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  1. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    no worries. I think it would be good to shelf this one for now and maybe pick it back up at a later date :)
  2. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  3. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  4. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    Thanatos winced upon hearing about her lack of memory. He'd never admit how bad he wished he knew of his life before. What he did know was that he hadn't been a good man. Her touch jolted him even more. Any other time he would have laid out anyone that touched him like that. After hearing her tell him about her past made him feel a certain kinship towards this odd looking woman. It took him a few seconds to regain his composure. "Why I'm here? Working in this line?" He scratched the bar top with a wickedly clawed nail as he thought. "Suppose its cause I'm good at it. Don't know how to use all this fancy tech everyone else seems to be enamored with so I stick to what I know." His index finger and thumb formed a gun which he proceeded to point across the bar, making a "bang" sound. "Not much else when you got a mug like mine." resting his clawed hand on the bar, palm up. He concentrated, forming six "bullets" from the black inky substance that made up his limb. "And the way I see it, what abilities I do have, aint much good in any other line of work." The slugs stopped moving and sank back into his skin, disappearing without trace. He stayed silent for a moment before speaking again. "As for who's pulling the strings. I really can't say for certain. Just seemed to me like Lucifer was acting like a boss in case one of us got a wild hair and decided to take a shot at him. I figure he's puttin on a show for any of us who might be working for another organization. I've heard those same things from other employers all over this city. Telling me that they were gonna be the only ones around come the new year and all that. Some of them tried, and some of them did became pretty damn strong. In the end there's always someone stronger though. Ill play along till I start seeing the cracks in the walls, then I'll be taking my leave." Stopping he finished off his drink and tapped the rim of the glass with a claw, causing the glass to ring out. It was quickly filled. "I don't recall having heard you're name around the city though. That on purpose or do just keep a low profile?"
  5. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    The whiskey came to him almost before he finished ordering, it left the glass just as fast. His clawed hand tapped the bar and his glass was filled again. The liquid burned and stirred up his gut. It felt good. When he heard Eliza comment on his choice of drink he smirked. “Normally it ain’t this bad.” He raised his voice so the bartender could hear him “what poor motherless curr sold you this piss and told you it was whiskey?” The bartender didn’t look up from his work, just lifted his hand and gave Thanatos the finger. “The boss? Not sure yet. Seems to me like he may not be the boss.” Pausing to take a swig from his drink. “Something about him just says mouthpiece. I ain’t one to argue with a paycheck though.” Finishing his drink he looked across the bar top, his eyes turning into burning slits. “Boy you best remove your hand from my pocket else I’m gonna tip it off and use it as a back scratcher.” A younger looking man standing beside Thanatos at the bar slowly withdrew his hand as instructed. He had a sheepish look on his face like he wasn’t used to being caught in the act. “S...sorry” He stammered before scurrying off. ”now back to business.” He turned his gaze back to Eliza as if nothing had just happened. “How’d you come to get involved in this life?”
  6. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    The invitation for a drink was tempting to say the least. He figured having one might calm his nerves after meeting too many new faces. The woman, Eliza, seemed eager to leave the room and get out from the scrutiny of their new "boss". Shrugging his shoulders he looked into the room the others had gone through. His eyes flicked around taking in the bar and all of its patrons. He wasn't sure if they were all employees of Lucifer but it didn't matter. No one seemed to be paying him much attention, some though were trying too hard not to pay him too much mind. Their eyes would occasionally flick over him then shift back just as quickly to their own business. Turning back to Eliza and Oxidus he gave a toothy grin. "well I suppose we're the odd ones out if we don't." His boots thumped on the floor as he moved towards the bar and ordered double whiskey.
  7. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    This man was cool and collected, something Thantos admired. His glare hardend as he searched for signs that Lucifer was bluffing. Either this man was supremely confident in his abilities or he had some ace up his sleeve. He recalled the body being earlier. Best to play it safe now. He’d heard the rumblings about this new crew and wanted to see if they were the real deal. If they failed we’ll he’d just move on. Wouldn’t be the first time. He let out a hearty laugh. ”well if you’re the only game in town, then I guess I better ante up.” He slipped his cigar back between his teeth. “But I ain’t no salary man. Makes a man lazy complaicent. I’ll work for you exclusively, but I don’t need no money coming to me unless works been done.” He turned to the girl, Eliza, “That’s for me alone, you do what you like.” He slipped her a subtle wink before rounding his gaze over to Oxidus. “What about you big guy? You want in on this?”
  8. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    Thanatos took a long drag. He didn't like being bullied around by this new name in town. The people who had told him about this guy had assured him that the pay was worth it. The whole, 'no one but us' didn't sit too pretty with him though. He let out a deep sigh, expelling a large white cloud. "Name's Thanatos. I kill things that need killin." Turning his gaze towards the man named Lucifer he narrowed his glowing yellow eyes. " Now i've got some questions. I don't much like being tied to one horse. How do I know you aint gonna go tits up in a week and leave me high and dry?" His hand subtly shifted and his fingers tensed, ready to draw on Lucifer or anyone else that tried to stop him from leaving.
  9. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    Bodies were something he had become accustomed to. The only time he didn't like seeing them was when was walking into unknown territory and wasn't the one creating them. As he walked into the meeting place he caught a glimpse of the body being hurried away and went on the defensive. He began to quickly assess the room. Two people, one well dressed male and a female sitting in a chair. The door he had seen the body being taken out of seemed to be hidden by some kind of cloaking barrier but he knew the approximate location. Other then that the door he walked through was the only other exit. Judging by his dress and somewhat relaxed demeanor, the male was the one who'd sent him the offer of employment. The female, while trying to look relaxed and at ease, actually reeked of suspicion and...not fear...but something akin to it. More like the sense of self preservation. So that body hadn't been her doing, and she was worried that she might be next. By the looks of her she was someone who knew their way around these situations. The cigarette she was smoking smelled of strawberries. It was intense and sharp to his enhanced sense of smell, causing a dull ache in the inside of his nose. He had never been a fan of sweet things. "Looks like the parties started without me." He strode further into the room, the hard heels of his boots clunking solidly on the floor. Stopping short of the woman in the chair he reaching into his coat and pulled out a metal case with several thick, pungent cigars inside. Usually he wasn't inclined to show the lower half of his face but something needed to be done to ease tension in the room. Pulling down the cloth covering his mouth. Despite his skin being the dark swirling mass, his teeth were bright white and filled into jagged points. He lit the cigar and puffed the cloud up into the air. He hooked one thumb inside his belt and gestured over to Oxidus with the other hand "Hope you don't mind. I made a friend on the way here. Thought he looked like someone in need of work." Taking another long drag he let the smoke leak out of the corners of his mouth and roll up the wide brim of his hat further giving him the appearance of some demon.
  10. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  11. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    His head drooped low and a sight came rushing out. This was why he worked alone. "Look, you sound like you ain't from around here so im gonna give you a little advice. Most don't take to offering a service without compensation." He rubbed his thumb along the side of his finger to insinuate money. "Since ya ain't a local I figured you might be lookin' for work. Then you can get someone to help fix your gismo." He crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Now Im going to meet a potential employer about some work and you might as well tag along. If you don't like what he's offerin, then you just walk away and everyone goes home. The important part is that i'm fixin to walk off here and leave you. Either follow along or don't." With that, he turned on his heels and strode off. It wasn't good business to be late to a meeting.
  12. Lost on Shore [Last Chance]

