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  2. First Post Updated - Cannon - Kingdoms revised.
  3. Kingdom of Thyria Designation — Thyria — House Thyria — Location — Allies: N/A General — Land: 1 mi2 ↳ Geography: Arid land, rich with minerals ↳ Conquered Territories: N/A — Populace: 10k ↳ Conquered Population: N/A ↳ Castle Population: 9,000. ↳ Village Population: 1,000. — Resources (ie; A = Abundant D = Demand S = Scarce) ↳ , GoldA, Iron oreA&D, OilA&D, Livestock, Crops, & FertilizerS&D, CoalA&D, WoodS&D — Military [Option B] ↳ Army Available ↳ Navy Unavailable ↳ Air & Spatial Force Unavailable ↳ Research & Development Facilities Unavailable — Status: N/A — Conquests: N/A Description/History Due to its strategic location between Nu Martyr and the La Guardia, Thyria began as a small refill hub for trading ships traveling between the two states. However, upon the discovery of various mineral resources, it eventually became a sprawling trade hub located between the two major powers. The city is ruled by a Triumvirate consisting of the 3 richest and most influential families in the state, with the most powerful family earning the position of 1st Consul. The 1st Consul has the final say in matters of both domestic and foreign policy, and thus the other two consuls have power in name only, acting more as advisors to the 1st Consul. The standing army of Thyria goes mainly towards peacekeeping measures. They mainly spend their time augmenting the existing law enforcement forces as well as patrolling trade routes in order to combat piracy and organized crime. It is not an uncommon occurrence where the military is used to raid pirate bays and criminal dens. When it comes to military actions against other nations, Thyria often calls in it's reserves in order to help augment their standing army, however, these are the only times in which Thyria is allowed to activate their reserves: during times of war. * * * Kingdom State of Affairs Population & Development Treasury Military & Armory Forge Mine
  4. Iron Hand would not scream in pain, for he knew of no such thing. For what he was, was not of the Hume kind. The lord did not breath air into this vessel of Primal Alloy and Nano machines that appeared to be wounded, but only for moment as the cells came together to hide the inner workings being the gears and cogs, screws and bolts. Iron Hand was no mortal, but he could indeed see his end, but it would not be within the halls of the Hell Pit. Not on this day. Armed to the teeth, Iron Hand's chest revealed many secrete compartments. Compartments in which miniature rockets would emerge, several upon each breast, and a red hot light began to glow just beneath his shirt before burning away and releasing said rockets. The counterstrike was not a means to bring an end to the assassin, but to distract Shanya as each rocket struck the walls and ceilings, creating contained yet powerful explosions that flung rubble to and fro. This would no doubt give Iron Hand enough time to regroup down the hall where he'd wait around a corner loading rounds into an automatic shotgun thrown to him by the female. "Who the fuck are you? SOLDAT? TESA? Bounty Hunter? I hope they're paying you good..." Iron Hand ran further down the hall to the kitchen were he would hide and wait for the assassin with dreams of the perfect ambush.
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  7. Finally caught up in posts, now I'll be spending most of my time testing this die system out, off site. See you all soon. Peace out.

  8. Threads I need unlocked so I can make edits: I'll list the others as I rediscover them.
  9. Designation — Kaashmii Kingdom. — House Owwssyde. — Allies: Avylon — Location: General — Land: 1 mi2 ↳ Geography: Castle Owwssyde floats above the exact centerpoint of the isle. Directly beneath the castle is the midpoint of a forested valley that bisects the island. The farther ends of the valley, as well as the territories of the island beyond the two mountains forming the valley, and the lake itself, all remain outside the kingdom's sphere of influence and mostly uncharted, for the time being. ↳ Conquered Territories: To be updated. — Populace: 5,000. Population in castle: 2,000 Population in village: 3,000 ↳ Conquered Population: To be updated. ↳ Enlisted populace: 30% of total (1,500 at present) — Magic ↳ Current magic grade: Basic. Casters require focused concentration, become fatigued easily with exertion of magic, and can only create effects that are weak in strength and brief in duration, such as casting a simple fireball with moderate burning capability, or moving a stone with the same weight as the caster. ↳ Demographics Magic-capable populace: 5% (250 at present) Military-grade casters: 1% (50 at present) — Resources (ie; A = Abundant D = Demand S = Scarce) ↳ Abundant: Can both be exported and exploited locally. Demand: Supply is limited; resource can either be used locally, or exported to other kingdoms in trade negotiations, but not both. Scarce: Trace amounts have been found, but not enough to use the resource in bulk to any degree. Only favored PCs have access unless resource is developed further. --Wood Oak: Sturdy timber from the valley. Abundant. Birch: Highly pliable wood that can be reshaped into bends and curves without breaking or losing its strength. Ideal for constructing boats, ships, and other seafaring vessels. Demand--Exported. Dark oak: Black oak trees of unknown origin; although rare, they are valuable, as these trees (and wood drawn from them) has the unique property that it is entirely non-flammable. It is as resistant to heat and flame as quarried stone, but otherwise retains the physical properties of wood. Demand--Currently used to construct buildings, fortifications and other structures in Kaashmii Village, insulating the settlement against any fears of forest fires, as well as facilitating the kingdom's coal-and-fire infrastructure. Yew: Although too delicate for most purposes, this wood is suited to crafting longbows of