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  1. Atlas sighed. Straight to the point was not normal to her. But she shook her head placing the glass down once more, not looking up. The elf was trying to find the words to explain the situation without coming off extreme. That would be hard for her, but Atlas would try anyways. Have you been told who I am? Atlas asked as she looked up at the man. And what I've created? Well, the rumors have made me shudder. The whispers of the emberheart returning has me upset. And the Cloverheart I created has been corrupted. But the elders have decreed that I'd find a new source. Atlas said as she placed her hands in her lap as she stared at the man. It was true that things had spiraled out of control but the high elf wanted to fix what had happened. She shook her head as she knew this task would be dangerous, Rowan as of late, had a rise in evil activity. That people were becoming more and more corrupted as of late. It's not going to be an easy task. I feel it will be dangerous and my magic might not keep me safe. But I must go for the sake of Rowan's people. The corruption is seeping into the land and it must be stopped. I understand if you cannot help but I must go. I am oblighted. Atlas pulled out a few gold coins and placed them on the table as she stood up. She bid the man a good afternoon and decided to leave. She had a task to undertake. And wasting time wasn't part of her at all. She stood outside the tavern for a moment and sighed softly to herself.
  2. Azura-Dawn said nothing as she watched Iblis. Did it work? Was it that easy to combat the emberheart? Well yes and no. The ones that consumed the pure Emberheart became demons--beasts of the neverend. Augustus looked as if he was praying, his hands clasped together. But he was channeling magic for his next attack. He knew it wouldn't be that easy to beat the ancient evil. Claudette appeared then leaning against the garden wall. Her beauty unrivaled by anyone now as she let the emberheart consume her. Azura-Dawn eyed the Talian princess as her cold eyes peered at them. She had gotten so close, she wouldn't allow them to ruin her happiness, her wants and needs. She would no longer stand in the background. As Azura-Dawn looked at the ice princess once more, an emberheart ice arrow pierced her torso. The bow dropping from her hand as the demon fell to her knees. Her golden yellow eyes watering as Claudette continued forward. A smirk upon her face. Augustus turned to fire his spell at her but he missed. Claudette shook her head then as she crossed her arms against her chest. A fun little game no? But you see that it's too late. Iblis and I will be together, you will not rip it from me. Corrupted or not, we are together. And soon, I will marry Iblis. The demons of the Emberheart will be restored to their glory once more. Claudette roared at Azura-Dawn and Augustus. We have sacrificed ourselves to the emberheart. We have become emberheart demons. Talia, the Rising West will be entwined by our marriage--by our union. You're insane… Iblis wouldn't be that stupid. And what of your child? She too to become like you?! Why go down this path Claudette?! What about your honor, your birthright? Azura-Dawn asked as she looked down at the ice arrow that pierced her. As she looked up, she eyed the ice princess wrapping herself around Iblis. This isn't right Claudette and you know it. You can repent. There my love. I am healing the damage they did to you. Claudette said softly towards Iblis as her magic flowed through him. She looked up at Azura-Dawn smiling. You'll soon forget all those troubling thoughts my dear. Lucinda is going to be fine, and soon she'll have a new sibling. Iblis, my dear Iblis, it's time to begin planning our wedding. She stood him up as she looked at Augustus as she shook her head. He'd be a problem. But before the ice princess could attack him, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke to regroup and return. Claudette cared not as she looked toward Azura-Dawn, the elf growling in pain. The emberheart wiggling into her wound and digging into her flesh. Her nails gripped the ground as she bit her lip in pain. The emberheart dug into Azura-Dawn's heart then as the demon cried out in pain. Her heart beat rung in her ears, as it took over her. Azura-Dawn slumped over as Lucinda came rushing into the courtyard. She was completely an emberheart demon now, a powerful desire elf princess that was captivating beautiful. The emberheart had aged her to age seven now. She then eyed her parents. Ah, it seems even the mighty blood of Absolon can fall to the emberheart. Impressive.[/i) Claudette said as she picked up Lucy. Soon, she'll remember nothing and become a part of our beloved family. Iblis, are you alright my dear?
