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  1. That was dumb." Maveus said jumping through the trees. "Brave but dumb. You could have been corrupted. Unlike me, you're not resistant--" "Are you really?" Nebula asked. "I'm not trying to be rude, just curious. I had to do it, because the village was in trouble. It was the right thing to do. I'm sorry." Maveus didn't answer as the two continued to the village of Yugalla-Cobalt. The pair had three swords able to cut damage into the mirror shards, the Malestrom, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and Jupiter-Neptune. They were now a target it seemed. The silence bothered Nebula as her questions weren't answered. This didn't make her feel at ease that Maevus deflected or refused to answer her. Entering Yugalla-Colbate, Maveus put the knight down. Nebula dusted herself off as the silence was growing ever more. They were safe for now as Maveus didn't see the enemy trailing them. Though remaining cautious, it seemed the pair had breathing room. The elf looked at the knight as she opened her mouth to speak but closed it for another moment. How could she let Nebula know that she could be tainted? That even she wasn't immune. "Nebula--" Maveus started before biting her lip once more before deciding to speak. "I am not as immune as you'd think. I cannot be easily tainted because of my blood but with the right ritual--even I can be." Nebula said nothing for a moment letting it sink in. She placed her hand on Maveus's shoulder. "I understand. I know it wasn't easy to tell me. And I am glad you did." The two stood in silence once more. It wasn't an easy issue to talk about. Nebula looked down at her hands, hands scarred in the battle with the Neverend beast. Hands scarred from countless battles to save Talia from the most dangerous being and she had failed keeping the mirror sealed away. Failed in her duty. Failed as a knight of the Mercury knights. Maveus placed her hand on Nebula's shoulder. "Are you still worried that the five swords are useless against Seldeth? That we are not ready yet? It's why we are here. Besides the training, stragetries and plans, we came to find the last sword, as the others are off to find the Capricorn LionHeart." "There's a lot on my mind Maveus." Nebula replied honestly. "What if the Jager Scarheart isn't here? It's time we wasted and more time our enemy--" "You worry too much my dear knight. Seldeth hasn't corrupted all the knights yet. Saturn, Draconia and Valentina are still on our side. I am sure the sword is here." Nebula sighed.
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  4. Manah had been lost in her thoughts as she trained. Though the knight had been through a lot, being tainted by some creature she knew nothing about and survived--meant she could tackle a lot. But she felt she wasn't strong enough yet. Holding her sword, it trembled in her hand. Would her father be proud she was here helping people? The Yellow Leaf brigade proud how far she had gotten? Would she falter again in the end? Manah didn't know as she stared at the dummy frustrated. "I don't understand! I came this far and there's nothing to show that I'm better!" She threw her sword at the dummy. Frustrated by all the events that led up to this point. Manah didn't feel proud. Didn't feel good enough to be here which wasn't the point, because she did. She had done so much to help the Justicar be repaired. Yet she oddly felt defeated. Picking up her sword she looked at it. It was the last thing her father gave her before he died. She felt bad to have it yet proud at the same time. An heirloom that got her through most of her battles. An hour or two passed before she eyed the young man standing there watching her. How long had he been there? Did he see her outburst? Manah didn't know. She walked out of the training area nodding silently. It was time to get the adventure started. Hopefully it wouldn't go wrong this time like so many have before her.
  5. Well that was rude.. Claudette spoke as she grasped Grant's hand as it attempted to smash into the building she was standing on. The ice princess smiling, a malicious one as she pulls the man near her but keeping them an inch apart. Of course you'd greet an old friend like that. Can you call yourself a man after the things you've done Grant? Your people suffer yet here you are, killing them. Aiding in their suffering. Such a weak man. Claudette pulled him close to her as he could breathe in her. The ice princess then threw Grant into the building across from the one she was on. The tendrils coming forth from her as they came flying at him like daggers that if hit him would pierce his skin. Deep down, you desire what all humes desire, power. Strength. I think I can help with that. You should be happy I'm about to give you this gift. My dearest Grant, it's time to create a king that will be a great puppet servant. Claudette closed her eyes as the tendrils oozed the mirror shards into him. As she pulled them out, and they vanished, she fell to her knees. The mirror shard that entered him, should it hit him, would settle into his heart and it would in time slowly take over him. The ice princess stood behind him then as she picked him up by the collar of his shirt. My dear, unlike the others here, I see greatness in you that needs to become better. Not only is a mirror shard in you but a piece of ore as well. And we both know-- She dropped him then as he had pushed her aside. It didn't matter as the shard awoke, beating within as it whispered within him, within Grant. Ah, the princess chose our host well. And you secretly desire her don't you? Don't you want to make her happy? Serve her as her puppet? Let's see what else I can see.. Ah… The mirror shard chuckled, oozing more into him as it began to bloom. Yes, a mighty king. But a corrupted and unmoral one at best. Desiring what you want for once. Selfish… Tyrant… these people your pawns, your servants. And the princess… the ice princess at your mercy. Yes, with our power you can even enslave her. Give in. The shard pumped more and more into Grant as Claudette stood there. Injured a bit as she sighed softly. But she would gain the king even if it would backfire on her. She shook her head. Yes, become my host and everything you desire will be yours Grant. Fulfill the contract...
