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  1. Lost on Shore [Last Chance]

    Returning the pipe to its usual resting place between his lips, he turned and walked towards the buildings. Surely one would contain a pub or at least someone who could guide him to one. He released the mental hold he had placed on the hounds. The hold hadn't been for very long but it was still a relief to relax the grip. Lately he'd been able to hold it for about twenty minutes max. That usually ended with him passing out from exhaustion but he was growing stronger each time he used it. "Im thinking a nice tankard of ale and some roast chicken with those little potatoes all fried nice and crisp..." His voice trailed off as he moved away from the group in search of food and drink. "You coming or not?"
  2. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    I'm still interested. Who's turn to post is it?
  3. Lost on Shore [Last Chance]

    Gerikan kept a neutral attitude while this stranger talked. He knew what the man was doing, could probably smell when someone was on to a big score. You couldn't blame him though. That was the reason most of the crew on the ship joined in the first place. He just didn't like the overly friendly manner that was being taken with the others next to him. It made the hair on his neck stand up, more so than usual when the hounds electrified tongues would spark his hands. Pulling the pipe from his mouth he spoke for the first time to the stranger proclaiming himself to be Jeremiah. "Thats a fine offer you make. I just wonder why you made it us?" He turned around and gestured to the rest of the docks with his pipe. "Seems to be a lot of sea dogs here in port. Im sure there are quite a few who might need your 'services' more so then the likes of us. What makes you think we need a guide?" The pipe popped back between his teeth while his other hand dropped nonchalantly into his pocket. In doing so he "accidentally" allowed his long coat to open a bit, flashing the hilt of his thin, curved scimitar. He smiled, a twinkle in his eye. mentally he commanded the dogs to move to either side of the group and attack if the stranger made a threatening move towards either of them.
  4. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    All these people coming up and talking to him out of nowhere, were making him nervous. His hand moved to the revolver out of habit. "Don't know. I was told to meet a new employer, nobody else as far as I knew." His voice trailed off as he stared hard at the creature who called itself Grant. There seemed to be no ill will or ire aimed his way, he decided to take a chance. Plus with the streets being as crowded as they were, bodies tended to attract unwanted attention. "Why don't you come with me and my large new friend here and we can go see the boss. Get this mess all sorted out." He lowered his voice so that only Grant would be able to hear him. "If you're not supposed to be with us well then..." He made a pistol out of his gloved hand and pointed it at Grant.
  5. Lost on Shore [Turned OOC]

    I'll get something posted up later today then
  6. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    Glad to hear that all is well!
  7. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    The voice sent him instantly into a defensive state. His hand instinctively went to his hip and gun. Turning to see who had asked the question, he found himself looking at the chest of a massive creature. He was by no mean small himself, but this thing was a monster! Parts of him seemed to be flesh or hide, he really wasn't sure, but the other bits seemed to be made of machinery. His right hand clenched, another creature who wan't entirely themselves anymore. "You always sneak up on people like that?" Thanatos had to give it to the big guy though. For being that large he hadn't been aware of him up until that point, he was either very skilled or very lucky. "And I ain't got the foggiest what the hell your talking about." Glancing back in the direction he had been heading he thought about how much time he had left before the meeting that had been arranged. Then an idea struck him. There was always a use for big muscle like this one. Maybe the gang leader he was supposed to talk to would want to meet this one. "Look I got prior engagements to attend to but I can introduce you to someone who might know about your..." He waved his hands in a circular motion. "...Thingy." Dropping his hands to his side in defeat. "follow me and Ill get ya set up."
  8. Lost on Shore [Last Chance]

