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  1. amenities

    GIF association

  2. amenities

    General chat thread

    /still can't do it :c
  3. amenities

    General chat thread

    https://giphy.com/gifs/oh-number-farkcom-d9DsJZVQWEukg I get this when I copy gif link from giphy on my phone
  4. amenities

    General chat thread

    Gif association tip: how do you copy a gif onto Val on mobile??
  5. amenities

    GIF association

  6. amenities

    GIF association

  7. amenities

    GIF association

  8. amenities

    GIF association

  9. amenities

    General chat thread

  10. amenities

    Join the best criminal organization on Valucre

    Beautissimo! I'ma wait for like 2 more days then post if I haven't got goodies.
    1. Dmitry


      Not really at a point where I’d put my character in any organization, just for lack of development and certain other milestones I’d need to meet in his story. Appreciate the offer though.

    2. Dmitry


      I wouldn’t mind rping with a member or two though, just as a potential introduction to the syndicate.

  11. amenities

    GIF association

  12. amenities

    GIF association

  13. amenities

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  14. amenities

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