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  1. Yes, no need for arguing. I have horrible deaths planned for all of you
  2. Thread is up, post at your convenience and we can get this ball on the road. This show rolling. Whatever arrangement in which motion occurs.
  3. Two men in white coats stood in a one-story shack on a dock at the southern tip of Yh’mi, the agreed-upon waypoint for any explorers who were to embark on the land surveying journey to Amalia. Its windows were open and the sunset breeze washed saltily through. It was a great vacation bungalow, but the instrument one of them held in latex gloves looked too vulnerable for such a sandy environment. It was oblong shaped, long, and wires ran like rivers beneath its rubbery surface here and there along its length. “We really gotta grab this by the balls first,” Theodore said, running his hand along its length with a squeaky rubbery noise. “Or it’s gonna slip out from between our fingers and be someone else’s.” “Sorry Theo, but maybe check your wording while you're handling the orienter.” George, Theodore’s younger brother, couldn’t help but chortle in response to the elder Dr. Amantis’s phrasing in such a context. Gathering from the frowning countenance leering at him that Theo hadn’t been joking, George quieted up quickly. “This is why you’re not going,” Theo said matter-of-factly, turning his back on George. “We don’t know how different the atmosphere is there yet. It could have destabilized in the open atmosphere if there’s anything trying to maintain it the way it was underwater. I want to find out what was letting fish swim airborne when that place was still submerged, while you’d probably just wanna try that starfruit they’ve got down there and live it up.” George had circulated the fliers for the expedition. Of this much the luddite was proud, having excluded no detail. Not the slight possibility of danger given the unknown circumstances, the probability of developing assets and bonds that were new to the indigenous pygmies who ran the island, and the positivity of approaching crazy wonderful terrifying things they had never seen before. He glumly solaced himself with this reminiscence as Theodore’s loafers clunked down the dock toward his speedboat. Sleek windshields came to a point overhead to efficiently slice through wind. The trip to Amalia would only take 15 to 20 minutes on that thing. He loaded what George had correctly called ‘the orienter’ into a cylindrical cooler resembling a telescope case and pushed it into a compartment beside the driver seat of the boat. Turning, the bottom of the sun just brushing against the frilly horizon and filling the sky with warm orange, Theodore looked as far down the beach as the curve of the world allowed him, trying to find the three-way intersection between earth, sea, and sky.
  4. Good first post! Nice and clean. It DOES draw my attention to a forum canonization rule. I'm adding a post word minimum of 150, since the minimum for acceptable stories to be put into the world history is 120 words per post and I like more rounded numbers. That shouldn't be too difficult. There is no maximum, so let your hearts and minds run free.
  5. So yes, the thread is open. Here's another link, and for easier reference I've added it to the first post of this thread as well. Posting order will be set after the first rotation.
  6. yas!
  7. T1 it is! Character sheets linked in the first post of this thread, some reminders in the top spoiler of the first post of the thread below. Let the show begin!
  8. Tangled Webs: Part Two The curtain opens. Everything in Tia, from the heaving instruments of oil and industry to the most elegant curving skyscrapers miles above the thoroughfare, slept blanketed in blue morning dusk. He knew, because he looked down upon it all from his black tower in the northwest. The sleep was sound for some, but for many it was a miasma. A choking prison from which they could never wake. A long, soft, shallow hump of the sun’s red protruded from the eastern horizon that was not yet enough light to cast a shadow, but enough to brighten the world some; enough to drive the city’s nightmares back into the woods on the eastern edge. Enough for the waking dream to begin. His sleeves were rolled to the elbow. His eyes were wild, like a man’s who had not slept for indeterminate nights prior. Listless, but wide awake. Painfully aware. He raised his arms as the first giant rig cast its shadow across the building tops and breathed life. *dum dum dum dum* With the faintest twitch of his upraised fingers, an oil rig chugged into action on the far corner of Tia. A moment after, the cough of a steam trolley kicking up a distant somewhere else. As the sun rose and the hands instructed, the city’s motion grew. “Yes, yes. Now the brass,” his lips registered words his voice seemed not to, but the roar of the wind and the sound of the waking blazed in his ears and he neither noticed nor cared. His fingers came to wriggle unnaturally and effectively, sweat came to dot his brow; a deep-mantle rig’s initial pressure discharging a ray of fire into the sky here and stacks belching fat steam clouds there, all at the beck and call of the mad conductor. Was it a necessity that he shift this ocean of strings, or merely a plaything he picked