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  8. 12, September 1679AY Yugalla-Cobalt, Talia 4 Days after the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Sun Crash. Thud… The sword went flying to the ground, the mask crackling and breaking as the pieces fell to the ground as well. Landing next to the broken shield, the sword stood there. Ferghas grumbled as he slumped to one knee, blood running down his face as Nebula came running at him again, her sword raised in the air above her head. "You son of a bitch!" Nebula yelled running at him. "You could have saved the Talian princesses and you let yourself be betrayed and used! You crumbled cause daddy didn't love you enough! You f-ing coward!" Ferghas heard her words but it didn't make him flinch as the Malestrom came at his torso and slashed it hard. Yet, the wound was small and healing as almost instant. Nebula spit at him. The Gilchrist name seemed to be more important than the citizens of the land. She hated Ferghas. Hated his cowardice. She raised the blade again as his own, the Jagged Malice clashed with it. "What about you Nebula? How many did you let die to save Maveus? You weren't there to save them either and you have the gall to charge me with what happened? You have no rights to do such a thing." Nebula said nothing as he pushed against her sword. The darkness trying to consume Nebula as she now had the sword, a key to stopping Seldeth. She held it against his, pushing back as both slid back and the swords broke free from each other. However he wasn't alone. The knight eyed the arrow pointed at her, her eyes widening in fear. It couldn't be… how could it be? "You're outnumbered knight," the female voice said. "Drop the sword and let us bring you to our beloved princess. Your fighting is futile." Nebula shook her head as she knew that surrending here was the end to save the land. And she wouldn't do that. Closing her eyes, electricity flowed through her as her hand outstretched towards both. The electric shards flew at both hitting them as she ran at Ferghas and slammed him to the ground swinging her blade again and again at his body. The female jumped down and fired the arrows into Nebula one by one making her fall back. As she readied another arrow, an arrow pierced her hand as she dropped the bow. "What?!" "You're not taking the knight, Lucinda." Maveus replied jumping down herself readying another arrow. "Over my dead body will you get either. And as for Seldeth, you can tell her that we are gathering, we will destroy her." Maveus picked up Nebula and threw a smoke bomb allowing them to get away. Lucinda growled low. Ferghas stood as his wounds slowly healed. Annoyed that Maveus hadn't faltered to the mirror shard nor the arch mage herself. "You idiot. You didn't infect Maveus?" Lucy barked at Ferghas. "It didn't take it seems." Ferghas replied. "Probably resistant. We'll have to regroup and restragterize." --- "That was dumb." Maveus said jumping through the trees. "Brave but dumb. You could have been corrupted. Unlike me, you're not resistant--" "Are you really?" Nebula asked. "I'm not trying to be rude, just curious. I had to do it, because the village was in trouble. It was the right thing to do. I'm sorry." Maveus didn't answer as the two continued to the village of Yugalla-Cobalt. The pair had three swords able to cut damage into the mirror shards, the Malestrom, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and Jupiter-Neptune. They were now a target it seemed. The silence bothered Nebula as her questions weren't answered.
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  11. So Ezra, since we're all telling past stories, how about you? The Valentina house. Why is it a big deal to Talia? Ra asked as she looked at him. It was something that bothered her for a while now. And is there any other hidden members left that you're keeping from us? Well, besides holding up a small territory in Lyonesse that Grant Lyon will never claim, it's the second biggest house. It commands a lot of business deals and whatnot. Ezra explained as Ra raised an eyebrow. Of course, just in case the others died or were compromised. One though. The elf called Jupiter. Amaranth listened in as she was interested in what these three were talking about. So, the events of Talia had proceeded as predicted. That no matter how she tried Seldeth had allowed herself to falter. And allowed herself to fail because she wasn't strong enough. And Amaranth knew the rewards by Libra were sweet enough to captivate anyone. And she knew the Black Heart Mirror Sun wanted to return again, angry by Virga's deception and locked away in the Farenheit-Abalone temple. But not as long as they thought it. Nebula's fist hit the seat as the three looked at her. She was frustrated and upset about all of this. That she wasn't strong enough to keep the mirror from taking Seldeth. Ra tilted her head as she looked at Nebula. "I feel to blame in all this. It was mine and Zachriel's job to imprison Libra." Nebula replied. She looked down at her hands in her lap as she sighed softly. "And she knew how to get inside Zachriel's head. She can see inside, everything you don't show. Your secrets, your desires, even your sins." So it seems that Libra used her ways to gain the young princess. It works like the Neverend beast as in mind games. And that means we're gonna need the four swords. Ra said as she sat up in her seat as she shook her head. Malachite's Heart, Sagittarius Kaleidoscope, Capricorn LionHeart and Neptune-Mercury. These can return the princess back to normal and reverse the effects of the black heart mirror. Amaranth tilted her head as she knew that two of their agents, Maveus and Malachite were already hunting for the two swords Malachite Heart and Neptune-Mercury. So their task was to acquire the other two. Ra was right though as these swords were legendary and able to reverse any effect of the mirror. However in the wrong hands, the effects could be amplified to help the mirror in her agendas. "It's not going to be easy to acquire the four legendary swords." Amaranth replied. "And we don't even know if your companion can't be corrupted or used. The mirror could give her something she truly desires." "I know but I'm not giving up." Nebula said. The carriage arrived in Abysmal-Abyss then. The area housed such dark creatures since the arrival of the mirror. And the group would have to find Wendelin, and traverse the city carefully.
