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  1. The Marine caught his companion gently, scanning her face for a moment. She was breathing, just passed out from their adventures and the sudden blood loss. His blue gaze shifted to the 'nurse'. "About that room." Perhaps he was aware of how atypical his tastes were, or perhaps he thought them too good for guests, but Fizzroy's guest room was thankfully not like the rest of his home. Simple white walls dotted with equally simple paintings of various locations in Genesaris, two beds, two large comfy armchairs set before a fireplace that was currently empty, and a small bookshelf filled with tomes Hudson couldn't read completed the generously large living space. Hudson had been led here without any fuss, and left to watch over his sleeping savior. He sat on the bedside, watching her tiny chest rise and studying her peaceful face. A lot had happened to him in a relatively short amount of time. Truth be told he'd known this woman less than a day, but felt like he'd been at her side for so much longer. He owed her his life, and more. He gingerly brushed a stray hair out of her face, thinking about how lucky he was to meet Rin. She was beautiful, patient, empathetic, kind. He'd get her home, one way or another. Home to earth. He gave her sleeping form a small smile before standing and moving to his own bed. Despite being one of the most physically impressive specimens one could find on his home world, he had his limits. He hit the bed like a rock, almost immediately passing out before he could get comfortable. Neither of them heard the knock. But Hudson certainly felt the stabbing feeling in his side, jolting him awake and sending him into a defensive panic. He'd grabbed whatever was jabbing him and immediately settled into a combat stance at the side of the bed after rolling off of it. As the world came into focus, he found himself staring through the dark room at the red headed main, who had poked him with his rifle. "It is time, Master Hudson. I've brought your things, thoroughly washed. Take them and follow me, if you please," she handed the weapon over, which was thankfully not loaded, and the rest of his gear, now somehow free of bloodstains, if still riddled with bullet holes. A shudder ran the man's spine as he hugged his weapon. You never truly get used to having a gun pointed at you. He had no idea what the maid said, but assumed he'd have time to gear up before leaving. He opted to replace his slippers with boots and forgo wearing his flak jacket. It was useless now that the plates had been shattered anyway. He took the harness that had his pistol, ammo, and K-BAR attached and donned that before slinging his M-16 and marched out of the room, throwing Rin one last glance before the door shut. Fizzroy was certainly dressed for a party. Pink robes with a ridiculously flared collar, golden mascara, eye liner, and lipstick certainly felt like something he would wear. A black tattoo made of strange symbols in a circle had appeared on his throat. Fizzroy said something Hudson couldn't comprehend and the maid was suddenly going for his neck. He tensed up as she took a quill and drew something on his throat that he could not see, but he guessed it was probably the same thing Fizzroy had drawn on him. No sooner had the maid stepped away than Hudson found himself able to understand Fizzroy's words. "Loooooovely, you understand me now, yes yes?" "...I do. I need information. Who, what, when, and where about this... party of yours. Who do I need to know about that is a threat. What will they be trying to harm you with. When will we be returning. Where are we going exactly." Hudson replied in a serious tone, shifting into duty mode. "Now now, beefcake. Where's the fun if I spoil everything for you? All~you~need~to~know is that you need to keep my pretty face and clothing in one piece, nothing more. Now, shall we?" Fizzroy replied in that sing-song manner he was partial to and guard towards the mansion entrance. Oh fuck... I did not get enough sleep to deal with this shit.
  2. Good news: I have internet again

    Gooder news: I have a job

    Not so good news: my job has me working 80 hours a week doing hard labor next to a kettle full of molten zinc and is slowly killing me physically and mentally

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      Yeah, but at least you got a job. That's reason enough to celebrate. I'm very happy for you Vince.

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      Hopefully the pay is good with that kind of OT 

