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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Watching the other two riders mount their dragons, she looked to Nethious. The slightest bob of his head told her that she was welcome to do the same. Kneeling forward allowed her to climb up and take a seat near the base of his neck. Shadow material oozed from beneath the scales around her, wrapping itself around her thighs, holding her firmly in place. As the shadow formed, a thought came to her, as eager as she was to fly with a dragon, she had no idea what she was doing! Her heart quickened at the thought of Nethious rejecting her due to her abilities. Her flesh and blood hand began to shake as she imagined walking away from him. Then a feeling washed over her. It felt warm and comforting, it invited her in to stay. Do not fear little one. I will worry about flying, you just think what you want and I will help the best I can. She looked up to see Nethious craning his head to look back at her. She saw what she thought was a smile forming on his great dragon features. This made her smile whether it was true or not. "All right, I trust you." Looking up she saw the others taking off towards the sky terror. "Lets go join our comrades and see what we can do." Nethious nodded and unfurled his wings.While the other dragon's wings were leathery and sounded as such, Nethious' wings were almost silent. There was no rustling of scales or hide against one another, he was quiet. Only the sound of his sharp talons and tail swishing the ground seemed to generate any noise. Shadow stuff swirled as he began to beat his wings, lifting his bulk from the grounds. It was mesmerizing to watch it move and spin as the wings lifted up and down. She could feel his great muscles shift and move beneath her. It was strange to be atop this creature of such vast power. Nethious let out a great reverberating screech that filled the air and stung her ears. She looked towards his head and saw it pointed in the direction of the sky terror. They were still a ways off from the main group of dragons, but she saw what had caused him to let out that shriek. Two great clouds of something left the central mass of the creature and began heading towards the city. It almost reminded her of the massive Starling flocks she had seen before. The way it moved and twisted didn't seem like it was a singular creature but thousands of much smaller ones. Shall we little one? Nodding her head she thought her reply. "yes lets go hunting." Remembering her place as a subordinate she sent a similar thought directed towards Luther. "Orders sir? Shall I engage?"
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    Shadow Grimoire

    Gerikan saw something flash across the woman's face as she looked at the hounds. He couldn't quite place what the emotion or thought was but it was only for a moment. Looking down at Riken and Horek he saw their eyes narrow in her direction. Then someone dropped something resembling meat on the floor and they were off. A deep sigh escaped him. "You're going to get a bone stuck in your gullets!" He called after them. Shaking his head, he turned to look at the most recent arrival to their motley little band. Gerikan let out a low whistle as he craned his neck back to get all of the creature into his view. "Gods yer a big fella eh?" He gave the large hoofed creature a second look over before returning his attention to the woman across the table. The woman, Jo, didn't seem too keen when the book was brought up. In fact she looked downright miserable! Something didn't quite feel right, but that was where the best sorts of adventures started from. She looked even less friendly as she outlined the compensation that would be provided to each of them. He didn't care much for the money, he was in it for the adventure and danger that usually came along with it. The money was a nice little bonus, it kept him in drink, a bed, and sometimes bought him a little company to fill said bed. Then the man with the large pack began going off about some sort of contract. While able to read and write, Gerikan was never one for contracts. Glaring at the man he let his distaste for such things come to light. "Contract? Liability? Im all fine to help, and if my health is on the line then that's my business. Now here I was thinking this fine lady was my employer?" He pushed the contract away from him without signing and turned his voice back to Jo. "No disprespect, but the fuck's he on about with this contract business?"
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    Shadow Grimoire

