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  1. "I have followed that path before. It led me here." Mike lifted his hand at the guard who rose from his chair when he rose to protest the bandaged Apostate. There was no magic to it, Michael silenced the man with the sheer weight of so much greater a rank's regard settling on his shoulders. Without slowing, they made their way through the front doors and out into the countryside from the out-of-town facility to which prisoners had been moved until a newer prison could be built. Out through the gates, past the guards watching, undoubtedly still in the scopes of the men in their watchtowers, Commager finally responded. "I can't apologize for what you've been through," He said it as they began making their way toward the second of two prisons they would visit that day. Not slowing as they approached a couple horses and continuing on foot, the Apostate might have gotten the sense it would take a while. Just when it seemed they would pass them up, Michael offered the man with the bandaged face one of the horses. "But I can tell you you're right; it did lead you here, and to all the great things you're going to do after. The path to enlightenment can be a long one, but it's far better for you to reach it than not. Though Gaia does not forsake, sometimes the people of this world do. So I can see how dark your path might have grown, how far from the light they may have taken you..." Michael walked on the ground beside the horse the Apostate rode. They made their way over hills and across the countryside toward another prison on the farther north pole of Last Chance. "But I want to help you back." He offered the fallen apostle a drink from his canteen.
  2. YES LOL @paradigm can you position your ship to catch the flying Vetiver? If not I can always edit in a sweet catch.
  3. Throughout this post I see a lot of talk about "interrupting" and "denying" and "T1ing." It seems to be pretty much the whole narrative of your OOC problem with my material. You're conflating my IC and OOC actions to be something they're not, maybe because it's late so I forgive you. I interrupted very little of your post, as mine was in fact a reaction to your post. I cut off maybe a paragraph on Lilith's side and completely none of Aedos' side. I've demonstrated in many ways that I'm willing to let you finish your Nede plot, and I'm going to. But this being anything else other than a routing of Reiter is wronger than righter so let's stop acting like that's not what I'll be doing here. Sure! But communication goes both ways buddy. How about you go ahead and tell me if you're gonna try to poof my pod into dust and we'll go from there. If Lilith wants to take the explosion and walk away from it just fine, that's 100% on the table! Thanks for bringing it up at this point. I think you're pegging me for someone who's totally gonna blow you out of the sky without even talking to you. Not true! I'm down to talk to you about it, I'm down for people to survive. Let's talk numbers instead of this conversation. Here I see where I might have accidentally touched a nerve. My reference to "alternate histories" wasn't about your post or it not happening at all. It was a direct reference to the below quote. I'm here to work with you in regards to your posts, but you're going to have to communicate with me too then. You can't do bad guy stuff without the good guys coming crashing down, and this just happens to be when they did it. I'm not going to paint a narrative that the combined forces of the world government couldn't handle Lilith's fleet. Story mode or not, you're going to lose some ships and that's what happened here. (Like I said, let's establish how many). I didn't understand that Clockwork still had a significant gaggle of ships in between it and IPP because one post everyone was landed and your next post they were all back in the air (the wording of your post was vague af but sure I'll ask all the questions next time), but I'm absolutely down to say there are Cult ships surrounding Clockwork. As for communicating with your S-Class ship, I'm not hijacking anything or stealing anything. I'm trying to set up our plot with Aedos where he works with IPP to get Cult out of Nu. So maybe accept that communication instead of rejecting it and reach back out so they can get to mending things. Either way I'll edit that to say we attempted to communicate with Clockwork not that we just did. That way you can decide if you want to accept it or not when you post. Just wanna say first that you make A LOT of assumptions about the wording above and run with it really hard. I don't know what part of this segment above implies to you that I thought I had destroyed all of your ships. I even gave you an undetermined number of ships, which could be significant. We established earlier you have less ships than me (something like 80/100), there are more coming (something like 20). Since you're really worried about the assumption that all your ships are ded, let me just tell you right now they're not! Those who are "scattered" and those "who landed" and those "relegated to fleeing into the Gardens" sounds like it can be a lot of ships and