    A short shrill whistle issued from Gerikan's lips. Horek's head popped up off the pile of rope and ran over to him, tongue lolled out and dripping what appeared to be lightning. He had seen Lucy jump over and thought better of following her, especially since she went the wrong way. He smirked and walked languidly down the gangplank and onto the dock, his hounds close behind jostling each other and sniffing the air. Gerikan's long white hair flipped around in the cool sea air as all manner of birds screeched in the harbor. There were other ships docked and waiting, some larger, some smaller then their own. They appeared to be moored in the section of docks that contained what he figured were the more undesirable ships and their crew. In the distance he could see much grander ships and yachts. Here though appeared a much more morally "questionable" sort. They were his kind of people. Men and women who could scurry over rigging and hold their own in a fight. You wouldn't ask them to hold onto your wallet though, not if you were a smart man anyway.A particularly cold wind blew up his neck making him pull the collar of his coat up just a little higher and diverting his attention away from the dock workers and sailors. Some of those on the docks began to point at his hounds as they passed, whispering to each other. Most of them made a sign to ward off evil spirits and spat into the ocean. If there was one thing that you could count on a sailor for, it was having a whole mess of superstitions and about twelve different ways to counter each of them. Gerikan just smiled at the attention it afforded him. He wasn't soft looking by any means but the hounds almost guaranteed that he wouldn't run into anyone trying to pick a fight for no reason. He sidled up next to Bella and Lucy who had made their way away from the docks onto a patch of earth. They were not alone though. He eyed the man standing before them with suspicion. You didn't live long in his trade if you didn't take such precautions. He felt around in his mind for the crackling ball that represented the minds of his hounds. Mentally taking hold of them he could give them much more specific instructions. Nothing too crazy, and they could decide if they wanted to or not. His mental command told the two to keep and eye on the newcomer just in case he tried anything against them. Gerikan wasn't the one that they sent to do the talking so he just stood, watching and puffing on his pipe.
  9. Lost on Shore [Turned OOC]

