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  1. Tia [civil war]

    Ayy atta' post! I know things are busy right now, especially for students, so it's much appreciated thx thx Post Order Amenities Wanderlost @Mag
  2. Tia [civil war]

    LOL since I posted that it was your turn! I'm back from a weekend trip and ready to finish this up in short order. @Wanderlost you got this!
  3. Tia [civil war]

    Sarry! Been crazy busy, but I got a post up now. One or two more from us each and we'll be able to canonize this bad boy and move on to a fresh Tia! Post Order Amenities @Wanderlost Mag
  4. Carpe Noctem

    The sky over the city was warm. Intermingled patches of light swam down through the rain, sun pushing cracks into the dark clouds as if they might soon burst. Tia, however, buildings and demons clawing out long shadows and suppressing all they found purchase upon, muffling light and love and hope- Tia was cold. Many humans and those friendly to their kind had converged on well fortified shelters. Those unfortunate enough not to have such a luxury were free game in the streets. They either fended for themselves or died off. Their cries boomed up from different sectors of the city like roller coaster drops into hell. Problem Solver support was nowhere to be found, the few present in Central Plaza a mere sacrificial facade. Behind the mask, the Watch Fort enacted a retreat protocol. Posted outside the Watch Fort, arching in a line around its front gates, stood roughly 150 Problem Solver suits. All Problem Solvers who were not retreating had assumed statuesque posture, so one would only discover the suits before the Fort were empty upon physical interaction with one. Leaving the other side of the Fort, toward the southwestern end of the city, were 10,000 real and prepared Problem Solvers. This path was chosen in proportion to the location of Central Plaza and its relation to Cain’s tower in the opposite direction. To any vampire forces approaching, many of whom had had a tense mutualism with Problem Solvers during the last decade, this was an indication that the Problem Solvers and their leader- Nica- were not attempting to engage them but to leave. Many PS units were armed to the teeth, and some had packed gear onto military grade Golems, but none mobilized unless attacked. This sight would be visible first to Arzada and Dove, who blazed into the sky perhaps to meet the very men departing. Next, it would be visible to Antique as Cain moved his finger and the scrying vortex switched to a view showing the Problem Solvers departing. He twitched his finger again, and suddenly the view showed a gigantic cement room. It had Nica Sero’s sigils draped along the walls and was lit in a warm, yellow fashion. Inside were packed all manner of Tian citizen (save for vampires), and near the thick blast doors at its rear there were posted several armed men. At the head of the room was a portable podium, behind which stood the leader of the hostile human interest group called the Rooks. It was a stuffy and tense looking gathering through the scrying screen. “We await word from the Sero administration, but I assure you all, everything will be alright,” said a consoling, but unconvincing voice. Behind the speaker was a large screen, to which she pointed. “Any moment we will see a message saying things are under control.” “Here,” Cain said to Antique, handing her a USB-like storage device. On the casing was the seal of Nica Sero. “They’re waiting for a message from their leader, and this is it. You’ll have some convincing to do to get them to play it, but the seal here might help,” he said, pointing. Now the vampire May had been dragged until she was beside them and her muscles twitched, seeming constrained against her will. Karalanos had begun running toward them, a single sheet of rain falling across the platform upon him. “Now, go!” Cain said, turning Antique by the shoulders and giving her a bump off the platform. She might have fallen all that way to the ground, but instead upon contact with the vortex, her body went through and into the bunker. The atmosphere went from humid warmth to dry coolness in an instant. Looking back, Antique would now see Cain turning toward Karalanos with a sneer, extending his right hand beside him. His sleeve billowed out from his hand, white light escaping its cuffs. Karalanos leaped into the air, and then the window closed. *CRACK* There was a gavel, and the woman at the head of the room banged it against the podium to settle everyone down in the bunker. A strange, possibly injured woman seemed to have puffed out of thin air and landed just in front of the podium. “Who, what, and how in the hell is this?” The big woman stepped forward and took hold of Antique’s collar. She didn’t jostle her though. Her grip was firm enough to suggest she could crush a regular-sized someone, but her eyes and soft face suggested she was reasonable enough not to. -- A floating cylinder of stone runes circulated around Cain’s arm, his right sleeve torn to shreds by its activation. Karalanos’ mouth had erupted into a maw of jagged fangs, his eyes snakelike and flitting from side to side. Both sported wounds from the beginning of their encounter, neither moved. May was just behind Cain and the vortex still observed the bunker. Though Antique couldn’t see Cain anymore or tell who his medium was, at least one of the attendees was his puppet. “You know it’s over Cain, just give her back,” said Karalanos, back at the tower. “I will give her back, but not to you. Where’s her daddy?” Cain said. His amusement was still there, but mixed in with anger and indignation. All of these things were as raw as could be, the veils of Cain’s emotions for Tia lifted. He both mourned that he had not controlled them and revelled in their decay. Rising like a pillar of black, never entering the tower but ascending its walls, was Heretic. The bars of Nica’s cage settled on the platform between Karl and Cain. Karl backed away with respectful awe, his near inevitable reaction to Serafino’s presence. “Cain,” said Serafino. “Ahh, Serafino Dolos. Heretic. O Great Burning One--” “Why do you resent your imminent defeat so?” “Have you ever known me to be gracious?” Cain chuckled, wiggling his fingers at Nica. Nica scowled up wordlessly at his foul counterpart.
  5. Tia [civil war]

