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  1. Tia's Social Temperature

    Tia, the pinnacle of mechanical engineering in Terrenus, brews with trouble. Between steam technology and the manufacturing of steel, Copper City appeared to be on the rise for the past decade. The state of the city, however, is not all it appears to be. Vampires view Tia as a city that was stolen from them. With the expansion of Gaianism, races like them who were less cohesive with its ideals began falling to the wayside. After a slow rise of resistance to their authority, benevolent vampires fell from positions of authority when a drug was introduced into the city’s water supply which drove vampires to bloodlust and deemed them unfit to justly rule Copper City. Since then, the vampires have plotted their revolution. Afterwards, a more human-favoring ruler shifted public opinion against vampires. Humans and other humanoid races now find themselves on one side of a divide of hatred and mistrust between vampires and humans. Humans raid blood banks (voluntary blood donation centers for vampires) and distribute .X Caliber bullets- blessed silver made for killing vampires- for regular arms, sparking a giant mechanical arms race in Tia. Vampires attack humans with a new understanding of, and resistance to, holy magic. Fringe races such as goblins, ogres, and trolls must prove themselves friendly through overt acts of hatred toward vampires or be subject to the same prejudice. Likely encounters: - Vampire-on-human attacks in the middle of the street after dark. - Human-on-vampire raids into dark buildings and underground passages. - Destroyed blood banks. Opportunities: - Ally yourself with vampire force, further their cause. - Ally yourself with human force, further their cause. - Find faction leaders, merchant bosses, and noble families and gain leverage. - Establish arms trade and/or development with human factions. - General attacks on government buildings and blood banks.
  2. Tia [civil war]

    I've added some quick notes on vampires and their groups here and edited my most recent post to have them at the bottom. I know I'll find them useful so I thought you might too. Most vampires are about as manageable to kill as your typical vampire, but several (including those named below) have a special resistance to magic, including blessed X. Caliber rounds. These will take significant effort and care to defeat, but you are free to engage them in your posts if you wish. - Arzada (OFF LIMITS) (M) accompanies Dove to the North Lodge Square with Dolos forces. - Aindreas (M) and Fiachna (D)to raid the bloodbanks with Matton and Dolos forces - Tasgall (D) takes to the night to slaughter on the fringes with mostly Matton and some Dolos forces - Aisling (OFF LIMITS) (M) takes to the Central Plaza rally to make an example of Jane with Matton forces. ***Named vampires with M beside them are Matton ***Named vampires with D beside them are Dolos - Matton vampires are known primarily for ruthlessness and violence. - Dolos vampires are known primarily for cunning and lurking in the shadows. Order Amenities @Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag
  3. Carpe Noctem

    Antique’s knee caught the preoccupied thing May had become unawares. Her knee, surprisingly, bent, her bulky frame still that of a 10-year-old child. What was not surprising was that her knee had the strength to dent the pavement. What was surprising, however, was that May’s mighty wings suddenly billowed down like the sails of upturned warships. A hail of bullets climbed with them as they rocketed into the sky. May twisted and spiraled upward like a rogue missile, streams of red that might have been fire tracing from her wings; silver rounds whizzed by, some impacting the transformed girl and two nicking Antique in an arm or a leg. It was a spectacle visible and audible across nearly all of Tia. Then the gunfire grew distant and subsided. Cold panes of rain broke over them as they blazed upward. Just when the pelt became painful, when Antique’s skin began rippling back from the force of their climb, the two broke the stormy veil over Tia and sunset’s warm purples, yellows, and golds washed over them. Not only did May not burst into ash. Not only did she not take on some weird opalescent glow in the light. She healed, and with extraordinary speed, as they flew Northeast. Antique would see May had a beautifully feline face with golden eyes. She would also see that, just by being in contact with May, her own wounds were healing at an alarming rate. Through the cloud system which became intermittent towards Tia’s outsides, there was a tower. It looked like the