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  13. 14. September 1679AY Jupiter-Malachite, Talia 31 Days After the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Organization Tuesday, 1:00P.M Rain fell heavily these days as it seemed unevitable that the heroes would fail. Fail in stopping the Black Heart Mirror Sun in overtaking the young elven princess. And it was here that Virga's plan had succeeded. Should the princess become the next Crowned Hearth, the next Black Heart Mirror Sun, then the old Talia would return. But hiding in the wings were three plans should their first plan failed. Nebula and whomever went with her were going to unearth the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope. Reginald and his team were heading to Malachite-Topaz to retreive the Capricorn LionHeart. And well, the woman here was mission C. Should the enemy gain either the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope or Capricorn LionHeart, this would be something to aid them. The Malachite Heart. The very name of the code name the elf used herself. It wasn't wise to use real names with the Black Heart Mirror Organization reforming and able to control you if they learned your true name. Malachite shook the long rainbow locks from her face. She usually would have braided it but today she didn't. Her rainbow eyes scanned the area to make sure she wasn't followed. What she wore was a scout uniform. And she kept that hood of her coat over her face, along with the dragon mask. Her boots made her way down the path. She wondered how Seldeth fell. Who were the key players that infected the kind princess to become such a terror? Could it be full circle that Athentha corrupted Seldeth's heart? I heard that she once came in contact with Rin… Malachite thought as she entered the city of Jupiter-Malachite. Her thoughts seemed erratic, confused. She rubbed her temples in frustration. No, that couldn't be the case. Why would Athentha care about Talia? Malachite thought as she sat down in a bench in the market square of the city. Still not sure how it turned out the Crowned Hearth changed. But at the moment, the elf waved off the mountains of looming questions as her rainbow eyes noticed the square. The people hadn't been affected yet and they looked so happy. So unaware of the darkness that was coming, that would taint them. Malachite shook her head, soaked from the falling rain. I believed in Seldeth. She was going to fix Talia and remove it from Virga's destructive manner. She thought as she eyed her hands. The reason she took this mission was to make sure she didn't come face to face with Seldeth herself. Her past experience wasn't good as Malachite was almost seduced by the mirror. Maveus watched the elf from her perch in the tree. The only elf so far who couldn't be corrupted by the mirror. Well, no one knew if that was true. Jumping down Malachite eyed Maveus standing there. She was glad to have an ally near her right now even though it didn't ease her mind. "We're at a disadvantage Malachite." Maveus spoke. "The Red Blood Moon Organization has been captured by both the Mirror Sun and a new player, Sareneth. So we need these swords more than ever. But--" "But?" Malachite asked. "You looked troubled. As if you don't understand how it happened. Well, it happened in Malachite-Topaz with the half-breed monster. She started the downfall of Seldeth by handing a black heart mirror shard to study." "How the--you can't be serious!" Malachite muttered as Maveus nodded. "But why?! Talia and Athentha have never even cared about one another." "Talia needs the Crowned Hearth. Rin knew this and decided to create one because Virga wouldn't. But in doing so, the Black Heart Mirror knew it could corrupt Seldeth and make the old forgotten Talia to return." Maveus replied sitting beside the elf. "Meaning the Black Sun is Seldeth. And that means we are in trouble." Malachite sighed. She couldn't believe that this was happening in her beloved Talia. And now they were here to stop it at all cost. But if both organizations were now one--Malachite's eyes widened then. The making of entwining shard and seed would be catastrophic to the people. And now it could be achieved. "Then we need to go. We have no time to dawdle to find the Malachite Heart. Seldeth--" Malachite said as Maveus shook her head once more. "What now?" "No, not Seldeth anymore. Libra." Maveus breathed. Malachite placed her head in her hands. How could this get any worse?
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  16. Atlas-Nebula, Talia 12:00P.M 16, April 1678AY Garnet sat outside the little café in the city of Atlas-Nebula. He hadn't been seen since the whole debacle in Sol-Morwenna though the first seed could hardly remember the event. His memories had been lost during the fight against Sareneth and he was trying to remember. As his organization had died down a bit, he was trying to rebuild it. But could he? Garnet sighed as he ate his meal, a small slice of pizza. As he once was a hume (human) himself, he missed the old life at times. Taking a sip of white wine, he shook his head hating how much he was faulting to his old life. Seeds weren't suppose to need hume comforts. Yet he did. Was he failing? How annoying. I can still remember that brat. How she wanted to be a seed yet rejected it in the end to that elf. I wonder what became of her? Garnet said talking to himself as he got up and paid for his meal. Did Farenheit-Abalone complete his mission? Did she become the mirror? I remember the mirror--don't I? What a pain. Garnet muttered as he walked down the cobblestone street as he wondered. Could his humanity be returning? Could be a faulty product now that time had passed so much? As he walked, he could feel something dark in the distance regaining its new life. Could the mirror truly take the Talian princess? Would she allow it? Seldeth are you even alive anymore? Have you succumbed to the darkness in your heart you hid so well? He wondered these questions as he walked toward the inn. He was tired, confused angry and frustrated. Garnet wanted to know why the humanity in him he gave up so willingly was coming back. And she was dark. He could see it break out here and there when she took the seed. O' how he smirked then as Garnet remembered her eating the seed, succumbing to her rightful place. And he would be lying if he didn't admit he was a bit enarmoured with her, a crush had begun to form. Yet before it could be fully let out Esben had set in and snatched her from him. The first seed shook his head. Am I defected? Garnet thought as he looked down at his body, it looked decayed and falling apart. His heart somewhat longing for Seldeth--no, the woman as the Black Heart Mirror. It made him question himself then as if he wondered why he suddenly longed for her. It's no longer possible that she exists you fool. She's become Seldeth. But my dearest mirror, you are lost forevermore. He sighed once more. Walking towards his organization headquarters, Garnet paused as he wondered if the past was truly gone. He couldn't remember much and he still felt