    3. Lacernella Rubra

      Lacernella Rubra

      They better pay you good. >/ 

  3. Clink It pealed across the comfortable, bland, and quiet restaurant, loud and distinct. A summoning bell for the nervous waitress, the sound of ice on glass. She didn't like those eyes, yellow like a wolf's and just as predatory as they followed her shuffled approach. This customer's expression was neutral, framed by the inky curtain that was her hair, giving away neither joy nor displeasure. Something about that gaze made the waitress feel like she was being judged, compared to something lowly and small, like a worm turning through dirt. Her hands did their best to remain steady, but the shaking clipboard they grasped juxtaposed her forced smile. "Yes, ma'am... er, I mean, my lady?" She corrected herself. She'd been instructed to address the small woman with no less of a formality by the 'lady' herself. She had a terrible feeling about what was to come. The poor table waiter had no idea how right she was. "Your best." A pause. Illisandra's eyes went half lidded, looking up at the meek server girl with the slightest hint of disdain in the curve of her lips. "I instructed you to bring me your best drink. I will say it once more, and only once more. Bring me your best drink," her voice, noble, commanding, and saturated with dissatisfaction, was low, almost a whisper. The hand which held the glass of iced rum, soft and adorned with amethyst painted nails, lazily tossed the drink. The sound of shattering glass was sharp, punctuated by a glare just as sharp that bored into the waitress' eyes. "Y-y-y..." the yammering of a dog that knew only how to whimper, and not properly obey. It was offensive to her ears. "Go!" she barked, no longer willing to suffer the noise. The waitress turned and ran, not wanting to be stared at like that anymore. She'd brought their most expensive rum... now what was she to do? Illisandra tapped the table top with a series of clicks, growing impatient. Her food was late, and her drink was unsatisfactory. An urge to kick her footstool, the orc slave she had on hands and knees beneath the table and thankfully out of her sight, gripped her. However, the noblewoman of house Ravenstone resisted the temptation. It would hike her scant black sundress up and give the cretins that worked here a view of something they simply weren't worthy of beholding. The contact she was to meet in this town had better be worth the peasant's treatment she'd endured thus far, or she would make sure to turn the place into an economical ghost town in the coming months... @King
  4. I've always preferred small-scale, more personal, character to character stories myself. Actually, I suppose I just prefer stories that are character driven rather than plot driven.
  5. Let me know if you want to use him in the near future. A fun character like that would be great to get me back in the writing grove.
  6. If you're still looking for a writing partner of sorts, I've recently decided to return to writing myself. We could shake the rust off together, if you'd like.
  7. If you don't do this, I will totally steal it. That sounds amazing.
  8. I'll be writing with you all again. Hope you don't mind taking me back.