up and left as he pleased? A tide that responded to him as naturally as Valucre’s waters did its moon. Whatever the case, he let his arms fall as soon as the city’s crescendo was complete, and on it carried. The sun washed over his glistening face red and savage as he watched it rise behind the Watch Fort. He laughed a terrible laugh that the wind stole away, that nobody heard but almost everybody who slept the unending sleep could hear. J’eusteaue was, perhaps, the only one who could wake and hear the distant apparition at once. Hours later, just before noon, the North Lodge bustled with early afternoon activity. Lining the giant, squared-off yard was a wide variety of shops and marketplaces. All were as full as any other Friday, very few seeming to have heeded the warning and call imprinted on the red notice circulating the surrounding regions: There was a raised stone platform that took up 20 square meters. It was split in half with a giant curtain, the day being a rather sunny one and warranting an event of sorts. On one half there was a table with seven individuals who stuffed their faces with unhealthy amounts of cherry pie while onlookers ‘ooh’ed, ‘ahh’ed, cheered, and booed. Sal Birkshaw, a big country bumpkin-looking dwarf on the far end, was absolutely smashing the competition, but there were a couple upstart pie-eating contestants who some of the people had their eye on. On the other side of the curtain, the stage was nearly bare save for a bulletin bearing the red notice and five or six individuals. One was the newly promoted Lance Corporal Janus. The surprisingly agile and combat-ready Watchwoman had been sent as an escort to the Ransom brothers and a representative of Tian justice, which was in question as the unknown agents of government itself were being noted as a possible accomplice. “No no, it’s not me,” fumed Janus at an offstage skeptic. “We have reason to believe the threat has not infiltrated Tier-1 Tian enforcement. Watchmen and Watchwomen are Tier-1. It’s the Problem Solvers, those damn walking suits, you should worry about.” “Yeah but they only come around when crisis strikes!” The skeptic shouted his reply, the conversation having gone on for some time now. Janus seemed to be defending the nobility of the mission, or at least her nobility as an operative in it, while others haggled her as if she were the bad guy. It visibly wore on her, and was probably the reason Watch Captain Jorjorean himself wasn’t standing there. “How you know it’s not them causing the crisis? Or, or trying to mask it?” Another man shouted across the crowd on their side of the stage, almost drowned out by the cheers on the other side shrouded by the fat curtain. A small uproar of argument responded to his question before Janus shouted over them all. “Please calm down, everyone. If you cannot work toward the solution I will ask you to leave. This isn’t about the Problem Solvers, but the specific report our witness provided. There is something happening on the northeast fringes of the city, and it’s getting worse.” Janus looked up at the tip of the Watch Fort, visible high above the average height buildings around the North Lodge. The sun was nearing the point indicated on the notice, when the real briefing would begin.
  9. There was a certain stench of the unright about Richard, sure. It rolled, in fact, off of his shoulders as a must, a mist of mistrust. Besides the fact that someone appeared to be attempting to distort him for his phony drugs, however, Frank appeared unaware of the clothed villainy that was Richard. The men behind Francis made no move but stood poised in a half-arc around him from about four feet back, waiting for a cue that didn’t look necessary anymore. “...You want my help in clearing your name, you pay a toll of helping the pain in my back stop bothering me." Francis listened and put the cold snifter to his lips, splashed its brown bitterness down his throat, and now traced slow circles with the glass’s bottom edge on the bar. Then, looking up with his eyes but not his chin, he slid the glass toward Richard and exhaled deeply so Richard could smell his whiskey breath and leaned back. "Another,” he grinningly, almost already drunkenly, entertained Richard’s role as bartender as far as Richard would play it. The men behind him eased back into their seats. “Boy, you sure got some nerve waltzin’ in asking a doc for help who you know has a reputation for hurting his patients real good. I got a taste for nerves though, and clearin' the name doesn't sound bad. Alright, I’ll sell ya some dope for yer aches and pains, how’s that sound?” One of the men behind Frank who looked most fatherly, probably had a nice family on the side of working for the fake doctor Doros, which gave him a bad case of the conscience. He looked at Frank as he made the offer to Richard in a manner that suggested Frank was trying to pull one over on ol’ Richie. The piano music tinkered happily on, but looking at Frank in the wake of his offer made the tune sounded more like the broken tinkering of madness and betrayal. “Whatever ya want that’ll help that there uh, back of yours. Why don’t we go somewhere private, or why don’t ya pull up your shirt and let me see your back right here if you don’t trust me? Couldn’t do nothin’ out in public, could I?”
