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  1. amenities

    Bring me a Dream

    “Wonderful! I’m glad we’re looking cohesive already. I shall head to Mortimer’s progenitors and the three of you to the goodliest pharmaceutical distributors of Lunaris. Within each bag is a three-month’s supply of medicine courtesy our contributor, Catalyst. Catalyst is a researcher of the night life in Terrenus, which commonly results in greater levels of sickness which Catalyst is known for trying to combat. Catalyst medicine is cheaper because we, the mixers of the medicine, also transport it without the same royalties as a synthesis-distribution company merger would. Catalyst medicine is healthier because it’s backed by greater resources and its compounds are totally organic. Lastly, you’ll find a comm crystal that fits in your ear in case you need to contact anyone else on the team should anything go wrong.” Unloading the mentioned bags for the three who would bring goodness to their own respective pharmacies like saints on holiday eves, Amantis imparted this information on the contents to their receivers. The morning sun was rising; it was a clear day. The air was brisk though, and a fine mist emanated from Theodore’s thick whiskers. He pinched a twirl of his beard in his hand, looking on the transformation of the worm mage. The rising sun cast their long shadows down the morning path between slats of tree shadows, the first birds of Lunaris just rising from their slumber as the Catalyst imposters stood in the bare dawn. “And dear Reginald.” All about the journey, the regularly subdued Amantis’ eyes had flashed with the daring of another; the cunning of another. He was himself such a powerful brain that it seemed unthinkable looking on his bold, brunettely bearded visage that he might be a puppet of the First Officer. This ultimately devious intent glistening upon Reginald could certainly not belong to Amantis. “Reginald, take this,” he handed the transformed butler a packed manila folder. “Within you will find drafts of vetting papers from several hospitals around Tia, Palgard, and Casper dated within the last three years. These verify the safety of Catalyst medicine, there is a contract signed by me submitting to any searches, and another— also signed by me— that verifies we will absorb any transportation costs and a reasonable application of import tax.” “Don’t mind me,” he said, removing a cloudy crystal like the others had from his padded coat and nestling it in his right year. “I’ll be in touch.” With that, Theodore got in the hover vehicle and revved the engine. The sound of an ionic buildup; a softer semblance of a turbo whine; heralded his launch down the path between a grid of trees toward Mortimer’s Lab.2 (ML2). When he rolled— er, hovered— up, what he saw was a spire-like facility sitting in the high branches of a fat tree enclosed by a tall stone wall. Crowning the treetop was a green bulb that periodically pulsed a green pillar into the sky. Entering the stone walls and parking alongside the tree, getting out of his vehicle about 4 minutes after he’d left his comrades confidently, Amantis entered the trunk of the tree that was ML2’s facility. There was large, fanciful elevator that lead him up to the facility. Regularly people coming through this entrance needed medicine. Instead, the backpacked Theodore was here to give medicine! He hummed the theme to Mr. Sandman as the elevator *ding*ed open, loafers leading his lab coated, then regular-coated visage down the carpet leading up to the desk. “Good Day!” said the young santalike man to the middle-aged Rodrigo, who was still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Rodrigo had vaguely heard of a famed Theodore Amantis in Terrenus, the creator of the Faux-Ton transportation service; but Theodore had learned everything about Rodrigo, Tabitha, and George. “Good morning,” said Rodrigo with a standard smile. He had no idea he was about to get rich.
  2. amenities

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    @-Lilium- @Thotification @Vilhardt So Amantis is going to give your characters their supplies and clarification of their information and send them to their destinations. (I also lay the clarification out below) My intention is to let you play out going to a pharmacy/drug store you make up and play out an interaction with a drug store owner or whoever is in charge selling them the meds. If you want me make up a store and play out someone in there can, but the goal is for you to be able to do it. Just let me know here or in PM if you want me to run that. Here are details for your character to use which I'll also highlight in the IC post. Contents of cases your character takes to the pharmacy: A 3-month's supply of several different popular antibiotics; a cloudy crystal that fits in the ear for communicating between our team members. Benefits of Catalyst meds: Cheaper because we transport them ourselves; organic coating with no harmful preservatives; higher dosages for more potent requirements @Djinn&Juice As for Reginald, you've chosen a noble cause! Head to the embassy good sir, and confer with them about the entry of an entirely nonthreatening but instead beneficial medicine. Details forthcoming in my post and mentioned below. Defense of Catalyst meds: We transport them ourselves at no cost to Lunaris and accepting any import tax; we submit to searches; meds are cheaper and benefit the citizens. Posting soon! ALSO!!! Here is a link to Lunaris, the treehouse city's Lore. Use this to inform your posts if necessary.
  3. Hark again! I come bringing posts tonight or tomorrow! (Don't mind the self-driving refrigerator, it just wanted to say hi)
  4. amenities

    WANTED: the Cream of the Criminal Crop

    Hark! My life is free and I bring thee posts tonight or tomorrow!
  5. amenities

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    Did you check the cookie jar? I spend a lot of time "looking for ideas" there >_>
  6. amenities