Watch Fort, the white tower at Tia’s center which all authorities called headquarters. Only this tower was black, and miles outside the city limits, and shimmering before a jagged hole near its top was circular white vortex. As they grew nearer, speedily breaking through scattered showers, there became visible a wide platform extending from the mile-high tower’s utmost exit. Upon that platform stood a man with red hair, black pants, and a white shirt roomy enough (but too short, stopping at the waist) to be a mage’s robe. His hands had red on them, and he smelled of paint. The rain matted his clothing and hair against his shoulders and face. He stood a desolate and powerful thing, every bit the same as the DeCorbin monument in the Central Plaza. May lighted upon the platform ten feet behind him. From this side of the swirling vortex, Antique would see that, more than a vortex, it was an incredible scrying glass through which the redhead observed Jane Blastice’s rally. Until the view on the giant vortex screen became a dark cavern filled with ghastly shapes. “You know he’ll come for us now, right? You’ve let me see too much.” “Let him come.” The words coming through warbled like eery fluctuations of a tuning fork, but they were clear. A clearer voice, like one of those in the scrying glass but which came directly from the mage standing before Antique, filled the tower with volume. The voice was sarcastic, distracted. There was a minute degree of interest laced in, which instead of being refreshing managed to sound vaguely hostile. “What kind of creature are you, saving a vampire from humans?” --- “I don’t know just what I’m looking at yet, but this is fishy, Rooks.” The troll with Karna named Gyarl took the map, speaking to the rest of the crew. Karna recovered a good map after impressing his new comrades with his brutality. Gyarl, holding it, gestured to a giant red oval that stretched from the middle of Tia to a black structure on the city’s outskirts. It was labeled “Sero Bloodfarms.” A radio to the rest of a lead anti-vampire group, the Rooks, spat static from its holster on the troll’s chest. Gyarl took a picture, sending it via square mobile device. After seconds an urgent and gnarled voice responded. “Holy Gaia’s shits, Gyarl. Forget the blood banks, that’s a whole fucking farm for harvesting blood right underneath the city. Looks like it could house half the residents!” “What in Odin’s balls..” Shouts and gunfire erupted on the other side of the radio. “Gyarl, this is not a joke or a drill. For the sake of your family, deploy all Rooks and go lethal with X. Caliber. Deploy them all now!” The radio cut out and Gyarl looked at his group, including Karna, standing on the outside of the blood bank. Now there were figures flitting through the streets, running humans being dragged into the dark or violated right there in the dingy rainfall. In the distance, a flare-like spire rose into the sky until it pierced the clouds. The troll glanced at it, then back at the crew. “There’s a.. There’s another blood farm. It’s big. Says it’s sponsored by Tia government.. Called Sero Bloodfarm.” “They’ve been working with the vamps all along?” The dwarf asked in shock. “Fuck me..” Said the half-giant. “The Watch Fort and this clocktower outside town are the only entrances. Watch Fort’s too well protected, so we go to whatever’s at the clocktower and go for the big one.” said Gyarl, pointing at the structure on the outside of Tia, then barking orders for all Rooks with X. Calibers to be deployed on all blood banks- especially the big one- and ‘go lethal.’ --- “Are we attacking Sero Bloodfarm too?” A fledgling vampire asked Fiachna as a particularly massive horde of them tore down the street. “Especially Sero Bloodfarm. Nica is of no use to us anymore,” responded the clever Dolos. And perhaps he was of no use to the vampires. But as the screech of his scalding cage echoed away into the darkness, two piercing dots of silver that both were and were not Nica’s examined Dove out of the blackness. “Entertain me. Tell me about Nico Sera and his ‘creator.’” Arzada Dolos' face was soft and beautiful. Her skin was as white as eucalyptus. Her mien was as graceful as it was deadly and efficient. While all the others had given Dove at least a glance of wonder, Arzada seemed primed to follow her from the moment it was ordained. The white ghost she made in the darkness turned its glistening red orbs toward Dove. “Nica Sero is a clone of the man they call Puppet Master,” said Arzada. There was sadness in her voice, something very emotionally attached to the situation. “Cain Rose is his real name. He is little known, as per his wishes, but