    Yay! I await eagerly. Yeah he's gone gone, but school and stuff did just start so I'll keep his story warm for a couple turns
  6. Tia [civil war]

    Order Amenities Wanderlost @MrDoubleSunday Mag
  7. Tia [civil war]

    Posted! Order Amenities Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag Couple possibilities for your next posts: @Wanderlost if Antique accepts Cain's offer, I'm going to hand you a situation where Cain gives her a video and she confronts the leader of a group of humans leading the attack on vampires. If Antique rejects, there's gonna be a scuffle. Either way is ttly fine with me, just thought I'd lay out your choices in clear terms. @MrDoubleSunday Karna gets ambushed byyyy... /drumroll - Aindreas (M) and Fiachna (D)to raid the bloodbanks with Matton and Dolos forces Now, you've got .X Caliber rounds. Those puppies will turn a regular vamp sucker into dust one hit. A bunch of them are extra powerful though because they drank that serum, so .X Caliber won't do it. You'll have to be smarter and use the blood bank and the Rooks to your advantage. You can run into the bloodbank, go run through the woods, or take a nap! This bloodbank will be unlike the others. Quite gruesome, as it's where humans are sent to be harvested illegally. So if you DO go in, the rest of the details are all yours. @Mag you can step up the revolution meow. If you wanna do Tasgal taking over some positions with his force or have Dove go and take them, that's cool. If not I'll cover it in my next post. You're also free to find Heretic and Cain.
  8. Carpe Noctem