    I'm at work but I'll have my post up here in a couple hours or so.
  10. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    No worries @Laughingmad Don't look at others and think yours can't measure up. Write how you want to and learn and grow from it. If everyone wrote the same way we wouldn't have so much good stuff to read! Enjoy the process :)
  11. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  12. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  13. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    The thud of each heavy boot step echoed down the hallway. There was no rush in the pace or sound, just a constant and inexorable thud....thud....thud, the heartbeat of a professional killer. He had been hired to do a job, take care of a few "problems" who had spurned their own employer. They never said how, but it was implied that it was up to him, how he completed the task. His broad shoulders and height seemed to fill the hallway despite it being a good eight feet across and that same high. Something about his presence pulled the air out and made you feel small and claustrophobic. An older man walking the opposite direction pushed himself up agains the wall, shuffling past hurriedly without looking back. He had been alive too long to know trouble when he saw it coming. Thanatos stopped in front of one of the many doors lining the hallway. The only difference this one had from the others was its address, the one he had been given. As he lifted his right arm, the leather of his heavy duster jacket creaked and groaned. His fist knocked on the solid wood door in the same manner his boots had on the floor, slow and steady, no real sense of urgency in the sound or action. His knock was answered by a scuffling from the other side along with voices. He was able to hear them arguing about who it could be and if they should open the door. Not in any rush he let them finish before he knocked again. He didn't increase the tempo, but he did increase the force. The knock was followed by his voice, low and deep with a drawl to it that wasn't easy to pinpoint to any particular region. "If you don't open the door, I will." Footsteps from inside the apartment scurried towards the door after he spoke. Taking a step back his hand fell to the butt of his gun just in case. Sounds of locks being turned could be heard and finally the door cracked open an inch, held there by a small metal chain. It was just enough so that he could see the face of a frightened young man. "W...who are you?" His eyes grew wide when he had to look up to find Thanatos face and only finding the two piercing yellow eyes set in the swirling black mass that was his face. "Don't matter. Open up so I can have a word with you." The man was either too scared or in shock, but the door didn't move a fraction. "Now." Thanatos commanded. His voice shook "yeah y...yeah man, no its cool...hang on." He was spluttering and fumbling with the chain but finally the door swung wide. Inside, the apartment was nothing special, your basic furnishing and a few odds and ends scattered around to make the place seem lived in. Thanatos strode in, his hand still at the ready near his gun. He had no doubt that if someone tried something he could draw faster then they could blink, but he was cautious and patient. "You know who sent me?" "I think so...yeah...it was them wasn't it?" Thanatos nodded once, his hat brim dipping just low enough to hide his eyes for the flash of a second. "Then you know why i'm here." Movement off to his side sent his eyes darting. "You move one more step and ill put one in yer belly." It was another young man, clutching a cloth satchel to his chest. Frozen in place the young man stood, shivering, but complying. "You were told to pick something up. You were given a fine amount for picking up that something." He paused and pushed the door closed behind him with his demonic looking hand. "Word was that you did the job but stopped shy of delivery and thats why i'm here." Man number two held out the satchel between shaking hands. "H...here then, take it!" Thanatos smiled as the young man stepped towards him. Before either of the two could react, Thanatos pulled the massive revolver from its holster. Arm outstretched, the gun firmly gripped, he pointed it at the mans forehead. "You best take a step back now." The area of his pants around his crotch began to darken and flow down his leg, the smell of hot urine filled Thanatos' nostrils. There were some downsides to having senses as good as his. No one could really see but he made a disgusting face, he hated cowards. Snapping the fingers on his free hand to get the first man's attention, he motioned for him to join his friend. "Now yer gonna put that package down real slow and easy on that counter. Then you two pissants are gonna leave, and if I ever hear about you again Ill gut the both of ya." As soon as the satchel touched the floor the two men bolted for the door past their unwanted guest. A low chuckle issued out from the folded cloth covering his mouth and neck. Those two glorified delivery boys weren't worth shooting. Holstering his weapon he picked up the package and left the building. It took him longer to get to his employer's office due to walking, but he liked to walk. rushing wasn't his style. Despite his odd appearance he was able to blend in while walking through the city. When he reached the office no one stopped him. He strode past the guards and pushed open the doors leading into dark office. The only light came off one of those fancy Magitech computers that everyone was using. It shone on the face of a plump, cherry faced man. "Thanatos, good to see you back." The fat man's eyes darted down to the satchel that hung from Thanatos' hand. "Those punks give you much trouble?" he asked eagerly. "What did you do with the bodies?" His eyes shown with a wicked light. This was a man who killed because he thought it was fun. He didn't feel the weight of a life. To him people were numbers to be added, subtracted and moved around to get the outcome he wanted. Thanatos shook his head, "No bodies this time, but they won't make trouble again." The smile melted off the plump man's face. He half stood up behind his desk and pointed a fat sausage finger at Thanatos. "Now look here, I paid you to do a job..." His voice trailed off as he saw a flash of the revolver on Thanatos' hip. "You paid for a package." He set the satchel down on the desk. "Heres your package. Now I will be on my way unless you wish to take things further?" Plump man's eyes darted to the gun again. He had heard that this creature he had hired ate the souls of men and spit them back out of that gun. There was no wish from him to find out. "Fine, but next time I expect bodies and examples!" He sat down in a huff and pulled the satchel to him. "Want to know what you got for me?" Thanatos was already heading for the door. "No I do not." Walking out he paused upon seeing a man in a smart set of clothes, and stopped him with a gloved hand. "Money is owed to me." The man in the suit who was used to these kinds of thugs huffed and pulled out a small sack. The clink of coin could be heard. Taking it, Thanatos dropped it into a pocket inside his duster. He tipped his hat and left. As he walked out and looked up at the sky he saw the light fade and disappear. It was almost time for his meeting with a new player in town. He hadn't heard much from this new bunch, but what he had heard interested him. Weaving his way through the newly spawned evening crowds he made his way to the designated meeting spot. On his way he picked up the hint of strawberries among the throng of other scents. It surprised him but faded as he moved onward.
  14. Lost on Shore [Turned OOC]

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  15. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    alright here is the character I will be using. He is more towards the fantasy side than scifi but I think itll be fun to have that mix.