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  1. Maybe this isn't a you problem, but it isn't an 'us' problem either. We intentionally ran this switch and tightened up the rules of what can and can't be considered canon, then left the rest for everyone to continue doing in Emergents! Like @Vansin said, it's not that hard to take your desired material and rehash it on PG. Those who don't are just lazy, and those who don't AND just keep complaining about it? Whew, idk man lol Who do you think merged these forums? How do you know there weren't any issues? Do you think a magical forum fairy just snaps her fingers and all these wonderful changes and additions to the site get added? There has to be a starting point with canon somewhere. We as leaders were interested in starting the building process over because building is fun. You're too close-minded to see that people can 'port over' almost any of their own material they want. Then what even is this? You really, really are just hell-bent on complaining, and it's hilarious. That's why you get the memes.
  2. Keep saying things as if people are listening

  3. Heart weighs two tons, sinking in the sands of the all-blue oceans...

  4. I went to a Wendy's in Denver at 9PM once and there was a guy counting the rounds in his pistol while ironing his clothes in the corner
  5. l'appel du vide

    1. danzilla3


      le vide appelle-t-il l'interurbain?

  6. amenities

    Public AFV Thread

    Hit my PMs if you ever wanna talk or vent. I care and I hope the therapy helps!
  7. What i should have said is that it was a very *long* jump. His feet only reach about 5ft off the ground and let's say he jumps when 10ft away from Yshmael.
  8. Yeah, words hard to swallow...

    1. Velindrel


      but they taste so good...hahah.  *wonders what words taste like*  *Shifty eyes.*

  9. Overlooking the field where Shikai confronted his ill-formed twin, it was clear that the horses were in utter terror. More than anyone here, even the Dead themselves, their maned friends seemed to be the greatest victims; but wouldn’t the horses be fake too? Were Void Cain and Void Phoebe any actual representation of the real thing, Cain would have expressed surprise at Phoebe’s losing her cool but he didn’t, he just kept eating the luscious and increasingly-obviously immaterial fruit and riddling away— and that was just it. These things weren’t their real counterparts. Void Phoebe didn’t act like Phoebe, Void Cain acted only slightly like Cain (except more riddly) because of greater interaction over months past, and Void Shikai and Void Mistress were practically bears and flamingos compared to what they were supposed to mirror. “They— it— may have spent more time with me than you guys,” said Cain to Phoebe and the others as the former, the First, came to the Architect’s side. Strangely, he felt compelled to, and raised his hand gently to run in a plane one half-inch from her cheek. In that space, there was a special type of electricity. He examined the ring finger with a perfectly preserved hole in the middle, and let the hand fall to his side. “But they’re nothing like us.” "I've dreamed of meeting you," Meanwhile, Shikai faced off with the beast in a clearing at the center of the massive herd of horses that grew and grew every instant, funneling in from— running away from—the North. It seemed as if whatever fate they held here with Void Cain was better than whatever lie North. "Of coming face to face with the worst part of me... and cutting it out!" Void Shikai’s lips began to grin. The stitches holding its lips shut strained, tearing through the flesh and falling away to expose fanged teeth clenched around the violet gem. “We need to get those crystals off our mirrors,” said Cain to the others, pointing as Void Shikai did so and Shikai charged and raising the black rose in his other hand. Within the black rose, there sat a small crystal exactly like the one Void Shikai carried. Void Cain looked at this crystal with envy, with anger. It would perhaps strike Shikai as amazing that, with his first swing of Mykur, the Void Shikai was able to use his knock-off blade to knock the Legendary blade aside to slice into the earth beside it. Now Void Shikai’s voice could be heard as it grunted with demonic strength, aiming its massive elbow for Shikai’s chest in a counter-move. "I'd rather play with you instead." “Ah?” said the freshly engaged Void Mistress, who had seemed very much to travel like a super-extra NPC until she noticed the real Dead Mistress heading toward her. “No hey! Waddayou want?” Perhaps Cain’s words would paint the way the Dead Mistress approached her Void twin.
  10. Little darlin'

  11. Here comes the sun!

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Sun sun it rhymes with spun

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