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  1. Kal'to slammed on the breaks, causing the willand to drag several feet in the sand before coming to rest. His shield came clattering to his feet from the doorway that Chrysilla had left it in, instantly causing him to breathe a sigh of relief. Now he could fight! Kal'to strapped the shield to his forearm while peering down at the sands below. His fierce maid guardian had the beast staggered, but it was recovering. He knit his brow, tightened his grip on his hammer, and bellowed a vicious roar as he leapt from the deck. The Manticore snarled at the bumblebee that had stung it, and sprung at her with those tightly corded muscles rippling beneath the skin. An angry blacksmith's shield smashed into its shoulder as it was mid-jump, knocking it aside and sprawling into the burning once again. The beast rolled back its feet and attacked immediately, clawing at the blacksmith, but only finding his shield with those razor claws. Sparks flew as it ripped back to avoid his hammer, rending scratches in the metal kite. Kal followed his warrior instincts, and raised his shield to block the incoming tail strike while his hammer batted away another claw attack. He noticed how the tail shook side to side slightly when this happened, and kept note of it even in the heat of engagement. "Bumblebee, I'll keep its attention. Flank it!" he shouted, smiling. 'Bumblebee', such an appropriate nickname for her with that attire. He dug his boots into the shifting grains as he made to bash the thing's face with his shield once more. He was doing an excellent job of angering it and keeping its aggo with that.
  2. This was his first time ever actually performing the ritual himself, and Kal'to felt his heart racing from the thrill. His god had answered, his contract was witnessed and valid. The beautiful drow was now his companion, and he had work to do. But first, there were other matters to attend recovering his modesty! Kal hadn't realized he was standing there, staring at Lyra's back without any shorts on still. His manly visage broke as he scrambled to grab and yank them back around his waist. The smith moved through his kitchen and disappeared into the forge for several minutes before returning with a long knotted rope. He asked Lyra to stand up straight and began to measure her, stepping on one end of the rope and holding it taunt over her head. "Hmm...about 11 knots. Alright, arms out" he commanded, and stretched the rope across her wingspan. Several measurements later, some of which required the two to get somewhat close to one another, and the smith was satisfied. He walked back to his room, and came back minutes later dressed in a light white shirt and pants with his boots full strapped, and a small bundle of clothing tucked in one arm. He entered his forge again for about 10 minutes and came back out of there. He handed the clothing to Lyra. It was identical to what he was wearing now, but he'd tailored it to more fit her size. It would still be big and baggy and awkward, but she'd at least have something serviceable to wear until they went to the market. "Go into the forge and put those on. There are swords on racks on the wall. Pick one you think suits you and meet me outside," he told her and made his way back towards his room to retrieve shield and hammer. Time to learn a few things about his bodyguard
  3. Don't give into the eyes, young or old. Treating the injured and feeding the hungry is noble, but stupid if beyond your means. If you can't save them all, don't help any. Face forward, stay your path. You are there with a purpose, don't forget it. Arieya's words were true, always true, if not easy to swallow. The survivors he passed gazed with begging eyes, held wounds tight to their chests like the belts around their growling stomachs. There was always suffering like this around the world, whether hidden in back alleyways or brazenly crying out in plain sight. Yet, here it was difficult to ignore when within arms reach. He could help these people, here and now, but he had a purpose to fulfill. The traveler didn't have the time to bring relief to an entire city. Leaving the helpless behind, he clinched his fist and resolved to return here when his purpose was satisfied. Avvercus' glyphs faded and his psionic probes retracted as he neared a crossroads with deadpan eyes and a sword in hand. He couldn't remember summoning it, but the aura of bloodlust he'd felt long before stopping twenty feet away from the ebony haired woman had triggered his defensive instincts. Emerald eyes swept the area, seeking an ambush. Bootprints in the snow leading past the woman, fresh ones without a sign of a struggle, indicated she had a companion. Heaving out a sigh, the tension in the swordsman's body language melted and he dismissed the summoned weapon. His ivory hands came up non-threateningly, accompanied by an easy going smile as he began to approach closer, stopping at ten feet. Her beauty and the bow she held dominated his attention. "Greetings! I take it you're with Roen?" he immediately dropped the devil's name, knowing it was his footprints walking away to somewhere nearby. Hopefully, that was enough of an icebreaker to get the woman to listen to what he had to say. "I'm no threat, just looking for someone. Would you happen to know what befell this city?" He asked her, gesturing off to the side. A flash of discontent broke through his laid-back demeanor, a telling grimace that showed his empathy for the destruction around them. His guard was seemingly completely lowered, no magic aura sprawling around him like the powerful spiritual energy the one across from him cloaked about her like a weapon. Still, ki pumped through his veins, ready to assist him in defending at the slightest sign of a fight.