his are seeds that have sprouted into great canopies of chaos all across Tia, Last Chance, Palgard, and Casper. “Tia was once a vampire haven, but it wasn’t necessarily dangerous for humans. Just.. uncertain. Then Cain came with his gang, the Dead. They displaced us using a drug that drove us to bloodlust. Then he used his powers as a psychic and blood mage to enslave lords and merchant leaders. Their support systems became his support systems, and through Tia he trafficked all manner of the living and dead. In order to keep a pleasant face in front of all of it, Cain created an exact duplicate of himself. Nica Sero. In order to keep the vampire families happy, he created a massive blood farm where he sends his puppets to be fully harvested, called Sero Bloodfarm. None of that merciful donation business the public knows about takes place there- these people are harvested to the last bloody drip of fat. Nobody in the regular public knows about Cain’s evil against all our kinds, but Heretic has told those of us he is closest to. He has unified and raised the vampire families Dolos and Matton to become like brothers against the humans who oppress them, the government, and Cain, who attempts to keep everyone docile while he tears at us all. Defeat of the Inferiors will only be a right we should always have had, but that Cain took away from us." Arzada’s razorlike fingers toyed with each other as she stared at them. “Cain took control of my daughter, May, when he used his puppetry to infiltrate vampire ranks. Heretic calls Cain’s slavery seal weak, claims he was even a puppet once but broke free after removing Cain’s seal. But when the Puppet Master got hold of May, it was as if none of our rituals could totally free her. He did it because he knows May is the key to our strength against him and the agents of Gaia, fools he has controlled into thinking he is a good man. May is key to the retaking and holding of Tia.” “Violence is key to the retaking and holding of Tia!” Shouted Jane Blastice as the creature May and her savior tore into the sky from the back of the crowd. All around stood armored Problem Solvers, the greatest protectors of the humans Tia had to offer. But suddenly figures flickered through the sheets of rain. First a scream, then one gunshot when off. Then the sounds of dying, the sounds of Rooks shooting X. Caliber rounds, unraveled Central Plaza into an unrestrained warzone between humans and vampires. Some fled, some fought, but on both sides casualties immediately began piling. Like the water, vampires under the family sigils of Matton and Dolos bore down on the humans. Like the water, to Jane’s horror, human blood began flowing in the streets. And, like the water, Problem Solvers stood in useless puddles and did absolutely nothing to mitigate the violence. Cries of ‘help me’ and ‘why?’ roared all around them, and bloody handprints streaked their armor, but statuesque they stood. Jane the privileged coward ran to leave stage, but two Problem Solvers grabbed her, one by either arm, and refused to let her leave. “The Problem Solvers? They’re all Cain’s puppets too,” said Arzada. OOC Thought I'd add some links for your perusing: Karl Matton Serafino Heretic Dolos Cain Rose Most vampires are about as manageable to kill as your typical vampire, but several (including those named below) have a special resistance to magic, including blessed X. Caliber rounds. These will take significant effort and care to defeat, but you are free to engage them in your posts if you wish. - Arzada (OFF LIMITS) (M) accompanies Dove to the North Lodge Square with Dolos forces. - Aindreas (M) and Fiachna (D) to raid the bloodbanks with Matton and Dolos forces - Tasgall (D) takes to the night to slaughter on the fringes with mostly Matton and some Dolos forces - Aisling (OFF LIMITS) (M) takes to the Central Plaza rally to make an example of Jane with Matton forces. ***Named vampires with M beside them are Matton ***Named vampires with D beside them are Dolos - Matton vampires are known primarily for ruthlessness and violence. - Dolos vampires are known primarily for cunning and lurking in the shadows.
  4. Tia [civil war]

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  5. Tia [civil war]

    Order amenities Wanderlost @MrDoubleSunday Mag
  6. Tia [civil war]

    Order Amenities @Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag @Mag I've given you control of 5 mid-level vampires. You can dictate their details or not use them at all, whatever you please. @MrDoubleSunday You can take full control of the members of the group Karna accompanied, if you want. If not you can let me know and I'll keep running them.