  3. Azura-Dawn sighed in relief as the girl hadn't been corrupted yet. Of course, she could be feigning this to lure the twin sister in and become corrupted herself. However, as the demon stood up, Azura-Dusk's prison core dropped out of her bag and rolled towards Delan, landing by her feet. Rin jumped down from the red clover tree, her oar against the back of Delan's throat. Azura-Dawn sighed, shaking her head at the girl. Rin wait-- You're an idiot Azura-Dawn. You cannot see the girl's infected and soon she"ll become a desire elf. Rin muttered as she kept the oar at the girl's throat. That is what your sister does. She crafts despicable degenerate elves from those black azura clover seeds. Eat enough and you get lost in your own depravity. What Rin said was true. The seeds that Delan had eaten had blossomed and grew small vines connecting her vital organs, connective tissues and and even in her blood stream. Her skin was becoming tan, her ears slowly turning pointed. Her own mind betrayed her. The half-breed didn't move as her crimson black orb of an eye eyed the prison core. My dearest Delan… Azura-Dusk whispered in her mind. I am awaiting you to awaken me. Now is the time, both pieces are within my grasp. Let my corruption fester within you and bring forth Delan, the elf of power and depravity, the black hearted cloverheart. Awake, my vile little elf. Rin watched Azura-Dawn and Delan with a glare, annoyed that she had to try and stop the awakening of pure evil yet again. The half-breed didn't lower her oar either as she was wary--wary that something terrible was about to happen. Delan here isn't corrupted that hard. Azura-Dawn said, as she stared down the half-breed. I looked her over, she only has eaten a few seeds and we were going to find Kogal to reverse the damage Esben caused. I just have no idea-- Again, Rin cut her off. Isn't corrupted that hard? You can see it all over her. The seeds are consuming her and she looks like she's about to explode into a damned desire elf. Which are worse than desire demons. Rin then moved the oar up more, annoyed Azura-Dawn couldn't see the signs. You cannot see how the changes are coming through? She--Delan, probably no longer has her own free will or mind. Rin, lower your weapon please. It's just not going to help if you threaten her. Azura-Dawn said as she picked up the core. She guarded it with her life. We just need to find Kogal. We can still save her. She isn't lost yet. Corrupt the half-breed first my dear. Corrupt her back into those memories she has forgotten. Azura-Dusk whispered again. Then we can awaken me back to the world they robbed me of. Awaken into what you really are, the darkest elf hidden among a doppleganger of a failed progedy. [/font)
  4. Jasper-Aria, Hub of Val Cruxis Val Cruxis, Athentha 300 Days before the Revival of Azura-Dusk Tuesday, 12:00PM. Ferghas sighed as he stood there. He wasn't annoyed just disappointed that things had gotten this bad. Especially since the elder and Rin failed it from time to time. He eyed the Crowned Hearth with distrust because of everything she had done. Seldeth had broken free of the Black Heart Mirror but some effects had remained. And though she wanted to repent for her misgivings at the same time, the elf was not the same girl that started out in Platinum-Neptune. Ferghas wasn't the same either from his ordeal. But he decided to meet with Seldeth to help plan a course of action to combat Azura-Dusk should she awaken. And the two now reconvined in the Rising Moon Inn. Along with another head figure, Rin. The half-breed had put her transgressions and past mistakes behind her to tackle the bigger threat at hand. Ferghas looked at both women and shook his head, this was going to be harder than he thought. I don't think this plan is going to work at all. Seeing Esben has corrupted both the emberheart and cloverheart, that we might be in trouble. Ferghas replied as he looked down at the map. His right finger pointed at the small city of Aria-Malachite. I mean I don't even think the Zweifer Malachite-Topaz Cloverheart Sword and shield still resides there. It has to be there. Kogal wrote down the location of the three Zweifer Cloverheart items that haven't been corrupted. And that was one of them. Rin replied as she sighed softly. So that's where we are going Ferghas. We can sort our personal issues out along the way. Rin's right. Seldeth piped up. If we wait we'll never be able to conquer the ones that continue to serve Azura-Dusk. And we'll be outnumbered. Ferghas, pleaze trust us for once. Ferghas grunted as he stood, rolling up the map. Rin was glad someone was around to read the maps, since she was terrible at that. She then knew they'd have to take the train, which she didn't have a problem with. The three then gathered their meager belongings and headed out to the train station. None spoke. Well for a moment before Rin shook her head. Hm half-breed? I forgot to mention that Vex will meet us in Aria-Malachite. He wants to do this to make up for his transgressions. I allowed him to accompany us once we get there. I hope it's not an issue. The two nodded as they boarded the train and sat in the carriage part of it. Neither voiced their complaints and things seemed to be quiet for the moment. Which they didn't mind at all right now.