  10. ULWAY Type: Animal > Biped Height: 1-1.5 meters Weight: 250-300 lbs Lifespan: 120-200 years Natural habitat: Adaptable, but the denser the forest the more at home an Ulway finds itself. Indigenous land: Amalia- released from its lodgings underwater, the city once known as Aidni rose to the surface world with the Ulway upon it. Appearance: Toddler-sized human, each wielding a large diamond tipped spear. Cognizance: Ulway are a semi-hivemind race; each capable both of developing intelligent individual personalities and exchanging information by medium of connected subconscious. Ulway are curious, and having been so for quite some time vast in stores of knowledge. Communication: As a result of their hivemind Ulway speak very rudimentary Terric, but thanks to unique and artistic masks they have long developed the Ulway’s method of speaking to one another becomes available to the foreigner donning a mask: A series of ideas flow from one mind to another, formulating concepts and principles without language barrier. Culture: Ulway are peaceful and mindful of their physical and mental health. Meditation and hunting and gathering are regular occurrences to the Ulway. Organization: Tribespeople who possess deep connections with one another and those who have been admitted into the tribe.
  11. My favorites are: 1. Horror 2. Action, specifically city warfare 3. Adventure In that order.
  12. Class B Mission: Walk Through the Garden Who Theodore Amantis and 2-3 other players robby rotten odstdragon p.n.see What The newly emerged island of Amalia has tons of undiscovered territory, and everyone ranging from explorers to scientists all over Terrenus are taking interest in the shocking new plants and animals roaming around the island. Supposedly they resulted from biological and technological components evolving together in an isolated underwater environment that is carbon-dated to have gone on for thousands of years! Amalia contains a dense and wide forest, a blown-away mountain that promises to yield useful and unique elements, and three magical gardens that arc around it. Tian scientist Theodore Amantis, renowned moon explorer and creator of the Faux-ton light transportation system, is spearheading an exploratory expedition across the island with focus on two particular locations: Mt. Ichthys and the garden of E.Din. As it will turn out, there are a lot more kooky things on the risen island than Doctor Amantis anticipated, so it’s going to be somewhat more of a ride as well. There has grown and marinated across Amalia- especially in its enchanted gardens- a plethora of plants, animals, and charms (to which the Ulway are immune and ignorant) that affect the bejeezus out of land people. I have implemented a dice roll system for mental effects only in this thread. No damage is allotted for any rolls except in the event of rolling 8 three times, as you will see below. The degree to which your character is affected will be measured in immunity by 10-sided dice roll on the Valucre Discord Server, Here. (You can also look up your own independant d10 rolls, but if you wanna remain over the table about it the Discord is the place to go.) Results Below are the effects of each number rolled: -- No immunity. You are very strongly affected. (affected for 5 posts) -- Slightest immunity. You are strongly affected. (affected for 4 posts) -- Slight immunity. You are affected. (affected for 3 posts) -- Immunity. You are slightly affected. (affected for 2 posts) -- Strong immunity. You are very slightly affected. (affected for 1 post) -- Strongest immunity. You are not affected at all. -- Reaction. You get sick for 2 turns. -- Roll again. If you roll this 3 times in a row, you are incapacitated for the thread. -- Roll again. If you roll this 2 times in a row, you are addicted to whatever substance or spell for which this roll took place for the duration of the thread. -- Tastes/feels good, you are cured of any symptoms. For example: Bob walks into a thorny bush and gets scratched up. The bush’s thorns are coated with a toxin that saps Vitamin D from vulnerable organisms and induces them with extreme depression. Bob rolls a 6, so he is immune to the thorny bush toxin and does not experience depression. I note the result of my roll in a spoiler at the bottom of the first post where my character is exposed to the external stimuli. If Bob were to roll a 1, I would have to write Bob’s character as demonstrating severe depression for 5 posts after the effect took place. Rewards There are spoils that come with weathering the strangeness of such a new place. The indigenous Ulway will be proud of your thoughts on your discoveries and the bonds you form, and on top of opportunities there stand to be gained a few pieces of value. Some are listed here: Blockifel: a type of rock found in Mt. Ichthys that is known to halve incoming and outgoing magical effects Starfruit: a star-shaped fruit that induces an intensely hallucinogenic and psychedelic trip which typically lasts for hours Tribedom: By Terran standards, becoming a tribe leader consists of the following gains: 4 square miles Population - rural (comparable to medieval demographics): 50 - 500 Charms and other lootable artifacts found on Ichthys or in E.Din (Optional)As a reward for your diligent search and documentation of Amalia, you will be given the option to create a cool, unique plant or animal to add to the Amalia Lore. By following the link here and opening the spoiler at the bottom of the post, you will find an easy template to follow for creating your submission, which you can PM to me to add to the official forum bestiary. *I will update the roster with further information and the usernames of anybody who signs on*