  4. [/The Blacksmith allowed his guard to sleep on his chest while he took the wheel from where he sat. Her excitement at driving had been a treat, and so too was the sweet aroma of honey wafting about. Despite the boring, uneventful drive, her defenseless presence made it relaxing and enjoyable. Kal's thoughts returned to home for a time, remembering the constant festivals and upbeat chatter and constant excitement of living amongst his fellow Gallias. It was a grand lifestyle, roaming the world and living day to day without much worry. Few thought it wise to attack the convoy city, and even fewer were stupid enough to try. The Gallias had a good reputation with all of Vulaer, and were well received wherever they went for the most part. He had chosen to leave that comfort for adventure and adversity, the chance to learn and grow on his own, with those he met along the way. Suddenly, the Willand shuddered as something struck it. Ripped from his daydreams, Kal deployed the breaks and looked around wildly. Suddenly, a pounced up, slamming its massive paws onto the wooden deck from where it clung to the wood. A manticore, wingless and sporting a wicked scorpion's tail, hissed as it tried to bite the pair sitting at the controls. It came up short, however, unable to reach them by a few feet. Kal had wrapped his arm around Chrysilla, turning her away from the beast and shielding her without thinking about it while he reached for his hammer. He shoved the Hero-to-be back, lunging forward to crack the beast in the side of the head and causing it to lose its purchase and call back to the sand below. "Chrysilla, run inside, get your spear and my shield, quickly!" he commanded, jumping for the controls. He yanked the lever in reverse, causing the Willand to ease backwards, picking up speed. The Manticore shook off the shock of the blow to its head and immediately began to pursue. Yanking the wheel to the right and pushing the throttle forward, he suddenly changed the willand's direction completely and threw the beast off. He aimed for a flat stretch of sand so they could right without needing to pay attention to driving out of the way of hazards. The lurch this caused nearly threw him from the controls, and he mentally cursed. He hoped Chrysilla was alright.
  5. Alright, I give up. Rainza is the slow potato today. And alrighty, this shall be Rainza's fight theme for the battle:
  6. Illisandra didn't look up at Callen as she moved towards him. The offered arm seemed to pulse in her vision as she refused to look up at the ranger, keeping her eyes hidden beneath midnight bangs. She took his arm in her hands gently, struggling with herself. It had been weeks since she'd taken blood...she would need to keep a high level of discipline not to lose herself and kill the lad. A rich coco wafted around her when she brought her full, glistening lips to his skin, parting them as she approached to reveal deadly fangs poised to puncture. She latched on suddenly, a subtle but swift motion that brought sweet, hot crimson rushing to fill her throat. Her meal was over almost as quickly as it begun. She took only a small amount, the least necessary to recover, and yet it still managed to have the usual effect. A rosy tint colored though even her mocha skinned shoulders, and a low moan vibrated through her chest as her tongue ran over the wounds she had given him. His armed stopped bleeding, clotted by a substance in Illie's saliva, and her sharp red gaze peered up at him with all the sultry longing that pounded in her chest. Blood for her was like an aphrodisiac, and never failed to flip her switch. was not the time for such things. There was work to be done. She placed a dainty, purple nailed hand on his chest and gave him a smile with a suggestive curve to the corners of her mouth. "I will have to...reward you for this gift later. Good boy" she drew out her words, practically purring them as she slipped away towards the orc that had caused her such grief. A thick boiling of shadows appeared in at the vampire's shoulder, and with a swish of her hand it crashed across the warrior's face, snapping it sideways and drawing out a pained grunt from the creature. "I'm going to wash off in that stream. Have the dwarves do their job when they arrive," she commanded, sashaying barefoot off towards into the trees, seeking privacy to wash away the evidence of her shame.