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      =[ I just posted

      Back for a day and ya'll already out here hounding me xD. Feels nostalgic

  9. Imagine being a member of a forum for 7 years and not even having 2k posts. Ah, I'm a slacker.
  10. I've been unfortunately unemployed despite having a college certificate for over two years now, but I'll share details about my previous job. Job Title: United States Marine Description: "Every Marine is a Rifleman" is an actual true statement, but a misleading one. Marines are all trained as Rifleman and can perform those duties at a basic level, but there are hundreds of different occupations within the Marine corps. I myself was a 2847, Telephone Systems and Personal Computer Repairman. A fancy way to say I set up and fixed PCs and a variety of telephone equipment. It was a secret security job that often involved handling equipment containing sensitive information. Experience/Certs/Degrees for entry level: Highschool diploma/GED, moderate level of physical fitness, above average mental/emotional fortitude, patience and ability to swallow your pride. Best method for members to contact you with questions: Discord, tag is on my profile.
  11. Make a separate thread. You don't necessarily need to link it to the ToL, but I suppose making a note of it in the thread title wouldn't be a bad idea. @Higuu
  12. With lightning quick reflexes, Rainza grabbed the extended hand. It was odd, the way she took it, wrapping her palm around the girl's metallic thumb at first as her knees bent slightly and her feet spread out barely wider than a shoulder's width. Her eyes shut and she let out a sigh before slowly releasing the thumb and shaking Keira's hand normally, standing up straight, and relaxing her pose. "Rainza. Just Rainza." Amiable. Be amiable. She isn't a threat. No more misanthropy. Amiable. As she let go of Keira's hand, letting the cool metal slip from her deceptively delicate digits, a small smile graced her lips. "Stop apologizing. Relax. Here," she pushed the bottle towards her patron, letting go of it. "If you make a mess you're cleaning it. As for your task," She continued, tapping the map with one finger, "you're going here, to the Haunted Glen in Terrenus. All you need to do is locate a Luxcil tree. Easy to find, they glow. Purple flowers grow from their bark. These do not glow. I need 10 of them, intact. Simple, yes? If you have questions, ask," Rainza explained, opting to omit quite a bit of information. Part of her job was to ensure that those who came here were ready to venture out into the world. She was not gentle about it. @Higuu
  13. @Higuu Apologies for the formatting. I wrote that reply on my phone.
  14. Rainza's eyes narrowed, growing more and more irritated as her customer prattled on. Finally, she slammed her fist on the bar, with far more force than her tiny arm should have been able to generate. "Enough. Eat. Talk after. This tavern is special. You have as much time as you need here. Rushing is unnecessary." She commanded cooly, staring the girl down. She ducked under the bar suddenly. Things being rummaged through could be heard for a moment before her head popped back up. A map was produced, slammed down next to the bread. "The world is called Valucre. You're in the tavern of legends," She Informed gruffly. Immediately afterwards, the girl turned and and disappeared through the service doorway behind the bar. A great deal of banging, crashing, and swearing could be heard for several minutes before Rainza returned, her dress disheveled and her expression somehow more sour than before. She set the bottle, notably more gently than the other things she'd set before the girl, into the bar. Her fingers were iron-clasped around the neck of the wine. "Your name?" She practically demanded. If her customer attempted to take the bottle without giving into that demand, she'd fine the bartender's grip unyielding. @Higuu
  15. Sorry, probably not replying tonight. I'm suddenly stressing out over figuring out how to not be homeless in a month.
  16. I apologize. I've been getting ready to move across country and it keeps slipping my mind. I'll reply here shortly.
  17. Rainza raised a brow, seeming to stare into her customer's very soul. The bumbling, clumsy, nervous wreck type. She clicked her tongue instead of shooting off a string of biting words. This job was going to test her patience, as it should. She was basically shoe-horned into it by that damn mage. But, she understood the reason. She was to learn better people skills. Mainly, amiability. "Stop. Deep Breath. Think. Speak when you figure out your intentions. Tripping over your own tongue makes you look weak, and weak is not something you want to be in this world," she said slowly, in a more neutral tone. Her poise and manner of speaking didn't match the child-like voice. It was like a woman much older was trapped inside. Her eyes stayed on the girl while her hands moved. A clean, heavy-duty wooden mug was filled with milk and slammed down on the bar in front of nervous-girl. This one was annoying enough to deal with sober. There was no way she'd give her alcohol unless it was specifically requested. A hunk of fresh bread joined the milk. An easy meal, soft and filling. "Show me what you have. We accept all currency here. Exchange rates vary. If you don't have enough... I have a task you can take care of that will also get you a room for the night." @Higuu
  18. Half-lidded and as blue as they were cold, annoyed, and disinterested, a pair of eyes glanced down at the mess of a girl blocking the entrance to the tavern. They belonged to a small girl who looked no older than 12 and couldn't be an inch over 4'10. She also looked to weigh roughly 90lbs, but like her age, this was a miserable deception. The frills of her black and white serving dress fluttered as she placed a single shoe on the amputee's right shoulder. A quick shove, one that was almost gentle sent her sprawling to the left of the tavern door, giving the tiny bartender space to open it. "Pull yourself together. You're blocking the entrance." A voice like ice, frozen and uncaring came from porcelain lips. With shockingly vibrant blue hair done up in a ponytail and pale, flawless skin, the girl looked and sounded every bit the part of a doll. With a quiet grunt she grabbed the bleeding woman by back of her shirt and with what seemed to be little effort dragged her, metal bits and all, across the threshold and up to the bar where she shoved the girl onto a stool. After walking behind the counter with a certain grace that a trained eye could point out as coming from a martial background, a hissing sigh rang out from her chest. All that the patrons on the other side of the bartop could see of the girl was the white bow holding her hair in place. She was too short to even see over the counter. A brief sapphire light flashed, painting the ceiling for just a moment before fading, and suddenly the girl's chest and head popped out above the bar. A pair of blocks seemed to have grown from the soles of her shoes, giving her enough height to do her job properly. She looked to Jestan and gestured with her jaw to the tavern's exit. "Your shift is over." short and blunt. She didn't ask for any details, the tab, anything. Simply ushered the man out of her way. With a nod of the head, he acknowledged what the new bartender said. He leaned over the bartop, holding a hand close to his lips. "Keep your head up, Miss Ywain. Rainza here can probably relate to your troubles. She'll be a better listener than I am," he assured, before smiling and whisking his way through the employee exit. "Rainza", the new barkeep said, jabbing an index finger at her own face. This was said to no one in particular, she seemed to be introducing herself to everyone present. "Can I get you something to drink or eat?" she asked both Zemira and the idiot who had drawn her own blood, looking from one to the other. Her eyes came back to the girl with prosthetics and stuck to her. Sighing once again, she continued. "...and some bandages?" @Zemira Ywain @Higuu
