. Yours. Give into the rod my pet. Become the true being you hide from the world. Indulge the void. Fear entered Ra's core as she watched the demoness. This trial was going wrong, terrible. And as she stood there trying to get her magi to work but she couldn't remember the words. She is going to seal you. Imprison you in Rowan and keep you from what you desire. Love. And take your rods, destroying them. You will lose. Libra grinned as she moved from the madame giggling with such malice. Her game enjoyed as she pitted each against the other.
  10. Dude, no worries. Hope all is well tho
  11. Wait. Where is the main tower? Esben called out as his voice trailed off and Cain ran off. He had never been to Terrenus nor its cities and now the man who did ran off. With vague information. The elf sighed. Though he needed to get more involved with the organization, he was missing home even more. Only because he knew the cities and places. Where to go, where everything was located. So as he fought against the un-naturals and beasts, each getting hurt by his magic or arrow, he tried to find the main tower. It's what I get isn't it? He spoke to himself outloud. If only I knew the cities here. Oh well, I'm sure its around somewhere. Esben continued on, still a bit lost. Almost of arrows as well. And he didn't like that, as it was his main form of attack. The poor elf getting more and more lost as the hours went on.
  12. Esben said nothing as he only nodded. He didn't need to do much here but follow, research and go. For the other two could do the job for him and he could just watch. That was the side of him he liked best. He could do merely nothing and still accomplish a goal. Of course, he would look at the mask at his hand then. It laid there as he wasn't sure if he wanted to put it on. Vanity was a weakness of his and the mask was not one that he liked very much. Of course he stood there in the alleyway, for a moment as he stared at the mask. He placed it on as he supposed should he close, no one would recognize his face. And though he didn't mind it, the poor man had a high bounty on his head in his own homeland, he didn't want to compromise himself just yet. Just call for me should you need it. But I shall be doing some of my own research until then. I want to test some of these poor subjects aligned with Sebastian. Just in case the assassination fails. A back up plan. With that, the elf known as Esben slipped out of the alleyway as he walked towards a side entrance. He'd keep well to stay out of eye sight as not to be seen as necessary. Though, he wasn't known much by these new people to bring in the elf to the dead, he still wanted to test out things he'd been working on. As he had said, a plan b should their plan fail. Something to help them out. And so Esben continued his stroll. As he was taking his time.
  13. Silence. The cold chilling knoweldge of Lucius's plans was something the two couldn't believe. Though Garnet wouldn't just roll over and give up the organization he coveted so dear. Yet he didn't know the plans in store for him. Plans made since the birth of the Black Heart Mirror and the Red Blood Moon Organization. Liú said nothing as she watched the Inquistor come near Rheumial. He stopped a foot short of the artifact. “You see, the seeds have been around forever, Absolon himself was almost crafted into one. But the Gods didn’t think him worthy enough. He died during the process. And we needed to find a new Demon King. However, something also happened that day.” “Go on.” breathed Liú nervously. “The first seed Garnet. The first success of the Red Blood Moon Organization. He was the first hume child to discard his humanity. And to become the ruby seed. For he was once a darker creation than he is today. Influenced by the lady of the Black Heart Mirror. You know her as Seldeth Lucinda Talia.” Liú muttered low. The woman, that exact woman she had ran from that day. Her and Sareneth as they allowed themselves to fall. They had different motivations, different wants and needs to be a part of this disease. Rheumy blinked. He didn't remember Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia having two children. He missed the memo on that day. Impressively stupid. Spoke Rheumial eyeing the Inquistor inching towards him. Stupid to believe Garnet, a man who is incredibly good at business roll over and give his organization to be entwined with that creature. Stupid to think the princess of Talia would align herself with the Black Heart Mirror. And what of Claudette? Did she also give up? Lucius said nothing for a moment. His hand went flying into the artifact's lower jaw as a small crack could be heard. It didn't break his jaw but it was bruised, injured. Liú gasped uncertain if the artifact would retaliate against the Inquistor and fight back. Rheumial rubbed his jaw from the little love tap and chuckled. He definitely hit a nerve. And it showed. Rheumial shook his