  7. She was was vulnerable, she was emotional, she was hot and passionate and flustered...she was beautiful. The stain on her cheek under the faint glow of the approaching stars caused a stir in the young man's chest. He didn't understand why she was crying, but he knew it made him want to embrace her all the more. She gave him the go ahead, which was all he needed. With a nod, his hesitation broke, giving way to a gentle domination that lurked beneath his innocent surface. He silenced her from saying anything more, taking her soft, sweet lips once again. Her joy, her sorrow, the confusion welling up inside, he felt it all as they embraced. His arms snaked around her, pushing her against the support pillar. He felt all of her softness, pressing her to that wooden pole with a gentle pressure, and was reminded just how fragile humans were. Avvercus guided her down to the floor of the deck, dragging the blanket underneath her back. He lay mostly off to her side so he didn't hurt her with his weight, and simply stared into her gorgeous eyes for a moment, stroking her cheek, her hair, and running his thumb across those lips that made him tremble and tingle and hungry. No more words were needed, just two lonely souls entangled in one another's arms. The haze of the alcohol led the young knight on, destroying his inhibitions and guiding his lips to her neck and collarbone, and urging his hands to wander to places that would normally earn him a slap to the face. His hand slid up her thigh, running beneath the flimsy shift that hid the glory of her skin from the world. Goosebumps blossomed beneath his fingertips as they passed over her midriff and cupped the bounty of her chest. "You should're my first," he breathed, speaking so silently the pounding of his heart nearly drowned out his voice. They touched foreheads, gazing with longing and lust and uncertainty into one another's eyes. He felt Kaia's heart under his hand, racing and trying to tear through her chest, and knew this was no dream, no false reality. This was to be a shining memory he couldn't possibly forget. He closed his eyes, solidifying that thought as he stole the lovely Kaia's breath yet again.
  8. I'll argue with you till the cows come home Teggy. TILL THE COWS COME HOME. But for the sake of narrative, we'll just say this thing is tough and requires a physical pummeling. Rainza mainly uses kinetic force anyway, since she likes to punch shit, so I don't give a fuck lol.
  9. Under my system, Psionics, Ki/Chi, spiritual power, and magic are all different. Different sources, different abilities. Magic nullification only works on magic. KoG, if you want lightning element I'd roll with calling it spirit derived, and the scythe is soul derived. I think soul abilities are just refined, specialized spirit skills.
  10. Neat, i'll give that a looksie later. I've been thinking about making a new character
  11. Oh yeah, half the reason I put that document together in the first place is to give people a guideline for making an Aldrak themselves. >_> I want to see them played all over the place one day
  12. Aldrak are creatures of science and physics. Sci-fi, not fantasy. The sheet says he uses lightning magic, so his lightning at least counts as magic, yes? My swordmage has an ability called Soulforge, which lets him make weapons on the fly out of soul essence. Not only do they not count as magic constructs, but they also have innate spell slicer in them, meaning they are unaffected by magic at all.
