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  1. The way you write Julia is great. I love it <3

  2. "Hmph. I have accepted my circumstances. I won't make any deals of any sort out of vanity." Rainza debunked. She looked from one to the other. They had some sort of interest in her circumstances and were offering advice. What...was this? Normally she expected to be taken advantage of or simply ignored, not...this. Her Sapphire eyes looked to Tarin and she frowned. "No one has ever witnessed an Aldrak during their evolution. It always happens out of sight. The scientists that have been studying them for decades know nothing. I suspect, for various reasons, it is the work of the gods. Even if they didn't do this to me, they allowed so many to suffer my fate..." she trailed off, and shook her head. No point getting into that. "Xio, I am aware this idiot isn't exactly reputable on the surface. I don't trust him completely, he's proven to be far too unpredictable for that. instinct tells me he is worth my time. I'm sure you know all about trusting your gut." she replied to the strange man. He was like her, in a way. Once human, but no longer. When he mentioned her being a slave, a scowl covered her face and a fiery blue aura covered her. "No, no I will never allow that to happen. Never again." she growled. The spike in anger passed and her aura faded. She looked to stare at Tegrash and noticed him stir. His hand clamped around Haze's thigh far too close to her crotch as he stood up. She offered no immediate outburst, no change in demeanor. The jealousy in her heart festered, but she kept it under wraps. This was not the time. "We have a new ally. I have already impressed upon him the consequences for betraying us, and betraying my trust is not something you do without regrets." she shot at Haze, but didn't move from her seat. The boom of thunder clapped in the distance and she felt herself become restless. I hope we find you soon, gutterfiend. I can't wait...
  3. The taste of brine and the smell of salt borne aloft on winds of the sea set the atmosphere at the table a certain swordmage sat at. It was as constant a reminder of the locale as the rhythmic, relaxed rolling of the deck underfoot. The thrum of boots, the cries of seagulls, and the satisfying plunk of a fisherman's lure were as much part of the restaurant's music as the lazy drawl of a sailor's harmonica being played by one of the noodle place's staff. Though not exactly a man fond of nautical themes, Avvercus found his seat, which he had already paid for, to be a pleasant one. He'd supposedly been set up on a blind date with an individual he'd never met. The prospect was intriguing, and had him very eager to meet his mystery partner for the afternoon. A salty breeze caught the Swordmage's long silver-gray braid and caused it to flutter. Many had described him as pretty, and many others had called him handsome. He was clearly male with some effeminate features that worked well with his lithe, toned musculature and gentle smiling face. His emerald eyes had tiny white cracks in them, and his pale skin gave off a faint magical feel to it. A server approached; a cute young woman in a white sailor suit with navy trimming. "One special bowl of noodles sir. Enjoy!" she announced in a lovely sing-song voice before skipping away with unusual pip in her step. How rare it was to see a waitress enjoy her work so much. Well, she'd definitely earned a good tip already. Avvercus didn't order this, especially not a 'special' bowl, but hey he was here to eat with a cute girl and so he would. was rude to eat without your company there to eat at the same time, yes? His stomach let out a loud growl and he considered that his date was perhaps a bit late. Surely one bite would be ok? His chopsticks dipped into the bowl while he stared off at the sea's horizon, pondering about how his master was doing back on Vulaer. "Off the tail, off the tail!" a tiny, demanding voice squealed, inches away from his mouth. "I won't be much of a lover if there's only half of me left, dummy!" Avvercus blinked before looking down at his food. His utensils grasped the tail of a shrimp, but about halfway down it turned into an adorable, tiny woman who was flailing and making a less than happy expression. Gently, he set her back into the bowl and released her as demanded. "Well aren't you adorable. You're my date for the afternoon, I assume? How did you end up in this bowl, silly?" he asked her casually with an amused smile. This was definitely not what he had imagined, but it wasn't unpleasant. She was so cute!