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  6. You're just going to let her drag you into the unknown? The seeds whispered in the back of her mind as Azura-Dawn stopped walking for a moment. She was trying to remember the hospel Kogal was last seen in. He was a shaman and had dealt with these seeds before, she hoped at least. I still can't believe you were eating those seeds. Azura-Dawn said as she looked over her shoulder. Esben really did a number on you. But he always been that way. But you are safe now, just have to find Kogal. The demon then let go of Delan's arm as she scratched her head. She couldn't remember the exact location and it bothered her. However she didn't know that deep within Delan, the seeds had grown to fruitation. That they were now full grown seeds that tricked her. Betrayed her. She's going to make you become that weak dead self than one of greatness. She's going to rob you of Azura-Dusk's grandness. Do you really want that? Um, hello? You in there? Azura-Dawn asked as she approached Delan and looked her over. Are you still under the seeds power or something? You alive in there? You hadn't said anything since we left.
  7. Atlas had been sitting at one of the back tables as she awaited the man. How she had gone about it wasn't the smartest but she had no choice. The locals didn't listen to her, even told her the rumors were a joke. But the elf knew better. Pushing the long rainbow hair back onto her shoulders as her golden eyes scouted the room. The black cloak sat upon a long-sleeve shirt and black dress pants. Her feet bare. Placing the glass down, she noticed the patrons going about as if they disregarded the rumors and whispers. But Atlas knew better, that the emberheart had gotten out of the cave it was last locked in. And slowly it was crawling its way back to the land. And Atlas knew that even if she had the cloverheart to combat it, she couldn't do such a thing. It was a difficult position she was in. And getting outside help would be best. Seeing the elder was too wrapped up in bigger things. And she hoped that the rumors of the old priestess coming back weren't true either.
  8. Atlas stood there for a moment as the man turned to leave. Well, it could be possible that she mistook him for someone else. But she needed to find out for herself as she began to follow him through the crowd. Were are foreigners always offstandish? She didn't know as she grabbed his arm then tugging the sleeve softly. Excuse me once more, but I do need your assistance. Even if you know nothing of the rumors and whispers, there is an urgency. Atlas said then as she let go of his sleeve. But the surge of emberheart has drawn attention and with the possibility of Azura-Dawn's disappearance, it may become dire. And though you aren't of this land, we can still use your help. Atlas sighed as she then turned around. She wanted to scope out the caves in the east, to find out the truth behind the rumors. She knew he could leave, choose not to help. But she would go regardless. Atlas shook her head as she knew things would only get worse. Please sir, even if it's just to the caves. We all could all use the help. Times here are getting worse by the minute especially if the rumors are true. Will you at least think it over. If you do, meet me by the Rising Moon Inn. With that, Atlas moved through the crowd and down the road.
  9. The whispers bothered Atlas as she stood up. The crowds had grown larger since mid-afternoon, and apparently she didn't know that it had happened. The elf shook her head, knowing that things were changing and not for the better. Word was spreading of the corrupted Emberheart. Rubbing her temples, she didn't notice the man she just bumped into. Sorry sir, I didn't see you there. I was a bit preoccupied. Atlas said as she looked up to apologise. She smiled softly. It's not this usually crowded but of late and the spread of rumors--well, more people have arrived to Rowan. And with Azura-Dawn's disappearance--nevermind, it's not something to bother you with. Atlas sighed softly as she looked the man over. He didn't look of the island yet she wondered if he could help. Unless he was wrapped up in some government issue. And that happened a lot lately as well. The elder, Marquis Jasper Abalone, had called forth people to scout the caves in the east for rising activities associated with the emberheart. Are you associated with elder Marquis? Or his recent order to scout out the eastern caves of Risa? Atlas asked again, curious of the man before her. I apologise if I'm prying, I'm just worried about a friend.
