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  1. "Where is he, dork!?  And where can I find him?"   A slug to the face, not a bullet, but a closed fist.  It wasn't normally her style, but it hit with enough force to get her point across.  The man's head knocked back and nearly hit the wall behind him before his head and vision reeled back to normal.  He remembered what she looked like, fiery orange hair with white streaks.  Her eyes were wide, always wide and holding a tinge of insanity that only came with to a person fixated.  The little singeing around her corneas was wild and seemed to flicker in the dim lighting of the alleyway.  There was no way this girl could walk around during daylight without drawing unwanted attention...not that she hadn't already.   Fingers clenched, flexing the leather on her gloves as she reached her fist back again, cocking another shot.  And she fired, 'pow!' said the five fingers to the face.  The man had prepared himself somewhat for the punch, though it didn't make it hurt any less.  At least his vision was clouded, but he was beginning to get a headache.   "I'll ask you one more time before I start punching kidneys and throats."   The man coiled up and rose a hand to defend his face before his hurried cries of protest halted the young woman's rampant fist.  She let him go, and slowly he dropped back to ease the aching in his face.  Remmy waited impatiently, tapping her foot and considering giving him a swift kick to the junk, but the man answered shortly after his recovery.   "He'll come if you give him time, and enough trouble to come to.  You should know that.  He's a Peacekeeper after all, but I don't know why you'd want to meet him, he'd sooner arrest a crazy bitch like you that have a chat."   Remmy bounced on her heels some, the excitement welling in her gut as she wondered just how much trouble she'd need to cause to get his attention.  But she was getting SOOOOO close to meeting him it was almost like she should get her pen, paper, and scissors ready; which she had plenty of all three, so signed head shots, kiss marked trading cards, and locks of blood hair would be a must after this trip.   In her giddiness, she nearly forgot about the man, but quickly responded to his silly questioning with a nicely placed kick with the tip of her heavy duty boots to the chin.  Sweet chin music in the chord of 'Damn Girl.'  His head kicked back as well, hitting against the stone wall behind him before his lights went out.  She'd need him alive, no sense killing him outright, plus, he could be a good way to get to him in the end.  Reaching into her pack, she pulled free a small tangerine parcel and placed it in his lap with care, the wonderful white bow on top was of a perfected silk, and little hearts and skulls scribbled in black and white crayon dotted the exterior.  Inside, a dormant device lay in wait, ready to be activated when she desired it to be done.   Remmy took her time, prancing through the city with a hood over her head to obscure the loud hair she hid, carrying a nice and heft sack of goodies to deliver all over Ashville.  Oh what a happy day!   "Where is my Jetty Pooh?  I have so many things to ask him and pieces of skin and nails to beg for!"
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