a lot of Cult forces, but tell me if I'm wrong. When I came in, my spoken intentions and my posts all indicated that the IPP fleet was just supposed to be equal to the Cult fleet, since we had the intel to know how many to bring. In my opinion, you bringing in a whole secondary fleet didn't need to happen, especially when you said you wanted 50-50 warfare after they arrived. Like why not just say you wanted 50-50 warfare from the get-go without introducing a second fleet? I'll change the blaring screens part to an urgent request for comms with Aedos. I'll accept that Lilith and a significant portion of her forces get off into Nede largely unharmed. But I'm not going to give you 0 pushback and I'm not gonna "wait my turn" for another thread. The IPP is here in this thread, and as long as Lilith is there then so are they. Like I said earlier, I appreciate and will facilitate your Nede unveiling, but this being anything else for Lilith other than her growing closer and closer to being captured is not going to happen. You're the GM of this thread, sure, but like you said this is the hammer of justice coming down on Lilith. If we take out a demon lord for you on accident in the process then great! So I think maybe you did misunderstand some parts of my post. Don't worry I'll attribute that to my sometimes "absolute" wording, but that's what this thread is for! So here we are. Here I am, telling you, that Lilith still has lots of bad guys with her and I'm making an effort to communicate with Aedos much more than blow him out of the sky. What I HOPE can happen is that the second part of your fleet arrives from Nu Martyr and they/IPP talk with Aedos about detaining Lilith. I'm not interested in a big warship war either. It's background flavor. What I'd like to see is Lilith and hers running into Nede with some IPP chasing them while the rest of IPP stays behind to parlay with Aedos. The parlay can take place in small pieces in the background to be set up for a larger organized thing in the next thread. The main meat of the thread is about unveiling Nede and I'm letting you do that! Dw buddy. I super agree with all of this! More communication and less assuming people are screwing people over under the covers is what should happen. Idk if I've said it specifically @Ataraxy but I am here to converse about all of this. Editing the Aedos communications paragraph now. Let me know if you have any other concerns, otherwise let's keep this rolling! 😄
  4. Alternative histories didn’t matter in the tiniest bit, because this was the real world-- and in this real world, those who came for the enemy had information; they were organized. If they came to attack, even more specifically came to collect, they came prepared. “Hello Rabbit, is that you?” “Let’s pretend it isn’t, and see where it goes…” Vetiver’s attack was instrumental, totally and fanatically fantastic in the fulmination of Victory’s will. Its entire mass, save the guts for which Victory and Terrenus were utmost fond, crashed wholesale into Clockwork Grind. A pepper of munitions spanning the full spectrum of earthly elements, one guard-suppressive strike to limit the enemy’s shield capacity, and weight spells to cast extra impetus upon the Clockwork Grind, the flagship stood little to no chance against the half-a-fleet that bore down upon it. Blazing on one of Aedos’ main cracked communications screens scrolled the urgent message "ENEMY FLAGSHIP REQUESTING COMMUNICATION!." Even as the message blared on those cracked facades, hellfire and stones from above rained down on the ship from the debris of both IPP and Cult ships as they railed one another with heavy munitions. To think the unidentified assailants would let up without some kind of return communication was strategic folly that Aedos would hopefully avoid. There would be no re-ascent without acquiescence through their comms systems. Those Cult ships who had already landed and weren’t either scattered or blown out of the sky were relegated to fleeing into the Gardens, so cleanup on the ground was more a maintenance job than anything serious, preventing any landed ships from taking off from terrible launching ground with any necessary suppressive fire. The assaulted descent of the Clockwork-imbued ship took place simultaneously to Lilith’s interaction with the blinking 5 meter tall escape pod. “Fight all you’d like. But know one thing. I. Am. Inev--” Lilith was wrong. The chaos had already begun. The blinking node at the top of the pod simply, at the exact first sign of her lack of acquiescence, detonated. Bright stripes of impenetrable and unstoppable elements, everything ranging from human-sized panels to hand-sized shards blazed and razed and blasted into Lilith as she attempted to delete her problems. Whatever type of being she fancied herself to be, she would hopefully be blown meters backward onto the dirty ground by the force of the shuttle exploding directly upon her. From above, in the blear of war over the fire raining hell upon the exposed Lilith’s forces, arced ten more pods just like the one that had blown apart in her face; they would land in a line parallel with the one that had just blown up between her and her forces.