  10. The Underdepths of Ebony-Yahera, Border of Absolon and Ebony-Yahera Athentha 31 Days Before Azura-Dusk's Awakening Outside Val Roux Tuesday, 1:00P.M Rin shook her head as she stood in the underdepths tunnel like pathways. It seemed it was inevitable that the elf maiden--no, monster known as Azura-Dusk would make her return soon. Hiding out wouldn't save the half-breed any longer nor did it suit her but she did it on behalf of Sayndar and his so-called resistance. The resistance that had decided to vanish as the rumors came more and more true. The half-breed knew one option she could use against Azura-Dusk, it was the old weapons of Absolon Athentha. It was made of red clover seeds, black azura clover seeds and uncorrupted cloverheart. It was called Malachite-Topaz Maelstrom. A spear and sword set. Of course Rin had no idea where it was located. The old maps said the Malachite-Topaz temple, the new ones saying Farenheit-Abalone. She wished Seldeth was here, she could help with locating this. Sighing, the half-breed made her way down the tunnel, a hand grabbed her shoulder twirling her around. Rin slapped the figure in the cheek. At least it wasn't your oar. Sayndar sputtered as he rubbed his bruised cheek. Though I'd rather it was seeing you hit harder without it. Find the weapons yet? Or have you been standing here all this time? Real cute. Rin spat as she rubbed her head, chuckling a bit. But no, seeing you know more about these tunnels than I. And these maps are conflicting at best. Sayndar, do you really think they're revive Azura-Dusk? I mean, who'd be that-- Rin, you really need to learn about Athentha and its people. If what the rumors are saying, it's that blasted elf behind it. Seeing no-one can bloody catch him. But what worries me besides you, is Azura-Dawn has been missing for a few weeks. Sayndar replied as they continued walking down the tunnel towards the exit near Absolon. And if she spills your location, then we'll have more problems than we already do now. She wouldn't tell. Azura-Dawn knows that we cannot allow her twin into the world. I took over ruiling Athentha for its best interest. Though, I've not done my best, it's better than her. Rin said as she stopped then. Azura-Dusk will turn these people into monstrous elves of their greatest vile notions. Their degeneracy, their hatred, their--their greatest sins. Corrupted by the black azura clover seeds, they won't be the same. Sayndar rubbed his temples as he stood there. Something worse than Rin, he couldn't fathom it. Of course dealing with her would have to wait now, as he looked up at the half-breed. Vex would meet them at the train station so they could plot where to look for the Malachite-Topaz Maelstrom. Outside the tunnel now, the half-breed looked at the man, her personal rival, would be the best to protect her. Annoying more than usual if you ask me. Even more than you. And even though I despise being near you, I need to make sure Azura-Dusk isn't brought back. Sayndar muttered as he looked at her. I wouldn't put it past a tourist comes and revives her at this point. Let's go, Vex is waiting for us at the train station. Rin nodded. And so they began to walk down the cobblestone street to the trains. She hoped this would go without a problem.