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    Belladonna and the Dead are not going anywhere! Right @vielle? I will, however, say that the Dead won't accept someone into their midst who ultimately reports to someone else over the Dead.
  7. amenities

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    But for the purpose gathering some of this new mineral and studying cool fun new uses for it, I totally think your construction mining thread would be awesome!
  8. amenities

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    There's a special crystal called calquartz in Amalia. You could run a thread going to ask the Ulway to drill on the base of their mountain. They would say very minimally and only in one spot, but they would probably agree. This is acceptable for attaining a lump sum of material, but sustained drilling wouldn't work on Amalia because Amalia sits on the back of a giant hermit crab and everyone knows it IC. So they'd be like "you can dig up some crystals, but no you can't mine into our hermit crab."
  9. amenities

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    @Tyler and @Hurttoto if either of you make a character you think fits the Dead docket, please PM.
  10. amenities

    Are you a badass villain? Join the Dead!

    @jaistlyn yesss cold efficiency is a hallmark of the Dead! @Rin a positive attribute of the Dead is that we're not an exclusively evil organization! We're really just shit getter doners and money collectors. Your business needs some help? We gotcha!... for a cut. Someone needs a guy to be quiet so he doesn't rat out their political corruption? Esben can silence that guy however you want, as long as it's efficiently. You don't even have to kill him. Of course, you should be prepared to, but that can come with the development part. At least for you two, I'd like to follow this with a trial mission. 1) Do you have preference as to the genre of mission? 2) Are you open to beginning one in the next week or two?
  11. amenities

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    Love it! All of these things should definitely happen!!! Note: Since it's working its way up to kingdomship, stuff that gets posted up in Amalia will only get more and more attention as time goes! Awesome! Waterparks and beachfront resorts with guided access to pieces of the Ulway lifestyle sound great! I know you're a stuff getter doner just don't forget about Amalia and your badass waterpark/tourist tours!!! You can make a short thread introducing them into the wild, then I'll add them to the Amalia bestiary in its Lore thread! Same goes for you! If you wanna team up with Metty you can both use each others' posts to get off a short thread about some people surveying the land and either discovering/introducing these species in Amalia. What kind of Corp were ya thinking? A trading company sounds dope! If you whip up a short thread introducing the company to the Ulway and establishing a couple goods they would exchange for Terran currency or other Terran goods, I'll put a trading post in the Amalia Lore and credit you! 🙂
  12. amenities

    the Dead Celebrates.