  13. Rainza doesn't use magic beyond the weather spell and a defensive spell against mental manipulation. In fact, check this out, it's a race sheet for the Aldrak I'm trying to get approved for the Bestiary:
  14. "Yeah, go ahead! I wanna see Kaia in her natural habitat, haha." He smiled and gestured that it was more than ok. "Just um...don't be gone long?" he said, averting his eyes for a moment and wiggling the fingers of his now empty hand. He flicked them back towards her, realizing the meaning behind that was obvious. "I'm really hungry, and I wouldn't want to be rude by eating without you." The excuse was awfully thin, but at least he'd made the effort, right? She blushed some and brushed her hair behind her shoulders. "Surely, thanks. I'll be quick." She said, and hurried off toward her room. When she left, Avvercus decided he'd like to relax a bit himself. Armor was great in battle but horribly uncomfortable to wear long term. He reached around the side of his torso towards his back to tug his shield free. It was a neutral gray thing, round, curved, and just big enough to fit his elbow behind while holding it up, and decorated with a lavender flower embossed across its face. Setting it on the table, he unbuckled the holster for his sheath and placed the entire ensemble down next to the shield. His sword was of average length for an arming sword, but the blade was unusually wide and thick, as well as heavy. After a grueling journey for someone of his level, he had them crafted by Yasai, the god of smithing and the father of weapons and armor. Despite that, they were simple things without any special properties beyond their design and the perfection with which they were crafted. I don't know how you found me kid, but here, have some starter equipment. Find me again when you can actually wield my creations, rather than the other way around. And so the kitsune god made him a set of beginner gear just for him. Meanwhile, Kaia rushed to take off her clothes and jewelry in the privacy of her room, leaving her clothes unfolded on the bed and her necklace and rings and headband on the table, all in the interest of saving time. She shuffled through her drawers and hastily donned a bell sleeved chemise that hung to her thighs and a set of loose-fitting pants that tied above the ankles and at the waist. She only bothered to tie the latter strings as she rushed to the mirror to fuss with her hair, which she was able to wrestle and tie in front of her shoulder. She looked herself over and felt a moment of nervousness for fear that Avvercus might think her too bold or relaxed for having changed into something so comfortable, but she cast that aside and hurried back towards the kitchen. Shield, sword, cuirass, and gauntlets all sat nice and neat off to the knight's right, with the sword positioned to be quickly and easily drawn from a seated position. He had just retaken his seat when his host returned. The sounds of her dainty padding drew his gaze upwards. He didn't realize he'd left his seat, but when she stopped behind her chair, he found himself on his feet. A small line of crimson blossomed in his cheeks as he reached for her hand, touching it with bare skin for the first time. "So sorry," She said as she came around the corner in the white garments she'd put on, "I do love the look of noble attire, but it does tend to be a little excessive and uncomfortable..." She stopped behind her chair and took a hand from it to hover over her chest in a gesture to herself. "This isn't too informal, is it?" "Kaia, you look much more beautiful this way. You could never get informal enough," he assured her with a light and warm tone while guiding her into her chair, pushing it in, and sitting down himself. "I don't like formalities, but I've got good manners." He turned in his seat to face her better, and even moved his chair just a little closer to hers. He'd forgotten all about the food seeing her like this, and soon realized he was staring before gesturing to the food she'd brought. "So, uh, food, right. What should we eat first?" he deflected, resting his forearms on the table. "Oh, thank you," She commented as he helped her to her seat. She took his comment about her lack of formality for a raunchy implication and she covered her mouth over a light gasp before averting her blush-framed gaze. "Well, I wouldn't doubt that, you are very kind," She spoke quietly and reached for the salad fork in front of her and gathered up some of the seaweed dish and held the fork out to him. "How about this? Tell me what you think?" Her reaction to his words puzzled him and he chose not to make a comment. He took the fork and tried a bite. His eyes lit up when he swallowed and he grinned. "Oh, that's good stuff. Here, you too," he reacted, and guided a forkful of the seaweedy goodness to her face, waiting for her to take the bite. She giggled, "Well, I've had it before, but it is good." She took a bite with closed eyes. "Mm... Oh! And the cucumbers next!" She said, and forked and offered it as well. Avvercus' heart skipped a beat when she took the bite. Cute was all he could think. He mimicked her, closing his eyes as he took the bite. "Mmm. I like." He suddenly burst into giggles, sending his silver-gray locks bouncing atop his shoulders. "Haha, sorry. It's just...we're feeding each other and it's silly. Thank you for inviting me, this is the most relaxing day I've had in...a very long time." he told her, placing his left hand on her shoulder lightly. Kai set her fork down on top of the pickled cucumber, and she smiled with a light laugh along with him as she admired his happiness and pristine attire. "Today has been