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  1. No turning back I'm blacking

  2. Things shouldn't come out of their shells by having them broken, but by being coaxed out

  3. Just let me feel something

  4. Sometimes I stand alone just to prove I can

    1. CasualCrisis


      This one is sad...

  5. You could give your whole damn life to something, then it turns around like it don't love you

  6. Throw it in the furnace, yeah that shit be funny, earn it just to burn it

  7. People often twist the story to make themselves seem like the victim. Sometimes even in their own head

  8. What's the difference between nuts and beans?

  9. Where ya at, me pirate matey??

  10. Welcome to the show!

  11. Hate me today, hate me tomorrow

    1. supernal


      I don’t wanna!

    2. L E V I A T H A N
    3. Raptor


      Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
      Hate me in ways
      Yeah, ways hard to swallow
      Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

  12. I LOVED the 1998 Armageddon

    1. amenities


      Honestly it is from memory. I'd have to rewatch to see how it holds up lol

    2. Noko


      All I can hear is that Aerosmith song.

    3. danzilla3


      points gun with tears streaming down my face


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  13. Everyone has their own falcon to follow

  14. It's one'a those kind of nights 🤘

  15. Has anyone played Cyberpunk 2077? Thoughts?

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    2. Trashbender


      Boyfriend got a preorder of it, and I can confirm what others are saying -- the PS4 simply can't keep up with the game, the framerate issues alone made it basically unplayable.

      He was pretty sure he'd need to wait to get a PS5 just to enjoy it, but a buddy of his let him borrow his PS4 Pro and it apparently works much better on there. There's still some bugs (characters T-posing, polygon-tornados, etc), but apparently they're more funny than anything else, and a lot of those smaller issues may likely get patched out!

    3. amenities


      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

      I'll probably wait for PS5 to play it, and I'll probably wait for PS5 to sort itself out a little more before I buy that.

    4. Glamses


      On PC here; you can really feel where the corners were cut, but at the same time, its a pretty good experience-- especially the story, as it's engaging enough. If you give it a go, I recommend giving the side stuff a good turn about the wheel in between marathoning story portions. You won't regret setting the time aside. Plays a lot like fallout 4, if I had to make a comparison...

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  16. Welcome! Hope you like the site 🙂

  17. Like an army of the night, I still hear your heartbeat fighting through the distance...

  18. Welcome! Hope you are liking things so far.

    1. Mello Tangelo

      Mello Tangelo

      Thank you! So far so good!

  19. Water never disappears

  20. Friendly neighborhood amenities again! 

    Is your "This Thing A Quiet Madness Made" thread open or closed? I'd like to join for a light traipse along the roadside

    1. Trashbender


      Oh shoot, forgot to specify that, thank you -- tis Open! I'd love to have ya join :) 

    2. amenities


      Splendiferous! I have a few other posts lined up first, but either tonight or tomorrow I will post in

  21. Would you rather live a day as a god, or forever as a business tycoon?

    1. Glamses


      There is no difference in a capitalist society

    2. Velindrel


      I'm a realist.  I believe in like what I can interact with physically.

      So if the choice was presented to me, I'd be the rich tycoon.  Which could be formatted to many different life styles.  Given my knowledge of business/etc.  I think being wealthy physically would be far more beneficial in my own situation.

      Right now I'm trying to secure my rent (Which is quite expensive in NY I might add) if I can make that work, I can literally live anywhere in US.

      I'm considering things along the line of a business tycoon, investing in the stock market which is now in my budget.

      Key to sustainable wealth is how much you're setting aside and how much you're making PASSIVE income.

      I'd Tony Stark this whole thing, minus his obsession with weapons, which was ultimately his own undoing.

      But I digress I'd definitely choose the option which could benefit me physically more is all I'm saying given my messed up situation.  In my opinion, the prospect of Godhood leaves too much like gray area.

    3. Trashbender


      I'd be a god for a day, but a god of business. Then I can get all my tycooning for life done in a single day, retire, then later remember that Forrest Gump's momma always said that a man only needs so much money and the rest is just for showing off, have a terrible internal conflict, donate all my cheated gains to charity, and sit under a Bodhi tree meditating samsara til I mummify. 

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  22. I am so busy but I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Would you perchance like to join my scary criminal syndicate the Dead?

    1. Trashbender


      Aw, thanks so much! I am checking the page out now and OooooooOOOOohhh, it looks very appealing! I could definitely make that work, I've been itching to write something dark for a long time, and I've never really written a Bad Egg before. Well, once, but she had flesh. 

      I'm not too sure if these posts are private or not, but I'd love to discuss deets with ya! 

  23. Just one more can't hurt 😈

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