embarrassed that Sareneth was able to win the battle. He knew that he had to come back stronger and had been experimenting on himself with black heart mirror crystals and red blood moon shard seeds. He wanted to keep his humanity from encroaching upon him again. As he looked up, he could feel something near by. The past coming to show him that it wanted him back. Garnet looked over his shoulder at the woman behind him. Seldeth stood there, her body that now of the demon mirror combining with her own. Seldeth had gained her freedom. Farenheit-Abalone allowed her to leave the temple to gain those allies he needed. Though in time Esben and Rin would be dealt with. He nodded as Garnet, the level headed member and leader of the Red Blood Moon Organization needed to be dealt with. On his own he could cause more damage than he was worth. So he sent her to deal with him. It was a mistake. Standing outside the temple, the shard glistened and purred within her. It's host no longer the weak girl she once played, Talia's oldest daughter had returned in her glory, in her place. The people would never see it coming when their Crowned Hearth twisted them. The shard within Seldeth relished taking over her. The once proud elf princess who had protected her people from the overspread of ore--to keeping them safe from Lyonesse's attacks now stood there as a demon. It oozed within, marring her with many different visions. But it obtained her, coated her. The false promises she promised the girl once Libra had taken over her. No, Seldeth no longer stood there. Libra had owned her now, in every inch and crevice. Her mind to mold as she did. Seldeth followed in line, obedient to her fate. Libra burst through Seldeth's core now. Eating away the beautiful elf into a twisted demon, her body tanned and covered in ancient mirror markings. Her mind no longer caring if she saved the land or been Seldeth at all. Her mind no longer for the people but Talia's glory. Her heart burst as mirror shards weaved a shape of the half moon and sun within her. She smirked, grinned as her eyes peered upon Garnet. Her eerie golden yellow eyes staring as she spoke. O' and here the lowly first seed appears. Knowing how you've craved the mirror. You deceive yourself pretending you don't need me. I've figured out a plan to save our organizations Garnet. . "Seldeth--" Garnet whispered, his voice hoarse. He couldn't believe she returned. He shook his head. His words failed him. The mirror eyed him. She had consumed Seldeth's form, combining both into the monstrous beauty of the fox mirror demon. Garnet was hers once, the only being she truly loved and cared for, the only thing she wanted to keep--to experiment and corrupt into something like her. A mirror seed. He didn't approach her as the seed knew that she could corrupt his mind with a touch. "And why did you return?" Garnet asked with a sneer. He was angry, even hurt after she betrayed him to become entangled with Esben. Even jealous. "Come to stab me in the heart again? I don't have time for your games, I have--" A dying organization to save? Seldeth asked as she took a step forward. An organization that no one cares about? The people around the islands have moved on from seeds my dearest Garnet. But what if your organization became a part of mine? Together-- Seldeth paused as she lowered her arms. We can revive both organizations to their greatest and be a threat to the people once more. Garnet laughed a hearty one for a few moments. Seldeth watched the seed as he did this unsure what he was planning. Garnet eyed the woman, yet she was unrecognizable to him. Unrecognizable because Seldeth and the mirror had fused together. And something told him not to trust her. Not yet anyways because he couldn't remember his own memories. "The Black Heart Mirror Princess, Seldeth returns." Garnet whispered eyeing her. A perfect twin of the elf in every way. It frightened him. "Come to twist Talia into a different version than last time? And what of Claudette? Shouldn't she be leading Talia into the twilight?" Claudette is now my puppet. She no longer is Talia's Crowned Hearth. I am. Seldeth spoke in such a soprano like voice. That malicious smile staring him down. She obeys me, serves me as it should be. As all shall soon enough. Libra has returned to her rightful place inside the Talian princess. Seldeth is no longer here. And my dearest Garnet, you don't remember do you? You were apart of me. You were-- "Lies." He growled. The mirror crackling within the demoness as she approached the first seed. Her magic stronger, darker as it fueled her here. She knew that corruption served her dutifully as a shield protects the warrior. But he would be her prize, hers once more. The vines struck at him as he quickly stepped to the left, barely missing the attack. Seldeth laughed as the mirror shards appeared in her hands as she outstretched them. Silly seed, you don't realise you are a Black Heart Mirror Ruby Seed. I made you that day from your dull hume existence. You now decay because you lost the immortal black heart mirror crystal core. Come back to me my dearest seed, come back to being mine forevermore. "Never. You aren't--" His words cut off as he felt the mirror shards penetrate his skin. Gritting his teeth as the pieces entered him. Sliding back as he stared her down. The mirror using someone he cared for was despicable. And he wanted to break it. Yet, he sensed something off as she ran at him, slamming her hand into his torso. It pushed him to the ground. How the seed fought, throwing electrical currents at the princess. She ate it as if nothing, the demoness's smile widening. But it deterred him not from his course of action. Seldeth grinned, smirked even as she eyed the seed. Garnet knew that he couldn't falter here. But at the same time the elf, no the demon princess was powered by the mirror now. And that meant her strength was not as weak as before. And he needed to keep his wits about. Looking up, spheres of mirror shards came flying at him. Though the shards hit him, Garnet managed to dodge almost all of them. Two or three dangled from his arms and legs. The first seed tried to throw his fist at her jaw but she caught it. Their eyes meeting as Garnet sneered. Seldeth slammed him into the tree then, her eyes staring him down. Pinning him there she licked her lips. My fate to become the Crowned Hearth. I accepted, I am a monster Garnet. I hunger to corrupt, to enslave. These people are going to become my pawns. You'll see the light Garnet, once you're my puppet seed once more. The Ruby Black Mirror Ore Seed. You will serve as you once did my love, corrupting those to our new Talia. "Wake up Seldeth. Don't let the mirror control you. You were the princess of Platinum-Neptune--" he paused before pushing her forward. "Wake up! You're being used." No, you see you're wrong about that. It's not controlling me at all. I realise now, the secret in my heart was I always wanted--coveted what the beast had. I envied it, as you see I love the corruption it's making me into. Talia needs a strong leader. In giving up myself, I have