  7. Carpe Noctem

    “Cries of you innocent, natural and unnatural, will fill the night.” ~Lastborn Serafino Dolos, also known as Del, knew May in ways regular people, even Karl, her “ride-or-die confidante” (As she had told Del) never could. He knew her in deep ways which only the one who sired her could. Most of the others beneath him were more distant, muffled by a veil of frank uncaring, but not May. While big brother was unable to watch the world through her eyes, feel her every sense or emotion, he was able to experience her strongest instincts. For example, he would know if she was starving or on the hunt. He would know her hate and her love. Someday, though he wished he wouldn’t, he would probably know how she felt in her most sensual moments. He would know if she feared for her life. He would know if she was hurled into a fight or flight situation, perhaps having made the choice to protect a good Samaritan who just saved her. But if the thing inside her came loose- The man holding May released her, turning toward Antique. He flung her and her head crashed hard against the alley’s brick wall. From May’s moment of mortal terror erupted stars and explosions of pain, and then through her blurry vision bled an amalgam of confusion, surprise, and rage. This not-quite-human woman had saved her, flowed May’s stunned thoughts, unerring to the man being thrust upon her. He slumped over with May’s head underneath his arm, jostling the burning cigarette loose from his limp hand. -tsss!- May’s eyes moved from Antique’s own mortal struggle to the cigarette fizzling out in a puddle. The little pool of water rippled with raindrops, and she was only vaguely aware of a familiar warmth leaking down her back, beneath her coat, beneath her dress, along her cheeks. Then there was neither sound nor feeling. Neither was there falling rain, the rally warcries, nor the weight of the adult-sized deadweight resting on her shoulder. There was only the grating sound of Antique’s jacket, sliding along the cement in May’s mucky peripheral. The warmth gathered along her nose, and then her chin. Red drops dripped, slowly at first and then in a steady trickle, from her face; pooled at her heels; filled the puddle around her with her blood and the blood of the dead. Red filled her vision then, and May, on the precipice of control at any given moment- aware only of the grinding, grating sound of Antique’s jacket, which never ended, gnawing away her last restraint- blacked out. Some of the crowd had come to watch the bloodiest conflict to have happened thus far unfold in an alley nearby. They had seen clearly Antique’s measures, discerning them not as unprovoked violence, but as a reaction to protect a vampire girl who was being attacked. Nonetheless, it had been at the cost of two human lives. Her second victim hit the ground, blood squirting from an open neck wound, pouring down Antique as she too fell. Whose blood was whose no longer mattered, but who was- or wasn’t- alive did. From afar, two unconscious, two dead, it appeared nobody was alive except the fallen Antique. The question was, how far could Antique fall before her own consciousness shattered? “There’s another one! She took ‘em down but it cost her. Get her!” The hoards encroached on the woman at the end of her line. Came with malice, until the slumping form of the man upon May stirred. It lurched up bizarrely, powerfully. It leaned forward, the man’s form born easily and entirely upon May’s little legs. Tearing bone and flesh ripped through the rain as something heaved up beneath the man’s body. May’s shoulder blades cracked and bulged outward, contorting with disturbing speed. Her small arm reached around her human yolk and took hold of its ankle. Hop stepping between the approaching people and Antique, May- what was once May- flung the meatbag at the first oncoming wave. Cold water and warm blood splashed back on Antique. A trail of intestines connecting the body’s stomach to the creature’s mouth sprayed the alley with blackish red ichor, and the creature May’s blood-curdling roar filled the North Lodge market square. Horrendous wings had burst from May’s back. Massive, powerful jaws and feral eyes of crimson replaced her soft face. Black fur and foreign musculature ripped away her white dress, until what stood at the back of Jane Blastice’s rally was every bit as terrific as the humans’ worst nightmares. “I do carry many things, but my gift begins and ends with merely myself.” Facial emotion was hard to read in the flickering shadows, on a face so wiped clean of such propensities. But as she moved, Heretic’s crimson eyes flicked away from Dove for just one moment. Since there were no visible pupils, it was a gesture both easy to miss and misinterpret. It could have been annoyance, but there was a subtle sense of urgency in the furrow of his pale brow which made that unlikely. “Oh no, May. I'm sorry Del!” The voice was soft in the vast cavern, but there to be heard. Karl, the most human looking of the six remaining behind Heretic, took off like a shot for the entrance through which Dove had come. Heretic had shone with respect since the moment Dove came into his view. He had shown her an attention which, even now as he deployed his kin to fight and die for a cause of paramount historical meaning in Tia, he did not pay the others. The reason, it was apparent, resolved before him in the object that fell before Dove. Now he had pupils, she could tell, because they widened out of nothingness, until black filled Heretic’s eyes. Now there was a tinge of something Dove would only notice was missing from his grin when it emerged in full force. Glee. Pure, disgustingly selfish glee. An arrogant person might also claim a hint of deference. The fire about Heretic doubled in size and heat output. Air had taken on a heavy quality elsewhere in the cavern. Some jaws dropped in unison with what dropped from