  5. "The PRIMEs need a lord, or someone great to guard them." “Well that ain't Draven, that’s for sure.” A couple of Draven's own chortling servants made their way into the bathroom, relieved of their post for long enough to relieve themselves as far as they saw it. One went to the urinals, one to the stalls. “Brings” followed them in, entering a stall next to the one that was inhabited. When the former had left, undoubtedly returning to the group of others waiting to reenter the room with Draven and Aedos, Ash stood and exited his stall. As soon as the other servant’s stall opened, he lunged upon them. Struggle was a given, but where the servant had been trained in serving, Ash had been trained in killing. Wrapping his lithe limbs around the freshly shat servant, Himura coiled the man back into the stall in an impressive rear naked choke that allowed him to kick the stall door back shut and fall back onto the toilet simultaneously. With his free hand and a wad of suspiciously wet toilet paper muffling the man’s cries, Himura easily subdued him into utter unconsciousness within seconds. Stripping him in another few seconds, undressing himself in a few more, “Brings” became a nameless low-level servant and the servant him. Rejoining the 13 or so who stood aghast at Draven’s bow, Ash’s jaw dropped too and he assumed the same shock as his new counterparts all ‘ohh dannggg.’ Two went to the window to tend to the light, two to the drinks, and one headed to close one half of the doors. Ash quickly took his cue to close the other half of the door as Draven exited the room. Now he stood right outside the room in which Aedos had just dismissed Draven, following the scorned lord as he marched himself down the hall and reacting akin to his loosely following servants, who appeared shocked. Some of the entourage slowed, and Ash noticed that one of the two from the toilets earlier was among the group who continued following Draven so he stayed back so as not to be noticed by the friend of the deceased concealed in the locked stall. The ones who lingered back dispersed to various stations, allowing Ash to begin moving back toward the room in which Aedos resided. If possible, he started searching in the hallways around that room instead of entering. He was searching for another entrance, or a window that sat along the same face of the building as the room in which the PRIMEs met.
  6. @Ataraxy Aedos gives me mad vibes like Gilgamesh from the Fate; shows. I like it 👌
  7. tap tap tap, tap tap tap;::; A red-haired pauper, large black glasses and a walking cane to guide him, just a boy wandering down the street. An assumably bliind one, that is. A series spanning ‘Hello, where is x’ to an extended cup jingling ‘Coin for the poor’ had led the bespectacled boy north into Arcturon. Once there he bought himself a jalapeno treat with some assistance from the next person in line at the Von Ronald’s snack cart, and stood in the sun eating it. He faced this way and that, sometimes gazing up at the sky while he ate, but his glasses were close to his face and he but a simple boy; it appeared inconsequential. After finishing his treat, he returned to the cart. “Hey there son, want another stuffed jalapeno?” “No, I just wanted to ask, have you changed your recipe? Those tasted like... olives!” “Ah, no!” Exclaimed the cart tender, pulling up an opened jar of Blasic jalapenos. “We’ve always used these!” “Oh, my mistake,” said the pauper. “Can you direct me to Blasic? I’ll put a word in with them about their recipe then!” “Well sure, they’re just southeast of Icarus Square, but I don’t know why you’d ask about a pepper’s recip--” “Thanks!” 1458 The boy with the cane tapped his way to the southwest corner of Icarus Square, making his way down an alley to a dumpster behind the pepper factory. Leaning the cane on the factory’s back wall, he felt his way to the dumpster and put his shoulder against one of its walls. With a great heave, he was able to scrape the cannister a few feet to the side. There, underneath the foot-or-so of leeway, was a bag. Slinging an arm through one of its straps, the boy with sunglasses grabbed his cane and made his way back out to the square. It is three PM. Let’s do it! It was the mental voice of a youthful Sero, the same as a young Rose. Such was the appearance. The redhead boy’s arms snapped at sudden, grotesque angles to unzip the bag on his back, removing two canisters. Rotating them each to his mouth, he clenched two pins in his teeth at once and let one fly into the middle of Icarus Square, then one toward one of its exitways into the city. Next he removed a triangular mouthpiece from the bag covering his nose and mouth, filtering the air from without. With that, he took off running through the crowds. A solid foot shorter than the others, he was partially concealed by his height alone. I’m looking for you, Amra.
