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  1. amenities

    General chat thread

    😂 twenty, FULLY ORGANIC, GRASS FED likes
  2. Belos will be there with a list of dad jokes 😎 wearing his shiniest ugly christmas paint and some zubas. And also doing some secret auditing of the cheesecake spread.
  3. Hello friends!! Just two more posts each and we shall wrap this up @Witches Brew @LikelyMissFortune @KittyvonCupcake
  4. amenities

    [Dead] the Lion's Lantern: Running with Lions

    I'm going to be out of commission for one week starting tomorrow afternoon, so if I don't post until after the 29th, that's why. Just a reminder that we'll stick with a rigid order, so we'll stick to that.
  5. amenities

    A Poll for Competitive RPers: Advantages or No Advantages?

    Good question. Outside the canon world, I enjoy competitive RP in the same way that I enjoy a competitive video game. It's just a game, and sometimes I like the winner being decided by who can best use a certain set of rules instead of circumstances outside the players' control. I'm not extremely partial to which rules those are, I'm only partial on the participants agreeing on those rules. In a competitive RP inside the canon world, I just frankly prefer the ability to have some measure of skill decide whether or not I can get an artifact. Not that I'm completely closed off to a non-competitive scenario like MOBS, but for fun and competition's sake (or depending how much I like the artifact and feel like sharing) I would choose competition. Now, barring the preference of systems like MOBS and sticking to competitive RP, what do you propose as a superior option to preparations and advantages?
  6. amenities

    General chat thread

    does someone needs their cookies cleared?
  7. amenities

    A Poll for Competitive RPers: Advantages or No Advantages?

    Alright, well I'll tell you right now I do like competitive scenarios, or at least finding broadly simple and fair means to resolve them. On a big picture level, I'm just trying to explore the different possibilities and I value your input specifically. I did the whole chat T1 thing, where preps weren't notated. I didn't mind it, but there were instances where things got muddy. What is this "neater" way than preparations and advantages you speak of, just out of interest?
  8. amenities

    A Poll for Competitive RPers: Advantages or No Advantages?

    Are you saying you dislike competitive RP as a whole, or that there is a way to RP a competitive scenario neater than using preparations and advantages?
  9. amenities

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Sephys proved through sheer stature that many of the Nightmare creatures were of little consequence to his motions. What he could not bludgeon, he could stab with his jagged broadsword. What he could not stab, was already dead. "Speak of her that way again, and this marsh will be your grave." Presently, Isigdril was holding a beast under the marshwater with one hand and ripping significant portions of its body away with the other, his sheathed sword swinging behind him with every wide tearing motion. The top of the giant knight's chestplate and the bottom of his helm created a maw of steel teeth which could at any moment be construed as a giant smile, or a giant angry grimace. When someone came to the she-devil's defense, Sephys' ripping apart of his victim paused. The black maw shifted toward Ankou. And in that moment, it could easily be construed as a laugh of hilarity. "Hahahaha! Yes portal maker, and perhaps you can teleport us to a place where that scares me." Then, turning toward Lilith again as her and the others embroiled themselves in combat. The vine monster he had been subduing before turning to defend his haphazard honor began coiling up his body again. The vines entered black crevices of Sephys' armor and emerged again on the other side, as if nothing were inside, but he just pointed at the Commander. "She came between me and my Archibald! Ohh," came a growl from the large suit of menacing armor, another half-ton foot stomping down on the creature twisting up his legs and torso. "I was just about to find him and now I'm here! You better take me back there when we're done!" Sephys moved on from his dead Nightmare, toward the feeling of loss and hopelessness. Confusion? Weakness? These were but similar precursors to the long nap from which Sephys had just awoken; and his power was largely derived from the hulking mass of the armor he inhabited. As his magic left him, his kills only became more and more brutal. Somewhere between a stalk and a run forward brought the Terror of Kasyrga careening into many foe that splashed back into the muck until he found himself near Lilith as she backed away from a large Nightmare carrying her big sword. Sephys' sword looked roughly proportional to his large size, whereas Lilith's sword looked almost as big as her. Again, appendages of foliage came for him, and again he beat them away with his sword. "Why are you doing this? The magic reception is awful. I'm barely getting any signal out here at all!"
  10. amenities

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

    Having come from a chat T1/T2 background, I agree in that I struggle to reconcile advantages with a prep system that I was even reluctant of at a certain point. I see some metric as necessary. Are you pleased with leaving that metric at preparations, or would you even go so far as to say a more defined Mild Powers might be sufficient?
  11. There have been a few fighting systems to emerge lately, and besides asking which one users prefer as a whole I'm going to begin asking about aspects of these systems. This is one of possibly several ongoing polls and conversations geared toward reworking the Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) as a system composed of the properties that attract the greatest interest and bereft of the ones voted out by users on Valucre who are most interested in competitive roleplay. Are you into conventional T1? Do you understand how preparations work? What about advantages? If you have experience in the field of advantages in a competitive scenario, then this poll is for you. This poll is open until Wednesday, 3/20/19 If this applies to you and I didn't tag you, feel free to weigh in with a vote or thoughtful comment. I have tagged people I think might be interested and a pretty wide peripheral range around them. If you don't think this applies to you or don't want to vote that's fine, but productive content only pls. @Acies ab Vesania @Ataraxy @Lawman @Die Shize @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto @bfc @Mag @Twitterpated @Roen @supernal @desolate @Praetorian @paradigm @spacegy4 @danzilla3 @The Hummingbird @King @Djinn&Juice @Tyler @Grubbistch @Garion @Sanonymous @Dolor Aeternum
  12. amenities

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

  13. amenities

    Ultimate Fighting System (UFS) Open Discussion

    Yes, actually all my canon is cardboard /blows lightly, Tia falls over See?
  14. amenities

    General chat thread

    Everyone needs to know how hard you (I) bother them with tags 😹
  15. amenities

    General chat thread

    @The Hummingbird