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  1. Madness Loves Company

    As quickly as the bellows had stroked the flames, Rainza cooled down. It was an unnatural outburst, even for her. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, the girl relaxed her body language. The aggressive edge faded as she stood straight up and tucked her ruined hair behind one ear, revealing her second eye to the world at large. Taking the time to properly observe the pair before her, Rainza lowered the sword to her side and gently accepted the coin with her other hand, the one now covered in coagulating sapphire blood. It was as golden as the eyes that offered it, but not as dull. She had seen those eyes many times before in the years past. Slaves who had broken to the point of losing their mind, lost in the sweet ignorant embrace of madness. Rainza grunted, yanking the sword out of the guardian’s hand. “I will hold on to it,” the young woman rejected cooly. “I was asked to give it to her, not her escort.” The Aldrak briefly examined the coin before tucking it into her cloak. It was a thing of inky darkness, crafted from the hide of an Ombra she had killed long ago. In this dreary land of gray skies and long shadows, she found it oddly comforting to camouflage herself within. Rainza turned to Antique’s escort, giving him direct eye contact. “What happened to her? Where are you taking her? You said you are Terrenus military? Is she under arrest?” The sudden rapid questions were asked in a calm, neutral voice as the sword in her hand shone in a bright blue light for a moment before disappearing. Now free, her arms crossed over her chest. “Also, I am not a child. Say it again, and I will hit you. Again."
  2. Valucre needs a Moon [Petition- VOTE!]

    I've had plans to canonize a moon for a while. I shall make haste on this endeavor henceforth
  3. Madness Loves Company

    Hissss, a blade leaving the scabbard The flash of naked steel “Child” The three happened in rapid succession. The first two triggered self-preservation instinct. The last was a slight on her pride. Usually, this would have lit the flame of anger in her chest and caused Rainza to become defensive. But, something new stirred. Rather than a simple candle flame, her fury exploded. The snarl and grinding teeth were the man’s only warning, as the next heartbeat after the word ‘child’, the Aldrak was already stepping in. There was no wasted movement as her foot planted in between his, and immediately a fist backed by three hundred pounds of mini martial artist crashed into the side of his cuirass. The purpose of the strike wasn’t to hurt or kill, despite the emotions fueling it. No, she was simply removing an annoying obstacle so that she could once again hold out the sword and attempt to deliver it. The commotion didn’t attract much attention. Rainza had built up a reputation for being a violent drunk here over the past couple of weeks, so none who saw it was here were surprised. Besides that, scuffles like this were all too common in this dingy bastion. “Fuck off,” she growled while lowering her bloodied knuckles. The pain of torn skin was absent, lost in her rage; or, perhaps, she’d simply grown accustomed to her fists splitting open. Her wolfish eyes turned back to Antique, and the sword was offered once again. “Take it.”
  4. Madness Loves Company

    “You’ll understand in the coming months. I promise you,” his voice placated in that kind, casual tone she’d come to associate with safety. Not simply physical safety, but the kind that you could let down all of your mental and emotional walls around. A rare thing for the misanthrope, something she prized above nearly all else. “...” She stared. Drilled holes with those piercing sapphire eyes and tightly knit brows. Rebuke and angry outbursts flew through her mind, each sounding more and more childish than the next. She trusted him, knew she’d regret anything she could say. “Fine.” Curt, cold, direct. Just like the Aldrak that said it. “I have a favor to ask. You’re going to Yh’mi, right? You should meet a woman there. Golden eyes, wavy black hair. She has a sigil like the one I gave to you worn around her neck, and likewise shelters a fragment. Her name is… rather, she goes by the name Antique. I’d like you to give her this.” His request came no sooner than he had finished etching the final rune into the blade he now extended towards the Aldrak hilt first. It looked to the woman like a flimsy thing. Light, thin, a weapon for those that viewed combat like an art rather than a fight for survival. She gave it a dismissive grunt. She snatched it from his hands, and after a few moments of intense concentration it faded from sight, absorbed into her body as energy. She turned to leave, but hesitated. “I’ll…” I’ll miss you. Her pride refused to let that statement slip. No, she turned on a heel and walked away without looking back. A crisp memory. It all came rushing back at the sight of a familiar sigil bouncing against cleavage in a disheveled and dirty blouse. Rainza didn’t need to ask for a name, she knew this to be the ‘Antique’ she’d agreed without words to pass an important artifact along to. Under the eternal gray skies of Yh’mi, she marched right up to the stranger in the muddy streets of Inn’sth. She was escorted by a man who had the look of a tired parent raising their third child and wishing they had a break. With all that had happened since she arrived in this Godsforsaken land, Rainza had admittedly entirely forgotten about her promise to her former mentor. This would be a welcome distraction from the things she had on her mind at the moment. Especially the decisions she soon had to make that would impact her future in a way she was entirely uncomfortable with. Standing in the woman’s way and staring up at her with those piercing sapphire eyes, Rainza extended a pale blue hand, palm up. “Antique. Avvercus asked me to give you this. Take it.” A flash of blue light obscured her hand for an instant before fading to reveal the sword and scabbard entrusted to her care. She knew nothing about the woman she offered it to, and truth be told there was some curiosity. She knew her mentor to be a womanizer, something she hated him for, but this felt different. There was something in his eyes when he described this woman. It looked painful and longing and ashamed all at once. Emotions and uncertainty she had never seen him show the entire time she’d learned beneath his watchful gaze. Who was this, that could stir something akin to weakness in his eyes?
  5. Hope all will be well Vincent -- that kind of topsy-turvy turn-your-life-upside-down trouble happens and has happened to many people, including me, so you do not have to feel alone in enduring it. I'm sorry I left those last few IMs unanswered (I went dark for a while with every one, promise it wasn't just you) but don't let that stop you from reaching out now if you need any help.