    Vampires killed humans and humans killed vampires. The city of Tia warred on, largely unaware that the divide between them was not caused by race but by one man who was no longer human or vampire, natural or unnatural. All this was caused not for justice or peace but just to feel the reigns, steal food from inside mouths and gold from pockets, and watch the people squirm in an oven of destitution. Little had the one man known, the likes of man and unman are not so simply controlled, their lives traded so casually and in the open. No amount of secrecy or thoroughness could account for a city full of disappearing people forever, and he hadn’t even been all that secretive. Karna's group arrived at an abandoned looking brick outcrop in the woods. Many had gathered with them on their way, all equipped with blessed weaponry. "This is the entrance to the big one," whispered Gyarl, unsure if how quiet they needed to be. Overgrown with brambles, its well-worn doors were nearly concealed from sight. Gyarl had a sharp eye though, quickly located and opened one, and quietly gesturing for the Rooks to enter. .X Caliber munitions loading all their rifles and bows and pistols, the Rooks appeared ready to execute an ambush. That was when, behind them, the hiss of bushes and trees signified a rather large group of enemies' arrival. -- “I hope you don’t mind me coming into something so personal… ...Who is Heretic – how is he related to you, and Cain? And your daughter – May…” “Ten years ago it was personal,” Arzada said. Her voice was full of remembrance and sadness. “Now, as you see, the problem is for all of Tia. Humans, vampires, naturals, unnaturals. There was once Cain, his need to feel authority, unwitting humans blowing around like tumbleweeds, and we who trying to stop him. Now the war between what's living and dead is all there is. “Before it began, there was no Nica. There was only Cain. Ablood mage and a miscreant he very badly was, but no king. Just a wandering gangster with a handful of cronies he used to exact undirected malice, as all men who have satisfied their petty and worldly dreams do. Until he saw a way to cause cracks in Tia’s leadership. So here he came to sow his seeds and grow, like a weed. The capable vampire families never left, however defeated we were. We grew. Heretic never left either. He is- Heretic is- a depthful, passionate man who is simply on a warpath. I had my daughter May, with him, for this very purpose.” Then Arzada paused, and looked hesitantly toward Dove. The coldness of what she had said appeared not even to strike her, but her seemingly sightless eyes peered nervously into the future. “Those vials that grant us strength are May’s blood, which Heretic blessed against Gaia’s holy magic, as only those who have been in Gaia’s clergy can. Though it has been so long since he turned away from it.” Arzada gave a quick attempt to distance herself from the Gaian clergy before a powerful Unnatural, but she understood there were far greater things happening here than a former clergy member being a vampire leader. “Heretic sees Cain as a threat to all life in Tia, but has taken advantage of our sight in a blinding situation in order to take power back from him and humans who never really had it,” she tacked on. "For all this to end, Tia must be forced from Cain's hold. It is to those ends which Heretic marches now." -- "Victim to the ignorance I thought I was protecting a human girl from. But I'm nobody. Really nobody. Are there stairs down?" Behind Antique, May sat and groomed herself. Warm, scattered groups of rain fell across the black tower. Clouds overhead followed the thunderhead which passed southward over the center of Tia; and huge rays from the setting sun lined up through the downpour out there in dazzling rainbows that could only be truly appreciated from such a vantage point as Antique’s, Cain’s, and May’s. Then there was the scrying vortex, a hovering disruption of this view. The visual was confusing at first, but once oriented became clearer. It looked upon the heart of the city beneath all that wondrous color. It looked upon chaos and blood. Where Antique had laid two bodies to rest were now piled a dozen. There was sound too, accompanied with distant static, as if coming over radio waves, but uninterrupted. Cries, gunfire, a voice yelling on a microphone. A woman’s voice, Jane’s. Sentinel Problem Solvers unheeding to it all. Then the view through the vortex shifted, and blinking in the upper-right corner were the words “PS 1 BodyCam.” A vampire onscreen was struck with an .X Caliber bullet and wholly disintegrated, Gaia’s imbued magic working in full force. When .X Caliber rounds struck certain other rampaging vampires onscreen, however, there seemed to be little effect. (While not immediately clear, this was due to the vials of necromantic healing serum some vampires had ingested.) Suddenly a creature passed before the view, nodding dismissively, and attacked Jane Blastice. Antique would behold the gruesome example that was made of Jane, before the redhead turned away from it with the disturbing scene giddily. For a second one might have thought it was horror, but no, there was electricity in Cain’s step when he pivoted on the edge of the platform, hands in his deep pockets, and began walking toward the tower’s open mouth. Life and death were but the airs he breathed. The words “The Unnaturals shall have this city,” echoed clearly from the display on the vortex. “There are stairs,” came Cain's voice next, “but this is the safest place in all of Tia right now so you might want to hedge your bets on the leaving thing. Besides, I brought you here for a reason. I watched you save her, and I don’t think you’re any kind of creature. In fact, you’re less embroiled in this place's hatred than anyone on that screen.” He pointed to the vortex, which displayed the horrific guerilla war unfolding in Central Plaza. His voice bore no more of the sarcasm he’d used on her when first speaking, having sensed it didn’t have quite the desired effect. It was softer now, with a hint of the same resignation Nica Sero must feel. Cain didn’t look at Antique while he spoke, but down and to the left. Way down, to one single something that had just darted into his tower on the ground level. His face didn’t show it, but he sniffed an intruder. Though it wasn’t the one he was waiting for. What Antique would see on Cain’s face, if she looked, was a thin veil of nonchalance. Beneath it his cheeks and nose were rosy, eyes glossed over, as if he had been drinking or getting high or crying. Some hair was still matted to the side of his face by the damp that came with intermittent rainfall, so it was impossible to tell whether there had been tears. “You say you only helped that girl, her name is May, out of ignorance. What if there was..” he spun his hand before him, as if generating the rest of his sentence from the wind. “What if there was more to the story than vampires versus humans? What if you could soothe some of the hatred tearing this place apart? Would you stay a minute and talk?” “CAIN!” Thunder struck in the stormhead, and the voice cracked across the space between Cain and the tower’s opening where Karl Matton stood. The previously occupied May whipped around, looking longingly at Karl, but her body jerked unnaturally backward down the wide platform towards Cain. “Please! Please. Answer me, before another pointless fight has to occur,” Cain implored, taking a sudden leap and closing the distance between him and Antique. Maybe it looked threatening. Or maybe, his urgent expression indicated, he had a plan.
  9. Tia [civil war]