  4. Avvercus Looked at Antique's sleeping face for a small while, trying to force memories that Antique so desperately valued to come to bear. He was denied, however. It seemed his amnesia would only be solved by patience and time. In time, slumber took him as well. A restful night, swimming through old foggy memories in marginally better clarity awaited him. ~ Before the sun peaked over the Horizon, Avvercus awoke. Taking his time, he wandered a bit off into the woods to relieve himself before returning. He dressed for training, putting on his short sleeved black martial arts shirt and blousing the leggings of his trousers. With a bit of a mischievous grin, he approached the sleeping beauty. He poked her cheek a few times. "Antique, wake up. Our day has started." Antique blinked her eyes open and looked up at Avvercus, grabbing his hand with her palm over his knuckles and her thumb and index finger around his extended finger. Not with any tight grip, but enough to stay him from poking her again. She looked up at him and her eyes drifted shut as she said, "Good morning, Avvercus." She let go of his hand and sat up and rubbed her face, then drew her cloak around her shoulders, feeling the cold morning air on them. She looked to the horizon to see the sun only just painting it. "Why so early?" She asked, then remembered the sword practice he mentioned. "Right, don't answer that." She yawned and stretched, doffing her coat in the process before she clambered to her feet and moved to where he had suspended their clothes by the fire, gathering her undergarments."Lemme get decent and then let's run some, and then you teach me." She mumbled in a voice too quiet for proper conversation, and she walked past him and off into the light woods. She returned after a few minutes, dressed the same without the wrinkly white shift draped over her arm. "How do you warm up?" She asked, hugging herself for warmth in the cool morning air. Avvercus was pleased he didn't need to pester Antique too much to get her moving. This was a great start. She already had some discipline in her, it seemed. "Well, first we're going to do some basic stretching," he said, walking away from the fire pit and standing in a wide open spot of the grassy clearing. When she joined him, he led her through a series of stretches that hit all of their bases. Nothing special. He showed off superb flexibility while doing this, contorting to the very limits of what was possible with his musculature. "Next we're going to do push-ups, a plank, leg lifts, squats, and jumping jacks. Low reps, so we don't wear ourselves out. Just getting the muscles awake and ready to move." he told her, and then led her through the list, keeping the pace slow to gauge her physical ability. She followed his lead, displaying a good amount of flexibility, but not quite the range of one so often practiced as he. "Sure," She said, still squinting some with her tired eyes. She'd managed to clear them of sleep while they were stretching. She displayed strength and resilience in her physique not so well matching the lack of tone in her arms. She went through the motions of the push-ups comfortably, held the planks without shaking, squatted without wavering, and so forth. The whole time, she kept her gaze focused forward, despite the attention she paid Avvercus to follow his instruction. While they were doing the jumping jacks, she prompted through breaths displaced by her movement, "Will we run any, or do you prefer just to do these a bit?" "I only run when I know the area and I know it is safe. We will get a good run in once we hit the road, don't worry about that," he replied as they finished their jumping jacks. He was impressed with Antique's performance. Or perhaps simply not disappointed so far was a better way to say it. He felt his muscles warmed up and his body awakened. It was time to get to it. "The first thing I do is go through the basics of hand to hand combat in the Blade of Life style. I want you to attack me. Come at me for real, however you'd like. I need to see a few things" he instructed, settling into Onyx stance, the default for everything one does in the Blade of Life school. "Oh, right. I didn't even think about that--that's a good point." After finishing, Antique motioned a few brief stretches and closed her eyes for a short breathing exercise while he invited her to attack. She assumed a simple stance with her hands extended in front of her. "What do you mean when you say come at you for real? 'Cause I don't want to hurt you, and I'm not exactly about to pull a knife on you." "Treat me like an enemy. I want you to try to hurt me." "No, but okay." She said and opened with a punch at his face, given proper rotation. It was quick, but she held a loose fist, and focused her force into the kick she delivered with the rotation, low and in the same measure, such that her shin would meet the side of his knee. Avvercus' rear open hand shifted to intercept the jab, and his knee listed to the right slightly, catching Antique's shin right on his kneecap. The bones collided, and her kick bounced off. "You're...probably going to need me to heal that." He said, straightening up and coming out of his low stance with concern. Antique grunted in pain as her kick landed poorly, but she used the rebound to plant her foot and bring herself forward, moving her knee under his out-turned leg. She was bringing her arms forward when he placed an arm on her right shoulder with his right hand, barring her in a staying motion. "Whoa, whoa. Stop!" He said, and she did. With a hand planted on his wrist, she carefully moved her leg