Dove’s chest. Some shook their heads, even, whistling low as the machination spindled into place about its vessel. Dark laughter echoed from somewhere in the back, giving Heretic a moment to adjust himself to the new information. Then he took one step away from the pillar of flame, a step toward the crowd which had stopped moving toward him when Dove spread her arms. Wordlessly, he unfurled an arm toward the pillar, and it disintegrated. Sitting inside a cage of wrought iron was Nica Sero. He wore his signature white suit, badly bloodied and torn from untold time spent being abused and ripped at. His eyes were not fearful, but absolutely devoid of hope. His wrists and ankles were chained together so tightly, he wouldn’t be able to stand even if the cage was higher than waist-height. “Ahh,” he said, first absorbing most of the sights around him, then separately appraising Dove and the gauntlet. He winced away from it, shielding his eyes. Then, seeming to realize something, he gave up shielding them. “Dammit. Hello.” Then, to Heretic. “You know he’ll come for us now, right? You’ve let me see too much.” “Let him come,” said Heretic, never averting his blackened gaze from Dove’s bracer. “We have much to discuss, now that I’ve so much free time.” Then, addressing the one his eyes addressed, “This is Tia’s regent, Nica Sero. “I hold him responsible for the rally of humans threatening my people. I also hold him responsible for the blood banks which, even now, are being born down upon by more hateful humans.” That smoothness still came with his voice, which is foreign to those dogged by the dogs of war, and only minutely more common even in their handlers. “I hold him.. mostly responsible, at least. However. It is him, I think, who I will credit with the fall of the hierarchy that has made these unfortunate events possible.” Heretic walked in a circle around the cage as he spoke, never taking his eyes off the gauntlet, dragging his taloned finger along the hot bars. With his other hand, he procured six vials of blood. The remaining five individuals, who had stood separately from the hoards, came toward him and began taking the vials from his large palm, drinking their red contents. When he had walked halfway around the cage, he tilted his hand so most of the vials fell to shatter, clutching around the last full one, and held his other arm out over it in a motion which presented the legion standing before them. Stretching back, back, until the darkness of the firelit cavern swallowed their ranks. “Night is falling. If I have it all wrong, then show me what is right. One thing I have come to know in my days is what a leader looks like. Take these vampires. Take these children of the moon, and lead them against the living rot who preaches their hate above us. Lead them where you will, and I will have my faith in your doings. I will take a select force to the manor, where this thing’s creator will hold palaver, and surrender,” Heretic said, kicking the cage. Lastly, he held the only remaining vial toward her. “If you find yourself weakened by the light of Gaia, take this,” Heretic said, speaking to a possible past as a doctor, or somebody who had patients. “Even the most skilled necromancers will experience a notable resistance to holy magic for 45 minutes after ingesting.” The five vampires, each also with notable qualities, stepped forward toward Dove. Several members of the crowd took off into the growing night, but many stayed with eyes on Dove. Heretic, without ever even having asked her name, grabbed the bars of Nica’s cage and began dragging him away, screeching him along the ground with each step. Cries of the innocent began to emanate from the fringes of Tia, echoing inward, as Karna and his group reached their chosen blood bank. The lights were on, visible through a picture window in the building’s front, but there was only staff inside. Donations had dwindled and it was near enough closing hours that nobody else would be present. The troll man distributed rounds, saying the rounds were what was special, not the guns. And they really were, judging from the engravings and sourceless glow that accompanied each little steel casing. “Okay,” said the troll, handing out weapons and crouching against the window, as they all finished loading and cocking their guns. Now there were screams coming from mere blocks away. The two humans quivered in fear, the giant oscillating his head suspiciously. The dwarf had disappeared from sight altogether. “We go in in three.. Two.. one—” Several things happened at once. The door to the blood bank burst open- apparently the dwarf had the ability to go invisible- and bullets began raining in on the unsuspecting staff. One of the human men, who had been standing nearest the alley beside the blood bank, was suddenly pulled into the darkness by two pairs of pale hands. The giant turned that way instead of going into the bank, while the troll and the human man followed the dwarf inside to hale blessed .X caliber bullets on some ‘unnatural scum’ (As it turned out, only the one behind the front desk was even a vampire.). People. Normal, some even Gaia-fearing people who worked at the blood center, were torn to shreds by the troll’s automatic weapon fire. The man- vampire- behind the front desk pulled a stack of papers from the drawer and began sprinting for a room in the back, presumably the office. “Destroy the maps! Destroy the maps before they can see!” He shouted as he ran for the office. “Hey giant guy! You wanted to taste vampires? Go get some!” The troll yelled at Karna over the gunfire and smell of powder, gesturing after the shouting vampire on the run.
  8. Tia [civil war]

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  9. Tia [civil war]

    Order Amenities Wanderlost @MrDoubleSunday Mag Just to keep things moving along smoothly, @Mag you can post tomorrow after 4 if MrDubs can't make it.