    Sup dudes SO While still late, I had intended to post today. After ☢~*technical difficulties*~☢ involving drunk people and PC monitors, however, posting looks more like a Saturday thing. Yeah, I'll definitely post Saturday. As for today and tomorrow, @MrDoubleSunday you can post if you find yourself available. IF you can that's great, IF not that's alright too you'll just enter back into your spot on the rotation. Thanks for your patience
  10. Tia's Social Temperature

    Tia, the pinnacle of mechanical engineering in Terrenus, brews with trouble. Between steam technology and the manufacturing of steel, Copper City appeared to be on the rise for the past decade. The state of the city, however, is not all it appears to be. Vampires view Tia as a city that was stolen from them. With the expansion of Gaianism, races like them who were less cohesive with its ideals began falling to the wayside. After a slow rise of resistance to their authority, benevolent vampires fell from positions of authority when a drug was introduced into the city’s water supply which drove vampires to bloodlust and deemed them unfit to justly rule Copper City. Since then, the vampires have plotted their revolution. Afterwards, a more human-favoring ruler shifted public opinion against vampires. Humans and other humanoid races now find themselves on one side of a divide of hatred and mistrust between vampires and humans. Humans raid blood banks (voluntary blood donation centers for vampires) and distribute .X Caliber bullets- blessed silver made for killing vampires- for regular arms, sparking a giant mechanical arms race in Tia. Vampires attack humans with a new understanding of, and resistance to, holy magic. Fringe races such as goblins, ogres, and trolls must prove themselves friendly through overt acts of hatred toward vampires or be subject to the same prejudice. Likely encounters: - Vampire-on-human attacks in the middle of the street after dark. - Human-on-vampire raids into dark buildings and underground passages. - Destroyed blood banks. Opportunities: - Ally yourself with vampire force, further their cause. - Ally yourself with human force, further their cause. - Find faction leaders, merchant bosses, and noble families and gain leverage. - Establish arms trade and/or development with human factions. - General attacks on government buildings and blood banks.
  11. Tia [civil war]

    I've added some quick notes on vampires and their groups here and edited my most recent post to have them at the bottom. I know I'll find them useful so I thought you might too. Most vampires are about as manageable to kill as your typical vampire, but several (including those named below) have a special resistance to magic, including blessed X. Caliber rounds. These will take significant effort and care to defeat, but you are free to engage them in your posts if you wish. - Arzada (OFF LIMITS) (M) accompanies Dove to the North Lodge Square with Dolos forces. - Aindreas (M) and Fiachna (D)to raid the bloodbanks with Matton and Dolos forces - Tasgall (D) takes to the night to slaughter on the fringes with mostly Matton and some Dolos forces - Aisling (OFF LIMITS) (M) takes to the Central Plaza rally to make an example of Jane with Matton forces. ***Named vampires with M beside them are Matton ***Named vampires with D beside them are Dolos - Matton vampires are known primarily for ruthlessness and violence. - Dolos vampires are known primarily for cunning and lurking in the shadows. Order Amenities @Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag
  12. Carpe Noctem