out from under his and straightened in kind. "Sorry, I guess I got carried away. Are you alright?" She asked. "I'm perfectly fine. Let me see your leg" he assured her, and dropped to his knee. "I expected you to come at me with a wide swing. Did you learn the basics somewhere?" "Uhm... I might have." She hung her head, "Hell if I know." As he gently tugged up the cloth, he smiled slightly. "Don't worry. You will get your memories back one day." he confirmed her shin was definitely badly bruised and already beginning to swell. He lightly touched the discolored skin. "Do you not feel this? Doesn't it hurt?" She balled a fist over the hem of her tunic and let out choked breaths as he pressed at her leg. "Yes, of course it hurts. But these things happen, and you were the one who said to attack you for real." She said, "I would appreciate the relief that your healing would bring, but perhaps you should save it until after I've collected all the bruises our practice is likely to bring yeah?" She pulled her leg away from him and pushed the leg of her tights back down and resumed her stance with her arms placed over her belly, and her left, injured leg back. "The purpose of this isn't to injure you or me. I've already seen what I needed to see. You have decent footwork and a grasp of spacing. Unless you'd like to actually spar empty handed, we'll move on to swordplay?" "Oh. Sure, I guess." She said. "Do you have wooden ones then, or?" "Normally, I just use my soul forged weapons, but since I have a partner today..." he began and stopped to concentrate. He stretched out his hand and a magic circle appeared in the grass, shining a bright green as it swirled lazily. A flash of light, and the magic effects faded, leaving behind a rather extensive weapon rack full of swords of all kinds. "I put this together for a guest lecture I taught at the Gaian Academy. These are all real swords, but specially enchanted to be unable to cause any sort of damage while still delivering the pain of the blow that would have been. A very good teaching tool. Try them out, find a sword that feels right." he offered, picking up an arming sword similar to the ones the two had used in the lake and swirling it around with his wrist before placing it back. "Wow!" Her hands went to her cheeks as she examined the rack of weapons. She looked through the weapons and picked a few of them up. She examined a backsword and a very similar broadsword rather closely, and played around with a rapier before her hand fell on the handle of a sidesword. It had an ornate hilt with long quillons, two finger rings, swirling side rings and bars connecting the cross to the knuckle bow. She examined it first for its beauty, and when she brought it to the guards she was used to, starting with Intrare--how do I even know the names for these?--she decided it was the one she'd use. It felt right for the techniques she preferred, and she stepped away from the rack, examining the blade in all of its details, and while she did, she said, "Your magic is incredible, Avvercus. There's so many amazing things you can do with it." "A fine choice; perfect for your build, i think. And thank you. I was forced to learn a wide skill set when I was younger to survive any of the various situations I was thrust into. It eventually turned into a hungering thirst for knowledge. I love magic dearly, and learn as much as I can. I have sacrificed much to learn from the many instructors I've met on my might call it an unhealthy obsession, really." He responded, selecting a Jian from the rack and moving in a circle away from it on the balls of his feet, agile and springy, ready to move in any direction instantly. His sword had a simple silver tassel hanging off the pommel, and the blade's flexibility was average for a jian. He Held his elbow tight to his forward hip, with the Jian point at a 45 degree angle towards the ground facing Antique. "Same as before, come at me with intent to kill. I won't stop you half-way this time, promise" he smiled "Intent to kill? Isn't there room for a friendly spar in your art?" She asked, and briefly came to Guardia d'Alicorno: A high guard with her arm extended overhead and the point of her sword pointed at Avvy's face. She dropped the point, cutting along the Fendente line with the false edge to develop momentum for the basic, angled vertical cut she threw just out of measure. "The Blade of Life is not for the faint of heart. Our training can be very harsh, depending in the instructor" he quipped back. Her guard was exquisit, no faults or holes to exploit with its execution. As she came in for the cut, he brough his arm in a circle to the left without moving his elbow from his hip. The twirling blade met her strike, turning it aside just enough to defend as he pushed the sword foward in a thrust aimed for her neck. In response to Avvercus's counter, she stepped back, avoiding his thrust by moving out of distance and gaining strength in the opposition of the blades by transitioning the strong of her blade to the end of his. She pressed his point off line only slightly before stepping back further and assuming Chiangiaro Porta de Ferro Larga, having her left foot forward with her arm across her body and her hilt before her knee, her point downward. "Scary! You almost got me." "I'm pleased to see you aren't a novice. I honestly didn't expect you to defend against that." he replied with a smile. Suddenly, without warning, he dashed forward and brought his blade swinging from left to right horizontally. This was a feignt, however, and turned into his blade sweeping in another defensive circle, counterclockwise