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  1. Illisandra truly hadn't changed in appearance. A waterfall of ink flowing down her shoulders, perfectly straight, silky hair framing a noble's beautiful, mocha colored face. Those predatory eyes, sharp, yellow, hungry, and so very unempathetic. She could barely be considered to be wearing anything. A light, nearly see-through black sundress, bare feet peeking out from under her desk, no jewelry or piercings, and a smug, arrogant expression were all she adorned herself with. "I've not the time to waste blessing this place with my superior tastes, my dear runesmith. It may mire in mediocrity, like all things that are beneath me. Now, sit," she replied with an amused smile. Most would have had venom spit at them over such a comment. What made Priscilla special? Upon issuing the command to side, Illisandra lazily gestured at the front of her desk, causing several shadows in the room to come spiraling together, forming into a shadowy chair that lacked details, but had an arching silhouette that suggested it might be expensive were it the real thing "We've much to discuss. You look... like the real world tried to swallow you up, and nearly succeeded. Disappointing, I should have expected you would have a successful business running by now. Tell me what has happened since I left you with a small fortune... and... satisfied as a woman," she flashed her teeth at the last bit, licking her lips, clearly thinking about it. She crossed her legs, and something on her side of the desk grunted. Was... there someone under there? Come to think of it, what was she sitting on? There was no back of a chair for her to lounge in, would Illisandra actually be sitting on a stool of some sort in here?
  2. They say time is money. What then, if one has an unlimited amount of one of them. Does the other increase proportionately? Can the rich become immortal, and the immortal rich? Illisandra didn't have to ponder the question. Both had always been hers to claim. Tick tick tick The clock made its rounds, but the Nobelwoman paid it no mind. She'd not admit it, but she was a Nobel in her eyes only, as far as the modern Era was concerned. A long forgotten house, a long forgotten kingdom. Even now, her castle had only recently been rebuilt. She was yet a farcry from the splendor of a dead and buried age. She sat in her office, a rented space for her to work in here at the guild, perched with supple legs crossed and wine glass in hand, various documents dominating her attention. So much red tape and bureaucracy. Laws and loopholes to organize and exploit. The standard battlefield of a business woman. Despite the tedium of it all, the golden eyed vampire smiled. It was a subtle thing, the slight curl of satin lips and half-hooded, mocha colored eyelids. Smug and self-assured, the perfect expression of one with blind arrogance and fragile pride. Suddenly, the door to the office opened. A little birdy flapped in, a dark raven whose passage left behind inky stains in the air that quickly disappeared. It whispered in her ear, and that smug smile widened. Ah, an investment made long ago might finally be paying its dividends. "Bring her." a clear command in a confident, husky voice. The familiar did not wait for more instruction. Priscilla did not wait long. The minute hand moved, and the familiar appeared before her, hovering on familiar shadow magic. "My Mistress, the Majestic Illisandra Ravenstone, requests your presence. You will follow, yes?" the tiny raven squeaked in a cute voice, one it seemed to struggle to evoke.
  3. Does anyone remember I exist, lol? 

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      When I returned from an equally long break some folks remembered me too. (Albeit in some cases rather infamously hahah) But yeah good to see fellow oldbies coming back.  Welcome back! *throws a party*

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      I've been thinking about Val lately. Miss this place. Miss the peeps.

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  4. I know you NEVER check Val anymore, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. xO ❤️

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  5. The Marine caught his companion gently, scanning her face for a moment. She was breathing, just passed out from their adventures and the sudden blood loss. His blue gaze shifted to the 'nurse'. "About that room." Perhaps he was aware of how atypical his tastes were, or perhaps he thought them too good for guests, but Fizzroy's guest room was thankfully not like the rest of his home. Simple white walls dotted with equally simple paintings of various locations in Genesaris, two beds, two large comfy armchairs set before a fireplace that was currently empty, and a small bookshelf filled with tomes Hudson couldn't read completed the generously large living space. Hudson had been led here without any fuss, and left to watch over his sleeping savior. He sat on the bedside, watching her tiny chest rise and studying her peaceful face. A lot had happened to him in a relatively short amount of time. Truth be told he'd known this woman less than a day, but felt like he'd been at her side for so much longer. He owed her his life, and more. He gingerly brushed a stray hair out of her face, thinking about how lucky he was to meet Rin. She was beautiful, patient, empathetic, kind. He'd get her home, one way or another. Home to earth. He gave her sleeping form a small smile before standing and moving to his own bed. Despite being one of the most physically impressive specimens one could find on his home world, he had his limits. He hit the bed like a rock, almost immediately passing out before he could get comfortable. Neither of them heard the knock. But Hudson certainly felt the stabbing feeling in his side, jolting him awake and sending him into a defensive panic. He'd grabbed whatever was jabbing him and immediately settled into a combat stance at the side of the bed after rolling off of it. As the world came into focus, he found himself staring through the dark room at the red headed main, who had poked him with his rifle. "It is time, Master Hudson. I've brought your things, thoroughly washed. Take them and follow me, if you please," she handed the weapon over, which was thankfully not loaded, and the rest of his gear, now somehow free of bloodstains, if still riddled with bullet holes. A shudder ran the man's spine as he hugged his weapon. You never truly get used to having a gun pointed at you. He had no idea what the maid said, but assumed he'd have time to gear up before leaving. He opted to replace his slippers with boots and forgo wearing his flak jacket. It was useless now that the plates had been shattered anyway. He took the harness that had his pistol, ammo, and K-BAR attached and donned that before slinging his M-16 and marched out of the room, throwing Rin one last glance before the door shut. Fizzroy was certainly dressed for a party. Pink robes with a ridiculously flared collar, golden mascara, eye liner, and lipstick certainly felt like something he would wear. A black tattoo made of strange symbols in a circle had appeared on his throat. Fizzroy said something Hudson couldn't comprehend and the maid was suddenly going for his neck. He tensed up as she took a quill and drew something on his throat that he could not see, but he guessed it was probably the same thing Fizzroy had drawn on him. No sooner had the maid stepped away than Hudson found himself able to understand Fizzroy's words. "Loooooovely, you understand me now, yes yes?" "...I do. I need information. Who, what, when, and where about this... party of yours. Who do I need to know about that is a threat. What will they be trying to harm you with. When will we be returning. Where are we going exactly." Hudson replied in a serious tone, shifting into duty mode. "Now now, beefcake. Where's the fun if I spoil everything for you? All~you~need~to~know is that you need to keep my pretty face and clothing in one piece, nothing more. Now, shall we?" Fizzroy replied in that sing-song manner he was partial to and guard towards the mansion entrance. Oh fuck... I did not get enough sleep to deal with this shit.
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