  11. Azura-Dawn had managed to open the prison door as she looked around to see if anyone was there. It had been three months since she was captured during an mission to scout out the estate. Peering around the corner, she saw no-one. The demon sighed, as she grasped her twin sister's prison core to her chest. No-one would open it while she was alive, and she wouldn't let Esben get his way. She didn't know that he was gathering more souls to help acquire his objective. Making her way up the stairs, making sure that she wasn't seen, Azura-Dawn hoped that getting out of here and finding the half-breed would be easy. In her bag, evidence of the black azura clover seeds that Esben had been working on. She needed it to prove the elf was the true enemy of the floating islands. I cannot allow this to happen. Azura-Dawn thought as she found herself in the main hall. The elf--Azura-Dusk, is not a good thing to be awakened. I just wish that this damned cube hadn't survived. Exiting the estate, Azura-Dawn saw her next problem. Esben was with someone, it looked like a woman. She placed the core into her bag as the demon looked ahead. She was aghast to see the girl eating the seeds. With courage, Azura-Dawn approached the young girl and moved the bucket from her. Don't eat those. It's not--you shouldn't be eating those. You need to come with me. Azura-Dawn pleaded. I have proof to save the islands from the impeding doom. But her words fell on deaf ears. Delan had eaten the seeds, she had fallen to them. Azura-Dawn leaned down, to look at the girl. The seeds within whispered, hummed such sweet false promises. It showed her her truths, that Delan, in truth was a power-hungry selfish tyrannical elf. That she wanted many things for herself. Azura-Dawn looked at her still, not sure if Esben would interfere with her taking the girl to be cured by the shaman. Let me take you to see Kogal. He can take those toxic seeds out of you. Azura-Dawn pleaded once more. I cannot allow them to corrupt you more. But she didn't know that Delan wanted the corruption, that minute by minute she was allowing more of it to be done. That she wanted Azura-Dusk to be freed. Azura-Dawn pulled the girl up, not knowing she was falling into an ensnarement. She pulled the girl along, away from Esben's estate, as he did nothing. He wouldn't have to, he had done enough for the next stage. Azura-Dawn was near the danger that he knew he could let Delan do the next part, to gather the information to free Azura-Dusk.
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  13. Azura-Dawn said nothing as she readied another arrow. The fire fight would do little to free him from the emberheart, but it could do something right? Was Iblis still in there fighting? She didn't know as she looked towards Augustus and the kneeling Iblis. The demon could feel something off, something old. So, it comes back. After its slumber. We have been played by the Talians Augustus. Azura-Dawn spat as she shook her head. The old shaman was silent, still. She tilted her head. Augustus? The old tired eyes peered upon Iblis now, as he noticed his attack was blocked but not the arrow. Why did he allow it through? Was it a bluff? Placing his hand to his temple, he remained silent, ignoring Azura-Dawn for a moment. She was right, they couldn't let him leave the courtyard as he was now. But he was worried, for not even he knew much about the emberheart. It seems that you avoided the pillars. And yet in the same defensive way I've seen before. Augustus breathed, as he looked up at the man--creature before him. Another went down the same path you did once. Wanting to save his dying sister. Yet Argo--he never gained his wish. What are you mumbling about Augustus? We don't have time for your tales. Azura-Dawn grumbled, ready to fire another arrow at Iblis. We have to deal with a serious problem. This is important. You children never learn because you do not listen. The one before us, is the same as Argo. The same. Augustus barked as he shook his head. The emberheart consumes those that make deals with it, taking their form, becoming them. It lives now because Iblis wanted a family. So, if we-- Augustus paused, not wanting to finish the sentence. Closing his eyes, the old shaman sighed, the mist growing around Iblis. Like fog, he couldn't see, as Augustus grabbed the arrow, imbuing it with ice magic. He hoped this would stagger him, give them time to come up with a plan. Azura-Dawn then fired the arrows at Iblis. Neither wanted to do this but they had no choice in the matter. This better work old man. Azura-Dawn snapped, firing another arrow. Now hurry up and form a plan.
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  16. The afternoon came then as Atlas sat there reading the leather bounded book of the high priestess, Rowan. She wanted to learn about the floating island's history. And if she could find any leads. Though Azura-Dawn's disappearance bothered the elf greatly. She couldn't put it past her that the Emberheart, the corrupted parts, had reawoken once more. And those that walked past, their whispers and rumors didn't ease her mind. Closing the book, Atlas sighed as she shook her head. The few pieces of cloverheart she contained and kept from corruption wouldn't be enough to combat the corrupted pieces and heart of the Emberheart. Atlas looked towards the sky, unsure where to go next. What to do next, was the better question.