gained what I truly desire. Garnet, I am the monster of the mirror. I am the demon they call Libra. Don't you see? The black sun is coming to save its people. I want this, for I am its perfect vessel. I am the Neverend beast as well as the mirror. The contract will be fulfilled. The mirror throbbed in her form as she gasped falling to her knees. Seldeth gritted her teeth as it wrapped around her as it was consuming her. She tried to fight against it but it laughed. Garnet ran at her then as he pushed her to the ground. His fist raised as he glared at her. Seldeth stared at the seed, knowing that he wanted to help her but at the same time he abandoned her. Abandoned… Garnet let his arm drop as he made sure she couldn't get up. Inside, the princess was fighting her own battle. Abandoned you to us. We saved you. You are the dark seed. Hungry to twist them, consume them, corrupt them. The mirror throbbed as it threw the seed off her and stood half slumped. Her form was stained with the symbol of the black heart mirror, her skin pale. Her hair fell against her spine and forehead in a black yellow hue. Her eyes were eerie golden yellow as they were empty ready to adopt her new role. Horns appeared under her hair, fangs erupted from her teeth as her body became voluptuous and beautiful. Wings ripped out of her back and connected to her spine. Garnet stepped back as he shook his head. The contract has been made. Came the mirror in the princess's ears only she could hear. From this day on, you are the monster known as the Black Heart Mirror Demon. Your heart is ours to break and mold. And we place these three seeds into you. Plutonium, Sagittarius and Neptune. You, our perfect vessel, will serve us well. Now consume to us our dear Libra. Eat the shards until your new form arises from the ashes of the elven princess. And become the monster you hide inside. Virga's perfect tyrant. In this, she cried. The pain was so immense as she felt her body crack. As the wings, featherly blood black, ripped out of her back connecting to her spine. Fangs became her teeth as her eyes stared forth, hungry. Her arms fell to her sides, her body covered in black heart silks. On her back, the crest of Talia and the Black Heart appeared. Garnet stepped back as she stood up. Looking up, she laughed. Princess of Talia, we have made you into the legend of its land. And with this, the contract fulfilled. In this, your black heart will blossom into your darkest desire. You want the ruby seed as your own. Equal to you in dark power. You love him. And you will destroy and rebuild him. Twist his heart into his darkest desire. And do so, you will call him by his real name. His name is Niall Fane Garnet Muir. This will leave him blank, and to make him your completed black heart seed. I am the Black Heart Mirror. Seldeth whispered as she roared, the seed flying forward into the trees. I was always the mirror. Father was right. I wanted them to kneel before me, broken. Obedient. Corrupted. Claudette tried to stop me. Now she's my servant. Seldeth picked up the seed by the collar of his shirt as she glared at him. Garnet stared at her as he didn't let her frighten him. He did love her, as much as he didn't show it. And he wanted her to succeed in saving Talia. And becoming stronger in herself. But she had become a monster. Power… her voice trailed off for a moment before shaking her head. Her mind is an open book to me. The little elf was a cruel woman, taking what she read of you no doubt. But her heart craved the darkest of notions as she hungered for greatness. She wanted to please you, show you that you two are alike. You wanted his admiration... And she wanted this. Seldeth roared falling to her knees. Her contract fulfilled, she roared again. The Crowned Hearth insignia tattooed upon her neck as her golden yellow eyes glowed. She was perfected as she looked at Garnet. How she ached, the mirror shard throbbing as it grew within her amplifying her power as she stood. Throwing aside her old persona, she ravished in this carnage. She remembered now that she enjoyed this. Don't you see Garnet? Father was right. I am nothing but a demon. Hungry to twist them into my vision. My broken beloved seed, you are imperfect because you reject me. I am your savior, your beloved. Let me corrupt you into perfection. "Never." Garnet breathed. "Seldeth you need to break its hold on you. You're not at fault, this doesn't need to--" But his words were cut off as the mirror shards hit him again. Sliding back the seed gritted his teeth in anger. He knew that Virga wasn't the only one who twisted Seldeth. Esben helped by luring her back here as his dead beloved. Farenheit-Abalone created the mirror. But another was the key to her change. Rin. She had met her in the Malachite-Topaz temple. She had given her the shard in the first place. And she had her claws in her from the beginning. Rin had corrupted Seldeth, showing her the path to take. Garnet muttered low as he looked at his spell book. Nothing in there could combat against her new magic. Juh Suh Ka. Seldeth spoke of the old Talian magic. Garnet rose an eyebrow. Rah Zek Ku. Tuh Za Auh. The seed gritted his teeth as he looked down seeing his form crumbling. He gasped in shock looking up at Seldeth. She chuckled low as she shook her head. Garnet frantically tried several spells to stop her magic before he crumbled to the ground in pieces. The demoness picked up his heart, it was in the shape of the half moon and sun. Poor pathetic fool, you didn't realise that I am Talia's oldest daughter. I am its leader, its heart. And you'll going to be made my perfect weapon Garnet. But I'm afraid this time your will and mind will be mine to command. As we saw you having those lead to this. Seldeth laughed. It was a cold cruel one. She placed the insignia of Garnet's core down on the ground. She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath, her hands weaved up the new version of Garnet. He still had those golden yellow eyes behind frames that sat upon the bridge of his nose and that long blue hair she loved. But his flesh was now tan and more muscular that before. He was a very handsome seed. However, he was empty. Seldeth lifted his chin as he would be hers to mold. And this time, she'd craft a monster out of him. ---- Ferghas walked the city as he stopped then. Feeling the ice princess, he turned to face her. It seemed she was different from last they met. And he could tell she was now a servant to her sister, her mind controlled by the demoness of the mirror. It consumed its vessel until the host was no longer themselves, they begin to falter to the mirror, allowing it to twist them into mirror seeds. And the Black Heart Mirror--well that was an entity all its own. If Seldeth had allowed it into her, she would become the Black Heart Mirror princess, the true form of the mirror. A beast rivaled only to the beast of Athentha. And Ferghas eyed Claudette, her mind controlled not only by Catalyst, but the mirror as well. Catalyst was a servant of the mirror, obedient to its will. Claudette was more demonic, her features changed