  8. sorry, made a couple edits to my last post.
  9. @supernal I was actually thinking we could establish the Mowgul as a lowlevel NPC criminal you can fight the cronies of in the Lacrimosa Wilds but not be fought. Kinda like the Mule in Bi'le'ah. You can take out his cronies but the man himself is a harder to obtain individual. Could even introduce a 3 quest series to capture him that we don't necessarily have to finish. Maybe that wand thing in his hand in the picture is an artifact or item of power, his forces/ ability to gather forces are something to envy, or he has a decent sum of a certain element or something that can be attained by taking him down. Say for this thread we take down his guys/his lead man in town, and say "send a message to Mowgul, this town is guarded by us/Gaia. Don't make us come back." Then "someone mysterious" (mike) can put in a hit on Mowgul and someone else finishes him off. Or we take him down and we take his item of power! We could say he's a whack ass wizard of some kind
  10. Prison was a quiet place— this prison, was a quiet place. Those criminals who had been locked up or moved here,were not the loud type pleading for their freedom or trying to demonstrate their innocence; these men knew they deserved to be here. Here, pervading these hollows they were bundled wholesale into, was nothing but silent contemplation. The only voices that ever broke the silence, echoing through the conical cavernous underground dungeon, were those of the guards disturbing the wicked and cries from deep, deep down below where nobody ever came back from. One chain the breadth of a grown man's torso lifted and lowered a transportation cell between the top and bottom floors of the prison. Now, pausing at ground level, it spat a seed of hope into Michael Commager's palm. Michael closed his fist around it as the Apostle first spoke. "What business does a Peacekeeper have with a lowly serial killer?" Michael and the Apostle sat across from one another in a classic style interrogation room. One might think there was about to be some... interrogating. However Michael just sat, bearing into the Apostle's eyes for almost a full hour. The prisoner might yell at him, spit, plead, beg (Apostle is chained to his chair so he can't get TOO close), but he simply appraised the Apostle. Dug into those eyes with his own. Peacekeeper had a funny ring to it whenever Michael heard the word. In all of the things he was in life, this title had consumed so little of him. In all of the things he was in life, had he not simply sought the light? From the blackest pits of his insanity, from the bloody hands of Faustus Clemens himself, Michael was handed unto Valucre; but in all of his wonders he never could grasp, who had handed Michael unto Faustus? Years upon years, a decade and then another stacked on top of themselves with no answer. He'd had to fight for himself, indeed went to the blackest part of the darkness before he could find the light. It was only then, standing at the brink of death in the Abyss, that he forsook all evil. He forsook Faustus on that day, taking Gaia into his heart because something had told him to. The very act of repenting to Gaia saved him, and for that how could he not owe eternal gratitude? If hundreds died at his hands, and Gaia still granted him salvation, what then were these prisoners? Finally, when the Apostle had either given up visibly or begun giving up hope that this meant anything in his head, Commager stood. He walked around the table, right up to the violent killer to a natural distance, his arms at his sides. "May I?" he said, extending his hands down toward the Apostle's chains. If the Apostle lifted them, Commager grabbed the lock in one fist. A corkscrew of light manifested before its opening before twisting into the locking mechanisms. All of the chains instantly fell from the Apostle's form. "Walk with me," he said, "and become a child of Gaia." The words and his actions had flowed effortlessly, without any hesitation or visible thought. Without looking back, the Peacekeeper opened the door to the interrogation room and led the Apostle to the prison's front doors. Every single guard, who was used to domineering and torturing these prisoners, stared with their mouths open as the white-haired clergyman (and their superior by a vast margin) walked a murderous criminal right out their front door without a word. @danzilla3 *Modern Gaianism believes that Gaia, as a disembodied force, can be found through a secular life even by one that doesn't believe in Her, if it is a life of dedication and discipline. The insight they find inside of themselves, at the top of the mountain, at the end of a journey of psychedelic drugs, are different facets of the same being ... Sinners can eventually pay the balance of their sin and ascend to a purer state of being.