  19. Would that be a retroactive punishment then? Someone goes on a murder spree for 2 threads that get canonized, then tries to shrug off any pushback for an extended period of time. Would you retroactively invalidate their previous threads that were already canonized? I could see that as being an ok punishment. If they refuse to accept the consequences, it's like saying they didn't want to add to the canon in the first place. I like that. I like that quite a bit.
  20. 100% agree. Might want to clarify the punishment for god-modding in this case, however. Also clarify whether or not this only applies to activity in canonized threads.
  21. It was the best part of the day for the people of Aspyn. That luminous, lethargy-inducing, life-granting, ludicrously hot ball of fire in the sky met its daily demise known as Mt. Bia’Thera. The sun slunk behind the volcanic guardian, casting a shadow colossus across the thriving bastion of survivors and thrivers. While that didn’t ease the oppressive humidity, all still found solace as they put down their axes and kicked up dirty boots for a well-deserved meal at the end of a hard day’s work. One such pair swung back and forth beneath a chair. Bright, yellow, and made of a shiny waterproof material, they belonged to a girl who hummed happily to herself as her head bobbed side to side to the beat of her own song. She drank from a large pitcher of water and waited patiently, eagerly fidgeting in excitement. The tent she sat in was barely twenty paces to the west of Aspyn lumber, the city’s mill and a damn fine one at that. Here, all the folk still slick with sweat mixed with sawdust would find hot meals and heavy ale waiting to reward their hard work. Ask anyone around, and they’d all agree Aralyn’s arrival had brightened up the place. Spirited, gungho, and perpetually in a joyful mood, the young woman in a raincoat fit in just fine among the multiracial fallout of Bi’le’ah. Even amongst such a diverse crowd of nymphs and elves, humans and halflings, there was no one quite like her. Setting down the pitcher caused wood chips, bits of leaf, and aspyn dust to lazily swirl beneath her translucent light-green skin. No, Aralyn Voxinium was most certainly the only half-slime to be found here. Navigating the chaotic mess of locally made wooden tables and cheerfully chattering woodworkers, the proprietor set down a hefty plate at the tiny slime’s table. “Here you go, little Lyn, the usual. Did ya work hard today?” the burly man, a lumberjack turned cook, asked with a grin. The slime girl set down the book she had been reading and jumped up with a cheer, knocking her chair over in excitement. “Yup! Lyn did her best and got praised by the boss man! Thank you Mister Jeesin!” she bubbled back in that girlish, echoing voice of hers. Jyashin chuckled and gave her a thumbs up. He didn’t have the heart to correct the way she pronounced his name. He took a step back to watch the show that was about to start, and the sounds of creaking and scraping wood announced that others turned around to watch as well. No one had quite gotten bored of seeing what happened next on a daily basis. Grabbing the bone sticking out of the grilled Okapi thigh that had been set before her with human-like fingers, Aralyn lifted the entire piece of meat above her head. She jutted her chin to the sky and opened wide, stretching her mouth wide like only someone made of slime could before letting the meal slowly sink in. And sink it did, in full view of anyone looking. Meat and bones drifted through the viscous liquid in her neck before slipping past the neckline of her raincoat and disappearing from sight. “Mmmmmm, yummy~” the girl beamed, seemingly happy with the taste. A tendril formed at the end of her hair picked the fallen chair back up before she sat down and went back to reading her book on local wildlife. As she flipped a page, the PH levels of her body began to plummet in order to digest her food. Just another day here in Aspyn for Aralyn. For someone used to constant travel and daily challenges, the girl had to admit she was getting a bit restless. She hoped something new would happen, and soon, or she might not be able to wait here for much longer.
  22. I've been away and inactive from Val for a while, but I've made a return. Let me know if you ever need a writing buddy.
  23. I am late to the party, but welcome to Valucre.
  24. Evelyn’s worries were not unfounded. Had the Handyman been any slower in its movement, Rainza’s retaliation would have been hot and vicious. However, their flight was jarring and disorienting, just enough of a distraction to allow her to keep her cool. Her boots skidded across the ground along with Evelyn, and like the spider, she found her knees wobble and fail her as they came to a stop. Several thoughts took over her mind all at once. The frightening mobility of Evelyn, the discomfort of being in a place that seemed to be actively trying to murder her, and the bone-chilling realization of what they almost got caught in. Rainza stared at the sepia afflicted area they just managed to avoid. Her master in martial arts was a mage, and had explained to her several things about magic. One of them was the sheer power and skill required to manipulate time. Staring at the dislodged limbs her new companion left behind, she came to appreciate just how dangerous this place truly was. She whipped up into a defensive crouch as soon as she found her bearings, turning her head about looking for further threats. When none were forthcoming, she heaved a sigh and stood to her full diminutive height to regard her savior. “The artifact is an arm bangle. It’s supposed to make a magic shield of some kind.” She finally answered, unintentionally omitting that the bangle was made of valuable materials that by themselves made it worth seeking out. To her, that wasn’t important information. “I was told it can be found on the remains of a noblewoman who was hung from a tree.” A brief pause. Her sapphire eyes glanced at the spider’s injuries. Her lips parted as if to say something, but clamped shut. She turned around, showing her back wide and open to the handyman as she took the lead. “A blue well sounds easier to find here than a tree with a corpse,” she suggested without looking back. Her eyes were on the path ahead, where the street gave way to a large patch of city where nothing but rubble lay. The concrete was torn like a plowed field, and the buildings all faired about as well. Taking her first ginger step onto this new terrain, she found it was oddly like walking on rough sand. Something massive must have happened here, to reduce the infrastructure like this. Something about it raised the hair on the back of her neck. “I don’t think we should go this way. I’m getting a bad feeling. Any suggestions?”
  25. Respecting the canon is the most key part of that, I think. Use NPCs as you see fit, but keep them true to their canon. I like it, it works for me.
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