    Antique’s knee caught the preoccupied thing May had become unawares. Her knee, surprisingly, bent, her bulky frame still that of a 10-year-old child. What was not surprising was that her knee had the strength to dent the pavement. What was surprising, however, was that May’s mighty wings suddenly billowed down like the sails of upturned warships. A hail of bullets climbed with them as they rocketed into the sky. May twisted and spiraled upward like a rogue missile, streams of red that might have been fire tracing from her wings; silver rounds whizzed by, some impacting the transformed girl and two nicking Antique in an arm or a leg. It was a spectacle visible and audible across nearly all of Tia. Then the gunfire grew distant and subsided. Cold panes of rain broke over them as they blazed upward. Just when the pelt became painful, when Antique’s skin began rippling back from the force of their climb, the two broke the stormy veil over Tia and sunset’s warm purples, yellows, and golds washed over them. Not only did May not burst into ash. Not only did she not take on some weird opalescent glow in the light. She healed, and with extraordinary speed, as they flew Northeast. Antique would see May had a beautifully feline face with golden eyes. She would also see that, just by being in contact with May, her own wounds were healing at an alarming rate. Through the cloud system which became intermittent towards Tia’s outsides, there was a tower. It looked like the Watch Fort, the white tower at Tia’s center which all authorities called headquarters. Only this tower was black, and miles outside the city limits, and shimmering before a jagged hole near its top was circular white vortex. As they grew nearer, speedily breaking through scattered showers, there became visible a wide platform extending from the mile-high tower’s utmost exit. Upon that platform stood a man with red hair, black pants, and a white shirt roomy enough (but too short, stopping at the waist) to be a mage’s robe. His hands had red on them, and he smelled of paint. The rain matted his clothing and hair against his shoulders and face. He stood a desolate and powerful thing, every bit the same as the DeCorbin monument in the Central Plaza. May lighted upon the platform ten feet behind him. From this side of the swirling vortex, Antique would see that, more than a vortex, it was an incredible scrying glass through which the redhead observed Jane Blastice’s rally. Until the view on the giant vortex screen became a dark cavern filled with ghastly shapes. “You know he’ll come for us now, right? You’ve let me see too much.” “Let him come.” The words coming through warbled like eery fluctuations of a tuning fork, but they were clear. A clearer voice, like one of those in the scrying glass but which came directly from the mage standing before Antique, filled the tower with volume. The voice was sarcastic, distracted. There was a minute degree of interest laced in, which instead of being refreshing managed to sound vaguely hostile. “What kind of creature are you, saving a vampire from humans?” --- “I don’t know just what I’m looking at yet, but this is fishy, Rooks.” The troll with Karna named Gyarl took the map, speaking to the rest of the crew. Karna recovered a good map after impressing his new comrades with his brutality. Gyarl, holding it, gestured to a giant red oval that stretched from the middle of Tia to a black structure on the city’s outskirts. It was labeled “Sero Bloodfarms.” A radio to the rest of a lead anti-vampire group, the Rooks, spat static from its holster on the troll’s chest. Gyarl took a picture, sending it via square mobile device. After seconds an urgent and gnarled voice responded. “Holy Gaia’s shits, Gyarl. Forget the blood banks, that’s a whole fucking farm for harvesting blood right underneath the city. Looks like it could house half the residents!” “What in Odin’s balls..” Shouts and gunfire erupted on the other side of the radio. “Gyarl, this is not a joke or a drill. For the sake of your family, deploy all Rooks and go lethal with X. Caliber. Deploy them all now!” The radio cut out and Gyarl looked at his group, including Karna, standing on the outside of the blood bank. Now there were figures flitting through the streets, running humans being dragged into the dark or violated right there in the dingy rainfall. In the distance, a flare-like spire rose into the sky until it pierced the clouds. The troll glanced at it, then back at the crew. “There’s a.. There’s another blood farm. It’s big. Says it’s sponsored by Tia government.. Called Sero Bloodfarm.” “They’ve been working with the vamps all along?” The dwarf asked in shock. “Fuck me..” Said the half-giant. “The Watch Fort and this clocktower outside town are the only entrances. Watch Fort’s too well protected, so we go to whatever’s at the clocktower and go for the big one.” said Gyarl, pointing at the structure on the outside of Tia, then barking orders for all Rooks with X. Calibers to be deployed on all blood banks- especially the big one- and ‘go lethal.’ --- “Are we attacking Sero Bloodfarm too?” A fledgling vampire asked Fiachna as a particularly massive horde of them tore down the street. “Especially Sero Bloodfarm. Nica is of no use to us anymore,” responded the clever Dolos. And perhaps he was of no use to the vampires. But as the screech of his scalding cage echoed away into the darkness, two piercing dots of silver that both were and were not Nica’s examined Dove out of the blackness. “Entertain me. Tell me about Nico Sera and his ‘creator.’” Arzada Dolos' face was soft and beautiful. Her skin was as white as eucalyptus. Her mien was as graceful as it was deadly and efficient. While all the others had given Dove at least a glance of wonder, Arzada seemed primed to follow her from the moment it was ordained. The white ghost she made in the darkness turned its glistening red orbs toward Dove. “Nica Sero is a clone of the man they call Puppet Master,” said Arzada. There was sadness in her voice, something very emotionally attached to the situation. “Cain Rose is his real name. He is little known, as per his wishes, but his are seeds that have sprouted into great canopies of chaos all across Tia, Last Chance, Palgard, and Casper. “Tia was once a vampire haven, but it wasn’t necessarily dangerous for humans. Just.. uncertain. Then Cain came with his gang, the Dead. They displaced us using a drug that drove us to bloodlust. Then he used his powers as a psychic and blood mage to enslave lords and merchant leaders. Their support systems became his support systems, and through Tia he trafficked all manner of the living and dead. In order to keep a pleasant face in front of all of it, Cain created an exact duplicate of himself. Nica Sero. In order to keep the vampire families happy, he created a massive blood farm where he sends his puppets to be fully harvested, called Sero Bloodfarm. None of that merciful donation business the public knows about takes place there- these people are harvested to the last bloody drip of fat. Nobody in the regular public knows about Cain’s evil against all our kinds, but Heretic has told those of us he is closest to. He has unified and raised the vampire families Dolos and Matton to become like brothers against the humans who oppress them, the government, and Cain, who attempts to keep everyone docile while he tears at us all. Defeat of the Inferiors will only be a right we should always have had, but that Cain took away from us." Arzada’s razorlike fingers toyed with each other as she stared at them. “Cain took control of my daughter, May, when he used his puppetry to infiltrate vampire ranks. Heretic calls Cain’s slavery seal weak, claims he was even a puppet once but broke free after removing Cain’s seal. But when the Puppet Master got hold of May, it was as if none of our rituals could totally free her. He did it because he knows May is the key to our strength against him and the agents of Gaia, fools he has controlled into thinking he is a good man. May is key to the retaking and holding of Tia.” “Violence is key to the retaking and holding of Tia!” Shouted Jane Blastice as the creature May and her savior tore into the sky from the back of the crowd. All around stood armored Problem Solvers, the greatest protectors of the humans Tia had to offer. But suddenly figures flickered through the sheets of rain. First a scream, then one gunshot when off. Then the sounds of dying, the sounds of Rooks shooting X. Caliber rounds, unraveled Central Plaza into an unrestrained warzone between humans and vampires. Some fled, some fought, but on both sides casualties immediately began piling. Like the water, vampires under the family sigils of Matton and Dolos bore down on the humans. Like the water, to Jane’s horror, human blood began flowing in the streets. And, like the water, Problem Solvers stood in useless puddles and did absolutely nothing to mitigate the violence. Cries of ‘help me’ and ‘why?’ roared all around them, and bloody handprints streaked their armor, but statuesque they stood. Jane the privileged coward ran to leave stage, but two Problem Solvers grabbed her, one by either arm, and refused to let her leave. “The Problem Solvers? They’re all Cain’s puppets too,” said Arzada. OOC Thought I'd add some links for your perusing: Karl Matton Serafino Heretic Dolos Cain Rose Most vampires are about as manageable to kill as your typical vampire, but several (including those named below) have a special resistance to magic, including blessed X. Caliber rounds. These will take significant effort and care to defeat, but you are free to engage them in your posts if you wish. - Arzada (OFF LIMITS) (M) accompanies Dove to the North Lodge Square with Dolos forces. - Aindreas (M) and Fiachna (D) to raid the bloodbanks with Matton and Dolos forces - Tasgall (D) takes to the night to slaughter on the fringes with mostly Matton and some Dolos forces - Aisling (OFF LIMITS) (M) takes to the Central Plaza rally to make an example of Jane with Matton forces. ***Named vampires with M beside them are Matton ***Named vampires with D beside them are Dolos - Matton vampires are known primarily for ruthlessness and violence. - Dolos vampires are known primarily for cunning and lurking in the shadows.
  13. Tia [civil war]

    I'm driving back from a short vacation today. I'll post tomorrow
  14. Tia [civil war]

    Order amenities Wanderlost @MrDoubleSunday Mag
  15. Tia [civil war]

    Order Amenities @Wanderlost MrDoubleSunday Mag @Mag I've given you control of 5 mid-level vampires. You can dictate their details or not use them at all, whatever you please. @MrDoubleSunday You can take full control of the members of the group Karna accompanied, if you want. If not you can let me know and I'll keep running them.