this time, as he entered her sword's range and planted his left foot, sending a side kick at her chest with his right. "Thanks--" She interrupted herself with a gasp and adjusted only in passing to Coda Lunga, her sword on her right side, turning his cut aside in a transition to Porta de Ferro Stretta with her sword across her body, but he turned her sword aside as he delivered a kick and she struggled to react properly. She raised her hand to prevent him from cutting toward her with his sword and crossed her free hand over her body to help cushion the sidekick, but she still grunted and caughed from the impact, and she was forced to move her forward leg along with the blow as well, taking her balance somewhat into question. She was, however, able to hook her arm around his leg and hold it to her side while she cut around, drawing her blade along his neck and catching the jian's blade between the knuckle bow and quillon of her sword. Avvercus dropped. As he fell, he raised his hilt up to draw her strike down his blade's length in a hanging parry. He followed up with a quick, light, horizontal cut meant to create space, to force her to let him go and back off. A grin split across his face while his braid whipped through the air behind him. This was fun. He'd not enjoyed a good spar like this since he'd gotten to Valucre. Given the opportunity, and not wanting to enter a grapple in a friendly bout, Antique did release his leg and stepped out of the range of his slash. He smiled, and so did she. She hadn't taken time just to have fun in any of her recent memories, and though they were practicing swordplay, it was outside of her normal tasks. "You're an unconventional opponent." She commented. "Making me think." "Haha, and you respond to it well. Definitely color me impressed, Antique." An hour later, the two cleaned off their weapons and placed them back on the rack. Both had worked up a good sweat; It had been a very productive morning of training. Avvercus gave Antique a pat on the head with one of his seemingly flawless hands. "You are skilled indeed. Next time we're attacked by bandits, I'll leave them all to you." She gave him a marginally disapproving frown as he patted her head, but passed it off and wiped her forehead. "Well, I'm not nearly as fast as you are," She said, "But thanks. And the less I have to fight, the better. It's even more dangerous when you're prone to blacking out or... Dreaming." She said, staring off into space and running an oiled kerchief along the edge of the blade she'd been using as she remembered losing herself to her dreams and waking to a homeless man's blood covering her hands and face. She shook the memory away and placed the sword on the rack, then half-turned to Avvercus. "That really was a treat. Thank you." Internally, Avvercus did a little fist pump. She was adorable."You're welcome. We'll be doing this every morning. But...from now on I will include some more physically demanding exercise. You could use some work on your stamina and strength. I could tell your body was having difficulty keeping up with what it wanted to do." He informed her. Stretching his hand out, he dismissed the weapon rack. A look came over his face, one of contemplation, for a few moments before he spoke up again. "Antique...I will be there if you do. Black out, fade into dreams, whatever complications you are going through. So, fight to your hearts content. Do your best and don't worry about any of it. I'll be your safety net." "Thanks. I haven't... Well, I don't remember ever training these things." She said, and when he continued, she came to look at him with wide eyes and teared up. Her lips quivered before she really realized how she must have looked, and she practiced her expression with a deep breath, though a tear did roll down her cheek as she looked down. "Well... I..." She choked, then cleared her throat. "I'm going to pack up." She said, and promptly turned to do so. Avvercus felt an intense urge, one so sudden he actually took a step towards Antique's back before stopping himself. Her tears invoked the desire to hug and comfort her strongly, so strongly it was out of place. It was the feelings one might have for a very close friend or an old lover. He silently stared a frown into her back, wrestling with these unfamiliar emotions. Why? Why her? These were reserved for Arieya... He let Antique go, deciding to allow her some time alone. He turned to walk away, the opposite direction of where she had gone. There is a stream nearby, we have time to wash off before we disembark he let her know when he reached the water he had found the previous night while setting up his wards. His clothing was discarded, and his nude body, pale in the morning sunlight, waded waste deep into the icey water. He barely noticed the temperature while his mind wandered on this issue of his confused emotions.
  5. I'm aware he's not a demon =p, I just said he's demon related haha.
  6. Allow me to organize my timelines and available characters and I'll see what I can do!
  7. I play MTG and have done DnD all of once, I've got a ton of D20 floating around. Including a lovely skullcrusher.
  8. was just a suggestion. I personally prefer free form however, I will be rolling dice to decide how well Rainza does.
  9. Actually @Artisan of Soul we do have a way of tracking that. The valucre discord has a dice rolling channel. As for the rest of it, I'd say mental attacks should count as debuffs or stuns or something, that or just actually do direct damage to the creatures overall health pool if you intend them as actual damage without crowd control.