above any other day in my memories... For however much that is worth." She said, resting a hand on his. "Avvercus, I'm happy to have met you." And she reached for one of the jars and undid the top, fishing out a bit of meat with her fingers and offering it to him. "And to get to be silly with you." "I'm also glad I met you," he replied with a grin before leaning forward and closing his mouth around the offered meat, catching the tips of her fingers in his lips before leaning back and chewing. He watched her for a reaction to that, thinking this could turn into a fun game. The atmosphere, while not unpleasant, was beginning to make him a bit nervous. He felt like there was an expectation hanging in the air for him to make a move, and he simply did not have the courage to take that step just yet. Soon, perhaps. She ran her teeth over her bottom lip and let her hand linger in the air for a second, then she looked up to his face before casting her eyes down again. She drew her hands in, closer to her. "I do have wine if you would like to open a bottle." She said, watching his face for any reaction to that before she pulled two empty bowls and the rice closer to her so she could dish it up and pour some of the beef and its sauce over both. She slid one to Avvercus and took a fork to hers in small bites. "I do enjoy social drinking. Sure!" he said excitedly before turning his attention to the food. Her expression just then...what did that mean? She didn't pull away, didn't gasp or get angry. Regardless, his jubilant demeanor just now certainly wasn't because of the prospect of wine. He took a bite and sighed before digging in. Within moments he had scarfed the whole bowl down. "Oh this is delicious. This, i need more of. But first..." He reached for the bottle she had mentioned, which was still chilly from wherever it was she had produced it. He grabbed the bit of cork that was poking above the rim of the glass, and used wind manipulation to built up pressure inside the bottle. It seemed like he was able to simply pull the cork out with ease by doing this, and he poured the both of them a generous amount into two gracefully curved glasses Kaia had set next to the bottle. The deep red liquid reflected a bold smile as he lifted his glass. "To peaceful days and lovely company" he proposed, staring into her eyes. "Ooo, neat trick!" She exclaimed as she sat back down. "You'll have to teach me that." Her eyebrows raised at how much he poured, but she quickly schooled her expression and remembered the pleasantness of the evening. "Yes, a wonderful toast." She said, meeting his gaze with a hint of a smile as she clinked the rim of her glass against his and took a sip. "Oh, this wine was a gift from Lady Sueesi. She said it was for special occasions. I like it." Kaia took another drink and set her glass down so she could eat some of her rice. There were still two jars of fish and a bit of the pickled appetizers left, and she stopped eating for a moment to ask, "You said you wanted more, should I steam another round for us now, or did you mean another night?" He took a sip and forced back a shudder. Wine was an acquired taste, and he simply didn't drink often enough to have gotten used to it just yet. Despite that, he found it intriguing and took one more sip before licking his lips. "I'll have to thank her some time then." he set his glass down and stared at Kaia as she busied herself eating, taking one more tiny sip. He knew well his limits, and that he would need to take it slowly. He set his glass down, suddenly feeling a bit warm, and stood to remove the scarf around his shoulders. It was a stylish thing, designed for users of wind abilities, but at the moment it felt unnecessary. He set it down atop his shield and got back into his seat, now wearing nothing on his torso but a tight black undershirt that showed the outline of his tightly corded physique. "No no, I'm just about full. But I'd love it if you invited me over to eat this again soon. Or perhaps you wouldn't mind coming to my home and teaching myself and Chloe how to make this?" he spoke now practically sitting sideways in his chair as he full on faced his host, leaning against the table with his legs slightly spread part in a relaxed posture. A strand of hair fell across his eyes and he blew it aside with a goofy smile. She took notice of his change of attire and what it shared. She took another bite, then met his eyes in a glance before returning to her eating. "Perhaps twice in a row would be poor for a show... Yes, teaching Chloe to cook for you might be nice. It's pretty easy." She smiled at him as he gave her more of his attention and Kaia tried to continue to eat until it overwhelmed her. She set her fork down and pushed the bowl in front of him with what little rice was left. "Here, you can finish mine." She said, and had the rest of the pickled cucumbers. She giggled at him for how he dealt with his hair and she tucked it behind his ear for him. Avvercus full on blushed when she touched his hair, unintentionally leaning into her touch ever so slightly. He liked feeling her, liked being close to this woman named Kaia. Whether it was a product of the soul shard or simply the two of them being highly compatible, he didn't know, nor did he care. She was a fun and comforting presence and he yearned for more. He reached up and took her hand in both of his without thinking. He kissed it before letting go. "You are always welcome in my home." he told her, reaching for his drink again. He was already beginning to feel the lightest tinge of warmth on the edge of his consciousness, and he felt just a little more would give him the courage to take