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  1. amenities

    For the Betterment of UM (SASS)

    Theodore's eyelids grew heavy with satisfaction on Issac's spacial recommendations. He managed a 'heh' and looked down at the pulsating B.Nano in his hand. "Not to toot my own horn," it was, "but I'm one of the first two Terrans to step foot on the moon of Valucre. I have a theory that there are different worlds out there that correspond with the different elements of Valucre." Theodore put his free hand up, splaying his fingers and looking through them as if the great unknown were magnified in the space between. "There's an ice planet and a desert planet, a heavily jungled planet. By shooting radiomagical waves into the atmosphere, I've intercepted waves of energy coming from outer space. "I believe that, for every element on Valucre and every magic it entails, there is another planet in our solar system feeding that class of magic. For example," said Theodore, stealing a sheet of paper from Tabitha and scratching two orbs on it. "When the moon is facing Valucre, vampires experience a bolstering in both their bloodlust and their physiological capabilities. My theory works exactly the same, with the exception that instead of a moon providing these spacial rays of magical augmentation, the source of the rays is other planets out there in our galaxy." Theo sat down after scribbling cones of light coming from the moon to Valucre, then farther off orbs emitting similar cones of energy onto Valucre. He rubbed his face, sweeping a lock of brown hair from in front of it. He sounded intellectually taxed, dogged, like a mathematician right on the edge of solving a millennial math problem. "I know it's crazy, but there's some correspondence between those planets and the different elements on Valucre. I've seen it myself!" The good doctor, physicist, engineer returned to the matter at hand. "Anyway, I can use our garbage projectiles to probe farther into these matters. This will compound on our ventures and the entailed finances and get the Terran government off my back. Do you have equipment, or a resource for acquiring equipment, for an unmanned launch into space? It would also be ideal if you can find low density, highly tensile materials for me to build a launch raft out of, considering my first move is to build a rig that sweeps across the seas and collects it to aforementioned launch raft. I might accompany one of our trashy loads one of these days, but for now all we need is something that will breach orbit." As Amantis spoke— mused, almost— it became clear that he was already in the planning phases for something like this. His reliable interns, Gregory and Tabitha, began furiously taking notes on his objectives and methods by which they could be met.
  2. amenities

    The Illuminarium

    Most definitely! Can't wait to add it to the Dead's repertoir
  3. amenities

    Of Men and Half-Men Interest Check (Need 1)

    @Die Shize Nah I'll post soon! @J. A. Horton you with us buddy?
  4. amenities

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    I think it's been a stressful however-long and we would all benefit from another joke. Which super hero is the most curious?
  5. Every time my avatar switches to Shaq, I think I've received a new notification.

    PSYCH it's just Shaquille.

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      lol congrats bruv u played urself!

  6. * wiggle wiggle wiggle *

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      Sup what's your RP poison of choice?

  7. I've come here to admire the glory of your profile picture. 👐

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      Thanks! It was time for a change

  8. Middle ground, feeling like I'm barely
    getting by

    Middle ground, second guessing why I even try
    Middle ground, all I know how to do is survive
    So mad that I wanna scream, so sad that I wanna cry

  9. amenities

    The Goodest Boy

    The flesh of Michael’s trapezius was damp to Shanti’s touch, and when her hand rested there she would feel the great muscle’s undulation coming to a surprised halt. Retracting his tongue from where it poked out of the corner of his mouth, the Peacekeeper’s expression of concentration broke to relieved joy when the elf’s comparatively cool had laid on him. Mike turned to face Shanti whole, the elephant kettle at his back lowering slowly to the ground as the flames carrying it evenly dissipated. Commager’s controlling the flames in a manner that gently lowered the pot sitting atop them was a testament to his capacity. Gales of cool air rushed from the dwindling flames, tousseling Michael’s hair from behind as he wrapped one arm around Shanti and kissed her forehead as not to drench her in his sweat. The way his mouth instinctively went smilingly to her ear afterward bespoke the truth of his passion. “You’re the only one who can eat me,” he said in a suggestive tone, squeezing her in his arm and chuckling. "What's up what's up! It's ya boy Roswell! It's been helluva long time. Glad to see this place going strong So where the hell is my man Mike? He here? Probably off on some world saving mission as per usual! I'm ready to get back into the swing of things so whatever hoops I gotta jump through just give me the whistle!" Three years earlier, Roswell and Michael stood outside a dilapidated building teaming with vampires and a high volume of other highly violent Unnaturals. Rubble had obscured most of the recognizable city around them at this point; smoke and cries of death filled the air; there were exactly two kinds of people left on the city: those who were here to kill, and those who were trying to leave. Certainly the latter was no less noble— in fact, perhaps it was more honorable now to just leave this hollowed out wretch to die than to continue pummeling that which was innately disadvantaged in the light of day. But Michael had refused. There was a parking garage beneath the building yawning down into the black, and Commager had told Roswell he had to go in. He had to kill as many, save as many as he could. Years later, Roswell approached a private on the perimeter of Biazo with words of greeting. He had no idea who “ya boy Roswell” was, but he did know Michael Commager. Now, simply saying you know Mike didn’t earn you an express ticket to see him; but it did lead you to his peripheral officers. Those guys recognized Roswell, and Mike would recognize the wolfish center of the resulting entourage approaching him just as he made his just slightly raunchy joke to Shanti. Mike released her and immediately moved for the group of four across the grass field. “Babe, I know this guy! He used to serve with me.” Then, with uncommon excitement as he got closer, “Rossss holy shit!!! I haven’t seen you since Biazo!” Right as Commager came within 5 feet of Ros, when it looked like he was coming in for a bear hug, he stopped and pointed to the ground before him. His face looked stern, but his eyes said he was joking. “Sit boy. Now roll over.” Then he burst out laughing, holding his gut and coming in for the real hug. “Just kidding buddy, how the hell are ya!?”
  10. amenities

    Of Men and Half-Men Interest Check (Need 1)

    Yeah m8! My fav time to do it is when talking about VY Canis Majoris, because it's the easiest measurable instance of kiloparsecs.
  11. amenities

    Of Men and Half-Men Interest Check (Need 1)

    it's VY Canis Majoris to you, cause I'll blast you across 1.2 kiloparsecs with my winning response.
  12. amenities

    Not enough banks, am I right?

    Yeah I've been waiting!
  13. amenities

    Not enough banks, am I right?

    What if I needed help moving Iris to Aspyn? What if I WANT A BANK in Aspyn?
  14. amenities

    Not enough banks, am I right?

    YES PLEASE! OOC coming soon on investment.