    Name: Cain Rose Favorites: Snacks - crumpets, pigs in a blanket, assorted cheeses, "the other white meat" (human; preferably served in private) Drinks - whiskey, scotch, sweeter meads, water, blood Scents - roses, grass, sex Colors - red, black, purple, gold, orange Hobbies: People watching, people pleasing, people killing Name: Nica Sero Favorites: Snacks - finger sandwiches, hot Cheetos, celery Drinks - wine, brandy, fizzy water, black tea Scents - chrysanthemum Colors - carmine Hobbies: Looking exactly like Cain, being prisoner to Cain, being a good guy, dressing well, entrepreneurship
  13. Amalia is a savage land. It sits on the back of a giant hermit crab. It bears a mountain of infinite heights. It carries upon it a race of hiveminded pygmy who could destroy men in a 1-on-1 wrestling match. The Ulway are the people to discover. These infant-like creatures have just as much sentience as man, only they wield it as one racial body instead of one divided by the ideals of multiple individual minds. The Ulway work together. They are not hateful of Terran people, as they have met several of them, but they know little of them. The Ulway are, to speak respectfully, susceptible to new businesses. While they are an intelligent people, they lack understanding of the economy under which Terrenus works. The values of the Ulway, instead of lying in currency like gold and silver, lay in goods like hides and new types of foods or animals indigenous to Terrenus. Juyst as the Ulway are a new discovery to Terrenus, their island rising out of the crushing ocean depths less than a year ago, the Terrans are a wonder to the Ulway. There is so much to do here! Establish godly power among the Ulway The Ulway worship a man named the Ginger God. Go to Amalia and find the Ginger God, and challenge his position to join the pantheon of Amalia's gods. Start a Business on Amalia! Amalia is a tropical island with a massive, volcanic mountain in its center. It is a veritable paradise waiting for the picking by resorts all natures. Create your own species! Due to being fastened to the ocean floor by elaborate machinery, Amalia has evolved separately from Valucre for at least hundreds of years. As such, it has developed its own creatures and plants! The general theme for these flora and fauna is an amalgamation between biology and technology. Below are listed examples of this fusion for your own reference when creating your very own species! 1) Millibyte (insect) - Millipede-sized creatures with golden limbs and and silicon bodies that are able to carry data and transmit both biological and technological viruses. 2) Edafos Oplopanax Pagis (EH-tha-fohs oh-PLOH-pan-aks payEEss) A.K.A. Pagis (plant) - Rarely seen and unfriendly forest inhabitant. Technically a terrestrial vine, Edafos uses cleverly browned edges and cracked skin to masquerade as a dying arboreal vine. On the ground, it uses flexion and contraction to shift loose sand and earth, forming a pit, in a method similar to the trapdoor spider. Its ends dangle into the pit and, when its unwitting victim steps on the seemingly 'dead' vine and falls into its trap, typically the entire length of the vine falls atop it. From that point, Edafos' significant thorns (measuring upward of 4" when mature) puncture its victim and the vine attempts, again through its unique flexion and contraction mechanisms, to further ensnare its victim. Escape is possible, but extremely painful, and the long-term effects of Edafos' thorns are unknown. 3) Yellow Calquartz trees (crystal) - Mt. Ichthys is covered in naturally forming trees of crystal that seem clear, but at nighttime release light similar to sunlight shining through water that brightens much of Amalia. Guidelines for Creature Submission - 1+ page thread detailing the discovery of this creature - Title and one paragraph description of the created creature so I can add them to Amalia Lore!!! Do anything else! Amalia is a deveoping island. As such, it is open to any type of growth! You need not listen to my suggestions if you have read over Amalia Lore and want to do anything I didn't list. PM me or post here with any ideas!
  14. ~Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening~ This is an invitation for only the best of evildoers. Let it hang in the air like a wisp of smoke in a vacuum, twisting and twirling before you. Let it sit on your mind like an encasement of glass. Could you even escape the suggestion if you wanted? Let your feet carry you to the Dead. Bring your criminal characters looking for a place to me if you think they're worth their salt. Positive attributes the Dead wants -Self-starters: If I give you a blank canvas, can you write on it? I am looking for Dead Officials who will take their character's fate into their own hands. The Dead will facilitate success for those who can work the machine. I am willing to soundboard ideas for your character, even support you with the strength of the Dead and give you bodies to fulfill your wishes; but you must be able to go get those things without me guiding the way the whole time. -Steady posters: I get not posting for a week. I do it often. If two weeks pass during our story however, and I haven't even heard from you that is unacceptable. -Loyalty: Listing this attribute is more for your character than for me. If your character betrays the Dead, you owe me a competitive thread for their life. Benefits you can look forward to in the Dead -Backup: The Dead is the quiet voice. The Dead carries the big stick. We will destroy your enemies. -Wealth: The Dead extorts. Of numerous businesses from whom the Dead draws a steady stream of income, there is more than one business for every full-fledged officer. As a skeleton, you get a decent financial cut. As an official, you are leveraged an objectively obscene sum of currency per mission and (in suitable lulls) between missions. -Infamy: The Dead has been around. It is not going to disappear any time soon. Your villain's relationship with the Dead also comes with a confirmed longevity of whatever level of recognition you want for your character (as long as the nature of this recognition remains cohesive with Dead ideals). -Power: The Dead provides. With each mission during which you prove yourself, you will receive a reward befitting your character's dedication and hard work. These rewards are not to be taken lightly— they tend to impart great influence on those to whom they are bestowed. Submit your evil masterminds below. Only the smartest, most surgical villains accepted. None of this Or this Villains, Apply Today! submit a character sheet as application Tagged are all standing and already applying members of the Dead, for information's sake @Aleksei @Djinn&Juice @-Lilium- @danzilla3 @vielle @spacegy4 @bfc @Thotification APPLY TODAY, DON'T MISS OUT ON VILLAINOUS GREATNESS
  15. Theodore Alexander Roxyer-Rollins Amantis was not a daichon; he was a doctor. A relatively new one, at that. At age 15 he had graduated in a high master's program in superbiology. He was a self-proclaimed nerd, studier of the abstract. While attending a scientific conference in Hell's Gate, Theo stumbled upon a physicist who appeared half-wolf, half-human, and dwarfed Amantis in size. After a short line of inquiry with the wolfly esquire, Theodore discovered the daichon race for the first time. And so, he came looking. The daichon anomaly had attracted him for several reasons. Included were the attributes that allowed daichon to grow so large and how to synthesize the daichon bloodline into a human. Wearing a white labcoat over hiking gear must have made him look such a geek, but he didn't mind. He traversed the landscape across Terrenus until he landed on a colony of their kind. He discovered that they weren't all that different from the Terrans he knew; except they were a little better at hunting than your typical Terran. Observing their patterns of behavior, he came across the woe of one particular daichon— the prince of them all, Benny. Theo sat on a lawn chair nearby with his notes in hand, trying to understand what the issue was. According to the female of their species that had just arrived, Benny was somehow capable of transforming into a child, but not back. Looking at his own adult hands, Amantis agreed that adulthood dexterity was far superior to that of adolescence. He decided this Prince Benjamin must be returned to his form in that moment, and suspended his daichon studies. Approaching the duo discussing Prince Ben's fate, the doctor coughed to grab their attention. It must have been obvious, his presence there, being a measly human; but still, Dr. Amantis was taught to be polite. "Excuse me! I couldn't help but overhear your dilemma," he said to Ben, the alleged 'Ami,' and company. "I'd like to help, if I can. I'm a doctor," he said with no lacking in boastful tonal flourish.