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  1. I might hang off the side of a mountain and trim a bonsai.

    1. princeben07


      Hmmm....interesting. ^_^


    2. Chappu


      Sounds legit.

    3. Syncopy


      People are still doing this...? D;

      I keep starting up and having people bail out on me, so then I disappear again.

  2. Heard. I can dig it, thank you guys for the quick support.
  3. Scratch all of this then. Thank you, Metty.

    1. Alexei


      Made some updates to the Ecclessiarchy. I plan to work on the Liber Corvinum soon.

  5. Kadia is going to space.

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    2. Alexei


      Awesome. Karina already has an interest check in the water cooler. Correct, I figured it was an apt term and I like to use Latin or pseudo-latin. Right? I figured space would be a better choice than depopulation, at least until I can start a war against Non-humans and the faithful can join the Great Authority.

    3. Alexei


      Also I have been working on the Corvinite Faith. It's pretty much done and soon I'll try my hand at scripture in the Liber Corvinum.

    4. Alexei
  6. If one's speed were enhanced, how was it enhanced and what powered it? If one could sense things beyond the material realm, what was the source and its workings that allowed Dominic to observe with such clarity? What were the mechanics and how did it work, enabling Dominic to utilize these abilities? It would seem all was for naught given the effort put forth in producing such. When Dominic opted to avoid the alter by sprinting to the left, would Dominic have charged knee first, straight into the heavy oaken pew, which like the others were perfectly situated in each and every row? Or would he manage to run in-between the tight isles? Carelessness would've made Dominic reprioritize the conjuring of energy in his arm or paying more attention to detail prior to acting? If Dominic managed to slip in between the pews and released said crimson orb that rode high towards the rafters and ceiling upon clustering and scattering like torrential rain. The pews would be no more, though those who remained were of the immaterial realm and therefore were unaffected by such an assault which mechanics were extremely vague and could only be taken as balls of energy of some kind? Probably of the Left Hand path? This was not the way to go about banishing such entities if that were the main task at hand. Though the task should've been to preserve the temple for Dominic's mission was to clear it of the defilers, not destroy it. Dominic had rendered the setting a burning obstacle course for himself, but for Rifornire, it was no problem at all. He was born of this after all. Long since before Dominic's birth, this Fallen had been baptized by hellfire and the setting would only prove to be more accommodating. Within the blink of an eye, Rifornire starts across the burning room leaving a vacuum of dense air exploding, thrusting the Fallen forward like a rocket causing the realm to blur and streak as time felt as if it had slowed just a bit. Given the energy the apostles had conjured thus far, the Fallen would be able to utilize said metaphysical energy not only to boast his power, but his speed as well. For it coursed through his body like blood would through the veins of a mortal man. Providing new life, energy, and explosiveness throughout his disfigured anatomy. Minor changes like the size of what appeared to be leg, core, back, and arm muscle development made him seem a little more swollen than before. Such changes ultimately enabled the Fallen to traverse up to twenty meters in a second in his current state. There was certainly less than twenty meters between them, and when Rifornire blitzed, he led with his shield which was a face composed of fire and brimstone and it hawked up magma spit and coughed sulfur clouds and drooled acid as it appeared to be chewing on one of the 'scatter shot' orbs. Assimilating it through digestion in order to provide it more sustenance and in turn, more power. Should he collide with Dominic, the lad would've been ejected from the Cathedral through a wall of obsidian five feet thick and nearly as adamant as primal alloy. Dominic would have to approach this differently if he wanted to not only succeed, but keep his master's place of worship from burning to the ground.
  7. Hope all is well boss!

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    2. Chappu
    3. Chappu
    4. Jesus Negro

      Jesus Negro

      Those three points you made shows that you're at least attempting to learn. Henceforth write and show me what you've learned. Don't make ooc posts justifying your character's actions and intent. I know your character. I was there when he was concieved ;) I'm simply trying to help better your approach. In a real fight I'd be able to take advantage of the situation despite what you've noted. But this isn't to scratch my competitive itch. We're building afteralll. I should have a post up soon and you may decide what has transpired thus far as my post was simply a bunch of possible outcomes and fragments I noticed on your part. You may make edits as you wish in your recent post or leave it as it is. 

  8. [ Update ] Profile completed.
  9. If you liked Julius you'll like this. 


  10. I'm planning to pick up where I last left off soon because I promised I want to at least finish our thread. However, I know with happenings and such, I'm not sure if you have the interest anymore; which is totally fine.

    But I don't want to stop writing together, like, ever. :angrier:

    1. Jesus Negro

      Jesus Negro

      Likewise. We can continue said story. No rush to post as I'm often aloof from the scene. But I'm around. 

  11. Sometimes I forget this is here. For all of you who've been asking me things in my PM, you may direct it here so it looks like I'm doing my job. ;) for those of you in my group pm's pay no attention to this.
  12. If you wish to establish a kingdom in Renovatio, you may but High Rock is taken. If you would just like to use the template, that's fine too. I appreciate you asking. 

    1. Jackfloweydan


      Ok then I will use the template. Thank you

  13. I'm about to send the goons to fuck one of you in the ass with a broom stick for fudging with my chat permissions. 

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