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  1. Praise the bridge that carried you over [ Quest ]

    This pit-stop was a pleasingly sizable estuary of the city that poured out into the rest of the world. It was wide enough for a company of soldiers and shady enough to protect vendors and weary travelers from the midday sun. Here and there along the sides of the swelling in the pathway were short rock outcroppings overgrown with grass, commuters lounging on and around them in all manner. Families with children, political envoys, traders, and military folk alike communed here. There were city patrols that normally had a bead on the place so it was largely peaceful. There were, however, occasional cases of unsupervised hassling such as thievery or small fights, or in some instances it could be something as simple some out-of-line bug bears hassling a food car. About twenty feet left of the incident there was a big family, or a daycare or something. Plenty of kids ran around, a frazzled woman doing her best to keep a perimeter between them and the direction of the bug bears. There were several gatherings of people that also served as a buffer between the children and the insect monster things, but the bags under her eyes suggested she thought all of the Terran army would be insufficient were she not standing her diligent post between her children and the slightest danger. Instead, she comforted herself by allowing them to listen to a humanesque, slightly greenish creature that stood only about a foot taller than her kids. Barrett the elf wore a tan boonie cap over his pointed ears, causing them to poke sideways out from his head. The hat strap hung loosely below his chin, plastic clasp loosened all the way, whipping this way and that with the wild gesticulations he made for his audience from his perch atop a rock outcropping. “O but why have you killed my sweet Gaveston!?” the tiny frame wailed as he wilted and withered, covering his face with folded arms. Pausing. The children slowly scooted closer, looking at his prone form. Out from beneath the crook of his elbow peered one of his gigantic, glistening, black orbs. It was upon that they were all transfixed, until he burst out of his prone position with foreign and elegant gusto, waving his hand about as if writing his name in cursive with a sword. “Off with your heads! Die die!” yelled the forest creature to the delight of the children, as their caregiver realized he was telling them a story of death and deviance and came to shoo him off. “Thank youu thank you!” See, Barrett may have just aggravated the lady, but he knew he'd just corralled those little bastards into their favorite story of the week AND away from the bug bears. So it was satisfied that he sailed off through the air from his perch, moving sprightly toward one of the vendors and purchasing a bag of candle nuts next to one offering some guys corn cakes. Paying and expressing gratitude for his nuts, he faced the cake vendor and leaned on the nut cart. He took out a lighter, lit the candle nut, and popped the non-burning end in his mouth like he was smoking it. Looked like these were his dudes right next to him. One looked over and made eye contact. The childlike elf nodded from the shade of his hat brim, suavely flicking open his military ID in his hand and flicking the candle nut into his mouth with his tongue. “Sup?” *crunch* *sizzle*
  2. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    I did make a couple small edits, thanks.
  3. Ah, and ascertain quite a situation Titus did: From this vantage point even from behind the assuring glow that illuminated his armaments thanks to Jo-nana, Titus had been unsure on whom he should expend his last lightning bolt, so had reserved judgment until he was about halfway between his starting point and Shivers. Goliath, in his method of dodging, played quite the pretty target. Goliath’s sheath impacted Titus’ lightning bolt only a few feet behind Goliath as he concluded his slide, emanating the last of four chained bolts from the point of impact between sheath and lightning bolt. Just as he resolved on his knees, beginning to rise, Titus’s fourth and last chained bolt would hit him in the back.1 Now about three quarters of the way to Shivers, Titus saw his spar-to-be double as a doppelganger of Shivers hopped to Titus’ right (Shivers’ left) in a clear defensive measure. His VR readiness, paired with his grandfather’s incessant nagging during training hours, had granted him quite the spacial awareness indeed. So it was that he immediately understood the presence of his bolt behind the Shivers whose course had not changed.2 The factors Titus would have considered in the last quarter of his approach, had he had adequate time, were as follows: There was a central point in the church before him. It appeared, if Goliath was still moving, that he would meet Titus there in tandem with the afterimage of Shivers and his own lightning bolt. So in the last meter of his time on the pews on his own side, Titus would have leaped with one foot on the pew’s back and vaulted to the right after the original Shivers. This, if Goliath was still approaching, would bring the afterimage of Shivers, Titus’s lightning bolt, and Goliath converging at the same point unless they changed course. It was most likely Goliath would be able to recover from Titus's bolt, but he would be slowed and have Jo-nana to deal with, so perhaps Titus would have a second after meeting the afterimage. Well all that was great, but all Titus had time to think after Shivers bounced out of his own image was "Shit!" So Titus baseball slid forward as he hit the ground after moving from the pews, aiming to boot the assailant's legs out from under it with his shield raised at a 45-degree angle between himself underside of Shivers' blades. His bolt itself would run into the Shivers double's back, while Titus himself would parry both jabbing motions and shield-launch Shivers over his sliding form with one motion. 3 Titus contained himself from using any derogatory words as he stood with his guard up, another habit from grandpa, and jogged after the running Shivers. Within him there burned a fire, and within that fire there kindled purpose (and viseen zat purpose vas leeeetle matryoshka doll), which he would use to exterminate this Shivers person whose name he hoped never to know for fear that it might be Lucious.4