  6. afv

    I'll be afv for an undetermined amount of time due to suddenly being homeless. Sorry for the inconvenience. Not that I posted much anyway, eh? @Dhizzandra @Wanderlost @supernal @Mag @Cinder @Maverick @Deus Ex Aizen
  7. The Perfect Word

    Bereaved does indeed have more emotion behind it, which is why you'd be very sparing about using it. Use bereft for most situations, and bereaved when you want to draw attention and lend more impact. Ah, I guess there are words I only use when I'm trying to highlight a part of the post. I'll have to think on some of them, cause none really come to mind immediately.
  8. The Perfect Word

    I'm fond of "bereft". It means to be without something, with an emphasis on the immaterial. "That night of heavy gambling left him irreplaceably bereft; not of coin, but his very pride as a man with 'the luck'".
  9. A Divine Deployment

    Hudson's arm immediately took a protective position on Rin's shoulder as he cast a glare in Fizzroy's direction. "Give him your blood? Hell no, I'm not letting him bite you. Who knows, maybe those movies are right and he can turn you into his thrall or something. I'll just play bodyguard," Hudson said rather strongly, letting a heavy breath blow through his nose. Fizzroy looked at the pair, noticing the obvious glares of suspicion. He wasn't surprised when the cute little Rin opened up with that particular question. "Dear, dear, please. Do I seem unprofessional to you? Of course it will be safe, clean, and done by a licensed practitioner of medicine. A simple needle in your arm my dear. No fangs, I promise!" The vampire put his hands up and smiled genuinely Rin shifted a bit beneath the weight of Hudson's arm. "If he doesn't touch me, he can't." She murmurs to the larger man. Her rose-colored gaze lifts to Fizzroy. "I accept your terms, on the understanding that we are paid and given leave immediately." Fizzroy tilted his head to the side slightly, tasting the meaning behind her words as his tongue quite literally rolled about his mouth in contemplation. "Rindalin, do you feel unsafe? You are both, of course, guests and free to come and go as you please!" the vampire puts on a look of actual hurt for a moment. It disappears just as quickly, and he goes back to his usual jolly self. "Excellent, excellent. I will have my servants prepare your payment beforehand. Now, as for my other offers?" "I don't know this area, I don't know you. You've been kind up until this point, but there's nothing stopping you from taking advantage of us. While normally I trust easily, I find your timing a little too... Convenient." Rin admits, though she frowns as she does so, surprised at herself. Momentarily she looks to Hudson. "He said he would be your guard." "Oh, yes I understand your concerns young lady. I suppose I had merely hoped my hospitality would've put you at ease. No matter, I'm very happy to hear beefy here will escort me. Lucky! Let him know we'll be leaving at midnight sharp. The two of you will have rooms to stay in until then, so he should get some rest. Would you preferrrrrrrrr separate rooms, or to share one?" "If we can have two beds in the same room, I'd prefer to share." "No problem no problem my sweet Rinnypoo~" "By the way, why midnight? For dramatics? The sun goes down at ten." This is why I don't like vampires. "Silly Rinrin, the party doesn't start until 12:30! I wouldn't mind taking him for a... Joy ride before then, however. Great idea! Tell him we're leaving at 10 instead!" "No." Fizzroy burst out laughing. "Darling, you are simply too fun to tease. Anyway, please follow Charlette. She will take you to extract the blood and show you to your rooms. I can't tarry any longer. On with my oh~so~busy schedule. Toodles dear!" And just like that, the vampire teetered out of the room. The maid that had brought them inside in the first place approached the pair. "Please, follow me." Hudson looked at Rin with pleading eyes. "Could you please... Fill me in?" He felt terribly out of his element. That being lacking information, control of his situation, and confidence and direction with his actions. A sudden fatigue came over the man, a result of all of the culture shock he had been experiencing. Rin was his one and only anchor of sanity in this place, and he could certainly use some grounding words from her at the moment.