from elven. He stepped back, sword in hand. She was not the same princess he helped before and as she ran at him, their swords clashed against each other. "Wake up Claudette!" Ferghas yelled. "You're being used. The mirror isn't what you need. What about Seldeth? Talia? You're its leader! The people need you to save it. Remember how we did that once? We pushed back the black heart mirror. Claudette!" Fer-Ferghas? Her voice broke before the mirror vines consumed her, the sword falling to the ground. Ferghas stepped back as he heard her scream. The mirror throbbed in her ears as she fell to her knees. Catalyst and Claudette molded into a mirror beast. In her heart, she desired wealth and strength. She wanted magic. But at the same time her mind was a slave to the mirror shard within. And she had given in to the mirror piece. Standing, the vines disappeared. Claudette breathed, Ferghas's eyes widened in fear as he looked at the ice princess. Slumping over, she was a beautiful creature, a vampire as her eyes stared at him. Claudette was her sister's shield. She would make sure all fell to Seldeth's words and law. Seldeth was the Crowned Hearth. Claudette ran at Ferghas slamming him into the tree. You fool. You hang on to your family tree and yet you're a disgrace to it. You'll never be the knight you long to be. Never accepted by your father. Ferghas growled low as he ran at her as his sword slashed her torso sending her into a howl of pain. With her hand she formed ice spikes, sending flying through his flesh. Gritting in pain, he looked up as Claudette slammed her sword into his left arm. He had raised it in time to deflect the harder attack she wanted to hit at his stomach. "Claudette! You are being consumed. Fight the corruption." Ferghas yelled. No, this is what I am. She replied falling to her knees. The mirror piece vines came out of her flying at Ferghas as he merely dodged it. He eyed her as the mirror piece rewrote her, that she was a servant, nothing more. Her dark heart craving the knight, her corruption took over. She hungered as if magic suddenly made buckets of mirror shard seed appeared. Claudette ignored Ferghas for a moment. Her hands took these seeds, consuming them. Each piece more delicious than the last, her eyes fogged over as she cared not for the knight at the moment. Claudette sat and indulged herself, eating bucket after bucket as Ferghas watched her expand. Our servant. The mirror pieces spoke to the ice princess, the voice only she could hear. Yes, your dark heart desires wealth, power, strength and disease. The contract has been made. You will become the Black Heart Mirror ice demon puppet, Madeline. Serve us, as our weapon, enslaved to only desire your selfish needs. But Seldeth is your master, you are obedient to your sister. And nothing more. You are nothing but a slave to the mirror. Now eat you glutton. Feast upon the mirror shards until your heart bursts. The demon puppet to fulfill our beloved princess Seldeth's voice and law upon the world. Devoid of your mind, your will. Madeline, corrupt yourself to us. Eat our beautiful creature. We give you the things you desire. Ours to defile. Claudette nodded to the mirror shard as her form exploded from the weight she had put on, stained in mirror shard seeds. Ferghas didn't move as he was too petrified to stop what was happening. In this light, Claudette--no, Madeline stood as her form was demonic. Her voluptuous form stretching that her silks almost ripped off. She looked up, her eyes fogged, empty. I am the puppet. Nothing more. I serve the Crowned Hearth. I am its slave. And I will consume. She sat down as she stuffed herself with more and more mirror shards as her power increased. Madeline devoured and ate as Ferghas watched in horror. She became more and more like the mirror, her form more and more beast formed. As she roared, the ground shook as she stood. Looking at Ferghas, she licked her lips. Her selfish desires fueled her now. You… Madeline pointed at Ferghas. You belong to me. You will be corrupted by our grand leader's mirror. All will be consumed and made into our glorious new forms. All hail the Crowned Hearth. Before Ferghas could attack, Madeline pinned him to the tree. Her eyes peering into him as she kissed him. Her form against him, she would claim him as hers. He tried to push her off as her nails dug into his skin. She then let go of his lips as he squirmed. Give up the heroics. You will be a better knight to our cause. And you can serve much better without that pesky family tree looming over you Ferghas. "No," he breathed. "This isn't--" Madeline smirked as she consumed him. Her form wildly taking all of him. As much as wanted to fight, it was over. He lost. "Yes... I want to become a powerful Gilchrist, something to keep the name alive. I want--" Ferghas paused. "I want this corruption, to be yours. Rebuild me to my lineage." Maeline grinned as she would be cruel. Making him consume bucket after bucket, losing himself into the demoness. He fell to his knees, eating. Madeline poured more and more into him as he became blank. But he couldn't stop. He was a failure to his name, he wanted to forget. Forget it all. Madeline held out her hand. He took it without realising he was hers now. "And now my dearest Ferghas, it's time to erase those horrible thoughts. You, are going to enjoy serving me." "Serving..." he repeated and she nodded. "No..." But it was too late. As he consumed still her beloved shards, he allowed the corruption. Madeline pulled her to him as the ritual would begin. "It's time..." ---- Ra grinned. Her hand caressed his jawline before she moved to lean against the wall. Watching him create something darker than before. He had chosen all three, something only a few dared to do. Liú ate the seed willingly as each one entered her body. The first erased her mind, weaving false memories of being Sareneth's partener. Memories built as she began to change. Power dwelled in her as she howled, techniques of swordfighting skilled warriors etched into her. Next, her heart withered, stopped beating altogether as she grew pale. It was turned into the shape of the black heart mirror. But here it only desired, worshipped and devoted to Sareneth. Magic spells she never knew entered her as she gasped. Powerful spells that needed years of training. Last, Liúsaidh's skill became as great as the old ones of Talia. She could face the best of the best and still win. But her soul now belonged to Sareneth. She sat there on her knees as Liú changed. Her eyes were empty golden yellow eyes that held only devotion for the demon man before her. Black wings ripped out of her back as she became a monster. Her form breathed heavily as it transformed into a beautiful succubus. Ra clapped her hands. She then wrapped herself around Sareneth as she pushed his face to hers. The girl… must fulfill the contract. Ra replied. O' but there's one last thing you need to do before she's completely obedient Sareneth. Here, the Black Heart Mirror shard. Sareneth nodded, as he wanted to make Ra see him as powerful as he was. She handed ito him and he