the finest quality. Any military stands to benefit by outfitting its archers with such weapons, but the material remains too rare for general use at the moment. Scarce. --Animals Woodchick: A cousin of the domestic chicken, "chicks" are so called because they are smaller and leaner than their mainland relatives. They are naturally flightless, but swift runners and possessed of a unique capability to rapidly scale trees using claws on their wingtips along with those on their feet and their spear-point beaks. Their feathers are dark brown to provide them camouflage against the tree trunks they race across in search of tasty worms and other insects. They are not usually eaten for their meat, but instead kept as pets, a role in which they are more useful as trained scouts, hunting aides, and serial egg-layers. Abundant. --Plants Tato: This tough root grows most of its structure underground, with only an ugly, unremarkable stem visible above the dirt. However, pull it all out, and you'll find bulbous, dark red, starch-rich pods ready to be harvested and eaten. A reliable source of food, not particularly remarkable, but indigenous to the island and highly versatile, able to be prepared in a number and ways, or even be fermented and distilled into liquor. The cultivation of tatos grants Kaashmii a bit of distinction to its cuisine and a unique brand of alcohol for export. Abundant. — Military ↳ Army Available ↳ Navy Unavailable ↳ Air & Spatial Force Unavailable ↳ Research & Development Facilities (allows a kingdom to develop new energy solutions and such to advance toward modernity and beyond) Unavailable — Status: To be updated. — Conquests: To be updated. Lore The Isle of Kaashmii is a large landscape in the midst of a set of great lakes/waterways, more akin to an inland sea than a lake. No one knows the origin of House Owwssyde's fabled floating castle--it was raised into the air above the central valley of the island at some point now long ago lost to the mists of time, and there it sits of its own power, the origin of such power a mystery even to those who have inherited it. House Owwssyde has always resided in the castle, and over the generations a small gathering of people accrued to the valley beneath. Some fled to the isle to escape hardship on the continent proper, others were shipwrecked there and decided to stay in the settlement, and still others come from families native to the island that have always served House Owwssyde. The "double-stacking" of a castle floating above a village allows for the kingdom's relatively high population density per square mile, although it is still little more than a village in overall size. The mini-kingdom is medieval in nature for the time being, albeit with basic modern amenities provided by firestone technology. However, for the time being, this technology is able to provide the equivalent of modern plumbing (including running water, sewer services, and shower facilities) and little else. Although Castle Owwssyde is hewn of ancient stone, the village below is constructed of the indigenous dark oak wood, giving the buildings a rustic log-cabin aesthetic. The population lives packed in dormitory-like conditions in "woodland mansions" that resemble apartments or tenements, with each family or household only having a single large room to call their own; most living spaces are communal. This close-quarters architecture is designed to facilitate the most efficient use of firestone wiring and machinery, allowing the rudimentary plumbing to serve all residents with the minimum amount of material possible. Other structures in the village serve as workstations or other industrious purposes, such as blacksmith forging or lumber processing. For generations House Owwssyde has prized isolation and self-sufficiency, having only the most basic of trade contacts with the world beyond the island, and no attempt to expand its control on the island itself. However, the newest rulers of the castle have decided that the time to branch out and make their mark has finally come. * * * Kingdom State of Affairs Population & Development Treasury Military & Armory Forge Mine
  10. Beyond the threshold a Cathedral, in desperate need to repairs, stood erect with wild twisting towers and high arching thresholds. The shadow it cast over the front entrance was as cold as the winters of the Cold South, and all around were two hooded figures chanting blasphemous things, cursing this place and all that it stood for. Inside, there was about twenty more hooded figures occupying the pules, all of them facing forward as if they were waiting for the services to take place. Behind the alter, a smoldering entity stood taller than the others, with soot shaking from his fire and brimstone flesh. Molten material seeps from his eyes, ribs, stomach, spine, and legs, causing the old marble floors to bubble and crack. "Amen. Nema. Amen. Nema. Nema. Nema."
  11. The words she spoke did not reach him. Her affection had come at the cost of memories that meant so much to her, but to him they did not manifest recollection or sentimental value of any kind. For he was just a vessel of the Dusk, a symbol of the twilight. And so when her soft hands found refuge on his supple and irradiant flesh, he remained numb. He offered no smile like that of the Light Bearer, for his smile was pure and innocent and righteous. Stoicism painted this creatures face, for he was not the Alternate nor the Light. Her finally request nearly drove him away, yet instead of retreating to the place he had come, he'd simply return her hands to her sides. "Tellus Mater loves no man, nor women, or child. She cares only for herself and the land. This much I know." For she watched the Duskbearer feed on men, women, and children over the last few decades. Not once has she ever intervened, nor made her presence known. "The problem with man is that they always find themselves speaking for the Gods." "Who are you? Speak what you think you may know... maybe I'll discover enlightenment."