  11. the slack is real :C I have like 2 other posts to make, then I'm all here!
  12. Matte’s blood had been spilled. The child of Gaia’s blood, had been spilled at the entrance of the prison. While the arrow plunged into his shoulder was no (super-)laughing matter, Matte (or the one who became him) demonstrated little of the shock and pain razing through his body. As Yshmael ushered the ones Matte’d proclaimed innocent upstairs, the arrowed one made his way back toward the entrance. Even from here he heard his misunderstood quarry proclaiming its excitement over planting a blow on the enemy. Left thumb and forefinger pinching the metal arrow at the point nearest his chest, right hand wrapping around its length, Matte focused for just a moment. Emanating blasts of the innate energy flowing in his blood was easy, but a concentrated burst of explaudere was something different. With a quick twist of his hand and a loud pop, the arrow snapped cleanly about an inch from his shoulder. For now, keeping it there was the option he opted with. Matte stood just around the corner nearest the prison entrance as Lonnie proclaimed his victory. His crystal had already scoped out the shooter’s location, so anything that gave the bandits even a modicum of information after that was just for courtesy and amusement. "But did you kill him, shithead? Or did you expose yourself?" A red crystal floated down from an indescribable point in the black sky, observing the brief interaction. It waited, hovering between the bandits and the prison until they composed themselves and looked back down the sites. Before they could even ask what it was they were accosted with red beams of light that singed their eyes, faces and necks. With the bandits stirred up by the crystal’s commotion, Matte knelt in the middle of the entrance and clasped his hands, chanting over the blood he’d spilled earlier. As bandits rounded the corner at the nearest block and the others above recovered from the crystal’s attack, he completed its recital. What looked like a succession of six stairs rose from the earth and concealed the entire chasm that was once the doorway to the prison. These stairs led to nowhere, the upper levels of the prison having no windows. The staircase was solid, resolute, composed of the same stone on which the town settled. Instead of storming the prison as planned, after a moment of the first bandit brigade staring in confusion at the stairs, the lowest one trembled. Then it shot out toward them, chopping down at least a dozen of them at the knees. Horses and men fell amid a shower of cries while the remaining stairs fell to the ground after their base shot out from under them. The bandits recoiled. “Where is the Mowgul?” Matte’s voice came from behind the earthen staircase; amplified by the vibrating earth that composed it itself. "Hey you," said a seasoned grunt scattered from his nightly patrol to Jericho. He didn't know who this guy was, but he wasn't wearing no uniform and this was a restricted area. He pointed a plasma pistol at the guy jiggering with a comms device. "Fuck'r you doing?" Meanwhile, inside, Ysh had to deal with the rising panic of innocents and lowlevel criminals who were largely victim in all of this. "Hey mister, are you guys here on behalf of the Taen Kingdom?" asked a young woman, obviously scared for her life. This statement, instead of asking for Gaia herself, showed how dissolute the world had become in recent years.
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