  10. His timing was off. Or was he simply too slow? No, no he should have had a full extra second. Perhaps innate magic resistance, higher than the norm? Such was perfectly possible. Regardless, Avvercus was now more than aware of his prey's cunning, after watching it attempt to jerk a response out of him. Those eyes betrayed the spark that kept the fittest alive. The multitude of strategies he'd settled on with this new evaluation in hand slipped from his mind as the man made a decision. His zweihander was stabbed into the ground at Abigail's feet, and he began to walk. He scribed one of the most simple of runes while manifesting a jian in his right hand that glowed a brilliant emerald. Haste, a simple augment to his speed to keep up with the beast. The run floated by his shoulder as he took one more easy step before blurring into a sprint, blade readied at the other shoulder. Skipping from one foot to the other, he attempted to fake-out the Ombra while approaching it head on before weaving a reaping arc of his blade towards one of its ankles. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the simplest, and the best fights are the most straight-forward.
  11. Why A simple word. It skips the pretense of mere pondering and strikes directly at the heart of a given subject. So simple, in fact, a single syllable is sufficient to question anything. Yet, why is it that I am unable to say it out loud? Why can’t I speak this one word to you, my Goddess? The answer is easy. Oh yes, I know the answer without needing to ask why. The faithful have no need to question their deity. We believe what we are told, and do what is asked of us without a moment's hesitation. Why then, do I falter? Tis a sleepless night for me. I observe one of the few truly unending cycles my long-lived eyes have witnessed. From the sun’s obedient grave does the moon rise to life. The soft crunch of foliage marks my passing; A baleful reminder that as the living move and flourish, the dead are left behind to stagnate like grass crushed underfoot. But, just as a slumbering sun provides light to an otherwise blackened moon, so too does death sow the seeds of life anew. I can feel it in my very soul. Tonight, she will ask of me to continue this cycle by my own two hands. Tonight, my Goddess will command me to kill so that more might yet live. The lavender tattoo on my clavicle radiates a pleasant warmth as I endeavor to distance myself from the camp where my companions sleep, slipping between the wooden, whisperless watchmen of the peaceful woods. She is content, at long last, with my surroundings. From that same tattoo burns an inferno as purple light envelopes my person. Then, she is there The curl of her lovely locks, Plum perfection. The radiance of her glorious gaze, Amethyst absolution. The curve of her luscious lips. Violet velvet. Yet, this is but a mere projection of my Goddess’ visage, a shimmering illusion of her true beauty. Even still… Even still my heart pounds and I feel my breath catch before I fall to a knee before her, my head bowed in respect. Sounds of satin sooth my ears, and my ears alone. Lillailianthia’s will is made known, and my path cleared of ambiguity. By my Goddess’ unerring perception of Fate, the Kingdom of Hyperion is set to grow on a path that will bring untold ruin to this world. A terrible Fate to be certain, but the scales of which are easily tipped towards a more desirable future. There is but a single thread that needs to be plucked from the weave, a lone link removed from the chain. I must soil an honor I have upheld for most of my life. By my own hands, those of Avvercus Voxinium, Saiph and Captain of Blades to the royal Matreyan family, Raveena Jhanavi Senaria must die. She awaits. My Goddess, the star that never leads me astray, waits for my answer. I attempt to give it, but my throat catches. Rather than the usual, immediate acknowledgment she receives from me, I can offer but silence. A foreign desire wrests my voice, the urge to question, to shatter my perfect and unmarred faith. Why, my Goddess, as I acknowledge your will and swear to see it done, is it here in this tranquil forest where even the sharpest of blades can do me no harm, that my heart aches with a pain I can’t begin to describe? She is gone, and I am left alone to stand and stare heavensward. I study the waning crescent with discontent, knowing one day the moon will relinquish the sky to a sun that I can no longer stand beneath as the guardian of a precious princess that shares its namesake.
  12. The Rabbit Hole