  10. Tia [civil war]

    The post hath come. Order Amenities Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag Sidenote: If I see any emergency GMing to do I'll post here to indicate that I wish to interrupt the post order. This isn't likely, and if I do see the need I'll be sure to post within hours of saying so.
  11. Carpe Noctem

    The Square and the Sanctum “In the last twenty, I have lived the span of a thousand years. I have made servitude of the feckless as an impostor sun. Now I, the moon, dangle you like mice over a pit of snakes.” ~ Lastborn “Who is tagging the city up under the name Lastborn? What do this guerilla propagandist’s words even mean? Nothing, certainly, because fear doesn't rule me! Just who reigns over whom, hm?” Jane snapped. “We have whole centers dedicated to voluntary blood donations for vampires. Even at those centers’ highest production, more dead keep turning up. Don't we humans reign over Tia anymore? I say once we wipe away this filthy statue, we take to their blood banks and take them out!" The crowd’s response was so passionate that hardly even a sentence could resolve in the din, but the keywords were there. “Yeah, it’s the blood centers!” “Who even still donates to those puss suckers? Damn liberals.” “We shouldn’t be making it easier for them to live near us, it should be harder! Impossible!” “boo! Boo! BOO!” Paranoia grows wings in the rain. It bares its teeth in the night- forms in every size, in every shape, and in everyone. Stronger than pure hatred for one another, stronger than the actual belief that vampires are to blame or humans are to blame, is fear that one will become greater than the other. Fear that, no matter what anyone does, they have for ages been led by an unseen hand to clash over the comparison of their worth. Not Jane Blastice, not Heretic, not even the regent Nica Sero could reign in a place like this. “Paranoia reigns over Tia.” ~ Lastborn Twists of wet rope skidded against themselves as the loop tightened around Jean DeCorbin's neck. While the crowd was primarily composed of the most humanoid (elves, dwarfs, and others included), there were trolls, goblins, ogres, and giants. Tia had long been a land where creature (even some Unnaturals) and human stood alongside one another in oppression against vampires and the Unnaturals loyal to them. However in recent years, with attacks from either side to the other increasing in violence and frequency, the line Tians saw between good and evil had become a hardly conceivable blur. It was only through continuous, overt acts of disowning the vampire way that some Unnaturals and creatures were able to side themselves with humans. Some of these creatures- two trolls and a giantess, to be exact- came forth to take hold of the rope leading to the statue Viscount’s neck. They pined to be seen doing such valor in the public eye, at the very least so they might be saved from the impending wrath of those who deemed themselves good. The creatures, as well as five or six adult males of varying size and comparable futility, began yanking on the two sets of ropes. It was upon this scene that May emerged from an alleyway. The Viscount, she had been taught by Karl, was a benevolent vampire who once achieved peace with the Gaianists. He had taken good care of Tia, she thought, though he was before her time. It was a drug that had been introduced to the water supply, which drove vampires to bloodlust, that had lost their rule over Tia to begin with. These people with blocky teeth and angry words were the only ones with bloodlust she saw. May was observant. She saw dozens of beings she judged to be on the very fringe of acceptable humanity. Many of them had clearings around them, as if they- or the surrounding humans- might suddenly explode into a killing frenzy. She looked closer to her and saw an undead boy (one of his eyes was a fishy cloud, his skin puffy blue, and he stank of death to the keen of scent), a wolf-eyed woman who smelled faintly of sweet wine, and a young man who reminded May of herself. These were the ones she would have picked out. Sure enough, she saw a back part of the crowd erupt into a moshpit-like uproar. A rough circle formed, its central figure the focal point for barrages of fists and kicks and bludgeons. The undead boy, of 12 or 13, appeared he would soon lose his prefix. May backed away, until the slanting shadow of the alley could conceal her again, and a man smoking a cigarette dotted acridly with raindrops pointed to the red eyes she suddenly had when she moved into the dark. “There’s one over here!” Three others turned around, saw, and began approaching her, and she began backing away. These men ground their fists into their palms, grinned in ways more menacing than the way they had at the boy. She looked to the boy still getting beaten, to the young man who reminded her of herself, then to the wolf-eyed woman. “I need you to stay here for me while I run next door, can you do that? It’s a bad day out for a little girl and I promised Del you’d be safe with me…” “HELP!” May cried, turning to run as the man grabbed her arm. When she screamed, there were no pointed teeth or vampiresque features. Just a second scared kid being attacked by