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  18. And here I thought you would use your brain. Azura-Dawn muttered as she noticed the courtyard. You cannot pay its price you idiot. It will consume and take over you, becoming you. Augustus said nothing as he was still preparing his spells. The only one who hadn't teleported with them was Claudette, as she was left behind to be protected. And to tend to their child. Azura-Dawn noticed he deflected her arrow, and blinked. Was she too late to help? Was he too far gone? Yes, protect your family dear Iblis. It whispered attaching itself to his insides, connective tissues and organs. But she is right, we will become one. I will be you. It will come soon enough. You'll see. Azura-Dawn readied another cloverheart arrow, it would combat the effects of the Emberheart, she hoped at least. And it would distract so that Augustus could cast his spell. Hurry up old man, I cannot keep him at bay for long. She thought before firing the arrow at Iblis. You would give up your idenity, yourself just to keep them safe? Augustus asked. He looked down then as he knew what had to be done. I'm sorry Iblis. With that, he finished preparing his spell and the ground shook. Pillars of ice and electricity rose and aimed at Iblis, flying at him and if not dodged would throw him into the trees that lined the courtyard. After this, crystal fire and azura clover arrows would fly at his form, trying to cleanse him of the Emberheart. Now, release them. Return to the ground emberheart. Augustus whispered. But no words came, the Emberheart inside Iblis burst, overtaking and combining them both. Everything the Emberheart knew, was, embodied, lived--became everything Iblis knew. Power, corruption, enslavement, magic, strength, it grew tenfold. Azura-Dawn stepped back feeling something was wrong. That Iblis was now something different, something ancient. We might be in trouble Augustus. Azura-Dawn said softly. We might have just lost if the emberheart has consumed him. Even Claudette will be. We cannot let him defeat us here, nor--nor leave the courtyard as he now is. Azura-Dawn, don't fret. We still are in this battle. Augustus spoke. Though an ancient evil might take the lad, we can save him. I know we can. But could they?
  19. Afraid so. Esben said as he eyed her. Standing up, he pulled more buckets to the girl. He knew that she would need to do this to sustain her form longer. The seeds would birth her into a new body, one free of decay. But it would seep into her, distorting her thoughts and wishes. Corrupting her core from the loathsome Shishi. Are you frightened? The seeds whispered within her. Afraid you might not like the truth about you? Azura-Dusk only wishes you to be happy, to be hers forevermore. Don't you see deep within? The demon, the degenerate creature you desire to become? And those weapons of Cloverheart, don't you wish to own them? Covet them? Esben watched as he placed another bucket of seeds toward Delan. He didn't know how long he could do this before Azura-Dawn escaped the prison he kept her in. However, he knew sooner or later Delan could give in and they could release Azura-Dusk. The elf then shook his head as the rain let up a bit. The seeds burrowed within her heart and a bud blossomed forth. It wiggled, sending the ooze of the black azura clover seeds into her tissues. It would connect to her connective tissues and organs. The whispers would grow stronger, overwhelming. Her memories would haze, being rewritten by the seeds. They showed her by Azura-Dusk's side, her right hand woman. Adored by the elf, loved. The cloverheart corrupted by Delan, as the sword and shield remained in her hands. Indulge, forget your past life and become what you hide deep within. Accept that this is the path to walk. A form that won't decay, won't die. Ascend.
  20. 21, August 1678AY Jacques Azura-Risa, Hub of Malachite-Topaz. Rowan Tuesday, 2:00P.M The rain had finally stopped failing as the cloaked figure made their way into the city of Malachite-Topaz. The events that had occurred in a cave days ago stirred whispers of the emberheart awakening again. And that was worrying, since the people of Rowan didn't experience the problems of Athentha and Talia. But here, here in Rowan something was starting. Something bad. Atlas remained under her cloak, trying to figure out if Azura-Dawn was alright. She had not gotten word back from her in days since she went looking for one of the emberheart swords. Atlas was cursing herself for allowing her cloverheart to be tainted and corrupted. And she wanted to make things right. Atlas stood there then, her golden yellow eyes looking about for Azura-Dawn. Where are you my friend? Atlas thought to herself finding a bench to sit upon. I do hope you didn't fall to the emberheart. Atlas sighed softly. Rowan was awakening again yet into an age of uncertainty that the young elf was afraid of. Azura-Dawn was needed in attempt to keep things at peaceful resolution.