    Gerikan always felt that urge to keep moving. No matter how nice a place was, it just never felt like home. His legs yearned to always carry him somewhere new and unexplored. Working aboard ships helped sate this thirst for adventure, but even then he would feel the need to jump to land and wander around discovering something. His latest bout of wanderlust had sent him into a lovely little hole called The Bewitchen' Marsh in Vechynacht. It was a charming place filled with puckering holes of stinking muck and beasts looking to drag him under the fetid water, it was perfect. A nose nudged his hand. Looking down he saw the happy face of his companions, two very large wolf like creatures, his Storm Hounds Riken and Horek. Riken was the larger of the two, his thick coat much darker then his brothers. He also had a large scar running down the side of his head. Horek was the color of ash. Both of the hounds had glowing blue white eyes that sparked every so often. Their mouths glowed with the same color, back lighting sets of vicious fangs. Both had their tongues lolled to the side as they panted in the thick, muggy air. Instead of saliva though, their long pointed tongues seemed to drip liquid lightning that fizzled and hissed as it hit the ground. Horek had been the one to nudge his hand. His was of demanding a quick scratch behind the ears. Gerikans hand, with its long pointed nails, was obliged the hound. As he scratched away, the thought, Happy, filled his head. This was Horek's mind in his. He could communicate basic needs and wants with his companions. The more complex the thought, the more strain it put on his mental state. Usually he would just speak out loud and the meaning would convey itself through their telepathic link. "Come on, I don't think we've got much further to go." Horek gave a low howl that seemed to reverberate and buzz with electric energy. "Yes and then dinner." They continued walking along the path that wove its way through the marsh. Riken and Horek bounded around him sniffing and pawing at sticks and various plants. Every now and then, one would disappear into the thick mist, chasing some unseen animal. Buildings began to materialize out of the mist, forming the outline of the city he had been seeking, Penumbra. Why anyone would build a home out here was beyond him. The hounds fell into close formation behind him, surveying the area with their keen senses, ready to jump to their masters aid if trouble arose. From his coat pocket he pulled a scrap of parchment with a location and some details. He was here to help search for a book, but first he needed to find a tavern, which was becoming quite the pain in the thick mist. Finally after asking a few paserbys and getting a few mumbled curses thrown his way, a signpost directed him to his destination. Stepping inside he found the interior to be only slightly more cheery then outside it. As far as taverns went, it wasn't much better or worse then ones he typically found himself in. As soon as he entered the room, Riken and Horek's eyes locked onto a pair at a table farther in. Sitting at the table was a woman, and a man who seemed to be having trouble with his over sized pack. Riken gave a muted growl, his eyes narrowing. Trouble, was the thought that came to him from the hounds. He would be on his guard while dealing with his contacts. His boots thumped on the wood floor as he approached the table with the pair. No one seemed to notice him as soon as they saw his hounds. Their side of the room became much less crowded very quickly. When he was next to the table he gave a command to the hounds, who sat down, still not removing their eyes from the female. "You the ones who need help finding a book?"
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    Shadow Grimoire OOC

    i'm fine with a flexible posting order.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

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    Let's go exploring....

    cool, just wanted to make sure :P
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    Let's go exploring....

    just checking in to see if we're still planning on starting.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    In her past, she would have seen the outstretched hand as a bit informal but times had changed. Also the present situation surrounding them was not the most conducive to proper etiquette and protocol. Taking the hand of the woman firmly in hers, Liandri bowed her head in greeting. "Pleased to meet you Reyna. I'm honored to be along side someone already versed in dragon riding." Luther's voice called them to his attention as three other dragons came into the area. Liandri couldn't help but grin excitedly as she saw them. Each of the scaled behemoths seemed to radiate power. They were magnificent! Luther informed her that the bronze dragon named Kenthu was his, she began shifting her gaze between the other two. On the left was a gleaming silver dragon. Its scales looked as though they had been forged and polished from the silver from which it had earned its name. It stood proud and beautiful before her. The air around the dragon seemed colder. Liandri began to recall all she had learned about the different dragon types. Silver types were at home in the cold snowy environments. They could breath massive clouds of freezing air. She watched in awe as its muscles rippled beneath its scaly hide. Its tail curling and uncurling slowly, sweeping snow with each pass. Turning her head towards the other one she began her examination. This one wasn't as large as the other three dragons present nor was its scales as lusterous. Instead they seemed to be muted in color, a matte grey almost black. While the silver dragon shone brightly, this one seemed to absorb the light around it. Black dragons weren't uncommon by any means, but this one was atypical of the breed. Sharp horns swept forward from its brow, coming to wicked points ahead of its snout. Its eyes, along with its toothy maw, glowed with a violet light, giving it a sinister appearance. Instead of the massive leathery wings that the others had, this ones seemed to ooze and flow like smoke. She gasped as her knowledge of dragons finally saw the creature for what it truly was. At one point it may have been a black dragon, or at least was supposed to be, but it had been exposed to something. Something had twisted this creature into a new form, one seeming to be comprised of shadow stuff, of smoke and ash. This was a rare creature indeed. In her studies, she had learned about rare dragons who's eggs were taken into a realm of shadow and darkness. Just being on this abnormal plane was enough to change them at the genetic level. As she stared into those violet hued eyes, she felt the rest of the world quiet and drop away. Her legs carried her forward, closer and closer toward this deadly creature. Some primal part of her brain screamed at her not to go any closer, that this thing could rip her apart before she had any chance to react. Then there was another part of her that yearned to be closer to this shadow creature. Trembling hand outstretched she touched the creatures snout, their eyes locking together. She felt something touch her mind then. It was like a voice telling her something, but it was more akin to a feeling. As her hand had touched its scales, all fearful thoughts brought on by the dragon disappeared in a flash. What was left instead was the feeling of satisfaction and excitement. Then a cold, calm voice echoed inside her mind, I am Nethious. She burst into a grin as she learned her dragon's name. "I choose Nethious." She had never been more sure about a decision in her life.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    no worries!
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    Let's go exploring....