  10. gents i have a proposition for you all let us use this for the fight:
  11. "Um...." the officer worker began, unable to find the words he wanted. He'd like her to give him some space first of all. Her sweet scene was filling his lungs and he wasn't sure what to do about it. Second, he most certainly was not strong, perhaps not even brave. Stanley nearly jumped out of his seat. He only had this one pair of proper business slacks and had done his very best to keep them clean and serviceable. The smell of alcohol that would cling to them after this made him quite displeased. How had the bloody beer tipped itself over like that? He never even reached for it! He had to fight the urge to shove his waitress away when she began patting a towel in his lap. She was getting far too close to his sensitive areas for comfort you know. Honestly, he felt this woman was going a bit far with her teasing. Despite his good nature, he was a red blooded man after all. One could only handle so much before certain urges began to affect the way one thinks. Her words, body language, the way she got just a little too close in far too casual a manner, it all flabbergasted the poor man. His jaw flapped open and closed several times trying to form a coherent sentence, but he failed. He heard the thump of her hitting the ground, and turned to look and see if she was ok. It look as if she was being tossed to the ground by some unseen force. That, or she was simply crazy and doing it herself. Stanley is unaware that his waitress is actually the creature bound to his summoning stone, nor is he aware she stole it from him while he was busy gawking at her simple attempts to seduce and distract him. Stanley decided it was a good idea to approach the girl and find out what happens!" What Stanly groaned. For once, he decided to do what the narrator said. He got out of his seat and walked over to the girl. The stone she had stolen flew from her person, borne on some unknown magical to plop in Stanley's reluctantly outstretched hand. It was warm, for the first time, and several runic lines of carvings scrawled around it pulsed and lit up purple. Stanley was immensely uncomfortable at this point. His fluffy illusion that nothing in this town was out of the norm shattered into one thousand pieces. What did this mean? Oh come off it, he knew exactly what this meant. The damn narrator had just told him! Please no. No no no... Stanley ran a frustrated hand through his thick brown hair. He'd understand if it was a dog or something, but she was a human! At least, he still thought she was. The man was still unable to see the telling signs of her true nature from this angle. "Who...are you?" he asked her angry face with hesitation and reluctance. The women from the back came out with his food and asked if everything was alright. "Yes ma'am, no problems here." he lied through is teeth and gave her an obviously forced, stiff smile. The older women shook her head and shrugged as she returned to her kitchen. Travelers with weird clothes were impossible to understand.
  12. Rainza was surprised. She never expected to get real answers out of these two. For Xio especially, it was like he needed someone to ask; Needed to vent it off his chest. She wrestled with herself for a moment, fighting old habits and instinct. She didn't lightly talk about herself or her past. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall. "I was born human. A happy family. A perfect, quiet life. Then, I was forced to evolve into an Aldrak. Ripped from my mother's arms, made a slave, and eternally stuck in this child's body, I spent twelve years being abused and passed along from master to master. Obviously, I escaped my shackles. Now I free. This man, Tegrash, he first friend. One of only four that I trust in this world. I have no real ambition of my own, so I'm helping him with his." she explained in a distant voice that made it seem like she was in another time and place within her head. Bad memories bubbled beneath the surface, but she had accepted them. Conquered them. "None of us come from happy backgrounds, do we."
  13. Avvercus raised an eyebrow at the now naked girl. Maybe he'd put too much strength into that? It wasn't intended to strip people of their actual clothing. He shrugged. The opponent lost the will to fight. It was effective regardless. He walked through the trail her body had made in the snow when she was thrown back and felt a shiver run down his spine. It was more than a little cold here. Being a dragonkin, he suspected she might be sensitive to the cold. She'd given him a nice view and wasn't attacking anymore, so he'd forgive and forget. He took a knee in front of her and reached out to pat her head. "Promise? If you do, I'll give you some clothes."
  14. The two shared a fun, casual moment under the sun in the garden. Quite an intimate way to get to know one another to be certain, but both were laid back individuals that were more than comfortable playing around with strangers. Regardless, they proved to be fairly compatible with one another, and a kinship of a sort was struck. The actual massage would have continued, but the two were a bit...messy. And so, Avvercus found himself chest deep in what many would call a swimming pool, rather than a bath. Marble pillars lined the walls of the room, which was filled with a thin mist that smelled of chamomile. Avvercus sat between Kalmuli's legs and leaned back against her impressive chest. She was washing his hair, scrubbing at the scalp in the most blissful way one could imagine and playing with his unbraided locks. The two were as relaxed as can be. "Ah, heavenly. You are wonderful at this, Kalmuli." he said with a voice that was clearly pleased. He gave her left thigh an appreciative pat and stared out the balcony opening to the cloudless blue sky beyond. Today was a great day. His buzz the drink from earlier had instilled was continued to go strong, and he had a beautiful women attending to him. How could it not be? "Would you like to braid it for me when we are done bathing?"