shoved it into her. The three seeds consumed the shard as she fell forward. Liú was now complete. I am the Black Heart Mirror Liúsaidh. And I am your servant, your tool to use as you please Sareneth. I am ready to serve. Ra grinned as she appeared before Sareneth as she nodded in agreement. Liú was now a devotee and puppet. She believed anything Sareneth and Ra told her. However, he grinned. Ra didn't see it coming as Sareneth came up to her and pushed her against the tree. Holding those same three seeds and shard, he turned Ra to him. Only he placed a malachite topaz mirror shard ring on her hand. Liú you serve us. My beloved Ra will learn in time that she is the black heart sorceress . My demoness. As you pretend to those knights, go and corrupt them. Liú nodded as she left. Sareneth wrapped his form and wings around the second in command of the Red Blood Moon Organization. An important key. He smirked as when he met Ra, he wanted her. Power you see was a big part of the demoness. No… I am Ra… I am not… You cannot change me… You can't! Sareneth grinned as he sat her down on her knees, and shoved mirror pieces and ore down her throat until she, herself, had grown fat. Her mind fogged as she was stained in ore and shard. Betrayed. He then lifted her chin, as their eyes met. Remember when you said I captured my princess? You never realised I was going after you. Silly girl. You're my princess. My sorceress, and unfortunately for you, now destroyed. And Ra, it's time to rebirth you into what you hide inside. A demon like me. Sareneth then began the ritual. Ra could only watch in horror as he would create a powerful creature from Ra. He then looked at her as he slammed his hands to the ground, magi running towards Ra and hitting her as she rolled. A horrid scream came as she burst into a dark light. Ra sat up, as she felt the change come. Horns appeared, curving out from under the black yellow hair that curled to her shoulders. Fangs hung out of her mouth as her eyes slitted to empty devoted eerie golden yellow eyes. Bkack feathered wings ripped out of her back as they connected to her spine. Her body grew voluptuous breaking the silks almost that covered her. A tail appearing as well. But Ra was different from Liú. Sure Ra was now another puppet, but she knew magic of the old Talia. The seeds within her ripping away her will and mind as it did to Liú but a different symbol appeared on her neck. The red blood moon organization's insigna donned her skin. The blood half moon and sun. Ra bowed before Sareneth. Her mind destroyed and rebuilt as she was his lover, his princess. Devoted, she moved toward him, as the ring on her right index finger showed Sareneth and her were a couple. Together. Bonded. Perfect… Sareneth whispered. Two pawns for the price of one. And Ra, my beautiful sun bird, you now serve me forevermore. You are mine. A beautiful black heart sun bird. I'm not finished with you yet Ra, you're going to eat a new seed I've created. Ra nodded standing an inch from him. She in truth was a powerful capture. And the Red Blood Moon Organization had lost their second in command. Ra belonged to Sareneth now, as she watched him place the new shard into her mouth. This made her a blank state to create as well, as he grinned. Sareneth then chuckled. He touched her chin to lift it. A worthy prize indeed, as she was empty except for one thing, him. He was law to her, everything. Ra then looked down as he placed a necklace upon her. Feast... for you're about to be a new Ra. My sunburst raven. Completely devoid of will, mind, heart and soul. Ra ate the new shard. She couldn't stop. Sareneth just snickered. Ra didn't know here and now he was enslaving her. Building a new organization with her being the test subject. "Sareneth..." Ra's raspy voice came. "I desire more. I desire..." He nodded and more came as she ate. Sareneth knew the secrets of her heart, the things he would use against her. Ra would remember only one thing when she was reborn, he was the only thing that mattered. Ra would be the darkest creature born from his newly made shards Esben taught him to make. "Soon, it will be time for me to do the ancient ritual upon you. You given up everything to me, so now I grant you a perfect new found power. You'll only remember what I tell you in your rebirth. And become my beautiful vision to make a new stronger organization here." Ra nodded obediently. And then placed more shards into herself.
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  21. The knight went silent as she placed her hands in her lap. Nebula knew that she didn't see how the battle ended, but Maveus wasn't there when she woke up. Neither was Seldeth. It bothered her as she gripped the ends of her shirt. Ezra noticed as he sat on the other side of the knight. He was still silent as he was the odd one out here. He was a Valentina after all, and the reputation of the house wasn't a good one at all. "I'm sorry to hear, but I'm sure that the agents of the monster hasn't gotten her. Nor has the slaver from Athentha." The elf replied before changing the subject to something lighter. "It's quite weird to see a bunch of different races group together these days. Most humes don't care much about elf or demon struggles, problems, I mean. But you three must share something that--" We don't. Ra interjected, cutting the elf girl off. Ezra sighed softly. That man is here bevause his idiot brother was attacking an artifact. Nebula and I were unfortunate to run into him leaving the library. The elf looked back at Nebula. It was troubling that the knight had a past that she was trying to forget. Even the people within it, but the elf didn't know as she couldn't read minds. Looking out the window, Nebula became lost in her thoughts again as the elf decided to let her be for now. She returned to Ezra and Ra for the moment. "Are elves and demons always so hostile like that one over there?" Ezra asked as he pointed to Ra. "It's been nonstop since I ran into her, like I'm supposed to be responsible for all the things my brother does. I'm not. We all know he was an arrogant idiot, I won't argue that but kind of getting sick of it. Being roped into things I didn't do, I mean." Maybe if you helped him not to do those things, the world wouldn't be giving you grief for your mistakes. Ra replied sneering at him. He's your blood, you should have reign it in and made sure he didn't do what he did. He helped Esben acquire more test subjects. Aided in his research while preaching it was for the good of the people and-- Ra bit her tongue as she shook her head and went silent. She rested her head on the arm leaning against the windowsill as the elf had watched this interaction yet remained silent at the same time. An odd group indeed heading to Abysmal-Abyss. That grabbed her curiosity as well. "Excuse me, but can I ask why you're heading to the north, the city of Abysmal-Abyss? You don't have to answer but I was just wondering since you clearly don't like each other. Doesn't make sense you'd be traveling together but I'm not one to judge." Amaranth asked. She tilted her head at them. She was wondering if they were trying to destroy the monster. