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  1. Hoping all is well Boss Man! Sending good vibes your way! Safety and a safe return.

  2. For those of you whom I've left hanging: if you're tired of waiting I do apologize and understand. If you're still interested in proceeding I may drop a few posts tonight. 

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    2. elixir


      I'm still around, but barely. I hope everything is well.

      I'll try to have my post up by the end of the week.

    3. Sorano


      It took me forever to post. Who am I to complain!? Take your time sugar!

    4. B2BBear


      Omg i know its been like months maybe and i havent logged on since then, but this is exactly why I like RPing with you hahhah the inconsistency is on my side as well

  3. That's unfortunate because some months back or maybe even years back I proposed a plan in semblance to this (when Chad and Will were still present) Though this would be better for everyone because it would've been just me knocking down these inactive cities and having all the fun.
  4. I too have been away and am somewhat still away. I've been absent due to my son's mother passing away. Just being there for him so forgive me if it takes a while to respond and get back in the writing spirit.
  5. Heading to the funeral. It's been an arduous week. 

    1. Sorano


      Keeping you in my thoughts.

    2. Chappu


      You are in my prayers man. Be strong.

  6. Didn't want to put this on blast here but I figured I'd let y'all know what's going on in the life of DeAndre Hampton. Lil Dee lost his mom. She had a seizure in her sleep. She passed at 27 years old. We weren't together or very friendly to one another for several years as she had her issues like we all do. but I feel my son's pain. You all will see me posting a lot more though at first it may seem sporadic. Writing and heavy doses of marijuana helps me escape reality. God bless you all and you'll hear from me one of these days I choose to sit down and think with a clear head. 

    1. Chappu


      I'm so sorry man, my heart goes out to you and your family. We await patiently for your return.

  7. Due to my imagination, all of them. They are all uncanny, diverse, and boundless. I prefer to write no other way.
  8. The song that plays every time I return to write.

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    2. odium.


      you're goddamn right its on 2 player.

    3. Jesus Negro

      Jesus Negro

      Waiting on you to press start on something. 

    4. odium.


      working on it in Elendaron wtfever it is, working our way back around.

  9. Mood: Ugh.

    1. Chappu



      Image result for just do it

      An when you are done.. We will be in the the party house waiting for you to walk through the door like 

      Image result for aww shit nigga

  10. First Post Updated - Cannon - Kingdoms revised.
  11. Kingdom of Thyria Designation — Thyria — House Thyria — Location — Allies: N/A General — Land: 1 mi2 ↳ Geography: Arid land, rich with minerals ↳ Conquered Territories: N/A — Populace: 10k ↳ Conquered Population: N/A ↳ Castle Population: 9,000. ↳ Village Population: 1,000. — Resources (ie; A = Abundant D = Demand S = Scarce) ↳ , GoldA, Iron oreA&D, OilA&D, Livestock, Crops, & FertilizerS&D, CoalA&D, WoodS&D — Military [Option B] ↳ Army Available ↳ Navy Unavailable ↳ Air & Spatial Force Unavailable ↳ Research & Development Facilities Unavailable — Status: N/A — Conquests: N/A Description/History Due to its strategic location between Nu Martyr and the La Guardia, Thyria began as a small refill hub for trading ships traveling between the two states. However, upon the discovery of various mineral resources, it eventually became a sprawling trade hub located between the two major powers. The city is ruled by a Triumvirate consisting of the 3 richest and most influential families in the state, with the most powerful family earning the position of 1st Consul. The 1st Consul has the final say in matters of both domestic and foreign policy, and thus the other two consuls have power in name only, acting more as advisors to the 1st Consul. The standing army of Thyria goes mainly towards peacekeeping measures. They mainly spend their time augmenting the existing law enforcement forces as well as patrolling trade routes in order to combat piracy and organized crime. It is not an uncommon occurrence where the military is used to raid pirate bays and criminal dens. When it comes to military actions against other nations, Thyria often calls in it's reserves in order to help augment their standing army, however, these are the only times in which Thyria is allowed to activate their reserves: during times of war. * * * Kingdom State of Affairs Population & Development Treasury Military & Armory Forge Mine
  12. Iron Hand would not scream in pain, for he knew of no such thing. For what he was, was not of the Hume kind. The lord did not breath air into this vessel of Primal Alloy and Nano machines that appeared to be wounded, but only for moment as the cells came together to hide the inner workings being the gears and cogs, screws and bolts. Iron Hand was no mortal, but he could indeed see his end, but it would not be within the halls of the Hell Pit. Not on this day. Armed to the teeth, Iron Hand's chest revealed many secrete compartments. Compartments in which miniature rockets would emerge, several upon each breast, and a red hot light began to glow just beneath his shirt before burning away and releasing said rockets. The counterstrike was not a means to bring an end to the assassin, but to distract Shanya as each rocket struck the walls and ceilings, creating contained yet powerful explosions that flung rubble to and fro. This would no doubt give Iron Hand enough time to regroup down the hall where he'd wait around a corner loading rounds into an automatic shotgun thrown to him by the female. "Who the fuck are you? SOLDAT? TESA? Bounty Hunter? I hope they're paying you good..." Iron Hand ran further down the hall to the kitchen were he would hide and wait for the assassin with dreams of the perfect ambush.
  13. I noted what you needed to change via PM. Well done.
  14. It be like that sometimes.
  15. Finally caught up in posts, now I'll be spending most of my time testing this die system out, off site. See you all soon. Peace out.