  4. From the Wastelands to Hell’s Gate, born and raised, the arena's where Titus spend most of his days. Sparring, shield practice, and fencing were great, but what young Titus loved was those VR games. Then a couple of guys who seemed up to no good started makin’ trouble in his neighborhood! He got in one little fight and his dad got scared and said dude, you need to find a healthier way to take out your aggression. So Titus signed up for a fighting tournament that seemed like a cool sort-of mixture between VR and real life fighting where you could, like, even die and stuff. Titus took his chestplate, a sword, and a bronze shield, and off he went. “Ass, piss!” his instructor had amused him by shouting as he left (“It’s an aspis, dammit! Aspis!” had yelled the poor bald man, only to the avail of Titus’ laughter). He hadn’t knowingly signed up for the pre-fight violation part; but his hometown arena physicals, what with the probes, prods, pills, and beloved “peanut butter” shots had been pretty extensive in their own rights. The difference this time was, a mundane guy like Titus had never felt any sort of power before. He had only experienced it in those hyper-realistic VR training programs that teach you how to use those kinds of abilities if you ever had them. Now though, now he felt everything he could do as intimately as if it were a moveset he’d already put in the man hours learning. This was good. So he signed a waiver, just barely glanced his partner’s name because he over-studied her powers before they took away her chit, and followed her in with chestplate on, sword in left hand and shield in right hand. Augh, not a church! Titus hated churches! They reminded him of the creepy cult-leader in his hometown who had a super obvious toenail fetish. This level of the game enraged him, willing him to eliminate his opponents and move on to the next so he no longer had to bear thoughts of Shady Lucious. His grandpa had always taught him to use a technique he called "perspective shift" to get through church with Shady Lucious. It worked like so: If Titus sang all the hymns and recited verses correctly, he could leave Shady Lucious's church faster. Well now, within Titus, there ignited an engine of not necessarily hatred but like that uneasy feeling you get when you’d just rather not really talk to someone. And when he saw them, the engine began roaring. His bones and mind ached to do as he must to surpass this level of this game. He would sing these men and women the hymn of his people, recite the script of his warriors' texts, so that he could go home.1 “Alright Jo-nana,” he said, licking his lips and honing his focus in on the enemy. Whether his pronouncing her name was off or he was shaking was unclear, but if it was a stutter he quickly managed it. “I’m 7’ and a little bigger than you so maybe I should take the LEEE- !!!!” To say Titus flinched as Joanna loudly tore off a chunk of pew to play frisbee with would be an understatement, but he never took his eyes off the enemy. The moment he saw one go into motion, he felt adrenaline pulsing through him. He saw victory. He saw a moment like it was a solid object in front of him, a fleeting grasp at greatness he had never felt. “DIE SHADY LUCIOUS!” the 20-year-old Titus howled as a bolt of lightning issued from his balled up sword hand and illuminated his face in a disturbingly Sith fashion. This bolt left his hands when the frisbee was halfway between the two teams and impacted the frisbee-projectile five feet from his opponents’ original position, sending splinters razing our in every direction as well as two consequent circuiting outward. One bolt shot for the opponent who had yet to move when Titus attacked. The second shot after Shivers, glancing off the floor behind him as he made it around the corner of the first row of pews. However when the bolt behind Shivers hit the ground, there spawned a third that followed him directly down the alley of pews he traversed. 2 Smoke slithered up from Titus’s hand, but his eyes were aglow with the thirst for blood that had been pounded into him (both literally and virtually) his whole life. He leaped up onto the first pew on his and Jo-nana’s side (East pews), which allowed him a full view of where Shivers would be running behind the pews on the opponent's’ side (West pews), and began running along his pew toward Shivers at a pace where they would meet in the middle of the church. “I see you!” He shouted, though so much was obvious from the thunk thunk thunk sound his thick boots made along the wooden bench. There was distance between him and his opponent, and Jo-nana had told him what her first move was going to be, so he ascertained the situation in classic gamer-pro fashion as he moved forward, making a selection from his subconscious moves list.3
  5. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    I'll post tomorrow. Good luck @Acies ab Vesania @Ayden!
  6. Two Realms As One

    I'd like to sign on, even if it just ends up being you and me. I have a character fleeing from another part of the civil war who could "crash-land" in your scenario, per se, and help sway the outcome one way or another.
  7. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    hue hue hue you hear that @Die Shize gonna feed you to those trolls we never killed in Tia
  8. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    yeah well we got an ataraxy and an amenities! so chill bro i'm sensitive ;-;
  9. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    FIIIINE round robin is still good tho. team 7 got our eye on u like dat axe tho
  10. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Mm-mm-mmm I have no objections. Except can Team F and Team C fight in the last round?
  11. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    I vote round robin! Seems spread out but maybe not too extensive
  12. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Don't forget to prep some french cries with your wamburger m8
  13. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Sure! Gives my guy a chance to wear his finest ninja sandal things for those foot pirate guys
  14. Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    This will be the order you guys end up making your first posts in, which means it goes: @Etched in Stone @HollowCipher @DarkHorse @Eternity @Twitterpated
  15. Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Alright, then the updated roster is as follows: @Etched in Stone @Moonbay @milfvcker @HollowCipher @Eternity If you have any questions about how to get into it or anything else, don't hesitate to ask!