head as he remained calm, remained restrained. Why lash out when the pair were outnumbered even though it didn't look it. But it was here, Lucius pushed the artifact. “How little you know of what has happened, what occurred. How little you grasp the situation of the matter. And you have no idea about the things to come.” Lucius snarled as he pushed the artifact again. “You think coming here will change anything? That you can stop the spread of the Black Heart Mirror and save the people you care so little for? That you--” Crack. Thump. It was here a crack of lightning magi crackled and sparked from Liú’s borrowed oar. She had acquired it from the decaying broken castle grounds of the Sakimura family. And this crackled lightning hit Lucius mid sentence sending him flying backwards into the wall. It crumbled, wallpaper and concrete falling from the ceiling. He sat there for a moment as Liú sighed. “Valentina will not succeed in bringing back a cult. Nor will you make the citizens of Athentha suffer. It's time you relinquish your title of Inquistor, Lucius. You're not fit to have it.” replied Liú glaring at him. She watched him stand as he chuckled. “It's time to end your plans here and now.” Shaking off the attack, Lucius said nothing as you could see the flesh sizzle, a few puffs of smoke pillowing away from the seared burn. His entire shoulder burned from Liú’s attack and he was angered she did anything. Rheumial sighed as he came in front of the demoness as she could get seriously hurt, even die and he couldn't die.
  14. Well I think the war rp is coming along alright despite the setbacks of my struggling to write. Though hoping to get my lazy butt to at least finish the first part to it. 

    So... might be struggling a little to do some nice destruction, character development and rebuilding of my own board. 

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  18. Thump. Seldeth, the youngest child. Living in Claudette's shadow since birth, she had never had the life her older sister had. Nor father's love or admiration. She didn’t get the land, as Claudette had been named ruler. It should have been hers, she should have been ruler and her sister the Inquistor. No, it was the other way around. Her father only saw her as a meal ticket. Only showing young Seldeth when the royal houses came showering their gifts to the islands. Or when the first seed came. The Ruby Gem as he was called. Lost memories kept him from being completely humanoid. Garnet was the real first success of the Red Blood Moon Organization. He had come to them willingly, wanting more than a mundane hume life. And they crafted him into the cruel business man. But not everything was done by the organization. And in the wake of his rebirth he was seduced by the Black Heart Mirror, he was involved with Seldeth. She enslaved the seed to her side. Enticed him to become the very first combination of the seed and mirror piece. Farenheit-Abalone had taken Seldeth, claimed her for himself. But this was not the only thing he did to her. He trained her as a weapon, learning the forbidden taboo magic of Talia. It continued for months, experimenting on her with pieces of the Black Heart Mirror. Creating the new vessel that would bring Talia from the brink of death and decay. As she resigned, the mirror created a new Seldeth, the Black Heart Mirror Seldeth, Princess of Talia. Her white magic, her healing skills now twisted to black magic. Twisted to necromancy, to harm. She desired to be powerful as the mirror thumped. It opened rivers of power ebbing into her as its seal ebbed on her skin. Markings of the black heart mirror cross crest upon her back. Memories returning to her as she remembered the one being to help her take Talia to prosperity. Garnet. Sacrificing herself, her morals, Seldeth pledged herself to the mirror. Not Farenheit-Abalone, not Talia. She sacrificed, signed over her being to become the leader she had every right to be. Seldeth would take it back from Claudette. Steal it. Eyeing her sister, she smiled. But here the mirror would keep the young princess safe. And her sister would be her shield. Unlike Seldeth, Claudette was an ice princess, she was cold beyond care. And unlike before, she cared not to protect her as she wanted to as before. Farenheit-Abalone smirked as the ice princess spoke. Having taken the elf's form, he had many plans for both sisters. He came up to Claudette first as Seldeth was still getting her strength back. First off my dear Claudette, you will have to secure your sister's new throne. As Seldeth will be its heir. Its ruler. You, as her shield, will have to seek out the pockets of resistance and snuff it out. You can deal with the knight commander Ferghas Gilchrist. Now, go my dear. As your proof that you love me, that you'll take care of that problem. Farenheit-Abalone then approached Seldeth, picking her up and walked up the marble stairs to a small bedroom. The mirror