    LaPlace’s ears wiggled while his head tilted to one side, a gesture that was meant to express his lack of offense taken. The rabbit-man lacked the facial facilities to mimic most human expressions, and so had taken to inventing his own long ago. Unfortunately, he never explained what they meant. “Perfectly reasonable, Master Ramilia. This square is a safe place for all, especially those who have never known safety. My purpose is to provide respite to all adventurers, regardless of race, creed, or moral compass.” Avvercus’ eyes lingered on Lante for a moment longer, enjoying the expression of wonder on the young man’s face, before lazily listing to lock gazes with an unlikely stranger. An owl accompanying a beautiful demoness, the two of them oozing an aura of divine magic. Immediate interest took root, and so Odin had the Mage’s full attention. “Odin, was it? I am known as Avvercus. As for your question…” he replied with a small smile, flicking his emerald orbs towards Rainza for a moment. “There are a few ways to go about it, depending on the student. However, I find it best to let the student discover and admit to their incompetence on their own. Many, due to that stubbornness, will get themselves into a situation that is just barely outside the scope of their abilities. At that point, give them a small push, a little guidance to success, and their pride will force them to accept your teachings thereafter.” Avvercus reached over suddenly, planting his hand on top of Lante’s head. “It seems I’m going to have the opposite problem with this one. He won’t question what I tell him. Not often enough, and not directly, at least. As for Rainza over there, well… She was humbled after a few hours of failing to kill me,” he chuckled, flashing the small woman a teasing grin. Without warning, Rainza exploded out of her seat. A pulse of blue kinetic energy reduced her stool to splinters, and launched the Aldrak in an arc over the heads of Ramilia, Odin, and Lante. Her left fist took on a blue glow as she descended with a primal snarl pulling her doll-like face taunt. Avvercus reached for his tea, sipping at it without paying her any mind. Just before she hit her former master, Rainza disappeared with an audible pop. Avvercus finished his tea and fell into a chain of hearty snickers, like a child who had just successfully pulled off a big prank. “Hahaha, ahhh… How many times have you put her in time out now, LaPlace?” “This makes seven, Master Avvercus. You should stop provoking her, or I shall let you join her the next time,” LaPlace warned in a serious tone, letting it linger for a solid three seconds before laughing at the grimace Avvercus made in response. Avvercus made an arcane gesture, opening up a black and white portal to LaPlace’s left side. A large barrel slowly descended through it, gently touching down on the ground behind the bar. “As promised, LaPlace. One barrel of Moondew. If you ever need more, just ask,” He began, standing up. He looked over to Odin and extended his hand in invitation. “I’ll be taking my leave now. I have a new student to test. You and your own student are free to join us, if you’d like to continue discussing the joys of teaching. Come along, Lante. I have a task for you.” Avvercus turned and headed for the door without waiting for a reply from either of them, pulling his braid over one shoulder as he went.
  13. The last thing he expected was a hip check. No mere shadow, Avvercus was as a pile of straw before the weight of the Ombra. Tumbling backwards, the man’s back hit Abigail’s legs and brought him to a prone stand-still, staring up at the stars. He’d tried to make his move to avoid this, but the injury to his leg kept him just slow enough to fail. Now, time seemed to slow down as the candle-light eyes stared down at him in the Ombra’s death leap. The streaks of green Avvercus had made earlier moved with him as he’d been stepping around Abigail to keep himself between her and the Ombra, and now they shifted themselves, bending into the shape of a large rune. Avvercus’ left hand pointed at falling Ombra, commanding the gathered mana there to move, passing through the rune. On contact, the rune glowed fiercely, activating to bring to reality its masters will. The rune was a simple one meaning ‘suspend’. With the extra mana Avvercus had gathered, the spell was able to do just that even to something as large as the beast, suspending it in mid-air and effectively sealing its ability to attack or defend. The spell also did wonders to reveal the true form of the great shadow, a wicked looking feline of sickening proportions. Wasting no time, as the spell wouldn’t last long, Avvercus spun to his feet like an exotic dancer, whirling on the balls of his feet even as he winced at the pain in his calf. A Zweihander appeared in his hands, constructed out of the Swordmage’s own mana, and aimed a deadly strike at the predator’s neck with masterful swordsmanship intending on beheading this peerless hunter of the night.
  14. Avvercus had never encountered an Ombra before. His only knowledge of the beasts came from tales told by his student, Rainza. She’d had the misfortune of encountering two of the predators in the past, and came out with their pelts each time. Her success and continued life didn’t come without sacrifice, however. This creature was more than capable of rending flesh. Abigail shutdown. He’d honestly expected that. No time to set up in this case, or use his mobility to gain an advantage. He’d have to rely on experience and reaction. As the creature made its move, Avvercus was totally unable to track the silhouette properly even with his magic enhanced night vision. The flame-like shadow flitted in and out of the night, causing an illusion that made it seem like it was both visible and invisible at the same time. Remaining calm, Avvercus refused to react prematurely. Micro-tendrils of mana probed out in front of him like external cillia, searching. Suddenly, a pair of paws crashed through this sensory barrier and the swordmage reacted in kind. The weapon became a whirling arc of streaking green in his hands, leaving a trail of ephemeral malachite in its wake. The blade bit into flesh, catching one of the Ombra’s forepaws and just barely turning it aside from bodyguard and charge. A rune appeared along the sword’s length, etching into the construct at Avvercus’ behest. The weapon was consumed as the fuel for Avvercus’ magical command, disappearing and being replaced by a great shove of pure kinetic force that blew the feline-like monster tumbling side over side and away from the pair. Its attack had left it with a bloodied leg for its trouble. Avvercus’, to be exact. Despite his quick reflexes, the Ombra proved to be frighteningly swift. A claw had torn through his calf, nearly digging to the muscle and spilling first blood. The pain told him he couldn’t rely on reaction alone, it would seem. Being unable to see the creature’s approach made that unviable. He would need to predict what came next. “Try to calm down, Abigail. You’re going to be alright,” Avvercus promised with composure. Adrenaline was pumping madly through his system, but he’d kept his voice steady, unlike his fingers which shook with anticipation. This great hunter was a worthy enemy, and he’d love to bring Rainza an Ombra story of his own. Oddly, he declined to summon a new weapon, but merely gathered mana into a floating ball of ethereal liquid at his left hand. The bright green glow cast an eerie shadow across the already eerie shadow that was the Ombra.
  15. Pale Blood, Crimson Flame