    Returning the pipe to its usual resting place between his lips, he turned and walked towards the buildings. Surely one would contain a pub or at least someone who could guide him to one. He released the mental hold he had placed on the hounds. The hold hadn't been for very long but it was still a relief to relax the grip. Lately he'd been able to hold it for about twenty minutes max. That usually ended with him passing out from exhaustion but he was growing stronger each time he used it. "Im thinking a nice tankard of ale and some roast chicken with those little potatoes all fried nice and crisp..." His voice trailed off as he moved away from the group in search of food and drink. "You coming or not?"
  13. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

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  14. Lost on Shore [Last Chance]

    Gerikan kept a neutral attitude while this stranger talked. He knew what the man was doing, could probably smell when someone was on to a big score. You couldn't blame him though. That was the reason most of the crew on the ship joined in the first place. He just didn't like the overly friendly manner that was being taken with the others next to him. It made the hair on his neck stand up, more so than usual when the hounds electrified tongues would spark his hands. Pulling the pipe from his mouth he spoke for the first time to the stranger proclaiming himself to be Jeremiah. "Thats a fine offer you make. I just wonder why you made it us?" He turned around and gestured to the rest of the docks with his pipe. "Seems to be a lot of sea dogs here in port. Im sure there are quite a few who might need your 'services' more so then the likes of us. What makes you think we need a guide?" The pipe popped back between his teeth while his other hand dropped nonchalantly into his pocket. In doing so he "accidentally" allowed his long coat to open a bit, flashing the hilt of his thin, curved scimitar. He smiled, a twinkle in his eye. mentally he commanded the dogs to move to either side of the group and attack if the stranger made a threatening move towards either of them.
  15. Emergence from the Gates of Hell [Quest]

    All these people coming up and talking to him out of nowhere, were making him nervous. His hand moved to the revolver out of habit. "Don't know. I was told to meet a new employer, nobody else as far as I knew." His voice trailed off as he stared hard at the creature who called itself Grant. There seemed to be no ill will or ire aimed his way, he decided to take a chance. Plus with the streets being as crowded as they were, bodies tended to attract unwanted attention. "Why don't you come with me and my large new friend here and we can go see the boss. Get this mess all sorted out." He lowered his voice so that only Grant would be able to hear him. "If you're not supposed to be with us well then..." He made a pistol out of his gloved hand and pointed it at Grant.