that next step he needed to make. He thanked her and finished what remained in her bowl without protest. "Is there somewhere more...comfortable we could go to drink and talk?" Kaia flinched her hand back after he let go and clutched it to her chest. She was speechless for a moment, and considered making the first move and kissing him there, but he turned to his drink and she forced herself to relax and take a drink as well. "Thank you, that's very generous," She spoke softly. "More comfortable?" She tapped her lips, not quite ready to offer her room. "Yes, sure. Come with me." She said as she stood up. She'd had about half her glass of wine by then and she could feel it as tingling on her lips, though she didn't quite feel lightheaded yet. She took the bottle of wine and pushed the cork in as much as she could with just her fingers, where after she rested it on her arm with her hand on the base, picked up her glass, and led him out to a large, square deck at the back of the house. Part of the roof came out over it as well. "I do need to furnish the deck here," She said, placing her bottle and glass next to the door. "But I'll get us some pillows and blankets and maybe we can sit against those pillars there and look at the stars?" She offered. It was rather dark despite the sun having recently set, so they couldn't get the view of the sea over the rooftops that gave the deck purpose, but it would be perfect for staring at the sky and talking. She went back inside to the common room on the other side of the wall, which had couches and chairs before a fireplace. She went through cupboards and came back with a blanket over her shoulders and two pillows in her arms, which she walked out and set by the pillars before making another trip to get one of the house's lanterns, which she mostly hooded so it would still provide dim lighting. After she had them set up, Kaia had them both leaning on different sides of a support beam as they sat with their feet dangling off the side of the deck. The blanket was rather large and was able to cover them both well enough, as long as she was facing the same way as Avvercus. She had her legs to the side and her thighs against him. She took a sip of her drink and sighed. "Avvercus, isn't this all a little easy?" She asked, hoping he wouldn't mind the dropped title. "We met each other this morning, didn't we? Yet, I feel like I have known you for a long time." Avvercus' heart beat hard and loud against his chest, even as he did his best to put on a casual face. His hand found Kaia's and their fingers intertwined while he finished his first glass. The haze began to hit him, and he felt the warmth of a good buzz in his chest. Her thigh pressing against him and the smell of her hair consumed his mind so much he barely noticed what she had said. He immediately noticed she'd finally dropped the title, and he leaned his head onto her shoulder. "I...was thinking the same thing. But...somehow, now, part of me feels this is right." he breathed into her ear softly, and sat up, setting his drink off to the side. He set one hand on her thigh, and the other cupped her cheek, turning her face towards him. He touched her forehead to his, and stared right into her yes with the yearning and wonder of the inexperienced. His thumb brushed her lips before he stole them with his own. The silver-haired knight leaned against her, but kept their touch tender and slow. After only a few moments that seemed to last an eternity, he broke the kiss. His breath was short, and he could feel his body shudder as a cocktail of pheromones and adrenaline coursed through him. "Does this feel right?" he asked with a voice bordering on trembling. Her golden gaze was his everything in that moment, and he wished for nothing more in the world but for her to return his kiss and tell him everything was alright.
  15. Avvercus quickly mapped out and memorized the path Kaia led him along, as well as the surrounding area. He listened to everything she had to say, nodding along. He burst out laughing when she made a hilarious face that was some kind of sneer. Though he wore armor it was light and silent and so the walk wasn't wearing on him in the slightest. He cast glances over one shoulder when Kaia wasn't looking, constantly keeping an eye on their surroundings just in case. Something his master had pounded into him over and over again. He found it relaxing to listen to his company. Her voice was soothing and she seemed genuinely invested in informing him. She finally asked a question, giving him a window to reply. He didn't show it, but the question brought him back to reality a bit. Right, he was here on a mission. He cast a glance at her hand on his shoulder and decided to mimic what she had down earlier and pressed his cheek against it for a moment before finding her eyes. "It is a piece of me, my purest essence. It...might link us slightly during the attuning process. We might share a few thoughts, feelings, and memories...and some aspects of your personality will linger in me while I assimilate the thing. It can be kinda...weirdly intimate. Sorry about that," he explained, thinking about the many times he had done this. The worst was when he had to kill someone to get it back...that was never pleasant. The lingering anger, horror, regret, spite from someone you ended inside you for days....sometimes longer...but he didn't tell Kaia about that. She didn't need to hear about it. "Anymore questions?" he asked, unconsciously placing his free hand over the one she had on his shoulder. The look he gave her was soft and happy, as was the innocent smile. Fate had truly been kind to allow him to meet this person.