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry. I was just hoping it had something to do with stopping the mirror." Funny you asked. Ra said as she looked at Amaranth. Her eyes tired but half open as she wondered why she brought up that. But she let it pass for now. It's exactly why we are heading there. The three of us idiots screwed up and now we're trying to fix it. Amaranth nodded. Though she was an artifact like Rheumial, she did hope that things could be better for the land she had come to love. And though she was an artifact, she had been rogue since the battle against the Athenthian princess. Hiding you would call it. Ezra was wary though as he didn't want to give information to a complete stranger they knew nothing about. It could lead to their downfall like the others before them. "Ra, don't go spilling all our secrets now. We still don't know if we can trust this woman. And we don't want to hinder ourselves." Ezra was blunt to say. And it was true, she hadn't provided even a name to give them. "I don't mean to be rude, I'm just being safe." Ra shrugged as she sat back against the coach seat. She didn't like being around people too much, it made her anxious as she couldn't really trust them. Ezra sighed again as the demoness didn't answer him. Amaranth chuckled as she watched them, as they seemed like an old couple. Even though the two weren't at all. "Oh, it's quite alright. I don't think it's wise to deluge information to people you just met either. You can call me Amaranth." The elf said as the coach reached the road to Abysmal-Abyss. It would be another ten miles to the city. "The knight however concerns me. She seems to know something more than she's telling us." Ra looked up as she noticed Amaranth picked up on Nebula's disposition. It made her think about what she had said earlier. And it bothered her more as she thought about it. Ezra shook his head as he spoke. "You mean about this Maveus character?" Ezra asked as Amaranth nodded. He placed a hand to his head. "Well don't you ask her about it? I mean it's probably an interesting story nonetheless." "It's not." Nebula spoke as her hands clasped into fists. It took a moment before she unclasped them and took a breath. "It's a terrible account of whomever let the mirror take over the Crowned Hearth. And all those lost--eaten by the mirror beast. Torn asunder to hideous forms." Well isn't that fantastic. Ra replied as Nebula placed her hands in her lap. Well, you should tell us this tale. Though if you're not up to it then you shouldn't tell us. But I'd like to know what happened. ---- 17, August, 1632AY Jasper-Avalanche Malachite, Talia 12 Days After The Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Crowned Hearth Tuesday, 10 A.M The rain fell hard as the Plutonium knights stood there at the camp built at Jasper-Avalanche Malachite. The knight commander, Capris Caprice Zephyr-Opal was looking at the map. She had eyed many of the enemy troops lingered among the smaller camps around the city. Capris sighed as Zachriel watched her a bit nervous. Nebula stood there as she was second in command of the knights. Zachriel looked between the two women before Maveus leaned herself against Nebula. The elf had come for one reason, to keep her beloved knight safe. She cared not for the other knights. Nebula and her had met two weeks before, as the knight had asked out Maveus. They went to Nebula's house and the elf had prepared a marelous dinner of steak, potatoes au gratin and green beans. The dessert was the best part, a fresh made apple pie. After that night, the two went on more dates, they went to the movies, the zoo and even Maveus made her a dinner or two. They were inseparable after that point. And as Maveus got to know Nebula throughout her ticks and other ways, she liked her even more. Then cane the day Maveus had visited Nebula's home, to meet her parents. Thoughout everything, both were glad they had been childhood friends. Nebula had grown up in a happy life. Her parents were in noble standings. Her father was the knight commander of the Peridot Knights. Her mother was the high priestess of the Twin Moon Temple. Nebula's gifts had come with ease since her birth. A gifted swordswoman, who could use magic with ease. A compassionate woman who knew the world and how to bring it to a better place. Maveus however hadn't grown up the same way. Her parents were killed while helping others in Farenheit-Abalone. They were doctors who could heal anyone, skilled beyond recognition. But her life changed when Nebula's family took her in. That was the second time she met her parents, kind people willing to give her chance. And she took it... Nebula rubbed her temples as Capris looked at her. Her mind wandering from the thoughts that came and went, trailing off from the memory. It wasn't time to daydream and rescinise about better, happier times. They were going after a monster. "Something the matter Nebula?" Capris's cold words hitting her ears and made her look up. "I mean if I am not doing a good job, please tell me how to approach our situation. I am all ears dear knight." "Better drop your tone knight commander." Maveus spoke as her gaze gathered upon Capris. She was not afraid of the knight commander at all. "You don't need the attitude as we all know what's going on. Seldeth has given into the mirror. A desperate move actually. She believes wholeheartedly it will save Talia." "A desperate move…" Nebula repeated. "Talia was cracked, falling apart at its seams. The people crumbling, surviving as best as they could. But Seldeth, she betrayed us." Capris and Maveus looked at her. Maveus crossed her arms. "She could have done it on her own but she was too weak! Too blind to see the manipulation of the mirror as it took over her and erased her. She must be stopped." And how do we possibly do that?" Maveus asked Nebula, a bit trying to understand that logic of hers. At times it didn't make sense at all. "The knights of Peridot were quickly taken over when your father died Nebula. And the Plutonium knights aren't faring well either. It's just us and the Sagittarius knights." "We have two tools to combat her. The Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and the Capricorn LionHeart." Nebula said. "The enemy only knows little of the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope but they do not know about the Capricorn LionHeart. That is our advantage." Maveus smiled. Well, it seemed the knight had thought this out while looking at the map Capris had on the table. The knight commander rubbed her chin in thought as she let herself allow Nebula's words to help her debate over this. It was true no one knew about the Capricorn LionHeart. In fact it could be beneficial to them if they could acquire one or the other. They didn't really need both. Did they? None of them knew bur they wanted to know. Wanted to figure out why they needed either sword and shield to begin with as the mirror couldn't be that strong yet. ----
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