  13. Responded to the PM about el Capitan, lemme know what you think mista. If you're still interested in this then the last spot in the roster goes to you. Since there may be a conflict of interest in @spacegy4's character joining, we MIGHT have an opening for you. If he DOESN'T join, the spot is all you. If he DOES, it's not all you, but I'll have a post for you in birdie! :3 Anyway, I'm glad at the sudden turnout! I put this out with some spur-of-the-moment muse and knew it would catch fire if I let it sit long enough. Thanks @ODSTDRAGON for drawing the eye. Now, once the last spot has been resolved we'll be off to a pretty fast-paced start. As stated in my first post, these last 2 threads will test your character's life in proportion to the reward. Since the reward is an entire city, it's gonna be tough! Once things get hairy, which they will remain most of the time in, your character will have a number of options including but not limited to: escape: running away is not frowned upon, but I'll be watching for you in the future joining forces: once you see the sweet side of the deal, you are welcome to cut bargains or even entirely join forces with the antagonist! fight and win or die: by means that are as of yet undecided, combat could lead to the death/incapacitating or escape of my character OR yours. whether your character possesses immortal qualities or not, deathblows such as severing the head or destroying the brain or heart will require a separate 2-page thread rejuvenating your character before I will permit them re-entry to Tia. Since your characters' lives and mine will be on the line here, we have to agree on a common combat system. This leads me to 2 questions Are any of you familiar with the T1 fighting style? If not you should take a quick gander at the Chosen Ruleset, which is how T1 works, below. If that doesn't trip your trigger, how comfortable are you with the dice roll system below? Whichever one of these you each prefer, please let me know. If you don't like or understand either then I am 100% open to suggestions and questions, but this story will depend heavily on a competitive combat system so agreeing on one is a requirement.
  14. For every story of every building in Tia there was a separate layer to the city. During the night, especially given its inhabitants, the fog of Steam City could be a dangerous place. Maybe having a batty companion would serve one like Annie well if a bloodsucker cornered her in a dark alley, maybe not. During the day though, in the copper sheen and among people threshing through the street like grass, Tia looked host to a wonderful array of people and things. Wonderful, and surprisingly clean, but full and constantly in motion. It was easy for a guy or gal to get lost or hurt, both of which were common occurrences in areas of such high volume. Furthermore, for the mayor being such a connoisseur of art and a metropolis so bursting with storefronts, there were hardly any art stores in the place. Also unbeknownst to the girl whose belongings were scattered all around, there were others in the city besides herself who cared for such matters. ‘Snoops,’ some might call them based on the other habits they were exercising. To what would have been Annie’s chagrin, the store she had literally stumbled upon boasted the city’s largest stock of art supplies- which was approximately a pencil and a couple swatches of basic colored paint. There had cleared around her a rough-edged circle of bystanders, bystander effect in full-swing, the fact that surely someone would come to her aid preventing anyone from actually doing anything. One or two had even chuckled in the slow buzz that rose up around Annie’s incident. Were she looking around, she might see the leering expressions suddenly avert, soften or altogether desist. The buzz was softening, or focused on another source. “That was quite the skillful faceplant,” came a low voice that seemed to drip with privilege. Money. “But I’m afraid tripping over all the floorboards in Tia won’t find you the supplies you’re looking for.” If Annie looked to the voice at her left, she would first see a pair of rich, reddish brown shoes. Boxed off, leather. Scanning up she would see the crimson suede of his pants, the coattails of his long matching blazer gilded in svelte black. The gloved hand that was not outstretched to her lazily held an open gold pocket watch, winking chain tracing back to a breast pocket on the black vest beneath. There puffed from the white collar further beneath a brilliant red kerchief. The head that perched atop this ensemble was exquisitely pale, skin exquisitely soft, chin exquisitely sharp, loosely pushed back hair exquisitely black. Eyes painfully silver, frozen in the scorning look of royalty. The crowd all around seemed to shy away from him as if he were the embodiment of their shame. In the instant he glanced over someone they seemed to become to him what Annie had seemed to be to them only moments before. He did not lay those eyes upon her, but scanned around them, pointed diagonally up with his chin in a way that allowed him to look down his nose at even the tallest. He seemed not to look down on her though, for it was never for the people themselves that came to look down so, but for the ideas they entertained. Annie’s ideas piqued his entertainment, and so he knelt without his knees touching the ground, picking up her quill and spinning it between thumb and forefinger. “How I would love for dear Nica to bring his Dragon’s Iris Art Museum to Tia. Have you ever heard of such a place?” He extended the quill, neglecting to tell her his name. He did, however, remember the misinformation and missed information of which people were sometimes victim, however, so he continued, “Have you heard of such a man as Nica Sero?”
  15. That's great, I'll add you to the roster! Any character sheet or basic infos available on Jack? Iiii knew you'd stick around We got business to attend to! SO We've reached our minimum roster, but I'd like to let this sit for a couple days to see there are any more bodies to harvest- er, fill the spots. By Wednesday or Thursday I'll have a post for the thread itself up.