    This sounds dark and comical...Im even more interested!
  11. I agree with you on spiders. I hate the things to no end. That being said, I am fine to kill them if they're in my home. My rule is that if I can't see you then you're fine, but as soon as you come into my field of view, im gettin the shoe. Outside they are fine, I just let them do their thing.
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    Custom title raffle 3

    Ive always wanted a title!
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    Let's go exploring....

    I would be down to do this with my character Gerikan Katada. He's always up to go exploring! His hounds are good for tracking and also to sense danger.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Heavy boots crunched as snow compressed beneath them. Liandri pulled the collar of her thick fur lined jacket up higher to ward against the cold wind. A young man was speeding toward her with a child clutched tight to his chest. His voice carried over the wind, trying to reassure the child that everything would be fine when they got to shelter. She did not blame him for wanting to hide. Fear was something that everyone felt. It was an emotion that kept them alive. She felt it just the same as that man, but she chose to face the fear and conquer it. Her gaze lifted up, snowflakes clinging to her lashes, causing them to blink rapidly. Past the falling snow was a shape. A shape that defied logic and reason. That alien form was the cause of all this fear, a Sky Terror. She had never even heard of one until that day, but there it was all the same. Her mind drifted to her old commander and his vessel, the airship Faith of Ages. She recalled the crafting being massive, in both scale and power, but staring at the creature above made her shiver. It dwarfed the Faith beyond anything she could have imagined. Another burst of rapid blinking cause by the flakes and her view returned to see the city covered in white. Despite the dark times that lay ahead, the appearance of the terror presented Liandri with an opportunity. The moment she'd arrived in the city, she became obsessed with the dragons that called the city home. Her only goal from that point was to join the dragon riders of the Golden Shield. Now that moment was upon her. With the danger literally filling the sky above them, the city sent out a call to join them in the fight against the Sky Terror. She felt she was particularly suited for this endeavor due to her past aboard the airships of The Great North. It was one thing to fight on the ground, but another entirely to be up where the air was thin, cold, and fought you just as much as your enemy. A down burst of wind whipped her hair around wildly. Looking up again a dark form past not too far overhead. Massive wings outstretched a great blue dragon soared past, landing not too far up. Liandri's pulse quickened as she watched the powerful creature swoop down. Doubling her pace she hurried to see the creature and more than likely, its rider. The dragon was laying down as Liandri came into view. Its rider was not too far away talking to an armored Dragon Knight standing in front of a rank and file of soldiers. Her breath caught as she got closer to the dragon, but then her military training took over. Locking eyes on the Knight, she drew to within a few feet. She gave a sharp salute, her heels snapping together as her back went stiff. "Former Lt. Liandri Sharvant reporting sah!"