some men seeing red. The nearest Problem Solver didn’t even turn his head. Karl turned his head, sure he’d just heard something in the darkness of the cavern. He was one of the figures behind Heretic, behind the veil of flame. What he saw was a female, from the looks of it, approaching Heretic from the entrance near his flat. It was one of many that led from locations all over Tia to here, guarded by trustworthy Unnaturals. He wondered who was so quickly eager to begin this rampage, however just it may be. Then he looked at his own hands. Looked at the four dark figures standing beside him. The legions before Heretic. Nevermind, he thought. The thralls were silenced by Dove’s approach, her being the first to step forward. “The one they call Heretic, yes? I come bearing a gift.” The Dolos known as Heretic had just finished speaking when she approached. As she did, the flames around him adjusted, and the motion was vaguely reminiscent of a giant beast turning to look at her. In the middle of the swarthy blaze they stood, and beside Heretic, Dove would see what appeared to be a pillar of flame which did not move like the rest did. It contained something, she might deduce. Heretic himself, she would see from ten feet away, wore not a menacing robe or trenchcoat, but a black lab coat. No, as she got closer she would see it was red. No, as she got even closer, she would see it had once been white underneath that which badly charred and smeared it. His skin was pallor, untamed hair a once kempt black, each eye a glistening and painfully circular red embedded into a featureless face. A face that was mouthless, until thin lips split to reveal rows upon rows of jagged fangs. The 8’ figure faced Dove, but with his left hand reached aside a taloned forefinger to prick the forehead of each other lich, undead, vampire, and fiend that approached. When touched, it absconded into the dark imbued with cause. “Lich of ages.” the eyes were yet careless orbs, grin yet an knowing and unafraid entity worthy of revolution’s forefront. The voice, though, came with uncharacteristic reverence. “While your allegiance is gift enough, I wonder what else you have. Tell me, and I shall have a gift for you in return.” The glow of streetlights was a pale thing beside Heretic’s inferno. But the streetlamps in the waning and raining day, the coming night, did provide enough light to be seen from across the street. Rain did little to dampen the most boisterous voices on this night, especially those out for a killing. Karna found himself exiting the harem behind a group of five men. Behind them wafted the carnal air of sex and shamelessness. Two were human, one a fat and somewhat tall dwarf, and one a half-giant who was passable as a huge man. The last was an exceptionally attractive troll male, meaning he looked like a pretty hideous human. He was carrying a black case with brass clasps. It looked like a case for some kind of musical instrument. None of them seemed in the mood to hide their intentions, this night an auspicious one for their goings on. “.X caliber rounds,” he said, finger rings smacking loudly on the case as he held it up and patted it. “If we’re gonna bust those vamp centers up good, stop their legal bloodflow, choke ‘em out of this city, we gotta do it tonight. Now. And if anyone comes at you or me, we gonna pop ‘em with one of these and the blessed silver will send them straight to kingdom come.” In an alley passing to Karna’s right was a redhead spray-painting a brick wall. From the fringes of the city inward- Karna would hear it first, being the farthest out from the rally- came a pat-pat-patter. It wasn’t the rain, no, that beat was an old tune. This was like footsteps. Like drums. Like a stampede.
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    Good posts! I'm gonna put an earmark right there and say this is the order we are using for the thread (I will post this here intermittently with the user whose turn it is bolded): Order Amenities Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag -- I'll post in the IC this morning, then here again with the updated turn counter.
  13. Tia [civil war]

    I've made each setting according to the places each of your characters could potentially (but aren't required to) appear in for any reason you choose. Either way you go I can bring my ends around, but if I had to choose, I'd enjoy seeing Dove with the Unnaturals.
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    Quite alright. I hadn't intended to make things with the statue a main focus until next post, so perhaps didn't put enough emphasis on setting it up.
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    "The crowd she had drawn was.. disconcertingly large, especially for the impromptu toppling of a thirty-foot high cast iron statue." "Then she ran down dripping Main Street toward the rally, where several men tied a noose at the base of a large iron memorial of vampire Viscount Jean DeCorbin." These two sentences in my post, the former near the beginning and latter near the end, work in tandem. Apologies for any lacking clarity, but there are currently people at the human rally throwing a noose around the head of a statue with the intent to pull it down.