  12. She spoke to him as if he were in fact lost, and traveling a road of conflict without purpose, but she would learn today of her offspring for now was the best time. Saving his peace, somewhat more focused on the task at hand, but when certain terms were used to describe something none of her creations possessed peeved him. "You mistake a soul for a spirit, Mother. Our spiritual foundation won't allow us to pass on, but instead we're disembodied and rendered evil because we seek the glory and the beauty of our past." Disgust was hawked up and spit out. "I've come to this place to undo the decisions you've made, and the pact you had with Exus Prime, Mother." "I will free my brothers and sisters from this system of perpetual slavery. Whether its through words or force. By any means necessary." Had they a soul, then the mighty Goddess Tellus Mater would've been sanctified their kind, and rinsed them with the cosmic baptism so that they may live free of sin and temptation. For they were Enigma, and had existed long before the creation of a soul, for they're forged from primordial creation magic, and ancient power so great that they are forced to live outside the physical realm because of their constitution. She was right, they did smell him, but it wasn't the greatness of his soul the picked up on. No. "They smell change, Mother. A change they cannot bare to witness." For it meant their demise as revelations had always depicted in the holy scriptures. The horde of hellhounds fell silent, as if they had chosen at the last minute no to preemptively strike out and assault Hasan with the wrath of Heaven, but they didn't. They played the stalking game, for they had been doing so all this time since before entering the first plane of Heaven. Did they fear the golden blades he brandished, or did they fear the voice and the holy presence of the Mother of all Seraphim and Archon? It mattered very little to him as he continued marching forward until one of his brother's showed face, which brother he did not know but he was indeed anxious to discover such. "I pray that you can find forgiveness in your heart for these actions I'm about to commit, Mother." A tree of ancient swords, bones of titans and the Fallen alike come together in a beautiful mess to create a spire like kingdom that is home to he or she who oversees this realm. Lightning parts the clouds with every strike and thunderous boom, and acid rains spills from the firmament, causing the earth to crackle and pop and fizz. "I smell the blood of my kin." A voice shouted from deep within the spire, for it was deep and raspy, and sounded stuffed as if whomever it was that was speaking was also stuffing his mouth with food and drink. Hasan continued to push forward with his Mother on his heels, and the dangers of the land setout before him.
  13. The Overseer made it out to the back without so much as a scratch on his lacquered ebony shoes that reflected light like a diamond under a disco ball. "Where are the keys? Where's the fuckin' keys!?" He himself, and his fantastic lineup of courtesans began patting themselves as if they were in search of a lighter to cater to their nicotine addiction. They were all out of character, and the process to find said keys grew in difficulty as they began to argue amongst themselves. "I ain't leaving this shit here, I'll have one of you broads break in this shit and hotwire it before I fuck up these good shoes on these shitty streets." Although he had a couple of ladies on his line who were more than capable of performing such tasks, they still would fight amongst themselves in search for the keys. "I hope you didn't drop them in the club, Daddy."
  14. "That's classified... until you can prove that you're worthy of being in the know." And that was all he needed to know, whether Mr. L`rock felt that was right or not. He would not be reminded whom he sat amongst, for they never got their hands dirty nor would they risk being tied to discovering such without running proper tests to insure that whatever it was that they discovered would not bring them any bad publicity. "Understand that there is still much to be learned, and the little answers we can supply at the moment cannot be relayed to someone who is unproven. These are the facts. But..." Victory studied his body language further, he could see how much more interested he had grown. "We've considered allowing you to spearhead all of the tests along side our scientist and alchemist. Depending on your findings, you may find a permanent seat here at the round table... or even start your own industry, free of the boring spirits you see here today." Victory sat back in his seat, and the leather winged tufted chair reclined a few inches before the leather cried out sounds of friction and rubbing. "Is this not convincing enough? Or do you still seek clarity?"
  15. After a couple weeks had come and gone and still no word from the two pledges made the Glaive worrisome. Thoughts of sending the youth to their untimely deaths began to layer guilt over his heart in soul like icing on a cake. Then another assassin showed up, one whom he had never met before, but there was no doubt in his mind that Shanyawas a newcomer as well. Henceforth, the Glaive would watch as he always had, but this time he would watch whilst hiding in plain sight. He needed not the shadows nor any fanciful or magical means to perform such, for what he possessed was a gift, while others had to work hard to maintain their talent. The Glaive was born of this, and would watch and provide backup if necessary. Removing a pen and a pocket sized notebook from his chest pocket and began noting Shanya's actions.