was still getting used to its new vessel, as it weakened her greatly. He took great care with her, unlike Claudette, because she was to become the stronger of the pair. He moved aside her hair as he caressed her cheek. O’ dearest Seldeth, I have grand plans for you. The organization will be stronger this time, and Talia will grow in prosperity as you surrender to the mirror. And there is another matter that you need to attend to, when you're not so weak. The first seed Garnet. I know at one time you had a crush on him. You cannot hide your secrets from me. I am going to bring both our organizations together as one. And to do that, my dear, well we need him. The mirror piece hummed within her, devouring her form as it released smaller spores of mirror. These spores twisted her, changing pure thoughts into darkness, healing magic to necromancy and strengthening her. Her heart would beat slowly as she was being retooled. The vessel needed to be as dark as the mirror once was. It heard Garnet's name as it pulled out those secrets. Yes, that handsome seed we met in Sol-Morwenna desert. He had wanted to make you a seed. And you allowed him to do so. I remember him, those eerie golden yellow eyes can't escape me. So, Farenheit-Abalone wants us to capture him--persuade him to bring our organizations together. No, I have a better plan my dear vessel. Farenheit-Abalone desires the ice princess though he pretends to covet you more. He doesn't, you as Talia's leader must bring him out. Bring out the first seed into a trap. And then we can take him for ourselves. Our organization must be the light for Talia. And with the Red Blood Moon Organization as a part of us, we can save Talia even more. And that's what you sacrificed yourself for, wasn't it? To save your homeland, its people? Seldeth would be a good vessel. Yet she still had purity in her, still a light of good. The mirror would have to snuff it out if she was to be the new Black Heart Mirror. Yes, the new one to bring Talia back to its renewal. Bring it back to prosperity. Farenheit-Abalone was the one to change her, but she had given everything to be greater than Claudette. Greater to save Talia. O’ Great child, you serve Farenheit-Abalone but he doesn't know that he's just another extent and reach of the ruby gem himself. He will remember soon enough that everything that happened long ago was because of you and Garnet. But for now, we must rebuild you. In truth everything that branched off, Garnet, Esben, Farenheit-Abalone and even her cane from the birth of these organizations. That Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia promised his children to the catalyst and bring forth a new prosperous Talia. But the hitch in all the planning was Claudette and Ferghas. And so, Seldeth had been saved in part, but not as much as she hoped. Now back in the Farenheit-Abalone temple, in the elf's clutches, she wasn't saved. She was to relive her fate as something terrible. Her body jolted filling with the mirror and it's terrorizing thoughts. Its power ebbing throughout yet robbing her of a future. In essence, the poor girl was robbed of everything. And it was unfair as hard as it sounded. No one could save her this time and if Seldeth didn't, she'd become the mirror. Remember my dear child, you were always the mirror. You enjoyed the power it gave you and made you stronger. And you enjoyed making the people of the land suffer. Making them enslaved, worshipping you. The cult--the organization and Talia needs you now. So does Garnet. The mirror spoke then before going silent. It ebbed a few more minutes before opening the flood gates of ooze, power and twisted her memories. Her mind. Seldeth wouldn't be the same soon enough. --- Liú said nothing as he came near. Sareneth had just begun his new found power that came from the mirror. And he used it against her as well. Of course in time she wouldn't be the same either. The mirror piece was working against her, ebbing within and throughout as it continued to claim her. Sareneth's words echoed through her ear then, "You're mine,"as she looked up. What does that mean? She thought as her eyes looked at him still. I cannot remember why I'm here. What was I doing? Sareneth cannot mean can he? These thoughts radiated throughout her mind as both were capturing her, enslaving her. Liú wanted to run, wanted to escape but she didn't. She was too enthralled with Sareneth. “Yours…” Liú repeated yet wasn't sure. Wasn't sure of what he was planning. “Sareneth what's happening to me? I cannot remember things. I cannot--” The words left her as she leaned more against him, as her eyes were growing dull, empty. An empty vessel for him to tell her anything she was. He could even rebuild her to anything he desired. She was willing unknowingly to this to his wants and desires. “Help me Sareneth. I am empty…” Liú whispered, afraid. Terrified.
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