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  1. What's a god to a nonbeliever?

    1. Sirloin


      What’s a slice of bacon to a vegan?

    2. amenities



  2. I've been having conversations with the constellations

    1. supernal


      I’ve been concentrating on the consecration 

  3. Remember all our good times, and how now mine are even better

  4. Give it to the paper like it's human nature!

  5. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

  6. It's like Jurassic Park, but for giraffes.

    Giraffic Park! 🦒

  7. Thanks for the likes! 

    1. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      I read a lot of your stuff. You deserve it bro 🙏🤗❤️🤟🏽

  8. We are all dinners by nature 🍲🐈

    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      I'll take my cat fried.

  9. If he dies, he dies

    1. supernal


      Against the banner of cats on your profile this is extra funny

    2. amenities


      "He be talkin' out his ass, what is all that shit about"

  10. Are rams called rams because they ram, or is ramming called ramming because rams ram?

    1. Nobilis


      Possibly connected to Norse, 'rammr', meaning strong. But more likely from an old West Germanic word, 'rom', which means 'male sheep', or from Old English 'ramm' meaning the same, suggests that ramming is ramming because rams ram. 🙂

    2. amenities


      @Nobilis wins!

      *showers Nobilis with cats*

    3. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      If you can't Dodge it Ram it

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  11. she-ra hypnotize GIF

    you will post to Born to Be Wild

  12. Objects in mirror are not as they appear

    1. Metty


      so if trees suddenly appear, i will blame the mirror

    2. danzilla3


      Objects under tires are exactly as close as they appear. 

    3. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      Objects in mirrors may not be as they appear but objects in mirrors are as they appear

  13. Poop wrapped in gold-colored gift paper is still poop

  14. My past crush is Billie Holiday

  15. Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head

    1. King BT-74
    2. danzilla3
    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      All the small things 

      Blue things and other things

      These things and those things

      My things and your things

      Bumble bees and boiled beets

      Are also things that we shall sing

  16. Sometimes life is totally awful, but sometimes it's pretty darn good. What are some habits / ingredients you think make for a happy life?

    1. Nobilis


      Music and a bit of exercise. There's a fair bit of research indicating that both of these things have vastly positive mental impacts. Music can also help to 'pace' your day if you make a habit of listening to it regularly.

    2. carrionjackal


      Balance. Easier said than done, but always making time for yourself despite what’s going on. That could be going to the gym, having a timeout with a coffee, listening to your favorite album, reading, meditation. A reasonable diet and some kind of exercise are also proven to be effective, as mentioned above.

    3. danzilla3


      Asking for help when you need it. If you try to suppress your negative emotions for too long will hurt you.

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  17. I am standing at the top of a slippery downward spiral

    1. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      Is that spiral FFXIV, because boy am I riding that one all the way down.

    2. amenities


      I have not sprung that spiral yet!

  18. My last fight's over, I'm ready when you are.

    You post first or me?

    1. Praetorian


      Sweet, I'll post first.

  19. Where's all the bad guys at?

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    2. Noko


      Well, I mean - feel free to reach out.  It occurs to me that us evil chars aren't coordinating like we could.  I'll do just about anything given the right circumstances and we have resources. 😄

    3. amenities



    4. carrionjackal


      I think they have that... 😂

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  20. So what kind of roles are you looking to play on Val? Good cop? Bad villain? Bad cop? Good villain?

    1. Nobilis


      Well, I'd like to pick up a bit where I left off. Jaistlyn is running Yh'mi now, which were my old boards, and I don't want to cramp their style. I've more or less liked what they've done with the places over time. I do, however, want to continue a few threads that (at least initially) require doing things in Yh'mi that before would have been no issue and now might be more problematic. I'll see what Jaistlyn says and then go from there. After that I'm guessing 'good cop' because it's been a while since I've done one of those. 🙂

      I hope that you've been keeping well over the years. 😄

    2. amenities


      @Nobilis I am well, thanks! Jaist is normally very chill about any reasonable requests, so I hope you don't have any problems.

      I have both a good cop and a bad guy who I'd be glad to interact with you with ICly, whenever you get around to it. Let me know if/when you wanna rock some ideas!

  21. I saw a kid with no smile on his face today,
    'Where is my place in this bright future' I heard him say

    1. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      "nowhere" I told the kid. "lol get recked newb"

    2. Metty


      Then he turned around and said "newb? 1v1 me in fortnite"


    3. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      “Fortnite?  no wonder you were worrying about the future you zoomer”. I then turned myself into a pickle to defeat the kid with my giant brain

  22. Just posted Michael Commager's thread history! What a ride.


    1. amenities


      I'm actually surprised at how few there are 😅 I'll be looking for those extra scrumptious scraps in the deep wilds for a while

    2. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      for me it’s just weird to think that the character of Michael Commager  first appeared 2 months after I started the fifth grade. 

    3. Metty


      I cant be bothering trying to even find mine. Props to you. I gave up halfway through cause I'd have to sift through like 5k threads.

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  23. Que sera, sera

    1. stuv


      @Dabi you were right the first time it's spanish ❤️

    2. Dabi


      But that same sentence in French has the same English translation. What are the odds

    3. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      French and Spanish are both Romantic languages so a lot of words sound similar just like Italian too.

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  24. Thank you, thank you, for letting me speak my mind.

  25. Aspyn, now with more quests and a map!


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