    Rainza hesitated, for just a moment, as Ansen slipped from her sight. He would be ok, wouldn’t he? Those precious few seconds of consideration cost her the skin around her ankles as deadly entropic mist seeped ever further in. “Tsk.” The tower began to tremble as she booked it for the nearest wall, threatening to throw off the Aldrak’s balance as she wove between erupting trenches of teeth, tentacles, and maliciously malformed maws that whipped about blindly. The maelstrom of flesh was disgusting, oozing an offensive odor sure to threaten even the hardiest of stomachs. Rainza fought the urge to vomit as she slipped between two tendrils, feeling the slime slide over her exposed flesh like rotten fish. Reaching the wall of the chamber, the small woman vaulted off of one of the huge incisors jutting out, reaching out to grasp another above her head. With a snarl, she jabbed her borrowed blade into the creature to create a hand-hold. It didn’t react, as though such a puny wound wasn’t something it was even capable of noticing. Rainza glanced down. The room was filling up with thick miasma, and quickly. If she fell now, she was done for. Up was her only option for survival, as she’d known the moment this tower was revealed as a mimic. Heaving a nerve steadying breath, Rainza hoisted herself higher with desperate fingers, digging and clawing into the soft mush of gooey wall, fangs, and flailing flesh. As she neared the top, the entire tower suddenly shook violently, nearly dislodging Rainza as she did her best to avoid the sudden forest of teeth thrusting from the very wall she clung to. Numerous cuts opened up on her body as she narrowly dodged them, and used the new footholds to quickly ascend. The ceiling shuddered as she neared the lip. Rainza’s eyes shrunk to pinpoints as she realized what was about to happen. It felt as though her very soul was plunged into ice water as she leapt, hanging in a slow motion free fall above a hole of madness and instant death. The tower’s gaping jaws snapped shut, a venus fly trap barely missing its latest victim as Rainza landed on the roof of the tower. Her knees nearly refused to hold her up as the adrenaline pumped, and she approached the edge. Looking down, she could see appendages of every description protruded from the tower, and the walls shifted in color and consistency. What was its purpose? She could only speculate that it had something to do with the mist that, even now, poured from holes that dotted the thing. Further down, on the ground, she spotted Ansen. He’d made it. Relief hit her like a sack of bricks, nearly enough to buckle those iron legs of hers. Mist began to weeze out of the cracks in the roof, and Rainza knew she was out of time. There was but one choice left to her. Without flinching, the girl jumped. She spun, weaving through grasping claws and raking hands that tried to snatch her from her freefall. An attempt was made to jab her blade into something to slow her descent before hitting the ground, but to no avail. Pain was her god, and powder her bones as the Aldrak impacted into the ground a dozen yards from Ansen. Rainza’s eyes swept to the right as her neck went limp, searching with vision that faded in and out. Ah, there he was. It was safe then, for her to pass out. Rainza fell unconscious, a broken, fragile pile of bruised muscle and shattered bone that bled from dozens of wounds. Still, she would yet live. Maybe.