  21. Well that was not necessary. A tantrum won't save you from me nor--nor does the Emberheart care about you. It's feeding on you for its own selfish desires. It needs a host to grow and rebirth itself. Augustus said as he eyed the destruction. He paused before the old man saw a holy Cloverheart arrow fly at Iblis. Can it be? Has my letter reached someone-- Another ensnared in the emberheart's trickery. Azura-Dawn spoke, jumping down from the roof of the open mansion. The elf eyeing the old shaman and Iblis entangled into a battle. She also eyed the young ice princess. And another thinking it can command the Emberheart. Which is stupid. Since it's the opposite. Augustus sighed. A bit worried and a bit of relief. Azura-Dawn shook her head as it seemed that this fight wouldn't end well. For both sides. The elf eyed the damage and chuckled, a nervous laugh more like it. The shaman chanted softly to himself, prepping for another spell. And with Azura-Dawn here, he might have a chance. He hoped at least.
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  23. Esben said nothing for a moment. Delan thought she had a short life. Why would she think that here where time moved so slow? It confused the elf, but he said nothing about it. Turning around, he walked up to Delan, grasping her hands once more, to her dismay, as she didn't seem to like it. His red-orange eyes peering at her as she finally gave into his words. You will not have a short life Delan. Esben replied as he let go of her hands, producing the sweetly addictive black azura clover seeds. And you'll be so much better than that accursed woman you vame from. Here, all the seeds you'll want and need my dearest Delan. Esben gave her the seeds, as he watched her consume them. As they entered her form, she'd sit on the ground as Delan would want more of the seeds. The seeds burrowed into her heart, nestled as they told her to eat more. Delan would forget the elf was standing there for a moment as she consumed more of the seeds. Ah a fresh new creature calls us forth. Whispered the seeds. A child desiring to be something than a fleeting moment. Of course we can do that as long as you fulfill the contract--as long as you give yourself to us. Delan could hear the whispers, the ones of the black azura clover seeds wanting to aid the girl. Help her find her courage and strength. Her fingers would be stained in the black dust as more and more appeared. Feast our little lamb. That hidden potential can shine once you become the Cloverheart once more. Azura-Dusk has chosen you because you are a Cloverheart demon. Chosen you to live immortally. They whispered as they bloomed a small bud from her heart. Showing her visions of sweet twisted false promises, memories of another life being remade to be hers. Delan, consume until you burst into that monster within your heart. Azura-Dusk's monster of selfish vile notions. Esben leaned against the tree as he watched her. He hoped this would work and be the next step to awaken Azura-Dusk back. He needed Delan to have Azura-Dawn tell them the half-breed's location, to spill her secrets of her sister. The elf eyed the girl, how soon she'd realise her worth, her potential. Delan? Esben asked as the silence had grown after a long while of minutes. Are you ready to become Azura-Dusk's Cloverheart?
  24. Why the futile fight? The Emberheart whispered as it pulsated from the burning fire. It did little to affect the cave. Why not eat? You are hungry little lambs are you not? Why deny such tasty morsels that will help you? Azura-Dawn had sat down, her hands dipping into the bucket and pulling a few emberheart seeds out of it. Without noticing, as her hunger had grown, she ate some of them. They were sweetly addictive as she continued to eat them. The rune knight's hunger would grow as well, along with his curiosity. And Del, though he bravely fought the Emberheart, his hunger grew too. Give in and eat the seeds. Don't waste your energy upon futile fighting. You know this is the right path. The emberheart once more showed the three visions of sweet false promises, false glory and grandieur they craved. Azura-Dawn didn't notice as she continued to eat the seeds, as it was the only thing she cared about at the moment. The illusion of the high priestess, Rowan appeared behind the rune knight as she came close to his ear. Don't you want to become my knight? Never having to worry about your next meal? Always having gold for any comfort you desire? Consume, feast that hungry soul of yours my little lamb. She disappeared and reappeared behind Delonix then as her lips came near his ear. Don't you desire to be something? Don't you wish for men and women to admire, adore you? Airships at your command? Feast my little lamb, Rowan needs you. She disappeared again. The emberheart calling the two to eat and consume its corrupted bounty. Azura-Dawn said nothing, her form slowly swelled as she was a bit covered in the dust. But she grabbed another bucket, as she consumed the seeds.
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